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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 24, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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it continues tomorrow. >> it is january 24th, shocking new messages two days before robert mueller took over the trump russia probe, showing some in the fbi doubted they would uncover any wrongdoing. also evidence of an anti-trump society within the department of justice. >> negotiating with leadership is like negotiating with joel, one day the border walk over the next day against it. >> we should negotiate, we are going to get a deal. >> no wall, no daca, donald trump fire back at crying chuck schumer after the minority leader walked back his offer on the border wall. the immigration battle raging on in washington as congress tries to hammer out a deal. >> rallying the resistance from the beginning saying she won't survived the trump presidency.
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rosie o'donnell has a new victim, rosie versus sarah sanders. "fox and friends" first continues right now. ♪ >> one of those songs, turn it up a little louder, love it. can't say that too loud at 5 am. you are watching "fox and friends" first on wednesday morning. >> thanks for starting your day with us today. a bombshell report, we now know peter strzok was highly
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skeptical of launching the russia collusion probe from the get-go. >> the gop lawmaker says he has brand-new evidence proving there was a secret society working against the commander-in-chief. griff jenkins live in dc. >> a rare glimpse at communication between these officials under fire for alleged bias against the president, new text messages suggesting two days after robert mueller took over the russia probe, he was hesitant to join the team. writing to lisa page, the odds are nothing, if it was likely i would be there no question. i hesitate, there is no big there is there. he referenced unfinished business on the clinton email investigation using the fbi's code for the case, needing to
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finish the business. and furious about fbi's 5-month gap of missing messages between involved officials and the president weighing in on twitter, where are the 50,000 text messages between lisa page and peter struck. and ron johnson, and a secret society to work against the president. >> corruption, more than bias, corruption at the highest levels of the fbi, secret society, we have an informant talking about a group holding secret meetings off-site. there is so much smoke here. >> you have an informant saying that. >> democrats across the aisle like chuck schumer, it is all a
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distraction. >> there has been a great deal of activity on the other side intending to diverse attention from mueller and stand in his way. >> the fbi blames technical problems, will not comment on attempts to recover them. we can expect several committees to press harder for this because there may be conflicting reports by michael horowitz. more on that later. and the fbi, samsung glitch for the missing text messages, some republicans not buying it. >> congressman matt gates raising a red flag saying the timeline is too suspicious.
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>> are these texts missing? tomorrow i will be demanding to find out where the phones are, with the operating systems upgrades where, when there was a notice there might have been missing information but the key information is on december 13, 2017, we had mister horowitz, the inspector general for the fbi send a letter to senator ron johnson saying they have these text messages all the way through the month of june so that would include the 5-month period, they won't have these text messages, we have conflicting information, the texts truly lost or does the inspector general have them? but that is what congress needs to find out immediately. rob: republican lawmakers compare this to hillary clinton's 30,000 deleted emails from her time as secretary of state, missing emails and former irs official lois lerner's missing emails and the conservative targeting at the
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irs targeting conservative groups. jillian: gop lawmakers calling into question the james comey testimony specifically the timeline of when the former fbi director decided not to press charges against hillary clinton in the private email probe. >> did you make the decision not to recommend criminal charges related to classified information before or after hillary clinton? >> after. colleagues of ours believe i am lying about when i made this decision please urge them to contact me privately so we can have a private conversation about this. jillian: john radcliffe may contact comey about returning to the hot seat. rob: new information on a deadly attack in an upscale hotel in kabul, afghanistan, multiple americans were killed and injured when gunmen stormed the
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intercontinental hotel. earlier fox news pentagon producer explained the threats facing that region. >> it speaks to the security situation in kabul, more troops going to afghanistan, the afghan security force designated in the past few years. >> 13 our hotel siege left a total of 20 people dead, maybe more. the exact number of americans killed in that attack is still unknown. the government shutdown not stopping our military from a major attack on isis. weekend airstrikes creating isis fighters in eastern syria, one of the last remaining areas under isis control. thai military official believe the head of the group is hiding in that area. and showing the battle against isis still far from over. >> donald trump blasting senate minority leader chuck schumer
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after he takes the border wall deal off the table. todd pyro is here with the immigration battle. >> the president weeking 11:00 pm, quote, crying chuck schumer fully understands especially after his humiliating defeat that if there is no wall there is no daca, we must have safety and security in the tweet, after schumer offered and rescinded a deal to support border wall funding following pushback, the leader withdrew $20 billion in funding made during negotiations with the president on the government spending bill. democrats agreed to reopen the federal government and assured them the legislation to deal with dreamers. >> we have to start on a new
