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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 12, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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>> neil: all right. blah, blah, blah. we interrupt this day for another record in the dow. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." the closing bell on the new york stock exchange and the nasdaq good enough for a record. good enough for record for the dow and the s&p 500. not so much for the nasdaq. nevertheless, this advance continues. we're halfway now as far as 1,000 point milestones to the next leap, 25,000. that could happen any day at the rate we're going given optimism about tax cuts that are still slated to happen before christmas. is that doable? we'll talk with kevin brady. he's coming up in just a moment. ahead of that, you might have
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heard something about the special election in alabama. used to be the reddest of red states. i believe this is birmingham. of course, you're going to see once the polls close in four hours from now, it's anyone's guess how this could sort out. we know the republican candidate, roy moore, arrived on horseback. the democrat chose more conventional means to vote himself. all of this is hinging on getting out their because and the most rabid supporters. that will be very crucial. we have hillary vaughn joining us with the latest. how does turnout look right now? >> neil, we saw a little tempered turnout. not a lot of people. but we're at one location. we'll have to let that stand for itself. judge robert mueller is already putting on the gloves and gearing up for a fight in washington. but first, he has to win the election here in alabama. roy moore galloped to the polls to cast his vote.
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this is part of his election day tradition hoping to ride his lucky horse, sassy walker, to victory. he told reporters that if voters in alabama send him to washington, he will face off with mitch mcconnell to make sure he's sworn in. if senate leadership tray to block him, it would not only be unconstitutional but the senate has no authority to question the voter's pick in alabama. >> this is a constitutional issue. like i said, the allegations are not true. i'm not avoiding that. that is a fact. you know, further than that is not constitutional. >> but moore's opponent, doug jones, says moore shouldn't be so confident he's off the hook. moore has been consistently
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wrong on the constitution. some voters have a concern that the sexual harassment allegations could follow moore if elected into office. but moore in a radio interview says even if the allegations were true, which he of course continues to deny, he says the senate can't investigate behavior that occurred before the time served as an elected official. now, the moore campaign tells me that they're working tirelessly today to turn out the vote. a strategist with the campaign says that moore's spirits are high, but moore says the people tonight will not only vote to fill jeff session's old senate seat but he says the vote tonight will be the people's final say about the allegations once and for all. neil? >> neil: all right. we shall see. thanks very much, hillary vaughn. fair and balanced now to the jones camp. what have you have for us, jeff? >> yeah, checking the turnout
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here, which appears to be high. it's expected to be 25% for a special election like this. we've seen steady turn-out where we are. doug jones starting the day by voting at his home precinct in the suburb not far from here outside birmingham. and then continue of glad-handing all day long at other polling places. he's not given up on the last day either. in fact, he thinks momentum is really building. who would have guessed it, neil, that we in this state, the reddest of reds, we would be having this election where the democrat is talking about building momentum and has a very real chance to win. here's what he said today. >> the things that have been said to us in this campaign are extraordinary. the number of thank yous the number of god bless yous, we're praying for you. this is an important time in alabama history.
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we feel confident in how this is going to turn out. >> it's fair to say this comes down to being a referendum on judge moore. i think even doug jones recognizes that. he feels like he has a strong background. he was going to make a good run for it anyway. but he never thought he would be in this position right now maybe just hours away from winning a senate seat. we'll see how it turns out. it could be a long night. we have the polls diametrically opposed. polls don't mean much anyway. >> not these days. look forward to your coverage. you'll join me tonight on fox business for our all-night coverage and how it sorts out. for more, we have sarah westwood from the washington examiner. people have questioned you. 52-48 versus 51-49. whether republicans, the majority thin as it is gets thinner or not. then a lot is in the balance,
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right? >> exactly. republicans are very worried about either scenario. the trepidation about how to seat roy moore if he were to seat, which committee to put him on, if any and worried about losing precious seats in the senate when their majority is already too thin for comfort. remember, obamacare repeat and replace vote went down by one vote and tax reforms passed by one vote. president mike pence can break a tie if republicans have a 50/50 split with the democrats. but if roy moore were to lose this election, on any given policy, republicans could only afford to lose one senator. >> i'm wondering if that was the thinking behind this infrastructure plan of the president early next year? that could certainly gather a lot more democratic votes than we have sheen thus far, which is easy to do. that's zero.
