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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 4, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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out of it i guess you could say. rob: that's right. jillian: fun in snow. rob: they tell you bomb cyclone hits. got to have a little fun. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> a monster winter storm barreling up the east coast right now. blizzard warnings in effect for millions of folks. >> a new war of words between steve bannon and president trump. >> president responded almost immediately with a statement he was fired. he not only lost his job. he lost his mind. >> jaw-dropping response coming hours after excerpts from a new book were published just a few days ago steve bannon was considered by the press to be the unhinged. and now he is a hero. >> the president, i think, is a great man. you know i support him day in and day out. >> president trump will sit down with senate republicans to discuss daca and border security. >> would like to make a deal on securing funding for a border wall as well as ending chain migration. if the democrats are willing
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to sit down and make that deal, i think we would be happy to get that done. >> the media is going nuclear, why? because your president dared to stand up to the north korean dictator kim jong un who is threatening us. >> it's just classic trump. it is at another level because we are talking about nuclear war. ♪ ♪ ♪ sitting in the hall of fame ♪ yeah ♪ and the world's going to know your name ♪ yeah. steve: live in new york where it's not the best day of the year so far, january 4th, 2018. it's a thursday. welcome aboard. brian: weatherwise it's not going to be the best day of the year it might be a day we always remember. we could always have a good day indoors. ainsley: let's make the best of it. although it's always sad when people live without their heat. have you had deaths because people don't know how to deal with extreme weather in the south. kids get out of school and they love the sledding. these are states that rarely
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see snow. every now and then it's nice when you have places like tallahassee florida or charleston, south carolina. steve: they are waking up thinking what is that? brian: is every sled a flexible fire or do they have other brands? ainsley: i'm about to get to that stage when do i start sledding with hayden. brian: when you get a candle and wackets the blades. steve: in college we would take the cafeteria trays. ainsley: yes, we did that too. steve: go down the hill way too fast. brian: would you take them back, the trays? i don't think he is. steve: it was college, brian. thanks for joining us on this thursday. and we start with a bulletin talking about the weather. a massive winter storm is actually hammering the east coast as we speak. dumping snow and unleashing hurricane force winds. winds above 75 miles per hour. forecast just got worse overnight for millions of people in the path of this
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big storm more than 3,000 flights have been cancelled or delayed nationwide. number is expected to go up. the charleston airport in south carolina shut down. inches of snow and ice covered the runways. brian: always about ainsley's state. more than 25,000 feel living near the virginia coast. no power. the national guard is there and ready to help. over a dozen states now under a blizzard warning. including florida for the first time in 35 years getting snow. janice dean live on the plaza where the focus for the first time in a long time is not the new york giants. it's about the new york weather. janice: this is our super bowl. it might not be their super bowl, unfortunately. but go giants. all right. so the snow has started here in new york city. yes, the snow totals have gone up. but we said that yesterday that if the storm moved a little bit more to the west, we would be dealing with higher snowfall totals. that's exactly what happened overnight. so 48 inches here in the city, parts of long island, eastern long island could get upwards of 18 inches.
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up towards boston and new england. then, of course, the winds, this storm system is very strong. very strong wind field. already 49 mile-per-hour winds. this storm hasn't even gotten its act together and we are already seeing at least tropical storm force winds. as you mentioned blizzard warnings have been posted coastal north carolina up towards delmarva, parts of new jersey, long island, up towards boston and maine. so blizzard warning, meaning the conditions are deteriorating. we're going to see visibility less than a quarter of a mile. and wind gusts in excess of 35 miles per hour for the duration of at least three hours. this storm is going to be with us throughout the day today. so that's why nonessential workers need to stay home. people need to stay off the roads. we're going to see a lot of snow and a lot of wind really for the next six to 12 to 18 hours. even witwhen the storm is done e are going to be dealing with the potential for very strong winds.
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look at these snow totals. really up the forecast here for places atlantic city, long island. boston could see a foot or more: i also want to make mention, guys, once this storm is over, temperatures are going to drop like a rock. as we head into the weekend, say new york city, mine news one as the low. so if you are without power along the coast with hurricane force winds that's very possible. you need to know what to do to get warm because we are going to be dealing with extreme cold as we head into the weekend. back to you. steve: indeed. like we started this program today not the best day of the year weatherwise. janice, thank you very much. janice: you got it. steve: live reports throughout the morning. brian: first story from really inside the white house, plus 200 plus days that was what michael wolf's position was. a reporter he has written a few other books out there. he won the -- he got the president's interest originally when he came out against the "new york times" when the "new york times" in michael wolf's mind and of
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course president trump's mind was being unfair to him, he did give an interview to the president fire fewer i didn't book. for the most he seems to be in the white house quite often. releasereleased this book inside the trump house fire and fury on 200 interviews. most of those interviews were in and around steve bannon and his views of the world. steve bannon evidently was picking up the phone, urging people to cooperate with michael wolf. ainsley: in that book the left is having a hay day with this. steve bannon who was there fired from the white house, no longer works there with the president's administration. in that book he was talking about that meeting that jared kushner had with the russian lawyer at trump tower. bannon in the book allegedly he says that was treasonous and unpatriotic. steve: the white house reaction from sarah huckabee sanders yesterday, she called it trashy tabloid fiction filled with false and misleading accounts. she also said that the president of the united states when he found out about it was furious.
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of course, the question is whether or not it is accurate. it's interesting, john who is writing on the payments of the "new york post" this morning talks about mr. wolf, who wrote the book, and says that he is a solid reporter and he weaves solid reporting with errant speculation and it's impossible to tell what's true from what's too good to be true. for instance, he does cite the time in the book where apparently donald trump didn't know reportedly who john boehner was, which was crazy because he spoke to him and tweeted about him all the time and even played golf with him. so some are wondering whether or not a lot of these sources who have been at the white house have actions taxaxes to grind. ainsley: in the book it talks about how melania cried not tears of joy when he won. steve: bad about everybody.
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ainsley: the president is steamed about this. he says steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency. when he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. steve was a staff who worked for me after i had already won the nomination by defeating 17 candidates. steve doesn't represent my base. he is only in it for himself. brian: everyone was just stunned by this. because most people did not know what to make of steve bannon when he came onto the scene nationally. and then they heard he was this trump whisperer and he really had the mind set of the president. and then he was really marginalized in the white house and his exit was eminent for the longest time. then they finally parted ways. for the most part has been backing the president and backing loser candidates like senator roy moore and led the president down a couple pathways that didn't benefit the party or him. steve bannon last night after being basically characterized by the president as unserious candidate, engaged in this
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effort mainly of his own ego said this on his own radio show to a caller who called up about the book. >> the president of the united states is a great man. i support him day in day out. given the trump miracle speech or on the show or on the web sites. i appreciate the kind words. steve: what explains out kind words? abc had a news bulletin last night where they said that mr. bannon was served with papers last night from mr. trump's attorneys that said cease and desist. reminded him that when he worked for the candidate, and the campaign, everybody on the campaign signed a nondisclosure agreement and non-disparagement agreement. and this would count as that they went on to say that apparently legal action is imminent. here is mike huckabee who tries to put it all in to perspective. >> well, it's disappointing. in part, because just a few days ago steve bannon was considered by the press to be the unhinged, he is
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crazy. he's a wild man. suddenly, this guy, michael wolf quotes him in a book saying terrible things about president trump and now he's a hero. bottom line is this. there are two things you give to someone when you are hired in a political context. you give them loyalty and you give them confidentiality. those are the two virtues that are more important than anything else you can bring. there have been a number of people who came out and they didn't go out and trash the president or the other people they worked with at the white house. steve: i should point out i talked to steve bannon last night and asked him if he would like to come on the program he declined. brian: did he say anything interesting to move this story forward? steve: off the record, not really. didn't confirm any of that stuff. 6:10 in new york city. we have lots to talk about this morning. jillian joins us with headlines. jillian: good morning to you. get you caught up with the headlines. starts with the bone-chilling winter weather sweeping much much the
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nation responsible for derailing amtrak train carrying 300 people overnight. frozen switch caused three cars to slip off the tracks while pulling into a savanna train station. the train was able to continue on to new york city. the coast guard searching for a plane that mysteriously vanished over the gulf of mexico. the single engine plane took off from airport in oklahoma city bound for another small airports near austin. it never played it this y flight path shows the plane heading past where it was supposed to land in texas and straight over the water. that's when pilot stopped responding to air traffic control. firefighters rushing to the home of bill and hillary clinton. a small fire breaking out second floor of secret service facility on their property chappaqua, new york north of manhattan. the structure is not attached to their house and the clintons were not home at the time. the cause of the fire is still unclear. no one was hurt. the powerball jackpot surging overnight to more than half a billion dollars. no one won last night, so
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you still have a chance. grand prize jumping to $550 million. the 8th largest lottery prize ever. the next drawing is saturday. 418-million-dollar mega millions drawing is tomorrow combined the jackpots are a record-setting $968 million. ainsley: exciting. steve: if you missed out on bit coin you could still get rich. brian: president trump putting north korea on notice but that's not okay. >> he's not merely beginning cavalier with a threat about nuclear war. is he being cavalier in a way that makes him seem demented and deranged. >> none of this normal or acceptable none of this frankly stable behavior. brian: what is so wrong with standing up to a dictator all of the suddennen? house intelligence member will herd live in studio or else he wouldn't be behind our set. steve: they think violence is necessary, why is one of the top guys of the dnc
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promoting the antifa moment. we will tell you his story coming up. ♪
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>> should americans be concerned about the president's mental fitness that he appears to be speak so lightly about threats
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regarding nuclear button. >> is he not merely being cavalier with a threat about nuclear war, he is being threat in a i think that makes him seem demeant would and deranged. >> none of this acceptable behavior. >> should be medicine caughted and hospitalized at this point or he is just going to kill all of us, and, you know, my feeling is probably they are getting closer to him in the mueller investigation. and that's what this is about. a lot of it. brian: why she still on television? here to react to the media outrage is g.o.p. congressman former cia officer will herd he sits on the intel committee and weighs in. president going directly at kim jong un who is clearly unstable and american media commentators and so-called journalists are going at our president. is that unhealthy? >> here's one of the things i have learned as an undercover officer in the cia i was one of the guys in the back alley 4:00 in the morning. be nice with nice guys and tough with tough guys.
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we have to look at what is actually happening. the fact that north korea picked up the phone and called south korea to start a dialogue, that's a big deal. that's a good thing in order to resolve this escalation of tension with diplomacy. the fact that the north koreans are talking about joining the olympics and pank in the olympics is a big deal. the fact that we have china working with us on sanctions against north korea, a year ago nobody thought that was possible. so, you may not like the tactics, but the actions and what those tactics are producing and we got to say it's been successful. brian: find reports that the army officers on the north side are allowed to leave their post to hunt for food. when we see defectors come in under northbounded and full of bacteria, it shows there is a suffering on the inside that might force something to happen. >> kim jong un is interested in one thing and one thing only and that's staying in power. he will do anything to do that. he has already proven he is willing to kill his own
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people. he has already proven that he is willing to assassinate his own family members. he is the person that may not be fit for office. brian: something that's catching the iranian government by surprise and maybe our intelligence agencies is this uprising in iran. it's happening in the rural areas among young people not in the major cities. what stands out for you and what should the american people know about this? >> american people should know in is is iranian people saying they are sick and tired of their government. one of the things i wish was happening is more folks in the media covering the president's tweets on this topic. the fact that he is standing up with and standing side by side with the iranian people and not the iranian government. what makes this a little bit different than 2009 is more places in the country of iran, it started in some of the rural areas, what you are seeing getting reports that security officials are starting to join the protesters. this is what happened in 1989 when nicholai was opposed in two weeks when the security forces start
3:20 am
working with the people can you see some change happen. brian: expossibly of the budget how much money going to terror and not this to them want stand up for human rights and quality of life. european get involved instead they are sitting on the sidelines. >> i wish our friends in u.k., france, and germany would follow president trump's lead. i wish they would follow vice president's pence's lead and talk about how they are standing up for the iranian people. we need to amplify the message of the iranian people. iranian government is trying to crack down on the internet. trying to prevent them getting out what's really happening in that country, all of us in the rest of the world need to be broadcasting back in what they can't broadcast themselves in iran. that's an important initiative and that's why i'm glad that h.r. mcmaster and vice president pence went on board to tell the american people. brian: ultimately the american president will be judged by results. that's how we want it. good to see you. >> good to see you. brian: good luck braving the weather in new york. speaking of protests in iran women taking to the streets to fight for freedom.
