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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 23, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> sean: always fair and balanced, never the destroy trumpia media. laura, perfect timing, on the dot. take it away. ingraham angle" from washington. we have an action-packed show tonight. oh, my gosh. hollywood is a lavishing film that glorifies under age sex with academy award nominations for giving everything that happens, are you kidding me? and don dalton on donald trump's trip. why trump once again outfoxed his critics. and coulter on a new california law. i kid you not, that could let illegal immigrants vote.
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but first, the deep state strikes back, and schumer's revenge. that's the focus of tonight "the angle" ." you all remember when liberals went nuts when they found out that george w. bush became the candidate to the presidency was a member of skull and bones. it's that yale university super mysterious club that was founded in 1832. so creepy. turns out that, according to an informant, anti-trump fbi investigator peter strzok and his gal pal fbi lawyer lisa page spoke in text messages about a secret society. within the fbi itself, that was convened apparently off-site, presumably. to discuss things like insurance policies and other benevolent matters involving donald trump.
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senator ron johnson today was flabbergasted at what he learne learned. >> what this is all about, it's further evidence of corruption at the highest level of the fbi. a secret society? we have an informant that is talking about a group that were holding secret meetings off-site. there is so much smoke. there are similar individuals highly biased, political operatives burrowed into the department of justice as well. >> laura: you combine this with the sudden missing five months of texts between the two lovebirds, and you do have a full-blown corruption scandal on your hands, involving the very people that are leading the investigation into both mrs. clinton's private email server and of the russia collusion nonsense evolving trump. how our heads not already rolling just knowing what we know now? on my radio show this morning,
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joe did you have a made the case that this all indicates that we need a big change of leadership. at the fbi and at the justice department. >> quite apparent that christopher wray is not up to the job of being fbi director, that he is undermining his credibility, not strengthening it. and that he is completely, completely controlled by the upper bureaucracy of the fbi. the other real problem is rod rosenstein. i don't think there is any, any doubt whatsoever that rosenstein is too close to call me, too close to mueller, too close to wray, and too close to a whole bunch of people. jeff sessions seems to have decided if he could have a little bit of fun within the boundaries of the playing field, in market anybody mad at him, that's going to be enough to get the job done. >> laura: it was ugly. it was brutal.
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and i have to say, the american public has a right to know what, if any, crimes or other improprieties were committed by the members of the obama administration and members of the current fbi. but i have to tell you, the bleeding has got to stop now. the doj and the fbi, they have to be purged of anyone actively working to undermine the trump administration with a political agenda and be purged of anyone who refused to remove those or report those committing this type of wrongdoing, who is serving from the government. they shouldn't be serving the government at all. i'm not talking, just don't transfer them to another office, they should be fired. and now onto schumer's revenge. they were brief moments in the lead up to the government shutdown last week when chuck schumer seemed to be coming to his senses on the issue of the law. here he was on friday.
