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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 2, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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>> there is also a game. >> obviously the eagles are going to win. i don't get a score prediction. i don't like to jinx things. todd: my prediction? i will be having chicken wings. guaranteed. jillian: fly, eagles, fly. have a good friday. rob: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> a classified memo battle is intensifying even more. the white house decides when they will approve the release. >> gives a very misleading impression designed to target the fbi. >> american civil liberties were abused. then that needs to come to light so that that doesn't happen again. >> the question is whether the next step is going to be after this memo is released are we going to get the accountability we desire. >> rips into democrats for inaction on immigration. >> i don't think they want to solve the daca problem. that's all they do is resist. i don't know if they're good at it i don't know if they are too good at it because we are passing a lot of things. >> brought the 2018 playbook to lawmakers. >> with a nation that won
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two world wars, defeated fascism. this is our legacy. we are, indeed, making america great again. >> he is a true american hero risking his life to save his fellow soldiers overseas and now leroy pettrey is getting the super bowl spotlight. >> mixed emotions. excited, nervous. honored mostly and humbled. ♪ ♪ ♪ i got you babe ♪ i got you babe. steve: that is the perfect music. you are looking live at punctuatiopunxsutawney, pennsyl. groundhog day if you watched the phil murray movie every time the alarm clock went off sony and cherry singing chee singing this song i got you babe.
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ainsley: do you know why this day is significant? this is my first kiss february 2nd. brian: all right. steve: this is a fox news alert. ainsley: just a little peck. he asked me, can you kiss me? and i was so nervous and embarrassed. if you are a man out there, don't ask, just do it because the girl doesn't want to be the initiator. brian: in some case us. steve: after he gave you the kiss did, he start singing the song i got you babe, i got you babe? ainsley: he broke up with me. i must have been terrible. brian: we will name names next hour. right now we will get to a fox news alert. president trump expected to give the green light to release that highly classified memo alin alleging abuse in the fbi. the democrats are pushing back big time on this. steve: griff jenkins is live in d.c. with all the latest. griff, the democrats' hair is on fire they don't want that coming out but it sounds like it could come out later today. >> good morning, guys.
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apparently they are not happy about this. but the president is expected to sign off on the memo's release saying americans deserve answers top ranking officials using fisa law to spy on the trump campaign in 2016 ultimately leading to the mueller investigation. house speaker paul ryan saying it's congress' duty to get to the bottom of it and take action, if necessary. >> what it is is the congress' legitimate function of oversight to make sure that the fisa process is being used correctly and if it wasn't being use you had correctly that needs to come to light and people need to be held accountable. >> lashing out at the memo's author devin nunes echoing warnings by the justice department that relet'sing this memo could harm national security. the ranking member of that committee, adam schiff saying it's misleading. >> this memo is really a spin because of serious and
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material omissions is inaccurate and gives a very misleading impression. >> chief joins minority leader nancy pelosi calling for nunes' removal from that intel committee. but g.o.p. sources say, guys, there are explosive revelations in this memo. so a lot is riding on it including possible vindication for chairman nunes. steve: you are right about that. brian: i know he is counting on that, griff. he has taken a lot of heat even with the caucus with the republicans meeting in west virginia. thanks, griff jenkins. the memo causing a little bit of a stir. they say the fbi does not want it out. james comey the former fbi director doesn't want it out. why don't they want it out? they say it does not give the whole picture. ainsley: the good news is we have talked about the edited version. our sources are telling us that the edited version, there were five edits that were made or several edits that were made. the president showed that edited version to the fbi to make sure they were satisfied with the edits. the reason they needed it to be edit.
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names taken out and things they were worried about that could be a conflict with national security. steve: you know what? joe was on last night with tucker, said that chris wray, the fbi director is angry because there are names of fbi agents and also department of justice officials who he said actually broke the law. he wants the names out. and, of course, the republicans want to keep the names in. mike huckabee, a republican says why doesn't everybody want to see if the fbi or the department of justice broke the law? >> this goes to the heart of the highest levels of law enforcement. it's bad enough when campaign aides do nings that are nefarious and wrong. but when you have the people who carry badges and guns and have the power to take away people's personal liberty, put them in jail for the rest of their life, now you're dealing with something that goes to the very heart of the most fundamental constitutional protections that americans ought to be able to expect, what i don't understand,
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sean is, why that there is not a unified outcry and a demand to see what really happened from democrats, republicans, independence, and a true and free press. brian: one of the main people that could be in trouble after this is released is deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. it looks like he reapproved a request last year, we reauthorizing surveillance of a former trump advisor expected to be carter page. paul ryan says yesterday the memo sent out does not indict mueller, dots not indict rosenstein and also president bushes back on nancy pelosi by the way remove devin nunes whatever you do don't do. this among the republicans who don't want this out who hasn't seen it yet number three guy on the republican side in the senate and that's senator john thune. steve: john solomon from the hill has a great report out it came out last night. it details some of the things that may be in it.
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clearly some republican investigators have talked to him. you know how chris steele, who had worked for the fbi in the past on foreign corruption cases how he was talking to the media, well, as it turns out, the fbi in the fall of 2016, according to john solomon, used the allegations of the trump-rush collusion from a news story, a news story. keep in mind chris steele is talking to the news media. the fbi says look at this news story right here, they used that as justification to spy on carter page and that started the whole thing. also, he says, three quarters of the evidence used by the fbi and the department of justice to spy on trump came from sources tied to hillary rodham clinton. ainsley: that's interesting that's why the fbi doesn't want it released. steve: of course. ainsley: worried about inaccuracies in the report. grave concerns is the word they used. former fbi director james comey, you all know him well, he tweeted this out.
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he said all should appreciate the fbi speaking up. i wish more of our leaders would. but take heart, american history shows that in the long run, weasels and liars never hold the field, so long as good people stand up. not a lot of schools or streets named for joe mccarthy. you might wonder who joe mccarthy, mccarthyism. claimed that government officials were soviet spies during the soviet war. brian: i wonder how many streets are names james comey. whether he should be the moniker of truth and justice. we're not sure where the truth or justice is i thought it was interesting, thomas o'connor who represents the fbi field agents. he says we stand shoulder to shoulder with management. he never said don't release the memo. and i thought that was very telling about, i agree with chris wray don't release the memo. the big question is will chris wray resign if this is indeed passed because now after a day after which he fired andy mccabe the next day after he says reading
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the memo on sunday, fires andy mccabe on monday. chris wray thought go ahead that was the thought process. by tuesday he makes it clear i don't want this out. they are wondering if he is going to walk in and sty john kelly and the president of the united states, i resign. but the -- many people feel he won't because he didn't sign this. ainsley: it's too late now though. the american people want to know what's in the memo. the president said is he going to release it i think it's going to happen. brian: not too late for him to resign. he could resign tomorrow. ainsley: right. steve: if devin nunes releases this and the president releases it that mr. wray should quit. the president of the united states was out in west virginia addressing the republicans. here he is, he is talking about how the economy has taken off and, of course, nancy pelosi, famously, talking about how that's just crumbs. listen to this. >> and then we got hit with these corporations giving tremendous bonuses to everybody. that nancy pelosi called
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crumbs. that was a bad -- that could be like deplorable. does that make sense? deplorable and crumbs? steve: of course, deplorables came back to haunt hillary rodham clinton, the big question is does nancy pelosi think crumbs was a problem? listen to this. >> there is some tax advantage in the beginning for families, and that's their enticement. while they give banquets to the rest of the -- to the high end, to the top 1%, to the corporate america. they are giving i say crumbs. they mocked me in ads for saying. compared to the banquet they give at the high end. brian: it really could be trouble. as you see there is something going out there. this new monday moth poll do you want to vote for republican or democrat? 14 point lead for democrats in december. that's down to 2. steve: yeah, we are going to talk to scott rasmussen about that in a statement. brian: because of statements
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like that. what do they stand for? black cloud over washington. tax cut benefit ago lot of people. those crumbs are making people happy that particularticksworking class pe. ainsley: when talking to g.o.p. leaders in congress, he was touting how jobs are created. brings so much money. talked to world leaders in davos. bringing more jobs over and billions of dollars worth of money into our country from these big companies. and then i thought what was reeling telling, he said we were divided as a party at the beginning of last year. now we have never been closer. paul ryan picked up the phone and called him at the white house and said i don't remember ever remember the republicans being this close. steve: fantastic. the president was talking about how we have more green in our pocket. it is wear red day that explains why we are wearing red as is jillian mele. jillian: i'm supporting both causes today which is important. good morning to you guys and to you at home as well.
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the middle school shooting four students hurt now considered an accident. police arresting a 12-year-old girl in los angeles after a loaded gun went off inside a classroom in los angeles. the school immediately put on lockdown. sending parents into panic. two students were shot. one in the head. the other in the wrist. they are both expected to survive. it's still unclear why the girl had a loaded gun in her backpack. a woman earning herself a first class ticket to jail after charging the cockpit on an american airlines flight. charlene harriet charged with running towards the american airlines flight as it approached charles' airport biting one crew member on the arm. kicking another and punching a third. flight attendants restraining her by using zip ties and duct tape. president trump will view the national targeting center in west virginia. importance of ice agents doubling down on existing policy that allows agents to arrest criminal illegals inside courthouses. acting director of ice says the measure is all about
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safety. although critics fear family members could also be arrested in court. a look at your headlines. send it back to you guys. steve: all right, jillian. thank you. ainsley: just ahead of sunday's super bowl that jillian is so excited about. pete hegseth is having breakfast with friends. hey, pete. pete: good morning, guys. it's 5:00 a.m. in minnesota. it's negative 8. so of course it's packed in minnesota we are a hearty bunch. we are having breakfast with my friends this morning 20 miles from my hometown in minnesota at the river cafe in still water, minnesota. come out and join us. we have "fox & friends." catch it here we go ♪ come to share ♪ they coming america ♪ they coming to america ♪ they [burke] vengeful vermin.