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ainsley: here's some quick headlines starting with a fox news alert. four people are dead and dozens more hurt after a train collides with a truck exploding into a fire in south africa. can you see flames shooting out of a window with thick black smoke rising in the sky. threat to build up a nuclear arsenal. north korea might have bombed itself. steve: what? ainsley: diplomat reporting that the rogue nation test launched intermediate test missile back in april but it fell out of the sky not far from the launch site. no word if anybody was killed but it caused a lot
3:25 am
of damage. brian: joy behar co-host of "the view" for now unhinged comparing president trump to iranian dictators. listen to this. >> it's not apples and apples. it's not equal. we are on a very slippery slope in this country towards throwing democracy out the window every single day. >> we have to defend the freedom of the press and civil rights here. >> we do. on the streets for being gay. >> not yet. >> not yet. steve: fox news contributor tomi lahren. we heard meghan mccain say you are not being stoned in the street for being gay and joy behar said no, not yet. what does that say to you? >> well, i don't expect anything else from this group of women. i'm happy that meghan mccain stood up for what was right and she interjected because that can be sometimes very hard to do on a job like show like that. just to reiterate what meghan mccain was saying.
3:26 am
the fact that joy behar can sit on that katyushay stage and speak out against a sitting president and doesn't have to be on stage wearing a burqa and on camera doing what she is doing is exactly what i'm talking about. it's indicative what she is comparing president trump to iranian dictators, absolutely ludicrous. but she can't see it because trump derangement syndrome is in full effect no more presence than on the view da d.a. in and day out. ainsley: iranian women are fighting for food and freedom. the women's march protesters here in america many conservatives are saying where are they now? they were protesting when president trump was running. linda sarsour calling out conservative women saying muslim women executed raped in mass in burr marks not a peep out of conservative american women. now they are all up in arms on #iran. selective outrage is not a good look. aren't they having selective outrage though? they are not protesting these women and how they are
3:27 am
treated in iran. >> let's talk about the women's march protesters they were protesting against donald trump. they were wearing pink hats. they were saying f donald trump. they were marching in the streets for free birth control. we have women in iran actually standing up for more rights, more speech, more information for a better life somehow that's not women's rights? we have a sitting president, unlike president obama, who is supporting the protesters in iran. where are the feminists out to applaud him for what he is doing? this just goes to show it's not about the actions of the president. not about the message of the president. just about being anti-trump no matter what he does. even if he is doing something that they should fully support? brian: tomi, kind of amazing because their message would be so much stronger and power so much greater if they would just do what you said because it would be impossible to marginalize them into one point of view speaking for 50% of the
3:28 am
world's population instead of 50% of our political process. >> it's nothing more than anti-trump. every protest we have seen in the united states of america has just been anti-trump or anti-america. meanwhile, in other places around the world, people are rising up for more rights, more speech. and this president supports it. when the left is able to get on board with that, maybe, maybe they will see the light. but i'm not going to hold my breath. steve: maybe. and the final thing we wanted to talk to you about, tomi, you know, the philadelphia qb carson went, he was -- he posted something on social media a couple days ago where he showed a picture of his dog. there is the dog. a puppy screen right. then screen left, it shows how the dog grown up to be a great hunting dog and as you can see it was a successful day hunting. a number of people online found that picture on the left offensive because of
3:29 am
the dead birds, he tweeted out appreciate that offensive and controversial, two of the main things i tweet about are jesus and hunting. that's what i'm passionate about. that won't ever change. when you love something, you talk about it. stay convicted, about it and don't worry about others think. >> well, good for him. nice to see someone in the world of sports and entertainment finally coming out and being able to stand up for themselves in a way that's very proud. very american and let me just say, this just goes to show how the left and liberals are gone off the deep end. they are now so offended by hunting when which is an american tradition by the way in many parts of this country for both democrats and republicans. and also need i remind them hunting, conservation efforts, biologists, these leftists that love science so much, biologists and conservationists encourage hunting for population control and to keep the planet and to keep animals
3:30 am
healthy and able to sustain themselves. so, i don't know where this science loving left is on this one. apparently they are just too busy being offended by everything. brian: i know willie robertson if he is up right now would be standing and clapping. steve: sure he probably is right now. let's listen. can't hear. down in monroe. all right, tomi, thank you very much for joining us. have a great thursday. ainsley: thanks for waking up so early. california time. we talked a lot about all these protests in the nfl. the ratings are now in for the 2017 season. and they are not so good. we have details next. brian: plus, what do you do when you are caught red-handed and have no place to go? pray for mercy? ainsley: he can't get out? >> please, please. please i'm sorry. please. please. only abreva can heal a cold sore
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>> oh, anything you want to
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do, man. >> i will try to turn around. >> whoa. steve: oh, that hurt. brian: wow. is that in washington? or is that in south carolina? ainsley: he is trying to get to washington. steve: that is your shot of the morning, senator tim scott could not escape the south korea coassouthcarolina ce snow started he tried to get to washington with alternative transportation a boogie board as you can see did not end well. ainsley: didn't get too far. brian: i don't blame him. he grew up in south carolina where there is not much snow. ♪ much practice. if it's boston or new york you probably don't fall. ainsley: in the upstate of north carolina they get some snow greenville, spartanburg, in the central part, columbia the capital or down in the coast, down in charleston, not so much. they are getting a lot now. steve: you expect it in the northeast you don't expect it in the mid-atlantic. todd piro is in its lip, new york where we are looking at your live shot it looks like it has started to come down.
3:35 am
how windy is it? oh, i'm looking at the light behind you, it is windy. >> it is windy, sleeve it is extremely snowy right now. take a look at the road behind me. this road wasn't covered about 45 minutes ago. now you can see we are losing blacktop by the moment. we have seen a number of plows come through. a lot of salting. again, that's what we do here in the northeast to prepare. but what is unique about the storm for the northeast like right there is the wind. it is extremely windy. while we may be used to snow it is also very cold. what also makes this storm extremely unique is where it hit first. take a look. that's florida. florida is not used to snow. people wanting to get out of the snow in the northeast they typically move to florida as you can see florida got hit. as we move up the coast we mentioned south carolina there and also georgia. if you have any friends that live in the georgia area. if you live in the georgia area yourself, you know your
3:36 am
state does not handle snow all that well. new york, we're pretty used to it. but, again, cold is what we're not used to. this is moving up to the boston area. they are used to this sort of thing. again, wind is the key in this storm. it is going to be very windy. blizzard-like conditions. i want to show one other thing. take a look. one of our great viewers pointed out that there is an american flag down behind us here. we have such patriotic viewers here. they want that fixed. so hopely somebody will see this live shot. owner of the building come on out here and fix that flag. it is not supposed to hit the ground. thank you to pete jones for pointing that out. one of our great "fox & friends" viewers. ainsley: looks like it's stuck in the bushes we have been noticing it too. steve: todd, can't you go over and take it down or put it up? todd: i'm going to try. i don't know 100 percent if i know how to do that or if it's stuck. i will try my best. steve: it would be patriotic thing. brian: i mean, todd, you went down a building.
3:37 am
>> very, very good point. did i repel with brian cashman, i should be able to raise a flag. brian: exactly, thank you. ainsley: while you are walking over there don't slip in islip. appears h. to do it. todd: cue the buzzer for ainsley. [buzzer] ainsley: no one will forget where you are. todd: true. [laughter] steve: meanwhile, got to fix that flag. i think you have got to take it down in bad weather like this. a couple hundred miles down the coast in delaware is caroline shively. caroline, hour is the weather there? >> it is absolutely brutal, steve. it started out nice and fluffy about 9:00 last night. overnight it switched to this. take a look around. it is blustery. goodness. those winds are absolutely brutal. coming in at you sideways. whirling up little snow devils. we were surprised to see. we met a guy named tim.
3:38 am
is he delivering frozen foods. i'm not kidding. is he delivering food this morning. he said the roads out -- he came down from new york. when he left no snow. he said it got worse and worse as he got here. his beard is actually frozen. take a look at the ground though. the fire chief we were talking to him. he says this is what we want to see. if you have got to have snow this light fluffy stuff. they were worried they would get sleet and freezing rain that would hang on power lines. further south there are power outages. they are working to get those back online a couple hundred. that's going to be a problem because the wind chill getting to negative 4 later today, guys. steve: caroline shively. janice dean is joining us outside our world headquarters i believe. janice it, is the -- you are in the canyon of concrete right now, so there is not a lot of wind. but that's really what this storm is all about. janice: right. this is a nor'easter. it is a blizzard. at least seven states under blizzard warnings really
3:39 am
from the delmarva up towards maine meaning that conditions are deteriorating now throughout the day today. we will see upwards of in some cases a foot of snow, depending on where you live, eastern long island especially where todd piro is. i think they could easily get a foot or more and up towards boston. boston, you could also be in the foot club. let's take a look at the last 12 hours. you see this storm, it's getting cranked up. those winds, hurricane force winds along the coast, that's the concerning part. the cold air behind this is going to be an issue, especially if people are without power. so a strength storm system that's going to dump a lot of snow and bring windy conditions all along the coast. people are urged to stay inside. of course, millions of kids are home from school. if you are a nonessential worker you really should stay home today if you live along the east coast. back to you. steve: good day to do that. j.d., thank you very much. brian: jillian mele is also braving the weather. here it's 68 over there it's 67. >>
3:40 am
jillian: very chilly. brian: it is. i don't know how you put up with it. jillian: we do have headlines to get to dnc chair sparking outrage for seemingly showing support for the violent antifa moment. keith ellison tweeting this selfie i just found the book that strikes fear in the heart of president trump. since the president was elected antifa activists have accord faithed violent clashes across the country with people with far right ideology. students who want to get paid to promote social justice on campus have to cough up hundreds of dollars first. in order to qualify applicants at oregon state university must complete a nearly $500 two credit course according to campus reform whoever fills the part-time position would have to work a minimum of 43 hours to pay for it osu responding claiming students can make a special. newly released surveillance video showing the locked the
3:41 am
criminal inside the business and he pulls out a gun to shoot the door open. eventually finds the keys. he can't use them because he damaged the lock when he tried to shoot the door open. that's when he dropped to his knees and starts to pray. >> please, please, please. ainsley: it didn'please.ains. jillian: it didn't work. he was arrested and sent to prison. those are your headlines. back to you. brian: getting reports from the robertson family, they are answering back. real quick. on the nfl ratings, not good news so far with pure numbers. that's what this is about pure numbers, cbs, fox, nbc and nfl all have one things in common their ratings have suffered this year. they have a season decline now of 8%, they had 8% decline in 2016, that went
3:42 am
down again in 2017. steve: of course, the big question is are the anthem protests that the players have had on television and various games are they responsible for the decline in viewership? i mean, there is no metric for that but i do know from what we have seen, and reaction we have heard, a lot of people are steamed that the players aren't standing for the anthem? ainsley: who loses the money here the owners and the commissioner when the ratings are down? brian: everybody. ainsley: it's a business. everything is a business. they do care about this and they do look at these numbers? brian: they payee nor must dollars for the rights fees they want to make sure they maximize advertising dollars if the ratings are down they are not getting them. down 8% last year and 10% this year. even if you take down the streaming it's down. abc sunday night football still number one for the seventh year in a row. monday night football dominated the key male demographics. what you are looking at is a juggernaut which is showing
3:43 am
vulnerability for the first time in my lifetime. all i have seen my entire life was the envelope growing with no end in sight. this is the biggest challenge i believe the league has ever faced and fundamentally i believer there up for the challenge. some of the smartest people there. do you know what's at the base of this? they will get the national anthem thing straightened out. i worry about the head injuries and the kids are not playing. the next generation aren't playing. steve: email us right now. why do you think nfl viewership is down 10%? is it the anthem protest? is it the fact there are so many football games on? brian: too many. steve: what is it email us tweet us or facebook us. brian: one of the finest nfl commentators believe it's too much football. ainsley: i believe it is the flag. americans love the flag. we have so many military men and women who fight for our country. steve: let us know. tough words from sanctuary cities from the acting ice director. >> they need to file charges sanctuary cities. more citizens are going to die because of theist
3:44 am
policies. steve: should lawmakers really be charged with a crime. mayor de blasio. are you listening? brian: president trump's former campaign manager steve cortes on next on the bannon/trump fracture. a centru. repeat daily. a centru. i've always been a morning person. it's when i ponder the deep questions, like which came first, the egg? or the chicken? how would i know? but i do know that first, qualcomm connected the phone to the internet. and now, everyone is posting and scrolling and sharing everything.