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this would be more than that. but that might be the thinking, that that stands better bipartisan support than anything republicans have attempted up till now. >> you're right. there's bipartisan support for the concept of infrastructure reform. there's been questions about why congressional leaders didn't start out with infrastructure at the beginning of the year when the president had his greater chance to achieve some sort of bipartisan legislative accomplishment because at the time there wasn't so much bad blood between him and democrats and him and republicans. >> the one thing that amuses me is the timing of whoever wins this race, their seating. republicans have been add a mad dash as you reported to get this tax cut things wrapped up. ready for the president's signature. signed, signed and delivered by christmas. the idea being a democrat could royal that. there's no sure way betting how roy moore would vote. what do you make of that and republicans are trying very hard to make this election for tax
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cut vote a moot point. >> i think republicans recognize they don't have a guaranteed 52-seat majority heading into january when roy moore is expected to be seated. he's not expected to be seated this we're if they wins. that i have a symbolic dead lin of the end of the year. president trump has described tax reform as a christmas present to america. not only would they be falling short on a symbolic deadline, but falling short on a very real procedural deadline that could gum up the wheels of their plan if doug jones headed into the senate? january. they would have less wiggle room with the bill coming out of conference. >> i'll be talking to kevin brady. a lot of scuttlebutt around washington that they're entertaining changes that i'm not sure that guy in the house behind you would support. for example, a higher corporate rate. he's hinted at it. sticking with the senate delay in that rate to 2019.
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maybe offering something more enticing to high end taxpayers beyond the 38.5% top rate. have you heard any of the above or for that matter the president's thinking or any of the above? >> it's interesting to see the white house's evolution on thinking about the corporate tax rate in particular. that's one of president trump's highest priorities. the first when the rubio lee amendment came out, the amendment that would raise the tax rate to 22% to pay for the child tax credit. the white house is against that. now that the bill has moved into conference and there's talking about raising it to 22%, being one of the only ways to get a consensus, the white house has acknowledged that 22% is better than 35%. so the white house recognizes that they may need to make concessions on things that they thought they would see in the final product just to get a bill on trump's desk.
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>> we'll watch closely. tonight is a big night. we'll see how it goes. sarah westwood at the white house. we have mentioned this alabama race once or twice. of course, some will ride in on their high horse to make the big event what it is. i've been looking to do that for my show today and for the coverage tonight. we found in horse to volunteer. i find that a little bit discouraging. they just said, neil, just walk up to the seat and leave it at that. i will. at 8:00 p.m., if it matters to you, it's your money, your life and your future. when it comes to the guy that is a key player in this, kevin brady from the ways and means committee has a plan. next.
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>> neil: all right. tomorrow the president is slated to give a speech, closing argument even though it's not technically closing argument team, the conference committee will start hashing out the details of they agree or disagree. the guy that will be there, from the ways and means committee, kevin brady. great to have you here. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: i know you don't like to address rumor. a lot of rumors are going out, including one that you guys are contemplating a lower top rate. is that true? >> there are a lot of rumors going around and a lot of ideas being promoted. the truth is i can't confirm them because we're working on a comprehensive agreement. we're making good progress. i like the direction we're going.
