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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 11, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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self-esteem and no matter what you have to say, let it all out. we promise that we are never going to be the trump media. we are fair and balanced. a and laura ingraham, we didn't hear back. >> i tried for hours today and you have a bunch of haters out there. >> i like the fact that the guy that left the message said f and not the whole word, so you are making progress with your haters out there. >> "the ingraham angle" starts right now. big news tonight. >> good evening.
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i'm laura ingraham and we are here with "the ingraham angle" and we have a big issue and the daca pitch and we going to have the analysis on what the democrats and their pals in the republican party are trying to ram through and the explosive comment that the president made in the oval office and by the way, chicago residents and the revolt over the obama library plan. we have one of the men with the push back here tonight. and the details of one of the most heinous crimes ever committed by an illegal immigrant and we are the only
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show doing it tonight. we have details on something that happened in durbin, colorado. first, the gang of six bill is a complete and utter joke. earlier in the week, the president empowered congressional leaders to come up with a bipartisan deal to address the status of the 800,000 or so dreamers that president obama protected from deportation and remember, there were some rerecognition -- prerequisi prerequisi prerequisites. and today, unveiling the great
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compromise. when i heard that those three were involved, i knew it was going to be bad. and dick durbin says that the daca citizens get citizenship and can have sponsorship and admit their illegal parents and only 1.6 billion is going to go towards the construction and fencing. a real border wall is expected to cost about $20 billion and as congress an trying to find the
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money and do not tell me that we do not have the money to enforce our own border. the bipartisan proposal placed new constraints on the department of homeland security that is going to hamper the actual building of the wall. and this really tortures me. the visa lories is going to be temporarily transferred to the immigrants. the standard is lowered for that group. i suggest that the bipartisan group sharpen their pencils and return to the table. this is not going to do it. no way. no how. it is going to lead to more immigration and spike the number of low skilled immigrant workers.
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this is a bill that the president should love, right? the president of mexico that is. the president should runaway from it. and just like in 2007, 2015, and 2017, the personnel try and trick us every time. during the presidential election lindsay graham got 1% of the vote in his home state during the primaries. yes, 1%. and let's face it, the immigration views of flake and graham are not popular and the president should not tie his great political future to these
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sinking anvils. they should just sink him right down. they should combine the majority. what i heard loud and clear on my show this morning. >> it is built on illegal labor and there is a plenty toot of illegal labor. holding it down for the americans. >> there is so much gun viepgs and there are so many illegals in chicago right now and so hard for anyone to get a job. >> people know how high the stakes are right now and they are already living with the results of the open border policies and they are supported by the same politicians pushing this bill on trump.
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america has been completely transformed cultural, economically by illegal immigration and ms-13 is still proliferating and nobody wants america to be the next... [ bleep ] [ bleep ] i guess we are bleeping that. it is what graham is pushing that is so unpopular and that's the angle. joining me is best selling author, ann coulter and jonathan
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swan, a national political reporter for axios and jonathan, let's start with you. i did some reporting before the show and without belaboring the side and this bill doesn't go close in my mind in reaching the nonnegotiatables that president trump has set out very clearly. >> you couldn't have had a worse mess anger than dick durbin and then, i heard it was flake and graham. they show up and go into the cabinet room and the doors swing
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open and in walks purdue and they freak and they are like, okay. and the real conversation happens, which is obviously, the deal that was presented this morning. >> they must think that the president is stupid. they are going to walk into this meeting and try and buffalo trump on immigration on these points? writing a whole book trashing him and take it away.
