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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 20, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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yoha dveiabetes, you should have a dexcom. if you get a dexcom, you're going to be very glad that you did. visit to learn more. >> a day of national action and inaction. the federal government shutting down as women's marches take place across the country. hello everyone, welcome to a new hour of "america's news hq". i am kelly wright. >> starting the budget battle. in the mid-like than like passing with no agreement. senate lawmakers still at odds as they try to hammer out a deal. the white house taking aim today at democrats. >> if you look back to last week in the meeting we had to discuss daca, he brought together members of the house.
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he continues to remain on the phone. encourage the bill that passed in the house on thursday. it was his influence to make sure it passed to keep the government open. following up on majors question, i think what's hard to understand, when there's been an argument over principle.there is nothing in this bill democrats object to. >> peter doocy live on capitol hill. i am here right now there is recent activity in the senate that could potentially be working toward a real resolution to get the government to reopen. what are you hearing? >>reporter: we are hearing that might be sometime this evening. nothing is certain because there is no agreement in place. really what we've been hearing, the only sure thing has been this blame game for senate democrats have been taking the most heat from house republicans who just heard from. a couple dozen stood up on the stage and basically pointed to the senate democrats and said look, we did our job.
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we passed the bill out of the house that funds the government to keep the lights on in federal buildings and funds chip. and you didn't. >> the senate democrats made a decision last night. i am hopeful that even today, that they will reconsider that decision they made. the choice they made last night to move us in this direction to a shutdown.we are waiting for the senate right now. waiting for the senate democrats and we are hoping today they will vote to agree to the continuing resolution. so we can go about the business that the people expect them to do. >>reporter: another complaint among house republicans has been about senate rules. they needed 60 votes to be a filibuster and pass that senate measure. some republicans on the house side are pushing to and that filibuster rule so if you can pass one chamber, it can pass in the other books a majority vote should be able to pass a
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law. the rest of it doesn't really make much sense. we have a legislative branch that can't function and we can keep the government open. that is not okay. the house is active. we passed the bill by a majority vote. part of that i think is getting rid of this. >>reporter: the filibuster does still exist. in an attempt to gather support in the senate, there is a discussion about turning the four-week package into a three week long bill. that is what we expect them to talk about in the next couple hours. >> to be clear, republicans maintain they are not willing to begin discussions on daca. that has plenty of time to be hammered out in the key issue is reopening the government. it's a question whether the democrats will table dacato fun the government. >>reporter: nancy pelosi has said she will give her permission members permission to vote for this as long as
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daca is attached but it's not and it's not going to be. the attention shifts to democrats in the senate. >> there are various compromisesbeing bandied about. far more serious than yesterday. by the republicans side. i'm always listen willing to listen to compromise. at this point we feel very strongly about the issues. not just dreamers but opioids, pensions, not funding the military. on a cr basis. and we feel the american people are on our side. >>reporter: five democrats in the senate did end up voting yes with republicans for that measure but they were donnelly from indiana, jones the new senator from alabama, mansion from west virginia and mccaskill from missouri. but senate republicans need twice that many to avoid a shutdown. that's where we are at. >>julie: we will continue to
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watch that. a lot of activity in the nation's capital today. peter doocy reporting from capitol hill. >>kelly: president trump is blaming democrats for the shutdown as he officially marks his first year in office. the president tweeting this, this is the one year anniversary of my presidency and the democrats wanted to give me a nice present. # democrats shutdown. training is now, white house secretary hogan gidley. good of you to join us today. you are at the white house. first of all, this was supposed to be a day of celebration for president trump. he planned to travel to florida and have an event to celebrate his first year in office be at instead, what he is finding is yes to scrub those plans to deal with the government shutdown. marc short expressing disappointment in this happening. what is the presidents mood right now? >> he is disgusted that democrats are playing politics
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with people's lives. hundreds of thousands of people are here unlawfully. they shut down the government over. this president has focused on the hundreds of millions of americans, people in this country legally who need vital government services. there are 8.9 million children in impoverished children, vulnerable children who rely on insurance program called chip. the president fully funded that for six years in this legislation. he focused on the military. it has to be funded. the people that lay down their lives protecting this nation for each person in this country. they can't be funded properly because the democrats have chosen to play politics. what's worse is pieces of the bill democrats say they agree with. which means you can only draw one conclusion, they are playing politics with people's lives and holding the military hostage. >>kelly: the president as you
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noted has been tweeting about the shutdown to keep the public informed. expressing his disgusted feeling about that. meanwhile republicans have pointed at democrats calling it schumer's shutdown. the democrats have responded calling it trumps shutdown since he is the president. and the republicans are the majority is and everybody responsible and bear some of the blame for this tremendous breakdown in communication that has resulted in the shutdown? >> senator schumer can put the blame elsewhere but he is ignoring two main things. the american people and the fax. mathematics is the democrats problem. in order to pass a budget bill, we have to have 60 votes in the senate. republicans only have 51 seats which means nine democrats have to decide above politics.
