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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 14, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> trace: it's a busy day in d.c. republicans trying to finalize their rewrite of the tax code. now it looks like they might get it done within days. looming in the background, the threat of a federal government shutdown. lawmakers fighting over everything from immigration to disaster aid and health insurance for kids. if they can't make a deal, the government could go dark by christmas. the feds making a decision today that could affect everything you do on the the internet. the sites you surf, the tv shows you stream and the videos you watch on your phone. it would let companies block or slow down some sites or charge more for access. ahead, full coverage of the monumental vote on net
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neutrality. plus, roy moore apparently not taking his senate loss very well. the failed candidate from alabama releasing a youtube video blasting america's changing values and saying he's not ready to concede the race. that's ahead in this hour of "shepard smith reporting." i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. the president says we'll get there when it comes to tax cuts. they're two votes away from failure. senator rubio says he's against the bill in its current form. several other senators said they're undecided about the tax plan. president trump talked about rubio's decision just minutes ago. watch. >> i think that senator rubio will be there for sure. we're doing very well with the tax front. we have tremendous support.
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we have tremendous spirit. it's the largest tax cut in the history of our country and i will see the republican senators and congress, men and women, have been incredible. i think we will get there in a very short period of time. it will be the greatest christmas present that a lot of people have ever received. it will be special. >> trace: yeah, still republicans can afford to lose just one more vote and still pass the plan. before rubio's announcement, we got word that vice president pence is likely to delay a trip to the middle east to preside over the tax vote. the vice president could end up being the tie-breaker in the senate. republicans have said they're still finalizing the bill. gop leaders announced an agreement on the plan. it's unclear if they have enough support. john roberts is live at the white house. >> if you count the undecided, the one house is one away from
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victory. that means they're one vote shy of what they need. they have 49 right now. senator mike lee of utah says he's undecided. senator bob corker of tennessee says he wants to read the full bill, which he should get later today or tomorrow before he makes a decision on whether or not he's going to vote for it. so when you look at the vote count, right now it's 49 republicans for. that's short of the 50 needed for the vice president who has delayed the trip to the middle east to come in for the tiebreaker. it's a moment of rubio of maximum political pressure. if this bill does not get passed next week, it gets pushed until after the christmas break and the margins in the senate will be 51 republicans and 49 democrats. doug jones of alabama gets seated. sarah huckabee sanders echoing the president's sentiments just a short time ago saying that she believes that they can get rubio on board because they have been working with him and they will continue to work with him to get
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this thing across the finish line. listen here. >> look, we're proud of the work that we've done up until this point already doubling the child tax credit, taking it to $2,000 per child. we'll continue working with the senator. we think we made great strides and historic movement in terms of the child tax credit. we're proud of that work. we'll work with him until we get the job done, which we expect to happen before the end of the year. >> the child tax credit has been a pet issue of senator rubio's. trace, if you're so close to getting tax reform that republicans have promised for a long, long time, you have to wonder how far will senator rubio push the envelope before he said politically voting against tax reform is not a good idea. so what you're seeing is an attempt by rubio to expert maximum political pressure to get more on the child tax credit. i don't know how he would vote
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against it and be able to take that to his constituents in florida. >> trace: yeah, he's getting notarity because of that. the white house weighed in on omaro omarosa's resignation today. >> they did. a lot of stories flying around about how all this went down. as best i've been able to ascertain from officials say that this is the official account. what happened was that tuesday evening, the chief of staff, john kelly, met with omarosa in the situation room, which is a highly secure facility in which you cannot bring any kind of electronic devices. i don't know if that was design or a convenient place to have a private discussion. after the two met in the situation room, omarosa came out and tendered her resignation. i'm told that the chief of staff, john kelly, told her that they didn't need her at the white house anymore, that she wasn't going to be at the white house anymore but they were going to give her the opportunity to resign and have
