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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 4, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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continues now. goodbye. jillian: it is thursday, january 4th, fox news alert, winter bomb cyclone, snowstorm slamming the east coast at this hour shutting down highways, airports, even cities with a to a foot of snow and hurricane force windss on the way. live fox news team coverage. >> furious, disgusted would certainly fit when you make such outrageous claims against the president, his administration and his family. >> donald trump's attorney giving his former chief strategist steve bannon the 4 hours to cease and desist capping a very interesting day, fiery exchanges, the reaction that is pouring in from washington. jillian: they are known for creating chaos and violence rallies but the d&d deputy chair once to promote the antifa
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movement. "fox and friends" first continues right now. ♪ ♪ same old same old ♪ for a good time ♪ rob: interesting choice of song. look at providence, rhode island in the northeast a few hours north and east of new york city and you can see the salt trucks and plows are out as the snow begins to fall from the bomb cyclone which makes it sound like this snowstorm will be the end of the world but i think we are going to survive. todd will be in the thick of it. jillian: interesting to see the snow down south who aren't used
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to seeing it. rob: florida, amazing to see it that far south. you are watching "fox and friends" first. jillian: thanks for joining us this morning. fox news alert, monster winter storm barreling up the east coast unleashing snow, ice and hurricane force wind. rob: florida looking more like a winter wonderland in north florida, snow falling in tallahassee for the first time in almost 30 years. jillian: brutal below freezing temperatures turning water fountains into icicles and that same system setting its sights on the northeast. >> a dozen states under a blizzard warning and the forecast just got even worse overnight. jillian: let's get to janice dean tracking the latest. >> starting to snow on long island, snowy conditions and the
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blizzard is going to crank this morning up until this afternoon. this is a daytime event. a lot of schools are closed and people are urged to stay off the road. if you don't have to go to work don't go to work. just essential workers on the roadways up and down the coast. a dozen states under blizzard warning this. some folks call this a bomb cyclone but i must tell you that is not a meteorological term. it means bombohgenesis dropping 24 mbar in 24 hours. in this case that is going to double. 48 mbar, 50 miles, 50 mbar in 24 hours, this is an incredible dynamic system and a powerful one and a blizzard. what does a blizzard mean? it means conditions are going to deteriorate, snow and blowing snow, a quarter-mile visibility,
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30 mile-per-hour windss coming in this case hurricane force windss on the coast, not only snow but beach erosion and coastal flooding as well. there are your blizzard warnings, winter storm warnings down the coast, millions of people under a blizzard warning or winter storm warning. yesterday we were thinking some storm totals could go up, they have substantially. 18 inches, it is a quick mover. the bad news is very cold air, arctic air behind this. if you have power outages on the east coast, subzero temperatures, not just windchill into the weekend, people need to be concerned, know what to do if your power goes out, where you will keep warm. rob: you said hurricane force wind gusts?
