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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 15, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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it's always prettier in the movies when that happens. thank you very much for joining us. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> sandra: fox news alert, president trump says he is ready to make a deal on immigration, but he blames democrats for holding everything up. trump saying because of them, daca is probably dead. all this is the deadline to fund the government is this friday and some democrats say they will not vote for spending bill without a clean fix for immigration. this is outnumbered. i'm sandra smith in here today, harris faulkner. hosted can be on fox business, can be. also from fbn, anchor of the intelligence report, trish regan is here. in joining us today on the couch, opinion editor for the washington times in fox news contributor charlie hurt is here and we welcome him back and he is "outnumbered." great to see you. >> charles: thank you for having me again. >> harris: i don't over the deadline deadline is but happy new year.
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>> charles: it's always the right time to say happy new yea year. >> harris: that's how long it will take me to write 2017. >> sandra: president from making new remarks on daca, the obama era program that protects from deportation hundreds of thousands of people who came here illegally as children. watch. >> i don't think the democrats want to make a deal. i think they talk about daca but they don't want to help the daca people. they don't want to. they don't want security at the border. you have people pouring in. they don't want to stop drugs. they want to take money away from military which we should not do. the democrats are the ones that aren't going to make a deal. >> sandra: a daca is probably dead because the democrats don't really want to. they just want to talk and take
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desperately needed money away from the military. several democrats have said they won't vote for a spending bill unless there is a clean fix for those dreamers. democratic senator joe manchin of west virginia remains hopefu hopeful. >> i'm encouraged. we have a bipartisan recommendation, bipartisan legislation that's been worked out after they sat down last week with the president and seems to do everything that was asked of them. i would be very encouraged, all my colleagues are going to look at this in a very positive way. and if the president said what he said as far as you give me something in a bipartisan way, something you workout notes in it. i would look to get that done and move on. >> sandra: all this is a federal judge temporarily blocked of the trump decision to end the daca program. california attorney general filed the lawsuit that happened in that ruling. watch what he told chris wallace
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over the weekend. >> daca is now actually alive and homeland security department is now accepting renewal applications. is nowhere near dead. that daca deal should stand on its own, it should be clean. worrying about the budget is what republicans and the majority in the house and the senate should be doing because otherwise, the government shuts down. republicans are threatening to shut down the government unless they get a whole bunch of bad stuff on immigration and i believe democrats are saying let's do a clean fix on daca. >> sandra: another week, another deadline, and the blame game continues. >> charles: republicans always wound up taking the blame for any of these shutdowns. but i have to say in this particular case, democrats are under intense pressure from the special interest groups to do anything to get a clean daca deal. and i think that if you'd asked
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me last week, i probably would've said that i don't think they'll let the government shutdown over this, but i do think all those dynamics change last week. >> sandra: it's amazing you say that but you look at how far we've come. was this time last week that we were looking at that beautiful meeting happening in the white house and republicans and democrats by camel meeting, it just looks so optimistic and hopeful. we are so far from there now. >> harris: the meeting hasn't quite happened yet on monday but what we did have was his optimism going into it that this is what we are going to try to do and everybody's going to try to share in the pie and it's all going to be that that you described. >> they look terrible if they had not participated. but it would look like nancy and chuck when they didn't show up between two empty chairs because the democrats and show up for an important meeting about government shutdown and other broader issues like immigration but they missed out on the first time. but you don't get a second try after friday.
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we've been hearing some words about a continuing resolution. what do you think about that? with a kick this can down the road, going to look like the back of it just married vw. >> charles: at the end of the day, is going to be all about what democrats think they can get away with politically. they can get away with this and put all the blame on donald trump. i find the whole thing, the controversy about his language is unfortunate language if he does use it it's one thing to have these big debates about immigrations. to do something like that in order to brand him is that's just not helping helping the conversation. it's not helping the debate or fixing the problem. >> sandra: we will get to that in just a bit. he looked at the democrats right now, and their languages were no part of this deal. republicans are playing that too. but there's no border security funding for the wall, we are not
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on board. >> trish: it's a game of chicken in some ways but don't forget, both parties are using these so-called dreamers is a bit of a political chip because we over the that guarantees them some kind of legitimate future, it's the party that they are indebted to you and they will feel closer to. so i think both sides are playing this with a certain amount of calculation. i don't think the democrats want to see donald trump succeed in this because then there is the risk that all those dreamers and all those relatives feel as though this president is in the races they keep telling us he is. he is actually made it better for me and my family. >> harris: he said they will fall in love with republicans. over this issue because democrats haven't been able to deliver what they promised. >> kennedy: here's the difference in the polling bears this out. when you talk about dreamers, you're talking about younger people.
