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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 29, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PST

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we'll see you on "fox news @ night" right here tomorrow 11:00 p.m. >> house intelligence committee chairman devon nunez slamming the doj and fbi for what he says is failure to turn over documents related to the anti-trump dossier. >> the president slamming china on twitter, very disappointed china is allowing oil to go into north korea. countdown to 2018 as fox's new year's eve, live from times square provides big time celebration.
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♪ >> good morning, good work being done, in washington dc, what a beautiful site it is, you are watching "fox and friends" first on friday morning, thank you for joining us. into the new year the doj, fbi under fresh fire, house intelligence committee chairman devon nunez blasting both agencies for failing to turn over subpoenaed documents about the anti-trump dossier, the letter demanding answers obtained exclusively by fox
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news. >> you put your finger on it when you said into the new year, it is probably going to make some fireworks, chairman nunez slamming the department of justice for failure to produce documents related to subpoenas concerning the trump dossier. telling rod rosenstein at this point the department of justice and fdi need to be involved in investigating this. by january 3rd, along with witness list, frustrated with agents, stowing or slow walking and the sentiment is shared on capitol hill. kevin mccarthy weighing in. >> a number of investigations going on but lack of cooperation, raised by some in
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doj and the fbi and inspector general in the investigation where emails came out and clean some areas up and have to have transparency. >> donald trump sat down with a new york times reporter who asked about the mueller investigation. he has confidence in mueller saying, quote, i hope he will be fair. i think he will be fair and based on that there has been no collusion, remember what we have seen in recent weeks, attorney general bruce or demoted, peter strzok removed from the investigation, and andrew mccabe during all those hours behind closed doors hearings, and retiring early next week, hats off to our colleague john roberts who obtained this exclusively, it is going to make
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for a busy week. >> first week of the year and we are at it. first word of the year should be dossier. thank you very much. donald trump vowing to rebuild the fbi and changes are already taking place. james baker has resigned. andrew mccabe expected to retire early next year. running the clinton investigation, strzok has been removed after anti-trump, fbi agent and former associate bruce or has been demoted for concealing from fusion gps, the company behind the anti-trump dossier. legal analyst greg jarrett said there is something fishy about mueller's group of guys and determined to make donald trump look bad. >> he smells a cover-up.
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only one reason you would define and evade a lawful congressional subpoena for four long months and that is if you are trying to hide evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the fbi and department of justice. it comes down to the dossier. if it is true it was a complete fabrication, and the fbi knew it had nevertheless used it to launch the trump investigation, that renders the entire investigation a charade and delegitimize is the mueller investigation. you have this all too cozy group of guys, comey, mueller, weinstein who worked together for years and years and there's something unseemly about that because they appear to be ignoring evidence of illegality on the part of hillary clinton and the fbi and seemed to be
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determined to find wrongdoing on the part of donald trump where none exists. >> along with democratic donors on the investigation, chairman nunez, the doj and fbi have until 3 january to produce all relevant records and documents related to the original subpoena they received in august. another fox news alert, a tragic fire in new york city, 12 people i did including a one-year-old after flames swept through an apartment building in the bronx. people rushing out of their homes into below freezing temperatures to escape that inferno. one man wearing just his bathrobe and sandals. >> that is how fast it was moving, we knew it was trouble, we knew it was trouble.
