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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  January 7, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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economy. that's it for today. have a great week. we'll see you next, "fox news sunday". >> our plan is playing right into the hand of the democrats in the media were hoping for nothing more than your mutually
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assured destruction. >> this isn't the baron versus donald trump. this appears to be the entire white house and the entire world versus donald trump ability to be president of the united states. >> when you look at it as a salacious book that is so tabloid and what is this guy is fired and what is he saying. do you really care. >> the president cares and he had packet author michael wolff. >> because they talk about big news and the big news it was the fact that so many of the people that i talk about in terms of fake news actually came to the defense of this great administration and even myself because they know the author and they know he is a fraud. >> is the press turning on wolf
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and a bracing man and? how much does this become matter? anthony security class with the annan will be here. president trump using incendiary language against north korea and the media outlaws are useful of critical commentary. >> you're being cavalier in a way that makes him seem deranged and makes no help are serious allies or from the world. >> i don't have a problem with that. present i think it's fantastic. i think glad someone is standing up to the sky. this guy has been an international punk and bully for as an and pop. >> he needs to be medicated in the hospitalized at this point or he is going to kill all of us. >> he is not ratcheting up north korea. north korea is ratcheting things up. north korea is testing icbm. >> is truck going too far or is that the verdict by the pundits? president also taking a lack of the new york time publishing using a gun until accusing the paper of using the sources and why he does interview with the
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times. plus, to about hand dishonesty awards to the media. his biggest late-night critic is already lobbying. >> nothing gives you more credibility than donald trump calling you a liar and i, of course, don't want to get snubbed. paul: the president tries will have an impact or entertainment. i'm howard and this is media buzz. howard: president hit both friday in a to talk. michael wolff is a total loser
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who made up stories in order to sell the bowling and onto public and used floppy steve fanon who cried when he got fired and begged for his job and now sloppy steve has been dumped like a dog by almost everyone. too bad. fanon who runs breitbart responded with praise for the present while the white house mounted a tough campaign against him and against wolf. >> he is a great man and i support him day in and day out. >> the president is saying will allies that he didn't have the axis you had. would you release those reporting center credibility is being questioned? my credibility is being questioned by a man who has less credibility than perhaps anyone who has worked on earth at this point. >> i guess sloppy steve brought him into the white house quite a bit and was one of those things and that is quite sloppy steve is now looking for a job. howard: joining us now to analyze the coverage is white house correspondent for bloomberg news. gail who works for townhall .com on the hill and mo, former democratic strategist who runs georgetown's institute of politics and fox news contributor. shannon, he's done a denunciation of steve fanon and
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it's a juicy story, lots of layers of gossip, but is it political important? >> i guess i will be up to voters in 2018 and 2020. the way this news cycle goes and the number of books that are planned just in creating a loan it's hard to know how much life and legs this one book will have because i think there will be one tell-all book after another coming out over the years. this certainly dominated the new cycle this week and this certainly gave people the impression and reaffirmed the impression that people have of the president and maybe have raised questions other people but it will only take time to tell whether this or anything else is enough to change people's minds and if that's what they care about and it's whether or not the issues. >> the media had did steve as been golly but since he's been fighting with present over immigration and roy moore's candidacy, jared in a bunker, it seems that the more the media
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were embracing them yes, i think you're right. there's been a chart of the media has built up steve fanon you look at this and they were so much negative city about steve fanon before he left the white house and now you see the media seems like there embracing him and using him as a foil against the president. howard: look, if fanon is a very smart guy who knows how to build his brand but do you think all of the credible coverage you've gotten could have emboldened him to say that he was untouchable? >> i think it's a little i think it is off to play the media for building up putting up steve fanon. as a candidate donald trump built him up. no one took him president can seriously. [inaudible conversations] he made them the chief strategist of his white house. go back to history and people
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that hold the position are serious people who are -- the president gives you that title, of course, you'll be taken seriously. howard: was it a dumb idea for donald trump's lawyer to send a cease-and-desist letter to the publisher to stop publication and obviously it didn't stop application and set a new wave of coverage. >> it did not work. it fueled a little bit of the flames of the story of now if the president trying to suppress a book and is us a free speech issue. howard: also in part because libel laws are too weak and he really went after this book right. this is a pattern. many news organizations, bloomberg included, received over years letters from president trump or then trump the businessman about things we did not like and threatening legal action and one of my colleagues wrote a book that