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they don't care about either party. they're not republicans or democrats. they want opportunities for themselves and for their future families. and i think what this does is it gives enough political cover to both sides to dig their heels i in. is there red meat to their respective bases. republicans and democrats are both doing that. there's things we don't get a wall, you don't get a deal. there's meat for your base. democrats are saying the same thing. >> harris: and they don't need a continued resolution because they'll say we can talk about this at a later time and from the government and there's enough cover and enough egg i would argue to go around. >> sandra: push this forward. let's go to friday. what is the ending to this week look like? >> charles: a week ago, i would've said the democrats would've resisted the pressure to do this. but i think now, there's a very good chance that we could wind up with a shutdown. when you don't think that was about to get it done and handle it separately?
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handle it in a different way, handle it separately from the government spending bill. >> charles: i think the pressure on democrats to make a stand on this is so intense. and it's important, you're exactly right, both sides are definitely doing this. but the big difference between the two is that democrats are not trying to solve the problem grade republicans are saying we are not going to do dhaka without doing border security because they know that doing dhaka without border security is just going to have more daca people. >> kennedy: is not a comprehensive fix of the solution. you don't know how many people you're covering for how long, when they got here and some of those critical details and that's why we saw the influx of unaccompanied minors over the border because of that uncertainty. i don't think either party right now has that kind of certainty necessary. >> sandra: multiple republic and was backing the president saying he did not make those
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vulgar comments about haiti in african nations during a white house meeting last week. it's all of this just a distraction from the president's agenda? plus, senator rand paul says there was a very different reaction back in 2013 when senator lindsey graham said essentially the same thing mr. trump reportedly said. is there a double standard in washington? we will debate. >> in 2013, lindsey graham said the exact same thing the president did but use the word hellhole. i know everybody thinks lindsey graham is a great statesman because he's put out this thing about american ideals and stuff.
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>> harris: and the fallout, more of it over what president trump did or did not say during that oval office immigration meeting last thursday. the president again is denying he used derogatory language. watch. >> you see what various senators in the room said about my comments that weren't made. i'm not a racist. i am the least racist person you have ever interviewed. >> harris: multiple people who were inside that meeting are now backing up those claims. >> it's a gross misrepresentation that language was used in there that was not used and also that the tone of that meeting was not
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contributory and not constructive. >> i don't recall him saying that exact phrase. i think he has been clear and i would certainly say undoubtedly the president really used and continue to use strong language when it comes to this issue. he feels very passionate about it. >> i didn't hear about it and i was sitting no farther away than dick durbin was. i know what dick durbin has said about the president's repeated statements is incorrect. senator durbin has misrepresented what happened in white house meetings before. >> harris: you just heard senator cotton talking about senator dick durbin, the only democrat present during that oval office meeting last thursday. he claimed the president did to make the comments in question. republican senator lindsey graham confirming vulgarities were used in a statement said he spoke directly to the president about the words that were used. senate minority leader chuck schumer is rushing to defend dick durbin following the criticism by tweeting this. "to impugn senator durbin's integrity is disgraceful whether you agree with him on the issues or not. he is one of the most vulnerable
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members of the senate." democratic senator joe manchin also went on defense. because someone is saying that senator durbin or senator graham is going to make something up that the president of the united states has said and thinking that they would do that in order to jam up people in one way or another is wrong. senator durbin and senator graham, i don't believe that any sender would walk in and make something up so atrocious is that and say this is what was said when it wasn't said. he went out three members of the congressional black caucus are saying they admit the controversy plan to boycott president trump's state of the union address. they are john lewis, maxine waters, and frederica wilson. i believe there is yet a fourth name that is on that list made by any way, your thoughts about that first of all? >> charles: what if we think of john lewis' politics as a democrat, he is a great american and
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and a great icon and i think it's really depressing when he gets dragged into these things. it's so unfortunate. it's not helping anything. as i said before, the idea that donald trump is questioning where some of this immigration comes from makes him a racist is mind-blowing. and it's like people despise washington and despise so many people in the media for giving this sort of things so much oxygen. >> harris: what you make of i wouldn't say it's completely conflicting reports of what went on in the room when you look at what senator graham has said even today saying it's a sad day that you can't let your kids watch tv because of what's coming out, he's acknowledging that some vulgarity was used and that others in the republican party said it didn't hear it. >> kennedy: there are some questions here. are they taking issue with the president vulgarity because president trump is not the first president nor certainly the first elected official salty language and what they think is a close setting.
