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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  February 4, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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a new tax haven to help the richest californians avoid paying any extra taxes as a result of the trump administration abolition of state and local tax deduction is in that lovely? that's the thing you do when you are an elitist. thank you for joining us tonight. thank you tonight fantastic panel. please join us again for the next revolution will it be televised.
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>> i hope that mr. stewart is sincere when we go back to washington this week that he would do all the good to protect bob muller and mr. rosenstein. >> for the latest action tonight on the memo we go to molly edinburg in washington. folly. reporter: a key point in this memo is that publicans say the secret courts were not told that the dossier presented as evidence was paid for by democrats. that dossier the memo says help secure a warrant for the fbi to
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spy on carter page, it's material collected by a former british spy funded by the democratic national committee and the hillary clinton campaign. publicans say that fisa was not important that but there was some disclosure by democrats. >> is relative to what their political actor in court and the court was notified of the political actor and its bad precedent and unprecedented to not tell a court that a source as this level of bias. look at just the disclosure of pay for it. >> they could've said it was the dnc and hillary clinton and that would've been easy. reporter: there is dispute over what now former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe told lawmakers. the memo indicates mccabe said no surveillance warrants would have been sought out the dossier. not true for the democrats. >> i was there a part of the
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questioning. i promise you that the intent of his answers that we would not have gone forward were it not for this dossier. >> that is not what he said. they have the transcript and i don't understand why they wouldn't pull from the transit. reporter: chuck schumer urged president trump to back democrats effort to get their own a memo out. house intelligence chairman republican devon nunez said his committee will vote on it once democrats memo go through all the normal review procedures. >> molly in washington for more on this list bring kelly jane morrison, editor at the weekly standard thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. the point molly made at the end of the report is into the new week seems to be the question in terms of what is next. there are reports that there may be formed in memos another subject still to come but to molly's point of the question is what about the democratic memo,
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the so-called rebuttal? to see that at some point? it sounds like the will and there will be dueling memos back and forth over and over. the democrats have the committee has voted to not release it but that committee is controlled by republicans but it does look like there's a very real possibility that they will finally relent and let it go. president trump has to review it and make the call himself whether he will let it stand. the democrats want this memo released in the interest of transparency and fairness and that is great but the question i have is can you really have this transparency and can you say we want the american people to see both memos and judge for themselves. they will not see the underlying material that both of those memos are based on so how can the american people actually judge. >> that would be an argument for releasing either memo. >> one is already out there so it's a good question and people
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are saying as the reporter just said we've got into mckay's testimony in the first memo didn't close permit and the democrats are going to pull from it but wouldn't it be great if there want to argue about what andrew mccabe said to release his testimony and this is the problem. once he started saying hey i will release the memo based on some classified information this is what you get yourself into. you get yourself into this game where people want to release more and more of that information. it will be hard to pull back all of it. >> in addition to what mccabe billy said is to the president's point on yesterday about whether he was vindicated completely in the russian investigation is as he claims he was. before we talk about it here is cumbersome and will heard, can out of texas. does that memo that has been released to indicate the present. curious. >> i don't. i don't agree with some of my colleagues that say they're
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using words explosive and i'm not shocked that elected officials are using hyperbole and exaggeration. >> that's republican congressman, not the only one that separated the two issues and that's important about whether or not you can extrapolate out the memo even if you're upset about the way things are handled for the entire russian investigation. >> that's a great question. that's the thing. this thing has to deal with a pretty small one portion of the russian investigation and that focuses on carter page. it doesn't say anything about george topless who is also of course pled guilty to giving the fbi. statements. well, it does tell us the investigation started with papadopoulos. >> yes, and the fact is honestly i'm surprised republicans are going to the mat for carter page. remember, he left the campaign month before the campaign and he
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wasn't part of the campaign once they started the surveillance. ties are not hearing from either party is the fact that this really shows how much deference courts give governments. this is a wide-ranging problem. courts at all levels and this is a little too willing, in my view, to take any government claims were statements at face value. they treat any claim made by any other party skepticism as they should. when you are making a court and when you have a court making an argument in favor of your client or in favor of prosecution and in this case are not hearing just about really both parties to be talking about the courts are very willing to give deference to the government and perhaps that is the bigger issue and should have that affect more than just this question investigation but legislation and laws of the state level to better level of to the court. >> interesting point and not one that many have been talking
