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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  January 28, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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warming but what they decided they really needed was camels. there they are. this is how ridiculous it is. it's a symbol of the most it's a symbol of the most
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>> the president is going to make an appeal to democrats. if we are going to do infrastructure, we need to do it in a bipartisan way. rick: some lawmakers including republicans are calling on congress to pass legislation to protect special counsels, including mule i are's investigation into possible russia meddling. rich, the white house hoping to build on last year's tax overhaul. >> what you have in the president's state of the union address is an overview of what the administration is asking
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congress to do. the same is the case with immigration, thoughth the white house has floated its first immigration proposal and the democrats have rejected it so far. the white house has a plan to offer a path to citizenship for so-called dreamers. those brought to the united states illegally as children. the white house wants an end to so-called chain migration and the visa lottery. the president will also discuss the economy, trade and security. after the speech the official says the cabinet officials will fan out across the country to sell the president's message. rick: what are you hearing about reports that r the president
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wanted to fire robert mueller. >> the reports are he wanted to fire the special counsel. and the only reason he didn't was that the white house counsel said he would resign if he did. >> robert mueller is still the special counsel. don mcgann is still the white house counsel. >> there will be democrats and republicans saying time to protect the judicial system. if c three branches of governmet have an equal power, absolutely. reporter: the democrats are pushing legislation that would curb the president's ability to get rid of the special counsel. that does have bipartisan support i among members of
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congress but the leadership seems reluctant to bring that up for a vote. rick: there is a report today that iran has released an american from prison for four days. if he cannot leave iran in the next four days ellen out of prison. his on says my far it is in poor health. i. the state department officials say the united states has been negotiating with iran to release the americans it holds captive. iran is also holding his on. the state department is calling on iran to release the several americans it still imprisons. rick: for more on the
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president's state of the union address, jeff mason joins us from reuters. as the "l.a. times" put it he can sweephe controversy aside ad beam his accomplishments directlyon to living rooms acros the country. >> on the night of state of the union, it gives him an opportunity to set a tone, perhaps a new tone, some of the white house officials briefing reporters about that speech say he plans to use an uplifting tone. that's aup bit of a shift for a president who many see sometimes as speaking divisively. rick: you believe that tone is critically important. >> itt is. if he wants that state of the union address to lead to progress, for example,
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infrastructure, and immigration, he needs to set a tone that is appealing or has some kind of resonanceas with both democrats and republicans in that room, and elsewhere in the country. people who can write their lawmakers and say we saw the president speak, we support this particular policy be it on infrastructure spending or anything else. rick: he said he wants to spend $1 trial on infrastructure, and i assume he will need help from democrats to m make that happen. > he might face scepticism fm his p own party on that. it's something both parties have shown interest in. but getting the money to pay for it will be the big question. rick: we want to get to a sound bite from mercedes schlapp. >> the president is going to speak from his heart.
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he's going to bring an optimistic message to all americans. this is about patriotism, this is about a safe, strong and proud america. we look forward to tuesday for the president to talk about jobs, infrastructure and nationalal security. rick: he does have the economy which is doing incredibly well. >> the president likes to talk about the fact that the stock market has taken off. he likes to talk about the fact thatat unemployment is low. this will be part of the victory lap aspect of the victory lap. last year wasn't technically considered a state of the union. this is his first official stae of t the union address and it comes after a year in which he can tout his accomplishments. so no doubt he will talk about
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that. you will have, however, some people objecting to not only tax reform, but also claims of credit for the economy that has moved in the direction it has since he came in. there are some who say a lot of that was set in place by the previousvi administration. rick: there is a new fox news poll that says more voters are rating the economy for positivelyca than they have in o decade. this fox news poll has -- is telling us the trump administration clearly made the economy better. that's what people are saying. >> the number in that poll would no doubt be welcomed by the white house, and something you will continue to hear about from the president, his cabinet officialss and white house
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advisors. the economy is something they put a lot of emphasis on. the president loves to talk about it. he tells stories about meeting with people who are giving him phrase for their 401ks doing well. it's something he himself is proud of. rick: there has been a lot of news over the weekend that president trump considered firing special counsel robert he denies it. but lawmakers are warning him not to do it whether he said it or not. >> this has been a question whether presidentt trump would intervene to get rid of him. the reporting by "the washington post" has brought that story back into play. rick: let's listen to a couple of republican lawmakers on this topic. a >> mueller is doing a good job.
