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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 4, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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r. i felt like the snow was attacking knee from every side. just attacking. >> jon: those ice pellets hurt the eyes. stay warm, stay safe. thank you for joining us. >> melissa: outnumbered starts right now. ♪ >> sandra: a fox news alert. new fallout from soon to be book trump presidency. scathing comments made by former strategist steve bannon. experts already released bannon calls that june meeting with the russians in trump tower unpatriotic and treasonous and says investigators will crack donald trump jr. like an egg. now president trump's lawyer sending a letter demanding a halt to the book's publication. this is outnumbered. i'm sandra smith in here today. harris faulkner. the editor of town katie paf accomplish, former deputy spokesperson for the state department marie harf and joining us on the couch trump hispanic advisory member is here steve cortes.
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>> i'm used to be outnumbered. i grew up with four sister. i presently have a wife and three daughters. i'm very accustomed of this for mat of strong women telling me i'm wrong. >> sandra: you came to play. >> exactly. >> sandra: president trump's attorney sending a cease and desist letter to bannon arguing he violated an employment agreement he once signed. they want him to symptom talking and trump's lawyer also sending a letter to author michael wolf,f calling to stop further publication of the book and any excerpts and for a complete retraction and apology. all of this after excerpts were released. bannon is quoted in fire and fury inside the trump white house saying, quote: the three senior guys in the campaign thought it was a good idea to meet with the foreign government inside trump tower with no lawyers. even if you thought that this was not treasonous or
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unpatriotic or bad exlettive and i happen to think it's all of that you should have called the fbi immediately. the president slammed bannon in a statement and said the book is fiction. white house press secretary sarah sanders yesterday addressed how the president felt when he first heard reports about the book. >> i think curious, disgusted would probably certainly fit when you make such outrage just claims and completely false claims against the president, his administration and his family. >> sandra: let's get more from peter doocy. he's live outside the white house. peter, good afternoon. >> good afternoon, sandra. there's a new call today to literally stop the presses. the trump campaign's lawyers are saying that they are investigating certain claims in michael wolff new book and they are threatening to sue the publisher henry holt and company if the book hits the shelves next week as planned with this letter. they write mr. trump hereby
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demands that you immediately cease and desist from any further publication release or dissemination of the book, the article, or any excerpt or summaries of either of them to any person or entity and that you issue a full and complete retraction and apology to my client as to all statements made about him in the book and article that lack competent evidentiary support. steve bannon also got a cease and desist letter of his own today from the trump team's lawyers who are alleging that he violated a nondisclosure agreement by trash talking the president and his family to an author. the president is separately accusing bannon of being a west wing leaker while he worked here since bannon's comments alleging treasonous behavior by the president's son and son-in-law are such a departure from what he said in an exit interview with "60 minutes." >> there's nothing to the russia investigation. it's a waste of time. look, i was there.
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it's a total and complete farce. russian collusion is a farce. >> bannon forecast for the end of the mueller investigation money laundering charges against paul manafort and jared kushner. but, despite his newly revealed disdain for others who helped get trump elected, the breitbart head is back on the radio insisting he has still got the president's back. >> there's nobody we think higher of than president trump and the agenda. so let's not let the left wing media stir that up. >> and it appears that the president was pointing to those comments just a few minutes ago while he was meeting with republican senators. he reminded reporters who were asking about steve bannon that steve bannon is calling him a great man and the president insisted that it is a misnomer that he still talks to bannon he said the two do not speak anymore. sandra? >> sandra: as the president said, he appeared to quickly change his tune. peter doocy at the white house for us. thank you. so new fallout.