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>> in exchange for a strong protections, i reluctantly put the border wall on the table for discussion. even that was not enough to entice the president into finishing the deal. >> laura: now it's been announced that chuck is taking border wall funding off the table in an immigration policy negotiation. this man has probably lost his mind. he just had his political clock cleaned for this ridiculous government shutdown the got him nothing. now he's going to take the one immigration must have for republicans in the white house. i don't think so. as for the moronic flake-graham-durbin bill that trump and nick last week, that all led to schumer shutting down the government in that big hissy fit. >> two weeks ago, we outlined a path forward on four issues. serious border security, and to train migration, cancellation of the outdated and unsaved visa
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lottery, and a permanent solution to daca. importantly, the flake-graham-durbin agreement did not reach these benchmarks. in fact, it will not secure our border, encourage more illegal immigration, increase chain migration, and retain the visa lottery system. in short, is totally unacceptable to the president should be click declared dead on arrival. >> laura: i love hearing dead on arrival when it comes to a bad immigration bill. it's what the american people want. member that new harvard harris poll we told you about last night? a lot of people haven't focused on this. 61% of those surveyed feel border security today is inadequate. 54% have responded, want a wall or other barrier built across the u.s. mexican border? while they do want to help the daca people and give some kind of protection to them, they don't want to be left defenseless to do it. that makes sense. chuck schumer is under enormous
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pressure. a host of left-wing interest groups are insisting that he resist the president and fight him on everything, including immigration. why are they doing this? because they want to see the dawn of a new governing majority, and it's coming across the border. in the spring of next year, we will talk about this later on. california will begin automatically registering any adults who obtained a driver's license to vote in the state. california has been granting driver's license to illegal since 2015. fox news estimates that a million illegal immigrants already have secured a license to drive in the golden state, by the end of last year. turning them into instant voters is sure to change the outcome of any election, now that there is a super majority in the state for democrats. that's so shocking. speaking of these issues that the president, and i know somebody that you really care
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about, you hear a lot about chain migration. i thought it was really important for you to understand what it is. how it transforms the country, and why it must end. also part of the trump must haves on immigration. this is a white house graphic that we share with you exclusively tonight. for every hour the u.s. settles enough migrants to fill a small auditorium. that's really small print. every day, enough to feel a large high school. every month, we settle enough to fill an entire football stadium to capacity. every year, an immigrant population larger than the size of washington, d.c. every year, we resettle a 174,000 parents of foreign born, naturalized citizens. most of those are older, elderly. they're not going to be paying a lot of taxes. they will be taking a lot of
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services out. they are paying basically nothing in the system once they are naturalized and immediately qualify for all the wherefore programs that you pay for their retirement. in all of this, probably -- and at harvard harris poll, 65-35% of americans support a doctor al the ends chain migration, eliminates the visa lottery, and secures the border wall. 79% of the people in the same pole want immigration based on merit, not family ties. 79% agree with the president. it's time for the democrats to start putting the hope in dreams of the american people first. it is now crystal clear that schumer and the democrats are going to run over the american worker and risk their safety, if that's what it takes, to kill local and national elections in their favor. that's "the angle."
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joining us for a reaction from roanoke virginia is republican congressman bob goodlatte. he's the chairman of the house judiciary committee. we have a lot to get to on these text messages, disappearing, the secret society. i want to get you on this issue of chain migration. i hear a lot from democrats about how republicans are not antifamily congressman. as you saw with that very difficult to read graphic. we are resettling huge congregations into the united states, not based on merit but based on distant family relatives. >> absolutely. they are not even going to be reunified in any short period of time because the amount and length of the wedding was so long that there is no real family reunification. our bill allows the immediate family, spouse, and minor children to come into the united states. that is very important for families. but these extended families do not benefit the united states,
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in the sense that a merit-based system would where people come here based upon education, job skills, job offers, and training. that's what we need in our economy, not people who were coming here based upon random needs for our country. >> laura: 400,000 congressman. >> even more ridiculous. >> laura: 400,000 plus people every year coming in on an extended family of chain migration. 400,000. it is a complete scandal. i want to move to what's happening with these revelations about the fbi. disappearing text messages. of course now, the understanding of a format that there was a secret society discussed with text messages. i'm not sure what secret they were talking about. doesn't sound too good to me. specifically the text messages, congressman. the nsa has every text messages, that we can get those text
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messages if need be. what do you know about that? >> laura: we should search every place to find them because i think they still exist in somm somewhere. i'm pleased that attorney general jeff sessions has made a commitment to investigate this and find them, but we should also undertake whether there is some way to gather them from some other source. it is very important, but even a text messages we have are alarming and the secret society just harks back to the text we saw before in december, talking about the insurance policy. what has been going on in that five month period of time? we know one thing for sure, and that is these people, hostile to the president, have not been conducting themselves in a manner that befits the federal bureau of investigations. >> laura: how does anyone have faith in the integrity of this investigation? when we hear that after -- in december, we could all text messages have been turned over.
