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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 22, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening. we are staying on this. we are not the destroyed trout media. set your dvr. let not your heart be troubled, the news continues. >> laura: i'm doing chair yoga. when you get older, you have to do a lot. >> sean: got to do the horses tail. >> sean: when i was watching that video, it was a guy running for the train. >> sean: are we going to have a super bowl bat? >> laura: i wanted the minnesota vikings. i'm not for either team. i don't care about the super bowl, but what i do care about, that guy hitting the pole, that was like durban today. that was boom! >> sean: you like and we slowed it down. we are so mean. >> laura: is like the $6 million man. >> sean: have your bed ready
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tomorrow. i'm taking the patriots and brady. >> laura: i'm not going to bet against a brady. that guy always wins. he has perfect hair. what can you do? winning. >> sean: everyone hates him. he has a beautiful wife, the perfect team, the best coach, the best lover. they love him, they hate them. >> laura: sean, thank you so much as always. i'm laura ingraham, welcome to "the ingraham angle." i'm tongue-tied from washington. we have a huge show for you tonight, including my response to msnbc and chuck schumer trying to pin blame on me for the shutdown. wait for it. but first, trump shuts down the democrats. the real truth about what the public thinks about immigration. and where oh where did all those fbi text messages go? that's the focus of tonight's breaking news "the angle" ." seeing the looks on some democrats faces today after the
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government was reopened it was a thoroughly entertaining. i was smiling all day long. she looked like she ate something bad in a senate dining room. disturbing durbin looked like he swallowed bob corker. look at him. donald trump in the republican leadership outsmarted them again. again, it's a wile e. coyote in road runner. the idiotic move by chuck schumer to shut down the government to help illegal immigrants was a wildly unpopular, it quickly fell through. even by friday, more understood the truth that they put the interest of dr. people head of the well-being of our men and women in our arms and forces. think about this way, imagine being deployed in afghanistan. maybe you're on your multiple deployments, you're away from your family for several months, and then you find out that the fools on the hill are more worried about illegal aliens that about you and your family. that must feel really good.
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it's disgraceful. all it took was mcconnell promising to work on the immigration issue until februars resolved by then, to have a free and open debate on immigration, including a daca fix. >> it ends the shutdown and restores full funding for the federal government through february the eighth. if an agreement isn't reached by february the eighth, the senate will immediately proceed to consideration of legislation dealing with daca. >> laura: big win, chuck. "the boston globe"'s advisor set it up this way in a tree. he says "democrats have managed to come to the publicans a man, we moralize their base, give it disengage president a win, and a look like they held a meaningless three-day government shutdown. all at once." i couldn't have summed it up better myself. even before the shutdown, the
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democrats dream of taking back power it was already fading away because of the roaring stock markets and the strength of the overall economy. now, what you are left wing friends across politics and the media do to save face? >> it's a fool. he's a just an idiot. like he's a stupid, old, blubbery man who doesn't know what he's doing. >> the president was not involved these last few days, despite that, they preach this compromise. >> the president doesn't have a good sense of his governing style. >> this is the second type is to tab has basically had to trick him into watching tv and tweeting instead of being hands-on after he bungled this by being hands-on. >> laura: i'm watching nicole walsh, and i keep thinking it's mika brezinski. they are all becoming one person that when i'm watching them. it's amazing how amazing some of the same fanatics have been trying to ram through amnesty since 2006. think of them.