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if your uc or crohn's treatment isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio. entyvio. relief and remission within reach. ♪ ainsley: cease and desist. this morning president trump's legal team warning former white house chief strategist steve bannon after he blasted don jr.'s meetings with russians as treasonous in bombshell new book. steve: president firing back saying steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency. when he was fired he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. enough to that he is on his own, steve is learning that winning isn't as easy as i make it look. steve had very little to do with our historic victory. brian: he went on from there. here to weigh in was michael caputo, one of the senior advisor on the trump campaign back in june of 2016. he joins us now with an inside look because michael,
3:48 am
you were on the inside. first off, what side are you on? are you on the president's side or do you think steve bannon has it right in this book depicting his characterization of the president in michael wolf's book. >> i stand with the president 100 percent. it had to be really disheartening and even maddening for the president to read those excerpts that were released yesterday. this book by michael wolf is just trash, if you ask me. you can't really believe what michael wolf says in any of his writings. columbia journalism review called his work twisted and disgusting. that comes from the voice of american journalism, columbia journalism review. however, clearly the president believes what michael wolf wrote about steve bannon and others. the comments about in particular about don jr. in that meeting in trump tower in june of 2016, they were, you know, i was really disturbed by those comments. i think that that causes grief for the president and
3:49 am
this presidency in the context of ongoing russia investigation. and i don't blame the president one bit for going off like he did. steve: hey, michael. reportedly, steve bannon has been served cease and desist order from the president's lawyer because everybody on the campaign signed a nondisclosure, non-disparagement agreement. including you, i would imagine. so what does something like that make you do in the future? >> well, i will tell you, all of us who wanted to work for the campaign even volunteers were signing this nondisclosure, non-disparagement agreement. and the comments that i read not just allegedly from steve but from others like katie walsh who also undoubtedly signed that same agreement, really read directly on what was prohibited by that agreement. so i can understand -- i would have expected the president's lawyers to launch that letter to steve bannon. it's not the first time that
3:50 am
they have been out there pulling out those agreements against people who spoke badly of the president and his family. ainsley: all right, michael caputo, thank you so much for being on with us this morning. >> you bet. ainsley: should jurisdictions be charged with crimes? the acting ice director says yes, they should. steve cortes is a member of the president's hispanic advisory counsel. he joins us next. steve: good morning, steve. >> hi, steve. how are you? ♪ we're coming to your city ♪ going to play our guitar ♪ and sing you a country song ♪ can't wash. it finds odors trapped in fabrics and washes them away as it dries. and try pluggable febreze to continuously eliminate odors for up to 45 days of freshness.
3:51 am
pluggable febreze and fabric refresher. two more ways to breathe happy.
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3:53 am
steve: should sanctuary city politicians be charged with a crime? acting ice director tom homan says yes. >> they need to file charges
3:54 am
against the sanctuary cities. more citizens are going to die because of these policies. steve: here to react fox news contributor and member of the trump advisory counsel for the 2016 campaign steve cortes. what do you think of that? it's as if a jurisdiction enforcing the real law of the land looking the other way with the sanctuary city policies. should the authorities, should the lawmakers be charged with a crime? >> look, there have to be consequences. i would hope at the least financial consequences, withholding the federal funds. perhaps personally suing some of these politicians. i'm not a lawyer. i don't know if they can be criminally charged but i am all for -- because i have so much respect for director homan and all the men. they do such hard dangerous work and they often get vilified by the mainstream media. these politicians, people your mayor, my mayor, rahm emanuel de blasio in new york. governor jerry brown in california. what they are doing is grandstanding and neglecting public safety for their own political interests.
3:55 am
they want to confuse legal immigration with illegal immigration. steve: we hear that all the time. >legal immigrants are like someone in your home guest in your home making something better. illegal immigrants are like thieves there to harm you and steal your political security. steve: what are the political reasons. >> i believe they are going it curry favor with the hispanic voters. they are trying to pander to the hispanic vote. by of the way, this isn't just hispanic issue. there are plenty of illegal immigrants all over the world. steve: this is a public safety. >> often the victims of dangerous illegal immigrants protected by so-called sanctuary cities. the victims are very often hispanics. sandra a young money in los angeles killed by somebody who had been deported five times previously in that sanctuary jurisdiction of los angeles. steve: something you hear in a number of the sanctuary areas, the cities, the states, et cetera, is that if you don't embrace these people who are in our country, even if they are in the country illegally without papers, you are a racist. >> right.
3:56 am
look, that's ridiculous, as i mentioned often the victims themselves are hispanics or people from minority or immigrant communities. look, if somebody is if we have a known dangerous person and we say it is okay for you to hide in plain sight, to me that's just insanity. not only is it dangerous to the public. it's dangerous to ice and law enforcement. law enforcement hates this. when i talk to cops in chicago they can't stand when they pick somebody up they are not allowed to let the federal authorities know this person is not only a dangerous but b, here illegally. steve: so the cops on the beat want to pick up the person but the boss says let them go? >> right. steve: steve is going to be back a little later in the program. he is cooking with friends. his whole family is here with chicago. just in time for the snow. >> right. excited. steve: thank you, steve. still a big two hours straight ahead. dr. sebastian gorka and danny deutsche. we also have as you can see right there anthony scaramucci at 8:30. big program live from new york city where it is snowing. ♪ the greatest
3:57 am
♪ the greatest
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4:00 am
steve: a massive winter storm is actually hammering the east coast as we speak. >> this storm is going to be with us throughout the day today. nonessential workers need to stay home. brian: steve bannon last night, after characterizing the president as an unserious candidate, said this on his own radio show. >> the president is a great man. you know i support him day in and day out. >> i stand with the president. this book by michael wolf is just trash. > should americans be concerned about the president's mental fitness. >> you said the media are like drug addicts. drug addicts sometimes have good days. the press never gets better. they keep getting worse. >> the powerball jackpot surging overnight to more than half a billion dollars. no one won last night so you still have a chance. ♪
4:01 am
♪ steve: welcome aboard. if you live in the north, good chance if you have kids in your house, they have the day off or at least a delayed start. it is a lousy weather day throughout the northeast. brian: right. steve: and the mid-atlantic. brian: we got the robo call last night you three do whatever you want. for me i had to go to work. school was closed. they do a lot of preemptive closings. when the kids were stuck in the snow they realize we should shut it off the teachers are alone in the classroom. now they wait because i get insurance reasons. steve: plus some people need to have day care and child care you hate to have the kid at home suddenly hey when the kids are at work. ainsley: even worse hate to have the kids on the road in
4:02 am
school bus. let's talk about extreme weather across the country. brian: i will take it from here, ainsley. sit back if you don't mind. extreme weather alert. massive storm hammering the east coast, dumping snow and unleashing hurricane force winds. this is a live look now at bedford, new hampshire it's getting battered by fast winds, heavy snow. mcdonald's open. the forecast only getting worse by the minute. steve: more than 3,000 flights have already been cancelled or delayed nationwide and that number is expected to climb. charleston international airport, south carolina shut down because of ice covering the runways. ainsley: more than 50,000 people from florida up to north carolina don't even have power this morning. the national guard in virginia is geared up. they are ready to go out and help. janice dean is live on our plaza where the snow is falling. janice, how is it feeling out there. really cold, right? janice: it's cold. it's going to get colder. that's one of the problems of this once this storm is said and done it will be out of here by this time tomorrow. the temperatures are going to bottom out. we will be dealing with lows
4:03 am
here in the new york city area of minus 1 on saturday. i'm concerned with folks that are without fox all star after the storm system leaves. they really need to get warm. here it is right now, really from the delmarva up towards maine, blizzard warnings in effect. we have upped those snow totals from this time yesterday. in deed we will see 4 to 8 inches in new york city. eastward long island could see a foot or more. maybe 18 inches along with the city of boston. you can see the visibility has been reduced. people are urged to stay off the roadways. nonessential workers should stay home today because you can't really travel at all with visibility reduced like this. and then the criteria for a blizzard is winds in excess of 35 miles per hour for an extended length of time above and beyond three hours. that's exactly what's going to happen. in some cases look at this storm system we could see winds in excess of hurricane force winds along the coast. so not only the winds and the snow but we are going to see beach erosion and coastal flooding with this. i think i read somewhere that the central pressure of
4:04 am
this storm could be equivalent to what sandy was, what hurricane sandy was when it approached the northeast a few years ago. so there are your blizzard warnings again conditions are going to be terrible throughout the day today. that's why people are urged to stay home and just watch us outside for you. steve: good idea. of course, the lower the pressure, the worse the storm. janice: all right. steve: janice, thank you very much. meanwhile, let's talk about a blizzard of headlines today. it's all about a brand new book that actually launches next week it's by michael wolf, the new book is called fire and fury. i'm sure you've heard plenty of salacious details about it already. what's interesting is guru unloads on trump white house according to "the new york post." the guru was steve bannon. steve bannon was served papers last night by entrepreneurship's lawyers saying have you got to cease and desist because you signed a nondisclosure agreement. axios is reporting that apparently trump lawyers are considering suing the author of the book michael wolf.
4:05 am
brian: but did they let him in the white house and give him access where he was season often -- early and often with steve bannon giving him many interviews. steve bannon did pick up the phone and call others and say cooperate with michael wolf because he is writing about the first 100 days and michael wolf said let's make it the first 200 days and comments out and puts out this book. steve bannon has not said he has a problem with any characterization that's been release sod far in this book. however michael barack, who is a long -- tom barack, long-time friend of the president is calling him basically -- not accurate. brian: yeah, says he is stupid and horrible things. says that is not accurate. katie walsh says i'm not quoted accurately but steve bannon is not. ainsley: keep in mind steve bannon was fired from the house. president was classy and didn't say anything. now the president is firing back. he said steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency. when he was fired he not only lost his job he lost his mind.
