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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 31, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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years. jesse: happy 2018, everybody. we love you all. happy new year. >> year fresh start. 2017 was a big year for the five. five. jesse: richard wants to know, ways your story of the year? greg: initially i was going to say moving to 9:00 p.m.
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but now we are back at 5:00 so i had to change that. i call this year the great disconnect. the difference between what people are feeling and how things are actually unfolding. so you have a lot of people feeling emotional about the every day being so different and the news being so fast. some people think it's the end of the world. other people think it' the greatest thing ever. but when you divorce the feeling from action it's a pretty good year, the stock market is up, unemployment is done. there is deregulation. isis is destroyed. it's like a solid year. that's the disconnect. that's a solid part of the year versus this chaotic emotional sense people are dealing with. jesse: no one has any idea what's going on. dana perino ways your biggest
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story? dana: the turning back of isis. when you look at the women in the middle east, being raped and tortured and the total destruction. isis not dead by any means but certainly without its territory anymore. i think that's the most of consequential story of the year. jesse: i was going to go with theat launch of the daily juan williams, what do you think? juan: i think the hashtag #metoo people. it changed so much. it's a tumultuous time. people say to me, they are living in crazy times. things are wild. it's a rollercoaster ride. $people tell me they can't even take the news anymore.
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they want to listen to music. obviously president trump's inaugural was huge. we had big change on attitude. jesse: the popularity of obamacare. kimberly? kimberly: i definitely would have said isis if we started with this end of the table. every time i talk to people about politics and what's going on in the world they talk about this. this is such an important issue, everyone says i wish we heard moreha about this. it's such a tremendous turnaround. but besides that, i would say the economy, too, in terms of what we have seen tremendous increases in termser of job numbers and things like moving forward, the progression. i'm happy about that, especially for the families. juan rsh the b level would be
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the weather. huge storms. what happened in texas and houston in particular. it wasn't just there. remember what happened in miami? they had biscayne boulevard pictures, like what? jesse: also a lot of shootings. question present steve b. what would you like to see the strum administration achieve in 2018. kimberly: i'm almost tired of winning. what would i like to still he happen? i don't know. probably a continuation of the fight against terror. yes isis has been decimated, tremendous grounds have been made. and gains. i'm still very concerned about al qaeda and other offshoots, aqap, that are fighting to take that mantel that isis held
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trying to push forward in the caliphate. juan: number one from my perspective, the president could deal with immigration, specifically the kids who are so anxious and feel threatened by the idea that daca would go away and they would be instantly deported. g the president set a deadline for march of this year. he's in what i would call for cliche' terms, nixon goes to china. he's so hard line on immigration, if he, able to cut a deal, i don't think his base might actually embrace and give a chance, donald trump is doing it. jesse: i was going to agree with you on immigration but i was going to say i would like to see the wall built. what do you think, dana? dana: i think it's super important and it would take something across an administration effort.
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that is to ease the way for people to adopt children. i think that from the foster care program, there are a lot of people willing to take care of them. but the way to adoption is quite cluttered and there are regulations that could change. there is stuff you can do within the federalal government to help improve upon that. but also international adoption has been way down. there are american couples who who love to adopt children from all over the world. but there have been all of these rules put in place. president trump possibly working with the first lady could turn that around. i always thought hillary clinton as secretary of state would have done something more in that realm but she never did. this is an opportunity that they could make ahi difference, it'sa pro-life type policy that would bring a lot of joy to american families. jesse: greg gutfeld going * fat
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kids. we have a lot of fat kids. i think it's a problem. kim: i thought love fat kids? greg: i love fat kids. i believe they have to focus on the marriage of terror and technology. we have seen over the holidays what happened in atlanta when an airport goes dark, total panic. manage if that was happening in every city. we have to think about attacks on our grid. he probably couldn't tell us what they are doing. we probably need a plan against the t robots. i'm on their side. terror robots. jesse: question from lindy r. what is the jumpest resolution you ever made? let's starter with juan. juan: i was going to try to eat less ice cream. it didn't happen.
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jesse: i tried to ban all desserts. i think it lasts about 3 months. that was pretty good. i was proud of myself. juan: high five. kimberly: i'm going to call fake news on that. one time i thought it wasn't going to eat salami or cured meats, but that was an epic failure that lasts 24 hours. and thank you for the delicious salami. dana: i made the resolution when we were here. gregg said that's stupid and it was to try to drink less wine. maybe not drink during the week. but that didn't last. if you make a resolution you think about it more. and the more you think about it, the more you want it. jesse: i agree with gutfeld, that was a cup resolution.
