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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 15, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> i'm the happiest man in the world. i love this dog so much. >> i can understand that. he says holly was so exhausted, that she fell asleep on the ride back home. thanks for joining us. here's trace. >> president trump says he's not a racist. he also says the immigration program that protects the dreamers is probably dead. the deal-making goes on in washington with a possible government shut-down just days away. we are live on capitol hill. two former trump campaign insiders heading to the hill this week. what steve bannon and corey lewandowski tell lawmakers about the russia investigation? and the agency that triggered that false missile alert and panic in hawaii is now reportedly getting death threats. are officials doing enough to make sure this never happens again? that's all ahead in this hour.
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>> trace: president trump telling reporters that he's not a racist. fox news has confirmed the president used the word that is being reported, which we won't repeat here. but last week the president tweeted this was not the language used. here's what he told reporters last night. >> no, i'm not a racist. i'm the least racist person you have ever talked to. that i can tell you. >> trace: the president says the program that protect the dreamers, the hundreds of thousands of immigrants whose parents have brought them to the u.s. without documents is probably dead. he tweeted that his approach to immigration is very simple. america first and make america great again. the president and lawmakers trying to reach a deal on immigration. some democrats say it should be
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part of a spending bill congress has to pass by friday to avoid a government shut down. we have team fox coverage, adam shapiro is live on capitol hill. but first to john roberts live on the north lawn. john? >> good afternoon. you mentioned president trump not optimistic about the chances of a daca deal getting done. here's what he's tweeting on that. daca is dead because democrats want to talk and take money away from our military. the president last night in mar-a-largo insisting that he did not use that word s-hole in the oval office meeting thursday. two republican senators, senator purdue of georgia and senator cotton of arkansas saying that they didn't hear him say that. but illinois senator dick durbin doubled down on his assertion last week that the president did indeed say it. listen to senator durbin a short time ago.
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>> i know what happened. i stand behind every word that i said, in terms of that meeting. i'm focused on one thing, not that meeting but making sure that those that are protected by daca and eligible for the dream act have a future in america. >> durbin accuses the president of not negotiating in good faith saying everybody left that room tuesday and here's a look at the meeting a week ago tomorrow with an agreement in principle to fix daca. but the president has said he's not had a deal that was agreed on. >> honestly, i don't think the democrats want a deal. they talk about daca, but they don't want to help the daca people. they don't want security at the border. there's people pouring in. they didn't want to stop drugs. and they want to take money away from our military, which we cannot do. >> so everybody left the meeting saying there was an agreement on what they agreed on. the white house's perspective is
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they agreed to a daca fix. but clearly democrats have a very different idea of what was agreed to on that meeting, trace. >> what about the government shut down talks? what about that, john? >> let's see where we're going with daca. the white house is sending some officials, likely john kelly and martin short up to capitol hill for a meeting that kevin mccarthy will be holding along with senator john cornyn, dick durbin and steny hoyer. the while house is hopefully an agreement on daca. on a government shut down, white house sources optimistic that they can get a continuing resolution by the deadline on friday the 19th. they believe that the democratic
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caucus cannot stand together to shut down the government over daca. so they believe there will be a continuing resolution. still negotiations over daca and getting a budget deal because there's a lot of insistence that they be tied together will be difficult. when the president gets home from mar-a-largo tonight, trace, he's got a very difficult week ahead of him, no question. >> indeed he does. john roberts live for us. team fox coverage continues on the push to reach a deal on immigration and avoid a government shut down this weekend. adam shapiro is live on capitol hill. republicans can't pass a funding bill without the democrats clearly. >> it's looking that way. you heard john roberts describe the hurdles they face. when you get to the senate, you need 60 votes. republicans have 51. so they're going to need democrats to cross or as has