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♪ steve: trey gowdy and other republican congressman announced this week that they will not seek re-election in this year's mid terms causing some concerns that the republican party will have difficulty stopping the democrats from gaining the seats necessary to take the house. can the republicans hold on? can they hold on this says right here. here to break it all down is polster and editor-at-large scott rasmussen houston. >> this is where we stand
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today 238 republicans. 193 democrats. four vacancies. county democrats win? yes. county republicans hold on? yes. anybody who says there is a certain outcome at this point is way ahead of the game. biggest thing helping the democrats right now a lot of the republicans like trey gowdy are retiring. 41 have given up their jobs. the reason that matters if you are incumbent have you more job security than a tenured college professor. when incumbent gives up his seat, things happen. some of the gowdy seat stay republican. when freely retired in the house in 2011 that created a toss-up in a house that would have leaned republican. have you 15 competitive races where republicans have retired. democrats need 24 seats to gain control. steve: right. >> the average midterm gain for a party out of power 26. steve: okay. so that sounds bad for the republicans. >> well, if you look at the last 10 mid terms. four times the party in power has gained 24 -- more
3:19 am
than 24 seats. four times they have gained less. twice once under clinton and party under president bush the party in power lost ground. it's a toss-up. steve: this is what we are coming down to right now. back at the first of the year, the democrats held close to a 13 point advantage in the generic who would you vote for for congress, a democrat or republican. >> that's right. steve: now it's narrowing. brian was talking about the monday moth poll. it has got to be the tax cut. >> the tax cut is the biggest issue. that helped boost republican enthusiasm. people don't talk about this a lot there is a difference between the way you feel about the economy and the way you feel about your personal finances it's the way you feel about personal finances that drive your voting behavior. getting a bigger paycheck helps a lot. steve: i can't tell you how many people have emailed us i have gotten my paycheck. they started withholding even though they don't have until february 15th. more money in my pocket. >> this trend is the one to watch. republicans keep gaining ground they have a good
3:20 am
midterm. if not it will be tough. race by race analysis if you assume democrats have a decent midterm turnout. they would end up 215 seats republicans with 220. not quite there. but, again, this emphasizes how close. this would be like on sunday afternoon if we go into the fourth quarter and separated by a field goal. that's what the race looks like right now. steve: how come all these pundits on tv are talking about how the republicans are going to lose control of the house? >> partly they started making those comments when the republicans were down 13 points in the generic ballot. partly because they have convinced themselves the tax cut is a loser and somehow that is going to be popular. steve: that's right it is a loser. people hate having more money in their pocket. hello. university of california berkeley. the paper is rejecting the conservative op-ed but antifa articles okay with the paper. the student fighting back joins us live next. plus, a young gymnast slipping and goes flying off the high bar. watch this. well, we are going to stop
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let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. steve: it is 6:24 in new york city. we start with a fox news alert. a minivan carrying gas canisters burst into flames. lost control, and plowed into pedestrians. police in china say the driver lit a cigarette and accidently ignited the gas in shanghai. at least 18 people hurt. three of them seriously. in the crash that mimicked several ramming attacks orchestrated by isis, police do not believe the shanghai crash is terror-related. and the oldest son of cuban
3:25 am
dictator the late fidel castro, now the son is dead. state media in cuba reporting 68-year-old fidel castro's killed himself after suffering from deep depression. he once ran cuba's nuclear power program. and that is some of the news, brian and ainsley. ♪ brian: that position is open now. 25 minutes after the hour, the official student newspaper at the university of california berkeley blocking a conservative op-ed on daca. but the daily californian recently published opinion piece is entitled u.k. berkeley fails to support undocumented support in time of need. and trump's hateful rhetoric effects the lives of people of color. that made the cut. ainsley: correspondent for campus and u.k. berkeley college republicans and he is the student who wrote that rejected op-ed. tell us what happened. >> so, before i begin, i would first like to express my disappointment in the daily california u.k. berkeley's school newspaper. after asking me to write op-ed on daca. they decided to reject my
3:26 am
op-ed after apparently offending them. i believe this is a huge disservice to their readers because it's clear that the daily californian would like to sherlgt their readers from hearing a different perspective on campus. one that goes against their traditional progressive group think which is supporting unfettered immigration on campus. now, campus did excellent job exbodying nationwide job of deplatforming conservatives. let me explain what my op-ed was even about. in it i argued for the importance of law, nationhood and unified western culture to. achieve this i cited the works of our great founding fathers. at the time i didn't realize how problematic it would be to cite our founding fathers in the op-ed. they give me two lawful reasons why they couldn't publish it the first they stated i wrote that illegal to wave the mexican flag on texas. of course never in my paper dimension this. second they took issue with the statement saying we are fortunate to live in a great country and must do everything we can to
3:27 am
preserve it as a safe and prosperous nation. now, how dare i suggest the united states is a great country. brian: called an editorial. here is what they are saying. this claims the op-ed was not good because of this. when a student group on campus waive the mexican flag shows throilt homeland over the u.s. poverty and violence is characteristic of most of the world outside the west. so i guess your editorial didn't make the cut on those accounts. >> right, but, of course, having podesta by antifa whicop-eds by antifa isokay. ainsley: good point. why would this liberal newspaper. i assume is it a liberal newspaper? >> well, u.k. berkeley school newspaper so of course it leans left. ainsley: why would they ask you the president of the republican group on campus to write a paper about daca and then not publish it? they knew what you were going to say and what your opinions were going to be. >> right. they know exactly what i was
3:28 am
going to write. maybe, perhaps, they were hoping i would take a more moderate approach to the issue, which is more like jeff flake. they were surprised, of course, i'm against daca because it breaks our federal code and our laws. brian: all right. so heres what the californians said: so obviously your opinion didn't mesh with that person's opinion. >> right, apparently calling our country a great nation didn't pass their rigorous fact-checking. ainsley: if you look at that first statement, i can understanding -- do you understand why that might be offensive? you said when student groups on campus wave a mexican flag it shows loyalty to homeland over the united states. >> this is based off the writing of alexander
3:29 am
hamilton. students have an opportunity to write a rebuttal unlike the leftist i welcome the debate discussion about the subject. rather than homophobic, et cetera, perhaps we should have a dialogue on this. brian: if you are the vice president of the republican club, you are a conservative, why would you even choose to go to berkeley and deal with all these head winds when you could be focusing maybe on your career or something else? >> well, i mentioned this before the easy way out is going to a conservative school. but i believe i can make a difference at u.k. berkeley. i believe i have. when i first joined the berkeley college republicans, we barely any members we're the largest political group on campus and consistently growing. this is due partially to donald trump act straighting a group of students felt disenfranchised by the status quo and motivated them to be more involved on campus. steve: all right, naweed
3:30 am
thhmas thank you for joining us again. brian: talking politics and football. ainsley: what does it say? 11 degrees? >> minus 11. ainsley: my goodness. get inside. where is your coat? pete: come inside. no coat needed. ainsley: we will talk to pete coming up. this hippo just predicted who is going to win the big game. will jillian be happy? stick around. brian: first, it's time for me to say happy birthday to my childhood sweetheart christie brinkley. she is 64. ainsley: she was mine, too. brian: really? that's a story ♪ ♪ ick gives you access to discounts on thousands of hotels, cars and things to do. like the royalton riviera cancun for 54% off.
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and put satellites into space and planted our great american flag on the face of the moon. we have healed the sick, cured disease, and cared for the poor like no other nation. we have lifted millions into prosperity and delivered millions into freedom. this is our legacy. this is our birth right. and this is the foundation on which we build our very glorious future. because, together, we are indeed making america great again. steve: there is the president yesterday at the republican retreat. one of the other headlines said he is willing to walk away from the immigration talks if the democrats do not accept his terms. unless he gets what he wants, he's out of there. brian: he also worries the
3:35 am
republican conference, have you got to compromise. know it's not everything you want. you have been sitting here forever. you can't get everything done. keep in mind even though the president said the democrats aren't doing everything, they have had a couple leadership meetings amongst the new heads to kind of formulate some type of bipartisan push. we will see if they will get something done. ainsley: meanwhile super bowl is this sunday and pete is having breakfast with kids at rivero a sis cafe in still water, minnesota. pete, how far away are you from your house where you grew up. pete: not far. 20 minutes downtown road from for rest lake where i grew up. we are at stillwater at the oasis cafe. early cold and packed because we have enthusiastic crowd this morning. we are talking to voters and folks, literally friends of mine for breakfast with friends this morning. one of which is melanie butler. i served with her husband in afghanistan. she runs eagles healing nests. i'm proudly familiar with it how do you feel like the president is doing so far. >> i think he is speaking
3:36 am
for all of us and doing right for all of america. especially veterans. pete: especially veterans. you are passionate about vets yourself. you started healing nests give back and make sure guys are cared for properly. this president talked about fixing the v.a. how do you feel like is he doing so far on that mission? >> i think he is signing a lot of executive orders, but i don't think our secretary is executing them in the you were management. pete: choice about well. >> choice, absolutely. pete: you feel like they are doing that right yet. >> no. pete: still work to be done there new a message for the president as pertains to vets in the v.a. what would it be. >> come and see what they are creating. it started in minnesota. come and visit. come and talk to them. they will talk to you that veterans choices is not working. pete: eagles healing nest. if we can't get the president maybe we can get secretary shulkin to check out healing nest. we have other voters al enter attachment you worked at anderson windows down the road or did. big plant down the road.
3:37 am
you are passionate about tax cuts hitting people's paychecks. why? >> i think everybody can use a little extra money in their paycheck every week. i think taps good thing and i'm very proud of our president and love what he's doing. pete: you are saying that $1,000 is not bread crumbs? >> no, it's not crumbs. not oat all. that's huge. pete: how do you feel when it's characterized like that? >> it ticks me off. pete: by the way that's as ticked off as a minnesotan will get right there. we are nice people but that's the angry face. how about pertains to the memo being released. do you feel like there was a deep state attempt to take down this president. >> oh yeah, absolutely. i hope they release it. pete: the president will do just that troy, you you were more of reluctant trump supporter. you said you hovered your pencil over the ballot. weren't sure who you were going to pull the leave for. ultimately it was president trump. how do you feel about his policies and how he has pursued them? >> i think he has the right mind set and right heart and soul for it. his words, as he uses them can use a little more
3:38 am
filtering and i would hope that he can balance that as he teaches younger kids that watch the news how to do it themselves. but i think overall, he is on the right path. he is doing the right things. that he has got the economy heading in the right direction. pete: he does. you have got three young kids. you said family is very important to you. if there is one thing you would like to see him pursue in the next year as the leader of our country and the free world. what would it be? >> i would like to see him as the economy continues to improve look well as the money gets churning through the economy, keep an eye on the balance families, the education, the military support. make sure that all parts of the engine are turning. pete: absolutely. we will go back to melanie one last time here before we send it back to you. as far as the year ahead, what's something you expect you would like to see this president do? >> i think he is doing exactly what we want for god for country and for family. pete: you talked to vets in the military. are they loving him as a commander-in-chief?
3:39 am
>> absolutely they are. pete: what does it do for morale? >> morale is high. and he is allowing them to complete their mission. pete: you hear that time and time again. let the troops compete their mission. that's why isis is a shell of what they used to be. i will tell you even in the super bowl here in minnesota, people want to talk politics. minnesota didn't go for trump. he almost won the state. it wents to hillary clinton. but i think a lot of folks are hoping maybe minnesota will turn red. we will see. it's a fantasy right now. but maybe some day. back to you in the island of manhattan. just like the game, the game is inside. so we're inside. brian: see how many years al franken seat. maybe people can be speaking out. >> al franken's seat suspect this year. amy klobuchar and governorship is up this year. we will see if the republicans can pick up. steve: no wonder they are all talking politics out o over
3:40 am
pancakes. ainsley: hand it over to jillian for headlines. jillian: start with this headline getting you caught up. the crossing gate at the scene of virginia amtrak crash weren't working right. that's what several witnesses are now telling the ntsb saying the tracks were going down for no reason in the days before the crash. author steven king apologizes for saying a train load of republicans on the way to pricey retreat hate garbage truck. my friend russ calls that karma. thoughtless tweet from me concerning the train truck crash for which i apologize if one is necessary. quick thinking incredible video showing the man catch the boy as he falls off the high bar. massachusetts coach says he was just doing his job. >> thank god it was, you negotiation turns things turned out the way did he. >> i'm thank. he wasn't there for me. i think if he wasn't there
3:41 am
my neck would have hurt bad. jillian: 13-year-old noah got right back up again, look at that video and got the best high bar score of the year at the national competition. so remember when a woman tried to take a peacock on a plane dubbing it her emotional support animal? fresh off that bizarre incident earlier this week, uniteside tightening the leash with stricter rules. airline joining delta now requiring passengers to prove their animals are trained, healthy and up to date on shots. new policy includes 48 hour notice and doctor's note proving the animal is really necessary. and finally, with the super bowl right around the corner, one super star hippo is revealing her pick. ♪ville jill i knew i liked you fiona the hippo from the cincinnati zoo. can you see there fly eagles fly. selected the eagles to take the big win home on sunday.