4:06 am
steve was a staff who worked for me after i had already won the nomination by defeating 17 candidates. steve doesn't represent my base. is he only in it for himself. brian: mercers big financiers of president trump and big backer of steve bannon have made their choice. the mercers have cut off steve bannon. they will not finance any of his efforts or support any of the steve bannon candidates like roy moore. and the question is what does steve bannon get out of disparaging a president in a way in which all his critics do? i kept asking myself this last night. what does he get out of this? ainsley: well, we know what the author gets out of it, a lot of books are going to be sold. brian: it will be a best seller. steve: it is number one on amazon. doesn't come out until next week. steve bannon, however, after he was served the papers said you can't talk about the white house or the campaign because you signed documents to that effect. he had kind things to say about the president last night on his radio show across the street from us.
4:07 am
>> the president is a great man you know i support him day in or day out weather going throughout the country trump miracle speech or on the show or on the website so i don't think you have to worry about that i appreciate the kind words. steve: he says this book is trash. >> i stand with the president. this book by michael wolf is just trash. the comments about, in particular about don jr. in that meeting in trump tower in june of 2016, they were, you know, i was really disturbed by those comments. i think that that causes grief for the president and this presidency in the context of the ongoing russia investigation. and i don't blame the president one bit for going off like he did. brian: don jr. he does say in the book says when the president won the election he looked white as a ghost and melania according to the book cried afterwards. and he is talking about michael caputo talking about
4:08 am
the meeting that happened in trump tower before steve bannon was on board that took place between a russian that said they had some interesting information on hillary clinton. ainsley: the media who doesn't like him, they are running with this. of course, this is their headline on every single network this morning. they are loving. this when you look at it it's just a salacious book. so tabloid. a book about what this guy who was fired was saying inside the white house. do you really care? write us and let us know. do you care about that or what the economy looks like or all these jobs and bonuses. steve: you are not hearing those stories. ainsley: not on left leaning media outlet. brian: one way he was characterized i could absolutely tell you is wrong. the president doesn't like to read briefing books they can't get through. when they talked about the constitution didn't get through it world leaders didn't stay there gets bored. i have heard just the exact opposite. one-on-one he could go on forever. he likes the briefing pages to understand before he goes. in in fact, when he was just a perspective candidate, he
4:09 am
used to walk around in an old fashioned way with folders like this. and i won time asked him i go what's in there he said just news stories from around the country and different policy ideas. so i thought to myself wow i thought on his device he would carry it he loves paging through different stories and different ideas and different columns. they characterize him as somebody who doesn't read anything. steve: part of the book says he the president didn't know no john boehner was, which is ridiculous because john boehner was the speaker of the house. the president tweeted about him, talked about him all the time. played golf with him so some are wondering whether or not parts of it are simply wrong. and ainsley, to your earlier point about the mainstream media how they were whipped up, if you were watching yesterday, the press briefing about 3:30 with sarah sanders, i mean, people were talking about is the president of the united states mentally unhealthy and things like that. it was something to see. so we're going to show it to you. >> should americans be concerned about the
4:10 am
president's mental fitness that he appears to be speaking so slightly about threats regarding nuclear buttons? >> he is not merely being cavalier with a threat about nuclear war. he is being cavalier in a way that makes him seem demented and deranged. >> none of this normal. none of this acceptable. none of this frankly stable behavior. >> trump needs to be medicated and hospitalized. [laughter] at this point or he is going to just kill all of us. and, you know, my feeling is probably they are getting closer to him in the mueller investigation and that's what this is about. a lot of it. steve: so many of the comments at the top of that were regarding north korea. you know, my button is bigger than your button. and then the michael wolf book came out and it hit the fan. ainsley: the media doesn't get him. they are in new york. they are in l.a. i'm from south carolina. i understand. i get new york. i understand that. lots of democrats in that area. they don't understand this president. i'm from south carolina. and i get those people. and the people in the south, in the midwest where you are from, they love this
4:11 am
president and they get him because he gets them. and i remember growing up in the south my dad always said don't ever throw the first punch. he used to tell my brother this. when somebody punches you, you win. you punch back. that's what he is doing to this dictator in north korea. the southerners, midwesters that's how they were raised. they understand this president. get let him. you might not like it in you if you are in the north and a few in the south don't like it. that's his mentality. he understands this country and some people in the country feel the same way he does. brian: that's a good point. the thing that people get worried about is he does have the power to destroy half the planet and they wonder if the tweet is leading us there. what i think people should understand year in it's not. it's part of a whole policy decision. behind him you have got generals and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. is he getting advice from all around. he is at the tip of the spear where normally you have other people out there doing that he is actually doing it this is the north -- ultimately he is going to be judged on this. what's going to happen with
4:12 am
north korea? are they going to give up those weapons? what's going to happen with iran? are they going to overthrow their dictator? what's going to happen with pakistani authority. ainsley: have you got to hear this though last night mike huckabee was on with sean hannity. listen to what he said. >> you said that the media are like drug addicts. i think that's being very unkind to the drug addicts because i have known a lot of drug addicts, sean. a lot of them actually go in to rehab and they get better. the press never gets better. they keep getting worse. they become more obsessed with the destruction of donald trump than they are with the building up of america. this is a president who has had a remarkable year. oh, yeah, he says some things in tweets that drives everybody off the ranch. but the truth is our economy is better. our security is better. we're trusted by nations that hated us before and didn't trust us. the middle east is rapidly changing in a positive way. he has had the guts to stand up for the iranian people
4:13 am
against autocratic totalitarian brutal terroristic government. they can't see any of that drug addicts sometimes have good days. i just don't know that the media is capable of having a good day. steve: well, there is certainly a lot of talk about that this morning on the whole, you go through the chants right now, that's what everybody is talking about right now and it's in the papers so there you go. ainsley: let us know what you think. i love to read your emails. we all love to read them. brian: when he says negative things but and doesn't give introduce a lot of media people journalists are racketing emotionally instead of staying to their job. meanwhile coming up straight ahead, dr. sebastian gorka worked inside the white house for a long time. he joins us live next. he knows bannon and he certainly knows the president. steve: you have certainly never seen a police chase end like this. wait, that's a kit? what? ainsley: she doesn't look like she wants. steve: that truck rentsd for 19.95 an hour. ♪
4:14 am
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4:17 am
steve: a cease and desist letter this morning president trump's legal team warning former chief white house strategist steve bannon to cease and desist
4:18 am
after he blasted among other people don jr.'s meeting with treasonous and unpatriotic in a bombshell book that comes out next week. ainsley: firing back staying steve bannon nasa nothing to do with me or my presidency. when he was fired he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. now that he is on his own, steve is learning that win something not as easy as i make it look. steve had very little to do with our historic victory. brian: former deputy assistant to the president dr. sebastian gorka tough spot. friendly with steve bannon and extremely loyal to the president and i would say close to the president's family. dr. gorka, do you have to pick a side in this. >> happy new year guys, i'm on the side of the american republic and on the side of truth. you need to know that this guy who wrote this book and these are accusations not from steve but in a book by michael wolf. is he a sleaze bag. i was asked to talk to him in the white house when he floated around the west wing and i refused to talk to
4:19 am
this guy. also, the newspaper that published this story, the guardian, is the most left wing gossip press rag in the u.k. you can imagine so, no i remain loyal to the president. steve has to say whether or not he said these things. brian: he hasn't walked anything back, dr. gorka. he had plenty of opportunities. he said nice things on his radio show. all he had to do was tweet out what you just said and he didn't. it makes me think it's accurate because he has been spotted in the office, michael wolf has in the office quite often. you probably saw him there with steve bannon. >> look, i saw wolf as i said i refused to talk to him. look at the article. there is a long excerpt in the new york magazine published yesterday from the book. it is full of inaccuracies and lies. you have pointed them out already. steve, you mentioned the fact that the president was supposedly unaware of who john boehner is. it's bogus. the president is a vacuum cleaner of information. the idea that he doesn't read stuff, again, in his office when i first met him
4:20 am
in new york he had stacks of pieces of paper that weren't there for decoration. it's because he was reading them. this guy is a hack. ainsley: how do you think the american people will respond to this? do you think they will agree with sarah huckabee sanders? she says it was trashy tabloid fiction false. do you think america will buy into this book or believe this book? what do they really care about. >> the people who will buy into this book are the people who hate the president already. that doesn't matter. the president had a crushing year. think about what happened whether it's the economy, whether it's isis, whether it's the southern border, revitalizing nato, the asia trip. it's just, you know, the successes of building upon each other in a way that the media cannot deny so what do they do? generate falsehoods. so i think, you know, the people who voted for this president will keep on believing in the make america great again agenda. that's great because 2018 is going to be a fabulous year. steve: all right. dr. gorka, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you, guys.
4:21 am
ainsley: thanks, dr. gorka, if you want to get unemployment check should you have to get drug tested first? we are going to debate it next. for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. with expedia, you can book a flight, then add a hotel, and save. ♪ everything you need to go. expedia on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today.
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♪ ainsley: the trump administration is looking to bring back and expand on a rule that congress repealed last year, which requires drug testing before you get your unemployment benefits. this as unemployment benefits claims are at a 17-year record low decreasing by the thousands during trump's first year in office. so what does this mean for you the taxpayer and those that are looking to hire new employees in here to debate this and founder and president of the center for urban renewal and education starr parker and missouri state representative and author of pine street strategies dawn calloway. thank you both for being with us. >> thank you happy new year.
4:25 am
ainsley: happy new year to you, don. ainsley: do you agree with the president should we drug test people before we give them unemployment benefits. >> i think it's up to the american people if they think that the people who receive their tax benefits should be drug tested. what the trump administration and the republican eye led congress is attempting to do is to allow for more flexibility in the states for businesses and for the state themselves to decide whether they can get people back to employment. you know, let's face it, in particular as states are starting to legalize marijuana, we have a new dilemma. , marijuana brings out that lazy in us and one of the obligations of the person receiving the unemployment benefit is that they are going to be actively looking for work. so, yes, i think that it might be healthy for the labor department to decide in their new assessments of rules that drug testing will be permissible. ainsley: okay. don, what do you think about it? >> you know, i disagree with my friend starr here. for those of us who participate in the state and local government space, this is a concept that's not new. we see conservative
4:26 am
legislatures or administrations consistently moving to place either road blocks in front of public assistance or take away benefits on the back end. ultimately, it's something that probably has some constitutional hurdles. in 1972 goldberg vs. kelly decided that unemployment and public assistance benefits are property without the meaning of the due process clause and have to be treated as such. so it's possible have you some constitutional hurdles. secondly we continue to villainize poor people and sets them aside as a class in a way we don't do anyone else in this country that receives public benefits. we passed a public tax cut that benefit of high end corporations and high end individuals. we don't see them submitted to drug testing or any type of proposal of that nature. frankly it probably has some constitutional hurdles, definitely unchristian like and morally bankrupt. ainsley: you are waking up 7:26 on the east coast. you are waking up and get taxes taken out. every time you see a paycheck, okay with tax dollars people using that
4:27 am
money money instead of putting food on the table for families you are okay with them using drugs. >> first of all that's assumption poor people. ainsley: that's why you have the testing. >> let's leave the poor out of this. unemployment benefits are for people who have been employed and now they are not. >> if i could finish. secondly, ainsley, i'm okay with it if we treat everyone else who receives government benefits in the same way. we are not drug testing ceos for the massive tax cuts we just gave to corporations. we are not testing high network individuals we hope to see iewnd the next time we file our taxes. let's stop setting aside unemployed and people down on their luck to receive dispirit treatment. this is a hurdle and year of poor people. let's not act like this is not who this effects. ainsley: starr, let me give you the last word. >> businesses drug test already. in fact states drug test already. what we are allowing for is more flexibility in states and businesses to decide if
4:28 am
someone is unemployed that we need to get them employed again and drug stands in the way of that oftentimes. >> let's treat everyone who receives public benefits the same regardless of their employment status or income status. >> i don't know that the unemployment check people want to be considered welfare dependent. this is a very different issue and the labor department needs that flexibility to be able to change the rules. ainsley: don, i will say you talked about ceos of companies the only way you are becoming a ceo is if you stay away from drugs. >> don't do drugs. i tell my boys every day. ainsley: thanks so much. the president firing back at steve bannon for trash talking his family threatening a lawsuit. dana loesch the most of the dana show on that subject next. this just in how the president plans to plug the leaks coming out of his white house ♪ go back to a girl i met those years ago ♪ who told me ♪ hold on loosely ♪ but don't let go
4:29 am
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4:32 am
>> trying to right now? where are you going. >> home. home he says, he is not going to stop for us which i understand. we are in a blizzard. he is going home. i hope you make it, sir. please stay safe. oh, it is crazy out here. this man, the bravest man i have seen that's for sure. steve: i wonder if those are snow tires? brian: i don't think so. on a schwinn. steve: man riding his bicycle on the way home. brian: the area expected to get hit by 8 inches of snow that is a live look at ocean city, maryland right now. not a good time to walk on the boardwalk for a romantic stroll. steve: that same winter monster storm marching up the east coast. affecting people from the mid-atlantic to the northeast.
