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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 4, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PST

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the former home of the detroit lions was set to be demolished but the implosion was botched as some of the explosives fail today detonate and now crews think that the building could fall on its own any time, that's not good. i will see you form, "fox & friends first" right now, bye. rob: monday december 4th, what happened to maria woods, the mystery deepens in the death of 3-year-old north carolina girl as her mom's boyfriend faces a judge in just a few hours, could more charges be coming for him? jillian: fox news exclusive revealing brand-new review into hillary clinton's e-mail investigation as president trump takes aim at the fbi. rob: and the season for holiday
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grinches. the store that banned the salvation army bell ringers, "fox & friends first" continues right now? ♪ ♪ jillian: yes, the quiet dark start to monday morning but it's time to wake up. good morning u you're watching "fox & friends first", i'm jillian mele. rob: president trump unleashing on the fbi and demanding answers. this after fox news exclusive reveals a tainted top agent sent antitrump text messages, griff jenkins live innation's -- at our nation's capital. >> good morning, rob, quite a tweet storm by president's standards, but mainly the tweet
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criticizing the fbi this one after years of comey with the phoney and dishonest clinton investigation and more running the fbi, its reputation is in tatters, worst in history but fear not, we will bring it back to greatness, that drew strong reaction to former attorneys eric holder and sallyuates, -- sally yates. the dedicated men and women to have fbi deserve better and caused senator lindsey graham to caution as president. >> there's an ongoing criminal investigation, comey may be part of it, you tweeting comment regarding ongoing criminal investigations is your own par relate, i would be careful if i were you, mr. president, i would watch this. >> exclusive reporting of former deputy director for counterintelligence being removed from the special counsel robert mueller's investigative team for exchanging antitrump
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texts with the agent and also worked on hillary clinton's e-mail scandal and congressmen like mcmccaul want to know more. >> the more disturbing report i heard come out was one to have fbi agents assigned to mueller investigation was reassigned because of his political views, the fact that this was one to have lead agents of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation, if true, i think it's very disturbing and possibly could cause reopening of the investigation. >> the department of justice is working with speaker paul ryan to schedule a time to talk to house investigators. we will expect to hear a lot more about it, guys. rob: all right, we will have a panel to talk about that, griff, thank you so much. jillian: the clock is ticking. rob: kelly wright is here with
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the mad dash to get both of these done, kelly. kelly: guys, would you like to try to do this by friday? lawmakers return to capitol hill today with two specific goals on agenda to approve spending bill and the republican-led house and senate must hash out differences in their tax reform bills during conference before sending a final draft to president trump before christmas. now the house and senate tax reform bills have some big differences, plus repeal it is individual mandate that americans must buy health insurance under obamacare, the house and senate bills will each reduce corporate tax rate from 35 to 20% and eliminate state and local tax deductions, democrats argue that giving huge tax cuts to business is not a sure win for workers. >> why not put a requirement that the companies would invest in some of the money in training
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workforce and giving them skills to compete as opposed to what i'm afraid, we will see the vast majority of these funds come back and be used for share buyback and dividends. kelly: democrats along with some republicans are concerned about the elimination of the state and local tax deductions in high-taxed states. now that could cause senator susan collins to vote against the final conversation of -- version of the bill. >> no, i mean, obviously i want to see what comes out. i believe that the amendments that i added on medical expense deductions, on property tax deductions, on helping retirement security to improve the bill. kelly: she's pretty firm on that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, he's confident congress will pass a temporary spending bill in a bipartisan fashion before the government runs out of money on friday. easy said but not easily done.