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75 mph or greater? >> that is a possibility along the coast for cape cod and the islands toward boston once the storm gets cranked up and bonds out. jillian: we will pay attention throughout the day. the monster storm not only powerful but moving fast. rob: people bracing for white out conditions that could look like this. very beautiful but also very dangerous. todd pyro picks up team coverage, long island, snow is beginning to fall. >> reporter: you get the hurricanes, i get the snowstorms in coverage assignments but one common denominator is the wind. five minutes ago we almost lost our cab, almost glossed over and we almost lost sam, our producer. not a lot of snow. it was coming down stronger an hour ago. you can see we are in a little bit of a lull right now, the
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sunrise highway is extremely clear, you can see the blacktop. this thoroughfare goes from one end of long island into new york city. a very heavily traveled road for those who do decide to brave blizzard conditions and head into the city. from the sunrise highway to the sunshine state, florida getting snow during this bomb cyclone. very rare for them and also georgia as the storm moves up the coast. talk to your friends in georgia, they got snow before, that state does not handle snow well, major havoc on the roads, back here in the new york city area preparations underway through the course of the last couple days to prepare for this and the storm will head into boston. they are always prepared for snow, this one will be a biggie. it is the wins, the blizzard like conditions that will cause a concern. we can handle snow in the northeast but it is the hurricane like whether we are
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most concerned about. hurricanes are something you know about, right? jillian: make sure santa is okay out there. >> them is fine, she is from the strong islands, she knows how to deal with this. rob: thanks so much. a very interesting wednesday, steve bannon facing major backlash from donald trump after accusing donald trump junior of treason. >> the president's or threatening legal action against the white house chief strategist. griff jenkins in washington dc with more on the intensifying war of words. >> reporter: this got vicious quickly, donald trump's attorney has issued a statement demanding steve bannon stop making
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disparaging remarks against the president and his family after this bombshell book release earlier with quotes from the former chief strategist saying among other things the president's son and son-in-law committed treason and were unpatriotic in reference to the trump tower meeting in 2016. bannon also quoted as saying they are going to crack don junior like an egg on national tv. the white house responded with a blistering statement saying when he was fired he not only lost his job, he lost his mind, steve had little to do with our historic victory which was delivered by the forgotten men and women of this country, steve doesn't represent my base, he is only in it for himself. bannon continued weighing in on this bitter feud on a satellite radio program last night. >> the president -- supporting day in and day out, given a trump miracle speech, you don't have to worry about that. i appreciate the kind words.
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>> reporter: the harshest words were directed at donald trump junior who responded on twitter steve had the honor of working at the white house and serving the country, he squandered that privilege and turn the opportunity into a nightmare of backstabbing, harassing, leaking, lying and undermining the president, steve is not a strategist, he is an opportunist. this book by author michael wolf is set for release next tuesday. we will see if this feud continues. we are told bannon was not kind to the president's daughter, ivanka. a lot here in a vicious exchange. haven't had something like this since kanye and taylor swift. rob: thank you so much. 9 minutes after the hour, new hope getting to the bottom of the trump dossier, the brand-new deal that republicans just struck with the doj.
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jillian: should people collecting unemployment be drug tested? the trumpet ministration think so. is a good idea or a waste of taxpayer money? rob: creating chaos and violence at rallies, the dnc deputy chair wants to promote the antifa movement. stay tuned. ♪ i have type 2 diabetes. i'm trying to manage my a1c, and then i learn type 2 diabetes
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jillian: good thursday morning. you are looking at current windchill temperatures. wherever you are it is cold out there. a lot of places on the east coast seeing snow. janice dean has been warning us watch those temperatures. if you get power outages as a result of the storm a lot of temperatures are below 0. make sure you have a plan. we will check in with her later this morning. the house intelligence committee
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announcing a deal with the promise of justice finally to turn over subpoena documents related to the anti-trump dossier. devon nunez says they will be turned over in coming days after threatening to hold the doj and fbi in contempt, this announcement hours after christopher ray and deputy attorney general rob rosenstein met with house speaker paul ryan in a closed meeting. the fbi's accused of anti-trump bias by top agents during the hillary clinton and russia investigation. paul manaforte is fighting back against robert mueller and the russia probe. donald trump's for my campaign chairman filing a lawsuit claiming the investigation has gone too far. manaford was indicted on money laundering charges, says he was wrongly charged and mueller overstepped his boundaries since the alleged crimes happen years before the 2016 election. manaford and gaetz pleaded not
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guilty. >> should unemployment be drug tested? the trumpet ministration looking to bring back and expand on a pool that was killed by congress last year to do just that. is this a good idea? here to debate it is gop strategist devon kearns and democratic alex lawson. i want to start with you. tell me the advantages of a rule like this that forces a drug test to claim your unemployment benefits? >> donald trump made it clear since the first day taking office that his goal is to get america working again. the best way to do that is to have a workforce that is ready to work and the best way to have a workforce that is ready to work is to ensure they are not high. a pretty simple concept. as donald trump, starts at the top with him, he has been very open about sharing his own
2:16 am
personal story about how he personally does not drink, he shared a touching story about how his own brother struggled with addiction, he put opioid addiction at the cornerstone of public policy priorities and he does want to put america first and put the american worker first and is looking out for the american worker here. rob: you say this is nonsensical. you don't like it. >> the best way to get americans back to work is to create jobs. this will not do anything like that. unemployment insurance goes to people who lose their jobs through no fault of their own. that is an important phrase in who gets to collect their unemployment insurance so to me this is just a distraction from everything else in the news today. i don't support any mandatory drug testing except possibly for elected politicians in this town. i could get behind that.