4:33 am
ainsley: todd piro in islip new york. falling right now? todd: oh, it's falling right now. definitely coming down pretty hard. as the sun is up right now, you can see that road right there is really starting to get covered. the good news is we haven't seen a ton of cars. people do seem to be heeding the warning to avoid the roads on a day like this. now, what makes the storm so unique you have heard janice say it all morning long it's not the snow. the fact it's so cold out here and going to get colder as the week progresses also the wind. extremely windy. very blizzard like conditions here. another thing that makes the storm unique is the path where it came from. this storm started in florida and they typically don't get snow in florida as you might imagine because people go there to get out of the snow. but florida got snow. south carolina and georgia got snow. boston is about to get snow later on today. they are expecting extremely heavy blizzard like conditions there. if you can avoid going out, please do so and also,
4:34 am
airports are an absolute mess. one thick we wanthing we want tk upon is the flag. i tried my best. i could not get the flag because there is a pully system that is broken. i do not have a key to get to the flag and also the top -- i was going to unhook it u but the top hook is a little bit too high for me. so hopefully anybody watching this who has the key at this business here on sunrise highway please get over here because we do not want old glory on the ground. please, please, get over here soon. steve: you gave it the old team try. thank you very much for trying to fix that. ainsley: thank you, todd. let's get to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: we begin with a fox news alert. plugging the leak, white house now banning the personal phones. administration aides will only be allowed to conduct business on government issued devices. in a statement white house press secretary sarah sanders writes quote the security and integrity of the technology systems at
4:35 am
the white house is a top priority for the trump administration and, therefore, starting next week, the use of all personal devices for both guests and staff will no longer be allowed in the west wing. the nfl's tv ratings taking historic nose dive to close out 2017. players kneeling during the national anthem could be to blame after months of fans boycotting and the president slamming league owners. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a [bleep] off the field right now. out. he's fired. he's fired! jillian: the overall average nfl audience tanking 10% in 2017 according to new data from "u.s.a. today." that comes after the league already saw a decline of 8% the year before. okay. so we're giving the phrase "hot pursuit" a whole new meaning i tell you. a couple getting in one last kiss after leading police on a two hour chase.
4:36 am
the woman is accused of stealing a u-haul truck and leading officers pursuit of los angeles. blown tired eptiond the will whole thing. police broke up the passion by tasing the man and arresting the women. both were arrested and treated for drugs. >> someone stole 1.3-million-dollar bottle of vodka. british police looking for this man fleeing the bar with what some say is the world's most expensive bottle of vodka. bottle is made from gold and silver and w. diamond embellished cap. bottle was uninsured and only item stolen from the bar. it makes you wonder how good the vodka really is if the bottle looks so expensive. steve: i heard popoff. all right, jillian, thank you very much. let's bring in dana loesch, nationally syndicate you had radio host of dana show. good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning to you all. steve: well, we have got a lousy weather here in new york and there is a storm
4:37 am
going on on all the television channels right now and all the newspapers everybody is talking about this new book by michael wolf that comes out next week. and it quotes, among other people, steve bannon who was always a trusted aide, everybody thought, to president donald trump. and now, you know, he has had some very unkind things to say about people in the white house and a bunch of other people as well. what's your perspective on how people should look at this book? >> well, first off, i'm not surprised at all that this has happened. in fact, i'm actually kind of shocked that it took this long for steve bannon to turn on president trump and the administration because that's who steve bannon is. he is an opportunist. this is an individual who likes to take credit for other people's success. he glommed on to sarah palin in the early days of her campaign. he glommed on to andrew breitbart. he glommed on to ted cruz and did the same thing with president trump. he catches people as they are ascending or after they have already ascended and then tries to claim credit for all of their
4:38 am
accomplishments. so i have known the man for a long time. i have a history there. and so this is something that i, just not myself, but other former colleagues who were also there at the same time who used to work for him, we have all seen this. to this point though, i know a lot of people are talking about whether or not they can trust michael wolf and this guy seems to be untrustworthy and unethical. steve bannon trusted him enough to go and blab to him. steve bannon trusted him enough to let him in the inner sanctum and encourage other people in the trump administration to talk to this guy. steve bannon claims to be a warrior against the media. this is a guy who repeatedly has gone to the mainstream media to leak stories and blab about the administration in an effort to undermine the president's foreign policy decisions. now, think about this, the guy who is supposed to be so strategic and so calculating actually robbed the president here as we go into 2018 of being able to start 2018 by discussing his huge victory with tax reform and how this is going to have to be the message that republicans need to cling to
4:39 am
for victories in the midterm elections coming up just several months, you know, several months in the future here. and steve bannon robbed the president of this talking point by once again making it all about him. he ran to the american prospect, let's not forget that another progressive publication where in he blabbed to a progressive reporter in an effort to undermine the president's foreign policy on north korea. so, i don't think that he can claim to be a warrior against the media when he uses it for his purposes continually to try to undermine the administration. steve bannon is all about steve bannon and will always only ever be about steve bannon. brian: one thing i would not know is that if he does have a part of the base, will he take that with him since he has now drawn sides between him and the president? can the president afford to lose a part of that base to steve bannon? >> i don't think so. the president didn't need steve bannon to win and the president doesn't need steve bannon to be successful. steve bannon's contribution to this is taking over a website that was crated by a better guy and running it into the ground and making
4:40 am
it a platform for the alt right. some commenters at this website are not going to be enough to bolster steve bannon's momentum. president trump proved he had a bigger nuclear button against steve bannon. you never go to war with a guy who will push back hard on you and that's what we saw yesterday. ainsley: dana, we were watching the press pool earlier asking is he cavalier, is he demented. have you joy behar who says he needs to be medicated and hospitalized. listen to her comment and we will get your reaction. >> trump needs to be medicated and hospitalized. [laughter] at this point or he is going to just kill all of us. and, you know, my feeling is that probably they are getting closer to him in the mueller investigation. and that's what this is about. a lot of it. ainsley: what's your reaction? >> oh, i think joy behar ought to be thanking god as we go into 2018 that donald trump is president. because if he wasn't, what on earth would she talk about and why would people watch her?
4:41 am
we only watch her because she says crazy, completely nutty things about the administration and about -- i mean, really, she has nothing of substance to offer in terms of criticism about the president. and look at this, i mean, going into 2018, again, i just want to point everyone back to the fact that, you know, it was a very divided primary and it was a bitter general election. but this president has done a lot of things to bring people who are even most hesitant about him and about his abilities to the table and create, i think, one of the biggest tents that has been created in a republican party. and joy behar is terrified of that all of them are. which is why they say things like this. so, no. i actually enjoy watching her go off. i think if anyone needs to be medicated it should be her. steve: well, we are just a couple of days into the new year, dana, on new year's day carson wentz who is the quarterback for philadelphia, he posted an image on social media saying happy birthday to his dog momma henley. he wrote we have been through a lot in five years. best dog and hunting buddy i
4:42 am
can ask for. as you can see right there. that is a dog as a puppy screen right. screen left is as you can see they had quite a good day hunting and there are a bunch of dead geese right there that they got hunting. a number of people tweeting back to him hey, we find that offensive. and then he, of course, defended himself. he said he loves jesus. he loves to hunt as well. what do you think about this? >> i think it's insane that they are attacking carson wentz over this. geese are delicious by the way. i loveth people attacking him. they love to pretend they don't know where his foods come from. he loves to go to whole whole foods. he goes and he harvests his meat straight from the source. it is a healthiest, most sustaining thing that can you eat. that's what he does and he has fun doing it and the dog loves it hello, the dog has a lot of fun doing this. people are attacking him
4:43 am
over this. brian: are you surprised though? i'm not surprised at all because i know this country is divided when it comes to hunting. >> which is crazy. because it shouldn't be. people shouldn't be divided over hunting. it is the healthiest way to harvest meat and it's a fun activity for families and by the way how do people think that their food gets in groceries. do they realize animals in grocery store. brian: somebody is killing them. >> right, exactly. you are either going out to the woods harvest your meat or raising them in a farm in maybe a less sustainable way. carson wentz is doing what americans have done for generations. there is nothing wrong with it i high five them. he had a good day and so did momma henley. brian: carson had a great season until his injury has at least one supporter for his recreational activity. dana loesch, thanks so much. >> absolutely right. steve: and willie robertson. ainsley: we are getting that full screen ready right now. we will show you the robertson family earlier weighed in on this stand by. brian: you mean the "duck
4:44 am
dynasty" family? ainsley: "duck dynasty" family weighed in. steve: the wall and dreamer can. coming up next. brian: i'm sure they will have a deal.