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graham, schumer, and german, all back, the three amigos. the president has to be very careful in the coming days and weeks, not to allow the fox out of the henhouse of the debate moving forward. think about it. republicans could not rid us of obamacare last year after all those votes they had when it didn't matter. but by golly, they are obsessed with helping illegal immigrants, and they are going to get it done. as for democrats, they just want to repeal and replace those blue-collar americans who voted for trump with new immigrants who vote for democrats. the president has got to hold firm, and i think he will. no chain migration. no visa lottery. real funding for the wall, not just authorization, but appropriations. and then, i guess maybe do the daca thing. you have all the leverage. don't give it to the politicians, mr. president, who don't respect you or your
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support. by the way, there are some more evidence of that trump is more in the mainstream on immigration than lindsey or chuck will ever be. check out this new harbert harris poll it just came out that tells us a really good tale. 65% versus 35% support a daca deal the ends chain migration, eliminates the visa lottery, and secures a border with a wall. 68 of respondents opposed the visa lottery. 81% want to see illegal immigration level slashed. you've heard it, slashed. 79% think immigration should be based on skills, rather than family ties, and 60% believe dreamers should not be given preference to bring the relative to the united states. 61% think current border security is inadequate. 54% support a physical barrier along the southern border. and a whopping 79% want secure
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borders rather than open borders. well. fax never got in the way of these open borders republicans before, but maybe we can hope that lindsey graham, jeff flake and the others get the message. meanwhile, we stay on the corruption watch, as we learn today that the fbi somehow managed to lose five months worth of text. i was shocked, shocked, i tell you, to have found out that the only text the fbi failed to preserve or messages between the anti-trump fbi investigator peter strauch and his paramore, lisa page. remember, both worked on the mueller and clinton email investigation. it was during that key part
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where the borough claims a technical problem was updating software that caused a failure to preserve these messages. are you saying, is just like when we get stuff on our iphone and we want to update, we always say no because we don't want the phone to slow down, is that what happened? it's ridiculous. it's the fbi. can you believe their explanation here. i have a thing i want to tell you. by the way, i love my pet rock when it came out. attorney general jeff sessions have to step in now. he recused himself and that was frankly not necessary from the fbi-russia investigation. but now we need an independent review of all of this monkey business. there's too much to explain away. by the way, we have a lot more on that coming up. you do not want to move because it's hot tonight. including the gradual push to release the house intel memo and the fbi warned us of what we are talking about days on the show, there's new news on that.
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there's other huge economic news today that i got to get to that will be overlooked by everybody in the media, but not here. once again, we will show that president trump is fulfilling the promises that he made. >> we will stand up to trade cheating peer cheaters, that's what they are. we will stand up to trade cheating anywhere and everywhere it threatens the american jobs. >> laura: the u.s. trade rep's office just announced that it will grant release in the form of major terrorists against imported solar cells and modules as well as a large residential washing machine. they cited section 201 in the trade act of 1974 it gives the president's discretionary authority to grant release if the international trade commission finds that imports have been a substantial cause of serious injury.
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it's a real finding here. there's been a pattern of unfair trade practices going on for years and this is the first time this law provided any relief since the early 2000s 2000s. can you imagine obama ever doing this? or hillary clinton? hillary clinton never would've done it because it was her husband back in 2000 that thought it was such a great idea for china to join the wtc oh. that was only directed at china. trump's tariffs applied to a large number of countries engaged in this abuse. now, of course today's treat enforcement action -- it's all wrong, but it's so predictable. again, this pattern of unfair trade practices and major industries, this is just the beginning, is obscene. often times, even when we go to the wto or world trade court and they judge in our favor, the
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offending countries do not rectify the damage, and that damage to american country is already done by the time they get any relief. well, i will tell you this. on trade, on immigration, so many issues, there is truly a new sheriff in town. and we are putting american industry first, american workers first, the american people first. and it's about time. and that's "the angle." joining us now from here in washington is hoping giggly, he's a white house deputy press secretary for president trump. it's good to see you, how are you? >> thank you so much for having me. >> laura: i will quiz you on trade, but i will get into what's happening on the fact that we had to shut down over her but now it's on to this february 8th deadline for passing some kind of daca. now, lindsey graham, jeff flake, dick durbin, they want a plan that they tried to force on the
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president that a senior house member tonight, very senior, told me would never even be brought up for a vote. >> it would never be brought up is what i'm hearing as well. if it ever got to the president's desk, it would never be signed. the president was very clear and we also the 55 minute show at the bipartisan-bicameral meeting in the cabinet room. they said for my national security package, i need four things come up border security with a wall, ending chain migration, ending the visa lottery, and a lasting solution for daca. >> laura: listen over the weekend, we gave them money for a stinking wall. he didn't really care about --dash we gave him that. what's the real truth about that. >> not true. in fact the graham durbin building cover anything that they wanted, in fact it made the situation much much, much wors. they received upwards of 8 million people. it did not fund the wall, and it
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kept chain migration going. grow quickly, the migration policies says we have about 3.25 million people here that are dreamers and dock of recipients that would've received amnesty. they wanted the bill and their parents to receive three years in the country and then once they were all here, they will give them the right for chain migration as well. you are talking about 8 million, 10 million people by the time it's all said and done was absolutely incredible. >> laura: he won in about three different states, wisconsin, ohio, pennsylvania, but it was about 80,000 votes to give him the election. you're talking millions of new voting american citizens, many of them probably beholden to the democrats. what is that mean for the republican party? >> if you remember, what ronald reagan actually did get into see, i don't think he got 30% of the folks that came here through the amnesty package then. the president is completely opposed to this package.