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please weigh in steve cortes. >> they're is the political version for me at least my parents are fighting. because i have so much admiration for both of them for the president and for steve bannon. clearly the president is the leader of this movement, the leader of our country but steve bannon i think was also indispensable in the campaign and i admire him very much. i hate to see this. this is a distraction we don't need right now. this is important. the left wing media i think right now is tryin try like cray suddenly believe steve bannon. two days ago they thought he was a combination of darth vader and gerbils. now he is this truth teller to them. there is a lot of duplicity with them. i think what matters most, it matters a lot to those of us in the news business and political game. most americans are looking at things like their wages rising. their 401(k)s rising. optimism surging in this country. fantastic 2017 of achievements in america. controlling the border. to me, these are the issues that regular people care about, not the inside baseball. >> take your pick, it
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appears steve is pointing out a lot of mixed messages we are seeing on this. >> i want to push back a little bit. i do agree with you the real issues of the day are all the things you just lined up. to try to pin this on the media, i think, doesn't really work. >> sure. > >> katie: if you look at the author he has been accused by some people in the book making up quotes that were not attributed to them. however, the white house believes that what steve bannon said was true and that's why the white house and the president himself released that statement yesterday scorching statement about steve bannon. so they believe what he said was true and they reacted to it. so i don't think you can just say that this is the media making stuff up. >> sandra: interesting you say. this i want to get this in from "the washington post piece post talking about the author. one thing michael wolff has never been accused of is boaring. a provoke tier and media poll lem cyst.
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not just creating them but creating them wholesale marie harf? >> there is going to be a lot of discussion about his sourcing. he has talked about it in a little bit of theist pieces that will be examined more. apparently he does have some tapes of some of his interviews. so we will see how that plays out. if even attempts of the quotes are true in this story though and katie is right, the white house believes that bannon's quotes are accurate and that's why they are suing them. you don't sue someone for nondisclosure if they are not true. >> harris: you sue for defamation if not true. >> maria: exactly. if only 10% of this book is true or accurate it's a disturbing portrait of the white house particularly in the early days that was in chaos. we talked about that a lot before john kelly came in and of a president who is quite emotional, quiter rad particular at times. we see that with his twitter use that will be a big conversation over the coming days. >> harris: as the story was breaking yesterday afternoon, one of the things that we realize is that the volume and the speed of responses were kicking in
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during that 1:00 p.m. eastern hour. and i don't know that anybody had really heard as much about michael wolff. >> i agree. we certainly have not heard as much from steve bannon since horrendous loss of his candidate in alabama and his whole candidacy was a hot mess sandwich and that was the person steve bannon chose. all of a sudden from the white house you get the coms director for the first lady, sanders press seajt and all the way up to the president coming on board. >> i want to be clear about that that the defamation part because the lawyer in his wording and his letter does claim defamation, he claims your publication false baseless statements of mr. trump gives rise to among other things defamation by libel. >> maria: that's the difference in ban nda. can you only break nondisclosure agreement by telling the truth. you can't break it by saying something false. >> sandra: he was not
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supposed to say anything bad about him or his family. >> disparage. >> harris: defamation still true. >> outlines of the legalities of it, what's true. i can tell you this from personal experience a couple things that are not true that i think are really significant. one is wolff claims in his book that the president himself and senior campaign staff not only didn't think that he would not win but did not want to win. i can't tell you how wrong and how salacious and what a lie that is. >> sandra: so an example of something that did apparently and we can all say is not true is this: and thi there is an incident wolff relates in that book whose that at the mention of former house speaker john boehner's name. but a quick check of twitter casts some pretty big doubts on the idea that the president didn't know who john boehner was including six tweets from over the course of a few years where the president mentioned him by name and you are looking at him on the big screen. >> he mentioned him on the
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campaign trail. he golfed with him. do you really believe he didn't know who he was? >> harris: the fact that you had all of these members from the white house and president coming on board with, this that's usually something you see before the book comes out or is even announced. >> absolutely. >> harris: it sort of gives that feel caught unawares. did you see the wording of what the president said? that was a huge, not even a clap back that was a flashback lost his mind. the only thing that was miss from the southern girl and me is everloving. bless your heart. so i mean that sort of response from the white house, that strong worded response from the white house would indicate that, you know what? didn't necessarily know all that was coming down but they are ready for this. >> harris, that's important, too. look, let me be clear as much as i admire steve bannon and i do. donald trump is the indispensable man. >> harris: he is also president. >> and president of the united states. that's very important too. they have different roles. steve bannon is outside of the government. sehe is a provoke a pro-tour.
