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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 2, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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you. thank you so much for being a part of the story tonight. it was great to be with you. we will see you back tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. also catch me every day weekday at 9:00 on "america's newsroom" and again at noon on outnumbered. tucker is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: well, good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. and, of course, happy new year. america lasted yet another 12 months as the best country in the world. it was a turbulent year and 2018 could be even more so. later tonight advice on how to thrive over the year ahead no matter what happens. but, first, this country's largest state has taken another dramatic step towards disunion. an open defiance of the federal government. as of yesterday, california is now a sanctuary state. it's the nationst first. all police statewide in california are banned from asking about a suspect's immigration status or cooperating with federal immigration officials.
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land lords are banned from reporting the legal status of their tenants. colleges can't monitor the immigration status of the kids they enroll. these measures augment the state's many existing laws all designed to enable illegal immigration. illegalness california are already combine entitled to receive drivers license. instate free tuition healthcare and job. doesn't matter if they have a history of crime, even violent crime. in california illegal aliens are now press secretary class and even more significant the state itself is now in direct opposition to this country's most basic laws. 55 years ago this month, governor george wallace took his oath of office and pledged resistance to federal authority. effectively declaring alabama its own country. you know the history. well, governor jerry brown of california has done something similar this week. travis allen is a republican in the california state assembly and he joins us tonight. mr. allen, thanks for coming on. >> thanks so much, tucker.
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>> tucker: california is the biggest state but still a state, not a country. how can it have its own immigration policy? how did k. it redefine citizenship when it's thought a country? >> simply put, it can't. this whole sanctuary state is entirely illegal. we are actually welcoming trump and sessions to come out to california and take them to court. >> tucker: how does this end? i mean, when states declare publicly we're not following the laws of the country, we are making our own laws and there is nothing you can do about it, that sounds like the beginning of a schism, a split, a war. >> without a doubt. i mean, california truly has become the center of the quote unquote resistance to the president. and everything that seems to make common sense in the united states. so, with jerry brown's recent action of the sanctuary state, california ans don't even agree with this. politicians that run the state in sacramento. the legislature until recently was two thirds democrat and all of the statewide officers are democrat as well.
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passed this law even though californians are absolutely against it. >> tucker: what's so striking in the specific case of california is the state is hemorrhaging its middle class. they are moving to neighboring states, north and east is in human numbers. it's been written about a lot. the state doesn't seem to care. even as this happens seems to be import ago new much poorer less educated people u what's the thinking there? >> you know, i really don't know that there is a thinking there. a lot of sacramento and san francisco exists really in its own bubble. the numbers came out just recently 243,000 californians have left in just the last few years, taking about $8 billion with them. and in their place, of course, now we have this burgeoning illegal population which now as you mentioned has protected class status. and it gets very bad because you see this is california taxpayer dollars being used to shelter criminals who are committing crimes while they are here. these aren't small crimes. we are talking assault on a
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police officer. domestic battery. animal cruelty, possession of concealed weapons u biological agents. i mean, these are real crimes and, yet, jerry brown the california democrats want to essentially ignore federal immigration law and protect these people at california's expense. and that's just wrong. tuck ignoring immigration law is not the same as ignoring other kinds of law because it gets to the deepest question about any country which is who is a citizen and who is not. who deserves to be here and who doesn't, what are borders? and so california can't, you governor can't expect this to go ignored. you can't just decide you are not going to enforce the borders and expect washington to do nothing. is there a showdown coming? >> absolutely there is. i mean, this is truly -- it's a bluff. and it's up to the president and jeff sessions to step in and call the bluff of jerry brown and all the california democrats that are passing these unconstitutional laws. and keep in mind, too. a lot of people around the country say well, everybody
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in california is liberal. they are democrat. there could be nothing further from the truth. there is actually more republicans here in california than in any other state. and past that, forget about party lines for a moment. 74% of californians are absolutely against sanctuary state. including 65% of latinos. >> tucker: why would they be for it? middle class isn't leaving california because it's thriving. the infrastructure is a mess. the schools are terrible. there is more poverty in the state than any state in the union. i mean, is there a connection, do you think, between the state wants immigration policies and the direction of its economy? >> without a doubt. and, i mean, really, you have to go back a couple of decades. the california legislature has been dominated by democrats by 39 of the last 40 years. the brown family has run california for 24 of essentially the last 50 years. so, you need to look to no further than what has been going on successfully we had drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants, people are here illegally.