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to this point, they have not done that and that is something they will have to answer for. >>kelly: country first, politics last. what's going on behind the scenes right now in terms of bringing republicans and democrats back together? what is the president going to bring them to the white house to find agreement and how they can and this lapse in the government funding and resolve their differences to get the government open and running again? >> we are where we are because of the democrats. that is painfully obvious. but the president wants a deal. everyone was privy to a 55 minute meeting that was bipartisan in which the president outlined what he wanted done. in addition to national security efforts like border security, ending chain migration, and finding a lasting solution for daca. he said he wanted to work with democrats. the president is the best negotiator ever.
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the problem is he has no one to negotiate with. democrats have chosen instead to play politics, put people in this country unlawfully over our own citizens. is quite frankly, disgusting. in the meantime, the president is working with members of congress. he has had calls with leader mcconnell, speaker ryan. marc short and mick mulvaney have been back and forth to the hill. we want to find the government. we are making this as painless as possible making sure the things we can fund our funded. the problem is, back in 2013 as you will remember, the democrats weapon iced this and use this as a political ploy. they are doing it again. the president wants the troops funded. he wants children's healthcare funded. those are the things in the building it's clean,simple. the democrats say they are for it but they are not voting because of politics . >>kelly: they have several weeks to deal with the daca
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program. as we are speaking, there are literally thousands of women marching in washington, new york, los angeles and other cities. they are marching to promote getting more women to the polls and to run for political office. and they are marching in opposition to president trump. what's his response to those involved in today's march? >> he found out a tweet about this. he's happy for people to express their first amendment right. i wonder if they are marching in praise of the president to allow them to have the highest income in history. the lowest amount of unemployment in history. more money in their pocket books. after the tax cut. those are the things the president has done for all americans, regardless of party, race, gender. he has fought for every american person from the moment he's gotten into the oval office and he continues to do it to this day. >>kelly: good day to you. hopefully we can find a resolution very soon. >> we hope so, thank you very much.
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>> crowds are gathering across the country to take part in women's marches. rallies are happening in hundreds of cities like our nations capital, los angeles, chicago. demonstrators demand e quality and greater political power. we have fox team coverage. - - covering the rally in new york city. we begin with anita vogel from los angeles. >>reporter: we are in the thick of it in downtown los angeles. tens of thousands of people converge into the heart of the city. both men and women by the way. when you ask people why they are here, everyone has a different reason. promoting women's rights, civil rights, you name it really. and a rallying call to get more women to run for public office. there are also a lot of people, maybe about 250,000. that's what they were expecting. but not as many as last year when nearly 1 million people poured into the heart of downtown to march.
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many people were upset over the election of donald trump. people seem less angry than last year. they come from all walks of life and they are reminding people to get to the polls and reminding people those midterm elections are coming up in november. take a listen. >> get off your iphone and get out. pay attention and vote. 2018 is right here. >> we believe women's rights are civil rights. >> do you think women don't have equal rights now? >> no, i think we are making progress. >>reporter: what areas are you looking to make progress? >> everywhere. >>reporter: organizers have billed this as a nonpartisan event. what you are hard-pressed to find any president trump supporters. but we are in california and
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the state is leading the resistance movement.perhaps that's not much of a surprise. this has been a very peaceful event from what we have seen. haven't heard of any arrest or unrest so we hope that continues throughout the rest of the day. >>julie: anita vogel reporting live from los angeles where these marches continue. >>kelly: those marches taking place in major cities on the east coast including new york city. as i mentioned earlier today. that's where we find leah gabriel standing by. >>reporter: the marchers passing right by our building on sixth avenue for the past couple hours. you can see the tremendous number of people have turned out. many of them wearing pink are those familiar pink hats. you can hear them chanting as they go by. some of which is to profane to repeat. but some is, stop the hate, make america great.
