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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  January 16, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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we are back on tv tomorrow live, thank you for joining us and now here is harris. >> harris: all right, we have breaking news right now with the president of the united states. moments ago we showed you the president meeting with the president of kazakhstan and now they are making joint statements at this at this point. this is an opportunity to hear from both of them. [speaking foreign language]
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>> together we dismantled kazakhstan's nuclear weapon infrastructure and injured safer and healthier future for the children of kazakhstan and the world at large. we pursued opportunities to increase investment in kazakhstan and energy sectors in particular. [speaking foreign language]
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>> today our strategic partnership with kazakhstan has advanced my south asia strategy, which is working and working far more rapidly than anyone would understand in providing crucial support for our forces in afghanistan and denying safe haven for terrorists. this cooperation has grown even stronger this month during kazakhstan's presidency of the united nations security council and i will say that's a great honor. >> harris: president trump talking about how his meeting with the president of kazakhstan fits into more of a global perspective of our foreign policy. i would mention this, the country of 17 million people borders both china and russia. we know where we are with the conversation in north korea, the president talking side by side in lecterns giving a joint statement. we are going to watch this for more news, it is toggling
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between their native language and english. as the news comes forward we will bring it to you. that's the president of the united states at the white house today on a and ushering in a working lunch and joint statements with the president of kazakhstan. this fox news alert. the clock ticking down on a government shutdown, top administration officials grilled over what the president is reported to have said about immigrants. let's go "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. the firestorm over the presidents reported derogatory remarks during a meeting on immigration and daca. kiersten nielsen who was at that meeting was pressed on capitol hill today on whether mr. trump use the vulgar language by the senator who has been locked in a war of words with the president ever sense. watch. >> what do you remember the president saying about immigration from african countries to the united states? >> what i heard him saying was that he liked to move away from
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a country-based quota system to a merit-based system. it shouldn't matter where you are from, it should matter what you can contribute to the united states. >> how did he characterize those countries in africa? >> i don't specifically remember a categorization of countries in africa. what i understood him to be saying is let's move away from the countries and let's look at the individual and make sure those we bring here can contribute to our society. >> harris: all of this is president trump continues to place fault on the senator durbin. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is following today's hearing and joins us now live from washington. catherine? >> just before we had that joint event we heard from the president about that meeting where he was taking questions from reporters.
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>> mr. president, did you say wanted more people to come in from norway and more people to come in -- is that true, mr. president? >> we want them to come in from everywhere. >> the senate oversight hearing really divided along political lines with democrats pressing the homeland security secretary on that white house meeting and the president language. >> i did not hear that word he used. the conversation was very impassioned, i don't dispute that the president was using tough language but the present use tough language in general as did the other congressman in the room. >> a short time ago we heard from cory booker who became very emotional after senator durbin recounted the meeting. >> it's about your values and your ideals. and yet we have language from
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dick durbin to lindsey graham, they seem to have a much better recollection of what went on. this idea that the commander in chief of this country code with broad brushes talk about certain nations and thus cast a shadow over the millions of americans who are from those communities and that you could even say in your testimony that norwegians were preference by him because they are so hardworking -- >> this is a very fluid and fast-moving situation. since i've come into the studio we've had some comments from senator lindsey graham, he said something very significant. he said he thinks something has changed between that a initial phone call and that meeting at noon two hours later. >> thursday, are you aware that senator durbin and the president talked at 10:00 around that time
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thursday morning? >> only through news reporting after-the-fact. >> are you aware of the fact that dick durbin called me and said i had the best conversation ever with the president, we should follow up on it? >> that will continue to be a line of questioning we anticipate in this hearing as it proceeds, now answering its third hour here. >> harris: thank you very much. let's bring in a lawmaker from today's hearing, senator thom tillis sits on the judiciary committee and took part in last week's televised immigration meeting. i know there are questions you wanted answered today. first of all, tell me what happened in the hearing today that you think the american people immediately need to know about. >> there is too much focus on a comment that may or may not have been made in the thursday meeting and not enough focus on solving the problem. if we go back to the tuesday meeting i participated in and agree to the four pillars and recognize we are going to have