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about. as a final point here tonight before we let you go, kelly, one of the things people are talking about is what is the real impact of all of this. the scene surveys showing the's trust in law enforcement in particular in the fbi is going down. i had congressman lloyd out of texas earlier addition to the box for tonight talking about all of this and he had the following to say. >> regardless of the issue of whether the president colluded makes pretty clear the worst collusion if there even was any the trump administration in russia the real pollution and the real crime involved the doj and the process they used and abused. >> on that last point you wonder whether the president and the republicans have gotten their so-called victory out of this by either muddying the waters or sowing seeds of doubt when it comes to law enforcement in the fbi. >> it is a reverse because
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republicans tend to generate law enforcement and to worry the democrats tend to make them look bad and this is not a democratic department of justice. that was the first department that asked for the surveillance but it was renewed and it was viewed by someone that the president himself appointed to be deputy attorney general. i think it is dangerous when you talk about undermined public trust in one of the top 1% agencies and perhaps there are problems there but this is a pretty serious charge and you better be sure about it. you better think about the consequences because as someone in charge of the federal government they want the public to believe that the government is doing its investigation and doing what it is supposed to do fairly and they may be undermining that to their disadvantage later on. >> kelly, will bring you back later on but continue this
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conversation later on in the hour. thanks very much. proceeded. now this. [background noises] >> that was the closing bell for the new york stock exchange on friday after the tao fell more than 650 points in a single day. the combination of inflation and week evenings and those worries as were on the air tonight. to be spilling over into the new weeks. right now the futures are pointing to the possibility of a lower open for stocks on monday morning. selling to continue. the dow lost almost 1100 points last week and was the first week for stocks in the us in two years. analysts have been cautioning us to remember that the economy is showing strong signs us employers hired more in january than economists had been forecasting in the trump administration tax bill is also
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starting to deliver bigger projects to american workers. in fact, coming up on the pot support will talk more about the president's tech support plan ahead of the big speech he set to make tomorrow in ohio on the topic. right now a california cop is okay after being run over. what he was trying to do for the car back to him. the ntsb releasing new information about a deadly train collision in south carolina today involving amtrak. we now know which train was on the wrong track moments for the crash. >> the engine of the first engine of the freight train was, of course, torn up and the single engine of the passenger train, the amtrak train, was train, the amtrak train, was headed south was barely
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hit by a suspected drug driver. the central jackson and jeffrey monroe were standing outside their car on interstate 70 in indianapolis when they were hit. please believe monroe was a ride sharing driver who was pulled over when jackson got sick and got out to assist him. the pickup driver who hit them tried to drive off the please cut up to him short time later placed him under arrest. the colts in a statement said about jackson's death they are heartbroken. this is truly unbelievable. police officer jumped into action during the car break in and in the process he gets run over by the suspected fees. we have a new video for you tonight but we do want to issue a warning first that this may be difficult for some people to watch. see here the video the plainclothes officer trying to stop these guys and he gets run over. they're trying to steal from a car in san francisco. the officer after all this was taken to the school and believe it or not he is expected to be okay. the three suspects facing felony charges for suspected homicide.
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a deadly train collision in the line elect to amtrak employees dead and dozens injured. some sort of lethal miscommunication led to the tragedy. >> it appears to me that the csx was on the track is supposed to be on and that appears to be a loading track or a switch track. in fact is on the wrong they were supposed to be meeting at the bridge clearly and there may be a time factor but that is what appears to be. >> the ntsb also releasing new details at the press conference. >> good evening, ntsb investigators are on site and plan to interview the surviving members of that train crew
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tomorrow. in the meantime, trying to figure out why amtrak train 91 during eight crew and passengers from new york to miami were diverted from the main railroad to a sidetrack at a railyard where it struck a freight train. >> for whatever reason that switch was, as they say in the railroad industry, mind and locked for the trains coming down this way to be diverted into the siding. reporter: ntsb investigators say they have heard but not yet confirmed local reports that the signal system on the track was down for routine maintenance. officials say the two amtrak employees killed in the crash were working in the locomotive at the front of the train. the train's engineer, michael, was 54 years old from savannah, georgia print the conductor michael, was 36, moorpark, porter. succulent authority say more than other people on the passenger train were taken to a local hospital for evaluation and at least two are on serious condition and three fair but