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greg: my last resolution was to try to stop being so selfless. i thought it's time to think about gregg, think about gutfeld. i can't change being so selfless and so willing to help other people less fortunate than me, and that's 99% of the population. jeas * this is from victoria e. what was the best year in your life and why? let's start with you, dana, and i'll bet it's this year because iat joined "the five." dana: and the daily briefing started. these are difficult. i'm grateful for every year i have had. i would say the year i met peter and moved to england and had that experience of being newly
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married and overseas with a new puppy and moving back to america. that year was crazy. we left the united kingdom and came back to the states.ra we decided to live in san diego because we could. i didn't have a job he started a business, we didn't have a car, we had a puppy. we had to do all these things, if i look at how adventurous that was, i don't know if i would do it again. jesse: kimberly? kimberly: the best year for sure was when rena was born in 2006. i get sad when i see my little face because he remind me so much of them. greg: i would have to say my fast itt year was 1984 because e proved that book was garbage.
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1984 was fine. juan: when you get to be a certain age, there are a lot of years. and time goes faster now. why does time seem to go so fast. how did we get to be new year's day. i thought it was easter the other day. somebody said to me, this year, 017. they said to me, as you get older the days, 24 hours is a smaller percentage of your total life. it's interesting. greg: you have more behind you than in front of you. that's why when you are a kid, 4 years old. a birthday is like an eternity and the night before christmas is like 7 years. but as you get older as a fraction it's nothing. ialityed as one week at the age of 53 is one day when you are 6.
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juan:he summertime, snowfall. jesse: question from donna. if you could assume the identity for another person for 2018. who would it be, gregg? greg: my twin brother gunther. jesse: dana? dana: i don't know. i always wanted to be the ambassador to tanzania. jesse: play your cards right and the president might make that move. kimberly: i think i would like to be theresa may. jesse: she wants to go to the wedding. kimberly: i could be my own official royal correspondents and i could work.
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strategic all with the united states and with president trump. greg: is that how it is? that's how you get men. kimberly: you caught me. juan: i would say jean car low santis. he's with the yankees and he's got a big home run hit tore protect him. i think he will be a big star in new york city. greg: tino what your resolution is. no more guess whats? jesse: predictions 2018 and more on "the five."
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. >> a welcome back. thank you for those who posted these on her facebook page. the first one comes from hazel g. then only one thing in 2017 that then only one thing in 2017 that kimberly: i would say the trump presidency. in terms of the stories weir we were doing. people being very divided. ream s were covered not.
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>> gregg, one thing in 2017 that had the biggest impact? >> i would say bread. i do so well not eating bread and i lost a lot of weight. when i when we moved to 9:00 o'clock i put i maybe 15 or 20 pounds. >> i thought you got skin year. >> that's just the type. that's the biggest impact. i was in the biggest impact as being on at 9:00 o'clock and then realized how much i really like to go to bed. >> there's so much news at that time. >> i was so sleep deprived for days. >> the schedules much easier and simpler and i can rest my feet.
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>> such an emotional year i think we forget things like las vegas. >> these things upset me that it's not personal to the doesn't connect with anybody my life but i was overwhelmed with the opioid thing and how expensive it was. and i'm people that normally associate with this found themselves struggling because we had an opiate crisis. >> a question from jackie, what is your favorite new year's eve memory? >> i have to skip the first and second one, the third one is what i did fox news new year's eve for five years ago. it was midnight, the ball dropped in other people push
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against the barriers and it broke. they all ran over me. they're supposed to come to me and say something, i was gone. >> and who had to cover for you? me. >> what made it a great memory is that i walk to the westside steakhouse on 43rd and ten, just left the scene of the crime. i walk straight to the bar, had a stake in drinks and i bought a ticket to the bahamas. >> it's really true story, i said no we can't find him. they said yeah he's gone. my daughter got married 11 years ago, so i can 2007. she get mary's married at new year's eve at night. i thought it was the worst.
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like this is the dumbest thing you should have a wedding in the springtime with flowers in daylight. the church was gorgeous. they candles and these branches, it was spectacular. of course that night the party at the hotel everybody wanted to partakes it was new year's eve. >> my mom ice makes me call her after the ball traveled to check to see if i'm safe. when i was in my early 20s i was extremely intoxicated and left a voicemail and my mom and dad were play the voicemail to their friends. five amit them delete it. >> what do you think? >> i workshop past new year's for nine years. so i'm looking forward to new
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reporter: i'm kelly wright in new york. millions gather in american samoa to usher in 2018. here is wait looked like in times a square as revelers gathered to welcome in the new year. this is sydney, australia ringing in the new year. an estimated 1 million people coming out to see the fireworks.