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an end date of january 20th. so she will continue to get paid throughout that time. on "good morning america" omarosa suggested when john kelly took over as chief of staff, she began to see the writing on the wall. listen here. >> i did see some clips of that in terms of a tell-all. that's a question that you'd have to ask her. she resigned from her position yesterday. she will be here later this afternoon. we put out a statement yesterday afternoon. i don't have any changes to add to that. look, a lot of different protocols that take place in the government. that's part of the process. if you want to reach out to h.r., they might walk you through that more detailed. >> she was on "good morning america." omarosa suggesting when john kelly came in, she got the sense that she wouldn't be a member of his team anymore. sarah huckabee sanders says she saw that this morning and watched the rest of it. i'm told there's heating words
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exchanged between the chief of staff and omarosa after she was given the news that her time at the white house was about to end. contrary to report that she went running after ivanka trump to talk her out of it and tried to get to the residence to see the president, i'm told none of that is true. sarah huckabee sanders you saw there said that omarosa would be here later on today. the secret service confirmed that her hard employee pass was deactivated tuesday night. so i would expect if she's back in the white house this afternoon, that she would be waved in like any other visitor or any other official from a different branch of government that would be coming in here. i got a sense maybe the white house is trying to quell the firestorm over this by having her come here later on today and maybe letting her say hello to a few people. trace? >> i think your sense is right. john roberts live at the white house. let's bring in amy stoddard from real clear politics. she's also the host of "no
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labels radio" on sirius a.m. if you go back to what john roberts is saying, can you imagine any time where any scenario where marco rubio says, i'm just not going to vote for the tax bill because i'm so indebted to having this program, i'm not going to vote for it. do you see that happen something. >> no. i agree with john roberts. it would be impact scenario for marco rubio to forever be the vote that took it down. the long sought prize goal of a unified republican government, republicans and congress who have had majorities in both chambers have waited for a republican president to pass a package like this. i think he's going to make a lot of noise. there might be promises for further tax bills down the stretch. i don't see him getting a big change in the bill or voting against it. >> trace: yes. by all accounts, this thing
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looks like it's on the road to victory, which is a victory for the gop. however it turns out, a.b., it's going to take us a couple years to gauge how effective this tax plan is. this is a victory because no matter how you look at this, it will sweep the republicans towards 2018 in a pretty strong way. >> they're concerned, trace, that it won't. i think they were very certain this fall that if they did not pass tax reform after a failure to repeal obamacare, that they would be in serious peril in the mid-term elections. they're not so sure that this is going to be an appreciable jolt to the economy, that the leaders are talking about, the speaker, that voters will feel and really be excited about heading into the polls in november. they certainly prefer a victory than not. but it's getting very bad polling and hoping that that -- that the effects of this, the reception of this will be more positive than it's looking now.
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the president certainly overpromised about a middle class miracle and then last week even a few days ago saying there's a tremendous benefit to the middle class. republicans are really hoping to feel that way in august when their minds are made up about the mid-term elections. >> trace: what about the psychological boost? you can spin this anyway you want to. it will be awhile before we get the results. if the economy stays on track, which looks to be in good shape, if this stays on track, you can spin this going into 2018 that this is kind of the engine that kept things moving along, can you not? >> i think they will. i think the boost to corporation will show some results immediately. there's a few promises that there's going to be so much growth that it pays for itself and that it's going to be so much growth that it trickles down to worker wages. so if those things, like i said, aren't felt in time and they have other problems, they may
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not. they may pass a infrastructure bill, might pass criminal justice reform, might pass welfare reform and have a particular performance over the humming economy. if they are -- what they're worried about right now is the kind of energy on the democratic side they saw voting in alabama and virginia last month. the swing districts that are vulnerable in next year's elections. they don't know the tax reform package will get them over the line in november. >> trace: i have to get your take on this omarosa thing. the story that came out, it's one of those things that even if none of that happened, you know that something wild is going to come out of omarosa being led out of the white house. >> she's a reality television start and so is the president. these are two people that love drama. i'm not surprised by it. the situation room details are quite riveting. yeah, it's another great trump west wing story. >> trace: another great story.
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clearly john kelly was never a fan of omarosa. so we knew how this would come out. amy stoddard, great to see you. >> thank you. >> trace: and the shut down of the federal government is looming. lawmakers have days to approve a spending bill. are there some major disagreements? we'll explain the problems and what it could take to keep the government up and running neck. we'll also get an update on the lawmakers that say they're still on the fence. marco rubio, about the republican's tax bill and paul ryan responding to reports -- have you heard this? that he may step down. that's coming up.