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december 13th, congress was told they had them all between strzok and page and a number of others as well. then you guys just weren't, we actually didn't give you five months, critical time. mack, of text messages. now we find out secret society, all these people donating to democrats, connected to the old administration, how does the average person think the fbi isn't cooking the books here? i love so many of the agents of the upper levels of the fbi. >> there is no question that there are several people in headquarters that we have a tremendous amount of questions for, and some of them we've already interviewed and some we will be calling back for further questioning. undoubtedly, that will include former director comey. it is also very true, as you sa say, the majority of the fbi works hard every day to keep us safe and combat terrorism, to a confined and convicted criminals. this is an organization that is
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the premier law enforcement in the world, and is getting besmirched by a few people. they need to clean house there. director ray has been told that by a number of people. >> laura: you have full faith in director wray right now? >> i think it director wray needs to show some leadership in terms of responding to the fact that there is a crisis in the headquarters of the fbi and changes need to be made. you can show that leadership right now. speak >> laura: why do you think angela kate is still there after everything learned about him and apparently jeff session sessions? it leaned on wray to get rid of them, and he said all quit. that's one report of all quit if he goes. what's that all about? 's are no chain of command at the fbi that matters? >> i do understand that mr. mccabe may be leaving very soon. if that's the case, that's one step. i think the director has more
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work to do. >> laura: and congressman, before we let you go, the mueller investigation seems to be very leaky over the last 24 hours. we learned that jeff sessions have been called to testify. they are looking to bring in the president to testify on his firing of comey and other matters. concerns about the leaks coming out of this very high profile and important investigation, when the president seems to be getting news on other fronts but still >> it's very concerning. this is not a huge organization. you would think that you are operating an unbiased, impartial, and effective investigation that you would have a control over something as basic as leaks by the relatively small number of people who are doing that work for the special counsel. >> laura: it indicates again that there is an animus towards the president and are only leaking stuff that is negative
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towards the president. otherwise, is the leaks of all time. congressman, thanks for staying on this issue. we will check back with you soon. by the way, given all we just discussed, it is time to take a really close look at the integrity of the entire mueller organization. we will do that neck with to next. why is the nfl rejecting a super bowl ad by veterans? i kid you not. stay right ♪ are you reluctant to eat in public because of your denture? try super poligrip® it holds for 12 hours to reduce denture movement, helps provide better bite, seals out 74% more food particles, and enhances your denture fit. try super poligrip®. on thousands of hotels, cars and things to do. like the fairmont mayakoba for 59% off. everything you need to go. expedia.
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>> laura: the serious issues raised by the fisa memo and missing tax, are defined to the fbi and doj. there's a real question about the overall of the russian investigation as a whole. let's discuss this now with army dylan in san francisco. she's a national committee woman for california. here's to you is phil eisenberg, the man the conduct of the grand jury questioning of former president bill clinton. we will get into the possible questioning of donald trump in the leaks as well. start with you on this. you now know the facts. we have missing taxes covering a period of critical months when
11:21 pm
b6 was actually -- mueller was appointed to special counsel. what does this say to you? innocent mistake updating problems with the software? what's going on? >> i was in a in a vacuum, you might believe that the software updating of the fbi was flawed and didn't capture some of these things come up in the grand context of what's been going on in that situation, we have revelation after revelation after revelation of when the fbi actually found out about strzok's behavior in this affair between him and lisa page back in july, to me it's shocking that it's an ankle and right away to seize the devices of both of these fbi employees to find out what was on them. you can't take their word for it, their breach of the rule. even a civil case where there is some evidence missing or something like this happens, you go in and getting more into and you get a subpoena in this case
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and take a hard drive or phone and examine them. it's shocking to me that today, the attorney general comes out and says we will look into this. who's been watching the shock over the last six months? why wasn't that done back in july? that's one thing that concerns me. then of course you have the memo about fisa. it to me, no way. i have a very hard time believing it's a coincidence. >> i think it's very unlikely this is a coincidence. >> laura: you guys are both really smart people. this is obviously not a coincidence. these are five months, two people, negative on trump, wanted to kill him off. they wanted an insurance policy. the idea that in any shape or form this is ridiculous. there's no way this is an updated glance. this is ridiculous. pretty gossiping way to judicious on this. >> we don't know for sure.