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jillian: right. rob: right. kelly: back to you guys. rob: kelli, thanks so much. despite threats to hold hostage over daca, mick mulvaney, director of office of management and budget says it's just another example of why the president is so eager to drain the swamp. >> you know, it's funny to see see how republicans are in charge, there's a group of right-wingers in the house that want to shut the down. a group of democrats that want to shut government down over daca and hurricane state that is want to shut the government down till they get what they want. this does shed light that the appropriation, spending system is broken when any little group can hold the government hostage. we need to go beyond that. i don't think you will see a government shutdown. spending is one of those tax rev -- revenues. we have to get back to healthy
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economy, growing economy so we make more money and so does the government. that helps lessen the deficit. jillian: another fox news exclusive, rushing republican law make the other stake a stand against sanctuary cities, plan to go introduce a bill that would threaten 1 million-dollar fine and up to five years of prison time for elected officials accused of sheltering illegal crime unanimous from deportation, josé garcía deported five times on a pier in san francisco which is a sanctuary city. rob: man charged in connection with the death of a 3-year-old girl will face a judge today, earl, live-in boyfriend of mariah woods mother is accused of hiding the toddler's body in a creek about 25 miles from her north carolina home. the 32-year-old has a lengthy
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criminal history including larsony including charges of assault. mariah was reported missing and claims to be the last person to see her before she disappeared from bedroom. it's not known how the girl died. jillian: so sad. just hours president trump will arrive in utah to make several changes to monuments. he's expected to reduce size of bear's national monument by 85% and stling grand staircase, the order will lift bans put in place by former president obama during the final dais of his administration. that stops utah's effort to use much of the land to boost energy production. rob: the nfl's multimillion dollar donation aimed at stopping anthem protests isn't going very well. at least 25 players either sitting, kneeling or raising a fist on sunday, the nfl agreeing
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to send $89 million to social justice causes last week in hopes of stopping the protests meanwhile new york giants head coach ben's days are numberedded. espn report that is he could be fired today after another loss and bench two-time super bowl mvp quarterback eli manning, that outraged a lot of giants fans and the patriots may be without tight end ron gronkowski, gronk apologizing after the game. >> i don't know -- don't really believe in shots like that. i want to apologize. rob: he owned it, you have to give him credit. gronkowski could be hit with suspension for that move. jillian: curious to see what happens. keep you posted. it's not an emergency, one fire crew is just getting into the christmas spirit.
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taking about ten hours to create, hard work is paying off, 100,000 views pr. rob: that's pretty cool. jillian: awesome. rob: heart-warming reunion just in time for the holiday season. >> please welcome home sergeant elliot. rob: sergeant surprising his girlfriend angela a dancer for the philadelphia 76ers on the court during half time. look at that. very cool. he had been stationed in kuwait for nearly a year. jillian: awesome. i love it. call it a meeting of the minds. 22-year-old spencer from new york city finally coming face to face with 86-year-old ross from florida after playing online word games, you can see the reunion here k, they have played
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more than 300 games together. spencer has won 210 of them that's pretty cool. rob: who is on the other end. jillian: kind of creepy but pool. rob: 11 minutes after the hour, governor of puerto rico demanded billions of u.s. taxpayer dollars for hurricane relief, now he's handing out $100 million in christmas bonuses, how does he explain that? jillian: tax reform could be a two for-run deal, dr. nicole staff ire talks about the changes our a1c, but you also have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke. non-insulin victoza® lowers a1c, and now reduces cardiovascular risk.
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closer toes -- to dossier. this just days after the house intelligence committee sought contempt citations for the obama era doj and fbi, so that story widening. and remember when officials in puerto rico slammed president trump for not providing enough hurricane relief to the territory, well, now according to bloomberg, puerto rico's governor is handing out more than $100 million in christmas bonuses to government employees despite asking taxpayers to shell out $94 billion for federal -- for recovery efforts from the hurricane, one-third of that territory which was already $720 billion in debt when the storm hit is still without power more than two months after the storm. jillian. jillian: the senate voting to pass the republican party
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sweeping tax reform bill and among other provisions of the bill but eliminate the penalty for not buying health insurance starting in 2019, so many people are wondering, how will this affect health care, here with some answers is dr. nicole sapphire. >> i'm cautiously optimistic. we have a long week ahead of us. jillian: we will take the optimism, how about that? you can explain to us how it's going to work for a lot of people. let's start with repealing individual mandate, who is this going to help. i was surprised that it made it through the senate and came through with a couple of caveats, that's okay. you actually put a bipartisan bill in it to come together and that's what we have been asking for, repealing of the individual mandate that's going to help the people who can't afford health insurance not have to purchase
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health insurance, they are able to keep the money. they are not being penalized anymore, whether they want to purchase catastrophic plan, they are able to do it. they are given that choice and that's what people are demanding. jillian: you see it something as sticks? >> i don't know. we have a lot of work to go done with that. with the passage of alexander murray, there are negotiations happening and that may make it work and may help people. we have to temporarily increase the cost and share and reductions and bring them back and that's how the individual mandate is going to stabilize the marketplace. you can't do one without the other right now. >> to be determined then. temporarily reviefing the cost-sharing reductions to subsidies? >> senator colins opposed to mandate. this is how we are getting
2:18 am
forward progress, a lot of people are being upset and tweak a little bit but it's progress. >> progress, you know, what, progress is good. allowing low-income people to disburg -- >> people being able to deduct medical expenses and people with chronic illness that is have high amount of medical cost that is do depend on these cost reductions especially those elderly population and long-term care facilities, the senate bill kept that, they actually made it better for lower-income population. they brought it down from 10% threshold to 7.5. this is going to help a lot of low--income and middle class people. fiscal responsible way for people to utilize money and allocate where it should go. jillian: finally medicare.
