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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 28, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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high of the year. the winners financials and tech stocks. i'm rick leventhal in for shepard smith. "your world" is next with trish regan in for neil cavuto. thanks for watching. >> forget cutting. is the governor of new york threating to get suing? welcome. i'm trish regan in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." new york cuomo is accusing republicans of pillaging the blue states. charles payne is here on with this escalating tax hike. >> andrew cuomo called the gop tax bill devilish and he says his states and others are in a economic civil war with the federal government. >> they are challenging our structure of our tax code. we're going to propose a re
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str restructure our our tax code. i'm not sure what they did is legal and constitutional. that's something that we're looking at now. >> cuomo calls the tax rules egregious and obnoxious for pillaging from the blue and giving to the read. if you change blue to rich and red to poor, it would seem that it aligns with cuomo's political philosophy. he says his state has lost 190,000 residents and more than a million since 2000. that remains to be seen if there's any legal remedies like new york to alter the tax law. the state might be able to help its residents anyway. new york has the highest individual tax rates in the nation up to 9% and wallet hub says it's the least friendly tax state in the nation. the property and excite taxes 12.94% a year.
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maybe they can get some good deeds by fixing the doubles that they know. >> my favorite line in that is that you said, you know, if you just changed blue to rich and red to poor, it would be perfect line with his philosophy. >> why is he upset? >> is it time for the high tax states to cut taxes instead of threatening to sue. janine is here with us and blake and charles payne is back as well. i got a kick out of that. that is true what charles said. but the reality here is, i don't like it. i live in new york. but fundamentally there's something kind of wrong with new york, you know, getting a break and our lawmakers spending that money as they see fit and someone in texas doesn't. right? if you want to be perfectly fair. >> listen, trish, governor cuomo
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should be suing himself for having the high taxes that are harming hard working americans in the state of new york. they mentioned a number of people that have fleed the state of new york in the last two years. i'm one of those individuals because my property taxes for less than half an acre of property, $24,000. i moved to the state of connecticut, it's not perfect, but i was able to cut them in half. so i'm one of those individuals. i'm putting the faith on this issue. taxes are too high. the governor needs to look at how to cut taxes and not trying to promote himself by attacking president trump. anybody knows you can make the headlines when you attack the president. he's doing so to raise his profile for a presidential rain. >> you think there is anything to this legally, blake? >> i think to be determined here. the governor has his folks looking at something along the lines of what you might consider to be an equal protection claim.
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i certainly haven't heard from them about what a legal theory would be. you have to come back to two points that are important here. one, is there a punitive nature to the republican tax strategy? lots of opposition from high income, high tax states, new york including republicans from new york in the house that oppose this. two, what is the intended solution that the governor has. he says he wants to not only look at legal challenge but he wants to look at his own tax code and think about reform. does that end up helping his state in the long-term. i would agree with the earlier point that it's always necessary to look inward in the face of challenges, certainly new york is facing one here. >> charles, i had concerns about it only because new york and california together account for basically 1/4 of our nation's overall economic output, gdp. so i don't want to see spending decline in states like that
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because i like everyone else want our economy to grow. that has been my concern. it continues to be a bit of a concern. but now that it's done, you know, i'm curious to see where you come out on this. i think that, you know, fundamentally, a lot of us feel that perhaps this was the right thing for them to do and they had an opportunity and they took it. what are the economic c consequences going to be? >> i roared at my first draft. i live in new jersey. it's going to hurt me. i think i'm part of the 4.8% that pay more. but when you say 143 million people will get better or lower taxes, that's the economic shot in the arm. coupled with the multiplier effect of lower taxes, that if you want to sweep across the nation -- let's talk about this. a selfless sort of thing.