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>> laura: i bet a lot of money on it. >> and max are going to agree with this if you let me. the fbi was asked just resist case? or his other people in other cases and they refused to comment? that's a really simple question. did this happen with other phones and other cases? if it happened in other cases, there is a real problem. in criminal cases, you gotta turn the stuff over. that's an easy question. the fbi should be able to answer it. they need to decide if they are the federal bureau of investigation or the fan belt inspection. they need to do it quickly. >> laura: they said in december, mid-december, that they've told the committee that had turned over all taxes. you know a document production, i've done them, you've done them. it's really thorough. their computer programs that really mark the documents that you have to separate ones that are privileged and one sidebar. how do you tell them we sent it all over and two days ago, by
11:24 pm
the way, five months are missing. it just happened to be the two most controversial maybe to. >> have you ever been involved with the doj? they do the all the time. all the time they go into judges and say after having set under oath, we provided you everything. gee, we screwed up. >> laura: let's talk about trump may be being questioned by the mueller. what do you make this? good idea? we had roger stone saying it was cataclysmic, it's a trap. he shouldn't go. >> when you originally asked me about this, i said that if it was a normal client, you would never let him be interviewed. if they subpoenaed him, you would take the faith. i told you, i would assume that trump doesn't want to take the liability, political liability. i actually think if anybody could pull it off, it would be president trump. it will be a white-collar defense lawyers dream for president trump to say, ladies
11:25 pm
and gentlemen, the fifth amendment protects the innocent as well as the guilty against artful questions from the sophisticated prosecutor. i'm innocent, but i'm going to exercise my constitutional righ right, which every criminal defendant has appeared >> laura: they will also say that this whole thing has been a circus. totally tainted. i'm not going to give you the rope to hang me with. i guess he could say that. politically, you can play both ways with the base. what are your thoughts? >> well, it would be a high risk strategy. if anybody could pull it off, the president could do them. he has the ultimate authority. he's the head of this government. the political calculations, he has a lot of things that need to get done here. we know how the democrats will react to that. i certainly hope he is getting able counsel on that. back to the investigation itself, it appears to be corrupt at many levels.
11:26 pm
it is undermining it as well. >> laura: they don't think it's correct. we have been going round and round on this for how many months? it's great talking to you in person. >> if you are -- by the investigation, i see virtually no evidence that it is corrupt. i think is a totally honorable person. he's not free of having made some mistakes, but that's just the way it goes. everybody makes mistakes. >> i didn't say mueller was correct. i said the investigation was corrupted. it absolutely is. i stand by that. >> which investigation are you talking? >> the mueller investigation and all the people with conflicts of interest in it and all of the disappearing evidence that we have just seen to date and the lack of that. >> that's not the mueller investigation. >> laura: they worked on the russia investigation. speak about the missing texts are not part of it. >> it's the same people. >> laura: it's amazing.
11:27 pm
we are out of time. it's amazing there are only three people who do all the interviews. why not spread around some of the left of the other poor investigators who are working on these cases? we will have you back as this moves forward, especially for the trump talking behind closed doors or not. you did yours on camera with president clinton. >> we did. it was a historical act. >> laura: absolutely. have you heard that holly would come after everything that's happened with weinstein, is getting ready to have it big me to moment at the oscars? one problem, they just gave a best picture not to a movie that actually undermines the entire message. meanwhile, the fbi directing a super bowl ad by a veterans group. yes, i am telling you the truth. yes, i am telling you the truth. you will not believe this story. my name's dustin. hey, dustin. grab a seat. woman: okay. moderator: nice to meet you. have you ever had car trouble in a place like this? (roaring of truck) yes and it was like the worst experience of my life. seven lanes of traffic and i was in the second lane.
