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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 3, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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living with alzheimer's. that would be a huge development. "fox and friends" first continues, see you back here tomorrow, by. jillian: it is wednesday, january 3rd. deal or no deal? donald trump blasting democrats at of the high-stakes immigration meeting happening today. live in washington the race is on, the january budget deadline. >> snow and ice blasting the country, blizzard conditions in buffalo, new york causing a massive and deadly crash. more than half the country is under an alert. janice dean tracking where this monster storm is heading next. jillian: in the doghouse, one nfl player firing back at critics after tweeting happy birthday to his dog. "fox and friends" first continues now. ♪
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♪ jillian: time to get up, get moving, you can do it, it is cold out there, we know. rob: there's nothing out there at all. jillian: starting wednesday on a positive note, you are watching "fox and friends" first. rob: thanks for trying to start the day with us. donald trump throwing a hard line on daca and dreamers ahead of a critical meeting today. his top aides set to sit down with democrats. jillian: a deal on daca and the
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budget. what can we expect today? >> reporter: lawmakers better wake up. they have until january 19th to fund the government or face a shutdown ainsley: mulvaney, legislative affairs director mark short head to capitol hill to meet with the big four leaders. mcconnell, ryan, schumer and pelosi to hammer out a deal with immigration, front and center, sarah sanders laying out the administration's goals. >> the president wants to have responsible immigration reform laying out our principles immigration reform and that would need to be part of the package that includes daca. we hope to work with members of congress to get that done. >> reporter: republicans would like to get budget funding separate but republicans the best democrat told a line over daca, dreamers face a march deadline, pelosi has reiterated the urgency of their position. >> the dreamers need protection
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now and not wait for the comprehensive immigration reform to be resolved before we deal with this emergency. >> reporter: donald trump says there is no deal without a wall tweeted saying democrats are getting nothing for daca just interested in politics, daca activism. at the heart of it dems will start falling in love with republicans and their president. we are about results. we will see how it goes. healthcare, republicans hope can draw bipartisan support. the math guys in the senate, gets more difficult as doug jones from alabama gets sworn in today. jillian: a new chance for peace between north and south korea, opening across the border hotline. >> the situation intensifying
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between north korea and the us as donald trump fires back at kim jung un's nuclear button threat. kelly right with the latest development this morning. >> reporter: as the war of words heats up between north korea and the united states, south korea, pulmonary talks with north korea after kim jung un said he wanted to reopen talks to cooperate in the winter olympics. the us state department believes kim jung un's attempt to talk to the south is an attempt to disrupt the south alliance with the us, the move after kim made a provocative announcement on new year's day that a nuclear button is always on his desk. donald trump responded in kind with a tough tweet, here it is, north korean leader kim jung un just stated the nuclear button is on his desk at all times. will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that i too have a nuclear button but it is a much bigger and more powerful ones
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and his and my button works. nikki haley, us ambassador to the united nations said north korea must been nuclear weapons in order to have any serious talks with the us and its allies. >> we consider this a reckless regime. we don't think we need a band-aid and we don't need to take a picture. we need to have them stop nuclear weapons and they need to stop it now. north korea can talk with anyone they want but the us won't recognize or acknowledge it until they agreed to ban the nuclear weapons they have. >> reporter: the the north korean defector told authorities in japan the regime planted the biggest ballistic missile ever on it 70th anniversary in september. donald trump says sanctions are having an impact on the north and the trump administration adds china must become more active persuading kim jung un to end the nuclear program and ease escalating tensions we are
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witnessing. happy new year. heather: donald trump with harsh words for north korea, ambassador to the united nations john bolton says the president's tough talk is a welcome change but time to take action. >> i think the president made it clear the only solution to north korea is denuclearization and he means no nuclear weapons. there is 0 chance north korea will voluntarily give up nuclear weapons, requires dramatic action by china and i think -- >> china is cheating. >> if the binary choice is leave north korea with nuclear weapons or use military force the option has got to be on the table. what the president needs to do is not tweet about it but move into the region. the only way to get china and north korea to take this potential use of military force seriously is to make it real and
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it is not real. jillian: an american hero has fallen killed in the line of duty in afghanistan on new year's day. cory booker identifying the soldier as sergeant first class michael green, reportedly immigrated from latvia 13 years ago and wanted to serve his country immediately and leaves behind a 6-year-old daughter. four other servicemembers were injured. rob: isis executioner facing his own death sentence in iraq according to any rainy and news station. the evil terror boss earned his chilling reputation for several sick execution videos that were filmed before the recent collapse of mosul, isis fleeing, the country's army capturing the isis chief thinks to a tip from
