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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 4, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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but not too far. ♪ at noon. >> shannon: most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington. ♪ means >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." congressman keith ellison, kind of a big deal in washington, in fact, he is the number two man in the democratic party. in a recent tweet, he openly supports the violent antifa movement. this made us pause and take a p closer look at keith ellison and his past and what we found is interesting, and extreme, and we've got it for you just ahead. first tonight, it is full-scale war between president trump and a man who, just months ago, was seen as one of his closest allies and advisors. his chief strategist. yesterday, trump said that steve bannon had "lost his mind" after being canned from the
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white house back in august. now the president is issuing legal threats against bannon. bannon got a letter threatening a lawsuit for alleged violations of a confidentiality agreement he apparently signed. what to make of all of this? a lot of people claim to be experts on the trump white house, very few are. roger stone actually is. he has been advising trump for more than three decades. he lobbied for him in the 1990s. he was campaign manager of his aborted 2000 presidential run. stone was one of the people that urged the president to run for office this time, and he served on the campaign during its critical early months. trump has fired stone more than once, maybe a bunch of times, and called him a stone-cold loser, but their relationship has always recovered. if anyone can truly claim to understand the president, i think it would be roger roger, thanks for coming on. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: so what is this fundamentally about?is
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from an outsider's perspective, it appears to be a debate about who can take credit for the unexpected win in 2016. steve bannon has taken credit for that. w publicly and privately. the president of course believes he did it. to what extent did bannon contribute to the victory? >> well, i wanted to give steve bannon the benefit of the doubt, particularly given the reputation of michael wolff, but now that all the facts appear to be in, and given the comments were made while steve bannon was in the white house, it is a stunning act off betrayal, and it's also a complete misunderstanding of donald trum donald trump. in donald trump's world, in trump world, there is no karl rove. there never has been and there never will be. donald trump is very much his own man. his own strategist, his own speechwriter, his own press secretary, he may be the greatest single salesman in american history.
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and the president's agenda on which he was elected, i should say his platform, was determined long before steve bannon joinedd the campaign. and was determined by one man, donald trump. he is a phenomena, a force of nature, but he cannot be handled or managed, he's not a puppet, and he never will be. >> tucker: bannon argues that he put trump's impulses within a framework that allowed him to win. i knew bannon from another life when we ran rival publications. i can't assess his skill as a political strategist. is he a political genius in campaigns or no? >> no, i would argue it is donald trump who is the political genius. here is somebody who overcame enormous odds, massively how to spend, with the opposition of the mainstream media, and scores one of the great upset come-from-behind victory as in american political history. now, the trump platform was well settled on long before steve bannon joined the campaign.
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and it appears that stephen miller helped the president articulate it. but the agenda is trump, the drive to win is trump. the populist campaign is all trump. just taking the title of chief strategist is a misnomer, at best. >> tucker: the idea was that, after the campaign, bannon was kind of the living conscious of the white house, the reminder of what the campaign was about and a leader of this movement, this conservative movement. why have so few conservatives publicly defended steve bannon in the last 24 hours? he is being attacked. how to approach and rush limbaugh both attacked him today. why is that? >> first of all, the movement is bigger than any one person. i asked six people on the way into the fox studio here who steve bannon is, none of them new. every single one knew who donald trump was and every
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single one knew about his efforts to make america great again. then you get to the specifics. no, donald trump jr.'s meeting with a russian woman lawyer was not treasonous, not illegal, not improper. steve is neither a lawyer nor an experienced political strategist. that meeting is a nothing burger.n it looks more and more like a setup to me, given the fact that the russian woman lawyer was in the country illegally at the sufferance of the obama administration. so i don't really understand what would motivate steve to say those things when it is the president who has given him the opportunity for high public service. when it's a president who's given him the white house office. well, you could chalk it up to anger over being fired if he had made these comments after he was terminated, but based on my research, he said these things while he was on the trump payroll. >> tucker: it sounds that way. finally, why the legal threats?