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most others were treated and released for injuries ranging from scratches to broken bones. many of them were taken to a red cross reception site that the red cross set up in your bible school where these victims received food and other assistance as amtrak works to be an item with their luggage and personal belongings on board that train and arrange alternate transportation to their intended destination. ntsb investigators are describing this crash as catastrophic. they say if you look at these locomotives you would not recognize them. they look nothing like they did before the splash. connor, back to you. >> jonathan, thank you. the nuclear posture review proposing smaller nukes largely to counter russia. china has potential adversary and we are getting pushback from top democrats. plus, secretary of state rex tillerson grappling up and
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traveling to south america in strategy to tackle the crisis gripping one country in the region. what will that us response be? >> we simply cannot allow to stand idly by to see the total stand idly by to see the total destruction of democracy in
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>> trump administration has drawn struck criticism for new nuclear posture reviews. the first report of its kind since 2010. seeks to expand america's zigler options but does not call for an increase in its arsenal. it also casts russia and china has potential nuclear adversaries while highlighting the concerns about north korea in russia. caroline shively now based on the review. reporter: the new nuclear posture review until by the common ministration takes a
10:23 pm
stronger stance against russia saying it must be clear to the russians that any threat of an attack on us allies would come at a dire cost. it also endorses following existing arms control agreement including the new start treatment that limits the two countries to 700 deployed launchers and 1500 strategic warheads. the deadline for that is monday. the us says it met the limits since last august and wants to make sure the russians are in compliance. review mostly follows the strategy laid out by the obama administration including modernizing the arsenal. the review also recommends adding summering logic capabilities. president trump spoke about that in his state of the union address. >> is part of our defense we must modernize and rebuild our nuclear arsenal. hopefully we never have to use it but making it so strong and so powerful that it will be deter any acts of aggression. reporter: nancy pelosi lashed out against the new review.
10:24 pm
she warned president trump is pushing a stunning reversal of our nation's long-standing commitment to advance a nuclear free future. plus he also warned the new pastor would print millions of lives and ramp up warhead connection. >> caroline shively from our nation's capital. rex tillerson is an southern america and he's speaking alongside [inaudible] in buenos aires about the crisis in venezuela say the us is still considering restricting the sale of oil from the country but is concerned about the potential negative impact. >> one of the affects of considering is what effect they have on the venezuelan people and it might bring it to an end to a more rapid and in a more rapid close because not doing anything is also the venezuelan
10:25 pm
people will suffer. >> it began on thursday in mexico and he is set to still make stops in columbia as well as jamaica. a rare sign of compassion from around. we first told you the story last week but now to ron is confirming integrated medical leave to an alien 81 -year-old dual iranian american national was convicted of espionage. however they downplay any chances he'll be let out for good. state department official tell fox news that the us has been holding back channel talks with iran on securing his release as well as other americans. the turkish military suffering from its deadliest day yet the military saying in a statement that eight soldiers were killed today in five of them were killed when their take was attacked. david lee muller has more from jerusalem. reporter: russia has now retaliated for the downing of one of the spider debts over
10:26 pm
syria. moscow says one of its aircraft were shot down by a surface to air missile and a group linked to al qaeda has claimed responsibility thing one of its fighters destroyed a direct hit. saturday in an area where the syrian army and iranian backsliders have been battling antigovernment rebels. the pilot ejected from aircraft were crashed and according to a fighter on the ground the pilot tried to open fire with pistol and skilled with the russian military retaliated and used what it called hypertension weapons to kill more than two dozen of rebel fighters. also this weekend eight turkish troops were killed in a series of separate attacks by a syrian kurdish militia known as the white pg. the people's protection unit. five of the soldiers died near the city where their tank came under assault. the others were killed in separate clashes. they consider this a terrorist group and an extension of a movement to establish kurdish economy in turkey. the us has supported this group
10:27 pm
in the fight against isis. turkey and the us, nato allies, find themselves on different sides of the conflict. lastly, in this us claim is serious producing and using new types of chemical weapons serious foreign ministry says the accusation was null and void. the ministry went on to say the us is looking for an excuse to attack syria. >> david lee muller is there in our middle east bureau tonight. thank you. now, this just in. congratulations to the philadelphia eagles. they had done it. the eagles have won the super bowl for the first time ever and we have the celebrations underway. they are in the streets of philadelphia and moments ago the party is just getting started. their first-ever super bowl championship, 41-33 was the final over the new england patriots. we will check-in in minneapolis with her own rick leventhal later on in the show. we will look at happy streets of
10:28 pm
philadelphia. the republicans concerned about the new wave of the upcoming midterms. they may have reason for optimism. more americans are seeing a bump in their take-home pay and with president trump heading to ohio touting tax reform on monday we delve into the politics of the paycheck. also, controversial memo declassified by the president sparking a fiery state in washington this weekend with democrats now calling on mr. trump to do in regards to another memo and what it all means for the intelligence community. >> you have to have a relationship of trust between the president and those who are responsible for enforcing the law. the justice department and the fbi and if that trust breaks down then i think it does undermine the rule of law in this country and that, in effect, creates a i wanted to know who i am and where i came from.
