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tv   Watters World  FOX News  January 20, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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america. [cheering and applause] on "the fox report." "watters world" starts right now. [♪] jesse: welcome to "watters world." i'm jesse watters. congress is shut down, and the american people are shake their heads. the schumer shutdown kicked in last night. he had another name fighter. >> negotiating with president trump is like negotiating with jell-o. the president's behavior is compromise. jesse: the president tweeted, this is if the one-year
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anniversary of my presidency and the democrats wanted to give me a nice present. republicans have to rely on a few democrats because they need 6 oh votes in the senate. but the democrats want to tie the illegal immigration issue into the budget. the dreamer deal has nothing to do with the budget, but it's the only leverage the democrats have. in 2013 the republicans shut down the government over obamacare, also not technically related to the government. the last shutdown cost $24 billion. that's the cost of the border wall with mexico. here is what's going to happen in the schumer shutdown. 1.3 million active military personal will be reporting to duty but won't be paid until the shutdown ends. the national zoo and 19 national
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smithsonian museums will be shut down monday. irs workers face if you are lows, so don't -- face furloughs so don't expect your tax refund soon. you will get your mail and social security checks. courts will be open so you will have to report for jury duty, but you won't get paid for your service. and it will be business as usual for robert mueller's team. democrats are putting illegal aliens over americans once again. if the military isn't getting paid during the shutdown, knighter should congress. joining me, anthony scaramucci. who is winning this thing?
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the republicans always get blamed. anthony: the smoking gun is in the hands of the democrats. jesse: do you think the democrats are going to blink? anthony: i do think so. the military won't see the playoff games over the weekend. jesse: you mean they won't see the eagles win sunday? anthony: i'm a long-suffering jets fan. jesse: i'm sorry to hear that. anthony: i think the administration is going to win this one because they have the momentum in their favor. the economy is booming. the president had a spectacular first year. you look at growth, economics as it relates to wages and opportunity. you look at the african-american unemployment number. jesse: record low.
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anthony: there are so many things at the president's banquet table. it's the first quarter of the game. the president is up 22-0 and the democrats are deflahertying the ball. they will go into the commercial break and they will realize, oh, my god, we have got to get back on the field. jesse: how stupid do you think the democrats are the shut down the government for illegal aliens? the polls aren't favor was they are doing. anthony: mulvaney and shore did a good job describing what's happening. but i also think they did something that speaks of compassion where unlike the bitterness of the obama administration where the shutdown happened in 2013, they clamped down on everything. they said we'll show you how much government is part of your life.
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they weaponized it. anthony: the president said we'll do what we can to keep things open. it speaks to the graciousness of the president. jesse: they put ropes around the national monuments. anthony: you are one year into this. if you look at dashboard, it's been a phenomenal year. jesse: you wrote an op-ed, historically productive first year in office. anthony: i feel like it's politically accurate as opposed to politically incorrect. he tells the truth. he wears it on his sleeve the way most of americans do, he tells people how he feels. he wants to clean things up.
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he doesn't like the rigmarole we all experience in washington. for me his style is what's catching people on these other networks like super upset. they almost need like trump xanax. they need a hitting bit of tranax. jesse: if they looked at their 401k statement, they are up 30%. that alone should get him re-elected. anthony: as a market person i love that. but what i love are the fundamentals. there are ceos that don't like the president that are responding to his tax plan. jesse: steve jobs could barely admit that the tax cut helped. it was hard for him. anthony: at the end of the day
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you have got a great situation for america, improving economy, isis has been eliminated. regulations are down. people feel more comfortable investing. more disposable income. that's something democrats have to be worried about. in three or four months real money will in the hands of lower and middle class people. and if they keep that up, they will win in november. jesse: i said jobs, i meant tim cook. big event that happened today. the women's march happening all over the country. did you march with the ladies? >> i didn't. but my daughter did. i was looking to have lunch with her today and she was #womensmarch.