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that's not impeachable. it may be in bad taste, but the other question is what is his motivation for using a certain term to describe certain parts of the world? is he really have such a dim view of places like haiti and northern africa and does he really believe that everyone who comes from their doesn't contribute something to the society and only places that are mostly white like norway are beneficial? i think that's a stretch and given what know from the meeting and what the underlying subtext is supposed to be. i don't think the president did a good job responding to it. i don't think he has his position. i don't think it gets us any closer. it was not a forceful denial. it was after a couple of people is that i don't really recall that. the point is, we have a broken immigration system. this doesn't help fix it. dick durbin going out and blathering doesn't make anything better and it goes to the point that we were making in the last segment witches democrats democrats and republicans both want cover they don't have to do anything on immigration and dick durbin is helping
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manufacture that cover. >> harris: i wanted to see exactly who boycotted the inauguration and some of the same people who say that they are boycotting the state of the union this year who boycotted the inauguration. some of that taking cover that kennedy is talking about isn't even specific to immigration perhaps. but why is this still an issue? why can't this be put to bed? >> trish: because it's him. the democrats are using anything and everything they can to go after him. in other words, i've asked this question, with the difference between saying hellhole and you know what whole? one is clearly more vulgar than the other. that said, it was in a close setting and it wasn't for public consumption. he may have just been talking extemporaneously and one would think that sometimes maybe not such pleasant language comes out. but i think the point that you're making, kennedy, is spot on. the question is if you just using language to refer to places that are more challenged
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and thinking about the economy than these places? per capita income in haiti, $837 a year. per capita income in your way, $97,000 a year. you talking about two very different economies with two different sets of opportunities for people. you're not talking about black or white, you're talking about socioeconomic issues. i think that's how i initially read it and here we go again. here we go again because everybody wants to paint him as a racist. >> i think when you go to these three congressional black caucus members my you're thinking of four democrats think they're going to sit these things out. these are elected officials. why would you not be there representing your people? why would you choose to demonstrate in this way and make it about just you? moving on to this topic, meanwhile republican senator rand paul is defending the president. he says the reaction to the president's reported comments is very different than when senator lindsey graham said essentially the same thing several years back. watch. >> i'll tell you there are two
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different standards here. in 2013, lindsey graham said the exact same thing the president did what he use the word hellhole. we can't have everyone coming from every hellhole on the planet here. i know everyone think lindsey graham is a great statesman because he put this thing out about american ideals and stuff which was a good statement but he said almost the identical thing to the president in 2013. >> sandra: here are those original comments he's referencing from senator graham. >> the people coming across the southern border live in hellholes. they don't like that. they want to come here. our problem is, we can have everybody in the world who lives in a hellhole coming to america. we're just going to have to create order out of chaos. >> sandra: they rate is. >> charles: that was said in open senate hearings which is a different between a private negotiation in the white house for your trying to hash out. what is a very volatile issue. i feel like i'm sort of an expert on these things because i
9:21 am