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rob: they didn't lose their job because they were doing drugs or doing something wrong, they were likely just laid off. why should they be drug tested, had to give their rightly do unemployment? >> this is about workforce readiness. going back to donald trump wants to create this economy and has created this economy coming to his first year in office and make sure the american workforce is ready for the next challenge of this century, this is similar to drug testing for welfare recipients and others. a great solution would be to do random drug testing, not mandatory drug testing, it is effective, well known that they do random drug testing that keeps a lot of employees from partaking in recreational drugs young folks would normally partake in. it is a good novel concept, the
2:18 am
administration is looking at it and it is a good thing. rob: if applied to welfare, food stamps, those programs is that more or less offensive than unemployment? >> not about offensive but the coercive use of the coercive power of the government to intrude on people's lives. this is a constitutional issue. we are not talking what businesses do with their employees, they can have random drug tests in a private setting. we are talking about the state here ends what the state should do. not only is a complete waste of money which time and time again we see this is a waste of taxpayer money, this is a boondoggle, this is at absolute fraud, waste and abuse which people talk about all the time. it is misdirection and it is unconstitutional so it is a big
2:19 am
issue. it does not actually save any money. this is not a giant problem we are dealing with. >> constitutional not to -- >> you may great points, thanks for coming on this morning, we are out of time. jillian: it is 19 minutes after the her. a critical flaw that could cripple your security, nearly all computers at risk of being hacked. melania firing back after steve bannon's bombshell book claims she was devastated when her husband won the election. and let's take you to a live look at chesapeake bay bridge in maryland when we say hi to carly, snow falling out there, and update on the bomb cyclone coming up a little bit later. ♪ we're gonna have usaa insurance for both my boys.
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now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> social media excluding over the war of words between donald trump and his former chief strategist. >> republicans rushing to the present side as the left claim steve bannon as the new champion. rob: here with what a day it was. >> reporter: already very exciting, steve bannon's comments sent shockwaves across social media. at the heart of this is donald trump junior's controversial meeting, steve bannon called the treasonous, donald trump firing back with a cease and desist letter but anthony scaramucci is part of the story. remember that expletive filled comments last summer?
2:24 am
now standing by them. take out the expletives and pay closer attention, donald trump, calling into question the credibility of the author michael wolf including one twitter user, another red herring for the media and taken debate hook, line and sinker. maureen says why is everyone throwing bannon under the bus when the reporter involved in corrupt, this is what the left onces, discord. has certainly caused a lot of controversy, the story not over. >> melania firing back. >> the controversial claims the first lady was very upset, she did not want her husband to win, that she had been assured by her husband that he wouldn't become
2:25 am
the president was in tears. the first lady often firing back, this book is clearly going to be sold in the bargain fiction section, the decision to run for president, she was confident she was going to win and was happy when he did. one thing that ticked the president. there you have it. >> a praise for antifa. >> reporter: from congressman ellison who is fears to be praising antifa saying i just found the book that strikes fear in the hearts of donald trump. check out that picture. dave rubin on twitter says in
2:26 am
case there's any doubt how bananas the mainstream left and democratic party have gone, a conservative guy on twitter says that terrorist manual should concern the president especially in the hands of a member of congress. sorry to end on a low note. there is a huge snowstorm that could ruin everybody's commute. scary. jillian: 26 minutes after the hour the trump administration now showing wiggle room with a pathway to citizenship for dreamers. our next guest breakdown the three options and what they mean for the immigration system. rob: lawmakers getting out in the snow that has blanketed the south. stay tuned. rob: we are taking a live look at new hampshire, tough go on
