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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  January 19, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PST

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votes and all the good stuff: it's friday, bill hemmer. >> sandra: not an average day. i'm sandra smith. good morning, everyone. democrats are vowing to hold the line until they get a budget deal that includes protections for so-called dreamers. a temporary bill passed last night in the house doesn't include that. setting up a potential showdown when the senate opens for business two hours from now.
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>> bill: both sides taking shots at one another pointing the fingers. it went like this. >> shut down the government unless they get their way. we sincerely hope that senator schumer will abon done this shutdown strategy. >> this bill is a half-baked facade. nobody i know wants a shutdown of government. maybe except for the president. >> illegal immigration. that's what they shoe hornd into all this. >> we all know what the problem is. complete disarray on the republican side. our republican leader has said that he will not negotiate until he knows where president trump stands. >> the democrats want to see a shutdown to get off the subject. the subject is not working for them. the tax cuts and tax reform has not been working well for the democrats. >> bill: team fox coverage starts this hour. kevin corke from the white house and guy benson standing
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by with analysis. we start with peter doocy live on capitol hill. do we know of any progress in the senate as of this hour, peter? >> no progress. in the last two minutes a senior senate source told fox news at this point we should expect a shutdown over the weekend, maybe it will last two or three days because republicans don't want to give in on daca and neither do the democrats. the senators first got stuck last night just a few minutes after they got the house passed spending bill. instead of try to hash things out late they decided to go to bed and won't be back in the upper chamber for another two hours. 13 hours away from the deadline. as of right now, mitch mcconnell does not have the votes because three of his own senators are voting against this temporary spending bill. lindsey graham, rand paul and jeff flake now. the arizona senator flake who isn't getting the vote on daca he wanted says he opposes a
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funding bill for a month but kicks the can into next week something shorter. the top democrat in the senate chuck schumer has been pushing a four or five day long cr even though democrats are demanding a deal for the dreamers in exchange for any votes. >> there is no promise and no likelihood that another kicking of the can down the road will get something done. we have to sit down together and solve this. with the president or without. until that happens, no amount of crs will get this done. >> if they start making progress in the senate and they follow their own rules about timing, there may not be a vote on this bill to fund the government until after the government runs out of money. >> bill: how worried are republican leaders about a shutdown? what are they telling you, peter? >> it sounds like they're ready
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to blame democratic obstruction for any kind of shutdown, any kind of problems later on that could come tonight or into this weekend. in fact, they're now pushing a new #schumer shutdown. >> children's self-interest programs known as chip. we just extended it to six years, the longest it has ever been extended in the history of the program. but unfortunately 186 democrats said no to that. there was nothing in this bill that they would disagree with at any other time. but it all hinges now on the democrats of whether this government stays open or not. >> the white house republicans i've spoken to see things this is just another bill they passed out of the house that is stalled in the senate again. >> bill: there we are now. peter doocy, thank you so much. we'll be back with you often. >> sandra: meanwhile president trump up and tweeting this morning as the shutdown hangs in the balance.
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kevin corke is live for us from the white house this morning. good morning, kevin. >> good morning. it would be the usual fare here in washington, right? never by pass an opportunity born out of an emergency. the hard work between now and midnight should pay off. they expect something to happen. we're told the president won't make his way to mar-a-lago as planned until a continuing resolution does somehow make its way over the finish line. you point out the president is up early once again taking to twitter. share with some of the folks at home who haven't had a chance to check it out. government funding bill passed last night, passed. in the house of representatives. for some reason he typed it past as first. now democrats are needed if it's to pass in the senate. they want illegal immigration and weak borders. shutdown coming? we need more republican victories in 2018. there you have it. part and parcel to the unfolding drama in the nation's capital. the president can only sign
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what congress sends his way. senior officials say the president and his chief of staff john kelly not only worked late last night but working the phones as early as this morning once again hoping to avert a government shutdown. the president believes politics over illegal immigration are really a distraction technique being employed by the opposition. >> president trump: i really believe the democrats want a shutdown to get off the subject of the tax cuts because they've worked so well. nobody thought, including the democrats it would work this well. they've been so good the democrats would like to see a shutdown in order to get off that subject. >> it is regrettable the democrats are willing to shut down the government, which means not just saying no to president trump but saying no to our military, a longer term extension on the children's health program, saying no to federal workers getting their paychecks. >> they're convinced this is all about taking them off the positive messaging about low unemployment, jobs and a booming economy. we'll see if something happens
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between now and midnight and watch carefully for you from our perch at the white house, sandra. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: for more analysis, guy benson political editor and a long weekend it looks like. chad perg ram reporting you can expect a shutdown this weekend. how long it lasts we don't know. we wait to find out on that. what's on the line for democrats on this shutdown, guy? >> the democrats are going to try here, i think, to see if they can precipitate a shutdown and still pin the blame on the republican party. generally the gop takes blame for shutdowns. they're seen as the small government, government skeptical party and they did force the issue four years ago during president obama's second term over obamacare. in this case you have democrats and house republicans passing a bill last night. the democrats in the senate bragging we have the votes to
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keep the republicans from keeping the government open. john mccain is off at home with his cancer fight but even if all the republicans voted for the house-passed bill the democrats are saying they'll filibuster this thing over illegal immigration. it's an interesting turn about during the many years of democrats saying government shutdowns are a terrible catastrophe for the country, so reckless to tie any policy goals to avoiding a shutdown and now that is precisely what they're doing. >> bill: you wonder if the freedom caucus late last night would have crossed over to a yes vote for the continuing resolution. you wonder how much of a surprise that hit democratic senators. they had to be waiting to see what that block of conservative republicans would do. >> sure. i was going to say you're totally right because what the democrats were hoping was that the house republicans would not get their act together and
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there would be enough internal strife in the house where democrats could make the case very convincingly republicans control both houses of congress and the presidency. how are you going to blame us, the democrats, for a shutdown? once the republicans did come together and vote to pass a funding bill plus that chip extension for six years, now it shifts back to the upper chamber and democrats basically saying we're shutting this down unless you give us what we want on this dreamer situation. and we'll see how it plays. >> bill: which isn't going to happen based on the reporting we're getting. daca expires in march. if you were to get another continuing resolution it takes you to mid february. either way you slice this, you either have a month or month and a half to get an immigration deal together to deal with the dreamers and would deal with border security. that would be a massive lift for any congress much less this one. >> it would be. i do think there are contours of a potential plan.
