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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 7, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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comforting each other in the texas church massacre. johnny langendorff helping welleford. here's shep. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast. 2:00 in southerland springs, texas where news has been breaking about the church gunman. the new report that he once escaped from a mental institution months after he attacked his wife and fractured his stepson's skull. this cops after the u.s. fair force admitted they did not inform the fbi about the man's criminal history and the failure may have allowed the mass murderer to buy his guns. in texas, they say they can't get into his cell phone. in seoul, south korea, president trump promising exciting news today. no details. it comes after he took a more diplomatic tone on the nuclear situation with north korea. >> i really believe that it
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makes sense for north korea to come to the table and to make a deal. >> the president says he thinks the whole north korea thing is all going to work out. so let's get to it. >> shepard: we begin with breaking news. the man that murdered 25 people including a pregnant woman in a texas church once escaped from a mental institution. that's according to a police report obtained by dallas television station wfaa and the houston nbc station as well and since has been confirmed by fox news. police report comes from cops in el paso in june of 2012. at that time the church gunman, the future church gunman, was facing court martial for beating his wife and son. as wfaa and others have reported, police say the gunman suffered from mental disorders
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and had planned to run from the mental hospital and take a bus out of state. cops found him at a bus station and arrested him. the report indicates not only did the now dead gunman escape from that facility in new mexico, he threatened his air force superior and was caught sneaking guns on an air base. this following reports that the air force failed to report an assault. an assault so severe it left his infant stepson's skull cracked. had the air force reported as required, the shooter would not have been allowed to buy his murder weapons. jennifer griffin has more from the pentagon. our team fox coverage begins with matt finn live in southerland springs. what do we know about this
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escape from a mental institution five years ago? >> this escape speaks to how deeply troubled this shooter was. the 2012 police report says that two officers responded to the bus station. a witness there said the shooter had escaped the peek behavioral health center in new mexico. the witness said that kelley suffered from mental health disorders, was a danger to himself. he snuck weapons on the air force base and threatened military leaders. police took the shooter into custody without incident at that time and returned him to a neighboring police department that had jurisdiction near where the mental health facility was that the shooter was at. shep? >> shepard: an interesting account about the cell phone of the shooter. >> yeah, the cell phone can be critical. police say they can't get into it so it's being sent to
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quantico for further identification. the shooter's name was not in a database that would have prevented him from using guns. the shooter used a semiautomatic weapon and there's no indication that he used a bump stock. the shooter's estranged wife and mother were not in the church behind me during the sunday shooting. shepard? >> shepard: the air force is investigating after they failed to tell the feds about the shooter. that could have kept him from buying the weapon that he used to murder 25 people, including a pregnant woman. the air force secretary told fox news that they're doing everything they can to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> we're looking at all of our databases and all other cases like this. if it's -- if we find a problem, we'll fix it. we act in accordance with our values as an air force. integrity first in excellence in all we do. that's what we're doing.
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>> the dead gunman served in the united states air force from 2010 until he was kicked out for bad conduct in 2014. he had a conviction for domestic assault on his wife and toddler son. prosecutors said at the time that he was a danger. that information never went to the federal database. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more. jen? >> shepard, what we know is that this airman was sent to a behavioral health facility during that time, the four years that he served in the air force in a logistics unit. his job was traffic management we're told at holloman air force base in new mexico. he was court martialed after he reportedly escaped from the mental health facility near el paso. we have a copy of the report where he tried to strangle his wife in june 2011 and april 2012. he pled and was found guilty of
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committing a sault on a child under 16 years by striking him on the head and body with a force likely to produce death or bodily harm. a statement from the air force states clearly that federal law prohibited him from buying or possessing firearms after this conviction. admits the holloman air force base office of special investigations did not enter the information into the national criminal information center database. >> in this case, it should have been reported and put in the da the base. that's why we launched this complete full scale review of this case and all others like it. >> a damning admission from the secretary of the air force. the pentagon inspector general is now investigating as well. >> shepard: jennifer, this may not be the only case where the military has failed to report a crime? >> absolutely. remember, the air force court martialed the shooter, but they don't have any prisons. he was held in a navy brigg near
