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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  January 7, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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i am so proud and ready to go to mardi gras. see you in a bit. steve balance as my bad, sort of and tries to set the record straight. i'm rick leventhal, this is the fox report. bannon offering what appears to be regret for his delayed response to the fallout. this after michael wolf published scathing quotes about him slamming his former boss and the trump family. one passage is getting lots of attention. he called trump junior meeting with the russian lawyer
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unpatriotic and treasonous. today he released a statement saying in part double trump junior is both a patriot and a good man. he has been relentless in his advocacy for his father and the agenda that has helped turn our country around. president trump could have taken on and defeated the clinton apparatus. i am the only person to date to conduct a global effort, preach the message of trump and trump is a. i am ready to stand in the president's efforts to make america great again. he claims he left some bombshells on the cutting room floor. >> if i left out anything. [inaudible] it's an external a moment in time. what's going on? this is not an exaggeration and not an unreasonable to say this is 27 amendment kind of stuff.
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>> there it has more on this from the white house. how is the administration responding. >> they are not likely to take this lying down. they have called the book everything from a work of. fantasy and disgusting to absurd. the white house continued its campaign today to discredit both the book and the author, michael wolf who portrays the president as mentally and emotionally incompetent and unable to run the country. >> page after page after page is pure false. i see sections of the book where events i participated in are described and i have firsthand knowledge that they are completely and totally fraudulent. >> president trump continues to be frustrated by the allegations. this morning he tweeted about it for the seventh time this week saying i have had to put up with the fake news from the first ai announced i would be running for president. now i have to put up with the
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fake book. ronald reagan had the same problem and handled it well. so i. today his former chief strategist steve bannon spoke for the first time about the controversial statements that are treated to him in the book. in a statement fox news he didn't dispute any of the quotes, but he did say i regret my delay in responding to the inaccurate reporting has diverted attention from the presidents historical accomplishments in the first year of his presidency. the white house is not responded but we have reached out for reaction. >> he had plenty of other things going on this weekend as well. >> arguably his most important meeting of the year over at camp david. he met to discuss their legislative agenda for the year end those priorities include infrastructure, immigration, trade military funding and passing a budget to keep the government open.
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he also spoke with emmanuel crown. the two leaders discussed the latest development on north korea and efforts to denuclearize the regime. also maria sang the presidents also agreed that the widespread demonstrations in iran were a sign of the iranian regime's failure to service people's needs by instead diverting the nation's wealth to terrorism. he has a number of meeting scheduled to see if you can help them work out some kind of deal to pass a budget to avoid government shutdown and reach a deal on immigration. >> thank you. house lawmakers getting back tomorrow after break in a presidential retreat at camp david. they will return to capitol hill with a week to figure out how to fund the government or risk shutdown. republicans have expressed hope for a more bipartisan
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year but kevin mccarthy already blaming minority leader nancy pelosi for making the budget process more contentious than it needs to be. >> the only people trying to shut down the government is nancy pelosi. i watched on the other side the chamber as she whipped members. once we got to the vote with enough republicans at 218, i watch them put their thumb up to release those few democrats who want to vote for it. she is pressuring them, trying to get a shutdown to blame president trump when president trump is the individual working to build the military and find a solution to our border and all those dealing with doctor. >> meanwhile president trump tweeted about the agenda writing leaving camp david for the white house. great meetings with the cabinets in military on many very important subjects including border security and the desperately needed wall, the ever increasing drug and opioid problem, infrastructure, trade and daca.
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let's bring in lindsay, reporter for rollcall. where does the president begin. >> they have to begin with the budget deal and the daca is a big part of that democrat. to get through that before you move on a ski. move on is key. there are automatic spending increases that will take effect. republicans want to increase spending for the military, the democrats are okay but they have to say that is done to equal increases to other programs like health issues and education. >> we have heard all this optimistic talk but we haven't seen a lot of it yet.