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jillian: welcome back, fox news alert, millions in the path of a dangerous monster winter storm roaring up the east coast. rob: the powerful system packed with ice, snow and hurricane force winds at times, a dozen states under a blizzard warning and the time to prepare is over. jillian: team coverage begins with janice dean tracking the storm's path. >> a blizzard where we have close to 12 states under blizzard warnings condition starting to deteriorate now. the problem is even when the storm is gone the snow won't go
2:31 am
anywhere because it will be cold, record-breaking temperatures. folks are going to lose power, you will lose power if you live along the coast where we could see hurricane force wind gusts. there is a storm starting to wind up going through the process of bombohgenesis, millibars dropping steadily over the next 24 hours, we could see a drop in pressure, 48 mbar in 24 hours, something we don't see often. that tells you the strength of the storm system. the visibility is dropping towards new york city and that is why folks are urged to stay off the roadways. if you are not an essential worker tried to stay home today, millions of kids are off up and down the coast, the system will be out of the way by this evening but new england will take the brunt of the storm with blizzard conditions, over a foot of snow from boston northward on
2:32 am
the coast line and the cold behind this is the real danger. once the storm is gone heading into the weekend we will be dealing with record-setting cold, below 0 in a lot of places, know what you are going to do if you lose power, there is the potential of power loss with hurricane force winds along the coastline, coastal flooding, beach erosion and incredible amounts of snow as we go through the day. rob: the bottom will break out tomorrow. >> reporter: record-breaking cold this weekend. rob: this monster storm anticipated to bring more than a foot of snow in some places making travel tough and dangerous as well. laura ingle continues team coverage out on long island, an area that could see good
2:33 am
snowfall totals. >> reporter: long island railroad is the largest commuter line in the nation, 305,000 people each and every day a lot of people to try to move around in conditions like this but the railroad says they are ready for this with all kinds of equipment they have been talking about and commuters we have been seeing out here, it is picking up and getting more miserable. they are bundled up and bracing for it, check out snowplows and salt spreaders, getting ready for what is happening, sanitation workers all over the new york area have been gearing up to keep the roads open today, the fast-moving storm is expected to drop several inches, new york city alone has 2400 trucks. the roads are a priority, so his power, the national weather
2:34 am
service predicting 50 mile an hour windss in long island and connecticut which means potential for downed trees is a big problem losing power but we are watching commuters bracing for it on long island. jillian: the department of homeland secretary opening the door for negotiation saying the trump administration would consider a pathway to citizenship for daca recipient as donald trump says he will not make a deal without funding for a border wall. will we see compromise? the white house columnist, thank you for joining us. before we get into the possible options here can you talk about, donald trump will come to a compromise on this because he feels strongly about that border protection. >> it is a big deal if this deal could be made, premised on the insistence that a wall must be
2:35 am
built, that is a signature campaign promise of his. will we see a wall? republicans are skeptical, there may be strengthening of border security without a 2000 mile wall. >> let's get to possible protections for daca recipient starting with a pathway to citizenship. explain what this would be, the most generous option. >> after some process, people who are not beneficiaries of daca become united states citizens, no rights and responsibilities of any citizen and clearly as we said most generous of the options available, the most likely to encounter resistance from people with a more conservative view. jillian: most likely to see resistance from democrats because they will have to let loose on the border wall.