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san diego. congressman max thornberry from texas and the chairman of the house armed services committee called the air force negligence "appalling." "i'm concerned that the failure to properly report domestic violence convictions may be assia systemic issue. i commend the air force for opening an investigation. there could be thousands of similar cases, shep that have not been reported properly. it's not just the air force but all the military services that need to check their files and make sure the fbi has been notified of any violence offenses committed by former service members that have been pushed out of the military. >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thanks. we're hearing from people that made it out of the church alive. a man told ksat that the gunman shot crying babies at point blank range. his wife talked about the shooting and how she hit under a pew not knowing if she would
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make it. >> bodies with a lot of blood. that's all i saw. i wasn't about to get out from where i was hiding. >> was anybody trying to get away? was there any where to go? >> nowhere to go. >> shepard: the people said they survived by playing dead. huddling together on the floor. they said they hurd the gunman curse and yell "everybody die." president trump is visiting south korea just a month after he said his secretary of state said he was wasting time trying to hold talks with the north koreans. the president now says he wants to make a deal. seems to be indicating there's real progress. we'll get to the bottom of that from the fox news deck on this tuesday afternoon. patrick woke up with back pain. but he has work to do. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain
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he said the nuclear standoff will all work out and invited the regime to make a deal. >> i believe that it makes sense for north korea to come to the table and to make a deal that is good for the people of north korea and the people of the world. i do see certain movement, yes. but let's see what happens. >> shepard: just last month, the president said that rex tillerson was wasting his time trying to negotiate with the north koreans. the president is also repeatedly called kim jong-un little rocketman and said the u.s. could totally destroyed north korea. listen to what the president said just back in august. >> north korea best not make anymore threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> shepard: now the president says we're making progress with north korea and we hope to god we never have to use military
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force. the chief white house correspondent john roberts travelling with the president in seoul. john? >> shep, we don't know what this exciting announcement that the president has in store for us today. there's been some speculation he might pay a visit to the dmz. but i've heard there's nothing on the schedule. you can't just get out and drive over there. but when you're the american president, you can do a lot. stay tuned. there's been a softening of the language since the president has been here. no talk about unleashing fire and fury or as james mattis said, the complete annihilation of a country. that may be to calm the anxieties of people here in south korea that fear in the president launches military action against north korea, north korea will retaliate with a catastrophic artillery strike on seoul that could kill tens of thousands. the president has been ratcheting up pressure by action
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at the u.n. with lateral agreements with countries and the fact that there's three aircraft carrier strike groups in the region. that tends to get people's attention. north korea has been uncharacteristically quiet. the fact that they haven't had a missile test since september 15th, the fact that they have not had a nuclear test since september 3 has the president sounding positively optimistic. listen here. >> with that, yes, i think we're making a lot of progress. i think we're showing great strength. i think they understand that we have unparalleled strength. there's never been strength like it. i believe it makes sense for north korea to do the right thing not only for north korea but for the humanity all over the world. >> still the president reminded kim jong-un that should he continue to behave badly and should he acquire a nuclear weapon that can hit the united states, the united states will
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unleash the full fury of the u.s. military on north korea. the president is speaking to the national assembly in seoul before he heads to china. we're told the speech will center about the threat from north korea. he will be speaking to the entire country, which is a significant thing. >> shepard: and what happens after that, john, on this trip? >> after that speech, he heads to beijing. probably the most important part of the trip. china is the lynchpin here and tried to get north korea to give up their nuclear program. the president said he's been talking to the president of china for months now and doing more on north korea. so the president will make that plea in person in china. today is kind of just a get-to-know-you affair where the president touches down. he will have tea with the president and his wife. they're going to the opera and will have dinner together. it will be tomorrow asia time
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that the tough talks will take place. the president hopes to make progress. in seoul, he's beginning to see some, thought he would characterize what he saw. >> shepard: john roberts, thanks. my next guest says sanctions in washington seem to be working. later tonight, president trump set to give a speech on the north korean threat. live coverage from the korean peninsula begins on special report, bret baier live from the dmz tonight at 6:00 eastern, 5:00 central. >> i'm bret baier about 20 yards here from north korea in the dmz. that sound is korean pop music being blasted to north korea to overcome the north korean propaganda. the sound back and forth is different than the artillery pieces that are in those mountains aimed at seoul.
