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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 5, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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in living memory, sean hannity is next. ♪ >> sean: welcome to this special edition of "hannity," the fake news epidemic and tonight for the hour we're going to show you the worst of the worst examples in the mainstream media and their unprecedented assault against president trump. top fake news anchors, reporters, the biggest anti-trump print media outlets and the most inexcusable example of the media is spreading fake news to you the american people. we'll show you president trump's most epic takedowns of the liberal mainstream media, he's faced an onslaught of historic negative media coverage. the president will continue to fight back against these attacks
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by unveiling what he's called these most dishonest corrupt media awards of the year. it's important to show you just how abusively biased to the anti-trump media it really is and it starts with the media saying that donald trump would never win, never become the president, take a look. >> donald trump has been saying he would run for president as a republican which is surprising because i just assumed he was running as a joke. >> do it. do it. i will personally write you a campaign check now on behalf of this country which does not want you to be president but which badly wants you to run. >> this man has its own momentum, we better be ready. [laughter] >> which republican candidate has the best chance of winning the general election? >> of the declared ones, right
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now, donald trump. [laughter] >> mr. trump, to answer your call for political honesty, i just want to say, you're not going to be president. it's been fun. >> president obama will go down as the worst president in the history of the united states, at real donald trump. at least i will go down as a president. >> sean: after his stunning victory it was like a funeral for the mainstream media, you may remember some of this. >> america is crying tonight, a very significant portion. i mean literally crying. this is a sadness, it is a morning moment for those people. it is a moment filled with fear.
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>> our country is about to face some serious crises. buckle up, your country needs you. >> pretty extraordinary thing to say. if you have a son in the marine corps and you don't trust the commander in chief. the people in the military defend the constitution. >> this was a white lash against a changing country against a black president. >> sean: the media has done everything possible to try to damage president trump by pushing a collusion narrative despite no evidence. look at this nonstop, shameful coverage. >> i think this is a potentially more dangerous situation then watergate and we are at a very dangerous moment. we are looking at the possibility that the president of the united states and those around him during an election
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campaign colluded with a hostile foreign power to undermine the basis of our democracy. >> donald trump is afraid, a political hurricane is out there. the whole russia thing. >> this is evidence of willingness to commit collusion. >> outright treason, there is no question that what he is doing is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. >> i think it means that a federal judge found that people in his organization were colluding with the russians. >> first we want to start with this week in russia-gate. >> there are no issues in the centipede that are not about russia. >> the cloud will hang over him no where he stands. >> it feels like we are in the opening stages of a devastating political chapter in american history, evidence is mounting for the meddling of the russia
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probe. >> it's at the caliber of a pearl harbor or eight 9/11, do you agree with that? >> donald trump now sits at the threshold of impeachment. >> i think it's over, i don't think there's anything that can be done that can stop this at this point. this gushing of lies, problems, questions, chaos that will stop this president in his tracks. >> you told "the washington post" last week that there is a smell of treason in the air when it comes to this investigation. >> a lot of people are afraid to use the t-word, that's what people are investigating. >> it does look like a collusion, it does look like he is listening to vladimir putin more than he is american intelligence and i've never seen that before. >> sean: pretty unbelievable joining us now with reaction, fox news contributor sebastian gorka and herman cain. they never expected this.