3:42 am
for her the which boxes look the tastiest to eat from. i'm going with my girl fee ownna, guys. back to you. brian: not a fictional character. why aren't there more hippos? they look like great pets. ainsley: oh, no. [buzzer] steve: where would you put a pet like that it weighs 1,000 pounds. brian: they look friendly. they don't bite. steve: that's a pet something smaller. janice: they bite. groundhogs bite. steve: it's ground hog's day. janice: he comes out of his burrow at 7:20. will there be another six weeks of weather? there is winter right now in punctuation town. i wapunxsutawney: i was accepting an award last year in punxsutawney. it has a special place in my heart. it's a bucket list. amazing there the crowd is out at 3:00 a.m. punxsutawney phil sees his
3:43 am
shadow six more weeks of weather no shadow early spring. is he right about 30% of the time and 107 forecasts have called on more winter. my bet is on more winter. minus 6 right now in minneapolis. 33 in new york. i want to make mention we have this system moving through the northeast and behind it very cold air. so i'm concerned about a flash freeze. just beware we have another system behind this that could bring measurable snow sunday into monday. groundhog speaks 7:20. he will tell us. ainsley: we have it live. steve: we will have it lie. he is right 39% of the time. how often are actual professional meteorologists correct? janice: i cannot answer that question. i will not answer the question. ainsley: most of the time. janice: it will get me in to trouble. steve: j.d., thank you. janice: you got it. steve: company latest to give thousand dollar bonuses to their employees thanks to the tax cut. the ceo of marble says business has never been better. they join us next.
3:44 am
brian: plus the super bowl two days away. should the nfl ban kneeling for the super bowl? nfl pro-bowler former philadelphia eagle herschel walker and cowboy joins us ♪ when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪ what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations
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3:47 am
the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. steve: will president trump touting the benefits of its tax bill and taking on democrats who disagree. >> then we got hit with these corporations giving tremendous bonuses to everybody, that nancy pelosi called crumbs. but she called it crumbs when people are getting 2,000 and $3,000 and $1,000. that's not crumbs. that's a lot of money. ainsley: one business that's gladly taking those crumbs is minutesy marble. it's a manufacturing firm in georgia. they are joining a chorus of companies giving out thousand dollar bonuses to their workers. president and ceo donna joins us now. thank you for coming on with us.
3:48 am
>> thanks for having me. ainsley: you're welcome. tell us why you decided to do. this giving $1,000 bonus checks to how many employees? >> well, we have 300 employees and we are giving $1,000 bonuses to the people who have been there 10 years or more and then like 900 to 9 years. 800 to 8 year employees and so on. ainsley: that's wonderful. why did you decide to do that? i'm very excite. i think the tax reform it benefiting small business even more than large businesses. because we don't have the staff of accountants and thanks attorneys and everything to help us get our rate down. so we have been really paying a 35% rate and now we are going to a 21%. so we are very significantly affected. and i wanted to share that with the people who helped to get us where we are. steve: absolutely. they helped you build your business. your family business. i understand before the tax cuts went through, you were thinking about expanding
3:49 am
your facility. but, when you -- >> -- right. steve: actually saw that the money was going to be there that you could do something different, what did you decide to do? >> we, instead of expanding 100,000 square feet, we decided to build a brand new 450,000 square foot plant. steve: whoa. >> so we can increase our production hopefully 50%. steve: hire more people? ainsley: yeah and bring more jobs. >> yes, hire more people, bring more jobs. the pay rates are going to go up. it's all good. it's very good for small business, too. ainsley: donna, i love hearing the stories of when people get their businesses. you know nancy pelosi is calling $1,000 crumbs. and maybe that is to her. she is a millionaire. but,. >> exactly. ainsley: you know, you live outside of atlanta. about an hour outside of atlanta. i grew up in the south where a thousand dollars for my family is a big deal. what are some of the stories you have heard? anything can you share? >> oh, people were jumping up and down. they are so happy.
3:50 am
you know, there is all kinds of things that $1,000 will do. and, you know, when you are in the south, that's a lot of money. steve: it's a lot of money anywhere. ainsley: anywhere, yeah. steve: donna mincy who is sharing the wealth. thank you for joining us from atlanta. ainsley: donna, thank you for giving back. you seem like a wonderful person. >> thank you for letting me on. thank you. steve: 10 minutes before the top of the hour. is mitt romney throwing his hat in the political ring he? just talked about it, and we're going to share that with you. ainsley: plus, the super bowl only a few days aaway. should the nfl ban kneeling? nfl's pro-bowler and former philadelphia eagle herschel walker is going to join us live. he is on set with brian right now ♪ might be where i'm from ♪ even when i'm a thousand miles away from my crew ♪
3:51 am
to share data from any well instantly. so they can analyze trends and stop potential problems in their tracks. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better.
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3:54 am
>> just because you have the right doesn't mean it's the right venue. i don't disagree with them. i think during the national anthem is the wrong platform to place it in. ainsley: that medal of honor recipient earlier on fox weighed in on the season full of national anthem protests with super bowl 52 coming up this sunday. the nfl still has yet to roll out a resolution. so what should the consequences be for the players? brian: it is great that they are honoring these medal of honor recipients in the game. with us now is former philadelphia eagles running back, excuse me new jersey generals running back. dallas cowboy running back herschel walker. great to see you. >> how are you guys? brian: is there a fear you think in the league fists in the air and guys taking knees in front of the world world sunday? >> you know what's strange? i don't know whether guys
3:55 am
are going to take a knee. this was hush money given to the guys. i think it was given to them not to take a knee. steve: what are you talking about hush money. >> the league gave the players a large sum of money. brian: towards their cause? >> towards their cause which i said that's hush money. because guys should have been standing at the very beginning. i think what they need is good leadership. and i have been saying that from the beginning. i think the commissioner, when it first started. it first started of commissioner said no, everyone has got to stand. i think it started with a young man. i think kaepernick had a great cause but i ask the question. if he was a starting quarterback, would he have been doing that? so you have got to ask that question as well. if he was the starting quarterback would he have been kneeling. brian: kaepernick? steve: what's the answer. >> no. i don't think he would have. when you have an idol mind you start doing things. that's what happened. no doubt black lives matter but i don't think you can protest on your job. when you start protesting on your job like i said i own a
3:56 am
food company. chicken. leader commissioner should have said no guys we're not going to kneel. brian: third largest minority owned company in the country. >> largest. brian: who would expect anything less from you. >> that's true. brian: tell us about rocky ridge >> rocky ridge gives american hero, i think one of the things we are forgetting about and it goes with whether or not you are going to kneel or stand and that's what plays a big part of my life is our military. we are the best country in the world but it has nothing to do with starbucks, mcdonald's. we have the best military in the world. we have young men and women going down range doing some amazing things for us, and, yet, we have guys who want to kneel. guys talk about first amendment rights should be i'm going to stand up for our military. brian: still giving away a truck. >> i'm still giving away a truck. go on rocky register.
3:57 am
ainsley: predictions for sunday who are you win. >> philadelphia. not just because i played in philadelphia because it's philly time. brian: guess who is going to be happy kellyanne conway, she is coming up next hour. she is pulling for the eagles. what is this? when we love someone, we want to do right by them. but some things we can't control like snoring. (snoring) introducing theravent anti-snore strips. clinically shown to reduce snoring. theravent. the answer is right under your nose.
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and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters packed with goodness. >> the president is expected to sign off on the memo's release expect transapparently. ainsley: democrats pushing back big time on. this misleading targeting the fbi. >> american civil liberties were abused, then that needs to come to light so that that doesn't happen again. >> the question is whether the next step is going to be after this memo is released are we going to get the accountability we desire. >> president rips into democrats today for inaction on immigration. >> i don't think they want to solve the daca problem. that's all they do is resist. i don't know if they are good at it they can't be too good at it because we are passing a lot of things. steve: the president was out in west virginia addressing the republicans. >> we are the nation that won two world wars.
4:01 am
defeated fascism. this is our legacy. we are, indeed, making america great again. >> he is a true american hero, risking his life to save his fellow soldiers overseas and now leroy pettrey is getting the super bowl spotlight. >> mixed emotions, excited, nervous. honored, mostly and humbling. ♪ ♪ ♪ babe, i got you babe ♪ i got you, babe. steve: every time the clock radio went off on groundhog day in bill murray's hotel room in the movie, they were singing this song. ainsley: that was the song. today is ground hog day. so if the ground hog, punxsutawney phil sees his shadow, that's six more weeks of winter. brian: that's scientific. you try to poke some holes. ainsley: 30% of the time it
4:02 am
is. steve: actually it's just math. as you like live in punxsutawney, keep in mind if he sees his shadow six more weeks of winter. if he doesn't see his shadow six more weeks of winter essentially because winter runs six more weeks. ainsley: how cold is it? 13? steve: it's 13 degrees, that's right. it's always a big party. janice dean was there last year. and we're going to take you down to see whether or not the groundhog sees his shadow in about 20 minutes. ainsley: janice was inducted into the ground hog hall of fame. steve: i know it. brian: it must have been emotional for her. she went in there that's a career goal. steve: looking live at gobbler's knob. they are cutting up a rug, aren't they? brian: this year they look sober. ainsley: i don't know if you could be out there in that cold weather. ainsley: we will bring it to you live. 7:20, right? steve: yeah, about. it's not exactly military precision down there. 7:20. 7:25. stand by for that we have a
4:03 am
fox news alert. president trump is expected to give the green light to release that highly classified memo which alleges abuse within the fbi and the department of justice. but, democrats are really angry they don't want it out. brian: all right. moments ago the president tweeting this quote the top leadership and investigators of the fbi and justice department have politicized the sacred investigation process in favor of democrats, and against republicans. something which would have been unthinkable just a short time ago. rank and file are great people. ainsley: griff jenkins live in washington with the latest on what we know about the memo. griff, any word? is it going to be released today or monday. >> that's what the house is saying and democrats don't like it. they're not going to like that tweet, either. but the president says the americans deserve transparency and answers over allegations of fbi abuse while democrats are lashing out at the author. house intelligence devin nunes echoing warnings by
4:04 am
the justice department releasing this memo could hurt national security. adam schiff says it's misleading. >> this memo is really a spin. because of serious and material omissions is inaccurate and gives a very misleading impression. >> now, ainsley, g.o.p. sources say there are explosive revelations in this memo regarding top ranking fbi and doj officials using a fisa law to spy on the trump campaign in 2016 and ultimately leading to the mueller investigation. house speaker paul ryan says it's congress' duty to find out and take action if necessary. >> what it is is the congress' legitimate function of oversight to make sure that the fisa process is being used correctly and if it wasn't being used correctly, that needs to come to light and people need to be held accountable. >> once the president signs off, it won't be up to the intel committee to release
4:05 am
the memo and adam schiff, along with nancy pelosi calling for nunes' removal. a lot is riding on this, guys, including possible vindication for chairman nunes. brian: i just wonder, griff, if this memo releases bad things about the trump campaign or administration would democrats still feel as though the sanctity of the fbi and intelligence gathering was on the docket or is this pure politics? or should i not ask you that question. by the look on your face you don't want me to ask you that question. am i right, griff? steve: he can answer. >> no, no. here's the deal. all americans want to know whether or not institutions of justice top fbi has been weaponized. that's the word being used and people are paying attention. answers are what people want. brian: right. but not democrats. they don't want the answers. thanks, griff. not in this case because they are worried about their long-term relationship between intelligence -- the intelligence committee and the fbi. if you take them on what they are saying. ainsley: if they didn't do anything wrong, why do they care? allow the american people make up their own mind. steve: and what about the department of justice and
4:06 am
the fbi? why are they octobering? we have heard that there were a couple words changed because of grammar, because of syntax, joe da genva says fbi wants the names of the fbi agents who broke the law taken out. he wants them redacted. but nonetheless they are getting push back. will there be names? we had a u.s. congressman on yesterday, mark meadows, he made it very clear that names are going to be in the report that is released either today, tomorrow, or the next day. ainsley: release the memo. those are all of the production' concerns about what happened. then release the democratic memo explaining why this happened or the fbi can respond to each of those points that the republicans have questions about. brian: let all three come out. the fbi characterized this memo as misleading. knowing they have been given limited opportunity to review before the committee voted to release. we know christopher wray saw it sunday. five agents saw it tuesday. and now it's coming out as early as friday.