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then businessman trump suit him over so it's part of a pattern and i don't think it was a surprise for any of us to see it. that's what he does is not just the white house. a number of journalists have taken on michael wolff credibility seen over the years sources have said that he contributed to them and he's used information on the record and he admitted that he lied to bankers and to ward off making a story about his father having open heart surgery so he's taken his hit as the process for next him right, this is a surprising change to the story because as you know he does not have a good reputation among the media, especially in new york where he is based on a lot of his reporting was said because he hung out at a hotspot in new york and got the gossip from the other journalists and so his reporting has been very derivative and salacious and in the book he says he has a prologue saying he is taken conflicting points of view different stories. howard: and saying that some of the stories are boldly untrue
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right, but he's doing a case of telephone operator just reporting saba not doing the job of a journalist which now analyzing and presenting it to readers. howard: but in fairness, steve bannon has not disputed these quotes committed to him and he's had a lot to say on this topic about fanon. steve tends to be worth the media which he calls the opposition party that he spent his time at the media leaking false information to the media to make him seem far more important than he was. if that is the case he was part of the leak is white house in history and many are against the bed and. >> there's no question this is the leak is white house in history. the presidents were on leaking he needs to look and -- a lot of the least continue to. yes, a lot came from and when he was in the white house but it's not like we've heard -- it's coming from somewhere in the white house. >> sure, but there are a lot and white house. >> and that is fair but steve bannon is not disputed any of
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the things that he said. even if as most journalists are saying you should look at this book skeptically because of michael wolff background and his record in history and take some of it with a grain of salt been in his not disputed any of the quotes originated. howard: were looking at pictures got in a few minutes ago. return the tape around the president arriving back white house after the weekend at camp david. he met with republican congressional leaders there and talked about the agenda for 2018 which is a midterm election years we will continue our discussion we look at president trump. there he is getting off marine one. well, no there's an advance percent but will see the president any moment. again this happened a few short moments ago. another defeat by the president we have had to break up the show as he had stew twitter, fake mainstream media taking off the old ronald reagan playgroun plak screaming mental stability and intelligence. i think the word that would qualify not smart but genius, speaking of himself, and a stable genus at that.
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the media response has been amazement and ridicule. >> the very stable genus was a new line. he's obviously good at branding, sloppy steve, now we have a stable genus president trump and there has been this increasing criticism mostly by democrats and in some cases by members of his own party about his mental stability. this book reopened it with people in the book questioning his fitness for president and at mean anything from mental fitness to physical fitness, i suppose but i think it will be an argument we will continue to see into 2018 particularly by democrats want to make his health and will know he has a physical on walter reed on friday possible we could get some additional insight. howard: cold morning in washington dc the president walking from a helicopter but liberal commentators have been making these arguments for months. we played them on the show, psychologically unbalanced, unfit, unhinged, to be fifth amendment but is president trump
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giving the media fodder now by taking this on because then you can write and say the president says he's a genius and he stable and his this illustrious career and then it goes for several new cycles. >> you raise an important point. just like you to rip off the show based on his current one and his ability to turn around and take and dominate the new cycle. this is reported all weekend and will go into next week and now anything president donald trump you think genius and so his ability to link. howard: not everyone will agree. >> yes, and no but the discussion is whether or not he's a genius. it's not whether or not all these other things that were swelling around last week so he has been able to change it. he applied a nickname to himself essentially. howard: on the subject smoking mode, the president watching television so earlier today white house official steve muller was on cnn talking to incur jake tapper and he turned on his former colleague steve
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bannon as quote in the book grotesque and vindictive and also said that cnn is 24 hours of negative insight trump hysteria and it was a testy interview. president trump treated: >> yeah, and what he guaranteed is that the rebroadcast of that shows ratings and no go through the roof. howard: i didn't see on anything on his questions. >> yes, and i haven't seen the whole interview gap there was a clip at the end where tapper was trying to ask miller's several questions and muller kept in all he would do was lavish the president with abusive personal praise to the point where tapper said you were only speaking to an audience of one right now and moments later the president verified that with his tweet. >> i guess he doesn't just watch that news and this is that he. howard: the shows there's white house campaign to hit bannon and
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hit the wall the book ahead. anthony on the coverage of the president. when we come back a nuclear reaction says donald trump wants north korea leader about his bigger button. there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪
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catch something on fire? i'm not. i'm going to miss you, man. yeah. i'm going to miss me too. ♪ howard: i sometimes say the press is going nuclear against president trump that is particularly true since he tweeted about kim jong-un who boasted of having a nuclear button on his desk. will someone from his depleted regime please inform him that i too have a nuclear button but it is such a powerful than his and my butt works. many journalists depicting that presidential tweet as inflammatory and dangerous when it comes to a potential conversation. >> why is it so shocking and appalling that it is so