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and now this is really just the next step. now it's sanctuary state. all of these things are unconstitutional. but the california legal system is broken. california political system is broken. that's why we truly need washington to hear this message and come to california. sue california, take them to supreme court and let's get the constitution enforced. there is a lot of californians here that want to be protected. until we get no a new governor in state. you know i'm running to be the next governor of california, until that happens we could actually need some help from the national guys. >> tucker: if effects the rest of us, too. assemblyman allen thank you for joining us. >> without a doubt, tucker. what starts here in california usually spreads to the rest of the nation let's put a stop to it. >> tucker: like a virus. thank you. cathy roux is the publishing editor of magazine u thanks for coming on. can you agree or not with the new policy in california. but doesn't it give you pause that california is basically doing what
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southern states did 50 years ago, 60 years ago in saying we're ignoring federal authority on states rights grounds, we're not going to acknowledge that your slaw valid. liberals used to be against that they are not anymore. >> it's quite the opposite. they are allowing out federal government to do what it's supposed to do the state and local governments are not supposed to handle immigration and ask for papers. if anything they are giving authority back to the federal government not taking it in their own hands. >> tucker: no. because there are many specific cases where the state of california as a matter of policy has refused to hand over and this law codifies it criminals to the federal government. they are refusing to cooperate with federal law. they are saying we are not -- we don't acknowledge that law as valid. how is that different from what george wallace said? >> no. it's not like that at all. and as a matter of fact, this is not the first state to become a sanctuary state or. >> tucker: it is. >> oregon is a sanctuary state and oregon is one of the safest states in our unions.
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sanctuary states and unions are some of the safest place to be in the united states. >> tucker: that's simply not true. >> yes it is. >> tucker: actually been studied at some length. >> right. okay. >> tucker: let me ask you though california ♪ one of the safest cities the state in many places are a mess. the economy is in rough shape more poverty and homeless people in that state than any other state. and california doesn't house -- 67% of all the homeless in california have no shelters. why the emphasis on coddling people from another country when california's own citizens and residents are suffering in huge numbers? >> well, these people from another country aren't exactly hurting the system in any single way. they wouldn't be here if the work and the jobs were not here, so these people are not ruretting our system? >> tucker: really? because there are 135,000 homeless people in the state of california. overwhelming majority -- >> -- immigrants? >> tucker: have no jobs. have no homes. >> okay.
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>> tucker: are living outside, overwhelming majority of them and, yet, somehow there is a need for more low wage labor in the state? why shouldn't the state be attending to their needs before the needs of people who snuck in illegally from another country. >> they are not coddling. they are not helping these immigrants in any way. these immigrants are here. >> tucker: they are giving theg them drivers license, they are paying for schools. they are paying for healthcare, infrastructure. >> immigrants pay taxes. they do. >> tucker: actually, hold on, every illegal immigrant working in this country is using fake federal documents illegally. that's a felony by the way. fake documents. they are not all paying taxes. you know that's not true. >> sure they are. >> tucker: why should the state attend to their needs when you have got more homeless people living in california than live in the entire city of dayton, ohio. that's a lot of people. >> immigrants pay millions of dollars in taxes. they are helping the state and they wouldn't be there if it wasn't work. so if there is anyone's problem are the corporations that are hiring these
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immigrants. >> tucker: hold on. what about the californians who are born there. >> right. >> tucker: who are naturalized americans born somewhere else came there illegally. >> right. >> tucker: don't have work. again, living outside. why isn't there plight priority number one? why isn't that person's plight more important. >> who it to say the plight's isn't number one. the undocumented person's plight isn't number number. sanctuary stay night take the time people call in a crime. that they're not going to tell these people you are not wanted here. you are not working, you are not being productive. not helping our society. they are saying be part of our community. call in the crime. feel safe here. >> tucker: hold on. why doesn't the governor just sign a law designed to help the more than 100,000 people living outside in california, the american citizens living outside dying outside? why doesn't he sign a law helping them? >> he is helping everyone by making these people feel welcome in his state. is he helping everyone.