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>> laura: time now for our seen and unseen segment or we expose the big cultural stories of the day. first off, at the height of hollywood's knee too moment, they just given oscar nominations to a film, a film glorifying statutory rate. that's true. after the year they had, what are they doing? let's bring in fox news contributor and tell us about this film "call me by your name." >> remember we talked about this weeks ago. this is a film or a 24-year-old man falls in love and has relations with a 17-year-old boy. this is being celebrated. it's got four oscar nominations, including best picture today by the academy awards. this really little to commend. >> laura: let's look at the box office. box office for the first day back picture nominees. call me by your name, 9 million. 100,000. darkest hour, that's the
11:33 pm
churchill, 41 million. gary oldman should win. i think it's more than actually. get out, 175 million. is that right? ladybird, 39 million. opposed 45 million. there are not a lot of big movies here. >> there are house movies with the exception of dunkirk. the churchill movie darkest hour, and get out. get out was a big horror flick, jordan peels the home that cost was $5 million to make. >> laura: didn't sundance film festival just have a film that allowed the director to express what she had gone through and a victim of child sex abuse? which is terrific. i salute her for trying to do that. however, on the screen, it actually depicted a scene where a child over many scenes is rape-80. i've read a description and couldn't. >> i would even go into it.
11:34 pm
as a 13-year-old girl that told the tale and she's abused with a thing that she think she's having special relationships with this older man. clearly, child rape is portrayed as a bad thing. in 2015, the academy award was given to a film called spotlight, calling out child abuse in the catholic church. but now the abuse of a 17-year-old boy by 23-year-old man. >> laura: it's special though. you can give consent at 17, which is any state law that i can think of. >> there's a reason consent exist. hollywood has to get it story straight. the abuse of a minor is a bad thing or is it eight times a romantic interlude and times to be celebrated? i think it's always the former. >> laura: may too. men too. what is going on with this nfl program that handout at the super bowl. there's a controversy involving an ad that was presented by a veterans group. what's going on?
11:35 pm
>> it's called american vets. it's just an ad that says please stand. #pleasestandclosehas.>> laura:tr sial. >>theywantedout the nfl rejected the ad. they said it's too political. i will reach you at. >> laura: this continue to stab themselves in the feed every week. >> this is an unbelievable way to undermine your audience. at a time when the audience is rebelling against you, ticket sales are down. merchandise is down. i have it here somewhere. listen. >> laura: they are all wicked upset about this. >> the nfl said it's too political. we don't accept political ads. that's not true. >> laura: how many political ad said they had? speak of a budweiser ads where s mistreated? then there was the lumber 84 ad with the mother and the child crashing the border. they were in a truck. >> laura: there's the immigrant ad.
11:36 pm
>> they were all political. at the end of the 84 lumber ad, it reads, the will to succeed is always welcome here. i hope that philosophy is for our vets. >> laura: isn't that pretty political? >> it's all political. why are you saying these veterans can put their ads? >> laura: because that please stand ad it puts up a mirror to the nfl. they don't like what they see. they don't want to be called on what they did to themselves and what they did to a game that i love. they politicize it. it was a big mistake. those better and should fly a banner over the stadium, if they allowed it. >> they should let the air right, given what veterans and the audience have had to endure throughout the season of the kneeling. >> laura: how about the veterans have done to keep us free so they can go to a game and get paid a lot of money for it. thank you so much. as president trump repairs to hit davos the economic form,
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>> laura: in a few days, president trump is going to be taking off for davos, the world economic forum in switzerland to discuss trade, border security, and america first policy, cyber security. look at all these fancy people. in a new gallup poll, if it's believed, worldwide approval of
11:41 pm
america's leadership is a down under trump. dropping 18 points from obama's last full year in office. perhaps the president is unpopular with some leaders in the world because he's a defending america on the world stage. he's stating that he's uncomfortable some of the globalist policies along the wa way. >> muslim nations must be willing to take on if we are going to defeat terrorism and sent its wicked ideology into oblivion. nato members must finally contribute their fair share and meet their financial obligations. we can no longer tolerate these chronic trade abuses. and we will not tolerate them. we are not going to let the united states be taken advantage of anymore. i am always going to put america first. >> of course they hate that. the media and the left cannot
11:42 pm