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they can have the same ghouls and still. >> harris: how do you account for the can capitulatin today. you heard the president say he called me a great man last night. we do? let's watch it. better than me reading it. >> steve bannon -- any words about steve bannon. >> i don't know. he called me a great man last night. you know, he obviously changed his tune pretty quick. thank you all very much. >> thank you. >> i don't talk to him. >> harris: i don't talk to him. what changed steve bannon's mind? >> i don't think his mind changed. >> katie: i agree. >> he is a great man, donald trump. he is an amazing leader. >> harris: why did he trash talk him then? >> well, two things. number one, i'm guessing taken at the best for michael wolff very much out of context. at worst, manufactured. because he certainly has done that in the past. i don't take those quotes.
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>> harris: steve bannon hasn't retruthed it. >> sandra: we are just getting this off camera remark from ivanka trump at the capital he was able to shoot off a question about the book and she is of course on multiple occasions quoted very negatively n this book by steve bannon the president has made his point of view very clear and everyone in the white house agrees with him and smiled on her departure. marie? >> maria: what shocks me how much access the white house gave michael wolf as a communications professional that was shocking. i think they are probably regretting that today even if wolff took things out of context or pushed the envelope further on quotes he clearly had access in the west wing. >> marie, i agree with you on that, that was clearly a mistake. i don't often the white house but that was a mistake. given his record of salacious gossip-style reporting clearly a left winger. >> sandra: sarah sanders said 95% of the time the meetings in the white house were with steve bannon when he did enter: the chairman
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of the committee did want clarification on those memo comey wrote about. whether he sent a friend classified information and what happens if he did? plus, former trump campaign trarm paul manafort suing special robert mueller and asking a judge to limit the scope of that russia probe. does manafort have a case?
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♪ ♪ >> harris: up on twitter you have al all of our handles there we live tweet the program. paul manafort is suing special counsel robert mueller and the justice department. he wants a judge to limit the scope of the russia investigation. a letter from manafort's attorney says, quote: mr. mueller's investigation of mr. manafort has extended far beyond links and our coordination between the russia government and individuals associated with the campaign of president donald trump end quote. the justice department is
9:18 am
calling the suit, quote, frivolous. manafort was indicted on several counts including fraud and money laundering as you know. so, you know, the legal validity of this is one thing. what about the political aspects of this? >> right, listen. i'm not a lawyer. i can't speak to the legality of the suit or his standing. i certainly can speak to the politics of it i think manafort is right here. i'm not a big paul manafort man. i think he has a long career of accepting lucrative contracts that are at best sketchy from foreign money sources. but, having said that is it okay that we empower a special prosecutor with unlimited resources with the resources of the government, unlimited budget, endless time frame to go after whatever they want? that is an investigation in search of a crime which is the opposite of what we are supposed to do in america. we are supposed to investigate a crime committed. >> harris: legal experts, katie, that i talked with this morning are saying actually the idea of what you are talking about is within the scope and the framework of what they are allowed to do and that this might not go very far but it
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does have a political leaning. >> katie: it's a political tactic to put out there again that the special counsel is way beyond the russia collusion narrative. i don't know if that's to help paul manafort or the trump administration. in terms of the details of the complaint there are 18 pages of it. they do cite previous special counsel and court cases where some things were limited. but, as you just said, i don't think it's going to go anywhere just based on the fact that these crimes allegedly were committed. there are multiple of them. and the fact is that he didn't register as a foreign agent which they're going after republicans and democrats for. >> harris: so why do it? >> maria: it's a political stunt and i don't think paul manafort is doing it to help anybody but himself. he is not a particularly loyal guy. i don't think, necessarily. and he is not a particularly sympathetic character either to make this political argument. you know. this is one we can debate whether the special counsel should have this type of authority. paul manafort got caught after he was indicted for trying to work with russians to help clear his name.
