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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 7, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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[cheering and applause] greg: you ruined a good purse. >> president trump is back inwad at camp david. he arrived earlier today. he returned from a meeting with top gop congressional leaders at the congressional retreat. they discussed how to advance their agenda a mapped out their strategy for the midterm elections later this year. never far from the surface, the book, firing. welcome to america's headquarters. >> eric: the president is hashing out a game plan when it
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comes to policy and politics. the controversial book, fire. , dominates the headlines. the president is doubling down on the criticism of the tone and the author, michael wolf. mike pam pompeo calling it. fantasy. pope is defending himself today. he says the presidents mental health are all too real. >> if i left out anything at stuff that was more damning. it is that bad. it is an extraordinary moment in time. the last several days focused on my book are proof of this. >> eric: garrett is at the white house tonight. how is the administration responded to the book?
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>> for the past few days the white house has been waging an aggressive campaign to discredit the book and the author. that continue today. the presidents surrogate described the book as fabricated and both intellectually and intellectually incompetent to run the country. >> those statements are absurd. fantasy. statements like the one mr. wolf made about how we think about the president is ridiculous. they are beneath the conversation. >> the book is on the mind of the president himself he tweeted about it for the seven the time. he said i had to put up with it for the first day i announce for president. now i have to put up with a fake book. ronald reagan had the same problem handled it well. so will i. the public outreach has been dealing with the book.
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there has been many other worked white house has been doing starting with the media campaign and a phone call that president trump had to discuss north korea and iran. a lot of work going on not making it to the front page because of the efforts to push back on this book. >> eric: steve bannon is expressing some regret. he is speaking out for the first time about the harsh comments. what did he say? >> his reaction is why continues to be in the headlines. some of the more controversial statements contained in fire theory were allegedly made by bannon. he's quoted calling ivanka dumb as a brick. and the meeting at trump tower including donald trump junior's treasonous and unpatriotic. they're not disputing the quotes
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word not apologizing for them. he explained his criticism were only aimed at paul manafort. i regret that my delay in respondents and inaccurate reporting has diverted attention from the presidents historical accomplishments in his first year. on meet the press the author of fire. explained why he believed steve bannon was willing to speak with him. >> why do you think he was so willing to dish, the way he dish? >> i think he was deeply concerned and is deeply concerned. he found himself in this white house with this opportunity and steve is a be a very clear beliefs and principles. i think this was his moment. he may donald trump president. >> he also said despite claims of inaccuracies he stands fully
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by everything he wrote. >> thank you. >> foreign-policy news is president trump voices support for antigovernment protest in iran. he would be open to talks with north korea. now ahead of the sit down between north and south korea, the first high-level diplomatic meeting in five years. in the one president trumps tough talk helped bring about. >> the north koreans are behaving out of fear. they're concerned that america, for the first time is serious about the nuclear icing the peninsula. they're trying to find a place to reach out. we will wait and see how the conversation goes. >> molly is life with more. >> the u.s. ambassador to the united nations says there may be a time of the u.s. talk directly
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with north korea. before that north korea would have to stop the missile testing and be willing to talk about banning nuclear weapons. >> were trying to make sure we don't repeat what is happened lost 25 years. which is them acting like they're coming to the table, asked for money and then cheat their way through. were going to make sure whatever happens makes the united states safer i make sure we d nuclear as the peninsula. >> this after comments that the president would be willing to talk with north korean later. but the u.s. has a firm stance towards the kingdom. the president republican leaders met yesterday. it included a briefing by james mattis. trump said it would be a great thing for all of humanity the
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peaceful solution could come out of talks with the leader, kim jong-un. i'm not messing around. not even 1%. he understands that. >> in iran, the revolutionary guard, loyal to the nation supreme leader said it has ended antigovernment protest that began on december 20. protesters rallied against high prices, high unemployment and corruption. iran blames the u.s., saudi arabia for financing the protests. the cia director denies. >> false. this was the iranian people. started, created, and continued by them demanding a better set of living conditions in a break from the regime that has been with them since 1979. >> at least 21 people were killed and hundreds arrested.
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>> eric: more information on the russian investigation. president trump denies colluding with moscow. a parent of top republican senators are looking at an investigation. the former british intelligence -- carolinas in washington with more. >> democrats and republicans cranked up the fight over what the justice department should focus on in the russian investigation. potential collusion with the trump campaigner how they handled information with the clinton campaign. >> if you believe robert mueller should be looking at the trump campaign, count me in. if you ignore this stuff, your blind.