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>> 170 firefighters worked for hours to get the flames under control, mayor bill diblasio, investigators searched the building, this is the city's deadliest blaze in a quarter-century. in 1987 people were killed in an arson attack at a social club less than a mile away. our prayers with all those folks, a terror attack causing mass chaos on the streets of seattle after a fan plowed into a store packed with shoppers, four people on that sidewalk were run down before the van smashed the window, someone inside hit with shattered glass, the whole thing was an accident, the driver lost control after suffering a medical condition but witnesses say one man thought was intentional and started pummeling the driver until police dragged him away but it was an accident. donald trump calling out china after reports the country's illegally selling oil to north
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korea. life in los angeles with what the trump administration is expected to do next. >> reporter: donald trump not holding back when reacting to reports china was secretly providing oil to north korea. the satellite photos appear to so chinese ships loading oil onto north korean ships. this has happened 30 times since october. if true would violate un sanctions the cast 90% of north korea's oil imports. the president tweeting caught red handed, very disappointed china is allowing oil to go into north korea. there will never be a friendly solution to the north korea problem if this continues to happen, donald trump once again bringing up aggressive trade
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actions against china to the new york times, quote, oil going into north korea, that wasn't my deal. if they don't help us with north korea, i do what i always said i want to do. former ambassador to the un john bolton said china is insulting donald trump by propping up the north korean regime's efforts to build a nuclear arsenal. >> how many ways do you put it to understand he tried to work with them and they haven't done it. they are very close to the deck of hitting targets in the united states. talk about massive sanctions all you once. >> china has denied the report, a defense official saying the situation did not exist, the relationship between donald trump and xi jinping taking a lazy turn after his asia tour, this could set up an interesting 2018. the president campaigned hard on changing trade rules with china even before north korea's
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nuclear threat. >> we will follow that, thank you. the state department detect an avalanche of emails, according to judicial watch, 3000 pages of work documents were found on her ex-husband, anthony weiner. james comey, days before the election, and that announcement cost her her presidency. the end of the road for roy moore as the alabama board rejects his lawsuit to delay doug jones's certification. the state declaring jones the winner of the special election holding votes over more in the final vote count which is more
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than initially estimated. jones is the first democrat to win that state in 25 years, more has yet to concede to jones. johnny football making a come back north of the border, johnny mandel is approved by the canadian football league, likely for the hamilton tiger cats, until january 27th, heisman trophy winner, and under investigation, by his former girlfriend. law-enforcement deaths, and president's policies for making all the difference, love when he joins us. too little too lake, for example
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is offering for secret slowing down your old iphone. ♪
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>> new numbers revealing officer fatalities are down 10% this year, some may say donald trump is to thank for all that. law-enforcement saying donald trump have strong support for police has boosted morale and save lives. >> america stand strong with our men and women in blue. believe me, we stand strong together. >> here to weigh in his former nypd lieutenant and us army veteran doctor darren porter, thank you for joining us and
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this is good news because officer fatalities are down to 128 last year in 2017 and that was down from 135. what do you attribute that to? >> precipitous drop to donald trump himself lose one thing is gdp has increased by 3%. way and we have an increase in the economy, this is a tout of donald trump's policies moving forward with the economy. in addition he has put in place some conservative justices throughout the country. a lot of these federal justices he has put in play had focused on eradicating groups like ms 13 and embarked on hire prison sentences. >> easy to follow the gdp, more people have jobs, more people feel better about their circumstances, but in terms of judges because they know if they
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do commit crimes the judges will come down hard on them. >> the judges will come down hard and they are executing on donald trump's policies. this is a platform that he ran on during the election and is showing true to being a true commander-in-chief and it is reflective of the precipitous drops in crime in the state. >> and targeting the gangs. >> when we go back we saw jeff sessions visited long island and declared a war against these criminal elements like ms 13 and this is something he has been able to show and improve on. in addition, this is all manifest and we see drops reflective of trump and sessions's strategies. heather: donald trump has made clear from the beginning he is supportive of law enforcement, he will give them resources to fight crime. >> resources are of optimum importance, respect, he always stepped in front of the camera and talks about law enforcement and this is resonating, not just law-enforcement but the rest of
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the country. heather: lead by example. his attitude being supportive of law enforcement being respectful of law enforcement will spread to others in the community. >> we had a situation with president obama seemed he was more opposed to and set up a series of consent decrees to target these police departments where one of the first things donald trump did is rolled back consent decrees and believes police departments were capable of policing themselves. jillian: heather: we hope the number of officer fatalities continue to drop. thanks for joining us. have a great new year. can you believe it is hard to believe. 18 minutes after the top of the hour. remember the college professor who said all he wanted for christmas is white genocide? drexel university is about to have a job opening. >> my new year's resolution is to learn how to play guitar but
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you know the special skills listed on my resume? i would love it if one of those was true. >> love joey. lunar new year. will you actually stick to your resolutions this year. the five secrets to a better you in 2018. ♪
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investment management services from td ameritrade. >> picking a new year's resolution, picking a resolution can be easy, sticking with it not so much. a tougher task for a lot of folks. what is the trick to keeping the promise you make to your self.