9:20 am
so, this is a stunt. but, i do think that rod rosenstein has testified about the scope of the special counsel and he has been pushed by congressional leaders about whether, you know, if mueller goes farther than the original intent he has to sign off on it he has spoken about the fact that there is some oversight here. >> sandra: i have spoken with professor jonathan turley earlier he thinks the case would fail rather quickly. that being said, he said it also might work in mueller's favor who has been attacked, obviously, his credibility has been attacked and the scope of his investigation as we are discussing has been attacked and actually give him a case to defend himself and then actually have it proven by a court that he is within the bounds of the investigation. pau>> here is the larger point that our justice system at its highest levels at both the fbi and the department of justice has been totally compromised that's not my supposition. we know this now from evidence that people like ohr, mccabe, comey, mueller
9:21 am
are ultimately compromised and con flicketsd. they are on a witch-hunt against the president of the united states. >> maria: why do you say that about mueller himself? >> one thing because is he comey's best friend and mentor and because as fbi director he was directly involved in the very russia investigations that he is now supposedly investigating again. >> maria: mueller was. >> mueller, yes. he is totally conflicted on that issue. and, on top of that, he has hired nothing but intensely partisan pro- >> katie: what if mueller exxonner rates the president. because of the only thing he has gone after so far are people like paul manafort and even mike flynn, it's not that he got indicted for colluding with the russians because that's technically not even a crime. >> harris: george papadopoulos admitted what he did. >did. >> katie: paul manafort has everything to do his own personal business as the complaint says years and years ago. has nothing to do with the campaign. what if president trump is exonerated by bob mueller? >> in the end, katie, i hope
9:22 am
he ends up there. i hope he is an honest broker. every appearance is he is not. >> harris: every appearance is there is no evidence. he may get exactly to what katie is talking about. >> guess what, we didn't collude. that's the simple reality. american people chose president trump, not russia. >> sandra: let's move on to this the powerful republican pushing for more information on those official fbi memos that fired fbi director james comey shared with a friend outside the agency. chair of the senate judiciary committee senator chuck grassley wants to know if comey shared classified information with friend and law professor daniel richmond. in 2016 comey told congress he kept a record of his talks with president trump in case he needed to go public with it later. >> i created records after conversations. i did it for nearly all of them. especially the ones that were substantive. i knew there might come a day when i would need a record of what ha happened and my judgment was i needed to get that out in the
9:23 am
public square. i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter. i didn't do it myself for a variety of reasons but i asked him to because i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. >> sandra: chairman grassley believes at least one of those leaked memos may have contained classified information. in a letter to the doj. the senator says, quote: if it's true that professor richmond had four of the seven memos, then in light of the fact that four of the seven memos the committee reviewed are classified, it would appear that at least one of them that one memo, the former fbi director gave professor richman contained classified information: as you follow through all of that you wonder will grassley get anywhere with this? >> i think he will. comey, unfortunately, and it's too bad because the fbi is full of thousands of men and women who do dangerous hard work to protect us on national security and protect us from crime. they were totally betrayed by having a leader like comey who was so duplicity
9:24 am
in every way. the fact he wrote exoneration memo for hillary clinton before the investigation had even commenced is reprehensible. the fact that he leaked to a friend. by the way, how about be a man and come public yourself and say i need to for the good of the country i need to make this public? he operates in the shadows. he is a highly partisan man. he has shown himself, i think to be incredibly dishonorable. to me it's one of the worst episodes in fbi history if not the worst. > >> maria: j. edgar hoover. >> the president should have fired him on january 21 when he did. >> katie: the president could have saved himself heartache if he would have taken the evidence and fired him. the classified information they are talking about here, serious questions about whether and chuck grassley is asking whether this professor still has the memos if he returned them to the fbi. what the content was, what the reporter saw. you know, was it physical information or as we just pointed out was it just
9:25 am
content? did james comey say this is in the memo or did he physically turn over the memos and guess what? this professor doesn't have a security clearance that alone is a problem. and did you go back to when james comey admitted being the leaker during congressional testimony, there were serious legal questions about whether that was fbi property and considering he wrote it on an fbi computer, it has been deemed to be so. and the classified information makes it a whole lot harder. >> counter that somehow. >> i think there are questions that need to be answered here. all independent occasions are if some of these were classified they were what we call let proactively classified. he didn't write them to be classified: that is a distinction that needs to be answered. it also doesn't mean that the information in the memo isn't true. so, while we can get mad at james comey for the process by which he gave this to a friend who then gave it to a reporter, the information in it. >> harris: i believe the word you are looking for is leaked. >> maria: and he said that he admitted to it, right? >> harris: leak. >> leaking james comey. >> harris: different connotation. that means there was some sort of movement behind it.