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undeniably true and i think the reaction is because they are objecting to the tone of the team. we saw this one person to point to the un and called him rocket man. there was shock and outrage and at the same time it's the message in the medium is the message and he's putting that out there. yet the media foreign-policy expert who were satisfied with the status quo of our policy in north korea for the last two decades somehow feel the statement that is undeniably true is outrageous. howard: you are right about the tone. no president in modern history has conducted moment like this for usually every statement is carefully vetted and sanitized and scrutinized so is the press penalizing this president for taking this approach? >> i think a little bit. think foreign policy community is as well. when you are dealing with someone who is as volatile and as narcissistic and as the north korean dictator i don't know i
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think the tone is important and i think that the setting -- if the top doctrine is size matters i'm not sure that is what will be productive in trying to turn things around with the north koreans or it will end up provoking them even more. howard: that is the thing there's this whole a series of tough can one between north korea we are not rooting for and there's been me to media ridicule and is that fair? or does it go too far? >> i think the reason you see reporting says that this type of language is not helpful and could be harmful is because you have so many foreign-policy experts and people who study north korea and understand the issues here who are raising big
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alarm bells and i am certainly not a foreign policy expert and i'm not a north korea expert when i talk to people who are foreign-policy experts they are the ones who react in shock and outrage here. when i talk to people who are politicals and campaign people they laugh and say this is funny in a strong leader and we like it. we're talking foreign-policy here. to some extent during the medial acrobat. howard: but as is pointed out it didn't stop north korea from reaching this point where it has missiles that can deliver nuclear ranges and we talked about jake tapper getting criticized on twitter over his interview with white house aide steven muller and tapper is now leading to the interview and says judge for yourself. shannon, dale, mo, great to see you this sunday. we had the mood on the media. former white house aide on how the press is covering the trump bannon dustup. i'm next time a president goes after the new publisher of "the new york times" with an attack on the phony sources.
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howard: ag sulzberger took over as publisher of "the new york times" for his father. he told readers in an open letter misinformation is rising interest in the media is declining. as technology platforms elevate rumor and propaganda over real journalism and politicians jockeying for advantage while inflaming suspicion of the press. that is a pretty obvious reference to president trump who it back on twitter. joining us now from new york,
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shelby holliday, senior video reporter for "the wall street journal". shelby, the times do not apologize but it did great questions but his own campaign coverage. what you make of president trump responding to ag sulzberger's letter by whacking the new publisher. >> he is concerned about how he is covered and he talks about "the new york times" which is his hometown paper. he doesn't think they cover him fairly and this is not news to you, i know you read president trump tweet but what the president does in treating these things is driving more people to subscribe to "the new york times" does create a challenge when he is slamming books for being fake or slamming publications for being vague. they get a trump bump. the new publisher said and admitted that they got hundreds of thousands of new readers after the trump election. the president is free to say whatever they want he is the free amendment and he does give them more readers and their coverage is greatly right when he does it. howard: their highly interested in that paper. even as he criticizes the feeling new york times which, as you say, is surging digital
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subscriptions why do you think they keep these interviews recently to investigative reporter mar-a-lago over the christmas break? >> you give that inclusive and informal interview that the white house. it didn't know about and he did tell the reporter that he thought in that particular reporter had treated him fairly in has changed is the president treated a few days ago about "the new york times". in fact, mike schmidt, the reporter who trump spoke to it mar-a-lago released of partial report at about the russian event investigation this week. the president, while he does tell him and all reportedly treated fairly, it tends -- just the other day and criticizing the coverage of this new book he is putting new york times reporter so he tends to use them as credible sources when it benefits him and bash them when it does not benefit him. howard: this made-up business about 40 sources is not just one tweet, the sources might be wrong, papers and other news organizations make mistakes but
12:27 pm
they are not fabricated in the sense that except in the case of extreme fraud like jason blair someone is telling these reporters things but what is going on in the white house and administration. >> right, and that bothers the president and he tends to criticize the system but lash out at leaguers. another challenge here for the president is that when he does criticize reports or books for being fake that drives the new cycle. here we are talking about fire and fury in "the new york times" and instead of tax reform or his new legislative agenda for meeting and the media does seize on these narratives. howard: or the dow broke 25000. it does tend to, you know, it makes he's entitled to express his harsh intermediate views and he's entitled to complain. as you say, it also does tend to
12:28 pm
shine a spotlight on these news organizations. >> it causes a distraction. howard: shelby, thank you for joining us. a head on a program steven colbert is campaigning for an award that donald trump is heading out for dishonest journalism. first, new statement just in from steve bennett. we'll read that to you as anthony scaramucci is on deck. he will have something to say about the past, the resident in the bannon brawl.