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i like the timetable that we're going to hit which is a conference committee report at the end of the week after we meet tomorrow in a public conference setting. >> neil: so you said you can't confirm but you didn't say you can't deny. so i find that rather intriguing. i don't know what that means. let me ask you, chairman, about this idea. how open are you personally? truth be told, i'm not blowing any smoke. but you were doing this long before anyone that glomed on to it. even before he was a candidate, you wrestled with these numbers. how open are you personally to re-visiting the rates themselves, the individual rates themselves? obviously there's seven in the senate plan. there's four in yours. where do you stand on that? fewer, more? >> so the answer is open. here's why. our house republican members are open as well. they want the most pro growth
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tax code that with can get, which is a combination of middle class tax relief, incentives for families and children and getting the top rate low for the small businesses and individuals as well because you'll remember, we are cleaning out a lot of those provisions like state and local income taxes. it seems appropriate to address that through the rates. >> neil: okay. you're not against again personally lowering the rate on one side for individuals, if it meant raising a corporate rate or delaying that rate? >> i want to drive the rates down as low as we can on the business and the family side. i want to make this point as well. the house -- i believe and the house believes the tax cuts ought to occur now. we think our companies can't compete around the world, china, europe, mexico, they're cleaning our clock.
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you saw the new report from american's manufacturers. 2/3s believe this will help them compete. half believe they'll be able to expand their manufacturing here in america. why would we delay that? let's get that happening in the economy now. so we're working closely with president trump and the senate. i'm trying to make sure we get the tax cuts in place right away. >> neil: are you aware of what he will say in his speech tomorrow? it's a closing argument but what do you think? >> i'm not. but guess is he will make the case american has fallen so far behind and this code is so complex. we have to act now. so people that talk about let's have more study, let's have more hearings. look, less talking, more doing. the president will make that case. >> neil: do you see any chance to remove the amt? one of the ideas advanced, you were personally surprised that they snuck in the amt. and that alternative minimum tax
1:18 pm
for corporations and individuals. you want it out of there? >> yes, the answer is yes. the senate to their credit got this bill out of the senate. a lot of hard work. congratulations to them there. this is an area because they had to put it in, they really have been the leaders in removing it as well. so they brought some really good ideas i think to the table. >> neil: right now there's a sense that a lot of this, if it is delayed, the corporate is delayed, that the impact, the positive impact could be delayed, too. ronald reagan after his tax cuts came to fruition, their implementation was delayed and hence republicans in the mid-terms lost badly, 1982. that was decades before i was born as you might be aware, chairman. one of the things i've noticed is that delay doesn't work for the party that is pushing major legislation. are you worried that the impact of this is going to be put off?
1:19 pm
>> i want growth now. i want those jobs coming back from overseas now. i want businesses making decisions on their capitol in those expansions now, which is why we're working really close with president trump and the senate on making this happen now. it isn't finalized yet. >> neil: when you say working closely with the president, what are you doing? what are you trying to win him over on? >> i'm listening very carefully. he's really engaged on tax reform in a positive way. the whole white house is in my view. nobody has pushed harder for growth and getting america back to the lead than president trump. i like the direction we're going here. >> neil: all right. you've probably seen the records in bar rons and others that say the corporate rate, even advertised as 35%. if the republicans the tinker with 22%, it's a wash here. it's not going to be the bang
1:20 pm
for the buck. the average prevailing rate is in the mid 20s tops. what do you say? >> that's not the case for a u.s. company selling an operating here in america. they're competing against these global companies that they're having trouble competing against. if you're competing worldwide, this tax code is a mess here in the united states. we take you here and abroad. there's so much opportunity fall-behind and to gain the system. we clear that out. we get true tax rates for everybody. neil, i think sort of that pro growth simplicity and being able to compete tax code with any country in the world, boy, that brings jobs home. that's good for us. >> neil: chairman, it might be apples and oranges. a lot of yes folks in the senate came with a wink and a nod that they would be assured of things in the budget that they're cooking up here. one of the concerns is rand paul not adding to the death.
