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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 7, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PST

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[national anthem] ♪ ♪ >> president trump hitting back after winning the effort total loser, calling himself a genius. >> i went to the best colleges come a very excellent student, came out made billions and billions of dollars, ran for president one time in one and then i hear this guy that does not know me, didn't interview with him a long time ago. i don't know this man. i guess this won't be steve brought him into the white house quite a bit. >> president trump and republicans talking immigration reform. major expansion of border security. >> republicans say they want to
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talk what they did discuss strategy and budgeting. how do you want to negotiate a deal with democrats. >> we hope 2018 will be a year of bipartisan cooperation. >> issues such as infrastructure we want to attend. we want to make sure secretary matus have the tools and resources they need to keep us safe. ♪ pete: wow, wonderful song. not about any of us. rachel: this is not my theme song. maybe one day. sean crain, executive producer and i thought take it. lisa: drinks on you. you get to start with us, with lisa and i.
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it's warming up out there. it's not warming that. i just looked at that. yesterday was national cuddle up day. and tomorrow is national clean out your desk today. pete: by the way, i did see the winning lottery ticket may have been in new hampshire. you guys can check that and if that was the case does a deserving winner because nowhere is there colder. pete: had never played the lottery before. griff: i have one that gets high enough. trade you president trump should take credit for accomplishing global warming. global warming, done. president trump eradicated it. griff: that did not stop president trump from fighting back yesterday with the four
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hours of the president literary firing back as we were holding the show. lisa: that a shocking. that doesn't make any sense. that is fake news. we have some sound from that. thank you, ip. tag team. >> is a very excellent student company made billions and billions of dollars to want to television and ran for president one time and one and then i hear this guy that doesn't know me at all. by the way, did not interview me and said he interviewed me for three hours in the white house. i consider it a work of fiction. it's a disgrace somebody is able to have something, do something like that. no collusion. i'm not under investigation. when you've done nothing wrong, it's making our country look foolish and this is a country that i don't want looking foolish. pete: it's true. if the rest of the world is
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looking at all of this in the spectacle of the gossip columns, it does look foolish on the outside. the president who said no one else is going to defend me including most establishment republicans. >> i think some of these attacks would be a little bit more potent if it wasn't so painfully obvious those who hate the president are trying to do. we've had racism, sexism, somehow $100,000 to facebook at somehow bought the election for the russian such as ridiculous if you ever worked in politics or know anything about that placement with $100,000 is literally a joke. anyone with a nominal amount of money can go out and do that. now he's mentally unfit to serve in office. when you ping-pong from one of these things to the other in the media carries that come the left carries that. it's so obvious. >> this president is unprecedented in so many ways.
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to have zero experience in politics against all odds we all know the story. what is also now predicted an precedent is the narrative some money in the media this is a non-discipline man charlie sits in bed eating cheeseburgers get look at the accomplishments in 2017. lucy unprecedented treatment of an american president as it unfolds. not everyone in the media, maggie a firm who are partnered up with once. it's unbelievable. his lack of empathy, this is passes as news in the world today and it's unbelievable and it leaves a lot of people come and this is not just president trump. they've done mr. republicans for decades. the american psychiatric association built its own rule about analyzing people they've never met. same thing to barry goldwater, ronald reagan and even worse to
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president trump. they can agree this policy is. lisa: if you eat cheeseburgers are you like ice cream or chocolate cake that somehow you're unfit to serve in office because some of us don't like to eat healthy. a cheeseburger yesterday. >> clearly cheeseburgers upset people in hollywood as well. director chad alcatel. let's do this. please shut the expletive out for once in your life should be oxblood about. we all need one moment of pc use both self-involved. taken expletive break for a moment. guess that gift. he didn't stop there by the way.
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lisa: he went on and he said we all should be filling the office or legislator in calling nonstop today the mentally ill president be removed. not doing so puts lives at risk. why didn't we act. draco wonder if the director for drilled for june will be leading the charge. he made a lot of funny movies that you and i have been laughing at, but she put up why you see the exemplar of what should be done to remove. he wants us to remove the president. they sit on their high horse and not clicked earlier than now and they find out their own houses in order. they live in glass houses and allowed to throw stones. most americans are tired of hearing from them. stick to what stick to which
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adobe remember quintus paltrow is like the food stamp challenge and she ended up eating steak or something like that. and the newest equal pay. i think it's a positive thing for americans to want change. stop living in glass houses and go out and do something. get your hands dirty. some of them do, but a lot of the communities and do something. griff: if you are following shut appetizer dice come you're going to waste your time. pete: the golden globes are coming up. e-mail us. will you be watching us. if you want to hear more politics from hollywood. speaking of hollywood for ugly people, and that's what they call washington d.c. lisa: i used to work there. pete: should we be nice to washington d.c.?
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the shining city on the hill. they call capital city is a place for ugly people. i watched there for a number of years. trained to president trump laid out what he said time and time again that if they want a bill on daca, this is over going to get. >> we all want daca to happen but what great security for country. we are going to get rid of the visa lottery. frankly the democrats feel strongly about it too. chuck schumer saw somebody that came in through the lottery system. he saw this man killed eight people in the west side highway. a lot of democrats support. i hope so. negotiating nafta, but in some
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form mexico will pay for the wall. trade for this is initiated to pay attention for the rest of the three and half hours. many democrats will go through all of that, supported these immigration initiatives into law that was passed already been 700 miles of border fence. put a train forward to double that amount and democrats are being swayed by this book and narrative. to give these tumors under daca legal status to remain in this country. trading two and 2013, senate democrats voted yes on voter security. 54 at the time. here's a few examples. elizabeth warren the president calls pocahontas. kirsten gillibrand, bernie
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sanders, chuck schumer and they voted for you border wall in 2006 to fund a border wall. let's not forget bill clinton, will play that called for a border wall. democrats in 96, 06, 2013 put their money where their mouth was and that a border wall. the president trump wants in exchange, now they've got a recess. lisa: the democratic party will have to give a little bit of what their objectives are on daca because they are in the minority. if you are president trump, this is your opportunity to use your leverage the niche of immigration immigration is on the table because they have a march deadline. president trump if he wants to get the wall stud, some of these priorities stunned, that is his time to hold congress' feet to the fire and push for those policies. >> will keep drilling down into the subject what kind of deal
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will happen. a few more headlines will bring to you this morning and we begin with extreme weather. bitter cold from south carolina to maine where temperatures could have records low. to waste tightly bundled up all tightly bundled up all overlooking the frozen waters of niagara falls. take a look at that. the bitter arctic air in the midwest taking a walk down chicago street brutal for pretty much any street you under lockdown today. more snow and ice from the great lakes to northern new england for milder temperatures to sleep then. one lucky person is about $560 million richer after winning the powerball ticket earlier at new hampshire. the winning numbers in saturday's rains or 12, 29, 30, 33, 61 and powerball 26. no one has yet claimed their prize. get to it. big jackpot after winning mega millions ticket after it was
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sold at this import richie, florida. the winner has yet to come forward. the billion dollars on the table. tipping off the atlanta falcons shutting down the ramps in los angeles. the team never trailing in its 26-13 win. the tennessee titans with an 18-point deficit thanks to their qb. he did it to himself. past 11 scrimmage, decided to deflect it back into his own hands. she's 22-21. the buffalo bills taking on the jaguars and the carolina panthers going up against new orleans saints today as well. >> is quite again. a lot more to talk about and give us a call here or e-mail us at friends@friends at fox the media trying to take over president trump.
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you would have to buy all five of those crossovers. (gasp) man: whoa! moderator: oh, and the lexus nx. that's insane. moderator: yep, all six of these, and you still wouldn't get everything that's in this equinox. man 2: chevy's raising the bar. woman: six cars in one. man 3: yeah, i like that. >> if you are like those of us here at the podium, you would like to see america to be a right center country. for more writers center point of view, 2017 was the most consequential year in the many years that i have been here in congress. pete: and he has been there many years. an impressive list of accomplishments for the gop and president trump, but the media can't stop focusing on the anti-trump boat and by extension attacking the president appeared you to react, executive director of turning point u.s.a. charlie cook. thank you are being here.
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you represent an organization of a lot of young people who for them is the first republican president they been exposed to or supported. are they obsessing over what the media did something over, or they look anything things are finally happening in washington? >> they're looking at this economist seen an explosion of economic growth. a call this the total garbage tabloid journalism. this would not suffice regular editorial standards. you look at what the president has accomplished over the last year that the unprecedented and to make sense the media in this new here is completely ignoring all these accomplishments. they are using this gossip column book to create this fake news or around the white house and the presidency, but the president has accomplished to deliver results for the american people come the largest middle class tax cut in american history opening up natural resources could doubt hitting 25,000 over $6 trillion in new
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wealth. these are stories the media refuses to tell. isis is nearly completely obliterated in the middle east yet they are worried how many cheeseburgers the president is eating. but how many factual inaccuracies are in this book is laughable. but this is about the obama presidency they wouldn't even look at it. >> use two words that don't exist that much. editorial standards. what are the standards other than disparaging the president. they would never give into the narrative of a right-wing writer who wrote something about the obama administration. does not call into question what the president has pointed out about the fake news media. >> is horrible hypocrisy. tabloid column stuff. the stuff you buy when you are buy when you're checking out at the grocery store and yet you see on every major news network. when you start to see the media scramble, but you know know the president is succeeding when you
3:20 am
see the economy doing well, prices retreating, that's how you know he succeeding because they refuse to tell the stories because they want to ideologically destroy the president. >> are important as this as it pertains to building the wall? >> so important i hope congress stands at the president of a public campaign promise to build a law. i agree with that of a conical agree with the come upon a pole. i've been very critical of him over the past year produced in a very good job overall. pete: charlie kerr, turning point u.s.a. thank you very much. not shockingly illiberal actress mark president trump on twitter, but why did the army's official account like church we. we will find out. president trump laid out his demands for a so-called daca deal. democrats used to want a wall. will they come to the table to make a deal?
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we will debate it next. ♪
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lisa: welcome back. quick headlines for you. no gender, no problem. washed and will soon allow residents to change their sex number certificates are gender neutral option. the new rule will let people identifies gender accents that is male or female. no doctor permission is required. bergen became the first state to enact the rule back in june. dunkin' donuts scaling back its food menu by 10%. the new simplified menu will debut tomorrow in new england before expanding nationwide by march. the change getting rid of the less popular and more time-consuming than i done to make smoothies and after his
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damages. president trump once again laying out his demands for a daca deal. take a look at this. griff: thanks, lisa. president trump yesterday. >> we want daca to have been. i think i can speak for everybody. we want john corning from texas. we all want daca to happen, but we all agreed security for our country. we want to stop the drugs from flowing in. >> should democrats finally come to the negotiating table and make a deal? democrat strategists chuck rocha, good morning, gentlemen. i want to start with you because you are a standard sky. yesterday the senate from missouri, issued a statement. i want to put it up and read it for you after president trump was beating. he said i am not sure why president trump wants to shut down the government over multibillion dollar's fall that
3:26 am
no one wants come it is not needed and will not be paid for by mexico could let the american people do want an overwhelming numbers is to provide legal protection to 800,000 dreamers in a path toward citizenship for them. i start with you. why not do a deal the president said this gives them legal status. he wants 18 billion for construction per wall. >> because it is two-way different topics. these young people came here. they've all had a criminal background check. they all have jobs. 10,000 served in our military. there should be a whole separate thing somebody want to build a law which we have built in brownsville, el paso. democrats have voted for walls and if you want a new wallet was heart of the campaign. we come to the table on that. >> lawrence, i assume you agree with him on that. >> i disagree with him.
3:27 am
yours good deal. either they get with the program because the president won this election on this or they don't get legal status. the american people will not tolerate this president going along with a plan that does not include border security. he will literally destroy his entire movement of americans that were the forgotten americans. at the end of the day, want to be compassionate although i don't believe we should be talking about this daca issue until we take care of american citizens first. we can get to some type of deal but it only happens if we have border security. >> i see you shaking your head you >> america stands for what these dreamers are. for taking our tax dollars and everybody speaks spanish. >> i'm not saying send in their.
3:28 am
we should take care of the issues the american people first. >> liquor public school teachers. training for the one second. i'll let you answer this first. how much is this new derogatory portrait of president trump, how much of this is playing two hurt in this deal which effects in both cases dreamers and of course concerns like security of the american people. >> i'm not a policy expert on michael insider politics for a living. in this town of washington d.c., and they use this as a pond. democrats use it to get more democrats elected. that is what is wrong with our system as a whole. to really not get anything done. >> that's a broad brush. >> i disagree because the
3:29 am
american people stood there to do a job and he campaigned on this. this is not just about politics. this is the american people. i'm concerned about my community, jobs being taken away. we have the lowest unemployment for black folks. i want to continue that trend. we need to take care of the american people and then we can talk about immigrants, all of that. at the end of the day, the american people want this president to take care of them. >> we will see what happens. thank you for coming on. of course the deadline hanging out there. have a good one. stay warm. president trump calling out the media or push out the russian collusion story. >> solution is dead because at runtime after a year or there's absolutely no pollution. >> dan bongino will explain exactly why this is a hoax and
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starry eyes out. i was dancing. as president in the cabinet wishing a happy birthday. pete: the group taking a moment to separate early for her during a working lunch. she will be turning 60. may she continue to dismantle the war in the fire of a thousand suns. happy birthday. someone who would love to devastate concordes dan bongino, armor n.y.p.d. officer and has a dan bongino show. am i correct? >> , and cora. it's common in disasters. so yes. pete: there you go. yesterday president trump at a few other things to say. he mentioned amongst this bloke russian collusion. take a look at this.