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i don't think anyone believes the president is going to sue steve bannon for violating an nda or the author of this book. doesn't this just call attention to the book, help sell books? isn't it down to the benefit of the author? why would you instruct your lawyers to do something like that?elis >> i'm not sure about the efficacy. i do know this, the trump constituency, the trump base, will stickcy with donald trump s long as he keeps faith with them on his agenda. the biggest tax cut in american history.gees a solid conservative on the u.s. supreme court. cutting regulations at all that is the trump agenda. >> tucker: "i'm not sure about the efficacy of that," my new favorite phrase. [laughs] roger, great to see you. thanks for coming out tonight. >> great to be here tucker. many thanks. >> tucker: meanwhile, the hits keep coming for lisa bloom. a report says, the liberal super pac american bridge for some reason paid lisa bloom $200,000 to solicit sexual
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misconduct allegations against donald trump. huh. mark steyn is an author and columnist, somewhat of an expert on ethics, he joins us tonight. i don't know if you are a professional ethicist or not. i don't know if you are representing the bar association. what am i to make of lisa bloom taking $200,000 in order to dig up dirt on a political candidate? >> i was a professional ethicist, and i'm not sure which bars leave lisa bloom and her mother, gloria allred, believed to. but there are different incentives at work here. a lawyer, more than almost any other profession, owes the client honest services, and when you have the setup these two are engaged in where they have been fishing, essentially, for stooges that
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they can put up to damage the president so they can set their press conferences, as they've been doing for most of their lives, then i think there is actually something malodorous about it. >> tucker: it bothers me, if she were a political consultant or a conventional slip-and-fall ambulance chaser, you know what you are getting. but she poses as and is represented as some sort of moral leader who is fighting on behalf of things that are good and true, light against darkness, but she is totally cynical, transactional, sleazy lawyer. >> you mentioned a couple of weeks ago, tucker, she was originally harvey weinstein's lawyer. and then they fell out and she was no longer his lawyer. i don't have a problem with that because i think it is sometimes helpful. i have done this myself. to have a lawyer who is not on your side ideologically and actually just looks at the case
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from the point of the law, it's sometimes actually helpful. it might be helpful to have a feminist lawyer actuallyit representing a scummy sleazebag who assaults women. everybody is entitled to a good defense. what made it sleazy is that she had a book deal with harvey weinstein. he was making a television production of her book. that is sleazy. there are ethical rules determining when lawyers embark on business relationships with their clients, and if you look at lisa bloom and her mother, for example, one of the reasons they are raising money, one of the aspects of this, if they manage to place an interview with a television network that pays for the interview, the lawyer gets a third of the fee as a commission. now, that is a lawyer serving as an agent, and it may well not be in the client's interest,
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particularly if you are just some ordinary woman who happens to have been sexually assaulted by a powerful man. it may not be in your interest to be going on television, becoming a famous person when, in the end, lisa bloom goes on i to the next client and you are living with the consequences of having become a briefly famous person but still with no money or celebrity or enduring thingqu to show for it.. that is not in the client's interest. >> tucker: she's just a parasite like so many lawyers. can we agree that in the endr: that i don't have to take any more moral lectures from lisa a bloom? >> oh, no. absolutely. what is interesting to me about this is, she is explicitly saying that she wants money to help take down the president. you are not giving to a pac,
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you're not giving to a cause, you are basically enriching lisa bloom to advance her political objectives. as you said, the particular women in this issue, in thisue case, are essentially just ventriloquist puppets. she sticks the hand up the back of the dress and makes them say what they say. as i said a couple of minutes ago. as long as i can remember, i have switched on the tv, and lisa bloom or her mother has been sitting there next to a woman to whom something bad has happened, and you never hear from the woman again, and lisa bloom and gloria are red go want to get riches and riches and riches. >> tucker: the only woman lisa bloom is helping is lisa bloom. great to see you. >> thanks a lot, tucker. >> tucker: the latest wave of emails from anthony weiner, remember him, he is in prison now, and his former wife,em
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huma abedin shared laptop has come out. five more classified messages that should not have been there. we know of 18 of those that were on the laptop. tom fitton is president of judicial watch, which secured the release of these emails. he joins us tonight with an update. tom, how hard is it to get these? >> it only took two years. [laughter] federal lawsuit. the fbi found these records last back in october when james comey famously announced at a press conference there were other documents on the weiner laptop. >> tucker: were these documents the personal property of huma abedin and anthony weiner? or were they government property? >> the fbi determined they were government records and they were turned over to the state department. >> tucker: why did you have to wait two years to get them? >> we found out about clinton's email server back in 2015. huma abedin had an email account on that server, we asked her for the emails, they eventually found some of the more additional emails on the weiner laptop.
