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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  November 6, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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that's all the time we have. shannon bream is ready to take over with "fox news @ night" ." >> shannon: thank you, hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. this is a fox news alert. to the air force make a critical mistake that allowed the suspected gunman in the deadly texas church massacre to wrongly get his hands and multiple guns? the air force inspector general 's lodging investigation into the case of former airmen devin kelley's 2012 domestic violence convictions and why they weren't properly entered into the background check system that would've blocked his purchases. sunday's tragedy is the worst mass shooting in texas history. 26 people killed, 20 injured. some of them critically. families devastated. matt finn joins us from sutherland springs.
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>> shannon, law enforcement says the shooter was able to purchase at least four guns and that those sales were done legally because there was no information at national databases that would've flagged the shooter or prevented him from purchasing guns. today, the academy sporting goods store in san antonio, texas, released a statement saying that store sold to guns to kelley. the shooter passed the national criminal background checks that sporting goods store and they are cooperating with law enforcement. it seems if the air force did report the shooter's criminal record to the fbi is required by pentagon law, the shooter might not have been able to purchase those guns. the shooter was discharged from the air force for bad behavior, for beating his wife and stepchild, it may need to cracking his stepchild's skull. he was court-martialed and imprisoned. tonight at least 13 people remain in local hospitals, two minors, some still being treated in critical condition.
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shannon, back to you. >> shannon: matt finn, thank you. texas republican senator ted ted cruz travel to sutherland springs today and called the shooting evil. thank you for making it here to talk with us. how are folks doing? they go they are hurting badly. i spent the whole day in sutherland springs. i've never seen anything like this. this was the face of evil. this monster walked down the aisle of the church and executed every single person he saw. shooting men, women, children in the head, executing them. shooting children as young as 18 months. i was at the crime scene. bullets everywhere. blood everywhere. people hiding under the pews, and i spent a lot of the day
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visiting with the families, visiting with law enforcement that's dealing with the aftermath of the crime but visiting with families and pastor pomeroy, and his wife. they lost a 14-year-old daughter. visiting with families at the hospital, visiting with victims. i have spent a lot of years in law enforcement dealing with some terrible crimes. this is unlike anything i've ever seen in my life. >> shannon: texas has been through so much. houston, devastated, and the surrounding areas by harvey. the pictures were devastating and heartbreaking. now this. i've got to say to the folks down there, there are so many heroes. they seem so resilient, talking about their faith and how they find strength. i think about stephen welford, the guy who initially engaged the suspect. to hear them tell the story, he didn't think twice. my understanding was he didn't
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even have shoes on. he got his gun and ran out there without thought for his life. >> i spoke with him this afternoon and that's exactly right. he lived about a block from the church. he heard the shooting, he grabbed his rifle and he sprinted there barefoot. he sheltered behind a vehicle. i was standing at that vehicle today. exchanged fire with the shooter. and shot him. the shooter fired back. the home behind him, there are bullet holes in the windows on the walls. and i talked with a loft of law enforcement agents. texas dps, texas rangers, fbi. every single law enforcement agent i asked said that had mr. mr. willeford stepped up and engaged and shot the shooter, a lot more people would have been killed.