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>> we just put a reality star developer in the white house and why? because he talked about building the wall. >> i'm actually surprised and they didn't try and dress this
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up and it is worse than the gang of eight bill in many respects and it directly increases chain migration and allowing the eight to sponsor uncles, aunts, parents can still for the three years revolving period of time. >> it almost seemed to me contentious of what the president wanted to do. >> do you think they rolled it out on purpose? >> no, i think they actually think that the president is a moron. >> they have been working on this for months and this is what these bozo's came up with? >> the whole argument for daca is they didn't commit a crime
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and were legally not responsible and the amnesty bill protects their parents that did bring them here. i thought this was a joke. >> and aimed directly at the issue of chain migration and let's watch. >> the idea that chain migration is real and it is something that people know nothing about immigration will say. it took me 18 years to get hi citiz citizenship and if i tried to get my parents to come here as a u.s. citizen, it would have taken many more years. >> 80% of all recipients this year were from chain migration. and the other 20% were
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job-related. >> i don't know what to make of that. my eyes are bulging. >> it has ballooned in the past 20 years and ballooned more than anyone thought and we are going to get to this next story about something that just happened in denver, colorado. as you know, the media outlets do not dig for stories on this next crime and we are going to get into in the next segment and just the issue of crime alone we have to keep front and center because it relates to the american people. >> that's how my book became a book on immigration and it was only going to be one chapter and i looked up what country is
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going to want to know and how many are in prison and the country specifically suppresses that information and the media is not asking any questions and then, they go around and blow up on a comment by trump. and the haitians seem to be widely overrepresented in our prison system and americans widely under represented and for those that want to know the facts and can you count? it is not that hard to figure out how many immigrants are in prison. can you count them? >> who has the president's ear on immigration in the white house? stephen miller and he's one of the original trump ites and does
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stephen miller have indeplanes and -- influence and i know that the president is his own man and runs his own show, but does he have influence? >> he doesn't policy like stephen miller does and this is one of the issues where trump himself has very strong, hard wired instincts and has for a long time. and immigration trade and there are liberals in there that would have horrified by the comment that he made today, but they are basically giving up and they know where this is heading. >> and the president's issue is always deriled by the president's comment and even if he agreed to something like this. they did it yesterday and the
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president sticks to his instincts and if you want to have daca, you have to get rid of chain migration. >> and he's the man on the street on immigration. he's in the white house. >> a young african-american and two women. a young african-american male in chicago and two women and they said, i'm not racist and i believe in immigration, but this is wrong and people are mad. i don't care what they say about daca polls, but people are livid. great story and ann and mark
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yo bonkers once again and fox news is among one of the outlets with the reports and during a conference on the immigration today that we were just talking about and trump said, and i substitute a particular word here and why are we having all of these people from blank hole countries come here? the president was referring to countries like haiti and el salvador, where ms-13 is from and cnn totally freaked out. >> the president has racist views and how long do we have to dance around that issue? >> jeffrey tubin talking about dancing is not something that i want to think about. let's welcome in immigration
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attorney, michael wild in new york and let's go to you on this issue on the blank hole countries and because he said that and tubin and acosta go to the same old tune and because he said that, president trump is obviously harboring ill will towards people of color. >> and this is the best night to watch cnn. it is fantastic. i still want a wall and he's not going to win me back with his rhetoric again and in the meantime, it is not until we actually see a wall. and this is what all of the sponsors of the 1965 immigration act promised us. kennedy and all of legislators
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sworn up and down and said that we are not going to be overwhelmed with immigrants from africa or any one country and they are acting exactly opposite of that. basically, the western european immigration was shut down and if anybody complains about it, they are calling you a racist. was teddy kennedy a racist? no, it is not true. and they can't speak english and if we don't have enough money for the wall and a lot of these countries are such fantastic countries and maybe we can shut off the foreign aid and use that to build the wall. >> and michael, i want to go to
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you on this and your reaction to the president's comment? >> i want to say thank you laura for having me and i have acted on behalf of the president and i have represented mrs. trump and i don't think this is a big if. this is a contentious issue and i think that the president should be acting with better choice of words and the dialogue has migrated and this issue is festering and it is a hallmark of the 1965 act and now, given the derogatory term of "chain migration". and we have 50,000 lottery visas
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and 50 million buying green cards effectively. yes, there is something that needs to be done and yes, i'm all for or adding more vendors, but i don't think that we want ms-13 here. >> let me share something with our viewers and i log on to the website and msn website and cool issues that i care about and heroin is one of them and there is a major heroin bust in colorado this week and counts against 61 individuals. and the suspects, juan meza a a
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are all illegal immigrants and $264,000 worth of drugs, including heroin and we know what heroin is doing to our youth and society and it is poisoning them. and that's why it matters. their lives are affected and how many of these kids could have been daca recipients if they had not been busted in a heroin wring? they could have received daca m amnes amnesty, could they not? >> get them out. are you going to inflate with the immigrants. >> again, michael, this may work in your law practice, but not with me. these are individuals that are
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taxing our police, our district attorneys, our government services by poisoning our youth. >> they have not been convicted criminals. >> oh, they are value lek torians. we caught them. how many didn't we catch? >> there are two issues that are relevant here. and the supporters of daca and if you add them together, they are not more or less likely to be criminals. immigrant communities and even though most of the people are perfe perfectly innocent they serve as a cover for rings like this. these guys are not operating in some suburban place.