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they were government records. again, classified records that james comey and his colleagues at the fbi knew were on the weiner laptop but didn't take seriously enough to pursue criminal charges against abedin or clinton for allowing this egregious abuse of trust that the american had placed in them for allowing that information to be abused. >> tucker: since you have been in washington for a long time and followed cases like this for a long time, give us some perspective. if you had this many classified documents on your laptop, what would the consequences be? >> well, you would lose your security clearance almost initially, and you would be subject to a criminal investigation and perhaps prosecution. and it wasn't just the low-level classified materials that were found in the clinton email server, but there were highly top-secret documents of the most secure type, and it would have resulted in criminal prosecution, i guarantee you, if you were anybody else.
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but the democratic nominee for the president. there are 4.5 million people with security clearance. they all know this was a scam the way hillary clinton and huma abedin have been protected. this is why it is interesting to see the justice department, as reported today, is actually relooking at this issue finally. the pressure is working, tucker. the justice department is going to go back and ask some questions about the comey, lynch justice department and fbi how they handled this last year, about the decision to prosecute and things like that, and it is well past time that took place. >> tucker: so a system that crushes ordinary people protects the powerful and well-connected. >> that's right. right now, we are fighting over whether they are even going to do a damage assessment over having classified material, as i say, on the internet equivalent of a public park bench. >> tucker: unbelievable. tom fitton, thank you. well, keith ellison, congressman
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from minnesota, also the deputy chairman of the dnc, just endorsed a book that promotes vigilante violence and antifa. d we'll tell you more about it and ellison's long history of extremism in issues. next. ♪ elli you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs...
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9:19 pm
grassroots. he deserves to be regarded as one of the democratic party's top thought leaders, such as they are. yesterday, ellison tweeted this. "at moon palace books and i just found the book that will strike fear in the heart of donald trump." the book he was talking about, "antifa: the anti-fascist handbook." why would book strike fear into the heart of the president of the united states?bo maybe because that book advocates for political violence against people like donald trump and his supporters. the author is man named mark bray. he writes that violence is, "a small though vital sliver of antifascist activity." elsewhere in the text, he approvingly quotes an activist who says this of his political opponents.s. "you fight them with knives so you don't have to fight themfi with guns. you fight them with guns so you don't have to fight them with tanks."
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that is about as explicit a justification for political violence as there is. he also attacks the speech and endorses the tactic of silencing those he doesn't agree with.atta of course, bray claims to fight fascism. he is himself a fascist. keith ellison finds his work admirable. he said so. if you are shocked by this, you haven't followed ellison's career for long. he has a history of saying repugnant things. and backing extremist causes. he wrote that the constitution existed only for white people. he referred to it as "their" constitution, calling it "the best evidence of a conspiracy to subjugate other people's." ellison has spoken favorably of cop-killer assata shakur. he said he was "praying that fidel castro's communist regime in cuba would not be forced to extradite her back to the united states."ha as a law student, ellison wroteb a column calling for the creation for a separate black ethnostate. this is the man that is now second in command of the entire democratic party. that ought to bother republicans
9:21 pm
and independents. it should terrify democrats. most voters don't support killing, racial separatism, political violence, abolishing freedom of speech, and tends to flee from politicians and party they do support those kinds off things. democrats at this point assume they are going to make major gains in this year's midterm elections purely on the strength of the president's low poll numbers. they are happy to ignore haters like keith ellison. ellison opposes trump and that is enough for now. but what would happen if democrats actually did win and got power back in november? suddenly ellison's views would matter a lot. he and people like him would have real control over yourll life. are you ready for that? keith ellison's personal radicalism fits into another troubling trend on the left that has massive implications for the country and for you. last time we talked to journalist chadwick moore about how, on the left, in the name of fighting racism, it is now common to attack people on the basis of their race.