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20 blocks for a pre-march rally started on the west side of central park today. that kicked off at 11:30 this morning with speakers including the founder of the #metoo movement. as i was saying before, marchers are here with energy. they are bringing their message and they will be her for quite a while. >>kelly: leah, thank you. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is on the senate floor. let's listen and. >> the only thing preventing chip reauthorization from being signed into law is the democratic filibuster of the bill. therefore, - - [indiscernible] >> mr. president.
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>> the house of representatives, the president and a bipartisan majority of republican and democratic senators all agreed on a compromise bill that would have prevented a shutdown. we can pass this bill today, have it signed into law so we can end this nonsense. there is one way to do all of this and it's right in front of us. a pending measure. to enable congress to do the commonsense thing. keep negotiating other issues while providing for our troops, veterans and millions of vulnerable americans. the democratic leader chose to filibuster that bipartisan bill. so here we are, day one and already funding is in jeopardy for our veterans, troops, funding for a six-year children's health insurance bill is sitting here because the democratic leadership filibustered a compromise that the majority of senators supported and chose instead to shut down the government.
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thanks to the democratic leadership's decision, the filibuster an extension of the state children's, health insurance program. low income families are closer to losing coverage for their kids. in many states this is already an emergency. we can do all of this today. we have a way forward. it's right in front of us and ready to go. so i ask you to a net senate rule 22 to immediately vote on a motion to invoke on a motion to concur with amendments. which funds chip, reopens the government, all oppose let your time be expired and the senate immediately vote on a motion to concur with further amendment. >> is their objection? >> reserving the right to object. >> mr. president, i will object in a moment but, i just would like to say that because here on our side. we feel so strongly about getting this resolved, we now
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are seeing a whole host of discussions between members on both sides of the aisle here in the senate. we are hearing about discussions between this body and the other chamber. it would be my hope that with the good faith we have seen since last night, i know the distinguished president in the senate is involved in some of these discussions. that with those kind of good faith discussions. we would have a chance to get chip resolved, address the concerns of the american people have in a matter of days rather than several weeks. for that reason, i object.
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>> mr. chairman. >> the senator from maryland. >> mr. president, i take this time to ask unanimous consent concerning our federal workforce. the reason for doing this is that we have gone through shutdowns before. it's been our view that our federal workforce should receive their pay. that's been a bipartisan effort after each of the shutdowns. i can tell you our federal workforce is concerned. they are concerned as to those who are on furlough whether they willreceive their paychecks when the government reopens. the white house says they support the pay for our federal workforce. i think it's important that we give them that assurance. i understand there is disagreement as to what has
1:19 pm
happened to date and how we will reopen government. but let's not make our federal workforce have anxiety where they should not have it. our federal workforce has suffered long enough under furloughs and cr's and pay raises to have been less than cost-of-living. shutdowns, etc. i would hope on a bipartisan basis, we can do what we've done on every shutdown and that is to tell our federal workforce that when we resolve these issues, we will make sure they are paid if they are furloughed today. mr. president, i would ask unanimous consent that the senate proceed to the immediate consideration of caliber 290 as 2274. i further asked consent that the bill be read a third time in a motion to reconsider, laid upon the table with no intervening action or debate. >> is their objection? >> reserving the right to
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object. >>kelly: we've been watching senator mitch mcconnell and ben cardin. let me listen again real quick as senator mitch mcconnell has taken to the podium again. >> their pay to include imminent danger pay would be delayed because the democrats are insisting we deal with illegal immigration exclusively on their terms. let me remind the senate that we have an all volunteer force that doesn't ask much of us but we are obliged to pay and support them. we all them the certainty of a full year funding bill. therefore i object. >> objection is heard. >> mr. president i ask unanimous consent for consideration of - - the mcconnell amendment which provides for full funding for authorized activities in the national defense authorization
1:21 pm
act be considered and agreed to. the bill is amended a third time and passed. motion to reconsider be considered and laid upon the table with no intervening actions or debate. >> reserving the right to object. >> mr. president, if i might. the democrats and i hope republicans have been trying to budget this country. let's negotiate the budget. a very short-term cr, let's get these budget numbers done. so we can provide the support we need. i came to the floor to make sure our government workforce new we were behind them and they understand whether they are furloughed or not they will be paid for their services. that's what we've always done together. i take this time because i want a budget for the entire country. we are not going to be able to divide the issue and say some and not all. that was not the purpose of my unanimous consent request. therefore for those reason, i
1:22 pm
do object. >> objection asserted. >>. mr. president, senator from montana. >> i'm here to make one point crystal-clear for those montan- that are wondering what's going on with their government. there have been a lot of speeches given today and last night. a lot of interviews going on. let me try to sum it up as a singly as possible.the reason the government has shut down is because of a controversial
1:23 pm
illegal immigration policy that was not included in the bill that funds the government. if you don't know that, you are missing the facts. we should not hold the country hostage for a controversial immigration policy that impacts .000 seven percent of montanan . a minority of u.s. senators want to shut the government down and now their leader is filibustering the united states senate. this is a huge mistake. we need to get the government back up and running. so that the least amount of pain is felt by montanans and the american people.