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graham and durbin are both negotiating. they brought it to the president, promised him he would get everything he wanted, and the border piece and wall peas, dhs did a study and said we need not one but $18 billion for the ball. this was less than one-tenth of that. they were talking about $1.6 billion for the wall. it didn't fund a thing. graham and durbin know it, and now they are going off and everyone sees them for what they are. >> laura: i want to play a sound bite for you. we will get back to lindsey graham because he's driving the bus on this. i want to talk more about that. they are blaming stephen miller. that's their new target. first it was bannon and then it goes to the list and out stephen miller. let's watch. >> stephen miller is the reasoned that the president backed away from that decision. >> they will not get thereby allowing essentially stephen miller and tom cotton to charge all the policies in the united states.
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>> the reason we yank these things back is because mr. miller has never been in the mainstream senate. >> laura: trump rocks the baseball cap. i'm sorry. doesn't work for graham. now stephen miller is the big bogeyman and shifting. it stephen miller running policy and all the immigration policy? the president just doesn't know what's going on, that's the other thing they are saying. >> laura: lindsey graham has said this repeatedly about miller, about cots and come about purdue, he's attacking all of them. if you minutes, i will explain what they are attacking me. >> i know stephen miller very well and i work with him now for a good three months. we spent a lot of time together. they serve at the pleasure of the president. they had to execute with the president wants done. this is the president's plan, it's not stephen miller's plan. lindsey graham knows that, and there's no reason for him to call out. there is no daylight between donald trump and stephen miller on immigration. neither is there any daylight
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between dick durbin and lindsey graham. >> laura: why does lindsey graham get to go on television and claim there's a bipartisan deal, but the president rejected it when it's graham and flake. and then you throw on susan collins. again, i'm sure they're all really nice people, they do not track the president's team on immigration. that harvard harris poll shows that the american people want immigration levels, even legal immigration levels. the president is squarely in the mainstream. lindsey graham is a radical fanatic on amnesty. he has been for more than 20 years. i'm not being harsh here. >> a quick antidote. he is on the fringe on this. the polls show it. i was in south carolina. and from there purity was my senator . at our state convention, 2,000 republicans booing lindsey graham for his stance on immigration because he wants open borders and amnesty. he always has, and hits his head right to have a decision. don't pretend as though you had to have a meeting of the minds of dick durbin and you gave up
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something to get something. you guys, dick durbin and lindsey graham and jeff flake, have been on the same page of this policy for decades. >> laura: thank you so much for coming. the tray quiz is coming later. by the way, there was a curious development during the shutdown. one i know that some of you saw because you tweeted me about it. msnbc and chuck sumer on different occasions going after yours truly for holding the line, as i have for many, many years, on illegal immigration. >> the republicans in the house have been, depends on where you sit, some people would say supported by others and others would say terrorized by news outlets by breitbart or laura ingraham. >> laura: terrorizing? tell me she's not calling me out for terrorizing house members? when was the last time casey hunt mentioned illegal immigrants who actually do terrorize american citizens. we will get to this and a few segments. ms-13 and what they are doing