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>> he means in part how the doj handled information coming from crystal steal. he's behind the unverified dossier with trump. one of the sticking points for graham said steele's research was partially funded by the democratic national committee. the fbi still considered putting him on the payroll for more information. others are complaining about how some justice department officials favored hillary clinton over trump. there were also part of the team investigating the e-mail. graham hit the top a card. >> i want to special counsel to look at how mr. steele conducted himself the what the fbi did with the dossier. and if the lead investigator had a political bias against trump or clinton to the point it was a sham investigation. >> it doesn't take a genius to see why there because they're being badgered by the white house to do it. >> robert mueller continues his investigation into potential
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collusion between russian the trump campaign. >> the first blizzard of 18 has created disruptions for air travelers coast to coast. jfk airport was hard-hit is still dealing with a backlog of flights. travelers were stuck there for days of facing long lines were shorter fuses as they try to figure out how to get to where they're going. brian is live with the very latest. >> a nightmare at jfk. according to flight radar 24, a service that tracks flights, so far eight have been diverted in the last hour away from jfk landing in boston, atlanta and montréal.
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there been cancellations and delays with the frigid weather compounded by this, a water main break four hours ago. the water main frozen cold temperatures resulting in a flood of international terminal four. water cascading on the baggage claim area. there are no international arrivals at terminal four at this time. departures are not affected. this is leading to more traffic. passengers were waiting for five plus hours. some reported no bathrooms, water or fruit. people have slept in the airport for two days. too many flights landed at the same time overwhelming the system. and not enough gates. they had to bring up portable
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staircases to get people off the plane and bring them to the terminal. at baggage claim they had to wait longer. many left without their bags arrived at their destinations to find their bank never made it. then occlusion of two planes that clipped one another on the tarmac. no one was injured. port authority release the statement quote jfk's runways and taxiways are fully operational. airlines are in recovery mode rebooking passengers. frigid temperatures cause equipment failures. customers may experience residual delays. a live like here at the misery met. the two most miserable travel places tomorrow here in jfk. flights are delayed on average two and half hours.
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it is not fun. a tough weekend for many. >> i feel so bad for many. thank you. >> frozen temperatures still gripping the east and midwest and extending as far south as florida. look at the manatees. they are huddling and backwater canals for extra warmth. it is a natural response for them as they try to ride out the cold winter. officials are saying do not harass them. they are considered a threatened species. >> arthel: just sessions is under fire as he is facing growing calls to resign. will president trump push him out? plus, a new lease on life for the iran nuclear deal. how the trump administration is planning to fix it instead of
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>> arthel: just sessions is taking hate from both sides of the aisle. democrats and republicans pushing back against his decision to resends and obama era policy and marijuana. he gives authority the green light -- more more gop lawmakers are calling for sessions to resign. the russian investigation showing no signs of ending. lindsey graham is coming to the defense saying mr. sentience did the right thing. >> the idea of just sessions been able to investigate the campaign he was on is unacceptable. just sessions did the right thing. it will be impossible to look into the trump campaign activities. mueller had to be investigated but we need a special site special counsel. >> arthel: can he survive? let's bring in jamie.
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we just heard senator graham coming to the defense of the attorney general. others out there asking this question not necessarily in the ag favor. asking if they're trying to piece president trump. >> i think they have been embattled since day one or shortly after. donald trump has publicly traded him. he said the op-ed that two allies of donald trump row calling for just sessions to resign. basically for the way he is not protected donald trump which the president thinks he should be for this russian investigation. then you have another wing of the party, the libertarian wing of the senators from states where marijuana is functionally
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legal. there are upset with reversing the policy that exempted the states from federal prosecution season embattled man had i think he will be embattled with the attorney general from day one. >> you cannot say specifically of there's a group of lawmakers that are putting the pressure on the attorney general. just in general what is the follow-up. >> there's a lot of pressure. sessions has already offered his resignation station several months back. and trump rejected it. even if he doesn't like what he has done there is an appearance problem. if they fire just sessions it won't look good.