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governor cuomo has a tax payer bill in his pact that he would like to hoist on the public and the state. so it's time to look inward. a reason why it's hurting certain states. it's not the federal government's fault that new york, new jersey, california have these socialist-like regimes where they have to pay for everything for everyone. they're already digging themselves in a economic hole. >> i'm curious. going back to blake. we don't want to curtail spending in some states, but what is the argument in terms of what some new yorkers or folks in connecticut or folks in new jersey would tell you is most fair? in other words, these are states that already give a ton of money to the federal government, correct? >> that's right. i think the issue here is -- it's governor cuomo characterized it as a bait and
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switch. the question is how are you financing this deal. the argument that the governor has made and he's making on behalf of other states. you're seeing california, which these are huge economies. they're vital to our national economic system and they need to continue to grow, whether you agree with their structure or not. i think charles is hyperbolic in calling them socialist. be that as it may, i think the question here is how are you financing this deal, why are you choosing to finance it on the backs of cities and states that make a significant economic contribution to the country, but also that are democratic states. if that's wrong, all the president has to do is say it's wrong. >> so you think this is politically motivated then? i don't know if it's just politics. maybe that has something to do with it. they certainly don't necessarily want to do the blue states a favor. fundamentally, this is an opportunity to change things up.
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i think it's going to result in different behavior among some of these high tax states. ultimately, where do we go? >> sure -- >> yeah, i mean -- >> the governor is not listening to the will of the americans. a lot of people are fleeing the state. that should be in a hit in the head, you think. but cut taxes is good for american. president trump is looking out for all americans, especially the forgotten men and women. that is the reason why he put into place the cut in taxes. it's good for businesses, small businesses. more money in the hands of hard-working americans. and people get it. they will vote with their wallets. i hear you laughing, but that's okay. folks will vote with their wallets because lower taxes mean better lives for hard working americans. >> i'm going to leave it there. good to see you haul. people lining up trying to tre pair their property taxes before the new year kicks. in did the irs just throw a wrench into things? fbn's blake burman is at the white house with more. hi, blake. >> hi, trish.
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the irs, if nothing else, noticed this trend that's been taking place across the count trip, mostly especially in the high tax areas of property owners trying to prepare they 2018 property tax bill before the $10,000 deduction cap with the new tax bill kicks in next week. so the irs yesterday put out this advisory meant to clear things up, except for a lot of people all it did is cause confusion. they boiled it down to two different factors. the first one, straightforward. if you're doing to move your deductions up, you have to make the payments before the end of the year. and secondly, a prepayment of anticipated real property taxes that have not been assessed prior to 2018 are not deductible in 2017. the translation there is this: if your municipality has not issued a 2018 assessment, then you might be out of luck. the tax foundation says there's
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a load of questions here, including basic question what is considered an assessment. they think this is possibly headed towards litigation. >> i think this will be an open legal question. i would expect to see some litigation on this subject. that means taxpayers that want certainty, we won't provide that for them. >> if you end up making a prepayment and it's determined that it's not tax deductible for 2017, it's not like you'll lose out on that money. it would be a tough pill to swallow because you can't get a refund on it. it's providing an interest-free loan over the year to your local government. there's potentially big tax savings if you take the deduction, if you're eligible for it. but everyone that we have talked to today from the irs on down has this advice. talk to your local tax officials and local tax officials have told us talk to your accountant.
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trish? >> good advice. talk to your accountant. thanks, blake. we know it's cold outside, but take a look at this. this is incredible. the waterfall turning into ice sculptures. it depends where you live. apparently it's only going to get worse. wow, isn't that incredible? that's when you know it's cold. meanwhile, some critics out there want president trump to put a freeze of his own on his tweets. new numbers showing exactly why he should not? we debate. you decide. we'll see you here. liberty mutual stood with me
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>> bitter cold weather blasting most of the country turning running water into ice. it's amazing. turning boiling water into snow. look at that! pretty incredible, right? that tells you how cold it is outside. i certainly felt it this morning. let's go to mike tobin who is feeling it in chicago. >> about half the country is
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feeling it. snowfall here in chicago. tens of millions of people are dealing with windchills advisories. take a look at the great lakes. most of lake superior is frozen over and lake huron. more than five feet of snow has dumped on erie, pennsylvania. the snow pillow got stuck and people had to go old school just to get the plows moving. crews say the plows are working 24-hour shifts at this point. the cold is beautiful in minnesota. falls have frozen. not only do people risk falling, but the giant pallets of ice have been crashing down. it's illegal to go behind them. and in wisconsin, a bridge got
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stuck in the up position. they had to get it up to get the boots through and then the bridge back down. ultimately they got it working again. one thing officials are worried about, people not taking the could seriously and getting frostbite. if you don't have proper boots and gloves, frostbite can set in. when you get it, you don't know it. your feet or your hands have gone numb by the time they start freezing up. you feel it when it warms up. trish, back to you. >> i'm planning on going skiing next week. so i'm going to take that advice. thanks, mike. new year's eve a few days away. will the continue continue to drop? let's go to rick reichmuth who has the latest on this very bitter blast. hey, rick. >> where are you going ski something. >> northern new hampshire. >> all right. it's going to be really, really cold. >> i know. >> the good news is you'll have snow at least.