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>> nothing specifically changes to medicare. that has nothing to do with this bill. jillian: as we know that's not going to necessarily be the case, but would you be happy with this? >> in my opinion the significant bill is stronger than the house bill. i would be happy to move something similar to senate bill but a lot of negotiations this week and will probably be something in between and i don't know where yet. jillian: okay, dr. nicole saphier. rob. rob: thank you, ladies, 19 minutes after the top of the hour, heros making ultimate suck fees for the country. evidently a man who takes the knee for the anthem that deserves an award for bravery. >> we all have an obligation no matter the risk and regardless of reward to stand up for fellow men and women. rob: the new honor for colin kaepernick courtesy of aclu, your comments are pouring in on this one. and like mother, like daughter,
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jillian: good morning and welcome back, politico has a plan for chelsea clinton and short of backfire. rob: pushing for former first daughter to run for arkansas senate seat which would be empty if tom cotton heads to cia. jillian: carley shimkus with reaction online. what's going on, carley. carley: people are always talking about hillary clinton's next potential political move
2:24 am
but is getting attention for publishing an article that encourages chill sea clinton to run for senate in arkansas. here is how they made their case. they say she has the clinton name but little of the clinton baggagement she wouldn't hurt for name recognition or campaign cash, she is an arkansas native even though she hasn't lived there since she was 12. weighing the pros and cons there. you know, republicans took the social media, they said that they want this to become a reality, one twitter user says, please chelsea listen to them, truly the dems don't have a chance anyway but that would be a gop guaranty, brianian also thinks it's good news, go for it. all for another loss and webb on twitter, yes, please run, that's clinton. a lot of hahaha's there. she said she would run for office or possibly consider it if somebody drops out or if something changes. so maybe she is interested in a
2:25 am
political future. we will have to wait and see but i don't know in arkansas, though. jillian: colin kaepernick is getting another award? carley: that's right. courageous advocate award. now, we rarely hear from colin kaepernick directly but he did make comments last night upon receiving this honor. take a listen to what he had to say. >> we all have an obligation no matter the risks and regardless of reward to stand up for fellow men and women who are being oppressed with the understanding that human rights cannot be compromised. carley: there you have it. a surprise guest of honor and received standing ovation but not everybody on social media is clapping. kevin on twitter says aclu honors call earnic for opposing flag and country and tells you everything you want to know about aclu. what he did was disrespectful and wrong, there are far betters
2:26 am
way to protest than shunning our national anthem and military. debate continues there. jillian: yes, it does. rob: i saw this cute leader cheerleader and does a move which i never thought about how hard this might be to do. carley: i know. you saw this video, thousands of other people did, we have to give her a shout-out. ariel oliver, i don't know how the heck do you do that. this has been retweeted a hundred thousand times, you know people on social media are going to be watching this and trying it at home. i think we have footage of this. one girl, timid on the -- did not quite accomplish the goal. yeah, there's another guy, fail there as well. i tried it at home. a lot more difficult than you think. [laughter] >> he ate it. e for effort. rob: you have to have crazy length strength.
2:27 am
i certainly don't. rob: don't fall. thank you, carley. 26 minutes after the hour caught on camera police officer blind sided in a brutal attack, the shocking reason for this takedown still ahead. >> this could not be a more blatant and insulting attack on hard-working americans and we can't let them get away with it. >> hillary clinton's emails could come back to haupt her but she's worried about tax reform bill, does she have a real reason to worry or continue bashing republicans, that debate is coming your way next. ♪ for every hour that you're idling in your car, you're sending about half a gallon of gasoline up in the air. that amounts, over the course of the week, to about 10 pounds of carbon dioxide.
