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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  February 4, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ todd: this is "fox & friends" we have breaking news this sunday morning. two people are dead. more than 50 others injured after amtrak train collides with a freight train in south carolina. this picture showing some of the train cars knocked off the track. the amtrak train heading from new york to miami derailing in d.c. that is just outside of columbia. happened 2:30 eastern time this morning. 139 passengers. eight crew members on board. the ntsb and red cross both headed to crash site. police will be holding a news conference this hour. and with that we welcome new to "fox & friends" on a sunday morning. ed, rachel, todd? rachel: nice to see you this morning. ed: disturbing news. rachel: obviously kind of a
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little touching for me i just got off that g.o.p. retreat where there was a train crash. what strikes you on the train is there is no seat belts. ed: thankfully most people were safe including you and your family but one person did died in that crash as well. rachel: 50 people injured and two dead. today. todd: these numbers. we have both been through this ed and obviously rachel was literally just in it when u. get these numbers early usually a harbinger of not good things going forward. ed: they have been telling us at least 25 people brought to a hospital there this n. south carolina. remind me a little bit of another major crash march 12th 20rbgs 15. amtrak 18 traveling here in the northeast corridor between new york and washington, d.c. remember, it was going twice the speed limit of 50 miles per hour. hit a curve around philly. 8 people were killed then. more than 200 injured. we haven't seen a tras crash ths
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large since then. two dead. 50 plus injured. when you get the numbers this early, suggests they are just going through the beginning phase of trying to figure out exactly -- rachel: weed should herewe shoue at 6:30 in the press conference. todd: collided with a csx train you have seen them. think are a major provider of freight services throughout our nation. i'm not diminish mizeing. >> not at all. >> a truck of some sort. this is another freight train, freight trains are big and obviously carry freight which means they have a lot of freight behind them colliding with an amtrak train and does beg the question. i know this is early at 6:02 on a sunday. why? happening? train service has been around since the 1800s. you have think we would have figured it out by now. rachel: goes a little faster
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tfaster. todd: true. rachel: going from new york to miami and this happening in casey, south carolina. ed: red cross. i was checking with the nbc national safety board twitter page and they have not updated anything. breaking as we speak. the last thing they tweeted about was the super bowl and getting somewhere safely to either get to the game or watch it at a friend's house. this is something now that has obviously gotten them into an urgent situation. an emergency situation there are at least 25 people who have been transported to a hospital there in the area of columbia, south carolina, called case. as you mentioned. in the area of columbia where people might know it as you are mentioning a freight train hitting a passenger train is just an awful, awful situation. todd: multiple hospitals being utilize utilize at this pt in that columbia, south carolina area. is that true major city in
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and around case, south carolina. from what we know lead engine did derail as well as some passenger cars. you have to keep that in mind. that implies to me a head on collision. rachel: this happening at around 2:30 this morning. todd: we are just getting these details as you are as well. for those who have been to columbia, south carolina. it is a major city there in south carolina. it does have a university there. so presumably does have a very good hospital as well. again, the injured are being taken to at least two local hospitals in that columbia, south carolina area. again, the train collision did happen in case, south carolina. ed: let me just say i mentioned the ntsb main twitter page not updated. second one i see news room. public relations team now telling us they tweeted this at 5:45 a.m. eastern time ntsb go team launching to investigate today's collision of an amtrak train and csx freight train near
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case, south carolina it updates a lot of the information we have already had. it does show you they are sending a go team. the ntsb trying to get on top of this as quickly as possible. rachel: media briefing 6:25 p.m. about 20 minutes from now. there is a shelter open for passengers. those weren't injured but need a place. todd: 8 crew members on board. for those of you worried about loved ones, this is amtrak train 91. it was traveling from new york to miami. presumably a lot of people are going to be affected by. this that's a pretty wide swath of the country. that's the east coast. ed: told 139 passengers, 8 crew members. got to remember the crew members as well. had you mentioned, i think, todd at the beginning that the lead car had derailed. so whoever is in there is somebody obviously being attended to right now or multiple people. and there are obviously fears that these numbers are going to keep climbing.
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rachel: i know from the situation i was in this week that was the fear derailing. derailing is when you have a lot more injuries. todd: i don't mean to keep going back to this experience. but, you know, when it happened to you this week, what's going through your mind at that point in time? rachel: the sound. there is such a powerful sound. and you can imagine as you mentioned we had a garbage truck. this is a freight train. i can't imagine the sound that they are hearing, that they heard, just the confusion. people running up and down the aisles to check and see who else might be injured, what happened. you know, this happened at 2: 30 in the morning. you have to presume some people were probably sleeping. todd: unlike on your train where people are up. rachel: really jolted probably sleeping. very scary situation here. ed: we just learned that a shelter has been put together at pine ridge middle school. so if anybody is in the south carolina area, trying to get a handle on this where victims or passengers may be going, pine ridge middle school.
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we presume that's pretty close to where this crashed happened 2:30 a.m. eastern time. todd: right before christmas horrible timing for a train crash is bad but particularly before christmas. there was that dupont, washington that killed three people. and we saw there, i believe ed mention i had, the train was going 80 miles per hour when it derailed on a curve. speed limit only 30 miles per hour. it is way too early in this train crash to be presuming speed or what was a factor here. but what we do know is the lead car of this amtrak train collided with a csx freighter. as we have mentioned a few times here in the first seven minutes of our coverage. those are two very heavily weighted traveling forces. and, you know, it's almost fortunate and i don't want to, again, dominican mize what happened tdediminishdominid
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this week. train on train consequences can be deadly for presumably at this point people on board. rachel: again, happening at 2:30 in the morning. that means it's dark in the train. people are being jolted from their sleep, trying to find out what's going on. makes it harder when it's dark and cold outside. ed: now, we have got some numbers here and some details just to make sure to recap what we have been telling you. a statement coming in from amtrak. what they are saying is this amtrak train number 91. operating between new york and miami as we noted. came in contact with a csx freight train 2:35 a.m. iron time case, south carolina. the lead engine derailed according to amtrak as well as some passenger cars there were 8 crew members as we noted. approximately 139 passengers. they say there were injuries reported and local authorities are on the scene responding. more information will be provided as available. that is an official statement just coming in to our news room. i was on the amtrak train
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between washington and new york on friday. i mention that only to say this is something we frequently do in the north-northeast corridor. it is very safe. this happens very rarely. and that's why it is a big, big deal. obviously when there are dertsdeaths, there are injuries. there are trains crossing america every day on amtrak and most of them are very safe. we routinely get on them for work, for pleasure and something like this is just shocking. rachel: devastating. todd: what was that? ed: we're getting more information. todd: being rail based freight. you see those cxs trains all over the country. they basically bring the products that that we utilize in america in addition to truckers and ship on the ocean, csx is a huge provider of freight. there is a map so you get a geographical sense so you
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know where cayse is in south carolina. individuals being brought to two hospitals. this is in and around the columbia, area for those not necessarily familiar with south carolina. and so hopefully, hospitals will be enough for the injured. rachel: and a shelter being set up. where did you say ed the shelter was at? ed: at the pine ridge middle school in south carolina in the casey arethekays area -- ca. traveling from new york city down to miami presumably in the winter. some getting some vacation time and all of a sudden this awful, horrible accident. it's looking like it's about 52 degrees but feels like 40
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because of the wind chill there. obviously still very early in the morning. and this happened in the middle of the night. 2:35 a.m. eastern time. people trying to save lives as we speak right now. as we mentioned at least 25 people at a local hospital there. but then others who are not injured, just trying to get to shelter. pine ridge middle school in the area of case, south carolina, is where people need to go. rachel: about 19 or 20 minutes, we will be getting a media briefing so we can get more details from the authorities. todd: trying to find some silver lining with all of this. while i may not have heard of cayse, south carolina, it is in the columbia, south carolina metro area which implies you have a major university there which at thitypically has major medical facility which has major hospitals associated with it these injured should be in good hands. i'm not implying that those of us in the more rural parts of our country aren't. oftentimes if this happens in the middle of nowhere it
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can take a long time to get the injured to a hospital. fortunately if you can say that in this kind of a situation, there are local hospitals rather close by because columbia is a major city will in south carolina. rachel: deputies on the scene right now trying to help those off the train, trying to help those get to the hospital, those that need it. so, yeah, very, very tragic. and you are right. when these kinds of accidents happen in a more rural area, time is of the essence. ed: hearing there might be multiple go teams. i mentioned one before. sheriff's deputies in the area responding to the scene. i'm noticing on social media a lot of people tweeting us that it's pronounced kay-see. we have more "fox & friends" right after this. ♪ wil
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todd: we continue with our fox news alert. a train collision in cayse, south carolina, between an amtrak train carrying 147 people and a csks freight train. those injured have been taken to at least two local hospitals in the columbia, south carolina area. specifically happened, a lead engine derailed as well as some passenger cars when that lead engine of the amtrak collided with a csx freight train. we are expecting a briefing from the authorities there in about 15 minutes. ed: we're getting brand new video. we are racking that as we speak. producers are working extra hard and have been doing a fabulous job of getting something that literally happened shortly before we went to air.
3:16 am
and we have just gotten fresh video out of cayse, south carolina. you are obviously seeing still photos now. we are turning that video, you will see in a moment. first look at what is happening on the scene. here's what we can tell you about what we know about what federal officials are trying to do to get to that scene. here's the new video. you can see it right now. it's obviously dark. on the east coast here, looking out the window here at new york city it's still pretty dark as well. this is the winter time, obviously. very cold here. we have seen it's maybe in the 40's or 50's. not as bad in south carolina as people try to get to shelter at what we're told is the pine ridge middle school in the cayse, south carolina area. that video shot a little bit from the distance. emergency personnel trying to get to the scene. and the nbc ntsb. the national transportation safety board who tries to get to incidents like this rachel you know that very well having just been through a horrible incident
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a few days ago in virginia. the ntsb says they are launching a go team to investigate this collision of an amtrak train going from here in new york city down to miami, florida and colliding with a csx freight train near cayse, south carolina. rachel: this accident happening around 2:30 in the morning. sleeper cars. very frightening situation. trying to find safety and gather with loved ones to the middle school, the pine ridge middle school. those who weren't taken to the hospital and those who needed shelter, that's where they are going. the pine ridge middle school. and we know authorities, lots of authorities, can you see from that video seems to be a lot of help there trying to help those. ed: sheriff deputies and others trial to respond. first responders, easy to forget about this. in incidents around the country, not enough people thank our law enforcement, our first responders who in
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the middle of the night getting quie ready for a quiet weekend, the super bowl in a few hours. you kant see much in that video, but, what can you see is clearly sirens with people responding. in fact, i believe right now on the telephone we have the chief of public information for south carolina emergency management derek becker. we appreciate you joining us right now. can you please tell us, everybody in the fox news audience, what you know about the situation, sir. >> yes, sir. well, as you might expect, we're still getting information still coming in. can confirm at least two facilities, lexington county has confirmed two fatalities and at least 70 people transport to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries at this point. we have established a shelter i think that was mentioned before at one of the nearby middle schools for all the passengers who are on board the train. now, if there is anybody who has -- they have loved ones on this train they can
3:19 am
actually get information from amtrak directly by calling 1-800-523-9101. of course the focus is on the safety of everybody that was on board that train. everybody has what they need to stay warm. we are expecting them to be a little cold. even cold for south carolina. and so, right now, we're making sure they have a warm place to stay at the shelter while we clear the scene. todd: 91 for families who might be concerned about families traveling from new york to miami. correct? >> right. anybody with any questions involving the passengers on amtrak train 91 can call 1-800-523-9101. todd: do we know what the items were in the csx train? >> we believe at this point it was diesel.
3:20 am
todd: when it's a diesel situation, do you have hazmat on scene. >> absolutely. just to make sure everybody is safe. hazmat crews. everything is safe at this point. there is no danger to anyone in the nearby area of lexington county of cayse, of pine ridge it actually happened about a mile away from the south carolina state emergency operation center. so, we're functioning in sort of a supporting role for those local first responders and making sure that they -- if they need any resources, we can get it to them very quickly. ed: derrec, thi this is ed henry we have rachel campos duffy as well. you confirm that we had heard there were two dead you raised the number from 50 injured to at least 70. i want to ask you a little bit more about that. it sounded like some positive news that i want to
3:21 am
pass along and i want to reiterate that you say out of the at least 70 injured, all or most were nonlife threatening injuries? >> that's correct. and that was new information that we got from lexington county. obviously numbers like that, total numbers can change when you have a very active and ongoing incident like this. report are anything from cuts and scrapes, we do have some reports of a couple of broken bones. but, at this point, nonlife threatening injuries. todd: mr. becker, we are being told by our producers who are getting this information, of course, through their various source thafers some of the cars are so badly damaged that police are having difficulty getting to people inside those cars. is that accurate? >> that's one of the things that we're trying to determine at this point. like i said before, it's still a very active and ongoing scene. we are attempting to ascertain and make sure we have gotten everybody off the train. it's possible that there could be additional information, a little bit later from now. we are doing a media
3:22 am
briefing in about 10 minutes. so, i need to run real quick so we have the most up to date information. ed: we appreciate it derek becker with south carolina emergency management. we understand he has more important things to do. getting information out is important but tending to those with injuries and getting to the bottom of the situation. we appreciate his time. we will try to reestablish with him. rachel: diesel, he mentioned diesel. that browft alarm to me. i know in the crash i was in this week the train crash i was in the amtrak train crash, that was a big concern. they could smell gas and they were worried about explosions. good to hear that they said they have what they. ed: hazmat team. you are right. we want to pass on positive news u.s. not just deaths and not exaggerate the situation more injuries than anticipated. we heard 25 sent to a hospital. then we heard at least 50 injured. now that number climbing to
3:23 am
over 70 injured. on the upo positive side at least. we are hearing in early reports, and this can change, these are initial reports. that most or all of those 70 hurt have minor journalist. nonlife threatening. he was mentioning derrec becker did some cuts and scrapes. broken bones. we don't want to minimize it but hopefully not a climb in the number killed. rachel: he also mentioned and you brought that up, ed, that they were having trouble accessing some of the passengers because of the damage to the car. one of the things i was really impressed with this past week in my experience was how professional amtrak was. they went up and down the isles multiple times trying to make sure there was not passenger injured and possibly left behind. they were checking and double-checking and triple checking that. ed: that's a great point. you can see from the video wee have shown from a moment ago it's still dark there, cayse, south carolina. two dead, more than 70 injured. we are told most of those nonlife threatening.