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>> shepard: a nuclear test site in north korea is apparently turning the surrounding area into a wasteland and causing birth defects in newborns. of at least that's what two dozen defectors have told the newspapers in south korea. people live near the test side near pyongyang are worried about radiation poisoning. one person that escaped north korea said the regime evacuates only soldiers and families before blowing up nuclear families leaving the rest of the people to fend for themselves. japanese media have reported
12:21 pm
that 200 workers died when tunnels collapsed during underground construction at the same test site. north korean officials call it all misinformation. more now on the president's trip to seoul and his offer to make a deal with north korea. gordon chang is here and author of "nuclear show down", north korea takes on the world. a whole new tone today from the president. >> yeah, a more confident one. that is because president trump has been coached about this. he had a great trip in tokyo. that gives him a lot of momentum in seoul. i'm sure he had difficult conversations with president moon in south korea. >> shepard: they were behind the scenes but they were very pleasant and cordial publicly. >> in public. that is important. i think the chinese will take their cue about how to treat trump from what happens in seoul. there's been a lot of difficulty -- >> shepard: the chinese will take their cue from seoul about
12:22 pm
how to treat the american president? >> yes. tuesday there was this joint statement from the chinese ministries basically to put a big dispute behind them about missile defense being placed in south korea. reportedly president moon has given the chinese secret assurances and he may not have given any consultation with the u.s. before giving those assurances on missile defense. that is that south korea wouldn't allow anymore missile defense in south korea. that puts our forces at risk. we can't use our full capabilities to protect our 28,500 troops on the peninsula or our forces in the region, this is a real confrontation between trump and moon. apparently they smoothed it over. >> shepard: is there a way to separate from what we hear from what we see happening? do you have a sense as a journalist whether the efforts with north korea are work something. >> i think they are. there's unconfirmed reports that
12:23 pm
junior officials in pyongyang are not getting their rations from the put distribution system. they're unconfirmed but consistent with what else we know. the trump administration has been successful going around the world, stopping flows of money to north korea. mores that to be done, especially with china and russia but the initial efforts are working. if you look at the september 21 executive order from president trump, which basically said you do business with north korea, you don't do business with the united states. i'm sure the chinese are worried about this and so are the north koreans. >> shepard: there was a time not very long ago that you said from the same desk that you were concerned the north koreans might test something or provoke during this trip. has that fear subsided? >> well, they haven't up till now. >> shepard: they haven't, no. >> this is the most sensitive time when he's in seoul. there's been reports that there's increased activity at the site where they detonate all of their nukes. there's reports that the north koreans have been moving
12:24 pm
missiles around the last three or four days. it could be a head fake. if they feel it's advantageous, they'll do it. we'll see how this plays out. if there's a provocation, the next hours will be i think the most probable. if we get through that, we're probably okay for a little while. >> shepard: we'll see. gordon chang, nice to talk to you. >> thanks. >> shepard: the former trump foreign policy adviser carter page has said a trip to moscow had nothing to do with the campaign. but a house committee just revealed and e-mail that undercuts his story. and his testimony hours and hours of testimony, 270 some pages of testimony, directly contradicts what attorney general jeff sessions told lawmakers under oath. now sessions is set to go back to capitol hill. word that senator rand paul could be back in the capitol next week after what we're led
12:25 pm
to believe was a brutal assault at his home. now judge andrew napolitano calls the case a head scratcher and says he suspects there's more than meeting the eye. in other words, you can smell it, but you can't see it. not yet. i'm ryan and i quit smoking
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12:28 pm
then there's the state of new jersey where the race is on to replace chris christie. lieutenant governor kim gordano is fighting for her boss' job. the democrat is murky ahead. fox news channel will have complete coverage as results come in this evening. the news continues on fox news channel after this. no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident
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ththe next energyngs toto power our dreams,re will be american energy. >> shepard: the russia investigation now. jeff sessions set to testify next week in front of the house judiciary committee. that as questions continue over his past testimony about contacts of russians officials and members of the trump campaign, including former foreign policy adviser carter page. according to a newly-released transcript from his own testimony with the house intelligence committee, carter page said he spoke to a high level russian official last
12:31 pm
year. carter page said he told sessions about the trip and contradicts what the attorney general told lawmakers. attorney general sessions says he did not know whether page had been to russia. more on sessions in just a moment. first, during rambling and often contradictory testimony that left both parties frustrated, carter page said he said hello to the russian deputy prime minister and said it was a brief interaction. it was some nice pleasantries. i cannot recall the precise words i said, but it was sort of best wishes and, you know, that's about it. according to the transcripts after the meeting, carter page sent an e-mail to campaign staff members that said i'll send you a read-out regarding some incredible insights and outreach that i received from a few russian legislators and senior members of the presidential administration here.