just flew through laguardia. >> harris: you heard a lot of language? >> sandra: that's a hellhole or whatever hole. but if you go back and you look at what the state department says about el salvador, it says if you're thinking about going, we advise you to reconsider going. because of the crime, because of all the terrible stuff going on. and while obviously you want to be careful if you're the president how you talk about these places, the bottom line remains what i think donald trump was clearly the point that he was making is are we going to have an immigration system that benefits america where we going to have an immigration system that is resulting in other people's problems? >> kennedy: we also have to have a question of the entitlement system and immigration system. if you have an open entitlement system and open immigration system which is what democrats want, you could bankrupt the country. if you have open immigration of people's motivation is not necessarily financial salvation because you close the entitlement state, then you're going to see a vastly different
9:22 am
set of people who are motivated to make their lives better, make this country better and add to society and the economy. and by and large, that is what you get. but if we have an honest conversation about shutting that down and not letting people come here and get stuff for free, then you're going to see a lot of these problems resolve themselves. that's a valid conversation thing this country is bad because it's around. that is not valid. >> sandra: i have to bring it back to this question. is there a double standard with the way a lawmaker can talk for the way the president can back >> harris: something you brought about the inauguration and about the state of the union being boycotted by congressional black caucus members, if they're going to let this define who they are, and what does that say about going forward? if you want to make it a about the person who said it that's one thing. but when you see the lawmakers,
9:23 am
who has the most power here? senator graham has already said something similar, right? my misunderstanding that they were just four letters? >> harris: there were only three letters. >> charles: and the sentiment is the same. but i think the real thing is just whatever this guy says. >> harris: why didn't anyone go against graham? >> kennedy: to eternal and the home of evil is much worse than bodily fluid. the more offensive term. >> sandra: president from preparing to head to a major battleground state this week. this comes as a key trump ally has a stark message for republicans about the upcoming midterm. we will have more on that. plus, g.o.p. lawmaker answering questions over the anti-trump dossier and whether the obama administration knew the dnc was funding it with surveillance from term campaign officials. we will talk about that.
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and if you have any medical conditions. what do you think? i think it's time to think about jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. and get to the heart of what matters. >> harris: lawmakers are pressing harder for the truth about that anti-trump dossier. now republican congressman ron desantis of florida is calling for information surrounding the dossier to be declassified. he's asking what the obama administration knew about that dossier and the run-up to surveillance being launched against the trump campaign officials. also talked with her own trish regan, watch this. it's the question is, to the fbi know that this was funded by the democratic party and hillary clinton and if they did and they still used it without really corroborating anything because remember, james, even as late as the spring of 2017 said
9:29 am
this thing was unverified. so why would you use it if you knew it was a political opposition research. but the flip side is also interesting. if they didn't know it came from hillary clinton, how much to villages that they do on this document? >> harris: meanwhile, sources saying there is clear evidence the fbi and doj abuse government surveillance powers to spy on americans. charlie hurt's head is nodding. who is not specific bowing to brief the entire house and thus the entire nation. why are you nodding in agreemen agreement? >> charles: of so many things that are in 11 on a 10-meter scale of astonishment in the news lately. and one of the bad things about that is all the things that get lost in this. what gets lost in all of the
9:30 am
hysteria of the past year is the most amazing thing that is alleged to have happened is that you had the previous administration using the most powerful tools that we have at our disposal to spy on the political opponent in the middle of a presidential campaign. if that is what happened and that is what they are talking about here, if that is what happened, that is a 51 on a ten scale of outrageousness. we should be truly shocked and truly horrified in people's heads should roll. entire agencies should be reformed. >> harris: that is not happening. >> charles: it's not because some of it comes out at a level of shock and hysteria about everything is at a point where we are not focusing on the only thing that matters in us that.
