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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 3, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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we've got rick leave and- -. we you back here at 1:00 eastern. >> have a good one. >> president trump reacting to the release of the controversial memo. alleging intelligence abuses by the justice department and fbi. an accusation the dossier played a key one getting a surveillance warrant against the trumpcampaign advisor. with that, hello everyone. welcome inside "america's news hq" here on a saturday from new york . >> great to have you in new york city. >> for your kids to work they apparently. yours is 17, mine are seven and five. you don't look like you are old and had a 17-year-old.
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>> apparently i am i am told. >> speaking of the news. i am julie banderas, president trump weighing in on that memo on twitter, claiming it clears him in the russia investigation. phil keating is live from west palm beach in florida where the president is spending the weekend. >>reporter: hi julie. super bowl weekend in palm beach county. the president is affected too soon be wrapping up his round at the nearby trump international golf club down the street. having arrived there roughly 4 hours ago. not so sunny here today but not nearly as stormy as the nation's capital which the first family left behind. as we are now amid memo fallout weekend. on the way to the golf club president trump tweeted this, this memo totally vindicates trump in pro but the witchhunt
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goes on and on. there was no collusion and no obstruction. the word now used because after one year of looking endlessly and finding nothing, collusion is dead. this is an american disgrace. that was then followed shortly thereafter by this tweeted report by the ranking democrat on that house intelligence committee. quote, fight the opposite mr. president. wrote adam schiff. the most important fact disclosed on this otherwise shotty memo was fbi investigation began july 2016. with your advisor. papadopoulos was secretly discussing stolen email with the russians. air force one landed at west palm beach international just before 7:00 last night. standing before him, firstly the melania and son baron sporting all white. the president left behind a - - consumed by that memo written
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by the republicans which they showed the fbi and justice department abused their power with surveillance warrants on trump campaign advisors. democrats contend the charge memo is distorted and misleading and will be pushing to release their own committee memo next week. the president has no public event scheduled for the rest of the day or tomorrow. he is also expected to perhaps take end of the first half of the super bowl and return to washington. it is still not definite. the president and first family could leave west palm beach international on air force one in order to get back to the white house to watch the game and make 6:30 eastern time kickoff. we shall see. >> phil keating, thank you so much. >> there is fierce reaction in the nation's capital with the memo be released despite the objections of the fbi and plenty of outcry as well from democrats. devin nunes says he was essentially doing his job.
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>> i have an obligation to the american people when we see fisa abuse. these are for catching terrorists, people might be bad actors. the american citizens that are represented before this court have to be protected. the only place that can protect them is the u.s. congress when abuses do occur. >> with that, let's go to molly hendon berg live in the newsroom with more. >>reporter: specifically congressman nunez says phase i of the investigation, this first memo look at how and why the secret court approved a warrant allowing the fbi to spy on a former trump advisor. >> the fbi opened a counterintelligence investigation into the trump campaign in the summer of 2016. that's what happened. and then, they got a warrant on someone in the campaign, using
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opposition research paid for by the democratic party and the hillary clinton campaign. that's what this is about. it's wrong and it should never be done. >> that someone is carter page. the mouse says the court gave the okay to the fbi to spy on him based in large part on material collected by former british by, christopher steele was paid $150,000 by the democratic national committee and the hillary clinton campaign via a law firm and research firm to dig up dirt on trump's ties to russia. the memo says quote, neither the initial application, talking about who surveilled page in october 2016 nor any of the renewals disclosed or referenced the role of the dnc, clinton campaign or any party campaign and funding steals efforts. even though the political origins of the steel dossier for then known to senior doj and fbi officials.
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democrats reject that characterization and say the dossier was not the basis for the work being approved. >> you set up this brilliant argument that says the dossier was the key to it. and the justice department didn't disclose this. the flaw is, that the dossier was not the key word did not have hardly anything to do with the getting of the warrant against carter page. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi has called the memo quote, a desperate attempt to distract the american people from the truth about the trump/russia scandal. congressman nunez says his committee is moving on to phase to be looking at what the department did during the russia investigation during the last year of obama's second term. >> a lot to unpack their. >> we go to jeff mason, white house correspondent forwarders and -for reuters.