1:24 pm
>> for those who have been watching. we have been watching senator mitch mcconnell. he went to the senate floor asking for a vote to end the debate on the existing bill that would have led to a cr, continued resolution to keep the government-funded. you heard opinions from
1:25 pm
democrat senators as well as republican senators. one from montana stating this should have never been held up because of daca, that should never have been included. he said of the senate minority leader, chuck schumer and other democrats have been holding that hostage. were holding military people and others hostage in the government because they would not agree to pass the continued resolution as it now stands. again, on the senate floor we watched mitch mcconnell trying to get everyone to vote for closure so they could move on, approved the bill as it exists and then move on in getting the government reopen. we will continue to follow the developments. >>julie: let's bring in judith miller. author and fox news contributor. thank you for talking to us.
1:26 pm
first of all, what do you take away from what we just witnessed on the floor there? it doesn't seem like they have moved one way or the other. it seems a deadlock continues which does not look good for the government reopen by the end of this weekend. >> yes julie. it reminds me of the saying, watching laws be made is like watching sausage being made what we just heard is a perfect indication why people are frustrated with politicians. and why perhaps donald trump got elected. that being said, this is kind of on him. he was going to be the dealmaker, breakthrough these crusty old process. get things done. and here on his first anniversary, he is being forced to market with a tweet noting the fact that the government is about to shut down to mark that location. this is not good news for him.
1:27 pm
i can't imagine he wants this to go on for very long. >>julie: dick durbin says, it's pretty clear there's not a level of dialogue and communication you would expect between mitch mcconnell and president from. what do you think? >> i think that's an understatement because chuck schumer was quoted as saying, trying to negotiate with president trump is like trying to negotiate with jell-o. there were two compromise measures presented to the president this past week and he flip-flopped and rejected both of them. you can say on one hand, mr. trump was eager not to offend his base by making a democratic compromise on daca. but mr. trump says he loves daca kids and he wants to help them. people are going to have a hard time understanding why this deal isn't going through. that being said, the republicans were blamed in 2013 for the shutdown because they were trying to force one issue,
1:28 pm
which was getting rid of obamacare. i don't know that the democrats may not be blamed if this goes on for a while. as the white house likes to say, holding the country hostage to force a deal on daca. if there is no trust between the parties, if the democrats don't believe the republicans are going to negotiate in good faith in three weeks, on a daca compromise, i don't know how this thing ends. i think it's going to because the president wants to go to - - he's lined up very important meetings. they've released a schedule of these meetings. i can't believe while he may want to miss a $100,000 fundraiser at mar-a-lago that he will stand up leaders for this. >>julie: republicans are
1:29 pm
resolute. no talk on daca. until democrats give them enough votes to reopen the government. senator lindsey graham who is a republican senator who has found himself at odds with president when it comes to what to do with the hundreds of illegals that came into this country illegally as children. he says and i am quoting, after extensive conversation with senators on both sides of the aisle i believe it would pass if it was understood after february 8 the senate could move to an immigration debate with an open amendment process. no agreement has been reached with the white house or house of representatives. why is that not good enough for democrats? >> because they don't trust president trump or republicans to keep their word. we have seen on long list of promises that have been broken and positions that have been flipped on the part of president trump.
1:30 pm
so i think chuck schumer also has a base yesterday worry about. his base is just as concerned about the daca kids and their future as the republicans are about the wall and border security. democrats gave a little on border security and were willing to give the president some of what he wanted. but the republicans don't seem willing to give an inch.this is how i think this issue will be framed. >>julie: if you give an inch, they take a mile. it has to be resolved and it is a weekend so things are happening slowly. democrats need and they want an answer on daca. republicans are adamant that this can be tabled and it's not an urgent issue. not urgent enough to basically cancel the government. i want you to listen to marc short who spoke at a news conference just about an hour ago. >> it's kind of hard to understand when you're holding our troops hostage.