3:24 am
amtrak train number 91. if you have a family member or friend who might have been traveling between new york and miami. obviously, there is a lot of stops there in between, so, got to czech the ticket. got to figure out who might have been there. but amtrak train 91 collided with a csx freight train carrying diesel fuel 2:35 a.m. eastern. todd: there is humanity to this situation. these are loved ones on the train. we just got news moments ago that everyone is off the train. so that is a little good news. however, if you think that your relative is on amtrak train 91, the phone number to call for information is 1-800-523-9101: keep in mind these individuals that were injured, the 70 that ed and rachel have mention have had been taken to local hospitals in the columbia, south carolina area. which is about five minutes, five miles, i should say
3:25 am
there in lexington county from where this train did derail. again, the number on your screen, if you think you may have loved ones that are involved. rachel: the rest of the passengers who are not injured, they are being taken to pine ridge middle school. remember, they are stranded. they have nowhere to go. it's dark. it's in the middle of the night. they were probably on the way to vacation. ed: they may not be from this local area. some people may be getting off near here and may have family that can drive there and go get them to safety to pick them up. others originating here from here in new york city or may have been returning home to miami there is a lot of stops, obviously, up and down the eastern seaboard. we are going to take a break in a few seconds here as we reset this because we want to get back real quickly to this news briefing. we just spoke with derek becker in south carolina emergency management. two dead. at least 70 injured. on the positive side at least of those 70 injured
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2:35 a.m. this morning. we believe that there was diesel in the csx train. at least that's what one of the police who called in earlier told us. lead engine derailed as some well as some passenger cars. 8 crew members. 139 passengers. two fatalities. 70 people in the hospital. or most are nonthreatening injuries. shelter for passengers is open at pine ridge middle school. if you believe that you have a family member who might have been on that amtrak train, amtrak has provided a phone number and that's 1-800-523-9101. ed: we're just hearing from the red cross, by the way that they have established sight. we had mentioned earlier they were headed there but they are now at that pine ridge middle school trying to help out. we have had this fresh video you can see from the lexington ledger. it doesn't show a lot because it's still dark here in the east as it is in, of course, all around the
3:31 am
country as you are just waking up, getting this horrible news. this tragedy. two people killed at least 70 hurt. we are at least hearing from decker becker who you mentioned a moment ago, rachel from the south carolina emergency management team was kind enough to hop on the phone and say out of those 70 hurt. they believe most or all are nonlife threatening emergencies. cuts and scrapes, some broken bones. don't want to manipulate mize it obviously still very serious. but we are hoping that that number on the left of the screen in terms of the number killed is not going to climb. todd: hazmat team on scene to deal with the diesel that was in the csx train and set the geo graphic call seen for you where this happened. cayse, south carolina. borders in richland counties in that general area. columbia, south carolina is the main city in and around this region. that is fortunate. in a situation like, this because presumably the
3:32 am
university of south carolina has a robust medical staff there. multiple hospitals to deal with a population center like columbia, south carolina. also, a research hospital should have some of the best doctors in and around the south carolina area there. so those injured albeit with nonlife threatening injuries according to public information officer derek becker. they should presumably be getting the best of care and quickly because it's only about five miles from columbia, south carolina. ed: and, in fact, there is going to be a news briefing any moment. we want to assure you are that the fox news team here up bright and early on this sunday is monitoring that situation. it's the office of emergency management within the state of south carolina that we will be holding that briefing. they initially said about this time. about 6:30 a.m. eastern time. as you can understand under the circumstances they are trying to collect as much information as they can save as many lives, get the situation stabilized with the diesel fuel that todd just mentioned. so that's -- those are their priorities.
3:33 am
but then they want to let the public know because there is, you know, 139 passengers as you mentioned, 8 crew members. a lot of people in the winter time are going between new york and miami, florida. vacations. there are other people who have jobs up and down the east coast. but there could be a lot of families that are traveling. rachel: or elderly people on the train as well. you have to imagine, i mean, this is happening in the middle of the night. 2:35 in the morning there are no seat belts on amtrak train. being awaken with a jolt. the sound is just scaring. todd: you were on one. three since december. three derailments. rachel: you said this was with csx, that means this was a huge impact. sound was very loud. todd: we don't know where the individuals killed were from. were they on the csx train? were they passengers on the amtrak train? obviously we're going to get details. keep in mind, this collision happened less than four
3:34 am
hours ago teams responding to the scene as quickly as possible. it's great information that as we know at this point everybody is out of the damaged train. so, some good news at this point in time. we had earlier reports that police were having difficulty getting to some cars because they sorp badly damaged. but the latest update like we just said, everybody is out of the train cars involved in this collision. ed: obviously they still could be searching. they say that in the initial reports. looking out the window here in new york city. it's still very dark. you can see the light there some of that siren. some emergency management lights being brought in to get people to shelter. get people to safety as quickly as they can. we always have to remember that initial reports can change as an investigation unfolds, so the numbers can go up. the numbers can go down in terms of numbers injured or killed. rachel: so good to look on the bright side. again, only 70 people hurt. all minor injuries. there was no explosion. they hit a diesel.
3:35 am
ed: a truck, pardon me, a freight train fuel of diesel fuel as you say, rachel, this could have been far, far worse. already tragic with two killed and many injured but with diesel fuel in that freight train presumably traveling at high speed, this could have been a lot, lot worse. >> todd: in your experience on trains guys, do they slow them down at this late hour overnight or speed them up? rachel: that's one of the questions we are going to have how fast was this train going? todd: people sleeping. one of those things where the speed they just zip through? ed: i know we learned from the incident in 2015 which i remember very well because at the time this was happening between new york and washington. and it was amtrak train 188. and we have learned from this situation that incident
3:36 am
that the speed limit, at least in that area, was 50 miles per hour. and as it entered a sharp curve, around the philadelphia area, that was back in may 015, that amtrak train was traveling at twice the speed limit. todd: right. ed: that's why it derailed and that's why you ended up having 8 people killed and more than 200 injured. obviously sparked all kinds of investigations and whatnot. so when you ask about the speed, i remember from that incident that the speed limit at least in that part of the northeast corridor is supposed to be 50 miles per hour. we have to get more information. and we hope to have this briefing any moment there in south carolina. cayse, ace mentioned, right near columbia, south carolina. and the emergency management team there is trying to get on top of this situation. they seem in the early moments, early hours, to be doing just that. and when we had derek becker hop on the phone just a few moments ago, he seemed like he and his colleagues were getting on top of the
3:37 am
situation. rachel: obviously. those not injured taken to the hospital being taken to the pine ridge middle school. obviously these people are traveling on vacation or whatever. and have no place to go. it's in the middle of the night or at least the early hours of the morning. ed: if you had not heard us earlier, amtrak has given limited information so far. they obviously, in fairness, they are trying to get on top of this situation. they have a phone number, 1-hundred-523-9101. if you believe you have a family member, a relative. you see it right there on the screen. shelter for passengers at the pine ridge middle school as rachel mentioned. we believe from the initial reports that all passengers are now off that train. rachel: although they did have trouble getting to passengers because there was so much damage. ed: in the initial hours. remember, we are now four hours into this. it happened about 2:35 a.m. eastern time just after 6:37 a.m. eastern time. now here in the east we expect the news conference any moment.
3:38 am
you are going to want to stick here because we are trying to get this information to you as quickly as possible. todd: key element to keep in mind. this happened at 2:30 a.m. what were you doing at 2:30 a.m. in the morning. likely sleeping. the people on the train were in all likelihood sleeping as well. as well as the first responders. can you imagine in a situation like this where it is a major train collision, yes, all first responders have people on stand by sunday morning at 2:30 in the morning. but a number of people had to get woken up out of bed to rush to a scene that fortunately is relatively close to a major city, at least for south carolina there in columbia, south carolina. looking at the pictures right now, there is an intense response from first responders. keep in mind this is not right next to knox where have you hundreds of people ready to go at a moment's notice. it does seem like a pretty
3:39 am
robust response at least looking at these pictures. ed: third amtrak crash since december. rachel knows that. this is the second one. virginia area on the way from washington, d.c. and west virginia for the republican retreat. rachel: that's right. for the republican retreat. in that case the train was going 67 miles per hour. the speed limit was 60 miles per hour. so you mentioned earlier, another train crash. ed: where the speed limit was 55 miles per hour around philadelphia, very busy part for amtrak in the northeast corridor and it was going twice that speed. todd: at this point in time i know a number of people when they hear. let's call it what it is it is a mass casualty incident. although fortunately it does appear for the 70 people injured they are relatively minor injuries. of course, in this day and age where do our minds go initially?
3:40 am
it goes to fierce of terrorism and things of that nature. we have received no information that this is anything other than a collision between two trains. obviously in a situation like this, four ours in, we are working our sources to find out the very latest information. at this point in time it does appear to be a train collision. when you everywhere on the train this week that was your initial instinct. rachel: right. you hear that sound. obviously we have had very intense political season. we have had attacks on republicans shootings. obviously we are on a train full of congress. can i imagine that sound amplified for these four passengers this morning because they hit a freight train. and you have to wonder why are two trains on the same track? there is going to be a lot of questions about the speed. about that question. hopefully we will get some answers. ed: we do hope to get those answers. we are hearing four the podium is being set up and
3:41 am
there is some movement there in the area of cayse, south carolina where the emergency management team, state emergency management team will, in fact, be holding a news conference literally any moment now. we will go there live as soon as we see those members of the team there is a microphone we are told that's now been added can i see it right there. the left of the scene. the right of the scene is there are some people walking towards the microphone. it has not quite yet started yet as you can see. we want to go there as soon as they do start speaking. we spoke earlier to derek becker who is with that emergency management team in south carolina. he gave us some very important information which is that initially we had heard that there were about 25 people rushed to a hospital maybe around 50 who
3:42 am
were injured. and it looks like someone is ready talk attachment. >> information. thumb's up when you are ready okay. good. okay. good? >> i'm going to very briefly just number one thank you for coming out this morning and especially under these circumstances. my name is derec becker with the south carolina emergency management situation. we are supporting lexington county with whatever they may need. any facilities or any sort of resources that a local first responders may need or that amtrak even might need, we are here. we have not activated the state emergency operation center in terms of a full activation lining like you are used to. we do have a limited crew. i am going to give you very
3:43 am
briefly the run down of who is going to speak largsson kay hill public information officer for lexington county. then captain adam myric and langley from the red cross. i will turn it directly over to harrison. >> good morning, everybody. just give you a brief statement on what we have got going on here. lexington county emergency management as well as their fire service and e.m.s. responded to the charleston highway, pine ridge intersection in reference to a train derailment. at about 2:45 this morning, when we arrived on scene, we immediately began assessing the situation. what we found was two different trains with passenger train and a freight train that collided. what we immediately went into was a search mode. search and rescue mode. we were able to begin to extract and assist passengers off of that train. at this time all passengers are off of the train. that is very important to
3:44 am
put out there. unfortunately, there were two fatalities as a result of this collision. we are working with the coroner's office here in lexington county very closely with that. at this time we have transported about 70 patients with various injuries to local area hospitals. one thing that i would like to point out is the extreme cooperation between all of the entities you see here. including the list goes on, including city of columbia, rich land county, fort jackson, sert, all of those have been moving in this operation to assist to make sure all of this is taken care of appropriately. i will go ahead and turn it over to captain adam myrick. and tell you about their agencies involved in this incident. >> good morning, i' m last name myrick. here to tell you a little bit about our role in this response this morning.
3:45 am
we are on scene making sure that that scene remains secure. that is really the top foe consultation of our units that are near the crash site to make sure the scene remains secure. that means everyone can then work as they need to. the first responders will be safe there and we are working alongside all of the agencies that are here. as mr. kay hill mentioned there are a number of them. we are also teaming one state troopers to control traffic in the area. we have some traffic checkpoints, not checkpoints but traffic control points that we are also working, making sure that we have the proper access and those who need to access the site can get there those who don't quite just yet, we are keeping those at a location and at a safe distance, so we as first responders can do our work. something else the deputies have done here in the last hour or so is we have transported those who are not injured to the reception
3:46 am
site. so we know that they're shaken up quite a bit. we know this is unlike anything else they have ever been through. we wanted to get them out of the cold. out of the weather. get them to a warm place. we have transported them in our units to the reception site, which is going to be opened up by the american red cross. with that i will turn it over to langley from the american red cross to tell you about the operation there at the reception site. >> good morning, everybody. my name is cuthbert, langley. langley. spokes personal for the red cross. we are opening up that reception center at pine ridge middle school. we have a dozen volunteers or staff on their way here or here right now. staff members and volunteers are coming from across the state to assist with this effort. we have emergency response vehicle that's coming as well that will be at the reception site to provide water and snacks and those sorts of things. we are going to continue to
3:47 am
work with the government partners you see up here with first responders and assist them as the investigation and as the day progresses. again, the red cross is going to be here for as long as needed. we will step n any way that we are asked to help. today is a tragic day for some people and the red cross will be here for as long as we are needed. thank you. >> all right. at this time any questions? >> any road blocks at this point. >> right now the only road blocks would be pine ridge drive. the one that runs right here next to emd all wait down to 321. >> can you characterize the 70 injuries? >> i will let harrison take care of that for you. >> sir, the 70 injuries range obviously in variety. anything from small scratches and bumps to more severe broken bones. so they kind of run the gamut in between that. >> are they nonlife threatening. >> at this time i don't have that information but i can get that information. >> can you go over again the basics of what happened here?
3:48 am
i wasn't here at the very beginning, just so i have some details what happened this morning? >> yeah. so there was a train collision and derailment near charleston highway and pine ridge drive between a freight train and a passenger train. when we arrived on scene, we began assisting passengers off of that train. at this time there are no passengers on the train. it's very important to put that out. there were about 70 passengers that were transported to local area hospitals for various injuries. there were two fatalities according to the lexington county coroner's office. that has been confirmed. and right now we are also asking people that if they have any concerns or want more information to call amtrak info line. that number is 1-800-523-9101. again that's the amtrak info line.
3:49 am
1-800-523-9101. >> fatalities. >> at this point i don't have that information. that will probably come out either from csx or lexington county coroner's office. >> do you have any idea how fast the trains were traveling. >> no. at this point no. we just know they collided on the tracks. >> any idea why they collided? >> not at this time. that will be up to the investigation of csx and the ntsb. >> hazardous materials on the csx train. >> there was about -- our hazmat team did respond. we were able to secure two leaks of fuel from the trains. right now we are estimating about 5,000 gallons of fuel has spilled. we have called in dehec and csx's deheck team to secure that cleanin leak and we're asss as much as we can. >> no threat to the public at this time. >> no threat to the public at this time. >> derek, i'm sure every year you guys -- 2005 -- any
3:50 am
time you hear of a train wreck that immediately comes to mind. can you talk about the amount of training that goes into. >> this is not our first train derailment. you mentioned the incident in 2005. this is nothing like that. unfortunately we have many more people who were affected directly by this incident. it's unfortunate that we have two fatalities. our hearts are with those families right now. we want to make schumer right now the focus is on the passengers on that train, that they have some place warm that any unmet needs that they may have that those are being attended to. but we do have extensive training. working with our local first responders and our county emergency managers in terms of who calls who? where do you go to get resources? how can we reach out to any of the train companies and so forth? so, you're absolutely right. it's something we look at every sing dwell year. >> okay. anything else? >> anything the public can do to help at this point? >> right now stay away from this area. if you were going to come to pine ridge for whatever
3:51 am
reason, might be best to delay your trip or your plans for the next couple of hours. if there's anything that any information, call that amtrak number that harrison just gave. if there is anything that we can do or any information that you might need, especially if you have a loved one who was on board that train, call that telephone number and harrison can give it right here directly in just a minute. okay? >> how is it going to impact traffic flow? certain area that's cordoned off. >> fortunately, this is a relatively low trask area in terms of especially on a sunday. highway 321 traffic impairment will be minimal. >> can you talk about i guess the span of wreckage? quarter mile? half a mile. >> that's one of the things we are trying to determine and get more information for you. we have that type of thing and especially in regards to what the ntsb is doing. what amtrak will be doing. that will all come out a little bit later. we will try to have another
3:52 am
briefing as we have more information. this will be the joint information area the media briefing area. any official information about this incident will come from right here. of course, you guys telephone numbers. if anything comes up, give us a call, okay? thank you very much. todd: all right. back here in new york. you are looking at pictures right there. we are just hearing from derek becker the public information officer in that area to discuss the specifics of what just happened. as we know at this point, two people are dead, 70 people hurt in a collision between an amtrak train, train number 91. and a csx train. there were a few things from that news conference that stood out to me. they don't know where the fatals are from. leading to 5,000 gallons spilled no. threats to the public at this time. this is a little bit contradictory to what we
3:53 am
heard earlier. when harrison cahill, the state emergency management division, they didn't know whether there were no life threatening injuries. he said they would look into it. we do know of scrapes and broken bones. but when asked are you officially saying there are no life threatening injuries he? couldn't answer that. rachel: he can't answer that because if you are on blood thinners and you break your leg, that is life-threatening injury. todd: great point. rachel: that's something we thought about often. a small injury for somebody on medication could become very serious. listen, this happened at 2:35 in the morning, todd. they hit a diesel freight freezing rain. there are no seat belts on a train. people had to have been thrown from their seats and jolted in a very powerful way. ed: yeah. also officials saying they do not have info on speed. in terms of how fast either train was traveling either the passenger train or the
3:54 am
freight train. they do not have information yet on why they collided. obviously that's going to be the focus of their investigation. the officials in lexington county, who started this news conference saying that they responded within 10 minutes, about 2:45 a.m. eastern time. and that they imimmediately went into search and rescue mode. they were able to get everybody off the trains as we heard. two deaths. about 70 injuries. still getting a handle on that. and i think that's remarkable. two leaks of fuel. 5,000 gallons of diesel fuel we were told has spilled and, yet, they say that they have secured it, at least for now, and that the public is safe. that is something obviously everybody in that area is going to be paying close attention to. rachel: thank god for the red cross. i felt so good when i heard that gentleman talking from the red cross saying we have taken everybody out. we are making sure they are not cold. taking them to pine ridge middle school where they are right now. getting them snacks. making them warm and feel
3:55 am
comfortable. you have to imagine this was a traumatic experience for them. ed: we will be following this along with a lot of other stories this morning. todd: with that we will take a very quick commercial break. more information, the latest on the deadly train collision in south carolina when "fox & friends" sunday returns. ♪ ♪ g bonus check every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. if these packs have the same number of bladder leak pads, i bet you think bigger is better. actually, it's bulkier. always discreet quickly turns liquid to gel, for drier protection that's a lot less bulky. always discreet.