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they were shocked by it all, it was a funeral on november 8th 2016. ever since there has been an effort to undo or delegitimize this president and get him out of office by any means necessary it gets really serious. >> not only did they not expected, on the night of the election, hillary clinton has a more than the 95% chance of winning. they still can't believe it. for all this talk in the new book about the mental competence in the white house? do you know who needs mental health? all the people you just showed in your montage. they need mental help, professionals to help them. i just had a journalist asked me today based upon the michael wolff book, is it true that the president doesn't like anyone
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touching his toothbrush? that's journalism. north korea has nuclear missile missiles. the president defeated isis. china is on the march and they want to talk about the president's toothbrush. this is a bad skit, it's insanity. >> sean: is it is a form of insanity, herman cain, you experienced this all firsthand. you can speak to how bad this is but it's still a lot worse for president trump. >> it is. in that opening montage was fantastic. it shows that the jokes are in the jokester's and the lies of the liberals and it also indicates as he alluded to, trump derangement syndrome is an addiction because results don't matter. they don't care about the
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results of 2017, it's all about trump derangement syndrome. if i can borrow a metaphor from mike huckabee, addicts that are drug addicts, some of them recovered. but the media tds addicts, they show no signs of recovering. they are in a hole and they keep digging and they can't get out. that's what this illustrates and it is sad for the country because we have depended so long on the media to give us the truth and now we know it they cannot, they are incapable of being able to do that. >> sean: dr. gorka, it's been the year of trying to get him out of office. to delegitimize, the words, the adjectives that are used on an hourly basis on cable tv and supposedly hard news journalistic centers, abc, cbs, nbc is the worst --
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"washington post," "new york times" that they used to describe the president, are they hurting the office? >> they are hurting the whole country, this is the duly elected president for the most powerful nation in the world and they don't recognize that he is the president. they use the kind of language that we've never, ever seen before. not with reagan, not with nixon, they are doing something outrageous for a blogger to do on mainstream television. the good news is fox news is crushing it with three, 4 million viewers per night. anderson cooper cracks open a bottle of champagne of 600,000 people watching. they are becoming irrelevant. i am an american citizen now and i'm proud to be. you know what defines us? common sense. when you get out of the bubble, they couldn't care less about michael wolff for don lemon,
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they want to see their paycheck in february be bigger than it was in january, they want to see ice is crushed. they want to see through the lies and they tune into the door show that's great news. >> sean: what do you make of it this is the year of the boomerang? now we know the clinton foundation is and has been four months investigated, which it should be. they have reopened an investigation into the email server scandal. we know that comey rigged that investigation of months before writing before an exoneration letter -- all of these things now and trump-russia collusion dying out -- it seems like there's been a dramatic turn of events that the media never expected to. do they ever admit they were wrong about trump and russia? with a look at hillary clinton funding a dossier are full of lies, russian propaganda, and
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salacious material and say that could be collusion? wasn't used for a fisa warrant? this is all flipped on them. >> they will never admit it. remember, the case on hillary clinton was closed during the obama administration. it has now been reopened under the trump administration and even though jeff sessions gets a lot of criticism, i happen to believe based upon all of the reports and information that we know and based upon the outrage of congress -- i happen to believe based upon that alone, hillary is going down. secondly, it is clear that the liberals and the democrats have only one strategy and it was used decades ago. if you keep telling a lie often enough, over and over and over, sooner or later some people are going to believe it. the thing is most of the people
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that are already believing the lie are already believing the lie. they aren't going to convert new people who are conservative voices out there, even though we are outnumbered, i truly believe we are saving some of the savable. >> sean: thank you both for being with us, we appreciate it. a lot more to get to on this busy news night will give you an opportunity to weigh in. what network is most guilty of providing fake news? we will pick the worst of the worst and fake news media, stay with us. nick was born to move. 3 toddlers won't stop him. and neither will lower back pain. because at a dr. scholl's kiosk he got a recommendation for our custom fit orthotic
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so you don't miss your favorite show. and with just a single word, find all the answers you're looking for - because getting what you need should be simple, fast, and easy. download the xfinity my account app or go online today. >> live from america's news headquarters i am trace gallagher. much of the east coast in a deep freeze today as the residents recovered from thursday's snow storm, 1012 inches following in many areas, powerful winds slamming parts of the east coast, canceling hundreds of flights. some communities dealing with historic levels of flooding. meantime on wall street, the markets are still red-hot, all three major indices at setting new records which will help many iras and 401(k)s. the dow jones industrials ending
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the week well above 25,000. the nasdaq composite getting another 58 points and the s&p 500 gaining more than 19 points to close at a fourth straight record high for the new year. i am trace gallagher, now back to "hannity" ." ♪ >> sean: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity," since president trump took office last january there has been no shortage of bias from the mainstream media and the favorite anchors. we'll show you some of the worst offenders and will show you a jake tapper over at cnn. >> it may be difficult for some of you at home to wrap your minds around a u.s. president making statements like this about nuclear weapons among none of this normal, none of this acceptable, none of this stable behavior. >> your behavior is causing
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great concern among the majority of american people. >> every single one of the presidents wounds is self-inflicted. >> i don't really understand the propensity for self-pity at a time like this. >> if you are a hungry child in appalachia or the inner city, if you are an unemployed worker and a hollow shell of a steel town, that's not a president who seems rather focused on your particular needs and wants. >> that people around president trump who are enabling this nonsense, the ones who know better. you have to ask yourself this question: are you serving the president? are you serve in the people? >> sean: he prefers presidents like clinton and obama they try to bribe murdering dictators. jake tapper is one of the many trump haters over at fake news cnn, including their white house correspondent jim acosta.