3:35 am
>> terrorism and crime both here and you know, i guess the collusion now is dead because there's been absolutely no pollution. there's been no collusion to train nasa and the russians. there has been collusion between hillary clinton, dnc and the russians. unfortunately you people don't cover that very much baby very much become the pollution is between hillary and the russians and the dnc and the russians. griff: i covered it announced in the department of justice will look into. as e-mailing to pay for play a for play a game, where do you make of this? >> yeah, let me show you in a minute or less what this whole thing is. don trump junior misses some russian voyeur. they're supposed to exchange some kind of information which never happens. don trump junior leaves early and in an act of incredible transparency put out its e-mails
3:36 am
about the entire incident on social media. nothing changes hands there a dollar value. mrs. clinton and bill clinton take $500,000, actual money from russian banks in people involved in the sale of our nuclear deal to a russian company and all the sudden the clintons are whining about an investigation. you've got to be kidding me. one more point on this. i haven't heard anybody in the media yet. i may be wrong. i think america needs to prepare itself for the idea that this entire thing was a sting against the trump team the entire time in the dossier was covering for her. the evidence is all over the place. look at the march 2017 testimony. the answer he gives to representative from new york when asked about why he didn't notify congress about this counterintelligence investigation. look at the look on his face in a panic.
3:37 am
the network is closing in on these guys and they're really worried right now. lisa: have bigger revolt of the dossier play? it was shared against the intelligence community had shown to president trump and subsequently cnn had leaked that. we know it was shopped around the media as well. many on capitol hill believe it was potentially used to obtain a fisa warrant. how big of a role do you think it actually played? >> the timeline tells the whole story here. here and anywhere else and i thought the dossier was the biggest story. the fact that fake russian intel is used to sign a presidential candidate. i was wrong. the second biggest story. the biggest story is why did the investigation into the trump teamed start before the dossier? jim comey acknowledged the investigation started before the water was approved to not over.
3:38 am
what is the fbi doing? >> are you saying that the intel committee devin nunes getting this finally is going to prove that not only was the dossier, we are going to find out not only was the impetus for the investigation that began before about? >> grass, that is exactly what i'm saying at the dossier gave some type of legal cover to a sting operation against the trump teamed that people at the doj and fbi desperately need to go away right now. i'm telling you, march 20, 2017. when he can answer the question as to why the fbi never notified the gang of eight about the most significant counterintelligence investigation against a presidential candidate in modern american history. that's the one case you don't notified them about?
3:39 am
the dossier to provide some kind of legal cover for an operation that should've never been guarded in the first place. is that the question we need to ask? pete: we are going to pull that tape. something very much worth listening about. the dominating headlines about the president trying to undermine his mental health. we are learning more about a jail psychiatrist he met with democratic congressmen about the president's health. dr. brandy acts they briefed members of congress early last month about trumps mental fitness. you literally have democrats mainly psychiatrist who never assessed this president to determine whether he is fit to be in office. how far are they going? >> i'm astonished by this. you want to talk about a preacher professional. they're a psychologist. i did go to graduate school for psychology and behavioral
3:40 am
learning paradise and experience in the arena. how unethical to do this. let me tell you what the real plan is by the democrat. democrats are taken off guard by the passing of the tax cut. follow me here. they did not expect these things to pass. now that they pass committee approval ratings are going up any as capital. impeachment is almost off the table entirely. their backup plan is the 25th amendment which would permit the president of office because of physical or mental incapacity. farcical, laughable but it seems to be desperation that are so desperate to get trump out of office. >> the resistance didn't work, if they captured the house, if they were to win the house, you still think they're going there. they are going after him. >> 100%. 1000%. democrats in the house, they are so deranged about trump, this is
3:41 am
not conspiracy theory. everything am telling you, you can look up her cell. they need him out there because they need to cut the nonsense for the last eight years. they need him out that they can't get amount they would try this 25th amendment. here's a critical thing. they can't do anything of this about his political bank account going up, not down. >> just delivered devastating news to al green. thanks for coming on and talking to us this morning. lisa: thank you, dan peered pete: the winter storm in the northeast at the jfk airport for the third straight day they can't get in line. thousands of travelers stranded. more than 6000 flight cancellations or delays. colliding on the tarmac at midday chaos. drop detail the kuwait airline plane.
3:42 am
no one was hurt. a massive air hub struggling to recover after shutting down thursday afternoon. proclaiming issues on a surge for severe storm damage or two. amazon appears to be deleting reviews of michael wolff's tell-all book. get desperate the company reported keeping a careful eye on comments for the book fire and fury. didn't keep a careful eye on comments about my book. you can write whatever you want. but september amazon removed hundreds of one star reviews for hillary clinton's memoir, what happened. a spokesman says the leading reviews that violated guidelines or they are just protecting liberals. it appears to lack a treat mocking president trend. mindy kay lenz to eat on the army's page.
3:43 am
you guys i'm like really smart now in the saturday three. not clear if they like the treat for echo is hacked into. the treat is no longer there. we are reaching out or was it someone who accidentally hit it from the personal account. who knows. >> tough to keep up with all of this. moving on. the wife of the pulse nightclub terrorist said she knew about his plans for the horrific attacks but did nothing. our next guest says this may be worse than the attack itself. how you celebrate when your team -- in cleveland it's a loser parade. ose prolia®...
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pete: welcome back to "fox and friends." newly fbi documents believing the wife of the polls than men knew about the attack. signed by solomon state venue on saturday when omar left the house at 5:00 p.m. the this was the time he was going to do something bad. i knew when he left the house he was going to her land to to attack the pulse nightclub. here to react in author of the land of invisible woman. dr. rock med, thank you. i want to get right to this. of course being charged, does this prove finally that she was guilty of the active terror? spin it did document facing which are hurt own recorded certainly seem to sit just that. i find it so important that she had many opportunities to
3:48 am
reporter call for help or notify authorities in moral issues that implicated in the killing of her husband. lisa: how complicated is it to have knowledge of one of the facts before him did not do anything? >> it's more common than we know when we are beginning to realize the female jihadist is as much as a threat at the mail. she may not be herself a jihadist, but she certainly was complicit in a feel she is more responsible not only as an american. but as a muslim. she is muslim and islam demands that you bear witness, including your own family when you can prevent injustice. she gravely failed in that respect. >> train to women not to be submissive to their husbands, specially in the jihadist context. did she feel she had to -- >> certainly she could be
3:49 am
afraid. she was in an abusive bearish demand access until right before the attack when she put her on his bank account. men and women have the same duty to support the authorities, a duty to the society in which we live and to expose injustice. the document in the quran, the prophet mohammed says. she's really filled in islamic duty. >> what role are they playing and joining they playing enjoining as fighters or what role are you seen an increase roller what is your take on that? >> recently europe is traveling with the return of females that were married to isis fighters, recruiting. we know from israeli research of female suicide operatives that they recruit, collaborate, conceal, they themselves inculcate in their children the desire and they also may personally be perpetrators, too.
3:50 am
>> let me take you back to your your -- that is their problem as we've seen in san bernardino, we've now seen it in florida, orlando. i covered both of those for the channel in which you saw were those, the woman, the wife not coming forward. how do we stop this going forward? how do we encourage their lives? >> number one is the united state's authority should see this as an opportunity to very harsh punishment. she needs to be made an example love will not tolerate this collaboration in these communities. number two, muslims like me but also muslim scholars and the leaders have to remind muslim communities this is a central principle of islam. griff: which readily that they are. dr. rock med, thank you so much
3:51 am
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lisa: good morning and welcome back. considered the super bowl the tech world. transfer the consumer electronic show will kick off in las vegas with 4000 company showing off the latest and greatest technology and gadget but soon everyone will want to get their hands on. here to give us a preview live from the las vegas strip is kirk knutson, the cyberguide. good morning. you've got cool stuff for us. good morning to you. >> hey, hey. good morning to you guys.
3:55 am
they needed this boosting thank you into the economy here. they surge after the recovery of last year's massacre. cab drivers same attendance to be 1.7 million people here. i'm sorry, 170,000 people here, but to .6 million square feet of the late tronic real estate here expect this year to see a lot of new stuff related to your own, but first the tvs we've grown to really love center, bigger, more clear will come down in price. will not see a giant leap forward in technology. the prices coming down this year and with virtual reality ended with augmented reality. pokémon was a game that could set off earlier last year and we will see a lot of that here in the show. electronic arts galore at this year in vegas expected to see
3:56 am
ford ceo in james hackett will come out here and be the first that's not a big techhead to launch ces here this week. mobility is a key word here and a chinese automaker called titan will be showing off their smart intuitive vehicle which everyone is buzzing about it. they want to see what's going on with the chinese in the u.s. market with automobiles coming up. giving up semi autonomous here and smartphone devices will go a lot bigger this year, especially what you're going to want to look for our smartphone devices, light bulbs and switches that work on alexa, google home and apple in finally seeing a lot of health. train for we've got to leave it
3:57 am
there. it can bring us those gadgets that they give out previews. lisa: enjoy vegas. reporter: will be hunting them down for you guys. transfer david rossi, sarah carter and mike huckabee. stay tuned. you don't want to miss it coming up.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
>> president trump had enough of her tell-all book a total loser calling himself a genius. >> i went to the best colleges, it came out to make billions and billions of dollars, ran for president one time and one and then i hear this guy who does not know me, but i guess sloppy steve brought them into the white house quite a bit which is why sloppy steve is now looking for a job. >> occultist towable garbage tabloid. why use completely ignoring his accomplishments. >> topping immigration reform after the camping retreat. >> the wall is going to happen
4:01 am
and we're not going to stop. >> they want to talk where they did discuss strategy how they want to negotiate a deal with democrats. >> we hope 2018 will be a deal of bipartisan cooperation. >> a clutch back to him for a touchdown. ♪ griff: the kind of like in basketball when you throw an inbound pass that the defender and you lay it up yourself. but he did it on purpose. but that's not all were going to about. good morning. pete: but on account how many people kneeled. we'll get into that. that got griff jenkins, lisa
4:02 am
booth and we're having a great sunday. a lot to get to. as we covered the show yesterday, the president pushing back hard on the book "fire and fury." after we ran, he held a press conference and we summed it up for you. take a look. >> i went to the best college. came out with billions and billions of dollars into that went to television ran for president one time and one and then i hear this guy who doesn't know me at all, by the way said he interviewed me for three hours in the white house. i consider it a work of fiction and i think it's a disgrace that somebody is able to do something like that. there's no pollution. no crime. i'm not under investigation. when you've done nothing wrong, let's be open. it's making our country look foolish. president trump obviously feels
4:03 am
he is under attack. from day one we've seen those on the mainstream media to delegitimize them and if caught and everything under the sun from the russian collusion. which is ridiculous. he needs to many cheeseburgers. somehow that the problem. not for the editorial section but the new section. mr. khan self-absorption, lack of empathy comes as the focus, and has generated news coverage. and then it goes on to quote a psychologist. we talked about last hour reprieve democrat it all feels like a gathering storm to build a case against this president.
4:04 am
reporter: dan bongino was on this last hour and says this is another way to try and kick the president out of office. >> now that they've passed in trump's approval rating have political capital, impeachment is almost off the table entirely. they need a backup plan the 25th amendment which will be physical or mental capacity. farcical, laughable but it speaks to the desperation of the looney tunes democrat. >> can we talk about what a disservice this is to voters at home and americans have almond of fact that none of the substantive issues expect their lives in the kitchen table issues they hear about ever get discussed and instead it's hyperbole, wild accusations that he then maggie abraham said they are debunked. we've seen other parts debunked,
4:05 am
for instance, somehow president trump didn't know who former speaker john boehner was despite the fact they went golfing in 2013. things that are so easy to fact check that were wrong. pete: we want to distract away from what he's accomplished already in the tax bill in neil gorsuch and other things that night year and most of the agenda going forward that you covered on capitol hill a lot of pending deadlines coming up to the so-called dhaka deal and this president is laser focused on essential campaign promise which is building the law. republican leaders had this statement about a daca deal and building the wall. >> the wall is going to happen. we want to get rid of chain migration. we need some additional border security. these are great people. we all want daca to happen, but will agree security for our
4:06 am
country. you are not sending us their finest. chuck schumer saw somebody that came in. he saw this man killed eight people on the west side of the highway. a lot of democrats support. i hope so. mexico will pay in some form. >> the president wants this and wants that. the white house putting out an $18 million for the wall for these other immigration initiatives that he wants to do. now the question is will democrat shake hands with the president which would give legal status to the tremors or will they be swayed in part certainly by this unprecedented narrative that the president does this mentally unfit person.