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i have confidence in him to get to the bottom of all things russia. we should have legislation protecting special counsels. >> i don't think there is a need for legislation to protect robert mueller. right now there isn't an issue so why create one when there isn't a place for it. >>ug that's narrowing down the conversation on whether legislation is required. the broader issue is whether president trump seriously considered firing mueller and if that'sth something he's continug to consider. that's a concern for democrats and republicans. it would have a huge impact in trust in him as president from his own party and the opposition party if he were to intervene. rick: he says he didn't say the, and robert mueller is still the special counsel.
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the president and his opponents have major differences, so where can they find common ground? meanwhile, president trump will try to make his case for more u.n. action against iran tomorrow. he's scheduled to have a working lunch with diplomats. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley will be there to show her colleagues wreckage from a ballistic missiles she saysme iran-back rebels fired. an update to a massive and horrific surprise attack in kabul, afghanistan. the country's interior minister says the death toll has climbed to at least 103 victims with close to 250 others wound. the killer told gaird was
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transferring a patient to the hospital. the taliban claimed responsibility for that attack. right now on capitol hill, one lawmaker's office hit with an allegation of misconduct. why senator marco rubio felt compelled to r take immediate action against his top advisor. the rnc dealing with the fallout of the resignation of its finance chairman steve wynn. democrats say the rnc should return the money the mogul donated to republicans. ooooooh snap!!
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. rick: republican senator marco rubio wasting little time in handling allegations of misconduct within his own office. the senator saying late yesterday he fired his chief of staff after learning a day earlier about the allegations. the senator issued a statement saying that clint reid violated office policies regarding proper policies. democrats are calling for the republican national committee to return any moan donated by steve wynn who faces allegations of sexual misconduct. wynn stepped down yesterday as the rnc finance chairman. ellison barber has the latest
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reaction from washington. reporter: rick, steve wynn is walking away from job at the rnc but not admitting guilt. in a statement provided to fox news he is resigning to avoid, quote, distraction for the party. a single statement, sentence saying she's accepted wynn's resignation, when a billionaire casino mogul is accused in pressuring employees to engage in sex acts with them. "wall street journal" interviewed dozens of people who worked at wynn's casinos and found a pattern of sexual misconduct. >> i think they are very serious allegations and should be treated as such. reporter: wynn tributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to republican candidates and committees. public records show over the years he's made donations to democrats and republicans, and "new york times" say the amounts are $5.2 million. as the republican national committee's finance chair, wynn
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helped the rnc raise more than that. democrats are calling on the rnc to return any money they've received from the billionaire pointing out that republicans called on democrats to return money they received from harvey weinstein. republican senator lindsey graham says the rnc chair should have time to look into the allegations and if they're true -- >> we should return the money rightly asked of the democrats. reporter: in a statement wynn said quote -- wynn and mcdaniel co-hosted a fund-raiser at mar-a-lago about a week ago. wynn says the allegations against him are preposterous. rick? rick: ellison barber in washington. president trump touted improvements in health care for veterans, many va facilities are struggling years after the scandal of deadly delays in care. what one hospital director has
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just before 3:00 in the morning in southwestern pennsylvania, the gunman shot and killed two men and two women all in their 20s. another woman survived by hiding in the back of a car. a local report says family members believe a domestic dispute prompted this. police are confirming a report that the gunman knew the victims. police officers will tell you the domestic violence calls are among the most potentially dangerous they respond to, and tonight news of another brave member of law enforcement killed in the line of duty because of just such a dispute. detroit police officer died of his injuries. the 25-year-old officer was shot on wednesday night as he arrived on the scene of a domestic violence call. the suspect reportedly barricaded himself inside the house before police captured him. officer doss leaves behind a nine-month-old son. president trump has claimed significant progress in improving health care for
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veterans but many va medical centers are earning poor ratings. and one of the worst, the veterans hospital in phoenix, arizona, the epicenter of national va crisis nearly three years ago. will carr has a closer look. reporter: four years after scandal rocked the va, president trump continues to pledge that care will improve for veterans. >> we've already made tremendous strides in delivering for our veterans including passage of long-awaited veterans, accountability legislation. reporter: in fact, the va's interbureau internal ratings show significant gains for many hospitals. in phoenix, considered ground zero in the 2014 scandal after dozens of veterans died waiting for care, the facility once again ranked as one of the worst in the country in 2017. the report gave phoenix one out of five stars for the second year in a row. >> we are worlds away from where we were in 2014. i think the veterans were regaining their trust, even though it's one veteran at a