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she went to brown university which i often call red university. jesse: you had to pay for her education at brown university? anthony: it's fine. as people get older they get more enlightened. remember what churchill said, i was a liberal in my youth. if you aren't a liberal in your youth, you have no heart. jesse: they were walking by fox and flipping the bird at the building. i had to shield my-year-old girls from it. coming up next for the president. the shutdown happens when, a week, a couple days? anthony: i find it hard to believe it will be a week. but we'll have to see.
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unfortunately he will miss the trip to davos if it's longer than a couple of days. but i think people can see him for what he is which is -- he has a combination to his personality. jesse: are you going to davos? anthony: i am. jesse: you are going to get made fun of. anthony: i'm back at work. jesse: that's work over there? i heard it's the nicest junket you have ever seen. anthony: if you come over with your camera and microphone half the population will not turn out for it. maybe next year you can parachute in. jesse: anthony scaramucci are you psyched for the wall to be built in right now it's taking forever. anthony: i think the president has done an amazing job.
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he started out with chief of staff kelly in reducing illegal immigration. it's hard to say paw want illegal immigration in your country. milton freedman said you have to have a tough border or it will disrupt the economy. chief of staff kelly has done an amazing job on that. the president wants the wall. that was part of his campaign promise. when you look at his campaign promises, hitting on all cylinders. my guess is the wall is going to happen. jesse: you think the wall will happen this year? they are breaking ground? anthony: i don't know, because it's washington. jesse: chief of staff kelly said he evolved on the wall. and you are not supposed to say that when you talk about a
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politician. the president quickly corrected him and said the wall will be big and beautiful and mexico will still pay for it. anthony: chief of staff kelly is not a politician. he, too, is a straight short. i think his standing in the united states and his service to the country will help him in brokering deals. jesse: the on person with better hair than me, anthony scaramucci. anthony: i are understand you are blow drying your hair in the morning now. jesse: i told you that in secret. you of all people should respect off the record. what goes around comes around. up next the democrats' response to the schumer shutdown.♪ ♪
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>> if this was a weekly occurrence and all the way between now and november, your audience would be annoyed and my audience is never annoyed because they are very forgiving. >> when you want to test it? you're not a politician you
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should be in congress because that is exactly what is happening. the democrats were against the shutdown before they were for it and will they suffer for it because they are putting the illegal aliens over regular american citizens and that is clear. if you look at the three shutdowns, two under bill clinton and one under obama bill clinton did not suffer. >> i'm not saying you will not get elected but it will degrade your credibility. >> the overriding problem will be the first time that someone has control of all three branches and the other problem is that this is the first time it's happened in the president's first midterm and the third thing that i think is problematic which you are listing as a downside that i think will be a put aside for the democrats is that the issues
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here are issues that are widely supported by americans including republicans which is children's health and protecting the children here. jesse: the children's health is in the bill and -- let me put a pull-up because i want to address something that you just said. the cnn poll is generally not fake news. who holds the possibility for the shutdown, democrats in congress 31% say they get the most share of the blame there and i also have another poll that says what is more important, avoiding a sitdown or continuing to nine, avoiding a sitdown 56% continuing to nine, 34% so in terms of the issues the issues people care about they don't want the government shutdown over to nine. >> i would say two things, my math is not great but. jesse: find either because otherwise i'd be on wall street.
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>> but if you added the 26% that hold the president responsible and 21% that will the republicans responsible that is 47. in terms of the issue, the reason i think there's a big difference here is that this is the first time that these issues that the republicans and the president promised these two issues and all the democrats are trying to do is hold them to that promise after repeated efforts. jesse: they are using the shutdown as leverage to get a deal on line but the deal on nine is not until a little while and there's no bill to vote on so they're not saying let's vote on the bill and the bill on daca and immigration is not even written yet. they are doing the shutdown on purpose to cause pain to the president and they are inflicting pain on the military because those guys are not getting paid to do you think men and women protecting our country should not get paid? they get paid later but they will go a week or two or three without a paycheck.
