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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  December 2, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> after weeks of willing and doing a few last-minute standoffs, senate republicans pass the tax bill. it was a 51 - 49 vote with no democratic support. it's were senate and house negotiators tried to hammer it out. presidential maintained he wants it done by december 25. >> that's important issues
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before the end of the year. so monday night, we will on the house of representatives for the conference committee so they can hash out the differences between the senate and house version. we should be able to do then produce a good bill that both the house and senate can vote on, passing it to the president. >> caroline, we will see if this is possible, what's next? >> the next is reconciliation. they were pretty far apart. republicans seem to be motivated to cut a deal. the house is coming back on monday to start the process. this could be a huge win for the president. the christmas deadline will be tight. >> molly: explain what's in there. >> a massive overhaul. it probably cut the corporate tax rate from 35 - 20%. individual tax rates more
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modestly. and then middle-income families will get a tax increase after decade. plus, they can play those are just the parts they can re. other parts are handwritten in the middle of the night. >> this is your government work. here's the bill as it is written. here's the modifications in it. i can read one word, it's called at this language. you tell me what that word is? >> it would add more than $1 trillion to the deficit. leader said doesn't take into account the massive growth it would release. the stock market is going strong just anticipating tax reform. >> the deficit only requires us to grow four tenths of 1% over ten years.
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goodness gracious, that is very much achievable. i'm convinced this is a revenue producer bill that would get america moving again. >> widow but democrats push through obama care there's a lot in there we don't know about it. some of that will get weeded out in reconciliation. >> will see if they can get it done. for more go to fox news sunday for an exclusive interview with john, he's the chairman of the republican policy committee. we'll get his thoughts on how the gop can get it across the finish line. that's tomorrow fox news sunday. this is putting president trump one step closer to the major legislative victory. he celebrated the senate vote as he took a trip to new york city today.
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>> we got no democrat help and i think that will cost them big in the election. they voted against tax cuts. i don't believe it's good politically to do that. we are going to grow the country, working to grow jobs, will be growing everything. we have companies point back into the country. >> molly: the president seems positive that tax reform is a done deal. how confident is he that congress would get this done. >> the president is about as confident as you can be. that they will have a bill on his desk before christmas. here's what he said this morni morning. >> we passed the largest tax cuts in the history of our country many things along with it.
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tax reform, but it was the biggest package in terms of tax cuts ever passed in our country. now we go to conference something beautiful will come out of that. people will be very happy. >> of congress can pass this and get it to the president's desk is possible nobody will be happier than the president himself along with republican still looking for the first major legislative victory. >> molly: yesterday michael flynn pleaded not guilty to lying to the fbi. what do the president have to say about that? >> michael flynn was one of the first supporters to come out and he did so when the anyone was willing to do so. president trump has long stood by michael flynn and stood by
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him. the president called him a good man and said he did wish you did not have to fire him. he said i had to fire him because he has lied it's a shame because his actions were lawful, there's nothing to hide. as he departed the president said he is not concerned about sling cooperating with federal investigators. >> what has been shown is no collusion. there has been no collusion. were very happy. thank you all very much. >> they were trying to create separation between itself and flynn. in doing that by diminishing his role in the campaign. the president's attorney referred to flynn as a former obama administration official. he downplayed cooperating. he added nothing about the
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guilty plea implicates anyone other than flynn. we don't know out what information will be shared, a source close to the investigation says the white house beliefs they already know everything michael flynn has to say anything he does say will not change the status that there is no collusion between the trump campaign in russia. >> molly: no collusion has been a mantra for the president. a fox -- were been looking ross reported the former national security advisor which prepared to testify against president trump saying then candidate trump had ordered him to make
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contact with the russians during the election. they later issued a clarification saying he gave the command after he won the election. that would be when he was president-elect. the report was blamed for putting that in a downward spiral. we'll have more at the bottom of the hour. >> new allegations of sexual misconduct at another member of congress. this time it's ruben. he has a former staffer out on dates and for sex. he denies it all but nancy pelosi is calling for his resignation. >> nancy pelosi called on ruben to step down after former staffer accused them of sexual harassment 2016 campaign. they said the young woman's documented account is convincing. the woman said he repeatedly asked her for dates and sex, even though she repeatedly says no.