12:32 pm
in the past carter page denies that he met with russian officials and said the trump was unrelated to the campaigns. the russians paid for his trip and paid for his hotel. he didn't remember if there was a stipend or anything like that. as for the insights in the e-mail, he said what he learned was from media reports, not from the meetings that he denied having. catherine herridge is live. catherine, this is quite a thing here. >> sure is. page said he was confronted with the e-mail after he admitted new details. the e-mail and transcript says that the trip was personal, not campaign business. after the eight-hour session last week, page tried to turn the conversation to the unverified dossier that portrays
12:33 pm
him as trump's russian point part. >> it was great to have the opportunity to help clear the records from the falsehood from the dossier, that started this whole thing against me in the final two months before the election. >> page confirmed that he knew campaign volunteer aides george papadopoulos met with a professor that had ties to the kremlin. this comes from the national security meeting where papadopoulos broached the island of the meeting with the russian president. of course, since papadopoulos has pled guilty to lying to federal investigators and he's now cooperating with a special counsel, shep. >> shepard: what did carter page say about other members of the trump team and what they knew about this russian sponsored trip? >> you're getting to the heart of what matters here. based on the transcript, three staffers knew about this trip and jeff sessions as well as
12:34 pm
tara doll and j.d. gorden that worked foreign policy matters, this connection will raise more questions about what he knew about the campaign's contacts with russian officials given his earlier testimony and the papadopoulos plea deal. it was at that meeting in martha sessions is in the photo and papadopoulos raises the idea of trying to broketer meeting with candidate trump. this morning the senior democrat weighed in and took aim at the administration. >> i think part of what the president is trying to do is disparage the congressional investigations, disparage robert mueller, you and the free press to say it's fake. >> next week's meeting with attorney general is a regular oversight meeting but you can expect to divide along partisan lines with the republicans pushing on issues related to the clinton e-mail investigation and whether there's subsequent investigations by the new fbi director and with sessions, what
12:35 pm
did he know and what were these conversations he had with page and others about contacts with the russians. >> shepard: catherine herridge in washington. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: let's go to judge andrew andrew napolitano. good to see you. >> thank you, shep. >> shepard: to recap the sworn testimony as given to members of congress. carter page, who said he didn't meet with any russians, now admits the russians paid for his trip, he had dealt a frequent flyer mile there he was able to ungrade. there's that. they paid for his trip, stayed in a modest hotel that the russians paid for. he said it wasn't about campaign matters. he admitted that corey lewindoski okayed the trip. he told jeff sessions thursday night that he was leaving on
12:36 pm
sunday. afterwards, he said he got incredible insights from the russians he met. among those, the russian deputy prime minister, senior government officials and he was aware of the meetings with representatives of the kremlin. >> and corey lewindoski was the campaign chair at the time. so why would bob mueller to allow this person that is so central about the who, what, where about the campaign and the russians speak freely and secret to the committee? he doesn't trust his credibility. he's probably looking for an opportunity to prosecute him for lying under oath. once that happens like the case with papadopoulos, they have a witness who has an incentive to cooperate with them. it does appear as though this person, who has given as you pointed out radically different public versions of this, is a lot more central to what the
12:37 pm
campaign was doing with the russians than papadopoulos. >> shepard: or he's pretending he is. >> correct. if he is -- remember, when you testify before congress, you can answer truthfully but still be accused of misleading. ask roger clemens that was prosecuted not for lying but misleading. it's a difficult path to walk. for something that likes to boast and brag and tell different stories, this is a treacherous place for him to be. >> shepard: from the russian perspective, if every american should at least no matter what your politics is, be interested that the russians are trying to hijack hour democracy. this is from the russian playbook from decades and decades ago. spot them, see where they are, figure out where they can get in. he meets a professor. then he in the middle of russian hierarchy being introduced to these people. >> as wild as that tale is, you're talking about papadopoulos, as wild as that
12:38 pm
tale is with the professor and the female kgb agent who he said pretend to be putin's necessary. the fbi believes that story. they wouldn't believe it without corroboration that tells me that there's more there than meets the eye. >> shepard: and more to come very soon. >> remember, if there's a crime, it's probably consider, an agreement to do something and one of the conspirators takes a step further into the agreement. that makes all of them potential targets. >> shepard: then there's the other story we've been following and more of a head scratcher than anything, the man accused of breaking senator rand paul's ribs and bruising his lungs could face felony charges. that's according to police in bowling green, kentucky. rene boucher tackled senator
12:39 pm
paul while he was cutting his grass. "the new york times" say it may be a landscaping dispute. the suspect's attorney says the two men had a trivial dispute that had nothing to do with politics. mitch mcconnell said that the fellow kentucky senator is on the mend and expects him back next week. the reason for the intrigue here is a, they told different stories to get this thing started. b, they're not coming forward with everything that happened. c, you plant pumpkins in your yard, you have a 17-year dispute with a neighbor who has different politics than yours and then you're laying on the ground and there's different stories. >> and d, the charges filed against the neighbor who is a physician, also, they're the equivalent of an broken nose, not -- >> know that he knew he had.
