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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 19, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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dvr it if you know how that works. good night from washington. kimberly guilfoyle is in for sean hannity. have a good night. >> kimberly: thank you so much. tucker great show. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in tonight for sean. republicans are on the verge of scoring a major victory for president trump by passing historic tax cuts and tax reform. the senate is debating the tax bill that the house passed earlier today. and is expected to have the votes needed to pass. however, democrats are using obstruction tactics to delay out entire process. also tonight, fbi director andrew mccabe is testifying on capitol hill and growing g.o.p. criticism over allegations of bias at the bureau and the department of justice. and, congressman bob goodlat and trey gowdy are calling on the doj to allow house investigators to interview mccabe and other key fbi officials on capitol hill tonight with the very latest on both of these stories is ed henry. ed? >> kimberly, great to see you. democrats are griping tonight about this major tax cut which can only mean one
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thing, which is that president trump is on the verge of his first major legislative victory in office. some studies suggesting that over 80% of taxpayers will see a tax reduction because of this plan. as you know, the stock market has already been on fire economic growth has been on the rise. the president, republican leaders, hoping that this tax cut, once signed into law, will jump start the economy even more. and republicans are poised to take credit in next year's midterm elections because not a single democrat in the house or senate has indicated they are going to vote for it but, in fairness, republican also own this if it fails to actually come out and have the desired effect. democrats noting that public polls have suggested this tax package is deeply unpopular. in part because some people in states like new york, new jersey, california, will see their taxes go up. and also big picture, a 1.5 trillion-dollar tax cut may
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increase the national debt big time. but, make no mistake, this is a desperately needed win for republican leaders and the president who had seen the failure to replace -- repeal and replace obamacare, remember, this tax package includes ending the individual mandate. so that actually does rip out one key pillar of obamacare. here's what the rest of the package does. it cuts the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%, a big cut that will still be 7 individual brackets but many are going down lower, a range of 10 to 37%. the child tax credit will double. the standard deduction will double to 12,000 for individuals. 24,000 for married couples. and you can deduct up to $10,000 of property or state and local taxes. meanwhile, the senate about to vote tonight on this, about 11:30 p.m. eastern. the house voted earlier but because of a procedural problem, they are going to actually have to have another final vote tomorrow. you mentioned that meanwhile
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elsewhere on capitol hill today, andrew mccabe, the deputy director at the fbi has been testifying behind closed doors to the house intelligence committee. in fact, at this late hour, he arrived early afternoon. he is still, we're told, testifying behind closed doors. why is this important? well, you will remember, he first came under scrutiny because mccabe's wife back in 2015 was running for a state race in virginia. received about half a million dollars in contributions, campaign contributions from a pac controlled by terry mcauliff. the democratic governor of virginia who is of course very close to bill and hillary clinton. then these recent text messages back and forth from peter strzok and another fbi official suggesting there was some sort of insurance policy in case donald trump was elected whereby the fbi might investigate him. that has come out and you remember from those text messages, it was talking about a meeting in appear drew's office. andy's office. believed to be an mccabe's
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office. this is one of many questions he is being asked about at this hour behind closed doors. and, in fact, there are republicans as you mentioned like trey gowdy and others saying if they don't get their questions answered behind closed doors, they may pursue contempt of congress charges against mccabe and other top fbi and justice department officials, kimberly. >> kimberly: all right. ed, thank you for that update. joining us with more with upcoming tax reform vote and senate is the chairman of the american conservative union matt schlapp kailey mcand fox business network nicole petalides. thank you for being with us on this busy news night. if this passes the senate tonight and guys back to the house tomorrow, how big of a win is this for president trump and for republicans? >> you just can't describe it in grapsd enough terms, kimberly. first of all, it's generational and historic. but, also, it just belies this one-year long prosecution from the liberal press over the course of the
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last year which says donald trump doesn't know anything about government. he can't get anything done. he is incompetent. his team is bad, blah, blah, blavment now you look after a year. the economy is humming. he actually gets tax reform bill through. he stops all these regulations. it looks like this special counsel investigation is off the rails. and i think, kimberly, things are smelling a little bit rosy. >> kimberly: i like this. such a rose forecast we have got there and you don't even do the weather. perfect. everyone is talking already about midterm elections in 2018. if this tax reform gets through as the president promised the american people, do you think that this is going to work out? >> yes. it's going to work out and democrats are going to pay for this at the ballot box in 2018. you know, let's make it known tonight not a single democratic congressman or senator voted on the side of the american people. today marks the day they voted against the american people. they sided with big government. they sided against the american taxpayer.
