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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 29, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> tucker: high-level thinkers. he is not in that category. he is also a city councilman. thanks for watching. here's sean. >> sean: thanks. "hannity" is broadcasting from the sewer washington, d.c. major breaking news. andrew mccabe is out at the fbi. and fox news is now being told he was removed from that post. sarah carter is here with breaking news. sources telling her that mccabe's resignation is just the beginning. this is huge. the house intelligence committee voted to publickly release the
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memo about fisa abuse. the president has to give final approval before you can see and a "hannity" exposeinto how the destroy trump media is. they have lied to you the american people for over a year and ignoring a mountain of evidence of corruption in one of the biggest scandals in american history. that's tonight's breaking news. opening monologue. a busy hour. we start tonight with the massive shake-up at the fbi. fox news reporting that deputy director andrew mccabe has been removed from his position at the bureau. this is very important. the timing of mccabe leaving the bureau comes hours after the fbi director viewed the classified memo. the daily beast is reporting that mccabe and james comey and
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rob rosenstein are all named in this 4-page document. other reporting suggests that the fbi director christopher wray was concerned about the upcomi upcomi upcoming inspector general report. our sources are saying that mccabe's exit is the opening of a much bigger scandal unfolding in the months ahead. here's why. current and former fbi officials are telling sarah carter tonight that mccabe quitting is the beginning of more resignations that will be coming. before we detail why mccabe deserved to be removed. i want to be very far very clear to the destroy trump media, the political bias and corruption that we are now detailing at the fbi and the department of justice and the intelligence community, it has nothing 0 to
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do with rank-and-file members. those people worked tirelessly to keep us safe. they deserve praise and support which we give them on a daily basis. who we are focussing on is key. we are exposing a rogue group of unelected bureaucrats trying to disrupt our system. andrew mccabe is one of those people. mccabe lied about the corrupt email investigation. it was rigged. the fix was in. it was a total sham. he over-saw trump hating fbi agent peter strzok's work on the russian investigation. mccabe is thought to be the central point of contact for handling that clinton phoney and
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salacious russian dossier. mccabe ordered fbi agents to stand down into the investigation on the clinton foundation. mccabe's wife took $700,000 campaign contributions from virginia democrats in her failed state senate run. and trump bashing fbi lovers. strzok and page texted about the insurance policy with andy, we believe that's andrew mccabe in case donald trump won the election which they didn't think would hab. mccabe is tied to every instance of corruption we are exposing. he should have been fired. mccabe is just the start. we also have huge developments tonight.
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the house intelligence committee tonight has voted along party lines. they are releasing to the public that classified 4-page memo that details massive fisa abuses against the trump campaign. no democrats voted yes. the reason is they don't want you to know the truth. president trump has 5 days to approve the release so you the american people can see it. my sources tell me the matter is being taken very seriously at the white house. it will be reviewed in the next 48 hours. while the president believes in transparency he will deliberate this process. the daily beast reported that andrew mccabe, james comey and rosenstein are all named in this memo. rod rosenstein was the official that approved the warrants to spy or extended hem on the trump campaign into the pretext of
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looking at carter page. members of congress that have seen this memo call it shocking and said it mirrors kgb type tactics. it could lead to the end of the mueller investigation. that's that serious that we are being told it exposes severe and massive consitutional violations of our 4th amendment. privacy rates. massive fisa abuses. this is a major development. those of you that called congress and tweeted and texted and puts notes on facebook to release the memo, you should be happy because you the american people deserve to know about these abuses. we will have all of the details as soon as we get them. also breaking this hour, we have a news media in this country that is obsessed with calling one of the biggest scandals in american history with a mountain
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of evidence and facts supporting it, they are trying to dismiss it as a conspiracy. the same media naifs that was pushing baseless conspiracy threes. we have in evidence and they have none. we put this montage together. take a look. >> we are looking at the possibility that the president of the united states and those around him during an election campaign colluded with a hostile foreign power to undermine the basis of our democracy. >> donald trump is afraid. a political hurricane is out there. call it hurricane vladimir putin. >> this is evidence of willingness to commit collusion. >> this is out right treason. there is no question what he is doing is giving aid and comfort
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to the enemy. >> this cloud about collusion with russia will hangover him. >> the election hacking is at the caliber of a pearl harbor or a 9-11. do you agree? >> completely. >> donald trump now sits at the threshold of impeachment. >> you told the "washington post" there is a smell of treason in the air. >> people are afraid to use the t-word treason. that's what people are investigating. >> russia, russia, russia. >> a lot going on. >> tucker: there is an effort by the media to slur president trump. we have seen nothing showing
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trump and russian collusion for a year. don't take high word. take a look. >> the allege is that the russians and the hacking of documents in the election had relationships with trump's campaign people. i am not prepared to say there is proof you could take to a jury. >> do you agree that the president reached that there was no evidence of collusion? >> we have not seen that whatsoever. we have been looking at everything they have. that hasn't led to that. >> the last time we spoke, senator senator, i asked if you saw evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and the russian? you said not at this time. has anything changed? >> no, it hasn't.
