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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 16, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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laughter? if you have something to say, sound off. that's all the time we will have left. we will never be the destroyed trump media. let not your heart be troubled, there she is. >> laura: i find your show to be so annoying, and i'm going to have another gin and tonic. >> sean: laura, hi! >> laura: i'm sorry. you guys didn't tell me i was on. >> sean: i told you would make an headline on media, and you did. we could predict it. did you watch this press coverage today? did you see it? >> laura: sean, i think all of the media people should have to reveal their own physical and mental health after that. >> sean: i offer a free truckload of xanax. if they can't afford it, i will help them. it's obviously what they need. >> laura: i don't think -- i don't know if there's any credibility left in any of those people after that.
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that actually surprised me, and that takes a lot at this point. thanks so much, sean. and good evening from washington, i'm laura ingraham, and this is "the ingraham angle." we have an unbelievable show for you tonight. chock-full of an hour, but we will get through a bit. we have an unbelievable lineup of gas of course. monica crowley, juan williams, corey lewandowski, they were all way in. we are using way in, isn't that fine quick scope of the democrats latest plan to derail the trump train. good luck on that. we also have marco rubio's takes on the brewing fight over a daca compromise, and john bolton is here at the dramatic detail between president trump and president xi of china. could a confrontation be brewin brewing? and a democrat whose known trump since the nixon administration tells us why the president is no racist. but we begin with liberal stunts versus conservative solutions. that's the topic of tonight in
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gold. the dhs secretary kristin nielsen was interrogated by senators. if they headed out best actor at work, it will to new jersey senator lori booker. >> why am i seething with anger? the commander in chief, in an oval office meeting, referring to people from african countries and haitians with the most violent folder language, both language festers your silence and your amnesia is complicit. the pattern is clear of the threats in that country. i hurt. when dick durbin called me, i had tears of rage. for you not to feel that hurt and that pain, and to dismiss
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some of the questions of my colleagues, that's unacceptable to me. >> laura: here's of rage. that's actually bad acting. give me a break. did senator booker cry tears of rage when this story broke and hence home state of new jersey just a few months ago? were an illegal alien broke into a trenton home and raped a 6-year-old little girl. we looked and couldn't find a single comment by senator booker about this heinous crime of unspeakable cruelty. does he not feel the hurt of the child's mother and father, a crime that should have never happened, because that man should have never been in this country, senator. his silence is unacceptable and complicit, at least to me. booker is simply out testing campaign themes. it's patently obvious. oprah had her moment at the golden globes, and he's not
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about to see that spotlight back quickly. no way. here he was back in 2010, joking around with private citizen trump. seems pretty happy to be sitting with a racist, doesn't he? booker start today was an attempt to reinforce the president trump as a racist narrative. we've been saying all week. for backup, five liberal commerce men and women are exchanging exchanging their home -- what s that accomplish other than maybe giving them another free night to binge watch on netflix? speaking of wasting time, the left wing american press willingly lined up to do what they do best, play the hallelujah chorus to the democrats story line. to them, slandering the president beats reporting any time on on the economy. >> the president is a white supremacist. >> that is absolutely racism
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with steroids. >> the president of the united states is a racist. >> we have a racist, a shameless racist, who has hijacked the republican party, who has hijacked the oval office. >> i would say, judging by his words, a racist. >> a hard rain is going to fall on donald trump and the republican soon to enable the sort of racism. >> laura: so tired. in a positively bizarre scene unfolded at the press briefing today, members of the media actually think that a military doctor is part of the white house scheme to conceal the president's true mental condition from all of us. >> there isn't anything that's part of the president's health record or physical fitness or any medications that he's taking that you are not permitted to tell us, is there anything you're keeping from us for
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privacy reasons? >> laura: if anyone ever needed consecutive cognitive screening, what medications are you on track scope there were endless questions about trump's a diet, his workout, glue teen or lack thereof. would you like to see that routine? one of the reporter asked the doctor for his waist measurements. you first, sweetheart. this afternoon, a number of nbc's investigative units pointed out this gem. >> saying a lot of skepticism of over the idea that real donald trump weighs only 239 pounds. what he stepped on a scale in public to prove it? >> laura: he will do that when reporters and anchors agreed to public lie detector test during their broadcaster after their broadcast. as trump's team is renegotiating nafta, bring up our energy sector, smashing isis, cracking down on ms-13, all the rest, the democrats and a candle of globalist never trumper's are
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making complete and total buffoons of themselves. it's actual empty back actually embarrassing no self-respect. because of the bluster on race, what will happen? i'll tell you what will happen. more americans will end up tuning them out, and sadly in the process, tuning out real racism when it happens. if democrats really decide to put amnesty for illegal immigrants ahead of funding the government for american citizens, they will have blown get another opportunity to be a party of solution instead of stunts. ronald reagan once said that governments have a tendency not to solve problems, only to rearrange them. eager to change that sad reality, the trump administration is actually working to expand economic opportunity for all americans and also solve complicated problems along the way. i ask you this.