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it's a sad day to say that they were aided and abetted by the liberal mainstream media which has been lying about this all the way along saying trump would never get this done. we are at this point historic treatment because president trump picked up the phone, lob idea and made this happen and gave the american people a christmas gift. >> kimberly: he said, nicole, he would try to get this through before christmas. hard at work working behind the scenes with a lot of the constituents to get this done. let's talk about the impact and what this is going to mean in terms of tax reduction and chick growth and feeling better about themselves. families trying to move forward with the middle class if this actually goes through. >> right. 100 percent. don't forget what president donald trump ran on during his campaign. it was all about the american people. the works class. the middle class who were really struggling many of which don't have $400 for unexpected emergency. now we move forward, january 1st, they wake up a new tax plan, overhaul that's been 30 years too long. now what happens on february, when that goes
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into action, these people will now have more money in their pockets, paul ryan today actually said today we give the people of this country their money back. gives -- it empowers americans. they have not as many withholdings from their paycheck. they will be able to do what they need to do with their money. as far as corporate tax cuts. that is going to be extraordinary. will start to see these companies. they will be able to expand. they will be able to raise wages. they will be able to hire more and that was the whole idea, jobs, jobs, jobs for the american people. the mainstream media somehow is putting a blind eye on the ideas of president trump's growth plan. >> kimberly: right. >> it's a growth plan ultimately and g.d.p. is on the rise. unemployment is better. confidence. >> kimberly: stock market is up. i watch the fox business network so i know what's going on. matt, i want to talk a little bit about the party, too. nicole brings up a good point. we talk about paul ryan. this is something that he has been steadfast about. it's something that he has
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really tried to push forward is tax reform. it's kind of a specialty of hills. it's been a dream. and he worked cooperatively and effectively with the president of the united states to do this. >> yeah. that's exactly right. you know, i was a staff with paul in the house of representatives too long ago and i remember when he was a younger guy with his dreams of a more free market and a simpler tax code. so i know he deserves a great deal of credit for pushing on this really every day he has been either a staff or in congress. i also think president trump deserves a great deal of credit. because have had to make some changes in this bill as it moved forward. i have liked a lot of those changes. to me, what really matters is that we get everyone's effective tax rate down. sometimes there is gobbledygook in the tax code. we just wanting to pay less. here is the other piece, kimberly that's awfully important. this is combined. it's wrong when people say this is donald trump's only ledge legislative success. they have passed tons of pieces of legislation to stop obama's onslaught on
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the economy with true regulations. if you take the easing of regulations combined with the tax bill, you might have an economic growth pattern we have not seen since reagan. >> kimberly: this is a great point. let's talk kayleigh about how important this was for republicans to put this promise through and get a win here because there is challenges about other things they tried to put forward and proffer to congress like, you know, repeal and replace obamacare. some struggles along the way there with obstructionists trying to get in the way of forward progress. but here it seems like this was well thought out. they have been able to get votes that they didn't necessarily think they might be able to get to get people to come on board. >> that's right. this was a very different story than obamacare repeal and replace. because republicans knew we had to make this happen. when you sit back and you say what binds us together as republicans, one of the bedrock principles is the idea that when you take a bet on the american people, when you give them more of their money, leave them to their own accord, they will prosper, they will grow this economy, they will harness the american dream.