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>> this happened ten miles from washington, d.c. where we are broadcasting from right now. go back to valentine's day last year. a female ms-13 gang member had another female girl in her grip and killing her. she stabbed her multiple times. this is from fox five news here in washington. watch. >> how did you kill her? >> with a knife. >> she said to her also, you will see me again in hell, don't forget my name. all reported and all admitted to. another life that shouldn't have been taken and should have never of happened and ann, you can take it away here, but i'm telling you, any destruction of
7:29 pm
life, property, rape, child abuse, dwi, why do the liberals have to tolerate this, so they feel better about their chances in the electoral process? >> that happened last year? >> no, this year. >> so, that's in trump's america and we have to flash back to trump promising. >> sorry, the killing happened on valentine's day last year. >> and the children murdered by illegal aliens and brought it front and center stage and trump said i won't betray you and if trump doesn't go forward in building the wall and it is going to be on his record and the next pulse nightclub and
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that's going to be his and he better remember the people who put him there. >> the dialogue is deteriorating sadly where most criminals are daca or illegal aliens. >> what if that were your daughter with 12 knife wounds in her neck. would you be coming on this show saying the 8,000 people daca participants. >> i didn't say that. >> don't tell me! you need to get a new immigration lawyer. we are out of time. you are wrong. the potentially invasive tactics from silicon valley could affect all of you. up next. (avo) help control cravings
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. >> facebook, twitter, google are hardly friends of conservatives, but i use them all. its own workers accuse facebook of suppressing the trending news in its stories and have a history of banning conservatives and facebook's algorithyms and results. how shocking. next, let's go to steve hilton and he's in silicon valley and kristen with the media group.
7:36 pm
okay, why should we be concerned of fact checking daily sites and continually fact checking on twitter and that's the google lock and vox and more liberal sites don't get that treatment, is it fair? >> absolutely not. however, we should be concerned about this and this is a case of what happens when you have smaller start-ups and not a plan and becoming one of the largest corporations in the world. i think this is a large part of mishaps and lack of planning and at this point, they are internet advertising sites and people have the power to cut off and
7:37 pm
stop advertising with these sites. >> hold on. the problem is with for example google and the analytics of google and the analytics don't match the traffic on the site and that seems patently unfair. i'm going to go to steve. >> i think that it is unfair and i'm not disagreeing with you. i think they have to get their act together fairly quickly and the consumers have the power to change this by cutting off the ad revenue. >> well, it is google. and steven, what on twitter isn't provocative these days?
7:38 pm
look at my twitter feed. what should we think about this? >> i think that we should be really concerned and it is my first time joining you and i want to say thank you and that you are a real champion for popularism and it is the powerful and we should be frightened. and basically, they want us to put our whole lives in their hands and show up to the front door and face recognition software and order the groceries and stick it in the smart fridge in the kitchen and who owns all of the data? not us. they own it. and what happens with that data? and we have been told that every single chip in the world has a design flaw, which means that it
7:39 pm
can be hacked by anyone and they hide behind this notion of theal go rhythm and everyone in tech understands that the algorithms are written by the people and they are liberals too and they shove the money into the pockets of democrats, who obviously want to raise taxes and regulations and they do everything they can to avoid paying taxes and spend millions of dollars on lobbyists to avoid being regulated. they want other industries to be regulated, just not theirs. >> the best is when mark zuckerberg buys all of the
7:40 pm
properties around his house and makes sure that he has a perimeter and he makes sure that he has a lot of security. what is the difference between breaking and entering a house and the nation? that's not how it works. up next, a few more reasons why chicago may say no thanks to the plans for the obama library. ...isn't it time to let the real you shine through? maybe it's time for otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months,... ...with reduced redness,... ...thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has... requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. tell your doctor if these occur.