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there are good faith negotiations ongoing on daca and i think what republicans will be arguing is you don't need to couple these two issues right now today. keep the government open, extend the healthcare program for kids, and let the ongoing conversations about daca continue until next month or ahead into march when there actually is a deadline on that question and let them play out an separate tracks. >> bill: more to come on this. instant analysis. >> sandra: we'll be following the latest wheeling and dealing in washington coming up marc short gives us his take on the likelihood of a deal as we approach the shutdown deadline. the white house's take on if there is shutdown, how long does it last and who gets the blame >> bill: we've been here before. hang on. the terms are different this time around. meanwhile want to get to this right now. going to be a nail biter in the senate when it comes time for the vote. one of the deciding factors
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could be mike pence. he was getting ready to go to the middle east a month ago. the trip was suspended because of the tax bill vote. could this trip now scheduled be delayed yet again? plus there's this today. >> this memo must become public that it alarms us greatly. major changes in people currently working at the f.b.i. and department of justice. >> sandra: four republican lawmakers demanding a memo regarding surveillance of the trump campaign be released to the public immediately. that congressman will be here live plus this. >> president trump: the democrats are all running for office but they say there is no collusion. there is no collusion. >> bill: president trump repeatedly has said that regarding russia. special counsel robert mueller not finished with his investigation and ken starr knows all about this. he spent years as special counsel. his investigation started with a land deal in arkansas and ended with the monica lewinsky
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before we even started. he did it. i have seen no evidence of collusion between the president and the russians, the president's campaign and the russians. >> bill: a little reaction over the past year president trump saying no collusion with russia. special counsel investigations can lead to places no one expects. someone who knows that well is ken starr who led the investigation of all matters bill clinton from 20 years ago. good to have you here. i want to get to the question whether or not president trump should sit down with mueller's team and answer questions. did bill clinton, was he compelled to sit down and answer questions from your team? because ultimately that is what led to his impeachment in the house. how did that go? >> no, he was not compelled to. the grand jury has the power to subpoena but we negotiated with the president's lawyers and
6:17 am
worked out the arrangements and including the fact that the grand jury interview would not be in the federal courthouse but actually would be in the map room of the white house. out of respect for the presidency. >> bill: so what we think is happening now is that president trump's team is negotiating with robert mueller's team. you probably would agree with that. what terms are important for president trump before he submits to that? >> limiting the scope of the questioning. there have been indications that there is interest in the investigation. i don't know. we're behind the veil of ignorance, in the president's finances and financial arrangements and financial deals and so forth. but the focus of this investigation is was there collusion. we know there were contacts but was there collusion. and i agree i'm not aware of any evidence that there was collusion. but limit the scope of the
6:18 am
interrogation. >> bill: okay. might be easier said than done. the reason i suggest that is that alan dershowitz is on our air all the time arguing the special counsel law is a bad law and too broad. you started with a land deal on white water in arkansas and ended up with monica lewinsky in a blue dress in a closet. do you agree the special counsel law is -- republican/democrat, doesn't matter. is the law bad? is the idea not well? >> it can be too broad. and you never know what is going to come in the door. we had, of course, no idea when we began the investigation that resulted in 14 criminal convictions in the state of arkansas including the sitting governor of the state that we would eventually be investigating perjury on the part of the president in the sexual harassment case brought by paula jones. you don't know what will come in the door. i agree with alan there are
6:19 am
concerns about it but the country has always had some mechanism for investigating the president and those close to them to get it outside the justice department. >> do you know ty cobb? >> i've met him and great respect for him but not dealt with him professionally. >> bill: here he is talking about this very topic. just catch the last phrase that he uses in this clip here. >> i would hope that a fair-minded office of special counsel would approach it in a dutiful way consistent with precedent and it wouldn't be a mere perjury trap. >> bill: a mere perjury trap. that can be a vehicle. what's your view on that? >> i think there is a real concern about that. first of all, there is -- from a defense lawyer's perspective it is a perjury trap.
6:20 am
from the rule of law perspective just tell the truth. if you're under oath just tell the truth. we have the indictments of general flynn. i read through the indictment. the indictment is odd to be honest because the general was conducting, mike flynn was conducting foreign policy in preparation for the -- paragraph five of that nails him on failure to register. that had nothing to do with collusion and everything to do with turkey, the government of turkey and so things -- >> bill: the argument about the law being too broad and the parameters by which you or others work? >> that's correct. we don't -- let me say this, we don't have that law now. that law was allowed to expire. i think that is a good thing. >> bill: bill clinton's team tried to demonize you. the trump team you could argue
6:21 am
is trying to demonize bob mueller. >> i disagree. it will eventually not work. ultimately it will be decided under the facts and the law. >> bill: you disagree with the premise i just stated. >> i don't think the trump team -- i'm not aware of trying to demonize him. they're raising serious questions about senior people in the investigation. i share those concerns. >> bill: ken starr, hope you come back. really hope you come back and enlighten us. thank you for your time today. >> sandra: great to get him on the program. he will be featured in a new special here on the fox news channel. scandalous is a seven-part series that dives deep into the drama of the 1990s. it premiers this sunday night at 8:00 p.m. and it is a case that has been shocking the nation. the parents of those 13 children now facing life in
6:22 am
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>> sandra: california couple accused of starving and torturing their 13 children plead not guilty on dozens of charges during their first court appearance. authorities say most of the siblings ranging in ages from 2 to 29 are severely malnourished receiving only one meal a day and also reportedly beaten, shoekd and chained to a bed for weeks at a time. a state district attorney calling the actions of the parents depraved. >> supposedly homeschooled the children lacked even -- they lack a basic knowledge of life. many of the children didn't know what a police officer was.
6:26 am
the 17-year-old, when asked if there was medication or pills in the home, didn't know what medication or pills were. >> sandra: jonathan hunt is live in los angeles covering this for us this morning. we learned a lot of horrifying details on this family. >> yeah, really disturbing, sandra. the abuse and torture of these children lasted years and according to the d.a., it intensified over time as well as change and padlocking their children to furniture, david and louise turpin with beat them if they for instance washed their hands above the wrist because that was considered playing with water. when they were chained they wouldn't be freed to go to the bathroom. the children were only allowed to shower once a year and they were all deliberately and dangerously starved. >> the children at age 12 is the weight of an average
6:27 am
7-year-old. the 29-year-old female victim weighs 82 pounds. several of the victims have cognitive impairment and neuropathy, nerve damage as a result of this extreme and prolonged physical abuse. >> interestingly the children were allowed to keep journals, sandra. those are in the hands of investigators and could provide a lot of evidence for prosecutors if, of course, they were written without censorship from those parents. >> sandra: we've seen the images of the couple in the courtroom. how do lawyers plan to defend this couple? >> lawyers with the public defenders' office admit it will be a challenge but they say they have a duty to do the best for their clients. >> we are not planning to and will not try our case in the media out here. our case, whatever it may be, is going to be tried and heard in the courtroom.
6:28 am
>> the turpins children are facing a long road to recovery both physically and mentally. >> their well-being is being looked at and their health is being looked at. they're in good hands. where they'll end, i don't know. >> david and louise turpin are being held on $12 million bail each and due back in court february 23. if convicted, sandra, they could both face life behind bars. >> sandra: our prayers with those children. jonathan, thank you. >> bill: 28 past the hour now. watch this. d.c. on the brink. the word from washington, expect a shutdown this weekend. the senate gets to work 90 minutes from now with only hours to get a deal done. we're watching the running of the bulls. wall street about to open in minutes and can the good news and jobs keep the record run going? we'll find out in moments.