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to compromise and accept something short of what i want, that's where we should be having the discussion, not the grandstanding i saw in the judiciary committee today. >> harris: it was a moment of drama and a moment of emotion and may be a revelation, senator lindsey graham seem to suggest something has happened to change the conversation and you heard catherine herridge just reporting on it. what happened? speak out my guess is it went like this, senator durbin and the president spoke sometime around 10:00 a.m., senator durbin focused on the aspects of the daca provisions of the bill the president was positive about, the other things that have been on the table, the president was very clear in the tuesday meeting. i don't think it was anything more than saying we like -- we are glad you like the progress that's made, let's get the rest
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of the deal done. >> harris: it got really nasty from there, what happened. >> it's very emotional, you've got people like senator durbin who i think is very emotionally invested in it and he's worked hard and it's been 16 years of failure. stop doing it the same where you're going to get the same result. we've got to back up a little bit. and say we are not that far away on border security, were not that far away on the diversity lottery. were not that far away from a reasonable, sustainable daca provision and program for this population that's worth worriek about march 5th. maybe we need to have media in every meeting we are in so people behave properly. there are rational provisions being taken that i think we could overcome if the american people understood what we were talking about to get a deal done. >> harris: it's with the present has been suggesting and went as far today as to call for
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trust in these meetings. it was a private meeting, how do you walk away and not have that trust? we have a little bit of your questions on border security because that's a component of this that was part of the the presidents lead up in the campaign but americans have said it's important to them. let's watch. >> it was very unfortunately occurrences of the violence against my agents has increased 63% and working very closely with the department of justice and attorney general, we will prosecute. this has got to stop, i will not continue to put my folks in danger. >> where were you going with the secretary? >> what i'm trying to explain, the real threat that exists along the unsecured portions, we are talking about millions of dozens of drugs coming into this country every day, only a minority are detected.
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the death toll of people crossing the border because they think they can get through. the criminal element, the cartels along the mexican border. people are getting harmed every single day, they are being exploited and if that's not a compassionate case for border security, let alone that i want those agents to come home every night and as they say have their spouse hear the velcro when they are taking off the vest, there is a real threat out there that we've got to solve. >> harris: this meeting is ongoing. if there is broken trust, if there are hard feelings what do you do to get back to where you were a week ago today, a 55 minute televised meeting for all america to see, the world to see how you get things done in that spirit of cooperation, how do you get back there and can you do it before friday? >> if there are hurt feelings
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that people need to get over it. we are u.s. senators and we are expected to produce a result. check your emotions at the door to solve the problem, the emotions in the daca population i'm most concerned with, i want to solve the problem. i think we should go to a full open process. you can shed light on what i think are unreasonable positions and of the american people can see that the president is prepared to accept something far less than what some of his advisors want to give him, maybe what even he would prefer, he's willing to do it because he truly and sincerely wants a solution for the daca population and he wants those border security agents, to look them in the eye and say i am listening to you and doing what i can to protect you so you can protect our nation. >> harris: a fully open process. senator thom tillis, that is bold. we will see if it happens. from the great state of north carolina, thank you. >> harris: we are talking about getting that daca deal
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done. our hopes fading, chances for a government shutdown growing. is that what's happening? both political parties think they can win the fight by blaming the other side. the president tweeted this... democratic senator patrick leahy says the buck stops with the president. watch. >> the only way you allow a government shutdown is on trump. if even humiliated the united states, i had amazed he'd want to humiliate himself that way. >> harris: rachel, great to see you. i see moving ball at this point. the comments going back and forth but did you just listen or watch tom tillis, and he said let's fly up here and get the issues done.
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can they? >> i don't think they can get a daca deal by friday, at least that's what i'm hearing from both sides of the aisle. by march perhaps. the question on capitol hill is can they buy a few more weeks to negotiate on daca in a long-term budget deal. the issue is that democrats are getting a lot of pressure right now to draw a line in the sand and potentially shut the government down to force this issue to happen sooner rather than later. keep in mind that democrats have now thrice voted to kick the can down the road with republicans for a couple weeks at a time. my personal prediction is that they will continue to do that. i think there are a lot of democratic leaders who are worried that if they shut the government down, republicans will win this battle by saying you're shutting down the government, putting military at risk for undocumented immigrants. and there is a fear that that could blow back on democrats in the midterm election.