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[ click ] [ keyboard clacking ] [ clacking continues ] good questions lead to good answers. our advisors can help you find both. talk to one today and see why we're bullish on the future. yours. rob: hillary clinton back in the headlines, the fbi reviewing probe into her emails after one top agent on that case, in that
2:31 am
probe and also the same agent was on the robert mueller special counsel, caught sending antitrump text messages to a colleague, but hillary clinton unfazed in this instead she's taking aim at the senate's newly passed tax plan. >> in the last 24 hours the senate passed this absolutely horrible tax cut plan, okay. now, it's great for donald trump and his family, it's great for the billionaires who support him, this could not be a more blatant and insulting attack on hard-working americans and we can't let them get away with it. rob: so much hysteria around this tax plan but is this renewed probe that we are talking about bigger than hillary clinton thinks? here now to debate that is the spokesperson for america first action pack, katrina pearson and democratic strategists chuck rocha, guys, thanks so much for coming on the program this
2:32 am
morning. we start here with peter, this is the gentleman we are talking about here, part of hillary clinton probe and also in bob mueller probe into president trump and apparently he does not like the president very much and has said so in text messages, katrina, we will start with you, does this surprise you that there appears to be this kind of bias within the fbi? >> no, it doesn't surprise me at all. hillary clinton clearly is trying to stay e ref lent and she's very comfortable and confident that she will continue to get away with all of the mischiefs that she's done. we are talking about mueller team, stacked deep with democrat donors. i see in reason why the house doesn't move forward with contempt charges. the department of justice and fbi have been blocking requests through subpoena it is house issued. we are talking about a body that
2:33 am
needs to be investigated. of course, we have to investigate the in factors at this point because the bias is absolutely clear. this doesn't look good, does it? >> it doesn't, i will remind everybody that the republicans are in control of everything in this city, they have the white house, the house and the senate, if they want to open any kind of investigation, i welcome that, they can do anything they want to. for a democratic consultant it's news to my ears because people are ready to move past hillary clinton. if there was any wrongdoings, they have every right to open up every investigation they want to just like they have done with russia and other things. rob: that's a good point. >> for the first time chuck and i agree on something. that's one of the things that a lot of people have been upset about with attorney general jeff
2:34 am
sessions, if he's not going to appoint special counsel to investigate, the house has no choice with to move forward with contempt. suddenly now they want to make people available to talk to the house after the requests, threatening of being in contempt. that's unacceptable. we are talking about millions of dollars that private citizens to have been paid through hiring attorneys to fight this ridiculous russia case. this has to be justified. rob: let's go back to hillary clinton scandal, before the election, james comey came out and requested or suggested that no charges be filed against him, a lot of people said, that's really out of his purview to make that kind of statement and then you see this kind of behavior as well and starts to make you wonder, was it a preference that donald trump not win the election? >> it's been clarified, rob, if you look at james comey, this guy peter was the same guy that
2:35 am
helped him draft the statement prior to a lot of this information coming out. of course, you have a team right now under mueller who shouldn't even be in charge. rosenstein included. they should have stepped aside and they haven't and now we see that they've been covering for people inside their own team that are bias against the president and they weren't fired and that's the problem here, that individual is still at the fbi. rob: let me go over to chuck, i want to talk about the tax plan real fast, you're probably not a big proponent of it but we have seen a lot of progress in the last ten months, gdp has exploded, we are seeing jobs come back, is this tax plan as bad as the democrats are trying to paint it? >> it is, rob, you made my case government is doing better, the economy is doing really good, you don't give tax cuts when the government is doing good and the job economy is doing good. donald trump talks about doubling the stock market and
2:36 am
gdp growth is growing up. that's not the time you give fat cats in wall street more money. rob: if millions of jobs come back to the united states, that's a bernie sanders-style idea in in and of itself? >> absolutely, if you're going to -- they want to give it back to -- rob: you want to see the guaranty on the paper. >> i would like to see workers get a raise, workers haven't had had a raise in 20 years. >> the reason why it isn't going to well is because of optimism has brought to the country in anticipation of this tax plan. rob: there's definitely economic optimism despite everything else. thank you for coming on this morning. jillian. jillian: u.s. and south korea kicking off largest exercise ever as nuclear threat with nuclear war with north korea emerges. starting today more than 230 fighter jets are taking part in
2:37 am
week-long effort known as vigilant ace, nearly 12,000 members from u.s. air force and navy will be flying, top officials hope to go put military pressure on north korea. >> i think what we need to push and i think the secretary of state has been trying to do this is a freeze for a freeze, in other words, north korea cuts down on shooting missiles for a period of time and maybe we reduce a little bit of this military cooperation with south korea. jillian: national security adviser h.r. mcmaster warning the threat of war is growing. >> there are ways to address this problem short of armed conflict but it is a race because he's getting closer and closer and there's not much time left. jillian: joint drill comes one week after north korea tested its most advanced