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he said he is sorry for anything he did that made her feel uncomfortable. is the most recent lawmaker accused of sexual harassment, but not the only one. 84000 taxpayer dollars were used to settle a 2014 sexual harassment claim of against lake there and hold. they came from the office of compliance. since 1997 they played more than $70 million of settlements for various violations. including sexual harassment. three former staffers accuse john conyers of sexual harassment. he denied the allegations but use $27000 from his office budget to settle a claim made by a staffer identified as marian brown. >> you printed to genital areas of his body and asked me to
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touch it. >> nancy posey then called on conyers to resign. five women have accused al franken of groping them. a number of democrats have called on him to step down. in the senate there's a lot that ethics investigation play out. >> molly: right now good news for holiday travelers. american airlines averted a crisis. details are ahead. plus, hr mcmaster weighing in on the north korean nuclear threat, and the possibility of using military force. by pyongyang's missile program is making significant progress. >> there's no military course of action that comes without risk. that is why our alliance with south korea, with japan, they're
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>> molly: american airlines struck a deal with its pilots to save thousands of flights. the captains union said the agreement was made following a day of talks with american expects them to carry out the flights as planned. no information on north korea's latest missile launch. icbm likely broke up upon reentry. despite the failure, national security advisor, hr mcmaster says north korea is making significant progress in its weapons program. >> every time he conducts in the clear one she gets better, whether it's a success or
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failure is not as important as understanding that over years he's been improving and increasing his threat to all of us. >> kitty is in london with more. >> we learned this latest missile launched may have broken up into the atmosphere. /last tuesday and appears to demonstrate hitting targets over a thousand miles away. putting the u.s. within range. this information is significant. despite the distance, it may not be able to strike a long distance it cannot survive reentry. they're searching for the wreckage to try to learn more about what happened.
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this is the test will prove it could hit targets in the u.s. but the latest information but question that. and why, they're taking no chances. the cold war and wanting saying has been reactivated to prepare people of a possible nuclear attack. hawaii is one of the closest n u.s. states to north korea and has a large military presence. the north korea shame has continued claim of the u.s. is begging for war. the u.s. ambassador to the un, nikki haley said it is the shaman pyongyang which is pushing for military confrontation which she says, the world does not want. the security council will meet two time weeks to discuss. >> a chain reaction crash after a truck driver slammed into a tollbooth. not everyone made it out a live. plus after firing the bullet they killed a woman.
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>> molly: deadly crash on theoae in california. it caused lane closures. a box truck slammed into the tollbooth killing the attendant
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inside. several were injured including a passenger who was ejected from the vehicle. no word on what caused the truck driver to lose control. you outrage over sanctuary cities. an illegal immigrant protected by san francisco's statuses cleared in the murder of kate steinle. now jeff sessions is lashing out at the decision. >> the fundamental question we have to deal with, it's time for this country to get its head on straight. the city should not be protecting criminal aliens. people come in on awfully and commit a crime then they had that individual. >> will his life with more. why is the acquitted defendant facing federal charges now? >> this goes back to 2015. this sparked outrage across the country. last year trump use the death as an example to get tougher on immigration. this left the many feeling
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justice had not been served. there is a twist friday issuing the arrest warrant for been deported five times before he fatally shot steinle. the acquitted him of the most serious charges. he was convicted of possessing a firearm. his attorneys argued shooting it was a freak accident. trump immediately criticize the verdict saying that the killer came back .. over the obama border committing crimes and yet this information was not used in court. the exoneration is a travesty of justice. build the wall. and isis deputy director said it could've been prevented and turned the alien over tice has requested instead of releasing him on the streets. the attorney general slammed the verdict as well. >> molly: what are leaders in california saying?