10:25 pm
time. reporter: the seventh director to run the phoenix va took over in october of 2016. >> one out of five the year before, so when you talk about trust, when you talk about the thoughts of the veterans here in arizona, where are the improvements not happening faster. >> they need to happen, we all know that. and still have a lot of work to do. our work is incomplete. reporter: nelson touts a dramatic drop in patient wait times, slashing duration to get an appointment from 30 days down to 11. in a statement, arizona senator jeff flake tells fox news -- . >> i am disappointed because we're not where we are. i mean we want to rate ourselves a 10. we're not there yet. we have a lot of work to do. >> would you feel getting health care at the facility? >> absolutely. i would absolutely be comfortable getting my health care here. reporter: another positive out of arizona one of the original
10:26 pm
phoenix whistle-blowers brandon coleman promoted to va office of accountability in whistle-blower protection in d.c. >> we're taking a proactive approach instead of a reactive approach. reporter: the biggest problem is public perception and trying to let the community make improvements on the ground, rick. rick: sounds like some signs of progress. what are the veterans in phoenix telling you? >> yeah, when you talk to the veterans who use that facility in phoenix, some say there are major improvements. the choice act which was pushed by senator john mccain helped with that. others say there are lingering problems and they have a long way to go. the one out of five ranking, the facilities had that two years in a row, reflects the sentiments. the white house about to roll out details of immigration plan, but sparking fierce criticism on left and the right
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. rick: i'm rick leventhal, this is "fox report." it's the bottom of the hour, if you're just joining us, president trump gearing up for his first state of the union
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address on tuesday where, he's expected to call on democrats to pass immigration reforment the president wants the senate to take up a white house proposal that would protect nearly two million so-called dreamers in exchange for border wall funding and dramatic cuts to legal immigration. democrats are calling the offer a non-starter. the president responding on twitter -- molly is live in washington. molly, where are the democrats at this stage? reporter: hi, rick, we heard from a few democrats today on the president's immigration plan. some of them are open to what comes out of the legislative process. but most seem to want a more
10:32 pm
narrow piece of legislation that focuses only on daca or that focuses only on daca and border security. >> the most important thing we can do is protect dreamers. i appreciate it addresses that issue. but some of the changes they are proposing are devastating to immigration system, and i feel are better left for comprehensive immigration reform. i'm comfortable working with any type of proposal they put in either a large package, or a scaled-down package, chuck, but saying that we need to have an overhaul. >> i think you're going to see a lot of debate about how much money we should spend on border security. reporter: on the gop side, many seemed pleased that the president is providing at least a starting point for discussions on capitol hill. >> i give the president credit for putting in writing and saying that this is what he wants to see happen despite the criticism. look, there's going to be
10:33 pm
criticisms from both sides on whatever we come up with. reporter: but other republicans say the president should not offer citizenship to those who didn't even sign up for daca. >> they're saying they're going to let a million people apply, there will probably be a lot more than that because of fraud. again, they want to give amnesty to more than twice as many people as president obama did. reporter: arkansas gop senator tom cotton, a longtime critic of providing a path to citizenship before border security said the president's plan could be acceptable, quote, as long as we responsibly stop, the future illegal immigration and unfair chain migration. daca supposed to end march 5th but federal judge in california ordered the daca program to continue while legal challenges work their way through the courts, which may buy more time to work out a deal. rick: for more on this, bring back jeff mason, white house
10:34 pm
correspondent for reuters. thanks for sticking around. >> my pleasure, sir. rick: the president criticized president obama for failing to use leverage. this appears on the surface to be a brilliant approach to allow both sides to get what they want. approve $25 billion for the wall and other security improvements and two million immigrants get legal status instead of a boot out of the u.s.? >> brilliant is your word. some people would agree with that, some would not. certainly the democrats have something they want. they want very much for the dreamers to get legal citizenship to have a pathway to citizenship which the president is offering in that. but don't want to spend that much money on a wall. and the democrats argued this is an issue, the dreamer issue that has bipartisan support already. they don't want to give up bargainingship by agreeing to this when they feel they should get to through already.