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>> what we are witnessing right now is an erosion of our freedoms. there are moments where this president is sensitive to criticism and he lashes out in this fashion. >> that is a strange and unpresidential thing to do, throwing paper towels at people. >> all of the questions of the american news media have been handled by conservative press. i think there is no other way to describe it but the fix is in. >> do you believe -- >> and they're not always going to believe -- >> i appreciate your speech. >> i think we saw the president's true colors today and i don't think they are red, white, and blue. >> sean: it you have conspiracy tv msnbc, they have also been broadcasting a nonstop
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trump hate fest, it's especially true of a hosted joint reit who never masks her hostility towards the president, here are a few of her highlights. >> he has the tools of authoritarianism down. he's got to the dance down to a science. >> donald trump has been publicly vulgar and venal, this is an administration that at the same time they are jet-setting around the country on the luxury plans is also wanting to cut their own taxes by billions of dollars. >> i don't think he understands the human scale of misery. i don't think he can connect with the compassion that you have. >> they are foursquare behind the guy who has had two wives with three baby mamas, what is this about? >> sean: he can't forget about cable news is most cringe criny
6:21 pm
couple, there coverage is unmatched by anybody. >> did you have somebody inside the white house, the new york daily news who says he's mentally unfit, people close to him say he is mentally unfit, people close to him during the campaign told me at early stages of dementia? >> he said that's not okay to say. >> it is okay to say. one are we supposed to say this? after the first nuclear missile goes? >> he looked like a thug, he looked like a goon. look at this, what a thug. what an embarrassment. he's mulling him like an idiot. what an embarrassment to the united states. >> it is a terrible thing to question someone's patriotism but you wonder what he cares about. >> they see no talent they see nothing behind the eyes that
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they work with. >> this presidency is rotten all the way to the core and right to the top. you've got to stop putting kelly and on the air, it's politics porn. here is fox news contributor david bossie, commentator david crowley and the hills joe conch concha. you watch this daily. it's now become every minute -- tell me where i'm wrong here -- basically every minute of every day, trump, trump, trump, they are all living in this bubble and trying to outdo each other. he's deranged, he's super, super deranged. >> the numbers support you, researchers just put out a study last month. they found that the
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president trump receives 5% positive coverage which is fascinating when you look at the five big indicators that he was voted in on. economy doing well. jobs doing well. isis decimated. immigration has some work to do, health care didn't work out. can't possibly come to 5%. when you compare that to the previous president he only received 20% negative coverage. trump 5% positive coverage, obama 20% negative. the economy -- the numbers are fine. that's great. i want to see reporters get out of new york and washington where they're doing all of this pontificating and talk to people in ohio, michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin, and i want to see if the economic effects are real because that's where he got involved voted devon, it's lazy and doesn't fit the narrative.