4:07 am
>> he turned the ball into a bogeyman. they were for the wall before they were against it. we've got videotape. that's what backwards. let's start with 2013. the gang of eight, comprehensive immigration reform. democrats ended up voting yes on not just a border wall. they would add 350 miles to the wall. spend 40 billion on security into a merit-based visa system. senator joe legrand, bernie sanders and chuck schumer which voted along with 50 other democrats. they voted for this bill before. >> and to walk back even further, you have a lot of these same democrats that are dianne feinstein, obama did at the time. hillary clinton when they were in office voting in the exact same premise in the sense you are putting up something to
4:08 am
abstract along the southern border. democrats are only behind controlling the border. if you look into them now, this statement would be shocking. >> i'm just the old guy on the couch. 1996 had only been in washington for a few years. but let me tell you, this all began when then-president clinton in 1995 said the union talk specifically about immigration reform, security on the border and building a wall. roll tape. >> as fire administration is that aggressively to secure our borders by hiring new border. it is wrong and self-defeating to permit the immigration laws we have seen in recent years and we must do more to stop it.
4:09 am
[applause] democrats given a standing ovation. 1996 state of the increased control by 50%. to use the word illegal illegal immigration they won't even say that anymore. talked about a nation of laws. fast-forward 10 years later passed and signed by george h.w. bush -- george w. bush. 350 miles voted for by obama, hillary, biden and schumer in 2013 as part of the gang of eight. the house killed it because it was an amnesty bill. now because it is president trump. it's only because it's president trump they are against the wall in for protecting illegal immigrants coming to rumors. they should stay here.
4:10 am
they are showing how obstinate and unreasonable they are in a policy that bipartisan support for decades. >> put democrats on record of not supporting border security if they border security if they put them on record of not wanting to put back the southern border. not only that, they care about illegality at the border. but democrat on record. president trump as i mentioned earlier the show you want to get the wall done from a user that leverage and put them on record. >> they didn't just go forward or support it. they've built 653 miles according to our research of that original request for 700 miles. actually doing it and all of a sudden we are going to hold because the politics of this white house. >> a lot of leverage in the white house we see how we continue to bring it to you. if you were headlined this morning. the winter storm in the northeast at the new york jfk
4:11 am
airport. thousands of travelers stranded at more than 6000 plate cancellations. two planes colliding striking detail. no one thinks with her. the massive bear hug after shutting down thursday afternoon. the airport is blaming the issues on a surge in rescheduled flight combined with a severe storm in damage to the equipment. house republicans passed them in the iranian regime for cracking down on protesters upset with the countries crippling economy. kevin mccarthy and california congressman ed royce introducing a measure making clear america stands at the iranian people who want peace and freedom. the house plans to vote on it on tuesday. 20 iranians have been killed after a week of violent protests. the nfl playoffs kicking off the atlanta falcons 26-3 team.
4:12 am
in kansas city another loss to the tennessee titans with an 18-point deficit thanks to the qb touchdown to himself. biking a second-half surge that they did not turn back. it was part of an 18-point come back 22-21. two more nfl matchups today. the bill versus the jaguar then carolina panthers take on the new orleans saints ran on fox. those are your headlines. griff: coming up, you've seen the commercials a million times. >> i'm glad we've got aflac. i just got a major medical. train for aflac is getting on
4:13 am
the trump tax train. handing out bonuses to employees thanks to the president. the ceo joins us next. pete: how do you celebrate when your team doesn't win a single game? what a loser parade of course. cleveland style.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
and then racing from a 50% match from a 100% match up to 4%. in addition to that, we total amount of set aside as $250 million. that will help us in training employees to technology changes and then, we will also be working toward philanthropic area. we had the aflac cancer center at children's health care of atlanta here, which is the largest pediatric cancer center in america and we donated $120 million to that.
4:18 am
we are now in doing what i call my special aflac duck, which the consumer electronic show, which you mentioned earlier going on in las vegas, we just one and awarded based on helping others called tech for a better world. this dock stays with the kids when they are going through treatments and we plan on giving all 16,000 of the new cases that are diagnosed each year, we plan on sending them to every kid in america that will help them go through the process. pete: that is wonderful. critics will say this additional money will go to your pockets, line the pockets of executives had maybe one year you would get a bonus for corporations are going to internalize this money in ways not helpful to the economy. why has this policy change or calculus and is a long-term calculus?
4:19 am
>> well, we are one of the best places to work in america for nate years in a row. i believe so go employees your employees attitude, so i think taking care of the employees is a very important part of being a successful company. it is my goal to make sure shareholders get a great return. but i think there is a balance of doing it. certainly we are not doing it one year by doing the 401(k) match every year going forward from the 8% to 100% and then this $3 million investment that we plan on doing with kids with cancer and other things we are doing. griff: let's talk about this kids with cancer. how important is the policy stayed there so there is a future for this kid. >> well, what this has allowed us to do is accelerate
4:20 am
everything. we planned on bringing in over a period of time but this acceleration really makes a difference. you have to be competitive in today's market. most people don't realize 75% of earnings come from japan and yet, we continue to have brand recognition above 90% in the united states. we are an international company and we have to compete. i don't want to get into the politics of it, but i can tell you that we as a company are giving back to our employees in the community and we think ultimately will be a better return for shareholders. pete: great point. accelerate everything. we appreciate not just what you do for your employees but the community. well done. appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: president trump slamming the new book "fire and fury" is a work of fiction and is not alone. david bossie has been there. he says the book is full of lies because he has been around as
4:21 am
president for a long time. transfer claiming 13 license them in an army soldier. our own father morris has been helping families telling us about it and how they are working to heal. he will tell us all about it. ♪ you won't
4:22 am
4:23 am
running a small business is demanding. you won't and that's why small business owners need more. like internet that's up to the challenge. the gig-speed network from comcast business gives you more.
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with speeds up to 20 times faster than the average. that means powering more devices, more video conferencing, and more downloads in seconds, not minutes. get fast internet and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more per month. comcast is building america's largest gig-speed network to give small businesses more. call 1-800-501-6000 today. griff: time for your news by the numbers. first, $15,937,000,000, that is how much money one personal claim after winning in new hampshire. a winner has not yet come forward. $30,000 is how much money could build this couples treehouse. now, the supreme court will say the couple dining for years after they wanted to be removed.
4:25 am
a decision from other the case could be made tomorrow. that is how many years george h.w. and barbara bush have now been married. a milestone no other presidential couple has ever read. amazing. i'm very very serious powerful story. a fire in the bronx claims to 13th victim this week making in new york city's deadliest in 25 years. the man died from his injuries more than a week after the fire. lisa: is the neighborhood continues to do with the aftermath, members have come together to help the community shield. transfer father jonathan morris has spent countless hours tending to the grieving families and has a powerful story. >> that happen in my neighborhood a couple blocks away. it happened a week ago thursday. it has been something i've never experienced before just dealing with every one of these families
4:26 am
from the moment that identifying the bodies in the hospital to now the cameras are pretty much gone away in the cemetery found a home, without family members. the females are beginning and they need the basic necessities. >> i spend a little bit of time with you and your phone is ringing off the hook and text messages from these very families. you were hoping to hear from politicians who after the cameras turned off had i been there as much as a bug them to be. what has it been like to step into the gap and help these families? >> politicians have been good and they have been taking my phone calls, but there's a lot of bureaucracy they've been dealing with his while. the president of the bronx borough, but they have to do out there on bureaucracy and the families are waiting outside my door saying i need help. poorest congressional district in the united states of america in the south bronx.
4:27 am
if they are not working, they don't have money in their pockets. they're taking care of their families and they are spread out in shelters all of the city. a very serious situation and we need help. >> 13 individuals, for children. a family lost five. how can people at home watching help them get help them give back and help these individuals and families rebuild lives. >> one fan though i'll memorial service tomorrow. the funeral tomorrow morning at my church. a seven -month-old in her grandmother who died just trying to flee from the fire was another of the child was at work. let me tell you how you can haul. we we are trained and make it simple. there is a go find me page. this is money that together myself and the committee will make sure goes directly to these victims. just look up wrong spire of the guns. my picture will be on it. make sure that it not been a
4:28 am
fraud. look up on my facebook page and make sure it's the one with the blue check. father jonathan. pete: it's about those truly in need. the gospel says this is the time to check in. they could do then immediately in a trusted way but as you mentioned just camp right away. >> for sure. we had an interfaith service. not everyone there was christian or catholic. we had in the picture at the beginning a jewish rabbi. evangelical pastors all their representing who was in the neighborhood. together we will be here for the families long-term. we are also going to make sure we raise the money in the media right now. >> you mention long-term.
4:29 am
>> mostly they need housing. i have no doubt the city will come through in some way. eight months before their apartment got fixed they had two weeks in a hotel and think of the red cross has helped out with two more weeks. but what if they do for the next eight months. i visited the family. i went to their apartment current two-bedroom apartment. you know how many people were there when i walked in? 31 that i counted it 31 people in this two-bedroom apartment in freezing temperatures. all these people at work because they are taking care of the family as they should. trying to get them cash, gift cards for them straight into housing. train to go to the go find me page. i can tell you, knowing this guy in your proximity to this, you will make sure this goes to the vet comes. lisa: will be praying for them
4:30 am
as well. >> i hope you show this in the next hour in the next hour after that. lisa: thank you, father. appreciate it. train to the author of the book, "fire and fury" says his revelations will bring down president tram. david bossie has a different take. looking for love in the new year? today is dated sunday. we've got some tips to make you stand out in the crowd. via smart next time, i want you on my bowling team. [ laughs ] rodney. bowling. classic. can i help you? it's me. jamie. i'm not good with names. celeste!
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♪ train tuc that street corner right thar, 40 and sixth avenue. it is the earliest block in the island of manhattan, and the socialist republic of manhattan. to speak as we see fit --
4:35 am
[inaudible] we have the freedom to bring david bossie on, which we choose to do right now. good morning. how do you do? >> i'm outstanding. how about you guys? you are inside and you saw the campaign. you were a part of it for a very long time. now we see this book "fire and fury." i don't get a chance to get a copy of it. what is your take on the so-called mainstream media all fired up? >> first of all i read just under half the book last night seemed to be honest with you it's quite boring. i found it not to be that interesting of the storyline. if your national enquirer tidbits. salacious gossipy stuff and that's what he is selling. i urge people you party scene and heard the highlights. don't waste your money.
4:36 am
>> here's the thing. this author, michael walsh, who was by all accounts a skilled gossip journalists, by anyone didn't say what is this guy doing in here, we will find out. this will bring down the president be. suddenly people are saying it is true. that is the background to the perception that meanders can mean that this will finally end this president be. would you say to that? >> this guy thinks a lot of himself. this author is just a liar. he is somebody who has made these stories up a lot and he admits they read in the beginning of the book. this is my version of the truth. he doesn't say this is factual. this is the truth. so this is a fraud stir, a fraud of a book.
4:37 am
the president has had to put up with the fake news for the last year of his presidency and before that a year during his campaign. now he has to deal with the fake book. we have to get to the business of why this president got elected in the tremendous success record that he had over this past year. it is just a terrible name. i'll be honest with you i'm agitated that he had this much access. tbn and is getting a lot of the blame but as i read some of this book, i realize there's a lot more folks than just steve has had some explaining to do. lisa: david, do you worry all the intense focus that it will impact that now there is this wedge between steve vanden president trump impact in the 2018 elections with republicans considering steve vanden has some or even heading into 2020. do you worry about this focus on this book impact in the
4:38 am
president for republicans at-large? >> this book will, though in the next week. the furor over this book will subside and people move on with their lives. we need to come together now more than ever. we have a tremendous record of president trump success to run on. the interview you guys just did with the ceo of aflac shows exactly what is going on. people across this country are not just getting a tax cut. they're getting bonuses as well. people are impact to two times and by the time november comes around, growing at 3% for three quarters in a row under president trump's unbelievable leadership will now explode and i think money is coming back. 200 billion coming back from apple alone commit being repatriated. that is something the president promised during the campaign and
4:39 am
is delivering on today. we need to deliver on our success in record in this book isn't going to change it. >> wrote journalists are peddling this. it looks as if they want to distract from the real accomplishments. a full screen as some of those other tax reform, not backing down. jobs coming back, private sectors, jobs. if they are not talking about the russian collusion narrative that doesn't work any more companies got to keep talking about this stuff. >> that's why they want to talk about this stuff. it's been narrated this last, the leftist media and the left in america want to try and delegitimize this election and the 300 plus electoral votes he got. he won this election, no one else. i wrote in our boat with corey lewandowski, let ciampi chomped at this president when this
4:40 am
campaign. he was 99.9% of this election and the rest of us, all of us, kellyanne conway, the rest of the team combined with .01%. he is the one who worked tirelessly for a month on month come whose message is make america great again is what won this election and no one else did it. for them to attack him and that is all they have. they have no ideas. they have no plan for our economy or national security that they can sell to the american people. all they have to tear down the president and to be honest i'm exasperated. i'm irritated because this president deserves all americans support because he's working hard for every american and that will come through in the midterm election. >> maybe michael wolff wanted the president because he is giving out fake news awards and
4:41 am
even the ranting now. >> i think michael wolff will get the number one award at least for me for being a fake book of the year. you want the true insiders are worried. let trampy tribe. >> i'm not here to pitch my book. the one thing i saw on election night in his book all of this craziness of election day in election night and in our book we have a first-hand account of what happened in the truth. that really is infuriating to people like me. >> still ahead, kim jong un may be going for the gold. president trump says let the games begin. >> i'd like to see them getting involved in the olympics and maybe things go from there. >> is the tough talk getting them to the table.