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>> we are now awaiting president comes arrival back in washington. he will be facing a political firestorm over the declassified gop memo that accuses the fbi of abusing its surveillance power in the rest of the station. he said the document totally vindicates him and members of his own party have been breaking from president trump on that claim.
10:33 pm
>> there is a russian investigation without a dossier so to the extent the memo deals with the dossier in the fisa process the dossier has nothing to do with the meeting at trump tower. the dossier has nothing to do with an e-mail sent by cambridge and the dossier really has nothing to do with george papadopoulos meeting in great britain. >> chuck schumer calling on the president to back the release of the democratic relief rebuttal to the memo. i strongly urge you to sanction the public release of ranking member adam schiff's memorandum that was recently made available to all members of the house of representatives as soon as possible. i believe it's a matter of fundamental fairness that the american people be allowed to see both sides of the argument and make their own judgments. phil keating has more on all of this in west palm beach in the president mar-a-lago estate. reporter: president trump and the first family are on board air force one returning to washington having departed florida just about half time or shortly thereafter of the big
10:34 pm
super bowl and before they left florida where they spent the weekend the trumps hosted a super bowl party for a bunch of very lucky invited guests. they did it down the street from the near you by trump international golf club. president trump and first lady melania and first on, baron, were roughly there for a two and half hour flight back to base answers. they invited guests into the marching owls to washington under and watch the game. florida atlantic university's marching band the owls getting the honor of jazzing up the president's party and getting the excitement going with horns and drums. before kickoff white house issued trumps super bowl statements for this year's big game and they rekindled his ongoing feud with nfl players who nil the season during the national anthem to call
10:35 pm
attention to racial injustice. the sunday morning political shows were all focused on that republican memo. the four-page document released by chairman devon nunez of the house intelligence committee which has embroiled washington in partisan politics on friday. democrats will police their own memo this week possibly as early as sometime tomorrow. first family should be back home at the white house by midnight eastern time tonight and tomorrow the president and first lady fly to cincinnati for the president will focus on jobs in
10:36 pm
the impact of the new tax cuts and she will focus on the ongoing opioid crisis. >> bill in west palm for us. congress is 40s away from the deadline to prevent another government shutdown and another big story taught in the week ahead. further, getting things the march 5 cut off to find a solution for daca is back to back deadlines for the lawmakers in a tough spot. >> there is not likely to be a daca deal the working every single day on telephone calls in person to person to try to reach this bipartisan agreement. i think we're making real progress. >> let's go to allison barber who is the latest on all the specs for the washington. reporter: this disagreement against immigration and daca led to the shutdown last month. right now there is a deal on daca and lawmakers say they don't expect to have 15 februare of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say they will not be a
10:37 pm
shutdown. >> there is not likely to be a daca deal. i don't see a government shutdown coming but i do see a promise by senator mcconnell to finally bring this critical issue that affects the lives of hundreds of thousands of people to america bringing it to full debate in the senate. that is what we look for when there was a shutdown and we've achieved that goal. reporter: daca is set to end march 5 and nearly 800,000 dreamers could face deportation. mitch mcconnell promised to take up the issue after this week. >> i'm perfectly happy provided the government is still open on february 8 to go to the subject and to treat it in the fairway, not try to guilt the plainfield and anyone's direction and we will see get to 60 votes. reporter: immigration is the only budget discriminate on either side of the aisle. >> no one wants a government shutdown but we also cannot
10:38 pm
continue to inflict the damage that crs inflict on the milita military. >> if you want to increase defense spending were not objecting to that we have to have commiserate increase on the domestic side. reporter: paul ryan is saying they're making progress on the bipartisan long-term budget deal but says even if they could come to an agreement at this point they wouldn't have enough time to write the longer bill for the february 8 deadline. right now sources are telling fox news the report gives are looking at passing a short-term bill that funds the government through march 203rd. >> allison barber in washington tonight. let's bring kelly jane back, managing editor at the weekly standard. let's pick up what on allison was talking about. yes, we could have shut down part two by thursday how you see all of this playing out which market seemed like the democrats
10:39 pm
that the worst of it pr wise during the first one and how does that change the dynamic this time around? reporter: i think the democrats are a little less likely for setup. they tried to paint the last shutdown as a win and i remember hearing chuck schumer say we got mitch mcconnell to agree that we have a debate and a vote on daca. well, you know, they could of got that without the shutdown so despite them trying to paint it as when it was not and you think what else did he get out of that and that was it. nothing. nothing except we will try to have that vote and i think for them to be willing to shut down the government again they would have to get something better out of it and i don't think republicans will give them anything because hey, they didn't last time and the replicant one. >> the republicans might need them a little bit and it depends on how things look out but they might need the freedom caucus to go for a spending bill and