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>> they should talk to their commander-in-chief who is the person ultimately responsible. but i will say something in my party. i hold congressional republicans a little less at fault here. i'll tell you why. the last year has shown more than anything that the president and his white house are ill-equipped to deal with congress. they just don't have the staff for it and they have bungled a number of times. sometimes they treat pelosi and schumer better than they treat mcconnell and ryan. jesse: that is because trump is triangulating like your friend bill. >> but i don't think that's working for the president. jesse: he's passed historic tax cuts and repealed the obamacare. >> not really on the appeal but i'm the tax cuts he did. there is no single issue that unites people more and more portly to my point, it's that the president really didn't say or do anything to give the republicans reason to not do it. the closest thing to it was his saying the percentage that he wanted to cut on pass-throughs
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and corporate bills and. jesse: we are getting sidetracked here. listen, the president obviously is the leader of the country and he's doing the best he can to keep the government open and he's being held hostage by chuck schumer and a few senate democrats. i say you guys will blink first. >> no, this is first of all the most powerful minority and history of democracy. they can bring and -- second, i think what will blink is the president can't play golf until this is over and i think that will be what is going to do it. jesse: and he can't go over to devils and hobnob with the eli elite. >> the mood can represent them there. jesse: he can represent anyone anywhere with that good head of hair. >> thank you, i will try next time. thank you for having me. jesse: instagram, mort "watters' world".
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his ethics committee post. patrick meehan used taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment complaint. a former aide accuse the republican a making unwanted sexual advances. she says he became hostile after she rejected him. meehan reportedly used thousands of dollars from his congressional office wants to settle the complaint. ryan is also ordered an investigation. the married father of three denies any wrongdoing. this country's deadly flu epidemic has killed at least 30 children since october. that is according to the centers for disease control. the cdc says the flu season hasn't even peaked yet. in texas the flu outbreak is so
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severe that one school district has canceled classes through tuesday. i'm marianne rafferty, now back to "watters' world". it didn't right, because i don't want to believe those kinds of things could be happening in this country that i call home and love so much. >> four pages. you knew as soon as you read them. is this happening in america or is this the kgb? that's how alarming this is. >> i believe there will be people who go to jail. jesse: fox news is hearing the report is so ex flowsive it could end the mueller investigation. joining me is lou dobbs. you interviewed people on your show about this. they can't tell us everything they know. but what have you ascertained
8:29 pm
that's in the memo? lou: it's as ex pleasive as these congressmen are saying. mark me deens jim jordan are men of measured expression. they are not given to hyperbole at all. for them to suggest that this means people are likely to go to jail, that we could see a reversal of the special counsel. this is really big stuff. jesse: this is earth shattering. one of the other revelations we are hearing. jim jordan was asked about this on the sean hannity show, and sean asked him if jim comey knew about some of these abiews and jim jordan said yes, he did. this puts comey way out of the picture. lou: comey, mccabe, andrew mccabe at the fbi, rod
8:30 pm
rosenstein, the list goes on and on. strzok, lisa page, you name the characters that floated up in this cesspool. what they said about the president of the united states, the things they said were the least of the affront. they apparently plotted to destroy the presidency of donald trump. many of us suspected it from the very beginning. but these congressmen are talking as though this document is a roadmap to the reality of the evidence. jesse: we don't know what's tonight, but the reporting suggests the obama administration collude with the fbi, with the department of justice and with the hillary clinton campaign to spy on the strum campaign both before and after the election. so i wanted to talk to you about this crazy story in california.