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it's not just what republicans stand for. it's what democrats should stand for, too. the jfk democrats did stand for that jfk said tax cuts mean higher american income. no longer democrats the party of jfk. they are the party of obstructionism. they are the party that want to take down this president and at the expense of the american people and having more money in their pockets. >> some of the people though, nicole, i'm disturbed when i hear by some of my esteemed colleagues, juan williams bringing up oh this is ridiculous, there is only benefiting the rich. this is only amounting to $2,500. i think $2,500 is loot of money. people are going to get that kind of relief and put back in their pockets. >> it's enormous amount of money and never that they have never seen before obviously in decades. and it's going to be a move for the economy. it's going to make the life little bit easier for the working man and woman here in america. as far as the tax cuts for the rich. it really isn't for the rich. on the contrary. we already heard ed henry just mentioned new jersey, california, new york, i
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mean, they are not going to feel so many tax cuts on this one. i think it really is spread out. the latest number is 84% of americans will benefit in some way, shame, or form with this tax plan. so ultimately, it's going to boost the economy, make people feel better and empower them to move forward. it's really amazing, no democrats on board. this is an american bill. american bill. this is not a republican bill. >> kimberly: you think they would be on board, matt, to help the middle class and get some of these tax cuts in place. it's very good auspicious start. there is a lot of good things about it. i'm sure there is more that can come forward. it's a very good foundation on which to start. there are those that say look, the poll numbers don't show necessarily that. so american public is having a groundswell behind it. some of that is going to be messaging. but maybe it's going to come in when they have got the dollars, the benjamins in the hands and dollars in the pocket. >> that's right. kimberly. >> then they are going to like it. >> here is the thing about presidential contests. presidents tend to get
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reelected in the economy is growing and the american people feel positive about their economic prospects. so, i don't care what the polls say about this bill. i think what matters is over time, over the course of the next year or two, do the american people feel like they have greater prospects? that's poor people? that's middle class people. that's people who are succeeding in the economy. people feel better about their prospects, they are going to be comfortable with the idea that the president is doing a good job. by the way republicans in congress as well. if we get the policy right like we do in this bill i think it's going to make for good politics. >> for their 401(k)s and iras turning to the stock market as always. if anybody has to work a job and they put even a little bit away, they are already seeing the benefits. we have had unbelievable year. nonow approaching dow 25,000. on the night of the election, stocks were sinking. it was the abyss. it's the end all. and look what happened. right? we were in the 17,000 ranges. 18,000 all the way now to almost 25,000. it's amazing what's been happening and it's
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beneficial to those who have 401(k)s and iras as well. >> kimberly: how can we translate this if people are looking at it what do republicans need to do in order to be able to get messaging out there for the midterm election to show this as a win and a win for all americans and not just privilege class? >> yes. well, every republican should be out there saying the american people look at your paycheck in february. it will be higher. you will see a tangible increase and the american people will feel it. it's not something we need to tell them because they will feel it sean so often on this show talks about the forgotten man and woman. he advocated he talked about donald trump being the president of the forgotten man and woman. this is that in action. this is donald trump standing up and passing tax cuts that are uniquely donald trump. that take away the ability for congress men to deduct their living expenses and local lobbyists to deduct their expenses and corporations to deduct their lavish dinners. these are uniquely conservative populist tax cuts and this is donald trump remembering the
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forgotten man and woman. >> kimberly: absolutely. you know, matt, what do you think in terms of now i wants to go back a little bit. because in order for things to get done, the president has got to be able to get the support of all republicans. not just, you know, the populist movement but the rank and file. you know, basically the establishment how do you make this move into a win for the president in terms of that relationship coalescing? >> well, i have spent too much time living in the swamp, kimberly. let me tell you something else about them. they like a winner. the exact is as we close out this year, donald trump is a political winner. yes, people can knock him in the liberal media. they can knock him in the polls. but you can't argue with the strength of the economy. you can't argue with the fact that he has been keeping his campaign promises one after another. he keeps them with that speech he made the other day on securing our national security combined with a strong economy. they like a winner, kimberly, this is a great way to end the year. >> kimberly: that was very vegassesque in terms of the themes and what he was
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hitting and very strong republican messaging there. for limited government and getting rid of the regulation and now he is going to give some tax relief get this through. as you can see we are awaiting the senate vote or the tax reform bill already passed the house and we will see what happens tonight. keep it right here. thank you so much matt and kale lee and nicole for being with me tonight. coming up while the senate is set to pass the republican tax bill tonight the left is completely losing it nancy pelosi and other democrats are deploying scare tactics to try to kill support for the will. austan goolsbee and charlie hurt join us next. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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>> we spent all of our time together in our majority. here is what it is going to take to get america back on its feet. here is what it is going to take to help people struggling. here is what it going to take to get malaise. get potential. we are doing it today. this is the greatest example of a promise being made and a promise being kept. >> with this measure, not only providing middle class tax relief, but an
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opportunity for businesses to be competitive globally, we have got a chance to take america to new heights. we're competent this will work and we are prepared to take that argument to the american people. >> kimberly: that was g.o.p. congressional leadership praising the tax bill passed by the house earlier today and set to be voted on by the senate tonight. democrats are using old scare tactics to try to dhil historic piece of legislation. >> this is the worst bill to ever come to the floor of the house. with stiff competition for what some of the things they have tried to do. the worst bill in history. because the number of people it effects, the amount of money it sucks up to the higher income. >> history will indeed remember this vote. future generation of americans will remember who cast their votes to raise taxes on 86 million middle class households. >> how can republicans defend this? the only people who want it are their very wealthy pay
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masters who seem to runs the republican party these days and they are running it into the ground. >> kimberly: joining us with reaction is fox news contributor charles hurt and former obama economic advisor austan goolsbee. thanks for being with me tonight, gentlemen: good to see. are you surprised by scare tactics are democrats are using to attack the bill nancy pelosi montage? >> that was great stuff. honestly i think they are starting to buy into this sort of media myth that this is somehow an analog to the obamacare bill where, yes, it was, you know, put through on strictly partisan lines but my goodness the difference between obamacare and tax cuts. nobody liked obamacare. americans love tax cuts. and the tax cuts are something that republicans have run on and it won them the white house in both chambers of congress and they are just simply, you know, fulfilling a promise that they made.