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>> tucker: hold on, how does it help americans or californians in this case without jobs to welcome people to work for less than they would make. how does it help them. >> undocumented immigrants are not hurting anyone's jobs. not taking away anyone's jobs. we need more worker visas for these people we don't have a system. >> tucker: i'm sorry. i'm trying to be patient and track with you logically. >> of course. >> tucker: how is it when you have a huge pool of people unemployed helpful to those people, the american unemployed to bring in a whole lot of other people and give them jobs? how does that help the unemployed in america? i'm totally baffled? >> what is hurting is technology and the manufacturing jobs are gone and technology is hurting workers in america. it's not the undocumented immigrant. >> tucker: if technology is making all the low wage jobs go away, then why are we letting in hundreds of thousands nationally millions of people with no skills, tech skills at all? >> well, immigration is at an all-time low.
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>> tucker: inspects not all-time low it's made up statistic. >> no, actually bigger in the 1970s, it is lower now than ever. >> tucker: that's not true, actually. i know the nuns. in one sentence, if technology is making it harder for people who don't have advanced tech skills. >> right. >> tucker: to find work. >> right. >> tucker: why in the world are politicians letting in millions of people with no tech skills at all. >> they are probably needed. >> tucker: they are going to be displaced by technology. >> right now they are needed. these workers are needed year around and we need visas for these type of workers and feel comfort be in our country. >> tucker: thank you, cathy. i appreciate it. steve cortes worked on donald trump's presidential campaign on hispanic advisory council and he joins us tonight. thanks a lot for coming on tonight. i appreciate it sort of press a little bit on the economic rationale for this. and no one is attacking the immigrants. i'm certainly not. have you got to wonder about the motive if you have someone arguing
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simultaneously that technology is making low wage jobs disappear and that's true, and at the same time, arguing we need millions more low wage workers in this country? what is the actual motive here? >> right. you can't have both ways, tucker. you are exactly right. by the way i say this as an hispanic and immigrants son. no one suffers more from illegal immigration than hispanic americans. whether they be native born or legal immigrants. and legal immigrants go through a difficult, long process to become american citizens. so, they are the most cheated when we allow and tolerate illegal immigration. but what's the motive here? why does the left want so many illegal immigrants? why do they want amnesty? let's be honest about it tucker. they wants their votes. the more amnesty they grant the more votes they will get. they have been systemic decline state house houses in american elections. they think one way to reverse is that is millions of new workers.