4:45 am
4:46 am
4:47 am
ainsley: we are back with the latest on the monster snow storm pounds the northeast causing white out conditions for millions. brian: doesn't look like it's stopping any time soon. steve, you would know. steve: affiliate live from washington, d.c. with the very latest. corey? >> yeah, good morning, guys. the sun just starting to come up. you wouldn't know it it's extremely still very, very dark conditions out here. the snow drifts so far have kind of stuck in one right now to give you an idea of how much this wind has been whipping through and bringing up the snow. it's making for some difficult conditions for plowers out here as well. one good thing about ocean city is that when it comes
4:48 am
to winter storms, there are not a lot of people around. it is largely a season town, one of the lone palm trees out here getting completely hammered with ice and snow. it's packed in at this point. the wind in biting. coming in from the side is piercing to be sure. so, some extreme conditions out here. but for now we will send it back to you guys in the studio. steve: that palm tree is an icicle. corey, thank you for the live report. brian: i believe it was corey shaking down the bike rider. ainsley: it was a shake down. brian: what are you doing? ainsley: turning now to our nation's capital, hours from now the president is going to take on senate republicans to discuss daca and border security. brian: they want to get on the same page in order to present their side to democrats. steve: before the impending deadline. brian: peter doocy is live outside the white house with details. >> this isn't immigration negotiation yet because it is only republicans making
4:49 am
the slippery commute down pennsylvania avenue for a meeting with the president later on this afternoon including the senate's top vote counter john cornyn, cotton, graham, lankford and tillis. they are huddling as democrats start bearing down demanding new law to protect so-called dreamers who came to this country illegally as kids. it sounds like the president make make a daca deal into law the next few weeks only if democrats play ball with the wall. >> sara sanders said they would like to make a deal for border funding as long as they can end chain migration. >> end the visa lottery program and boost interior enforcement top of that list is border wall funding. lawmakers also just got a letter signed by a handful of former homeland security secretary jay johnson and janet napolitano who served
4:50 am
it takes homeland security officials long time to implement new programs. if they are going to fix daca by the march deadline to either come up with a solution or deport all the dreamers, then they have to get moving right now. back to you. steve: you are right about that. peter doocy live at the white house. thank you very much. brian: the president also talked about possibly going down to visit those wall samples and picking the one that works best. meanwhile the president once said he would love for elizabeth warren to run for president. >> i think she would lose so badly honestly, i think she would hurt hillary clinton very badly. >> i think she is probably going to run against you, elizabeth warren. >> i hope so. that would be a dream come true. brian: actually looks like the massachusetts democrat could be looking at a run for the white house. ainsley: anthony scaramucci joins us live. is he making a run for the white house?
4:51 am
steve: mccaul was breaking the charts with breaker breaker. >> about to put the hammer down ♪ we got a convoy ♪ rocking through the night ♪ yeah, we got a little old convoy comfort, your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? it's the lowest prices of the season on the queen c4 mattress with adjustable comfort on both sides. now only $1199, save $400. ends soon. visit for a store near you.
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4:53 am
4:54 am
steve: remember when donald trump said this about senator elizabeth warren possibly running for president in 2020? >> i think she would lose so badly, honestly, i think she would hurt hillary clinton very badly. >> i think she is probably going to run against you elizabeth warren. >> i hope. so boy, do i hope so. that would be a dream come true. steve: well now it looks like the massachusetts democrat could be getting serious about running for president in 2020. she has $12.8 million in campaign funds stashed away right now which is more than any other senator who might run hire to help read the tea leaves author of the
4:55 am
book kennedy babylon howie carr joins us from boston where it hasn't quite started blizzarding yet. howie, what do you make of elizabeth warren running for president against donald trump. >> i think she definitely wants to run, steve. like you said she amassed this huge war chest, even in 2016 she was playing it cute shea was the last female senator to endorse hillary clinton because she didn't want to alienate the bernie bros down the line she is staying out of iowa and new hampshire the first two primary caucus states because she is not terribly fast on her feet, steve. she is no alan dershowitz even though she taught at harvard law school like he did. but she is very ambitious. and i think though she has a lot of problems. i understand why president trump would like to run against her. the whole thing with the -- her native american ancestry which is more than questionable. she -- he calls her
4:56 am
pocahontas. they call him an aracist. she is a ethnic fraud. she refuses to take a d.n.a. test to prove whether or not she is a native american. she checked the box to get the jobs at university of pennsylvania law school and harvard law school claiming to be a woman of color. and she is not. she is not. and, you know, i just -- i brought in this book powwow chow. this is the cookbook. she contributed recipes claiming to be. steve: what kind of cookboo cookbook? >> it's supposedly indian recipes. but she contributed five recipes, two of them she plagiarized from a french cuisine book done by a "new york times" columnist pierre including a dish called cold crab omelet. do you think they served cold crab omelet on the trail of piers. she has a lot of skeletons in her closet. she speaks with a forked tongue if i can be allowed to say that. steve: howie carr joining us
4:57 am
today from boston talking about elizabeth warren maybe running against donald trump. howie, thank you. >> thank you, steve. steve: you bet. look at those two coming up next. ♪ with a replacement you can trust. all done sir. >> grandpa: looks great! >> tech: thanks for choosing safelite. >> grandpa: thank you! >> child: bye! >> tech: bye! saving you time... so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ almost $800 when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. >>hey. oh, that's my robe. >>is it? when you switch to liberty mutual, you could save $782 on auto and home insurance and still get great coverage for you and your family. call
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5:00 am
brian: this is an extreme weather alert. >> the central pressure of this storm could be equivalent to what sandy was. up toward maine. blizzard warning in effect, and we have upped the snow totals. steve: this morning president trump's legal team warning steve bannon to cease and desist. >> these are actions not from steve but in a book from michael wolf. steve has to say whether or not he said these things. >> just hours from now president trump will sit down with senate republicans to discuss daca and border security. >> if the democrats are willing to sit down and make that deal, i think we would be happy to get that done by the end of the month. >> medicated and hospitalized. or he is going to just kill all of us. >> he has nothing of substance
5:01 am
to offer in terms of criticism about the president. i think if anyone needs to be medicated, it should be her. >> where are you going? >> home. >> home, he says. he's not going to stop for us, which i understand. we're in a blizzard. he's going home. i hope you make it, sir. please stay safe. ♪ ♪ steve: well, keep your head up even though it's a lousy weather day throughout the mid-atlantic and northeast as well. thank you for joining us on the world's number one cable news show fox and friends. ainsley: some of you are enjoying this show in your bed. didn't have to get out of bed today. steve: just silver lining. brian: a lot of people go to bed dressed and wake up at 3:00 in the morning like that they're sanneh. steve: how do you go to bed
5:02 am
overdressed? brian: because you're cold and you find yourself soaked. ainsley: and then you wake up with pajamas everywhere in your bed. brian: if i described your night of sleep, write me. steve: i think you're describing your night of sleep. brian: we don't sleep enough to get sweaty. ainsley: i have a story and i'll keep it to myself. steve: you have to. ainsley: i can totally relate to that. steve: because we have a lot of news to talk about. this is a fox news alert storm dumping snow and unleashing winds that could be worse than super storm sandy in some places right through new england. brian: hopefully without the surge. ainsley: more than 60 million people are in the storm's pass and more than 3,000 flights have already been canceled or delayed. brian: if you're thinking about hitting the road, think again. these are the conditions you could face. a treacherous commute in maryland. janice dean braved the storms here to go to the plaza where the snow is falling outside. >> you know what? and by the end of the show, i
5:03 am
might be able to do a snow angel here on the plaza. but come on over here. where are you from? >> florida. >> and have you ever experienced a blizzard before? >> no. >> and what do you think? >> it's really cold. >> give me names and location. >> george, florida. >> and do you want to say hi to anybody? >> hi, mom and dad. >> you're not driving anywhere; right? you're just walking. okay. that's good. real quick i want to show you where the storm is right now. strengthening. it continues to strengthen. this actually might be one of the strongest storms we have ever experienced off the northeast coastline. this is a full fledged blizzard. being you can see the winds in excess of 40 miles per hour all along the coast. 30 miles per hour here in new york city. we could hurricane-force winds all along the coast. blizzard warnings at least for seven states. this storm is going to be out of here by this afternoon but the problem is look at the temperatures behind it. so bitter cold air and the problem is we're going to see some power outages all along
5:04 am
the coast and that could be a problem as we head into the weekend because it's going to be record cold. wave to anybody at home. you braved the blizzard of 2018. brian: right. just the beginning. thanks, janice. three minutes now after the hour. a lot of people weren't talking about what's happening outside. talking about what's happening inside. inside the white house. the first six, seven months in office. that's what steve bannon witnessed and gave the bulk of his interviews to michael wolf. many say it's really based on a lot of interviews with steve bannon and people that steve bannon urged to cooperate with him. steve: well, i was talking to somebody who's in and out of the white house a lot these days, and they were curious talked to him this morning whether michael wolf had such access to the white house. as it turns out we heard from sarah huckabee sanders say yesterday that they knew mr. wolf had visited about a dozen times. 95% of the times were to visit
5:05 am
steve bannon. now, this person also is quoted in the book apparently but they never spoke to the author, so they wanted us to know. ainsley: quoted in the wacko but that person said they've never talked to this author. steve: that's what they said. ainsley: is he saying the quote they used is inaccurate? steve: called it fiction. brian: uninformed and thoroughly serious candidate and not engaged. in fact, only engaged to satisfy his own ego. that usually comes from msnbc and cnn or the other networks. this time it came from steve bannon and those networks are especially loving the division at the top. ainsley: here's the way i see it. there's this book what's happening inside the white house. sarah huckabee sanders said it's salacious, tabloid. every administration has someone in the white house that leaves the white house. this guy happened to be fired from the white house, and then they do the tell all from
5:06 am
inside. do you believe it? i don't know. there was the person on our show hillary clinton what happened when bill clinton was in the white house she through the vase across the room. do you believe it? do you really care? does it affect your family? steve: well, there's one thing to be said about the fact that steve bannon reportedly told michael wolf about these things about the presidency and his family all very salacious. up until yesterday and then last night steve bannon who hosted an x msirus radio show and said you can't say anything about the president and then last night after the caller asked him about the book, he didn't say anything about the president. >> the president is a great man. i support him day in and day out. whether going to the country giving the trump miracle speech or on the website. but i appreciate the kind
5:07 am
words. brian: but what he does is he says some disparaging things about the president's intellect, studying habits, and that's where a lot of the damage is done. and i think people are interested. i'm always interested what goes on in the white house whether it's president obama, president clinton. i would still break out nixon books to see if i could get a different perspective about what's happening. the question is what does steve bannon to get out of doing this? he loses his base of influence. the calls to the white house stop. the financing of his candidate stop because some of the richest people in the country have vital financer and backer of president trump have made a decision. they're staying with president trump, they have divorced themselves from steve bannon. so now he's got what? breitbart and a radio show. ainsley: well, why would he do this, you wonder? the president said that tweet that he has lost his mind. he did get fired. the president didn't bash him until steve bannon bashed him first. so who knows. i mean, maybe he did lose his
5:08 am
mind. maybe he is crazy. i don't know. brian: says this is steve bannon is schizophreniaic this morning. steve: writes i in the new york post today that michael wolf is a terrific writer. solid reporting with errant speculation if his estimation. it's impossible to tell what's true from what's too good to be true. and we told the story about how in the book it says the president never knew who john boehner was, which is pretty funny. michael caputo who was a campaign adviser said this book not to be trusted. >> i stand with the president. this book by michael wolf is just trash. the comments about don jr. in particular in that meeting in 2013, i was disturbed by those comments. that i think causes grief for the president and this presidency in the context of
5:09 am
an ongoing russia investigation and i don't blame the president one bit for going off like he did. brian: well, also had a cease-and-desist order because you signed a nondisclosure agreement to be in the white house and obviously if steve bannon has cooperated -- and he has not denied anything. you can say anything you want about michael wolf. but until steve bannon comes out and said that's not what i said, there's no defending him. ainsley: you said you didn't say it, you have to come out and defend yourself. the public's going to buy it and believe it. brian: i would love to talk to michael wolf on this couch next week. ainsley: or this week. the book comes out tuesday. while we're not talking about this, we're talking about something the president tweeted about yesterday and that is the surging economy. the stock market going through the roof and then you look at all of these companies that are now giving bonuses. over 40 companies since they got the tax cut, which was signed by the president and okayed by the congress. brian: wow. steve: it looks like some of the inculpates giving bonuses up to $2,000. some of them not just cash but
5:10 am
giving 401(k) matches and spending millions and millions of dollars on charity. brian: all wages to go up. all of these companies probably would be looking to expand and hire and then competing for the talent. and the talent, of course, can walk around and say now i have other options. that brings wages up naturally. ainsley: you know, it makes me to want to buy from these companies. york for bank of america, york for aflac, obviously. but i want to help their employees. steve: absolutely. and the employees who get, say, $1,000 in their pocket this week from the company, what are they going to do with that money? they're going to go and buy new tires from the firestone down the street, they're going to go buy some pizza. the money is going to get injected directly into the bloodstream of america's economy. so hats off to these 40 american companies giving bonuses up to 2,000 bucks. ainsley: so happy for the families. $1,000, $2,000 in their pocket. steve: a tax cut and cash in your hand. brian: what about that cycles in maryland in the snow? he could get new tires and
5:11 am
breaks. ainsley: he could buy a car maybe. brian: he could. maybe. steve: you never know. brian: for 1,000 bucks, it's not going to be a great one. steve: it is 5:11 here in new york city. jillian has information about the voter fraud. >> the voter fraud commission has been resolved. the executive order turning it over to the department of homeland security. the project hit major roadblocks when multiple states refused to hand over data from the 2016 election. president trump tweeting in part quote they fought hard for the commission not to see their records or methods because they know that many people are voting illegally. system is rigged must go to voter id. well, the bone-chilling cold and winter weather sweeping much of the nation responsible for derailing an amtrak train carrying 300 people overnight. a frozen switch caused three cars to slip off the tracks while pulling into a station in savannah, georgia. the train was able to continue onto new york city. no one was hurt. the coast guard searching for
5:12 am
a plane that mysteriously took off from oklahoma city bound for another small airport near boston but never made it. this eerie flight path showing the plane past where it was supposed to land and out to water. that's frightening when you see the flight path and realize it didn't stop. steve: the search starts. thank you. senator rand paul plotting the trump administration for halting wasteful aid to pakistan. he's going to join brian for a conversation next live. brian: plus a man with a last name like my first. country music star luke bryan in big trouble for this christmas present to his wife. not a ring, not a puppy, but a kangaroo. a couple. and pita is not happy. put that in your pouch and smoke it. ainsley: beautiful home.