4:42 am
plus looking for new love in the new here? the super bowl of online dating. we've got tips to make you stand out in the crowd. that is standing up. ♪ >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> welcome back. bitter cold for his gripping more than 100 million people from south carolina to maine this morning where temperatures could hit record lows. lisa: that overlooking the frozen waters. griff: adam klotz is outside. sorry, are you freezing? >> absolutely freezing.
4:46 am
i was running up and down the hallway trying to get warm before he came outside. it's going to scoop out some snow. i thought that would be fun. everything is solid frozen hard or the temperatures right now in boston down to negative 25. plenty of negatives across. when the wind is whipping coming you feel it. negative 11 in cleveland. i do have some good news. light at the end of the tunnel. eventually we will see warming temperatures. high in the teens. eventually you see the numbers in the next couple of days running up into the 30s and eventually the upper 30s. i saw some temperatures close to 50 degrees on the east coast by the end of this week. i will just move it around. can't wait. do me a favor and come inside. down to you my friend. pete: north korean dictator kim
4:47 am
jong un with a rare made in a rare meeting ahead of next month's winter olympics. now weighed in on this tough stance. take a listen. >> i'd like to see them getting involved in the olympics and maybe things go from there so i'm behind that 100%. they are attacking olympics. it's a start. if i were involved it would be talking olympics right now. pete: lieutenant colonel michael walls. retired green beret joins us now to break it all down. colonel, looks like an opportunity. talking can be good, but it's been used to the north as well to slow walk this end a concession. what do these talks beginning this week go through the olympics. what do they mean? reporter: yeah, pete come to play out of the north korean
4:48 am
regime playbook. it's really dialed. they get away with as much as they can in terms of advancing their program and act dvd, their nuclear program and went to get too harsh, we open the door to the talks and dialogue so they can buy more time. we've seen that with the six party talks under the bush administration. we saw with the clinton administration in the name t. 90 peace accord. i'm concerned and skeptical. that said, does the right policy to take a path for the olympics. i remember the boycotts in the soviet and the americans in the 80s. let's take it collective pause. my concern appears on the backend. i'd like to see the joint military exercises suspended in the pressure dial right back up and we have to keep our foot on the neck of the north korean economy and with the chinese for that matter to get them to stop the program.
4:49 am
pete: you say you're a little concerned the south koreans could be re-implementing the sunshine policy of president ms. sorter softening. south korea decides to talk to north korea, but we take this tough stance. do those things work against each other? >> right now president middleman of course president trump. south koreans and americans are on the same page through the end of february. where there could be a problem is if you want to continue talks and even start making can -- and, the sunshine policy in the past open up trade, aid shipments, establish an industrial zone in the korea. if we do that too soon, we give north koreans exactly what they want, to tease back on the pressure and allow them to continue to advance programs. the key is we have preconditions before any talk that they are absolutely going to be nuclear rights, shut down the program
4:50 am
and what we talk about is how to implement that, not what concessions we will make. pete: with all the variables in play are you optimistic at all that denuclearization as possible? the neck again, it is up to the chinese. we have seen some positive steps from the chinese. we have seen some cutting of imports, but again we are also talking about the black market ships that were transferring oil and gas. we haven't seen nearly enough. i am still very concerned about the issue. pete: 2018 and make or break year. thanks for your time. appreciate it. congress now calling on the doj to investigate the author of the dirty trunk dossier. our criminal charges next for christopher steele? sarah carter has been following this case from the yard and she's here to react with the very latest details next hour. and are you looking for love in
4:51 am
the new year? someone told us today apparently it is stating sunday. "fox and friends" the number one. they make you stand out in the crowd. [inaudible]
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lisa: if you're looking for love online, you are not alone. today were the most singles are working online for a match. griff: if you could use a little help putting together your dating profile, some great tips,'s data and expert in the author of he's just not your type and that's a good thing. while cohen.
4:55 am
you are married, but some of the signs, lee said. it's a lonely code. today is the super bowl. >> today is stating sunday. has over 20 years of data on this in a 55:00 p.m., the highest number of people online. so add a dash hypothetically if someone needed some tips -- what would you say, be positive. >> it sounds so obvious, be be surprised by how many people say my friends maybe do this, i don't want to be on here, why would i want to go out with you? use positive keywords like fun, adventure, kind comment that really sticks out.
4:56 am
lisa: how specific should you be? >> it turns out guacamole is a turn on. guacamole and a profile about 144% more matches and it's not because of the avocado although i love optimally. it's because people were specific indicate whether something to latch onto. what if you are not fun. should you lie and say your fun. >> tried to say as positive as you can be. lisa: what did you think of this healthy we took? >> you guys are super cute but the number one complaint is ditched the celsius. people do not want anymore. 90% more likely to get a match if you have a photo but it should be resent, close-up, full-length, but no softy. >> take a picture of myself in the mirror. get a little help from a friend, some honest feedback.
4:57 am
thank you for being here. we've got mike huckabee joining us at the top of the hour. stick around with us.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ >> the president pushing back hard on that book, fire and fury fury. >> the branding the author a total loser, calling himself a genius. i want to the best colleges, very excellent student, came out made billions and billions of dollars, ran for president one time and won, and i hear this guy that does not know me, and i guess sloppy steve brought him into the white house quite a bit cause that's why sloppy steve is now looking for a job. >> they are so deranged about trump, they need him out. they can't do any of this without depleting his political bank account and his political is going up. >> president trump and republicans talking immigration reform at their camp david retreat. >> a major expansion of border security. >> we want the wall.
5:01 am
the wall's going to happen or we're not going to have daca. >> the president said we're going to talk strategy on budgeting. they want to negotiate a deal with democrats. >> we hope 2018 will be a year of more bipartisan cooperation. >> mariota to the line of scrimmage, may be across the line, it deflects back to him for a touchdown. ♪ friday note ♪ good times ♪ i need the good lisa: we're having a good time. pete: that football highlight combined with a friday night song, maybe think of my last football became, played a hook and ladder, tied in the playoffs down by one, cooked the extra point, kicked into the rear end of the center, lose by one point point. griff: oh, no. lisa: did you watch the reel? pete: i haven't watched it in 15 years. griff: did you throw yourself the touchdown pass? pete: no, i was part of the hook
5:02 am
and ladder though, i caught the hook and gave it to the gay who run for a touchdown. thanks for the reminder. cool play in that town, the titans came back from 18 down to win the game. griff: yeah, and perhaps only to be outdone by the other highlight of the morning, which is the president pushing back against a book that has portrayed him as an un undisciplined, uninterested and winning president that eats cheeseburgers in bed and every other thing you can throw in with the kitchen sink in a narrative which is being picked up in the media and being driven by the president's critics. yesterday the president at camp david meeting with many of his cabinet members -- pete: talking about policy. griff: -- the agenda, daca, infrastructure, the deadline on spending coming, the president took to the microphones as he has so many times before and said, "i've had enough." take a listen to this. >> i went the best college, was a very excellent stein student within came out, made billions
5:03 am
and billions of dollars, ran for president one time and won, and then i hear this [bleep] doesn't know me at all, by the way, did not interview me. said he interviewed me for three hours in the white house. i consider it a work of fiction and i think it's a disgrace that somebody's able to have something, do something like that. just so you understand, there's been no collusion. there's been no crime. i'm not under investigation. when you've done nothing wrong, let's be open. it's making our country look foolish. and this is a country that i don't want looking foolish. lisa: and if you're president trump you're probably very frustrated with this, 'cause if you're looking at the left, you're looking at the mainstream media and people that don't like him it's like figure out what your narrative is, right? he's either this incompetent individual who didn't want to win the election or he is colluding with the russians and vladimir putin to win. so which one is it? but, you know, we talked to david bossie earlier today, who was there with president trump working side by side to help him get elected. take a listen. >> he admits it right in the
5:04 am
beginning of the book, he says, this is my version of the truth. he doesn't say, this is factual, this is the truth. he says this is my version of the truth. so this is a fraudster, it's a fraud of a book. the president's had to put up with the fake news for the last year of his presidency and before that a year during this campaign. now he has to deal with the fakebook. we have to get back to the business of why this president got elected. pete: they never did and would never have done this to barack obama. this president faces unprecedented headwinds. you consider where he is and what he's got done, his popularity level in light of the fact that the entire fake news media hates him. and this isn't just a salacious book. we know it's based on falsehoods falsehoods. it's the so-called mainstream media, it's the failing the new york times. this is literally a news article in paragraph, whatever, 10 -- griff: yesterday. pete: yesterday she admitted that this book was full of errors. today, "mr. trump's self- self-absorption, impulsiveness, lack of empathy, excessive focus
5:05 am
on slights, penchant for sometimes far-reaching conspiracy theories have garnered," goes on to talk about media coverage. does that sound like reporting? griff, you would never put your name behind something like that as a journalist, but this is not journalism. this is an all-out attack on a president. griff: well, listen, i'm not going to attack my colleagues in the middle east because it is -- pete: i'll do that for you. griff: -- time covering the president and as david bossie was intimating, a very frustrating time, because this book, which is, again, let's give full context, this was michael wolff, that is, an author of numerous boys, vote wrote in vanity fair, new yorker magazine, but at the end of the day it would be fair to cull hum a skilled gossip journalist. this is what he does. and as i've said, we'll finally learn why he is even in there for as much time but at the same time, many of my colleagues in the media are at risk of playing a part of developing this narrative -- lisa: right. griff: -- that is feeding a
5:06 am
picture of a president who just accomplished tax reform that hadn't been done in three decades and now is sitting at a bargaining towed with an offer on the table to fix what appears to be the most difficult concern for democrats which is getting legal status for 800,000 children. lisa: it's not just frustrating from president trump, it's also frustrating for viewers at home, it's frustrating for american voters who care about the kitchen table issues. they care about how tax reform law is going to affect them, how that's going to equal, you know, more take-home pay, to be able to pay the bills, pay their electricity bills. and the problem is you have the media basically peddling this book as truth when, as you had mentioned, the author is a gossip columnist. there's been parts of the book debunked. the new york times, maggie haberman had debunked part of the back. in the book it said president trump didn't know who former speaker john boehner was. they went golfing in 2013.
5:07 am
of course he knew who former speaker john boehner is. yet you have people peddling it as truth. pete: because they're peddling a narrative as they've been peddling from the very beginning beginning. you talk about issues, people care about the drugs pouring across our border, people care about the ms-13 problem, the national implications of a porous border, they dare about incitizenship, being here as a citizen matters, not just existing here. that's why president trump talks about immigration, that's why he's been dedicated to a wall, and he's willing to negotiate on daca but he's been clear, he wants the wall. listen. >> we want the wall. we'll have the wall or we won't have daca. get rid of chain migration. more abort security. these are great people. beall want daca to happen, but we want great security for our country. we have get rid of the visa lottery. they're not sending us their finest. i think, frankly, the democrats feel strongly about it too. chuck schumer, he saw somebody that came in through the lottery system, he saw this man kill eight people on the west side highway.
5:08 am
i really think we'll have a lot of democrat support. i hope so. mexico will pay for the wall. we're negotiating nafta but mexico will pay. in some form mexico will pay for the wall. lisa: and what's really interesting here is we've had plenty of democrats who are still serving in congress who have voted for the secure fence act back in 2006, who voted to put a barrier along the southern border in the past. pete: hundreds of lisa: and they talk more aggressively about border security and illegality at the border in the past, right, griff griff? griff: it actually goes far -- let's go all the way back in 1996, the illegal immigration reform and immigrant responsibility act of 1996, section 102, authorized the dhs on to construct what they called then "fence," now a border, some -- it led through several iterations that led to 2006. 2013 with many of these democrats supporting them -- pete: who was the president presidency then? griff: it was bill clinton. pete: oh, bill clinton. griff: we pulled that tape along
5:09 am
with former president obama. take a listen to this. >> we are increasing border controls by 50%. we are increasing inspections to prevent the hiring of illegal immigrants. and tonight i announce i will sign an executive order to deny federal contracts to businesses that hire illegal immigrants. let me be very clear about this. we are still a nation of immigrants. we should be proud of it. we should honor every legal immigrant here working hard to be a good citizen, working hard to become a new citizen. but we are also a nation of laws laws. pete: do we have that obama? here we go. >> for better fences and better security along our borders. yes, we need tougher border security and stronger enforcement measures. yes, we need more resources for customs and border agents and more detention b.ds pete: that was back in the day when democrats would even use the word illegal immigration.