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>> trace: the gop tax plan with florida senator marco rubio threatening to vote no. republicans can afford only one more defection or it's dead in
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the water. and now a government shutdown is lurking. republicans need support from democrats. according to chad pergram, there's little agreement right now over how to fund the government. mike emanuel is live for us on capitol hill. let's begin with taxes. who are the senators that we're watching closely here? >> trace, we caught up with senator marco rubio that says he wants to do more on the child tax credit. here's rubio moments ago. >> consistently throughout this process, i outlined the refundable part for the child tax credit. it's only $1,100. a lot of people making $25,000 working cannot utilize as much of the credit as they need. >> two others on the fence, mike lee, like rubio is pushing to do more on the child tax credit. and bob corker was a no on the senate plan but he says he will
12:17 pm
make up his mind when he sees the final product. no surprise the speaker of the house and he disagree on the bill. >> in addition to the course that this relief gives people a simpler system and a fairer tax code, that is what this accomplishes. >> it's a monumental con job. they're not getting away with it as you can see the american people are paying attention. they know. they are 2 to 1 coming out against it. >> leaders are not counting on pelosi's support. >> trace: what about the looming government shut down? >> the government runs out of money next friday night at midnight. they're coming to come up with an extension. there's so much concern on tax reform that time may get tight. here's the back and forth on that. >> they need a serious plan for
12:18 pm
year end. we are working with a bipartisan way. but what they're doing right now won't fly. >> i think we all know how this will end. the house will hopefully pass a continuing resolution that has chip in it. we'll put the defense piece in for the c.r. probably some anomalies on v.a. choice. and there will probably be a disaster fund, possibly fisa. >> so bottom line, most folks i'm talking to say they will find a way to come up with some kind of funding extension before christmas, trace. >> trace: yeah, mike, a lot of talk about the alabama senate race in 2018. now we hear that speaker ryan's office is responding to the report that he might consider retiring after the mid-term elections. >> there's been a lot of chatter on capitol hill about how long paul ryan wants to be speaker of the house. he was reluctant to take the job initially. there's a politco report saying he's looking to retire in 2018.
12:19 pm
ashley strong pushing back saying this is pure speculation as the speaker himself said today, he's not going anywhere any time soon. aides note that ryan gave $1.9 until to the national republican campaign committee, the re-election arm. so he's doing the fund-raising aspect of the speaker's job and say he's sticking around for now, trace. >> this is the guy who said he didn't want the job in the first place. mike emanuel live for us on capitol hill. good to see you. thank you. while the feds deciding to shake up the way we use the internet. the vote that could allow companies to do things like slow down your service, even keep you from seeing certain sites. critics are promising a fight, a big fight. plus, fox in the mouse house. disney's big buy-out. what it means for all you fox fans. coming up next.
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>> trace: well, minutes after federal regulators voted to dump net neutrality rules, which affect just about everything you do on the internet, critics promised a fight. the rules took effect a couple years ago and have kept internet providers for charges higher fees for certain content or blocking or slowing traffic to competing websites. net neutrality supporters have said the rules made internet access fair and equal for everyone and abandoning them could drive prices higher. opponents argue that net neutrality hurts investment in broad band networks. now lawsuits have been promised. deidra bolton is live in new york city. hi, deidra. >> you said it. it's going to be a showdown. the vote came down as expected
12:24 pm
3-2. the companies that are happiest about this repeal of net neutrality are verizon, comcast and at&t. so they're going to have the right to change the netflixes of the world or the youtubes, facebooks of the world for their heavy usage. google, amazon, facebook, netflix, they all supported net neutrality, the rules put in place in 2015. but even though they supported those rules, they're going to benefit from the demise. those tech companies have such deep pockets, they can easily pay any increased fees that verizon or comcast or at&t might heavy. so the companies that will be hurt by the repeal, they're the next generation ones. so if there's a future competitor, google, amazon, facebook or netflix, trying to build itself up, that company, that's the one that may not be able to afford fees that verizon, comcast and at&t now have the power to demand.