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>> there has been no cull evidence yet? >> no. >> i didn't see any smoking gun about evidence of collusion. >> tucker: no evidence of collusion. the corrupt media is imperious to the facts and truth. they don't look for the truth. they believe their own lies. i think many convinced themselves with the destroy trump mentality their narrative is true without any evidence. i hope you understand what is going on. i want to compare and contrast. real facts and real evidence between a massive american scandal and so-called trump russian collusion. hillary clinton we know broke the law by having a secret, top secret, special access program and classified information on her server. there are a million laws.
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we put them on the screen many times. clinton broke the law which she deleted 33,000 subpoenaed emails and acid washed the hard drive so nobody could get them. her aides smashed the blackberries with a hammer. those are facts. we found out too that peter strzok, james comey and others, they put the fix in. who writes an exoneration before an investigation and before you interview hillary clinton and 17 other key witnesses? they changed the legal standard in their many exxoneration letters. they changed it to extreme carelessness and altered references to clinton's server
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being hacked by hostile actors. that allowed hillary clinton to stay in the presidential race. those are facts. we know clinton controlled the dnc, rigged the primary against bernie sanders. imagine if donald trump did that? we discovered that hillary clinton tried to rig the general election. used a lawyer to pay fusion gps over $12 million and create a phoney russian dossier. and that was used by top obama administration officials to obtain a fisa warrant to spy on an opposition party. the trump campaign in an election year and a president elect. new text messages exposed the anti-trump bias of strzok and
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page. they talked about the so-called insurance balance whom we believe is andrew mccabe who was fired today. july 1st, before they interviewed clinton or before comey went public on july 5th. lynch knew the fix was in, in the clinton investigation. strzok, page, and mccabe and comey and loretta lynch all knowing. they were hesitant to investigate hillary clinton because they thought she might win and retaliate against them. that's only a small sampling of what was released. there is evidence proving all of this. what does the media have to prove relating to trump and russian collusion a year later? nothing. no facts. they base everything on nothing but their own conspiracy theory and their own little media bubble.
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we have been giving you facts and telling the truth. the media are pathological liars at a level we have never seen in history. the media is married to this phoney narrative and they can't let it go. the massive hypocrites. they don't care about truth or about equal justice under the law. nor do they care about the constitution of the united states because if they did, they would be reporting all of the facts. we have the host of justice. judge jeanine pirro and sarah carter and sebastian gorka. you are breaking new news about andrew mccabe. let's start there. >> what we know tonight is that fbi director christopher wray went sunday and reviewed the 4-page fisa memo. the next day andrew mccabe was
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asked to resign. he was planning on resigning in march. that came out in december. this time they asked him to go right away. you are coming into the office. he didn't even come for the morning meeting. >> tucker: a source told me when wray read this is shocked him to his core? >> and not only that. the inspector general's report, there are indicates that mccabe may have asked fbi agents to change their 302s. those are interviews with witnesses. every time an fbi interviews a witness they have to file that report. >> tucker: that would be obstruction of justice? >> exactly. this is something the inspector general is investigating. if this is true, mccabe would be
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fired. >> tucker: sebastian gorka, taking this all in. it's kind of for some it's hard to believe. now that the evidence has been mounting and mounting and one smoking gun after another. >> it has to be put in the context of the history of our great nation. remember, why was america created? it was created because of the use of power by a leader thousands of miles away. that's why america was created. it was about a tea tax and stationing troops on private property without permission. this is 100 times bigger. this is our government spying on political adversaries. this is federal law enforcement officials obstructing justice. you listed all of the things clinton and her team did.