2:36 am
>> democrats with a path to citizenship with a high price to pay for it but the political reality, to do something with support for border wall for democrats. rob: permanent residency, having a green card. >> the middle of the three options the homeland security secretary laid out will give people a measure of long-term protection, not full citizenship as a noncitizen, don't have the right to vote for example so there are certain restrictions even though it would give people protection 4 years in the future. jillian: green card holders can apply for citizenship the dreamers will not be able to again. >> that is my understanding, a
2:37 am
path to citizenship after five years, 10 years, this i don't believe would be the case in this instance. jillian: residency for a certain amount of time. >> the least generous option on the table that might be useful in reaching a deal on this topic, a visa that could be renewable once every two or three years. the danger from the perspective of dreamers as it could be taken away at any point by congress, they could just stop the program. as with any visa holder you don't have the measure of protection a green card would have. jillian: which option do you see happening? >> i would say path to citizenship is not politically realistic. one of the less generous options, maybe the green card equivalent, the middle course
2:38 am
they might try. jillian: we appreciate it. rob: liberal lawmakers filing a lawsuit accusing motel 6 of helping federal immigration agents to find illegal immigrants, the brand-new legal battle that is just beginning. rob: florida covered with snow. jillian: college campuses have been covered with snow lakes. see what we did? the state senator fighting to end safe spaces and restore free-speech. >> the hunt for a boone burglar, the million dollar bottle of vodka that has gone missing. ♪ rob: a live look outside dc. stay tuned. when i found out i had age-related macular degeneration, amd,
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jillian: life look at providence, rhode island, roads are snow-covered. if you have to head outside no matter where you are going on the east coast make sure you are careful and stay tuned in to these forecasts throughout the day because this storm is on the move. the president's controversial voter fraud commission has been dissolved. executive order turning the issue over to the department of homeland security after the project hit major roadblocks when multiple states refused to hand over data from the 2016 election. the president establish the commission claiming millions of people may have voted illegally making him lose the popular vote. rob: a critical security flaw putting nearly all the computers and phones in the world at risk. researchers say chips made by major companies including until could allow dangerous hackers to access data through the device's memory exposing passwords,
2:43 am
documents, emails, could impact hardware dating as far back as 1995. they are working on a fix to this problem. jillian: powerball jackpot searching to half $1 million after another drying yields no winners. rob: the grand prize estimated $550 million which is the eighth largest lottery prize ever, the next drawing will be next. jillian: megamillion strong will happen tomorrow, that combined a record-setting $968 million. rob: free-speech zones seeing a spike on college campuses nationwide. florida moving to combat this trend with the new bill that would outlaw these restrictive zones. jillian: here is janice baxley, thanks for joining us.
2:44 am
explain what you are hoping to accomplish. >> taking a stand for freedom and we want to push back against the idea that free speech is limited to some special zonal restricted area. free-speech is a constitutional right we want to protect and foster. that doesn't mean we don't respect a lot of things that happen aren't really free speech. that doesn't improve rioting or attacking other people are destroying property. we have to learn to have civil conversation and our universities should be a place everyone experiences free-speech. don't have to protect people from hearing something they might disagree with. >> it doesn't make a good headline to say you want to outlaw free-speech zones but what you are trying to do is protect free speech by outlying
2:45 am
these zones which use a silence speakers, shunned out by a free-speech zone and it would make more sense to say you are trying to promote free speech, not outlaw free-speech. >> we are taking specific issue that free speech should be limited to certain zones. with the concept of free speech, that applies where we are, we shouldn't fear debate, we need to learn to have civil discourse again of all places colleges and universities have embraced this. and have done a good job in florida, they have had controversial visits and have shown we can have free speech, we don't have to have violence but this is a right that must be protected, have to keep freedom
2:46 am
alive. >> 20 states with free-speech, 7 of those dates passed 13 that have been introduced, taking a look at the map. what do you hear about college campuses to these impressionable students could do to them later in life? >> it is not how the real-world functions. there is a competition of ideas, the strength and liberty and one of the things i choose to protect, those basic things, life, liberty and the freedom of speech is essential to keep that alive so to take the approach that we will deal with troublesome conflicts by restricting them to tight zones is unacceptable. america is not the kind of country you are told where you can speak your mind.