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>> if you want to see racism everywhere, if you are brainwashed to see racism>> everywhere or homophobia everywhere or whatever, then you will. that is the world you will live in. i was having a conversation with a woman not long ago about this, a young upper-class black woman, and she was talking about how badly she gets treated on the street, and i said, what if you lived for one day as a white woman and were treated the exact same way? >> tucker: monique pressley, a lawyer and democratic commentator. us.joins good to see you. >> good to see you. >> tucker: totally opposed to,o, i think -- i am 48, grew up in a country where you had to be, ani most people i knew were, totally opposed to attacking other people on the basis of your race because you can't control yourur n race. you are responsible for it. >> you are saying you grew up in a country where -- >> tucker: that's where i grew up. everyone said that at school. most people i knew said they believed that. maybe they didn't. but you had to say that, and i believed it.d i still believe that. t now we live in a world where the left still says that and yet
9:23 pm
they do it and somehow exempt themselves from the normal rules. so you are racist, but when i attack you on the basis of your race, i'm not a racist, i'm virtuous. how does that work? that seems insane to me. >> i don't know how we end up in this warped world where i end up doing the history lesson, a history i know you know. but when you say you grew up in a world where people knew it was wrong to attack others on the basis of race, i'm wondering if you were in the united states of america. >> tucker: i was. don't rewrite the history that i grew up in. that's what i was taught and i believe. >> i'm not -- i'm talking about the history of our country. and you should believe that. that's a good belief. but if you grew up in the united states of america, then you know that not just people's belief systems, but codified laws, right, discriminate against people expressly becauss of their race. >> tucker: i'm fully aware ofxp that, but i'm 48, not 78. that didn't exist where i grew up. ly i'm telling you, this is true. but the point is, i believed it.
9:24 pm
i still believe it. why don't you believe it? >> we are just a year apart, and if you're saying because you're 48, not 78, are you saying that segregation, which really didn't formally end until we were already -- >> tucker: it's wrong to attack people on the basis of race, that's all i'm saying. >> it absolutely is. >> tucker: so then why do the left do it? >> if people of color have been attacked because of their race, not for decades, but for generations -- >> tucker: i agree. >> then it is really reasonable to expect that they would take issue with that and with those who have done it for generations. >> tucker: and attack them on the basis of their race? i'm missing this. >> there should never be physical attacks of any kind and there shouldn't be emotional or verbal -- >> tucker: how about just criticizing people on the basis of their race? you can't control that. it's not a choice you made. you shouldn't ever holdho someone's race against them. that's not his fault.
9:25 pm
that's the whole point. that is why racism is wrong, right? >> that is exactly why racism is wrong. >> tucker: so why is the left doing that? >> when you say "the left," i wonder who those people are. >> tucker: i don't know. anytime i pull a buzzfeed or "huffington post," or any lefty side, there is an piece about white people or a scourge in america, and i'm not defending white people, alllk i'm saying , you shouldn't write off any group of people on the basis of their race. i thought that was the definition of racism and now it's very common. >> i haven't read any articles that say white people are this or white people are all that just on the basis of their race. >> tucker: are you being serious? >> if you are white and you are also a bigot, if you are white and are also a racist, then i have read many things that discuss a lack of understanding in this country -- >> tucker: you haven't heard anybody say in the last ten years, wey have too many white guys, it's just a white guy thing. you haven't seen anything? >> i'm serious.