9:26 am
you just don't move it -- hair mayor my point is this we can talk about how james comey went about this and the content of the memo and the fact that he was fired the way he was has led us to the special counsel we have today. >> katie: which was his goal for leaking by the way. >> maria: the president shouldn't have fired him. >> harris: it isn't that i passed it along to a friend i leaked it. >> katie: i know the state department didn't care about classified information how it was handled. >> maria: that's a personal shot someone just worked there. >> katie: not a personal shot. we should care how classified information is handled. >> maria: i certainly care. >> harris: the same talking point for lack of a better phrase well, it wasn't born classified. >> maria: there is a legal distinction. >> harris: that was the same sort of information used to defend president obama when he said on "60 minutes" he knew for a fact hillary clinton wasn't going to have a problem with email server.
9:27 am
>> sandra: i saw you turn around because of the noises. i have think it's snowplows. >> harris: they are behind the live wall here. they can see it. >> it's a drink in new orleans not a bombshell. >> harris: i like that. >> sandra: we fall out from that explosive white house tell all it might be dimming steve bannon's star power as a republican kingmaker. so candidates he is backing are now distancing themselves from him and aligning with president trump. what it all means as we march towards the midterm. patrick woke up with a sore back.
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hirst hairs a fox news alert now new questions on how steve bannon's remarks about how the trump white house in a new tell-all will play in the upcoming mid terms as a growing number of republican candidates who have or sought bannon's endorsement are now backing away from him. in nevada, incumbent senator dean heller is already using steve bannon's endorsement against his primary challenger. heller's campaign says danny and steve bannon are frauds whose only skill is losing elections and costing republican seats. meanwhile the white house says the feud will not hurt the president among his base white house press secretary prey sara sanders. >> the base who supported the president supported the president and his agenda. those things haven't changed. the president is still exactly who he was yesterday as he was two years ago when he started out on the campaign trail. i think the base is extremely excited and happy with the job that this president has done in his
9:33 am
first year in office. >> harris: here is how we know that's right. the president's response is to open a can of whoop stuff and steve bannon's is to soften his rhetoric. >> look, if i can use a religious analogy. >> harris: oh, please. >> not to overstate it, of course, trump is jesus and steve bannon. >> harris: didn't see that coming. >> and steve bannon is john the baptist. they are both incredibly necessary. he was incredibly important, steve bannon was at getting president trump elected the indispensable man is donald trump. let's say there is a fracture. i'm not sure there is the fracture the media wants us to believe. if there is let's say that's the reality. the bannon faction are they going to support somebody other than donald trump? >> harris: i haven't seen katie pavlich roll her eyes like that since we ran out of anniversary cake. >> katie: i know that the media overplays things and
9:34 am
focuses on all the wrong things. the white house press corps asks all the wrong questions that focus on what america doesn't care about. that's absolutely true. if you look at what steve bannon allegedly said in this book, what he has been saying in previous interviews for the past six months and you read every word of the statement that was september out not just by every person in the white house comms department yesterday but the rnc as well as a coordinated effort to say steve bannon is done with the party. we don't want him involved i think it's really hard to say that this is being ginned up by the media. it's just not the case. >> ginned up isn't the right term. regular americans not hyper focused on politics and media as we are who don't live and breathe this stuff all day every day. what they care about is border security. >> katie: of course. >> wages rising fast. stock market at it 25,000. that's what they truly care about. they know that both steve bannon and donald trump are delivering those realities.