8:31 pm
an illegal alien who had been deported multiple times comes back and kills two sheriff's deputies and this is what he said in court. >> i'll break out and i will kill more. jesse: this guys a despicable animal and should not be in the country. you have been saying this for how many years? lou: 15. we have needed the wall for a long time. right now we have returned to the same levels of apprehensions by the border patrol that were in existence the last several years of the obama administration. this is a very serious issue. that's why the president wants the wall. that's in large measure i think yes was elected. many see it as a sacred promise
8:32 pm
he made on the campaign trail. jesse: if he doesn't come through with the wall, he's cooked. lou: he said clearly and unseive unequivocally he's going to build the wall. but we are going to see it. the question is, what will be the sequence. i think this president is setting himself up for the democratic party to be disappointed the way ronald reagan was, an agreement to fund the wall and establish border security, but it never happened. jesse: in exchange for what they are going to do with the dreamers. so there is a wide gap there. but good news, they are testing the wall prototypes. there is a report, u.s. commandos are trying to climb,
8:33 pm
drill delight, tunnel under it, and they have not been successful in busting through the wall. so that's a great piece of news. lou: we don't know the rules of commandoes -- the rules of engagement for the commandos. in the case of the coyotes who built sophisticated tunnels and have overcome a lot of defense, i'm not quite as sanguin to suggest they can't overcome it. jesse: i want to get your take on california. there is going to be some raids on illegal aliens in california. the california authorities are saying, don't cooperate with the federal government when they come and ask you where the illegals are. these people have businesses
8:34 pm
with some of the illegals work for their businesses and they are saying you can hire illegal aliens, but if you tell the feds, we are going to lock you guys up. lou: i can't imagine why people would hire illegal immigrants and then turn themselves in to authorities. i'm not sure they have their priorities exactly right in the attorney general's office in california. but they are not cooperating with federal authorities. and it's a collision. because the justice department declared that it's going to enforce its policies against sanctuary cities, and now an entire state. we haven't seen that. california is always first. they are going to try. jesse: for better or worse, california is always first. california is always first. up next, my favorite ladies.
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jesse: president trump had his annual physical by the white house physician this week restaurants were excellent. >> the cardiac performance on his physical exam is good. he has no past or present use of alcohol or tobacco. a cognitive screening exam was normal with a score of 30 over 30. all clinical data indicates the president is very healthy and will remain so through the duration of his presidency. some people just have good again -- good genes. >> are you ruling out things like early onset alzheimer's? are you look at dementia-like
8:40 pm
symptoms? >> did you address drug addiction? jesse: it's time to run some tests on the press. the definition of insanity is together same thing over and over and expecting a different result. cnn need a different opinion. >> he does not have heart disease. dr. gupta the very next morning. >> the president have heart disease? jesse: sanjay is campaigning for the fake news award and i think he's a front runner. and they are fat shaming the president of the united states. delaney reporting seeing a lot of scepticism that president trump onlyways 239 pound. will he step on the scale to
8:41 pm
prove it? the conspiracy has gone from the birther movement to the girther movement. would they ask hillary to step on the scale. the next step was to call the white house physician a liar. >> i'm glad he's a great physician, blah, blah, blah. he works in the white house and makes public statements lies. jesse: he was the white house physician for barack obama as well. people without ph.ds are questioning the health of the white house physician. is trump's doctor okay? let's put up a picture of dana milbank. is milbank okay?
8:42 pm
they never let the facts get in the way of a good story. here to respond. video bloggers and trump supporters diamond and silk. ladies, what do you have to say about that? >> you know, first of all, gupta, whatever his name is, he's no more a doctor than dr. seuss. trying to diagnose our president. you didn't examine him. to make that assessment and put that on national news, you should fire him for doing that. let me tell you what's wrong with the left. they are mad that they don't have the stamina and endurance of our president. if they want to diagnose somebody, how about they diagnose themselves. clearly we think they may have a mental illness because they are always whining day in and day out. something is wrong with them. jesse: do you guys remember when
8:43 pm
hillary clinton fainted and she came out later and she said everything is fine. and it was sexist and unfair to ask about hillary's health, and hillary has blood clots, she had the hacking cover, the fainting, the concussion, the woman was not in perfect cough. but heaven forbid you ask hillary a question about her health. but you have president trump and the press acts like they are lying to the american people. do you see a little double standard? >> everybody knew hillary clinton was sick. we all saw that. manage this same doctor said obama had a clean bill of health. imagine if the news would have been he smoked, do you know he had cancer cells.