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>> kimberly: austan, let me ask you something. you are a smart economic man. why is it some of the democrats are jumped on board to help put dollars back in the middle class, the pockets of middle class? why do we see such vitriolic rhetoric coming from the likes of democratic leadership from nancy pelosi saying how bad it is? >> well, because it is bad. and it is not primarily a tax cut for middle class people. that's the main reason. this thing has the support, it has a 26% approval rating by the american people. that's the most unpopular tax cut in the history of polling. i believe that roy moore in alabama has more support than this tax cut. >> kimberly: here we go with the drama. >> i think the republican party needs to do a better job of creating a bill and of explaining a bill. and when i say creating the bill, they are going to have to re-vote because they put errors in the house version and it's only the tip of the iceberg. we are going to be cleaning
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up this mess more years. >> kimberly: passes the senate tonight which is what we are waiting right now to get the senate vote in and go back to the house. there are some messaging issues perhaps that could sell it better. charlie,. >> perhaps. >> kimberly: i will just give that you point. but, when people are actually getting the benefit and the dollars in their bank accounts and they are able to actually buy some extra things for their family, make some investments, maybe be able to get a mortgage on a home, do something like that get that car or pay for education, that to me is going to swell the polling on it and they will like it. maybe they have to feel it more before they love it. >> you say that as they are getting rid of the public interest deduction. >> i would stipulating austan you are right about that that republicans are. this is no news flash. they are terrible about messaging anything. and they have been terrible about messaging this bill. but, what what i would say though is once this takes effect, it's going -- the proof will be in the pudding as you say, kimberly.
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and if it works, if what they say, if the stimulus does kick start the economy, republicans will be in very, very good shape. not only in two years or in one year but also in three years. if it fails to do that, and it really is just a tax cuts for the rich and the rich just get richer and middle class doesn't feel the benefits from this, then they are going to be in real trouble. >> kimberly: you were echelon not getting the benefits. corporate tax cuts. the majority of this is coming for lower and middle class families. >> not true at all. not even remotely true. the majority of this bill, more than 80% of the money is going to high income people and big corporation. and by the time it's fully phased in, literally 53% of americans are going to have their taxes higher than they are now. because they are phasing out all of those middle class tax cuts that you are promoting. if the reason this bill is
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unpopular is not because the republicans used the wrong words to describe it it's because what's in it. and that's why the american people do not like it. and this is -- you guys are wrong. you are diluting yourselves if you think this is not going to be hung around the next of republicans. >> i'm sure democrats will try. but i also think that you, austan, and nancy pelosi suffer from ptsd after passing obamacare. which is a terrible bill and everybody hated it and democrats lost a thousand seats, the only person who managed to win re-election off of obamacare was obama himself and he was a very special, unique candidate who appealed to people. >> that was a tough moment. but i will remind that you obamacare is now twice as popular as this tax bill. >> well, you know, messaging is not republicans. >> kimberly: popularity of president tends to go up after they left office. okay. but i think this is going to be. if you look at that time it. president trump was able to bring together this. i think they probably should have drop tax reform first.