5:13 am
steve: pouch and smoke it? patrick woke up with back pain. but he has work to do. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong.
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5:16 am
brian: president trump making his message to pakistan
5:17 am
clear. this week tweeting this. the united states foolishly has given pakistan more than $400 million this aid and they're giving us nothing but lies. we hunted afghanistan with little help. no more, exclamation point closed quote. our next guest applauds this move and the tweet saying the u.s. should not be sending money to countries that burn our flag. gop senator rand paul joins us. he's on the foreign relations committee and, senator, you may know that they're not going to be sending it over $100 million to pakistan. that's already been decided. pakistan says they're confused by this message. are you confused? >> no. i've been advocating for this for years. i would take the money we send to a lot of countries that aren't necessarily our friends like pakistan, i would redirect that money into building roads and bridges here. in fact, i have a bill that i will introduce next week that will take about $2 billion we spend in pakistan, let's spend it in the united states. this is something i've agreed
5:18 am
with president trump on for several years now. let's spend some of that money here at home. let's not give it to people who hate us and burn our flag and chant death to america. brian: so are you worried about losing influence and opening up the door for maybe china to spread their influence inside that country and maybe we lose the binoculars on their nuclear program and weapons? >> i think one way you engage with people is through trade and interaction, and we can still have military arrangements with them. but i would like to see somebody who actually has money to buy our stuff rather than we give it to them. we give everything to pakistan. and there are rumors that the pakistani intelligence actually cooperate with a network that kills our soldiers. so i think it's a real disservice. i know a lot of these young men and women. some of them are in my family. i think it's a disservice to give money to a government that may be cooperating with people to kill our soldiers. so pakistan at best is a frenemy, but they have not been behaving with -- bin laden lived in their country for a decade, they did nothing
5:19 am
about it. they have christians they've incarcerated. the doctor that helped us get information to get bin laden we finally captured him. he's in jail for 33 years for the pakistani government, so they're not really our friend. brian: yeah, they summoned our ambassador. so i think the president's not backing off on this. let's look elsewhere around. the president said i'm looking at authority. they're giving us money. i'm going to revisit that. among the people that don't want the president to sit back for now are the israelis. they say, listen, we don't want unrest in gazza. we don't want mass humanitarian crisis in that area. what's your reaction? >> well, you know, i introduced a bill about a year ago to cut off the palestinian authority's aid. and here's the interesting thing. israel does complain because we're paying for it. let israel pay for it. if israel think so the palestinian authority ought to get money, let's see if they can pass that. so we end up giving all the money to the palestinian authority and they preach
5:20 am
hatred of israel and then israel says, oh, we need to keep giving money to the palestinian authority. no, cut it all off. we don't have any money. we're $700 billion in the hole. why are we giving it to palestinian authority? if israel wants to cooperate with the palestinian authority and think they should get money, they should vote for it. the average living standard for the average israeli is greater than the average american? they've got money. they should pay the authority. i wouldn't give the palestinian authority any money. brian: i know you're tight with the president. are you on the same page with this or happen to agree with this from afar? have you been speaking to him? >> i talked to him this week about the palestinian thing and infrastructure. and he's wanting to do a trillion dollars worth of infrastructure is where do you get the money. we're already 700 billion in the hole. foreign aid from pakistan won't pay for all of it. but the last 15 years you mentioned we spent over $30 billion in pakistan, that's quite a few bridges.
5:21 am
we've had a bridge between kentucky and ohio that we wanted that we could have easily built that with some of the money we sent to pakistan. brian: always good to see you, senator paul. when we come back we'll talk about the economy and more. this is fox and friends ge to sm. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
steve: we are back with a fox news extreme weather alert and a look at the boardwalk in new jersey. brian: the beach path in the monster storm unleashing snow, ice, and hurricane force winds at this hour and further down the jersey shore, we find steve for our fox affiliate fox 29. he's live in atlantic city. we assume, steve -- i don't recognize anything. accidental. >> as dangerous as it is down
5:25 am
here in these blizzard conditions, my worry is for you if you are getting too toasty in that vest. i heard you feel like that you were sauna. i don't want you getting overheated in that studio. brian: you're worried about it. that's very kind, steve. steve: how's atlantic city? >> thank you. by the way, janice dean -- well, you can see i think it's not too good right now, and it's getting worse by the minute. the winds are picking up. gust up to 60. now they've upped the forecast to a foot and a half of snow. you can see because of the high winds it's already drifting up to three feet in spots. so i think we already hit the forecast level in this spot. but that's courtesy of these high winds. and we also have high waves now flooding the streets. and the problem is not just here but all around the country we're suffering with these dangerous wind chiles. we're going to have wind chiles for at least three days after this well below zero.
5:26 am
and yesterday we were showing how saltwater, yes, it can despite having salt in it freeze. so when we have the saltwater filling the streets, it's going to be ice filling the streets. so more treacherous conditions to follow the blizzard conditions. so a whole host of problems. plus, we've got power starting to get knocked out as the wind takes my breath away. we've got over 1,000 people without power already because the winds are tearing down the power lines and the streets above them taking down the lines. so a whole bunch of problems and i guess we can't complain because eerie had five feet of snow. i'm standing in two feet of snow. by the way, i just want you guys to know you're not the only one with a comfortable white couch. i've got one here as well. so i'll send it from my couch back to you guys on your white couch. how about that? steve: you're going to regret that later. just saying when you get a little soaking wet standing out in zero-degree weather. steve who's dressed for the day with his camera guy.
5:27 am
brian: use some moisturizer. ainsley: it made for good tv, though, and that's all we care about right, steve and brian? thanks so much. it is an all-out wage war up in canada. a new report finds minimum wage hikes up in canada could cost its economy close to 60,000 jobs by next year. so with many states and cities raising their minimum wages here in the united states, will the economic impact be as negative as it -- "they" see in canada? time now for the massie memo fox news analyst and host of the property man, bob massie. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: if you look at minimum wage hikes, it seems that would be great for the minimum wage employer. employees, the small business guy, not so much. how does it affect the economy? good or bad? >> you know, this wage increase has been around for many years, ainsley. and obviously if you raise it up to what they're talking about $15 an hour, that could be devastating to businesses because ultimately what's going to happen, they're waiting for this tax reform
5:28 am
now to help them grow their business. with that kind of increase, there's no question there would be a reduction in staff and ultimately you're going to have people that are going to be affected. it's going to affect bonuses, raises, and things like that. so in the long run although we understand that you want to be able to give people more money to be able to stimulate the economy, if businesses have to pay that kind of money, and i represent a lot of businesses like that, they said it's going to devastate their business. ainsley: really? so businesses won't be able to grow with wage hikes? >> ultimately you have to figure -- let's say you have -- like i represent a restaurant that has 75 employees. so now let's say they increase it to $15. remember, those employees also they're servers and things like that getting tips. how are they going to possibly pay that minimum wage, grow their business, increase their service. it's not going to happen. and the one thing that concerns me that i'm concerned that it actually could make people make owners cheat. what do i mean by that? i mean they may people pay people under the table cash
5:29 am
because of the fact they can't afford minimum wage. they'll say, listen, i'm going to pay you cash to stay here because i can't afford it. and because people need jobs, they will do that. is& ,by the way, the state should handle this. not the feds. ainsley: if you force someone to do it, that's not a good thing. if they decide then, hey, that's okay; right? >> of course. well, certainly, of course. ainsley: you're the property man. you always talk about buying houses. will it help -- wage hikes i would think would encourage people to buy houses. >> yeah. that's true. and i wrote a couple of articles about this. the problem is what happens to those people who loses their jobs? now, if they lose the i just don't be because of the pay hike because of the reduction in the amount of people working, that's going to affect the economy from the perspective they won't have the money to buy cars, buy houses, buy consumer goods every week. so this is a real balance willing act. and it has to be looked at where we care about the employee and their ability to buy. but also the employer's ability to be able to grow and give bonuses and raises and benefits and pensions and
5:30 am
that's what you have to be careful of with this increase in minimum wage. ainsley: okay. we'll leave it with your massie memo. what is it today? >> balancing act. everything has to go on its own, and you have to be concerned that ultimately the growth of the business can be stifled. ainsley: okay. property man airs on fox business network friday nights at 8:00 p.m. thank you, bob. great to see you. >> thanks, ainsley. thank you. ainsley: well, they say violence is necessary. so why is one of the top guys at the dnc promoting the an at the end of amovement? plus the president firing back at steve bannon threatening a lawsuit now. anthony scaramucci, what does he think? we're going to ask him. he's going to join us live next after more than 20 years,
5:31 am
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steve: all right. we've been getting ready for anthony scaramucci. former guy who worked in the white house. >> former guy. still a guy. steve: still a man. well, we sent a dog sled out. thanks for making it today. >> great to be here. i'm loving the vests. brian: comment on what steve's wearing. >> steve looks great but the vest is saying something. ainsley: on every network, everyone's talking about this book that michael wolf wrote. and talked about steve bannon saying all kinds of salacious bad things about the president's family when he was working at the white house. what -- is this true? >> listen, i don't know if it's true but what i would suggest to people because
5:35 am
what's going on in the industry now, let's go verify it. at the end of the day, some of it may be true, some of it may not be true. but i have to say this. if he did say it, he should get out there and walk it back. he's got two choices. i'm not his communications director or his strategist. but if i were, i would say walk it back. donald trump is not treasonist. he's an american patriot. go out there and denounce it. brian: when you're talking about donald trump jr. basically said he's going to crack like an egg and mueller is going to focus on money laundering and predicted that's going to be on national television. >> so, again, i don't know if he said that, brian or if he did say it. brian: it's been a few hours. he hasn't walked it back. >> so he's not going to crack like an egg. he has nothing to crack about. he's an extremely honest person. i would put all of my money on the table. you guys remember john, the governor of new jersey. he had a scandal with mf
5:36 am
global. wasn't really a scandal, it was just a bad trade. the ceo. everybody on cn nbc all around said he was a criminal. he stole the money. i got out on the air. i said he's not a criminal. it may be politics but he's not a criminal. didn't steal one dollar donald j jr. is a very good guy. i have no problem standing up for him. i think steve made a big mistake if he said it. steve: let's ask you about this. apparently mr. wolf had pretty good access to the white house because 95% of his dozen visits there, he was the guest of steve bannon. >> in my 11 days, i didn't see him there. there's also 9,544,000 seconds if you were counting the seconds. steve: but also apparently he met, michael wolf did, some of the sources across the street. here's a question regarding steve bannon that he would say
5:37 am
these things because he represents essentially donald trump's core base audience. why would steve bannon take a shot at the president like this? >> well, listen, you know, the president put out a pretty forceful statement yesterday, which i know you guys read. steve: said he was crazy. >> also said he was about steve. six months ago, i said that. i said he's there building his own brand. he's about steve. again, if he's listening to your show, why don't you drop the nonsense, apologize to everybody, and join the team. i don't know what jersey you're wearing. you're not wearing our jersey or team america's jersey. at the end of the day the president's bringing everybody together. he has to work with the establishment republicans and establishment democrats, which he's trying to do. you're distracting from that agenda. be a team player and knock it off. brian: he doesn't read a briefing book. he doesn't read a memo when talked about the constitution. you saw him during the campaign. >> okay. first of all, the guy's a wickedly smart guy. i'll use a neighborhood expression. okay? number two, you don't become the president of the united states
5:38 am
if you're not a wickedly smart person. bill clinton said that about george h.w. bush. they were picking on george h.w. bush and his intelligence and his syntax and bill clinton said time out for a second. you don't become president if you're not a wickedly smart person. probably didn't say it just like that, but i'm saying it like that. brian: they said he did not want to become president. >> if you had dinner in the residence with me and the president, did the guy not want to become president? brian: absolutely. >> absolutely ridiculous. i was on campaign this guy left everything on the field. he emptied the tank on the campaign. let's go back to 24 hours before the election when he was sitting there in pennsylvania telling the staff who were thinking they were going to go back to laguardia airport that we're flying up to michigan at 1:00 in the morning. unbelievable campaign event in michigan. okay? bring the base out, and he won michigan. how many times did secretary clinton go to michigan? brian: i don't think ever. >> no, she went a few. wisconsin zero. my point is -- she went once.