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locals in the area. jillian: winter weather ramping up across the country is a monster storm moves north. rob: the unrelenting cold, this miserable weather blamed for 18 deaths over the last week. white out conditions causing this deadly pile up near buffalo, new york. >> look at that, this is bonkers. heather: one person was killed, several injured. >> you can't see a thing in front of you. everything was blurry. i can't feel my fingertips. heather: even florida not bad, flurries in northern parts of the state. and esteemed tracking it all with what we can expect. >> reporter: i will fully admit this forecast is really hard in terms of snow forecasting for
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the east coast but the cold air is in place for much of the country including north florida where we are seeing snow, freezing rain and sleet. the past 24 hours, low-pressure developing off the east coast getting attacked together, snow across the gulf coast into north florida, reports in tallahassee of snow and a mixture of ice, a dangerous day in north florida across the coast of georgia and the carolinas. we are dealing with an intense blizzard. if this storm jogs more to the west, 50 miles, we will be talking anywhere, if you inches to a foot of snow depending where you live so the bottom line is on the east coast check your forecast regularly because things are going to change in the next 12 to 24 hours, is a guarantee. by friday it is out of the way, how much snow will you expect again? the snow is falling, this time
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tomorrow, winter storm advisories, florida through coastal carolinas, mid-atlantic to the northeast, blizzard warnings for the coast of new england. here are your model snowfall forecasts. this may be conservative. we will see higher totals as we go through the day today. check your forecast, check regularly and i will be here to help you through it. jillian: we have been warned. in a few hours doug jones will be sworn into office as alabama's newest us senator, taking the oath of office on a family bible and escorted by joe biden. tina smith will be sworn into the senate replacing democrat out franken as michelle bachman may run for franken's seat, she is a religious conservative saying. >> remember when donald trump
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said this about elizabeth warren possibly running for president? >> she will probably run against you. >> i hope so. that would be a dream come through. >> the massachusetts democrat could be getting serious about 2020. she has $12.8 million in campaign funds - the way, more than any other us senator. other below the radar moves causing speculation including a role on the senate armed services committee along with trips overseas and private meetings with people she has previously clashed with like our former president, barack obama. jillian: $800 million up for grabs, the megamillion jackpot overnight for the 23rd straight time. surging to $418 million. next is to win is friday.
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>> the powerball drawing at $440 million, the combined total of these two, $858 million, the biggest in history between the two games. 11 minutes after the hour, the trump administration calling on the un to step in as protests continue to escalate in iran. could donald trump pulled the plug on the iran nuclear deal? lieutenant colonel michael walsh joins us with that. >> it was very outrageous to see what i call irresponsible journalism. jillian: a mother whose daughter was killed by a driver high on medical marijuana slamming cnn for endorsing the pot use on the air. jillian: neil gorsuch rob: opening of the emergency door and walking out.
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jillian: 21 dead and hundreds arrested as the iranian protests raids on. the trump administration calling on the un to take action. >> if the rainy and dictatorship history is any guide we can expect more outrageous abuses in days to come. the un must speak out. in the days ahead we will call for emergency session. we must not be silent. the people of iran crying out for freedom. rob: is the iranian government continues to shutdown these protests, donald trump responding by killing the iran nuclear deal? jillian: here to respond is fox news contributor michael walsh.
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thank you for joining us. what do you think this means for the iran nuclear deal? >> the president has two week for the next quarterly, every quarter he has to basically waive the sanctions passed years ago against the iranian regime. the next few weeks he has to make that decision and there are real pros and cons. on the one hand he absolutely to back these protesters. a dictator the theocratic regime, how can he continue to allow funds to flow supporting terrorism. on the other hand, careful about playing into the regime and its propaganda shifting the spotlight back to the united
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states turning us into a nationalist issue against the united states when ambassador haley during her press briefing read the antigovernment a number of statements from antigovernment protesters saying these are there words, not the united states's words, send a message to the regime not to send this back, we are walking a fine line here. rob: you know this deal well. it is a question from my understanding that iran got a lot of benefits of this deal up front. maybe i'm wrong but does it make sense to get rid of the deal now when we are getting our end to keep an eye on what they are doing from this deal. >> don't get me wrong. this is one of the worst diplomatic agreements in modern american history, the obama administration entered into.