6:24 pm
>> sean: maybe i should be really happy because they all regurgitate each other. it leaves it wide open for me. now coming true. >> you are way ahead of your time because you are actually reporting facts and the truth. the elite mainstream media has always had a left-wing bias, we know that. what's different is the level of activism we see on their part, that is driven by a profound hatred for this president. they hate his style, they hate the way he talks, the way he moves, they hit his wealth. they hate his politics and the most important thing they despise is that donald trump is not one of them. he represents an existential threat to them, to the ruling class and that's why they are pulling out all the stops in order to try to destroy him.
6:25 pm
if he is allowed to succeed, it's over for them. what they seem incapable of grasping or maybe they don't want to is that the constant pounding we get from them on donald trump, helps him. it helps him because he's getting it done on the economy, i just wrote a column for the hill about this and how he's getting the job done on the economy. all of this criticism, this constant barrage helps him. it creates a rallying effect around this president who is actually delivering greater prosperity for the american people. >> sean: you wrote a book, let's trump b trump. i never heard of a guy you would think he was the most prominent man on the campaign, i don't know if you knew him at all but i did not know him and i think you guys saw me an awful lot on the campaign, probably more than you wanted. michael wolff is writing a book, he's saying it may not be
6:26 pm
totally accurate, things he wrote in the book about me or not true. >> this is just outrageous, michael wolff, this purveyor of "national enquirer" on steroids sensationalist book, it's not even a book, it's just a tabloi tabloid. it is outrageous what he has gotten away with inputting this book together and put it out there for the american people. this mainstream media, the media gloaming on to the sensational side of this inaccurate book. we put our book up against it side-by-side and we see the inaccuracies. corey lewandowski and i wrote this book and it was an insider point of view. we just got the book today, we find false information, facts
6:27 pm
and lies throughout the book. people cannot take this book as the truth and is this so dishonest, it's a tragedy what this is doing to take us off of the agenda of what this president has done for the american people over this last year. >> sean: what do we expect this year? the media is never going to get better, they don't want to admit they're wrong. hell is going to freeze over first. i'll give you an example -- 60 hours ago they were all saying a nuclear war is coming. then as soon as stephen bannon is believed to attack the president, let's change on a dime, don't worry about nuclear warfare, let's go back to this. let's go back to palace intrigue. >> i'm not saying the entire book is gossip, but michael wolff to your point has admitted that he has taken parts out of it and drawn his own conclusions when he says the president never met john boehner and i do a
6:28 pm
search that he has tweeted about him 23 times -- when stories like that don't pan out then what are we supposed to believe within this particular book? it goes to a theme of 2017, basing stories on false narratives, let me cite one more poll for you from politico. 46% of the american public believes that the media is fabricating stories about this administration and the president knows that and that's why he's holding this fake news awards show, you attack when they are unpopular. >> sean: that's why we put the tape and the show together it's so important. it is so much material. i could run the tape and everyone would get the message. >> they needed to destroy this man, because if he succeeds it's
6:29 pm
over for them. what they try to do is take any republican president and paint them as crazy, evil, or stupid. in trump's case they are trying to paint him as all three in order to try to make them not worthy of this office. the fact this man is still standing given this constant barrage is a miracle. >> sean: will give you the last word, does this continue all through his presidency? i would argue that if the economy keeps growing and it stays strong against radical islam and protects the homeland, i don't think he'll have a hard time winning reelection. >> i think the left is going to work incredibly hard every day against him, they are going to continue this false narrative that he is all of these things. they did to these same things to ronald reagan when he became president. he takes naps, he doesn't understand, he doesn't know.