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>> bill: 9:31. can the bulls be stopped? what do you think? what a week on wall street. 26,000 for the dow and president trump reflecting on the strength of the economy when he was in pennsylvania late yesterday afternoon. check it out. >> president trump: we have created nearly 2.2 million jobs since the election. the unemployment rate is at now an 18-year low. i would say 17 years and now it just lifted to 18 years. the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits just hit a 45-year low. [cheering and applause] >> bill: the kind of headlines you want to say to the public repeatedly. what stops the bulls? >> sandra: they keep running. 23-point gain now. look at that. so comfortable now above the new 1,000-point milestone of 26,000. >> bill: if you are running
6:33 am
this white house, that's the message you want to get out there. >> sandra: i have to tell you when you look back at history when we were up against these potential government shutdowns the market used to get really nervous. different this time. not even selling off. >> bill: if it holds. >> sandra: the question, will there be a shutdown? a senate aide now telling fox news it is likely to happen. the clock is ticking on the senate to pass a temporary spending bill before midnight. democrat votes are needed to keep the government open with three republican senators expected to vote no. juan williams is a fox news political analyst and author of the book we the people and matt schlapp is chairman of the american conservative union. matt, you heard the guidance. do you expect a shutdown over the weekend? this is sources telling fox news we don't know exactly how long that will last. the guidance is two, maybe three days. so will we see a shutdown, matt?
6:34 am
>> my sources basically have been telling me the same thing over the last several days. sandra, this is pretty simple, which is this is #resistance. this is the democrats saying don't do anything to help donald trump or to help the donald trump agenda. they believe it's in their interest, democratic leaders believe it's in the democratic party's interest to do everything they can to shut down donald trump's attempt to have any kind of his priorities in office. they want this shutdown. they think it is good politics. for the first time in a long time i can say this, there is not blame to go around. there is 100% blame on the democrats. it's a risky strategy for their moderate members up in 2018. >> sandra: here is what the president is saying juan. tweeting, quote, government funding bill passed last night in the house of representatives. now democrats are needed if it's to pass in the senate. they want illegal immigration and weak borders.
6:35 am
shutdown coming? we need more republican victories in 2018. what is the strategy for democrats here, juan? >> i think the strategy for the democrats is simply saying that they have wanted some kind of deal for the dreamers, the daca, the young people who were brought here illegally by their parents. they've given two extensions. we had two continuing resolutions in december and i think you mentioned sandra that people like lindsey graham, republican senator, refusing to vote for it because it is kicking the can down the road one more time. the house vote that took place yesterday was based on the president personally negotiating with some in the conservative freedom caucus but even the president was flip-flopping on whether or not the children's health insurance plan should be included. he said it was separate. then he said go ahead and vote. i think republicans are having a lot of fussing going on. >> sandra: that's not the way speaker paul ryan sees it. senate democrats are clear.
6:36 am
they want a government shutdown as leverage and taking funding for the governments and our troops hostage. they are open about that. it's their strategy. in 2013 senator schumer said this very tactic represents governmental chaos and now he is actively orchestrating a shutdown. he started a new #by the way. #schumer shutdown. >> the democrats are exactly doing what they always blame republicans are doing, which is holding the federal government budget process hostage to their own -- what they would call extreme political views. think about this. what chuck and nancy are doing, pelosi and schumer, i'm shutting down the government and not allow the military to get paid and mattis the resources he needs to conduct these wars because i think illegal immigrant negotiations over daca and these other questions are the most important thing. more important than our soldiers. we've never been here before when president george w. bush
6:37 am
was president, they worked out a deal because nobody believed soldiers in the field shouldn't get paid. what the democrats are saying today is screw the soldiers, let's fix daca. that's bad politics and bad for this country. >> that's wild. all of a sudden this is about military spending? let me just say the president created this crisis. he is the one that said we'll do away with daca and move it to march. that will be the deadline. >> it's not march. >> all of a sudden he agrees to these continuing resolutions saying we'll get a deal. he wants a deal on daca. this had nothing to do with the military. now you see the gop in hyper spin mode because they realize with control the house, senate and the white house the american people are likely to blame them for any government shutdown. >> sandra: that's fair to ask, right? do democrats have as much leverage as you are suggesting in all of this? >> do i think the democrats have leverage? they need 60 votes in the
6:38 am
senate, sandra, there aren't 60 republicans in the senate. there are three republicans who aren't voting for the plan as it stands. >> we don't know that. that's all to be determined. the fact is this, you're right juan and sandra, the democrats have some leverage here. it takes 60 votes. once again we've never, ever been in this position as a country before even when george w. bush was president because the democrats realize this is the -- they don't believe in shutdowns, they tell us. they want this shutdown. why do they want this shutdown? they're playing to their base on extreme politics about immigration and in the past democrats have said we don't want to hold the military hostage for these types of other political needs. in this year in the year of #resistance, it is forget the military, forget the fact that the troops don't get paid, forget the fact the secretary of defense won't have all the options at his disposal. it is all about daca. daca isn't even up until march and probably later than march. so it's a false deadline.
6:39 am
>> who created that deadline? if you care so much about the military, make a deal. get a budget. that's what republicans should do. >> sandra: this debate is obviously happening across washington right now. the deadline is quickly approaching. thank you to both of you. good argument there. >> bill: healthy, right? vice president mike pence leaving washington later today for the middle east. he had to postpone in december because of the battle over tax reform. will this one be postponed as well? david lee miller is live in jerusalem and what's upcoming. >> it will be the first by a senior member of the administration since president trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital and said he would like to relocate the u.s. embassy from tel aviv. the so-called jerusalem declaration has escalated tension between israelis and palestinians. pence will likely receive a
6:40 am
warm welcome here in the jewish state. he has a long history of aligning himself with. he has been an outspoken advocate of moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. during his trip he expected to meet with leaders of israel, jordan and israel and will speak before israel's parliament. missing is a meeting with palestinian officials. his trip was postponed from last month. originally had mr. pence visiting the palestinian territories and meeting with the palestinian president. none of that will happen now. the palestinians venting their anger at the u.s. position of jerusalem saying mr. pence is no longer welcome and adding to the tension the u.s. will withhold $65 million from a u.n. agency that provides palestinians with humanitarian aid. while in jordan mr. pence is
6:41 am
expected to meet with king abdullah. jordan oversees the muslim holy sites in jerusalem. he has been against it because it encourages violence in the region. the bottom line is the palestinians and their supporters are going to use this visit as an opportunity to criticize the united states while the israelis see it as an opportunity to give the trump administration a thank you. >> bill: more to come on that. thank you, david lee. >> sandra: we're awaiting a big announcement. defense secretary jim mattis will deliver a speech laying out our national military strategy and we await to hear those comments. one of the biggest concerns during the shutdown battle is making sure we fund our military. arizona congresswoman martin mcsally served in the u.s. air force and she joins us on that and more. >> a group of republican lawmakers demanding a shocking memo be released and made
6:42 am
public showing how far the doj and f.b.i. went during their surveillance of the trump team. one of those congressman who has seen the memo, matt gaetz, is here next live. >> reading that memo gave me a clear understanding that that four-page memo has enough details and is of enough concern for the very democracy that we love that all americans should view it. olay regenerist
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6:46 am
an alleged 2006 affair with donald trump. he told the "wall street journal" both denied the affair ever happened. in touch magazine released a 2011 interview with clifford where she discusses the affair in detail. >> it is so alarming, the american people have to see this, have to be made public so the american people can see what actually took place. >> it is troubling. it is shocking. part of me wishes that i didn't read it because i don't want to believe that those kinds of things could be happening in this country that i call home and love so much. >> bill: a lot of reaction there. part of it from republican lawmakers on a secret four-page memo dealing with the department of justice and the f.b.i. suggesting abuse of surveillance methods by both
6:47 am
departments. florida congressman, republican matt gaetz with me now. see whether or not you're working this weekend. have you seen the memo? yes or no. >> i have and i share the concerns just expressed by congressman meadows and congressman jordan. our republic is in jeopardy if we allow this type of a palace coup environment to persist. i will encourage devin nunes to release the memo. we can have a vote in the intelligence committee, a vote of the full house of representatives. this is a matter of such importance that i think we need to do it immediately. >> bill: listening to some of this reaction characterize what's in the memo. what does it say? >> unfortunately i can't get into the specific details in a top secret document. that's why we have to release it. i don't think it's appropriate for just members of congress to be horrified by the activities that were undertaken during
6:48 am
this endeavor and why we have to allow the american people to see it. i will tell you this, bill, if we get this memo into the public square heads are going to roll at the f.b.i. and at the department of justice. no way every one keeps their job. >> bill: one comment said it was like the kgb. this is strong language. is the suggestion that the abuse on behalf of federal government was indeed spying on americans without their knowledge and without proper legal authority, yes or no. >> again, that would get into the specific contents of the memo. i can tell you that we can never live in a country where this type of thing happens. and particularly the authentication processes laid out in the memo are of such fiction and laughable that they would never withstand scrutiny from the public. what i'm worried about is the cast of characters identified in this memo is not a group of people who are gone. many of these people are still
6:49 am
in our government. they still wield influence and that's why we have to get this information out in public. >> bill: you said people will be fired at the f.b.i. and department of justice. >> and possibly worse. there could be people who could face criminal consequences as a result of the activities that are laid out in this memo. it is easy to see after reading this memo why senator grassley and why senator graham wanted to refer this matter for criminal prosecution. laws were broken. >> bill: this is a big deal here. will we see it yes or no? >> yes, i have every confidence after speaking with paul ryan and devin nun yes, sir after we go through the right procedures and provide the notice to the executive branch that we'll release the memo. we need to public to continue to call for it. within the last half hour there have been over 20,000 tweets on twitter with the hashtag release the memo. it shows the american public is demanding more transparency and how we drain the swamp in washington, d.c.