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the morning walk until... it... wasn't. don't let type 2 diabetes get between you and your heart. even if you reach your a1c goal you are still at risk for heart attack or stroke. talk to your health care provider today about diabetic heart disease. and find out more at your heart and type 2 diabetes. make the connection. ed: well, we continue with this fox news alert.
3:59 am
this is "fox & friends." we have had breaking news all sunday morning. todd: out of south carolina, two people dead. 70 more injured after amtrak train collision and derailment in south carolina. the amtrak train heading from new york to miami derailing in cayse outside of columbia, south carolina. 139 passengers. 8 crew members on board. police end ago news conference moments ago. take a listen. >> 70 injuries in variety anything from small crashes and bumps to more severe broken bones. ed: you can see from this picture some of the train cars knocked off the tracks. all passengers are now off the train, we're told. some heading to a nearby middle school for shelter. rachel: the nbc are on scene and we'll bring you the latest details as we get them. he haded what he really shock me more than anything, obviously two people dying, horrific. rachel: yeah.
4:00 am
on top of that, 70 injured. but when you hear the officials say at this news conference a couple moments ago that 5,000 gallons of fuel spilled out because this was a freight train with diesel fuel 8 crew members. 139 passengers. they say they have it secure and people in the local area are safe. this could have gotten a lot worse. rachel: that's what i call a miracle that nothing exploded that we have as few injuries as we have. although they are very tragic. i felt from the news conference very confident that these officials had things under control and so happy to hear that the red cross was working to milwaukee those involved in the crash comfortable at the middle school. todd: you literally just experienced a train crash this week. rachel: dierks of course. not on the scale of this which makes my heart go out even more to those who
4:01 am
obviously lost their lives but those who experience this. it's very scary. this happening at 2:35 in the morning. they are probably sleeping. there are no seat belts on trains. jolted from their sleep. worried about their loved ones. dark at night. ed: cold. rachel: very scary experience for them. very scary. ed: traveling from new york city to miami, florida. this is something that obviously happens a lot in the winters in terms of people heading south. trying to get to the warmer climate. rachel: of course. ed: people starting a new week. the local officials jumped on this very quickly. they said within 10 minutes of the collision they had the emergency management team on the scene. todd: in case you are just waking up, learning about this train collision in south carolina and wondering about your family members, there is a phone number to call it is 1-800-523-9101.
4:02 am
that's the number to call to find out more. this was amtrak train 91. you see the stats up there on your scene. two dead, about 70 injured there is a shelter for passengers open at the pine ridge middle school. again, the key point that we want to reiterate. all passengers are off the train at this point in time. those 70 injured have been taken to hospitals in and around the columbia, south carolina area. two hospitals in particular. but, again, if you think you have a loved one on that train, please call that amtrak number. ed: obviously super sunday. you have a super bowl today. this puts things into perspective and to focus very, very quickly. football game palg in comparison to people fighting for their lives. two people losing their lives. 70 injured. the initial report suggest that those 70 injured have relatively minor injuries, cuts and scrapes. but as rachel mentioned
4:03 am
earlier, you simply don't know. a broken bone for an elderly person is different than for an 18-year-old. they have to -- they have officials at the hospital working through all of this trying to keep those numbers down and get everybody safe. rachel: those numbers climbing. initially we thought 20-some injured. then it 50, and then it went to 70. that's what happens when you get early reports. todd: at this point in time we don't know where those fatalities came from. whether they were the people on the amtrak train or crsk freighter. we keep coming back to 5,000 gallons of diesel spilled. hazmat teams on the scene right now evaluating the situation but telling us that there is no threat to the public at this point in time. ed: officials saying they don't know how fast either train was going. that will be a focus of the investigation. they don't know the key question which is why did they collide? rachel: they secured the area. that's one of the things
4:04 am
that the captain myrick from the sheriff's department let us know they have absolutely secured the area. they have gotten everybody off the train. i can tell you from my experience this week amtrak was very procialg after that crash going up and down double, triple checking to make sure that nobody was left hibsd. ed to these are brand new images just in to fox news of the train collision there in cayse, south carolina. for those of you who may not be familiar with that area it is about five miles from columbia, south carolina. as we have been mentioning throughout the morning that is fortuitous in this kind of a situation because university of south carolina is there. medical facilities. all the levels of trauma center that you would need in a situation like this at the ready because of the proximity to columbia, south carolina. i know i did not know about kazee, south carolina, prior to the last two hours here fortuitous that it is in that general area so close to a major university and city. ed: i just got a note from one of our viewers who said
4:05 am
he ran a locomotive 10 years and big question whyy the trains on the track at the same time. was it a faulty switch in did the train pick the switch? was the switch thrown against them or was someone negligent? obviously this is what the nbc anntsb and others will be doing to investigate. what is he also saying in terms of keeping the casualties down, he said hopefully the freight train knocked the much lighter built passenger train off the rails instead of actually going through it. which would have obviously been a much more horrific tragedy. todd: subject upsumming up, at t two people dead and 70 injured between amtrak train and csx freighter carrying diesel fuel. those injured have been taken to two local hospitals to be evaluated at this point in time. we know those injuries appear to be scrapes up to broken bones. as we have mentioned a broken bone for some person can be a life-threatening injury. we don't want to say
4:06 am
everybody is completely off the hook at this point. the scene there under control. no -- the hazmat team is there but there is no concern for the public or the diesel spilled that we will keep you posted on. ed: we mentioned the ntsb is sending a go team there. we will see whether the president has anything to say about this fema or other federal officials get involved here. the ntsb sending a go team helps get this under control so it's not like the entire federal government has to jump on it in the meantime, the president has also over the last 24 hours been tweeting about the story that had been dominating the headlines before all of this is that republican fisa memo that has taken an already volatile situation in terms of all of the russia investigations and blown it up even more and the president pretty much feeling like he has been and i have indicatevindindicated bye memo released on fridays. president pointing out it
4:07 am
points out the disturbing fact that the fbi and fisa appear to be used to influence the 2016 election and its aftermath. the fbi failed continue to form the fisa court that the clinton camp had funded the dossier. the fbi became a tool of anti-trump political actors. this is unacceptable in a democracy. and ought to alarm anyone who wants the fbi to be a nonpartisan enforcer of the law. the fbi wasn't straight with congress as it hid most of these facts from investigators. the president add allege line there that he was quoting a story in the "wall street journal" about all of this. you can see what's instantly happening. the "new york times" full story today suggesting that the president is attacking law enforcement anti-law enforcement. we are going to get into that. ed: the president is pushing back and change the narrative. rachel: this memo vindicates all the things i have been saying. important to note the information we got from the fisa memo is significant
4:08 am
because even the very lowest level agent at the fbi that you never would use opposition research paid for by the opposing party as evidence for a fisa warrant to spy on an american. on a presidential campaign and on a sitting president. this is very serious stuff. and i think it's really foundational to who we are. we are not a police state. and it's interesting that democrats are saying you are undermining the fbi. adam schiff great article in the "wall street journal" about that. he was somebody who used to be very concerned about the abuse of fisa warrants. he has changed his tuna little bit. todd: we want to listen to a sound bite from donald trump jr. on the vindication and we will go into more detail. take a listen. >> there is a little bit of sweet revenge in for me and probably the family in a sense that if they wouldn't have done this, this stuff would be going on. this would be going on at the highest levels of
4:09 am
government. they would be continuing to do it to my father. trying to undermine his actions. imagine how effective he can be given the year he has had without this cloud over his head. i want them to come. but come to a conclusion already. have you been looking for two years. have you come up with nothing other than their own nefarious actions and their own collusions. they have come up with nothing. so, at this point, you got to come to something. like just come to something. todd: with that as the back drop. weave asked so many of our guests yesterday the $64,000 question. should this be the end of the russia investigation? quite frankly, rachel, there is a split amongst republicans. the number of republicans say this should be the end of it individuals like trey gowdy no, let bob mueller finish what he started. ed: yeah, absolutely. saying this is bad for the fbi. this is bad for the justice department but that does not necessarily mean that the mueller investigation has been tainted. and have you republicans like trey gowdy saying that and beings very direct about that. we're going to talk to jason
4:10 am
chaffetz. former colleague of trey gowdy and some of these other republicans like devin nunes who have been in the middle of all of this in just a couple minutes. rachel: absolutely. right now we are going to turn to your headlines. christian broadcasting network founder pat robertson recovering after suffering from a stroke. a family member rushing the 87-year-old televangelist to a hospital in virginia after recognizing symptoms. robertson hosts cbn's flag ship show the 700 club where he interviewed president trump during his campaign and after the elections. he is expected to make a full recovery. at least 9 states now considering new laws requiring residents to buy health insurance. that's according to the "wall street journal." the proposal coming less than two months after republicans voted to repeal the individual mandate if obama backed affordable -- in the obamacare affordable care act. sorry about that. arguing people should not be forced to purchase coverage. all the states involved maryland, california, and
4:11 am
new jersey. janet jackson won't be performing at tonight's super bowl halftime show. todd: what? rachel: but prince will be there. jackson shutting down rumors that she'll be dancing alongside justin timberlake. the speculation coming 14 years after their infamous wardrobe malfunction while sharing the halftime stage in 2004. timberlake will apparently be bringing back prince as a hologram. i was wondering as i read that i was very confused. nfl source tells the minneapolis star tribune, however, prince's friends and family say this would be against the late music legend wishes. todd: i know timberlake is talented but i didn't know he could raise the dead. ed: the press says the president is waging war on law enforcement. really? jason chaffetz is here to weigh in next.
4:12 am
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ed: following the release of the fight memo the media using it to claim the president is waging war on law enforcement. really? todd: take a look at these headlines out this very morning. "new york times" trump's unparalleled war on a pillar of society, law enforcement. politico, trump escalates his war with u.s. law enforcement after memo release. and "the washington post," once the party of law and order, republicans are now challenging it. rachel: fox news contributor jason chaffetz is former chairman of the oversight and government reform committee and he joins us now. so, jason, what do you think of that? is donald trump and now so many republicans damaging the reputation of the fbi or just talking about the leadership that's corrupt? >> >> good morning. donald trump didn't create this mess but is he here to
4:16 am
help clean it up. anybody to reads that memo will understand that what the lawmakers are highlighting here is potential abuses in our system. and, you know, all the flailing that i heard from adam schiff and all these democrats this was an attack on law enforcement and this is going to dismantle our security apparatus, this is going to reveal sources and methods, none of that is true. none of it. and how ironic in the movie theaters right now have you meryl streep and tom hanks in a move touting the post about how they would print everything and want to get everything out there and now all of a sudden we are trying to expose the truth and what happens they get attacked as saying -- no, donald trump is as pro-law enforcement as any president we have had in my lifetime. and is he trying to clean it up. ed: jason, where do we go from here? because you know and have you been sounding the alarm on this sooner than a lot of people saying yeah, this memo is important. pay attention to the justice
4:17 am
department inspector general report which may be coming just weeks from now and is going to have more revelations about the fbi, about the justice department. i presume a lot of these attacks in the mainstream media and democrats like adam schiff are only going to increase. what say you about the way forward here in terms of pushing back on that but also actually fixing some of this? >> the inspector general the request that came from me in my office. everything from the james comey firing all the way through the tarmac meeting between loretta lynch and president clinton and all the other things that have happened in between. michael horowitz, 450 employees, the inspector general at the department of justice. he has been looking at this. they have been silent. they have been quiet. you haven't heard leaks of this. there was a concern about the text messages between strzok and page. they presented that to mr. mueller. mueller immediately made a change. i think that would be a key indicator that there was
4:18 am
some real wrong going there mueller looks at it, dismisses the guy. meanwhile he was embedded as the number two person at the fbi. a lot happening. but the inspector general is very important. devin nunes andth intel committee will come out with more reports. it's bigger and broader unfortunately than just the fbi. he mentioned the state department. i think you will see a look at the intelligence community as well. todd: jason, all week we heard the release of this memo is going to endanger national security. the sky is going to fall. we are all going to be dead once this thing is released. still, even though the release has happened and everybody has had time to look and see that there really is no national security imoccasion. we have had numerous experts on here to tell us that the democrats and many in the liberal media are still saying there is a national security issue. but not pointing to any facts. can you help us out? are there any facts there that maybe the three of us are missing? >> adam schiff and the democrats on that committee
4:19 am
were flailing this was going to destroy the security apparatus. as soon as it comes out democrats changed their talking points and said it's a nothing burger. there is nothing here to see. it doesn't mean anything. you can't have it both ways, folks. you are reading the same memo before and after and you took two paths and you are just misdirecting from the key fact that name names and were very specific within that report. now it's four pages in a massive investigation. but it does illuminate the major systemic problems there at the fbi. rachel: jason, i feel like the president has been pretty clear in some of his tweets that he was separating the leadership, which he thinks has been corrupt and biceed from the rank and file fbi. have you heard from any members of the fbi and members in your community that they feel that separation? even john mccain has came out and said you are damaging the reputation. you are hurting the morale of the fbi. and you are saying clean it
4:20 am
up. that's the way to build the morale. >> look, there are 110,000 people that work at the department of justice. and then you pare that down into the fbi. you are cleaning out the underbrush of some senior leadership who were doing some things fundamentally wrong. the good men and women who are in the fbi, they understand. this my grandfather was a career fbi agent. this is the premier law enforcement agency. but when you have somebody who is conducting an investigation where his wife works and is the subject of the investigation, come on, even the alpine city police department can figure that out. ed: good point. jason chaffetz, we appreciate you coming in. >> thank you. ed: we continue to follow breaking news out of south carolina. two people dead. dozens more injured in that amtrak collision and derailment overnight. we will talk to an investigator next. todd: americans seeing more money in their paycheck this very weekend thanks to president trump's tax plan. we will introduce to you a couple who says their lives
4:21 am
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4:24 am
ed: we are back with a fox news alert we have been following all morning. brand new picture coming in the newsroom train crash in south carolina killed two people and injuring at least 70. police say injuries vary between scratches, bruises and broken bones. the amtrak train was heading from right here in new york city to miami. derailing in cayse, just outside of columbia, south carolina. 139 passengers. 8 crew members were on board. some of the train cars knocked off the tracks all together. all passengers are off the train now. some heading to a nearby middle school for shelter.