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across the west, california, colorado, utah better said, not getting any snow at all. the pattern very dry out across the west. we have more snow as you just saw mike in the chicago area. this is going to eventually bring more snow about erie, the great lakes once the storm moves through. the winds will kickback in the direction for more lake-effect snow. another 8-10 inches by the weekend in erie, pennsylvania. it's cold. maybe a bit better than yesterday. we're just going to continue to watch these bouts of this cold air that you see here, the dark color. the arctic air that will continue to infiltrate the lower 48 the next number of days. almost probably the better part of two weeks. so here's what it feels like across the country right now. feels great in florida. great in arizona and southern california, new mexico. here we are now. the pink color, the very cold air mass. generally you like to see it across parts of the north pole.
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sometimes it gets displaced here. this brings us to new year's day. the cold across parts of the deep south. take a look at this for the first week of the coming year. we continue to see this flirting here across the northeast. there you go. new hampshire in that very, very dark color. i will tell you also, if we have any one good thing across the big cities, all the population zones, it's been dry, no snow. sometimes that might change next week as well. here you go. new year's eve, trish, 11 degrees when the ball drops. probably the second coldest ever. you don't want to be out there if you ask me. >> i'm going to stay by the fire in new hampshire. coming up, are new numbers showing why president trump shouldn't dump the tweets? and china reportedly caught sneaking around and selling oil to north korea. the president says we're running out of friendly solutions here to this mess. what does that mean for 2018?
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>> to tweet or not to tweet. that is the question for 2018. many people want the president to lay off of twitter. according to a new poll, more than 60% of early media coverage on the president has been negative. only 5% has been positive. you compare that to say president obama who got only 20% negative coverage. that is why political consultant harlan hill says this president needs to keep tweeting his message directly to the people. michael starr hopkins says the president needs to slow down. daniel is also joining us as well. harlan, i'm going to start with you. so this is his way of
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communicating. this is his way of reaching the people directly. is this his way of going around the media's interpretation of whatever he's doing? >> i think it's disingenuous the mainstream media or the liberal media want the president want him to stop tweeting, want him to go back to running through their filter for talking to the american people. the president is not going to change. he shouldn't change. this is his -- this is his political invention. using twitter to talk to the american people. the efficacy has proven out. he's won overwhelmingly while being outspent by his opposition. he should keep doing it. there's no reason to stop. >> danielle? >> i understand how supporters of president trump feel. it's a district line to you and millions of americans. i like it. i like the authenticity. i will say that my preferences
1:24 pm
of a president is presidential. he's used and weaponized twitter in a way that is problematic. saying things like chuck schumer is in bed with putin. >> rick: they call him a traitor. that's more than what the president has done on twitter. >> so to harlan's points, think of what the president has done and the mainstream media and how they tweeted our president. so maybe it's a tit for tat. i understand you saying you want your president to act more presidential. we're also living in different times. media is very, very different. if he were to just put it away, would you suddenly like him? >> look, this is not just about the tweeting, this is funds mentally about policies and results. >> so it's not about the tweeting? >> it's like an alphabet soup. some people love the twitter and some people say get off the twitter, stop golfing --
1:25 pm
