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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  December 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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the attic running around. you have to be careful. >> we've enjoyed being with you on this 2017 happy and prosperous 2018. happy new year my friend. >> we want to thank you sincerely. for making fox news channel your choice. >> five hours to go to 2018. in the us and worldwide the party is already in full swing. you are watching the "fox report". in sydney australia ringing in the new year. an estimated a million people coming out to see the fireworks. about half of are believed to be terrorists. it is what it looked like in malaysia. thousands gathered at the twin towers in kuala lumpur. anddubai switching things up this year. now we are going to brian in times square. right here in good old america! >> hello molly! happy new year's to you and
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everyone back home. you can see the crowd already behind me. folks have been on here 1 o'clock, 12 o'clock in the afternoon. of course, we can see the security. nothing but nypd up and down. look it to my right. this is a sanitation truck. one of dozens of sanitation trucks creating a perimeter around times square to prevent a vehicular sort of style attack. some provisions they had taken here in times square to protect this amazing event. there are over a million people here. not only have a added being sanitation trucks but also take a look at the buildings up here. right? over a million people braving the cold and -- >> brian has been out there braving the cold for several days. bring us all up to date about the security that will be keeping everyone safe in times square. and we have him back! >> all right, sorry about that. we have the hotel appear and we have got officers in the
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buildings. to make sure everything is okay. given what happened in las vegas. we also have k-9 units going up and down here and as you come over here, you can see that we have 1000 cameras opposition here. you can look here, looking at the event. we're going to talk to some folks molly. it has been a very cold, you guys are from texas, right? >> all the way from texas! >> what time did you get here? >> probably 1 o'clock. >> 1 o'clock. how are you staying warm? >> we are not! we are called! >> did you think that is going to be this cold? >> i did not expect to feel it like this! >> can you explain it to the folks?>> i cannot feel much.
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>> how many layers are you wearing? >> four on top, three on the bottom. is it worth it? do you realize you have another five hours? >> yes! >> you can see all of the folks here. they have been waiting out here for hours. security obviously a top concern. nypd says there is no specific credible threat to times square or new york city. they are just taking precautions. there is over 6000 police officers here in uniform. they are protecting this beautiful event. over a billion people will be watching on television as the ball drops. >> absolutely! thank you for that report, enjoy the rest of your evening! almost anywhere that you live, whether -- much of the us is enduring bone chilling cold. and we have more with adam on
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that. >> hello molly! it is incredibly called across the country. fortunately warm here in the studio. temperatures around 12 degrees in new york city. across the entire country, there is a spot where it gets really cold in the northern plains. these are actual temperatures. if you add in the windchill, it feels even colder! it feels like down into the -20s and -30s! absolutely frigid! that is in the midwest off to the east.these are the current windchill temperatures. 13 degrees in indianapolis. new york city, zero! that is the temperature currently. as we go through the overnight hours and eventually threw the ball drop, we'll see actual temperatures at 11 degrees or 10 degrees in that range. windchill answer -2! when not that far from everyone else sitting at zero. these are the numbers play out across the region.
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right now into the early overnight hours, look at that, 20 degrees chicago, -15 indianapolis, -2 new york, as we get into the new year things are not looking a lot better. really throughout the entire first day of 2018, temperatures will be in the negatives, 15 to 20 and 30 in some places in the midwest and back into the plains. no up tonight! unfortunately, bundle up tomorrow and the day after that. >> absolutely! a great day to stay inside, cuddle up by the fire and watched fox news. join us in the early hours of 2018 as we ring in the new year starting at 8 pm eastern with ed henry and lisa boothe. and at 10 pm eastern, kennedy and jesse watters with the all american new year all live in times square here in new york city. you can also take part in the final social media.