4:25 am
the nbc and re ntsb and red croe on the scene. we will bring you the latest details as we get them. todd? todd: all right, ed, thank you very much. president trump touting the real impacts of his tax reform bill. take a listen. >> roughly three million workers have already received tax cut bonuses and raises totaling thousands and thousands of dollars per worker and that's just over the past six weeks alone. todd: take a look at this headline from the associated press reading. tax bill beginning to deliver bigger paychecks to workers. joining us now, one of those seeing a bigger paycheck, lee and shirley ann do you pray and also joining us cpa pointers on how to use your if youly found money. lee, i want to begin with you. if you don't mind, i don't mean to get too personal here. can you tell us how much money you are seeing in your paycheck? >> a little over $49 a week. todd: tell me what that means to you living in connecticut right now? >> oh, as we all know, we are one of the higher taxed
4:26 am
states. many factors. last fall i had cancer surgery so i'm a cancer survivor. i have medical bills to pay. so every little bit makes a huge business. todd: have you enjoyed your husband quote unquote crumbs to quote nancy pelosi. >> i always enjoy any dollar increase in paycheck. thanks trump and thanks republicans, we will take it. todd: if i'm not mistaken you are currently looking for work, correct? >> yes. todd: last year you tried and were only able to get one interview. >> in person. todd: now you say because of the tax reform that president trump pushed through, you are seeing a lot more action, a lot more interviews this year. >> very much. so the week after he signed that i got my first in person interview and then two weeks ago i got three in one week. todd: wow, that's a lot. >> i have been able to apply to several jobs this past week there has been more
4:27 am
jobs available. todd: add more color to this all three of us living in connecticut. it's not chock-full of jobs right now. to be able to get that it shows that the president trump tax plan is even working in the nutmeg state. >> very much, yeah. todd: tell us how you are usersing the money. >> we are savers, we tend to save and pay down debt. and it doesn't just affect us. it makes it to so we can help our children and grandchildren more it spreads out in all different directions. todd: that's how you folks are handling the money. let's bring in dan right now. daniel, i'm seeing more money in my paycheck. what should i do with that money. >> my advice to people in this situation is first and foremost take down debt. take down expensive debt. particularly credit card bills. you don't want to be paying that high interest rate. point 2 if you have the ability to prepay your mortgage, take advantage of that because you will save big dollars over the long term. if you don't have those scenarios, then i would say
4:28 am
put money into your retirement plan. it's tax deferred. you get double benefit when you do it that way. todd: explain a little bit more about the exponential effect of chipping away at your mortgage and chipping away at your high interest debt? >> so, when you have a situation here where you are going to be saving $50 a week, and that's obviously between $250 a month. if you start to put that towards your mortgage, you will shorten the amount of mortgage time. 30 year you may over time be able to shorten that 25 years. the amount of interest that you save will be significant. thousands and thousands of dollars beyond the amount of money that you would be putting into that prepayment. todd: if i could come back to you folks for a second. i think in the media we always throw around phrases and numbers and we really don't understanding what these numbers mean for real america. again, we will throw nancy
4:29 am
pelosi under the bulls. she a multimillionaire and called this money crumbs. is there something you want to tell america as to how this really isn't just crumbs to you guys? >> well, nancy pelosi my entirely yearly income would probably be crumbs. you get a fluctuation of it $220 cents gallon of gas impacts our lives. every dollar helps. todd: what is your line of work. >> office manager, bookkeeping, accounting. todd: so if you are looking for an office manager, connecticut, my buddy here, ms. dupre. thanks for coming. in dan, always good to see you. good luck and congratulations on the money. >> thank you. todd: fisa memo sending relationships through the fbi. what does it mean for special counsel robert mueller's investigation? we will ask governor mike huckabee when we come back.
4:30 am
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ed: we are back with a fox news alert. amtrak train colliding with a freight train derailing in south carolina early this morning killing two. injuring 70. rachel: amtrak train heading from new york to miami derailing in cayse, just outside of columbia. 139 passengers and 8 crew members were on board. todd: this picture showing some of the train cars knocked off the tracks there. all passengers off the train at this point in time. some heading to a middle school. ntsb and red cross are on the scene right now.
4:34 am
with that we want to wring in ntsb chairman robert sumwalt. sir, what's the latest that you can tell us? >> good morning, and thank you for having us. we will be having our teams arriving in columbia early this morning, and we will begin immediately with our investigative process. ed: what are the early stages now? we had a news conference, sir, with local officials in south carolina last hour. and they were sailing it's too early to tell, which is understandable about how quickly the speed both trains were traveling at before this collision. and they were also saying it was too early to say why they collided. what's your early sense? you have been through this before. >> yes, indeed, we have been through this. and i suspect that we will have some preliminary information by this afternoon from a number of data sources to be able to pen down the speed of the amtrak train at the point of collision. that's our priority is to --
4:35 am
one of our priorities is to recover those recorders and begin a readout of them. ed: my recollection, sir, you are aviator by training but you have had in your position to learn a lot about the train system in this country. give us a big picture because i realize it's early and i don't want to keep pounding about an investigation that's just started. people waking up and see this happen. i ride amtrak all the tile for work. i have to say it's usually very safe. we have to give that context. people are waking up in the united states this morning and seeing that we have now had three crashes just since december. can you give us a big picture of what the ntsb thinks about that and what you are doing to make sure there is not some broader problem? >> well, thank you for trying to keep that somewhat in perspective there. and i think in order for us to be able to comment on the broader picture, we need to really understand what is causing each of these individuals accidents.
4:36 am
the -- sorry, somebody just handed me a note there. so, the bottom line is that, yeah, let's not try and draw any broad ideas about amtrak right now. let's look at each individual accident and see what's causing them and then the board will be in a better position to comment on that. ed: robert sumwalt from the ntsb. we appreciate your time. we realize it's very early on a sunday morning. you are trying to gets a handle on this situation. please check back with us if you get more information in the next couple of hours. robert sumwalt, thank you. >> thank you, todd. ed: i had would like to turn to mike huckabee former governor of arkansas, fox news contributor. i was on twitter trying to scan through information about this train crash. instead i see governor huckabee get up early sunday morning, get ready for church. i will be on "fox & friends." those who watch will sing the hymns better. if you miss it the pastor will point the finger at you
4:37 am
and scream right at you. sir, can you really back that up? >> absolutely. if you don't watch that segment, all those people who miss it when they get to church this morning the pastor is going to scream at them and call them out. that's why it's embarrassing. that's why they should watch "fox & friends" every day. if the president watches, why shouldn't the rest of america. todd: someone screaming this morning leon panetta says he has never seen anything like this in his lifetime like the memo release. let's listen to him and then we will get your reaction. >> when the president distrusts the justice department and the fbi, our primary law enforcement institutions in this country, they're the primary law enforcement agencies under our constitution, and when the president distrusts the fbi and the justice department as he did in this matter, i think it does create a crisis in our system of government.
4:38 am
todd: governor huckabee, are we in a crisis? >> yeah, we are. the crisis is not because of something that the president has done. the crisis is because of something that the highest officials in the doj and the fbi have done. they have, what apparently appears to be that they have violated the fourth amendment rights of americans by spying on them, using documents that were basically just contrived. they knew they were contrived. they went to a judge. it's really frightening. i have great respect for leon pa net attachment when i'm listening to him. house on fire and firemen came and put water all over my furniture and window. we have got to stop these pfeiffer men from breaking windows and putting water on my furniture. we have to get this in context. ed: context is, governor, what about the fact that some of the most senior government officials that we should be able to trust at the fbi and the department of justice, go to get a fisa
4:39 am
warrant and fail to tell the judge oh, by the way, the information here in the heat of a presidential campaign, the fall of 2016, we need to surveil someone in the trump campaign and oh, by the way, we are not telling you the information is coming from a dossier paid for by hillary clinton and the dnc. >> that's the problem. if you obtain evidence by doing something dirty to get it, then the evidence is tainted. the legal doctrine is the fruit of the poisonous tree they call it but, it's not unlike a cop who plants drugs on someone in order to get an arrest. if you really out to get somebody, you can probably do it. and even if they don't get convicted and go to prison you have ruined their lives by the time they pay their legal expenses and go through the humiliation of being accused of things. and some people will never believe they're innocent even if later they are proved to be. their lives are destroyed. this is why we must have law enforcement at all levels that is of the highest
4:40 am
caliber and utmost integrity. look, 99.9% of the time we do. when we have a problem with it, you can't just ignore it any more than can you ignore bull conner turning on waters whoswaterhoses and sprayn people in the street. you don't respect that kind of law enforcement. when the law enforcement becomes the law breaker, have you got to stop it, root it out. and turns the lights on and clean it out. that's what has to happen here. rachel: i think that's what devin nunes has been trying to fight tooth and nail for every bit of information. we wouldn't know, governor, the dossier was paid by the hillary campaign and by the dnc had devin nunes not subpoenaed that. and the democrats were fighting for him -- fighting against that subpoena. it's just a huge coverup. >> it is a coverup. i think what maybe disturbs me more than the democrats trying to keep this under wraps because i sort of
4:41 am
expected that i don't understand how people in the media, people who normally want to expose everything, people who want to make sure that the pentagon papers got published. people who have wanted to make sure that we knew everything about iran contra. people who wanted to make sure that we knew everything about every implication of watergate, and now they suddenly say nothing to see here, let's shut this down. we don't want to see that memo. i had one person respond to me on twitter, a reporter and said oh, yeah, we want to see it i'm not seeing that. i'm seeing many people sitting at their desk pounding their chest saying this is an affront to the constitution. the affront to the constitution is covering it up. ed: all right, the man who will be singing the hymn as little better in church this morning hike huckabee. [laughter] todd: church also be awesome. rachel: i love having him on. todd: the president heading to ohio tomorrow. what do voters in the buckeye state want to hear? why will ask democratic candidate for governor there in the great state of ohio, dennis kucinich, is he coming up next.
4:42 am
ed: members of the u.s. air force will be soaring above the super bowl tonight. pete hegseth will be here to one of the pilots live in minneapolis. that's coming up. ♪ , that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it.
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♪ todd: some quick headlines on a very busy sunday morning. russia strikes back after syrian rebels appear to shoot down a fighter jet. the missile attacks killing more than 30 rebels according to russian media. rebels posting video of the destroyed jet with the pilot's body. he ejected but killed while opening fire on the al qaeda linked group. this comes as russian backed syrian forces and rebels intensifies. and thousands of protesters in london demanding more money for britain's failing national healthcare service. [chanting] the over burdened system
4:46 am
blamed for thousands of cancelled operations due to an increase in seasonal illnesses combined with staffing shortages. still want social lived medicine? i don't know. ed: tomorrow president trump heading to the buckeye state, ohio, where he will visit a manufacturing plant this as gains in manufacturing jobs have pushed ohio's unemployment rate down to 4.7%. later on, a rally for the president in cincinnati. so what do buckeye state voters want to hear? dennis kucinich served 16 years as a democratic congressman in ohio. former fox news contributor now running for governor, he joins us now live to weigh in. food to see, congressman. >> good morning, ed. good to be with you. ed: tell me what you think the voters of ohio want to hear. on one hand we just mentioned the unemployment in your state. coming down. continued under president trump. we have seen the markets taking off and tax cut goes through seems to be juicing this economy as one of the
4:47 am
leaders in your party nancy pelosi says it's just crumbs. >> well, let me be quite specific. the president is coming to cincinnati. the people in cincinnati, hamilton county have real concerns and here they are. there's a western hills viaduct going to cost 360 million to repair. 50,000 cars a day. they want some action on that. the federal government needs to help. the brent spence bridge that connects ohio and corps of kent. it's a 2.5 billion-dollar project. 160,000 cars a day. we need help on infrastructure in ohio. those projects are critical. and, you know what? people don't want any privatization. they don't want any tolls. and finally, ed, sewer bills have gone up in hamilton county about 400 percent in the last 10 years. the area sunday mandates. the federal government has to help rebuild sewer systems without socking out it -- seeing local rate pairs. ed: i'm not sure the president can do much about sewer bills. >> no, but he can. ed: he can do something about roads and bridges. in all seriousness, the
4:48 am
president in the state of the union talked about infrastructure he want to get a deal done your colleagues on the democratic side work with him whether it's daca or infrastructure democrats don't want to work with him. here you are in your state saying let's come together what's the disconnect. >> will massive infrastructure needs over $3 trillion nationally. but in ohio specifically, the president is going to be in cincinnati. he can address these issues. sewer systems need to be rebuilt. there's a federal mandate out there that counties and cities can't meet. the federal government has to weigh in. now, parties have to work together. it's absolutely true. are there political differences? you bet there are. but, when we work together, we have to draw the line. no privatization, no tolls. we need to rebuild the infrastructure. the president said he would do in his inaugural speech. i think this is the time. people are expecting him to deliver. ed: you are listening to the voters. are they talking about the
4:49 am
russia investigation or rather talk about the economy? >> well, you know, there are some people concerned about that. i think most people want to see more jobs. they want to seat infrastructure rebuilt. they want to see their -- they don't want to have to worry when they go across a bridge whether there is going to be any structural problems with the bridge. we have to rebuild america. rebuild ohio. that's what i think people in ohio want. i'm certainly in tune with them on that. ed: congressman, the big question, super bowl prediction? >> you know, i would think the eagles probably look like they have an advantage. i like the patriots but i have to tell you, i think the eagles are going to take it. ed: one thing we know for sure the browns aren't there former mayor of cleveland. maybe you have better luck in the governor's race. >> all right. ed: corey lewandowski, sara carter and kellyanne conway from the white house all here live. and members of the u.s. air force will be soaring above
4:50 am
the super bowl tonight. our brave men and women. pete is live from a freezing cold minneapolis. and oh my, look at this, one of those pilots will be joining our man pete on the ground in minneapolis ♪ i'm ginny and i quit smoking with chantix. i had tried to quit before, i had tried the patch. i tried to go cold turkey; it didn't work for me. i didn't think i could quit until i used chantix. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. some people had changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, or suicidal thoughts or actions with chantix. serious side effects may include seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking or allergic and skin reactions which can be life-threatening. stop chantix and get help right away if you have any of these. tell your healthcare provider if you've had depression or other mental health problems.
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4:53 am
ed: let's talk now about the power of pete hegseth and the power of the u.s. air force and heritage flight which will soar above u.s. bank stadium before the super bowl kicks off tonight. todd: pete is live from a very cold minnesota joined by lieutenant colonel crystal mcclear from heritage. take it away. >> feels like negative 20 out here and that's about
4:54 am
right behind us u.s. bank stadium where the super bowl will be held tonight. obviously this year a controversial year for the nfl as it pertained to the kneeling and the national anthem. but today they will be honoring veterans and our military and one of those things is a fly over. u.s. air force heritage foundation. joining us this morning are pilots who will be involved in that. associated with or involved with it they are tough device. also freezing at the end of the day one of those is chris mac clear. are you going to be comply flying or explaining what we're going to be doing today. >> i'm not going to be flying. i'm part of the aerial control team. pete: there is f-16, two a 10s and p-51, right? >> absolutely. pete: flying in a diamond location. tell us what it takes to get those aircraft together flying in sin chronnization and flying over the stadium. >> the big thing it takes is
4:55 am
a loft training. my guys are very well trained. we do a course every year so they can learn to fly with our vintage aircraft. and once they get airborne. they will get it all together and it just works from there. pete: who are my a 10 pilots there. >> big fan of the a 10. wart hog. have you flown that for a number of years. >> 8 years. pete: ever flown it over the super bowl. >> no, never the super bowl. pete: what's it take to get prepared for event of this magnitude? >> very exciting. we are honored to be picked to fly over super bowl 5 lii. >> it's been incredible whirlwind. we are honored and thrilled to be part of the super bowl flyover. pete: f-16 down here. >> that's correct. pete: how long have you been doing this. >> about a year as a demo in heritage part of the team. pete: cameras up there down so we get your vantage
4:56 am
point. >> absolutely. we have a camera pointed in the p-51 looking backwards. after the flyover you will get a great view of downtown. upload the videos so anybody can enjoy it. >> what does it mean to you just generally speaking to serve your country? why do you do what you do? >> put me on the spot there i just like to provide to my family, the ability to exercise their rights and everybody that i know. pete: it doesn't have to be any more complicated than that gentlemen, thanks for being here this morning. we really appreciate it we will be looking for that flyover. a couple seconds one way or the other. i think they will get it right. >> these guys are pros. pete: thank you for joining us in the cold. thanks, guys. rachel: pete, when those planes go over that's the sound of freedom. pete: you better believe it is the sound of freedom. indeed. ed: continue to follow breaking news out of south carolina amtrak collision. todd: counselor to the
4:57 am
president kellyanne conway joins us live. don't go anywhere. more "fox & friends" on a sunday morning. after this break. i never thought i'd say this, but i found bladder leak underwear that's actually pretty. always discreet boutique. hidden inside is a super absorbent core that quickly turns liquid to gel. so i feel protected... ...and pretty. new always discreet boutique.