12:40 pm
>> and a bruised lung. >> that's one of the reasons that the feds are investigating, because their perception that the state charges are woefully inadequate. the state can increase the charges. the penalty for the crime for which he's been charged if he pleads guilty is six months in jail. they wouldn't sentence you to jail unless you had a prior. the penalty for aggravated assault, breaking a rib -- >> shepard: assault 2 in kentucky. >> and injuring the lung is five to ten years. a different prosecution. if this was done for political reasons, meaning to keep the senator from getting to washington to vote, then you have a federal prosecution and then you're exposed to 20 years. i understand from one of the senator's aides that he was mowing the lawn, which he likes to do, he feels it's therapeutic and he had the ear protectors on. the next thing he knew, he was in pain on the ground. he didn't know what happened. the other doctor tackled from
12:41 pm
the back. >> shepard: here's the back story. they have been having this dispute for years. senator rand paul doesn't pay much attention to the local community rules. he does their compost. they're all rich over there. but there's gaps in the story that just make people that hear things like this say what are you saying again? supposedly the senator is trying to down play this. he's embarrassed about it. i wouldn't be if i were tackled after mowing my lawn and didn't know the assailant was coming. i wouldn't be embarrassed. i'd be mad as a wet hornet and ready to get something done here. >> i didn't speak with him. but we texted. >> shepard: who? >> rand paul. he was angry but in a lot of pain. so i didn't push. i said how are you doing? he said i'm pissed and i'm miserable. i'm in a great deal of pain. >> shepard: i didn't know you
12:42 pm
talked to him. >> we didn't talk. we texted. >> shepard: did he say anything about the particulars? >> when he said he was in pain, i didn't want to keep texting him. >> shepard: judge, your mowing the yard and the yahoo from next door comes on your property after you have gotten off your john deere. you still have your ear muffs on. he lays you out in the yard? >> very extreme for a dispute over a compost. >> shepard: that's why i wonder -- you tell me there wasn't something else there? i don't know how i can get that mad about the dang yard. >> i don't know the mental stability of his doctor. his lawyer says he's stable. this is a lot of force for a minor dispute. >> shepard: i bet there's more there. >> we'll see. >> shepard: ask him next time. >> all right. >> shepard: ask him what they put him on.
12:43 pm
>> he was having trouble breathing. >> shepard: i get it. america has questions. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: house republicans working on their plan again today. still trying to get some of their own members on board regarding taxes. now a think tank that analyzes the ball said they made a mistake. hear about this? they're redoing the report. at issue is exactly how is this going to affect the middle class people. they say this is a tax break for middle class people. that's what the president keeps saying. the rich will pay their fair share. we're about to get another report on this thing. one that politicians have said yeah, their records are usually good. after you make a mistake the first time and put it out again, this will be a political football like everything. hang on.
12:44 pm
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12:46 pm
>> shepard: puerto rico needs emergency funds on an
12:47 pm
unprecedented scale or hurricane maria recovery efforts will fail. that's what the official overseeing puerto rico's finances told congress. he said the us territory needs money to restore housing, water and the electric grid. that's where it all begins. the power authority says 60% of the island is still without electricity. the longest blackout in american history by a long shot. this after hurricane maria hit in september. officials there have said that the storm caused as much as $95 billion in damage. lawmakers have approved $5 billion in aid. republican lawmakers working to get more support for their tax plan. live on capitol hill where somebody is pointing. a house committee has been debating changes to the gop tax bill. we told you changes would come. they are coming. a major sticking point is limiting deductions for state
12:48 pm
and local taxes. some gop lawmakers have criticized that limit. also, a well-known think tank has retracted their report after admitting that they made a mistake. they pulled it back and now working to get the new figures in and expect to rerelease it today. gerri willis is here. the committee voted down amounts from democrats. >> two amendments from democrats. one was a circuit breaker incase the deductions blew out the deficit. another says they don't like the idea you're getting rid of the state and local tax deductions. he had an amendment about that. both down on party lines, a lot of talk at the top of the ticket. paul ryan talking about this and nancy pelosi. here's what the two had to say.