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go to the # fox news 2018. the president also sent red new year's eve in florida. and gearing up a holiday party with friends and family at his mar-a-lago estate. this after sharing lunch with florida governor, rick scott earlier in the day. steve harrigan is live on west palm beach, florida. what has been the presidents response to events in iran? >> molly, the president is paying close attention. he has tweeted about this as recently today saying iran never was state sponsored terror with numerous violations of human rights. is now closed down the incidence of peaceful damages cannot communicate. not good. there are also recent reports that cell phone damage or cell phones have been shut down in parts of the country as well. and what about the party tonight? >> for the past two decades the
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president has brought in the new year's and his mar-a-lago club.there will be the case tonight with the first lady and family members and friends. a ticket for the event for a guest at $750. judging by last year there were about five or 600 people in attendance. a four course meal, traditional baked alaska dessert, dancing with a live band. cocktail underway right now. >> thank you steve! hopefully a little warmer than other parts of the country. we appreciate it. the antigovernment protest in iran have turned deadly. two demonstrators were killed and overnight classes. this is a rating presidents criticizing president trump for supporting the protesters. ellison barber is live from washington with more. if the government still blocking social media? >> yes, they are pretty distorted little from steve there. as far as we know the iranian government continues to block access to social media apps. telegram, would protesters have been using for coordinating and
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communicating. the interior ministry says social media is being used to promote violence. >> all of those who enter in recent days and those who provoked it behind the scenes, the relations, those that miss you cyberspace and spread violence are absolutely known to us and will confront them. >> makes it a social media restdissent telegram. they see us as iranian authority is blocked access to telegram after the company refused to shut down peaceful protest channels. the president began four days ago. the iranian president stayed quite publicly until today. in a speech he said that the people have the right to protest but violence is not acceptable. over 200 people were arrested saturday at antigovernment protests in tehran. two people according to officials died at another protest in -- this this was
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illegal and the two deaths occurred during quote - a class. they also said quote - no bullets were shot from police. opposition groups dispute that and they said the police and government security forces opened fire on protesters. [video] this can be heard in the distance as people rushed out of the ground and in one portion of the videos, people are running and clearly carrying an injured person away from the chaos. at another point the video appears to show protesters bleeding from bullet wounds. >> are protesters made any specific demands? >> yes, they have. they want to see new government peer protest began because of economic issues unemployment. the rising price of basic goods. like eggs, chicken reportedly jumped in price anywhere from 30 to 40 percent.
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another protest seems to be about the system at large. about a government protester seen as corrupt. >> what you see is very reminiscent of the 2009 -- i feel it is far deeper than that and a lot more promising. because now there is each faction blaming the other. >> he is associated with an opposition group. and they said that they will accept quote - nothing short of the removal of the islamic regime and a new government. >> it is about people seeking liberty and a brighter future for themselves. a riveting and important story. ellison barber, thank you for bringing us the details from washington. any follow-up of the presidents decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. the palestinian envoy to washington now being called back for talks about future relations with the us. this after the president moved sparking days of classes in the region. conor powell is in jerusalem with more.
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>> the new year seems likely to bring the possibility of more conflict and political unrest to the middle east. 2018 starts with a militant group isis, largely defeated and barely clinging to a fraction of the territory that it once controlled. so what happens next for the terror group? it is still very much in question. there are fears that isis will have more conditional terror groups and followers from iraq and syria europe and even the united states to launch attacks. the trump administration has vowed to prevent that from happening. meanwhile, the israeli-palestinian conflict is once again front and center on the world stage on the present is unilateral decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. that move setting up violent classes in jerusalem. and the palestinian areas. and demonstrations around the world. we will be watching to see what
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impact, if any, the presidents announcement has on this stalled peace process. and if other countries both yes and announce their intentions to move their embassies to jerusalem. so far, only guatemala has said that it would. but it is yemen, that looks to consume much of america's attention in 2018. they have -- they have made a bad situation into a full-fledged humanitarian crisis. with tensions heating up between iran and saudi arabia, yemen could very well bear the brunt of it. and spark a wider conflict in the region. >> thank you! right now, new details of a scary scene from this morning. what police are saying about the man who had several guns inside of his high-rise hotel room. plus, a fleet of officers responding to a call in colorado. my authorities say the deputies
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quickly faced a very grave situation. >> s.w.a.t. officers going to the hospital. they were going as fast as they were. it was clear there was something bad happened. esuranc, you can save time, worry, hassle, and yup, money. in fact, drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved hundreds. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call. >> a houston man arrested
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earlier today after he was busted with several guns and ammunition in his hotel room. police now say the suspect was holding the weapons there for safekeeping. and he had quote - no unlawful intent. the man is facing assault and trespassing charges, however. after authorities reportedly first tried to arrest him for intoxication. in colorado and deadly shooting leaves one sheriff deputy dead and four others injured. officers came under fire after responding in the early morning hours of the day. the douglas county sheriff says 100 rounds were fired and all. they're comparing this scene to an ambush style attack.