4:07 am
so we will see what happens. you know where the president stands. he just weigh you had. in release it. politics at the top but not in the field offices. everyone is going out of their way to say that because it's true. a lot of people -- they are not upset by getting to the answers here. those are the ones getting their hands dirty. steve: i don't know that the president would release it today because there is something big going on. brian: what do you mean? steve: it's groundhog day. brian: doesn't want to take attention away from the groundhog? steve: you never know. that's going to happen in 15 minutes. meanwhile the president of the united states was out in west virginia yesterday addressing the republicans. and it's interesting what he was talking about. of course, we all know that employers have until february 15th to start changing their withholding. but, i'm already getting email from people from all over the country who are talking about i just looked at my paycheck and i'm getting 150 bucks more a month. the average american is going to be getting close to $1,000 of their own money in their pocket thanks to this tax cut. ainsley: that's wonderful.
4:08 am
and nancy pelosi, you know, she called them crumbs. and the president, he compared her comments, the crumb comment to what hillary clinton said on the campaign trail when she called donald trump supporters deplorables. listen. >> and then we got hit with these corporations giving tremendous bonuses to everybody. that nancy pelosi called crumbs. that was a bad -- that could be like deplorable. does that make sense? deplorable and crumbs? brian: that's just it because if you see a rich -- this is one of the democratic strategists today was quoted as saying, look, this is a worry. because rich person from san francisco telling everybody else that 1,000, 2,000, $3,000 are crumbs. that's not the optics. just like you have to pass the obamacare to find out what's in it. now you have the crumbs comment and then have you hillary clinton's deplorable comment. there are certain comments you hear them and say he or she is going to have a tough time shaking this. she is going to have a tough time shaking it she has already been troublesome for the party as a figure head.
4:09 am
this is going to make it worse. steve: just think about it. come november, you're going to elect a democrat who is, you know, in the house, if it's going to be headed up by nancy pelosi who feels like that about the money in my pocket? donna mincey of the ceo of mincey marble down in gainsville, georgia was with us just about a half an hour ago. she had seen what tat was doing to their employees, so she decided to give some of her employees up to $1,000 bonus if they had been there 10 years. she had these observations about how it more broadly effects business. small business. >> the tax reform is benefiting small business even more than large businesses. because we don't have the staff of accountants and tax attorneys and everything to help us get our rate down. so we have been really paying a 35% rate and now we're going to a 21. so we are very significantly affected and i wanted to share that with the people who helped to get us where
4:10 am
we are. people were jumping up and down. they are so happy. you know, there is all kinds of things that $1,000 will do. and you know, when you are in the south, that's a lot of money. brian: it's a lot of money, too. when you consider the g.o.p. is raising more money than the democrats, and 44% are coming from so-called small donors that might be, i don't know, getting crumbs this year then perhaps then perhaps the republicans are feeling confident that they are with a working person. ainsley: we want to read some of your comments, heidi emailed us and said my pay has gone up $50 buy biweekly. that will go a long way for my family. steve: 100 per month that would be about 1200 bucks. hey, nancy, crumbs, i got $8,200 increase in my retirement. not crumbs to me. brian: those crumbs turned into a slice of bread for my wife and i thank you president trump and
4:11 am
republicans. just a slice of bread. steve: put enough crumbs together have you got some dough. i think essentially what that means. donna clear, her tax rate is going from 35% to 21%. that's a jackpot. ainsley: all right. we're going to hand it over to jillian who a lot of people are spending that extra money buying food for super bowl parties on sunday. go eagles, right? jillian: yes, go eagles. good morning to you guys. let's get you caught up on some of your news of the day starting here. a wisconsin teenager will spend 40 years in a mental hospital for trying to kill her classmates. morgan guiser pleading guilty to stabbing a girl in the woods 19 times to please the fictional horror character known as slender man. guiser and a friend anis is a wire behind the attack in 2014 when they were just 12 years old. the victim somehow weighed and survived. she suffered from paranoia and delusions. the yoga instructor accused of driving off a clip in
4:12 am
hawaii now free. finding allege election andrea devol not guilty of second degree murder. witnesses saw devol and her sister anastasia arguing inside a ford explorer right before the suv plunged 200 feet over a cliff. anastasia died at the scene. president trump meeting with north korean defectors in the oval office today in an effort to pressure dictator kim jongs u.n. on human rights. 8 defectors will be there including seongho. human rights abuses in the rogue nation as nuclear tensions continue on the korean peninsula. that's a look at your headlines. think that's that one man people will never forget and that image. steve: with the crutches. unbelievable. thank you, jillian. weasels and liars. he was one of the first to go and now fired fbi director james comey is lashing out ahead of the fisa memo release. he tweeted that yesterday.
4:13 am
brian: plus it's groundhog day. will punxsutawney phil see his shadow will will spring come early this year? we'll find out as we go to gobbler's knob ahead. he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong.
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from the world's number one conditioner brand... new pantene light-as-air foam conditioner, full of rich pro-v nutrients... ...and infused with air. for 100% conditioning, with 0% weight. strong is beautiful. new pantene. foam conditioner.
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today, the new new york is sparking innovation. you see it in the southern tier with companies that are developing powerful batteries that make everything from cell phones to rail cars more efficient. which helps improve every aspect of advanced rail technology. all with support from a highly-educated workforce and vocational job training. across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit
4:17 am
steve: 7:16 in punxsutawney, pennsylvania. looking live at gobbler's knob out there right now. ainsley: that is in punxsutawney, pennsylvania at any moment america's most famous groundhog is going to determine whether or not we have six more weeks of winter. brian: if he doesn't see his shadow we will have an early spring. bring back live to the real life situation. we will go back to that when he comes out shortly. brian: andy mccartney is sitting on deck. schiff slammed that memo that could be released any time today which abletion fisa abuse. that is the number one topic right now on the tip of everyone's tongue. ainsley: schiff calling on republican devin nunes to step aside. actually, i'm being told. steve: it's show time. let's go out. will phil see his shadow? let's go live. this guy is going to be able to decipher all that.
4:18 am
[chanting phil] >> okay, guys, are we ready? [cheers] >> remove our lock, please. come on, phil. [chanting phil] >> shut our doors? ladies and gentlemen, punxsutawney phil. [cheers and applause]
4:19 am
[cheers and applause] >> okay there, big guy. come on. we have got to do our thing. gather around here, guys. it's getting pretty serious here. >> here we go. >> what do you think, buddy? huh? >> stay here. >> do we have a winter or a spring? huh? shivering. yeah. shivering. okay. we got it. that one right there. i got it. >> i gotcha. i will just hold him. here ye, here ye, here ye. now this second day of
4:20 am
february, 2018, the 132nd annual trek of the punxsutawney groundhog club, punxsutawney phil, the sear of serious, prognosticators of all prognosticators was awakened at sunrise from his burrow by the cheers of his thousands of faithful followers. [cheers and applause] in ground hog ease he directed the president of the inner circle to his prognostication scroll which reads: up early this morning, far from home, are you searching for the philosopher's stone? well, even my best friends, they don't know, is it an early spring or just more snow? my faithful followers, your hands and my paus are getting cold. so here is my forecast not
4:21 am
lead but solid gold. i see my royal shadow fix more weeks of winter to go. [crowd boos and cheers] dilly, dilly. dilly, dilly. steve: well, there have you got it. fox news alert. phil saw his shadow which is extraordinary because it is cloudy out in punxsutawney. so obviously he saw his shadow from the tv lights. nonetheless, six more weeks of winter. ainsley: that is wonderful news isn't it brian and steve. we haven't gotten a lot of snow. brian: i don't want the kids playing outdoors for at least six extra weeks. i want to be sprinting from building to building instead of walking slowly in the sun. it will be fantastic. good news the groundhog with all that if you are still shivering which is
4:22 am
unbelievable. you would think between and that the blubber. steve: look, the groundhog lives at the library in town. it's not from the wild. so, maybe it's a little chilly. ainsley: it's 12 degrees. everyone is shivering. i don't care how much if you are have you on. brian: i'm ready to leave the groundhog. steve: we can leave the balance of the show and the interrupted for phil. brian: back to the country we were talking about. former assistant u.s. attorney and contributing editor of the national review andy mccarthy. andy, please try to put the six more weeks of winter behind you and forge ahead with memo gate. first off, from the legal perspective, from everything have you been through and we have been reading your writings you have been ahead of the curb the whole time. does the righ concern about conclusions in the memo. >> they have a right to be concerned about it they also have an opportunity to fill in with context anything that they say is misleading. i think one of the misconceptions about the
4:23 am
process that we have had, which has been fed by a lot of people in washington is that they did not have a chance to weigh in from the memo. it is made of materials that they had in their possession and the way the process works, there was always going to be five day period of when president trump got to make a decision about whether to object or not to the memo becoming public. so they were always going to have a chance to weigh in. there is no reason why, since they are the owners of the classified information, if you will in a sense, there is no reason why they can't add whatever context they say is necessary to understand what gets disclosed. ainsley: interesting you say that because they actually did that the president, the one that he plans to release, that will be declassified, it contains technical edits that were made at the fbi's request, our sources are telling us.
