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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 7, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PST

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brutality against minorities but at the same time i don't hear from him. until he starts doing interviews, i don't know. >> shannon: b got to go. most-watched, m >> forcing almost 200,000 people to evacuate. >> finally acknowledged the obvious, jerusalem is his relapse capital. >> this decision reflects the president's commitment to an ancient and enduring truth to fulfilling his promises and advancing peace. >> president after president
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can't people don't do it, you will miss of the peace process. 22 years later we haven't had a peace process. >> why now is the window closing for the senator from minnesota. chuck schumer, to democrat in the senate adding his name to the 30 lawmakers that came out today saying he must go. >> proud to be joins my fellow fellow conservatives in the house to call for an investigation into the fbi's procedures allowed hillary clinton to receive special treatment. ♪ ♪ >> new york city is a magical place this time of year, live shot from the big apple, you are
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watching "fox and friends" first on thursday morning. another busy day. let's get right to our top story. donald trump fulfilling a campaign promise to formally recognize jerusalem as his relapse capital and moved to its embassy. >> other presidents made this a campaign promise, they failed to deliver. i am delivering. >> with the president did today was listen to the american people, voted against republicans and democrats to do this. heather: the decision sparking a little effect around the world, palestinians burn american flags and hit the streets for days of rage. good morning, connor. >> reporter: two responses across the region not only in
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jerusalem, but israel. international condemnation by a lot of america's partners in the arab world, real concerned this could spark violence but in israel there has been celebration, phrase with donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as his relapse capital, the embassy will take time to move the state department and the white house planning to move position in jerusalem where they are going to build it, by the length, this will take several years according to white house officials. over night in israel, praise for donald trump's decision, images of the american flag on jerusalem's city, is really politicians across the kingston in modern and liberal parties, they praise donald trump's decision, palestinians very frustrated and angry with this decision, the palestinian
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president this undermines the ability of the united states to be the honest broker in the peace department, this removes one of the main issues that had been agreed upon to be a negotiated settlement between israelis and palestinians, saudi arabia called the move irresponsible. the uk prime minister said the move is not helpful in the pursuit of peace. we haven't seen much in the way of palestinian protest getting violent. there were protests in bethlehem in the last 24 hours where they burned american flags and pictures of donald trump but we haven't seen mass protests turned violent or anything like that. it has been muted by israelis and palestinians in terms of on the street demonstrations. that could change in the next 36, 48 hours, there have been calls for days of rage but it isn't clear whether or not this will turn into mass protests on the street. there are commercial strikes in east jerusalem but so far not the violence that had been
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predicted. heather: we appreciate your report, the president's announcement met with swift backlash from leaders all around the arab world but ron dermer who serves as his relapse ambassador to the united states says it should be met with praise because it keeps the hope for peace alive. >> people recognize in the arab world israel is not their enemy but a potential ally to deal with these challenges, donald trump recognizes that as well and that affords a historic opportunity for peace. what the president has done in this decision has helped us advanced peace by dealing with reality and truth in a region. >> it is a historic decision, not just the president since the jerusalem of the act was signed 20 years ago. it is all the president since the state of israel was established there were 12 previous presidents and one of them recognize jerusalem as his
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relapse capital and it has been since 1949 of the state of israel, the capital of the jewish people for 3000 years and the jewish people and the jewish state will be eternally grateful to donald trump for making this decision. heather: another fox news alert, the fierce fight, a huge battle, wildfires across california intensifying, hundreds of firefighters trying to get the furious flames under control but the worst may be yet to come. jonathan hunt, the next 24 hours could prove the most dangerous. what is to come? >> reporter: the warm santa ana winds that have been fanning these fires are expected to gust over the next 24 hours up to 80 mph. that would mean you have a combination of wildfires and hurricane force winds and is you look at the flames behind me in
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the hills right above you can imagine what kind of a deadly and dangerous combination that makes. this is part of the thomas fire that has burned some 95,000 acres, 2000 firefighters on the lines here, some in front of us trying to keep these flames from burning more homes. they have so far taken something like 150 homes in the area around the city of ventura. santa ana being outside the city of ventura. there have also been other fires across southern california. one of the most dangerous today was in the famous and wealthy enclave of bel air on the side of the 405 freeway, one of the busiest in la. the bel air area home to many multimillion dollar mansions, four homes, we are told, were