10:35 pm
but president trump getting this in writing and laying it out there is for sure a challenge. and said as much by saying this will show the democrats are not serious about wanting to do something on dreamers because they're not negotiating. rick: well, it is all about leverage and has leverage here. if they want to get these dreamers legal status, then they're going to have to give something up. in this case, sounds like the president says give me money and then come to a deal. >> for sure he has leverage. at the end of the day, president has to sign the bill into law. the democrats believe they have leverage, too. the question is whether or not they will find common ground there. rick: yeah. >> and see that in the coming days. rick: at least one democratic senator seems to think there might be some negotiation room here, let's listen to what senator joe manchon had to say. >> the president laid out a template. we're going to look at the template and work with it. i think what it comes down to, jake, how big do you want to
10:36 pm
go? no way anyone should be considering any more of a shutdown, talking the sense of a shutdown. let's get down to business and fix it. we can do it. the president laid out what he wants, let's see if it's something we can agree on, adjust and negotiate. rick: he certainly sounds open to the discussion. >> he does. he absolutely does. so the question will be will others in his party be open as well? i think it will also be interesting to watch how much pressure president trump gets from his own political base about that aspect of offering a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million immigrants. that is something that is certainly not gone down well with his base before. it is a starting point and it is attractive to democrats, but it's not to people in his base. he has pulled away before when making offers like that. let's see if he sticks with it. rick: there is a lot of resistance on both sides,
10:37 pm
really, but primarily on the democratic side to getting tough on the illegals. i'm wondering what that's ball? >> well, again, i think it comes down to negotiation tactic on both sides. and the president very, very strongly, during his campaign in 2016 promised a wall and promised to crack down on illegal immigration, and no doubt one of the reasons that he won. so he wants to stand by that, but that does not resonate with the group of people who did not vote for president trump, and that's who the democrats have in mind. rick: jeff, in the state of the union, we're told that the president will acknowledge that we are a nation of immigrants, but stressed we have a responsibility to control our borders, that this isn't about racism, it's about security and integrity of law, and it's clear that the president is determined to end extended family chain migration and the visa lottery. wants to put the emphasis on highly skilled workers. can he do it? is there a sweet spot? >> that is about tone and adjusting the tone and the
10:38 pm
sales pitch for what he wants to do on immigration. many in the immigrant community will not buy that as a shift. they will say look, he's still trying to make a massive change to legal immigration, which is -- and that should not be a trade-off for the daca deal. but it is certainly a shift in tone that others will no doubt welcome to take out what some believe had a racist tinge to it. rick: jeff mason from reuters. we appreciate your time tonight. >> my pleasure. rick: washington governor jay inslee taking a controversial stand on immigration enforcement. the government ordering state workers to stop cooperating with i.c.e. after learning the agency was getting help from the dmv to apmand undocumented immigrants. reporter: getting a driver's license in the state of washington does not require u.s. citizenship but the state did record where applicants were born. when democratic governor jay inslee learned the department of licensing was sharing
10:39 pm
information with customs and enforcement, he put up his own wall to block the cooperation. >> we believe the people we helped educate for decades deserve the protection we've given them. and most unfortunate the president and his i.c.e. is essentially threatening them with deportation. reporter: the dmv treating i.c.e. like every other law enforcement agency, providing collective information only when given a name and specific crime investigated. now i.c.e. alone has a much higher bar. >> stopped releasing information relative to immigration violations and from here forward are going to require a court order to do such. reporter: insley hired special assistant to make sure no state agency gives i.c.e. something not required by law. some lawmakers are angry. >> this is like trying to make this a sanctuary state. if we're not going to allow federal agencies to go after those that are committing
10:40 pm
crimes in our cities and our communities and our state, that's what it amounts to. reporter: i.c.e.'s acting director thomas homan says policies might harbor illegal aliens, immigration hard-liners agree. >> he is picking and choosing which law enforcement agencies he's going to give information to. he doesn't get to do that. reporter: licensing inquiries are never blanket fishing expeditions but targeted investigations of those deemed to be a public safety threat or national security risk. and now the job just got harder. in seattle, dan springer, fox news. rick: protests taking place across russia today. man who sparked the rally taken into police custody for urging people to do something in a few weeks that vladimir putin would not like. and the u.s. giving 12 blackhawks to one country. what it will do with these new helicopters?