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millions who will flood the workforce. and as you said create an unnaturally low wage to compete with american workers, many of them hispanic. but, they will also get millions of new votes. so, it is a crass political calculus which they have engaged in and which they are pursuing. let's be honest about it. >> tucker: i don't want to believe that because it's an inversion of the duty of government which is to look out for its own people. it's own citizens. here you have a state, california, where the middle class -- enriching all out neighboring states u and being replaced by poor people with no skills who aren't even here legally. that seems like the opposite of what the government should be doing to its own people. >> well, tucker, of course it is. which is why by the way, listen, i love immigration. i'm not anti-immigrant. far from it. it's why we need to move to merit based immigration. chain migration has been a disaster for this country and disaster for our economic security. national security. visa lottery system is an
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insanity that has to be ended yesterday. we need to move to an immigration system that makes sense for america. people who bring drive and skills and who love our country and love our values. that's where we were historically and where we need to be again. >> tucker: without chain migration, california would be the california that voted for ronald reagan twice. it's had massive political upside for the democratic party. >> and, again, i think that's the crass call could you lus that the democratic party has engaged in. you know what, too? your earliest guest is right. we should take heed here. often what happens in california whether it's fashion or television or politics, what happens there does plead into the rest of the country. and we should take notice. do we want to become california which right now is in many ways a third world place. it's a place of incredibly rich elites and incredibly impoverished dependent underclass. that's what the democratic party wants to create through mass migration through chain migration. through illegal immigration, that's not the america that we want to live in and not
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the america hispanic americans want to live in. >> tucker: totally right. if you are in santa barbara or specific lights you don't see it but it's there. steve, thank you for that that was really interesting. >> thank you. >> tucker: donald trump was mocked, attacked really for saying the obama administration spied on him. but nine months later reassess that statement. was he right? plus, after 2017 where the country nearly tore itself apart, we got suggestions for surviving this new year coming up. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: shocked a lot of people. here is what it said terrible, exclamation petitioner's exhibit. just found out that obama had my wires tapped in trump tower before the victory. nothing found. this is mccarthyism. the press jumped on that tweet. the claim was ridiculed to put it mildly. should it have been though. maybe that was true. if it is, kind of a big deal. michael flynn had his life destroyed apparently because the fbi was monitoring him. meanwhile the fbi may have used the infamous trump dossier justify a fisa warrant against the trump campaign. obama administration officials unmasked trump aides whose phone calls were then monitored. looks an awful lot like the past administration deliberately spying on its political opponent. isn't that what they got nixon for? dan bongino is former officer and secret service agent. he joins us tonight. dan, the evidence is stacking up, i don't know
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how had his wires tapped. i'm not sure what the president meant by that it looks like people in his orbit working for his campaign were being surveilled by the administration. why is that not a huge story? >> tucker, it should be. we're only looking at what i believe to be the biggest political scandal of our lifetime. you know, alcoholic tha that yot up to hyperbole. i couldn't care less about your opinion on this. we know some things for fact right now. use of the word wiretap may be poorly worded. trump wasn't a federal agent. he is using the word people in every day conversation would use. it was trump surveilled as you said? tucker, no reasonable, sane person can question that was trump surveilled by the obama administration? no reasonable person can question that. is there still no evidence of a predicate crime to surveil your opposition
5:22 pm
political presidential candidate who won the presidential election? we know that for a fact, too. and, yet, liberals seem to be whistling dixie. they seem to have no problem with what my opinion is an unbelievably blatant attack on the constitutional republic and an effort to overthrow a lawful election. >> tucker: you say we know. i just want to give one example that i think is kind of definitive or close to definitive any way. in the statement of offense, that the independent counsel, robert mueller put out about general flynn, there is mentioned a number of times a phone calls between flynn and transition officials. one of whom was described as a senior transition official. a trump guy. and, remember, this is before the inauguration. and the contents of those calls is described in some detail. isn't that prima facie evidence of surveillance? >> only if you are not in a mental hospital. i mean, tucker, how do you think they got this information?
5:23 pm
esp, extra sensory perception? they got this by applying for a fisa warrant. a fisa warrant to spy on trump campaign officials under the guise of using what we would call reverse targeting. in other words, tucker, let's pretend we are targeting a foreign agent as a predicate reason to really listen to an american citizen we're targeting in the first place, hence the term reverse targeting. which by the way tucker, entirely defeats the purpose of a bill of rights. that's why libertarians and strong conservatives out there have always been skeptical about the monday nope police stick power line of the government to surveil people without probable cause warrants. this fisa thing is a scam. it should concern everyone regardless of your political stripes. >> tucker: why don't republicans -- i would disagree with you on that. republicans in washington have defended this since right after 9/11 and assured us that it stopped a lot of terror plots. never provided evidence for that but we're not supposed to complain about it it's unpatriotic to raise questions. why have so many d.c.