2:38 am
intercontinental ballistic missile that could target anywhere in the u.s. developing now, a disturbing image drawn on student's homework lands man behind bars, robert edwards accused of drawing picture, show it is building on fire and figures shooting with guns, edwards connection with students is unclear and police don't believe he was plan to go carry out an attack but he has been charged with written threat to kill or do bodily injury. time is running out for sanctuary cities including denver, comply with ice or lose millions in federal funding, city passing legislation helping illegals avoid deportation in direct violation of federal law. director of policy studies at the center for immigration studies joined us earlier to weigh in. >> sanctuary policies are a problem because they inevitable result in release of criminal aliens which are a small fraction of the illegal population but the ones that are
2:39 am
the highest priority for deportation and so they put the public at risk. jillian: places like los angeles, seattle and the entire state of oregon are also on the doj's list that could miss out on funding n. the next few days president trump expected to make a big decision on campaign promise. >> we will move the american embassy to the eternal capital of the jewish people jerusalem. [cheers and applause] jillian: senior adviser jared kushner says the president is still undecided. >> he's still looking at a lot of different facts and when he makes his decision, he'll be the one to want to tell you, not me, so he will make sure he does that at the right time. jillian: right now the embassy is in tel aviv, the moving the embassy and recognizing jerusalem as the israeli capital would jeopardize peace efforts. rob: all right, check this out, the super moon wowing star gazes
2:40 am
around the world for the first and actually the only time this -- jillian: closest to moon during orbit kicking off with events, next super moon happening next month on new year's day actually. the third super moon on january 31st, the last one will be extra special because it will also feature a total solar eclipse. rob: that would be cool. you can take it the right way it looks massive, zoom it. we will talk about some weather, did you hear that we might be getting some snow on friday? jillian: no. rob: is that right, janice. janice: rob like it is snow, jillian not so much. i will take it. we might get snow friday or saturday if you live in new york city because there's changes underway, current temperatures you can see the cold air move ago cross the rockies, look at chicago, chicago will get in 60's today, tomorrow into
2:41 am
30's, 30-degree drop. past 24 hours, you see the storm system moving across rockies, upper midwest and great lakes, blizzard warnings in effect part of dakotas in through minnesota and snow and very cold windy conditions and that's why we have blizzard warnings, this is the big system that's going to change the weather pattern as we go through the next couple of days. future radar in upper midwest. cold front associated wit and as it makes it's way across the northeast friday and saturday might be cold enough for little bit of snow. i snow rob said, is it going to snow. rob: so beautiful when it snows in the city. one of my favorite things. janice: it's beautiful, jillian. jillian: i haven't experienced it. first for everything and it's awesome. president trump has been calling out the fake news media since the beginning. >> it's all fake news. it's phoney stuff. it didn't happen.
2:42 am
fake news. fake news. [laughter] >> fake news. jillian: well, turns out he's right, abc reporter without a job with no money over botched report. is the media ready to turn over a new leak? rob: national department store chain kicking the red kettles out. jillian: what happens when lights are out in garth brooks concert and leaving in dark. we will tell you. even healthy s 65 and older are at increased risk of pneumococcal pneumonia. isn't it like a bad cold or flu? pneumococcal pneumonia is a potentially serious bacterial lung disease. in some cases, part of your lung may fill with mucus, making it hard to breathe. can i catch it from a pneumococcal vaccination? no. the vaccines do not contain live bacteria.
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talk to your doctor or pharmacist about how to help protect yourself. talk to your doctor or pharmacist bp is taking safety to new heights. using drones and robots offshore so engineers can stop potential problems before they start. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better.
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jillian: fake news fallout hitting abc news after chief political correspondent gives faulty report on michael flynn. rob: network suspending ross for four weeks and issuing apology. we deeply regret and apologize for the serious error we made yesterday. reporting conveyed by brian ross during special
2:46 am
report had not been fully vetted through our editorial standards process. jillian: but are there consequences enough to counter fake news media, here to weigh in katie, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me, happy monday. jillian: the whole thing went down because he did cite a single anonymous source with the report. should we be able to do that, a single anonymous source? >> no, actually, you really shouldn't. i mean, there's got to be editorial standards here. what i would love to know from the whole thing is how you allowed a report that is this serious, something that affects stock markets that has people running because they think that he's going to be impeached, how it got through editorial process and it wasn't fully vetted, did they just let anchors go on willy nilly and talk about on the off chance that it is correct? rob: katie, i want to delineate for people exactly what was said and why it was such a big deal.