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happened, senator dick durbin holding out for a daca deal. senator rand paul was on "fox and friends" this morning and he said these two things should be separate. >> i think the immigration debate is sort of separate from funding of the government, but that is a question. will the democrats hold up spending and funding of the government over this issue? i've still thought immigration was going to be settled separate from the spending issue. i still think it will be and should be. >> but again, trace, the question is, would they have some kind of deal in order to get the votes they need from democrats in the senate. that's what's being negotiated as you heard john say, tomorrow they'll be meeting with the house and the senate to see what it takes to go forward. >> trace: and the democrats say they're not about to back off on an immigration deal. >> no. they're digging in on that. although dick durbin, the senator from illinois that leads the charge in the negotiations for the democrats on the immigration deal, the daca deal,
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he was asked about the president and whether there could be some kind of compromise within congress for this. here's what he said about two hours ago. >> if they will help us reach a bipartisan compromise to protect those who were protected by daca and to give those that were eligible to sign and dreamers a chance, it's clear evidence to me that they're moving in the right direction. >> so to sum it up, trace, both sides say we need a compromise and both sides are waiting for the other side to blink. back to you. >> trace: thanks, adam. let's bring in rachel. she's a reporter that wrote an article on the immigration debate for politco. rachel, you hear these people and they talk about the fact that there is some wiggle room here. the president said daca is probably dead. then you have dick durbin saying we're willing to work here. so there's wiggle room to get it done, correct? >> i mean, i'm not going to rule
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out them doing a daca deal at some point. but from the sources that i talked to on the hill, there's general consensus that they won't have a deal by friday, which is when democrats wanted this agreement come together. bipartisan discussions have totally broken down after reports about the president making those vulgar comments about african nations. right now we're seeing finger pointing on the hill with top trump allies saying dick durbin is a liar and made this up. house democrats say they want to censure the president. there's democrats that are afraid to work with the president now because there's a fear of a backlash by the democratic base. and lastly, there was a meeting on friday between republicans and democrats in leadership and from sources familiar with the meeting that it sounds like the comments from the president the day before were hovering over everybody's heads. they were sort of intrenched in their position.
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there was no real negotiation going back and forth and one source said there's no daca deal at all. >> trace: you say the immigration deal has broken down on both sides. has it broken down or do you think that democrats are using the comments the president made, the vulgar comments, as a bargaining chip saying we can use this to maybe get a little bit more out of this deal, maybe get a little less security along the border and then we would be willing to talk a little bit? >> it's a great question. i do think that there's some democrats that are pointing to these comments and thinking that it's sort of bolsters their leverage. in this meeting friday, i was told that staffers for steny hoyer, the top democrat in the house, doubled down on their position that they only want to do daca and border security but inwilling to negotiation on other policies like chain migration, redoing the diversity lottery program. so i think there's a little bit of a split in the democratic
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party right now. obviously some of them want to position themselves. don't want to cut a deal because they think it will hurt them with their base but there's democrats that do want to make a deal. think about durbin, for instance, that agreed to make the changes that some of his own colleagues are angry at him for making that agreement. >> trace: and you have democratic senator joe manchin coming out saying this is an easy lift. we can get this thing done. the democrats have gotten a lot of the stuff they want in this deal. the democrats have to be a little concerned, rachel, that if they don't pass this daca bill in time, they have to be worried about the trump administration being a little aggressive when it comes to the deportations of these dreamers. >> saying it's easy, senator manchin saying it's easy, that's not the case as we learned from the past few weeks and months. the interesting thing here to watch is do democrats try to shut the government down over a lack of a deal friday. from my sources on capitol hill, sounds like the discussion has
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shifted from talking about can we get a deal by friday on daca to oh, no, we're not going to have a deal and what is plan b and can we keep the government open. republican sources are talking about a short term spending agreement to give themselves more time to negotiate. democrats backed the short term agreement. they were afraid if they shut it down over daca, the president will say democrats are trying to shut it down protecting undocumented immigrants. so i think that democrats are not willing to strike a long-term budget agreement without daca, but i think shutting down the government is a totally different issue and i'd be surprised if they do it. >> trace: i think both sides are loosening up on both of those issues. as the week goes by, you might see more willingness from both sides to cut a deal. thanks, rachel. love your perspective. >> thank you. >> trace: the person that hit the wrong button in hawaii and