accept the reality that trump is for the usa first and foremost. >> in an america first agenda is the opposite of what is welcomed at the world economic forum. >> if it's a fractured world, they blamed president donald trump for doing the fracturing. >> he is the president of the united states of america. that comes with responsibility of moral leadership. you are the beacon of hope for so many countries around the globe. he embarrasses us. >> laura: to respond, i'm joined by former u.s. ambassador, fox news contributor, john bolton. when i hear them talking about morality, i love it. i love that montage of trump on the world stage. he said this is who i am, i want to work with you, but i'm going to fight for what's best for america's interest rate all these elites back home are saying i can't believe he would say that stuff. that's outrageous. >> i think that's what he's
11:43 pm
going to be not to take the message into the lion's den. it should be quite a confrontation. >> laura: a lot of people are saying why bother? these people hate you, why go? i think it's good for him to go. just like when he went to nato and said we are going to live up to our responsibilities, pay in pony up. i think he could get more respect that way. i don't think you need to cower in washington. >> i think it's an opportunity for him. i think coming off his triumph of the democratic collapse on the budget confrontation, the tax cuts in december. i think it's time to build up some momentum. there's an element of risk to it. the duty of the president of the united states is to advance american interest. it's going to be to advance in other countries interest. why don't they come on say it? >> laura: the numbers are pretty brutal in the survey. this is a usa's 2018 and the best countries net approval rating.
11:44 pm
donald trump has a negative 33%. putin has only negative 11%. the chinese are doing well in this poll because they own everybody now. angela merkel gets a positive 36. you wreck this country, he let a million migrants in, you get 36% approval rating. >> this doesn't tell us there something wrong with donald trump. it tells you there's something wrong with the europeans. one of the reasons we are down in europe in particular is new revelations. donald trump is not barack obama. of course the europeans like barack obama's policy. they thought he was a european just like them. enough said. >> laura: going back to reagan reagan, i work for president reagan right out of college. nobody liked reagan. for the most part it was thatcher, john paul ii, and pretty much reagan. we had some allies, but everyone hated reagan. >> approval rattles for strong american president seem to be
11:45 pm
negative. at the heart of marshall plan to rebuild the french economy after world war ii, america had negative approval ratings. any american president who cares about polls like these is the wrong choice for the job. >> laura: when you look back on your time in government and you think about what you are seeing now, we talked earlier in the show and our audience really cares about the integrity of this mueller investigation. he's had a long and very storied career in law enforcement, respected civil servant, but when you have reams and reams of text messages that just go missing between two key figures in this investigation, and now we have mentions of secret societies and insurance policies and metals that democrats don't want released. imagine if this were happening during the bush and administration. >> i'm an alumnus of the justice department and i've worked there in the reagan administration. i have enormous respect for the street agents and the guys who
11:46 pm
pound the bricks at the fbi, but there something wrong at the top of the institution. i don't think that the director understands that yet. i don't think's attorney general jeff sessions, a longtime friend of mine, has taken an aggressive enough action. the only way we will cure this product within the borough is to get all the facts out. it will be on president to unpleasant for a lot of people. the american people need to have faith in their law enforcement system. right now, that faith is corroded. >> laura: i think it's shattered. either we learn everything we purge. >> too much distrust at this point to say we are going to release a little bit but not this and not the other thing. this is a time to get back on track. i hope sessions does it. just open it up. >> laura: great to see you. it's always great. just a minute, we will tell you how california is planning to register illegal immigrants to vote. my question is, what took them so hold together. a little to the left.
11:47 pm
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>> laura: under new california law, people will be allowed to register to vote and it will happen automatically when they obtain or renew their driver's license, regardless of whether they are u.s. citizens. unless the politician support voters, they still seem to understand that they are dangerous when this happens. the latest evidence, an illegal
11:51 pm
immigrant goober driver was a rain just yesterday and he is alleged to have and robbed for young women. let's get into this now with "new york times" best-selling author ann coulter in new york and here is to you with me. a former deputy national press secretary for the democratic party. jose, let's start with you on this. registering people to vote who are here illegally? speak a be clear here. it will be implemented in april. voters, if you aren't in the country, you can gain a driver's license in california. there are federal limitations. you can register to vote if you are an undocumented immigrant. they were very clear. the state of california has been very clear, you will not be eligible to vote if you are an undocumented immigrant. >> laura: why is that the big closet that's all there is? you will be eligible that you can't vote? >> illegal aliens are bigger rule followers.