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this controversial memo is finally out. people have been #- - released memo. and now they've got it. >> it will certainly be more political fallout by the fact we are talking about and everyone else in washington. i think one of the questions is will anyone at the top levels of the fbi decide to resign as a result of this. there was a definite conflict and unusual and open conflict between the fbi and white house about the white house's support for releasing this memo. the fbi warning it had grave concerns about that. of course there will also be questions about any fallout at the justice department going forward as well. >> devin nunes as it there will be more memos. the next one focusing on the state department. is the deputy ag now in the crosshairs?
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>> he is certainly under pressure and president trump sort of eluted to that in the oval office yesterday when he was asked about whether he has confidence in him and declined to answer. clearly the president is irritated with the deputy ag. that said, white house officials indicated the president was not considering firing him. >> will this mean devin nunes and other republicans will shift focus elsewhere because the focus and much of the criticism has been on the fbi and justice department and their handling of the surveillance and the russia investigation. does this now shift the focus off the fbi and if so, on to what next? >> onto what is right it might spread the focus in addition to the fbi onto the state department and what representative nunez did not make clear is why his face to would include the state department. what exactly he has in mind there? that's something we will have more questions and no doubt he will seek to answer those as well if in fact there is
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another release of a memo from that second phase of his probe. >> while rosenstein is under pressure, attorney general jeff sessions has never been free of the pressure by the president. this president has called him out. he thought jeff sessions should step down at some point. angry since he recused himself. yet, jeff sessions still has a job. will the president ever consider firing rosenstein then? >> that's a good question. that question is applied to several people involved in this probe. there's been lots of questions as to whether he would consider firing former director mueller who is conducting the fbi probe. that's in question has been applied to sessions for having recused himself and now to rosenstein for his role overseeing mueller because ag sessions recused himself. those questions will continue to dominate this discussion. they will continue to be posed
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to the white house. the fact that those continue to be asked is what inspired democrats and others to warn of a potential constitutional crisis if the president were to follow through with that. >> the president said this on twitter about the memo, once and now this memo has been released, that it clears him in the russia investigation. is that the case? >> it's not for me to answer whether that's the case. i think what's clear is, the probe is continuing. mueller is continuing with his investigation and democrats i think primary concern with this memo getting out was there criticism anyway was saying, it's not complete. it does not include all of the facts and the investigation is continuing. the president and no doubt his supporters will see it as vindication. but to the investigation isn't over. >> when it comes to surveillance, remember way back when the president went on twitter and basically accused the democrats of wiretapping
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him, remember? there was this huge outcry point he was essentially talking about this surveillance being illegally obtained if you will. obviously christopher steele's dossier was filled with untruths and it turns out his information was used to obtain this warrant and if it hadn't been for that false information, the warrant and surveillance wouldn't have happened. obviously someone needs to be held accountable. there's a group of people that people would essentially say, form some sort of conspiracy in order to prevent the president from being elected. so where does this go next when it comes to the courts and the justice department and how they handle future warrants. clearly, there's a huge gaping loophole when it comes to the process. >> those are questions the president is hinting at. but the democrats to give the other side have suggested that memo is not including all of
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the facts. >> so when do democrats release their memo? >> it has to be allowed to be released. at this point, it hasn't been. speaker ryan said he would be in favor of having it release if there are redactions made. they were not released at the same time and that's something the democrats wanted. either way, the cross of your question and what hopefully both sides are looking for is what the actual facts are. i think at this point those are still being determined. >> thank you very much jeff mason. a lot to break down. every single day.thank you for helping us. >> we have new developments in the investigation into the las vegas shooting massacre. the prosecutor judging a man who sold ammunition to the gunmen. they are accusing him of spelling armor piercing bullets and doing so without a license. - - joins us in la. >>reporter: authorities say douglas haig sold the gunmen armor piecing bullets.
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he sold ammo as a part-time high the, he was arrested friday and facing charges for conspiracy and manufacturing armor piercing ammunition. he sold stephen paddock 27 rounds of ammunition. which allows the government to follow the bullets pass with his or her eye. he went on to kill 50 people and injured 400 others in las vegas in october. douglas haig says when he purchased the mo he said he was quote, going to put on a light show. along with numerous guns and bump stocks, authorities found a box of unused ammunition in stephen paddock's room with douglas haig's name on it. >> very thankful he didn't use any of the ammunition. then i sold him. i feel terrible about what happened. again, keep racking my brain, what did i miss?