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what other president has stood up to china, and it's married about's group real, name one. what other presidents president capital and manufactured back to united states? they all said it was impossible. trump didn't believe them. what other president has insisted on immigration changes that will benefit working-class americans? instead of just benefiting the wealthy. all of those rich people that want the cheap labor. he is doing this and enduring constant, nonstop, unfair nasty criticism. he is doing it for one simple reason, to improve the standard of living for the american people, people of all races, and at every economic level. and while it is true that president trump can sometimes step on his own good news, sometimes of course saying nothing is the best thing, and maybe he should abide by that once in a while.
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he's actually trying to do with so many politicians have promised but could not deliver. a better, stronger, and yes, a more united america. my friends, i will take solutions over stunts any day of the week, and that's "the angle." now, let's get into all of this. with our superb panel of gas in new york is monica crowley, and juan williams. you see him at 5:00 p.m. every night as cohost of "the five." in with me here in washington is corey lewandowski, former trump campaign manager. author of the fabulous "new york times" selling book, "let trump be trump." juan, i want you to have the first crack at this. where did i go wrong? >> i think you are in a difficult tradition. i love you but i think it's hard to defend a trump. did a terrific job of trying on the race this front.
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it's hard for a guy who began his campaign, even before he was running as a birth, and he could say that people are watching to make marching with white supremacist and charlottesville. this latest comment, it's kind of hard. i think you are making the case that there are a lot of good things happening, the president doesn't pay attention. on the race stuff, i think it's a little bit hard for you. >> laura: and corey? you've known trump for a while now. i've known him for about 14 or 15 years. if this guy was some secret racist, he's done a really good job hiding in all this year. he's hanging out with jesse jackson, donated a building for him to put his rainbow push coalition in the pictures of him with al sharpton. but we are supposed to believe now it's all out in the open that he's a secret races? >> don't forget don king was campaigning on the campaign trail, and i don't think they've ever accused him of being a racist. people don't want to give donald trump the credit.
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it was just before the election that cnn donald trump get less than 1% of the african-american votes. yet a higher percent of african-american votes since 1996. look what he's done for the african-american community. lowest unemployment ever recorded. that's not racism, that's about being america first in putting everybody back to work. it's not a racist issue when you're putting people back to work and stopping illegal aliens from coming to the country and killing americans. >> laura: monica, here's a problem with the racism charge. what you say racist, it kind of shuts down dialogue and it kills goodwill. i wouldn't be up you're doing what i'm doing every night if i thought donald trump was a racist. i take that very seriously, and i would not do it. but for him to endure this day after day after day after day, regardless of any of the good things that are happening, to me says a lot more about the people accusing him than it does about
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what's in this man's heart. >> and i think we make a mistake when we play according to the narrative that the media wants us to play on when they want us to play on their turf and art defining all the rules of the debate and conversation. donald trump represents an existential threat to them, to the media, the establishment on both sides of the i owe pier therefore he has to be destroyed. the media is going down this long list to try and destroy him but of course nothing is working. first he was a rush and conclude her, that he was mentally ill, that he was a racist. now he's down, does the guy where dentures? they are stocking him like psychopaths. they are not covering him the way they are supposed to because they are trying everything, they are throwing the kitchen sink at him in order to try to work the narrative among the american people to see him in ways that they don't see him. they see him as something green, real results, concrete