6:50 am
more transparency, more sun sh*in. the best antidote to corruption. >> you've said a lot. we await to see it then. >> absolutely. >> bill: thank you for your time. >> sandra: this is breaking news coming into our newsroom right now. we're getting word the white house will hold an on-camera briefing live at 10:30 a.m. eastern time about the potential shutdown that's about 40 minutes from now. at that briefing in the white house briefing room marc short will be present according to sarah sanders from the white house. the director of legislative affairs and set to join us at the top of the hour which would be just before this on-camera briefing. mick mulvaney will be president, the director of the office of management and budget. that will be interesting and we'll take that live when it begins. >> bill: also in a moment technology on the southern border. how the border patrol is enlisting the help of drones for your security coming up. >> something like this in orbit
6:51 am
can cover a large swath of area as opposed to where some of our traditional camera systems are more localized.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> bill: here we go. word from the white house moments ago we'll get a briefing 35 minutes from now. mulvaney is in charge of the budget matters for the white house. the shutdown is real, folks. we're watching that clock tick away so we'll get the white house position at 10:30 eastern time. do not move. come on back for that coming up shortly. sandra. >> sandra: mean while president trump pushing for $20 billion to build that border wall. fox news as a look at the high-tech help now being used by border patrol. we're live in arizona this morning.
6:55 am
>> what they're trying to do is shrink the border. fences help because they funnel traffic. this fence ends at the end of that ridge and a drone can basically give an agent eyes where they are currently blind. >> this can be deployed and assist agents on the ground moving to target. actually moving in on the groups it detects. >> the presidents wants 800 miles of new fence along the southwest border but even he admits some areas are so remote, the terrain so extreme technology is a better fit. >> this could be the eyes in the sky. it would keep the agents from having to walk so far when their vehicles can no longer get them to where they need to be. >> near cities cameras alert agents when someone or something approach the border. they don't exist in canyons. confirming a hit requires a long trip. drones offer a solution.
6:56 am
>> it saves us time. quicker to deploy this and fly it down two miles to the border. >> this is one of the most busy corridors on the arizona border, an 80 mile gap between fences. access takes hours because there are no roads. a drone can do it in minutes. >> our guys will set position. >> another tool the department is using to shrink the playing field an app. >> currently the agent is aware of what we can see and here. he is aware of everything going on around him with this. >> every phone carries an electronic signature that identifies an agent. >> it allows agents to have realtime awareness of what's going on in the field around them. >> the drone program is in the testing phase. the goal is to have a day and night camera. put the drone in your backpack. it could be invaluable. >> sandra: thank you for the reporting. good to see you. >> bill: how will the white house address the looming
6:57 am
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though i'm smart enough to. i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store. >> sandra: a senate showdown moving us closer to a government shutdown and we are now learning that top white house officials will hold a news conference 30 minutes from now. first they will speak to us. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. good morning, everyone. >> bill: happy friday. i'm bill hemmer. at the moment sources on the hill are telling fox news expect a shutdown to begin this weekend. senate democrats demanding a deal on immigration ready to block a short term spending bill that had been passed by the house late last night but republicans in the senate cannot get this done unless they get democratic votes. at least three republicans say they'll vote know. 13 democrats may be needed to
7:01 am
avoid the shutdown. as expected in washington, both sides are pointing fingers. >> i'm going to be brief. senator schumer, do not shut down the federal government. do not jeopardize funding for our military and for our national security. do not jeopardize funding for the children's health insurance program. >> this is the fourth cr that we have done and accomplished nothing. we have to sit down together and solve this with the president or without. >> bill: white house legislative director marc short is in the middle of all this. first mike emanuel on the hill to tell us where we are now. >> there is certainly intense pressure after the house did its job in passing a four-week government funding extension. part of the problem for republican leaders in the senate is their side is not
7:02 am
entirely unified with senators rand paul, jeff flake and lindsey graham to varying degrees opposing the continuing resolution. joe man much insays he sports it in part because it provides a six year extension of children's health insurance. a south dakota senator says it is a yes after his concerns were addressed. >> immigration is what is they've shoe horned that issue right into it and say we won't solve any of this other stuff until we deal with this. >> republicans are labeling it the schumer shut down should it happen and democrats siding with 800,000 or so dreamers instead of 9 million children. >> bill: how are democrats reacting to that? >> they're energized by their
7:03 am
base pushing for an immigration deal now. here is the tape of vermont senator bernie sanders from this morning. >> what mcconnell has got to understand is in the united states senate he needs 60 votes in order to pass a budget. he does not now have 60 votes. more and more democrats and republicans are saying sorry, you are going to have to negotiate on the serious crisis facing our country. and i hope now he understands that and i hope he negotiates. >> a lot of sources on capitol hill sound pessimistic at this stage noting 60 votes are needed in the senate and it is a steep hill to climb. >> bill: watch it by the hour. >> sandra: the housekeeping a close eye on all this. joining us is the white house director of legislative affairs and assistant to the president marc short. marc, a big meeting with the press here coming up at half past the hour. you will be present as well as
7:04 am
mick mulvaney. you are here with us first. bring us up-to-the-minute where do things stand? >> unfortunately it appears that senate democrats are determined to shut down the government. it's unfortunate because a few years ago nancy pelosi talked about people who wanted to shut down the government over policy concerns arsonists and schumer said they're hostage takers. that's the method they've adopted now. it's very frustrating for many americans. there is a normal appropriations process that should work. we submitted a budget to congress last february. we're to mid-january without a spending bill. schumer's comments when he says there needs to be a normal budget process, we need 10 senate democrats to proceed to the appropriations bill. they've denied it so far. the 10 votes we need to get to 60 is what is bringing the government to a shutdown and stopping funding of our troops. >> sandra: is it fair to say, mark, you are predicting the government will shut down?