4:24 am
also saying they took this edited version and showed it to five fbi individuals at the white house and they walked away and said they were satisfied with the edits that were made. >> that's right. ainsley. i think actually, director wray got to see it even before the committee voted. ainsley: correct. >> what they have said about it they can't contest now that they have made these minor edits, whatever they are, they can't contest the accuracy of whatever is in the four corners of the document. they will have an argument to make, i suppose, that there were other things that ought to be considered. but, again, i would just underscore that that means that if we need more disclosure, we should get more disclosure. steve: absolutely. but, what you have been watching on television, andy, over the last couple of days is it's not about whether or not the fbi and the department of justice used a single sourced opo resourced document to essentially spy on americans that shouldn't have been, but, instead, it's all about devin nunes and how devin
4:25 am
nunes essentially is going to destroy america if this document gets out. >> yeah. well that's an old playbook. it's the -- it's really the old we have known it as the alinsky playbook for a number of years basically when they say pick the target, destroy it that's what they're clearly trying to do kind of tactics you see from defense lawyers in trials a lot. you can't fight the case, you can't fight the evidence. what you try to do is pick a person and ruin him and try to make that person the embodiment of the evidence in the case. and it rarely works but it doesn't mean they don't try. brian: reports are that rosenstein looks terrible. the deputy attorney general in this. "the washington post" contends that the president will use this as an excuse to get rid of him. he is the one looking over the shoulder of robert mueller and maybe not doing the best job. what are you looking for, andy mccarthy, to see in this? what are the questions you hoped to get answered? >> well, i think the main question we need to have
4:26 am
answered is was the dossier used in a fisa application? if it was was a part of it they used corroborated in any way? and, if it wasn't, how important was it to the issuance of the warrant? so, just to make an example, if you have 10 political facts that are presented to the court, make out the probable cause you need for the warrant, and some of them are rock solid and three of them aren't, and one of them, let's say one of them is the dossier, and it's very sketchy, that may not be a big problem. you would come away saying they really shouldn't have used that on the other hand, if the balance tips that they needed this unverified information, in order to get the judge to issue the warrant, then i think that's a major problem. steve: one of the things that i have been reading online over the last 48 hours is that some democrats and observers have said well, there better be some
4:27 am
real fire in there because otherwise the republicans have overplayed their hand. scaring people. it's, you know, they are going to be big things revealed. >> well, you know, look, i think that's the expectation gages, i have been writing about it have you had overheated statements on both sides. one side as you point out is trying to destroy chairman nunes. i think poor chairman nunes his problem is he doesn't understand the way the game works in washington. what he should done is leaked this to the media. then he could have cherry picked the version of events he wanted out there. that's the way it's done in washington. instead he played by the rulings so he is getting friday. on the othefry you had. other people saying this is worse than watergate nutty thing to say until we see what it is. put the thing out there and let it speak for itself. ainsley: andy, i want to ask you about timing because we have known in the media, sometimes if it's bad news they will release it like on a hollywood weekend so it
4:28 am
gets pushed under the rug. in this case if you were the president, would you release it today or would you release it monday. think about this weekend. you have the sunday shows, and it would give them a narrative, something to talk about. steve: super bowl. ainsley: super bowl parties. people would be talking about it when would you release it. >> ainsley, now i'm going to go lawyer on you. ainsley: okay. >> this is one of those things where they can't actually massage the news cycle as much as they would like. there is a process. there is a five-day clock started to tick once they release this or the house committee voted on it so i don't think -- you know, i suppose they could back channel negotiations on when it comes out. but, you know, i think it may get harder for them to release it if they delay. because of all the attacks. so i think from their perspective, they probably want the story not to be the committee. they want it to the document. brian: right. >> today is the day.
4:29 am
brian: andy, a lot of people are saying if chris wray resigned this would not have been worth it. after all he has been on the job six months and picked by the president. there is some nervousness at the white house that he might do that. i sense is he standing um for the department. this is not his fight. this happened before he got there why leave now. what is your sense? >> i think he is defending his agency. i really wish once the president decides what he should do, the agency, which are his subordinates salute. they have had their chance to have their say. but what i hope director wray will do is -- remedies have to be made here. things went wrong and they have to be fixed. i think he should be part of the solution not chatter walling about it. steve: andy joining us from i believe his home library in new jersey. thanks for joining us live. >> thank you. ainsley: 29 minutes after the top of the hour. president trump expected to release that fisa abuse
4:30 am
memo. but democrats desperately trying to stop it. will it come out today? we're going to ask kellyanne conway. steve: plus, pete hegseth is live in minnesota taking a little pig skin with fans ahead of the super bowl breakfast with friends. pancake pete and those guys coming up. hey, is that -- we know that guy. ♪ we'll find out, i'm told ♪ my momma told me so ♪ i just want to fly ♪ put your arms around me baby ♪ when a cold calls... achoo! ...answer it. with zicam cold remedy. it shortens colds, so you get better, faster. colds are gonna call. answer them with zicam! zicam. get your better back. now in delicious fruit drops.
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♪ >> i see my royal shadow six more weeks of winter to go. [cheers and applause] brian: those are the words of the groundhog read out by a human being a short time ago. a fox news alert. six more weeks of winter counting today. ainsley: just moments ago punxsutawney phil came out of his burrow at gobbler's knob in pennsylvania with his famous prediction.
4:34 am
steve: senior meteorologist janice dean who was immoralityized into their hall of fame last year joins us live. janice: the punxsutawney hall of fame this time of year last year. by the way this hat has a groundhog on it good news is groundhog is only correct 39% of the time. chance for early spring. 107 forecasts, calling for more winter. minus 8. breezy and cold weather there the cold temperatures continue across the you were midwest. great lakes, and the northeast. my concern is we have got the system along the east coast behind it very cold air. so, a flash freeze is possible on the roadways, on the bridges. so be really careful if you are traveling today. we watched this system exit the east coast. another system moves in across the you were midwest, the great lakes and the northeast. this one could be more significant. sunday into monday, especially for the interior northeast, the great lakes, the jury is still out on whether or not we are going to see snow along the coast stay tuned.
4:35 am
steve: all right. j.d., thank you very much. go to the north lawn of the white house. kellyanne conway reaction to six more weeks of winter and, where are you? that isn't the white house. >> that would be great except, no, i'm at the greenbrier. i'm speaking to the retreat today. and somehow i think the patriot cam decided i should have a shot outside in the blizzard. but, thanks. yeah, six more weeks of winter. you see it right here in west virginia. six more weeks of winter. believe me, your job is safe. that's all i know. brian: let's talk about one of the top stories today. i know the president was with you yesterday. speaking twice in one day. everyone is talking about this memo that he is going to green light today reportedly. and then devin nunes will release this fisa memo. kellyanne conway kellyanne, how concerned is the president that the fbi director will quit because of this? >> the president has not expressed that concern at
4:36 am
all i would remind people of a couple things because i see people lying about this. the president has stated many times that he respects the rank and file the fbi. the 25,000 men and women who do a great job there. this particular investigation has taken a lot of twists and turns. and it's led us to a few bad actors who had direct responsibility for an investigation about his political opponent and who are obviously biased against him. when it comes to this memo, the president takes very seriously the process and his constitutional duty. also, i see those running around today screaming about national security concerns. let's hope they are being honest. they are not just worried about looking bad with whatever the content of this memo may reveal. the president has taken his time this week to make sure that legal counsel, national security counsel, and anyone else involved in the review process has had their time to dill gently and thoroughly review the document before sending it
4:37 am
back to congress because obviously congress would be the ones releasing. this but, i just want to say people have been selectively leaking with impunity for very long time. steve: sure. >> those who want transparency and accountability and russia investigation ought to standard firm in this belief today if and when this memo is actually released. steve: kellyanne, what do you make of people say chris wray and rod rosenstein have gone to the white house. they have appealed to john kelly and others not to release it? >> can you hear me? steve: maybe she is having trouble hearing me. because they want to protect the bureaucracy. kellyanne, can you still hear us? sphof steve i think not. six more weeks of winter. something goes haywire with the audio. ainsley: next time live shot inside. brian: it looks colder in west virginia than minnesota. but minnesota is 10 below. west virginia probably 30 or
4:38 am
40 degrees. kellyanne is all weather spokesperson deputy assistant to the president. ainsley: trying to fix her microphone right now. steve: you asked her whether or not the president was concerned with chris wray the fbi director resigning. i just gout a text from somebody i know down in washington. a highly connected person said the white house not nervous about it. that he would resign. it would be a celebration because they feel he is not up to the job. ainsley: really? she said the president -- that's not even been a concern of his u at least he hasn't expressed it to her. brian: let's rebuild what happened. remember, the memo comes out. it gets brought to the white house. and they want to take a look at it at the time chris wray looks at it and fires andy mccabe the next day. people assume this has got to be related. steve: but it's not. there were stories that came out andy mccabe was removed from his job due to what's going on with the inspector general. horowitz' report coming
4:39 am
thought a month or. so. ainsley: it's all still connected. it's all one big investigation. steve: we understand we have kellyanne back. kellyanne, thank you very much. sorry about the audio problem. since you are out in west virginia. we should ask you a little bit about the republicans' winter retreat out there at the greenbrier. the president got a hero's welcome yesterday from a lot of republicans who about a year or two years ago were not squarely in his camp. >> he did, indeed. i came here with the president and i overnight the because i will address them at breakfast today. i can confirm for you that the members and their families here are very excited to have the president come and address them. the vice president the night before that and why? because he is coming here with a message of progress and of solutions and a vision for this year. obviously the vice president addressed the mid terms. i will leave that to other people. this president is taking about accomplishments that he has been able to have on behalf of the american people with the republican house and senate. most specifically, the tax cut and jobs act. and as the president is said
4:40 am
stood on that stage yesterday, we got to basically the 300th company and noe unsing that they -- anny would give bonuses or pay races or other investments. that includes a coal company right here in west virginia handing out bonuses to its employees. the president also took on nancy pelosi's comment these are quote crumbs comparing it to the deplorables comment by that person he beat in the election whose name i don't see on tv anymore. but it does tell you how elitist and out of touch the democrats are they voted to shut down the government. voted against tax cuts benefiting millions of people to the tune of billions of dollars. just this week literally sat on their hands when the national anthem. steve: we saw. >> ms-13 gangs were being mentioned. and those parents, god bless their cawrge, and we all share their grief. their unbelievable grief of losing their daughters at the hands of these gangs. they sat there when the president was talking about the bonuses and wages and tax cuts. so you see the two symbols
4:41 am
right now. you see the north korean holding up his crutches and you see the democrats literally sitting on their hands. we hope that we'll have bipartisanship as a means towards the shared ends of immigration and infrastructure. and national security and other issues this year. but this is a president who came here -- and you are right. many people here do not support him for president. but they support him as president. and they share an agenda that's really making america more prosperous and more secure and more accountable. ainsley: yeah. kellyanne, what is he doing for unemployment and job creation. i know he said yesterday that paul ryan picked up the phone and called him and said that he has never seen a republican party this united. we have come a long way, baby. because at the beginning of the year that was not the case. thank you so much for weathering the cold weather for us. brian: kellyanne, not only is it cold. >> it's 8 degrees here but thanks, yes. god bless. go eagles. you said my name is front of herschel walker.