5:24 pm
republicans defended this so relentlessly for so long? >> yeah. just to be clear, when i say fisa scam i'm talking about fisa warrant on trump. the program has some players, tucker, in the targeting of overseas actors. they have no bill of rights foreign actors and terrorists. i'm not suggesting. >> tucker: americans -- americans swept into this or this program being used as a pretext basically to spy on americans. why wouldn't that be of grave concern to everybody? >> because you have liberals right now in a far left activist group that is so infected with the trump derangement syndrome virus that they are willing to literally forfeit away everything. including, tucker, the potential in the future that they themselves could be the very same targets of the big government police tactic that they are champions now an effort to attack trump. >> tucker: that's it. thank goodness we have
5:25 pm
richard good stein. it dan, thank you. good to see you. >> yes, sir. >> tucker: as promised richard good stein is with us. he advised both hillary clinton's campaign. long enough to remember when liberals, frank church of idaho, senator for example really worried about the misuse of our spy agencies for domestic political purposes. >> right. >> tucker: i think they were spot on to worry about that because these things can be misunitemisused it seems pretty clear that the obama administration was spying on trump people before the inauguration. why wouldn't that worry every american no matter what you think about trump? >> why does it not worry donald trump that the russians, according to the intelligence community tried to, and indeed did kind of infiltrate and undermine our democracy by what they did? that's the answer to the question to the discussion you just had. >> tucker: that's not an answer that's bawmper sticker. you defended robert mueller and i have been very slow to attack mueller and i'm going to cite him now. in the statement of the
5:26 pm
charges against general flynn, he says that flynn was on the phone with kislyak, the russian ambassador and other foreign officials they were saying we want to bring u.s. closer to both russia and israel. those are campaign promises that trump made. why is that an act of disloyalty against your country delay would justify surveillance? i don't understand. >> does it surprise you that the u.s. government might surveil the russian ambassador to the united states? >> tucker: no it doesn't. >> you are assuming this was a surveillance of flynn who incidentally we already had a predicate for because the russians had reached out. they didn't reach out to the hillary clinton campaign. they reached out to the trump campaign. the trump campaign was love it let's see more. that's undermine democracy. >> tucker: the intel agencies are allowed to and audited to be surveilling foreign actors in the united states and also abroad. we are supposed to be pretty jump j about getting americans involved in that surveillance there is a high
5:27 pm
bar, fisa court exists to mike sure this is not abused. there is no evidence that michael flynn was doing anything wrong with the russians at all. it doesn't show up in the mueller statement. okay. and why wouldn't it? he is investigating that. there is no evidence he did anything untoward or disloyal to america. and they are still surveying him. why shouldn't that bother you? >> this was the same michael flynn sitting next to vladimir putin in 2015. that's not a crime but the fact to suggest that there is no evidence anywhere. >> tucker: where is the evidence? sitting next to putin a crime. >> if you pulled out robert mueller's desk drawer there would be reams of evidence. >> tucker: it's secret evidence? >> we will see it. >> tucker: where is it? he has already pled guilty to a felony. so where is the evidence? >> exactly my guess is there would be multiple felonies. >> tucker: i don't know mike flynn. i'm not defending him on a personal basis. the guy has had to sell his house. his life has been destroyed. he pled to a felony. he could go to jail. >> yes. he should have thought about
5:28 pm
that boulevard before he lied to the federal government. >> he lied, he lied. >> did he other things as well. >> tucker: really? where are they? >> we know, for example, he didn't disclose what he should have disclosed on forms. >> tucker: what did he do wrong? >> that's like saying -- whatever. >> tucker: it's not whatever. i'm not excusing perjury. he pled to it what i'm shocked by is our intelligence agencies were surveying the political opponent of the president at the time. >> yeah. >> tucker: they were? it's right here. they were and nobody seems to care because you feel like someone you dislike is being hurt by it appeared it's okay. >> i would say the problem with that analysis it suggests the fbi was out to get donald trump and his people and the answer to that is donald trump should thank his lucky stars for the fbi that's why he is president because of what comey did on july 5th and october 28th. that is the reason he is president. sorry. >> tucker: that's entirely separate. >> the suggestion that the fbi is corrupted.