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the fbi destroyed the laptops that were part of the clinton investigation. who gave that order? >> tucker: who has an exoneration before an investigation? >> right. >> tucker: judge y, you are gre on the law. break this down. >> what we're seeing here is what we would expect to see in a 3rd world country. a political party is using their justice system to not only surveill individuals but to change the course of a presidential election. this is not just some case where people were playing around with statements trying to get them to change statements. this is about changing the course of american history by using the most powerful weapon we have in the justice system, the fbi. i have been saying from the
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beginning, this guy needs to be taken out and cuffed. they should not be paid by the american people. he should not dictate when he is going to live. sean, you said christopher wray was shocked when he read that 4-page memo. how could he be shocked? he is the head of the fbi. everything that you and i have seen that we have been talking about for the last years something that has been coraberated. now he is shocked? why are they shocked on the day before the public is going to get this see this information? >> tucker: i won't disagree with you. >> they knew about it. they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar and say make mccabe go. >> tucker: the reason this will be coming out and i am glad the white house told me they will deliberate and take it seriously. the state of the union tomorrow. i hope we will see this wednesday night or thursday. they are doing the right thing.
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this is not a game. we are talking about people's lives and potential crimes and people going to jail. more importantly, and the scary party of this, is that we have now weaponized the powerful tools of intelligence. fisa is important because that's our government spying on citizens. this hillary clinton bought and paid for dossier was the foundation to do this. wow! >> it was a shoddy foundation. >> tucker: it was a presidential election. >> an elected president of the united states voted for by the people of this country. sean, this is bigger than anything anybody can imagine. >> tucker: this makes watergate like stealing a snicker's bar? >> absolutely. this is why there were so many whistle blowers.
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they were going to the inspector general. we broke those stories last year. >> tucker: of course. >> the obama administration violated the laws. this is where it all started. >> tucker: dr. sebastian gorka? >> there is a special reason why america doesn't have a kgb or an mi-5. people after 9-11 said we need to spy on americans. we said no. we just heard that the obama administration used the intelligence communicate for political purposes. >> tucker: and for a bought and paid fordossier of lies. >> one thing we have to worry about going forward. high hat is off to sarah carter
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and all of those guys. we need a prosecutor in the justice department. not rod rosenstein who right now is in the middle of this. >> we need a special yesterday. >> what is everyone waiting for, sean? >> sean: i don't know. i don't know. we are part of a small group of people. i will add soloman and? >> ferrel. >> tucker: sad. the media has been lying to you. when we come back kellyanne conway. they have us doing the show in the cold. that's open cold air behind me. we will continue from the swamp straight ahead. whatever you do to stay healthy.
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and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> ♪ >> sean: we come to from you the swamp is sewer that is washington, d.c. joining us counsel to the president kellyanne conway. we didn't give you any heat? >> no, false advertising. [laughing]. >> sean: welcome back. this is not small. you have been in the white house for the entire year. there is no evidence of this collusion narrative of the media. you tried to fight with these idiots on the network of fake
6:27 pm
news. >> collusion delusion. here we are 6 months later still. it's a serious matter now, of course. >> sean: we know the fix was in on hillary's emails so she keep running. we have the text messages and her paid for dossier was used to spy on an opposition candidate and incoming president. this is not fun. >> the president went to quantico last month. he respects the fbi and the men and women who work hard and are not involved in this episode. the president takes this very seriously. at this moment, we should leave it to those who are going out and investigating as some of your guests are doing so the american people can have a transparent accountable way to decide what they are seeing.