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thank you for joining us this morning. >> wonderful to be here, such an optimistic time with new beginnings and new year's resolutions. heather: lots of people do this every year. off the top, some of the big ones people tend to make, everyone says they want to get healthy, get organized, live life to the fullest, don't know what that means but learn new hobbies, spend less, save more, but it is difficult, any of those. >> 50% of americans make new year's resolutions but how many go through with it? heather: 10%. >> 8%. what is going wrong? we have some tips for you. heather: call it smart. >> that is the acronym. be specific with your goals. heather: live life to the
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fullest. >> how do you do that? believes a lot of questions so be specific. instead of saying live life to the fullest say i'm going to take a vacation two or three times a year. and then the next one is measurement, make sure whatever your goal is measure it somehow. heather: not just lose weight. >> don't just lose weight, get on track and say if i'm going to lose weight i will take my weight every two weeks, we will monitor it and measure it, download a financial apps, track money. and it stands for attainment. is it realistic.
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all or nothing thinking. and my new year's resolution lasted a week or two but then give up, and setbacks are normal, it is okay to have missteps. >> not going to eat any more pizza in the entire new year. it is relevant. >> i want people to think of the bigger picture. instead of saying i'm going to -- and and a longer healthier life. and stick with it. >> you will keep track of your
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progress. and friends and family involved. they will hold you accountable. they will provide support for you. >> don't know how many friends you will have left. that is a good idea for sure. be smart with your resolutions and don't give up. happy new year to you. do you make new year's resolutions? >> number 3, live life to the fullest. heather: be specific. 6 minutes until the top of the hour, a common policy for past presidents to keep their opinions about new presidents private but apparently barack obama did not get that message. >> we thought we put that to
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bed. 50 years back. heather: a lot of opinions. are those attack hurting america's foreign-policy? our next guest says no one is listening anyway. it made average americans instant millionaires but his bid coin really the money of the future. kurt the fiber guy, with technology of the future that will change your life in 2018.
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heather: welcome back to "fox and friends" first on the east coast, the top law enforcement agency under fire for refusing to turn over documents related to the fake trump dossier investigation. and devon nunez, and rod
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rosenstein. nunez, the fbi and doj need to investigate themselves and he's not the only republican lawmaker that feels that way. >> they have been ignored. hearings or to be questions. >> a country that believes in rule of law. >> the russia investigation plagued with bias from the beginning. representative matt gates has repeatedly called for attorney general sessions to step up and fire robert mueller. >> the problem is in the swamp of washington dc the biggest alligator is a politicized fbi and department of justice and that is why we are fighting hard to make sure we have a fair and equal opportunity to be heard. >> florida attorney general pam bondi says the american people
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deserve a fair investigation. >> as a career prosecutor my entire career, now attorney general, there are about 40,000 great men and women at the fbi throughout the country and a few bad ones in the justice department making the rest look bad and that is not fair to the great men and women risking their lives every day. we have strzok, strzok shouldn't be in hr, he should be fired. we have james baker allegations come all these things so the intelligence committee, they have to take it upon themselves to do the investigation the right way and call for these people to be taken off who can't handle it the right way and the american people deserve that. the investigation should be beyond reproach. >> the doj and fbi have until the third january next week to produce all relevant records and
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documents related to the original subpoena they received back in august. we will see if they make the deadline. since donald trump took office former president obama, slamming his success policy. >> people have entirely different -- just conclusions in information that reinforces their current biases. the politics we see now, we thought we put that to bed. that goes 50 years back. >> to mobilize every couple months to keep our leaders from inflicting real human suffering on our constituents. heather: has a former president ever criticized the current one before as much as this? what impact does this have on the country have standing around the world? senior fellow with the heritage foundation, thanks for joining us this morning, we appreciate
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it. have you ever heard a former president do something like this to this extent? it does seem we have president obama out there constantly at this point traveling where donald trump goes and coming out with his opinions on what donald trump has to say. >> it is not historically unprecedented. we had presidents the criticized the presidents that came after them before. the difference is a huge megaphone 24 hour news cycle so it gets more attention than it used to. i don't think it moves the bubble. obama has more to worry about, he will be judged on his legacy and his legacy is not looking good. his economy pales compared to this economy, his foreign-policy pales -- even domestic violence and the domestic situation during his presidency, he has his own issues.