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what is the likelihood that we will in 2018. >> i was a very unlikely. democrats have no incentive to work with the president when they are running on a largely antitrust platform. why would they work with them? >> their constituents might want the roads and bridges to get built and fixed. >> indeed and when they talk about bipartisanship i don't think they're talking about working with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and the entire congress by going to the democrats who are up for reelection in red states that trump won and working with them to achieve bipartisan priorities. >> the president said he will campaign for republican candidates. >> we went into daca and we hope we can work out an
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arrangement with the democrats so they get something they would like to see happen. it's something i would like to see happen. >> we hope 2018 will be a year of bipartisan operation. >> we have issues such as infrastructure we want to tend too. we will make sure senator matus has the tools and resources they need to keep us safe. we have a bold agenda. we think it will appeal to everyone in between. >> that was a soundbite of them working together. he also spoke about what we discussed and campaigning for republican candidates. you think that could be an effective strategy in 2018. >> it will depend on the state but that's normal for president to back incumbents. what's significant significant about a coming from donald
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trump is that he had made some thoughts about potentially weighing in on primaries against incumbents of patent back his agenda. it's probably reassuring for candidates heading into the primaries. whether he follows through to back those incumbents will depend on where the issues lie and if they are supporting his agenda. >> to have any sense whether the book is damaging relationships inside the white house or maybe they're getting stronger because of all this outside criticism. >> it seems to me that relationships are strong in support of the president over the book, at least publicly in terms of behind-the-scenes i'm not sure. they are probably freaking out a little bit, but i think on the hill that will be a big questioned.
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>> lindsay, rollcall reporter, we appreciate your time very much. >> north korea confirming today that it is planning high-level talks with south korea scheduled for tuesday. this will be the first dialogue between representatives of more than two years for the winter games might be the spark the discussion with opening ceremony kicking off one month from now. north korean leader kim jong-un is expressing interest in having his athletes compete in the figure skating competition, but a truce could be tough after months of rising tension with his neighbors and the u.s. on edge following north korea's ballistic missile launch. experts say the warheads have the potential to hit america. still president trump is hop hoping for peace. >> i hope it works out i want to see a workout. i would like to see them getting involved in the olympics and maybe things go from there. i am behind that one 100%. [inaudible]
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>> molly joins us from washington. molly, president trump said he is willing to meet with north korea's leader. >> he said it would be a great thing for humanity of a peaceful solution could come out of talks with north korea and south korea. >> a lot of things have happened before that actually takes place. they have to stop testing. they have to be willing to talk about banning their nuclear weapons. those things have to happen. >> nikki haley said the trump administration doesn't want to repeat what has happened in the past 25 years were north korea makes vultures that they're ready to negotiate, asks for a lot of money and then sheets on its promises. >> much has been made about the back-and-forth between the president and kim jong-un about each nuclear button.
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the trumpet ministrations as is a very serious message. >> mike pompeo says american policy on north korea is consistent for the first time in an awfully long time. kim jong-un said new year's day that the nuclear button is always on the table in my office and north korea could hit the entire u.s. mainland. president trump tweeted back that his button is bigger more powerful and it works. here's how the director explained the message. >> we want them to understand that we are intent on resolving this and it is our firm conviction that resolving this diplomatically is the right answer and they are prepared to do what it takes to make sure people aren't held at risk from him, kim jong-un, having a nuclear
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weapon. >> tom cotton said the u.s. cannot allow other countries to threaten the u.s. with nuclear contact when our arsenal is the strongest and the largest in the world. senate republicans after the author of the trump dossier. have the congressional probes become too partisan? >> the citizens want an fbi that is bias free. the other issue is putting bias aside, did the fbi engage in a process that we can have confidence in? { sneezing ] shut down cold symptoms fast [ coughing ] with maximum strength alka seltzer plus liquid gels.
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but now she's found a way to keep her receipts tidy, even when nothing else is. brand vo: snap and sort your expenses with quickbooks and find, on average, $4,340 in tax savings. smarter business tools for the world's hardest workers. quickbooks. backing you. the new year didn't stop the old debate on capitol hill over special counsel robert muller's investigation into collusion between russia and the trump campaign.