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will carr is live in the west newsroom with more. ask molly, this all started with a 911 call. the report, a man might be having a mental breakdown for that led to basement apartment in highland ranch colorado about 15 miles from denver. when they walked inside, the suspect unloaded. ultimately, four deputies were injured and one deputy, was shot and killed. two civilians were shot as well. the government exchanged fire with law enforcement and was killed by members of a regional s.w.a.t. team. authorities say they're very familiar with the man and while his mother is unclear, at this point we have learned that he used a rifle in the attack and evidently was waiting for the officers to arrive. including deputy parish was 29 years old. >> spent some time with his wife. we cannot say how difficult it is for a leader to sit down with a spouse of an officer who was killed in the line of duty.
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they had many hopes and dreams and he was doing his job. he was doing his job well. and his life was taken from us this morning. >> the deputy was married and had two young children. earlier today they led his body from a hospital to the medical examiner's office. president trump weighing-in on twitter saying my deepest condolences to the victims of terrible shooting in douglas county. and their families love our police, law enforcement, god bless them all. 39 members of law enforcement have now been killed in the line of duty this year. that is lower than 2016. obviously still too many. thankfully, the other victims in today's shooting are expected to recover. you have all the families impacted today, a fallen officer fund has been set up by the douglas county sheriffs office. you can check it out on their website or on social media. >> thank you.
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our dad started deputies families. can the president bring democrats to the table as he looks to advance his agenda in 2018? by bipartisanship might be transits and a landmark date in the state that passed the first medical marijuana law more than 20 years ago. >> we are seeing an increase in the number of americans agree it is time to regulate marijuana. take it out of the underground market. have people pay taxes on it like they would for any other product. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. >> as many as three dozen
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states reporting widespread cases of the flu. the virus usually reaches its peak in february. xmas plane called publicans and what appears to be less effective vaccine this year? the infection is reportedly being blamed for more than 30 deaths so far this season. symptoms include fever, chills, muscle aches, fatigue, coughing and congestion. there new year's day march the new year in california as some stores will be allowed to legally sell recreational marijuana. the state has given licenses to about six dozen businesses so far. retailers are anticipating a major shift.
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>> the last few days have been a little crazy as you can see. a lot of the medical cannabis patients are coming in, stacking up before taxes go up in the new year. >> i think will be exciting, crazy, a complete change for the industry right now. >> california was the first state to pass a law allowing medical marijuana. there was more than 20 years ago. >> president sent to house republican leadership at camp david this week. the party looking to build on the momentum since having tax reform. the 2018 agenda may require more cooperation from democrats. garrett tenney has more. >> republican leaders have a long wish list for 2018. including some items that they may be able to get bipartisan support. foremost is rebuilding america's infrastructure. the white house tells us they are looking at $200 billion in spending to rebuild roads, bridges, rails and waterways. democrats want to bump the funding up to about $1 trillion.
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another hot button issue is immigration reform. including daca. democrats want to permanently protect those brought into the country illegally as children. the president says he is willing to do that in exchange for migration and immigration lottery system as well as the border wall. which democrats say is a nonstarter but senator lindsey graham is still optimistic. >> we need the wall, not a complete 2200 mile wall. we need border security. that with the dream act, there is a deal to be had on immigration. >> house speaker ryan is also eyeing a number of issues not expected to get much democratic report including reforms with entitlement and welfare reforms which many democrats consider untouchable. >> they will not fight against the privatization of social security. it will be a diminishment of medicare and medicaid. that is on the block for republican politics and healthcare. >> next to the present will hash out the gop's top priorities with house speaker paul ryan and senate majority
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leader. and doug jones is expected to be sworn in after winning the election. and we will examine the midterm elections. plus we have you covered right here on new year's eve. the fund kicks up to the top of the hour. but first, a sneak preview live from the heart of new york city. >> it is so much fun here. we met new friends. it is just cool. we're dancing and singing. that's what makes us warm. i'm worried i can't find a safe used car.