1:21 pm
he would be a no vote on that right now. would this possibly fall apart because of a budget and spending priorities, having nothing to do with the tax cut itself? >> i don't think so. i think both the house and the senate have kept those issues separate. i do agree -- i think we all agree in the republican party that beyond getting the economy going growth and revenue, we have to redesign spending. we have to redo that. so i think from that standpoint, the growth and the revenues, the economy, the jobs from this very important to a balanced budget. >> neil: do you think in the end this does happen before christmas? back what we talked about, with all of the arguments back and forth. >> neil: i do. we don't really feel like working christmas eve following you. >> we're with you on that one. >> neil: thanks, chairman. very good seeing you. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: the man in the middle of this storm. he's taking it from all sides. it's a tough job putting this
1:22 pm
together, whether you like or dislike whatever they're putting together, it's consequential enough to change the tax plans for millions of americans, corporations. he's in the center of it. more after this. zar: one of our investors was in his late 50s right in the heart of the financial crisis, and saw his portfolio drop by double digits. it really scared him out of the markets. his advisor ran the numbers and showed that he wouldn't be able to retire until he was 68. the client realized, "i need to get back into the markets- i need to get back on track with my plan." the financial advisor was
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>> officers also found a passport there in ullah's name with handwriting that included one particularly chilling note. and i quote "oh, america, die in your rage." >> neil: all right. so much we're learning about the assailant in times square and how it could have been worse and b, how does this keep happening and the same type of individuals that are radicalized to say what they play and plan what they plan.
1:26 pm
rick leventhal with more. hi, rick. >> we've seen the criminal complaint. in it, authorities say the suspect akayed ullah admitted to building the pipe bomb and detonating it intentionally. law enforcement sources said he gathered the pieces from job sites where he was an electrician. he used christmas tree lights, wires and a 9 volt battery for detonation and zip ties to attach it to his body. the complaint says that ullah's radicalization began three years ago in 2014 when he used pro isis materials online. that was three years after he came to the united states. benefit of the family immigrant visa program. authorities say he began researching how to build and improvise explosive devices online about a year ago. we're learning that yesterday morning he posted a message on
1:27 pm
facebook to the president reading "trump, you failed to protect your nation." authorities say ullah acted alone and he was not on the radar of the fbi or the nypd. >> yesterday morning as thousands came in to new york city through port authority, the bus terminal, one man came with a hate-filled heart and an evil purpose. in the middle of rush hour as every day new yorkers hurried to their jobs, to their schools, ready to start the work week and get going with their busy lives, one man came to kill, to maim and to destroy. >> ullah now faces five federal charges. they tax reform material support to a foreign terror organization, use of weapons of mass destruction, destruction of
1:28 pm
property by means of explosion and use of a destructive device during a crime of violence. those charges will likely be presented to him in his hospital room sometime tomorrow. the punishment ranges between 20 years and life behind bars. >> thanks, rick. he was on top of this and all angles of it before anyone else. former justice department official tom dupree on what we can learn about the assailant. he was in the family immigration system. we're told the president, the white house believes if the crackdown had been in place, his arrival would have been prevented. nevertheless, that targeted certain countries and locals, none of them bangladesh. >> that is true. we have many people that enter this country in the course of the year for a variety of reasons. i think the sad fact is that
1:29 pm
this event i think really will focus people's attention. we should have been focused on this all along. this will focus people's attention on the structure that we created to grant people a right of entry in the country. why they're here and whether we need today just our policies to not prevent at least minimize the likelihood of something like this happening again. >> neil: what is the likelihood someone slips through the cracks? let's say seven or so years ago he was allowed in and nothing to set off alarms but he becomes radicalized once they're here. how can a set be set up to weed out those that could turn a very nasty bend over some years? >> it's a tough problem. there's no guarantees. one thing we can do and people are now starting to focus on this is in terms of our immigration system. the reforms we can make. focus on people coming here for work or people with an
1:30 pm
education. at least we know what they want to do. if someone is a ph.d. nuclear scientist and seeking entry to this country that may present a compelling case for admission in the case of someone that is a distant relative that is already here wouldn't. these are hard questions to ask. they're the right questions to ask as we go about looking an't ways to improve the system. >> and you have to be careful what you wish for. the more you close off certain people based on risky areas of the world, bangladesh might have counted, might not have. how do you keep that evolving to keep up with the times? >> it's a moving target for sure. certainly we can rely on intelligence we get from the cia, from the state department about conditions in particular countries or if we have reason to believe that a particular group of people are looking to enter the united states. you can make adjustments. it's an imperfect system. given the sheer volume, the
1:31 pm
people that want to do us arm they're going to slip through. if people are acting alone, it's difficult to turn someone in. if they have networks, people that get wind of someone might becoming radicalized, law enforcement could be alerted. >> neil: thanks very much. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: we gave you the read from the house, the ways and means boss about what the president will say tomorrow and days riding out to come to an agreement on this. the senate leaders, john thune, on what is at stake after this.