1:31 pm
essentially denying services to law-abiding americans and denying funding to our border agents, how you can negotiate on daca during that. i think the administration's position is as soon as they reopen government, we will resume conversations on daca. it's hard to negotiate when they are keeping our border agents not paid, troops unpaid and not paying for american services. >>julie: what do republican lawmakers want to see out of any deal? >> i think they want a complete win on this one. president trump wants a complete win. we saw earlier there were republicans willing to work with democrats to come to a compromise.that compromise proposal was rejected by the president. at this point, lindsey graham who you just quoted,took to the air to get his point of view across the president . >>julie: judith miller, always great to have you.
1:32 pm
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>> women's marches taking place across the country. protesters filling the streets and cities worldwide. similar to the major demonstrations this time last year. so what is the impact? let's bring our fox news contributor, jessica - -. author of the new book, america in the age of trump. elena epstein. thank you ladies very much for talking to us. there are hundreds of thousands of activists all across the united states. marking the anniversary of last january's women's march and the movement it sparked in 2017. what has changed in the past year? >> women and all americans have
1:37 pm
increased opportunity as a result of the american presidency and donald trump's leadership. we have unprecedented stock market gains. unemployment at all-time lows and we just passed tax reform that will going to send rocket fuel into the american economy. i think these are incredible opportunities for all americans, including women. unemployment is at half what it was as compared to 2010 for women. women should be celebrating the accomplishments of donald trump. 401(k)s are 30 percent larger than a year ago. these are issues women care most about and that's what we should be celebrating today. >>julie: jessica? >> well she just went back to 2010 so i hope she is getting credit to president obama which he is deserving of. i was a last year has been incredible for women. when they voted against generally president trump but
1:38 pm
not as many numbers for hillary clinton. there is strong dissatisfaction for the way republicans have been on the agenda relating to women's reproductive health. we've seen major attacks on obamacare protections for birth control for instance. we know on the state level there are a number of courts willing to rollback our right to choose. we want to see support for organizations like planned parenthood. the women's march and hundreds of thousands of women out there are talking about equality and political activism. this is as much a part of talking about agenda items as it is getting people excited for the midterms in november. there are a lot of signs that they grab them by the midterms and this is what that's about. >>julie: but hasn't improved women is equal pay. are these marches, are they going to make a difference when it comes to certain issues such as that? >> i am focused on the results of president trump and the economic improvement we are
1:39 pm
seeing across the country. that will lend itself to equal pay for women. president trump has created economic opportunities for all of us across also seal economic backgrounds. the tax reform bill, surging stock market, record unemployment. these are the benefits women will feel across the country. i focus on the results of president trump, the results of his administration. this is truly favorable for the women in this country. women care whether there will be jobs for them and their families. women care about their 401(k)s. women care when their children are sick, there will be a doctor to take their child to and they will be able to afford the co-pay. whether they will be able to have a job. these are the issues women that are facing women. >> julie asked you a specific
1:40 pm
question about closing the pay gap. right now women in america are paid $.79 on the man's dollar. is that going to change under president trump's policies? if you don't have paid sick leave for these mothers so they can take care of their children, those children are not going to be cared for. they are concerned about that. you should be supporting paid maternity leave, policies that republicans have treated as - - for decades. i understand you want to say how great the economy is but it's a lot more than that. we are talking environmental justice, social justice, criminal justice reform. >>julie: i apologize ladies, we do have a lot of news this hour. we appreciate you both weighing in. lena epstein. and - - >>kelly: a working weekend for lawmakers. with the government shutdown in effect, can they reach a compromise both sides can live with? - - will join us live, next. pan ep
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but through goodt times and bad at t. rowe price we've helped our investors stay confident for over 80 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> lawmakers working this
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saturday trying to come up with a solution to and the government shutdown. joining me now is house republican conference chair, roger morris. good of you to join us today. difficult day for you obviously. >> and it's completely unnecessary. we don't need to be in this situation. unfortunately there is political games beingplayed. the house took action and was supported by partisan to keep the government-funded. provided fun funding to children. pay our troops. we didn't need to be in the situation but senator schumer and the democrats decided to take a different course. >>kelly: i wonder what your response to senator schumer
1:46 pm