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>> okay, stay here because this is wild. controversy is swirling around the obama president ally prayer and the obama center is going to contain no books. it is more like a presidential campus with a recording studio and like he did several years with the karaoke and it is going to have a basketball court and a lot of people are rejecting the suggestion and one of them is the director of the cultural foundation and he's spear heading this effort on behalf of a lot of chicago residents. and charles, no book. we don't know where the archives
7:45 pm
are or no documents. explain this. >> first of all, thank you for covering this story and taking this up. so, tremendous kudos. you are right, it is not a library. it is a bait and switch. we were told that we would actually have a library and the parkland that has been held in trust for 150 years has been offered up and we are seeing an enterprise in a public parkland and it is simply outrageous. >> it is really ugly too. i don't know what it looks like. it looks like some kind of spaceship and it is not attractive and i'm going to have you on radio on this tomorrow and manu echisl said whatever
7:46 pm
you need? >> this happened at the university of chicago and if they took this up at the university of chicago, they would have been laughed out. >> we are going to take this up tomorrow. { sneezing ] shut down cold symptoms fast [ coughing ] with maximum strength alka seltzer plus liquid gels.
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>> welcome back. the summer of their discontent made glorious winter. ceo's and the glorious economy, that's the topic of tonight's focus angle and remember when the advisors of trump's council resigned after the charlotte protest and of course, the journalists were absolutely gleeful last august when that was going down. trump is losing his supporters in america and they claimed when
7:51 pm
the trump haters made the absurd claim that trump was sympathetic to white supremists. i can't even read all of the headlines there is so many. and they claim and posture and say i'm more politically correct and they jumped off when trump was sinking because they wanted to save themselves and naturally, the media ate it up. >> a former ceo that ran as the jobs president. >> and he claimed that he could get things done with their help and now, they have turned their backs on him. >> they are not afraid of president trump anymore and at
7:52 pm
this point he has done less on his agenda. >> oh, please. and the chief made it certain that the entire trump agenda would be over cinny. could they be more wrong? the president's approach has presented that he's smarter and more in tune with the people than these business leaders will ever be. see for yourself. wal-mart announced today they are raising the hourly wage to $12 an hour and giving a bonus to all of its employees. and they are not alone.
7:53 pm
waste management and comcast and many others have made similar moves. this is money in people's pockets and it puts the democrats in something like a trick bag. the economy and chemung canal trust company -- infrastructure is up, but remember what nancy pelosi said when it passed? >> this is a very big deal. >> and once again, she was sputtering on the house floor today. >> the crumbs they are giving to the workers to put the smoosh on is so pathetic. >> think about that. crumbs. $34,000 from waste management and maybe it is crumbs if you
7:54 pm
live in sea ford heights in san francisco, but to most people, it is real money and they say that trump doesn't have both oars in the water, nancy has lost both oars she is so out of it. and their beloved leader, barrack obama is giving them tons of charity. >> sasha invites them to dance and she is an excellent dancer and sasha pulls me up, which surprises me because she always mocks my dancing because i have bad moves and the key is what we call staying in the pocket. so, you have to stay in the pocket. >> i'm glad that he's
7:55 pm
reminiscing about the parties in the white house and some ceo's that abandoned trump weeks ago are expressing urgency and give amnesty to the daca illegals and my question is why trump should you? they talked behind your back with hillary clinton and post charlottesville. as the post immigration debate continues, don't forget who your real friends are. we'll be right back. ♪
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8:00 pm
tomorrow and remember, keep it locked right here because shannon bream is up next. another phenomenal show on tap and remember, twitter, facebook, we'll have a poll up later tonight. i want you to participate. remember, that this is your country and this means we are all invested in the results of all these debates. shannon bream is up next. >> shannon: laura, thank you so much. here is what is coming up tonight. this search for a definitive answer about what sparked the russia investigation intensifies, as the debate over government spying heats up in congress. speak up when you are talking on fbi phone and you are at work conspiring with other workers to bring a president down, that is a real problem. >> shannon: tonight the president wants to know whether the fbi relied on unverified dossier in order to justify spying on his campaign. he is joined by influential republicans asking tough questions. >> why would the fbi use a democrat paid for


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