7:05 am
>> i'm not prepared to do that right now. i think the vote this afternoon looks challenging to keep the government open. it seems they're pretty determined to shut it down. i think the negotiations will probably continue all the way up until midnight and i think we'll have to wait until it plays out. >> sandra: when the white house looks at what led to this point, are there any regrets about how the administration has handled their message on all of this in looking back could anything have been done differently to have avoided this? >> candidly what i think a lot of what is happening here, there is enormous frustration with the democrat base and they look at all that has been accomplished over the last year. pelosi and schumer react to that. this is about the politics, not policy. you look and see the accomplishments of the tax relief plan and elimination of the individual mandate and
7:06 am
opening of anwr and the democrat base is demanding from pelosi and schumer what will you do for us? they don't have anything to say other than shut down the government. it's unclear to us what they're asking in fact to help us get a continuing resolution approved to keep the government open. we're working day in and day out on a daca deal. the negligent yaixs are continuing. we had a good meeting yesterday with durbin, hoyer, mccarthy and hoyer. we're making progress. unclear what the demand is. >> sandra: working under the assumption the government does shut down, what does that mean exactly? what is the short term and the long term there? first of all, when does the government get back up and running? >> unfortunately those people on the front lines depending our country whether in uniform in the military or customs and border patrol, ice, defending our borders, those people stop getting paid. they don't get their paycheck. that i think is the most
7:07 am
harmful impact. director mulvaney will go through the impacts more specifically at 10:30 this morning. >> sandra: if you could give us more details on that. you and the white house in general have been saying we can't let it get to this point. we're at this point now. if there is a government shutdown and a deal wasn't able to get done to avoid that, what happens while the government is shut down? what sort of deal making? what's the process look like while it's closed? >> there are certain essential workers who will continue to work and negotiate if we reach that point. i think there is a lot of inconveniences. one thing this administration decided we won't politicize this the way the obama administration did in 2013. we will look to keep parks open and things that are necessary to the american people. but nonetheless i think that those who are most hurt are the troops. the reality is on the national security front the continuing resolutions harm the planning. secretary mattis has said many
7:08 am
times what we've done over the last several years in congress is you've -- when you do a continuing resolution we repair old as opposed to purchasing new equipment. >> sandra: if i could ask you, have you spoken with the president this morning? >> i have not spoken to the president yet this morning. we were speaking about this process yesterday and last night. i think the developments are kind of in the senate at this point and we'll see what happens in the early afternoon vote. >> sandra: all right. marc short, thank you for coming on with us. we'll see your face again shortly in the briefing room. but you heard it here first. thank you, marc short, for coming on this morning from the white house. in 20 minutes as we've been telling you the white house is holding an on-camera briefing. marc short will join mcmulvaney who runs the budget, he will also be there and so we'll bring you there live when it begins at 10:30 a.m. eastern.
7:09 am
>> bill: there are no revolutions after the release of testimony from fusion gps co-founder glenn simpson. the house intel interviewed him in november about his company and russia dossier. catherine herridge. what are we learning from simpson's testimony from november? >> according to the transcript glenn simpson alleges without providing direct evidence the russians targeted conservative and religious groups as well as the nra. they reported some of these details in november and at that time the nra denied it. there is a critical exchange in the transcript about the june 2016 trump tower meeting where the president's son, son-in-law and a russia lawyer among others. since -- they were working for the same russian client the day before the trump meeting and then in washington the day after. simpson was asked about the intersection of their timing, the meeting and the business.
7:10 am
he says so i always refused to go to russia and i only did this case because it was one of my oldest clients and i still got sucked into something that, you know, i mean, thank god i didn't know anything about the trump tower meeting or i would really have some explaining to do. fox news asked the republican chairman steering the russia investigation for the house committee about simpson's claims. >> we have folks here under oath. expected to be honest and truthful to us. we don't have any guarantee that's the case. >> in his senate testimony he said he understood from the british spy who compiled the dossier the f.b.i. had an insider in the trump campaign. we've been through the transcript once and check again. simpson did not make the same claim to the house. in a separate development the house committee was expecting testimony from the white house communications director hope hicks. that has been postponed. in good faith they can work out some remaining issues over
7:11 am
executive privilege that derailed the testimony earlier this week from steve bannon. democrats claim that it was the white house who canceled hope's session, bill. >> bill: a lot of follow-up. she is live in d.c. thank you for that. 11 past the hour now. >> sandra: as we've been telling you the top story of the day awaiting the white house press briefing. it is a press briefing that will be taking place on the government shutdown that looms moments from now that will begin. speaker paul ryan is here. he will join us right after the break plus there is this. >> we've never challenged the authority of the federal government to enforce immigration laws. we do challenge -- in fact we're in court now challenging the federal government's ability to force california to do its federal immigration enforcement for us. >> bill: there is a showdown brewing in the golden state. why california is refusing to comply with federal authorities coming up.
7:12 am
>> sandra: later inches from death when a car collides with a tow truck on the highway and it was all caught on camera.
7:13 am
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i cannot imagine managing my diabetes without my dexcom. this is the dexcom g5 mobile continuous glucose monitoring system. a small, wearable sensor measures your glucose every 5 minutes and sends the data to a dexcom receiver. dexcom helps lower a1c and improves quality of life. if you're over 65 and you have diabetes, you should have a dexcom.