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he was still on a rampage and this could have easily ended with a law of law enforcement losing their life and potentially a lot more victims. i tell you, mr. willeford is not someone who wants attention. the media is putting a lot of attention on him. one thing he said when i talked to dan, he said he was scared of his mind. i said sir, courage is not the absence of fear. courage is acting in the face of fear. i said thank you. thank you for the lives you saved. we may never know who was still alive because you are willing to risk your own life to stop a deranged lunatic madman who was set on mass murder. >> shannon: the things we learned from the air force this afternoon about the suspect. he had a 2012 conviction i domestic violence issues. 2014, bad conduct discharge. the information they say if it had been properly entered, would've stopped him from these
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multiple gun purchases. the air force said the info didn't get entered. they got the inspector general of the air force looking into it. how concerned are you that this is an issue? speak i am deeply concerned, and shannon, i will tell you. as i was flying back from texas this evening, i was getting more and more angry sitting on the plane. because this should have been stopped beforehand. under federal law, it was illegal for this individual to purchase a firearm. he had a conviction for a crime that is punishable by more than a year in prison, and he had a conviction for multiple domestic violence crimes. both of those, it's already ineligible. but several things happened. number one, the air force -- the obama administration didn't report those convictions to the ncis database. that's an endemic problem. it's a problem of federal government and the states. when he went into buy the gun, they ran the background check. and they didn't find it because
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it wasn't of the database. but i will tell you we could have prevented this. in 2013 in the wake of sandy hook, i joined with chuck grassley, we introduced legislation called the grassley-cruz legislation. it was targeting felons and violent criminals to stop them from getting guns. it mandated federal agencies, including the air force, report to the ncis because that was a problem back then. two, this is critical. if it had been reported to the database, when he went into academy to buy these weapons, he lied on the forms. that's a felony to lie on those forms. the obama administration didn't prosecute those cases. in 2010, 48,000 felons and fugitives lied and illegally tried to purchase guns. they prosecuted 44 of them. >> shannon: it becomes a big part of the argument because people want more gun control laws but if were not enforcing the ones we have not, it's a big issue.
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>> let me draw a big -- for individuals, law-abiding citizens, the democrats filibustered the legislation that would have resulted in this shooter being in federal prison instead of murdering those innocents in that church. >> shannon: so many missed places to potentially have stopped this. >> thank you for the prayers of so many americans. texans are so grateful. >> shannon: thank you for sharing the stories of those he met with today. we want to take you live to south korea where the president is touching down. we are getting information that he's touched down. because of technical difficulties, and this is live television, we lost the shot. we'll get back to the president of business we can. want to see the live pictures and experience his asia trip with him. in the meantime, just like senator cruz, president trump declared the mass shooting in sutherland springs an act of evil. he was visiting tokyo earlier today arguing the issue isn't about guns. it's about mental health.
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the president is on the move was next up. john roberts reports to us from south korea. hi, john. >> good morning to you, shannon. not sure why we lost the shot of camp humphreys. everything was looking great but it went away. here we are back with you in seoul. the president landed at an airbase south of seoul a short time ago and flew from there to camp humphreys. he's going to meet in the dining facility there with some of the men and women, some of the 37,500 u.s. forces in south korea. one of the topics is going to be north korea. the president will take the time to think men and women of the military for serving their country and putting their lives in harm's way to protect freedom. the president will be meeting later on today with moon jae-in, the president of south korea. north korea clearly is going to be on the agenda. what to do to try to get kim jong un to give up his nuclear program.
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yesterday in tokyo, a lot of tough talk from the president and japanese prime minister shinzo abe abe who said he is 100% with the united states and president trump on north korea. >> the regime continued development of its unlawful weapons programs, including its illegal nuclear tests and outrages launches of ballistic missiles. directly over japanese territory. they are a threat to the civilized world and international peace and stability. >> translator: i consider this time we were able to reaffirm strong bonds and ties between japan and the united states. of the north korean situation, between president trump and myself, we confirmed we are together 100%. we will enhance the pressure that the entire international community exercises over north korea to the maximum extent by both japan and the united states collaborating and working toward china and russia.
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>> shinzo abe also saying that was not the time for dialogue. there is no reason for dialogue. dialogue has no use when north korea is not listening. they need to use diplomatic pressure to try to bring north korea to bear but it's moon jae-in, the president of south korea, was in the toughest spot. it is south korea that those artillery pieces are pointed at. it is seoul that will suffer devastating consequences if the united states attacks north korea to try to get rid of its nuclear program. at the same time, if north korea were to obtain a nuclear weapon, there are fears that kim jong un could try to blackmail the united states into allowing reunification of the free and penance law under the terms of north korea. moon jae-in has said he cannot tolerate north korea with a nuclear weapon but it's going to take diplomacy to try to get that done because the alternative really is unthinkable. he's got other problems. china was ticked off about the
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fact that south korea put a thaad antimissile system. china saw it as a threat. they have mended some fences somewhat and moon jae-in will be meeting with you xi jinping, on the sidelines of the aipac conference later on in vietnam. in a lot of moving parts, what's going on here. this is one of those knots that's difficult on time. there are thorny ones, thorny issues the president has to discuss with moon jae-in, and that's the issue of trade. the president wants free, fair, reciprocal trade. he believes trade between the united states south korea is neither free nor fair nor receptacle. he doesn't like the korea-u.s. free trade agreement and shannon, he's threatened to rip it up. he has so far stopped short of that. he plans on holding moon jae-in's feet to the fire to say we've got to move on trade here.