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how do we maneuver ourselves how to get out of it. and antigovernment demonstrators with playing into the hands of the iranian regime. one solution is supporting senators and legislators working on legislation, tough on the regime like senator tom cotton who wants to pass additional sanctions not only for human rights abuses, iran's the port of terrorism but also its growing missile regime outside the deal and that leave the president with top cover to hit the regime. which are what these protests are about. >> a lot of people comparing protests to the protests in 2009 because they were very significant. it works. >> these are different in two
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keyways. they are widespread all over the country. these are protests against a brutal, and and protest against economic policy and in 2009, the and were protests against politics. and i'm more encouraged by these protests that i am in 2000. >> the ever complicated world we had. >> i'm all for the president standing up for these folks very publicly. >> and hate in the us, taking
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the money anyway. >> cutting funding the best way to send a message. robbinsdale joins us with why that is a step in the right direction. >> mitt romney ready to run for office. morning on the beach was so peaceful. until... it... wasn't. don't let type 2 diabetes get between you and your heart. because your risk of heart attack or stroke is up to four times greater. but there are steps you can take to lower your cardiovascular risk. talk to your health care provider today about diabetic heart disease. and find out more at your heart and type 2 diabetes. make the connection.
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rob: rumors about a potential senate run for mitt romney. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115. >> a big clue on twitter. mitt romney in the national spotlight after or in hatch.
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and running for that vacant senate seat. his twitter account used to say he lived in massachusetts. now he lives in holliday, utah. a lot of people weighing in with their thoughts on this change and his potential senate run. melissa says time for new blood, new ideas. another twitter user says no. angie says senator mitt romney will do senate duties in utah, his family will make utah shining state with generous support for women and children. a glowing response from angie on twitter, people not so sure. rob: it is his to lose if he should run. got the big job. >> got the big job, names cohost of the today show but also facing criticism for making this
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comment about matt lauer. >> he was sweet this morning. certain texts popped up and there was one from matt, he said congratulations. it meant the world to me to hear from him onset. >> copy is replacing lauer after he was accused of sexually assaulting multiple women. this comment, glowing response created a lot of controversy on twitter. norma tweeted imagine how his victims feel hearing that. clara bella responded happy for your appointment but you have to stop finding over matt. it is sickening. and he likes three things, football, hunting and god. he recently tweeted happy
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birthday message to his hunting dog saying happy fifth birthday, we have been through a lot, best dog and hunting buddy i could ask for. a guy named steve beef had some beef with a response saying talking about hunting might offend some people. he responded appreciate that but offense and controversial, two of the main things i tweet about our jesus and hunting, that is what i am passionate about and that won't every change. when you love something you talk about it. don't worry what others think. >> he is a good guy. >> don't mess with him on the field or off the field. geese that he hunted that he retrieved. jillian: violence spiraling out of control in baltimore, police
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are the solution, not a problem. a former baltimore cop joined us next to way and. rob: praising donald trump, a former sailor jailed for taking a picture inside a submarine calling out the double standard the cleared hillary clinton of her private email scandal, how he says this entire thing ruined his life and hope for a pardon from the president in a fox news exclusive. ♪ ♪ with expedia, you can book a flight, then add a hotel, and save. ♪ everything you need to go.
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>> needs to send a clear message to the doj that he needs to send the message to hillary clinton. >> the former navy sailor jailed for taking a picture inside of the marina plotting donald trump for calling out a blatant double
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standard. >> after hillary clinton's top aides failed to follow basic security protocol. a full-scale investigation into this. >> reporter: one of those calls from the president. yesterday donald trump wrote, quote, crooked hillary clinton's top 8 huma abedin accused of disregarding security protocols, classified passwords into the hands of foreign agents, remember this arf pictures on a submarine, jail, the justice department must act on comey and others. that sailor served a year in federal prison for taking photos of classified areas in a nuclear submarine, photos, new job for the family. the felony conviction along with dishonorable discharge and loss of veteran benefits made it difficult to support his family saying the president's tweet renews hope for a pardon.