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improvements to the lysed, economically, politically, culturally, et cetera. they can't stand it. i think what drives the media so crazy, what makes them so furious, is that when he tweets and when he speaks, he's actually beating them at their own game, and they cannot stand it. >> laura: he reminds me of the whole road runner and wile e. coyote, one of my favorite cartoons. when wile e. coyote has the active at&t thing and he's going to catch them on the clip to get him around the quarter. i'm good at voices, by the way. let's talk about cory booker. he's someone i think people looked at for many years as a centrist democrat. i've got to know him very casually years ago when people were tailing him as a new type of democrat. today he put on what i think was quite a performance. in the interrogation of the dhs secretary. he conjured up all of the tears
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of rage, the i'm so outraged, how could you say this, as if he never sat at a senate hearing were a cabinet member actually defends the president of the united states. he actually acted like this dhs secretary was complicit in marching with the kkk. i found a low point for him. i found that he had lost a lot of credibility with a lot of people. >> here's where i agree with you. i thought it was theatrical, but let me also state that i think as a u.s. senator, as a politician, i think it was incumbent upon him to say, hey, dhs secretary, you were in the room, and somehow you can't remember. you say that it was bad language. what that language did you hear? that's what dick durbin, the senator from illinois who has said that the president said that. what bad language did you hear? she said this on fox news sunday. she couldn't answer. so she clearly was defending the president. >> laura: so what?
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why should a cabinet member have to reveal anything about a private conversation? i find this whole thing to be one big distraction. >> here you're going off the rails. who is the one who keeps changing the story, laura? the white house. the white house did not deny he'd said it initially pure than they come back and the president said, oh, i didn't say it. he said a different kind of profanity the point is, he sang black people from africa, from haiti, brown people from el salvador, we don't want them. we don't need people from these country. >> laura: he did not say the people. he said the countries and describing them. lindsey graham describe it and central america. >> laura, we are not letting countries and, we are letting in human beings who have talent and who have been admitted to this country, the iris, the italians, the catholics, and they have made america great. >> laura: when obama used the
7:16 pm
similar lengths to describe a middle eastern country, does that make them races? >> no. he wasn't talking about people from those countries. oh, i see. >> laura: is describing a whole country. >> you described a corrupt government. you should not talk about people that way. >> laura: juan, you or discriminate against at npr for your viewpoint. that was horrible what they did to you. they didn't treat you fairly. that was so unfair. it's a similar thing that's "happening now." it's not viewpoint discrimination. it's discrimination in a way against the president's record of early success, still early, but early success and totally deviating from the truth of the fact. we are getting to whether he's fat now, we haven't even gotten into that. the present the white house today, does he really weigh 239? get on a scale. i've seen it now.
7:17 pm
>> the outrage over every single thing this president has done is so overblown. now they're calling into question a medical doctor who also performed the same exact test on barack obama and george w bush. now they are calling into question, are you giving us all the information? does he really weigh that? does he wear dentures? what else are you not telling u us? this guy gets on television and says -- >> laura: these people in the press have gone cuckoo for cocoa puffs and they are crazy. >> they say trump has amazing genes. >> laura: he's probably in better health that sit on their dump all day or the exercise at a 90 minute spin class. oh, i'm in good shape. >> laura, jfk had all kind of serious illnesses. he was a walkie walking horse . barack obama was a smoker. i never heard that or any kind of comments about kind of risk
7:18 pm
that would be to the president of the united states. they are raising the bar donald trump because they got to find something to destroy this man. and the fact that he is still standing upright, carrying out his duty as president and drinking his diet coke. >> laura: i think we should all have a bucket of chicken and a couple of big macs to celebrate that. >> he likes starburst, so he can't have dentures. >> laura: starburst will pull out your fillings. how was china doing? let's focus on the starburst. you guys are such a great panel. thank you so much. by the way, mitt romney in the senate. we have a romney coming up it really does like president trump quite a bit. we will ask a very interesting questions about the potential romney run. don't go away. but it's my anniversary.