5:10 am
now they're undocumented migrants or undocumented immigrants. that is bill clinton pushing for as you talked about, a law to secure our border. that's george w. bush passing the secure fence act. that was barack obama talking about it in 2006. he voted for 350 miles of border fence along with hillary clinton joe biden, and chuck schumer. that was then senator obama. and then just a couple years ago five years ago, the gang of eight trying to pass comprehensive immigration reform reform. they wanted to double the amount of miles to 700 miles. that was voted for by 54 democrats. so democrats were for the border fence before they were against it and they were against it 'cause they hate this president and some of the rhetoric that he uses to define the fact that we are a country. president trump would say the same thing president clinton said. we are a khan of laws. we will enforce them or we don'. lisa: they've turned the wall into a boogie name, and because president trump's name is ethnic it. i actually think hillary clinton did herself harm by not taking a
5:11 am
stance, really, on illegality at the border. liberal hosts like chris matthews made the point after the lactation that hillary clinton never mention the illegality at the border, instead she gave a platform to illegal immigrants at the democrat convention, and i think that if she had touched on that issue it would have had an impact with a lot of americans and instead president trump was the one that made illegal immigration a cornerstone of his complain and it's important not to conflate that with legal immigration. griff: by turning the wall into the bogeyman on an issue for which they have supported for years and years and affects 800,000 young, illegal immigrants who are seeking legal status, you've now created a problem not for the white house, but more, i would argue, for democrats, because he has a deal on the table, he has an offer which is to continue this fence, the security that was already in place.
5:12 am
not what they've made it out to be. and if they walk away it's going to be on them and not the president, even though the president needs bipartisan supp.rt pete: and what scares the democrats the most is this president has shown that he's going to do what he actually says he's going to do which is why his supporters love him so much. he said he's going to build the wall, he's committed to building the wall, we'll see if a government shutdown is the moment at which that happens. but he's coming to the table with a deal. he's saying "i'll give you daca and i want the wall that you used to be for." and if you message that properly, it will be the democrats who are exposed once again as obstructionists. lisa, to your point, they have not learned. bernie sanders came out yesterday right away and said you don't get a wall, no wall for you, all we care about are these illegal immigrants, the dreamers, that's what we're committed to. if that's their message going forward, the forgotten men and women who came up for trump are going to come out even stronger for him because they're for legal americans and a wall that protects all of us. lisa: and very quickly for those at home important dates to keep in mind, january 19th, a spending bill congress is going to have to address trying to keep the government open and also president trump is giving
5:13 am
congress 'til march to deal with daca, so important dates to keep in mind about immigration. griff: and that's not all in washington. congress now calling on the d.o.j. to investigate the author of the dirty trump dossier. so are criminal charges next for christopher steele? sara carter has been following this case from the beginning. she is on deck. lisa: and one soldier made the ultimate trip to see the birth of his daughter. this incredible journey coming up next. ancestry's dna test with its historical records... could learn you're from ireland... ...donegal, ireland... ...and your ancestor was a fisherman. with blue eyes. just like you. begin your journey at i neverunderwear that's this, but actually pretty.leak always discreet boutique. hidden inside is a super absorbent core that quickly turns liquid to gel. so i feel protected... ...and pretty. new always discreet boutique.
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♪ pete: welcome back. g.o.p. lawmakers issuing a criminal referral to the author of that anti-anti-trump dossier.
5:17 am
christopher steele being are you presently employed to the d.o.j. griff: fox news contributor and investigative journalist sara carter has been covering this story from the beginning. they joins us now to break it all on. sara, you have joined on this, i have talked to you in the hallways morning after morning. where does this stand? >> i think this is significant. what we're going to see is grassley and graham have some information in a memo, it was a classified memo not released in their letter on friday, but it's significant enough to tell us that christopher steele was disingenuous or lied, and that's what they wanted to know. one thing they do know is that he had interviewed with a lot of different newspaper out here in washington, d.c, and i'm sorry i have a bounce-back in my ear expertise so if it sounds like i'm stuttering, that's what's going on here. so christopher steele was actually interviewing have various newspapers. one thing that they do know is
5:18 am
that at the same time, he was also talking with the f.b.i. remember the committees hadn't interviewed him yet, so one of the big questions they have is in this memo, it's classified, i think we're going to get more information on this week from the committee on this. was christopher steele being disingenuous to the f.b.i.? if he was they want to file these 18 usc 1001 criminal charges which are the same charges they brought against papadopoulos and flynn so right now this is very significant. lisa: sara, saying on this, i know you've been all of this and looking into every aspect of both this investigation and the dossier. in your estimate, what role did the dossier play in both the special counsel investigation as well as the public narrative that we've seen about the investigation itself? >> lisa, i think it played a significant role, and i think this is the big question. this is the question that the house intelligence committee wants answered. i think one flows right into the other. we see that the senate judiciary judiciary's investigation is really focusing right now on
5:19 am
christopher steele and the dossier. the house intelligence committee wants to know did the f.b.i. use this dossier to launch its investigation, to open up its investigation to trump and trump campaign officials which would have allowed for spying on americans? and did they verify anything in the dossier? remember, the only thing mcmaybe this is deputy director andrew mccabe who will be leaving soon from the f.b.i. and who has a number of problems himself, the only thing he said that was verified was the fact that carter page had gone to moscow. if that's the case and they use this dossier to open up these investigations, there's going to be a lot of people on capitol hill with a lot more questions and a lot more concerned. pete: sara we had dan bongino on the program earlier and he suggested potentially this investigation may have started even before the dossier, the dossier was used later on as the justification. any kinds of any information on that timeline? >> yeah. so there's two issues going on here. one is papadopoulos meeting, you know, with the australian in england at the bar, and that's
5:20 am
been thrown out there now. now, that had not surfaced until after everybody started to un uncover all of this information about the dossier. and as you remember, cnn even reported way back months ago that it was the dossier itself, according to their sources, that launched this criminal investigation. so right now there's a lot of leaks. and speaking of leaks, pete, i think the biggest thing to look out for is who was leaking inside the f.b.i.? i know right now and within the d.o.j. that both the house intelligence committee and the senate judiciary committee is really focusing in on that, and also the the dodge's inspector general. were there people within the f.b.i. and the doj that were leaking? andrew weissmann right now is being called out on the table in the nunez letter and they want to know what was put on the table april 17th of last year. griff: sara, much to looking forward to. thank you so much for your hard work this morning.
5:21 am
pete: get that earpiece fixed for you too. griff will get it for you in dc next time he's there. the the d.o.j. investigation used to work for a man we know, governor mike huckabee knows the prosecutor. [burke] abstract accident. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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>> it's all fake news. it's phony stuff. fake news. fake news. [laughter] griff: some quick headlines as promised. the president will be handing out the dishonest and corrupt media awards tomorrow night. the rnc and trump campaign released a poll asking supporters to rate the fakeness of three big stories. abc's corrected report on michael flynn's f.b.i. testimony cnn's reporting that don jr. had
5:25 am
early access to wikileaks documents and a times report that the president removed a martin luther king jr. bust from the oval office. and after handing out those awards, president trump will be taking in some football. the commander-in-chief and first lady attending the college football national championship in atlanta. the george bulldogs squaring off against the alabama crimson tide tomorrow at eight p.m. eastern. it's going to be a game. pete: more trouble for hillary clinton. the feds opening up a new investigation into a potential pay to pay scandal, allegations that the clinton foundation offered to donors while she served as secretary. griff: code eye highland started his career working under our next guest who calls him fair but tenacious. lisa: fox news contributor and former governor of arkansas mike huckabee joins us now. hi, governor. >> good morning. great to be with you, lisa, griff, p.te lisa: governor, what did viewers at home need to know about this prosecutor? >> well, he's fair, but he's
5:26 am
fearless. here's the thing about cody highland. he started his career with me, worked his way up through, then became an elected prosecutor at the district level, was appointed u.s. attorney for the eastern district of arkansas. but here's what people ought to understand. cody highland has the president republicans in his district, even against pressure from other republicans and cody just let it go -- who said cody, just let it go. he doesn't let it go. he's going to be fair. who he is. i've said he would prosecute his own grandmother if he thought she had done something that was worthy of being prosecuted. i've said it this way. if i were guilty i'd be scared to death. if i were innocent i'd sleep well at night. pete: that's all you want. the reason is that the clinton foundation was founded in little rock, arkansas, so if he's now the u.s. attorney for arkansas, he and the f.b.i. agents there are leading this. do you have any sense of how long it might go on, any other
5:27 am
information about what they may -- what you think they may find? >> no, i really don't, pete. i mean, this is all about how many i guess resources they provide to that area and, you know, how long they give them. and i don't know that they've actually confirmed that there's an investigation going on. i mean, i think everybody assumes there is and there's been reports out of the d.o.j. that there is, and cody would of course be the one that would be in charge of handling that. but i don't know that anybody knows the details, which is a good thing. we shouldn't know the details. that indicates that there's somebody who's leaking like a sieve out pete: true. but you know the clintons and sort of their reputation for shady backroom deals and for years coming from arkansas. i mean, if we really started looking under the hood on this stuff, how far could it possibly go? >> i mean, it could go a long way. there's an enormous level of -- during the time when there was only one party in arkansas, i
5:28 am
mean, anything went. and we went after a lot of the corruption. we saw 17 different elected officials, state legislators, other statewide officials who were indicted, convicted, and/or sentenced to various things. it was a real cleanout process. cody saw all of that. he understands what this looks like. and something that i do know that cody 1 very committed to is getting rid of public corruption because nothing undermines a basic form of government more than people who have been en entrusted with the sacred duty of a public office who violate that trust and who use it either for personal gain or to punish other people. and he, i know, because of the long-standing not only relationship that i've had with him, but watching him as a local prosecutor, you know, he just doesn't tolerate public corruption because he understands how dangerous it is to our form of government. griff: right. and, governor, just to be very clear, what you're specifically hunting for right now is whether
5:29 am
or not any at a time exempt assets were converted for personal or political use. that's the focus of this, correct? >> that's my understanding. and again, i can't speak to that firsthand. nobody from the d.o.j. has told me. but we understand that pay-for-play is what really is at stake here, and that's what they've got to look at. griff: all right. governor mike huckabee, thank you very much for joining us. >> great to be with you guys. pete: well, it's not just the media anymore. now hollywood is wondering if president trump is mentally unfit for office. will the attacks continue tonight from the stage of the golden globes? and one soldier made the ultimate trip home to see the birth of his daughter. his incredible journey coming up up. ♪ with the stars and stripes ♪ and the eagle flies ♪ ♪
5:30 am
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♪ why can't we be friends ♪ why can't we be friends griff: all right. and now that russian collusion has become a dead end hollywood and leftist media become unhinged about mentally ill president trump and ask that he be removed. pete: it's true. the fire and fury book has truly triggered not just the left but hollywood, and we love to hear
5:34 am
from hollywood. and specifically when i saw all this talk about mental fitness, mettle health is the president capable, i'm not looking to the new york times or cnn. i was thinking i want to know what the director of such esteemed films as the 40 year old virgin, train wreck, and knocked up, what does he think? whatever judd apatow thi.ks lisa: i'll tell you what he think. he tweeted, "please shut the blank up. please for once in your life shut the blank up. we all need one moment of peace, you spoiled, self-involved idiots. take a nap, change your sheets, be eat a nonpoint of big mac. just take a blank that moment. give us that gift, explanation point. griff: why did he say change the sheets? lisa: he went on. that wasn't it. he actually continued on and he wrote "we all should be filling the offices of our legislators and calling nonstop today demanding this mentally ill president be removed. not doing so puts lives at risk.
5:35 am
if we don't, history will ask, why didn't we ask." they say trump is the one that sounds deranged. i don't know about you but i think a lot of this sounds deranged. judd apatow, i don't know where he lives, we should ask his representatives, is he clogging up the offices in d.c.? how you going to remove him? griff: it's not going to stop with him. lisa: griff are you going to be watching the golden globes tonight? griff: i can't wait because it's going to be more, we expect, of the same kind of outrage. the funny thing about apatow's text is if you're going to make anning argument to the rest of the nation that the president is mentally unfit, don't do a diatribe of word salad with expletives to do so because you look exactly, as you say, you know, you're perhaps not mentally fit if you're just blowing off on twitter. so we're going to see at the globes certainly people lining up to take shots. lisa: you'll be watching? pete: i will definitely be
5:36 am
watching. appointment television for me. we asked you if you'll be watching along with me, and your emails have been pouring in -- i'm not watching, and i don't think you are. box office, if it goes by movie box office receipts, hollywood's been down big time this year. maybe it's because they make movies that people don't really care about. this is what gary emailed us. " "i didn't realize people cared about the golden globes anymore. seems outdated." amen. lisa: darlene wrote "will not be watching golden globes or pro football, neither is entertaining any longer. don't want politics in my life every moment of the day." i think there's a lot of people that agree with you, myself include. griff: and dawn putting it pretty straightforward, "i'm not giving them one second of airtime." we may bring you some of the greatest hits tomorrow morning on "fox & friends." it would be so refreshing to see them not take the bait, step waver never trumper land, plenty of things to laugh about in this world. lisa: it's frustrating, all these actors want to preach to the rest of america, thumb their
5:37 am
nose at the rest of america when not only do they live in their ivory towers but their glass houses. yet they continue to throw stones and they don't get their houses in check so i think a lot of americans are so frustrated and completely over being lectured to by a bunch of hypocrites. griff: i'll tell you what americans do want and that is some headlines you can use. turning to those now. republican senator jeff flake says there's no evidence that american diplomats were victims of mysterious sonic attacks in cuba. after classified briefings from u.s. officials, the senator, a member of the foreign relations committee says he has no reason to doubt the cuban account. >> something happened, we don't know what it was, but they -- there's no evidence that cuban government attacked diplomats here. griff: 24 u.s. government officials and spouses fell ill in havana starting in 2016. the u.s. army's official twitter account appears to like a tweet mocking president trump.