9:35 am
>> katie: don't you think that's why they are taking not only the president's side because he is in charge of the party but because they want to get back to business? >> of course. >> katie: just passed tax reform. hairs haters what did you just say the president is in charge of the party. so steve bannon is fill in the blank, is, what? you called him john the baptist. there are a whole lot of people who don't feel that way. >> maria: it's a question mark the role he will play? look at the alabama race for example. bannon didn't win that. if you look at the dean heller primary which we just read dean heller's quote coming into this segment, i think the primaries in the republican party are going to be an interesting as this plays out. and bannon candidates win. >> this movement is start of come of age process. we have factions. we take power we are going to see this kind of positioning. they are all after the same goals. steve bannon.
9:36 am
>> harris: that's what bannon was trying to say on the radio. the policy and you know the president is still a great man so on and so forth. but what do you do. >> we are not ow not not aoccule personalities. he said there were too many establishment figures around the president. >> sandra: everything would have to be true to dissect it. >> katie: i don't think president believes though -- when you are president and governing you have to work with the establishment. i know that's a news flash who just like throwing bombs and doesn't like governing. in order to pass tax cuts donald trump had to work with mitch mcconnell that's the way it works. >> katie: the alabama race, anti-steve bannon faction started. when that race was lost, people who supported both bannon and trump turned on bannon because he embarrassed the president for getting involved it was
9:37 am
a lost seat that should have been won hands down no contest. this is just a nail in the coffin. >> harris: even outside this book what bannon has been say something that the president was surrounded by establishment types. i want to give you the last word. >> i give the president credit and i have been at times suspicious of some of the advisors, i will be honest. so new york democrats he surrounded himself with. this is a point of strength of the president. he doesn't just need yes men around him telling him what he already believes. he did in many ways establish and construct a team of rivals. and the president is the one, again, i say that he is the indispensable man of this movement. he is the one who enunciated and who spoke to the angst of the american worker. >> harris: marie is agreeing with you. >> the america first strategy is shared by steve bannon and by donald trump. again, i think to some degree we are making too much out of this. >> katie: i agree with this. >> maria: trump took the bannon world view and took it mainstream he won the presidency. how many followers did steve bannon have two years ago. >> harris: today he said he is ready to do something
9:38 am
spectacular on the border and wall and security drug protection. he says we have great spirit in the g.o.p. and i hope it can be bipartisan from there. that's what he said during this hour just a few minutes ago so that's his vision. we will see what happens with steve bannon whether or not he finds a lily pad to land on. we will move on. president trump now meeting with some top republican senators. now, this is a big news story of the day. it's on the heated issue of immigration. the president has insisted that any deal to protect dreamers from deportation must include tougher border security measures. whether democrats will go for that and which political party has the you were hand now ♪ i'm a road flare. laying here so traffic can safely navigate around this broken-down rv.