5:29 pm
>> tucker: can we take trump and hillary and all the polarizing political figures out of this and have an honest conversation. >> sure. >> tucker: isn't it something we should be concerned about when our intelligence and law enforcement agencies put americans under surveillance and don't tell them about it and don't tell us why they are doing it and never come up with a real justification for it and then you see people's lives destroyed? how would you like this if it happened to a democrat you? would hate it i home i would be honest enough to be on your side because it's wrong. >> i think the whole point of surveillance is not to knock on the door of the guy being surveilled and incidentally watch yourself what you say from now on. that's not the point. the point is to catch them doing things that are contrary to the interests of the united states. that's what michael film did and that's what paul manafort is accused of doing. >> tucker: flynn, if he did something, it was contrary to the interest of the united states. he betrayed his country which is what you just said. what is it? >> when he was national security advisor, again, the president's national security advisor pled guilty to a crime.
5:30 pm
>> tucker: lying to the fbi. >> while he was national security advisor we know he asked staff to basically take a client's wish list and put the united states seal on it and say do we want this to be u.s. policy? that is a problem. >> tucker: you just accused him of disloyalty to his country. >> yeah. >> tucker: he has been indicted why wasn't he indicted for that? >> you have to ask robert mueller. >> tucker: aren't you bothered by it? >> i'm not the least bit bothered that the prosecutor decides to go easy on somebody who is a cooperating witness. if it offends people, be it. that's tried and true. that's what prosecutors do. >> tucker: he hasn't been shown to have done anything to hurt america. we have destroyed his life and now we are nodding and saying it's okay that our intel agencies spy on americans. don't you see that our standards are getting really low? >> well, again, paul manafort, i think we have reason to believe was under surveillance for years and i think that's what donald trump is really worried about the conversations he had with plan disport. >> tucker: you may be right
5:31 pm
about ma manafort. it's flynn i'm. is he a general no. evidence he sold out america. >> asking the government to put a stamp on your client's government u. >> tucker: they should have indicted him for it. richard, thank you. advice for 2018. in case you are in the mood for advice as you nurse your post new year's hangover. take a look at baltimore the city you have where the police have been shackled and there has been a predictable and very sad surge in murders. we will break down out numbers. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ remember our special night? abdominal pain... ...and diarrhea. but it's my anniversary. aw. sorry. we've got other plans. your recurring, unpredictable abdominal pain and diarrhea... ...may be irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, or ibs-d. you've tried over-the-counter treatments and lifestyle changes, but ibs-d can be really frustrating. talk to your doctor about viberzi,... ...a different way to treat ibs-d.
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to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. >> tucker: well, america didn't invade any countries last year but one city still managed to become a war zone. unfortunately it was within our borders. baltimore, maryland, it ended the year with 343 murders or 56 for every 100,000 people. that's the city's highest per capita rate ever. greater even than during the great crack epidemic, the sad epidemic of the 1980s. one obvious culprit for this stand down by police after the 2015 riots there following the death of freddie gray, baltimore cops were pressured to back off on tough policing tactics. a lot of them afraid to go out and do what they did before. for the most part they backed off and this is the result. with don jones criminal defense attorney and she joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me back. happy new year. >> tucker: happy new year. there are people in
5:36 pm
baltimore who are not right wingers who actually live there in contrast to a lot of the leaders of black lives matter. rich kids on college campuses. who are saying that the police leaving has been a tragedy. this is the referenced scott activist in the city quote we wanted the police there. we wanted them engaged in the community why wouldn't people who live in a city with over 300 murders want police keeping order? you. >> well, they absolutely do. no one ever said they didn't. they want the same thing you talked about in last few segments. they don't want government overreach by having police officers who are abusive to innocent people. >> tucker: right. >> abusing their power rather than performing their role as law enforcement. >> tucker: i think everybody wants that for sure. and i agree with them completely. i hate any abuse of power, whether it's by the cops or dmv worker you deal with or anybody. abuse of power is always wrong. that's not at all what the black lives matter people in
5:37 pm
baltimore were saying. it was the cops are the problem. the city is a bad place because of the cops. and then, of course, there were threats of violence against the police physical you are a baltimore police officer why would you bother to put your reputation on the line to help people. >> i understand your argument. as a when you have a thankless job very hard to get up the next day and do what you need to do. what's what you sign up for. i don't think the black lives matter stance last time i was on the show you said i was a black lives matter activist. i'm not an activist. that's what they said but that's not what people heard. we don't want the police to kill us, which is a pretty different thing. >> tucker: the whole like pigs in a blanket, murder cops stuff that's the nuanced message that you are describing? >> well, i wouldn't think it is any more fair than to put all people who have this kind of negative and divisive connotation as for
5:38 pm
the whole city of baltimore or the entire black lives matter any more fair than would be to say that every white person is with the ku klux klan or neo nazi. that's not the case, right? >> tucker: whoa, slow down. that was at a black lives matter march. so i mean it's not like some out of nowhere connection. that was at a march. on video. so it's not like i'm making it up as you well know. >> in every movement, there are detractors there are people who try to take away from the real change and be divisive. there are people who are mislead. we have seen that in every single movement that there was. black lives matter is no different. but, anyone who really looks at what they stand for, what they put out. what their leaders expose is really getting to the 21st century policing and making sure there is no government overreach. >> tucker: you keep cruising that tray phrase. i get that you are not against any government recovery recovery reach.