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two areas right outside of here. roving gains of ruthless criminals who are terrorizing american citizens >> laura: offenders of multiple deportation stopper entering the country and terrorizing our people, that's when i will stop terrorizing congressman about the issue. thank you very much. speaking of terror, chuck schumer actually suggested that the president was about to sign on to the graham durbin daca deal until big bad laura showed up. >> the hard right came after hi him. breitbart calls him amnesty trump. laura ingraham ham insisted he would be impeached. by the weekend, he had backed off. >> laura: not only has he been embarrassed today with his political ineptitude, now chuck schumer is just flat out lying. i never, ever said that the
7:19 pm
president should be impeached. he must be confusing me because i don't know make a brezinski or something. i have no idea. i said the president base would be watching the daca deal very closely and they wouldn't stand for amnesty. you know what, they obviously won't and wouldn't. i also set on the show that the presidents enemies want him impeached. i said that from the beginning. chuck, i suggest you get a better strategy team and you get your facts straight. don't put words in my mouth. unless you're willing to come on the show, we've invited you, and defend them. and coming up, more text revealed and deeper anti-trump advised that the fbi. the evidence is just vanishing. the evidence is next because each day she chooses to take the stairs. at work, at home... even on the escalator. that can be hard on her lower body, so now she does it with dr. scholl's orthotics. clinically proven to relieve and prevent
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>> laura: just what they need it, some fresh black eyes for the fbi tonight. doj reaching revealing that exist in texts. they are chatty cathy's, they? among the relegation, loretta lynch apparently knew in advance that the fbi plan to clear hillary clinton in her email investigation. clairvoyant is she? it is perhaps what wasn't included that is most. the fbi claiming it has lost
7:24 pm
five months of tax hikes between a strzok and page. the timing is a little curious. it is from may 17th 2017. why is that important? that was the day that robert mueller was appointed special counsel. i have it on my calendar. here to react, who serves on the house oversight and judiciary committee and fox news contributor and "washington examiner" and reporter, byron york. congressman, this has been such a wild new cycle. keeping track of it has been something. are we actually to believe that the only texts that were not preserved were those between strzok and his gal pal page? apparently other taxes all the other agents, no problem. those can't find. >> i think if people believe that was just a coincidence that i like to sell them some oceanfront property i got out in
7:25 pm
arizona. it doesn't make sense that that would just be an innocent thing. i don't accept the explanation we've been given. i think they are going to have to testify under oath. think about all the critical events that were going on during this time purity of the trump transition, you are. they are running over to interrogate michael flynn for whatever reason. then when you have comey when they are doing this big rush investigation. the firing of comey. all these things were happening. you can imagine, based what we already know a strzok and page, they were saying all kinds of things about this, and i think it would be really devastating evidence of the bias of donald trump. >> laura: you could bring it a technical person at the fbi. >> are the hard devices? that devices were fbi devices, they should be produced. >> laura: doesn't he remind you of the hillary clinton and in lois lerner, blackberries are
7:26 pm
gone but then you find them? i thought you can never delete text messages. i thought that wasn't even possible. >> jeff sessions said a apologetic notes and we will look and do everything we can to look for this and will do all the technical things we can do to find this. on the other hand, we still need to see a lot of these texts, if they did indeed come up on december 14th, 2016, remember that investigation started a counterintelligence investigation started in july so you have texts for a lot to see even now. >> laura: one of my sources on the hill tonight said there is an enormous amount that they've already seen that is not public yet. we didn't find out one thing today that loretta lynch, of the tarmac fame, meeting with bill clinton and the term, they did know ahead of time. what is that tell you? >> they said i never told anybody.