9:26 pm
>> too many white guys in here, tucker. >> tucker: i'm serious. >> no. that really wouldn't make sense for the past ten years, since the numbers of white males are decreasing in our country and the number of latinos, african-americans, et cetera, are increasing. i have heard people talking about that balance and how that can be scary for those who are used to being in power. >> tucker: don't patronize me. i'm merely making a point. >> i'm not patronizing. >> tucker: can we agree that it is always wrong -- always, ni matter who is doing it to whom -- to dismiss people, attack them, judge them, on the basis of racial characteristics that they can't control. >> yes, absolutely. and those racial characteristics really are just skin. remember, race is a construct. it is a legal and social construct in the united states. ethnicity and origin are different --
9:27 pm
>> tucker: we agree. then why would you ever give preference in hiringng or college admissions to someone solely on the basis of something you couldn't control? isn't the on the definition of racism? >> because of what we just finished talking about. >> tucker: but we just agreed it was wrong. so why do you support>> it? >> i said it was wrong to attack on the basis of race. i didn't say it was wrong to help.wa >> tucker: you have one job and two people. and you make the decision, thehe deciding factor is the race. one person is being hurt because he's the wrong race. why is that okay? >> because he has gotten 350, 400 years of benefit. for being the right race. >> tucker: do you know him? all you know about him is his race. and you are saying that he has benefited. >> exactly. >> tucker: you don't know anything about him other than other than his race. you are saying that all people of a certain color have something that is in common, which is kind of the definition of racism. >> no, that is also the
9:28 pm
definition of discrimination, because all african-american people in united states have something in common, that they were discriminated against. >> tucker: you don't know anything about the guy. >> they also have something in common, they were subjects of lynching. >> tucker: he could have been in belgium yesterday. he has no connection to it. but you think it is okay to deny him something because of his color. >> i think that the system itself, in order to fix what is the one original sin of the country, it has to correct itself.ri >> tucker: so we need more racism to fix racism? i don't consider that racism at all. >> tucker: it's not racist when you do it. >> if i am in power as an african-american woman and i insist upon you walking around with one hand tied behind your back but i want you to plow a field -- >> tucker: the guy from belgium who didn't do anything, not connected in any way -- >> can i finish my analogy? >> tucker: the individual suffers but you don't consider that racism because, why? >> it's not. the number of people in this
9:29 pm
country who have been disproportionately discriminated against for hundreds of years are such that, there has to be a correction for it.ea >> tucker: so people have to suffer on the basis of their race? >> in this country, those people have been african-americans and other people of color. >> tucker: so the guy who's done nothing >> tucker: people who have wrong must suffer because other people who look like him have done something wrong. >> i, as an african-american woman -- >> tucker: you call it justice? >> yes, i absolutely call it justice. c i'm in charge now because i'm here, right? >> tucker: that sounds like collective punishment to me. >> you are probably an innocent party too, tucker, but here you are with this show and there probably are a number of similarly situated talented african-american males who coulo do just as good a job or better than you. you may be getting the benefit of your race. do you think so? because if that's the only difference between you and another talented -- >> tucker: i don't think that you should punish people for
9:30 pm
things they didn't do -- >> i agree. >> tucker: and things they aren't responsible. >> tucker: you just argued that you should. >> it's not punishment, no, it's not. it's advancement. >> tucker: we are out of time. [laughs] i love that. >> happy new year, tucker. >> tucker: good to see you. the robots and artificial intelligence could be devastating for low-skilled work in this country, and yet r economic elites continued toto demand more low-skilled workers coming to the country. why are they doing that? we'll discuss that next. ♪ trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools.