5:39 pm
2017, 333 murders in the city of baltimore why is that. >> i don't live in baltimore i live in atlanta. as a former prosecutor there are a number of factors that go into the increase of criminal activity. one of the number one things the things that black lives matter ask and many others is we want to make sure that the police are involved in an integral part of the community not against the community and they have not reached that point yet. >> tucker: hold on, i'm confused you say you are part of black lives matter at least sympathetic to it. it's in the name of black lives matter. i don't know what percentage. >> i didn't say that but yes. >> tucker: i don't know what percentage of those murder victims were african-american, overwhelming majority. i'm a little concerned and confused by why you wouldn't have a better answer than there are a lot of reasons like it's a serious question. why were 343 people murdered in baltimore this year. have you thought about why? absolutely but i don't understand why one argument has to do with the other. all lives do, in fact matter. whether they are taken by the hands of the police or of criminals, i think people who really care about the
5:40 pm
community want to address both of those. it doesn't have to be either or. >> tucker: look, black lives matter spends all of its time talking about how the cops are the problem. i don't hear anybody even thinking through like why is this happening? that's a lot of people to die in a small city and i never hear anybody say why. tucker, i have a hard time believing that you really have a whole lot of conversations with black lives matter to know what they only talk about. >> tucker: i'm having one right now and i can't get a straight answer which a little bit revealing. >> that's exactly what i told you when i came on i'm not a black lives matter activist but i do understand why it's an issue. all americans, i would hope that you would, too. all americans should think about this issue. we are actually saying the same thing. >> tucker: that's why i'm doing the segment. i want to get a real answer but i'm not getting one. >> that's the answer. what is the question? >> tucker: thanks for joining us. i appreciate it. 2017 was a toxic year in american political life. we have some advice on how to make the next year this year 2018 perhaps a little
5:41 pm
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preferably a lot of them. well, after ending the 2016 year by decrying fake news, the press in america kept publishing false stories all through 2017. up next, we'll discuss how they can get back on track in this new year. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: it's a new year not everyone is pledging resolution. some swearing off deserts i am. gym. it's odd how embarrassing 2017 news coverage actually was. it was about a year ago that the "the washington post" was reporting, you will remember, that russia had breechesbreached the american electrical grid. panic ensued. that story was false. countless claims repreet peteed that the russian government hacked our election. that suggested that putin rigged it or altered vote totals somehow there was never any evidence of that and still isn't. they are still saying it. how about that story how fike flynn was going to testify trump ordered limb to make contact with russia before the election. remember that one? abc ran it and retracted it
5:52 pm
but not because causing big short-term losses in the stock market. oops. that very same week cnn made up a story about donald trump jr. and wikileaks. remember that one? wrong again but they kept going. we could keep going on and on and on. there is a lot of examples. donald trump loathes the media. he tweeted this i will be announcing the most dishonest and corrupts media awards of the year on monday at 5:00. subjects will cover dishonesty and bad reporting in the various categories from the fake news media. stay tuned. he doesn't like the media. does that give reporters license to be sloppy and dishonest? joe concha writes about the press for the hill. we can go through all the examples of the press getting it wrong or putting a thumb on the scale. i want to take three steps back because it's a new year and ask what is this about? it seems like news outlets are devaluing their own currency, which is credibility in pursuit of
5:53 pm
trump want it's they are still doing it why? >> they are doing it for many networks and papers like "the washington post" and "new york times." most read years ever digital subscriptions up, cnn and nbc most watched years for them ever. granted cnn still in third place, nbc still in second. fox news in first. it's been very good for business. i also think that if you abandon all neutrality, tucker, that you actually get a gold star or possibly promotion or an award. let me give you one example. jorge ramos is an advocate who plays anchor on tv. he said neutrality is not an option when covering donald trump. judgment day is coming for those who stay silent on trump. that sounds like somebody leading resistance. and is he given the biggest, most prestige just award in journalism for saying you shouldn't be objective anymore when covering a sitting president.