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destroyed in that fire, flames are still burning although the la fire department believes they have a pretty good hold on that fire but the fire departments across southern california are on very high alert and will remain so for the next 24 to 36 hours because of the santa ana winds which have been so destructive. the california forest redivision ranking those winds perk up the highest level of warning. it has never been set at purple before. today it is. the highest level of wind warning we have ever had in southern california. these are going to be very dangerous 24 hours. >> looking at images of you standing with flames and smoke behind you what does it feel like you want to smell like where you are right now? >> reporter: over the past
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couple days we have all been doing our best not to inhale too much, wearing masks when we can. you feel it, you can see the dust in the air, smell the smoke, it is acrid, it is quite awful to be in the middle of. that is why the fire departments have been keen to get everybody out of these areas, so many schools have been closed in this area and will remain closed because the air quality is too dangerous for children and others. it is a pretty bad scene here and it is only going to get worse for the next 24 hours. heather: thank you for bringing us the report be careful out there. those firefighters, the parents accused of tampa serial killer of the tampa serial killer could face jail time as parents. they say they won't testify
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against their son despite a subpoena even if it means they face criminal charges. a hearing being held today to determine whether they should be charged with attempt. investigators went to know about their son and he is accused of murdering four people. the wife of the assistance by gunmen who killed 49 people at an orlando likable stand trial in that city. a judge rejecting the request to move the case over concerns media coverage would not allow her to get a fair trial. prosecutors say she knew about her husband's deadly plans at the pulse nightclub. she is charged with providing material support to a terror organization and obstruction of justice, she is due in march in court. the house republicans demanding answers over thousands of text messages involving the fbi agent kicked off of special counsel's was a -- russia probe. what those anti-trump messages could mean for the investigation. a story we have been following
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closely. >> getting bigger by the day. the capitol hill hotseat welcomes another high-profile government official today with ipa -- fbi director christopher rate being questioned about those texts. justice to permit officials are reading through 10,000 texts between peter struck and lisa payne. counterintelligence agent struck worked on the robert mueller russia probe but was reassigned after the discovery of anti-trump text messages exchanged with paige, with whom he was having an affair. disclosure of this message is bolstered republican concerns about the objectivity of mueller's probe that would is unclear how many texts had anything to do with trump for the probe itself. during the fbi's july 2016 interview with hillary clinton over her private email server shortly before then fbi director james comey all directions extremely careless without recommending criminal charges. >> i'm proud to be joined by my fellow conservatives in the
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house to call for an investigation into the fbi's procedures that allowed hillary clinton to receive special treatment. we will also investigate the unprecedented bias against donald trump. >> justice to permit officials say the process of reading and rejecting those texts could take weeks. donald trump junior told house investigators yesterday he did not talk to his father about his june 2016 trump town meeting with a russian lawyer at the time it happened. of the 2010,000 texts. i couldn't get past that far. when were they working? appreciate it. time is 12 minutes after the top of the hour and a day of rage protesters burning the american flag after donald trump's jerusalem announcement but our next guest, an expert on foreign relations says the riots only prove the courage of our commander-in-chief. remember when liberals screamed at the sky over donald trump?
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too early for that. then the message for anyone daring to call them snowflakes. ♪
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heather: us designated terror group hamas now calling for three days of rage in response the president's declaration of jerusalem as his relapse capital city. as protesters take to the streets to burn flags it is a monumental moment for our allies in israel but could this push the world further apart from the peace agreement in that region. here to react is managing director of the israel project, thank you for joining us. the fires, the protesting,
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burning the american flag, it is already begun. >> we don't know how bad it will get. the administration knew something like this was going to happen, they decided the cost of not doing it was outweighed by the cost of doing it. they wanted to make sure the president lived up to his campaign promise to recognize jerusalem as the capital. >> moving the us embassy to jerusalem as well. >> he began the process of building it, this will take years and the administration has been forthright -- heather: is that a compromise? what i understand from reports i read, there's a place they could have opened it almost immediately. >> we have a couple places in jerusalem, they are all candidates but with the president wants to make sure the administration wants to make sure is the process is followed, there is security when it finally opens. the state department has strict guidelines on these things and it takes years.