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a new set of political challenges. something clearly on the presidents mind as he tweets about the 2008 the midterm elections and a very serious implication that they can have the next presidency. hello, this is the "fox report". the president has already seen democrats scored two major wins in 2017. the governors race was won in a purple state of virginia and doug jones claimed alabama's empty senate seat. and with history favoring minority parties, the president is wondering what next year might bring? tweeting my with smart voters want to put democrats and congress in 2018 elections when their policies will totally kill great wealth created during the months since election? people are much better off now, not to mention isis, the va, judges, strong border, tax cuts
4:28 pm
and more. it analysis now. let's bring in eddie, the media reporter for the washington examiner. thank you for being here, happy new year! >> of course, happy new year! next they have the 24 seats to take back this house and the party, and can be tough for whatever president is in power for the door much success going into the midterm election. what can republicans do to push back against what some think will be the blue wave? that's right, it is to talk about because whether it is a blue wave or a red wave. again, we do not know simply because we have president trump. this person who is a total wildcard. we do not know what he can do before the actual election and the mccanns. so it is hard to say. i know that like you said, history is on the democrats inside us far as picking up seats. we typically see that in a typical atmosphere.but right now we do not have that. so it is really hard to say and
4:29 pm
i think that the president does not make it any easier for either party. >> people really do care about the pocketbook issues. something in his tweet really caught my eye. they say they have the great wealth created six months since the election. people are much better off now. and of course because famously back to ronald reagan saying are you better off now than you were four years ago?it really is what people talk about when you watch the polls and ask them why they are voting the way they arc it has to do with jobs in the market. if the market is still doing well and tax reform puts money in peoples pockets and we see that many starting in february, will that mean good news for republicans? >> right, that can actually be a double-edged sword. for republicans it's a good thing obviously if they feel like they have crafted policies that benefited voters. on the other hand, you can see some complacency from voters in that case. you might seem voters that say i'm doing pretty good, not angry. i might not go out and vote.
4:30 pm
that would be among republican voters were as you might have democratic voters that say, i still do not like the presidents attitude, i do not like his tweets. i do not like the things he has done office. so they may have the energy on their side. again, is a double-edged sword. >> sevent democrats are defending 25 seats. 10 are in the states that the president carried and there were some present 2016. pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan for instance. that is where the tempest races may be. and the map offers some favoritism to republicans and some of the states they could be red leaning. if that were the biggest competitions will be? and should we keep there on the senate as the potential for republicans holding onto power? >> right, we have to keep our eye in the senate. that is most important. there are two seats i think that would democrats have to take. in order to overtake the house of congress.
4:31 pm
but it is leaning towards republicans. it is in their favor now which is good for the president. he is hanging onto a very slim majority. i think the vice president had that where he had to come in and break the tie several times now. they want to keep going in that direction? i don't know. the best thing they can hope for is a president campaigning and then being in sync in a lot of ways. with their campaigning. i think the race in alabama, the senate race, that showed us what we need to know which is you cannot take anything for granted. >> that's true. years ago in massachusetts we had a similar thing when scott brown won the race there. it may not be the case where you think it is complacent. speaking of the unconventional president, could he be a major factor and if some of these representatives and congressmen and senators hold their seats, lose their seats and they are picked up? how big of a role will the president play? >> it will be everything! he will be the role.
4:32 pm
you can go back to president obama back in 2010. when there was this massive wave of tea party republicans that came in and they asked afterwards, do you think that this was a referendum on your agenda? he said no, i do not think so. we may see the same thing happen with donald trump but i don't know. i think it is a total wildcard. we have to wait and see. >> the resident cannot be caged. especially when it comes to twitter. he can be unpredictable and anything can happen as we get closer to the midterm election. things can change of public policy and also national events. is it really just too early to predict which way any waves could go? >> right, that is the thing. things turn on the design. they turn with events and the presidents tweets make a complete event of everything. it can turn everything.