2:47 am
you have this investigation for over a year now into collusion with russia, ross' report said that basically that there was a source that said that he told flynn to go russians while they were -- before donald trump -- before the election and it turns out it ended up being after the election, the big difference is there's no evidence of collusion now, basically what he told the country in a special report on abc news is that here is the evidence of collusion and everybody goes crazy talking about imbeachment all of a sudden. it's amazing. >> you're absolutely right. this is a monumental difference between a candidate reaching out to russia and president elect reaching out to russia. one of them is perfectly normal if you're president elect and you're going to become president of the united states and that distinct in this report, that is enormous. it's not just brian ross, what
2:48 am
editorial staff gave the go-ahead. what person said that brian ross, this isn't the first or second or third time something like this has happened with brian ross, at what point does editorial staff trust him to go this without any second or third vetting. jillian: people mick mistakes but this is a very serious mistake. >> it is a big one. jillian: we want to make that clear. president trump sent out a tweet, people who lost money when stock went down 350 points based on false and dishonesty reporting on abc should consider hiring a lawyer and suing for damages this caused millions of dollars. >> i'm not a big fan of trump's tweeting, i personally in issues like this litigation lawsuits he should probably be staying out of it. it does not help the image of the press, fake news of them pushing out stories to attack trump only to attack trump because they don't like him. i think image wise this is a
2:49 am
really huge blow to the press right now. rob: the president does call stories that end up being true as fake news but in this one he really was validated for opinion on the media. this was a really bad one. katie, thank you so much. >> thanks. rob: massive merger between cvs and aetna. a deal that could reshape future of health insurance industry. jillian: first let's check with brian kilmeade. >> in 11 minutes we will be talking about fbi, antitrump agent doing investigation in the hillary clinton e-mail situation and is that correct, how long did they know of him existing, we will discuss that along the president taking via twitter today and flynn, is this really hysteria as well as tax deal, can the house and senate just get along, kelly conway, all
2:50 am
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rob: all right, fox business alert and move that should reshape the health industry, cvs agreeing to shell out $69 billion to buy aetna an insurer. jillian: tracee carrasco with what it could mean to you. tracee: first of all, it could mean that the deal could drive lower prices from the pharmaceutical companies and you could also see more health care offerings at local cvs store and this could also push other companies like walgreens to look for merger deals like this and this is all coming from, you know, amazon has been slowly
2:54 am
with the idea of entering into the pharmacy business and cvs and aetna doing something proactive. this is a very big deal, $69 billion. jillian: also a big deal with the glitch that people have been dealing with when it comes to their phones, right? tracee: yes, this software glitch was causing apple iphones to stop and reboot over and over all weekend and apple did come out with a software update but some people -- jillian: a lot of introductions. tracee: that's why i'm not reading them. there's a way to manually fix it if the update isn't working for you. you have to go into settings and play with the app button and fix it. rob: okay. you want to be bad for breakfast, cinnabon has something for you. tracee: today is national cookie day, did you know that? cinnabon did not want to be left
2:55 am
out, they are getting in on the action. chocolate chip cookie baked around a mini cinnabon. they are also offering free milk. rob: how do you eat it without? all right, thank you. jillian: national department store chain now giving salvation army bell ringers the boot this holiday season. [bell] rob: belk, belk, i've never heard of this, would no longer allow salvation army volunteers, i'm glad i haven't heard of the company. the store launching a replacement campaign home for the holiday with habitat for humanity. jillian: the salvation army is expected 1 million-dollar drop in donations as a result. wow. all right. we are coming right back. rob: much for belk.
2:56 am
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jillian: time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good, brand-new home after being paralyzed during attack in 2015. >> when i was shot that night, i felt everything from my belly button go numb. tailored to master army vera's needs. rob: sir, you earned that. showing a man attacking a police
3:00 am
officer, cop broke his shoulder after being shoved. the attacker will spend two years behind bars. jillian: leaving friends in dark polices at garth brooks concert, you see what we did? the emergency lights kicked on and he took the stage. rob: i'm sure they did, "fox & friends" starts right now. >> president trump takes to twitter and takes aim at the justice department, the fbi. >> you have fbi agent dismissed who very clearly had a bias when he was investigating hillary clinton, has a bias when he's involved with the president and now that bias is known by everybody. >> the clock is ticking as the house and the senate face two major deadlines passing historic tax reform and avoiding a government shutdown. >> the economy is going to go. >> president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser making rare public appearance. >> we are here


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