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>> benjamin and yahoo used the words courageous and just in terms of what donald trump announced yesterday. >> the president faced international opposition, domestic opposition but he looked at this and said jerusalem is his relapse capital. this is where the israelis run the government out of in addition to the fact that american law. >> a congressional mandate going back 25 years in 1995 congress enacted this jerusalem embassy act. >> congress it in as many words it is the policy that jerusalem is his relapse capital, we should move the embassy there. this is been congress's view all the way through summer of this year. in june 2017 there was a senate resolution the past 90-0 calling on the president recognize jerusalem as his relapse capital which is why it is absurd the democrats are coming down against him. >> wire democrats against it? because it is donald trump?
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>> this is one of the things people are talking about. it is difficult to figure out why democrats like diane feinstein who a few months ago said the embassy should be moved and his relapse capital should be recognized is now coming against it saying it is a bad idea. >> in terms of the un and former president obama he didn't do his real any favors. >> almost exactly a year ago looking at a situation in which the obama administration is working with some countries, working with other countries to actually deny is relapse right to their historic capital in jerusalem and one of the most important parts of what donald trump did yesterday is he said effectively that is that you and policy, you and policy is what it has been, jerusalem is his relapse capital. of the 20 three days of rage hamas is calling for so we will he see what happens, hopefully that will not occur.
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thank you for joining us, appreciate it, follow you on twitter. still coming up he risked his life running into gunfire at the polls nightclub massacre. >> a horrible feeling, this man omar has been there for me since june 12th, the person who saved my life. >> reporter: that officer is out of a job and at risk of losing his pension. an exclusive interview when corporal delgado joins us live, stay tuned for that. that message from the naacp to donald trump over his visit to a civil rights museum. our next guest says this is about politics, not race. ♪
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heather: the naacp telling donald trump not to bother showing up for the opening celebration of the mississippi civil rights museum calling his upcoming visit a slap in the face to minorities. you discuss is republican strategist, thank you for joining us. how are you doing? very early. the naacp says this is an insult. do you agree? >> absolutely not. this has nothing to do with the advancement of minorities which is what their mission stands for. it is about the advancement of their political agenda, this is ridiculous, and insult to me as an african-american, as a minority. this is the time of bringing the country together, donald trump has a lot of things to do on his agenda. that being said he chose on his busy agenda to go to the opening of the civil rights museum. by him going is a show of
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strength, unity and ringing the country together. these things are the rhetoric they continue to perpetuate to divide america. >> let's look at what the naacp president derek johnson had to say, an affront to civil right saying donald trump's statements and policies regarding the protection and enforcement of civil rights have been abysmal and his attendance is an affront to the veterans of the civil rights movement, he has created a commission to reinforce voter suppression, refused announce white supremacists and has created a racially hostile climate in this nation. how do we come together if you are not willing to even talk or have the president there? >> i don't think they want to come together, they want to continue the divisiveness, the impeachment nonsense that went on yesterday, this is about
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creating the divisive rhetoric, time to bring the country together. they can say donald trump, 20 things are attendings on a checklist but still not be happy, this has nothing to do with bringing things together, the naacp, have been around a long time and done some good things. it is a lot of rhetoric that continues to perpetuate the system this is why we continue to have this drama and nonsense in america today, really sad because we are showing other young people across america's this is what the agenda is when it is not. the fact that donald trump is going, is showing the fight against racism, going -- because he does care and does one to show unity and strength. this is why he attended the event, they should be happy he is coming to the civil rights
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museum. >> is it reverse racism? is that going on? >> a big impact -- i venture to say yes because we talk about how we want donald trump -- they want him to be more involved in minority issues and listen to minority years, he is doing is that. when you say we don't want you to come, you say you want him to be a part of it but you don't want him to be part of it so you are absolutely right. i would say it is reverse racism. he is making an attempt to be more culturally -- he will probably go there and learn something from it and we should want that. >> all the things the naacp president said, if he believes those to be true have the conversation, a great way to have it in person, not a lot of people get to do that. >> they refuse meetings, refused to have panel discussions, this
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is about getting things done and bringing america together. heather: appreciate you joining us this morning. the question everyone wants an answer to. how was a 5-time deported illegal immigrants acquitted of murder. >> none of that was discussed during the trial. we were told it was not an issue in this trial, did not pertain to the evidence or the law surrounding specific charges that were in issue. >> the juror breaking his silence. what he said about the manslaughter charge.