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with two republicans on the judiciary committee calling for criminal charges against the author of the trump dossier. president trump weighed in on the matter. >> there has been no crime and everybody tells me i'm not under investigation maybe hillary is, but i'm not. there's been no collusion. there's been no crime, but we have been very open. we could've done it to a spread we could been very closed and it would've taken years but when you've done nothing wrong, let's be open and get it over with because honestly it's very bad for our country. it's making our country look foolish. >> caroline shively has reactio reaction. >> democrats and republicans cranked up their fight over what the justice department should focus on in the rush investigation. potential collusion with the trump campaign or how the department handled information about the clinton campaign. lindsey graham asked why not
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both. >> if you believe robert muller should be looking at the trump campaign, count me in. but if you ignore all this stuff, your blind. >> by all the stuff he means in part, how the d.o.j. handled information coming from christopher steele. he is the man behind the bombshell dossier on president trump. his research was partially funded by the democratic national committee and the clinton campaign. the fbi still considered putting him on the payroll for more information. graham and other republicans are also complaining about how some justice department favored hillary clinton while the same officials were part of the team investigating him. they hit the topic hard this morning and democrats blasted right back. >> allen a special counsel to look at not only how he conducted himself but the fbi did with the dossier and if
4:19 pm
the lead investigator of the clinton e-mail investigation had a political bias against trump or clinton to the point that it was a sham investigation. >> if they are investigating hillary clinton, it doesn't take a genius level to see why. they are being badgered by the white house to do it. >> amidst all the public fighting, robert muller continues his investigation into potential collusion between russia and the trump campaign and whether it led to obstruction of justice. >> president trump is suspending security aids in pakistan saying they are not doing enough to crack down on the television. is this a wake-up call or could the move complicate the u.s. mission? also, you might've noticed record-breaking cold ripping the northeast. it has millions of people asking when will it let up. plus, flooding that one major airport is prompting major headache and major delays. we will tell you what caused
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it's pretty warm in florida but the northeast is shivering on the weekend of historically cold temperatures. brian has come in from the cold with the latest. >> this has been a record-breaking arctic blast this weekend for much of the north northeast, frigid single-digit temperatures and dangerously cold wind chills. you're looking at the current wind chills. it feels like one in boston, nine in new york and truth is, that is warm.
4:24 pm
we've seen negative 25 - negative 40 windchill last night into this morning. it is especially cold in massachusetts. the actual temperature was negative 21 in chicopee. it's so cold that in dorchester, two fire trucks froze in place at the scene of a five alarm fire. the latter was frozen and it wouldn't retract. both had to be towed. it's affected as far down as south carolina and georgia where more freezing rain could make for icy roads tomorrow. it's expected make traveling treacherous and after monday the good news is temperatures across the east coast expected to go up to at least 30 degrees. today in whistler massachusetts it felt a minus nine earlier today. that's actual temperature, breaking a record of minus five in 1942. >> and the weather, we know is wreaking havoc on travel, especially at jfk airport. >> you and i know this airport very well. it's going through a hellish weekend. the storm thursday made for
4:25 pm
cancellations and delays. then there was a collision on the tarmac last night between two planes. luckily no one injured. this afternoon a water main break. water cascading and flooding terminal four. it's an international terminal. travelers had to evacuate the terminal, go outside into the frigidaire. some people's bags were soaked. the water main froze and burst. there are no international arrivals at the terminal at this time and departures are not affected but it is causing more traffic and waiting on the tarmac, compounding a miserable three days. passengers sat on planes for three, four, five or more hours. people had to sleep in the airport for two days after the storm. the port authority which operates the transit hubs here in new york said there was a backlog of flights after the storm resulting in a surge of flights and not enough gates
4:26 pm
for the airplanes. they used portable stairs to the plane and they said the record close has called cause ground equipment failure. they urge everyone to check their flights before they head to the airport. >> this just in, winter in spain. they have problems of their own. the country deploying 250 soldiers to help hundreds of drivers caught in the snow. this was northwest of madrid. the heavy snowfall trapping families on holiday weekend traveling home from epiphany celebration. >> president trump's decision to cut off security assistance for pakistan, did it potentially open a door for china? the steps aging is making to strengthen its military and how americans actions could be helping china expand their global presence. the deadly antigovernment protest we've seen in tehran influence the outcome? a dr. s'k he got a recommendation for our custom fit orthotic to relieve his foot, knee, or lower back pain, from being on his feet.