5:54 pm
>> tucker: judgment day is coming. that suggests a spiritual element to this. that sounds like something from a sermon. >> it does, doesn't it? i will give you another sermon by the way. bob woodward said on cnn on sunday. this sums it up perfectly. in lots of reporting, particularly on television, commentary there is a self-righteousness smugness and people kind of ridiculing the president. when we reported onyx son it was obviously a very different era. we did not adopt a tone of ridicule. the tone was what are the facts? bob woodward gets it. they pursued facts without actually ridiculing and that's the way we should be going been b. our business now. in 2018, tucker, that ain't going to change. >> tucker: it seems like and, look, i will stipulate what is obvious which is the president gods the press. he doesn't like them. he is always tweeting about them. i wonder why nobody in the press corps has decided i'm not going to rise to the bait. and i'm going to play it as straight as i possibly can and let my stories speak for
5:55 pm
themselves. they seem personally offended. >> there is definitely how can i put this, when the president criticizes members of the mess they take it personally. my wife is er doctor. she has come people come into the emergency room all the time lots are drug seekers faking illnesses to get a prescription. when they don't get what they want they personally start to attack her verbally. she puts her head down. she ignores all the criticism and she does her job. that's what reporters should be doing. they should ignore what the president is saying in terms of fake news and the tweets that come out every day because he knows it's a political play because his base thinks the media is the opposition party. they need to do that. but, instead, what they end up too long is they take unnamed sourced information that's weaponized from people that are purposefully pushing false narratives and they run with it because they feel that's ammunition and they don't care if they detective it wrong because there is never any accountability for the most part whether they do get it
5:56 pm
wrong. >> tucker: very quick, 10 seconds. they told us for a year that the trump campaign colluded with the putin government to steal the elections. if it turns out not to be true, where does that leave them? >> it leaves them with half of their audience believing that it still is true and they will just continue -- they will find another narrative to push as long as it's negative towards the administration. >> tucker: that divides the country right there. joe concha thanks a lot. >> happy 2018. >> tucker: happy 2018. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: that is about it, like sands through an hourglass, another hour has passed up account tabbably. it is great to be back. thanks for joining us tonight. tune in every night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. dvr it if you know how that works. good night from washington. >> sean hannity is next.
6:00 pm
take it away, sean. >> sean: president trump is on fire. is he driving the left absolutely insane. you are going to love. this also tonight you do not want to miss the hill's john solomon out with explosive report about the fbi's corrupt clinton email investigation. we have that exclusive report and president trump's 2017 successes have now created a republican blueprint for the mid terms. will they follow? and last year was an epic failure for fake news in this country, especially the fake ca cannabis news network. tonight breaking news opening monologue for the new year ♪ ♪ >> sean: despite vicious media attack and many political obstacles, 2017 was a very successful first year for president trump. now, before we get to the full list that the media will never show you, let's take a look at the economy. stock market is at an


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