4:42 am
it was on my bucket list. thank you. brian: do you have a prediction, kellyanne. >> heisman trophy winner 1981982. ainsley: great guy. >> great man. eagles all the way it will be fun there. ainsley: where are you going to be watching it. >> brian, we will miss you. i will be there at the super bowl. hey, brian, i hear brian kilmeade only goes to the super bowl when it's like 70 degrees plus. brian: yes, that's true. i demand flip-flops. it's a flip flop super bowl. steve: is the president going to sit down for an interview with nbc? halftime? >> at the moment, no. he said no to that. i think he gave -- he addressed the american people this week through his state of the union speech and he talks to them, cuts out the middle man plenty of times. he said all he needed to say earlier this week and it was a great speech to the country. by the way, i wanted to say one thing about that speech. one thing quickly about that speech everybody is commenting how great the guests were. how incredibly, you know, moving and heroic and tragic and patriotic out guests
4:43 am
were. in addition, none of them ever leaked. and i did want to make that point. very small group involved in that. but none of them ever leaked. i think it's a great sign of a very tight white house that's working for the american people and for the president's agenda and not their own egos. brian: i will add something else, if you are a nonpolitician, you keep your secrets. that's the way normal people do it. they were asked to the white house, why would they tell anyone. >> people do it everyday. steve: thank you, kellyanne. >> you got it. take care. thank you. steve: good luck at the super bowl. putting the handcuffs on the new york police department. officers ordered to limit their cooperation with ice. so just how dangerous is that? a former new york city police department commanders says very dangerous. and he is going to join us live. ainsley: plus, pete hegseth is live in cold, minnesota, talking a little pig skin with the fans of the super bowl. breakfast with friends coming up next. ♪ i got american faith
4:44 am
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steve: so you have been hearing us talk all morning long. would want to hear what the folks have to say. that's why we have breakfast with friends. ainsley: pete hegseth is in his neck of the woods where he grew up. he is in stillwater, minnesota at oasis, cafe. pete: just on the border of wisconsin, 20 myles miles south where i grew up. we are literally having breakfast with friends this morning [applause] >> awesome at the owe a sits cafe. have you heard of diamond andiamondand silk. this morning we have granite and steel, joe and john the minnesota version of diamond and silk. you watched the president's speech granite, what did you think of his state of the union address. >> it went so fast i can't hardly believe it. it was nothing but good news, positive stuff. and the people they had up in the balcony heart felt
4:48 am
stories that how anybody would not be on board with that. >> that's right. >> that's right, that's right. pete: we got some commentary. >> how about how the democrats responded to it. >> oh my gosh. >> pitiful. pitiful. what more do they want? i mean, how you cannot -- i mean, economic growth and the taxes, how you cannot be on board with that. >> betcha. >> i don't get it. pete: you betcha is the minnesota version as well. immigration deal. do you think they will get one? >> they don't need to! pete: democrats need to get on board. >> the president is willing to compromise, give and take. >> give and take. granite and steel, well done in your audition. we appreciate it move on this is austin carr rookie wide receiver of the saints. we are not sorry for what we did to you in the playoffs by the way. >> that still hurts, man. still hurts. pete: one triumph before our defeat. austin, thanks for being here. i appreciate it
4:49 am
congratulations for a great year. you are here for a cause. >> i'm part of be the match, bone marrow registry program. blood cancer or blood diseases people healthy might be d.n.a. matches. easy for me my freshman year at northwestern took a swab of my saliva a couple years later i ended up matching with roy who had non-hodgkin's lymphoma. he is here today because it was a simple match. pete: roy, what does it mean to you. >> a chance to irritate my grand children for a little bit longer before i go. yeah, and also to get a chance to, you know, enjoy what it is that they do. maybe give proof that, you know, help inspire people, maybe they will want to be a donor, you know, see themselves, you know, helping somebody out here. pete: roy, we have something for you. sorry to cut you off. got a football. you didn't think your match would be a professional football player it is. austin carr is going to sign a super bowl football for you, roy. it's called be the match, right? >> be the match.
4:50 am
absolutely. pete: congratulations real quick super bowl prediction austin carr? >> doritos will have the funniest commercial. that's my prediction there. hard to bet against the pats. pete: again we are not sorry for that minneapolis miracle. now negative 7. warming up. steve: not that you are complaining. pete hegseth back in his neck of the woods. thank you so much. still ahead on this friday, president trump pushing the republican party to compromise on immigration deal with the democrats. what will would the best deal be? we will talk to geraldo. >> he is ahead. fired fbi director james comey lashing out of the fisa memo release. wait until you see what that guy is tweeting ♪ we were singing bye, bye miralax is different. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften. unblocking your system naturally. miralax.
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4:54 am
♪ ♪ steve: weasels and liars. fired fbi director james comey lashing out on social media hours before president trump is expected to declassify and release the memo. brian: carley shimkus is with fox news headlines 24/7. she dressed for television today because we put her on the couch to talk about this. >> i was in pajamas two minutes ago. i'm a little annoyed. ainsley: you wore red. >> did i get the memo. i got the memo to wear red. a fiery tweet from former fbi director james comey. he applauded the fbi for
4:55 am
speaking out against the memo's release. here is what he had to say. he said all should appreciate the fbi speaking up. i wish more of our leaders would. take heart, american history shows that in the long run weasels and liars never hold the field so long as good people stand up. not a lot of schools or streets named for joe mccarthy. you guys have been talking about this tweet all morning and for good reason. the joe mccarthy reference, of course, senator joe mccarthy and mccarthyism. brian: devin nunes a weasel. that's what he is calling him. steve: or is it just limited to him or just anybody? >> tweet is referring to the fact that the fbi released a statement calling the accuracy of the memo into question. brian: jeopardy has a great format. they like to ask things news of the day like the super bowl and like sports. and they asked some sports questions and football questions to three contestants. >> and let's take a look at what happened when they
4:56 am
asked sports questions. >> i can tell you guys are big football fans. [laughter] if you guys ring in and get this one, i will die. [laughter] brian: they missed like five questions, the most basic questions. >> you know what? i don't think they were that basic. i might not be the person to make this point. ainsley: do you remember some of them? >> but the questions were kind of challenging. ainsley: what were they, brian? >> it wasn't like who is playing in the super bowl. they were harder questions than that. steve: because they tape it ahead of time. he has been on medical leave. so it's interesting. >> yeah. he was on medical leave. he had a little bit -- was it brain surgery? steve: something like that. >> so when he said that he had, you know, health issues. he said that some of the episodes were going to be taped. this one, i don't know if this was live or taped. brian: tom landry question is basically brought back the shock gun formation. for what team? steve: dallas. ainsley: i wouldn't have known that would have you known that? >> heck no. ask a question like koala
4:57 am
lampur or something. i'm here for the people. ainsley: ask a jeopardy question who is on next? geraldo. brian: you answered. . . . . [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything
4:58 am
so we know how to cover almost anything. even a "red-hot mascot." [mascot] hey-oooo! whoop, whoop! [crowd 1] hey, you're on fire! [mascot] you bet i am! [crowd 2] dude, you're on fire! [mascot] oh, yeah! [crowd 3] no, you're on fire! look behind you. [mascot] i'm cool. i'm cool. [burke] that's one way to fire up the crowd. but we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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♪ >> the president is expected to sign off on the memo's release saying americans deserve transparency. ainsley: democrats pushing back big time on this. >> gives a misleading impression designed to tar the fbi. >> let's hope they're being honest and not just concerned about looking bad. brian: they have politicized the sacred investigation process in favor of democrats. steve: president of the united states was out in west virginia addressing republican. >> we're a nation that won two world wars, defeated fascism. this is our legacy. we are indeed making america great again.
5:01 am
>> we're at at cafe in still water, minnesota. >> how do you think the president is doing so far. >> he is speaking for all of america. >> i see my royal shadow six more weeks of winter to go. ♪ brian: seems like the groundhog is always seeing his shadow. is there something about the solar system and milky way seeing the shadow. ainsley: beginning of february. we all assume we'll have six more weeks, especially up north. ainsley: we have snowstorms up here in march. brian: we're always surprised by it. steve: let me get this straight, brian. i know you're busy on the radio show talking about the news of
5:02 am
the day but you're saying is groundhog conspiracy? brian: it is lurking in february. geraldo rivera is no stranger to conspiracy theories. do you believe the groundhog is working with the solar system to extend winter? >> all i know, brian, since i moved to ohio i used to look out the window of central park in new york. how charming, it is snowing. in ohio, you say how charming it is not snowing. i'm not surprisessed with the groundhog's verdict however depressing. ainsley: talk about politics. we talk about the fisa memo. the president giving green light to release this thing. could be today, could be monday. democrats continue to fight this. the question this morning is why are they so worried about transparency? >> ainsley, they should release the damn memo, excuse my language. the american people deserve to
5:03 am
know what is in it. if indeed as it seems this memo reveals the absolutely perverse fact that an unverified dossier funded by the political rifles to the republicans -- rivals to the republicans and president, was used to get a sacred fisa warrant to surveil an american citizen, what at that is, ultimately for carter page who got squeezed so hard he pled guilty, but this is the fruit of the poison tree. anything that foes from that illegally-obtained warrant forward can be attacked legally and constitutionally. this is a very serious thing. this could be the death knell for the russia gate probe because of this absolutely profound mistake made at the beginning. brian: i'm not sure carter page plead guilty to anything nor did he do it, here is what the fbi said grave concerns about material omissions fundamentally impact the memo's accuracy.