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what did i miss? there were no outward signs. he appeared normal as anybody in this room. very well spoken, clean-cut, very well-dressed. very polite, very respectful. >>reporter: the only other person of interest announced publicly has been mary lou dna. stephen paddock's girlfriend. she has cooperated since the attack and they have since cleared her. haig was released on bond and he faces five years in prison and a 20 $50,000 fine. >> we haven't had an update on the store in a while but now we have. >> and attack overseas targeting immigrants as the gunmen opened fire in a drive-by shooting. we will have details on the bloodshed next. plus, the top administration slapping sections on a terror group linked to iran. who is still being targeted? ahead.
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that wounded six african immigrants. the 28-year-old man had no previous record but ran as a
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candidate as an anti-immigrant political party last year. the suspect shot six people in a two hour span while driving around a town in central italy. violence unfolded in the same city were a nigerian man was arrested days earlier in the murder of a local teenager. >> the trump administration slapping new sanctions on hezbollah and in the process taking aim at iran. the sanctions target those that do business with hezbollah in africa and in the middle east. it aims to limit iran's influence in the region let's talk about this aswe bring in i ambassador - -. the u.s.-israeli relationship under obama. nice to see you sir. thanks for time on a saturday. these sanctions in particular taking aim at the financial operations but how significant? >> i think they can be
11:20 am
significant particularly if they are followed by others and of itself is an unmistakable message that anybody who represents or does business with hezbollah whether playing a price.the significance of this is hezbollah runs money-laundering networks in south america and also in west africa. it also engages in drug running and drug trade as another source of making money. obviously, has below is the most important of all the shia militias that the iranian peopleuse. the more one can affect their money basis, the more they can undercut their financial basis, the better it will be not only in terms of affecting hezbollah's means and ability to cause trouble but also as an action arm of the iranians. >> could you explain from your own expense how these things usually work? you have a business say in lebanon or ghana or liberia was
11:21 am
mentioned and they are acting as a friend? is that usually how it is. a false business and we are going after those people. >> that's exactly what it is. these are what trade are as legitimate companies who use finances and basically operate through the international financial system. but basically they are friends for hezbollah. they move money for hezbollah. this is how they launder money that may be coming from what could be the sale of drugs. has below, which presentsitself as a pious party , a party of god. as basically a shia organization but party, here it is engaging in these activities that obviously run completely and counter to what any religious party should be associated with. >> do notice a difference in approach, these are obviously new sanctions from the trump
11:22 am
administration. is there a difference of approach or a continuation of our previous policy? >> it's an interesting question because designations are something the obama administration did through the treasury department as well. i think this is more of a continuity than a change but what you see is it's probably being ratcheted up. it's not new to go after has below and some of their operations within latin america. it is new to be doing more in west africa where they've become more active. >> is that what the trump administration has become known for. taking policies, specifically with foreign policy, ratcheting up those policy, being more aggressive than those predecessors? >> i think it's a good way to describe it. i think this administration sometimes wants to present this as a dramatic change. in many cases they are using the same means but applying them differently. you see it militarily where local military commanders were
11:23 am
given much more leeway in terms of being able to make decisions on their own. oversight was much less from washington than it is now. i think here you are seeing, here is the tools that the last menstruation used and frankly, quite effective in it. but we're going to take it to the next level. >> and it's worked. maybe with - - the criticism of the trump approach on ices say that's what president obama was doing. but the results have come. >> more quickly. certainly on ices we can say that. i think on iran and hezbollah, the jury is out. we haven't seen much change in their behaviors. in fact we have seen them extend their position within syria. the iranian position today is stronger inferior than it was a year ago.
11:24 am
so putting pressure on iran is one thing, coming up with ways to counter is something else. we have seen the administration described how it's going to counter malign activities of iran. that's the right objective, the question is, are we seeing the actions that will produce results. >> the jury is still out on that. terrific discussion. good to see you today. >> my pleasure. >> congress is trying to keep the federal government open. they are still trying because there is another budget deadline looming. march 5 is the deadline so can lawmakers find a long-term solution this time around and prevent the government from shutting down again? the memo continues to resonate in washington for a republican lawmaker pressing for prosecution in the wake of its release. he will join us, next.