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go like what he did with james, try to cover something up. i think there's a lot of pressure not to allow push just sessions out. "fall by the wayside. i think another wrinkle that has been added to the problems just sessions is a longtime ally of steve bannon. it is bannan who got session to endorse donald trump. in the wake of this book there's reports that donald trump is going to the people close to him and steve bannon saying that you have to choose sides. that's how we saw steve miller to tv bashing steve bannon. that's right rebecca mercer came out said she had no ties to ban
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them. have to wonder if that ultimatum has gone to sessions who is close to both men. and whether he'll come out publicly rebuked steve bannon as well. >> steve bannon us and he regrets making those comments, not apologizing but regrets making them. >> only to don junior. he did not say he regrets about ivanka trump and jared kushner. is a very carefully worded statement that he put out. how much of the waters under the bridge quite yet. >> what happens to the mueller investigation is sessions
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resigns? >> it still goes on. trump is still have a hard time getting another attorney general in place. the senate is evenly divided and people do not want to see him fire sessions try to get a loyalist in their supposedly donald trump on someone in the doj to do. i don't think sessions is fired i think donald sharp is strongly advised not to go that route. >> is people is out there putting pressure on the attorney general. we'll leave it there. >> arrests and iran are slowing down. the claiming victory over antigovernment protesters. the opposition continues to bring freedom to iran. meanwhile, the trump administration trying to fix the nuclear deal. rather than back out of it completely.
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>> arthel: widespread protest whenever any government cooling-off as the revolutionary guard said it has put an end to days of deadly unrest. the iranian resistance is it will continue its opposition to the regime. the tracking the story in the middle east newsroom. >> after more than a week of demonstrations. protests in iran have been losing steam. they appear at least for now to be over. iran's revolutionary guard claiming victory in a statement
3:29 pm
and i'm in the most recent unrest in the united states, israel and the saudi arabia. at least 21 people were killed. some 1700 people arrested mostly on university age students. unemployment is high. the main complaints is the awful state of the economy which is plagued by corruption and the low price of oil. protests were not started by urban iranians. so they valued as a reformer not a hardliner. in recent days supporters have had several rallies across the country. despite statements the iranian regime maintains an eye and grip on the country. with the price of world below it to ron and other countries
3:30 pm
wanted to be, these economic hardships are likely to continue. >> the trump administration is now looking for ways to salvage the controversial nuclear deal. the u.s. is working to fix it. well mike pompeo is taking the sentiments even further. he's outlining ways in which he thinks the u.s. could tweak the pack. >> they could take some of the weaknesses from the agreement, extend deadlines, put sanctions in place with a could really happen.
3:31 pm
and then ultimately the president will have to make the decision about whether to remain in the deal. >> jonathan is with us. always good to see. >> was the most part of the deal that we should tinker with to change. >> of the fatal flaw of the sunset provisions. in about ten years, perhaps less or more will see all the provisions of the 2015 nuclear deal expire. that means iran will have a paid pathway to nuclear weapon. there's going to be little any of us can do. we can either kick the can down the road or we can address it now. other things we probably could look at in terms of centrifuge
3:32 pm
productions or access to military sites, perhaps are imposing sanctions, these are ways that we can address the deal as well. as the director noted, the president wants to change aspects of it. >> eric: the iranians want to that they want that sunset clause because it gives them a green light. it has dates and goes to the end says basically you ahead if you want make a nuclear bomb which the iranians have denied his their intent. >> there's no doubt they got just about everything they possibly could have wanted. all they need to do is buy their time and eventually they'll have all the money and the new get the end of it. there's a reason they want to see a change. we can change our loss in the
3:33 pm
way we see iran holding to the deal. we can make it such that will we see them launching missiles, when we see them supporting terrorism or other violations that we have the ability to impose new sanctions or setbacks certain sanctions walkway from the deal. >> eric: but with that achieve though? you just talked about missiles that wasn't even in the deal. i'm here pants are getting billions and billions of hours thanks to the steel. they won't change. >> know, and if you look at what we want out of the deal, for able to work it out democrats and republicans come to a bipartisan agreement in terms of when we would start to impose new sanctions or walk away. >> with the europeans follow us
3:34 pm
or be defined? there already on record saying no matter what they want change the deal, it's an international agreement, rubber stamp of approval we can change it. >> we can when you look at the power we have through sanctions. there is no power that rivals us economically. there are still some things and influence we can do. when you start to impose sanctions and put other countries and notice they can do with iran or us, but not both there to choose the united states. that's what made the sanctions work the first time around. people forget that. i don't think they would change that. >> well it was either you're with us or not when recognizing jerusalem as the capital.