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they are focussing on that man in the white house giving a speech tomorrow. >> sean: i have to go back to the media. they have never told it. we have 2.2 million new jobs, 2 million fewer people on food stamps. consumer confidence through the roof. and the tax plan kicks in february 1. >> keep going. before it kicks in, you have 274 companies taking action related to the tax cuts. >> sean: no, those are crums. >> that's according to nancy pelosi. they are so out of touch with america. tonight the senate rejected the ability to put into law a bill about abortions.
6:29 pm
calling that crumbs, it's real bread. $2,000 bonuses. you see all of these companies repatriating their wealth to create new jobs. over 200,000 manufacturing jobs created. in tense 2010 when nancy pelosi was the speaker of the house. barack obama admitted they had a shellacking. so far over 3 million americans have benefitted from the tax cuts because of what their employers have done. the pressure is on other overpulls. -- employers. you don't reinvest that in the workplace, those workers will go
6:30 pm
somewhere else. >> sean: since the history of unemployment. the lowest level for black americans and hispanic americans and women. e >> you don't hear it because people are focussing on other things. it doesn't matter. folks know their confidence is up and they are spending more money. the value of their retirement savings, this president's tax bill extend the saving plan to education. that allows you to save money earlier. >> sean: gotten very little coverage. >> we will talk about that. people ask me how do we get women? talk about the education saving expansion. this president between the regulations and isis is on the run, what he's done in one short
6:31 pm
year to stimulate this economy is remarkable. >> sean: andrew mccabe is gone. this memo will be released. i am told it will shock the conscience. an investigation fixed when crimes were committed. no wonder people were shouting lock her up. it's worse. her phoney russian dossier to spry on donald trump and an in coming presidency. to me is the biggest political scandal in american history. >> sean, you know what happens when we talk about the 2016 elections and that woman who lost miserably. her. you can't get over the election. we are way past it. this is not about an election that donald trump won. it's about democracy and the constitution. it's about people knowing if
6:32 pm
justice and democracy were subverted. you think woman had every advantage. all of the king's horses and king's men and all of the money and still blew it. people were telling her, i was in wisconsin and there were trump signs and no hillary signs you better get out. they didn't come. a great state of the union address tomorrow. watch it. >> sean: when we come back on, ed henry has a preview of the state of the union. brit hume weighs in on the top story of the day from our nation's capitol. running a business is not for the faint of heart. luckily, office depot® officemax® is here to take care of you. ♪ taking care of business
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>> sean: president trump is prepareing to deliver his first state of the union address tomorrow night in the capitol building. how unfair is it for me to whine about the cold when you are out in the cold every night? >> yes. >> sean: tell me to shut up. >> i would never tell you to shut up. you have a cushy tent and a little heater and probably when blankies. >> sean: really? i don't have an overcoat on. give me credit. >> [laughing]. we were told that the president stayed become here at the white house over the weekend after that trip instead of going to mar-a-lago. he spent a chunk of time going through edits from the weekend.
6:38 pm
last year at this time, he gave a speech to a joint session. it's not called a state of the union in the first year in office. the president himself told reporters today he sees it as a big speech. get the focus for the nation back on his legislative agenda. there are 5 keys. jobs, the economy. infrastructure, immigration. trade. as well as national security and the fight against isis. a special focus on immigration. the clock is ticking on the deal, to deal with tach. the president told reporters today. republicans don't have the votes to go it alone to beef up border security. he will issue a challenge in the state of the union tomorrow night with democrats. i will deal with you on daca if you give me funding for the
6:39 pm
wall. he laid it out today. watch. >> they have been talking immigration and they never got it done. we will get something done. it has to be bipartisan. hopefully enough democrats will join us to do something great for daca and immigration in general. >> this is an opportunity for the president to try to build on the momentum from the tax cuts which is how he ended last year with the fbi investigation and the mueller probe he doesn't have that agenda back on track. tomorrow night is an opportunity to do that. back to you, sean, in the cushy tent. >> sean: it's not that cold out. i like to complain. i used to build houses in the freezing cold. thank you very much, ed henry.