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basis and the wall offer is off the table. >> i am sure we will take something off the table. >> reporter: mark short to get a deal done. >> negotiating with leadership or is negotiating with jail, he is for the border wall and then against it. we show willingness to negotiate and going to get a deal. >> sarah sanders said the president opposes the flake turban deal because it doesn't meet benchmarks on border security, chain migration, the visa lottery and daca. it is about two weeks away. >> everybody slammed schumer for being so weak and caving on the wall and took it back. >> when you have people screaming like the other night,
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things happen. >> shot in the stomach and left for dead. the life of a teenager caught on camera. >> we are never ever going to build your stupid wall. >> must democrat against the border wall since day one but congressman luke messer has been on board from the beginning and joins us live with he is taking the immigration debate into his own hands. >> budweiser now falling flat, dethroned the king of beer. i'm never gonna be able to sleep with this cold. i'll take a sick day tomorrow. on our daughter's birthday? moms don't take sick days... moms take nyquil severe. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching,
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pssst. what? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? a-ha. and an award-winning mobile app. that is more. oh, there's more. mobile id cards, emergency roadside service... more technology. i can even add a new driver... ...right from her phone! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. >> good morning is welcome back,
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tightknit community ripped apart, and packing into a church to pay their respects. and leaving two teens debt and it doesn't hurt. he looked determined as he fired. >> i was scared for my life. it is like something out of the movies, so unreal. >> the suspect seen walking out of the school surrounded by police faces murder charges but a motive is not known. three students remain hospitalized this morning with a heroic act caught on camera. cleveland police officer saving a teen's life after he was shot collapsing on a stranger's front porch. >> give me a hand. >> offices caring him to the patrol car and rushing to the hospital.
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he was shot in the stomach when it fired into his car, so far no arrests have been made. >> donald trump blasting crying chuck schumer overnight after the minority leader withdrew his offer for the border wall in this immigration negotiation but was it even a sincere proposal to begin with when we heard about it last friday? democrats have been all against building the president's wall. >> we have to start on a new basis and the wall offers off the table. >> a border wall is a waste of money, squandering billions of dollars on an ineffective solution to border security is reprehensible. >> we are never, ever going to build your stupid wall.
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>> lismore and likely running for president in a couple years. will republicans get a border wall out of this budget immigration debate? we are not so sure. chairman luke messer, thanks for coming on this morning. it is predictable when you saw everybody harping on schumer for being so weak and caving, giving in the wall, taking that back, it looks bad. >> donald trump is a great negotiator. he wrote a book called the art of the deal, just vanquish the democrats in the shutdown debate a few days ago. i trust the president in these negotiations, the president has been clear, no wall, no daca. i think you will see the wall. rob: there is a more pragmatic democrats more middle-of-the-road, are all for securing this border one way or
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another and how it has to be done. what is the difference between putting a wall up and a bunch of guys with ak-47s? neither of those are inviting. >> folks in this town take the president literally on every step, the president said we will secure the border. a decade plus ago, senator schumer, obama, john kerry, all voted for border legislation, didn't used to be partisan at all. >> putting up a barrier. >> this is one of donald trump's -- and he was elected president of the united states. and in addition to stronger law
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enforcement. and and this doesn't change where it is going, i trust him to deliver. >> you think you can get schumer back on after this big announcement that it is off the table. >> this is where the people of indiana are. just common sense and not part of any detail that happens. >> 65% of americans one day daca deal with border security. and kids had no choice about it. to be secure but stop this flood of illegal immigrants from the south, 68% of people oppose the visa lottery system randomly selecting people to come into
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the country, 81% once illegal immigration reduced, these are bipartisan issues with a lot of agreement and we see where this leads, one more topic with you is closing this tax loophole for illegal immigrants and you want to use this and the $20 billion to build this wall. >> i was proud to work with donald trump and his leadership team to make sure this provision was in the tax package that just passed. we eliminated the loophole that allowed child tax credits for illegal immigrants, $30 billion over the next decade. it is part of making sure mexico helps pay for the southern border so security on the southern border, that legislation never made any sense for incentives for people to be
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here illegally and to be done -- >> that also means they are paying taxes. of their taking advantage of the loophole. >> you should not get child tax credit for being here illegally. we were able to close it in large measure in the tax package, and immigration policy. >> thanks, appreciate your time. >> it is 20 minutes after the hour, probably protest? the nfl has no problem with the super bowl ad from veterans, roger goodell advance -- admires the anthem kneeler. >> it is in the best interest of communities they believe in and they care about and improve that and i admire that a great deal. jillian:\building and your comments pouring in on this one. snowflake meltdown were college students getting counseling over
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>> outrage after the nfl sensor to super bowl ad encourages football fans to honor our nation's euros. jillian: the nhl commissioner is proud of the players for protesting. kelly right live in washington dc with the latest move, an interesting one. >> reporter: let's get right to it. it shows the american flag with the words please stand, right next to it and the nfl concluded the ad was too political and
2:25 am