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run, jthe power of in to tempur-pedic sleep with our 90-day trial and being the highest ranked mattress in customer satisfaction by jd power, it's easy to love. find your exclusive retailer at >> welcome back, 4:31 on the east coast. l franken expected to make a big announcement following an avalanche of sexual assault allegations that keeps getting bigger. this comes as the democratic
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chorus rises demanding that he bow out. griff jenkins live from the nations capital with new details on the liberal women leading the charge. >> reporter: if he resigned later today as we expect it will be democratic women who brought the pressure to bear and accusers charging he tried to forcibly kiss her adding to the long list of sexual misconduct allegations but at the end of the day, 14 female democratic senators were calling for the comedian turned actor to resign including amy clover charts short of calling them to resign and saying a tweet she expected him to make the right decision. the tidal wave began with just angela brandt leading the charge. >> i do not feel he should continue to serve. when we start having to talk about the differences between sexual assault and sexual
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harassment and unwanted groping your having the wrong conversation. we need to draw a line in the sand and say none of it is okay, none of it is acceptable. >> it was reported that franken would be resigning but his office downplaying the report tweeting senator franken is talking with his family at this time and plans to make an announcement in dc tomorrow. any reports of a final decision are inaccurate but the pressure has only grown, chuck schumer ignoring the course of call saying senator franken should resign, i consider him a dear friend and respect is a compliments but he has a higher obligation to his constituents and he should step down immediately. we will see what the day brings. >> john conyers announced his resignation. that call from democrats calling for al franken to call it quits, monica crowley says there is something much bigger going on and the left has all teary her motives on forcing their party
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members out. >> politics but also very strategic. they are taking this up for 2018 and 2020, they want to say we took care of all our perverts, we got rid of them. the republican still have a bunch of perverts and we are going to run a woman, harris out of california for president, michelle obama for president. they are setting up -- >> michelle obama for president. >> they are going to run a minority woman. you heard it here first. california senator harris or michelle obama and they are teaming up this political moment, marrying it to the cultural moment so they can achieve that goal. >> a bombshell new report about the man in line to replace john conyers, his son, john conyers iii arrested in february of this year accused of stabbing and body slamming his girlfriend, the revelation just hours after
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the former congressman endorsed his son to fill a seat. the girlfriend saying the incident was over cheating accusations, charges were dropped over lack of evidence. alternate juror speaking out days after an illegal immigrant is found not guilty in the death of kate steinle, that juror reveals the fact the killer has been deported five times was virtually ignored. >> none of that was discussed during the trial. we wrestled immigration was not an issue in this trial. it did not pertain to the evidence surrounding specific charges. the jury had to use the crime that was specified and in this case that was specified as brandishing a weapon. when that was read to us in the jury instructions that the end of the trial before closing arguments i think that was the first time we heard the word brandishing during the trial. we heard no evidence the defendant did that. >> reporter: that controversial
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decision, california jury acquitted zarate of murder and manslaughter, the shooting in the st. mary city of san francisco painted it as an accident. he now faces federal weapons charges. some shocking video showing a mall security guard dragging from a speeding suv being dragged, driven by suspected shoplifters. new jersey police say the man hit his head hard slamming into the ground and was rushed to the hospital with a concussion. officers looking for these three suspects who responded in a lord and taylor department store stealing items but the trio hopping into this white nissan suv now facing aggravated assault charges. he is lucky. now to a fox news alert, it is not a matter of if but when we go to war. north korea's brand-new chilling warning as the u.s. air force
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makes a show of force over the korean peninsula. kitty logan live in london with a look at your international headlines. >> reporter: north korea is raising its objections to those ongoing us and south korean military exercise, the government in pyongyang has upped its rhetoric saying war on the korean pens insular may be inevitable. these comments after us supersonic bombers flew over south korea yesterday in a show of force as part of that large weeklong military exercise, 200 aircraft taking part including american fighter jets, south korea's military says this is to demonstrate the ability to respond to any threat from the north. meanwhile us security officials have warned isis is still capable of influencing its followers online despite defeats on the ground in iraq and syria. >> it is good that we have by and large taken away the caliphate, we in no way shape or