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5:00 am
>> breaking news this sunday morning. two people are dead, others injured after an amtrak train collides with a freight train in south carolina. 139 passengers, eight crew members on board, teams responding to the scene as quickly as possible, staff members and volunteers are coming from across the state to assist with this effort. the 70 injuries range, obviously in variety. we have anything from small scratches and bumps to more severe broken bones. >> the decision by the white house chairman nunes to release that classified memo, you know, it's drawing fierce reaction. >> congressman nunes says his committee is now moving on to phase ii. >> there's going to be a strong push in the congress for a special counsel to look into the fisa abuse. >> democrats will push to release their own ten-page memo
5:01 am
next week. >> it's appalling. it's a misrepresentation. it's the release of a distortio. >> she also said the tax cut was going to be armageddon. >> they would rather see america fail than succeed with donald trump at the helm. >> we are following breaking news out of south carolina. two people dead, more than 70 injured after an amtrak train collided with a freight train derailing several cars. >> this is brand-new video just out from the crash site in pine ridge just outside columbia, you can see the trains are absolutely mangled. please ending a presser a short time ago. >> the 70 injuries range obviously in variety. we have anything from small scratches and bumps to more severe broken bones. rachel: brian guinness live following the latest. >> amtrak train 91 was traveling from new york to miami when at
5:02 am
about 2:35 this morning it collided with a csx freight train. that collision led to the lead engine and a couple of passenger train cars to derail off the tracks. these are the first images we are seeing in daytime. remember, this happened about five hours ago. two dead, unfortunately, in this crash, could authorities. the 70 injured those injuries range from scratches to broken bones as you've been hearing this morning. right now we have the ntsb -- that is the national transportation safety board -- go team en route to this crash right now. these teams are -- leave from washington, d.c. they are the first boots on the ground, so to speak, in this investigation as they now turn to why this happened. those 70 injured have been sent to local area hospitals. remember, there were 139 people on this train, including -- and also eight crew members. those who were not sent to hospitals, there has been a re
5:03 am
reunification point set up at the local middle school there, pine ridge middle school. now, that reunification center is for passengers to really get out of the elements and maybe get some minor cuts and bruises to be checked out and for that to happen. take a listen right now. remember, this middle school is -- right now this reunification center is being run by the american red cross. >> we are going to step in in any way that we are asked to help because obviously today is quite a tragic day so many people, and the red cross is going to be here to help for as long as we're needed. ed: hazmat teams have responded. there are two leaks. those two fuel leaks have been taken care of, from what we understand. some 5,000 gallons of fuel leaked out because of this crash crash. as we understand, those have been taken care of and pose no risk to the public at this time. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning, guys. rachel: thank you for that. and my heart goes out as all of our hearts go out to all those who were injured and those who lost their lives in this crash. you can see from those images
5:04 am
those cars are absolutely mangled. it was probably very traumatic to t.em ed: we talked to the head of the ntsb there earlier. they're on top of the situation, they have a go team there. we'll move on to other news and stay on top of that all morning. this weekend has been dominated by the release of the republican memo, it was hashtag release the memo, then it was hashtag memo day. now the president has wanted to turn it into maybe vindication day saying look, enough is enough with the investigating and saying that this shows that from the very beginning of the investigation people in the f.b.i. and the justice department had it out to him. todd: and of course how does the president do that? he tweets. the four-page memo released freeway reports the disturbing fact of how the f.b.i. and fisa has been used to influence the 2016 election and its aftermath. the f.b.i. failed to inform the fisa court that the clinton campaign had funded the dossier. f.b.i. became a tool of anti- anti-trump political actors. this is unacceptable in a democracy and ought to alarm
5:05 am
anyone who wants the f.b.i. to be a nonpartisan enforcer of the law. the f.b.i. wasn't straight with congress as it hid most of these facts from investigators" and then cites the wall street journal as the source of that informat.on rachel: president trump coming into office promising to drain the swamp, this looks like swampy stuff. listen, a the fisa approval is a very serious thing. it's probably one of the things that we need maximum trust on. ed: absolutely. rachel: so withholding information is serious filing. i mean, the rules of fisa say don't just tell us what you know you have to tell -- or what we can see. we have to know everything. so if you have a dossier that's paid for by the opposing party in a campaign, the hillary clinton campaign, withheld from judges -- ed: that's a material fact. rachel: it says one of two things, that those specifically tried to mislead the fisa judge or there's not enough oversight and questions, too much trusting
5:06 am
by the judges, or, god forbid if the judges themselves are corrupt. ed: just try to say "swampy stuff" three times stuff. rachel: swampy, swampy. todd: rachel to that point, why that is so important, and i'm going to put a legal hat here. in a normal court, you have a prosecution, you have a defense. here there's nobody fighting for the defense, basically how this works. there is a prosecutor. they provide all the information and then it's the judge who has to sort of put on of "i'm going to the defense attorney here as well, but at the end of the day i'm the judge." so that's why that judge needs all the information laid out in front of him to make the ultimate decision. ed: that's why in political context in this situation the lead in the defense is not an attorney, it's the president himself. he goes on twitter, as you say, he pushes back with reporters on friday saying what's in the memo is disgraceful, people should be ashamed of themselves. and jason chaffetz says, look, this is not just about donald trump versus the investigators. this is about real problems and corruption at the f.b.i. and the doj, not with agents out in the
5:07 am
field, not with the brave men and women who keep us safe in terror cases, but with the leadership that grew corrupt and jason chaffetz who was in the middle of trying to fix this when he was in congress says it's the president who's going to clean it up. >> donald trump didn't create this mess, but he is here to help clean it up. anybody who reads that memo will understand that what the lawmakers are highlighting here is potential abuses in our system. and, you know, all the flailing that i heard from adam schiff and all these democrats that this was an attack on law enforcement, this was going to dismantle our security apparatus this is going to reveal sources and methods, none of that is true, none of it. todd: as you might imagine, the mainstream media out with a lot of headlines this morning and it basically pit the president and republicans on one side versus law enforcement. let's take a lookr some of these these. this is mitt romney. "how conservatives learn to hate the
5:08 am
f.b.i." from huffington post, the law and order party has unleashed an extraordinary attack on law enforcement. from washington post: "once the party of law and order, republicans are now challenging it." and this is from that article, republican leaders open defiance last week of the f.b.i. over the release of a hotly disputed memo how the f.b.i. which has long positioned itself as the party of law and order has become an adversary of federal law enforcement as the party continues its quest to protect president trump from the russia investigation. i want to toss it over to you folks, rachel and ed, because you know d.c. very well, you know these institutions. i'm going to just comment quickly from my experience at the diners, okay? i go around and i talk to average americans in average americans and we talk to average men and women there. to a man and to a woman they say they love this administration because for the first time in eight years the shackles are off of them, they can do their jobs
5:09 am
and not worry, they are so excited by this administration, and they are law enforcement, and they are military. again, that's out there. what's going on in d.c.? rachel: if anybody is against law enforcement, it's the left. and you're absolutely right. i live in small-town america. law enforcement loves donald trump. the rank-and-file at the f.b.i. i'm sure is glad to see the leadership that's corrupt cleaned up. if anything, this is a self- self-inflicted wound by the leadership at the f.b.i. who allowed itself to be corrupted with comey and everybody else at the top using their powers to un undo an election and once donald trump was elected, trying to damage him. and we've been spending a year talking about russia. i look at what's in that memo. we have a drunken conversation with a low-level staffer and a dirty dossier. this is embarrassing for the new york times, for everybody else who for one year has tried to change the conversation to russia. and you're right, todd, the american people aren't buying it it. no one's talking about russia and middle america. ed: it's interest because the
5:10 am
president and, you know, taken from the horse's mouth, what he has actually said about law enforcement, we put it together. watch. >> with me as your president, america's police will have a true friend and loyal champion in the white house, more loyal than anyone else can be, i tell you . [applause] i am the big, big believer and admirer of the people in law enforcement, okay? from day one. we have your back, believe me, we have your backs 100%. we celebrate our police, our military, and our amazing veterans as heroes who deserve our total and unwavering suppor. ed: and in fact it was the president who took all kinds of heat for standing up before anyone else did and said, "you know what? the folks in the nfl should be standing for the anthem." he says it's because he thinks
5:11 am
they should be standing for men and women in uniform, for law enforcement. there are others who are saying "no, it's about, you know, the first amendment and having peaceful protests." president said you can have protests, there's peaceful protests, but just respect the flag. so we've got pete hegseth, outreached who's not on the couch today, he's live in minneapolis. pete, it's interesting the man who first stood up and said, " "enough is enough, nfl, stand up and honor the flag, honor our men and women in uniform" is now on defense with people claiming he's against law enforcement. >> it's such a great point. the partisan opposition to this president -- when i say partisan i don't just mean the democrats, i mean the so-called mainstream media is so disingenuous. can you imagine if this was a democratic president targeted bay republican president and d.o.j. they would be going wall-to-wall demanding scalps. instead they're apologizing for democrats and pointing the finger, as you said, at the one guy who has reinstilled confidence in law enforcement who are under siege from accusations, the black lives
5:12 am
matter movement. so this is political disingenuous. nancy pelosi knows it. and i know this president will continue to fight back 'cause he's had the backs of law enforcement. and to call out the top doesn't mean you're calling out the rank-and-file. it means you're cleaning out the partisan agenda and backing the guys on the ground. rachel: pete, you're so right. if this had been reversed, if george bush had spied on barack obama as a presidential candidate and continued on as a sitting president, not only would they be demanding more and more information and transparency, which they don't want now, which it's fascinating to see the media not want more information, believe me, this would be called racism. this was the attack on the first you know, black president. but it's a white man, it's donald trump, who's politically incorrect, and the media is actually working with the democrats to cover this up. >> well, that's the collusion right there. and they're working with the democrats to try to get enough votes in the house of representatives in 2018 so they can hold the hearings they want
5:13 am
to hear and release the memos they want to release. in reality, god bless what devin nunes has done in pushing it out out. the discussion will continue. we'll see what phase 2 looks like. but it is very disingenuous and i think as you pointed out, todd middle america will see it. todd: get warm, pete. we'll talk football later. the fisa memo bringing to light some shocking new revelations. our next guest was an f.b.i. agent for 24 years. he says it showed how comey disgraced the honorable bureau. he'll explain when we come back. oh! there's one. manatees in novelty ts? surprising. what's "come at me bro?" it's something you say to a friend. what's not surprising? how much money matt saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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5:16 am
>> republicans on the house intel panel released that controversial fisa memo on friday bringing to light what they say are some pretty
5:17 am
shocking revelations. todd: joining us now to react is chris schweiker who served 24 years as an f.b.i. special agent agent. sir, with all due respect, to our other guests today this interview is arguably the most important because of your background as an f.b.i. agent. so i'll ask you right off the bat, you've heard other individuals saying the f.b.i. is going to go after the president, the f.b.i. hates the president, this was bad, this is now f.b.i. versus president. how do you react to that? >> i'd say, look, chris ray and you have a the new deputy direct david baudich are going to do no such thing. what we're talking about here say breakdown in the senior leadership of the f.b.i. under jim comey and andy mccabe as deputy director. i would hate for the public to think that the f.b.i. as an institution is flawed or biased. what this is is a very small inner circle of senior leadership under jim comey at a very critical time period, and i
5:18 am
just don't want this to reflect on the 35,000 very -- you know, the excellent men and women of the f.b.i. who are doing a great job every day. ed: so chris, let's get specific specific. and we've heard the partisan attacks on all sides, people who don't like the president, people who like the president and people who like james comey and don't like james comey. so i think as todd said, it's very important to get your perspective as somebody who was inside the f.b.i. so james comey holds himself out there even today on twitter and instagram as this paragon of virtue, above the fray. you were there for 24 years. how do you think he's paved over the last couple of years, you know, his public performance as f.b.i. director both in the clinton probe and then how he handled president trump? >> well, i had the perspective of serving directly under director murral. i bet i sat in on 500-plus meetings with him and director freeh, and these were two great leaders. they stayed in the background. i never saw a hint of bias. unfortunately, under jim comey, that hubris that you just mentioned caused him to make up
5:19 am
his own rules -- leaks, permissive leak environment, pre predetermining investigations, a noninvestigation of the clinton email investigation, thumb on the scale on the russian investigation in the beginning here with the fisa applications, and just generally making up their own rules and letting their own political opinions infect their investigation. that is something you learn at the fbi academy. you can't let your personal bias bias. you've got to leave those at home. if not you need to be in another line of business. >> defenders of james comey have said, oh, it's not a big deal that he and andrew mccabe and others were drafting this exoneration statement for hillary clinton months before they even interviewed her. i'm an outsider, we're outsiders we don't know how the f.b.i. does its job. is that the proper way? i mean, people on the outside hear that and say, three months before she was exonerated, they were already drafting the statement. doesn't that sound like it was
5:20 am
cooked? >> yes, it does. it sounds like the thumb is on the scale. those of us that have done criminal investigations and counterintelligence investigations know that the clinton email investigation was not a real investigation. they never even once used a grand jury that i know of. we're hearing, those of us that are in the retired agent community, we're hearing that deputy director mccabe was expressing his opinions in closed-door meetings all the time about trump, so we're talking about a predetermined investigation. and that is just not how the f.b.i. as a whole operates. todd: that's scary for democrac. ed: we appreciate it, chris schweiker. meanwhile, the president wants to make a deal on immigration. that's what he says, but democrats not bundle. so what does the hispanic community think of the president president's plan? todd: plus now that the fisa memo is out what will happen to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein? we will ask corey lewandowski coming up.
5:21 am
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>> christian broadcasting network pat robertson recovering after suffering a stroke. family member rushing the 83 83-year-old televangelist to a hospital in virginia after recognizing symptoms. he interviewed president trump during his campaign and after the election. he is expected to make a full recovery. obviously in our thoughts and prayers. and the u.s. navy commission be its newest combat ship the us uss omaha in san diego. ♪ >> the fourth ship in the naval sheep to bear the name will be manned by 70 sailors. the war vessel designed to be fast and agile will be used for coastal defense.
5:25 am
philanthropist susie buffett, daughter of warren buffett, gave the $440 million ship's first order. ed: strong and agile, just like donald. staring down a march 5th deadline to strike a deal with democrats on immigration, that's when protections begin expiring for many young immigrants living here illegally. todd: the white house plan includes a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million dreamers in exchange for a border wall and more security. rachel: so should democrats finally get on board with this? we're asking daniel garza president of an initiative which works to advance the hispanic community. full disclosure, i used to work there, i was your national spokesperson for a while. >> terrific. rachel: daniel, you're the president of libre. why shouldn't -- first of all, is libre backing the plan? let's start with that. >> we commend the president. we praise what he announced.