5:38 am
actress mindy kaling's tweet seen in the "like" column on the army's page. it is no longer there, and we've now received an update from the army that it was an honest mistake. the tweet featured kaling's character from the office saying "you guys, i'm like really smart now," an american dig as the president's saturday morning tweets. no gender, no problem. washington state will soon allow residents to change their sex on birth certificates to a gender neutral option. the new rule starting january 27th will let people identify as gender x instead of male or female and no doctor permission is required. proving there's no obstacle our military can't tackle a u.s. soldier in iraq takes ten flights in two days to be home in california for the birth of his first child. look at that there, u.s. army combat engineer francois clarfay
5:39 am
and his wife welcoming baby julia into the world on new year's day. clarfay says it was the trip of a lifetime that he plans to tell his daughter for years to come. he returns to his post next month, and i am left with goose bumps. those are your headlines. lisa: congratulations to them. griff: yeah, congratulations. lisa: and now to some weather. it's freezing outside. and with temperatures in the single digits, we had our own adam klaus outside trying to stay warm. >> i don't need a gym membership membership. i've got everything i need. i can clap. pete: oh, the clap push-up now. >> i told you i could do all that. pete: griff says he can do more than you. >> here we go. more on that. griff: taunt me you will, pete hegseth, so we have sent pete out there to match him. pete: oh, my goodness. it's true. >> i'm shaking my head right now to make myself feel bad about
5:40 am
myself, he came out without a jacket on. for minnesota i'm from minnesota minnesota. this is called tuesday. temperatures are absolutely frigid, frigid out here, right, would you agree? pete: i would agree. >> don't put it on. pete: i'm giving it away. i'm helping you out. >> the temperatures what would you guess? pete: i would say 5 but they're above zero so we're fine. >> five degrees but it feels like negative 10 degrees. it's going to be warming up in the income tax couple of days. what are we out here for? pete: apparently to do a push-up contest. i was told a -- >> am i supposed to do the forecast while doing push-ups? pete: can you? >> let's.go pete: you did the jump push-ups. >> i don't know if i want to do that again. pete: while doing the weather? he's pulling out his phone. >> ready? come on, what's the weather? it's 5 degrees, negative 13 wind chill. what's it like on the eastern seaboard?
5:41 am
pete: we don't need any stinking maps. >> wind chill is 25 degrees in boston now but the good news pete, high is 18 degrees in new york city today. tomorrow, high into the mid- mid-thirties. pete: okay. >> tuesday, high into the upper thirties, going down, buddy, going down! pete: i did push-ups yesterday. we just aired it. i'm dying! >> i'm planking from here. what's the weather like in sacramento? pete: i have no clue. i can't think and do this. pete: the championship game on monday. my muscles are seizing up. oh, my gosh. >> on the other side. that's your weather forecast. my first forecast ever as a weatherman. >> you did a good job. pete: on the other side. you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement
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>> [bleep] don't matter who the opponent is. griff: so quick headlines. alabama's strength and conditioning coach making it clear the crimson tide will not settle for second this time around. scott rock ren destroying the runner-up trophy from last year year's title game. they will face the george bulldogs in the college football championship tomorrow night. pete: if they lose they just get another one, can destroy last year's. griff: and take a look at this clemson student's unbelievable half court putt. >> i got to tell you with the cold weather everybody outside dream is frozen but this guy probably felt like he was putting on a frozen green. will he go for $10,000? he does! griff: christopher carnes canning a 94-foot putt winning $10,000 during last night's basketball game against louisville. he says he'll use the money to help pay for college.
5:46 am
pete: that is awesome. lisa: north korean dictator kim jong-un could be going for the gold, agreeing to a rare meeting with south korea ahead of next month's winter olympics. president trump now weighing in on his tough stance, bringing them to the table. take a listen. >> i'd love to see them take it beyond the olympics. ize like to see them getting involved in the olympics and maybe things go from there. so i'm behind that a hundred percent. i always believe in talking. but we have a very firm stance. right now they're talking olympics. it's a start. it's a big start. if i weren't involved, they wouldn't be talking about olympics right now. griff: here to react, fox news military analyst lieutenant colonel ollie north. colonel, i just did a push-up contest, it wasn't pretty, i would ever been do a push-up contest against you. >> i'm just glad the atrial fibrillation hasn't kicked in yet . pete: it's close. the president has had tough talk on north korea for almost his entire presidency. they want to take a different approach there. is it working, and would talks
5:47 am
be effective? >> well, look, there's a long tradition of the north koreans getting pushed to the point where they'll sit and talk to somebody, anybody, but the bottom line of it is they're going to continue to use the iranian money and technology to build nuclear weapons and icbms. i mean, the bottom line of all this, it's a good thing that they're talking, no doubt about that, we've they've got i think two figure skaters that are going to show up, and that means it's very unlikely that they're going to be launching a terror attack against the olympics. that's a very positive thing. i don't think this going anywhere, but, gosh, it would be wonderful if they did. lisa: colonel, c.i.a. director mike pompeo said not too long ago that he estimates about a few months for north korea to get the technology that they want and that they're looking for. so what do we do in the interim period of time, and what can we do -- is there anything that we can do within that short period of time? >> sure. the bottom line of all of what
5:48 am
goes on in north korea is controlled in beijing. if the chineare re convince convinced, they will take action action. they want refugees coming across the tenaru rivers and the east coast of korea to take refuge in china. it will wreck their economy. it's not good for anybody and they know it. they're just not certain whether this is bluster or it's real. griff: colonel, you think about the bottom line very quickly, new york times has a cover story today saying that the intelligence officials perhaps misread the timing on this and that the rogue regime is far more along in terms of threatening not only places like guam, but also washington, d.c. >> yeah, look. the president needs to remind the world, not just people in this country, this is an existential threat to the united
5:49 am
states of america and to the peace and solidarity around the rest of the world. and what needs to happen, again, serve's got to line up and go in the door and convince president xi and the politburo in beijing this is not in their interest to have a nuclear weapon in the hands of a nutcase who, by the way, all that button stuff that was going on earlier this week, bottom line of it is he may well have a button. the president of the united states doesn't have one but he may have a button and that's the scary part of this. griff: colonel, i have to quickly get to the fact that you are now -- i've known you a long time -- but you are now also a wise guy tonight, premiering on fox news at eight p.m., a new show called the wise guys. >> yeah. well, it's going to be fun. and the bottom line of it is, these are very smart people. i'm there as the infantry officer, right? i'm a grunt. these guys, alan dershowitz, steve wynn, ari fleischer, dr. bill bennett, those are the bright guys, they're the best and brightest that you can
5:50 am
possibly put on the show. pete: there they are. >> thank you. and the bottom line of all that is i'm the grunt. i'm just there to lend common seen to these ethereal level thinkers. that's what i'm there for. lisa: and colonel if viewers want more they can also see you on fox business tonight at nine p.m., war shores with oliver north, the tet offensive. >> which, by the way, was going right about now, just beginning right about now with the attack at the queson combat with the marines. i can be seen at 8:00 on our channel and 9:00 just quickly cut over to fox business networ. pete: all ollie all the time. wise guys tonight at 8 o'clock. we're looking forward to it. >> appreciate you. pete: president trump laying out his demands for a daca deal. >> we want the wall. the wall's going to happen or we're not going to have daca. pete: but democrats are threatening a government shutdown to get their way. our next guest defends our border every day and says the dems are politicizing border security.
5:51 am
griff: and the dow starting the year off strong, closing above 25,000. what can we expect this week? maria bartiromo here to discuss in the next hour. ♪ you have to start me up ( ♪ ) with 33 individual vertebrae and 640 muscles in the human body, no two of us are alike. life made more effortless through adaptability.
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>> border security, real border security, and help for the dreamers. what they want to do is take 800,000 dreamers and hold them captive. democrats have to hold the line. pete: well, democrats making their message clear, threatening a government shutdown in exchange from daca deal. but what do those actually defending our border have to say about that? griff: brandon judge is the president of the national border patrol council. he joins us now to weigh in. brandon within good morning. thanks for joining us. here's the bottom line.
5:55 am
are democrats starting or continuing in many cases to politicize border security? >> they are. and, look, if they shut the government down, they're going to shut it down for maybe a week tops. they're not going to keep the government shut down. so that's not a threat that the republicans should take seriously, but, again, the democrats are politicizing border security. in 2013 when they were talking about immigration reform, they were willing to give up 700 additional miles of double fencing and now all of a sudden they're not? that's the political game. pete: what do the guys on the ground? guys and gals on that border, do they want a wall and does it make their job easier? >> they do. they want walls in strategic locations. i've been on the border. i worked in some of the busiest locations in the entire united states, and i can tell you that when we did not have physical barriers, it was very easy for people to cross. when we constructed those physical barriers, it became a lot easier for us to dictate where the crossings to take
5:56 am
place and it would allow us to be a lot more successful. lisa: and, brandon, a lot of these democratic senators and members of the house who are criticizing the wall don't live in border districts. this isn't something that they're intimately familiar with like you. so what would you say to them if you had the opportunity to sit down with one of them? >> i would love for them to go down and tour the border with me so i could show them exactly what it looks like. and they would be surprised. i mean, even congressmen that are in border districts like congresswoman mcsally, we've taken her down to the border and she's seen how porous it is and that is her district. we've got to get border security and the only person that's constantly pushing for that is president trump. but the fact of the matter is -- and this is where they're politicizing it -- they don't want him to have another win. he just had a huge win in tax reform, and now he's going to get another win in his border. griff: we'll see what happened. brandon judge, thank you very much for taking time. griff: coming up his last minute touchdown pass won the game for
5:57 am
his team and it also sent another team into the playoffs. griff: now buffalo bill fans are repaying andy dalton in a
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> the president pushing back hard on that but fire & fury. >> branding the author a total loser calling himself a genius. president trump: i went to the best colleges and very excellent student came out and made billions and billions of dollars , ran for president one-time and won, and then i hear this guy that doesn't know me and i guess sloppy steve brought him into the white house quite a bit, so that's why sloppy steve scalise now looking for a job. >> the president has had to put up with the fake news for the last year. now he has to deal with the fake book. they are so deranged about trump they need him out and they can't do any of this without depleting his political bank account and it's going up. >> president trump and
6:01 am
republicans talking immigration reform at their camp david retreat. >> a major expansion of border security. >> the law will happen or we're not going to have daca. pete: gop lawmakers issuing a criminal referral into the author of that anti-trump dossier. >> i think we're going to get more information out this week from the committee on this. right now this is very seamless. >> the line of scrimmage, maybe across the line and it's a clutch back to him for a touchdown. ♪ we will we will rock you ♪ we will, we will rock you ♪ >> i'll tell you we may have seen a record here, a pushup record. lisa and i were counting you guys were well into the 30s, maybe more, we started counting just a little bit after you
6:02 am
started but you know, if you kind of look at the form there, really looking strong, pete, usually defend you on this show but -- pete: he's got more endurance this is clear. i went too hard too fast. i did push ups yesterday. lisa: i was going to say i have to literally what i was just about to say you're starting to sound like hillary clinton. and how sore are you right now? pete: i'm already sore. ask me tomorrow. >> griff: he's in good shape. >> i was trying to do the weather, man. ♪ we will rock you >> griff: he makes it look easy and our viewers were e-mailing him and they enjoyed this and are giving us their thoughts. melissa said i assume am worried about pete's hands after being outside doing push ups with bare hands-on the wet wavement. pete: it is five degrees outside lisa: jerry says well done, pete no jacket but you're getting a
6:03 am
little slow. maybe crank some gym time. easy for me to say hiding behind my phone on my couch in my 70- degree living room. pete: i'm going to be in tomorrow for brian on the couch. do you know what i'll do go work out tomorrow after the show and eat a little bit less in the food segment. lisa: i don't believe that for a second. pete: one of my new year's resolutions. >> griff: i think you should work out with clause and get him to teach you because the secret to making it look so darn easy. pete: in a month i'm getting a rematch in a month. >> griff: okay mark the date. lisa: you'll be like rocky running up and down the steps playing eye of the tiger. >> griff: mark the date and it will be interesting to see whether or not we're still talking about a book that garner ed a lot of attention fire & fury and the president yesterday after the meeting at camp david where he was discussing the important agenda forward on immigration, on suspending the bill and everything else. the president firing back against this book. here is what he had to say.