4:33 pm
it can run a news cycle for one or two weeks. when it comes the president, who really don't know. he is someone eager to seize on moments particularly when you think they're getting dull. then there's any surprise or a new tweet. into the next election when it comes down to the final weeks, you will see him taking advantage of twitter that is my guess. i think it is a pretty safe one. >> eddie scarry thank you for joining us on this final day of the year. have a wonderful 2018. happy new year to you! >> happy new year! >> for the first time in years, christians and melodies persecuted by isis are able to spend christmas at home. and much thanks to an incredible 13-year-old boy and his family. warren green is here in the new york city newsroom with the story. >> 13-year-old noah, has marbles he collected what was left of his family is burnt out home in iraq. speaking through an interpreter
4:34 pm
he explains it was all that remained after isis terrorist attacks the christian community east of mosul.burning their homes, parish churches and religious materials and artifacts. >> they told us to flee and they were big crowds with traffic and cars. they were shooting everywhere. we were all scared. the family of eight has spent the last three years as refugees. his father holds back tears remembering the christmases before the dark days. >> we used to celebrate christmas altogether. i used to buy new clothes for the children. and make food inside the house for all of us. >> not isis has been scattered, noah and his father and their family are getting the best christmas ever so they know christmas in their home for the first time in three years. >> we need to move these families back. especially at christmas.>> open doors usa has brought noah and his father to america to be the face of christian persecution to convince politicians and country leaders to help them and others we
4:35 pm
settle in their native land. they presented a petition to the un secretary-general signed by more than 800,000. and also met with vice president mike pence. >> these are people in a christian community since the time of christ. they still speak the language of jesus. >> for noah is not enough that he gets to be home for christmas. >> i am adjusting this to all of the kids at my age here in the state to put on their mind, there are many children in iraq without parents. i'm asking them to pray for all of the children in iraq. the latest numbers show that this is a dire situation. according to a study, there were once 1.5 million christians in iraq. today the number has been reduced to around 250,000. in new york, fox news. >> a stowaway passenger forcing some folks to rebook holiday flights. >> how a rogue sparrow.
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-- >> i am not in charge and i am trying to get to be in charge. keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. >> a small bird, a small bird
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wreaking havoc on a delta flight from detroit to atlanta. as spotted in the plane while they are boarding.passenger software and hours labor the truce try to find it -- while the crews tried to find it. an hour into the fight the captains of the bird reappeared and was going crazy in the
4:39 pm
cockpit. the turnaround landed and safely removed the bird. and then i told battle to his reelection as a growing number of conservatives accused this republican betraying their values. mike has the story. >> illinois voters recently got a curious statement from their governor. >> i'm not in charge, and trying to get to be in charge. >> a wealthy rookie in politics he has had a rough first term the statement acknowledges that the speaker of the illinois house dominated. democrat mike madigan has held the speaker schedule longer than anyone in us history. the two-year budget standoff was largely seen as a showdown between the two and the governor lost. he lost on all including the estate tax -- critics jumped on
4:40 pm
his first national interview with greg bear because it appeared he had one answer for almost everything. >> the immigration system is broken. we have a broken budget situation in illinois. so much of the affordable healthcare is broken. >> he signed a bill preventing policemen descending aliens based on their legal status. critics call it a sanctuary state law. he also signed a bill funding abortions for state employees and low-income women. all of that printing the front page of the national review labeling him the first republican governor in america. now he has a challenger for the primaries. >> he admitted chicago democrats, social and economic agenda instead of conservatives and conservative reform agenda. >> as for democratic challenges the top is a new newcomer. he ties rauner to donald trump.
4:41 pm
>> you look you in the eye and say i am not in charge. >> do not blame me he says. i'm just the governor. i am not the one running things. >> i press the governor on my illinois conservatives should broken. and if the speaker is really running the show. his response was that he beats him some of the time. in chicago, fox news. >> it is almost party time in new york city. folks are braving what is expected to be a zero degrees wind chill to see the ball drop in times square. and henry, lisa and dean cain are already in the freezing cold. and it looks cold out there. ed, what is it like at -- i think i'm on five layers. everyone else as well. lisa and i been talking about this. we're just going to have fun
4:42 pm
tonight. i mean i think that is it, right? >> exactly. i feel like a fat guy in a little coat. if i move my arms, they might break. >> it is beautiful out here. i'm so excited. it is the first time i have seen the ball drop. >> me too! >> 12,000 pounds that they are of waterford crystal. >> i would like that in my house. >> they will have confetti at midnight. we are going to have so much fun. obviously security is a big deal. fresh on the minds of the nypd. think about october 31, the charter terror attack on the bicycle path in lower manhattan. eight people were killed, more than 10 people were injured. more recently december 11 we have the subway bombing right here in times square. thankfully no one was killed. if six or 7000 nypd officers.