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i don't see them shutting the government down on friday over this, however, i don't think they'll say yes to a long-term budget deal the president and republicans want until they get a daca agreement and that's not going to happen by friday. >> harris: when you listen to senator tillerson senator graha senator graham, representatives in the house, daca is mentioned in each of them. dreamers are talked about substantively. i'm not understanding why democrats don't want to look at this and say we can talk about this, we can put all that aside. let's get to the millions of people who need an answer right now. what are the politics at play that keep them from being bighearted on this? >> i think the president's reported remarks made some democrats i would say retreat to their corner. i heard there was a meeting on
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friday with some staff from both parties and democrats in the house brought out these comments and said this is going to make a bipartisan deal even harder for us to sell in the house. putting those comments aside, there's still plenty of disagreement on exactly what daca deal looks like. the president wants his border wall and there was a bipartisan deal in the senate that included some money for the border wall but the president said it wasn't enough. there's a question about what changes do you make to chain migration, who should be allowed to bring relatives over? watch of those changes beyond this whole diversity lottery program, the differences democrats want to make smaller tweaks to these things, republicans want to do a whole overhaul and change a lot of things. >> harris: let's comment on this, it seems like a missed opportunity. the president has said he would sign what they put in front of him and i know the white house has come back and said there are certain things he wants but he's a negotiator and there are some
10:17 am
points they could go back and forth on. it's just an observation based on the 55 minutes we watched together last tuesday. i'm glad you with us, thank you. >> thank you so much. >> harris: we are watching a live event in salt lake city. prominent trump critic mitt romney is delivering a keynote addressed amid speculation he could run for a u.s. senate seat in utah. will let you know if he makes any big announcements about running or anything else. we are monitoring it. a huge day in the ongoing congressional investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election. steve bannon is testifying behind closed doors today. in moments we will be joined by another man who is very close to the president, former campaign manager cory lewandowski and we will ask them about steve bannon and his own congressional testimony expected to come up this week. that's him live right there, he may waive.
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>> harris: of full busy week for the house intelligence committee's investigation. steve bannon is testifying today. he reportedly will face questions about that 2016 trump tower meeting which he
10:22 am
called treasonous in a controversial new book. the special counsel has subpoenaed bannon to testify in its investigation. the intel committee is also going to interview white house communications director hope hicks and bruce orr in the coming days as well as my next guest. cory lewandowski, great to see you today. i want to chat with you personally about what's coming up later this week for you, what you've been told. >> i've been asked to, and voluntarily submit to a series of questions from the house intelligence committee to provide information that will confirm that there was no collusion, cooperation, or coordination between the trump campaign and russia and i'm happy to do that. i have said i will tell anybody what took place. there was no collusion, no cooperation and no coordination. the opportunity to do this in front of the house committee, i look forward to it very much.
10:23 am
>> harris: i heard you do not plan to take the fifth, you will take every question. >> i have no reason to take the fifth, i will answer every question and make sure they understand, as a person who was the campaign manager to the presidential candidate for almost two years, there was no collusion. there was no cooperation, we didn't do anything to material impact the outcome of the election with an outside entity and anybody who did should be held accountable but it wasn't me, i will tell you that. >> harris: when you hear steve bannon use the word treasonous about a meeting donald trump jr. had, what is your response? >> i think steve's choice of words was very poor and i think when he clarified afterwards, he was talking to paul manafort, someone who has done an extensive amount of business in
10:24 am
russia or overseas and should have known better than taking that meeting. steve wasn't around for that time, he wasn't part of the campaign team at that time. i didn't know anything about the meeting. to go back and look at it in hindsight, i think steve was trying to clarify, unknown political operative like paul manafort should've known better than to take a meeting like tha that. >> harris: did you see anything in terms of his relationship with you or behavior in the white house? that could have gone to the point where he would describe a meeting with the president's son meeting with russia as treason. >> steve owes don jr. and jared kushner an apology, no question about it. they are american patriots as far as i'm concerned. jared kushner left his family business to come work for the government for low pay away from his family.