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1:36 pm
end of the week we get something out of congress and on his desk by christmas. doing? >> i think it's very doable. there's some work still ahead of us. the discussions have been very fruitful. we continue to close in. it's really just a matter of getting agreement between the house and senate conferrees on those final items. i feel good where we're at. i think the time line is something that is very meetable. it's important that we meet that time line. we need to get this done before the end of the year and get a bill on the president's desk. >> would he sign a bill that would have a higher corporate rate? >> i think the president is letting congress do its work. he's anxious to get a result. obviously he's weighed in from time to time on individual issues. but i think right now he wants congress to finish the work, and i think he's expressed a good
1:37 pm
deal of flexibility in terms of some of the issues we're dealing with and what he would be willing to sign. in the end, we're going to have a good bill that doubled the standard deduction, that doubles the child tax credit and lowers rates and get the economy cranking along faster and create the better paying jobs and higher wages that everybody wants to see. >> neil: you hope. but tough to get it through the senate. i understand the limitations. the amt remains, the alternative minimum tax to get rid of that. that's been the source of this gossip that the corporate rate will go up or be delayed. where do you stand on that? >> i'm trying to keep an open mind. i want the corporate rate at 20. as you get into these discussions and people -- trying to work out the differences between the house and the senate, some of these things score. that takes additional revenue.
1:38 pm
you have to find the offsets. the more challenging part right now, figuring out what offsets can we bring to the table that will enable us to finish the job and do the things we want to do. in the end, this is a good product that is consistent with the objectives and the goals that we laid out at the beginning of the process. frankly right now, it is. it's just really closing out those final details on policy and then of course just as importantly figuring out how we're going to pay for them. the. >> the deduction on state and local taxes is something that you've agreed to move with the $10,000 caps. that's been re-visited. i think the rate is still 39.6 in the house. where is the wiggle room there? is there? what do you think? >> well, there is.
1:39 pm
that's an important part of the conversation. because the salt deduction is so important in the house. in the senate, in the finance committee, we wiped it out. we moved it to the floor, which was to allow up to a $10,000 deduction for property taxes. there's members in the house that would like to see optionality. we're looking at ways to solve that. one of the suggestions has been to lowter top rate. that brings some relief in the high tax states. so those are all -- >> neil: do you like that personally, senator? >> those are all levers that we're working with. i think that, you know, obviously i'm for getting the rates down for everybody. obviously it's a matter of give and take and right now that is the process that we're in and none of these decisions are final. but we know we're going to have to solve a salt problem and a few other issues that have cropped up. >> you have probably heard this.