7:15 am
if you get a dexcom, you're going to be very glad that you did. visit to learn more. >> bill: the deadline now 14 hours from now your government faces a shutdown. with me now is house speaker paul ryan live from capitol hill. thank you for coming back and what a day we have here. we're told to expect a shutdown that begins tomorrow. is that accurate? >> well yeah, it is if the
7:16 am
senate democrats keep trying to shut down the government. that's what's going on here, bill. this is needless, completely unnecessary and wholly because of senate democrats trying to shut down the government holding the entire government hostage for a completely unrelated issue that doesn't have a deadline right now. what we do have a deadline is if we have a government shutdown the democrats insist on troops don't get paid holding our military hostage. seven states run out of money for children's health insurance. anybody getting a medical procedure involving a device will pay more for that procedure. those are things that will happen if the senate democrats continue to insist on shutting down the government. i find it interesting, bill, let me say one more thing. senator schumer saved this very strategy a few years ago was governmental chaos. nancy pelosi called it legislative arson. this exactly what they're doing and completely unnecessary for
7:17 am
holding the government hostage for something unrelated. the daca negotiations are underway right now that have been occurring for some time and that deadline is not until march. so what they're simply trying to do is hold all of government hostage, our troops, kids health insurance for a completely unrelated issue. i think it's shameful. >> bill: you know your history. republicans have taken heat for shutdowns in the past. democrats are arguing you have the majority in the house, senate and white house. i know you need 60 votes in the senate. you need nine democrats at this rate it seems like you need 13 democrats. comment on that. >> we have experience in futile gestures. we know a thing or two about these things. that's what i think the democrats are hoping. they are hoping that they can get us into a shutdown and make republicans look bad when they are the ones who get us into the shutdown. they're hoping it would be --
7:18 am
wolf blitzer said the republicans are in control, the house, senate and white house and why would they shut down the government? i think the democrats hope the american people won't know it's the senate democrats filibustering this. as you said unfortunately it takes 60 votes in the senate to do any of this stuff. i found it interesting that senator schumer said we should do an appropriations process. guess what? the house passed all the appropriations bill and sitting in the senate since september. every single appropriation bill to fund all of government, those bills passed the house and are sitting in the senate. we passed the defense appropriations bill twice. it is sitting in the senate. we passed the hurricane relief appropriation bill in december. it is sitting in the senate. there is one theme as to why none of this activity is occurring. senate democrats are
7:19 am
filibustering appropriations, funding the government and now they are filibustering a continuing resolution to keep the government own. >> bill: i like wolf. i used to work with him. what are you watching cnn for? >> somebody showed me a clip. >> bill: even if you get a deal you get an extension until mid february four weeks from now. even if you get a deal daca expires in march. can this congress do a deal over the next six weeks that takes care of the budget, that takes care of dreamers and border security? you are saying you can get all of that done? >> you can't do it in four or five days. that's rid iculous. we've been negotiating it for more than that. the house passed these bills with respect to funding. do i believe we can fix these issues? do we want to deport 700,000 daca kids? no, we don't want to do that. we also don't want to have
7:20 am
another 700 daca kids in five years. we want to fix the underlying problem. that requires security. that requires interior enforcement, border security. fixing the root cause of the daca problem. those negotiations are good faith, they are underway. and can we get the government funded? we've already passed these bills in the house and proven we're willing and able to do it. the senate democrats have to stop filibustering, come to the table and negotiate in good faith and get these things done. >> bill: you had a big vote last night. the freedom caucus crossed over and voted yes with you. i feel as if that threw senate democrats a bit for a loop. >> i think that's right. i think they were counting on us to being disunified and we would ourselves shut the government down. we saw this play for what it was, the senate democrats are holding our men and women in uniform hostage over an unrelated issue. senate democrats are holding
7:21 am
children's health insurance hostage for an unrelated issue. so every one of our republican members realize it's wrong. we will call them on it and keep the government funded and keep the government going. we're in the majority and call them on this. that's what they're doing. they're holding all of government hostage. troops won't get paid after tomorrow if the senate democrats have their way. seven states will run out of children's health insurance. it is ridiculous and it is legislative arson and governmental chaos as chuck and nancy used to say and i don't think they should do it. >> bill: you're asking for a simple up or down vote. can you give -- win over the 13 votes? >> the bill that we passed they supported. that's the craziest thing about this. the chip extension bill, the democrats support that. keeping the government funded the democrats support this. there is nothing in the bill that the house passed yesterday, not a single thing
7:22 am
that the democrats oppose. that's what is so ironic about all of this. so this is nothing more than legislative hostage taking. the collateral damage is people in the military, kids who need health insurance and people needing medical devices. this is a short term extension to make sure the legislative talks get completed. the democrats don't oppose anything in there. >> bill: sandra will get in here as well. >> sandra: so mick mulvaney was just walking into the white house and our producers asked him what are the chances of a shutdown at this point? he is putting it between 50 and 60%. he and marc short are about to hold a briefing at the white house any minute now. working under the premise that there will be a shutdown, what happens in the two or three days that the government is shut down? what sort of deal making will you engage in?
7:23 am
>> i can't say what is going to happen. mick can answer how the shutdown looks. the deal is let's not shut the government down. let's keep the government going. let's keeps our troops funded and get children's health insurance. seven states will run out of money soon and have to cut off the chip program. we funded it for six years. we want to get a daca solution that is balanced and that works and everybody knows this. those talks are underway right now. i just talked to kevin mccarthy on his way to those buy part son negotiations. the next number of days keep the talks going, get the solutions. nothing different should happen other than the democrats should not shut down the government. >> sandra: i will ask you a question. could anything have been done differently to avoid this on your part? >> the democrats -- we passed a bill to fund the government. by the way, we made sure the bill we passed had nothing that democrats would object to.
7:24 am
people say sometimes you put a poison pill and you play politics. we said no, let's keep the government funded. let's address these urgent matters. s chip that's falling apart. medical device taxes hitting people in 10 days. so we made sure that everything we put in this bill are things the democrats want, agree to, and support. so i guess we could have done things differently we could have put republican priorities in here that democrats don't support and made it a partisan issue but we didn't do that. some democrats did vote for this in the house yesterday. we did have democrats come to the floor saying i don't want to play these games. this is a good deal i'm voting for it. >> bill: six democrats i believe. the last time we went down this road national parks were closed and the signs were put up. we are told that this administration will not, quote, unquote, weaponize the shutdown. which means that the closing of
7:25 am
various monuments and national parks won't be made to make a show of the showdown. do you have information on that? >> having been the budget chair i'm familiar with how this works. i've been around for a while. president obama tried to make it a big exploiting event. the white house, the administration has a lot of discretion how that works. that's probably what i assume mick mulvaney will get questions about. the office of management and budget has discretion how to handle such a situation. this is one of those deals where the president doesn't want to shut down -- republicans don't want to shut down, the house passed a bill to prevent a shutdown and it is solely up to senate democrats led by senator schumer who used to call it governmental chaos and nancy pelosi used to call it legislative arson don't do what you yourself say is wrong and keep the government funded and stay involved in the good
7:26 am
faith bipartisan negotiations. that's what civil people do. that's what we should be doing and that is what we have done here in the house. >> bill: i take it that's the headline from our conversation today. you are saying you can get a deal done on border security and daca. but we are 72 hours removed from the white house blowup. is dick durbin -- that thing that went round and round. is that history now? >> yes, guess what. people have been talking since that meeting in negotiations how to fix daca. you have the house majority leader, the house minority whip, you have the senate majority whip, the senate minority whip. they are conducting negotiations based on remember the meeting we had before that the press was in with the president in the cabinet room? >> bill: yes. >> coming from that these four leaders conduct negotiations to
7:27 am
how to proceed on daca. they've been taking place since the other blowup in the oval office you talk about. those good faith negotiations are underway right now. let those negotiations continue. we want to get it done. >> bill: do you think chuck schumer is operating in good faith at this point? >> i don't think he should shut the government down. i know chuck really well. chuck schumer of a few years ago who called it governmental chaos should listen to himself and not shut the government down this time. >> sandra: could i ask you one last question? i am looking at the markets. the markets look back at history when we were up against a government shutdown markets feared that and we're down two points in the dow. do you think there is that fear of a government shutdown that there once was? why does it look so different today? >> no, because i think the fundamentals of the economy are really strong. you have incredible, incredible good news coming from the tax reform. so the fundamentals in the
7:28 am
markets are really good. you have the party in power not wanting to shut down. you have the party in power acting responsibly making sure that we want to -- not let these bad things happen. you have the minority power that has an extraordinary power in the senate through the filibuster to try to bring forward a shutdown. people see what this is. people who are observers know this is senate democrats trying to use their filibuster tool to shut down the government over unrelated items. i think people see it for what it is. >> bill: thank you for stopping by today. >> sandra: good to get him on here. as you can see that's the white house briefing room just moments away and an on-camera briefing will be happening on the potential government shutdown. this as the senate gets to work minutes from now, opens at 11:00 with only hours to found a compromise. fox news sunday anchor chris wallace is standing by. he will join us next.