6:40 pm
joining us now is brit hume. let's go to the top story here. you have the house intelligence committee, they release this memo. it's going to the white house. my sources told me tonight that the president and the white house will be delibrative and take this seriously. there is no rush to get it out. they want to know what is in this first. >> well, that's what the president called for. there is a possibility when the president and advisors look at and they will hear from the department of justice that this information or the implications of this information coming out, the summary would contain would be damaging and should not be made public. i have a hunch, they will look at it and say this won't hurt anything. it doesn't contain the raw
6:41 pm
intelligence upon which it's based. probably in a week or so we will see this memo and know what the real deal it. >> sean: have you been around washington a long time. i am in my 23rd year in fox and 30 years in radio. i have a lot of sources and every person i know who saw this memo used explosive. a political earthquake. it's only the beginning. there is a lot more they know is coming that will follow. what are your sources telling you? >> well, what i am sensing about this, sean, is this is going to be interesting. it will likely be outlined abuses of our intelligence processes and the use of the fisa court. i want to wait until i see it. one thing being in washington a long time taught me few things live up to their hype. there has been a considerable
6:42 pm
amount of hype. i will withhold judgment about how explosive it is until i see it. >> sean: that's fair. you have been around this town a long time. here's what we do know. it's scary from donna brazile says the primary against bernie sanders was rigged and it's scary reading the text messages between strzok and page and the exoneration was written months before the investigation into hillary's emails. and using a fisa warrant to spy on an opposition candidate. which does the media cover this? you know many in the media in this town. >> the media in this town, most are interested in one story. that's the russia story. for a long time the focus was
6:43 pm
whether there was collusion between the russian government and the trump campaign. the absence of any visible evidence seems to have cooled that story. now they are on to obstruction of justice being a possibility. the media in washington can't stand donald trump. they can't stand the sight of him. they would like to see him brought down. there is no doubt in my mind about that. i am not prepared to believe that robert mueller's investigation won't in the end be fair. he made mistakes in people he hired and fbi agents he used. i am not prepared to believe that in the end this guy will come out with a slanted or flimsy report. at the same time, however, i believe there is every chance we may find out serious misconduct
6:44 pm
in the fbi and the justice department in the latter stages of the obama administration and the beginning of this one. i am not a fan of having another special. -- special counsel. they end up out of control and wander far afield from the original mission. i think it's a bad idea. i wish this special counsel process had not been useed in the case of mr. trump either. >> sean: brit hume, always great perspective. thank you, sir. when we come back, sean spicer, and ari weigh in.
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>> ♪ >> sean: back to our top story. the house intelligence committee voteing to release the classified memo thanks to you calling your congressman saying release the memo. democrats and the mainstream media condemned the move. they don't want to see the memo and they don't want you to see the memo. take a look. >> the republicans declared war on our national security on classified information. >> we are seeing a break down of democracy. we have never had a situation in which the congress moved into a criminal investigation and turned it into a political circus. that's what is going on here. >> it looks like watergate. it also has fringes of the salem witch trials and throw in the mccarty hearings and we have one crisis about to happen here.