6:04 am
president trump: i went to the best college, very excellent student came out and made billions and billions of dollars went to television and it ran for president one-time and won and then i hear this guy that doesn't know me all, by the way did not interview me, said he interviewed me for three hours in the white house. i consider a worker fiction and i think it's a disgrace that somebody's able to have something, do something like that. there is no collusion, there's been no crime under investigation. when you've done nothing wrong let's be open. it's making our country look foolish and this is a country that i don't want looking foolish. pete: it's making our country look foolish and griff you'd acknowledge this as a journalist making our media look foolish to the extent they're running with incredibly poorly sourced gossip and treating it as something they can take this president down with from this book to cnn to the new york times. >> griff: right if you give some context back during president
6:05 am
bush's administration we had woodward's book come out which was the lead up to the invasion of iraq, the iraq war and there was certainly quotes of real substance that sort of gave us an inside look based on this and in this case we have a very different situation. we have a skilled seasoned gossip journalist that was let for whatever reason in the white house that has a lot of selacious things of little substance for which has become a narrative for trade by unfortunately in some cases other journalists that this is a portray all of a president who didn't want to win to begin with and undisciplined person that eats cheeseburgers in bed. lisa: and meredith is ridiculous because we have two conflicting narratives the mainstream media are trying to run trying to say president trump is this incompetent person who didn't want to win the election, while simultaneously he's colluding with vladimir putin and russia to win the election so those are contradictory messages we're saying being pushed but i think
6:06 am
it's also viewers at home frustrated with this as well because they want to hear about the issues, hear about tax reform, want to hear about immigration an want to hear how all these different policy piece s are going to impact their lives and do you know who else is frustrated? dan bongino and he joined us earlier talking about this very issue. listen. >> not expecting things to pass. now that they've passed and trump's approval ratings are moving up with political capital impeach. now is almost off the table entirely. they need a backup plan. the backup plan is the 25th amendment which would remove the president of office because of physical or mental in capacity. it's laughable, but it speaks to the desperation of these loony tune democrats so desperate to get trump out of office. pete: it's also plan a. resistance has been plan a. discredit has been plan a. it is their policy agenda because right now they're looking at the other side of the aisle at republicans at president trump seeing a year of accomplishments, a signature of which is the passing of the tax
6:07 am
bill. now this president at camp david over the weekend meeting with his advisors looking at the political agenda going forward democrats are clinging to daca say we want the dreamers legalized and president trump sticking to his central campaign promise from the beginning says you want daca i'm going to get my wall. take a listen. president trump: you want the wall, the wall will happen or we're not going to have daca. we want to get rid of chain migration. we need some additional border security. these are great people. we all want daca to happen but we also want great security for our country. we have to get rid of the visa lottery. they're not sending us their finest. i think frankly the democrats feel strongly about it too. chuck schumer saw somebody that came in through the lottery system. he saw this man kill eight people on the west side highway. i really think we'll have a lot of democrat support. i hope so. and mexico will pay for the wall and negotiating nafta but mexico will pay in some form will pay for the wall. >> griff: so they have a very
6:08 am
interesting situation democrats finding themselves in because the president has put forth a serious proposal 18 billion for 10 years to build the remaining second part of this wall. at the same time this book getting all this attention. what do you say? lisa: i'd say ironically you have a lot of those on the critics of the wall and critics of increased border security or at least critics now so they weren't back in the day and you can go back to 2006 with a secure fence act where obama, biden, clinton, dianne feinstein , chuck schumer who all voted to put up a physical barrier on the southern border and dianne feinstein said at the time democrats are solidly behind controlling the border so where are they now and how did they so drastically change their opinion over the years? pete: they seem to forget there is this pesky thing called video tape so previous democratic leaders from bill clinton in the state of the union in 1996 and then senator obama during the passage of the secure fence act they both said that they're a little bit different than the tune they're singing now. listen.
6:09 am
>> we are increasing border controls by 50%. we are increasing inspections to prevent the hiring of illegal immigrants and tonight i announce i will sign an executive order to deny federal contracts to businesses that hire illegal immigrants. let me be very clear about this. we are still a nation of immigrants. we should be proud of it. we should honor every legal immigrant here working hard to be a good citizen, working hard to become a new citizen, but we are also a nation of law. >> we will authorize badly needed funding for better fences and better security along our borders. yet, we need tougher border security and stronger enforcement measures. yes, we need more resources for customs and border agents and more detention base. pete: i thought we were supposed to build bridges not walls? these two, president trump is doing the right thing. >> griff: the tape don't lie and
6:10 am
when you go back to those comments we played of president trump yesterday at camp david saying here is this what i want, shortly after that senator sanders immediately said i'm not sure why president trump wants to shut the government down over a multi billion dollar wall that no one wants and does not need it. well we just played you for the last two decades both democrats and republicans have both wanted it and not only have they wanted it and voted for it and supported it they actually built it. that fence act you talked called for 700 miles along the southern border and they've built 653 of them and added additional border security which is there. pete: it was a democratic president in 1996 who used the word illegal immigrants which they won't use any more it's undocumented called for the wall in 2006 it was george w. bush who passed the secure fence account 350 miles of fence that obama, hillary biden and schumer all voted for and it passed and then in 2013 during the gang of eight during comprehensive immigration reform they
6:11 am
authorize another 350 miles of fence which all 54 senate democrats voted for many of which are still in the senate who say they will not work with republicans on a daca deal. that is as political and disingenuinous as you can think of because the president is in good faith with a real proposal. lisa: just quickly for the view ers at home a couple things to keep in mind and look towards january 19 which congress is going to have to address keeping the government open again immigration is going to come up we'll see if democrats try to use that to push the issue of daca, president trump is also giving congress million far to deal with daca, so we're going to be hearing about this a lot in the next couple of months as this gets addressed. pete: if congress can't do it i bet trump supporters would open their own go fund me page and build their own wall. >> griff: i tell you who won't be thinking about this book fire & fury are the 800,000 ill gel immigrants brought here as children who are looking to continue the american dream they found to came here. pete: great point. well we're moving on to a very serious fox news alert.
6:12 am
one man is dead and another injured after an explosion overnight in sweden. police there say a 60 year old man died after an object he picked up outside a met are station in stockholm exploded. there are reports it may have been a hand grenade a 45 year old woman also injured in the blast. police say there's no evidence to suggest yet that this incident is terror-related. and we now nowhere in new hampshire the winning powerball ticket was sold. one lucky person is about $560 million richer after their purchase at reed's ferry market in merimac. if you went there in the last couple days check your pockets. the winning numbers in saturday 's drawing are 12, 29, 30, 33, 61 and the powerball was 26. no one has claimed the prize as of yet. wow and the nfl playoffs kicking off with the atlanta falcons shutting down the la rams 26-13 on la's home field and on another home field defeat kansas city the chiefs and the tennessee titans erased a 18 point deficit thanks to their
6:13 am
quarterback touchdown pass to himself sparking a second half surge. the titans stunning the chiefs on their home ground 22-21, two more match ups today indiana fell first the bills versus the jaguars and then the panthers take on the new orleans saints and the winner of one of those teams will play my minnesota vikings next sunday which i'm the only thing in the nfl i'm paying attention to. >> griff: go vikings the dow starting off strong this year, closing above 25,000 what can we expect this week? maria bartiromo here to discuss it next. pete: his last minute touchdown pass won the game for his team but also sent another team into the playoffs look at this. so those are buffalo bills players reacting to a touchdown pass thrown by andy dalton, that's the bengals quarterback and he joins us live to tell us how they are paying him back for it. it's a very cool story.
6:14 am
♪ this is something that i'm
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really passionate about- i really want to help. i was on my way out of this life. there are patients out there that don't have a lot of time. finally, it was like the sun rose again and i was going to start fighting back now. when those patients come to me and say,
6:17 am
"you saved my life...." my life was saved by a two week old targeted therapy drug. that's what really drives me to- to save lives. pete: welcome back after a record 2017 the dow starting the new year off strong again, closing above 25,000 last week, so what can we expect when the markets open again tomorrow? lisa: here to break it all down is sunday morning futures host maria bartiromo. maria: good morning guys great to see you. lisa: so what can we expect tomorrow and also is this here to stay this stock market boom? maria: well there's no reason to believe we're going to have any kind of sell off any time soon. there's a real bid under this market so whether or not it opens up or down tomorrow really doesn't matter. i mean what really what's important is there is a firmness to this market and it is based on fundamentals. this is not like 1999 where we were talking about how many hits went to the website. we're talking about solid
6:18 am
earnings and solid revenue and there are reasons to believe this momentum continues into 2018. i would not be surprised to see many many more records hit this upcoming year because in the next couple of weeks, we're going to actually get real context from companies, fourth quarter earnings begin next week jpmorgan will kick everything off in the week ahead and then we're going to see fourth quarter earnings come out and guidance from these ceo's to say okay this is how much the tax plan is helping our earnings. this is what my guidance looks like for the year. >> griff: we interviewed in a previous hour the aflac ceo and he talked specifically about this that these policies and principles are literally guiding what ultimately translates to in his case the doubling of the 401 (k) match and some of these other things that these trump bonuses are being called are delivering. is that something that those workers are going to be able to count onioned today, next week, next month? maria: absolutely the earnings period is going to look much better than it has in a long time. fourth quarter expected through the s & p 500 expected to be up
6:19 am
about 10.5% on fourth quarter earnings for the year 2018 is expected to be 12% but that's before we're actually hearing from ceo's saying okay this is what the tax plan means to me. for example, the banks alone, the analysts right now are expecting additional earnings growth of 13% for the major banks because of this tax plan, so make no mistake when an earnings period is better companies use that money in different ways. they will either pay dividends, buyback stock which are also very positive by the way, or they will invest it in their business and they will hire new workers and that's the story of today. pete: maria you're book with a big show today who do you have on the program? maria: we have a big show not just the economy but we're talking about the corruption at the top of the fbi and the department of justice during the election. i mean it is mind boggling the amount of bias that existed in the leadership of the fbi. we're going to talk with the chairman of the oversight committee trey gowdy, my special guest this morning obviously the intel committee is a member of
6:20 am
that and they have asked the department of justice to put forth documents about this e-mail scandal and about the election, fusion gps those deadlines were last week and next week so we'll find out where that stands right now because it's just extraordinary to see what took place during the election in terms of the fbi kevin mccarthy majority leader also my guest this morning we'll talk about the vision and agenda for 2018 just back from camp david with the president. lisa: big show. pete: all right still ahead there's a big split between two old faces of the democratic party. >> my generation has to get the hell out of politics. >> i can take him physically okay? pete: well okay, that's a throw down. so whose right we'll ask former democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley mall it when he joins us next. >> griff: plus this profess all wants to help put our veterans through college and this morning she's getting big time help.
6:21 am
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6:25 am
scaling back its food and drink menu by 10%. the new simplified menu will debut tomorrow in new england locations before expanding nationwide by mid march. the chain getting rid of items that are less popular and more time consuming to make things like smoothies and afternoon sandwiches. all right, pete and griff? i think you've got an interview for us. pete: better not get rid of my wake up wrap. do democrats need a few face for their party as they move forward well howard dean seems to think so. >> my generation has to get the hell out of politics. >> howard dean said this morning former democratic party chair, he said the old people in the party need to "get the hell out of the way." well tell howard i can take him physically okay? it's the least consequential of any election because of who you're running against in all probability. >> griff: disagreeing with howard dean's assertion and appears to be gearing up for a 2020 run so who is right? pete: here to react is 2016 democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley. sir, thank you very much for
6:26 am
joining us we appreciate it. before we get to the wall and the daca deal which is the front of mind for a lot of us we do have to get your take on the field of democrats. is howard dean right? does the party need a new era of representatives if they're going to win nationwide? >> well i certainly think there's a yearning out there all across the country for new leaders and new people on the democratic party to step up so i think you're going to see a very robust and energetic field in 2020. pete: should joe biden be one of them? >> oh, i don't know. that's up to the vice president biden. he and his family will have to decide that, but what i've seen is that people are very interest ed and hearing from new voices in the democratic party that was not necessarily the case in the last presidential race and in fact the party worked very hard to suppress new voices but i think that's going to be different next time. maybe pete you should referee a
6:27 am
push up contest and see which -- pete: governor i'll accept that you come on out and we'll do it any time. >> sure how about i'll come and we'll get vice president biden and bernie sanders and any others and we'll have a push up cop test and they can say yesterday was push up day for us >> griff: governor, that's a great idea. pete: i plead guilty sorry, governor. >> griff: that's a great idea you've set me up though because we do have to talk about business at hand and you certainly are one of the names that could be in that 2020 race as democrats face what to do about daca the president has put a plan on the table. it involves a wall that he will not back away from and bernie sanders who you just mentioned and certainly one of the names of the 2020 democratic race issued a statement saying that he's not sure why president trump wants to shutdown the government over a multi billion dollar wall that no one wants. it occurs to me democrats are in a little bit of a situation here
6:28 am
, governor. where 800,000 illegal immigrants brought here as children are counting on both parties to deliver on a way they will have to stay in this country and with sanders saying "no" we're going to resist that doesn't seem like something that's going to work. >> i think what we have to stay focused on is the best interest of our nation and people who know other country but our country and that's the 800,000 dreamers that you mentioned. look there's going to be a lot of democratic legislators who perhaps will have to face a trade-off or are they willing to accept this wall which frankly i think is not needed and i don't think the people of the country believe it's needed and that immigration from mexico last year was less than zero, but having said that, if the trade-off for some legislators is you have to accept donald trump's obsession with his big wall given the stable genius that he is in order to make 800,000 people secure in their
6:29 am
citizenship in the united states , i think that's a morally defensible trade-off. i don't think it's a wise use of public dollars and the people of texas certainly don't want a wall and i think we should listen to them more than we have but look, i think we have to stay focused on people and not get too wrapped around our axle about donald trump's latest. pete: i think it's a very fair point. it shouldn't be about president trump and whether he wants the wall it should be about the policy but democrats going back to bill clinton in 1996 and democrats who voted for a secure fence 350 miles in 2006, hillary , obama, biden, schumer even the gang of eight deal that failed in 2013 included an additional 350 miles so democrat s have voted consistently for a wall. are they being hypocritical now unsaying we don't want any part of a wall in exchange for daca? >> well, look, i think this is is and i saw some of those clips including president obama with much blacker hair.