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caused a nuclear panic will no longer be near the button. that's good news, right? people calling the agency responsible with death threats. so many calls that officials are brushing off the death threats as people just blowing off steam. we'll take you live to honolulu with the fallout next. it's ok te ignores me while i drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> trace: well, hawaii's emergency management agency is getting death threats after a false missile alert sent people
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into a panic. that's what a spokesperson for the agency told fox news. just after 8:00 a.m. local time, folks across the state got this message on their cell phones. "ballistic missile threats inbound to hawaii. seek immediate shelter. this is not a drill." of course, we now know there was no missile heading towards hawaii. state officials say an employee during a routine shift change just kind of hit the live alert button by mistake. it took 38 minutes to send out a second alert which read "there is no missile threat or danger to the state of hawaii. repeat, false alarm." more than a half an hour more than a middle people thought a missile was about to hit them. one said it was the most terrifying few minutes of their life. others called family members to say good-byes. will carr is live in honolulu with the latest. will? >> trace, they're trying to return to a sense of normalcy
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here. there's a martin luther king parade going on behind me. we're more than 48 hours removed from this botched text. the governor continues to apologize. that's something that really seems to have resonated with president trump. >> i love that they took responsibility. they took total responsibility. but we're going to get involved. their attitude and what they want to do is terrific. they took responsibility. they made a mistake. >> before that, the employee at the emergency management agency has been reassigned while the investigation continues. we learned that they put new protocols in place having two people sign off on future text alerts. some question why the state and not the military would be handling a text alert like this to begin with. >> you know the panic, the fear that hit our residents as well as our visitors that were here? it's unexcusable.
12:17 pm
it's a mistake. >> there will be both state and federal investigations and hearings trying to figure out exactly what happened here breaking it all down and how they can make sure it never happens again, trace. >> trace: yeah, it was bedlam for many people. some people in hawaii say they're still concerned, right? >> yeah, absolutely. you're talking about a terrifying near 40 minutes. some people simply didn't know what to do. some families tried to put their kids down in the sewer. others gathered in their garage thinking they were spending their last minutes with loved ones. it's no secret when you talk to the residents here in honolulu that they know hawaii is a target. this goes back to the cold war, to pearl harbor as well. so certainly a text alert coming out like that has raised concerns, especially when it comes to our back and forth with north korea, trace. >> trace: will carr live in honolulu. thank you.
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we had friends that said they didn't know what to because they were filling up bathtubs and thought that's for hurricanes. it's a missile. what do we do, where do we go. people didn't know. the false alarm in hawaii came as tensions with north korea reach a high point. countries from around the world are coming together to deal with the threat. but not every nation is there. we're live at the meeting in canada next.
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>> top officials from more than a dozen countries meeting in canada this week to discuss north korea. china and russia took a pass. they're not there. secretary of state rex tillerson is co hosting the summit. the meeting will show international solidarity against north korea's nuclear program. rich edson is live for us in
12:22 pm
vancouver where the summit is taking place. rich, they're expected to talk strategy and how to isolate north korea, right? >> right, trace. this is a way to try to circumvent or prevent north korea from circumventing united nations sanctions and perhaps a naval blockade to ensure that north korea is further isolated per the u.n. sanctions. rex tillerson is on his way from washington d.c. he's arriving this evening in vancouver, canada. ahead of the meetings, he will have discussions this evening with the canadian foreign minister and his counter parts from japan and south korea. the state department says the united states and canada invited countries that joined the u.s. effort in the korean war more than 60 years ago. that means china and russia were not invited and will not be here. china accounts for 90% of north korean trade. the state department says it has coordinated with those governments ahead of the meeting
12:23 pm