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before trying to do replacing obamacare and repealing it charlie, i see you moving. >> very important here is the fact that i would argue that this bill, because it includes the individual mandate, does an awful lot to accomplish donald trump's entire legislative agenda. >> kimberly: that's true. >> in this single bill. that's both politically and i think pragmatically. i think it's a huge deal for republicans and for donald trump. >> kimberly: that's why i think it should have come first. how do you counter that austan? >> i don't counter that the president had started with infrastructure, he actually could have gotten a lot of democrats on his side. >> you guys just want to spend money. that's all you ever want to do. >> that's why they call them tax and spend democrats, austan, because you guys are good at like spending it but then what is there to show for it? this bill they are trying to put money back to people to let them decide and have economic power. >> you guys are going to -- i really think you are going to regret having had this
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conversation and put yourself on record saying that this is a good idea. >> ptsd coming. >> in the american people do not like this bill because it's a bad bill. it's riddled with errors and it creates tons of loopholes and we are going to find out that out over the next few years. >> it does eliminate creation. >> not nearly as much as i want. >> it creates 20% pass through rate for very rich people who can convert income into business form. that's going to be unbelievable loophole. the grandmother of all loopholes and we will see that play out next two years like they did in kansas where they did something very similar. >> kimberly: where do you think the president can go with this in terms of the messaging, because everybody is talking about midterm elections already in 2018 and really trying to use this as for some momentum to be able to 2018. >> obviously it is a tremendous victory for him. being able to work with
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congress and get something through. that's a tremendous victory. but, i do think what matters is does he continue to do what he has been doing all along which is to use administrative means to continue to cut red tape and convince people that he is serious about growing the economy and freeing it and lead people pursue their economic interests on their own without involvement of the federal government and if he continues to do that and the economy is strong, in 2018, then republicans will do very well. they will do just fine. it's always tough. it's always tough for the party in power after a first -- for the first midterm election, most importantly in three years, he will be fine. if the economy is humming, and people feel better. >> kimberly: sure. >> about their situation, he will be fine. he will win. imcan kim i think you are absolutely right. we look at it historically, as you austan, when you have had a womaning economy. job security. market suspect.
6:29 pm
job growth. all of the above. a good g.d.p. then many times the incumbent will win re-election. look at clinton and president obama. >> donald trump, yeah, look, donald trump inherited the lowest unemployment rate of an incoming president. >> kimberly: here we go. >> in a half century. if he can continue the obama economy he probably does have a good chance. the democrats will have to get their act together to try to take him down in 2020. >> kimberly: charlie, he circles it back, austan did. president trump should send president obama a thank you note of some sort. is that what it was? >> this reminds me of back during the obama years everything would go wrong even in the 70 year obama was still blaming president george w. bush. and now it's the exact same thing. now it's all flipped. i think there is still time, austan. i think we can bring you over to the good side. [laughter] >> kimberly: we have got to show him the money. follow the money.
6:30 pm
>> deny that you ever defended this tax bill. when everything goes wrong you will say no, no, i knew that was a problem and they should have gotten rid of that. >> kimberly: somehow i don't think i will be hiding in the corner. that's all i have got to say. >> if you are an honest economist i think even you will be turned around on this within three years. >> kimberly: we have to meet back here in three years. okay? mark your calendar. >> indeed. cinel kim always a pleasure. charlie and austan thanks so much. awaiting a vote on the fax plan. blasts fbi director andrew mccabe before his testimony on capitol hill. senator ron johnson is demanding answers how robert mueller obtained trump transition team emails. gregg jarrett and david avel join us next. stay with us. the ford year-end sales event is in full swing. ( ♪ )
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♪ >> kimberly: this is a fox news alert. and we are looking live at the senate floor where a vote on the republican tax reform bill will be taking place very soon. and this tax bill vote is not the only big news coming out of capitol hill this evening. fbi director andrew mccabe is still testifying before the house intelligence committee in a closed door hearing. he has been there for seven hours. mccabe's appearance comes amid growing criticism over his alleged conflicts of interest in the clinton email probe and allegations of an tri trump bias within the fbi. just yesterday, senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley suggested that mccabe should be replaced and fox news has exclusively learned that senator ron johnson has sent a letter to the general services administration asking for more information about the trump transition emails obtained by mueller and his team. joining us now is go pac chairman david avel la and fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. thanks for being here tonight. senator grassley is openly saying that andrew mccabe