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♪ >> laura: mitt romney is considering a run for the senate, raising the question, would he be more of an ally or an adversary of president trump? romney delivered a scathing speech during the 2016 presidential campaign, calling then candidate trump a phony and a fraud. our next guest knows both men
7:23 pm
pretty well, says romney is no never trumper, ronna mcdaniel is both a romney's niece and a chairwoman of the republicans national committee. great to see you. >> always good to be here. >> laura: what's making the do? number one question, my inside scoop. >> i don't ask him what he's going to do, so i can come on chosen say i have no idea. i don't even ask my dad. i will say my advice to any republican is, spend your time focusing on the democrats. look what they do if they were holding the reins of this country where our country would be today. focus on then, stop focusing on the republicans. i always say, if you have a problem and your family, don't go on jerry springer. this president is doing a great job. we should be supporting him. >> laura: he did send out this tweet after the common controversy purity said the property of is as relevant as a race. the sentiment contributes that it is inconsistent with
7:24 pm
america's history and antithetical to american values. made them memory of dr. king but we are hope for unity. that was a dig at the president. >> we've seen many different accounts come from this. the president has had its been totally misrepresented. i take the president's word at that. >> laura: you're taking the presidents were over uncle mitch? >> yes, he was in the meeting. he is representing himself and he's talking about better immigration, better borders, better things that are going to help make this country safer and great again. >> laura: i think about the senators and congressmen who opposed trump and are republican, hasn't worked out well. bannon is gone. flake is on his way out. corker was kind of in and out. he's gone. i don't see the play here. oh, i'm going to be a never trumper. okay? i guess. i don't even know where that gets you. >> laura: >> what's going to ge? a year into the the trump administration, we are on the
7:25 pm
right track. this is the president everybody should be behind. i hope democrats don't hear the word and start doing it as well. >> laura: i know you are up watching the late show last night. this is what schumer said to colbert. let's watch. >> he's not a racist. he is the least racist person you'd ever see. i have a challenge for donald trump. actions speak louder than words. you want to begin, just begin that long road back to proving you are not racist, you're not bigoted, support the bipartisan compromise that three republicans and three democrats have put on the floor, everyone gave and get the dreamers safety here in america. >> laura: by the way, that's just the first step towards trump's redemption. give everything they want to the gang of six, and they will have teeny baby step towards not being a racist. thanks, chuck. >> i say to him, wanted to take
7:26 pm
some advice from yourself 20 years ago when you voted for a wall and said we needed to fix immigration and we recognize we had a border issue? maybe chuck schumer should go revisit his past self and support some of the things of the president is putting on the table that is putting our country safer. >> laura: we have all these vacancies, retirements, republicans getting wiped out in the house. they're going into the fold wish list here. the republicans are toast. what's the real scoop? >> the rnc raised record money. we know that the midterms are usually brutal. we've been ready for. we had the best the data and ground game. we are ready to compete. we have an economy that's doing well. we have accomplishments to run on. we have a president that the leading the way. i don't think it will be what the democrats hoped, but i want our based energizer, so go ahead and worry and get out there. we have a national day of training on saturday on the
7:27 pm
first anniversary -- get out. you cannot rest. this is going to be important election. we will have to work as hard as we can. >> laura: you know i always ask you this, i want the comments most frequently made on the return envelopes when you ask for money. what do people do? >> i got my homework done today like i should. we have had actual record low dollar fund run fund-raising in january for the number one thing that people are saying on the phones and on the mail, we needo keep our majority in congress because we need to support this president. it's not even us soliciting donations. we actually have people calling because they are so concerned. we are beating 2016, 2014, any other election year and small dollar donations. >> laura: they want the wall built. they don't just want to do amnesty. >> they support the president and his agenda appeared >> laura: great to see you. thanks for coming in. straight ahead, senator marco rubio worked for the democrats
7:28 pm
back in 2013 on an immigration bill, and that and that blew up changed? rubio will tell us next. ♪i used to be spellbound hello again. ♪i used to be spellbound hi. ♪i used to be spellbound that's a big phone. ♪in your arms. [screams] ah, my phone. ♪you built the flame ♪that warms my heart, ♪but lying and cheating ♪has torn us apart ♪and i'm moving on. like you do sometimes, grandpa? and puffed... well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms.