and will continue to do so. russia says that is nonsense. sur gay -- sergey lavrov says that is lies. north korea and south korea continued their meetings about the olympics. south korea said they will allow a 40-person team to be available. they discussed the creation of a joint women's hockey team. if that were to happen, it would be the first unified team to be in the olympics. north korea has brought the south in for these discussions and it has been reciprocated by south korea. south korea has agreed to suspend joint military exercises with the united states. that is seen as two very large concessions by south korea and even the united states here and
12:24 pm
north korea has given up absolutely nothing. so analysts are saying the recent discussions between the two countries is a way for north korea to try to drive a wedge between the united states and south korea. those countries are supposed to continue meeting on wednesday to continue their discussions about the olympics. there's concerns by some analysts that south korea may want to discuss matters beyond issues with the olympics. as for the united states meeting with north korea, the administration has said and the state department has said only when north korea makes a signal or a move to begin to have a willingness to surrender their nuclear weapons program, ballistic missile programs, will the easy meet with north korea. trace, back to you. >> trace: rich edson live in vancouver. rich, thank you. it's a busy week for lawmakers looking into russian election meddling, possible collusion. former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski and steve bannon set to meet with the house intelligence committee. so what could we learn from
12:25 pm
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>> i'm lea gabrielle with a fox report. more headlines from the fox news deck. dramatic video shows the moment a floor gave way at a stock exchange hurting more than 70 people. it happened in jakarta. cops say no one died and they're ruling out terrorism. police say most of the people that were hurt were college students there on a tour. a major oil spill in the east china sea after an oil tanker exploded and sank. the iranian ship had been burning for a week. number of the 32 on board survived. the search and rescue turning into a cleanup effort. an airliner skidding off a runway in turkey dangling on a cliff over the black sea. the pilot told investigators there was a surge in the engine speed after they landed and caused them to lose control.
12:28 pm
officials say 168 people were on board. nobody was hurt. the news continues with trace gallagher after this. watch me. ♪ i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ♪ think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are changing the way they fight it... they're moving forward with cosentyx®. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. it's proven to help people find less joint pain and clearer skin. don't use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms of an infection. or if you have received a vaccine, or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. with less joint pain, watch me.
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call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> trace: two of the biggest players from the trump campaign meeting this week with lawmakers investigating russian interference in the election. former campaign chief executive steve bannon and former campaign manager corey lewandowski, they are both scheduled to speak with the house intel committee. while he was the campaign, lewandowski received e-mails about russia's interest in meeting with team trump. the messages from former campaign adviser george papadopoulos circled here. he's pleaded guilty to lying to the feds. lewandowski says he has absolutely nothing to hide. then of course there's steve bannon who called the trump tower meeting involving a russian lawyer promising dirt on hillary clinton treasonous. after trump said bannon lost his mind, he tried to walk back some
12:31 pm
of the public comments and called the russian investigation a witch hunt. catherine herridge is live with more. >> speaking to wabc radio, the former trump campaign manager said he would testify behind closed doors. lewandowski is not concerned because he has no ties to the kremlin. >> i have nothing to hide. i didn't collude with the russians or anybody else. i'll be happy to set the record straight about my lack of involvement with my foreign entity. >> for bannon, the focus will be on his time in the campaign, not in the white house. bannon is expected behind closed doors. for the house intelligence community, they routinely conduct interviews in private because the testimony touches on classified issues. bannon brought in expert help to prepare for the testimony,
12:32 pm
hiring william burke and federal prosecutor. burke is not helping with robert mueller. >> trace: and the top democrat on the house intel committee is accusing russians of trying to rush the investigation. >> adam schiff accused paul ryan of blocking key witnesses in an effort to shut down the investigation before it's complete. the house minority leader put it this way before the break. >> last week i sent a letter calling on speaker ryan to allow the intelligence committee to continue its investigation, but received no response. to date, the house has held only one full committee public hearing on the most significant finding of the report. the continued vulnerability of our elections to foreign interference. >> congressman schiff said
12:33 pm