>> trish: harlan, from the president's perspective, he's saying why should i stop tweet something my base loves it. i'm never going to convince danielle to love me, soon i'm just going to talk to the people that -- >> or the mainstream media. i love these charges against the president that he's not presidential. you know what is not presidential? arming the cartel like we did with fast and furious in the obama administration or selling out israel before the united nations. what is not presidential, is allowing 90% of the wealth to go to the top 1% through the stock market over the course of obama's eight years. this president has shown, he's demonstrated that he's going to talk directly to the american people and he's going to speak to their pain. that's why he won and he's not going to work through this filter. he's different than any president we've seen. >> he does a good job of understanding grievance and
1:26 pm
speak to that he's done incredibly well over his life but in branding and marketing. media has changed. it's a far more opinionated machine i can't and makes a difference. >> speaking of that, did you see the vanity fair clip? vanity fair magazine came up with this internet clip about what hillary clinton should do for her new year's resolution. you have to watch it. >> take up a new hobby in the new year. volunteer work, knitting, improv comedy. literally anything that will keep you from running again. >> to finally put away your james comey doll. we know that you think he cost your the election. he might have. but it's a year later hand time to move on. >> i thought it was funny. vanity fair is now apologizing for the video. harlan, should they have? >> it's funny because the media has said so many worst things about the president. literally you've had a cover of a magazine that had the
1:27 pm
decapitated head of the president of the united states held up. we didn't have an apology about that. we had a comedian do the sale thing. we've had rachel maddow compare him to adolph hitler. where are the apologies for that? it's disingenuous. they treated hillary clinton with much more respect. i don't think that she's done much to earn it, frankly. >> i think vanity fair's greatest crime is it wasn't funny at all. >> it wasn't. it was ecstatic. >> i thought it was kind of funny. do anything else to not run. she didn't to them any favors. >> i think they might have done a better job on the video. in fairness, they gave trump a hard time and gave carry cone a hard time. it was a overreaction and democrats need to learn if everything is an outrage, nothing is an outrage. >> and snl is always making fun of the president. >> there's a little bit of truth.
1:28 pm
snl is pretty funny. you can set your politics aside and see the humor in it. the way they portrayed hillary clinton was not the kindest. but the thing with the -- this is just an overreaction. it's a problem for democrats. >> trish: so you're a former democrat, harlan. >> yes. >> trish: what would it take to get someone like you back in the party? i think that one of the reasons you defected is because of hillary clinton. am i correct? >> that ship has sailed. i'm in an interesting position now kind of within the media here. i've been a democrat here at fox. i was always treated fairly. i would do the biggest shows in prime time and always treated fairly. now as a republican, defending the president of the united states, i'll go on other networks and i'm not given the fair shake that i was as a democrat in this building. so there's a very -- there's a fundamental difference in how the media treats republicans and
1:29 pm
democrats. there's no respect. i was always respected when i was a democrat in this building. always. >> trish: we believe in the diversity and we need the diversity of opinion and i hope everyone gets that respect. i know they do here. sad to hear that about other places. but not entirely surprised. harlan, good to see you. danielle, thank you. all right. after the tax cutting, the list of companies giving back to workers keeps growing. how long is this all going to last? we hope it lasts awhile. you're looking live at times square where unprecedented security preparations are underway. why these two attacks have officials changing their tactics and the president trying to change something else?
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impartially shopping highly rated insurers, offering over 70 policies. dad you're coming, right? you promise? i promise. keep your promise. >> trish: one more trading day left in 2017. the dow closing at an all-time high for the 71st this year. never has been done before. more after this.