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>> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> tucker: well, technology and automation are rendering low-skill jobs obsolete at a frightening pace. we've been talkingng about this for a couple years but it seems to be picking up momentum and a scary way. a report estimated that self-driving cars, robots, andim artificial intelligence could eliminate up to 73 million jobs in this country by 2030, not that far from now. despite this, the bulk of america's elite are continuing to demand mores, low-skilled immigration into the u.s. 1.8 million immigrants entered this country last year, 2016. the biggest figure in american history. most of them were low-skilled workers. why is that? javier palomarez, the ceo of the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce. thanks for coming on.. i took affront to to the doctor
9:35 pm
yesterday. the surgeon and the head nurse were both immigrants, they were both superior, great people, it did a great job, and it was a reminder that a lot of immigrants are great, but they are not all the same, and you've got to wonder, at a time when traditionally, the jobs that immigrants have traditionally done, they are going away at a rapid clip, why are we not adjusting our immigration policy accordingly? >> i think we shouldn't conflate two separate things here. there's immigration policy, which needs to be looked at and fixed, but let's look at the facts. right now we are at about a 4% unemployment rate. that is near perfection. what that tells us is that, in fact, there aren't a lot of people walking around without a job, and what we are hearing from our clients, from the technology sector to manufacturing, every one of our clients have more jobs than they have people to fill those jobs. >> tucker: but the trend is
9:36 pm
really clear, low-skill jobs are going away at a faster rate than any other kind of job. so why wouldn't we say, stop. we want talented immigrants but we want people that can fill the jobs, not just in the future, but of the next decade. those are not low skilled jobs. yet, the people that are coming in are overwhelmingly low-educated people, low-skillee people, many great people, many of them probably are, but that is not a good picture at all. why are we doing that? >> tucker, i just spent four days on the west coast talking to the california strawberryry growers association, two days in florida talking to the florida growers association, and both cases, on both sides, they do not have enough people. >> tucker: strawberry picking? really? strawberry picking is not the future. let's be reasonable. i'm being serious. >> one of the most technology advanced, actually at 4%
9:37 pm
unemployment. >> tucker: that is not a real number, as you know, and it doesn't change the fact that we are importing people who are overwhelmingly less skilled than our native population. look at the daca recipients. we're hearing about, they are all military or class presidents. some of them are. but for every daca recipient in the military, two have been found to be in a gang. they are graduating high school at a much lower rate. going to college at a much lower rate than americans. it doesn't mean they are bad people. why are we doing this? >> here are the facts around daca. the daca recipients right now have a 91% employment rate, better than their native-born counterparts. they are in -- they are basically disqualified from any kind of federal funding or grants of any sort when they are a daca recipient. they are paying over $2 billion in state and local taxes. >> tucker: what is the most common occupation for a dacaes recipient?
9:38 pm
>> it runs the gamut. >> tucker: do you know the most common? >> what is it? >> tucker: food preparation. that's one of the things that is being automated. have you been to mcdonald's recently? my point is, why don't we have a system that gives overwhelming preference to, say, engineers, people who write code, and not preference to the relatives of people who are already here? i don't understand. a normal country would do that. why don't we? >> the reality of it is, tucker, we need help on every conceivable business model in this country right now. its need skilled labor. and it runs the gamut. >> tucker: why are the majority unskilled labor? >> those are the people that are coming to this country. >> tucker: why do we say we want to give preference to people who want to help our economy? why aren't we doing that? >> it's the same as saying that these people aren't helping the economy and inno fact, they are helping the economy. >> tucker: i understand why they want to come here, it just seems like we are doing the bidding of employers that want to have their strawberries
9:39 pm
picked cheaper, and the long-term effect is really badst on the country. the rest of us are going to pay the cost of that. wiry going along with this? >> here is the sad reality of it is, when you talk to these individuals in the agricultural sector, they will tell you that they have tried to offer these jobs to native-born americans at any price, and they cannot fill those jobs. >> tucker: pay me 30 bucks, i pick strawberries. >> thanks for having me, tucker. take care. >> tucker: more than 100,000 homeless people live in the state of california, more than the population of akron. we will talk to the mayor who says the state is doing everything it can to increase that number, for some reason. stay tuned. ♪ afi sure had a lot on my mind. my 30-year marriage... 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again?
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: homelessness is exploding in the state of california, particularly in the if you have been there recently, you know what we are talkingrl about. according to hud in washington, 114,000 homeless people reside in that state, supporting the national total.
9:43 pm
-- a quarter of the national total. bill wells is the mayor of el cajon, california. he said that rather than fighting homelessness, lawmakers in his state are promoting homelessness. panhandling enjoys some protections. he says the homeless have learned they can commit petty crimes with impunity, which is shocking to hear. mayor wells joins us tonight. mr. mayor, thank you for coming on.. >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> tucker: it sounds so perverse, it is hard to believe. you say they are encouraging homelessness. how? >> is a legislative philosophy that is encouraging, normalizing homelessness. and we have seenro several laws that have come by. ab109 reclassified 70 crimes from serious to nonserious. as result, a thousand people released from the prisons, a thousand ended up in the streets. that is just one of the many laws. we know that 10% of all almost people are former prisoners.