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form denied them the cybercaliphate. that may be a more persistent long-term threat. >> the us-led coalition says there are currently less than 3000 fighters left in iraq and syria but the question is where do those fight is going to they resume influence on the saudi space. >> thank you, kitty. a warning from gop chairman ron johnson coming days after a terrifying isis plot to assassinate british prime minister theresa may was afforded. how is the trump administration addressing the evolving terror threat at home. it away and is special forces operator and president of security studies group jim hansen. great to have you here. the foiled plot to assassinate theresa may, what does that point out to you in terms of terrorist groups and what they are planning? >> they are not aiming low.
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if they are trying to take out the british prime minister that is an amazingly powerful message. we need to be very vigilant. what is scary is there are tens of thousands of people on the british terror watch lists and those are the least competent terrorists by managing to get themselves flagged before they have done anything so they will have a difficulty sorting through that determining which are the real threats and being able to take action, which they did in this case before a terrorist incident occurs. >> they were 20, 21 years old from london and birmingham. the pentagon also announced top leaders from al qaeda and the taliban had been killed by us forces. what do you know about that? >> we are costly trying to take out al qaeda and taliban members, best place to kill them is overseas but it is important to note the supreme court just
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about donald trump's travel ban which is a vital tool to allow the president to stop these terrorists from coming to the united states was we can't have liberal activist judges pretending to be our national security apparatus and fighting donald trump to keep us safe. that is a step in the right direction giving him the tools we needs. rob: in terms of the information we received that is released to the public i would assume that is released for a reason. why do you think this information has been released right now? >> donald trump and the rest of the national security team is sending a message to the terrorists save don't come here. we take this seriously. we are not going to allow you in here and we are going to scrutinize people who may be potential terrorists before they conduct an attack. omar matteen's wife is going on
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trial, he had been radicalized by hearing the penalty for homosexuality is death in mosques and online teachings. that is something we have to keep an eye on. who is trying to give these people rationale to kill in their islamist belief. heather: activist judges injecting their partisan political views. >> they have no reason to be doing that. their job is to divide whether the president's actions are following the law. it is obvious donald trump under the constitution and existing law and stop anyone he deems a security threat from entering the united states. just because some guy in hawaii has decided he doesn't think the president is doing this for reason he likes, he has no right to beat the separation of powers in the constitution and stop the president from keeping all of us
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safe. heather: appreciate your insight and you know what it takes to eat these terrorists. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. the biggest city to date giving the green light to legal marijuana sales and apparently the raging wildfires in california are donald trump's fault, the her outrageous comment from chelsea handler again. ♪
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heather: foxbusiness or, do you have a flight booked this holiday season? you are not alone. airlines preparing for millions of passengers. tracy is here without travelers should prepare for the worst. heather: but hope for the best, 50 million travelers globally up 3.5% from last year and 91,000
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more seats per day will be offered, more flights to accommodate these people traveling. the busiest travel days of the holiday season from december 15th through january 4th would be december 21, 22nd and 26. the latest travel days are expected to be the 16th, christmas eve, christmas day and new year's eve so plan accordingly. heather: los angeles moving toward legal marijuana sales. >> reporter: that is set to take effect january 21st and they are working out details to make sure everything is in place as far as where it can be grown or sold. as far as people who will be buying you have to be 21 or older, you can possess announce and you can grow 6 plants at home. this is an interesting time, they are working out the
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details. >> walmart changing its name to walmart. >> reporter: walmart starting february 1st changing its legal name from walmart, they will get rid of that-and getting rid of the word store so it will just be walmart, not walmart stores was the ceo says they want people to feel they can shop us anywhere, not just brick-and-mortar but online. heather: i didn't know there was a hash mark in their. >> reporter: i didn't either. heather: a gay man denied a marriage essence by kim davis wants to take her job. he will run for rohan county clerk in kentucky next may saying it is his, quote, obligation to set things right. two years ago davis sparked national controversy for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples for religious reasons. she spent five days in jail
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after defining a federal judge's order. comedian chelsea handler blaming donald trump for the raging wildfires ripping through southern california. the self-described feminist, evacuated my house, it is like donald trump is setting the world on fire literally and figuratively. stay safe, everyone. dark times. those devastating fires forcing thousands to evacuate their homes. let us know what you think about her tweet. he risked his life running into the gunfire of the polls like club masker, but omar is out of a job and at risk of losing his pension. that hero joins us live next.