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>> i think we can do something spectacular for the people on the border, people coming through. we have to be careful there is a drug epidemic like the likes of which we have never seen in this country. we need protection. we need the wall. we need all of those things. and, frankly, i think a lot of democrats agree with us. when they see what's happening. when they see the kind of problems we're having at the border, they really understand it. whether they will vote that way is another situation. >> katie: that was president trump moments ago during a high stakes meeting on urgent immigration matters at the white house. president trump sitting down with top senate republicans, including arkansas' tom cotton and south carolina's lindsey graham they are trying to hammer out a compromise to settle the immigration status of so-called dreamers. president trump terminated the obama era executive order protecting these illegal imgrant from deportation and he gave congress until march to come up with a permanent legislative solution. but the president want any deal to include tougher border security and an end to chain migration and the
9:44 am
diversity visa lottery program. the president also taking aim at democrats tweeting democrats are doing nothing for daca. just interested in politics. daca activists and hispanics who go hard against dems will start falling in love with republicans and their president. we are about results. steve, given your experience advising the president on hispanic issues, are they going to start falling in love with republicans? >> they are going to. and by the way we outperformed massively among hispanics in 2016 much to the co consternation of the liberal media which predict weed would fail miserably. we got 29% of the vote. i don't want to have a parade over 29%. massively above expectations where we thought we would do. i believe and i have told this to the president that if we show compassion on daca and continue to deliver on economic growth, we are going to win the hispanic vote in 2020 for re-election. regarding this daca issue, i think the president showed tremendous compassion. a lot of people within his white house, a lot of people within the trump movement
9:45 am
wanted him to end it immediately because it was unconstitutional. president obama waived his scepter like he was king and made law on his own. it's illegal and not how things work in the united states. having said that i do appreciate and acknowledge the goals of protecting people who didn't choose to break our immigration laws. what the left is doing and the president is right here, the left constantly trying to confuse the american voter and conflate legal and illegal immigration. they just can't be confused. i love legal immigration. i'm hispanic. i am the son-in-law of an immigrant. i want more immigration. i want to do it better. illegal immigrants have been a scourge on this country. >> katie: marie, you are nodding your head on the first part of daca. are democrats going to be able to come to the table with negotiating tactic. >tactic. >> maria: i would wish they were invited. >> harris: sometimes invited don't show up. >> maria: that meeting at the white house i would like to see at least one or two
9:46 am
democrats invited. i would like to see that today. broader, when you in the inel throw said daca end of chain migration and visa diversity. i think that's a deal democrats would get behind. the challenge is the border wall and how much funding for that president trump wants to put in that deal. if you just focus on what you said at the intro, i actually think you can get that. >> harris: that's easy, negotiating point already baked. in in 2006 they had allocated funds for this. go back to that model. we will spend that amount of money and build what we can and you a attract private funding too and pay for it i don't know if we are still going to go after mexico but there is a way to pay for it. it's not all solid wall anyway. some of it is pumping up the number of border patrol and that's in the budget. democrats should get behind that. >> maria: i think drattle would get behind. >> harris: on their watch, on democrats watch we watched, what, 70,000 plus unaccompanied children come across the border? so they should want. >> katie: marie, when you hear leaders like chuck
9:47 am
schumer of the democratic party say and he just said this a few moments ago, this must get done, referring to daca, right? it must include parody, talking about the spending package disaster aid and daca, this is urgent. you just wonder from that tone are democrats really wig to come to the table and work on this. >> maria: yes. >> sandra: and get that done? >> maria: i don't believe on daca talking points. 800,000 daca recipients in this country feeling urgency themselves. i do believe this is one where there is possibility for bipartisan. we really want to get it done. and donald trump says he wants to get it done. >> harris: don't have all the answers on their own. ask nancy pelosi who got bum rushed at the lecturn a couple months ago because she didn't have the answer. >> maria: we are in a tough political place, too. >> that anger bothers me. i do want the daca people kids. they are not kids. >> some over 30 years old. >> harris: they were children when they came here.