6:36 pm
should be fired and replaced. do you agree with his recommendation. >> absolutely. this is a guy who probably has spent the day wishing he was getting a root canal instead of answering questions now behind closed doors now for seven hours. two minutes ago it was still going on. he has a lot to answer for. why didn't he recuse himself from investigating hillary clinton when his wife was getting clinton related money, $675,000. that's unconscionable. what was going on in his office with peter strzok and lisa page, the two fbi agents who were sending these anti-trump messages. what was this insurance policy plan they had in mind? and also, what was the fbi's role in this dossier paid for by hillary clinton and democrats to dig dirt on trump? was it used to get a fisa warrant to spy on trump? and what was bruce ohr doing talking to, you know, the founders of fusion gps and the officers there and christopher steele when his
6:37 pm
wife is working for fusion fusi. ohr has been demoted. there has to be more to it and the fbi seems to be claiminclamming up. >> kimberly: how could this go i guess unnoticed at the time and it seems to baked in and such inherent bias at the time with the specific agenda that really compromised the integrity of the investigation. >> it makes you wonder if bob mueller has a tattoo of hillary clinton on his leg like the guy on "saturday night live" does. >> kimberly: right, exactly. >> bob mueller took a respected career and turned it into emotional therapy session for clinton apologists who want to use it as a way to justify why hillary clinton lost. there were plenty of people he could have picked to put on this investigation. many career fbi agents who would have done a very thorough and much faster investigation than what's been going on right now. and that we're stuck here with what now looks clearly like a political witch-hunt.
6:38 pm
>> kimberly: gregg, so many people are saying this mccabe is going to resign. some were shocked he went guard to testify. they thought his exposure and involvement with significant in getting grilled in terms of the questions there that what we saw previously last week as well. >> well, i think he probably feared getting in front of a federal judge after a contempt of congress citation. so, instead, they negotiated it and doing it behind closed doors under the guise of classified information. i would be surprised if, you know, 25% was classified and 75% americans should actually be watching. americans want to know what was going on here? >> kimberly: in terms of making that determination, you make a great point. we have seen hearings that's been public. and then if it rises to the level of giving classified information. they make that determination. people at home are saying wait a second. what's going on here? this is an investigation that appears to have bias from what we have seen come out in the reports in the media but now the rest of it
6:39 pm
is behind closed doors. >> the hillary email case is a good example. it was closed, right? and there is nothing classified in there. especially if you are asking mccabe what was your role in the exoneration letter? why was the wording letter changed to absolve hillary clinton when originally it was determined she committed crimes? did you change some of the wording along with peter strzok? now, none of that is classified information. so there is no reason for him to hide behind closed doors for something like that. and some of the other information, the dossier, arguably that's not classified either. after all it was scheduled by the democratic national committee and hillary clinton. let's get to the bottom of that was it used for a fisa warrant? again, i would allergy argue ths not classified information. >> kimberly: david, what's your take? >> this is doing more to keep president trump's base behind him and supporting him than even this tax cut which is very important and very critical for republicans in 2018. this investigation is doing
6:40 pm
more to keep the president's base behind him and it's the democrats' hope that we talk about this and not talk about the tax cuts that we're doing. not talking about the individual mandate that's being repealed in this tax cut bill. not talking about the jobs that are going to be created by opening up anwr. this bill is historic and significant that's going to pass tonight. but, yet, the democrats hope we continue talking about this investigation. >> americans don't seem to be by buying it hillary -- kimberly, i'm sorry. because, yeah, i have hillary on the brain. >> kimberly: i know. goodness. >> because the latest poll show that 53 or 54% think that it's tainted. it's corrupt. and even larger number think that, you know, the fbi and the department of justifiable are hiding things from the american public. and from congress. so, you know, the american public, you know, they are smart people. they noe that the deck seems to be stacked. all you have to do is look at the people that mueller chose. there is not a single
6:41 pm
republican among them. one of them walls a lawyer representing hillary clinton. another one has sent anti-trump messages to sally yates and was there at the what was supposed to be a celebration on election night for hillary clinton. these are people -- i mean, there are plenty of great lawyers out there that could have been selected but not those with a political axe to grind. >> kimberly: that's the problem as a former prosecutor and having worked as well with the fbi and with investigations, that, you know, on corruption as well. and when you think about this, that they really just had such a predetermined focus, david, that they had an outcome that they wanted to achieve, it just really shakes the core of the foundation of what we think. the fbi, in my opinion, and people that i work with some of the most outstanding men and women find agents out there and they really work hard and a lot of them are upset by this, too of a bad behavior of a few of these people involved. >> as they shouldable. as, also, the very people who are cheering an investigation that is