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>> laura: once again, it's crunch time i capitol hill, as lawmakers decide the fate of daca. sender marco rubio joins us now from capitol hill to discuss those and a lot of other issues. thanks for joining us, senator rubio. let's get right to appear the topic of the day is this immigration impasse once again. for our viewers out there, are you more attuned to the current durban-grandma version of the immigration bill? or were to be closer to the republicans who are called the more hard-line people like tom cotton or senator purdue? >> i don't know the proposal
7:33 pm
other than what been expressed in the media. i can tell you what i believe in. i do believe we have to build a wall and improve our overall security. i think we should end the diversity lottery. i believe that we should figure out a way, like the president has, to deal with the people that find themselves, or many other people people that find themselves not under daca designation. the big debate has been, how deep with the altogether? the president's number one priority of border security, the democrats are insisting on daca peer to get it passed under this framework right now, each side will have to get something. what else gets in there has been with the debate has been about. i support ending the diversity lottery. i think we should admit people to the united states based on what they will contribute to the united states, and that's why i've long called for a merit based system of immigration. it should be country based, it
7:34 pm
should be person based. >> laura: senator, back in 2015, you gave us speech at seatac. you said i learned by westmont immigration. your point was that we have to have to do enforcement first before he can get to the other parts he said. that was obviously because of the gang of eight. that went down in flames. appeared with the gang of eight coming out the gang of six. you have lindsey graham out there, who today said we need different partners, willing partners in the white house. what of that? the white house is the white house. the president ran on the wall and enforcement. >> anything we pass are, we will have to have him sign it. that's the only partner at the end of the day that will matter. the lesson i referred to in 2015 was more than just border security first. it was a step-by-step approach versus a comprehensive one, would you try to do all these things together. you are only talking about five things and they can't put it together. that's what i long believe you start with security first and that's something everybody should agree on. i don't know why anyone should
7:35 pm
argue why we shouldn't secure our border and enforce immigration laws. when you go to modernization like making a merit based or getting rid of the diversity lottery. going to a person based system. >> laura: i'm sorry to interrupt, but aren't they doing amnesty at the same time mexico that everybody, but they are doing 800,000 at the same time. they're kind of doing a smaller version of what you guys try to do in 2013, and that obviously didn't work out well. the president is still willing to give. >> everybody involved in this negotiation is saying, we understand that we will deal with the daca situation, but you have to do a strong enforcement that will happen. one of the differences between now and 2013, you have someone in the white house that people trust will do it. it's a dynamic shift where we stood at this time in 2013 arguing about whether or not enforcement would even happen, even if we passed a law they argued it wouldn't happen. >> laura: are you for that to
7:36 pm
come in? >> i think keeping the nuclear family is one thing. allowing people to claim their parents or other relatives is not something i support. to me, that's part of moving away from the family based system and towards the merit-based system. >> laura: let's talk about what jeff flake is saying tomorrow. you have a lot of charges. first trump is a racist comment which i assume you don't agree with. that's what durbin is safe. you don't agree with that? >> i never saw him say or do anything in front of me for me to believe him. i certainly have never viewed him that way. >> laura: i don't know how you sit down in a room with someone one day and say two days later he is a racist. now jeff flake is giving a speech tomorrow where he is comparing trump's treatment of the press to joseph stalin. and of course stalin, the great purge, 28 million deaths attributed to him. how do we get here? >> i don't agree with everything
7:37 pm
the president does. i bet you you don't agree with everything the president does. one of the things is happening is exaggeration. the president does things from time to time that i don't agree with or would have done differently. the reaction to it is very exaggerated. we will to see what he says in the speech tomorrow. there isn't any comparison between this president or any american with joseph stalin. he hasn't given the speech yet though. >> laura: let's talk about what you want to do to prevent foreign governments from interfering in american elections. you're teaming up with chris van hollen, a democrat, and what is your goal, and what do you intend to do. >> there's clearly a russian part two two a. in my view, they didn't just favor a candidate. it was the discord. my bigger problem, we can only do what has happened in the
7:38 pm
past, looking back retroactivel retroactively. the biggest or to americans electoral system and quite frankly america at large is not russia, it's china. china has basically infiltrated its way into all of our technologies across the supply chain. they make anything the russians can do look like child's play, that include stealing secrets, that includes influence individuals in american government to a lot of different things. that includes potentially interfering in an election. the biggest thing moving forward is not the russians, exactly the chinese. they are much larger with a lot more capability and more money, and that's one of the things i thought about when getting involved in this legislation. >> laura: in this "new york times" piece that came out tonight that the administration is going to be reviewing possible plans to expand our military response with nuclear weapons, two potential cyber attacks on water, communications, other essential services that would basically shut down the power grid et cetera.