11:52 pm
even before california was issuing driver's license to illegals and automatically registering them to vote, their biggest organizations and leftist organizations generally in california in the 90s that managed to steal an election from bob thornton. they found hundreds of illegally registered to vote who were voted for. already 60%, about 60% of all ballots in california are sent in by mail. it's not even illegal aliens who need to go and vote. don't worry, they will be voted for. you just need them register to vote. >> laura: why did trump close that voter commission? was it the states would not cooperate? they made a big deal of it. the left kind of mocked him. then they closed it. with that because states want to get information? they couldn't find any evidence? what was it? pgh >> i'm not sure, but i don't think it was a good idea, except it might've been moved to an official
11:53 pm
investigation with the department of justice. incidentally because of california's giving driver licenses to illegal aliens, people are always saying it so burdensome for people to have to get them by deed in order to vote. now, all legal residents of california required to now get a secondary i.d. in addition to their driver's license because of a federal law that says all of the states that are issuing phony i.d. laws, we need a real one now. there is now the real driver's license. you have to go into the inner circle of hell and register for all over again. when you start giving that's illegal aliens, you have to have the grill-real i.d. this is all about voting. illegal immigration, legal immigration, but certainly illegal immigration, daca, it's 100% about voting. >> everything she saying is false. the reality here is that this will be and cemented in california. what is happening here, this is about democracy.
11:54 pm
it's about registering people to vote. there are 45 million people in california who are eligible to vote, and went to get them registered. it's not about undocumented immigrants communities, it's about the united states of america. >> laura: every two new immigrants united states sponsor about seven family members. we are not talking about spouses and minor children, that's always been respected and time-honored tradition of american immigration. with the president is very concerned about is that of the millions of green cards that are given out every year, annually. more than 400,000 of those are this kind of extended family chain migration. i know you originally came from venezuela or your parents came from venezuela. but that's a minor child with parents. were talking about uncles, cousins, most americans are against that. that's going to be a big part of this ongoing immigration debate. what you stand on it? >> we can negotiate. the democrats have been trying to negotiate with the president every single day.
11:55 pm
>> laura: chuck schumer just took the wall off the negotiating table. he took it off. >> you want to talk about somebody who is on or off hold on? talk about donald trump. >> he showed on the government. we know that he said before that this will be good for america. >> laura: he actually won the whole debate. >> the majority of americans know that this was the government's fault. >> laura: that's why the left-wing groups are so mad right now. >> he has control of the house. >> laura: i wish we could have an hour on the subject, but don't go away. we will be right back with a final punctuation point on a very big news night. follow me on twitter and
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what is your online tax service getting you? stop by your local jackson hewitt and get all the benefits of a tax pro. with jackson hewitt you get 100% accuracy and our max refund guarantee. so, switch to jackson hewitt. open late and weekends. >> laura: okay, important factoid. since 2005, we have resettled under the united states 9.3 million teen migrants. guess what? that's enough and exceeds the
12:00 am
population of los angeles, dallas, cleveland, chicago, and san francisco combined. yes, 9.3 million people. but it's all the time we have tonight. coming up next, shannon bream has partook out of her exclusive interview with vice president mike pence as he tours middle east middle east. shannon, last night you are broadcasting live from jerusalem was in. you looked beautiful. somebody said you did your own makeup which i can't believe. >> shannon: is the holy land, land of miracles. >> laura: i can't believe, you look beautiful and you are back in washington already. take it away, you must be exhausted. >> shannon: we just made it back. we have more from jerusalem and many other topics. here's what we have coming up tonight. house republicans rail against the fbi and the justice department as concerns emerge about finance and even "a secret society" against president trump. republican congressman john ratcliffe explain what's behind the wave of skepticism and anger from capitol hill. and more from jerusalem with vi p


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