6:30 pm
they called him a cowboy, they called him crazy. it was never this bad because the national news today is different. twitter and facebook and all of the social media just continues the narrative from the left and it's an unfair thing for this president. he is doing the work that he got elected to do. that is the most important thing. look at the economy, look at the decimation of isis, our national security, the hope he has brought back to america. these companies are giving these bonuses to their employees based on their tax bill. these are people who are going to get to tax cuts. not only the one from the federal government but they are going to get a second check. that's what the mainstream media does not talk about. >> sean: it's so corrupt. there's so much lying going on to the american people. happy new year to you all, when
6:31 pm
we come back, the media has been caught red-handed spreading fake news on major stories. we'll show you these major mistakes on this special edition of "hannity" continues
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>> sean: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity," 2017 was a rough year for the mainstream media in their rush to attack president trump, many fake news mistakes were made. perhaps the worst example is from "abc news." brian ross was suspended for abc for this false report claiming during the campaign, candidate trump told lieutenant general michael flynn to reach out to russia might take a look. >> he's prepared to testify against president trump and others in the white house. he's prepared to testify that president trump as a candidate directed him to make contact with the russians which
6:35 pm
contradicts all that he has said at this point. >> sean: he was completely wrong and hours later he had to issue a correction, watch this. >> we reported earlier today, he said the president asked flynn and to contact russia, he's now clarifying that, according to flynn, the campaign asked him to find ways to repair relations and then after the election the president-elect told him to contact russia on issues including working together to fight isis. >> sean: there's a huge difference between candidates trump and president-elect trump, "abc news" isn't the only outlet caught reporting false stories, fake news, several high-profile fake news stories like this report from early last month, take a look. >> exclusive new details about the message sent in the final
6:36 pm
stretch of that campaign, offering access to hacked wikileaks documents. >> this email was sent to donald trump, donald trump jr. and others in the trump organization. >> the timeline is important because it september 4th, that was a month after the dnc was hacked and after their own emails became leaked and it was a month before clinton campaign chairman john podesta's emails were leaked by wikileaks. >> sean: three cnn employees were signed over a story about a topic trump ally and a russian investment bank, they had to attract that in december. one of the dishonest "washington post" reporters david weigle, he posted a picture from president trump's rally showing a small crowd, the sarcastic caption reads packed to the rafters and it was taken before everyone had come in. he had to apologize and then deleted the tweet.
6:37 pm
if spreading fake news wasn't the only major problem, they also had some ridiculous examples of "so-called reporting." >> the president gets two scoops everyone gets one, no word if there was pringles. >> at the dessert course he gets two scoops of vanilla ice cream instead of the singles group for everyone else. >> it would be like someone looking at it and that's modern art, don't you understand? i am making a statement against russian aggression. >> put it back in the bed. what does that have to do with anything? he's in the front window. it's better when you see it. >> if the president putting it in the wrong place. >> if you think you had an ear
6:38 pm
full of donald trump, check out what's in the ear of a beagle in britain. >> sean: congressman jason chaffetz, tammy bruce, i look at all of this, it's beyond superfluous on some level but then it's outright evil on another level. when you start trying to delegitimize a duly elected president out of office. >> you know it's comically ironic about this? we're supposed to take the media, elite advice on economic economics, health care, you can't even get a journalism right. you had one job, get the facts right. really perverse incentive for the media to get trump out of office. you saw this thing about a new
6:39 pm
expose, george papadopoulos started the whole investigation into the dossier and everything. the same outlets that reported this reported last summer that carter page did it. did they not find it strange? the classic example was the print outlets reporting on trump being wiretapped and then he tweets he's wiretapped in the very same outlets write stories that he's crazy for saying he was wiretapped. good job, you guys are great. >> sean: congressman, there's another side of this we've now seen in the last 24 hours. the clinton foundation has been investigated, the investigation is ongoing. there's big stories out here that they are not reporting on that could have severe consequences and i will argue this may be bigger than watergate by a long shot when it's all done, thoughts.