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>> hi, trish. well, look, the nypd is constantly adapting. they'll put more police officers in hotels overlooking times square in response to what we saw in las vegas. there's an updated tactical bulletin given to nypd officers. a reminder what to look for when it comes to suicide bombers given what happened two weeks ago with the failed suicide bomber who detonated a people bomb in the subway. take a look to the police commissioner that spoke a couple hours ago. >> no threats to new york city or times square specifically or any of our new year eve events. you'll see a stronger police
1:34 pm
presence that we've seen in recent years. >> they promise to be the most secure this event has been. there will be 1,000 security cameras in times square, heavily armed, weapons teams, the most that there's ever been. this is the vapor wake dogs that will be sniffing for bombs. people will brave the temperatures to be out here and checked at a checkpoint and checked a again in their holding pens for hours on end. today was good riddance day. people were tearing up their worst memories in 2017. they prepared the ball and doing a confetti test tomorrow. all of this, as i said, 11 degrees here on sunday night when the ball drops, it's going to be below zero windchill. it's dangerous. it could be the second coldest new year's eve in new york city history. the first was in 1917, 1 degree. the second was 11 degrees in
1:35 pm
1962. what the police are saying is you're going to have to come at your own risk. dress warm. they'll have extra ambulances on call just in case. trish. >> trish: thanks, bryan. hope you get warm. president trump calling for changes to immigration programs such as diversity visa and chain migration. this is new analysis from the center for immigration studies showing that 2016 tied a record for immigrants coming to america. should immigration be a focus of the trump administration? zudi jasser joins me now. >> thanks for having me. >> trish: you've talked about this at length and the terrorism is coming from radical jihadists. they're coming from certain parts of the world. do you think we need to clamp
1:36 pm
down on this immigration from certain parts of the world? >> we absolutely need to clamp down on our method of immigration. it's baffling to me as the soon of immigrants that came here for political reasons, idea logically embracing the american contract, what it means to be an american. it's baffling that we have no mechanism for vetting for merits or ideology. if you look at the last two attacks in october, one came from uzbekistan as part of the lottery program. as if america is a lottery process coming here, which it's not. the last attack, december 11th was a chain migration benefactor that came from bangladesh and tried to commit a suicide bombing attack. so we should take this as signal events to remind us that we need to overhaul our programs so it's based on merit and idealogical
1:37 pm
filters against jihadists and islam mists. we work with reformists. we haven't begun that process. so i hope in 2018, the president convenes a government process, a commission on radical islam to continue to plug the holes that find mechanisms of getting into our country. >> trish: i agree with you. but what do you say to people that say, you know what? that is religious discrimination. you're discriminating based on someone's religion but looking at them more carefully than someone else? >> that's a diversionary response. it's not about religion. our founding fathers embraced god and their own interpretation of christianity. as a muslim, i want muslims that believe in the american contract to come here as i do. christians, people that have no faith. as long as they embrace
1:38 pm
americanism and liberty, they should be allowed to come here. right now we have no vetting mechanism and the left wants to create so much noise in the room about identity politics that islam is a race. it's an ideology. many don't have a right to come here. it's a privilege to come here. there's no where written in the contusion that it's a suicide pack to let communists in, is m islamists or jihadists in. >> thank you very much. did china do something to make the president regret doing in mar-a-largo? democrat doug jones is about to get crunched. karl rove is crunching the numbers and he's next.
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>> president trump putting the heat on china after images show chinese ships selling oil to north korean vessels. that's in violation of the united nations resolution. the president tweeting "caught red-handed, very disappointed that china is allowing oil to go to north korea. there will never be a friendly solution to the north korean problem if this continues to happen. china insists it's doing nothing
1:42 pm
wrong. let's go right now to former cia op mike baker. good to see you, mike. >> good to see you too, trish. >> trish: they just signed on to these sanctions. and within frankly weeks of signing that, suddenly we see that they're selling oil to north korea? >> i've been spending hours literally working on my holiday i'm shocked face. i still haven't got it right. i want display it here on the show. nobody should be surprised. anybody that has been paying attention and watching this drama with north korea over the years -- i don't mean just the past several months or during the trump administration, i mean for decades. anybody has been watching this can't honestly say that they're surprised at china's behavior. the recent news the past couple days when people were saying according to the information, they haven't sent any oil or coal to north korea? i thought really.