5:26 am
if he feel that some very -- it's a very strong and bold proposal. there are aspects to it that i think merit further consideration like of course the restrictions or the arbitrary cuts to family migration, but overall this is a reason for the democrats to come to the table and finally get a long-term permanent solution. rachel: so libre is will be to come to the negotiating table on this. why aren't other groups, i like at la raza, lulac, why aren't they going to the frustrating table? >> that's been the frustrating part for the latino community, for the democrats honestly it's been a lot of lip service, they have not delivered on any kind of legislation. look, in 2007 george bush was ready to sign a law. frist, who led the senate -- ed: senate leader. >> right, the senate leader of the republican majority passed legislation, and it actually stalled at the desk of nancy pelosi and rahm emanuel. and then barack obama actually had the white house, had the senate, had the house, but did
5:27 am
not see it as a priority. ed: 2008 barack obama said, "my first year in office i will get comprehensive." he made that promise directly to the latino community. todd: is the republican is named joe smith and not donald trump, does this get passed by the democrats? >> i believe so. again, we believe that the arbitrary cuts to family migration is probably the discussion we should be having, more long term, more be packaged for permanent reform that has to do with legal migration. but again this is a reason to come to the table. this is an opportunity right now to finally do something. the president blew everybody away by actually proposing that he would give citizenship to 2018 million daca -- rachel: three times what obama offered, right? >> almost three times that, exactly right. so, look, everything you heard about donald trump, you'd think he would actually maybe reduced that number down, but he actually almost tripled it.
5:28 am
rachel: he made a deal they really shouldn't be able to refuse. >> no, he did show heart. ed: and talking about results, the president everyone assumed he's going to have the worst relationship with mexico and yet their foreign relations secretary just put out this statement. i think in many ways the relationship today is more fluid it's closer than it was with previous administrations. so is that a negotiating strategy by mexico saying, you know, chuck schumer, put the wall on the table a couple weeks ago, this might be more of a reality than we thought, we've got to kind of reach out to donald trump, or have things actually gotten better despite what the mainstream media -- >> according to the media you would think this is counter counterintuitive, but the negotiations with nafta actually have proven very productive. they are now in their seventh round. at the end of february they're going to be in mexico city, and there are discussions now obviously on food safety, on telecommunications, on digital issues. these are all things that create dialogue, that engender i think a relationship that has been very positive with mexico. and they are seeing that there's a lot more to donald trump than
5:29 am
the media led them to believe. and look, this is important. nafta has to be negotiated because, you know, we are 450 million people in this market. we are 28% of the world's gdp. this is important stuff. the president is paying attention to -- ed: wait. the media said everything is going to fall apart if you re renegotiated nafta. they were saying it's a disaster disaster. you're saying it's reopened dialogue? >> it's increased exports by the agricultural industry by 350%. it is phenomenal. created 40 million jobs, 25 million of which are here in the -- ed: daniel garcia, we're glad that we stole rachel away from you. thanks for coming in. >> it's a pleasure. rachel: president trump blasting the media, saying they refused to cover his rising poll numbers numbers. is he right? we'll ask corey lewandowski next next. todd: and nancy pelosi has called those bonuses handed out to americans after the trump tax cut "crumbs." now more americans get a bump in their paycheck, so how much can
5:30 am
they expect to see? you know who we go to for this answer, stewart vanny. he's got more on that and a lot more. rachel: we love stuart. bowling. classic. can i help you? it's me. jamie. i'm not good with names. celeste! i trained you. we share a locker. -moose man! -yo. he gets two name your price tools. he gets two? i literally coined the phrase, "we give you coverage options based on your budget." -that's me. -jamie! -yeah. -you're back from italy. [ both smooch ] ciao bella.
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>> a little bit of sweet revenge in it for me and certainly probably the family in the sense that if they wouldn't have done this this stuff wouldn't be going on. this would be going on at the highest levels of government.
5:34 am
they'd be continuing to do it to my father, trying to undermine his actions. imagine how effective he could be given the year he's had without this cloud over his hea. ed: that was donald trump jr. you saw him there with jesse watters jumping in on this republican memo released by devin nunes on friday. we want to get the perspective of corey lewandowski, the former can you review campaign manager, coauthor of "let me trump be trump." good morning, corey. >> good ed: what do you think we heard the sky was going to fall if this memo came out, then we heard, well, it's not a big deal actually because it's going to be a dud, then it actually comes out and the president says, "i'm vindicated." well, the president's absolutely right. and what we saw was that members of the deep state were very concerned about putting out information that they knew that they were wrong about. and look. what i'm talking about is members of the f.b.i. who took information that was obtained through a dossier paid for by the clinton campaign and michael steele -- christopher steele
5:35 am
presented to a judge in a fisa court and asked them to continue surveillance on an american citizen on u.s. soil without disclosing where the information came from. this is one of the grossest abuses of power that we've seen from a government agency, and there has to be accountability. what the president has said is completely right. it has shown once again, no collusion, no cooperation, no coordination between trump, the trump campaign, and any outside entity, which is what this was supposed to be. and the f.b.i. and the people who applied for this application need to held accountable. ed: so corey, if you're right and this was a corrupt bargain by the f.b.i. and the justice department to get donald trump but there's no collusion and there's no crime there and it really was nothing, sort of all a setup based on a lie from the dossier, why did general flynn lie to the f.b.i., and why does it appear that people in the president's inner circle lied at least to the new york times if not investigators about that trump tower meeting in 2016? why not just tell the truth? >> look. i think anybody who's questioned by the f.b.i. should tell the truth. and, you know, if general flynn
5:36 am
didn't tell the truth, which is what happened, and now he's pled to a felony, you know, he needs to be accountable for that. but let's go back and look at hillary clinton. you know, cheryl mills, huma abedin, they have never been under oath, in accountability for that. what we do know unequivocally is this: only one campaign in the last election cycle paid for a dossier with a former spy to go to russia, and then they took that information and used it to spy on american citizens in u.s. soil. this is one of the grossest abuses of the fourth amendment we've seen. rachel: a lot of people are saying the answer to all of this is a radical transparency. are you going to recommend to the president that he release even more documents, maybe some of the transcripts from those interviews to show whether or not there was bias or at least that hillary and huma and all those figures were treated differently? how much transparency should we get? >> look.
5:37 am
we need to have as much transparency in this case as possible pin that some of the media has asked for jim comey's contemporaneous needs to be released. jim comey takes contemporaneous notes, he then releases them to his law professor to make sure they end up in the media and that's okay, and there's been no accountability for jim comey. you can't have it both ways, lying jim. either you release on the information to the public, you don't give select information to your law professor so it gets in the media. that's where the american people are have we concept elk. james comey has lied to congress and needs to be held accountabl. todd: with regard to accountability, is it time for rod rosenstein to go? >> well, that's a question that the president and attorney general sessions have to decide. i know that rod rosenstein, according to this memorandum, his name is on at least signing off on the application for the fisa warrant, based on on the false dossier.
5:38 am
that should give people in the justice department grave concern that the credibility of the information that they had and presented to the fisa court was not accurate. and rod needs to answer for those questi.ns ed: how do we do that? do we expect hearings before the house intelligence committee? because the bottom line here is that you just called james comey "lying jim." that was an appointee of president obama but as you know, rod rosenstein was nominated by president trump. how frustrating is it to you as a trump insider that somebody nominated by this president helped sign off on the fisa warrant? >> well, it's very concerning. it's not just because he's appointed by trump. it's concerning that he signed off on an application to spy on a u.s. citizen on domestic soil on a false dossier and a false premise. and if that's the type -- look. the f.b.i. is one of the greatest law enforcement agencies that we've ever had, and i respect the people that work in the department of justice. but if this is the type research they're do and presenting to a
5:39 am
federal judge to ask for the opportunity to spy on a u.s. citizen, we should have some real grave concerns, because it's not about one person, about a larger narrative. are they spying on me and you with a false dossier? is clinton funding any other information that they're using to spy on american citizens? if so, that's a real problem and those people need to be held accountable for it. rachel: thank you, corey, you're right, we need to restore trust in our institutions. we got to leave it there. thank you for joining us this morning. turning now to your headlines 3. terrifying moments caught on dash cam as a man lunges off his car, attacking a police officer with a knife. >> stop! get down now! stay right there! stop or i'll shoot you! rachel: the suspect, brett bush, leading the georgia officer on a high speed chase after attempting to pull him over for speeding. the 28 year old crashing into a georgia driveway before being shot and killed by the unidentified officer. the cop, who was also a marine veteran, is not injured.
5:40 am
at least nine states now considering new laws requiring residents to buy health insurance. the proposal coming less than two months after republicans voted to repeal the individual mandate in obama-backed affordable care act. according to that act, people should not be forced to pay for coverage. some of those states include maryland, california, and new jersey, according to the wall street journal. todd: and eight players elected to the pro football hall of fame modern era stars, randy moss, terrell owens, ray lewis, bob you are lacquer, robert brazil, and jerry cramer of vikings fame up there in minnesota this weekend. they'll be enshrined in canton, ohio, this summer. in the meantime, there's a little game, patriots quarterback tom brady is involved in that game, named the nfl's most valuable player. can you believe it's only his
5:41 am
third award? and texans j.j. watt, walter payton man of the year after raising $37 million in the wake of hurricane harvey. it was unbelievable what he .id ed: really awesome. rachel: i think we have rick out on our plaza. >> i love that story as well, raising that money for -- todd: unreal. >> absolutely, so true. all right, guys, let's talk a little bit of weather out there. we've got one storm across the east that's going to cause getting to your party a few problems there. you see that storm right here, bringing some freezing rain across parts of south carolina, the interest rate sections of south and north carolina, get ready for that warmer air moves it, it turns into just rain a little bit later on. you see all that snow. it looks a little bit worse than it is, some spots may see three to six inches or so of snow. another storm moving in tuesday to wednesday, but he notice all of that mostly interior, so coastal areas i think are going to be mostly rain, all the big cities, and that's some good news. for the game today, there you go 5 degrees, not looking good.
5:42 am
not looking good. all right, guys, it is time for wings. if you want a great place for wings and you're pennsylvania or jersey -- >> p. j. willahans is the place to be. >> 16 locations. >> 16 locations in new jersey. 12 signature sauces, two styles of wings, classic, and naked. >> guys, something i just learned, i've been wanting to know this, there is the drumstick wing, and that other one, i had no idea. it's a paddle. have you ever heard of that? paddle wing? new to me. do you prefer the paddle or the drumstick? what do you think, guys? ed: i love the super bowl trophy in the same of a big chicken wing, drumstick. that's awesome. by the way, rachel, i'm disappointed in .ou rachel: .hy ed: as somebody from wisconsin when todd says jerry cramer played for minnesota, everybody knows he played for the green bay packers. todd: i'm a horrible human. rachel: i cook the wings, but i don't know much --
5:43 am
ed: jerry cramer, congratulations. nancy pelosi called those bonuses handed out to americans after the trump cut crumbs. now more americans are getting a bump in their paycheck. how would that work? the chief of crumbs, stu varney next. teddy's a pitmaster. when it comes to playing with fire, nobody does it better. he's also a volunteer firefighter. (low-pitched yelling) but when it comes to mortgages, he's... less confident. fortunately for teddy, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so he can understand the details and get approved in as few as eight minutes. apply simply, understand clearly, mortgage confidently. rocket mortgage by quicken loans. mortgage confidently. in your noise-canceling trusteheadphones? maybe not. maybe you could trust your flight attendant won't be the chatty type. hello everyone, welcome aboard, i'm jason with a y.
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5:46 am
>> the debate on health care is like death. this is armageddon. in terms of the bonus that corporate america received versus the crumbs that they are giving to workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic. >> pelosi maked it quite clear about how she feels about the president's successes. >> but the the gop think they can use this rhetoric on the
5:47 am
campaign show. here stuart varney. this seems like manna from heaven for republicans who are worried, frankly, because of the historical trends and the fact that the party in power usually loses seats in the midterms, but when you have every single democrat in the house and senate vote against a tax cut that seems to be helping the economy, whoa. >> it's extraordinary, isn't it? do you remember that expression "it's the economy, stupid?" remember that? that was back in the 1990s. >> pardon me, what did you call me? >> that was the mantra for winning elections back then. well, look at the economy now as we head towards the midterms. wages are rising at the fastest pace in many, many years. bonuses, 316 companies are giving these bonuses, and that's just big companies. three million people are getting them. best buy just joined the list, giving a thousand bucks to a hundred thousand full time employees. your pension plan's looking a whole lot of better. your paychecks went up this month.
5:48 am
there are 127 million paychecks, full-time jobs in america. roughly 110 million got an increase in their paycheck. so if you're looking at the economy, and you're looking at the election, you got to say that things are going in the republicans' favor. and, by the way, the president's approval rating just hit almost 42%. now, that's low, but it's much better than it's ever been over it is past year. rachel: certainly those comments from nancy pelosi calling -- where i live, stewart, when you have an extra thousand dollars at the end of the year they call it christmas. >> yes. can i just break in for one second to get this in. rachel: yes. >> three times nancy pelosi has said 86 million middle class american families will pay more with this tax bill. that is utter nonsense. that's malicious spin at the very best. debbie wasserman schultz, she said precisely, "i'm not sure that a thousand dollars goes very few for anyone." how out of touch can you get?
5:49 am
if the democrats go into the midterms with that as their leadership spouting utter economic nonsense, i think the republicans got a decent cha.ce ed: quickly, stuart, in the time we have remaining, the situation on friday, where the market absolutely tanked on good news. explain why that had happened. rob:. >> good news, like i just said, the economy is really moving forward. that means interest rates goes up. when interest rates go up, you can get a nice return on a bond. so some people who have done very well in the stock market, might want to sell a little bit of their stock, sell some of it, put into a bond which is very secure, treasury bond, nearly 3% you sleep well at night, you get your 3%, you get a tax break on the interest on you might sell a little stock. rachel: free advice from stuart varney. ed: coming up, counselor to the president kellyanne conway will be joining us live. rachel: plus pete is live in minneapolis gearing up for the
5:50 am
super bowl. he's joined by minnesota's comeback story of the year. vikings quarterback case keenum, his story next. before i had the shooting, burning of diabetic nerve pain these feet... liked to style my dog as a kid... and were pumped to open my own salon. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and she prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects: dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain, swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica.
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5:53 am
>> everyone loves a good comeback story. the minnesota vikings had one this year with our quarterback, case keenum, who led the vikings on an unbelievable finish in the divisional game before a very tough lost last week. case is with pete hegseth in minnesota. pete, take it away. >> hey, guys, can you believe it it? i'm here with minnesota vikings quarterback case keenum, an amazing season, such an honor. you know i'm a super fan, so just to be here means a lot. an amazing year, an amazing year for you personally too. you've been with a few different teams,
5:54 am
you came in in week 2 as a backup, expectations maybe not very high and you delivered all the way through. how did you step into that role and embrace it? >> i appreciate that, pete. it means a lot. you know, for me it's been a lot of hard work, a lot of years of hard work, a lot of trusting in god's plan. we've obviously bounced around, originally from texas by way of the texans, with the rams, made the move from st. louis to l.a. and now up here in beautiful minneapolis. >> kind of you to call this beautiful. >> it's beautiful and on its way way. we loved our journey and it's definitely been a journey. you know, god's taken us a lot of different places, but, you know, this year what we experienced with this city, vikings fans everywhere, it's pretty awesome. >> part of the "pretty awesome" was the minnesota miracle, the throw with 14 seconds left to send the vikings to the nfc championship game.