8:44 pm
the hypocrisy needs to stop. we have a healthy president. he is a workaholic. he do more than any one of us. for him to be 71 years old. so what the media needs to do is mind their own business and worry about their own health issues. this president is healthy as a horse. jesse: we found out the president only sleeps 4 to 5 hours a night. i can't manage. i need at least 8. people were comparing him to the past president barack obama. remember when they caught president obama work out at the gym with the 10-poundweights. the president smoked. 10-pounders right there. doing some lungs -- doing some . to tact like president trump
8:45 pm
can't pick up a barbell, that's just crazy. i want to ask you guys about the women's march all over the country on the anniversary of the trump inauguration. the ladies very upset about something. were you guys marching in the women's march today. >> we didn't have to march in the women's march. we walked to the polls and voted for who we wanted to march for. they said they were marching for equality. the president of the united states brought back jobs and put more money thank their pockets and they are still complaining. remember when cory booker was questioning the homeland security secretary and he was being disrespectful? why didn't they speak up for that woman. why not go after their party who shut down our government and turned their backs on the
8:46 pm
american people for illegal aliens. how about talking and marching about that. jesse: you guys seem fired up today. is everything okay down there? what's going on. >> everything is fine. but i don't like it when the democrats play with the american people and their lives. >> and we are getting fired up for our chit-chat tour. our voices are being censored on all these platforms. our conservative voices. but we are getting geared up go to and type in chit-chat tour. diamond and silk check it out. it's a sensation sweeping the nation. ladies, have a great night.
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jesse: nancy pelosi is the gift that keepsen giving. she is like joe biden in a dress. we are getting worried for the
8:51 pm
minority leader so we decided to give her love and attention. >> this is like giving you a bowl of doggy doo and put a cherry on top and call it a chocolate sunday. this armageddon it's a monster frankenstein. it's a monster that was created. do you know the ending of the story? the monster comes back to destroy. the five white guys i call them. are they going to open a hamburger stand next? just stop it now. just stop it now. >> they are not with president bush. i'm so sorry, i never thought i would praise the day you were president again. jesse: nanny seems to stay focused on the country's new
8:52 pm
business. here with reaction, contributor at "the federalist" brit mchenry. what's going on, brit? >> i want to know what ice cream nancy is eating. jesse: i want two scoops. >> if you are the president according to some of the media you can only have one scoop. jesse: should we have sanjay gupta run some tests on nancy pelosi? the former speaker? >> i think the defeats the democrats have suffered in the past year with president trump wing the election to the republicans taking control of the house and senate to the tax cut and jobs act, she is starting to go a bit mad.
8:53 pm
jesse: do you think she is going literally mad or just pelosi as she has always been? >> she has always said things she shouldn't and tripped over herself, especially when she called tax reform armageddon. i'm sure apple investing $350 billion back into our economy is not armageddon. were you at the women's march today? i was, i got caught up. but i was marching with the women when i was crossing the street. what do you think of the women's march? i know pelosi is a big proponent of it. >> of course she is. instead of wearing unicorn hats or hats of female anatomy, i
8:54 pm
choose to admire my peers and go to work. jesse: what are your predictions for tomorrow? we have the eagles and the vikes. who do you like? >> patriots, they always have the easiest road. growing up a dolphins fan it pains me. jesse: i'm sorry to hear that. we had a jets fan on with the mooch. and you are a miami fan. man! i'm an eagles man and i came out on top with that. who do you like, vikings-eagles. >> i have got to go with the eagles. peterson wearing the visor.
8:55 pm
that team rallies together. jesse: up next, "last
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jesse: the jimmy kimmel show went out and asked young americans about president obama. roll the tape. >> can you do an impression of him? >> we are going to build a wall and it will be huge. >> i will build a wall, a big one. >> china, china, china. >> you are fired. jesse: that's it for us tonight.
9:00 pm
"justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: breaking tonight, the democrat-engineered government shutdown rolls on as americans mark one year since president trump took the oath of office. hello and welcome to "justice," i'm jeanine pirro. year following every development just down the street where lawmakers just wrapped up talks for the night and they will be back tomorrow afternoon to try to get the united states government back open for business. we'll keep you posted throughout the hour. and in just a few moments i'll be joined live by counselor to the president, kellyanne conway, as well as the p


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