1:43 pm
so it's what they do. >> trish: so they violate sanctions. that's what they do. >> yes. >> trish: mike, this is why you and many others were not sold when the sanctions were first signed on to. you said, you know, if they abide by them and typically they don't. so now we evidence. so what do we do now? >> they might. what you don't want to do is just shut it down entirely. you don't want to say that's it. again, you have to be pragmatic. we should have and i'm sure there were a number of people in the current administration that went into these latest round of sanctions with a realistic point of view. so now we have the evidence. what we should do is we should get our counterparts in the chinese government. sit them in a conference room and not come out until all the oxygen is expended or until they
1:44 pm
continue with this that's in their best interest. they're playing both sides as what russia has done. we have to in our sense keep our boot on the neck of north korea and do everything possible, including displaying the evidence and having very straightforward conversations with the chinese authorities that this is unacceptable. >> trish: let me throw this in here, this report came out of south korea. might they have a reason to try and inflame the situation? do you trust the source of it? >> well, the source looks credible but you always have to corroborate. they're looking for additional information that will corroborate this. having conversation -- south korea doesn't want a conflict.
1:45 pm
it's not in anybody's interest. but i trust this information more than i trust the chinese based on their past behavior over years to abide by sanctions. again -- >> trish: they're the number 1 trading partner with north korea. north korea's economy has grown 3.9%. how does that happen if you're number 1 trading partner isn't trading with you? you make a very valid point. i think -- trust but verify as they say. >> trust by verify. in china's perspective, putting ourselves in their minds, if they turn the spigot off and no oil flows or no coal goes there, what that means is that the regime collapses and millions potentially of north koreans go streaming into china looking for relief. they don't want that, either. what we have to do with chinese authorities, we're not backing offer. times have changed. they're almost at the end of the road at developing their weapons
1:46 pm
program. we can't allow that to happen, so we have to continue this effort with the chinese. >> trish: i agree. thanks very much, mike. always good to hear your perspective. more and more companies giving back to workers in big ways as the tax cuts get ready to cut in. will more bosses be making new year's resolution about this? improving wages and if new reports are right, this time next week, president trump will be huddling with republican leaders at camp david. do republicans have to worry about their majority? karl rove is here. he will tell us. our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> trish: aflac is offering workers new incentives after the passage of the gop tax cuts. david lee miller is in new york city with more. david? >> a few dozen employees say they're giving employees bonuses or other perks in connection with the passage of the tax bull. the bill will cut the rate from 35 to 21%. the companies announcing the good news are diverse. some of the corporate announcements go far beyond a one-time bonus. aflac said they're going to
1:50 pm
increase investments in the u.s. by 250 million and make a $5 contribution to every employee's 401(k). wells fargo says they will hike its minimum wage and charitable contributions. comcast says more than 100,000 workers will get a $1,000 bonus and will spend $50 billion on infrastructure. critics say the sudden generosity is in many case a public relations stunt, especially for companies that do business with the government or in some way are waiting for regulatory approval. chuck schumer said and i quote, tax breaks don't lead to job creation. they lead to big ceo salaries and money for the very, very wealthy. the white house said there was no coordination between the administration and companies rewarding employees. the president adds that he expects more companies to soon
1:51 pm
open their wallets. trish? >> thank you so much, david. are we going to see more of this in the new year? with me, katherine is here. all the way from a warmer place, right? >> much warmer. 81 degrees. balmy and beautiful. >> trish: are we going to see more of this? is this a p.r. stunt for some of them or is it real? >> this is real money. more is in the pipeline. we have to consider the deduction on cap x. in addition, you have the incentives of a virtuous cycle. a lot of growth will come in from total investment and total consumption. so when you have more demand, you have a economic growth cycle and companies investing in themselves. >> and throughout the last 30 years, we haven't seen enough in
1:52 pm
the way of wage growth. wages are barely keeping pace with inflation. you think that changes? >> i think we get wage growth. that's part of the economic cycle we're in. one thing we haven't considered, the repatriation still in the pipe line. a billion dollars still offshore. the incentive to come back is there. we have a one-time incentive and now the tax rate, this is commensurate with our peers. >> trish: so you believe in the economic fundamentals and you believe in wage growth. what happens to the dow? we're close to 25,000. >> numerically, i did a table. we said if earnings per share do leap, which is what we're expecting to $140 a share, we see the s&p ending at 30,000. it's becoming increasingly consensus. we have to consider a lot of this, trish is going to come from fundamentals.