rejected it. in st. louis, veterans there are not happy. >> please stand, it is not political, please stand. they allowed it to become a controversy by doing so. it shouldn't be controversial. >> in a statement to roger goodell, the national commander says freedom of speech works both ways. we respect the rights of those who choose to protest. as these rights are precisely what our members have fought and in many cases die for. imposing corporate censorship to deny the same right to those veterans who secured it is reprehensible and totally beyond the pale. of this controversy roger goodell says he admires the players for the protests. >> in the best interest of the
2:26 am
communities they live in and care about and improve them. i wish all our players were standing for the national anthem, i told them that, we also took the time to understand that. we could use more of that in our society, tried to get to a better place. >> reporter: the nhl says another veterans group ads we stand for veterans and roger goodell announced an initiative, let's listen together. that involves owners and players working together to unify social and racial issues for helping communities improve education and community and police relations, the criminal justice system and economic development. >> we asked what you thought about the nfl not running the ad
2:27 am
in your response slamming the league, i say these football players are a complete disgrace. because of the sacrifices our men and women for the flag that have given us our freedom. rob: lynn saying we will boycott the super bowl the same as we did the whole season, will not fund this disrespect. dane says i'm a veteran, all my veteran friends and most of my neighbors will not watch the super bowl. we all believe in standing for the pledge of allegiance. jillian: you can keep those comments coming, we will speak to mary and paul in a few minutes, stay with us for that. rob: america is more politically unstable thanks to donald trump. our next guest says don't fall for it, worldwide reality check, we will check is coming up. >> a smart phone battery exploded a customer's face. ♪ great balls of fire
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>> back with a fox news alert, new text messages between two and trump fbi official seeming to dismiss the russia probe. rob: peter strzok texting lisa page about joining robert mueller's team, quote, you and i both know the odds are nothing. my heart is there would be no question. i hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern there is no big fair there. jillian: donald trump's attorney says it is a prime example of washington swamp. >> these are not investigations, they are political setups. the reality is there's nothing
2:32 am
in the investigation that in his investigatory. when you look what happened, the missing documents, the witnesses, the statement from peter strzok, there is no big there there so why waste my time going to the special counsel team which he does a couple days later so you have all this back and forth but realize what is going on. >> ron johnson has an informant that says there is an fbi secret society working to undermine donald trump. jillian:? terrorist accused of murdering eight people on a new york bike path refusing to stand before a federal judge, showing blatant disrespect in the court room. facing charges for mowing down people with a truck in the name of isis, employees indicated he would like to take a plea deal. >> the soldier who wanted to bomb an army base was obsessed
2:33 am
with isis violent videos. new documents reveal he would watch videos of beheadings and suicide bombings for four five hours a day. according to the fbi he met with undercover agents he believes were part of isis providing them with classified military information. pope francis will tackle one of the president's favorite phrases today. >> it is all fake news. phony stuff. it didn't happen. fake news, fake news. >> world communications day, his chosen theme is the truth will set you free, fake news and journalism for peace. at a meeting with journalist the pope urged reporters not to fall prey to the sins of communication. jillian: donald trump promising to make america great again but doing the opposite. america now being pegged as politically unstable.
2:34 am
according to a new survey that saw our world ranking fall one spot from seventh place to eight. couldn't be further from the truth, managing director and fellow at the claremont institute, thank you for joining us. i we politically unstable? >> no. that was the headline but not what the study said. what the study said was we are not as popular in the globe as we used to be. it is a popularity contest, that is what that is about. the president came into office saying he wasn't here to win a global popularity contest, but to advance american interests. our global population has fallen. if you look at that study, the one about political instability, the folks who wrote it say listen, what this study tells us
2:35 am
is military vigor and economic power are not what make you popular. we know that but that is what this administration cared about and our right to care about. jillian: best countries according to u.s. news & world report, number 7 to number 8, canada never 2, germany number 3, followed by the uk and japan, should we be concerned about our brand at the country and what do you make of this? >> it is not as important as other things they are pursuing. there is no trick here, the obama administration looked at the world and saw friends and potential friends with some exceptions but mostly for friends and potential friends. this administration, published the national security strategy, the trump administration, trump folks look at the world and see it filled with competition and if we don't compete and compete hard, and eat our lunch and they are right, the world is
2:36 am
competitive and saying so makes us less popular and competing makes it less popular. it is what you expect. jillian: donald trump is a different president than we have ever seen in this country. is it fair to say perhaps other countries just don't know what to do with that or make of it? >> that is right. when you talk to other diplomats about their leaders, they are trying to figure out the president a year in and when it comes to middle east policy you read headlines that say just this week the europeans are still trying to figure out what to do about trump. they are trying to figure out what to make of him but ultimately the president has been clear about this, the national security team, they were classic as global
2:37 am
popularity to succeed. and i don't think they will care. >> and commenting on what it means. you have to focus on multilateral trading. and military power and economic power. and there aren't any free lunches. if you're going to be a country, superpower that compete on the global stage you will be less popular than a country that leads from behind. and again and again. it is more competitive. and they will fall on the compete side of things. >> thank you for your insight.