9:31 am
>> harris: what did congressman desantis tell you about the kind of fanfare that this is not getting in the kind of coverage? >> trish: he would agree with you. that's exactly what could've happened and how dangerous it is when you think about it that somebody can create a bunch of opposition research and for some reason, "the new york times" decides not to publish it. yet our own fbi things is credible enough that they actually run with it potentially? that's his fear, that is his concern and if that is true, i agree with you. i might go so far to say it's 101 on a scale of 1 to 10 because that made one of the worst thing that's ever happened. and if it is true, they succeeded in doing exactly what they wanted to do. to basically use our open society, our democracy against us. and that's the terrifying thought here. >> sandra: what's the solution solution? should be an investigation into
9:32 am
what launch the surveillance? >> charles: absolutely. it should all be made public, every bit of it. they should be no secrets here because we are going to be a country that allows or turns a blind eye to a political administration spying on political opponents during elections, then we lost everything. >> kennedy: why have we just extended the power of the federal government and intelligence agencies to spy wordlessly on americans through foreign target collection? why did we do that and why were people like devon nunez the ones championing a bill that was clearly an infringement? >> harris: don't want something to happen on their watch. >> kennedy: look what happened on their watch. the fbi apparently. >> harris: i'm talking terrorism. you don't want to take that tool away. >> kennedy: but there is no separation between terrorism and the ability to spy on american citizens. >> harris: privacy advocates say that you can do both.
9:33 am
but it didn't do both last week. b5 rand paul is planning on filibustering that legislation because it is so ill-conceived and so hypocritical to be mad about surveillance in one aspect but turn a blind eye or in another. >> harris: that got to keep the government open this week. >> charles: i totally agree with you. but there is, i don't put people like the people that supported that in the same bucket as using the federal government's powerful spying agencies against political opponents. if there's a huge difference i think. >> harris: they can do both. >> sandra: the president expected to head to southwestern pennsylvania. that's very intriguing. during this week for a campaign style speech to boost republican candidate and a special election there. political reporting open to avoid an alabama repeat and reverse a recent string of democratic therese. on the congressional district
9:34 am
outside of pittsburgh is deeply conservative and working-class and is still seen as a test of trumps electoral sway ahead of the midterms. colorado senator cory gardner who has the g.o.p.'s senate reelection arm believes the president remains a difference maker at the polls. >> people are fired up and that's good. people are engaged in politics, people engaged in levels they've never been engaged before. people on both sides of the aisle who supported president trump i've never been involved in politics before. maybe on the political spectrum that are engaged in activities they've never been engaged before. that's good. >> kennedy: the former trump campaign manager. cory lewandowski, the democrats have a good shot to take back the house. >> the real concern right now is that they are exceptionally motivated to run a campaign against this president and if that's the case, they may have some good opportunities in front of them in the 2018 cycle. you look at the numbers, we've
9:35 am
got a 32 or 33 republican members of congress who have already announced they are not seeking reelection and the problem with that is democrats only have to take back 24 seats in the house in order to take over. if that happens, we've got a real problem. >> kennedy: there warning coming as they are reportedly concerned about the midterms with one and at the elections held today. the g.o.p. would lose the house. so who is more motivated here? republicans or democrats and is it a good idea to get people more engaged in these races that they think there's a good chance that party cuckoos handily? >> charles: think it's certainly what we've seen over the last year's democrats are very motivated. they are loaded now. i also think that first midterms for a party that owns the white house and occupies the white house, they are always tough. these are particularly tough especially because you have worn
9:36 am
within the republican party between the never trump and the pro tem comeback trump wing. i think it's interesting. president trump goes to pennsylvania's campaign, will the democrat have nancy pelosi? no. there's not a single person in the democratic party at the democrat in that race would actually have come to that campaign. i think it's a little bit -- we spent so much time focusing on this unit and the republican party. the democrat party has plenty of problems it's. >> kennedy: all poses to you. they have issues with message. they don't have a clear economi economic. >> harris: so the intensity that we saw among democratic voters, mainly black voters came out in alabama against the candidates. what you're talking about is voting for something. democrats don't win that category right now.