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an adt starter kit that includes security panel, keypad, key fob, entry and motion sensors and for a limited time, get a camera included and installed at no additional cost. that's a $449.00 value, installed, for just $49.00. i'm rick leventhal and this is the fox report. the antigovernment protest in iran are reportedly over, at least according to the iran revolutionary guard. they blasted the u.s. and other countries, claiming the unrest was our fault. these were the largest protest in nearly ten years mostly college-age students frustrated over issues including the economy, price hikes and a lack of jobs. what are the chances of more? joining me now is the national security and foreign policy expert in a former foreign
4:31 pm
policy advisor for the trump campaign. think you for being here. >> could it really be our fault? >> i think this wave basically is over. that first wave that needed to be supported by the rest of the country was a very strong statement but the iranian regime understood there would be no immediate action so they deployed the guard and the security forces, their militias. these demonstrations receded. i don't think the demonstrations planned, but i think this round, the session basically is over. >> we know this is a totalitarian regime. it's very tough predator hundreds of people detained. i'm wondering how dangerous it is for people to protest. >> it is very dangerous. 2009, 1.5 million iranians demonstrated in iran in tehran and there was an abandonment by the united states and the obama administration, and other the last they lost many casualties including the
4:32 pm
well-known none on many were jailed, many were tortured but they want to get rid of this regime. this regime has been there since 1979. it's oppressive, depressive and on top of that, receiving billions of dollars from the iran deal and not spending on the people. >> it has to be bad if they are going to risk being jailed to go out on the streets in protest. >> yes. there are about, according to reports, thousand people jailed, but we really don't know the final number why because medication with the demonstrators have been very low because of the regime control of the internet, but on the other hand, we can see from monitoring of what's happening that these are very courageous people. they have been able to demonstrate not just in tehran. that's why the regime decided to act. >> you mentioned the iranian
4:33 pm
new deal. the president has a deadline later this month whether to certify and he has criticized the deal. he called it one of the worst deals ever made. what's the likelihood that he won't certify it. >> first of all, i am asking a larger question that i come to this one, do we have a plan to actually support the protest, did we have one estimate we had great statements made out of washington and york but the real question is what do we do now. coming to the deal, there is an opportunity for two things to be done. either the president and the administration would condition recertifying with what the regime is doing or the behavior of the regime toward the process and people, or telling the europeans, our partners in this deal that we can certify the deal but you are going to be very serious about putting pressure on the regime to see these actions of suppression and also to stop
4:34 pm
the missile. there is a lot of room to maneuver. >> let's go back to the point you just raised. you advised the trump administration, during the campaign, what would you tell them now, what should they be doing for the people who are protesting in iran. >> i don't have all the data because we are outside the administration, but from monitoring the situation on the ground, there are certain things that the admission can do, even today. i don't think these movements of protest are dead but they have receded. number one we need special forces with many partners in the region. we are a coalition of 49 - 50 eric countries that can do a lot in terms of international support here in the united nations. precisely at the security council that we know there is a veto by russia if we conduct any resolution, but to have a coalition of the willing to help us is something we can do regardless of everything else. >> the president also has to decide whether to extend
4:35 pm
sanctions relief. is that an open question. >> look, from what we hear from congress there's a consensus there and i imagine we're not going to stop the sanctions at a time when the iranian regime is showing aggressiveness. we maintain the sections and we add other policies. that's why said earlier, i'm not sure if we have a plan. it was very fast. what happened over the past few weeks was not something we were ready for. >> the cia director weighed in earlier today. we want to play that and get you to react to that. >> they could do something, they could take some of the weaknesses from the agreement, from the joint comprehensive agreement, extend deadlines, put sanctions into place they could really happen so there are things they could do to make the deal better and ultimately the president will
4:36 pm
have to make the decision about whether to remain in the deal or not. >> can he fix the still? >> the deal can be fixed if we fix the government in iran. the problem of the deal is not the deal by itself. ukraine and south africa wanted to get rid of their own nuclear weapons. the problem you are having a deal with the regime that doesn't want to have a deal on the policy. they want to maintain their influence in iraq and syria and lebanon and yemen. worse than all of that, missiles. they want to develop missiles. what you send with missiles? flowers? nuclear weapon. >> before we let you go we want to get you to weigh in on the pakistan situation. we know the president has suspended $1.9 billion in aid. he now says he wants to use that on infrastructure in the u.s. instead of giving it to the pakistanis who he says has not been doing enough to support the u.s. against the afghan taliban and the county network. what do you say to that? >> the facts are, over the past two administrations, there were problems with pakistan in terms of not being able, since 911, almost a decade to stopping them.
4:37 pm
the afghan he government has been complaining. but really what's behind that is really the chinese influence within pakistan. they feel that now that they have this association with china, the superhighway from china say don't have to respond to our request with regard to the taliban. maybe this is the pressure. >> so this could backfire. >> it could backfire, but everybody is rational in the sense that the pakistanis also don't want to lose the american support because someone else will take it. it's not just infrastructure in the united states but have so many competitors including afghanistan and india. they will have to respond rationally to this pressure. >> we appreciate your insight. thank you very much. >> thank you for having having me. >> china appears to be building a large naval base at an airport in afghanistan as beijing makes further advances to strengthen its military.