6:40 pm
>> it was june of 2015 when i sent the very first letter to the obama administration highlighted the problems with uranium one. i followed up in october. do you think there's one person in the mainstream media who cover that story? none. absolutely none. one of the things it would most outrageous to me was one "time" magazine put donald trump jr. on the cover saying caught red-handed. it was totally misleading. the same time this mainstream media tries to highlight the obama administration as being a scandal free. everything from fast and furious to the irs to the hillary clinton email scandal, do you think any of them put them on the cover of "time" magazine? no. these were real scandals, look at benghazi, people were killed and they didn't get on the cover of "time" magazine. they put donald trump jr. on there. >> sean: what's your take on this, where does this go?
6:41 pm
>> let's not forget about brian ross. right after that report to the stock market went down 350 points. there are real-world repercussions when they lie and mislead. this is why i kind of like the michael wolff book. it's nothing new, it's what newspapers and so-called journalists have been doing at "the new york times," "the washington post" on page ten when he says some of this is not really true, but i'm good to let the reader decide and determine what it is that they like. >> sean: what a standard that is. >> that's exactly what the american media has been doing. now at least michael wolff has been admitted to, this is what the president has been dealing with for a year and a half. we have to give him all the credit. finally we are now saying it's not just the difference in opinions, it's about real misleading of americans to where we don't even trust who we
6:42 pm
should be able to trust, get information we should believe i in. the cdc is having a briefing on how americans can survive a nuclear war. i would like to see the media cover that. the standard as we are not going to do with the truth is but if it confirms our bias, we are going to put it out there and let you decide whether you like it or not. that is what it has devolved into. right now the president is the one we can trust at this stage. >> sean: i showed last night ronald reagan, evil empire. the media thought he was going to start a nuclear war. george w. bush, axis of evil. they thought he was going to start armageddon. if you don't try and bribe murdering dictators and appease them with billions of tax dollars like clinton and obama, anything you say that might sound a little tough to a two bit rocket man dictator offends
6:43 pm
them, not the guy that's threatening to hit the button, it's the president there offended that, you better not to do it, we'll hit you back much harder. >> who gives a hoot what they think anymore? the foreign policy intelligentsia on the north korean issue, palestinian issue, and russia issue has been telling us for years what to do, buy them off, money, these various solutions they put out there in their 35 page white papers and they were wrong on every piece of it. no one even saw the iranian protest coming. i have zero problem whatsoever with trump using twitter to kick this guy in the teeth the short fat guy over in north korea. maybe finally he's waking up to the fact that our foreign policy may be. maybe it's the predictability that in fact has been hurting us for decades now. >> absolutely.
6:44 pm
look at what's going on domestically. today in "the new york times," one of the headlines was 25,000 points on the stock market but when does the party going to be over? can't even give him the credit when something really good like the economy is going so well. >> the president has inherited such a disaster. it has remarkable what he has been able to accomplish despite the media trying to create this alternate reality, and the establishment pushing it throug through. his wherewithal, his ability to see through that and defend this nation and this process is remarkable. for everyone who voted for him and we move through this year, every single day including this michael wolff book, it reminds us about why we voted for donald trump and why he's the right one for this office right now. >> sean: good to see you all, happy new year. when we come back on this special edition of "hannity." some of the president's most epic takedowns of the news medi media. and you get to weigh in, will
6:45 pm
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>> sean: president trump has had some epic takedowns of the media this year, you may remember when he tweeted this mock a video body slamming cnn, they had a fit, but it was funny.
6:49 pm
watch. [shouting] the president also had no problem putting cnn grand standard jim acosta in his place, this is pretty epic, watch. >> president trump: not you. >> you're attacking our news organization, can you give us a chance to ask a question? >> president trump: quiet. >> can you give us a question. >> president trump: don't be rude. i'm not going to give you a question, you are fake news. >> sean: the presidents never missed an opportunity to slam the fake news media. let's remind you at this. >> president trump: when the media allies to people, i will
6:50 pm
never, ever let them get away with it. i will do whatever they can that they don't get away with it. media outlets like cnn and msnbc are fake news. fake news. i am here this evening to cut through the fake news filter and to speak straight to the american people. fake news. these are sick people. you know the thing i don't understand? you would think they would want to make our country great again. i honestly believe they don't. if you want to discover the source of the division in our country, look no further than the fake news and the crooked media. >> sean: former arizona republican j.d. haworth, matt
6:51 pm
schlapp, you've dealt with this in the course of your career. the reality is there's a lot of fake news. there is no discerning objective news media like they claim they are. this is an opinion program, i'm an advocacy journalist, we make no pretense on this program, i have an opinion. >> were commentators and that's fine, the problem is in the earlier segment you have a real of jake tapper. you know his first job in politics? it was pressed secretary for democratic congresswoman -- here's what it is today. what jobs have they had, what have they done you're right, it's been around for years.