2:47 am
rob: we will see where this goes. nice and warm. it is snowing in the north, thank you. a monster winter storm marching up the eastern seaboard at this hour, live on the ground as the snow and ice and wind all move-in. >> let's check in with steve ducey. >> reporter: starting 12 minutes from now, sebastian gorka is promoting donald trump's agenda joining us, dana lash, spokesperson, a lot to talk to her about as we do with rand paul and the mooch is back, anthony scaramucci worked for the white house for i believe it was 11 days as communications director and plenty to talk to him about, the new michael wolf
2:48 am
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rob: the monster winter storm marching up the east coast unleashing snow, ice and hurricane force windss. >> millions bracing for the fast-moving system and brutally low freezing temperatures coming with it. rob: just a bit south of atlantic city, new jersey, coming down on it.
2:52 am
>> talking to a local last night who said we don't do snow. because normally they don't get anything like we are seeing at 9:00, light, fluffy, beautiful and take a look around, it turned into this blistering, blowing mix of wind and snow, absolutely brutal out here, gusts going up to 35 miles an hour. the only person we found on streets were the local fire chief and he said so far people are staying home and he is worried about potential power outages because if that happens we are supposed to get windshields of negative 4 tonight that could be deadly. look at the ground, they thought it would be more of a sleet event on those power lines, we don't seem to be doing that but if you walk with me you will see how deep it is getting, the roads and appear on the
2:53 am
sidewalk, they can't get through, no one is getting on the roads and this is marching north toward you guys in massachusetts, look at one woman's optimism. >> we have a generator. it is exciting. >> reporter: the biggest advice i can give you a stay home if you can. thank you. jillian: foxbusiness alert, washington state suing motel 6 for routinely giving death immigration to immigration officials. rob: the legal battle that is heating up. >> this has been going on two years, that is what the attorney general says, six motel 6 locations getting daily list of
2:54 am
names, drivers licenses, room numbers to immigration officials and motel 6 told their operators to stop doing this but they must not have. this is also gone on in arizona, two locations were under scrutiny for the same thing. jillian: what airlines taking away from us now? >> they are taking away those feedback screens as they redesign the seats so the new york times says about $10,000 per seat. in addition to being expensive they are bulky and add weight and become technologically obsolete so they want us to use the apps and our own personal devices to stream any tv. qantas bear is the latest to get rid of these, delta and other airlines in the us slowly
2:55 am
phasing these out. who wants to arrive with a dead phone or ipad. rob: last time i flew i was in the lavatory with two other people. and through peanuts at it. let's talk about the fast food wars. >> reporter: wars between the fast food chain, mcdonald's rolling out there 1-2-$3 menu today, talking about this for a while, taco bell announced they will be releasing nacho fries starting january 25th for one dollar, wendy's air expanding their 4 for $4 meal you meaning you get a burger, fries, chicken nuggets and a drink for $4 and in and out the west coast burger chain adding hot cocoa, the first time they added something in 15 years. if you are from the west coast that is a big deal. we will be right back.
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jillian: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. waitress to ran off with $300,000 lottery ticket. sorry, i got a little ahead of myself. we were taking a live look outside. former disney employee giving all v.i.p. paid trip to disneyland. rob: next the bad bar owner may need a bottle of vodka. made from gold and silver with diamond embellished cap and it is gone. jillian: finally tim scott couldn't escape south carolina coast before the snow started so he tried getting to d.c. with alternative transportation a boogie board. >> how far do you want to go? >> any time you want to turn around. >> i will try to turn around -- whoa.
3:00 am
jillian: he got a good laugh out of it i guess you could say. rob: that's right. jillian: fun in snow. rob: they tell you bomb cyclone hits. got to have a little fun. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> a monster winter storm barreling up the east coast right now. blizzard warnings in effect for millions of folks. >> a new war of words between steve bannon and president trump. >> president responded almost immediately with a statement he was fired. he not only lost his job. he lost his mind. >> jaw-dropping response coming hours after excerpts from a new book were published just a few days ago steve bannon was considered by the press to be the unhinged. and now he is a hero. >> the president, i think, is a great man. you know i support him day in and day out. >> president trump will sit down with senate republicans to discuss daca and border security. >> would like to make a deal on securing funding for a border wall as w


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