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a russian fighter jet was apparently shot down in a rebel held area. the pilot crashed and survived but was killed in a firefight. on the ground. - - is light from our london bureau with the latest. >>reporter: that russian pilot hit the ground and immediately went into action opening fire on a group of rebels that were trying to capture him alive before he was gunned down. that's according to several sources including the russian military itself, the rebels and
11:30 am
observers there in northwest syria. the russian air force has been operating in support of the syrian military in the northwest of the country in what's called the - - providence. one of the last stronghold of the syrian rebels for some time now. the federal government trying to capture that area because there's an important highway that runs through it between the capital and aleppo. very complicated area. we are getting reports of his plane was downed by an al qaeda affiliated group of syrian rebels. a lot of powers in this area deployed with forces on the ground. you've got the russians that have been there since 2015. arguably, the dominant players in the geopolitical sphere in syria. over the last month, we have seen the turkish military move in. turkey is a nato ally but is fighting u.s. back to rebels in the north of syria. finally, there military itself has forces in the region.
11:31 am
anytime you get an incident like this, particularly the downing of a plane, does not happen very often. you have the potential for escalation of hostilities. >>julie: thank you from london affects more fallout about the controversial memo. the arizona congressman - - calling for criminal prosecution. prosecution of the top fbi and justice department officials named. they are saying they must be held accountable for quote, illegal misconduct and use of fisa. thank you for joining us. you seem to be even in your own party, a little bit of an outlier. i know people are upset and they are calling for changes but not necessarily for people to be prosecuted or thrown in jail. tell me what specifically you are talking about criminally? >> you find it factual that the
11:32 am
dossier was used as the cornerstone for this fisa. this is what mr. comey said was salacious and unverified. every time the fisa was renewed you had to present those findings of probable cause. which is the defiance of our law. this is premeditated and people that utilized this at the highest forms of our justice department we we hope that near and dear have to be held accountable. you and i couldn't get away with her so they have to be held accountable. >> to go back to a phrase that was used a lot last night discussing this, there is something to, we don't know what we don't know. we don't know the other items that might have been used to get the warrant.where we only know what's in this four-page document. isn't there a little bit the cart before the horse here? >> there is not. when you use the whole interaction with the dossier, from its political holdings and
11:33 am
origins. not being disclosed in those regards. this is a premise of fundamental problems in which justice is not being served properly. this is why we've had problems with the 702. making sure that warrant process is verified and properly applied. there is no question that the dossier played a cornerstone application to getting the fisa warrant in regards to carter page. no question. >> in terms of what might happen next. i understand what you are calling for but julie was talking earlier about some changes that might happen and what have you. the president even tweeted about the investigation. let me go to congressman trey gaudi because it's interesting what he said on twitter. he's the guy according to congressman nunes without the underlying classified information that here's the tweet, he says, i have said repeatedly i also remain 100 percent confident and robert
11:34 am
mueller. the content did not discredit his investigation. that speaks to the investigation that ongoing even though congressman gaudi said it's important we know this information. he doesn't think the mueller investigation is necessarily discredited.your reaction to that? >> i would somewhat agree because i want us to go forward because you will find collusion in regards to the democratic party. >> your point the two are separate. you can continue with the investigation. >> absolutely you can. because all passably to ms. clinton. this was a total cover-up in regards to what transpired. you can't get away from the way we attacked a candidate, a political candidate , a political president elect and a president. you can't do that. this is the real straw breaking the camels back. this is the problem we have to address. everybody that new and new those presentations to the fisa court will have to pay a penalty in regards to that.
11:35 am
>> the democratic argument going back to my point about there being more information out there. in their memo has yet to be released, maybe there is something else we should consider. is that fair? >> i've talked to my colleagues that have seen that and they say there's nothing in that aspect that bothers them. once the democrats move their lives, they are lying. every time they've come forward, the sky is falling to this is a constitutional crisis. over and over it becomes covering their rear end.this was a premeditated attack on a politicalopponent we can't have that happening. that is third world type of application . people have to pay for that. >> maybe there is nothing in it. some would argue the other side. they argued yesterday there is nothing in this memo that change the game. you are okay with that coming out. >> absolutely. bring it before the committee. do some changes in regards to
11:36 am
some of the information they've seen. then put it out. i don't care. let the facts fall where they may. the facts aren't following but the democrats have been talking about one way or the other. it's been a big cover your rear end in trying to delay findings. i agree with devin nunes, this is the tip of the iceberg. we are seeing the weaponization of the doj and every other agency from fast and furious to operation chokepoint. these are related in the government attacking its citizens. >> congressman nunes has said there may be something coming out still on the state department which we will continue to talk about. congressman, thank you sir. we appreciate your perspective. >>julie: another critical deadline is looming to fund the federal government with a short-term spending bill set to expire next week. lawmakers are once again racing against the clock to avoid yet another shutdown. ellison barber is live in washington with morenever ate a weekend event.