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president under a hush fell this week to the media and hitting back and see the benefits talk to one of his allies. joining is not from new york, former white house mitigation structure, anthony scaramucci. we'll get into this latest steve been in a statement but since you famously clashed with bannon during your free time with white house and attacked him as a self promoter are you surprised to see his relationship with the president blow up like this? >> yeah, i sort of am surprised. i said what i said about him being more focused on his personal brand but i didn't think he would go out this far out into the stratosphere and do something like this. i am surprised. howard: so this crossed the wires bannon give a statement to the website in which -- one of the incendiary quotes in that both book is about the president's son, donald trump junior and the meeting with the russian lawyer. he said it bannon is now a
12:33 pm
patriot and a good man and a relentless advocate for the president and he closes by talks about other remarks he made, i regret says and that my delay in responding to the inaccurate reporting regarding don junior has diverted attention from the presidents historical competence in the first year of his presidency. not the full apology but you been indicating you are waiting to see something. >> is in part of the red zone of an apology but he needs to cross the line and apologize for what he did. the unprecedented access they gave michael wolff who is a non- fact checker and an actual liar is ridiculous. i think he needs to find out apologize rather than parse his words like that on axial's. howard: you said things like bannon should go back to [inaudible] and you pick that breitbart the conservative website he runs will drop him. >> he needs a life coach more than a therapist and life coaches are more for the forward
12:34 pm
life and how we, their bids are more for your past life. howard: why did you permit that by part would drop him? >> i don't know. did they drop him i just said if he continues -- if he continues on this course and splitting this hard from the president of the united states who literally has an agenda that should be in the spot of at least the economic agenda for breitbart which is now economically desperate, lower middle-class families and to embrace the idea of researching manufacturing america continues to break this to the president i'll be shocked if they don't drop him. if he comes back in the fold which i recommended and many other people have recommended, drop the steep managers and come up on the donald j trump and team america jersey and there will be no reason to drop him. howard: let me jump in -- yeah, sure, i understand. there's been a lot of criticism as you know of michael wolff book and left the white house
12:35 pm
and you a moment ago call to liability based on? >> is a complete liar. he said on the today show that one 100% of the people in the trump orbit inc. that the president and i'm not even say what he said because there's no sense of repeating it but i don't feel that way. steven muller doesn't. howard: what were talking about is questioning his mental -- inspector questioning his competency and he say 100% of the people are saying that. that is bs. i'm not saying that. steve muller is not saying that. hope hicks is not saying that. you think keith muller is a net? those are for people right there. this sort of exaggerating tabloid -esque nonsense that unfortunately the president has to deal with because look at the accomplishments over the last year and he's a combative person and he's got a twitter style that most liberals do not like and it's a little too bad but if you look at the economic dashboard, the national security dashboard, the things he's done
12:36 pm
in regulations he's had a great first year and he will have an even better second-year. people don't like that and so they will do this sort of nonsense and the tabloid -esque at nonsense. howard: if you are still in the white house would you advise the president to be sending out tweet after tweet mean attention to say that he's a stable genius and playing defense. he is obviously helping to keep the spotlight on the book that you and others. >> listen, this is when i delivered some of the people inside of the white house and more in line with corey and dave on this. let the president be the present. he's going to do the stuff whether you advise them to do it or not do it. the truth of the matter is there is a level of genius to his personality as it relates to marketing, political judgment, his insight and this is a guy who went from being a business executive and a television start to the american presidency in
12:37 pm
15, 16 short months. people can say what they want about them but there's lot of genius and that if you want to tweet about the book and increase the sale and the author wants to send him a box of chocolates, big deal. in a month or two this book will be over but his presidency will not be in effect, it is just beginning in terms of the compliments it will have. howard: bannon also opposed you as a good choice for the medications director. moment of self perfection, could it be said that you both have something in common which is a big mouth? >> yeah, listen, in hindsight i regret some of the things i said while i was the medications director and in hindsight of course, i could have done things differently but i think the big difference between me and someone like steve bannon is i'm comfortable apologizing for that and i'm comfortable admitting that and i offered my apology to general kellyanne the president and i'm ready to move on but i stayed on the team, howie, i never broke ranks with the
12:38 pm