7:29 am
>> it really is regrettable the democrats are willing to shut down the government, which means not just saying no to president trump but saying no to our military, saying no to a longer term extension on the children's health program, saying no to federal workers getting their paychecks.
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
>> sandra: fox news alert the white house is set to begin an on-camera briefing at any moment now on this possible government shutdown that looms. we'll hear from white house legislative director marc short who we just heard from at the top of the hour but also budget director mick mulvaney will step up to the microphone. meantime the senate gets to work just 30 minutes from now and they are staring at a government shutdown deadline midnight tonight. joining me now to talk about all of this is fox news sunday anchor chris wallace joining us now. good morning to you. we spoke with speaker ryan, marc short, the legislative director. all things seem to be pointing
7:33 am
to a government shutdown. >> absolutely. and the fact that i'm a little jealous you got to speak to all of those folks today is they are busy in spin cycle now. it looks so much like a shutdown both sides will be interested in making their case why it's the other side's fault we'll get a shutdown tonight at midnight. maybe one side will blink between now and midnight but it doesn't look that way. you heard the speaker, you heard marc short, the legislative director saying the democrats are willing to shut down the government to protect illegal immigrants and that's what the dreamers are. on the other hand the democrats will make the argument that republicans are in control of the house, the senate and the white house. there has never been a shutdown when there is unified government, one party control of washington until potentially midnight tonight. let me quickly add one last point. it is one of the reasons why i think this shutdown could last for a while. because both sides see it to
7:34 am
their political advantage. if that's the case until one side gets the message you are getting blamed for this, this could go on. >> sandra: what's a while? >> the last shutdown lasted 16 days. that's a while. >> sandra: that's a while. the guidance that our producers are getting on capitol hill is that this would last for two to three days. i don't know about that but one other piece of information that our producers are giving us on capitol hill while gopers won't give in on daca and attach it to the interim spending bill, there is not a daca plan etched out which could pass the senate right now. why not? >> because first of all it's a tough issue. the democrats want full protection for the 900,000 dreamers, which a lot of conservative republicans consider a form of amnesty. they are willing to swallow that but they want tough border
7:35 am
enforcement in return. things like funding for the border wall, things like an end to chain migration, things like an end to the visa lottery. this is why i know some people are saying two or three days. i'll take the over on that on the vegas line because it seems to me if the democrats are firm in saying no daca, no spending deal, they won't get a daca deal in two or three days. it will take a while. >> bill: daca doesn't expire until march. why not continue, like speaker ryan was making the point here, continue in good-faith negotiations, you cut the deal, keep the government open until at least mid february and see whether or not you can trust the other side. i think most americans that sounds practical. >> the democrat answer, they feel you get closer to that
7:36 am
march deadline and suddenly -- this is all about leverage. the leverage shifts and suddenly the democrats are in trouble. if they don't make a deal then all the dreamers lose their protected status on march 5th. but if you make the stand now, then you've got more leverage because you have all the way from now until march 5 to try to force a deal from the republicans. they think they have more leverage now to force a daca deal to their liking than they will as it gets closer to the march 5 deadline. >> bill: 72 hours ago you had the verbal firing squad in the oval office, lindsey graham and dick durbin and the president and everybody else on the other side. he kicked out to the side suggesting that's water under the bridge. that was three days ago. which in washington terms these days can be a year ago. is it that easy to forget tuesday and go forward with negotiations, chris? >> well, i think it's fairly
7:37 am
easy for the folks in the room. they are politicians and they understand it. what happened particularly with the president's s hole remarks a week ago last thursday, is that i think it's hardened the democratic base. there are a lot of people in the left wing of the democratic party, the immigration advocates who didn't want to make a deal with the president anyway. but after those remarks -- i'm not saying it's totally his fault. part of the problem is both sides think to its their political advantage or the disadvantage of the opposite side. i think that hardened the feeling on people in the left wing base who don't want to make a deal with the president and less willing to make concessions when it comes to the wall and chain migration and the visa lottery. that's why, you know, this is the problem i think. if they agreed -- i think this is the one possibility. a four or five day extension and keep everybody in town and let's work and try to solve this problem, but if you don't
7:38 am
get that, then i don't know how you get off a shutdown. once you've shut down the government, somebody is going to have to back down and i don't see either side backing down quickly. >> sandra: we're looking at the live briefing room right now. a live shot inside. we're waiting for mick mulvaney and marc short to step up and explain what's going on and the perspective of the white house at this moment. chris, i feel like pointing out the obvious here. the american people must be frustrated watching this debate and argument back and forth, finger pointing, blame game in washington people are going to work every day trying to feed their families and send them to school and they see washington and these elected officials not being able to come to an agreement and do their job. >> absolutely, sandra. look, what could be more basic as a function of the government than to keep funding the government just to keep it in operation, keep the paychecks going to employees so they can do their jobs whether it's in
7:39 am
the parks department or the irs or social security or all of the various departments. and look, this white house as opposed to the obama white house won't try to weaponize this. they'll try to keep going as much as they can. you have 800,000 government employees on furlough on monday morning. it will have an impact on real people's lives. so sure, people are frustrated and one of the reasons this president has a historically low approval rating at the end of his first year in office and why congress has a historically low approval rating. people are very fed up with what's happening or what isn't happening or getting done in washington >> bill: what are you hearing from democrats in terms of money for border security? i saw a figure yesterday $1 1/2 bill on the table. the president mentioned $20 billion at one point. how far would they be willing to go for more drones, more surveillance, take a pile of
7:40 am
that money and build a fence or some sort of border protection? >> what i'm told when durbin and graham came into the oval office a week ago yesterday they were offering $2.7 billion. 1.6 billion for the wall/fence, whatever, and 1.1 billion for other things. which is probably about all that the government needs over the next year. but the white house is saying look, we aren't going to do $1 billion or 1 1/2 billion for the wall. that means in a year we'll come back and the wall will cost between $18 and $20 billion. they want authorization for the whole $20 billion right now. there is no way they'll get that. there would have to be a compromise. 2 billion to 20 billion is a long way to go to get a compromise. >> sandra: this happened when marc short headed into the white house to hold this
7:41 am
briefing which we're expecting at any moment. our producer stopped him and answered a couple of questions to reporters and he said the white house is fighting to keep the government open and that the president is working the phones. who do you think he is calling? >> that's a good question. first of all he has to call several republicans. there are at least three republicans who say that they aren't going to vote for the short term bill. lindsey graham, rand paul, jeff flake. so there are three. i think there are a couple others who have raised possibilities. it's another reason why republicans could be in trouble, bill and sandra, if they don't even get 50 of their own. they have 51, john mccain isn't there. they'll have 50 in the chamber but if they only have 47 of the 50 it makes it harder to blame it on the democrats and say 13 of you should come to help bail us out. >> bill: chris, thank you. stand by, okay in washington by the way, this weekend you
7:42 am