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nearly half of them were tourists. here is the celebration in malaysia. dubai switching things up. switching the fireworks for an l.e.d. light show. the display covering the world's tallest building. wishing you all a very safe and happy new year. >> happy new year. we have more answers to your questions. this is a great question, what new year's resolution would you suggest for your cohost. >> i would say you and dana need to be more tolerant of fish in
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the green room. that includes shrimp. there is no shrimp smell when you get really good trip. open up your mind a little. >> know it smells. >> they were looking out for you. could be a problem out problematic and they don't want you to get sick. >> kimberly, what resolution would you suggest. >> probably gregg, to not take your socks off when you're on the plane. >> that happened once because you asked. >> you are and even sitting next to me. >> i was next to gregg.
10:28 pm
i think kimberly needs to start making a habit of changing into your flats when you're leaving the building because it's better for your feet. >> i think you're right about that. >> that was my suggestion tuan. the dais would agree with you. >> you should the people, stop hating everybody it was a memorable. >> i gave mine which is that one has to say stop saying guess what you said it the other day. >> i said at one time. one day. it's how you and a sentence and start a new one. guess what, we have to go to the
10:29 pm
next question weird one from kimberly. if you could've chosen your first name what would it have been? >> the thing is, when i was a kid there's these days there's so many latinos in the country it's not that hard. >> you go on the south and you tell them your name is juan williams. i'll call you ron. >> dana? >> i want my name spelled differently. because when some people see if they think it's dan.
10:30 pm
>> what about you jesse? >> i would just eliminate my first name and just have it one name like cheryl madonna. >> your own first name. >> i get called tiffany a lot. i don't know why. i think people here kimberly. >> my would be caitlin, tim dias, if you had to choose one artist for bumper music for the whole year, your favorite band, what would it be. >> that's pretty good.
10:31 pm
her prince, or john cole train. >> jesse? >> not like heavy death metal that you play, anytime type of top 40. >> nobody uses that phrase anymore. >> with casey case and. >> about to give you someone different. how about you too, new year's day. >> that same song over and over? >> on the pick power trip is the
10:32 pm
best thrash metal of the year, just to annoy you viewers like that. >> is that it? we shall return in a it's all pop-culture trivia, but it gets pretty intense. -ahh. -the new guy. -whoa, he looks -- -he looks exactly like me. -no. -separated at birth much? we should switch name tags, and no one would know who was who. jamie, you seriously think you look like him?
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>> a few more questions to answer. this question is, what you guys do during the commercial break? >> get our freak on we dance, we talk, laugh and make fun of gregg. >> i know you do during the break, the makeup people come in. that is true. but there's a lot of things. >> she gave me a gas mess protects against the hairspray. >> you families guess what, you say guess what she gave me.
10:37 pm
by the way it's already working. i said on the left but i know what goes on in the right. >> usually get up, go outside see if any people in the street need help. you go on twitter, it's like a videogame. dana just worries about all of the people watching out there and is afraid to go outside, gregg is complaining about a personal issue and it the spray is getting and wants face and he usually just doesn't say anything. >> and you check to see if your mom say your text.
10:38 pm
entrances phonon so dings. anyway, question, what one subject is the most difficult for you to control your temper when discussing his torture. or enhanced interrogation techniques. >> because you think that's wrong? >> your kidding right. >> i feel like that debate got so distorted and unfair toward the bush administration was trying to do. >> into the cia interrogators who arrested to a very difficult thing that was legal.
10:39 pm
>> just talking to donald trump about liberals. now my policies, stay out of it, don't give them anything to work with. >> i don't know, i tried to make sure not emotional about anything. robots scare me. i was sand religion because i can't go anywhere. have to be so careful. >> david and i are kindred spirits as it relates to national security. >> i get riled up inside when i hear people talk about the nfl players. what's wrong with saying something this bad i just think
10:40 pm
people are live in a different life than i am. >> there's a group of people too scared to talk about it for fear of being called a racist. i think there's a lot of people, you talk about identity politics because he says we play identity politics too much. see only tool you have that's exactly what he's saying. i think identity politics in the trump era is played by white america. yet, guess who's on the defensive. here's a question, if you could pick someone famous to marry, who would you pick? kimberly? >> trying to cut back.
10:41 pm
taylor, who would you pick. >> i will pick myself. >> that's a jesse answer. let's be honest maybe wear white linen on the beach barefoot the pictures would be divine. >> i would marry someone at royal family. then you could take part of the pop and circumstance. >> maybe i should change my answer. >> will be right back. >> so you would marry a rich person? >> over i would want to marry a poor royal. there's no good in that.
10:42 pm
>> it is said you need to find somebody. >> he is british but not part of the royal family. who would you pick? >> i think my marriage is the best thing that ever happened to me. >> peter is absolutely fantastic. >> stay right there. our prediction from 2018. it's time for sleep number's 'lowest prices of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? right now our queen c4 mattress is only $1199. plus 24 month financing. ends monday. visit for a store near you.
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>> each new year we make ouranne right, we get some wrong.