2:38 am
>> oh my goodness. oh my god. oh my god. >> watch that. it is amazing. turning to extreme weather and dramatic video. check that school bus full of kids sliding backwards down an icy street in massachusetts. dozens of children on board. luckily nobody was hurt. it takes out that mailbox, imagine not knowing what you are going to hit and here it comes and smashes into that car. unbelievable. jillian: ice jams in pennsylvania closing street and causing flooding. the coast guard working to break up those large chunks of ice in connecticut. rob: more cold weather on the way. it is january. >> reporter: it is january and this is what we should be seeing but most of the system we are
2:39 am
seeing that whether from continues to fall apart. another one in the northwest, very heavy rain continuing as we move forward. in the northeast most has moved to the north and east and lingering snow showers in the midwest, not going to be horribly widespread the next couple days but we are mostly clearing up, looking at cold air settling into the great lakes states but look at the middle of the country, 50 ° in kansas city, 64 in dallas, those are daytime highs, that warm air will spread out and we are looking at warmer days thursday, warmer days friday, january, a little bit of a spring feel, something to celebrate. jillian: 39 minutes after the hour. they are known for violent protests and calling for the death of cops but one professor supports antifa. 's students are taking matters
2:40 am
into their own hands. rob: roger goodell praising and some protesters but the nfl has no room for a super bowl ad from veterans. the leader behind the ad says freedom of speech is supposed to work both ways. he joins us live, his response coming up. ♪ the american dream ♪ smoking, i was such a heavy smoker. but i was able to do it with chantix. i did not know that chantix would reduce my urges so significantly. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. some people had changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, or suicidal thoughts or actions with chantix. serious side effects may include seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking or allergic and skin reactions which can be life-threatening. stop chantix and get help right away
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>> the nfl rejecting this super bowl ad from the american veterans association urging players to please stand for the national and. >> it never been a place for advertising that could be considered by some as a political statement. >> the national commander firing back writing, and i will not tolerate the nfl refusing veterans rights to free speech. we fought for it, please stand.
2:44 am
jillian: he joins us with his reaction. can you walk us through from your perspective how this works out? >> two weeks ago, contacted by the ad agency that produces the super bowl program, the official super bowl program, one ad left for a nonprofit organization or especially veterans organization, the communications office, we sat down and came up with an ad presented to them because they were on a deadline. and deadline that they had and i read simply says please stand and a day or two later they came back to us and said we are not sure if this is going to go or not because the nfl has a
2:45 am
problem with it. we went in and said this is the ad we want to place in a magazine, and the last thursday they asked us to change our statement and put we stand for veterans. we decided we were not going to change our ad. we placed it is please stand, under the first amendment, we have the right to do that, they cannot dictate what i read beads because we are paying for the ad. rob: let me let you listen to a sand blade from roger caddell, discussing the protests and ask you a question. >> players were trying to do what is in the best interest of communities they live in the take care about and trying to improve them and i admire that a
2:46 am
great deal and wish folks standing for the national and some, i told them that but i also, took the time to understand that, we could use a little more of that. >> so much tolerance for the protesters and it seems that doesn't go both ways, tolerance for the veterans here. is this an example of political seeming incentives minorities but not caring what veterans think about anything? >> i believe so, i never understood when players started kneeling and not respecting the flag and the national anthem and what that has to do with honoring veterans and honoring the flag and different ways to
2:47 am
protest. and a players rights to neil, not sure how that will solve the problems in the united states with the violence. jillian: what is your message the nfl? >> please stand. >> we appreciate your time and service. >> time to check ryan kill lead on "fox and friends". >> reporter: straight had the latest on an informant on the fbi investigation. peter strzok and lisa page and what they are up to. will be president speak with the investigators? and we will talk to andrew
2:48 am
mccarthy about that and welcoming to the show senator david perdue and sarah flores. a big show, three hours as far as i know, don't miss a minute and get dressed. e doctor, but your shirt says you were at a steakhouse... that's when you know it's half-washed. now from downy fabric conditioner comes downy odor protect with 24-hour odor protection. downy's powerful formula conditions fibers to lock out odors all day. hey, your shirt's making me hungry. ha ha, derek. downy and it's done. when heartburn hits fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum tums chewy bites.