have mick mulvaney come shutdown or no shutdown, right? >> we do indeed. let me say. if there is a shutdown he will be able to tell us which government employees will be coming in and which aren't going to be coming in. which programs will be in operation and which won't. if there isn't a shutdown it will be a four or five day extension. that's the only possibility for a come promise in which all these issues. all that will still be out there and we'll be talking to mick mulvaney and also to a top democrat in the senate. >> bill: looking forward to seeing that. you have the over officially. >> on the vegas line over two or three days. >> bill: good luck this weekend. >> sandra: you're looking live inside the white house briefing room. we expect that briefing to begin at any moment. we're up against a midnight deadline to fund the government and come to an agreement there facing a potential shutdown. the senate back to business about 18 minutes from now. so we'll go to that briefing
7:43 am
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>> sandra: we're waiting a briefing at the white house any moment now. this was not expected or on the agenda. we were made aware of this just before the 10:00 eastern time hour this morning. mick mulvaney and marc short will give us an update where things stand as we face a potential government shutdown. that deadline looming at midnight tonight. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill for us. where do things stand at this moment? >> hard to see an escape hatch at this point. democrats said they had the votes to block this measure going forward when it got to the senate. so they've come out and said an overwhelming majority of them would oppose it and also celebrating the fact that three or so republicans say they aren't in favor of this plan,
7:47 am
either. it's difficult to see what people oppose in the build. the give 9 million children health insurance and delay some obamacare taxes that are unpopular and keep the government open while they can negotiate some of these other issues. so it is an interesting issue. i've talked to some senators in the hall wales and scratching their heads trying to figure out the exit strategy. they're talking to one another across the aisles and saying what do you want? bottom line is the american left is on fire about immigration and wants an immigration deal now. we've seen a lot of activists on capitol hill this week hollering for a deal for the 800,000 or so dreamers. the republicans are countering saying the deadline for the dreamers isn't this weekend. the deadline to fund the government is this weekend. the deadline for the dreamers is not until march 5. there is more time to negotiate. the bottom line is the left in this country is saying we want it now and a lot of democrats are responding to that energy and that passion on their side of the aisle.
7:48 am
>> sandra: what do you think we're about to hear from the white house? >> they'll say it will have consequences to national security and consequences for a lot of americans who are counting on government services in one form or fashion. what we've heard is they may not try to exaggerate the influence of the government shutdown to make american people suffer for it but they will say there will be real consequences of this and that they are trying to work the phones to try to get a deal in the final hours. trying to get something together to keep the lights on and keep negotiations continuing. there are bipartisan and by camera negotiations between the top four deputies on capitol hill, house, senate, republican and democrat trying to get a daca deal. they're saying the immediate deadline is not this weekend but march 5. let's try to work this out and work with the president and the president does not want the government to shut down this weekend. marking the one-year anniversary of his inauguration.
7:49 am
>> sandra: marc short was heading into the white house, one of our producers overheard him say the president is inside working the phones. maybe he is on the phone with lindsey graham or rand paul or jeff flake? >> probably no question about that. he has had his differences with jeff flake. lindsey graham is upset because graham went to him with an immigration deal and ran into a brick wall with the president and rand paul doesn't like the continuing resolutions. a lot of folks don't like the continuing resolutions. this is the fourth since october 1. if you're staring at a looming government shutdown the only escape hatch at the moment to continue negotiations on the budget, immigration and other issues going forward. so the house republicans got together t they were divided on it but got a few democrats to help them now it's in the senate's hands. we're waiting for the senate to gavel into session soon. >> sandra: mike emanuel.
7:50 am
a busy day on capitol hill. we'll keep our eye on the white house. >> bill: when we get the two-minute warning we'll pals it to our viewers. the house vote yesterday was 230 to 197. 11 republicans in opposition, six democrats crossed over and voted with republicans. quick time-out here and quick commercial break and we'll have the briefing for you when it begins on the other side. come on back. now? watch me. ♪ think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are changing the way they fight it... they're moving forward with cosentyx®. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. it's proven to help people find less joint pain and clearer skin. don't use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections
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>> bill: to our viewers at home on your mobile device, at work, we're on stand by waiting for this white house briefing. they will tell us what the white house position and what the president thinks about the possibility of a government shutdown that is on the clock 13 hours from now, sandra. >> sandra: mick mulvaney was asked as he headed into the white house for this briefing a
7:54 am
short time ago could you handicap it for us right now? what are the chances. he said 50 to 60% chance there will be a shutdown. they are planning as if it is 100%, bill. which is what i think you can plan on hearing from the white house what the plan is in the case of a government shutdown. >> bill: kevin mccarthy said the same thing. they're planning for a shutdown. james mattis just finished a speech a moment ago and asked how the government shutdown would harm the u.s. military. he said our maintenance activities will shut down. he used the phrase terrible impact. submarines put to sea last week will still be deployed. leads in iraq and afghanistan will continue. we'll continue what we're doing but the value of the american military is grossly enhanced by
7:55 am
the -- the -- grossly enhanced by -- of the people, by the people. >> sandra: a little bit of a misspelling. important to hear him weigh in on what would the effects be. you've heard the politics of it. democrats saying it does not hold the military hostage but the defense secretary weighing in saying this does greatly affect the military. meanwhile paul ryan on the program a few moments ago has issued the following statement that begins with this sentence. make no mistake about it. senate democrats are the only ones standing in the way of a fully funded government and the reauthorized health insurance program for children. this is no time to play politics and force a shutdown. interesting to note, bill, we've been talking about the lack of response from the stock market and it was up to begin the day. it has dipped negative down 40 points now and see how it plays out throughout the day as we get closer to that potential
7:56 am
government shutdown. >> bill: a monster of a market between the hours and 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. when we sit her. the house passed the bill yesterday as we noted. the senate right now has an issue. they need 60 votes to get this thing moving. three republicans have said they'll vote no in its current form. you need 13 democrats to cross the aisle and come and join you. what sort of negotiation is there underway behind closed doors right now to try and win those votes? or is there none? >> sandra: which is why we were talking to chris wallace and mike emanuel about and talking about the president working the phones. you can assume a few of the names he is probably talking with to avoid this shutdown. we're watching the white house press briefing room and go to this live when it begins. we'll be right back. it's absolute confidence in 30,000 precision parts. or it isn't. it's inspected by mercedes-benz factory-trained technicians. or it isn't.
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>> folks news will have live coverage of the possible government shutdown throughout the day including a special two-hour edition with shannon bream beginning at 11:00 eastern time tonight. it will be a wild one. >> i agree with you on that. briefing any moment from the white house. we have to run. enjoy, have a great weekend. >> "happening now" starts now. >> jon: a fox news alert and will the united states government shut down 13 hours from now? we are awaiting a briefing with white house legislative affairs director marc short and the head of the office of management and budget mick mulvaney. they will address the looming government shutdown, give you the white house perspective on whether or not it is likely to happen. we'll have that covered for you and that briefing when it begins. and this fox news alert. it is crunch time on capitol hill. >> melissa: big time. >> jon: after the house passed a


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