11:37 am
event. >>reporter: republicans are saying not a shutdown will happen but not everyone shares that confidence. even in the republican party there are disagreements. congressman mark meadows told reporters, i don't see the probability of the freedom caucus supporting a fifth cr without substantial changes by february 8 and as we see dramatic changes. sources tell fox news the republican game plan is to write a short-term bill in the house that funds the government through march 23. >> i think we're making progress on an agreement. even if we get everything figured out by say tuesday, we still have to have a cr if only because we have to give the appropriators time to write an
11:38 am
appropriation bill. >>reporter: sources are also telling fox news that defense hawks could oppose the next continuing resolution. for democrats, an issue is of course immigration and protection for so-called dreamers republicans say that should be a separate issue. >> the reason we are having these cr's is because the democrats have been holding in the agreement hostage for an unrelated issue. >>reporter: nancy pelosi says immigration is not there only hang up. >> if you want to increase defense spending and we are not objecting to that, we have to have a commensurate increase on the domestic side. you cannot increase defense and bleed the domestic budget and think we will be a strong nation. if there ever was one dreamer, we are still having despite because we don'tthey don't want send the domestic side. >>reporter: last month on the government shutdown, the democrats shouldered most of the blame according to a quinnipiac poll. 31 percent said president trump, 81 percent said the shutdown was itself unnecessary >>reporter: and ellisonellison
11:39 am
barber, thank you so much. >> we remember when that ballistic missile alert was sent out. why - - says it's not his fault. president trump says the memo vindicates him. is he right about that? we have a panel on deck. >> we think it's a big deal frankly to show in the middle of a presidential campaign, the fbi and the department of justice would rely on campaign opposition research. shoddy opposition research i will add, to justify a warrant for spying on the other campaign.
11:40 am
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11:43 am
worker at the center of the false miss over last month, he is now saying he is not at fault. he says he was 100 percent sure when he made that decision.
11:44 am
he added he still feels awful about the result of his actions. >> i just feel bad about what i put the public through. >> what he is basically saying is he didn't hear the beginning of a message that said, exercise. the only part he heard was, this is not a drill. he was later fired and now he's saidhe's received death threats . >>julie: president trump reacting to the release of the house intelligence memo on domestic surveillance abuses. the president saying, the memo basically shows there was no illusion or obstruction of justice. let's bring in our panel - - she is also a former congressman from new york. and scott bolden, thank you both. this memo, much-anticipated really was revealing. and how this dossier essentially claimed things that
11:45 am
were untrue and because of the untruths, he went ahead and had to undergo this scrutiny when all the while, those surveillance measures were taken and they shouldn't have been the president basically says the memo vindicates him. what say you? >> the president has contended all along that this investigation has been based on false premises essentially. that is exactly what this memo verifies. no matter what other elements may have been brought into the request for surveillance of the trump campaign in the form of carter page.we know from testimony from top department of justice and fbi figures, that this was the key piece of it. we know from this memo, that the source of the memo, the way
11:46 am
it was paid for by the dnc and the clinton campaign. the funding, the sourcing, validation be none of those were provided to the court. that indeed is a validation of the president's contention that this so-called case for investigation is based on nothing. >> the president tweeted about this this morning referring to himself in third person when he said this indicates him. i want to read the tweet and get your reaction. he says, this memo totally vindicates trump which he put in quotations. but the russian witchhunt goes on and on. there was no collusion and obstruction. the word now use because after one year of looking endlessly and finding nothing. collusion is dead. this is an american disgrace. is he right? >> he is completely wrong. if he says it 10,000 times, he'd still be wrong. that doesn't make him right
11:47 am
where i am a former prosecutor from new york. these issues take a lot of time there are a lot of facts and witnesses. in regard to this memo that's been released that has politicized this investigation but let's do this. let's take carter page out, let's take the memo out.let's take it all out and but for taking it out, would you still have enough to investigate, enough to get a fisa warrant, i would suggest to you if you remember mr. brennan's testimony before the senate intelligence committee. he said there were multiple sources of contacts, not collusion, contact between the trump campaign and russia. so much so that he had raised this issue. >> that meeting was apparently the reason why it was held. >> we certainly no collusion is an act. it's not a result. obstruction of justice, even if you don't stop the investigation, the attempt to do so is a crime under the u.s. federal law. there is plenty to investigate with mueller.