5:55 am
when you let the ball go, did you think you had a chance or was this, hey, i've got one of my best receivers, hope he makes the play? >> you know, before the play, looked at the everybody in the huddling and said i'm going to give one of you a chance. that's all diggsy needed. at that point fourth quarter we played a really hard fought against against a really good team, the new orleans saints. you're not really thinking much. you're reacting and playing. when i let the ball go i knew he had a chance to catch it. when he jumped up and i see, you know, his white gloves going up for the catch, you knew he had chamber of commerce to catch it. when he came down i thought he was going to get out of bounds and i'm glad he didn't. >> you and me both. you say there's unfinished business. obvious the nfc championship didn't go the way we wanted. do you feel like we'll see case keenum in purple next year? >> i don't know. i can't tell the future. you know, i love this team, i love this city. i love playing in this stadium. you know, and, yeah, there's the
5:56 am
whole team feels like there's some unfished business, some meat left on the bone. like i said, i would love to play with these guys, but, you know, the nature of the business side of this game is that you have to make tough decisions. >> we only have 15 seconds but faith plays a big role in who you are. tell us about that? >> yeah, it's a huge part for me and my wife. god has been instrumental in everywhere we've been, he's had an incredible plan for me and my wife and, you know, i couldn't be more happy with where we wound up here, just continue to trust in him. >> met your wife at photocopy of christian athletes. my dad used to lead a huddle of that as well. it's a great way for athletes to get connected to their faith. i hope to see you here next year year. i'm being selfish. an amazing guy, a texan who's getting used to minnesota and 20 degrees below here trooper. thanks. rachel: seems like a really nice guy . ed: from one minneapolis miracle to near. pete hegseth, that was his nickname. rachel: coming up, sara carter,
5:57 am
counselor to the president kellyanne conway and maria bartiromo coming up live.
5:58 am
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6:00 am
>> breaking news this sunday morning, two people are dead others injured after an amtrak train collides with a freight train in south carolina. 139 passengers eight crew members on board. teams responding to the scene as quickly as possible. volunteers are coming from across the state to assist with this effort. the 70 injuries range obviously in variety we have anything from small scratches and bumps to more severe broken bones. >> the decision by the white house and senator nunes to release that now declassified memo is drawing fierce reaction. >> congressman nunes says his committee is moving on to phase ii. >> devon nunes will come out with more reports.
6:01 am
>> donald trump didn't create this mess but he's here to help clean it up. >> democrats will push to release their own 10 page memo next week. >> it's appalling. it's a misrepresentation. it's a release of a distortion. she also said the tax cut was armageddon. >> they would rather see america fail than succeed with donald trump at the helm. ed: if just waking up on a sunday morning two people are dead 70 injured in a south carolina train derailment brand new video as light comes up here showing mangled train cars some even tipped over as an amtrak train collides with a freight train. todd: the crash happening in the middle of the night in the city of casey just outside columbia. ntsb chairman calling in earlier to fox & friends with the next step in handling this horrible tragedy. >> i suspect that we will have some preliminary information by this afternoon from a number of data sources, to be able to pin
6:02 am
down the speed of the amtrak train at the point of the collision, so that's our priority. rachel: we are live following the latest, brian? reporter: well the ntsb go team is en route from washington d.c. these are the first boots on the ground so to speak investigators to arrive at any major accident such as this. this all started at 2:35 this morning was when both trains collided. amtrak train 91 from new york to miami collided with a csx freight train. what you're looking at right now are photos from the red cross at pine ridge middle school which is where many survivors and victims were taken to at a shelter remember it's 38 degrees outside and raining and these folks went through a very traumatic experience being taken care of at the local shelter. this is video from the scene this morning. governor henry mcmaster is set to speak to the media at 9:30. there are two dead and at least 70 injured. hospitals in the area say
6:03 am
lexington medical center says they received 25 patients with minor injury, palmetto health says she received 62 patients some with two children. this is what the scene was like when first responders arrived at the scene this morning. >> what we found was two different trains passenger train and a freight train that collided. what we immediately went into was a search mode, search and rescue mode. we are able to begin to extract and assist passengers off of that train. at this time, all passengers are off of the train. that is very important to put out there. reporter: that is very important to point out you have eight crew members that were on that train, 139 passengers, everyone has been taken off the train. important because that means that, you know, there aren't people that are mangled or have serious issues that are still on scene so everyone is being treated in hospitals, again these injuries range from scratches to severe broken bones no reports of anybody necessarily in critical condition, so back to you guys.
6:04 am
ed: brian thanks for staying on top of the story. in the meantime the story that's been dominating the weekend of course is that republican memo that started out as hashtag release the memo and then hashtag help o day and now it's hashtag vindication if you listen to the president. todd: one way the president communicates with all of us is the tweet. the four page memo released friday reports the disturbing fact about how the fbi and fisa influenced the 2016 election and its aftermath. the fbi failed to inform the fisa court the clinton campaign had funded the dossier about fbi became a tool of anti-trump political actors. this is unacceptable in a democracy and not to alarm anyone who wants the fbi to be a non-partisan enforcer of the law the fbi wasn't straight with congress as it hid most of these facts from investigators and cites the wall street journal. todd: what's interesting is this is just phase i. devon nunes has an interview on
6:05 am
friday on special report and everyone thought this is it. this is part one, state department is next. you heard jason chaffetz earlier on the show saying they are digging into the intelligence community saying this was going to damage national security and then the memo comes out there does not appear to be any damage to national security so devon nunes is going to keep pushing and he's the person who we wouldn't know anything about fusion gps and the hillary clinton campaign paying for the dossier without him demanding those bank reports. rachel: he's had to fight tooth and nail against members of congress who should care about transparency and ethics and the fbi and doj. after all they have oversight over those agencies. really pushing back against that , we wouldn't know at all that the dossier was paid for by the dnc. ed: more coming from nunes but also more from the department of justice inspector general putting out this report and a little earlier jason chaffetz laid it all out. >> donald trump didn't create this mess but he is here to help
6:06 am
clean it up. anybody who reads that memo will understand that what the lawmakers are highlighting here is potential abuses in our system and, you know all the flailing that i heard from adam schiff and all these democrats that this was an attack on law enforcement, this is going to dismantle our security apparatus , this is going to reveal sources and methods, none of that is true. none of it. todd: bottom line is that report from the inspector general some said it might be months away i've been hearing in washington weeks away so more is coming. ed: if you woke up this morning to decide you're reading papers, a completely different view of the world. the view being put out there is donald trump is going to attack our fbi and our law enforcement. let's take a look at headlines from the new york times or as pete likes to say the failing new york times. trump's unparalleled war on a pillar of society law enforcement. this one comes from politico trump escalates his war with u.s. law enforcement after memo
6:07 am
release. washington post once the party of law and order republicans are now challenging it and so you could hear the three of us talk about this and give our opinions on it. i've told you what mine is i go to these diners and talk to people including law enforcement and they love this president but ed and i have the good fortune to sit down with an fbi agent and we asked him directly, what do you think. ed: he had a surprise. he went after james comey and said the leadership is a problem but had a little surprise about andrew mccabe. >> those of us in the retired agent community we're hearing that director deputy director money cake was expressing his conditions in closed door meetings all the time about trump so we're talking about a pre-determined investigation and that is just not how the fbi as a whole operates. the problem is agents on the street don't operate that way. todd: interesting andrew mccabe ousted this past week as deputy director. his wife in 2015 was running for the state senate in virginia with money from the buddy of the
6:08 am
clintons that has been aired. he waited until the very last minute to recuse himself in the hillary clinton investigation was overseeing it even though his wife had gotten money. okay fast forward the text messages, strzok and page. the insurance policy was about if donald trump gets elected there's a meeting in andy's office we believe that to be andrew mccabe and now we're hearing from a former retired fbi agent that in fact mccabe he's hearing was out in private meetings giving his opinion saying he didn't like donald trump what in the world was going on? rachel: it's interesting you said the democrats said the republican party used to be the party of law and order and the democrat used to be the party of jfk. i think what we're seeing is this is officially the party of bernie sanders, socialists don't care about individual rights all the individual rights that have been violated through the unmask ing and the spying on the lack of transparency in the upper departments, this is a party a socialistic party who cares about the state, the collective. not individual rights and that's
6:09 am
why if you're wondering why democrats and the media which is one in the same are not concerned about all this that's your answer in my opinion. ed: we've got a lot of other headlines this morning. rachel: turning to your headlines now. terrifying moments caught on camera, when a police officer is run over by a carjacking suspect while making an arrest. police storming the vehicle before the driver backs over the two. the suspect flees running them over again. a plain-clothes officer had a gun drawn on the suspects but did not fire. policy prohibits san francisco police from shooting at cars their union says it puts officer s lives in danger. the suspects were arrested and the officer is expected to be okay. christian broadcasting network founder pat robertson recovering after suffering from a stroke. a family member rushing the 87 year old to a hospital in virginia after recognizing symptoms. robertson hosts the flagship show the 700 club, and interview ed president trump during his campaign and after
6:10 am
the election. he is expected to make a full recovery. president trump and the first lady are hosting a super bowl party. wow i wish i was invited. [laughter] at mar-a-lago, the first family will hold the festivities before traveling back to washington. the president has a friendly relationship with the new england patriots especially the owner robert craft and quarterback tom brady. todd: speaking of the big game our own pete hegseth is live in his home state of minnesota for super bowl lii. pete you still look cold. it hasn't warmed up that much. pete: holy cow it's only getting colder it's negative 22 is what it feels like right now so i can barely feel my face, but we'll go with it. we're outside the stadium where it will be rocking tonight when the philadelphia eagles take on new england patriots but there's no way to sugar coat that this has been a difficult year for the nfl. the kneeling controversy, the anthem controversy, and we've seen the ratings drop significantly. there's actually a wall street journal nbc news poll that came out just yesterday that said
6:11 am
that viewership is down this year substantially from two, three, four years ago so i went to the mall of america which is just a hop, skip and a jump from here yesterday to talk to fans of the nfl and say did the kneeling controversy affect you, are you watching more, are you watching less? this is what the fans had to say about the nfl this year. >> i watched just as much as i did before. pete: so none of the controversy around the nfl anthem protest and things like that affected you? >> no not at all. actually i respect their decision. we wish they would stand up. we love our country. we want them to do it. stand up. they make millions of dollars in this country. they couldn't go anywhere else and do it so stand up and honor our flag. >> i was in the service for 23 years, yeah it affects me personally, sometimes i had to shut the game off. i can't even watch it any more. pete: you know guys, bottom line , fans want politics out of sports. a lot of people said i still
6:12 am
watch but i watch reluctantly but the ratings reflect there's plenty of people that have turned off the dial. no doubt the nfl this off season will have to address what they do with patriotism and the anthem because viewership is down substantially. rachel: well maybe that's what they're doing with all of the veterans they are having on the show you've been interviewing? pete: well that's true. they're donating the veterans project having veterans on the field. some people feel like that's window dressing at the end of a tough season. what they really do next year will affect how a lot of people view the league. ed: he's got kellyanne conway coming in live from the super bowl we'll go back to pete. pete: coming in cold, soon. ed: thanks so much pete we'll see you soon. rachel: thanks pete stay warm. todd: how ins devon nunes says there are more memos coming we've been talking about that all morning long and the next one could target the state department so what do we know about this memo? sarah carter has been on top of the story from the very beginning she's been digging into this specifically and joins us live, next.
6:13 am
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boom! proud sponsor of the olympic winter games 2018. rachel: d.c. reeling in the fall out of the bombshell fisa memo as the house intel chair warns we're just getting started. we are in the middle of what i call phase ii of our investigation which involves other departments specifically the state department and some of the involvement that they had in this. that investigation is ongoing and we continue to work towards finding answers and asking the right questions to try to get to the bottom of what exactly the state department was up to in terms of this russia investigation. ed: fox news contributor sarah carter has been covering this story from the very beginning she joins us now to weigh in live good to see you sarah and i
6:17 am
wonder whether or not you can tee any of that up because i remember a couple of days before the nunes memo was released on friday, john kerry the former head of the state department under president obama was out there aggressively saying this going to endanger national security this nunes memo cannot come out. was his view shaded a little bit by maybe what he and his department did with the dossier? >> i think you're right on the mark there, ed. look, they came out not just ker ry, but we saw, you know, care ic holder, we saw many other members of the obama administration cop out and say this is going to destroy national security we don't want this out, director comey was another one, former fbi director comey and what we discovered was there was nothing in there and i've spoken to a number of u.s. intelligence sources about this. there was nothing in that memo at all that would have damaged national security of the united states, or the processes by which they gather the fisa warrants, right?
6:18 am
or the application so now we have to ask ourselves why and i believe your right. this is due to the second memo that the intelligence committee is putting together and we're sit waiting for the inspector general's report coming out that's directed at andrew mccabe , deputy, you know now former deputy director andrew mccabe and others and i think they're terrified because this is what we know. there was a second dossier put together by a person named cody shear. a very controversial activist a former reporter who worked with the clintons in the past and the fbi was also using the second dossier as part of what they were doing to back up the other dossier that christopher steele unverified dossier. another thing that's important is we believe and i've been talking to sources that christopher steele was also sending information to the state department in bits and snip-ins but i think the most important thing here and one of the things they're looking at very closely
6:19 am
are the leaks. there were a number of leaks of unverified information by possibly senior members of the obama administration. ed: i want to bring rachel in as well but you said something about a second dossier and i've heard rumblings of that but i'm not sure if viewers have heard too much about it so briefly we can get rachel in here as well is this a second anti-trump dossier what do we know? >> okay this is what we know here. there is a second anti-trump dossier that i have been able to confirm. that was written by cody shear. now he is not an expert and has no background in intelligence. he is a former reporter and political hack ski vest and also had a close relationship with cindy blumenthal, and remember i wrote a piece about it how cindy blumenthal would be connected to the dossier in one fashion or another and those are the bits of information as we unravel this great mystery of the dossier those are the little
6:20 am
bits of information that we have out there. now the house intelligence committee and others who are investigating this like senator grassley we don't want to takeaway from senator grassley because senator grassley's letter and his exposure of christopher steele and asking for everybody's communications, if you look at senator grassley 's letter he's asked the doj for all the communication of cody shear, of cindy blumenthal, of christopher steele. those are little pieces of this puzzle that we're putting together and as we've seen, they're kicking and screaming. they don't want this information out into the public and i think a lot of it has to do with the fact that they were involved in using this dossier to leak information. rachel: so sarah, it sounds like what you're saying is that it's maybe we're going to go talk about not the russians but all of the collusion happening in these investigations. ed: yeah. rachel: i don't have another question you answered all of them so thank you. >> thanks. ed: all right the marines are doing something they haven't done in 30 years running a super
6:21 am
bowl ad, their goal get younger fans. the head of recruiting joins us live to talk about that, next. so a few years ago, me and my wife were actually saving for a house. but one day we were sitting there and we decided that, you know what? something needed to be done about what was going on in our inner-city. instead of buying a house, we decided to form this youth league. what is he doing wrong? he should shed the block. exactly. it's volunteer, we don't get a paycheck. it's one hundred percent from the heart. football shaped my life and i'm praying that it will shape these kids lives as well. ♪ ♪
6:22 am
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6:24 am
todd: some quick headlines thousands of protesters in london demanding more money for britain's failing national healthcare service. >> save our nhs. todd: the overburdened system blamed for thousands of canceled operations due to an increase in seasonal illnesses combined with staffing shortages. and at least nine states now considering new laws requiring residents to buy health insurance. the proposal coming less than two months after republicans voted to repeal the individual
6:25 am
mandate in obama tax affordable, obama-backed affordable care act and some of those states include maryland, california and new jersey. that is according to the wall street journal. ed: for the first time in 30 years the u.s. marines will run a super bowl ad with one goal in mind, recruit and inspire young fans. >> it's not just the ships, or the aircraft. it's the will to fight and determination to win inside every marine battles one. rachel: joining us now is commanding general for the marine corps, major general paul kennedy welcome to fox & friends >> good morning everybody. rachel: quick question for you that ad looks like a movie who are you trying to recruit with an ad like that? >> we're trying to have a conversation with young people that are seeking challenges in life and what you're seeing is a
6:26 am
culmination of an ad campaign that appeals to men and women across this country that have fought through battles throughout their high school careers and they seek to further that by joining the service and serving their country. todd: looking at the calendar, i understand that february through may is a really tough time to recruit. why is that? >> well typically when a young person becomes a senior in high school, they're eligible to en list in one of the services and so most of those contracts get written in the summer months and into the first few months of the school year, the new school year , so by the time february rolls around, you've probably written most of those kids signed them up for service and now what we're doing is mostly writing kids that have graduated high school, are seeking something else in their life, and it's a little bit tougher in those months. todd: and tell us, i mean everyone gets around the table gets around the tv set, gets
6:27 am
around their iphone now to watch the big game. what message do you want to send to americans, when we still have so many troops in harms way all around the world. >> look, young people today are faced with a multitude of pressures. the battle that they fight just getting through high school, staying out of trouble, getting good grades they might be working a job to help support their family. by the time they're finished they may want to continue to seek those challenges and so 38,000 young people signed up last year to join the marines and for that very purpose. rachel: well you've chosen, you're saving the marine corps a lot of money by doing this online and not an actual television ad. you called these young people cord cutters what do you mean by that? >> well, increasingly young people are getting their news and information and entertainment from means other than television, broadcast television so they're getting it on handheld devices and tablets
6:28 am
and watching it when they want to watch it and so we thought it was smart and it was effective cost effective to reach out during the super bowl this year to about 20 million people that mostly younger people under 30 that will take in our ad and message. we'll have a conversation with them tonight. todd: major general paul kennedy we appreciate your service we thank you for that all of the men and women serving with you and we hope that you bring in a few good men and women art super bowl. >> thank you, sir. rachel: still ahead, president trump heading to ohio tomorrow after a super bowl party in florida tonight, so watt can we expect from this trip? we're going to ask counselor to the president and eagles super fan, kellyanne conway when she joins us live, next. ♪ ♪ achoo! (snap) achoo! (snap) achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on?