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>> the city in the state have well-known sanctuary policies. they did not want to answer questions after the verdict. >> they said san francisco is, and always will remain a sanctuary city. listen to scott weiner. >> we criticize the jury verdict who express those views. what the president is doing is you in this family and the community's horrible tragedy to fan the flame of hatred against immigrants. >> others are not as understanding. several hashtags on twitter including boycott san francisco. >> molly: thank you. u.s. war policy is in the spotlight at the sixth annual
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reagan national defense form. what they're saying about the standoff and reports that they want rex tillerson out as secretary of state. and what michael flynn's plea deal could mean for the white house. could a pose a threat to the president's inner circle? >> i'm sure they're trying to indict him for some conspiracy that involved other people but there's nothing there. he had to indict him for line which makes him a useless witness more people shop online for the holidays than ever before. (clapping) and the united states postal service delivers more of those purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. ( ♪ ) because we know, even the smallest things are sometimes the biggest.
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>> molly: if you're just joinins their tax plan on a partyline vote overnight. not heads to conference for house and senate negotiators try to iron out the differences. president trump praising republicans for the vote. the president encouraging them to get that legislation to his
4:29 pm
desk by christmas. trump also appearing to downplay his former national security advisor, michael flynn for lying to the fbi. in a plea deal to cooperate. president trump said he's not worried about what flynn might say to investigators. >> what has been shown is no collusion. no collusion. so we are very happy. we'll see what happens. >> let's bring in melissa, thanks for being here. >> some legal analysts have looked at the charge and said this seems soft compared to what he could be charged with. federal indictments can sometimes feel weighty. what is a single charge tell us at this point? >> i think miller's charge shows
4:30 pm
that he is willing to cooperate with mueller and his team. flynn said that in his statement he released saying he felt it was in the best interest of his family in the country. what's interesting is flynn is the first member of the administration to be charged in the probe. for we have seen before is the distancing of those caught up. sarah sanders tried to say george papadopoulos was a low-level campaign staffer. paul manafort's actions did not stand from the campaign. the same cannot be said with michael flynn. >> he is accused of lying to the fbi, this happen postelection. about conversations he had about the russian ambassador in sanctions against russia.
4:31 pm
and also votes regarding israeli settlements. trump reiterated that there was no collusion. he tweeted that he had to fire general flynn because he lied. it's a shame because his actions were lawful there's nothing to hide. then why lied? why would he lie about a non- crime? >> then that's the million-dollar question. many people agree that if you're sitting face-to-face with federal agents telling myths truths is not the best idea. this is a gentleman with years of experience. the other question is what exactly does he know what information may have about those in president trumps inner circle about the president was president-elect of the candidate that he's going to share with
4:32 pm
robert mueller and his team in exchange for the lesser charge. >> you said this is someone who is close to the president in the early days before he left. is flynn a domino that could fall? or a man that stands alone. >> it could be mueller offered this plea deal is a run up the ladder of people who are closer to president trump. when you look at those close to trump during the election in transition and in the administration, there are not that many people left. michael flynn was some of the president trusted and he became a national security advisor. it could be that mueller is using flynn to get closer to the president's inner circle and
4:33 pm
closer to the president himself. >> trumps lawyer put out information. he talked that this clears the way for a prompt conclusion. are we near the end? >> i'm sure the white house wants to see us through the end. president trump once it wrapped up to the beginning of the year. as far as the future, that's one thing this shows that is going to be more difficult for president trump to fire robert mueller or and the investigation. we note democrats are putting pressure on republicans and those close to trump to protect mueller and ensure that trump doesn't take action against him. if the president did move to fire mueller in the wake of this charge you could hear from democrats and they want an
4:34 pm
investigation into whether the president obstructed justice. this could provide more time for mueller to carry out the investigation. >> molly: there seems to be back and forth when information about the mueller investigation comes out the leaders weigh in. that's always seen throughout the week. the top democrat said he would like to see kushner or other members back to testify and hold meetings. will we continue to see action on capitol hill regarding allegations? >> i think so. you have the proper judiciary probe in the house and senate, diane feinstein who is the top democrat sent out a number of inquiries to several of the close advisers of those who
4:35 pm
worked on the campaign. from the democrats it doesn't look like this is slowing down. >> molly: thank you for joining us. >> a prestigious event where military leaders gathered for the fifth annual reagan national defense. they tackled some of the most pressing national security issues. mike pompeo took the stage a few minutes ago. there were reports the white house wants him to replace rex tillerson as secretary of state. hr mcmaster was there warning the u.s. is running out of time for a peaceful solution north korea. he expressed confidence in the u.s. his approach. >> i national security team recognizes that today's problems are not unprecedented. were committed to learning from