5:04 am
because we don't have the raw data. brian: they are saying, we don't know, that congressman nunez, chairman nunez is taking out of context if you read his four-page summary? >> well i don't believe that that is relevant. if you have the republicans on the house intel committee coming up with a memo based on what they believe they have seen in the documents that they believe that they have, and they issue this statement, the democrats certainly can issue their minority report, should they care to, but i think that you have to credit nunez and his colleagues with prudently assembling enough data, that they have totally -- i go back to the foundation of this whole investigation. if indeed it is about steele and the dossier and that is how you got the fisa warrants to surveil american citizens, this is very, very potent stuff, brian, as you know. steve: john sole mon, geraldo,
5:05 am
to your point on the, in the end, steele and fusion gps started leaking to the press left an right. in fall 2016 the fbi used allegations of collusion, similar to what was in the steele document, the dossier, and they took a single news item had apparently leaked to the press outfit as justification. so it will be interesting to finally see what it is all about. ultimately, geraldo, you have the doj and the fbi saying please don't release it, because they're not used to kind of scrutiny the american people would give them because we always trusted them. >> you know these are not elliot ness. i remember j. edgar hoover. the fbi is not made up of angels. i believe it's a vaunted, admirable, you know, patriotic law enforcement agency but it is run by people and people have
5:06 am
preferences. some people are left, they are right, they are democrat, they are republican, conservative, liberal, they hate the president, they love the president. there are, i think within every organization of any size cells that, oh, this guy stinks, let's do this. she's this or they are that. what this memo reveals more than anything that melancholy human reality is as much alive and well in the federal bureau of investigation as it is in the department of agriculture. you're involving the president of the united states, you have been a tremendous distraction to the workings of the american republic for over a year. it is time now that we know the basis of your actions. it is time now that we find out exactly what has been motivated, what is going on here. brian: right. >> we heard enough of adam schiff and his conferences and devin nunez driving up to the
5:07 am
white house, all the rest of it. enough. let's find out what in the world is going on here. let's free the president, let's free the president so he can go on to be 45th president of the united states. enough of the campaign. brian: i know you hate this topic but it is immigration and the president brought it up yesterday, he implored his fellow republicans to show great flexibility. he wants to work with both parties that something very positive will come out for our country, for everybody, for the nation. and if that can happen, if democrats choose a filibuster framework, something that is not fair we are not going to approve it. he gave principles that ticked off the far right and some on the left. so do you see going on a fast track towards some type of mini immigration compromise? >> i hope so, brian, i have really hope so. enough already on those topics. everybody at certain points,
5:08 am
chuck schumer, gutierrez, the head of the lulac, the biggest civil rights organization in the hispanic-american community, have all said that we are ready, willing to compromise. now compromise based on the 25 billion-dollar trust fund to build the wall along the southern border and the daca, the "dreamers" and thankfully the president has extended that population. so we'll give them a future and path to citizenship, you give us the wall. daca, the wall. "dreamers," the wall. both sides are unhappy. ainsley: but, geraldo, based on what we saw in the state of the union address that probably is not going to happen. the democrats refusing to the support the president for anything. they didn't stand for god, for veterans, not even for the record low black unemployment rate. >> ainsley i hope you're wrong about the compromise. i think a compromise is possible
5:09 am
and i also think it will happen before the next budget crisis, you know, before the money runs out and before all the threats of a slowdown and all the rest. i believe a compromise, a simple compromise. in terms of -- ainsley: even for the -- >> i was so disheartened by it. i thought it was disgraceful. i have thought it was rude. i thought it was childish. i don't think democrats won a single vote by their churlish, immature actions. everybody's parents teach them manners. manners are very simple. you can make a jest, a jibe, elbow someone, wink, nod, you can insult someone, politics is a rough-and-tumble game but when you demonstrate immature rudeness, when you -- we only get one president at a time. the state of the union address is one of those kind of ceremonies that has certain, you
5:10 am
know, spiritual nature, harkens back it our forefathers and all rest of it. when you sit and, how can you, for instance, how can you not cheer if you're a member congressional black caucus for historic low black and latino unemployment? that's an applause line. i don't care who says it. the page who announces the president could have said it, you should applaud that. how can you not applaud $1.5 trillion in infrastructure? call can you not applaud a 12-year-old kid putting little american flags on neglected graves of gis? there are some things that you can stand, and i'm old enough to remember, this whole, i stand, you stand, i sit, we sit. i never liked it but i have never seen it so profoundly disquieting as it was during the state of the union. steve: that's right. >> it was so rookie. kind of thing, come on, give me a break.
5:11 am
steve: you know what, geraldo. not only did they not stand or clap, according to somebody in the hall, they were hissing at the president. that is for another day. enjoy your day in cleveland, geraldo. >> thank you. keep my snowflakes. steve: jillian, news time. jillian: happy news time. brian: since you notice that geraldo went to cleveland calf clears stopped winning. jillian: it is his fault. you will blame me for something else. keep my eye on you. let me get you caught up on some headlines. middle school shooting left four hurt is considered an accident. police arrested a 12-year-old girl in los angeles after a loaded gun went off inside after classroom. they put the school on lockdown. two students were shot, one in the head. the other in the wrist. they are both expected to arrive. unclear why the girl had loaded gun in her backpack.
5:12 am
eldest son of cuban leader fidel castro is dead. he killed himself after several months of treatment of deep depression. he headed cuba's nuclear power program before it was suspended with the collapse of the soviet union. an effort to pressure dictator kim jong-un on human rights. eight defectors will be inissueding seong-ho who was there at the state of the union address. nuclear tensions continue on the korean peninsula. the world's most famous groundhog, punxatawney phil has spoken. >> i see my royal shadow. six more weeks of winter go! jillian: phil making the bold prediction moments ago at
5:13 am
gobblers knob. he has the gig for 131 years, sees his shadow 85% of the time. i'm one of those non-believers, and lights and everything out there, come on. ainsley: i don't think anyone really sees it. jillian: some people get into. i don't. there are all the lights out there. steve: halfway through the winter. they need an excuse to have a party. that's it. jillian: in the morning? ainsley: thanks, jillian. this medal of honor recipient about toe be honored at super bowl but his anthem protest conversation he had with his son we're talking about this morning. you will love it. brian: after rollout of the tax cuts and hundreds of companies handing out bonuses democrats still saying resist. will they lose in the polls? ed connor will be here to explain. ♪
5:14 am
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brian: glad you're up. hope you're dressed. president trump's critics out in full swing as you can see after
5:18 am
his first state of the union address. >> he is dangerous, unprincipled, divisive and shameful racist. >> what he is doing brings tears to the eyes of the statue of liberty about. brian: but despite all the criticism our next guest says millions of americans are still behind president trump 100% and maybe more. and that is many democrats still don't understand. the author of, the upside of inequality, former bain capital partner, big supporter of mitt romney, ed conard is back with us. you as a white-collar guy feel though the president was addressing the blue-collar guy and woman last night? >> no doubt about it. this is the first republican president to sweep ohio, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin. if republicans can do that, we can be elected over and over again. he does that by recognizing trade and low-skilled immigration put pressure on blue-collar wages. workers are concerned about
5:19 am
these things. brian: doesn't seem that the american people are buying any message. they're reacting the way they want to react and how it affects them. you have six reasons why the speech work and agenda is effective for president trump. number one, the president shows concerns for blue-collar workers. >> this is not the 1950s anymore, when manufacturing is creating more and more, high-paying blue-collar jobs. it is not the case anymore. people are concerned about trade and immigration and the growth rate of their wages. brian: manufacturing is going up. that relates historically to blue collars. millions of americans look at this, him talk about this, america first, americans are dreamers too, and dangers of ms-13, don't see is message being anti-immigrant or racist? >> if we look forward to the future, we have problem with retiring baby boomers and emergence of china. we need a lot more growth. the tax cut is a is step in the
5:20 am
right direction. president is trying to push this from low-skilled immigration which might have worked in the past to high-skilled immigration which will work in the future. brian: you say this the democratic policies are costly. even though people want help they just don't want free, they don't think free money is the way to go. >> the stock market rose 45% when republicans won control of the government. 45% off cyclical high. if you go back in the past, slowest recovery in the obama administration since the second world war. productivity, which drives wages was growing at 2 1/2% a year, 18 years prior to the obama administration it has grown half a percent. that is enormous wage-killer. brian: a lot of great americans don't have college educations and don't have big paychecks. when you give them 1000, $2000, ed, you say that matters. >> it matters a lot to those families especially when you think about their after-tax
5:21 am
wages it matters even more. brian: thank you very much. great column. appreciate it. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. the man behind the "beast mode" for the brave is here were a new mission. he will tell us how it will help veterans across the country. ♪
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
gender neutral to all of us command. ainsley: it's a special mission to help mission, have come a long way since appearing on "fox & friends" nearly three years ago. they are back today to announce a brand new mission to help our nation's heroes on chris kyle day. this is the day chris kyle was killed by that veteran in texas with ptsd. joining us is john rasilla, am i pronouncing that, john. president of new world pr.
5:26 am
jim is in the middle. he is the executive director of guardian for heroes. talon smith who created "beast mode" for the brave along with chris kyle. we're thinking with chris's family. how many years has it been. >> it is real five years. it is really hard day for the family. ainsley: how did you meet. >> we met on "stars and stripes." that show raised money for veterans. ainsley: y'all started "beast mode" for the brave? >> it was before chris passed. we need the american people to go "beast mode" for the american people. that took the challenge form. which everyone saw two years ago here. ainsley: great. jim, tell us what beast mode for the brave does. >> they do a lot of fund-raising. the objective to raise fund for veterans, so we take those, take those net proceeds and every dollar that goes to the veteran organization, the primary one,
5:27 am
is guardian for heroes. every dollar of that goes to serve veterans, help them with body, mind and soul as they come back from battle. try to reenat that -- reintegrate into society and their life's journey. ainsley: you're in charge of marketing because you're the pretty one? >> on national tv. ainsley: y'all have a lot of fun together. how can folks at home support your organization, and what do you do? what are you holding? >> this is our challenge coin. people are familiar with challenge coins. been around the military community for some time. people are giving them out just about anything recently. there is premise behind them. it is about the rank of the coin or who has the more special coin. there is whole morale thing about it, we gamed the challenge coin again. based on ranks of military. it is a simple concept. each month you donate $22 for beast mode of the brave. with operation with you. i have army or down line,
5:28 am
familiar with network marketing. say you tell jim at that point. now i have three people. you have two. essentially what you're doing, you're recruiting people to donate to the cause. and so for, as many people as you have, it is, reflected in your rank. so, the more people you have, the higher rank you have. then you're able to play the whole game of, hey i'm a sergeant, you're a private, i out rank you, comradery and morale. ainsley: how many coins have you created? >> right now we have 18 ranks. ainsley: you try to collect all 18 signing more and more people up. >> yep. ainsley: that is only $22 a month. where do we do that. >> ainsley: great. what was chris kyle like as a person? >> larger than life. one of the most humble met. i got back from afghanistan. hi tom, i'm chris. he didn't tell me was chris kyle until i figured it out a minute later. my jaw dropped.
5:29 am
he is committed to protect his brothers as a skilled sniper. when he got home he was committed to take care of wounded brothers an sisters. his heart and passion for veterans is something we want to carry on. that is the whole premise behind beast mode and guardians for heroes. if chris was with us. ainsley: his wife is on our show a lot. we love his family and the movie. what did you think of the movie. did they do a good job? >> i watched it on the flight here. it is hard to watch. i know some of the stories that were not in the movie. bradley cooper bringing chris alive hits me in the heart and brings back good memories. ainsley: tell me about the money, folks at home, donating $22 what do you do with the money specifically. >> guardians for heroes is primary beneficiary initially. what guardian heros does, we provide gym memberships.
5:30 am
in-home gyms for people adaptive , they have ptsd or can't go to the gym because too many triggers of loud noises. that is the primary mission. in addition to that we're partnering with other organizations that help address not just the body but the mind and the soul. we want to help treat the entire veteran, not just a part of it. and provide a resource so that whatever their need is, we can plug them into that need and get them help they need. ainsley: thank you for making this your life mission. thank you for serving your country. god bless you all. thanks for being with us. >> we appreciate it. ainsley: this medal of honor recipient is preparing for the super bowl spotlight but it is anthem protest conversation that he had with his son has us all talking. it is a story we want to share with you. i think you're going to love this. plus pete hegseth is live in minnesota with football legend dan marino having "breakfast with friends." we'll talk to them coming up next.