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heather: hero police officer who risked his life responding to
1:52 am
last year's pulse like him shooting massacre just lost his job because he suffers from ptsd. he suffered after that incident, he was told monday his last day would be december 31st and that comes just six months before he is eligible to receive pension benefits. he joins us live, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> good morning, thank you for having me. heather: how long were you with the police department? >> i have been with the police department about 9 it a half years. heather: take us back to that day on june 12, 2016. >> that is a day i will never forget. it was such a horrific event. i was assisting a couple other officers when that call came and i responded, i didn't know where i was heading, had to look it
1:53 am
up. by gps. i said i will probably be back, because they usually cancel us by the time i get on the interstate and they have a lot of other officers but that night was a little different. i arrived on scene and it was just total chaos, gunshots from outside, seeing people running out, crying. heather: when you got there, you got inside the nightclub the suspect had already cornered himself in the bathroom, but one of the things you mentioned that i couldn't imagine was you had to stay there in the nightclub surrounded by dead bodies and hearing their cell phones continually go off. >> that was something very difficult to handle. the adrenaline was pumping, so i didn't take the full blunt of it
1:54 am
at the time. it wasn't until later that it hit me and being there for 31/2, four hours, nowhere to go, i kept seeing bodies, that is why right now to this day, hearing an iphone ring takes me for a loop because of the ptsd. heather: you are referred to by the hero by a lot of people, specifically angel:you have an shot several times your credit with saving his life. you are how many months, 6 months from getting your full pension and they said they are letting you go. what excuse, what reason are they giving you? >> i was told monday, they saw fit that i wasn't able to continue doing police work and they did not have a simple
1:55 am
position for me and they would have to let me go so they would end my employment december 31st. of the 20 they are saying you are not able to do your job as a result of the ptsd received from doing your job with them. that doesn't seem legal. >> that is the issue what happens right now and my attorney is looking into it and we will see where that goes. heather: your former chief said this is hard for the entire department because obviously they want to be there for you and i'm sure everyone across the country wants to be there as well. thank you for joining us, really appreciate it. omar delgado joining us, we will be right back, stay with us.
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heather: birth control pills could raise your risk of breast cancer. women who use the hormone medication are 20% more likely to develop the disease. it is unclear why but the risk gets higher the longer someone uses birth control. breast cancer is the second biggest cancer killer of american women. researchers haven't found a reason millennials to this too
2:00 am
often. new survey by the insurance term says 70 before% of millennials think being called snowflake damages their mental health. the term is typically used to mock overly sensitive young people, researchers finding 72% of millennials feel the term is unfairly applied to them and they are easily offended by it but don't call them a snowflake. that wraps it up for me, "fox and friends" first continues tomorrow. good by. >> fierce fires ripping through california. we are live in ventura. firefighters struggled to get the blaze under control. another missed day for stocks, futures point to hire open and -- >> as the capital as well.


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