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otherwise we're going to rethink the treed relationship between the two nations. for south korea, that would not be good. >> shannon: difficult issues on this trip. thank you. as the president travels while responding to his third tragedy in five weeks, it's a very busy time. joining me, former white house communications director ari fleischer and retired army general jack lane took a -- jack keane. the president has done a lot of international travel. how does this play for him? >> i think you have to give him credit for pivoting naturally and responsibly for what happened in the united states after he got to japan. he interrupted his normal remarks and addressed it. the big issue is going to be korea and what can the president do to bring pressure from the
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alliance onto north korea. you are hearing this word "maximum pressure" as opposed to strategic patience. that is a term for the better. it is to the president's credit and that's what our allies need to do. hopefully china will get the message and exert greater pressure. the more you can squeeze them economically, the less you have to contemplate doing anything militarily. >> shannon: we have a little bit of video extraordinaire is known. the present arriving there. the next leg of his trip, arriving at camp humphreys, not too far from the dmz. it's an army base. beautiful welcome for him there is the commander in chief. deplaning off air force one, as they arrive. i want to bring in general jack keane. the president tweeted today: "getting ready to leave for south korea and meetings with president moon, a fine gentleman. we will figure it all out!" how key is south korea?
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south korea shares the border. >> mostly their people at stake. as john mentioned, we've got millions of people living in seoul. they are concerned. it's a left of center president that's been elected, president moon coming south korea who really wants diplomacy. he has tried it himself with north korea. it hasn't worked. he's tried it with china. he is clearly very dependent on president trump succeeding here working with china. china has to be absolutely convinced that the president's military option is real. if that's a real option, if they believe him, they believe the rhetoric, then a catastrophic war on the peninsula is not in china's national interests. then they should take some action. that's what the president wants out of china. wants a commitment to do more than they are doing. >> shannon: we have a
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statement by the pentagon saying "there are no good military options for north korea. baiting north korea could result in a catastrophic loss of lives for u.s. troops on u.s. civilians in south korea. it could kill millions of south koreans and put troops and civilians in guam at risk as well. that sounds pretty bleak. >> there is no doubt about it. the war is a horrific option. the fact of the matter is, that option is real because the united states, this president, and the pentagon is not going to accept north korea pointing nuclearize to icbms at the american people. that's the strategy kim jong un changed from his father and grandfather. this leader does not believe -- the only way you're going to preserve the regime is point the weapons at the united states, as russia and china does.
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they believe we will acquiesce. they made that strategic choice when obama was president. now he has to rethink it because of president trump and what he is using as his number one policy, to put the military option back on the table and then put maximum pressure with economic sanctions on north korea. >> shannon: as he -- he continues on to china. he has to deal with another domestic issue. the slaughter in vegas, the devastating shooting. you have the new york attack last week. now we have this attack on sunday. he's going to be addressing this while he is out of the country but these are a lot of things to balance. >> it is and i suspect when he returns he will go to texas and do something appropriate to bring some healing and help the people who are suffering in texas. it comes with the territory, sadly, when you are the president. nothing is a straight line.