4:38 pm
in recent days the prim chinese president urged his forces to be prepared to win the next war. jennifer explains what that means for america and the world. >> to mark the new year, china's president oversaw a mobilization ceremony at a military base 100 miles outside beijing where he urged china's rapidly expanding military to train harder and faster to win the next war. >> calling on the whole armed forces to strengthen real combat training. >> last year china opened its first overseas military base in djibouti right next to a u.s. drone base. the next cold war may already be underway and china could have the upper hand, according to a new series of warnings from top chinese experts. in a list of 2018 top risks, ian brenner warns president she that benefits from lucky
4:39 pm
timing, trump has renounced the u.s. commitment to washington led multilateralism and generated much uncertainty about the future u.s. role in asia. it created a power vacuum that china can now begin to fill. the center for new american security predicts china's navy will be bigger than the u.s. navy in 2030. >> china has newfound capabilities and has newfound assertiveness and confidence. anywhere finds an opportunity, it is jumping in, headlong, and whether that is a base in djibouti and now a base in pakistan. >> china is increasing its foreign aid, building bridges and roads all over after in asi asia. on his third day in office, president trump pulled out of the transpacific partnership. >> this is an opportunity, there is disruption going on in america. there's a pullback. america first will not be appealing to this region. >> last june the pentagon worn china would establish military bases in countries which had been friendly to the u.s.
4:40 pm
today i asked defense secretary mattis if he was worried china would fill the void in pakistan. he said no. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> the booming marijuana industry is facing a potential setback. the d.o.j. could pull a plug on an obama era enforcement policy. we have reaction. >> there is a vehicle on the northbound side going southbound. he is now doing 80 miles per hour plus. >> dramatic -- cam footage as a wrong way driver causes chaos on an interstate. you will see what happens next. >> they time saver. yeah. let's talk time. rocket mortgage by quicken loans. get approved in as few as 8 minutes. turn with one a day men's. a complete multivitamin with key nutrients plus b vitamins for heart health. your one a day is showing.
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4:44 pm
involving a wrong way driver in california. it happened early this morning about 20 miles northwest of sacramento. authorities say the driver, who is going the wrong way collided with the car carrying five people. no word on whether drugs or alcohol were involved. this as we get -- cam footage of another wrong way incident with this one in utah. take a look. >> he is now doing 80 miles per hour. >> head-on collision. >> that was the voice of a taxi driver calling 911. he witnessed a maserati filing into another car and into southbound traffic. both drivers were injured. fox 13 in utah reported that the wrong way driver was intoxicated. we'd is legal in numerous states including california. or is it. the marijuana industry is grappling with uncertainty after jeff sessions rollback the d.o.j.'s hands-off approach to states with legalized pot.
4:45 pm
will car on the story from l.a. what is the status of recreational sales across the golden state. >> there have been issues with regulations. it's been rolling out at different times in different parts of the state but california makes eight states plus the district of columbia that has legalized recreational marijuana. saturday sales started in san francisco and california democrats say they are ready to take on the trumpet ministration on another controversial issue. >> and now course we have another barrier. there's always hurdles and barriers with this crazy person named jeff sessions wants to take us back to the 1950s. you know what, he doesn't know what is going to hit him in terms of the bipartisan backlash against his ridiculous announcement the other day. >> after the d.o.j., the
4:46 pm
question now is how will this impact recreational pot businesses. most are taking a wait-and-see approach but even before all this, they have struggled to work with banks because banks are federally insured so they are working heavily, if not all in cash. >> what was the attorney general's reasoning behind his decision? >> we only have a statement from attorney general sessions, but this i isn't exactly a surprise. in part he said it's the mission of the d.o.j. to enforce the laws of the u.s. and the previous issuance of guidance undermines the rule of law and the ability of our local law-enforcement partners to carry out this mission, but there are republicans, including corey garner who take issue with it. >> the conversation we had was specifically about this issue of states rights in colorado. until he lives up to that commitment i will be holding all nominations for the department of justice. >> it's important to know that his decision basically is left
4:47 pm
in the hands of u.s. attorney on how they will pursue marijuana crimes. some have already said it will be a top priority. >> this seems like a will get more collocated. obviously there's put limitations as we just heard. >> something to keep in mind, the states involved tend to lean blue and they've exchanged punches with the trumpet ministration on other issues. as i mentioned, not a huge surprise here. >> thank you very much. the stars are out for the 75th annual golden globe awards for this will be tinseltown's first major award ceremony since the harvey weinstein sexual harassment and assault scandal triggered national movement. >> we go live next for a preview of the red carpet and everything else as the fox report goes to hollywood usaa to me means peace of mind. we had a power outage for five days total.