10:25 am
don jr. is man i have stood by many times. to say something like that is so out-of-bounds, i can't justify it in any way. >> harris: he's taking that meeting today, steve bannon. what are some of the questions you anticipate to come up and handicap it for us what it's like to go into the situation. >> my best guess is the democrats participating in the closed-door meeting leaked to the information to cnn so they can tell the story of what they want to get out as opposed to remaining confidential like it's supposed to be. my guess is they will go through a litany of names i've never heard of before to talk about where they involved in any way, shape, or form in the campaign. steve was there for a short period of time, i was there for almost two whole years. every day next to the candidate, next to president trump, never did we coordinate or cooperate or collude with any russians.
10:26 am
there is nothing there. what i think they should do is bring this investigation to a quick close. >> harris: later this week, have they given you any indication of when this may happen and what that might be like? >> i don't know, i know it is going to be in the next three days a year. all they've said to me is to prepare, go in and answer questions. i will answer every question truthfully and honestly to the best of my ability and the best of my recollection. i have nothing to hide, i'm looking forward to the opportunity to help bring this to a close. >> harris: you love to lawyer up to get into this whole thing, not everybody will be as open to the concept. how surprised are you that they are looking at others? there's a longer list of people the democrats at least on the committee would like to talk with. >> the democrats want to keep this investigation going as long as possible. we are in the dozens at minimum
10:27 am
if not multiple levels at this point. at some point when everybody is saying the same thing you have to take it at their word, there was no collusion. democrats have to get over the fact, to make it a political issue going into the midterm election and finally bring the realization home then nothing took place between the trump campaign and someone from russia. the clinton campaign is a very different story. they created the false dossier, they've admitted to it, let's look into that. >> harris: you have bruce orr also being called in, his work back wife works for fusion gps. i want to get your response to that as well. you've got a situation where they are looking at a total scope more than they had been previously. >> it's very important, they go where the information leads them. this is leading to the deep
10:28 am
stage, some bad individuals inside the fbi who use their power wrongly to target the trump team as an "insurance policy" if hillary lost they would have a policy on the trump operation. we need to make sure those individuals who abused their power are held accountable. >> harris: critics would snap back at you and say people scream conspiracy, that can't really be happening. i want to give you a quick last word. >> my friends work at the fbi and they are great people and 99.9% of those people are the greatest at what they do. we seen a very small group of fbi agents who change the wording in the clinton information, that are texting back and forth about how much they hated trump, an individual whose family was tried to the .za. that's not the deep state,
10:29 am
that's very real. >> harris: check in after you testify, we will move on. days after a false missile alert sent hawaiians running for shelter, the united states and canada are leading an effort to crack down on north korea. notably not invited to the summit? russia and china. john bolton will tell us what it means. i've been reading you on twitter today, you have a lot to say.
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10:34 am
including executive privilege to support this refusal but fox is told lawmakers grilled bannon and his return he over their refusal to answer. steve bannon testifying behind closed doors to the house intelligence committee has now informed that committee and his attorney he will not be taking any questions about the white house or the transition. we will talk about this more as it develops the sour with our power panel coming up. for now, my next guest. national security advisor h.r. mcmaster, held secret meeting with japanese and korean officials over the weekend. they talked about talks between north and south korea and agreed north korea's decision to send athletes of the winter olympics is a diversion and they need to increase pressure on the regime to give up its nuclear program. rex tillerson joins diplomats from 19 other nations in vancouver that's happening toda
10:35 am
today, you will quickly see him getting off the plane. here's part of his remarks from earlier today. >> the great goal of the pressure campaign is to cut out the sources of funding it used to advance the illegal nuclear and ballistic missile programs. we must increase the cost of the regime's behavior to the point where north korea comes to the table for negotiations. the object of negotiation is the complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of north korea. all nations here today are united on that goal. >> harris: joining us now to break it down is john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations and fox news contributor. let's do this in order, what do you say about financial security advisor mcmaster having secret meetings with japanese and
10:36 am
korean officials? >> they've all agreed the north korean olympics ploy is purely a diversionary tactic, i've been saying since we first heard of it it is just propaganda. i think that's an important step forward. that is exactly the kind of assessment that i think takes you to the decisions that are necessary to stop north korea before it crosses the nuclear finish line. >> harris: rex tillerson is meeting with 19 other diplomats from nations in vancouver. and what do you expect is having in that conversation? >> i must say, the clip you displayed of secretary tillerso tillerson -- it is so depressing to listen to it and talk about increasing economic pressure to bring north korea to the table. we first imposed international sanctions on north korea after their missile test on july 4th 2006. i remember it well. the sanctions which have been
10:37 am
passed after nuclear test and missile tests have not materially impeded north korea's progress. this is today's "wall street journal" and it says north korea's ban on joint ventures, supplying significant income to the north on the very day they are going to have this conversation and guess who is not at this meeting? russia and china. it's unclear whether they were invited or not invited but they are not there. neither is iran. there is not enough time even if sanctions worked perfectly which they manifestly do not to put the kind of squeeze on that you need to stop north korea before it achieves nuclear weapons. i understand why it's important to show the world we are exhausting every possible peaceful effort but we should be realistic about this. we've been at this for a long time, it has not worked.