12:25 pm
trace? >> trace: what about the customers, deidra? what does this mean for us? >> we're all going to pay more. so especially if you're, let's call it, a heavy user, in portugal, this kind of experiment is live. so portuguese consumers pay for their internet service in tiered bundles similar to the way that tv channels are grouped by cable providers. we know that world well. so if you lose a lot of broad band, you're going to end up paying more. today's vote as you alluded to, just the beginning. you have consumer advocacy groups that will file suits. members of congress, particularly democrats, they are likely to introduce legislation to try to overturn this ruling. so in some way is, trace, we're just at the starting line. back to you. >> deidra bolton, thank you. >> thanks. >> trace: disney is buying a big chunk of 21st century fox, including film and tv studios in
12:26 pm
a deal worth more than $52 billion. 21st century fox is the parent company of this network. our executive chairman, rupert murdock says he's holding on to some properties including fox news channel to create a spin-off company. here's what he told maria bartiromo on fox business network. watch. >> the new fox will have fox news, fox business, fox broadcasting, fox sports. the pride is, it will have a cash flow at least of $2 billion a year after everything. so we can see expanding this in different opportunities and forming another great company there. >> trace: the white house president trump called rupert murdock to congratulate him on the deal. gerri willis, what does this mean? >> this deal has big implications for hollywood and silicon valley. let's take a look at what disney
12:27 pm
is getting from 21st century fox. take a look at these logos. fox tv and film studios and including rights to avatar, x men, the fantastic four. networks like "national geographic," the fox regional sports channels and hulu, which is a platform. they own 30% already. they combine that with 21st century fox. they're a majority owner. star india. not talked about a lot. a distribution platform in asia. they need that exposure. let's look at the opposite side. what is the new fox? what is it keeping and holding on to? fox broadcasting. they want fnc and shepard smith reporting and trace gallagher. regional sports channels, fs1 and 2. it's news, sports, those things that people want to consume live that we're holding on to, trace.
12:28 pm
>> it's interesting, jerry. i've been with fox a long time. through that time, you've seen mr. murdock buy these properties to create this huge company. is he saying why this is happening now? >> it's all about streaming, right? i want you to hear what he said to maria bartiromo this morning. listen. >> people watch television differently. not news or business, but they watch very differently. so it's very hard to monetize that. >> so news, like us, also sports, something that consumers consume as it happens, right now in the moment. not true with entertainment assets. so we're betting big time on those two things, news and sports. plus, i want to tell you, last year, earlier this year, disney launched a couple platforms for streaming. at the time people thought it was funny. what are they going to put on the streaming platforms?
12:29 pm
i guess now we know. >> now we know. exactly right. gerri willis from the fox business network. if it's not live, then you don't have to watch it live. put it on the shelf and watch it later. that's right, gerri. roy moore is refusing to quit the senate race. moore now out with a new video insisting the election was tainted. but right now, if he wants a recount, he will have to pay for it himself. we'll take you live to alabama coming up. no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> more of today's head lines from the fox news deck. newtown, connecticut marking five years since a gunman killed 26 children and staffers. church bells ringing at the time of the shooting.
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>> trace: republican roy moore says he will not concede an alabama special election until poll workers have counted every ballot, even though his opponent, doug jones has claimed victory. last night moore released a youtube video echoing some of his campaign rhetoric in which he claims the heart and soul of our country is at stake in this
12:35 pm
race. the alabama republican railed about issues including abortion and gay rights and said immorality sweeps over our land. he alluded to the women that have accused him of sexual misconduct. >> even our political process has been affected with baseless and falseless allegations which are more relevant than the true issues of our country. this election was tainted by over $50 million from outside groups that want to retain power if their own corrupt ideology. >> multiple women have accused moore of assaulting them, some while they were teenagers and he was in his 30s. he denies those claims. meantime, moore's opponent, doug jones says there's no doubt in his mind that the election results are correct, adding that it's time for moore to move on. alabama's secretary of state says it's highly unlikely roy moore could win at this point. he trails jones by more than
12:36 pm
20,000 votes. jonathan serrie is live for us in montgomery, alabama with more. jonathan? >> hi, trace. roy moore's video statement seems to be neither a concession nor a challenge. instead, he appears to be waiting things out and hoping the official count will benefit him more than the current tally. listen. >> in this race, we have not received the final couldn't to include military and provisional ballots. this has been a very close race and we're awaiting certification by the secretary of state. >> the alabama secretary of state certifies the vote anywhere between december 26 and january 3. the question is when it comes to that point, will roy moore call up his opponent and congratulate him or will so much time have elapsed that he can just quietly walk away. doug jones, the democratic senator-elect offers this advice to roy moore.
12:37 pm
>> i would say do the right thing, roy. it's time we heal, get together. this has been tough, tough on him. at the same time, it's time to move on. it's time to heal. >> doug jones says the fact that president trump supported moore in this election, the fact that he called doug jones to congratulate him is an indication that this is pretty much -- this election is pretty much a shut case. he says his call with the president, he described the call as gracious. said it was pleasant. said the two of them talked about working together to find common ground. also, alabama republican senator richard shelby told reporters that roy moore should concede this election and shelby added that he believes he and doug jones will be able to work across party lines on both national and local issues. trace? >> trace: yeah, jonathan serrie, thank you. let's bring in josh gerstein, a senior reporter for politco.