7:27 pm
there's the strzok message to page one trump sews up the nomination. they say, oh, my gosh, it's going to be trump-clinton. there's extra pressure to wind down the clinton investigation. you look all of its underlying biases, and then you look at that, it stinks to high heaven. >> laura: i want to read a tweet at nbc directed at you tonight. this is actually not a big development, all caps. in the pro. it's trying to discredit that information by saying it hinges on the net fbi agent rather than the dash -- >> is the lead investigator, not only in the clinton investigation, but the trump-rush investigation. the two of the most important in years. it self-evidently a big deal. >> laura: it sounds like he
7:28 pm
works for the dnc. is he related to them? he sounds ridiculous. i never even heard of him befor before. >> strzok is the one that interviewed cheryl mills. he interviewed huma. >> laura: why is he even working at all? the mind should have been fired and should not be heard from again. i'm sorry. hr? >> you have him and lisa page. >> laura: none of these people should be working. >> they were suggesting parts even what we know now. i've been told we will say to each other that we need to switch over to imessage, suggesting that instead of their fbi issued samsung phones, they maybe had personal phones as well. there's also a reference -- >> laura: only apple devices obviously. >> laura: once said that i sent you an email to your gmail account and i think it went to your verizon account, you need to delete that. they were clearly conducting business of some sort. >> laura: whispering sweet
7:29 pm
nothings about the case? >> we also know they were having an affair. >> there is a security risk of what they were doing. >> laura: really quickly, they are reporting tonight that attorney general jeff sessions, to the public urging of president trump has been pressuring fbi director christopher wray to dump the decorative deputy director for a whole variety of reasons, but christopher wray threatened to resign if he was removed. it sounds like we have a lot of people being removed then. if the attorney general is telling the fbi to get rid? he's the head of the department. >> mccabe needs to go. there's so many problems with him. >> get a fresh start, what's wrong with that. >> this is a part of a larger session's effort to clean house and the fbi which is absolutely needed. there are some people in congress who believe that he has been too defensive about the fbi.
7:30 pm
>> laura: he has a great reputation goes in and want to get his reputation back here by the way, the fbi isn't the only part of the swamp that needs good training. a department in the trump administration is quietly trying to place illegal immigrants all across the country. we will expose it. without we had gotten rid of it with obama. but it's still here. that's up next. and the wolf huffed and puffed... like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in.
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...with solutions to help provide income throughout. i get that voya is with me through retirement, i'm just surprised it means in my kitchen. oh. [whispering] so that means no breakfast? i said there might be breakfast. i was really looking forward to breakfast... i know. voya. helping you to and through retirement. >> laura: this is going to shock you to think this is happening under the watch of one of the best presidents on immigration, which is president trump. according to judicial watch, the federal government has been quietly relocating illegal immigrants around the country on commercial flights. the president of the national border patrol council, brandon judd, said that's because the obama administration holdovers are still running major agencies. he joins us now via skype from montana. also joining us from san diego is immigration advocate and ricky marone is up from san diego. it's great to see both of you.
7:35 pm
let's start with you brandon. this is the program which took place and began under president obama. it was recently passed in 2008 and eventually it was child trafficking concerns motivated the idea that you can't immediately deport minors back to noncontiguous countries. that's a different, however, from relocating them across the country on commercial flights. correct? >> it is, and it actually expanded from 2008 to releasing anybody that claimed a credible fear and said they didn't want to go back to their country. we were releasing all immigrants that came across a leak illegally. >> laura: why is this the way to enforce american immigration on the books? to me it seems like a magnet. if you tell people and get across the border, we will protect you, we will send you to
7:36 pm
a sponsor. is he there? otherwise he has changed. we will send you all over the country to various locations, and you will be able to stay. there he is. what of that? >> first of all that's not true. that's not what is taking place. in the last six years, there's been less migrant crossing the border, especially from central america. it's a very, very difficult to get a silent, very difficult. most don't get it. the matter of just saying they want the border patrol union, if that were happening, the border patrol union is greatly responsible because they are supporting that concept to smugglers. >> laura: i'm confused though. >> they started this program and the people that do have credible fear and you have a family member, many of them are allowed to to that family member and stay there until they go go to court. >> laura: they never go to court. you are smart. you have been doing this a long
7:37 pm