12:49 pm
>> we don't want amendments that are designed to stop this process. people on the other side of the isle are trying to stop congress from advancing. >> republicans are saying up and down they're cutting taxes on the middle class, but that's not the fact. this is a middle class nightmare and immediately raises taxes on millions of families by an average of $2,000. >> so lots of heat, lots of lies. people are yelling and screaming at each other but we're moving along this track. goes to the senate after the house. >> shepard: this think tank admits that made a mistake. what did they screw up? >> the director told me on the telephone that they misunderstood a tax credit for children and how it worked. so they're pulling it all back. remember, the same group that
12:50 pm
was criticized dramatically in september for their understanding of what they thought tax reform would be. there wasn't a bill out yet. they made a lot of assumptions and made a ton of people mad. this is the 75 pages of tax reform. the abbreviated version here. you can see, the real thing is 400 pages. it's a lot. >> shepard: one thing we know is that republicans have for a very long time and republicans at home know this talked about physical responsibility and we don't need to add to the debt to give to it our children. they have screamed about it forever. the democrats over there kept spending all their money, to use their parlance. now they're in power and about to add a trillion plus to the deficit. it's astounding, american politics. both said do it. both yell at each other and act like hypocrites to the bank. it's crazy. >> yeah. republicans lots of tax breaks for some people. some people see their tax goes up. i have to tell you at the end of the day, who can figure out what the ultimate end will be.
12:51 pm
it's going to be tough. >> shepard: probably by design. that's how politicians roll. >> yes. >> shepard: the blue and the red ones. they're pink and green ones, too. >> i hear the music. >> shepard: it's the orchestra. we'll be right back. and... filed a claim, but... you know how they send you money to cover repairs and... they took forever to pay you, right? no, i got paid right away, but... at the very end of it all, my agent... wouldn't even call you back, right? no, she called to see if i was happy. but if i wasn't happy with my claim experience for any reason, they'd give me my money back, no questions asked. can you believe that? no. the claim satisfaction guarantee, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. only from allstate. a heart transplant... that's a whole different ballgame. i was in shock. i am very proud of the development of drugs that can prevent the rejection and prevent the recurrence of the original disease. i never felt i was going to die. we know so much about transplantation. and we're living longer.
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>> shepard: get that iphone x yet? the most expensive iphone ever. it's reportedly the most breakable. that's according to the company's square trade, which provides protection plans for smart phones. it reports its team drop tests these phones to see how much damage that they can take. the iphone x square trade reports, screen shattered after falling six feet the first time. am execs say they design the iphones to be durable but not
12:55 pm
indestructible. if your smart phone doesn't break when it drops, it can cause a lot of trouble. according to several reports out of india, a woman unlocked her husband's phone using his finger while he was sleeping. she found something that suggested he was cheating on her. happened on a flight from qatar to bali in indonesia. security officials say the woman caused a scene. the pilot had to divert the flight and land in india. no word on the husband. an uber driver's camera caught a passenger stealing his tips. she was looking into the camera. hi there, hello, tip taker. yes, you may not have that. oops! happened here in new york city. just seeing the video. the uber company says the passenger has been blocked. he's been too busy working to do
12:56 pm
it. police have arrested a second florida state university fraternity member for selling cocaine. this comes after florida state suspended all sororitiesororiti. daniel martin has been a interested. the investigators say that's the same attorney that andrew coffee attended after he went to an off campus party. there's a new normal and culture on campus now. we'll be right back. (avo) if you've been struggling with belly pain
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>> shepard: on this day in 1916, janette rankin won a seat in congress. she helped women in her home state to get the right to vote.
1:00 pm
she advocated during and after her time in congress after she won a historic house race 101 years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything. >> neil: all eyes on virginia and new jersey. forget about who will be governor in those states today. a look at how it happens tonight could affect all states. why next year's mid tern elections are on everybody's mind and why the battle for tax cuts could make or break who rules the nation's capitol. that might explain the grand old rush to get something done and fast as the house panel marks up a make or break bill ahead of the senate ready to do the same thing less than 48 hours from now. officials meeting with senate democrats in the hopes that they can push a