3:35 pm
so is the same countries. the marshall islands, nehru, you think really the french or german spoke on when it goes to cut off the billions of dollars? >> if you put them on notice of and start to implement the policies and i think a lot of those countries really understood the trump administration was serious. i think if we show them how serious we are they may recalculate. we let her foot off the gas and decided we would let other countries take the lead, it had a disastrous effect on our iran policy. an internationally were paying for. the idea is to get back in the driver seat. >> and then a word about the
3:36 pm
brave demonstrators on the streets in tehran. some young people sacrifice their lives for the future of their country. what should the u.s. do to support them? >> there's two things to drive home. we need to message to the iranian people just how much they're spending on a form policy. the fact that they spend 15 billion severe in syria were 800 million a year on hezbollah were a couple hundred million on hamas. these things are make the iranian people outrage. that will not be the last of the protests we see. we need to impose sanctions on those entities. particularly the garden the crack down. if we start impose sanctions
3:37 pm
that sends a strong message. hopefully we get the international community to jump in as well. >> will see what will happen. thank you for joining us tonig tonight. >> celebrities will be out of full force for tonight's golden glow. hollywood will have more than entertainment on its mine. i've next, the scandal that will have the color black all over the red carpet. plus jeff sessions cracking down on legalize marijuana. when status pushing back hard. a live report up ahead. >> reversing direction is an overreach not just against the city of seattle and washington, but a majority of states in this country >> tech: at safelite autoglass we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids... ♪ music >> tech: ...every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield.
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: my healthy routine helps me feel my best. so i add activia yogurt to my day. with its billions of live and active probiotics, activia may help support my digestive health, so i can take on my day. activia. now in probiotic dailies. >> glamor and glitz will be on
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full display as usual tonight at the golden globes, this year's awards will be different after a wave of sexual harassment claims have swept over the entertainment industry. tonight many a-listers are seeing black on the red carpet to make a fashion statement about sexual misconduct. tart khan is here, our oscar expert, and with that backdrop, the award show will go on. >> i feel great to see you, happy new year, great to be back as always. >> happy to have you. i want to start with a general question. remind the audience who vote on the golden globe awards and why that group is given so much attention. >> voted on the hollywood foreign press association, about 90 journalists who cover hollywood for various overseas publications, foreign journalists, not industry leaders, and the golden globes show, this is the new hampshire primary of the oscar season, the first big televised award
3:43 pm
show and get a chance to see how much support there is for certain films and performances. and if go to the golden globes, you get up on stage, get a great speech and this is your year and the oscar gold is yours. the stakes are very, very high this evening. >> by the way. we're going to get the picks by the industry standard for the winners, but he has phenomenal track record. best motion picture drama. which movie is supposed to win. >> i think we can see the five nominees, we have a list we can put on the screen now, and can tell with you confidence, nobody knows, the race is wide open. all the pundits of the gold derby, the experts attract the showbiz odds were so confused. no clear front-runner. three films have a real chance to win tonight.
3:44 pm
steven spielberg movie "the post." "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri" and my pick is "the shape of water." a small filmed, described as cold war sci-fi fantasy meets cold war. it has many golden globe nominations this year. whatever film does win will take the lead in the oscar race for best picture. "moonlight" won the category last year. >> did you predict "moonlight" last year? >> i did for the globes, not the oscars, that was a shock to all of us indeed. >> okay, talk about best actor and best actress in a drama. >> meryl streep is nominated for "the post." she's won eight times. the hollywood foreign press
3:45 pm
adore her. the prize is not going to go for her, watch for francis mcdormand "in three billboards outside ebbing missouri." she is known for winning the oscar for "fargo". she lost the golden globe to madonna. she has a tony, oscar, no golden globes, i think tonight she gets it. for best actor in a drama, odds on favorite is gary oldman in a film called "the darkest hour." he plays winston churchill, a key during the time of leadership in that country. and rave reviews for him. you know, there's one issue, mr. oldman has criticized the hollywood foreign press in the past. questioned integrity and credibility, and hold that against them? this is where politics comes into play? a young actor called timothy
3:46 pm
shellamy, we'll see what happens. >> the golden globes have musical and comedy films. >> for best motion picture or comedy, we can see the list up on the screen now, and i think we have a clear cut favorite. "lady bird." directed by greta gerwig, lady bird has been sweeping the critics prizes, great reduce across the board. wins for best picture comedy musical. and watch for the award to go to james franco in "the disaster artist." this is about the making of the best, worst movie ever made, called "the room." in 2002. this is off the charts, rave reviews for him. watch for him to get second oscar nomination, he could take the spot of tom hanks in the
3:47 pm
oscar race, we'll pay close attention to that. the oscars come out on march 4th of this year. >> you can do best supporting actor and actress? 30 seconds? >> i think christopher plummer stepping in for kevin spacey's role for "all the money in the world." best supporting actress, i think allison janney playing the mother of tonya harding, phenomenal. a tough race between her and "lady bird." see you in a few hours. >> i told you tariq khan's money is good money. nice to see you. >> tariq, i want folks to know, he's like the babe ruth of movie predictions. his record is unbelievable. so tariq, thank you. in washington, attorney general jeff sessions, he's putting states that legalize pot on notice. giving the green light to enforce federal laws against marijuana. what do the folks in the legal
3:48 pm
cannabis business say? a live report from the state. the eighth one to legalize recreational marijuana. >> we certainly intend to keep on with our operations. we are a state licensed, locally supported, fully compliant cannabis business.