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heather: do you think that is the reason he is out there so much? he is worried about his legacy? >> you would have to ask mister obama why he does what he does. in terms of foreign-policy this does not move the bubble. everyone knows who the president of the united states is which i have been talking to ministers and heads of government and parliamentarians, they know who has power in the united states and it is not obama and that is not the person they pay attention to. heather: does it give them talking points, father to use against the current administration when you have someone like president obama talking to business leaders in paris in terms of climate change where he says there is a, quote, temporary absence of american leadership, they take that and use that against this administration? >> not among our friends and allies who by and large like trump's foreign-policy better
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than obama's. in europe, he has been tougher on the russians coming in the middle east, he has been tougher on isis, al qaeda, iran, stiff on china, more consistent north korean policy and most of our allies appreciate that. heather: in terms of helping, this doesn't help in terms of bringing america together and furthering america in the world. >> the world has never been more puzzled by this. not sure one more voice however illegitimate it is make much of a difference but policies are working and trump is anything but a lame-duck president. traditionally over the next two years, even if it doesn't look like they are going to get reelected and foreign-policy, security policy, they can operate pretty independently, people recognize, to deal with
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the next two years, nobody is diminishing trump because obama complains about him. heather: he doesn't need his assistance. some sort of support for previous administration. we appreciate you joining us, have a great new year. bone chilling temperatures ripping millions of americans across the northeast. it is called, new hampshire, 34 ° below 0. the brutal cold, and in chicago, the deep-freeze for oil and call. the most fuel oil in three years on thursday, 2 power heaters across new england so bundle up out there. a man being held a hero after
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leaping into freezing water, saving a 70-year-old woman. watch this. the man struggling to haul her out of this icy river in china smashing through with his bare hands, and another helping pull that woman to safety. a lucky woman there. 20 minutes until the top of the hour, too little too late, the so-called fix apple is offering for secretly slowing down your old iphones. more states considering legalizing marijuana. the menu or the munchies, the coast to coast, everyone looking up the assist, the big relief, top headlines, they made waves in 2017. ♪ total eclipse of the heart ♪
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heather: foxbusiness alert, apple offering a discount on batteries after admitting to purposely slowing down your old iphones but the company not in the clear yet. tracy is here with charges they are facing. they said they did this for us, for our own good. >> reporter: this admission came out last week, there's been a backlash of iphone users, even some class-action lawsuits we told you about yesterday. apple admitted, they said we are sorry, we never meant to do harm, we didn't do anything intentionally to shorten the life of any apple product. they are offering a $50 discount on a battery replacement, that will cost $20 to get that replaced if you have an iphone 6 or older so that should help but they are not in the clear yet.
1:43 am
in france, a group filed a sighting, violation of the transition, apple deliberately made iphones end-users forced to replace them earlier than necessary. as much as 300,000, 5% of the annual turnover so they are not out of the woods yet. need to figure out a way to make one of these iphone users happy. >> the energy transition law. tsa on track for record gun collection in 2017. >> this is another record for the tsa, they collected 4000 firearms at the tsa check point at the airports. that has led to the most guns uncovered, hartfield, jackson,
1:44 am
atlanta, international airport and george bush intercontinental airport in houston, because texas and atlanta where you can carry a gun openly with a permit so they found most of these -- heather: fast food chain -- >> this comes from jack-in-the-box, taking advantage of california's legalization of recreational use of marijuana, came out with the merry munchy meal box, curly fries, onion rings, two tacos, crispy chicken strips and a small drink and the price is $4.20. that is also known -- >> your heart and scale will pay a bigger price for that.
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thank you, have a great new year. they are now a family of four. the birth of two baby bald eagles caught on camera and it is going viral. harriet and her mate laid the eggs in november. thousands watching them hatch and that is streamed live and started to crack the day after christmas and they were born one day apart. here's a live look at harriet and her new babies. the next few days, they will take turns feeding and taking care of them. it looks empty. that is empty. there you have it. the time is 15 minutes after the top of the hour. freedom of religion rejected. the bakery refusing to make a cake for same-sex wedding because of their faith may forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars, the outrageous ruling just handed down. implementing electric cars has been slow roll but a big boom.