9:37 am
but this new gallup poll might help republicans finalize their messages and hone in on what's working. for public and satisfaction with the nation's direction is the highest it's been since 2007. the gallup poll than 60% of americans are satisfied with the direction of the country. you probably see more of that direction being pushed with make america great again's campaign platform they do with anybody in congress at that point, which speaks of the issue of how much mojo the president have when he sums for these candidates. >> he has a message and he can lean back on that economic message that he can boast about the record-breaking stock market right now, 17 year low for unemployment, actually seeing growth. companies handing out bonuses and raises. there's an incredibly optimistic environment when it comes out to middle america from the way people are feeling about this president as it relates to the economy. >> trish: in some ways, the haters out there need to forget the archie bunker asked kind of
9:38 am
language and focus on what actually matters. what actually is changing and how we are progressing as a country. policy matters and where we are matters. >> kennedy: and twisting matters. a new twist in trumps ongoing battle with the media. one of his biggest critics, arizona senator jeff flake planning to denounce the president's attack on the media as something joseph stalin would do. whether that's an unfair critique or if he's taking things too far. that next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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but he's got work to do. with a sore back. so he took aleve this morning. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong. all day long. and for pain relief and a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am. >> trish: looks like president trump's ongoing battle with the media is getting even more intense if you can imagine that. he's challenging "the wall street journal" now on how he was quoted in a recent article. we will want to know that the parent company of the fox news channel also owns "the wall street journal." listen to the recording of this interview. >> i have a great relationship with him. as you know, i have a great
9:43 am
relationship with prime minister of japan. and i probably have a very good relationship with kim jong un. of north korea. i have relationships with people. i think you people are surprised. >> trish: you hurt yourself. the white house says trump said i'd probably but the paper quoted him saying i probably. you heard it, what do you think? he is standing by when he is saying and the paper is standing by its reporting. meanwhile, arizona republican senator jeff flake, big trump critic is planning to give a speech on the senate floor calling out president for his battle with the media. it coincides with the plan to announce his fake news award. he was a preview of what senator flake plans to say. >> i will talk about in the speech the importance of calling real things real and fake things
9:44 am
fake and how damaging it is to have this term fake news around the world that authoritarians everywhere have adopted and will dismiss their opposition. that's fake news. i don't think it's helpful to our discourse. he borrowed that phrase. it was popularized by joseph stalin. used by mao as well. enemy of the people. >> trish: that's some pretty strong language. we'll just make an flavor of the month for the mainstream media. >> charles: anytime, the media loves it. talking about fake news, comparing trump to stalin, comparing him to hitler, it's just such. >> trish: consulting to history. >> charles: is actually fake news. but i love the washington journal, one of the finest papers in the country, terrific. where are they having argument? >> harris: i wanted the same thing. >> charles: you probably
9:45 am
suggest there might have been a condition like i'd as opposed to i and going back, this is an argument between 26-year-olds. i don't really know why they are insisting on keeping it up. >> harris: we had this reporter on overtime last week i specifically asked because they told us what was in this interview but when you listen to it on your own which we didn't have the benefit of doing on friday, you can make your own decision about it. so again, if the president says on the record, i want to correct something, why wouldn't you? be to the interesting thing was the citizen get blown up by the media at all. the president pick this argument with "the wall street journal." >> charles: for a reason. >> trish: for what reason? >> charles: he did get some guff about he said he has a relationship with kim jong un. >> harris: that came out of the interview. that's what we've been told. >> charles: at the end of the day, that's not what he said in any event, so what what he meant
9:46 am
to say. he clearly said i'd probably have. >> harris: you bring up a good point though. it's okay for someone who's been interviewed to go back. we do this for a living and to say i might if you can, i realize the statement is already out there the way it is. i'd like to address that with the clarification. we have people who go on a record like that all the time. so why the battle? >> charles: because as donald trump and his people just lost their minds and they want to come up with all this ridiculous stuff to basically portray him as being either racist or completely out of touch and stupid. >> trish: that said, it is a wonderful paper and full disclosure, it's also part of u us. but it is a great. it's entirely people just wanted to get that angry with him or maybe it's perhaps if you let them do this, then you run the risk of there's a bigger issue down the road.