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you can be on a foreign trip and you have to worry about things at home. when you are at home, you worry about things abroad. it's all part of the presidents' day. that's what he'll have to do throughout this trip. 11 days and is an unusually long trip. the white house goes with him. >> shannon: kirsten gillibrand from new york said today about the issue of whether the shooting in texas will be politicized and we should be talking about gun control. she said she rejects the notion it's too soon to act. if not now, then when. a similar statement from chris murphy from connecticut essentially saying none of this is inevitable. i know this because no other country endorses mass carnage like america. it's uniquely and tragically american. as long as our nation chooses to flood the country with dangerous weapons and let those weapons fall into the hands of dangerous people, the killings will not abate. a lot of people don't see it that way. but it's clear some folks think
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it's not too soon. >> i don't fault anybody, and i don't call it politics. i think people are trying to find a policy solution to something that's a national calamity. the issue is, is there a policy solution that's a good one? i don't think this is something you can legislate. i don't think you could have more gun control laws. we have them here, involving what to do with somebody was involved in domestic violence. he never should've been able to get a gun. what you had here was a government failure to do his job and thankfully you had a former nra trainer, somebody who train people on how to use weapons, stepped bravely out of his home and entered into the fray, took a risk for his own life. to stop the shooter, to shoot them twice. the government didn't work. here you had an nra trainer who did work. the question is what's an effective policy to stop it from happening? i don't fault people for searching for solutions and saying we should do x or y in the wake of a shooting or
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calamity or terrorist attack. the question is, is the solution a good one? gun control is not. >> shannon: ari fleischer, general keane, thank you. when we return, donna brazile levels new stunning allegations against the democratic party shoes to lead. all of that comes hours before election day in two critical state races. we will hear from a woman who found herself face-to-face with a gunman as he shot to kill innocent churchgoers in colorad colorado. happens. shut down cold symptoms fast with maximum strength alka seltzer plus liquid gels. but can also loweresterol, your body's natural coq10. qunol helps restore this heart-healthy nutrient with 3x better absorption. qunol has the #1 cardiologist recommended form of coq10 qunol, the better coq10.
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>> shannon: turmoil in the democratic party growing things to a new round of revelations by donna brazile. to make matters worse, it comes on the eve of some critical state elections. ed henry joins us with the latest fallout. >> great to see you. top aides say hillary clinton wants donna brazile to stop. charging in her book, dominated by an inner circle of male aides who exhibited sexist behavior towards brazile. an excerpt contained by "the huffington post."
8:25 pm
"he had the habit of nodding when you were talking, leaving with you the impression is listing but never seeming to follow-up on what you thought you agreed on. " she says brazile blurted to the male aides "gentlemen, let's just put our manhood out on the table and see was got the bigger one because i know mine is bigger than all of yours." then there is the inside story about what happened after clinton fainted which forced the campaign to belatedly admit that the candidate has been diagnosed with pneumonia a few days earlier. brazile reveals she considered as switch to the ticket. vice president biden at the top and senator cory booker as his running mate. she did not have the sole power for such a bold shake-up in the idea went nowhere. dozens of clinton aides signed an open letter to brazile over the weekend charging she was buying into russian propaganda about clinton's health. robbie milk, the campaign manager said he did not raise nicer campaign described in the book and wished brazile was
8:26 pm
not causing so much turmoil. >> i am sure donna was under a lot of pressure from her publisher to put this book out on the election week when we have critical elections happening. i wish he had put her foot down and said no. >> for those telling me to shut up, i tell them go to hell. i'm going to tell my story. >> reports tonight the james comey plan to accuse clinton of being grossly negligent with classified info. according to a draft memo but then jim comey softened it to say she was extremely careless. lindsey graham stepped up his call for more serious probe of democratic problems. >> i think we need a special counsel to investigate the uranium one episode. thousands of dollars given to
8:27 pm
the clinton global fund and former president bill clinton from groups tied to russia. >> republican senator charles grassley fired off a letter to the current fbi director christopher wray, demanding more details on how the 2016 james comey statement was put together. >> shannon: thank you. dnc controversy comes before some key elections tomorrow. it's working democrats to say this is not the time to be airing dirty laundry. we have one man to ask. chris stirewalt is here. you heard the pushback, that there's like, donna, could you not talk about it right now? >> it is one constituency. the house of clinton, which doesn't matter anymore. hillary clinton still matters to republicans who want to talk about hillary clinton every day. i don't know if you saw the poll. hillary clinton still ties donald trump in a head-to-head matchup.