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breaking down the technology that will change your life in 2018. ♪
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heather: remember the professor who twoed all i want for christmas is white genocide. resigning next year, and the year of harassment by white supremacist media outlets and those who may death threats against him and his family. and to vomit when he saw
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passengers give up their airline seat for a soldier and blamed the las vegas shooting on trumpisam. he is out of a job. faith under attack all over a cake, kristin baker ordered to pay a $135,000 fine because they stuck to their religious beliefs refusing to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding. morgan appeals court ruling the bakery was in the wrong after the same-sex couple claims they felt, quote, mentally raped when the bakers declined to make them a cake. electric cars, crypto currency and more, welcome to the world of tech in 2018. what trends should you watch for and reshaping the way we live, work and play. thank you so much, appreciate it. i have been telling people throughout the show, tech things, to change our life, a
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lot to live up. >> for those who own the iphone 6 series regardless which model of the six, starting in the middle or late part of january through the end of the year and change out the battery, the response to apple throttling down many of their older iphones and apple saying instead of paying $75 we will change out, give you a new battery for $29. still up against a lot of class-action lawsuits and amazon in 2018 is going to be more giant, expect to see job growth, half 1 million people will work
1:52 am
for amazon in total in the year 2018, they will hit the benchmark and walmart is the only us employer in the private sector to beat them out in terms of jobs and amazon looking to grow with whole foods, look for them to have an eye on things like pharmaceuticals. a drugstore, look for them to get into the furniture business and look for them to come out with something extraordinary. in california showing you the launch of the iphone tenant a new thing called augmented reality, what that is, layers something in the viewfinder of your phone, and much like virtual reality, adds another layer. amazon expects you to log on to their apps and you will take an
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amazon product, heather's living room, when it's chair might look like, a pillow for the corner, really cool to look at, you see how it works. heather: you can feel it and smell it, it will be great. >> apple created, and touch the screen of the phone, gives you sensation of a texture, be it hair or stucco, you could feel it. heather: all right. >> this is the year you may consider buying an electric car. a lot of manufacturers with cheaper cars, chevy volt, $30,000, tesla leading the role with the latest car that is supposed to have mass volume,
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$35,000, model 3, nissan for 29,900 expected to hit the market this year. a lot more affordable to have an idea of an electric car. this is the year youth about it. heather: things that we feel, we will talk about that later. the other thing is crypto currency, we will have you back in the new year, have a great new year by the way, appreciate it, see you. the time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour and we will be right back, stay with us.
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heather: americans weathering a roller coaster of emotions in 2017. shepard smith looks back at the year that three major hurricanes, historic mass shootings and a total solar eclipse.
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>> reporter: the year started with a big change in washington, the inauguration of donald trump. >> the people became the rulers of this nation again. >> the next day millions protested the new president of the women's marches across the country. across the nation people turned out to see the first coast-to-coast total eclipse of the sun in nearly a century. >> we experienced every together. >> americans continue to recover from three devastating hurricanes which had during the end of the summer. first harvey slammed into the us as a category 4 storm causing catastrophic damage to houston and the texas coast. >> we are just beginning the process of responding to this storm. >> reporter: next, irma, one of the strongest atlantic hurricanes on record slammed florida, devastating rain,
1:59 am
finally hurricane maria carving a path of destruction through puerto rico, killing dozens of people and wiping out power to the entire island. on october 1st, o.j. simpson walked free after spending nine years behind bars following a botched robbery in las vegas. just hours later in las vegas, the deadliest mass shooting in american history, 58 people killed, 500 wounded, when a gunman fired into a crowded country music festival on the las vegas strip, no word on his motive. a month later another deadly mass shooting. 25 people died including a pregnant woman during a sunday church service in sutherland springs, texas, the deadliest shooting in a place of worship in american history. >> no attack, no acts of violence will break our spirit diminish the faith of the american people.
2:00 am
>> reporter: the legendary hollywood producer harvey weinstein lost his job and so much more after dozens of women accused him of harassment, assault and rape. looking ahead to 2018 the midterm elections coming up, the whole country waiting to see if voters will reject a reward donald trump. we are keeping a close eye on tensions with korea and the latest sexual misconduct accusations. we will be here for all of it. shepard smith fox news. heather: that wraps it up for me, see you back at 11 am, "fox and friends" first continues now, by. >> congress has responded with oversight, they have been ignored, delayed, refused to send people in to have hearings. jillian: december 29th a fox news alert demanding answers, representative nunez blasting the doj and fbi for failure to produce dossier documents, the new deadline he gave the mueller team to


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