11:48 am
republicans by the way are in control of all of this. and even they have said the investigation must continue. but the fisa warrant was signed off three more times by republican-led doj individuals. prosecution is a jigsaw puzzle. if you take one piece and say it's politically tainted, that doesn't mean the whole investigation is tainted. what is he so afraid of? >> where is the investigation headed now? the mueller investigation is obvious and not going away. a lot of trump loyalists would say it should be dismantled. but the bottom line is, who is investigating why the trump dossier and christopher steele's knowledge so to speak, led to a warrant which basically was wrongly obtained in order to investigate this surveillance. >> i can tell you that. >> were going to let - - talk.
11:49 am
>> forgive me. >> separately, michael horowitz, the inspector general has been looking into the way the fbi conducted its business. in fact, that's how we've got this rosetta stone of the text between peter strzok and lisa page. because he was also involved in this network which was at the top of the fbi and doj under the obama administration viewed some of those figures did continue through to the trump administration. why? because the president does put his faith in the men women in the fbi. but unfortunately, that faith has been betrayed by what we found out in this memo we are going to see more coming out i'm sure from the inspector general. that will be highly informative. >> let me say this, whatever comes out.
11:50 am
so far we have seen is the windowdressing if you will. russia meddled in our elections. that is also the subject of this investigation. trump's connection to that, maybe we find it but maybe we don't. why jump ahead and so the whole investigation is tainted. [multiple speakers] >> that is what everybody deserves to know. russia for sure meddled in the 2016 election. how do they do it and how do we prevent it again? we've got to go. >> donald trump did not cause meddling. >> thank you. great to see you both. >> all right, deep breath here. we got a little football to talk about this weekend as the countdown is on to the big game tomorrow. super bowl lii and security will be tight in minneapolis.
11:51 am
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a day away from super bowl lii. if you don't have a ticket to the big game, we have for you a less expensive option to enjoy the whole experience. rick leventhal live from
11:55 am
minneapolis. >>reporter: i hope to come to you live from the red carpet which is somewhere behind us but there's a snowstorm and it took us a lot longer to get here than expected and there is no parking here at the university of minnesota apparently. there will be an nfl honors show on campus. they will give out the peyton manning award. of course we are in minneapolis where the vikings would have been the first home team to play in the super bowl. we see a lot of patriot fans, eagles fans and a lot of viking fans too. this is pretty tough for them to take. among them, perhaps the biggest fan is vikings owner - - and spoke with us yesterday. >> there's a certain bittersweet nature to this week but we are proud of our football team. at the same time that was on the other hand rather, we are turning our love to hosting the super bowl. this community has really stepped up. can't wait for the world to see
11:56 am
u.s. bank stadium. >>reporter: the weather and the security are big stories here. the 3000 officers and agents and national guard out on the streets will need help with this weather. we spoke to the police chief about what they are doing. >> we continue to tweak our plans. so we really want to make sure we are doing all we can to be as preventative as we can and to continue to have as robust a security measure. but still keeping a very welcoming and safe environment during super bowl lii. >>reporter: the biggest credible threat we are aware of is the subzero temperatures expected tomorrow. >> there you go. good thing it's indoors. we will be back here at 4:00 p.m. eastern with more news.
11:57 am
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this is the story of green mountain coffee roasters dark magic told in the time it takes to brew your cup. first, we head to vermont. and go to our coffee shop. and meet dave. hey. why is dark magic so spell-bindingly good, he asks? let me show you. let's go. so we climb. hike. see a bear. woah. reach the top. dave says dark magic is a bold blend of coffee with rich flavors of uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters packed with goodness. >> welcome to "the journal
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editorial report". i am paul gigot. the long-awaited republican memo alleging fbi surveillance abuses during the 2016 presidential campaign was finally made public friday after president trump declassified the four-page document. the house intelligence committee releasing it over the objections of fbi and justice department officials. as well as democrat on the panel. the memo commissioned by devin nunes and it claims it used in and verified


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