8:28 pm
>> shannon: you are saying there's a chance. >> exactly. the clinton people want to shut donna brazile up. they are using identity politics against themselves. republicans use those same things. ed gillespie is using similar issues against democrats in virginia and has gotten the race pretty close. the virginia race, you saw the poll, take the average, it's closer -- i will put it this way. it's much closer than it should be. ralph northam, the lieutenant governor is a good democratic candidate. he's a basic kind of virginia mayonnaise sandwich democrat, boring. moderate. he's the right kind of candidate and he's only six points up. it should be better than that. >> shannon: mayonnaise sandwich, other things in there? >> republicans go mayonnaise on white. >> shannon: i am anti-mayo.
8:29 pm
let's hear what ed gillespie said with laura ingraham. >> i can feel the momentum everywhere. i have been everywhere over the course of the past year. just in the past week, i can tell you the crowds been great and the enthusiasm and energy and intensity is on our side right now. >> shannon: you talked about how tight the polls are in this race. when you talk about momentum and what you see, we've seen this work and some campaigns and not in others as an indicator of whether people will turn out and vote. >> he has an interesting disadvantage. he's famous for his close call with mark warner in 2014. republicans wouldn't find him. he was desperate for money and he said give me a little help. i need a nudge. nobody sat happening. this time he's got a disadvantage which is the democrats, as much of a disk and population their party currently is, as bad off they are. they know it's a threat and they are the the -- treating it as a
8:30 pm
serious one. can the democrats get their people to the polls? republicans mean to do it. rain, sleet, chenault, shine. for the democrats, in this off year election, can they get voters to the polls? what is it tell us about 2018. if those human beings don't show up, they are going to lose. >> shannon: we will talk about this tomorrow. >> it's going to be exciting. >> shannon: i want people to tweet us about mayonnaise sandwiches. i'm confused. tell us what you would put on the sandwich. after the break, a miraculous story about the good samaritan who chased down the texas shooter. >> i asked that god was with me and i knew what i was going to do and i never once thought about turning around and leaving. i knew what i had to do.
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uh-oh. discussing finances is a big no-no. what, i'm helping her save money! shh! men are talking. that's it, i'm out. taking the meatballs. >> shannon: in the wake of the mass shootings like the one yesterday, churches are ramping up security. a lot of times members themselves are armed and traine trained. my next guest is just that. jeanne assam stopped a gunman in 2007 at her church in colorado. you are a former police officer, armed volunteer at your church, jeanne. a man showed up and started getting people down. you didn't back away. you're the one who stopped him. tell us. >> this gunman had previously shot -- at a mission at a suburb
8:36 pm
in denver. he went home than showed up at the church where i was a volunteer and came in shooting and kill people in the parking lot. i had seconds to react. everybody ran and found a place to hide. i engaged him and killed him in less than 3 minutes. >> shannon: that takes a lot of guts because you were trained. most of us would probably be running for our lives. kent, it's a sad reality now the charges have to even think about this. not everyone is going to be as fortunate, having someone like jeanne who is trained and ready and willing to walk up to that potential killer. >> that's absolutely true. >> shannon: what do you recommend for churches who have to face this reality? >> churches have a couple approaches they can take. the one that we work with here
8:37 pm
in texas on is having some of their congregants, their volunteers go through the state licensing program to get their state security licenses so they can be armed security officers working for private companies. then they turn around and volunteer their time for their home church. they are both volunteering their service but they are getting the training and the licensing that the state requires for security officers. >> shannon: jeanne what would you say to folks who are in a state where it's possible for them to carry who are thinking about being in that kind of position and why it made all the difference for you to be prepared. >> i am a middle-of-the-road person with the arguments. i believe in having trained personnel with guns. and i believe in second moment rights but as far as having the ar-15 in gun similar, i think those belong in the hands of military and police. i'm glad that there are people
8:38 pm
out there who are willing to step forward and take on an active shooter who aren't trained. but there is chances they could be killed by law enforcement or by the gunman themselves. >> shannon: can you tell us about what the moment was like for you and you had to make the split-second decision? >> i just knew police officers are trained to take care of business immediately and i knew i couldn't wait for a squad. so i wasn't afraid. i just thought i have to get this guy before he kills me or he's going to kill the 7,000 people at the church at the time. i knew i had to take immediate action. that's when i did. >> shannon: kent and jeanne, a lot for membership and church leadership to consider. we thank you for being in that moment and standing strong. thank you both. >> thank you.