president or general kelly and i believe the president's agenda and i know the president a long time as a friend before he was president and it is politics. if you make a mistake in politics and it cost you your job there is no sense in whining about that but get back on the field and play to win as a team. howard: before we move on, i know you have the jersey in the helmet on, it was of course the expletive conversation you had with the new york and you said was a mistake and you assumed it was off the record and was not that led to your departure or at least hasten it. what was your reaction when they fired liz over sexual harassment allegations which he disputes patchwork. >> my first reaction was good because now he won't be able to do what he did to me to other people. my second reaction and frankly i often bring you up, howie, because you said to me that you never seen a journalist to do that in your 40 years in washington to government official. he knew the spirit of the context of that conversation was off the record and he decided to use it against me and it cost me
12:39 pm
my job. the good news is that he won't be able to do it to anyone anytime soon as a result of his departure from the new yorker. again, my family had a 50 year relationship with the family on long island and he can say whatever he wants about that there's no disputing that. howard: "the washington post" is a constant flow of stories based on leaks from people in the drum circle, white house, administration, i know you wanted to crackdown on links when you are briefly there and these leaks often make the president look erratic or hotheaded and in other words there for people who are supposed to be on his side that are not helping him. he says phony sources but someone is talking to these journalist. >> the truth of the matter is when you look to the book and read the book over the weekend and i finished it yesterday it is sort of the people that would ever really with the president day one. non- comp loyalist and its
12:40 pm
people that were in that quiet never trap stone that meandered into the administration more so than the trump loyalist. the people that totally understand the president and get the president and understand its instincts and know him as a person do not see them that way. the people who are in that washington establishment crowd that had somehow crept into the administration those are the ones that you are finding anonymously sourced in the book. howard: i have a half a minute here. you took strong exception to piece in the daily beast saying that you had told people that the president and monica missed you and wanted you back in west wing. >> never said that. it's more bad nonsense, total inaccuracy there. i have a great relationship with jared and a vodka and i consider myself having a good relationship with the president. they never asked me to go back and i'm super focused on my own
12:41 pm
house as opposed to the white house. howard: no interest in going back to smart. >> i didn't say that. i'm an american citizen and i'm someone that loves the country and although it was only 11 days i enjoyed my time in public service and i didn't say that but i'm not a presumptuous person and i don't think that anyone wants me back. i don't think general kelly wants me back in at the end of the day he is trying to run an organized and tight ship and i more of an entrepreneurial figure and i'm creative and i could be more helpful to the president on the outside than inside the white house. howard: anthony scaramucci, thank you for joining us this sunday. on a media buzz why some pundits think a award for craft journalism is a bad of honor. can steve bannon survive at breitbart now that the president has castigated him and his main financial backer could be bailing? morning on the beach was so peaceful.
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until... it... wasn't. don't let type 2 diabetes get between you and your heart. because your risk of heart attack or stroke is up to four times greater. but there are steps you can take to lower your cardiovascular risk. talk to your health care provider today about diabetic heart disease. and find out more at your heart and type 2 diabetes. make the connection. howard: the media debate right
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now revolves in part about credibility. steve bannon, author of michael wolff and pressure drop joining us to join the coverage. here in washington, [inaudible], washington examiner contributor as the former leader of the ohio senate, christian you worked at breitbart and you friendly with steve bannon and alex like his attacks have backfired to the point that his leadership at breitbart may be the price for your thoughts. >> i can't predict whether or not breitbart will be to bannon but i think bannon will probably be just fine whether or not he stays at breitbart. i suspect this is not last will see of him. he's a skilled political strategists a lot of deep ties in the populist wing of the conservative base. i think he will be okay. the media love to see the bannon crash and burn and they have a seething hatred for him. he was more despised than donald trump himself because there was
12:46 pm
a perception in the media that bannon was the one controlling the white house narrative behind closed doors. for the moment media is treating bannon like this temporary champion because he allegedly made comments that can be used to make trump look bad but i still think the media hates him and they love it when republicans fight with each other in this bannon trumpet acute is being used as a distraction, i think.. howard: steve bannon played a key role in the white house. do you agree the media has a seething hatred for him because what we are now learning and certainly you talk to some reporters. >> i don't think they have a seething hatred for him at this point. i think it certainly as you mentioned his credibility is in jeopardy and it's interesting there was an article in the national review just a few days ago talking about how steve bannon is a victim of his own buying his own height and the fact that.