12:38 pm
john if you heard jonathan's report there. you had camera issues. the point remains, if roy moore wants to recount this, wants to call for a recount, he has to pay for it himself. this is a pretty big hit for steve bannon and his wing of the republican party, correct? >> yeah. this is going to be over in alabama soon. the reverberations in washington and across the country will linger for quite a while. you've had this civil war going on in the republican party between this bannon populous, trump end wing, if you will, and moore establishment wing that sort of seen through the personification of mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader. clearly a big blow to bannon. he's trying to portray it as the establishment didn't give enough support to roy moore when he was on the ropes. there's no questions there's real issues about candidate selection when you talk about
12:39 pm
these jump-start races, these people from outside the establishment. a bigger chance that there's a skeleton in the closet that has a dramatic impact on the race. >> trace: and when these things happen, josh, you have this -- they're all talking 2018, is this a one-off for 2018. what are your thoughts? this is a stand-out race. you had all of these accusations, all of this money pouring in for the democrats. do you see this as a precursor or not? >> i think it's something of a precursor. it's a bizarre race. how many elections can any of us remember where there were serious allegations that somebody involved was a child molester or molester of teenage girls. you don't see that, especially in a u.s. senate level race. that said, we saw a lot of activation and enthusiasm on the democratic side. you saw turnout numbers that were very high.
12:40 pm
you saw approval numbers from democrats that are very high. kind of misgivings about trump and this candidate on the republican side. so i do think it is something of a wake-up call, although i don't think you can take this example and extend it automatically across the states like arizona or nevada or tennessee. it won't have republicans feeling comfortable going into those contests. >> trace: yeah. maybe we can extrapolate this to 2018 across the board. what do you make about president trump's endorsement of roy moore in this? how much does that i pact the 2018 results? >> you know, it was sort of initially a half-hearted endorsement. he initially went with luther strange in the earlier primary run-off-type election. decided relatively close to the last minute to switch his support to roy moore. he did that against the advice of many, many people in the white house.
12:41 pm
we even had the president's own polster coming out in the last day or two saying people were giving the president bad political advice. the question is will the president throw in with other jump-start candidates, will he start with the traditional republican candidates and how much will they be looking for his support or will they try to put some distance between themselves and the white house going into this contest thinking that they might personally be more popular than the president is in these 2018 contests. >> trace: right. the donors and so forth going forward. i have to ask you. paul ryan, about him stepping down in 2018. you put any weight in that at all, josh? >> yeah, we're reporting that here from politco, a number of his associates believes that maybe not step down but he won't run for re-election as speakner 2018. he plans to return home at that point. seems like there's strong indications that that is happening. something of a succession process is already coming into
12:42 pm
focus. >> trace: and though his office says nope, not going to happen. josh gerstein, good to see you. >> thanks, trace. take care. >> trace: vladimir putin is now defending president trump against accusations of collusion with the kremlin. he's warning of catastrophic consequences if the u.s. uses force against north korea and he had a lot more to say and that is next. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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>> trace: we have some breaking news coming into "shepard smith reporting." officials in california have now confirmed the first firefighter death in the wild fires raging across south california. happened during the thomas fire, which is burning in ventura and santa barbara counties, this is the fourth largest wild fire in california history. still unclear exactly how the firefighter died. we know it was a male firefighter and an engineer from san diego. they have not released a name and say the incident in which he died is still unfolding. so the details have not yet come in. we can tell you the thomas fire has burned 241,000 acres now. you can see the flames are still very difficult to control because the weather here has been very warm. we can also tell you that it is still very near some homes in the santa barbara area.