time. no. no. let's play tag here. >> with these cases on many occasions -- >> laura: with the senate of individuals who have already deported show up at their hearings? you know so much. >> about 35%. >> laura: brandon. they never show up here that's a complete lie. they do not show up for their deportation hearing. brandon, go ahead. >> who's the liar here? >> laura: why are you on with us if you're going to call is a liar? why are you on a network that is filled with liars? hold on a second, brandon. henrique, one question. brandon, i asked you a simple question and you went to another point, which is cute, but it really doesn't work on the show. i asked you a question. how is it enforcing u.s. law to say, if you cross the border illegally, you will come up most assuredly, unless you are a known felon, you will be releasd after a short period of time to
7:38 pm
a sponsor, and you will be flown via commercial airline with an hhs escort to your location of choice. my question was, how is that importing with the rule of law? now you may answer, and brandon will get a shot. >> it's not happening. it's very rare exceptions that that take place. it's important that you know the facts and who speak the facts. don't talk about exceptions. talk about the reality. 40% drop in undocumented migration in the last five years, long before trump. >> laura: we have 621% increase in southwest border family unit apprehensions from april 2017 to december 2017. we have 1,226 family units crossing in april. december we had 8,121, just in one month. one month 8,121 families crossing the border in anticipation, undoubtedly, of amnesty. brandon, i do not give you
7:39 pm
enough time here. if enrique might let you speak, five seconds. >> laura, i can personally tell you i did a ship or patrolling the borders today. i can tell you we let go of nearly all individuals crossing. since the obama administration, is been much better into the trump administration, but you still have those obama holdovers that are forcing us to process the illegal aliens that we catch and set them up so they can then turn around and release them. that's got to change. i am hopeful it is going to change because we know that president trump is tough on immigration. he just has to deal with those obama holdovers. >> laura: let me play for you a sound bite from a flight attendant who called into my radio show today. let's listen really quick. >> there were four of them. they took up four seats in first class, young women and young children. they all have a brand-new close, one bag of all brand-new belongings.
7:40 pm
no i.d. whatsoever. >> laura: they had an escort with them and she didn't know where they ended up ultimately, but this happens time and time again, she's a long time flight attendant knows what she is talking about. enrique critically response. >> wanted to ask chris harris. he's the border control freak out. stay shot and killed a migrant. this is what's really taking place along the border. they are taking exceptional cases and trying to make it sound like it's happening all the time. these are rare exceptions, the people that are forced to leave, much of it could be u.s. interference. the u.s. should be much more welcoming. they are not even in the top 20 countries. >> laura: you just don't want to border at all? >> i do want a board. i want to -- >> laura: what say you? a border that is swiss cheese? what is that. >> that's not what i want. i want an intelligent border. >> laura: not just a cliche. what does that mean? if you cannot answer the question and come on the show and call box a liar.
7:41 pm
>> they have all this -- >> laura: how is is attacking you in your community? this is shocking, details of immigration policy run amok from the head of an ms-13 gang task force up next. we got married after college. and had twin boys. but then one night, a truck didn't stop. but thanks to our forester, neither did our story. and that's why we'll always drive a subaru. i cannot imagine managing my diabetes without my dexcom. this is the dexcom g5 mobile continuous glucose monitoring system. a small, wearable sensor measures your glucose every 5 minutes and sends the data to a dexcom receiver. dexcom helps lower a1c
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7:45 pm
washington, d.c. for details of how these immigration policies affect you and your community, we turn to the director of the northern virginia gang task force. you are so great on radio today and i had to bring it on tv because you were awesome. tell us what ms-13, specifically what they have done to a previously safe community of middle-class, upper middle-class people in northern virginia. >> obviously gang activity has increased violence and criminal activity in the northern virginia neighborhoods. you know, they show this image of power and respect, but in reality, it's not power and respect. >> laura: what other tactics? what are they do? >> their tactics are about having respect. if you don't respect them, then they are going to retaliate with violence, and it's going to be pretty cool violence. >> laura: what are they recruit people? >> they go after kids, especially kids from latino
7:46 pm
communities, especially the unaccompanied minors that were brought here. >> laura: we are just talked about. they are being sent a very be via commercial airlines all across the country to sponsors paid a lot of the sponsors themselves are illegal immigrants. they live in those communities and the kids are in a new place. i feel terrible for the kids. they don't speak the language and a lot of them are illiterate in their own language. they come here and these people are like i'll be your friend, i'll be your father, and suddenly they are in it. >> they are very vulnerable in the gangs know it. they exploit that and their lack of family structure, the relationship issues, everything. >> see what i read recently about decapitations. some of these are reported and that some of them are not. decapitations, manassas, virginia, is a quiet community in washington, d.c. it's like a different place now. >> the activity and gangs have increased exponentially. the ruthless, brutal violent crimes that they are carrying out now is much worse than it was 20 years ago when we first saw the gangs emerging.