2:33 am
a prosecution in his low-level case compared with no prosecution with high-level information by hillary clinton and huma abedin. >> difficult, the same fbi protecting us from people who mishandled classified information, set an example. why set examples, hillary clinton and huma abedin, the highest level. i have confidential pictures, not trying to minimize what i did, i made a mistake and took response ability but it so happened my case was gratuitous for them to prosecute. >> the state department release classified emails from abedin's account, from anthony weiner. jillian: california deputy who died days after a violent
2:34 am
attack, law enforcement lining up, saluting as his casket was removed from the hospital. larry falsey was attacked after an off-duty car crash. the car is accused of beating falsey unconscious every a major blow to the head leading to his death. falsey was the oldest debbie serving on the department for decades. the suspect is in custody. >> the mother of a woman killed by a marijuana impaired driver blasting cnn for this pot infused segment on new year's eve. >> a gas mask to get the contact. >> what is on the other end of the gas mask. >> outraged at the show, the new year's show, smoking pot on live television which is legal in
2:35 am
colorado. >> it was outrageous to see what i would call the responsible journalism. rob: gas perhaps daughter was killed, slammed into a building that collapsed on her car. the driver served 17 months. a new record for 343 murders last year making it the most per capita in the city's history. jillian: some blaming the violence unreduced police presence on the death of freddie gray. >> the community has distanced themselves but as a result of this, in the community. we are seeing bleed to death. >> black lives matter protesters demanded police pullback.
2:36 am
how is it possible police are to blame? jillian: baltimore police officer neil franklin, thank you for joining us. what do you say to those that blame that reduced police presence? >> everyone has blame here. this is a societal issue, it is not the police, the community, not one segment of society, one group of leaders. we all share the blame here but it does take leadership. the police slowed down. they are upset. dealing with issues of not feeling appreciated. at the end of the day police are not responsible in and of themselves for the increased murder rate we have in baltimore, a societal failure here, police and the community
2:37 am
need to come together, shouldn't be separate, we shouldn't have to build a bridge between the two, they should be one and the same. >> the event flow in the society happens all the time. crime rates go down, we focus on police brutality and negative things police are causing the community but when they spike out and we see homicides, begging to get communities. we see this all the time. you shouldn't be surprised the way society works. >> if we are looking at long-term solutions, the answer is not more police, aggressive engagement. constitutional policing, and looking for long-term solutions, look at what those societal failures are.
2:38 am
the key point is the breakdown, disintegration of the family unit in these communities. you do not have healthy communities without healthy households and public safety is first and foremost community responsibility, not the police. you can't do that without health and community. >> people watching who do not understand. >> like many cities around the country baltimore is violent. we have a lot of violent crime. we have a very active drug trade and urban cities across the country and george shultz, under
2:39 am
reagan, under nixon also. read the op-ed from december 31st in the washington post, talks about the violence in the cities across the country and the foundation for that, mass arrests, not the answer, identifying violence perpetrators going after them specifically but on the other side of the coin you have to have services propping up these failures so they have jobs so they have good education, healthcare, to give people hope. rob: police in baltimore have a big job ahead of them. thank you for keeping communities like that safe. appreciate the time. jillian: donald trump calling out pakistan for terrorists who hate america. no one knows this better than a seal team 6 member who killed usama bin laden cutting funding the best way to send a message.
2:40 am
rob: trouble on the tarmac after a passenger gets tired of waiting am opens the emergency door is walks right off the plane. jillian: big news, the announcement still ahead. ♪ you got the walk. you got the stance.. but i wasn't really feeling it. you know what, i'm not buying this. you gotta come a little harder dawg. you gotta figure it out. eh, i don't know. shaky on the walk, carriage was off. randy jackson judging a dog show. i don't know dawg. surprising. what's not surprising? how much money lisa saved by switching to geico. wow! performance of the night. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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jillian: a tweet from donald trump sparking an emergency government meeting in pakistan. rob: meeting with ministers and military chiefs after the president accused them of lies and deceit as the us now files to withhold monetary aid. jillian: rob o'neill, thanks for
2:44 am
joining us. with the us cut off pakistan? >> a threat with stopping to support them with military stuff. it definitely needs to be brought out and blatantly lying to was on a lot of things. the canadian family was released by the pakistan military from the her connie network who runs the kidnapping, we found out about it and said no and he could have led us to other americans captured in pakistan. when sitting in a room, we were given 5 different options, and the multilateral mission in the room. if we breathe the words usama
2:45 am
bin laden to the pakistanis he will be gone and they won't take him out of there. >> when it was brought up, should we do a joint pop with the pakistanis? it was laughable. >> it is crazy to think about. >> secret helicopters. >> why do we support a country like this, has to be supercomplicated. we have been working with pakistan and afghanistan since helping the afghan mujahedin fighters, to fight the russians, because pakistan closed the port of karachi and control everything over there and