6:42 pm
indicting people for things they did years ago are the very same people who say hillary clinton's actions are in the past and there's no reason to investigate them. it is the biggest double standard on whether justifiable is for everyone or not. >> we don't have kings and tyrants here in america. nobody is above the law. if you broke the law, then you should be held accountable regardless of how are. you know, hillary clinton doesn't get a free pass simply because she was a political opponent of the guy who won. which is the argument that a great many democrats seem to be making as though you can't weaponize politics like this by going after a political pongt. that's not the case. if a political pongt breaks the law, and does so with impunity repeatedly, she ought to be held accountable. >> kimberly: absolutely. we don't want to think there is a different standard of justice geptionding on what somebody's political or partisan ideology is, david. >> great point. only way to get people to
6:43 pm
say want investigation going overpoll democrats like they did in this tax bill. the media polls far more democrats than republicans to get unfavorable numbers on the tax plan. >> kimberly: greg, do you think this is going to help not only the president. the president said from the beginning no russian collusion. they tried to put this on him to undermine his presidency. can he use this somehow to help him in campaigning for this 2018 mid temple election to help some of the people he needs to keep in for the vote? >> i think democrats need to be careful here that they don't continue to push this. there could be a very backlash. there so far doesn't appear to be scintilla of evidence of any collusion during the campaign. even if there was, it's not a crime. only antitrust law as you well know as a lawyer. >> kimberly: right. >> the question of whether or not mueller will go after the president for obstruction of justice, i don't even think is a close case. there has to be a live threat or a bribe and not
6:44 pm
even comey alleges that the president was well within his constitutional authority to dismiss comey. comey admitted it in a letter to his staff. >> kimberly: maybe let mueller finish the investigation. >> sure. >> kimberly: the president is saying he doesn't have anything to -- >> -- this could go on several years that's the problem with special counsels. >> he should finish it but do it with people fairly. >> kimberly: ed henry is standing by on capitol hill with update on the tax reform vote. we will speak to two republican lawmakers about what this means for your wallet. stay with us. ♪ ♪ she's less confident. fortunately, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. at bass pro shops for great last minute gift ideas.
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>> kimberly: welcome back to hannity. this is a fox news alert. we are awaiting a senate vote on the tax reform bill that passed the house earlier today. ed henry is on capitol hill tonight with the very latest. ed? >> kimberly good to see you. less than two hours now from what we believe will be a vote on the senate floor tonight on the president's what would be his signature domestic achievement. his only major accomplishment this year after the failure to repeal and replace obamacare. remember, republicans were dejected after that. a lot of critics and nay sayers were saying the president is not going to get anything
6:49 pm
major done by the end of the year. they have gotten this done in a couple of months. put the pedal to the metal if you will. this could be a dramatic victory for the president. it did not come though without a hiccup. the house voted earlier today to move this tax cut forward. get it over to the senate. as i mentioned, but then the parliamentarian in the senate realized that there were some provisions that were included in the house version of the bill that ran afoul of parliamentary rules, budget rules that basically shield this bill from a democratic filibuster to keep it that you would need a simple majority of 51 instead of 60 votes. the bottom line the senate will move forward with this tweaked version of the bill, clean out some of those small provisions. they are likely to pass it about 11:30, midnight tonight. and then the house will come back and vote on this new version of the bill early tomorrow morning. the bottom line is what's more important than the process is the substance, what it means for our viewers. what it means, kimberly, is
6:50 pm
that this is a $1.5 trillion tax cut. the most sweeping tax changes since the reagan administration. you are talking about the biggest tax cut in three decades. and so this is a big win for the president. you have democrats saying it will be an anchor weighing down republicans in the midterm elections next year because of the cost of this package and also because they don't think it's going to have the economic benefits that republicans are promising. but, the president has already been tweeting about this as you know in the last 24 hours talking about how the stock market has been on fire lately. economic growth has been on the rise. and he certainly believes that the white house, that this is going to turbo charge the economy, if you will. and that's why we are expecting the white house, once the senate votes tonight, house votes tomorrow. they want to get this to the president quickly. so that it will take effect for 2018 taxes. it will not affect your taxes this year, kimberly, but it will next year. and this is a big win for the president. >> kimberly: all right.