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. rick: the nation of jordan hosting a military ceremony today after receiving a dozen brand new black hawk helicopters from the united states. the country showing off new additions during rescue drill and flyover. took about 11 months to deliver the choppers to the american ally. jordan plans to use the blackhawks to secure borders from outside threats like isis. to russia now where
10:45 pm
demonstrations are playing out ahead of upcoming presidential election. vladimir putin is expected to win when russians head to the polls in march but opposition leader is already calling the election rigged and urging people to boycott the vote. amy kellogg has the details. reporter: most famous opposition was arrested early on in the day. the protests he called for went on anyway across russia. many of his supporters are young people, they've only known one president their entire lives. vladimir putin, who essentially run the show for 18 years now. alex has been barred from the vote. he's asking for boycott of election, low voter turnout when he rode the legitimacy an election vladimir putin is all but certain to win. supporters tried to break into the detention facility he was taken to. they chanted slogans they claim
10:46 pm
has already been stolen from him. >> there is no democracy. what sort of thing is this? we are tired of putin. reporter: navalny arrested on his way to the march. this means nothing, this is not about me. it's about your future. earlier offices were raided by police who said they were responding to a bomb threat. navalny's team was broadcasting taking about the events, they were taken off the air, not before they asked police to step in front of their cameras and show themselves. protests look place in over 100 russian cities. some quite small. this was in russia's extreme far east. some in hinterlands braved minus 45-degree temperatures to march. navalny has been visibly on the scene for 7 years now. known for exposing corruption, called putin's party, quote, the party of crooks and thieves. in and out of jail, frequently arrested and had green acid
10:47 pm
thrown in his face partially temporarily blinding him in one eye. he said he will not be cowed and will not give up. rick: amy kellogg in milan. four months after hurricane maria and hundreds of thousands are still without power in puerto rico. restoring power is a long and costly process. more crews are headed to the island to help. reporter: waiting for the lights to come back on has been a nerve-racking process for nearly half a million people who are still without power in puerto rico. help from u.s. mainland power companies has been coming in waves for months. this week an additional 1,000 utility trucks and 1500 workers will be added to the mix. over 475,000 homes were damaged or destroyed, causing an estimated $140 billion in damages. as crews carve their way through the catastrophic damage, their progress is slow, but they met a major milestone
10:48 pm
this month when one million customers had power restored. utility crews won't stop until everyone is back online. >> no set time frame. we're here for the long haul. the mission is to restore power. that's what we're focusing on. reporter: wednesday night the puerto rico governor said they will receive approximately $35 billion in federal aid but facing massive debt and own the be able to repay the money until 2022. many are still struggling. one mother of two says she's washing her clothes in the bathtub with rainwater and one law student said she and her friends are doing the best they can with limited resources. >> i'm studying without power and have friends studying by flash flight. >> lines are down, i feel like my area has been forgotten. reporter: they have to
10:49 pm
prioritize. hospitals, police and fire stations come forward. it is a massive undertaking that everyone agrees is going to take more time. in new york, laura ingall, fox news. rick: the old-fashioned 9:00 to 5:00, a thing of the past. more and more turning down the typical office job to go for a freelance gig instead. what's driving this?
10:50 pm
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10:52 pm
. >> there has never been a better time to hire, to build, to invest and to grow in the united states. america is open for business and we are competitive once
10:53 pm
again. the american economy is by far the largest in the world, and we just enacted the most significant tax cuts and horm in american history. rick: president trump earlier this week in davos, switzerland saying america is open for business touting the business for foreign corporations. here at home, we're going through major changes, the rise of the freelance economy. deirdre bolton of the fox business network with a closer look. reporter: every month the department of labor releases jobs data. the unemployment rate holding steady at 4.1%, american employers hired more than fired. extending the longest ever stretch of job growth on record. in these statistics, there is one big group hiding in plain sight.
10:54 pm
freelancers, the government has difficulty because of the entrepreneurial spirit, some also have full-time jobs or part-time jobs, it makes them difficult to categorize. government figures are cloudy, private companies make them clear. >> the workforce is flexible, more and more employees want to be working freelance. right now estimates are 53 million americans are working freelance right now but 34% of the american workforce and projections are that half of all americans could be working freelance by the end of the decade. reporter: another private study shows that the freelance american workforce is contributing $1.4 trillion to the u.s. economy. an increase of almost 30% since last year. companies such as we work has built an entire business model catering to the freelance economy. the third largest start-up has an evaluation of $20 billion it
10:55 pm
runs office space on demand. entrepreneurial workers can rent space for $45 a month. workers have space, a fridge, coffee machine. in demand freelance skills such as computer programming or language translation can make double the national average salary of $50,000 a year but save for their own retirement and pay for health care benefits. most readily accept these risks. >> working for another company especially in this economy is more risky because you're dispensible, when you're an entrepreneur, you create your own destiny. reporter: what is clear, the concept of stability is being defined. in new york, deirdre bolton, fox news. rick: this just in, a big rat takes a swim down the grand canal in venice. check it out. this, we are told, is not a real rat because if it was we would have led the show with it.
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york city. thank you for spending part of your evening with me on this "fox report". january 28 2018. have a safe and productive i'm lea gabrielle. leland: fox news sunday next. chris: i'm chris wallace, president trump to announce 2018 agenda in the state of the union address while the russia investigation closes in. ♪ >> you want to fire robert mueller? fake news, folks. chris: the president bushes back from davos where he makes his case for america first. >> america is open for business and we are competitive once again. but america first does not mean america alone. chris: we will get a preview of the president's plan from year two from white house director legislative affairs mark


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