9:44 pm
>> tucker: 10% of all homeless in california recently released prisoners? >> that's true. i should point out that aside being the mayor, i am also a mental health professional, done this work.ut for about 30 years. i have a doctorate inn psychology, and i worked in an inner-city e.r., and i can tell you that most of the homeless people that i ran across are involved in drugs and alcohol, and a lot of the new laws have a lot to do with that. for example, proposition 47 reclassifies many of the felonies, and senate bill 180 made it very difficult to send people back to prison for drugs and alcohol. a lot of the homeless advocates very much want to ignore anything that has to do with hinting that some of the homeless people have drug and alcohol problems when, if you ask any police officer, probably 90% or above in the homeless population are drug or alcohol abusers. >> tucker: it is obvious when you are there, but why would officials want to lie about something like that?ke
9:45 pm
>> i think that homeless advocates really are trying to protect the system in which they give away money through various programs. they feel that if people feel that the people who are getting these benefits are drug addicts or alcoholics, they will not qualify for these programs. >> tucker: what about the people who aren't homeless but aren't rich, you live in a neighborhood, you're excited to buy the house, all of a sudden you've got these people living on your street. what does it do for your quality of life? t >> it has been terrible for theo people of my city. we have seen a 35% increase in homelessness in el cajon, but in the beach cities, over 100% increase in homelessness in many of the beach cities. this has a lot to do with methamphetamines, the increased drug production that comes from mexico. it is a terrible thing for the quality of life. >> tucker: meanwhile, cities in california are cutting down racist trees.
9:46 pm
that's the real problem. mayor wells, i am sorry to hear what is happening to your city. god speed fighting back against it. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you very much. >> tucker: it is time for the "final exam." has eight time champion shannon bream finally met her match? we may have a ringer. stay tuned, coming up. ♪ up. ♪ dad promised he would teach me how to surf on our trip. when you book a flight then add a hotel you can save. 3 waves later, i think it was the other way around... ♪ everything you need to go. expedia. when a achoo!alls...
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: time now for "final exam," where we see which figures in the news have been doing their jobs and paying attention. h our first contestant this week, "fox news @ night" host, shannon bream who has a perfect record.ig you knew that. a roster of who she has vanquished, brian kilmeade, ed henry, peter doocy, gillian turner, and our friend griff jenkins. fox politics editor chris stirewalt, is he up to the task? >> i am dismayed. >> tucker: t the winner, if it's chris stirewalt, will get the coveted mouth breathing mug. shannon will get the airplane-sized bottle of green
9:51 pm
champagne. >> i love it. hands on buzzers. i'm going to ask the question. the first contestant to buzz in gets to answer. each one you get wrong, you lose a point. best of five wins. are you ready? >> sure. >> tucker: outstanding. question one. this is easy. it is winter. the east coast is getting pounded by an extreme weatherth system which is unleashing blizzard-like conditions. the name of this weather system is characteristically w overheated, as is often the case in meteorology. what are they calling this weather system? shannon bream? >> grayson. >> tucker: grayson is your answer? >> that is the name of the storm, right? >> tucker: i don't know if that is true. i'm going to have to go to the tape. >> rigged! >> tens of millions americans on the east coast are being pummeled by a winter storm that is being called a bomb cyclone. >> breaking news, a winter bomb cyclone, as it is called, bearing down on 40 million people. >> a so-called bomb cyclone is taking aim. >> don't give me that. >> that bomb cyclone.
9:52 pm
>> i didn't coin the phrase bomb cyclone. this area of low pressure undergoes something called bombogenesis. c >> you said what was it called the. >> tucker: this may be a case of you knowing too much. we're going to have to go with the colloquial term. y farm cyclone. >> i am out. you said, what is the storm called? what is it called? >> tucker: sorry. just giving you a sense. >> gaming the system. >> tucker: you got four more questions. first responders rushed to the property of a former president and first lady. after a fire broke out in the bedroom. whose property was it? chris stirewalt. >> bill and hillary clinton. >> tucker: was it bill and hillary clinton? >> firefighters rushing to the home of bill and hillary clinton, a small fire breaking out on the second floor of a secret service facility.ef on their property in chappaqua, new york, north of manhattan.