4:43 pm
there out in force and ready to go. >> there also incredibly nice! they're here to serve, happy to serve in having to keep us safe. we really enjoyed talking to them along the way. and thanking them for keeping us safe that you are thankful for their service. and forever serving at home, thank you. >> definitely. security here, i feel pretty safe. even just getting here to times square, 30 minutes, six layers, these guys are doing their job very well! >> i saw a long line of folks trying to get into times square. lots of dogs out there and the nypd, new york's finest, everywhere! it was great. everyone was in a great mood shaking the hands of the officers walking by. thanking them for keeping all of us safe. and really sticking it out with hours to go. everyone is huddled together for warmth like penguins. >> in a minute we will do that!
4:44 pm
>> what is the craziest thing you have seen so far? you have hours to go till midnight what are you seeing so far? >> law, dave mentioned six layers of security with seven or eight layers of clothing! so that is bigger than security tonight. i was asking some people say when i first came as a why you are here? if they are bundled up, and one young girl screamed at him i want to see nick jonas! >> there you go!>> i want to see nick jonas. >> this is something that we have all watched from home growing up. it is such a special moment to be here. and an honor for us to be part of this with fox. we are having so much fun and is not even 8 o'clock! >> millions will be watching at home, we will be watching for you said something earlier about white castle coming in?
4:45 pm
>> we are trying to get that as well. there was a truck that pulled up for the nypd. right before my live shot earlier they were giving out hot chocolate, hot coffee. some of the officers said wait a second, they were elbowing me. white castles just showed up! dean, you were not here yet. >> i really had a burger for the night, that was my fuel. >> these brave men and women in blue, we are thinking about them and in colorado today. one deputy killed, several shot. these offices are on the front lines. they do not always get the credit they deserve. it is not just on new year's eve, it is all year round! >> and they are doing this with a smile. everyone we spoke with has been so friendly and helpful, so nice. and happy to be here. we are so thankful for them. >> no question about it. >> is not just about the security, they are putting up with enormous crowds, trying to make sure everyone is having a great time without making it scary for families. when i was working there today
4:46 pm
there were lots of kids out in the city. a great time to be in new york. everything is so sparkling. christmas lights are still out. the crowds will be big and they are ready. you guys look amazing! we have hours and hours to go. are there any surprises tonight that we can expect? >> it would not be a surprise if we told you. i have to say it has already been announced that neil diamond will be singing.he will be sending sweet caroline late in the evening. >> everyone is lucky because we were singing and dancing before we went live. we decided to stop for the ratings and everyone's ears at home. >> sweet caroline! >> my sister is going to go nuts. she's a huge neil diamond band! >> do not change the channel, please! >> who is in charge out there? is it dean? >> yes, i am.
4:47 pm
>> we are in big trouble! >> no one is in charge. >> i tried to pick which side and then dean said there's a big american flag behind ed and not me. but he's being a gentleman and being nice. >> when you come back i will be sitting in that seat! >> i love that you guys are getting along. there hours to go so i'm sure you plenty of time to mix it up. looking beautiful and sparkly, it will be a fabulous night! >> happy new year everyone!>> happy new year molly! >> as ed said, top of the hour, fox news channel, party central. ed henry and lisa boothe and dean cain kicking things off. then we will keep the party going with the all american new year. and of course you can be part of this all on twitter with the # fox news 2018.