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. arthel: what is believed to be the world's most expensive bottle of vodka has been found unbroken, but empty. after it was stolen from a bar in denmark. the bottle, listen to this, made of gold and silver, with a diamond-encrusted cap. it's valued at $1.3 million. it was on loan to a copenhagen bar. it turned up at a construction site nearly a week after the thief was caught on camera making off with the prized russo baltic vodka. eric: one happy construction worker in stockholm. attorney general jeff sessions says the justice department will no longer look the other way when it comes to states that allow the legal sale of marijuana. you know the move has angered lawmakers from both sides of the aisle while business and supporters of legal marijuana are not worried.
3:53 pm
will carr is in los angeles which happens to be, california, the eighth state to legalize the sale of recreational cannabis. hi, will. >> reporter: hey, there, eric, as recreation sales are rolling out in california cities this weekend. there is a lot of confusion how federal pot laws will be enforced moving forward. eight states plus the district of columbia have legalized recreational pot sales. california democrats say they're ready to take on the trump administration on another controversial issue. >> i now, of course, we have another barrier, there are always hurtles and barriers with this crazy person named jeff sessions, who wants to take us back to 1950s. and you know what? he doesn't know what is going to hit him in terms of the bipartisan backlash against his ridiculous announcement the other day. >> reporter: on thursday,
3:54 pm
attorney general sessions announced the d.o.j. was ditching obama-era approach that essentially dictated handsoff apology with. this the a.g. issuing a statement, to enforce the laws of the u.s. and issuance of guidance under mines the rule of law and the ability of law enforcement partners to carry out the mission. republican corey gardner from colorado takes issue with that. >> the conversation we had, that was specifically about this issue of states' rights in colorado, until he lives up to that commitment, i will be holding all nominations for the department of justice. >> reporter: the question now outside of politics is exactly how this is going to impact recreational pot businesses in those eight states, eric? most are taking a wait-and-see approach. eric: all right, well, thank you so much. arthel? arthel: it's party time in the big easy, as new orleans kicks off carnival season. up next, the sights, sounds and why the celebration leading up
3:55 pm
to mardi gras is so special this year? : : .
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3:58 pm
now that the holidays are over , we are on to the christmas tree mulch fast but on some
3:59 pm
farms around the country it turned into a christmas tree munch fast. they are offering this as food too many hungry goats. go to about anything and christmas trees are packed with nutrients. they say it's a perfect way to recycle. >> i like that. good idea. new orleans officially kicking off the carnival season marking the lead up to the iconic mardi gras festivities. the incoming mayor join the celebration with mitch landrieu and she is saying it embodies the true character of new orleans. >> it really is the spirit. anytime we come together in scholarship and celebration we know we are starting off our year with a plan and there is no other time when the city of new orleans. >> it's especially exciting in the big easy as 2018 marks the
4:00 pm
tri- centennial. i am so proud and ready to go to mardi gras. see you in a bit. steve balance as my bad, sort of and tries to set the record straight. i'm rick leventhal, this is the fox report. bannon offering what appears to be regret for his delayed response to the fallout. this after michael wolf published scathing quotes about him slamming his former boss and the trump family. one passage is getting lots of attention. he called trump junior meeting with the russian lawyer


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