2:46 am
federally administrative tribal areas. they could control everything on the way they can move. it is always a bit complicated and has been a way to get the items supplies for weapons to ammunition. it would be more difficult. it will lead to it. jillian: something to be done about this. >> the political correctness, we have been paying people that don't want to negotiate forever. and -- they won't come to recognize israel. and if they give what they want why would they negotiate? that is what we are trying to do. rob: the government hasn't wanted to deal with certain
2:47 am
situations, stir this up and a week state department. >> the military pressure thing with the deferment of the fence involved, a piece through force type of thing in pakistan. pakistan has been doing this, they don't have an interest until now and they will talk a big game and cut them off and see what happens. >> a different thing to cover in the segment, when does china come in and support them and this is a lot more complex. >> thank you for coming in. kerrimac trouble in part paradise. there we could already be going to the black market. the delay creating major
2:48 am
concerns. rob: brian kill meet with what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> i can help you with what is happening around the world. we are talking about donald trump, the white house sends representatives to be with a big four funding the government by january 19th. a secret information plan, clash in pakistan, calling the tweets incomprehensible, what is hard to understand, letting terrorists run rampant in pakistan. fusion gps goes -- taking them on about the russian investigation. bill bennett, manatee experienced and smart by jason chaffetz, the inside story, the trump administration and the
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jillian: california has officially gone to pot but right now there's no way of preventing it from going to the black market. rob: tracking system delay? >> we are talking a $7 billion industry starting recreational pot sales on january 1st, a computerized system in place to keep track of anything to keep it off the black market. the state fda says the computer
2:53 am
system implemented but sellers haven't had to use it yet because they are waiting on mandatory training which take us to later this year. they are using paper invoices to keep track of it. and a rough start in california. airline employees getting bonuses. >> airlines sharing the wealth from that windfall, southwest airlines, giving employees, american airlines says a total of $135 million there, southwest says they will be investing in 40 new jets from boeing making a next to $5 million donation to charity because of this extra money they got. >> was burger king ripping people off? >> using a buy one get one free
2:54 am
coupon from october 1, 2015, to may 19, 2017, getting money back because of the class-action lawsuit that alleged certain burger king locations if you order a modified sandwich without meat or eggs and charged a little more for your 2-for-1 deal. you do need a receipt for fast food meals from 2015, that is pretty incredible but you can get $5 back for a $2 gift card at burger king, you have to file the right paperwork. rob: or you are a hoarder. thanks so much. music streaming giant spotify facing the $1.6 billion lawsuit.
2:55 am
♪ i'm free ♪ freefalling ♪ rob: we miss tom petty. the company with exclusive rights to songs from tom petty from neil young, stevie next, claims spotify didn't get a license to reproduce and distribute 10,000 of their songs. spotify has not yet responded. jillian: heavyweight champions to the hangover. ♪ jillian: and now what is coming from mike tyson? the boxer turned actor now breaking ground on a 40 acre future tyson ranch in california. the farm will include a marijuana cultivation campground, no word on when it is set to open.
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i wonder if there will be a tiger. rob: stock up while you can. the world supply of chocolate could be melting away. jillian: a big news from one of your favorite reality tv couples, chip and diana. ♪ my bargain detergent couldn't keep up. it was mostly water. so, i switched to tide pods. . . try tide purclean i'm mark and i quit smoking with chantix. i tried, um, cold turkey. i tried the patches. i was tired and i was fed up. i wanted to try something different. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke.
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rob: okay, time for the good, the bad and the ugly. chip and joanna gaines will soon be fixes up a nursery. she is not pregnant but we are actively trying. i'm just saying. [laughter] >> all right. that's the couple there. jillian's favorite couple on "fox & friends" a few month back and now the hgtv fixer-upper stars announcing they are expecting a fifth kid. >> love that show. next up the bad. crisis of willy wonka proportions. >> please i beg you agustas.
3:00 am
>> scientists predicting the chocolate supply will melt away boo 2050 and they are blaming global warming. rob: not a chance. a passenger let's itself out of the emergency exit. another man claims he was having asthma attack. had to get off. bye. >> white house meeting with congressional leaders too discuss bunt caps and other policy new year. >> president wants to have immigration reform. we heap to be able to meet with members of congress to get that done. >> why do the left want so many illegal immigrants and amnesty. let's be honest they want their votes. >> north korean dictator. president trump quoting i too have a nuclear bu button but it is a much bigger and more powerful one than his. >> california is now a sanctuary state. >> california better hold on tight. if the politicians in california don't want to protect their community then ice will. >> senator orrin


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