8:39 pm
>> shannon: why kim jong un hasn't pulled the trigger on another missile test or at least not yet. trace gallagher has the latest. ♪
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>> shannon: at this hour we have brand-new video of president trump. he has with u.s. and south korean troops at camp humphreys in south korea. we will keep you abreast of all the things coming in at these late hours on his asia trip. amid reports north korea is
8:43 pm
preparing for another missile test. trace gallagher joins us live. >> a big part of the concern lies with the fact that will what you just saw president trump right now is in south korea just 35 miles from the border with north korea. about 120 miles from the capital pyongyang. that's about the distance from san diego to los angeles. there are reports that south korean intelligence has detected missile movement in the north which in recent years has been a fairly accurate indicator that kim jong un is readying for launch. we should note the pentagon has issued no such guidance. in recent days, north korea has also been ratcheting up the rhetoric, threatening to test the ballistic missile or even an atmospheric nuclear weapon which would greatly raise the stakes. kim has issued a statement calling president trump a "lunatic old man." kim the younger has not launched a missile since september 15. that's the longest lull so far
8:44 pm
this year. it's an indication either that international pressures having an effect or that kim is waiting to make a bolder statement. president trump is in the region to meet with leaders of japan, china, south korea. the president has already suggested arming japan and is called pyongyang a "threat this was world." three u.s. aircraft carriers are now in the pacific region for the first time in more than a decade. those carriers are joined by a fleet of destroyers and submarines, not to mention hundreds of fighter jets. american b-2 bombers are nearby in the american territory of guam. john fuller, the rear admiral of the uss carl vinson had this advice for kim jong un, quoting "he needs to think very carefully on how he works with us. he needs to understand that we have capabilities that no other country has." japan is worried the u.s. is spending too much time focused on north korea and not enough on china's rising military might
8:45 pm
and territorial aggressions. south korean prime minister moon jae-in wants trump to open a direct diplomatic channel with kim jong un. china has also encourage that. though it's unclear if kim is receptive. >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you so much. joining us live, congressman john garamendi, serves on the house armed services committee. he's a democrat from california. >> good to be with you. congratulations on the new show. >> shannon: thank you very much. the president is in the midst of his asia trip you want to little of his comments today when he was in japan with prime prime r abe. here's what he said. >> the era of strategic patience is over. some people said that my rhetoric is very strong, but look what's happened with very weak rhetoric over the last 25 years. look where we are right now. >> shannon: what do you think that is rhetoric?
8:46 pm
>> it's very, very dangerous. not just his rhetoric but kim jong un's rhetoric. these two folks are not -- they are kids on the schoolyard cursing each other. the result is you usually get in a fight and we do not want a fight on the korean and insula. i heard your general earlier tonight talking about a catastrophic war, and it would be. the tripwire is very, very tight. almost every year, there some sort of incident between north korea and south korea. occasionally the united states troops are involved. if that were to happen with his rhetoric going back and forth, it's extraordinarily dangerous. >> shannon: the president said we've been doing the same thing for 25 years. i think it's important they know the military option is back on the table. he points to the sanctions and things and says we are finally making progress. what do you say? >> well, i hope we are. we really have to get to negotiations. clearly, china, the president is correct.