that is dealing with the president is like the go shooting with jell-o because you don't know what you're going to get. >> i heard what he had to say. this legislation, there's nothing in it the democrats all pose. i would urge him to join in the bipartisan negotiation that were going on between the house and the senate and the white house. . we need more time but that needs to be the way it's done. not for a shutdown. >>kelly: the frustration on the house floor has been so high that they've actually, some of your members have reached out to try to come out with a proposal to send to the senate about ending its filibuster so they can get on with governing what do you say about that? >> it's time to put people first. people before politics. that's why the house is frustrated. we have a lot of work to be done. i was on the senate side, they plan on taking notes. for the most part, the house is waiting for the senate to take action. for senator schumer to come on board to be well what it will take to get the government
1:47 pm
opened again. i encourage people to visit, where you can get the latest news on the shutdown. >>kelly: there is quite a dustup about that description or the shutdown. what happened? >> it's clear there was a choice made by senator schumer. not to agree to the bill that passed the house that would keep the government-funded, pay our troops, provide for the children's insurance program. it had democrats in the house. it just didn't get enough in the senate because there was a decision by senator schumer not to support it. >>kelly: mitch mcconnell actually try to get a vote today. obviously they are still debating it but there was resistance on both sides basically stating, we don't need to move that far in the direction of ending the - - ending the debate so they can
1:48 pm
vote on the bill as it now stands. what you say to the senate members about this? >> i would urge them to stop this. stop the games. let's get to the people's business. the people's work that we are elected to do. it does take 60 votes in the senate. we have to get that 60 vote majority and it means you need to have democratic support. nine democrats to support in that effort. i hope your heads will prevail and we can get on to the people's work.>>kelly: congresswoman, speaking of that, what about daca? that seems to be what the democrats are most upset about. the fact you have children who are dreamers in this country. they don't know what their future will be. howbeit the congress gave until march to solve this issue. can they move on and get that done? >> the democrats are putting up false deadlines.
1:49 pm
i believe we need a daca six. it's very important to me but this is not the deadline. the deadline is march 5 and i was pleased thepresident gave u time. there are negotiations going on right now. there are bipartisan principles that have agreed been agreed to. that's where that should take place. not in the context of a government shutdown. >>kelly: i want to shift focus. something else going on and that is the women's march all over the united states. you the highest ranking woman in congress. you had a video for the march going on in washington. yet, they did not show that. tell me why? >> yes, well, it was disappointing. therewill be a women's march and spoke spokane. i have been invited and then they said they aren't going to play the video.
1:50 pm
i think it's time for us to come together, celebrate what women are contributing. >>kelly: conservative and liberal. >> that was my hope. the organizers told me it wasn't political. this was a day to celebrate women. celebrate women starting businesses. 400 a day. women of color. there's a great story to be told. i think it's noteworthy, president trump in the midst of this shutdown, tweeted in support of the women's march celebrating what women are contributing to this country. in contrast to the last shutdown when president obama put up barriers at the world war ii memorial for our veterans. >>kelly: i've got to it interrupt you but i applaud your accomplishment and continue to be the great woman you are. >>julie: lawmakers are back at
1:51 pm
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i'm glad i did. thanks, mom. visit, to find, get or give a swim lesson. >> a deadly terrorist attack in kabul. gunmen storming the - - hotel. setting it on fire, taking hostages. as special forces try to flush
1:55 pm
them out. david lee miller to just live in jerusalem. >>reporter: as many as four armed men this evening attacked the intercontinental hotel in kabul. security at the hotel returned fire.afghan he over shows are trying to retake the building. part of the hotel were engulfed in flames. according to initial reports, no u.s. troops or civilians were injured. so far, no group has taken responsibility for the attack. hotel staff and guest were reportedly taken hostage but the manager was able to escape on her. he said the attackers entered through the kitchen. earlier this week, the u.s. embassy issued a warning telling u.s. citizens, we are aware that extremist groups may be planning an attack against hotels in kabul. the intercontinental hotel is not part of the hotel chain with the same name. the building which is well fortified located on a hilltop above the city was last
1:56 pm
attacked by the taliban in 2011. this latest attack took place despite beefed-up security in kabul at which time 150 people were killed. >>julie: reporting live for jerusalem fox news continues at the top of the hour. we continue to watch what's going on at capitol hill. i will see tonight. stay with us. people would stare.
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see me. see me. clear skin can last. don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts. we begin with a fox news alert. lawmakers are working overtime now trying to hammer out a deal that would reboot government operations. it comes as we're nearing 24 hours since the lights flickered in washington. hello welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm arthel neville. >> good afternoon. i'm eric shawn. president trump is foregoing his weekend in florida staying at the white house to sign a potential spending bill that would end the government shutdown if it comes. it is the first time the capital has gone dark since the last government shutdown back in 2013. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are dishing out blame. >> and peter doocy is live now on capitol hill with the very


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