9:47 am
i don't know the take on it. >> kennedy: i don't think a change of the meaning of the sentence that much and seeking that clarification, it's so minor that i don't know why. >> trish: these things are such a massive distraction because he was asked has he spoken to kim jong un? speaking to james freeman from the editorial page of "the wall street journal" this morning, he said that the biggest thing that came out of this conversation was that he wouldn't say whether or not he spoke to the korean dictator. >> harris: i did with the reporting who did the interview on friday. b5 speculate on whether our president has any sort of a relationship with the leader of north korea because there are a lot of people who are still very much in love. >> harris: i said that would be news if it were true. >> trish: the fallout after the terrifying false alarm of a missile attack on hawaii. a democratic congresswoman saying the president did not understand the threat from north korea and is to sit down with kim jong un with no preconditions. whether that's actually a smart
9:48 am
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>> sandra: chaos in hawaii over the weekend. the fcc now investigating why a false alarm was sent to cell phones warning of an
9:52 am
inbound ballistic missile threat telling people to seek immediate shelter. it took officials nearly 40 minutes to send a corrected alert that there was no missile threat. all this coming amid ongoing nuclear tensions with north korea. democratic congresswoman of hawaii calls the false alarm and epic failure of leadership. >> i've been calling for president trump to sit across the table from kim jong un without preconditions, work out the differences, figure out a way to build this pathway towards denuclearization. our country's history of regime change wars has led countries like north korea to develop and hold onto these nuclear weapons. it is critical that we end our policies of regime change wars to provide that guarantee that the united states is not going to go in and topple the north korean regime so that these conversations can begin. towards denuclearization.
9:53 am
>> sandra: she's blaming a failure in leadership. she pointed fingers directly at donald trump. 38 minutes is a long time. from the time that alert went out, 38 minutes of chaos in hawaii. think of how you would feel as a parent. there was one "washington post" headline that said one woman grabbed her daughter and brought her some kind of to the bathroom and tried to explain to her for 38 minutes. >> kennedy: the fact that they couldn't send out a clarifying tweet unless fema gave them the permission to do that, it just shows how underprepared certain state and local governments or to deal with these sort of crises and how easily something like that can happen and how difficult it is to remedy. >> sandra: there already making major changes. we hope that it does not. when you go back to the
9:54 am
comments, she is saying it is immediately necessary and absolutely necessary that this president to de-escalate the growing threat needs to speak to north korea directly. do you agree with that? >> charles: i think the president is doing an awful lot, everything he can to reach this regime. it's obviously a rogue regime. they don't care about our words. i must say that it's horrifying as this is, it seems like it's a problem there on the ground and i don't know how it gets dragged into politics exactly. certainly not partisan politics. it seems like she's going mighty close to the line let's remember, kim jong un didn't develop a nuclear bomb on november 8th, 2016. this has been a problem that's been festering for a long time. >> sandra: it got political fast.
9:55 am
i'm sure you are following this closely over the weekend as well and not only did we hear that from them, but we heard from the governor of the states apologizing to his citizens and immediately started to blame leadership and blame the president. >> charles: there's not a single republican out there. >> harris: the senator of hawaii as a democrat. let's go back to this 38 minutes for just a second and all that can be done, they're having a hearing on friday so they can talk about the channels going through fema, those things on the ground need to be taken care of immediately because alarm bells can go up anywhere in the country. this can happen anywhere where we have alarm bells to go off. so there are avenues where the information doesn't get out fast to turn around, that to me is urgent, it's critical, it's an emergency. i'm glad they're having a hearing on friday. i hope they get to the bottom of how to fix it. >> trish: what is the military during during this entire time?
9:56 am
>> kennedy: they cleared it up up. just didn't send out a clarifying text. >> harris: how to make that better. unbelievable. we are up against heartbreak. "outnumbered" in just a moment. on stage. e i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen.
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>> charles: this friday was a week long, amazing. >> sandra: feels like it. we are back live at noon eastern tomorrow, here's harris. >> harris: of fox news alert on this fine monday, time may be running short to reach a deal on dreamers with a possible government shutdown four days away now, let's go "outnumbered overtime." the clock ticking down on a deal to protect hundreds of thousands of so-called dreamers from deportation. democrats demanding that daca fix be a part of any package to avoid a government shutdown. the deadline is friday. president trump says the deal is probably dead and blames democrats for blowing it up. >> they talk about daca but they don't want to help the daca people. we have a lot of sticking points but they are all democrats sticking points. we were ready to make a deal but they don't want to. >> harris: democratic


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