5:31 am
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skip the guessing game and focus on your health. not the cost. make saving simple today at ♪ brian: if anyone will go to minnesota and thrive, even walk outdoors in minus 10-degree weather it has to be pete hegseth. ainsley: why do you say that? brian: because he is in -- steve: stillwater, minnesota, about ten minutes from his home. pete, with the super bowl this weekend, minnesota is the land of 10,000 celebrities. pete: sure is 10,000 celebrities. over there, is dan marino. he doesn't like cold weather. he is here any way because it is indoors. we'll talk to him for a second. before we get to the celebrities as we do on "breakfast with friends," regular people, on news of the day. bill and phil. picture is on the wall. has been going here since 1963. phil, february 2nd is is
5:35 am
birthday, he is named after punxsutawney phil. what is the chances of that? we have you here in stillwater. how do you feel overall how the president is doing. >> he is doing a good job as a businessman. he is doing a grad job as the running country itself. pete: democrats say his tabs plan amounts to crumbs, bread crumbs. what do you think about that? >> i don't know about that. pete: 1000 bucks if you get a bonus? >> that is not too bad, you bet. pete: bill, you voted for president trump. you are mixed on some of his policies. what are the have you liked about certain things he has done in office? too. >> some of the things he is trying to do. the changing the tax form is one that should have been done. i don't agree with him on this wall business. that, i don't think going to solve anything in the long run.
5:36 am
pete: do you think he offered a good deal to democrats offering a pathway to citizenship in endings changes for it? is that the kind of bipartisan approach should work in washington? >> i think so. i would guess it would be the best thing. pete: what did you do to get your picture on the wall? >> nothing. happened to be here when she took the picture. pete: had that many meals. bill and phil, thanks a lot. i talk to a regular customer at oasis cafe. dan marino. what brings you here, beside the super bowl, what brings you to minneapolis? >> i've been working working wih nutrisystem, a decade. sunday is the super bowl, but sunday is the super monday for nutrisystem. it is biggest dieting day to make a decision to go on a diet because, women do it after the first of the year, right. but men go through the playoffs. go through the divisional championship games and all that, until, after the super bowl.
5:37 am
so here in the new shakes, you lose up to 18-pound in a month. pete: i tried it. it is pretty darn good. >> can do it as brake fast. pete: i love ace ventura. one of my favorite movies. >> my best work ever. pete: a lot of people agree. >> i made jim carrie a star. pete: i have to ask you a about football. as a playing a ton of games how does nick foles prepare to meet tom brady. >> he has to visualize his success. if there is opportunity for me, i didn't think at beginning of the year i wouldn't be there. of the carson wentz would be there. he got hurt. he has to visualize -- pete: visualize what could happen. visualize the future.
5:38 am
quick prediction? >> patriots. tom brady is hard to go against. pete: pretty tough to go against tom brady. pretty tough to go against dan marino. didn't think he would be in stillwater, minnesota in minus 7. he is miami guy. brian: any regrets not being a strike king. they wanted to sign him his final year. pete: do you have any regrets not being a viking. they wanted to sign you your final year. >> i think about it. i like that question. pete: brian kilmeade from new york city. >> they had randy moss and chris carter. i probably made a mistake. if they're ready to go, i'm ready to go. pete: we made news. next year's quarterback potentially for the minnesota vikings, dan marino. brian: exclusive. way to go, pete. ainsley: weather is lot different. easier to play down in florida.
5:39 am
brian: they put a roof on jillian. that is why they have it the super bowl outdoors. jillian: they did. i'm sure a lot of people thankful for that. good morning, guys, we have news, coming into the newsroom. let's get you caught up on the fox news alert. january unemployment numbers just in according to the bureau of labor at that statistics. the added 200,000 jobs, up from 148,000 added in december. unemployment rate remains unchanged at 4.1%. there you have it. well will know whether or not officially the mitt romney throwing his hat into the political ring in two weeks. looking forward to making announcement on february 15th by the utah senate race. romney sparked rumors when he switched his twitter location from massachusetts to utah. people notice those things. the state's current senator, orrin hatch set to retire at the end of his term. american hero honored at end
5:40 am
of super bowl v 2. sharing a conversation with his son about national anthem kneelers. lee boy pietri said the players have the right to protest, which he used another protest to explain his point of view. >> some folks exercising their first amendment right to protest at soldiers funerals. around i said, just because you have the right, doesn't mean it is the right venue. jillian: he is one of 15 medal of honor recipients taking part in pregame festivity this is sunday. a discovery by a dawn sauer expert on lunch break. they uncovered this nearly nine foot long slab full of dinosaur prints, get this, in the parking lot at nasa spaceflight center in maryland. some date 100 years. this babely spotted next to it. scientists say a flood of preserved footprints by covering them with rocks.
5:41 am
pretty cool. your headlines. steve: found on his lunch break. who knew. brian: could be working through lunch, you could miss a t-rex. jillian: wonder if he got paid for that. brian: shouldn't have pun of out. steve: janice dean, three hours from your lunch break. >> punxsutawney phil said six more weeks of winter. i'm here with chuck. you're from texas. >> we love you. >> hi to everybody at home. >> hi gerald, hi madelyn. >> hi abby. hi jeff. >> where are you from? >> pahokee, florida. >> say hi to anybody at home? >> hi, harry. >> look at the maps. it is groundhog day. it is cold in new york. it is going to be a cold super bowl if you live in minnesota. good thing they have a dome. last 12 hours, system moving offshore here. because of the cold air i'm concerned about a freeze, a "flash freeze" on some of the
5:42 am
roadways. be careful. there is the next system moving in on sunday and monday. we could have measurable snow, especially across the interior northeast, the great lakes and upper midwest. say hi to everybody at home. happy friday. >> happy friday. >> yay, ladies. thanks for braving the cold. brian: wow, a lot of emotion. steve: it is. they're doing that to stay warm. meanwhile it is cheesesteak versus clam chowder, philadelphia and new england here to face off with a super bowl cookoff before their teams head to the super bowl. a super pot full of super chowder. ♪
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
ainsley: state police officers are being ordered to limit their cooperation with federal
5:46 am
immigration official. >> after over a year of us encountering reality of the trump administration, we have very powerful history of nypd and all other agencies having drawn that line. we don't ask documentation status, that is abundantly clear. we do not participate with i.c.e. in the kinds of random die pour stations we've seen from them -- deportations we've seen from them increasingly. steve: new order says police officers can only coordinate with i.c.e., when the citywide duty chief decides it is necessary for public safety reasons after checking with lawyers. here to weigh in retired new york city police department lieutenant, and former commander joe cardinally. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: i know this has to bug you. >> it bugs me belief. just when you think he couldn't hit a low on this one he does
5:47 am
this. it is putting people at risks and officers of new york. ainsley: what does this mean for the new york public? give me an example how things have changed out in the field? >> normally in my time, if you came up and i.c.e. agent, listen i like to go into the building an go get this individual over here. sure, put it over the radio. going in, backing up. now you can't do that you have to get permission to go do police work like that. it is ridiculous, the restrictions putting on it. they're basically saying we will not cooperate with i.c.e. under any circumstances when it comes deportation. now in their orders they put in terms like, public safety so they can cover themselves but the bottom line is, they're not going to cooperate. i think there is answers to that the federal government can step in to do something with that. steve: we heard from the department of justice, that if jurisdiction does not cooperate with i.c.e., they will lose their burn grant money. that is millions and millions of dollars for new york city, which means, even less safe in this
5:48 am
big town. >> i think de blasio basically daring them to do it. you know, go ahead, i'm going to stick to my guns with this. he doesn't realize california is having big problems with this right now. that is going to go over 10 times over here in new york once the floodgates open up and keeps illegals in here. the way he is going about it is totally wrong in my eyes and a lot of people's eyes. if they hold back federal money nypd gets for certain things, computerrers that i.c.e. uses for information, a lost grants are held back. you know what? we'll hold back on that. ainsley: will that make a difference? >> it will make a big difference when they hold back funding. grants and everything, the nypd works off of a lot of grants. it hurts guys in the field. it trickles down the poor guys in the field have to deal with it. steve: the the philosophy behind the sanctuary city thing, if we turn them in, what happens? >> then they go through, they're
5:49 am
tortured. nothing like that. they have a process. i.c.e. has a process they have to abide by. the incident that happened on january 11 with the two council members that interceded, caused -- further ad riot going on is just, this is just to help them out because they said okay, we won't get them one way. they were arrested and should be held accountable for their actions. steve: they will not cooperate with i.c.e. in any way now. >> i don't think so. ainsley: thank you, joe. steve: ainsley, what is coming up? ainsley: cheesesteaks versus clam cloud der. philadelphia and new england facing off a in a cookoff before the teams go head-to-head in the super bowl. steve: sandra smith with preview of her show in couple minutes. >> clam chowder is good or this chilly day. will democrats oppose the release. president trump and says the
5:50 am
american people need to see what is in it. senator rand paul, karl rove, governor mike huckabee as we await its expected release. super bowl sunday, who is your pick? patriots, the current favorite over the eagles. fox sports jim gray joins us on the big game. join bill and me coming up in moments. "america's newsroom." nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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ainsley: as america gets ready for the eagles and patriots to kick off the super bowl this weekend, philly and new england are here to face off in another type of challenge, a super bowl cookoff. brian: joining us two of america's oldest restaurants, chris mullins, chef gordon walker, pointing them out, steve doocy from the old ale
5:54 am
house. you have the chef from the boston union's oyster bar. rico, why should we like your stuff. >> why do we like our stuff? our stuff has been around 1826. steve: what is the secret? >> the secret we make our chowder like this, thick, creamy. no tomatoes. classic new england stuff. stick to your ribs chowder. ainsley: a lot of cream in there? >> just a little bit. >> you can't go up against the philly cheesesteak. >> that is the key. ainsley: gordon and chris, what makes the cheesesteak beat the clam chowder? >> the roll. steve: the roll? >> we use -- steve: what cut of meat is that? it looks like unusual cut of meat? >> actually a combination of meat? there should be rib-eye and sirloin. the whole muscle meat. steve: i was under the impression that the philly
5:55 am
cheesesteak should have cheese whiz. >> it does nowadays. we're going back old school. >> this this is provolone. >> italian cheese shop, has provolone, not cheese whiz. >> we have oysters. ainsley: bring them here. we have bloody marys, brian. brian: what else do we have here, joe? >> we have bloody marys. >> this send oy other time other than st. patrick's day you guys serve green beer? >> right. >> when it comes to this we're very green. except for this weekend. >> we survived prohibition. steve: the old ale house. you were the taste tester. brian: introduce you to an oyster or a bloody mary.
5:56 am
[laughter] ainsley: in reality, guys, philly deserves this, i'm sorry. >> i don't think i can -- steve: no, no. brian: no alcohol. steve: between philly cheesesteak and chowder. >> i will give you my winner after the break. >> oh. steve: "fox & friends" steps aside. more of the cookoff in two minutes. ♪
5:57 am
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on thousands of hotels, cars and things to do. like the royalton riviera cancun for 54% off. everything you need to go. expedia. >> i think the phillies will win on the weekend. the whole dog thing. the eagles are underdogs. >> this guy owns the oldest restaurant in america. what's the name of it?
6:00 am
>> the only restaurant that's a national historic landmark. >> thank you for joining us. have a great super bowl. see you back here monday. >> here we go, yea. >> bill: look at that. good morning. the classified memo consuming washington could go public literally at any moment. despite strong opposition from democrats warning the release could endanger national security. good morning. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to friday and "america's newsroom." maybe we get it. we wait. >> sandra: maybe we get it, maybe we don't. it could be a couple big hours. i'm sandra smith. president trump taking to twitter this morning accusing top leaders in the f.b.i. and justice department of poll itizing the process to favor democrats and they say it was edited, the two sides going back


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