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>> a big day in a big night in hollywood with the 75th annual golden globe awards. the first major award ceremonies in tinseltown since the harvey weinstein scandal sparked me too movement. much of the attention will focus on the year's best films as well. let's go to michael in los angeles. his host of in the fox like. it's great see you. >> great see you. it's the night when anything could happen but one thing that probably won't happen is harvey weinstein showing up. in fact, stars from tv and film are making a visual protest because of a scandal that arrested with those weinstein allegations. >> as we count down to the
4:52 pm
first big hollywood award show of 2018, we know the 75th annual golden globes will see many of its nominees and presenters dressed in black too show solidarity against us sexual assault scandal rocking tinseltown. it's known to be a big party giving awards in many film categories, many believe it will be filled with critical speeches and the current story dominatin dominating. >> it's obvious what people in this industry are thinking about. we also make sure we celebrate all the great work that happened. >> as for awards they are always a good determination of which might get nominations. best comedy or musical and best trauma. >> it is anybody's guess. whichever film does win probably takes the lead for best picture. lady bird will take it.
4:53 pm
watch out for cutout. >> a couple events of the weekend we come up with globe nominees about their thoughts on the evening. >> it is nice to be in alliance with a good purpose and a good mission. it's not enough wearing a specific color. that i can fix anything. but in a way it's a way of showing solidarity. so were showing that were all in this together and as long as that's not the only thing were doing then that's good. >> it's a moment of solidarity, of women and men saying we have a problem in our culture and our society, and not just in hollywood but every industry where abuse of power is rampant. >> if you remember those oscars protests from a few years back in the esther moore campaign about more than just
4:54 pm
who they are wearing, we will have to wait and see whether tonight's golden globes is the start of something big or just a flash in the pan. >> i wonder whether there will be some uncomfortable laughter in the room with seth myers jokes about this. >> how that is the stain on hollywood? how badly has the industry been affected by all this. >> will that has been the big challenge this year. how do you celebrate the best of an industry that is so toxic right now? how tonight show goes will really set the tone for the rest of the award season. there's about four more big award shows right after tonight. you mentioned that seth myers have a heck of task to do. if you comedians that have tried to make light of sexual harassment have all fallen flat. >> i know michael, there was an effort to have all the actresses were black and i heard that some were going against that they wanted to wear something else to celebrate the new power. where does it stand. are they showing up in black,
4:55 pm
are they wearing colors, what's happening. >> they are showing up in black in solidarity, marching arm in arm with activists who fight for equality and diversity and all that short of thing. they are highly motivated to do this. i spoke with michelle williams who is nominated for all the money in the world. she was attending a meeting at the hotel i'm staying up along with meryl streep and others in the movement. she told me they are dead serious, they are motivated, this is the real deal, they've had over 10000 contributions to the legal defense fund and raised over $15 million. >> that's a sentence i never said, i bumped into michelle williams. >> and so casually. >> that is very good. michael, do you have a prediction for this film? >> it's a tough one. a lot of people talking about the shape of water and lady bird. i would not be surprised. [inaudible] it was made for $5 million in gross over $200 million. it could be a real surprise of
4:56 pm
the night. >> i didn't see that one. it was awesome. sorry about. [inaudible] apparently and get one. >> it's all good. i'm glad to be here with you. >> so kids as young as five are being encouraged to smoke cigarettes and parents are the ones egging them on. we will tell you where and why this is happening, next if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. depend silhouette briefs. feature a comfortable sleek fit. as a dancer, i've learned you can't have any doubts. because looking good on stage is one thing. but real confidence comes from feeling good out there. get a coupon at
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is an unusual celebration taking place in portugal. parents encourage their children to smoke cigarettes. apparently it's a tradition. they been doing it for centuries but no one's really sure why children are allowed to smoke.
5:00 pm
that just looks like a really bad idea. that's our fox report the sunday generally 72018. i'm rick leventhal. thanks for watching. have a safe and productive eveng


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