1:40 pm
some election in alabama. if roy moore were to win that, do you think he should be seated in the united states senate? >> well, i don't think there's any question that he would have to be seated. the constitution and subsequent cases have made that clear. so i think he will eventually be seated. of course, we'll cross the bridge of what happens after that if and when he wins and he gets here. we'll know more about that tonight and tomorrow. >> talk about an ethics investigation if he won. you and your colleagues are anxious about it. what do you think? >> there are obviously members that are anxious about this. these are serious allegations. they happened a long time ago. question of course is if he comes in here, would there be an investigation. it's inevitable that somebody will call for that. somebody will file a complaint. so these issues will be more
1:41 pm
fully vetted and looked at and investigated i suspect at some time if and when he arrives here. that's an inevitability. the people of alabama will decide that and we'll deal with the consequences tomorrow. >> senator thune, thank you. >> neil: john thune. he will be instrumental in how all of this gets down in the tax front, the budget front. the latest from alabama after this. they came out of nowhere, sir! how many of 'em? we don't know. dozens. all right! let's teach these freaks some manners! good luck out there, captain! thanks! but i don't need luck, i have skills... i don't have my keys. (on intercom) all hands. we are looking for the captain's keys again. they are on a silver carabiner. oh, this is bad. as long as people misplace their keys, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you
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1:45 pm
close the deal on this. a lot of ads coming from the democratic national committee to push jones. what do you think about it? >> it's the first time in 25 years to pick up a seat in alabama. as we all know, it would change the balance in the united states senate making it that much more narrow in the chamber and increasing the odds of the democrats stalling the republican agenda. so obviously it's very important here, but guess what? money doesn't win elections. it's how you invest that money. so it's interesting to see what happens tonight. >> neil: it's about bringing about your race, those in alabama about ticked off about being lectured to regarding moore and the african american vote. what do you think? >> i think there's been a co
1:46 pm
coalescent of the hollywood forces. paul ryan and mitch mcconnell don't think they believe moore. this has made it a difficult race. and the polling showing that jones has a ten-point advantage. even deeper, if we extrapolate the data, the six-point spread, people believing the allegations against moore. it was about even last month, this is an incredibly difficult race. if moore pulls this off, it will been an upset for the ages. >> neil: would that would change the way we think in the south. but i wonder if it's a one and done deal if it were to flip democrat. the seat would be completing jeff sessions old seat that would continue through 2020 and all bets are off. what do you think the role would
1:47 pm
be and the money and other southern contests? >> this is very unique because of the nature of roy moore as a candidate and the controversy that surrounds him and the national nature that it has taken the last several weeks and months. i don't think this is indicative of anything in future races in the south. you know, so it really is down to again, as you mentioned, neil, the -- this seat is the unexpected entire term of jeff sessions. if they get it, it will probably only be the balance of the term, which is 2020 and more likely than not the republicans will take it back. but it's long enough to stall the republican agenda. >> that's important. >> neil: and much is talked about on the african american vote. 97 to 98% democrats. you buy that, gionna? >> that would be very difficult. the only way we would see that
1:48 pm
level of excitement and enthusiasm coming out to vote -- president obama was on the ticket. that's when we saw very, very high numbers. i think there's more that comes out than what it was in the 2016 election, but is this the game changer? possibly but not 100%. this will come down to turnout. core members of the base for roy moore and also doug jones. >> neil: thanks, guys. a fast moving development on the tax front here. they're dealing wheeling and dealing. apparently topping with the top rate, delaying the rate and raising it at the same time. are they moving fast. more after this. ♪ that one daddy! it's beautiful. i'm the world's greatest douglas fir. i'm the perfect shape. i'm the perfect color. my scent- like making love to a lumberjack. but halfway home, my twine gets loose. and your cut-rate insurance might not pay for this.