9:53 pm
>> but the house is actually known as grayson. [laughter] >> it is the bombogenesis. >> tucker: you feel like you are an adverse role, suddenly i am rooting foror you. >> i can't come back. >> tucker: yes, you can. i never thought i would feel that way, but i'm with america on this. question three. cnn under fire for a segment, one of the reporters appearing to smoke marijuana on a party bus. through which kind of device? shannon bream? tr: >> a bong. >> tucker: a bong says shannon is it shannon bream an expert on marijuana questions? >> i thought maybe i would bring a gas mask with us so i wouldn't get that contact high. >> what's on the other end of the gas mask? >> a bong. of course, they couldn't stand to see a bong that didn't have any cannabis in it. i don't think this is what a gas mask is used for. but, wow. okay. new year's eve, denver style,
9:54 pm
everybody. >> tucker: so the answer we were looking for was gas mask,ar but as our judges just pointed out, it was a bong. shannon bream was right. >> called grayson. >> tucker: back at 1-1. okay. next question. >> 1-0, because i got ripped off. >> tucker: which celebrity host is now in a feud with eric trump after eric trump suggested she was a member of the deep state? celebrity television host in a feud with eric trump, he says she is a member of the deep state. she is a comedian, a comedienne. she has a television show. some people call her the new oprah. i don't. but some do. >> whoopi goldberg? >> tucker: is it whoopi goldberg? >> my name is trending because of this. eric trump suggests that ellen degeneres is part of the deep state.
9:55 pm
apparently eric trump trump thinks that twitter is tricking him into following liberals. apparently i am part of a secret conspiracy. it is the craziest thing i have seen all week. i saw the movie with the lady having sex with a fish. still, this beats that. >> i didn't see that movie. >> tucker: i don't think it was will be goldberg. >> they look a lot alike, thoug though. >> tucker: final question. this will be a fast one, so be ready, okay? you may know the answer. which senator announced he is retiring this year, possibly m paving the way for mitt romney to run for his seat? shannon bream? >> orrin hatch. >> oh! >> tucker: that can't be right. orrin hatch retiring? he said last week he wasn't going to. >> tucker: i think it's wrong. i think it is chris dodd. >> senator grayson. >> orrin hatch will not seek reelection this year. the 83-year-old lawmaker from utah announcing his t retirement after serving since 1977.
9:56 pm
were you alive then? >> barely. >> i don't think since he was pulled off the court in the late '70s. never seen a comeback like that shannon bream. don't feel bad. you get our airplane-sized champagne. it is delicious. chris stirewalt, you really were a worthy opponent. chris grayson, chris grayson. >> tucker: that concludes this week's "final exam." be sure to pay as much attention to the news as shannon bream does and tune in each thursday to see if you can beat her. we'll be right back. ♪ see if you can beat her. we'll be right mayhem? what are you doing up there? i'm a lightning rod. waiting to protect your home from a lightning strike. it's my new years resolution. whatever. can you get my plane? yeah, i don't do planes. i just do lightning. ♪
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i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: that passed quickly. unfortunately. we're out of time. tune in every nig >> tucker: that passed quickly. unfortunately, we are out of time. into noon every night at 8:00 p.m. to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying,
10:00 pm
pomposity, and groupthink. dvr it if you haven't already. sean hannity is next, live from new york. >> sean: busy news night tonight. welcome to "hannity." we have great major breaking n. hillary clinton is under investigation. the department of justice is now reopened the investigation into clinton's email server. john solomon reporting that the fbi is opening a brand-new investigation on the clinton foundation, specifically the fbi is seeking to determine whether or not pay for play occurred while hillary clinton was serving as your secretary of state and this is massive breaking news. we'll have more withdrawn solomon and sara carter exclusively. also tonight, your economy is booming, setting records by the day, but your mainstream media has a sick, twisted obsession with just hating the president. they don't bother telling you. these sycophants in the media, they try to manufacture a crisis after crisis and outdo each other, as i told you last


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