4:36 pm
the past and to acquire the deep understanding, essential to protect the homeland, advance prosperity, preserve peace their strength. >> jennifer griffith is reporting live. sometimes and people are out of washington savings the when it back home. what are your personal changes? >> we did not hear from mike pompeo despite the best efforts here at the reagan national library. he would not take the bait when asked if the president plan to send him over to the state department. >> and focused on doing what i'm doing. in spite of what dca said this should be a part-time job it is
4:37 pm
all of that. there's a lot of work to do. i have been privileged to serve with the finest espionage service in the world. >> the north korean ballistic missile did not survive reentry. that means north korea continues to have trouble with that part of the reentry process. that prevents for being able to -- hr mcmaster warned that the greatest national security threat to the united states right now is north korea. one of the most surprising moments came moments go when cia director pompeo sent a letter recently to iran's head of -- who is in iraq at the time. he was concerned that the iranians might try to attack u.s. forces on the ground.
4:38 pm
he said they did not open the letter. all i said north korea is still a possibility for regional flareup. >> another big thing at the conference, readiness problem. planes that can't fly, budget shortfalls. what did you here today? >> we've reported a lot about how have for the navy's fire planes cannot fly. half of the b-1 bombers can't five. i asked the secretary of the air force hell would impact the fight with north korea. she said in no uncertain terms, if we had to fight right now under these current conditions, fewer women would come home. norman would die. when i asked robert nelly about it this is what he said.
4:39 pm
>> do you agree with general mcclement masters that north korea is the greatest threat now, national security threat? >> i think because of their provocations and things are doing, the potential for war is as high as it has ever been. if someone made a miss calculation,. >> a lot of talk today about readiness. in the budget control act. the sequestration that congress needs to repeal so the money they are considering for defense increases to increase and rebuild the military, to basically fix this readiness problem, that relies on congress getting rid of sequestration. >> it's a big question if action will be taken.
4:40 pm
tell ms. fox news sunday tomorrow. hr mcmaster will sit down with chris wallace, check your local listings. >> one of the strongest the most senior liberal voices on capitol hill is calling it quits. michigan congressman will not seek reelection next year. the top democrat is retiring after 35 years in congress. the 86 rolled saying he plans to join the university of michigan's school of public policy. >> will have more and what happened to the vw since the massive emission scandal. plus, authorities believe they have found the remains of a missing north carolina toddler
4:41 pm
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>> molly: authorities in north carolina say they believe they have recovered the remains of the 3-year-old who was missing for almost a week. they charge the live-in boyfriend of the girl's mother. they promised justice for her death. >> we must continue to protect investigative details. the focus of this investigation has changed from a missing child to homicide case. no one involved in the search and known in this community once mariah stuff to go unpunished.
4:45 pm
>> eric: brian is live here, which we know about her death and the man charged? >> the fbi and the sheriff's office announced about an hour ago near the north east river that a dive team found the remains of mariah 5:30 p.m. >> investigated as a homicide. her mother reported her missing on monday morning. she said the last time she saw her was sunday night at 11 when she put her to bed. the police treated this as an objection. late yesterday they believed mariah was dead. they arrested 32-year-old, earl cymru, the boyfriend of the mother who lived in the home. he was taken into custody and faces five charges in connection with the disappearance. and now the death of the 3-year-old. concealing the death of mariah and obstruction of justice. he moved mariah's body from the
4:46 pm
scene of her death is secretly disposed of her body, have in recent to know she did not die of natural causes. 700 volunteers have been searching in hopes of finding her lie. they sorted through 95000 pounds of trash and sent items to the headquarters for further testing. tonight, 3-year-old toddler instead the questions remain how did she die, was an accidental death? did he act alone? >> molly: are investigators asking the public for health? >> they are in their interested in areas of jacksonville, north carolina. the mine owners and homeowners by highway 17 and highway 53 to help. >> if you have surveillance video those areas from your home or business, or hunting game cameras, call the sheriff's
4:47 pm
office. would be interested to view any footage taken sunday, november 26 and monday novembe november 27. let us determine if it has any investigative value. >> the investigation continues. >> molly: we can see they want justice for that little girl. most are working to regain the trust of american drivers after the emission scandals. the automaker admitted to reagan millions of the vehicles worldwide so they could sheet their way past environmental tests. here's more on the latest of what happened. >> 11 million volkswagen vehicles worldwide. that's how many the car company admitted to illegally adding the software cheat to make the engines more environmentally friendly. this was discovered in 2013 by a team of independent researchers.