7:47 pm
>> laura: it's not just ms-13. this florencia-1300 latin kings, l.a., chicago has these problems. they are here now. it's an illegal immigrant based again, what you do? you find them and try to deport them, but it takes a long time and a lot of your manpower. >> we are not going to arrest our way out of this problem. we have to have programs that intervene and prevent these kids from joining the gangs in the first place. the platform that we work off of his enforcement and intervention prevention and education. if you don't have both, we are not going to be successful. >> laura: we have so much extra money to be spending and that to our american citizens. it is shocking. thank you for the work you are doing. some newspapers are better than others at reporting and actually "the washington post" has done a pretty good job of reporting this, we are talking about manassas and arlington, virginia, you could run there from here. that's how close it is. thank you for the work you are
7:48 pm
doing. by the way, a major network does a story about the artistry of some of the worst terrorists in the world, i kid you not. parents of a 9/11 victim responded next. stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong. all day long. and for pain relief and a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am.
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>> laura: once again, the left and media seem to have more sympathy for terrorist killers than their victims. the latest example comes from cbs sunday morning with a story on an art exhibit -- brace yourself -- featuring the works of gtmo prisoners. >> to me, this is the most important work in the show. it's the most clear link we have to a mind of someone capable of terrorism. >> to me, they give hope because we won't have these things in common. >> laura: what! not buying it. allen marine santora, who lost their firefighter son christopher and the world trade center on 9/11 with us now for a very different reaction from that 9/11 mother. there is christopher handsome young man. you guys, both of you, i saw this and my blood boiled, my old producer brought it to my attention over the weekend. i had to stop myself.
7:53 pm
i'd love for either of you to respond. >> i was particularly disturbed that when they came to our house and they interviewed us that the only thing they put on the tv was that we were an objection to the art being shown, and that we objected to some of it possibly being sold. we objected to a number of things. first of all, we were very upset that nobody in the college felt it was responsible to reach out to the families about this art, this is a public institution. we pay taxes in new york city and new york state. we fund this institution. we are funding this art being shown. >> laura: of course your wife talk to me about the john jay college of criminal justice, or ironically, a lot of
7:54 pm
the firefighters and police and their families who responded on 9/11 attend and attended. that's another insult here. who in their right mind would have thought this, and not far away by a man from ground zero, thought this would've been a good idea? go ahead. >> i have absolutely no idea. this is a slap in the face to all americans, especially to the families of the 343 and 23 police officers that died at the world trade center. many of the first responders graduated as i am, and i'm an alumni and received my masters at john jay. this is a college of criminal justice. and to put this kind of display, a show, by the perpetrators of 9/11 is a slap in the face to everyone. and not to ask or even bother to
7:55 pm
notify the families that such a thing was going to happen. i found out by chance for somebody who had heard about it. and then cbs had contacted us and put us on for about 30 seconds or 20 seconds. they really didn't cover the outrage that we feel and many of the other families, many of the higher echelon in the fire department who died on 9/11 are john jay graduates. i'm sure everyone of those families is hurting. >> laura: it's a total outrage. we will say on this issue. thank you both for your thoughts on this. we will be right back. your insurance company won't
7:56 pm
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is right for you. exin the 2018xus lexus es and es hybrid. lease the 2018 es 350 for $339/month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >> laura: that's about all the time we have tonight. stay tuned. we have another great hour ahead. shannon bream broadcasting live from jerusalem, israel. she has an exclusive interview with vice president pence.
8:00 pm
it's awesome and lucky her because i love going to israel. by the way, they spend 1.3 billion a year on relocating the illegal immigrant unaccompanied family units and children and family units every year. that is how much they spend. keep it stay tuned right here. shannon bream from israel. shannon, take it away, have a great show. >> shannon: thank you so much, laura. here's what we have coming up tonight. "fox news @ night" live from jerusalem, exclusive interviews with vice president mike pence on middle east peace, moving the embassy from jerusalem, and the top negotiator from the palestinians slams donald's diplomacy while the israelis share their views on the president as the vice president advances president trump's agenda here in the holy city, de under fire from their progressive base. chris stirewalt weighs the winners and losers from the shutdo


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