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jillian: fear of conservatism taking center stage on another college campus, university of connecticut been in the public from attending ben schapiro's speech as part of the new rules the target conservative speakers, some calling a double standard, the university offering counseling to students who may feel offended by schapiro. rob: some students calling on a professor with ties to antifa to resign. tooth with the stanford review
2:52 am
pushing for david lou to step down or cut ties with the campus anti-fascists network that he cofounded. antifa is responsible for violent riots on college campuses and a lot of other reprehensible activities including this one right here against a conservative at uc berkeley. jillian: more proof donald trump is making america win again. >> you may even get tired of winning. please, please, too much winning. rob: jpmorgan chase raising wages and adding thousands of jobs. jillian: tracy is here with how the company is crediting the president's tax cuts for their business boom. >> reporter: jpmorgan adding jobs to us markets, the housing and small business division
2:53 am
opening 400 new branches over the next five years in 20 markets. the hourly income going up $3 to 15 to $18 for 22,000 employees so good news there. >> the horrific tax scam, the worst thing that happened in the universe, more jobs. budweiser falling from the top of us beer favorites. >> budweiser in fourth place, miller light taking budweiser's bought at number 3. number 2 is coors light and in first is bud light. a lot of people are drinking less beer in general but also switching to more craft beer, wine and other liquors. that is the top four. >> she is a wine girl. >> the any file under fire for
2:54 am
naming colin kaepernick a finalist for the community mvp award. and taking a knee a couple years ago. and and he donated $1 million. jj watt pays for the houston texans, not only raise $37 million of hurricane harvey disaster relief volunteered as well. >> rosie o'donnell taking a member trump administration telling press secretary sarah sanders she is going to hell, the self-proclaimed leader of the resistance triggered by a post from msnbc host saying in part, quote, if you use your taxpayer-funded job again to, what does that say? denigrate the intelligence of a reporter or sitting us senator you are fired. rosie tweeting back who want trump's team would consider doing that? she is doing exactly what he
2:55 am
wants and she will sit in hell no doubt. the saga goes on. 54 minutes after the hour, smart phone explosion. what caused this device to blow up in a customer's face in the middle of a crowded studio? >> the hilarious moment the weather girl goes down on live tv. that is terrible. ♪ [man] woah. ugh, i don't have my wallet, so - [girl 1] perfect! you can send a digital payment. [man] uhh, i don't have one of those payment apps. [girl 2] perfect! you have a us-based bank account, right? [man] i have wells fargo. [girl 3] perfect! then you should have zelle! [man] perfect. [girls] perfect! [vo] the number one mobile banking app just got better. [man] does your coach use zelle, too? [boy] of course! [vo] another way we're building better every day.
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jillian: welcome back. it's time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first up the good army sergeant alena was all smiles after being given a brand new home mortgage free. the house from j.p. morgan chase and operation home front. she is now in the national guard and works for the v.a. rob: that is awesome. next the bad. this genius gives iphone battery a taste test and it literally blows up in his face. take a look. [explosion] jillian: i don't understand. store in china. he was reportedly trying to see if the battery was real by biting it. yeah, it's real. jillian: smart. finally, the ugly, a reporter gets tripped up on live tv. [speaking foreign language] jillian: the woman slipping and falling to the floor giving the forecast in switzerland. it's not clear at this point why or how she lost her
3:00 am
balance. do we know if she is okay? rob: i assume she is. at least we know she is in switzerland which we learned today is the greatest country in the world. jillian: we did learn that today. thanks for watching. rob: see you later. >> the trump-hating fbi agent peter strzok makes stunning revelation about the russia investigation. strzok said there is no big there there. >> what this is all about is further evidence of corruption at the highest levels of the fbi. >> more u.s. companies giving back thanks to those new g.o.p. tax cuts. verizon and media giant disney. plus big-time wall street bank jp morgan chase. >> the president is going to dallas to speak to world leaders about investing in the united states. >> america first is not america alone. >> we need a physical barrier. we need an end to chain migration and visa lottery. we are going to get a deal. >> liberals and a lot of democrats are furious with


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