republicans blocked the subpoenas for deutsche bank and those records may have shown in the trump family has done business with russian entities. democrats want to get messages between the campaign, wikileaks and julian assange that released stolen e-mails from the clinton campaign and the dnc and wanted communications about the june 2016 trump tower meeting amount spokesperson for the house speaker said mr. schiff tries to distract from the serious bipartisan review that's been underway for nearly a year, we will stay focused on following the facts and working to safeguard the upcoming election. committee republicans say the investigation has run its course and they point to the fact that the key fbi witness interviews should conclude this month, trace. >> trace: catherine herridge live in d.c. thank you. let's bring in nicholas johnson. we should point out first and foremost, we talk about timing
12:34 pm
is everything here. bannon was invited to the house intel committee to speak for them a long time ago, long before michael wolff's book there and his comments. so this is an attempt by congress to pay off or play off the bad blood between trump and bannon, correct? >> no, absolutely. this is something that had been scheduled a long time before. there was no way any of these committees would not include steve bannon on a list of important people that they need to talk to. >> trace: yeah. so bannon has to be concerned. lewandowski you just heard him say, he says he's got nothing to hide. bannon, you know the line of questioning will be on the remarks that he made in this meeting between donald trump jr., jared kushner and the russian lawyer that he called treasonous. >> corey lewandowski is loyal to the president. i thought the sound clip explained how he said there was no collusion, no ties. steve bannon particularly in light of the wolff book is more
12:35 pm
of a wild card. we've seen him talking to wolff and how the meetings were treasonous and the kushner empire is a money laundering scam. it's worth noting that it's probably less likely to take any kind of attacks on the hill where there are democrats present and the testimony will be leaked. >> trace: we should point out, he tried to walk back some of these comments, steve bannon. he made the comments and tried to walk them back. he still says he's professing list loyalty to donald trump. you called him a wild card. when you're speaking before congress, are you saying, look, there's a chance that he could say something that he doesn't want to say or he's going to measure his words very carefully as he goes in there. what is your assessment? >> that's true. our reporting has shope us before the wolff book came out,
12:36 pm
he was still telling friends he reported donald trump. he wanted to run the re-election campaign. if trump didn't run, he wanted to run to further trump's policies. that's why i put this as a wild card. i'm not 100% either way the same i am with lewandowski. >> trace: what do you make of the accusations that the republicans are trying to get bannon and get lewandowski in there so they can wrap this up and get it over with? >> i mean, i think certainly republicans are looking to try to end this sooner rather than later. democrats want to draw this out much further. remember, this committee is one of many probes going on if the house intel committee gets done and issues a report, there's a senate committee. remember robert mueller and special counsel is nowhere being near finished. >> bannon has not spoken to any of the three panels looking to
12:37 pm
russian collusion here. does that play a part in this? >> it makes it more interesting. this is his first testimony. it's important. i'm curious to see if pieces of this come out. remember, on the hill, we've had interesting things with leaks. dianne feinstein released an entire transcript of a hearing there over the objections of republicans. i'll be sending my reporters to see what they can figure out from these two hearings. >> trace: so what is the most important question? you're looking for something. what do you tell your reporters? what are you looking for? what are you looking for the intel committee to go after bannon? >> i think the fascinating part on bannon is if he follows up on the same things he said in the wolff book. calling these meetings treasonous. if he continues that line with the committee, that will be fascinating for me and hope to report it out. >> trace: and it's fascinating because he has yet -- he hasn't said i was misquoted, those were not my quotes. he hasn't said anything. he backed them off but he never
12:38 pm
said he didn't say it. that's interesting as he goes into the meeting. >> the word he used is "regret." he talked about donald trump's son who is in a lot of these meetings as someone that can be cracked like an egg on national television. not holding the president's son in high regard for these meetings. if he brings that line of comments to the investigating committees, that will be fascinating. >> nicholas johnson, good of you. thanks very much. >> absolutely. >> trace: well, we have extreme weather alert now. a look at the icy hudson river in new york. this coast guard cutter is working overtime in the freezing weather to help keep people's homes warm. we'll explain next. but first, more brutal winter weather on the way. adam klotz is live in the fox extreme weather center. adam? >> it's been brutally cold across the middle of the country. a snow system is sweeping across and hitting areas like the midwest, stretching down to the ozarks.