6:51 pm
ed. thank you for that update and we will be waiting for that vote to take place. joining us for reaction are two republican lawmakers congresswoman marsha blackburn and marth march. i wanting to begin with you congressman blackburn, how big do you think this is going to be for president trump's agenda in this is something he promised and needs to get a win on the board and pivotal for 2018 for midterm elections. >> it is a big win, kimberly, because this is the type win that everybody is going to see the results and the benefits of. almost immediately. after the first of the year, because these kick in january 1, so, employees can go set their withholding, they will be able to take more money home in that paycheck, beginning in january. there are also for our small business owners who are going to be looking at their tax schedules and saying all
6:52 pm
right. we pay quarterly. and think about main street america. all those shops that line the streets, they're going to be able to re-set because of the lower business rates that applies to all of these small businesses. >> kimberly: com ross strum, what do you think about this? it seems like they have been able to work pretty pretty well. president trump has worked well with a number of cingts that have supported him in the past and also worked closely with paul ryan to get this through. >> look, it's a very big and significant day all the wail around. i think in part we have been shaped by the struggle on the healthcare debate. and it was a very difficult time to go through and incredibly disappointing. people on capitol hill. republicans on capitol hill recognize that. and said let's not repeat that there is an interesting dynamic, too, in that there is no defender of the status quo as it relates to our tax code today. the tax code is a disaster. 70,000 pages and it's
6:53 pm
holding us back. and what we were able to do in the course of this process is bring a wide range of opinions together around this idea of doing two things. number one, offering real tax relief up and down the spectrum and primarily towards folks in the middle income. and, number two, giving businesses tax relief as marcia just said to create a different business environment. much more forward a leaning. much more investment oriented and much more expansive. that is something that i think most folks are really pleased about. >> kimberly: where do we go from here com blackburn in terms of the president trying to use this for maybe other legislation going forward as sort of a, you know, a framework for support to get people on board, to put some of the legislation forward that he needs. because there was a struggle, you know, with trying to repeal and replace obamacare. this seems to have gone much more smoothly. >> it has gone much more smoothly. we fully anticipate that you will see healthcare come back in the spring.
6:54 pm
think about this like this, kimberly, we have addressed regulations. the president has been doing a great job of working with us. a lot of that has come off the books. we have been able to address taxation. and we know that those two together will lead to job creation. now, that means we need to pivot to infrastructure and we need to begin to look at the out-of-control spending. what is happening with all of the entitlements? where you see that growth sending medicaid back to the states. so, we can pivot. work on infrastructure. work on getting the spending under control. 2018 is going to be a fantastic year. it's going to be a year of accomplishment. and i look forward to it. >> kimberly: all right. congressman ross ca camin particular people in illinois can use the support. >> the general assembly jammed through a massive income tax hike it really
6:55 pm
hit folks in the middle income and hit folks up and down the spectrum. this is welcomed relief for my constituents in suburban, chicago and all throughout illinois. and states like illinois that is positioned differently than states like tennessee that are doing better that's of better tax policy, are getting welcomed relief under this bill. i'm really proud to be art pa of it. >> kimberly: we are waiting as you see senate vet on the fax ereform bill. we want to thank you you both for your time today. and, coming up, we have much more hannity right after the break. ♪ ♪ or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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>> that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us and please make sure to tune in every weekday at 5:00 p.m. for the five. stay with the fox news channel for continuing coverage of the
7:00 pm
senate's tax reform vote. >> laura: how many hours can you be on? are you doing "fox & friends" in the morning, a cooking segment. >> i'll check my email. great job as always. welcome, everybody. to "the ingraham angle". from washington what the president should do next year to improve his popularity and perhaps prevent a mid-term wipe out. that's the focus of tonight's angle. with the economy up, isis pummeled, criminals deported, 12 appellate judges confirmed. regulations slashed and consumer confidence high, one would think the president's poll numbers would be above 50. they're not. of course, the usual suspects in the media, the same people who erroneously relied on polls in 2016 are eager to hype the bad trump news. >> today we have a


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