6:50 pm
>> sean: joining us now former white house press secretary for president trump sean spicer and former press secretary for president bush. ari fleischer. let's talk about the origins of this. this is important. the origins are simple. would you have have an email server investigation that they were exonerating before investigations. it was written months before they interviewed main principals. then we have a dossier used to influence the american people. that was not true. and it was used as a foundation to get a fisa warrant to spy on a president-elect. to me that's the biggest story in our lifetime. it's such a danger because fisa is all about spying on americans. you better have good cause than research that was never verified. >> you also have the office of
6:51 pm
the national security advisor and others in the obama administration unmasked. >> sean: one a day. >> that's correct, sean. >> the bush administration never did it. the amount of times obama administration did night and day. >> sean: 300% increase. that's one of the early stories we broke. >> sean, i think the american people need to see. it we need to put all of the fixes in so we protect everyone's consitutional rights against unreasonable search and seizure. we have to vet out those people who abused this program designed to keep americans safe. >> there is a balance. we have to make sure that people don't abuse the system. we are not using classified information against american citizens in a way that is alleged. we have to make sure it's done
6:52 pm
in a way that doesn't reveal sources and methods. the house should work with the department of justice to make sure this is done in a responsible way. there is transparency. but we do so in a way that doesn't burn a lot of sources and methods are that used. >> sean: we knew foreign intelligence agencies got ahold of clinton's email server. >> i agree with that. that gets lost in the mix here. just because she didn't win an election doesn't mean you don't get prosecuted. >> sean: do you think the fix was in? >> absolutely. a lot of things being said in the text messages and what you wonder what really went into it. a report is coming out in march.
6:53 pm
that will be revealing as what really happened inside the department. look, one of the things that is interesting about what the democrats are saying is that if you question anybody in the government right now you are anti-law enforcement. that's not true. 99% of the people who work day in and out in law enforcement are good, hard working people who care about this country >> the other thing they watered down. more than one of the emails hillary clinton sent went to president barack obama from her private server. the fbi changed the name. they cleaned it up to protect barack obama. they could not handle the idea that the president knew hillary clinton had a private server. >> sean: she committed crimes and they covered for her. they are using her paid for dossier to spy on an opposition campaign, how severe is this?
6:54 pm
>> sean, you know i have defended robert mueller. i used to defend james comey on his investigation of hillary clinton. i can no longer do that. the investigation into hillary is a sham. anybody who loves the fbi, in this instance the fbi let us all down. >> sean: that's scary. when we come back, up next, grammys off the rails last. night. the video. whatever you do to stay healthy. you might be missing something. your eyes. that's why there's ocuvite. ocuvite helps replenish nutrients your eyes can lose as you age. it has lutein, zeaxanthin and omega-3. ocuvite. be good to your eyes.
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♪look into my eyes ♪you will see ♪what you mean to me ♪don't tell me it's not worth trying for♪ ♪you know it's true ♪everything i do ♪i do it for you
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♪yeah, i would fight for you♪ ♪i'd lie for you ♪walk the wire for you ♪yeah, i'd die for you ♪you know it's true ♪everything i do ♪i do it for you >> sean: some of you i hope you had better things to do than watch the grammys last night, but there were some wild moments, take a look. >> i love that song. i love that song. it takes me back, leg way back to one trump wasn't president. >> we remember that this country was built by dreamers, for dreamers chasing the american dream. just like dreams, these kids
6:59 pm
can't be forgotten and are worth fighting for. >> auditions, take one. >> trump won't read anything. if he gets up halfway through meetings with world leaders because he is bored. >> i can't believe this. this is how he lives his life. >> he had a longtime fear. one reason why he likes to eat at mcdonald's. >> that said, we've got it. that's the one. >> sean: it works so well. lowest ratings on record. down 24% in one year. time for the hannity hotline. >> mr. hannity, every time i watch her show i get a migraine. i just see her face and i get a migraine and when you start talking it becomes blinding. >> you are a lunatic! >> sean: blinded migraines?
7:00 pm
every time i open my mouth i kill kittens. wow. this is tough on my ego but you say nice things about laura ingraham. let not your heart be troubled. we will never be the destroy-trump media. 11:00 tomorrow night. thanks for coming out of the cold and hanging out with us in d.c. >> laura: you are out on the roof. watch out, one of those hannity hate line people will come and throw you right off that roof. i wouldn't be on that roof if i were you. if you look great in that shot, very flattering. >> sean: thank you very much. i appreciate your kind words. how come you got all the good hotline calls and i don't get any? that's so unfair. it's my hotline! speeone, all you need is a personality transplant and you will be totally fine. >> sean: and something to say before you go, ready? goodbye. >> laura: thanks a lot. welcome to "the ingraham angle" from w