9:48 am
>> these young adults. while i do want them protected i can't stand the way at least a portion of them and certainly the democratic politicians are demanding about this. as if they have the right to demand things. >> harris: being used by democrats. >> maria: and republicans. >> because of our compassion we have allowed them to stay and i think we should continue to, it is a compassionate stance for the united states. no position to make demands. >> harris: democrats are the ones reaching out to them and using them. >> katie: some democrats just aren't having it new york's governor says the law is unconstitutional. he will file a lawsuit. whether this is a risky gam gamut most americans will see a bigger paycheck soon. we will debate. >> we will injustice and start our own repeal and replace effort. ♪ ♪
9:49 am
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>> maria: one of the country's most prominent democrats stepping up his efforts to undermine the president's new tax cut law. new york governor andrew cuomo is a potential frontrunner for his party's in 2020. is he going all in against tax reform. >> washington has launched all out direct attack on new york state economic future. it is crass, it is ugly, it is divisive, it is partisan
9:53 am
legislating. it an economic civil war. we believe it is illegal and we will challenge it in court as unconstitutional. we have not yet begun to fight my friend. [cheers and applause] >> maria: steve, i'm coming to you on this first. you are from illinois. you live in illinois which is also a high tax state. does his argument here hold any water. >> no. in a perverse sense i almost have to admire the hutzpah of the governor that he dares blame this on washington because albany overtacked and overregulated sadly. i live in a similar situation in chicago. i think under this tax bill by the way my taxes are probably going up. i'm actually okay with that. i think it's going to be far better for the country and to some degree my fault for living in chicago and for living in illinois and for not forcing change. what i think trump did here, which i think is imagine my if i sent. >> maria: love chicago. >> what trump did here which is brilliant is say i'm going to put the onus back on these high tax states. you are no longer going to
9:54 am
be subsidized by the low tax tax players in places like florida and texas and we're not going to subsidize your crazy situation for taxation. and i think it will result in some really big macrochanges. governor cuomo certainly hasn't gotten the message yet but i think he will. >> sandra: this is a tough argument for him to make when thousands of families right now are going to see just look at the companies who are dolling out bonuses as a result of this going through, raising 401(k) matching contributions for their employees and let alone we haven't even entered february when a lot of people are going to see more money in their paychecks according to the irs, marie. and on their website you will see the changes. but it's a tough argument to make right now when people are truly going to be feeling this in their pocketbook. >> maria: one question and katie, i'm going to ask this to you, in 2018 in the mid terms, right, when president trump isn't on the ballot but a number of republicans in states like california, new york, people like
9:55 am
darrell issa, you know, democrats are targeting illinois, california, new york, and new jersey republicans. do you think this will hurt them? >> katie: it might. most of those republicans voted against the tax bill for that exact reason so they can distance themselves from the administration by saying, look, i voted against the tax bill because i knew it would hurt my constituency. it wasn't the greatest, you know, for everybody. it doesn't apply equally across the country. different for california than it is for people in arizona or colorado. but the thing i find funny about governor cuomo's complaints is that the people this effects the most in new york is very rich taxpayers in new york. >> sure. >> katie: i remember when a time when joe biden said it's patriotic to pay taxes. very upset that the people of new york with going to be paying more taxes which i thought is what democrats were for. >> federalism works. when i was born which wasn't that long ago texas and illinois had roughly the same population. now i'm 45 years old, texas has twice the number of
9:56 am
people as illinois. people vote with their feet because of good policy. >> katie: including you, maybe. >> sandra: more outnumbered in just a moment.
9:57 am
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9:59 am
>> sandra: lots of fun to have you today, steve cortez. >> steve: appreciate it, great time. >> sandra: here is harris.
10:00 am
>> harris: we are awaiting the white house press briefing this hour, the president speaks up for the first time about steve bannon's explosive comments. sarah sanders is expected to several to lecture and shortly as the president's attorneys are now trying to stop the publication of michael wolff's new book "fire and fury." in it, steve bannon slams that 2016 2016 trump tower meeting with russians as treasonous. last night and this morning, steve bannon seemed to backtrack on his criticism. here's president trump. >> did steve bannon betray you, mr. president ? >> he called me a great man last night, he obviously changed his tune pretty quick. thank you very much. i don't know, i don't know. >> harris: an important day to get word from the


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