8:47 pm
china plays a major role, as do the other countries. they used to be the six countries that would negotiate with north korea. there hasn't been a meeting among the six countries and north korea for maybe six years, five years now. we really need to get back to that. there is no doubt the admiral had it correct. we are an extraordinary military power and we could take out north korea at a huge cost to america. you've got 25,000 american servicemen there and their families. it's not just the servicemen and women. if their families also. it's very dangerous. when we were there, there were conversations that my wife had with spouses. they know they are in a dangerous situation. 20 million -- 25 million koreans in seoul. >> shannon: you are on the ground they are not long ago. what you make about the suggestion that there be direct talks between our leaders. there are a lot of people who say there's no way we should give that level of ability --
8:48 pm
validity to kim jong un. >> we already have. the tweets and language are very direct communications. >> shannon: negotiating over a nuclear program. >> it's not that, but we must. you don't need to start with the president but we came very clos close. if i recall, secretary tillerson suggested it and he was shot down by the president. we really should get those talks underway. there are other interlocutors that could be involved, certainly china. you have to get to the negotiating table. think back to the '90s. we knew that north koreans were developing a nuclear weapon. it was put on hold, deal was cut. unfortunate event deal fell apart. different reasons for it. part the reason was the united states refused to ante up the money that was promised. there are probably reasons why we didn't. i wasn't around at the time but we were successful. negotiating a halt to their nuclear program. >> shannon: we know so much of the president's focus, the
8:49 pm
number one issue with these countries is north korea. thank you for joining us. days after its rollout, the republican tax plan is taking heat from both sides of the island within the party. ahead, were going to ask you if tax reform is trouble. we will debate it the free-standing, cord free vacuum that can live anywhere because it has two rechargeable batteries. that means you can always be charging, even while you're cleaning. with duo clean, multiflex, and powerful suction so you can go, and go, and go again. welcome to hassle-free runtime with shark. so we know how to cover almost almoanything.hing even a swing set standoff.
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>> shannon: president trump promising to get tax of harm by christmas. members of the party signaling they want changes made. politics editor chris stirewalt and fox news contributor charles hurt join me. >> good to see you. sorry i'm not down there. >> shannon: you will be punished accordingly. we will figure it out. it's not only democrats -- mip the g.o.p. itself. >> simply find the tax code, cutting taxes sounds really great. it's a noble mission. but then when you get down to the brass tacks to start taking away things for people, tax exemptions ever but he likes everybody has. then he gets ugly. i think that's where the republicans are right now. obviously if democrats are going to sit on the sidelines and refuse to participate in any of it, it makes it really
8:54 pm
difficult. >> shannon: chris, the senate is going to have its own versio version. you've got a bicameral situatio situation. in a party situation. >> arbitrate deadlines don't help. this is something we learned on obamacare. arbitrary deadlines don't help because you blow them and it looks like it's in trouble and then everybody says it's a lost cause. the other thing that doesn't help is skewing from your basic precepts. republicans of at a great brand with voters for 30, 40 years. they don't raise taxes on anybody ever. republicans are always against raising people's taxes. in this case, they are raising taxes on some people, lowering taxes on other people. it's not their brand. it doesn't work. the final thing is, they are making the argument on the other side of the grounds. they lost obamacare because they made the metric how many people are insured? when you and mack free insurance, fewer people are going to have it. and this one, the metric is rich people have to pay more taxes. not going to be a tax cut
8:55 pm
conservatives are going to like. >> shannon: quickly, there are people who say they've forgotten about cutting spending. >> hello. washington doesn't have a tax problem. it has a spending problem. if they had begun with that at the very beginning, this whole process would be easier. >> shannon: gentlemen, we have to leave it there. chris and i will get back to you on that, charlie. >> i like that "hello." >> shannon: all right, hello and goodbye. gentlemen, coming up are going to have the latest from the president's visit to south korea coming live. stick around. whoooo.
8:56 pm
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>> shannon: come back tomorrow night for the very latest on the president's trip to asia, as he was alive this hour, the president touches down to is it with the troops at camp humphreys in seoul, south korea. it is all happening right around this time, so you come to the right place. most-watched, most trusted and most grateful that you spent the
9:00 pm
evening with us. tonight from washington, i'm shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: live pictures from the airbase outside tokyo, japan, an american airbase, president of the united states and his wife boarding air force, one to fly to seoul, south korea, for the nextt leg of his asia tour. his daughter broke off from the trip in japan, returned to the united states to make the case for the republican tax bill. we will talk to her about that in just a minute on the show. breaking news thel deadliest church shooting in american history. police still putting together the evidence of the sutherland spring texas case. devin patrick kelley murdered 26 people, injured at least 20. good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." for the latest findings in that


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