7:39 pm
>> i promise you there will be over reaction to that well. you'll see headlines that say trump wants nuclear attacks. that's what not what this is a. this doctrine is not new. it's been expanded and made public. the biggest thing about this, you talk about these attacks. we talk about things that would knock planes out of the sky and kill patients in hospitals, paralyze our electric grid. we are talking about massive loss of life if the kinds of attacks that are being tried to anticipated here are the attacks that happen. people need to know ahead of time, if you do this, we are not going to have a series of town hall meetings to talk about why this happen. this is what the response is going to be. countries know what the response will be if they want a nuclear attack against us. they need to note that response would be if they launch a life-threatening cyber or regular attack. a lot of people countries might not have a nuclear capability or small nuclear capability have the ability to expand into our
7:40 pm
territory. we will do a better job of protecting ourselves paired >> laura: senator rubio, thanks so much for spending time with us tonight. hope to see you soon. and a phone call between president trump and the chinese president turns very tense over a still growing whopping trade and balance. the details when john bolton joins us next. erlooking. it's your eyes. that's why there's ocuvite, from bausch + lomb. as you age your eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish those nutrients. ocuvite has lutein, zeaxanthin, and omega-3. nourish your eyes to help them be their healthy best. ocuvite eye vitamins. be good to your eyes.
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7:44 pm
the campaign and now president trump is signaling it may be time to finally fight back against china. a phone call with the chinese president xi according to back got testy when the president called the growing trade deficit with that country unsustainable could let's get back into that with fox news contributor john bolton. the october trade deficit with china was a record. i think was $4,048.7 billion. it can't be the same otherwise we can get to where be economically. >> they are pursuing of what's best for china. they do it under the rubric of free-trade and wto. it is not a free-trade organization. what trump has been true saying repeatedly, when china violates its commitments, we will do something about it. these violations go across the board. i remember back in 2000 when people talk about bringing china in, they said they will conform to international norms and be more liberal and open and
7:45 pm
whatnot. it hasn't happened. we've been taking advantage of. now trump a saying time to stop your spirit bill clinton, alan greenspan, george w. bush all heralding the system greater openness with china. china still has hundreds of thousands of reeducation property. they are ambitious around the world want to be the hegemon and we'll see where that goes. there was a big meeting in vancouver today, 20 nations to deal with north korea, and if you care about a lot. china and russia were not present, and china's president very unhappy. >> i heard they were not invited or invited in that calm. it was like having a meeting with the elephants in the room. this is feckless on part of the state department. you're not going to chitchat or pressure north korea giving up nuclear weapons or strategy. what this meeting achieves will be hard to see. >> laura: i know you are interested in this rex tillerso
7:46 pm
rex tillerson, nikki haley, the u.n. ambassador, your own job. who has more mojo now? >> i think the administration compromised on funding the agency that aids the palestinians. this might see some of the numbers crunching budget dispute, but it goes right to the heart of whether the administration will have a new policy in the middle east, or it will see the same things for the last 50 years. this is a critical debate. i wish we had more coverage on it, more debate about it in congress. it really is an effort by the trump administration to turn that big aircraft carrier called the state department around. >> laura: giving money to the palestinians for humanitarian issues and so forth? >> it's both money to the u.n. and palestinian authority where they are slamming the united states over the weekend and we turn around and give them $60 million. it's hard to understand how you're going to make it clear it clear appears to be carrot
7:47 pm
stick, we are going to move this to jerusalem. we are still in engage. >> this is a reflection of administration so mired in debate. this will be a good thing if they can overcome appears to be when you and i love to talk about how our friends at "the wall street journal," and i have to go back to this on the trade issue for just a moment. that a big piece today about china and how we are going to escalate this into a big trade war. it escalated far enough, trade worker takes on the entire global trading texture. that means it was mr. trump's control that was not a commentary a commentary. >> that's not a new story. i may free-trade or myself. if people undertake obligations and then don't comply with them, it's critical that you bring them out. the state department, the bureaucracy as a whole cannot stand saying other countries are in violation of their agreements. this time to say it more often. >> laura: great to see you.