12:39 pm
at this point, that will push to the east. on the back side of it, the temperature have dropped. plummeted. currently at 5 in minneapolis, 3 in rapid city. if you add in the windchill, that's what it feels like when you step outside. it's negative 15 in minneapolis. negative 21 in rapid city. that will continue to settle across the country. colder air is on the way for a huge swath, this is the leading edge and it will bring snow and freezing rain in texas. this is going to be a big system. i'm taking you to tuesday. this system runs up along the east coast. as it moves, there's winter storm watches and warnings across the huge area of the country. there's ice, there's going to be snow. this is one that we'll pay close attention to. the news is back after the break.
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>> trace: subfreezing
12:43 pm
temperatures have millions in the northeast bundling up. imagine you couldn't fire up the heat. almost all of the heating oil arrives by barge. when temperatures freezes, the coast card gets to work making sure oil gets to the people that need it. rick leventhal is live with more. we're near kingston, which is about 80 miles north of manhattan. hi, rick. how is the ride? >> it's a little rough when you hit the thick stuff. outside new york city this morning, the hudson was clear. as we got north of the george washington bridge, we saw ice. the further north we went, it was rough. we want to show you this barge. that is the reason the coast guard is out here clearing paths. there's barges and others using the river. 90% of the heating oil in the northeast is moved on the hudson
12:44 pm
river. that's why they need cutters like this one to make its way up and down the hudson and clear those paths for ships like this one. believe it or not, as cold as it is now, they'll clear a path today and by tonight, overnight, it will freeze over again. listen to this. the rumbling that you hear are the large chunks of ice as they hit the hull of this ship. it's pretty dramatic. trace? >> trace: just curious, rick, as you're going through the ice, do you feel jolting? does it feel like a smooth ride or is it rough? >> oh, yeah. it's smooth until you hit this big stuff right here. and then it's rocking underneath us. the entire deck is covered in a sheet of ice because of spray from the water gets up here and freezes over, it's that cold.
12:45 pm
this crew on board this coast guard cutter clear 45 miles of ice a day. then they go to sleep at night and the next morning back at it going up and down the river between kingston and albany to try to keep the lanes clear, trace. it's a big job. they're add it every day for the rest of the winter most likely. >> give me an idea of the technology on board that icebreaker, rick. >> well, i found out today they have something called a bubbler system, a large engine below our system that is just dedicated to this system that pumps air under the ship, under the frozen surface of the water and sends bubbles there to reduce the fraction on the hill, which makes it easier for the ship to cut through the ice. we can show you from the sky what it looks like. last week we had a drone over this area and this very ship that made its way through 6 to 8
12:46 pm
inches of ice. this ship can cut through 27-which i blocks of ice if necessary at 10 knots. the chief that we spoke with said he spent time on 65 foot shoop and this 1 is much better. >> on the 65, we stopped in our tracks. on this boat, it has so much power that we've hit ice over a foot thick and doesn't slow it down. like a bug on the windshield. >> trace, last winter was so warm they didn't have to do this once. obviously a didn't story today. just showing that, it looks like an ice skating rink. it's frozen from here to the shores. while there are patches of wide open water, trace, there's very large patches of ice like this one. >> and just the technology on board the ship is amazing. the fact that you can bring it
12:47 pm
to us live with the live u technology shows you where we're going in television. thanks, rick. stay safe. while the east coast freezes, you can see rick out there, the weather here in southern california created a deadly mess. ahead, the cleanup and the heart breaking search for people missing in the mudslides. also, a race to jump overboard as flames ripped through a casino boat. now we're learning not everybody survived. first, the lead sing or of the cranberries died today. she's 46 years old. that's according to her publicist that did not give details. the cranberries had hits li likesolik likesolik likesolik likesome zombies the lead singer
12:48 pm
of the cranberries dead at 46.