4:48 pm
pressure grew and vw's deception came crashing down. it defrauded regulators and consumers with carson meeting or process oxide then permitted. upon the announcement of a $14.7 billion settlement the deputy attorney general called it the most flagrant violations of our consumer loss. >> volkswagen turned over half a million american drivers into unwilling accomplices. >> the company is working its way back onto the american driveway. >> the brand is going to emerge better than was feared at the time of the announcement. >> it has buybacks and cash payments to customers. >> there is a bottleneck in the buyback process. >> it eventually paid off. >> i think they paid me $500 to drive it for two years.
4:49 pm
>> the dealer had to figure out how to keep affective customers happy as volkswagen worked out details. it is taken hundreds of thousands of soft the road. in california, colorado and michigan they're trying to build a stronger and more transparent culture. part of this came as the resignation of the ceo. analysts say it's images improving consumers are focused on monthly payment. >> this is a good of a case of making lemonade settle lemon. it may have been very expensive lemonade but it taste good. >> volkswagen's sales and shows an increase on 8%.
4:50 pm
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>> molly: as a golf coasterrecoe season the commander of the army corps of engineers is proposing a 10 billion-dollar investment for protecting them from storms.
4:54 pm
>> the storm surges a humongous threat. >> she lives right off the galveston bay in texas. this is where she was during hurricane harvey. >> living out here there's nowhere to go. >> if you don't evacuate there's nowhere to go. >> she took this video of homes and neighborhoods flooded. >> it was a crazy feeling. there is water everywhere. >> that has become a regular occurrence for towns which have been flooded multiple times over the past 20 years. the problem is at the tip of galveston island. galveston bay is open and exposed to the gulf of mexico. during the storm the storm surge from the golf makes its way into galveston bay. it doesn't just threaten homes and neighborhoods. the bay front also to the port of houston, and teacher in a major population center. as well as their oil and petro chemical infrastructure. some say houston has to move out of the way of the water. this man wants to move the water
4:55 pm
out of the way of houston. your ideas to limit the amount of water that can get into galveston bay during the storm event. >> absolutely. and the cause significant impacts further up the gulf. >> he is commander of the army corps of engineers in galveston. his proposing building two giant movable gates a storm surge barriers. similar to those in the netherlands that protected from the north sea. if approved there be open for ship traffic but will close during big weather events like harvey. >> these are massive structures. >> yes, these are large, it be the largest navigation in the world today. >> the cost would be $10 billion. but he says it would be worth it. as i is you don't have to about water ever again. >> it will cost a lot in the
4:56 pm
beginning but save a lot of lives. >> it will also save a lot of infrastructure. >> molly: hundreds of people people gathered in bethlehem. said to be the birthplace of jesus. how they are marking the start of the holiday season. ♪ o christmas tree, a christmas tree mocha hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables. each day justin at work... walk. and after work. he does it all with dr. scholl's. only dr. scholl's has massaging gel insoles that provide all-day comfort. to keep him feeling more energized. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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5:00 pm
according to tradition is the birthplace of jesus. thank you for watching. "watters world" starts now. [♪] jesse: welcome to "watters world." dereliction of duty. a five-time demorted criminal illegal alien shot an american with a stolen gun in the city of san francisco. confessed and a jury found him not guilty of murder. jose zarate is a mexican national and had been convicted of five felonies in the united states. he had been deported five times


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