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plenty of policy remember as we say goodbye to 2017. coming up, how star wars is snagging a major accolade just in the nick of time. plus, folks in southern california are getting ready for one of the most beautiful events of the year. still ahead, we may look at the annual rose parade. >> we are filling these up with water so when the flowers are cut they can go back into the water to preserve them to live throughout the parade. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> the last day of the year,
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star wars: the last jedi topping the charts with beauty and the beast as the number one most grossing film of the a whopping $517 million so far. the whole thing helps round out the top five. we mentioned number one and number two. wonder woman is third, "guardians of the galaxy" is number four and finishing the year in fifth place, spiderman homecoming. it course roughly $334 million! despite some late year blockbusters 2017 was actually
4:52 pm
a pretty rough year for the movie business of wealthier plenty of talent tells us why. [video] >> while he is top movie, beauty and the beast, earn more than half $1 billion, there was no fairytale ending in hollywood's box office. studio figures for 2017 revenues down 2 and a half percent from last year to just over $11 billion. and attendance predicted to slip four percent to 1 1/4 billion tickets sold and north america. >> blame this on that original movies, lackluster sequels and stiff competition from streaming services like amazon and netflix. >> you are more content on more platforms available more than at any other time in history. by the movie theater experience remains singular and a central, it is not the only game in town. >> the movies as part of what brings audiences to theaters. imax ceo says the cinemas
4:53 pm
showing these theories need to step it up also.>> premium, premium, premium. you have to have fancy seeds, the seeds that imax prefers. when you're in a compass is old and party and the seeds are not so hot and there is gum on the floor, you notice that. especially if you're paying $15 or $17 or whatever it is. >> is people rely less on critical reviews and for an internet buzz, social media and word-of-mouth before going to the movies, the pressure to create a compelling experience has never been greater. >> when you combine a great in theater experience with a great movie, then you have people coming back for more and wanting to go to the movie theaters. even with all the competition out there. >> one will be people wanted to see in the theaters, star wars: the last jedi. 2 and a half weeks after opening it is on track to exceed $1 billion in ticket sales and pass beauty and the beast is the biggest movie of the year. in westwood california, claudia
4:54 pm
cowan, fox news. >> handed security at this hour in california. as the city of pasadena gets ready for the annual rose parade. and thousands of volunteers put the finishing touches on this elaborate float out there. we are in pasadena with mark. >> we are inside one of the warehouses where some of these amazing clouds are being built from scratch. each year, the most horizontal artist events to take place on new year's day. and law enforcement says they are confident they are doing everything they can to keep the public safe. the rose parade draws more than a million people every year into the heart of pasadena. please acknowledge it is always a target for terrorists this year they will be closing down roads along the parade route to car traffic at 10 pm on new year's eve. earlier than ever before. >> are certain things in place. where something simple as removing newspaper stands or
4:55 pm
creating water barriers. prevent vehicle incursions. >> security experts at the police do the best they can. they cannot be everywhere at once. >> law enforcement is limited with manpower. you can all 10,000 uniformed lapd officers and put them at the rose parade. they have to be all over la. >> the lapd will be watching closely over local landmarks including lax. one of the nations busiest airports and a target of past terror attacks. but behind the scenes, volunteers are putting the finishing touches on the majestic floats. they are keeping their focus on making the parade picture-perfect. >> we have the police come through security come through. bomb sniffing dogs. this does not faze us. i think it is the parade tradition. it is the american spirit and to celebrate and be involved in this. right now there is no credible threat in the parade.
4:56 pm
federal authorities, fbi, secret service and homeland security will be on hand will be helping law enforcement on new year's day. >> if you think 2018 is going to be your year, you may want to stop and purchase lottery tickets tomorrow. details on the huge jackpot up ♪ ♪ for grabs! ♪ [music]
4:57 pm
directv has been rated number one in customer satisfaction over cable for 17 years running. but some people still like cable. just like some people like pre-shaken sodas. having their seat kicked on an airplane. being rammed by a shopping cart. sitting in gum. and walking into a glass door. but for everyone else, there's directv. for #1 rated customer satisfaction over cable, switch to directv and get a $200 reward card. call 1-800-directv. ♪ prices of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? it's the lowest prices of the season on the queen c4 mattress with adjustable comfort on both sides. now only $1199, save $400. plus, 24 month financing available. ends monday. visit for a store near you. >> more than $780 million will
4:58 pm
be up for grabs in the new year. the powerball jackpot swelling two 440 millions. and then the mega millions rising to $333 million per that is tuesday. and while the chance of winning
4:59 pm
it a game is very low, chance of winning both of them is one in 88 quadrillion. for those folks i like to take chances! police in upstate new york responded to reports of a cookie snatching squirrel. take a look! this is body cam or video. showing the squirrel bouncing all around the kitchen. after speaking to one house. notice that he takes a dive for the officer previous rodent bandit was reportedly eating cookies! all of that trouble just to get the cookies! they finally caught him and released him into the wild. this is just like christmas vacation. earlier we did another story about the liquor store breaking of a raccoon. these guys might be friends, we don't know! that is how fox reports on the last day of 2017. thank you for watching! happy new year!
5:00 pm
[music] ♪ ♪ [music] ♪ >> good evening everyone ♪ live from times square. ♪ the countdown is on! ♪ happy new year's eve to you ♪ and all! ♪ welcome to countdown to 2018 ♪ on fox news channel. ♪ i am joined by my cohost, ♪ lisa boothe and dean cain. ♪ you may know him better as superman. i've not seen superman in times square, is the record!


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