12:47 pm
howard: so unknown in washington. >> never happens. never happens. at this point right now because of the statement he made to the fire in theory book and in addition frankly to the fact that he has crashed and burned with roy moore and i think both of those things have caused people like the mercer's have been the major funding behind breitbart and steve bannon are distancing themselves and taking away the funding and to put pressure on the breitbart to talk. howard: been in telling the website that he regrets his delay in responding to what he says are inaccurate comments about donald trump junior. rebecca mercer is a billionaire family has bankrolled many of bannon's adventures including breitbart put out a statement saying my family and i have been community with steve in providing financial support for his agenda and that could jeopardize his role as an independent force. >> yeah, we don't know the context in which the comments were made and a lot of michael's credibility has been called into
12:48 pm
question but if i were steve bannon i would come out and explicitly apologize for the comments. i also think it is best for trump, as well, as these two men bury the hatchet and move forward because ultimately when it comes to the issues that matter most to the american voters these two men are on the same page. they want to implement the america first agenda and voters should not have to choose the themes here and if trump forces his supporters to choose teams by being combative with steve bannon he may risk alienating some of his own voters which i think they cannot afford to lose. howard: do you agree that the media likes steve bannon more when he is criticizing president trump on immigration, on the comments of the book, on the more campaign and whatever and -- >> i'd do think it certainly adds to the palace intrigue, if you will, and that sells papers and gets more substance to "the new york times" and fill in the blank. anytime there is acrimony
12:49 pm
between two very colorful characters, the president and steve bannon, certainly they welcome that. howard: let me get in this other topic. as we learn the fbi is investing in the clinton foundation, the president took fire for a tweet says [inaudible] should be in jail after classified in mills were found on the left type of her estranged heart husband anthony weiner. the president should pounce someone guilty if the criminal investigation involves the criminal opponent. >> i find it laughable that the media seems offended by an interested in trumps tweet than the content of the story which is the disturbing fact that [inaudible] forwarded sensitive state department information including government passwords to government systems to private yahoo account and subsequently all yahoo accounts were attacked. she sent an received private e-mails using anthony weiner's laptop and now they want to mak-
12:50 pm
[inaudible conversations] howard: hang on. we are short on time. also in that tweet, the president talked to the deep state justice in the indictment is that the justice department works for you, mr. president. >> right, but he doesn't have full unfettered control over the department of justice even though he certainly said that. i frankly think the coverage of this tweet has been fair. seen a number of articles from every place "the washington post" and new york times to cbs and nbc and they seem to be able to provide some balance to the story and give some of the concern and appropriate. howard: i wish we had more time. good to see you this sunday. after the break alabama newspaper executive resigned in disgrace. this is creepy. president trump handing out awards to dishonest crops media and one today show is going with
12:51 pm
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. . . >> stunning and disturbing story involving a newspaper leave leader whose many thought was a hero. he essentially admitted that his publisher of the innocent star he spanked two female employees. he told the alabama political reporter in 1975, he spanked her 18 times with a metal ruler in the newsroom telling her she was a bad girl. he was 22 she was forwarded. another woman said that he spanked her in the office that same year. he's 82 and said he spok spanked women on psychological problems on the price of a dr.. he said i did some things i regret. i wish i could relive those days
12:55 pm
again. -- embassy replaced matt lauer as the host as he was fired over allegations of sexual assault and harassment. >> coda is officially the co- anchor of today. give her the round of applause. >> there's no one i would rather be sitting next to the new. >> they focused on the two women but the year of the exorbitantly paid anchor monster was over. will make maybe a third of the $20 million plus. wasn't sexism lauer was a star. the ratings have gone up a whole has been filling in. allowing today to edge out gma.
12:56 pm
has journalistic experience but not known as an aggressive hardeners and rivera. concentrate on such softer stuff as she continues to host the fourth hour with kathy lee gifford. president trump is having some dishonesty words for the media. >> nothing gives you more credibility than donald trump calling you a liar. i'm hoping to be nominated in all categories including outstanding achievements, dishonesty, corrupted fakeness, dishonest corruption. of course they want to win it milk it. so little bit of a spectacle who base moses media bashing. he's trolling the press and the pundits will take the base. thanks for watching.
12:57 pm
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i'm going to miss you, man. yeah. i'm going to miss me too. ♪ >> they discussed how to advanc. never far from the surface, hit the explosive white house tell all book, fire and fury. hello and welcome to america's news headquarters. >> arthel: i myself, president trump