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6:33 am
pete: boy that's right thanks for sending it to us you're exactly right. we just came into the eagles fight song, fly eagles fly, which i know you love. thanks so much for being here kellyanne conway. >> we have the parade later on in philly this week. pete: see that's the prediction. do you have a score prediction for tonight? >> no just that the eagles will score more points than the patriots. pete: we're setting a record this is the coldest interview with the counselors of the president ever. >> i can confirm that that is true and probably the first or second one in eagles gear but we're really excited. it's a great day here with my husband and our two older children and the last time the eagles were in the super bowl was against the patriots and our twins were three months old and they're now 13. we hope for a different result this time. pete: i know you hope for a different result. have you ever been inside the stadium? >> i have not. i know it's beautiful we watched an incredible photo finish of the vikings game when they made it to the nfc championship. i think we'll appreciate it when we're inside the stadium but
6:34 am
looking for a big win today. pete: it will be a 90-degree change it's negative 20 out here it will be 72 in there, so you'll be -- >> a fun way of looking at it. pete: so we've got to get to politics of the day as well. obviously devon nunes his committee releasing the memo with so many people wanted to see. first of all your reaction to the contents of that four-page memo and what it says about what was happening at the doj and the fbi. >> well the president has always called for transparency and accountability, pete. that's what he believes all along those who have been talking about collusion collusion collusion with no result for over a year should really appreciate the process of transparency and accountability even when it hits a little close to home in this case, i believe that mr. mccabe testified that without that dossier, there would be no fisa warrant, and people are realizing too that dossier is just a fancy french word for a load of junk and but the president is absolutely right and i think tweeted again yesterday what he's said all along which is this is just a hoax.
6:35 am
we were promised collusion and we're moving on to other charges but in my position, i'm not the president's personal attorney. i would defer your questions to them but in terms of releasing the memo people were screaming about national security concerns and the whole world is going to fall apart. i think people are afraid they look really bad. there are personal relationships in there, marital relationships, whose working at fusion gps, christopher steele has admitted that he was desperate to make sure donald trump didn't get elected so people should at least see that and see the bias for what it is. pete: talk to me more about that reaction from democrats and so-called mainstream media saying they're national security inly indications to this release how disingenuinous do you find it, why won't they look at it as a possible exposure of the fact that maybe there was bias? >> i find it to be hyperbolic and very hypocritical because they've been charging forward for over one year now, promising
6:36 am
collusion, promising a change in the election results and nullification of a democrat if elected president. that's just not happening and i know they're still trying to get over an election result they neither expected nor wanted but that's too bad and this whole idea that we're only supposed to investigate one piece and not the other is really wrong and i hear these people saying this is unprecedented and you really are hurting the relationship with the doj and the fbi. the president made very clear and i'll say it again yet again, he respects the rankin file and the great hard work these men and women do every day as part of the fbi and those in the doj as well, but that doesn't mean that a couple of the bad apples out there who were just starting to see had nefarious intentions and were desperate to try to at least affect the outcome or after president trump was elected to mess with him during transition. pete: well we're hearing more will come out and it could come out additional memos and when they do we'll ask you about that
6:37 am
as well. >> i support that as well in other words if the schiff memo comes forward then go ahead. we're for transparency but look you can't argue this not under oath through the cable tv wars and that's what's happening. people are going on saying things that are simply not true hoping they will come true. pete: well this president spark a national debate when he talked about kneelers? we're here at the nfl and there's no way to scoot around it. it was a tough year at the nfl for those who leave you stand for the national anthem a big national debate. what's your takeaway you'll cheer for your team in the super bowl today but the nfl learned a lot of lessons this year what's your takeaway from the stance the president took about standing for the anthem? >> the president is unlike any other american citizen. he can stand up for the flag and express that he's got a big mega phone of course in my house and many households across the country you say you take a knee for the lord and stand for the flag. i think that we don't have any kneelers today we'll see what happens. i thought my philadelphia eagles
6:38 am
handled well from the very beginning they had huge field- wide flag and wonderful man singing the national anthem including the nfc championship african american veteran and i think that was very uplifting to those who love the flag and believe in it, but also i think when you look at the grammies, the emmys all of the ratings are down because people look at sports, you look at entertainment and these award shows as an escape. they don't try and run for politics and don't want to hear negative necessarily all day long. i know it's easy to take a cheap shot but to what end? it's not, it doesn't really fit with these award shows and the themes they're supposed to have so i think here people are all about the great tradition of the super bowl and it ends up being a worldwide event . lots of great fans out there, eagles fans are excited ran into patriots fans but it should be a
6:39 am
great game and one of the greatest american traditions and enjoy themselves eat a little bit too much and cheer the big green on to victory. pete: we heard that just keep the politics out of it is what you heard time and time again. well guys i'll toss it back to you but let me say, kellyanne conway can play in the cold. rachel: she looks less cold than you. >> i'm definitely the summer parent at home but i thought i'd do this on a special day. pete: champion thank you. tossing it back to new york. rachel: great interview. ed: good stuff. rachel: turning to your headlines now. terrifying moments caught on a dashcam as a man lunges off his car attacking a police officer with a knife. >> stop, get out, now! stay right there. stop or i'll shoot you. rachel: the suspect brett bush leading the georgia officer on a high speed chase after attempting pull him over for speeding. the 28 year old crashing into a georgia driveway before being
6:40 am
shot and killed. the cop whose also a marine veteran is not injured. and an elementary school canceling its father-daughter dance due to new gender rules. parents and students are furious with the staten island new york school fighting a state mandate to eliminate gender-based activities. if school officials are telling the new york post "father- daughter dances inherent ly leave people out, not just because of transgender status, just life in general. these can be really uncomfortable events." the school's pta is planning to reschedule the dance for kids and caregivers of any gender for march 2. thousands of dollars worth of jewelry stolen from the pregnant fiancee of actor john stamos on the eve of their wedding. actress indicate rib mccue were not in their upscale beverly hotel room. the pieces were reportedly on
6:41 am
loan. no surveillanceses have been identified. the wedding went on as planned and the hollywood couple tying the knot. ed: have mercy. rachel: beautiful company and today is world cancer day, raising awareness of the global fight against this disease and it also honors survivors and advances in treatments being made every single day. nearly 9 million people die from cancer worldwide every year. the theme of today is "we can, i can." the campaign encourages everyone to do their part to help end the disease. this is a look at all of the cancer-fighting events happening around the world right now, including fundraisers and screenings and those are your headlines guys. ed: great cause. all right, meanwhile the stock market preparing for another big week. the dow plunged 600 points on friday, what could we expect at the opening bell, no one breaks it down better maria bartiromo here next. todd: plus we're just hours away from kickoff csx freight and so we've got last-minute menu ideas for your super bowl party all that coming up when fox and
6:42 am
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ed: tomorrow like just about every weekday morning the stock market reopening for the first time following friday's sharp sell off the dow tumbling 665 points the worst drop in more than a year of course the big picture is its been going up up up. rich what can we expect for the markets this week here to break it all down sunday morning futures host maria bartiromo. welcome. maria: hi guys great to see you. maria: good to see you. rachel: so the question is we saw this sell off in the market but you say it's for all of the good reasons. maria: it is, i mean look there's still broad support for this market because the impact of the tax plan hasn't really been felt entirely yet. right now it's just anticipation we also haven't seen the full impact of the regulatory rollback so there's a real support for this market because the underlying fundamentals are
6:46 am
very strong. friday we got a jobs number out 200,000 jobs created in the month of january and also the atlanta federal reserve coming out with a new prediction on economic growth, they've got a gaap number for the first quarter which we're in of 5.4%. ed: are you actually trying to make the case that crumbs will equal real bread for people? maria: my god 100% this tax plan is going far and deep there's a really big impact felt from on individuals as well as corporations and that will continue to help economic growth so i think that markets don't go up in a straight line forever. we've had an incredible performance $8 trillion in market value since the election. of course you are going to see markets go up and down and now that we're talking about a different scenario, we have a new conversation happening right now. it's about higher wages and inflation these are the things that happen with a stronger economy. that wage number on friday was very strong up 2.9% year-over-year we're finally see ing individual wages go up and that's why markets have been
6:47 am
nervous. todd: but i think it could be confusing to the average american who doesn't necessarily fully understand economics why we could have an amazing jobs growth number and then we see a market tank basically almost 700 points. explain how it all comes back to interest rates. maria: yeah because when you're investing you have to make a decision do i want to take on a little more risk and look for a higher return and go into the stock market or do i want to stay with the safety of treasur ies where you know you've got the full back of the country of the treasury and look for a higher interest rate. once interest rates start going higher then you have a debate. well do i want to stay safe and go into the bond market and see interest rates go higher or do i want to stay in stocks and dole with a little more risk? ed: and bond buyers have been desperate for any high interest rate. maria: it's a good thing for savers because in your savings account your rates are going to go higher. rachel: really fast because people ask this all the time. when people say this is obama's economy really fast what's your
6:48 am
answer? maria: no when the president changed everything, when he took office it was largely about the regulatory environment that's why you can't really attribute this to president obama because president obama had so many rules and regulations red tape 95,000 pages was the federal registry donald trump came in and knocked all of that down and lowered regulations that removed the red tape and as a result it has unleashed animal spirits. ed: sunday morning futures will be unleashed at the top of the hour. maria: we've got jim kallstrom former assistant director of the fbi, we've got congressman rad cliff, one of the only three congressmen who actually have seen the underlying data, the underlying content of the fisa memo, we have alan dershowitz and peter king and about that stock market and economy, on financial services. rachel: a great show. super star. todd: great job. rachel: the countdown, thank you maria you're the best. the countdown to kickoff is on, rick is checking out some super bowl snack ideas for your party,
6:49 am
next. >> ♪ ♪ drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it.
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ed: the countdown to kickoff is officially on but if you still need last minute ideas for your super bowl party we have you covered. rachel: and here with some ideas is chef and culinary nutritionist dianne hendrix. i love you're here because i'll be back in wisconsin by 3:00 p.m. ready to get the party on and these are quick ideas. ed: can she bring this through tsa? >> no i don't think so, but you have to make this. this is a buffalo dip and made with cottage cheese which is my favorite because its got a creamy texture, it's delicious high in protein and will keep you full. it's top quality everything on this table is top quality. ed: it's like cottage cheese and
6:53 am
frank's red hot? >> so it's cottage cheese, hot sauce with a little blue cheese and mix it in and you've got yourself, you can do it with chicken bites. rachel: and healthy. >> these are just chicken breast pieces cut with lemon pepper and awesome. rachel: do you grill that or bake it? >> in a pan. ed: what's the deal with these shots here? >> oh, these, these are tomato soup shots which are these crunchy crafted so delicious crispy chips. everything on here is gluten free which is an added bonus, so and those are mac & cheese bites with italian olives and sun dried tomatoes and rick makes them at home. rachel: anybody can put this together quickly. >> oh, it's so easy and here i had to put some people that take energy drinks to stay up, that's a really amazing coffee cold brewed coffee and its got two
6:54 am
times the caffeine of a cup of coffee. ed: a lot of commercials so you'll stay up a long time. >> exactly but the quality is so good and they are so careful. todd: last time you were here i had a tom cruise fail. i want to try it again. >> so we've got prairie organic spirits. we're using vodka which is on the left. todd: that's in this thing? >> no that's triple sec. but what i love about prairie is it's from minnesota so it's awesome and small batches and farmers in minnesota love it. so then we've got here this is pure vanilla extract which i just thought of. i'm like that should work so nobody has to buy vodka. and then orange juice and just strain it in there. todd: rachel i'd get out of the way. >> rick that's a virgin. >> oh, and i did do a little tribute to each of the team so i call that philly chili, and new england clam chowder so that's got peppers and onions and
6:55 am
cheese like a philly cheese steak. rachel: where do you get the ice ball things? >> it's just a little gadget that you get at the store. ed: dianne great job we appreciate it. todd: more fox and friends moments away get ready for the big party. cheers. >> ♪ ♪ 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i made a point to talk to my doctor. he told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis had both... ...and that turned around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve
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>> ♪ ♪ rachel: all right we need to thank man cave new york and party city. ed: they helped decorate this beautiful studio all weekend long getting us ready. todd: and we want to thank magical productions entertainment for this awesome setup here and with that we want to bring in pete hegseth. take it away. pete: you guys are having fun there we're having some fun here too. super bowl coming up i took to
6:59 am
the mall of america i wanted to ask questions for super bowl predictions instead i handed the microphone to my two little boys gunner and boone, they took it away. check it out. >> so he actually probably didn't deflate the ball. the ball automatically deflated in the weather. >> the eagles. >> yes. >> patriots. >> eagles. >> patriots. >> who are you cheering for in the super bowl? pete: so here is the longer version of that. yeah, they're stacked against the paths a little bit, forgive them but we had a lot of fun a longer version we'll post online as they attempted to get good answers out of people. ed: quick prediction, pete from you your vikings lost whose going to win today? pete: i'm going to say pats 24- 28 in a classic brady come back. ed: wait 24-28 would be a loss. pete: excuse me 28-24 pats.
7:00 am
ed: pete great job out there. pete: it's cold out here. ed: log on to fox & we've got more and we'll talk about man cave. >> ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning this week lawmakers are digging deeper into the nunes memo on surveillance abuse at the fbi and the justice department. the deadline for another spending deal looms on thursday and the dow industrial is looking to rebound after a tough friday. hi, everybody thanks for joining me i'm maria bartiromo welcome to sunday morning futures. we have got an up close look at the nunes memo, on alleged surveillance abuses at the fbi and the department of justice. president trump said it vindicates him but what does it reveal about ex-fbi director joke and his probe of hillary clinton. one of the few lawmakers to seen


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