5:39 am
brought president obama, first lady obama and president clinton. but my point is the guy left everything on the field. he wanted to win more than anybody. and let's face it. he's a winner. he started in june -- it's nonsense. ainsley: but how much of his own money? >> i think probably 55, 60 million. i don't know the exact number. it is total nonsense. okay? and kellyanne conway that was on the air six, seven times a day. this is total nonsense. so i already know that part of the book is factually inaccurate. this guy wanted to be the president. brian: in the excerpts and the new york magazines when the mercers came in and you steve bannon, i want to give 5 million to the campaign. the president'ssaid why? asked why they would want to him help? >> so, again, i believe it was total nonsense, but i wasn't in the conversation. you guys know the president.
5:40 am
he's gregarious, he's sarcastic, he has a tenancy to be flamboyant with his rhetorical flourishes as some of us do. big deal. he -- but here's what i say to steve bannon again. you're losing your access to the white house because of the way you're running your mouth, and you're losing your access to the mercers. okay? the way you're running your mouth. so why don't you stop running your mouth and get to a good life coach. ainsley: what is bannon like behind the scenes? why did he get fired, specifically, and what's his personality like? >> he's a very smart person. he's a very good writer. he does have a pulse on what's going on in some level of the economic discontent and desperation in our society. and that i think him and the president had common interest with. but the notion that the president needs him for his base, i soundly reject that. the president has his own base. my prediction is that even breitbart will break from bannon and drop the nonsense and come back into the fold.
5:41 am
steve: speaking of coming back into the fold. i think we all saw your name in the news in the last week. maybe you're thinking about going back to the white house. >> i've never said that. i'll say it on the record here. i've never had a conversation with the president about that or his family. i view the president as a friend. we talk. i wish him happy new year on new year's eve. he's been a good friend to me. because i got fired because of what happened with my interview and general kelly's decision to fire me, i'm not breaking ranks for. he's got an unbelievable agenda for the american people. economy is growing. wages are up for middle and lower class families. he's going to tackle these national security issues better than anybody else we could have put in that job. and, by the way, he's a friend of mine. i'm focused on my house, not the white house. ainsley: what are you doing now? >> what am i doing? i'm waiting for my deal to close. unfortunately, my deal needs approval. i sold my business to h& a,
5:42 am
and it's taking a little while longer. but, in my opinion, there's no national security reason why my deal can't close. so hopefully we'll hear about that in the first quarter. that deal closing and then i'll sit on the couch with you guys all day. brian: is there something that you did that would prevent you from going back to the white house? because i know you want to serve the country. if you're in a conversation where he trusts you, why wouldn't you consider going back? >> i didn't say i wouldn't consider. i'm an american patriot. i would do whatever the president asks me to do. but i'm not a guy where i said to anybody, oh, the president wants me back in the white house. it's a bunch of nonsense. you know what happens, you're an effective advocate, someone's trying to hit you and trying to create a bridge between you and a divide between you and the president and his family. that's not going to happen with me. ainsley: you said you spoke to that reporter off the record. it ended up costing you your job at the white house. >> i spoke to the reporter on the record. his family had a 50-year relationship with my family. he can pretend he didn't.
5:43 am
but the scare mutual ease on long island go back 50 years. so he can say whatever he wants. but, listen, he lost his job. so he's not going to be able to do what he did to me to other people, thank god, but i made a mistake and, ainsley, i own the mistake. i never walked it back. ainsley: do you think steve bannon feels it was a mistake to talk to this reporter? >> i hope he does. and if he does, i hope he'll do the necessary and right thing is to either offer an apology or issue a retraction. one or the other. ainsley: it would be great to get him on the show. >> great to see you guys. steve: he declined our invitation. maybe tomorrow. >> ask him again. steve: all right. thank you, anthony. brian: very good advice. unpaid adviser. >> which i'm not a great communication strategist, but disapproving him some help. steve: all right. meanwhile, from tax reform to rolling back regulations, president trump accomplished a great deal in his first year. but it might not be what he didn't do that has his critics talking. what didn't he get accomplished?
5:44 am
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5:47 am
>> good thursday morning back with some headlines. the dnc deputy chair is sparking outrage for the antifa movement. tweeting this selfie with a handbook saying quote i just found the book that strikes fear in the heart of president trump. since the president was elected antifa activists have coordinated violent clashes around the country against people with far right ideologies. pita's latest target is luke bryan. slamming the singer for surprising his wife with baby kangaroos on christmas. >> take your blindfold off. >> oh, my god. >> with it pita taking issue with whether he'll be able to care for the kangaroos. but they are actually the
5:48 am
newest edition to his animal rescue project. brian created for children after his niece saidy passed away last year. that's a lack at your headlines. steve. steve: thank you, jillian. president trump accomplishing a great deal during this first year, including a massive tax overhaul, the appointment of neil gorsuch to the supreme court, rolling back of obama-era regulations, and beefing up our foreign policy. but it's what he did not do that has his critics fired up, and our next guest outlines it all in a new op-ed. liz peak is a columnist for and joins us from the hill in a snowy new york city. >> good morning. it is snowy. steve: it is indeed. let's talk about the things he didn't do. and you said, hey, he didn't start world war ii. >> he didn't start world war iii. he didn't noticeably cause a stock market crash, which everybody anticipated, including the new york times. he didn't cause a recession to
5:49 am
start, and he didn't roll back transgender rights. didn't roll back women's progress. all kinds of things. there was such an apocalyptic description of what trump would do as president that honestly his critics set him up to succeed. by setting the bar so low, he basically outperformed. now, some of this stuff kind of was his fault. he was entempered during the campaign talking about some of these things. but i think the truth is his critics are disappointed that some of these things didn't come true. steve: well, look, until a year ago, two years ago he was never a politician, he was a businessman. he was successful at that. but once he decided he was going to run for president, a number of members of the mainstream media it looks like and pundits, especially, they were going to do anything they could in their power to diminish him. and run for the roses. >> we know that that's true. steve: run for the rose garden. >> we know that that's true. i mean, all the statistics on the amount of negative
5:50 am
coverage he has gotten and so forth are pretty convincing. and the fact that the new york times on a couple of occasions have come out and said maybe we didn't treat this fairly. we have a new, you know, publisher there who is talking about not having a mind-set that is already prescribed. but the truth is -- i mean, i think that president trump outperformed expectations on a number of fronts last year. obviously being able to -- and now as we go into 2018, what are the lessons? number one, there is a learning curve. i think the president is getting more indid he want working with congress. understanding how things have to go forward. calling in the leadership in advance of trying to push forward some policy, the obamacare fiasco i think taught him a lot, and i think we're seeing that. i also think on foreign policy we have a much more integrated message now that we did. steve: interesting stuff. we'll see what happens in the next year. liz peak, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. steve: coming up, that winter storm is battering us and the east coast dumping tons of snow on millions of americans.
5:51 am
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>> a big storm barreling across the east coast right now. 12 states now under blizzard warning. we will have updates on the storm's pass. and a big meeting at the white house just a couple hours from now. the president, vice president, and senate republicans immigration reform. the next big agenda item. they're all getting together today. senator john is here. bret baier, jonathan turley, jack keane, a big lineup coming up. america's newsroom top of the hour. brian: all right. we're back with a fox news extreme weather alert and a live look at long branch, new jersey. ainsley: that right there is so scary if you've ever driven in a snow storm, it's not easy. they're getting hit pretty
5:55 am
hard right now. steve: it is and todd is in long island in new york and, todd, it looks like white house conditions almost. >> yes. it's our last hit. the wind is definitely picking up, and it really is dropping in temperatures significantly. i'm going to bring in right now the chief of police stuart cameron. stuart, think so for being here with us. and what do you want people to know right now in terms of the conditions out there on the roads? >> right now we want them to know that the road conditions are poor. they should stay off the roads. we're going to see the worst of the storm between now and 1:00 in the afternoon. so if they go out now, they could stuck where they're going. >> and there's a frostbite concern if you come out here at this hour. >> absolutely. these are extreme temperatures for long island. conducive conditions for frostbite. if you get stuck out here, you could get frostbite. >> chief, thank you. we're going to toss it onto janice dean. what's the latest? >> we're going to experience this blizzard throughout the day today really from del mar
5:56 am
up towards maine and my friends, what are you up here? >> to survive the blizzard of 2018. >> real quick i'm going to do a snow angel. you ready for it? here we go. oh, yeah. it's happening. steve: i do believe we need a couple inches more. you know what? it looks pretty good. very nice. very angelic. brian: there's that big halo and the wings i all right. the silver lining to today's weather. from a snowy new york city that suddenly looked angelic. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems, and could be on the journey to much worse. try parodontax toothpaste. it's clinically proven to remove plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums. for healthy gums and strong teeth. leave bleeding gums behind
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with parodontax toothpaste.
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6:00 am
>> a snowy thursday morning. >> sandra: i'll help you through this. the action comes after release from experts from an upcoming book in which bannon is quoted slamming donald trump junior and jared kushner and


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