1:53 pm
what are the main worries about americans? small and medium enterprises. those guys are the ones that are disporti disportionately benefitted. >> 3,000 on the s&p. i like that. >> thank you. >> republicans are banking on this good news to help them hold the majority. will it help? or is that at risk? karl rove will break it down. he tells us next. hurry, it's the final days of the ford year end sales event. ♪ i'm on top of the world, hey. ♪ it's your last chance of the year to get our best offer of the year: zero percent financing for seventy-two months, plus an extra one-thousand cash back across a full lineup of ford cars, trucks and suvs. so hurry and save big on america's best-selling brand. it's the final days of the ford year end sales event with zero percent financing for seventy-two months plus an extra one-thousand cash back! see your ford dealer before jan 2nd and save.
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>> trish: just about this time next week, president trump will host g.o.p. leader at camp david, expected to map out the 2018 agenda and discuss how they keep their majority to next year's midterm election. let's go to the former white house deputy chief of staff george w. bush, karl rove, you are a little bit concerned. you cannot take this one for granite a little bit. >> not at all. let's take the chambers differently, the senate, i actually feel better about. you have to go back to 1914, when we began electing senators on a popular vote. before they they were elected by legislators. you will never see the political landscape favoring the white house party as much as this as next year's does. 25 democrats up, ate
1:57 pm
republicans, of those 25 democrats, ten were states won by donald trump, six were in states won by high single digits, ohio or double digits. five states where won between 18 and 42-point margin for donald trump, so democrats have a lot of territory that they have to defend if republicans get good candidates in these red states. they should be able to grow their margin from 51.49 which is what will be after they are seated from alabama, and might be okay to seat two or three. they only have to disband eight seeds, two people talk about being in competition. i think that it is only two, nevada and arizona. tennessee is an open seat, bob corker is retiring, but they have an excellent cat ended. and while they have a good marquee candidate, he was on the pellet eight years ago, not keeping a kim increasingly conservative state.
1:58 pm
>> trish: how will the growing economy help them? i do want to know if they should be pursuing infrastructure or welfare reform is an ex policy and terms of their ability to get elected, but the economic reality that is heading in as we look at nearly 25,000 on the dow and people getting bonuses from the companies, how does that help republicans? >> even more important than that is that consumer confidence is highest that it has been in 17 years and small business confidence is the highest it has been in many years. that is more important than the markets. the market is an important indicator, but only one out of every six americans is directly invested in the market. so the things, we are all consumers, and most of us work for small businesses, that is important. the economy is going to be the number one issue in 2018. and frankly it is in every election except for any time of open war. and it is going to have a big impact in the house, that is where the action is really going
1:59 pm
to be. the democrats have a chance to take back the house. they need 24 seats, they need to take away 24 republican seats, 23 republicans today in districts that hillary clinton won. that is offset to some degree by 12 democrats whose districts were carried by donald trump, but if there is a way to go, it can be a really big problem for republicans. you can see it already and the prognosticators are saying, charlie cook says 17 republican seats today are tall subs only four democrats and 22 republican seats leading to the party but are not locked down in the democrats have won republican se democratic seats that lean their way and then we have a 2-1 ratio among the most likely. a lot more republicans in the house. >> trish: it is a good thing they are getting together at camp david. good to see you. happy new year. >> thank you, trish. >> trish: that will do it for
2:00 pm
today, everyone, be sure to tune in tonight at 7:00 p.m., i will be in for my friend martha on "the story" and you can catch me tomorrow on "the intelligence report." "the five" is next. ♪ >> hello everyone, i am brian kilmeade, along with katie pavlich, it is 5:00 in new york city coming into this according to my rundown is "the five" ." ♪ president trump's laser focus on cracking down on illegal immigration, i'm sure that you have heard that before, a hallmark of this campaign making america safe again. in fact quota crossings are down, but the new report suggests he sent fewer mexicans back to their country between january december of this year compared to president obama did during the same time


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