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>> neil: all right. the president wants to end this
1:52 pm
chain migration thing, the visa lottery program that the assailant in new york was a direct beneficiary of. national security experts here with us. what do you this? >> anything having to do with migration, immigration, all of these systems, these are subject for discussion and public opinion is changing. public opinion better better control. the issue is jihadists to penetrate these systems and if we have other systems for radicals to get in the united states anyway. first, we need to focus on the vetting system. once we have a vetting system, then we can see if it will be to our advantage or not. >> walid, would any of the measures the president wants to implement would have stopped
1:53 pm
someone from bangladesh? >> the measures that the president and some in congress want to establish basically is to make sure that we're going to cut off any possibility of anybody that is penetrating. my idea is this. if we are successful in the vetting system, our discussion of the systems of entrance to the united states will be different. >> neil: so how would this work in the future? you heard in the presser today this concern that for the sins of one or two that slipped through -- i know it's more than that, but it's going to ruin it for everyone else that could do a great deal being part of this country. >> it's debatable. i'm an immigrant. i too went through the same processes of becoming a citizen. well, let me tell you something. the chain migration issue, it's discussed among those that like myself that have successfully come to the united states and some among us believe it can be fair to others. gives the right for some people
1:54 pm
to invite and bring in their families and the clans and others that love america that cannot make it. so there's an immigration discussion that has to take place separately. the other discussion is the jihadists penetrating us with these systems and even the legal other systems. so we need vetting and enhancement of the immigration systems to our country and another hand. >> neil: good luck on that. we'll be debating this. thanks, walid. >> thank you. >> neil: hours away from the polls closing in alabama. what we're seeing from the crowds after this. d sales event is here. i can guide you in. no, thanks , santa. i got this. santa: uh, it looks a little tight. perfect fit. santa needs an f-150. that's ford, america's best selling brand. hurry in today for 0% financing for 72 months across the full line up of ford cars, trucks and suvs. for a limited time,
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upeace of mind.s get these exclusive offers we had a power outage for five days total. we lost a lot of food. we actually filed a claim with usaa to replace that spoiled food. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. >> neil: everything on the line. doug mckelway has got to be there. in alabama with the latest on the election. polls are about three hours from closing. >> three hours from closing, 7:00 tonight. we are one hour before you.
1:58 pm
anecdotal evidence suggests despite the tremendous national interest in the race and its effect on the balance of power in the senate, the turnout is going to be relatively light today. secretary of state of alabama forecaster turnout of 25% of registered voters, higher than what he predicted last august when he said 18% would turn out. of course the allegations of sexual assault against roy moore have heightened interest. the poles have been all over the place. coupled with the difficulty of cell phone polling is the fact that albanians are fiercely wary of outside media. i'm reminded of a tweet i saw recently which said two things alabamians really love: feminist attorneys from new york and the new york media. we are about to find out how much truth there is in that tweet. if doug jones is going to be the first democrat to win a senate seat in alabama and a couple generations, he must get a higher-than-expected turnout of african-american voters. they are about 25% of the
1:59 pm
population of alabama. he must suppress the turnout of his republican women turned off by the moore allegations. if roy moore is to admit, he is to convince voters the agenda of doug jones is out of step with much of alabama. his support of lgbt rights, his support of abortion rights, support of obamacare and of a climate change agenda. we will know whether or not that tweet is correct in a few more hours. back to you. >> neil: a lot of alabamians are probably saying on the left or right, cool it. >> i lost your audio. >> neil: there are legions of people who wish they would lose my audio. thank you, doug. we are all over this tonight. the fallout from all of this. bigger than alabama despite the fact that voters there just want to go ahead and vote and decide for themselves. the factor of the matter is, could they make a big difference in the senate?
2:00 pm
change the complexion going into the midterms. good enough for markets, companies, ceos to watch. good enough for you to be watching. it matters to you. it matters to us. we made a promise. we keep it. see you tonight. >> dana: i'm dana perino with voters have three hours to choose between republican roy moore or democrat doug jones. polls close at 7:00 p.m. local time. it's a race the nation has been closely following after "the washington post" broke a story last month alleging moore again engaged in sexual misconduct decades ago. can moore pull off a victory? he was down ten points according to our most recent foxhole. we have experts at the table,


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