12:47 pm
241,000 acres. already destroyed almost 1,000 homes. we get word about how that firefighter lost his life. vladimir putin using his end of year news conference to deny accusations of meddling in the 2017 election. >> all that is throughout up by people that oppose president trump. it done without understanding that this damages the inside politics. they u.s. press the resources of the elected president. i means they don't respect the voters that voted for him. >> trace: u.s. intelligence agencies conclude russia did interfere in the presidential election. now putin throwing out his own accusation about the international olympic committee's decision to ban russia from the winter games. he said the fbi is drugging the russian whistle blowing that
12:48 pm
unvealed the doping scheme. the russian president not stopping there. putin warning the u.s. against using force to deal with north korea saying consequences will be catastrophic. when it comes to syria, he says u.s. officials may be sparing militants in the hope that they will fight against the dictator president bashar al-assad. let's bring in heather conley with the center for strategic and international studies, which is a bipartisan research organization. you have vladimir putin saying look, here's the bottom line when it comes to russian collusion. this is being invented by those that oppose president trump. your thoughts? >> so this is -- what president putin did today is an annual event. it's a staged presentation. number 1, he knows this issue deeply divides americans so he
12:49 pm
wanted to pour some fuel on that fire. he wanted to sell a little message to president trump to say you know what? you're right. your national security team, your intelligence team, don't believe them. it really supports how president trump views russian interference in our elections last year. >> trace: it's interesting, heather. as president putin said, i'm not going to weigh-in on the job that president trump is doing. when he said he's not going to way in, look at the stock market. the stock market is doing good. regulations are down. things are humming along there. so he's not going to weigh-in but he is going to weigh-in on the job the president is doing. what did you think habit that? >> absolutely. it was extraordinary not only going to the meddling question but really praising president trump, praising the way that he's handling his job performance. yet at the same time, u.s.-russian relations are in the same place they have been.
12:50 pm
u.s. sanctions are in place. we haven't found common ground when it comes to ukraine or iran or on syria. it is quite striking that he's praising president trump why the bilateral relationship is not in great shape. >> trace: that's what i thought. he's saying the economy is good over there. but don't go after north korea. if you have -- you strike north korea, the results, the consequences will be catastrophic. then you have syria. he's got all of these -- the u.s. behind. russian not being allowed in the olympics and they're going after bashar al-assad in syria. >> yeah and all of this discussion is all about his upcoming presidential election next march. so the theme you heard the whole way, president putin is a peace maker, he doesn't want war. all this instability is caused by the united states. >> trace: yeah.
12:51 pm
heath heather conley, great to see you. >> thanks. >> trace: nikki haley disclosing classified information that shows iran committing violation after violation with its actions in the middle east. a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey. oh. that's my robe. is it? you could save seven hundred eighty two dollars when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> trace: u.n. ambassador nikki haley saying iran has violated resolutions by providing weapons to militants in yemen. she said pictures include part of a missile that was fired at an air part no saudi arabia. they might as well have "made in iran" stickers on them.
12:55 pm
>> this is one of the first steps to crack down on iran's bad behavior. that began when president trump declined to recertify the landmark nuclear deal. defense officials rolled out evidence to justify that decision. in addition to anti-tank guns and boats, the frackments of a ballistic missile that rebels launched across yemen's border outside saudi arabia's capitol city, based on the size, shape and markings, there's little doubt that it was built by iran. selling missiles is one of direct violations of the u.n. resolutions. nikki haley said it's time for the international community to wake up. >> this is the message that we have to get out. everyone has focused on the nuclear deal. iran has hidden behind the nuclear deal constantly threatening to get out of it. these are the things they're
12:56 pm
doing while we're all looking the other way. >> haley said she wants the world to see this evidence. she's invited delegates from the u.n. to come as well as every member of the u.n. security council along with every member of congress to see this evidence for themselves. as for iran, it claims this evidence is simply fabricated by the u.s. and made up and denied that they have done anything wrong. trace? >> garrett tenney live at the state department. we'll be right back with a look at when a new and improved major motor speedway was ready for races and happened on this day in history.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
>> trace: on this day in 1909, workers laid the last of more than three million bricks at the indianapolis motor speedway. the race track opened that summer with a gravel surface but it was dangerous and caused crashes and deaths. crews replaced it. asphalt covers most of the
1:00 pm
districts except in the start-finish line. it's tradition to kiss the bricks now. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. the dow is down a bit. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. >> neil: all right. houston, we have a problem. we have a very big problem. a lot of folks are pointing to marco rubio as the reason for the problem. a tax cut that doesn't look like a sure deal because as things stand now, he can't vote for it. that had stocks swooning when it locks like the tax cut was moving along. here's the issue. a lot of this has to go with his views on whether this is generous enough to lower to middle income families, particularly when it comes to the child care credit. the senator indicates today no, it's not. listen. >> unless they can figure out a way to add to the $1,100 figure,