10:38 am
>> harris: cause extends president meeting with president trump right now, that country borders russia and china. with a few seconds left, your take? >> it's a significant meeting because kazakhstan has been a transit point for flights to and from iran and other places where you want to get contraband material into iran. i think getting kazakhstan to help us tighten up against these regimes could be important and it's important for the president to show he is playing and what vladimir putin thinks is his peer of interest. >> harris: thank you for your time and expertise. new details coming out of the house intelligence committee interview of steve bannon. moments ago i was breaking the news on this. steve bannon has reportedly been served with a subpoena to provide testimony right away on the things he doesn't want to answer questions about. now we know that is the white house and transition. the president gets set to
10:39 am
announce his fake news awards tomorrow. frequent trump critic senator jeff flake plans to compare his rhetoric to that of one of the most evil dictators of all time. is that over the line? >> it befuddles me as to why any american president would use of phrases so associated joseph stalin. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. you've probably seen me running all over the country in search of our big idaho potato truck. but not any more. i am done with that. ooh, ooh hot - just gonna stay home on the farm,
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>> harris: news is breaking from behind that closed door meeting with steve bannon. we are told bannon is testifying between the house intel committee. bannon's attorney was told the white house was told not to answer questions about his time in the transition. joining me now, jessica tarlov, senior director of research for muscle and fox news contributor.
10:44 am
david, i want to go to you first. >> the attorney for the guy who just rode a gossip book about the president and his family and the white house is now saying the white house allegedly -- we don't even know the source, allegedly said the white house said he couldn't say it. it's a mess here. >> harris: you are doubting the white house directly told him? >> we don't know. he's trying to sell books. >> i certainly agree that michael wolff is trying to sell books. there are some things in the book that do not ring true, that so-and-so ate in a restaurant that so-and-so has never been through. we know there are certain things in the book that are being taken very seriously, like what's gone on with the old trump legal
10:45 am
spokesman. >> harris: we want to know what you think about steve bannon at this point, this is breaking news if it is proven true. what david is saying, we want to see all the sourcing on who at the white house told steve bannon he couldn't answer questions in front of the house install committee. >> i think we absolutely should know that. if we are going to spend all this time and money investigating this, everything should be on the table. it doesn't mean we infringe on anyone's rights and we know people do have the right to plead the fifth. you can do that to avoid self-incrimination which is not tantamount to guilt but i would like answers to that and i have us feeling steve bannon has his own axes to grind with the administration considering what happened to him. >> he wants attention. as we just said we are going to have to find out a few more details and more to the point, we still have not had one piece
10:46 am
of credible evidence that says the trump campaign colluded with the russians. >> you have people -- michael flynn, paul manafort. >> they are not indicted on anything. >> harris: i bring that up to get to this point, jessica. corey lewandowski was on the program a few minutes ago. he is not going to be pleading the fifth, he says he will answer every question. when asked about steve bannon, what was your take away in terms of their relationship and bannon's role in the white house? >> cory was around a lot longer than steve bannon was, he has a little more background knowledge than steve bannon does. ultimately both of them will have to testify to the truth and as we saw from your segment, cory is not worried about what he has to tell the committee. >> cory lewandowski was around for longer but i would argue because of the timing of when steve bannon was there and the critical role he played in winning this election, steve bannon may no more than cory
10:47 am
lewandowski was about what went on at cambridge analytical, what went on with the mercer family and potential collusion between key actors like mike flynn and the russians. both are important players but i would argue steve bannon has been incredibly critical to that. >> no one voted for steve bannon, they voted for donald trump. >> no one voted to cory lewandowski, that's for sure. >> harris: we will talk about another topic after this. the president is getting ready to announce the fake news award awards. frequent trump critic compares him to a famous dictator. really? the power panel weighs in.