7:48 pm
a democrat who has known donald trump for almost half a century explains why everybody's getting him wrong, about the president and race, up next. because each day she chooses to take the stairs. at work, at home... even on the escalator. that can be hard on her lower body, so now she does it with dr. scholl's orthotics. clinically proven to relieve and prevent foot, knee or lower back pain, by reducing the shock and stress that travel up her body with every step she takes. so keep on climbing, sarah. you're killing it. dr. scholl's. born to move. eight hundred dollars whenlmost we switched our auto and home insurance. liberty did what? yeah, they saved us a ton,
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>> laura: now a democrat who is known donald trump for more than four decades exposes what
7:52 pm
the left is trying to do with their absurd charges of racism against the president. andy stein joins us from new york, where he used to serve as city council president. andy, it's great to see you. donald trump's a racist, that's all we hear from the left. you've known him for 40 plus years. tell us. >> i've known him since 1973. it's ridiculous. if it wasn't so serious, it'd be laughable. this guy doesn't have an ounce of racism and then he judges people on the merits. on the first night he took over mar-a-lago, i think is 85, he said to me, it's crazy that they don't admit plax in any of the fancy clubs in palm beach. i'm going to change them. i think he sued the city of palm beach because of it. with haiti, there's a big storm in 1980. i raised a lot of medical
7:53 pm
supplies. we were like to send them to haiti, but we didn't have a plane. i called donald trump, he gave us a plane to take all the supplies over. the largest congregation in queens, they needed money for some of the poor parishioners. i called a lot of liberal friends in manhattan. they couldn't care less. what happened was, i called donald trump in right away he wrote a check. black unemployment is the lowest it's been since 1972. it's at the lowest it's been in 17 years. this guy should get, the president should get a bigger black vote because he's done more for the african-americans than any president in recent history, for sure. >> laura: i think that's what they are really afraid of. they had a piece out a few days ago where they noticed that in
7:54 pm
fact, his approval rating among african-americans has gone up since the election. obviously he didn't get a lot of support, he got more than mitt romney did. last time around. he is improving. i think that's the democrats worst nightmare. the stories that you just told, those anecdotes that you've known him for so long, we all have stories like that. it's outrageous that this narrative has allowed to be cooked into the media and the attempt to brainwash the american public. just as his friend, we only have about 15 seconds, final word. >> it's the old democratic playbook, which is ridiculous, which is racism, sexism, and in the meantime, the president is providing real jobs for real people in the african-american community. >> laura: fantastic, andrew stein. by the way, we have a story you might have forgotten about senator cory booker slamming the
7:55 pm
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>> laura: i want to get back to our old friend cory booker. squeezing drama from every scene is the default for him. remember the imaginary friend who booker reference repeatedly in his speeches dating back to the late '90s. in 2013, they recounted the item this way. t-bone the drug pusher who the mayor said threatened his life at one turn and sobbed on his shoulder the next is a figment of his imagination even though booker has talked about him in highly emotional terms and in great detail. t-bone? he was the mayor of newark, new jersey, not match as mississippi. we are just messing with you. senator booker, would love to have you come and sit down with
8:00 pm
us. consider an open invitation. by the way, what? oh, t-bone is watching and says hi. hasn't talked to you for a while. mrs. e. that's it for us tonight. miss shannon, take it away. >> shannon: we are going to work on our nicknames. here's what we have coming up. heated words and pointed accusation today on capitol hil capitol hill. now we wait to see about daca and a possible government shutdown. ed henry finding out what's next. chris stirewalt weighing the odds of a shutdown. peter doocy investigating what could be a stunning plan. a stick of the department of justice is reviewing what avenues might be available. >> shannon: the trial of an illegal alien facing charges in the death of two california deputies kicks off with chaos.


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