10:46 pm
let's see if we can get them all right. bear with me, if you very bullish about this. i think we'll have phenomenal economy. any see the progression the way the market is going. the tax reform and everything focused and lined up will be in great shape. job creation of gdp of 3% or better. dana, what about you? >> i predicted al franken would produce position himself to run for president. i did not see the me to movement coming. i predicted kate middleton would be pregnant with her third child on this one, i think the the coin bubble will burst and it will have far wider implications.
10:47 pm
i think justice anthony kennedy will retire. >> that's a big one. >> and i think my sister and she will have another cat. she has four. but she swear she is not to get another one, but i think it could be an addiction. i predict a fifth cap. >> i predict she will not stop at five cats, because she's a young woman which is scary to become a cat lady at a young age maybe stop at four. >> i can see a lot of cats. i cannot stand to be around cats. >> some people have allergies. >> to have a 25-point i don't cope. >> is gonna say that my son is a huge consumer cap videos.
10:48 pm
slick something people cannot grasp what's going on. >> used to do that all the time what about net neutrality. it just freezes me up. it gets me going. >> was of this a prediction segment? >> i was reacting to what you're saying. i think one, it's too much test for impeachment or indictment. i think the democrats take back the house and maybe even the senate. i think it's a wave election. number two, and this is for my lovely friend to my left, no
10:49 pm
wall. >> ground will be broken. >> guess what -- >> can we take a field trip? can you imagine jesse doing selfie's in front of the wall? >> hannity did this. >> this is a fox news true sto story. >> and finally of an eternal optimist when it comes to rooting for my sports teams. i believe the washington football team will win a game. if i have a prediction on sports i think will be it's good for you. >> that's my prediction, i think the eagles will be in the super bowl and they really stepped up, i think the eagles finally will
10:50 pm
be our year. we'll bring home the lombardi trophy. >> no, in fact, recently the big thing in washington somebody put on fake news story, calling them the red hawks like that's not bad anything is better than a spoiler look at the dictionary. if you want to see my performance, go to broadway. >> yeah, your danson. >> all probably become about 35% better looking. maybe 12% funnier and 16% funnier with a plus or minus 3%. i predict the oscars will be the shortest ever because there's only 4% or skulls everybody else has fled the country.
10:51 pm
i think that actually they might game for, but were definitely get it loose some of the house. >> it's now 51 to 40, it's pretty close. but i think the field favors republicans. i i just think it will be a wave election year for the democrats. >> the party opposite the incumbent. >> the pendulum swings back. the jesse's we could just have all republicans all the time. >> i think i'll finish out the last two years of the presidency of the majority.
10:52 pm
i think if they continue to make strides you should. pgh so, is stupid. that was the same. >> please don't go better, faster"
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>> welcome back, we have time for one more question from a viewer. kim wants to know if all five had to work together to start a new business, what would it be? >> thank you for calling on me. who be to take over the oval with dana as president, me as vp and dominate. >> are we members also? soon become so sorry. >> it was supposed to be all five. >> you can visit and come to dinner into the white house christmas party. we'll give use our titles, you can be robards are. bad ideas are, and egos are.
10:57 pm
>> okay, i think that's the same as the president. juan. >> i think we should start the truck because and everybody could cook and we could drive the truck. we could make a lot of money to. >> i would do a training business only if you want to go on television and you know what we like so we could help gus. >> i would go to the political consulting. >> and you could do the polling. my choice would be, tiki bar and their disappearing everywhere. >> has the waterfall, was the name of it? saturday the hotel. >> but is it called the tiki room. >> it has a waterfall in a boat and every ten minutes it starts
10:58 pm
raining. we should open the tiki bar. >> what would kimberly's role be? >> she would be the hostess. who would be mixing the drinks? >> she wants to be the owner. >> the conga room? >> i'm not, not sure about the tiki torches the stay. >> how dare you smear tiki lounges. >> is the conga room and hurricane bar in san francisco. >> a way where the grass skirts or something.
10:59 pm
>> like legwarmers. >> we could have it in the caribbean. >> new york doesn't have good tiki bars. >> there might be one of the village. >> of out of your bad ideas this is a bad. >> was the food at it tiki bar. >> it has a ribs and some chicken wings. >> i like this idea,. >> whatever happened to benihana's? there's one in long island. kids love that stuff.
11:00 pm
the one i like is more it's big here, it's like asian food, this is where we have open tables. ♪ ♪ i tbot that sunshine in my pocket ♪ ♪ >> welcome to the party. we are counting down to midnight here on fox's all american new year. i'm jesse watters. >> kennedy: and i'm kennedy. so glad you're joining us to ring in 2018 for the best night of your life. we're in the center of it all coming to you live from the heart of times square right here in balmy new york city. jesse: anticipation building. we're only two hours away


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