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>> hi, everyone, dana perino. fire rewards on capitol hill over a word i can't say on tv. did anyone move the needle on immigration and avoiding the government shutdown? we will discuss this. former justice department prosecutor about the implications, a brand-new poll on the arizona senate race. all that and more on "the daily briefing." >> harris: republican senator and frequent trump critic jeff flake is expected to
10:52 am
deliver a searing floor speech tomorrow. he's going to compare the president's attacks on the media to the rhetoric of the notorious 20th century soviet dictator joseph stalin. flake clarified the remarks he is planning to make it. >> joseph stalin was a killer, our president is not. it puzzles me as to why you would use a phrase so loaded and that has such deeper meaning, the press being the enemy of the people. that is a big concern. what this president does, the most powerful man in the world has lasting implications. it has implications for journalists worldwide as well as our free press year in this country. >> harris: i tell you, it doesn't take much history to know about stalin, how do you accidentally use that word? >> its hyperbole to get attention.
10:53 am
the reality is senators do two things. they give speeches and cast votes. this speech will be insignificant in history but is about to pass tax cuts will be important and at the end of the day jeff flake has awarded more times with the president then against the president. >> harris: the only reason anybody may even talk about this speech is because of the stalin remark. >> the theme of the speech, the president has stated time and time again that the press is the enemy of the people. it's a current that runs through national discourse. the comparison to joseph stalin is a lot to me and i'm glad he clarified that one is a murderer and one is not but the fact that the president is using the same rhetoric is concerning and i think jeff flake made an additionally important point. other republican senators who act so precious about bad
10:54 am
language when it's not coming out of this presidents mouth have defended him time and time again to get those votes and i would also add that senators do write policy and that's incredibly important here. jeff flake, john mccain, susan collins, people who have stood up against the president are voting with him more often then not and that's what does count at the end of the day. >> at the end of the day president trump wants somebody else representing arizona. jeff flake is retiring. >> do you think it's okay that the president talks about the press this way? if president obama -- >> somehow that the media -- >> it is not okay to me, is it okay with you that the president talks about the press this way? >> the president is allowed to go -- it is certainly fine for the president has his opinion
10:55 am
just as the media needs to be held accountable for much of the misinformation it's put out there. you have to admit other networks have put out flat out false information. >> every network. >> harris: senator flake has so much to say but he's not going to run for reelection. you've got kelly ward, martha mcsally, in the state running for the senate, this is a conversation where jeff flake has been pushed off the envelope. >> jeff flake is rightfully acknowledging there is no place for him in the modern day g.o.p. anymore. >> susan collins isn't leaving the u.s. senate, senator mccain isn't leaving the senate. >> sheriff joe isn't coming after susan collins. >> at the end of the day the president leaves emac wins this battle because he will get an ally in the senate.
10:56 am
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>> harris: a busy hour. breaking news. something you see on "outnumbered" overtime? on twitter or facebook, one handle, ot. here's dana. >> dana: a government shutdown and more follow-up from remarks by president from casting a shadow over immigration reform during today's testimony by the homeland security secretary. hello, everyone. i am dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." secretary kiersten nielsen was in the cross fire as democrats demanded a deal to protect the dreamers, threatening a government shutdown. several lawmakers discussing a word i can't even say on tv allegedly used by the president last week on immigration. president trump questioned wasd about the remark a short time ago. >> did you say you want people to


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