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12:51 pm
>> trace: investigators in florida say they're trying to figure out what caused a casino boat to burst into flames killing a woman after she and others jumped overboard in frigid waters. this happened north and west of tampa. a man that lives nearby told the tampa bay times said he was driving home when he saw people wandering around, cold, soaking welt and looking confused. so he opened his garage to them. a hospital spokesman said a 42-year-old woman died. she had gone home after the fire, but showed up at the emergency room after getting sick. the casino boat company released a statement saying the boat
12:52 pm
never had any problems in the past and that it is deeply saddened. cops say they're searching for a driver whose car hit and dragged an nypd officer while speeding through the middle of times square. somebody caught it on video. happened over the weekend. witnesses say the driver had been doing doughnuts. a cop tried to stop him. he got in front of the car. the suspect hit the gas. that's when the car dragged the cop for a few yards. the officer got up and chased the car. it was too fast. the officer went to the hospital but he was not seriously injured. rescue operations have turned into recovery efforts after mudslides in california that according to the santa barbara sheriff's office northwest of los angeles. officials say crews are still searching for four people including a 2-year-old girl. family members say her father, brother and grandfather died in the mudslides. lots of people rounds mandatory evacuation orders and they
12:53 pm
cannot go home. hillary vaughn is live in montecito with more. >> hey, trace. officials say they have absolutely no idea when people will be allowed back into their homes. for many people, this is what they'll be returning to. portions of this home completely ripped apart and destroyed. cleanup crews and first responders say they haven't been able to assess nearly 70% of the damage here. i talked to the santa barbara county pio who says the cleanup could take several weeks if not months. he says the biggest challenge right now is firefighter exhaustion. the same fire crews cleaning up the mudslides were just wrapping up a several week stretch battling the fires that tore through these same neighborhoods. so far 65 single family homes have been completely wiped out. eight businesses have been buried. 20 more have major damage. as crews are cleaning up the debris, they are picking out
12:54 pm
some items in the homes that can be saved. as you see from this scene here, there isn't a lot left to salvage from the debris, trace. >> hillary, you just followed along with one of the search crews, right? >> yeah. a k-9 crew actually taking their dogs through the debris looking for any signs of life or any one that might be trapped under the ruble. they're looking for the four people. not sure if they're going to be able to find them alive at this point because it has been nearly a week since the mudslides occurred. several communities were under mandatory evacuation. officials tell me a big challenge is convincing people to leave. many of these homeowners just got back in their homes two weeks ago after the thomas fire threatened several structures in the neighborhood. that's a big problem. some people that didn't want to leave and decided to stay were in dangerous conditions. the big boulders, ripping
12:55 pm
through homes, traveling on waves of mud. a lot of this not really a lot left behind here, trace. so a very dangerous condition. trace? >> desperate situation for the folks in montecito. thanks, hillary, very much. on a better note, one football team is a step closer to getting a super sized advantage in the super bowl. after the touchdown that has everybody talking. did you see it? that's next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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12:58 pm
>> trace: well, today folks across the country honored civil rights champion dr. martin luther king jr. on what would have been his 89th birthday. in our nation's capitol, members of the trump administration joined king's son, martin luther king iii for a wreath laying at the mlk memorial. secretary of the interior, ryan zinke and christopher wray were there. in texas, thousands walked in the streets in one of the largest marches in the country.
12:59 pm
the theme was equity, love, diversity, unity and social just tis. in downtown memphis, another march happened where a gunman shot and killed dr. martin luther king jr. when he was 39 years old. this april marks 50 years since his assassination. well, the minnesota vikings are one win away from becoming the first team to ever play a home game in the super bowl. that's after a ridiculous finish last night. did you see that? case keenum connecting with stefan diggs for the game-winning touchdown. 61 yards. how do you not make that tackle? the winner will take on either jacksonville or new england in minneapolis for super bowl 52. no team has ever had the chance to win it all in front of the home crowd. and a bit of breaking news to end the show. a live look at air force one. president trump about to leave
1:00 pm
west palm beach, mar-a-largo. the president will head to joint base andrews and then he will go back to the white house. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. have a great day. >> neil: man, oh, man. forget about this whole -- i don't know, s-hole thing. is anyone paying attention to a bigger hole that we're just about four days away from? a possible government shut down? don't dismiss it. because i'm telling you, the way this day has been going, plan on it. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. let's go to the washington examiner, susan, on capitol hill. i don't see much budging. >> do you have your shut down clock needed? >> we'll need a couple of them. >> definite a week of