6:52 pm
the largest in-kind donation to the democratic party comes annually for the washington press corps. they are inherently leftist and you just have to deal with it. here's the big difference. donald trump doesn't take it as a victim, he fights back. we would have folks and for the nrc c, so many people would say to us when are you going to take on the press? we would say we've got to get our work done, we can't get bogged down fighting them every day, the genius of this president is it would become so polarized, he is not afraid to call them out. >> sean: i think the media expects or even the anti-trump crowd, they think they can somehow pressure donald trump into changing and becoming the president and acting the way the president should act.
6:53 pm
bypassing the media, tweeting out his opinions, tweeting people and fighting back. i think the people that support him find it extraordinarily refreshing. >> i've been debating several prominent never trump's all week in response to this book. it's conservative, it's fulfilling promises but it's also a stylistic change. what republicans tend to do is cower. if they would say we can't really go for everything that we promised during the campaign because it's unpopular or it's radioactive. will only go for 40 or 50% than they do a negotiation they get about 20 or 25%. they come back to all of us and stayed with got 25% of what we want, we say it's no good, we are losing our country to socialism. the media is relentlessly attacking these conservative
6:54 pm
values. the right way to handle this is not to cower, the right way is pushing for all of your objectives all of them all the time, all day long, get everything you can and don't take the lies and distortions. go right back at them. it is refreshing and it makes everybody else be stronger and to stand their ground. >> sean: it's like alka-seltzer and water. they bubble and the fizz and go on tv and find the worst adjective they can to describe anybody. i think they just exposed themselves to a point they can't recover. >> i can remember in 1980, fred barnes of all people wrote a column showed up in "reader's digest" saying the press has got it wrong.
6:55 pm
they are not supposed to take on the role of the loyal oppositio opposition, they are there to chronicle what's happened. these people are advocates and they are partisan advocates and thin-skinned at that. they can beat the heck out of you, a lot of guys could cower. some of guys could stand up and get even more invective. donald trump is a man of the times. his genius is bringing together social media and television and going directly to the american people. not saving enough for a speech in des moines and not playing the victim but saying take your shot. i'll hold up a mirror to you and we'll see who is really distorting what's going on. >> sean: last word. >> what donald trump understands this after eight years of obama the country was on its knees, we want respected overseas.
6:56 pm
this type of approach to be president, it's hard for people to be wedded to the old ways. the fact is the country needed this. >> sean: i read, thank you both. when we come back, we're going to give you an opportunity to weigh in on who's the worst of the worst in fake news, as this special edition of "hannity" continues. when you say you need a heart transplant... that's a whole different ballgame. i was in shock. i am very proud of the development of drugs
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity," this special edition that's all the time we have left this evening. make sure you go to and vote for who you think is the worst fake news offender.
7:00 pm
let me have it. we will never be destroyed from media, we are fair, where balanced, a great weekend. laura ingraham takes over right now. >> laura: good evening from washington, this is the ingram angle, that's the focus of tonight's angle. if any democratic president had presided over the rolling stock market, 2 million new jobs created in 2017 and robust gdp growth that president trump has presided over, the media would be churning out phoning coverage of him and his entire economic team. interviewing everyday americans on the street who would talk about how his policies were making their lives so much better. on foreign policy,