6:30 am
i think what's made it different gentlemen is this. look, this obsession with the wall, wanting to build a wall and all of this is i think there are a lot of democrats that just don't want to be part of the racism that goes along with that pete: but is a wall racist? >> well, look we're not building one along the canadian border are we? and that immigration from mexico is actually less than zero. >> griff: but governor, they've built -- >> i'm not saying, look, gentlemen. >> griff: that terms was racist when democrats were leading the call for that. >> gentlemen look i'm not saying border security is racist or a wall is racist but what i am saying is this. the scapegoating of other people saying all mexicans are rapists, all armed robbers as donald trump did, playing to great thro ngs of people all applauding especially in parts of our
6:31 am
country. they're saying democrats don't want to be complacent in that and that's why it makes it more difficult. pete: i think you drilled down to the true point ultimately it's a left wing base that calls them out as such. it's a very fair point. >> they didn't want to be complacent in racism. >> griff: we've got it governor thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you. >> griff: look forward to have you back soon. pete: for the push up contest. thanks. >> griff: his last minute touchdown pass won the game for his team in and also sent another team to the playoffs. >> [applause] >> griff: now, buffalo bills fans are repaying andy dalton in a huge way. the bengals quarterback joins us right here live, next, quarterback andy dalton. at planters, we put fresh roasted flavor into every can,
6:32 am
which has its drawbacks. guys, know anything about this missing inventory? wasn't me! the cheeks don't lie, chet... irresistibly planters.
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6:36 am
playoffs. pete: but the story did not end there. bills fans from around the globe showed their appreciation and donated to dalton's charity the andy and jordan dalton foundation which helps families of seriously ill or injured kids and they raised to the tune of just under $350,000. here to discuss is bengals quarterback andy dalton. andy thanks for joining us this morning really appreciate it. before we talk all the good work that you're doing with your charity talk to me here so it's fourth down with 50-yards to go playing a team in your division. did you just want to put a dagger into the ravens and say you ain't going to the playoffs? >> well it's one of those thins we wanted to win the game. we didn't know what was going to happen if we won. obviously there's a chance they could not make the playoffs if they lost so after the touchdown after realizing at the sidelines we realized that the bills and titans have won so but the goal
6:37 am
is to win the game. lisa: andy i really want to get know your foundation i was reading a story about william whose parents christina and andrew were struggling to pay the $20,000 per year treatment for autism this is something near and dear to my heart. i have a family member in the autism spectrum. tell us about william? >> william is one of our favorite stories to tell so william needed a treatment that they weren't able to get until we were able to provide the money for them to be able to go to his treatment and the therapy and for after going through the therapy, his mom heard him say " i love you" for the first time, and so it's just little impacts like that. little things that we can do that really shows just how big of an impact we can make with our foundation. it's huge and so that's one of our favorite stories to tell of okay what we're doing is working
6:38 am
>> griff: andy were you surprised the outpouring of support from bills fans? >> absolutely. this kind of is how the whole thing happened i was just looking on twitter or after the game and a couple people said they were going to donate to our foundation and i didn't think much of it and then the company that helps us run our foundation , they said you have no idea how many donations we're getting it just kept going and going and going and i mean, to be almost to $350,000 now is absolutely amazing, something that we never expected and people in buffalo are being very generous so it's not just them. other people have given too once everybody caught on to the story >> griff: pretty remarkable andy the stats we got was it was just over 14-point 5,000 fans from buffalo reaches out there. i'm assuming you're rooting for the bills today? >> absolutely. i'll be rooting for them in the playoffs. everything they've done for our foundation has been amazing.
6:39 am
lisa: andy where can viewers learn more about your foundation and donate? >> all of the information if you want to know more or donate on our website pete: on be half of a lot of americans thanks for taking the ravens out of the playoffs. >> appreciate it. lisa: thank you for the work you do with the foundation. pete: i'm sorry and that. andy it's a pleasure appreciate what you do off the field very very cool and obviously the bills fans and americans see it and value it we appreciate it. >> griff: an amazing throw that's for sure. pete: well done. >> thank you very much. lisa: thank you andy. pete: now turning to some additional headlines, the u.s. military enhancing its steth in the pacific ocean by adding a new warship. it's an assault ship recently upgraded to deploy new marine corps fighter jets and it's seen as a big advantage for the u.s. since they're completely un detectable by north korea's radars. it is half the size of u.s. aircraft carriers and works on both land and in water.
6:40 am
wow i've got to learn more about that. remember, this antifa protest leader who got arrested for assault? yeah, she seems stable. well, now she's being hit where it really hurts. her wallet a california court ordering her to pay more than $11,000 in damages to former berkeley college republican president and according to campus, he sued hurricane rita saying she filed face less lawsuits against him trying to limit his free speech and the court ruling did not file them "in good faith." and an astronomy and physics professor is being awarded for changing the lives of veterans. the howard hughs medical institute giving marla gay goes ha $1 million to expand her
6:41 am
project that helps military veterans prepare for college. yale's warrior scholar project is a two week boot camp on the university campuses that gives enlisted veterans who have been admitted to college the skills they need to succeed them so we're preparing them even more for college. and this is a very cool story with some amazing numbers attached to it a fire in the bronx claiming unfortunately its 13th victim this week. three more are still in critical condition following new york city's deadliest blaze in more than 25 years. as the neighborhood continues to deal with the aftermath members of local parishes have come together to help the community heal. our own father jonathan morris has spent countless hours tend ing to the grieving families and he joined us earlier asking for your help. >> the families are waiting outside my door saying i need help. i haven't worked these are people like you said poorest congressional district in the united states of america in the south bronx. they're not working because they're taking care of their
6:42 am
families spread out in shelters all over the city and it's a very serious situation and we need help. pete: faith in action and thanks to generous fox & friends viewer s father morris' go fund me page climbed to over $90,000. you can be assured knowing that money is going directly to these displaced families. you can still go to the go fund me and it's the bronxfirevictims help these families trying to raise $250,000 so they can support these families totally displaced and the government not prepared to care for them yet charity and church stepping in kudos to father john. >> griff: amazing story and now we toss out to the man who had a little better form than you according to many of the people writing in. lisa: it's up for debate. >> griff: outside adam how is the weather and how are you feeling? adam: oh, guys i feel great. pete i just tweeted you a couple minutes ago of me eating a doughnut. i know you want to compete and we'll meet in the middle. you train i'll eat donuts and see you in a month. i'm out here where it's still
6:43 am
frigid across the country number s still down into the negatives in a good portion in the northeast. these are your actual temperatures that if you add the wind chill still feels like the negative numbers in a large area in the northeast running back into the midwest as well. there is some good news, yeah highs only getting up into the teens in new england today in the mid atlantic and new york city but notice how we begin to warmup temperatures climbing up into the 30s tomorrow a little bit warmer for folks on tuesday, so we're heading in the right direction guys, otherwise pete, get on it start training. we're good to go. pete: training starts monday and eating will start in the next segment. lisa: [laughter] pete: thanks adam. coming up famed lawyer alan dershowitz is here in studio next. lisa: and you love her as rose on the golden girls. well betty white is about to turn 96 and she says that the secret to a long life is hot dogs and vodka. girl power, what other foods can help you turn back time? find out, stay tuned. ♪
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6:47 am
>> we are misseducating a whole generation of future leaders on our college campuses today. we're teaching them intolerance, we're encouraging shutting down descenting views and when i used to teach when i had bill in my class, i would see 150 students and they would look at each other and they were scared kids and i would say that's the future president of the united states, that's the future chief justice and the future chairman of goldman sachs that's the future las vegas developer. i knew that these were our future leaders and i am terrified, not about the present , i am terrified about 20 or 30 years from now when these young people who have been taught not to tolerate diverse views become our leaders. pete: powerful stuff well, coming up a very special program on the fox news channel. it's called wise guys and it airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. right here on this network. >> griff: as you see alan dershowitz is one of those wise guys, along with ollie north,
6:48 am
bill bennett and steve wynn, professor you're joining us here it's going to be great stuff. >> oh, i had such a good time doing it because these guys are so smart and so funny and i think that we really touched some of the major issues facing america today so i would urge everybody to watch and you can have a good time. >> griff: you did this in las vegas? >> we did it in las vegas we did it in steve wynn's casino. lisa: a lot of smart people including ourself so this is really interesting to watch. professor i know you're really concerned right now about this talk with the left as well as mainstream media about the mental stability of president trump. you've spoken about the dangers of the special counsel investigation we have so many critics saying president trump is a danger to society. we have a constitutional crisis but doesn't this sort of talk have a destabilizing effect? >> well it's very dangerous. there's only one thing worse than trying to criminalize political differences and these
6:49 am
psychiatrists now who are trying to diagnose without ever having met the man that's what they did in russia. i represented those who they locked up in mental hospitals. that's what they did in china and in south africa. how dare liberals, people on the left try to undo democracy by accusing the president of being mentally ill without any basis. look, the 25th amendment doesn't apply. everybody knew who donald trump was when they elected him. i didn't vote for him. i voted against him. people voted for him, but he hasn't changed in office and this idea of diagnosing him instead of opposing him politically poses an enormous danger. >> griff: well he's arguably one of the most vetted candidates to run for office but the president pointed out himself this is not the first time the left has gone at republicans they did the same thing to barry goldwater and
6:50 am
ronald reagan. what is it about republican presidents that leads the left to say we don't just disagree with your policy you must be crazy. >> well you know over a thousand psychiatrists diagnosed barry goldwater and said he was mentally ill and they were rebuked by the american psychiatric association and said do not make diagnosis without seeing patient and they continued to do it today. look, about ronald reagan they had a point. he was perhaps beginning to develop alzheimers. we have a 25th amendment for that but the 25th amendment is not supposed to be invoked and if you don't like somebody's politics or his style vote against him. the 25th amendment requires the vice president to invoke this and then requires two-thirds of both houses. it's not going to happen. it's designed for people who are totally incompetent not people who you disagree with. >> griff: professor you're truly a wise guy we have to leave it there but we look forward to tuning in tonight at 8:00 p.m. there you'll see it the wise guys don't miss it.
6:51 am
pete: love it thank you professor. well betty white is sharing her secrets to a long life that includes hot dogs and vodka so what other foods turn back the clock? we'll bring it to you next. psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur.
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never give up. see me. see me. clear skin can last. don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts.
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lisa: we all know how much the golden girls love their cheesecake, who doesn't. >> hi, girls. i figured this might happen so i went out and bought a cheesecake >> oh, rose that's great. pete: [laughter] tv icon actress betty white who turns 96 in 10 days shared her secrets for a long life in a recent interview which included eating hot dogs and drinking vodka. that's what i'm talking about. so what other foods have hidden health benefits that can help us turn back time? >> griff: here to break it down
6:55 am
is nutritionist dianne hendrix, dianne? >> hi, how you doing? >> there's not hot dogs and vodka. pete: but you do have vodka here which i appreciate. thank you i'll be taking it so we've got a couple items you want to highlight in particular that could help you out including this vinegar? >> yeah, i knew a lot of you guys wouldn't know about it so apple cider vinegar my mother-in-law is 92 in april and drinking apple cider vinegar has what's called the mother. you can see it at the bottom it's a substance that forms naturally from the apple and it offers multiple health benefits. >> griff: should you drink it? >> well you can drink it but two tablespoons a day would be a great thing to do. lisa: what else do we have? >> all kinds of stuff sea weed, hot peppers, it's amazing, garlic. try to stay away from, you know this is what we all know, it's different.
6:56 am
fermented foods like the apple cider vinegar, hot red pepper paste. lisa: i'm liking this right here this is my favorite section here >> exactly. okay the dark chocolate the higher the cocoa content the better so you can try that it's delicious so you want 70% or higher. alcohol there's really a big difference between heavy drinking and moderation. one drink a day for women, two a day for men but that's showing there are studies that show that moderate alcohol consumption has health benefits. pete: why? they're not quite sure exactly why it is but it's brain boosting and heart boosting. lisa: so an entire bottle is not it? >> that's the key no binge drinking. no excessive drinking. it's all about moderation, plus we have pomegranates which is great in that juice right there so pour that in here. >> on the other side of this break stay tuned we've got a lot
6:57 am
more. awesome. (snap) achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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pete: we've got to thank journalist griff jenkins. oh, my goodness for joining us on fox & friends. maria: good sunday morning everybody. a key deadline looming thursday as gop lawmakers looking to allegations of anti-trump bias and a massive abuse of power at the fbi. lawmakers getting set to release their framework for immigration reform this week and on tuesday, north and south korea sit down for their first high level talks in two years. good morning i'm maria bartiromo thanks so much for joining us this sunday morning this is sunday morning futures. house intel chairman devon nunes set to get access to key documents and witnesses as they looks into possible anti-trump bias and an abuse of power clinton campaign collusion as well at the fbi. is there a double standar


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