10:40 pm
there's been rumblings that they might not. they might need the democrats. it might be interesting to see how they do things because they may need the votes. reporter: that is the interesting thing because this is if it weren't for president trump who the democrats consider toxic and don't want to do anything that would be seen as handing him a win otherwise this could be a bipartisan moment because the republicans are actually quite divided on some of the big issues coming up. one of them being immigration and another one being depends many. yes some people want to increase defense spending and other budget hawks who don't. rebellions are divided on any number of issues and it could be an opportunity for bipartisanship but in this climate, the democrats will not go for bipartisanship. >> paul, yeah, in this, it does not seem its a foreign term at this point. got on your immigration to the same. can have their own problems fighting sentence on this and how would you see a daca deal coming together if it does, is it possible to straight up trade daca pics, border security, chain migration, the lottery,
10:41 pm
with the gop possibly go for that or no? reporter: i suspect many deal happen that is what it will be. mcconnell reports that the president and others want more and they want the end chain migration and the end it to the visa lottery program which is very hard to justify that program and it started out as a program to get bring more irish in. it has racist origin which are completely forgotten now but the way that things are going now it seems very unlikely. honestly, with daca i feel, i thought that we would see a deal and now i'm not so sure because keep in mind the federal court has actually ruled that the trump administration cannot stop the program so spaced and march 5 but a federal court has said it will go to the court for that happens. the court will not make that decision and not will before
10:42 pm
march 5 so i think lawmakers were feeling very much there was a deadline we need to do something for these people start to be deported but i don't thank you see those the petitions because of that federal ruling. that could mean less likely to have a deal because there's less rush to stop them from be deported. >> the other thing we see tomorrow and fill talked about this is the president taking a trip to cincinnati to tour plans and make a speech to text him again which changes the subject back of memo talk for little while and i would suppose, right? reporter: exactly. wouldn't that be great if the president puts tuning about the memo and starts talking about the one thing i think that could help him in the republicans this year is focusing on that tax cut and looking at people's paychecks. the president's approval rating has gone up by around ten points since last year and i think that this is the one thing that can help. democrats and a lot of the media painted the tax cut as helping
10:43 pm
the rich in adults, it does help the rich, no question but it also helps the middle class. the middle quintile here in america will see the average household will see an average of $930 tax cut this year and that's from a nonpartisan tax policy center. this is the month that they are finally going to start seeing the changes in the withholding. i got my first paycheck this month on the weekend and i had a cut and when we start to see americans seen hey, i thought this was just for the rich and when they see their paychecks go up a bit that could change things a lot and that is what republicans need this year. things are looking very bad for the midterms but this could really be a game changer. >> you are right and it's already starting. we seen the numbers change a little and it's interesting to see the president mentioned the stock market which he talked about on the big fella friday. it could indicate [inaudible] kelly, good to see her.
10:44 pm
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narrator: evashe quit and now there'sks oa new lung cancer screening
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that could save her life. you stopped smoking. now start screening. no matter how much you smoked, early detection could save you. talk to your doctor or learn more at >> there are countless acts of terrorism happening every school day since mudslides in the path of destruction in montecito, california which killed 21 people. the grass roots group of neighbors coming to the wreckage and are called the mud angels helping the community to take baby steps toward some semblance of normalcy. the story tonight will car in
10:48 pm
la. will. reporter: the mud angels have made it their mission to find anything with emotional value, personal items, that were buried in the mudslide that swept through montecito which is just outside santa barbara back in january and more than 20 people were killed and many lost everything and a short time later aaron was walking on the beach when she saw something that didn't belong. >> there was this little muddy silk proud to my husband said what is that and i reached down and grabbed it and inside all this mud soak where these sparkly blue earrings and you knew they had to belong to somebody and they were special to someone. we had no idea at that point how we could ever figure out who the owner was. there were people's belongings spread for miles literally. reporter: she posted a picture of the earrings on social media and it was shared 10000 times and turned out the earrings belong to james and alice mitchell both of whom were killed in the mudslide.
10:49 pm
she was able to get the earrings back to their daughter, a priceless keepsake after a devastating tragedy. since then the mud angels have been coming to pick mud and debris looking for personal possessions and so far the group has found more than 100 belongings including jewelry, pictures and trophies. they then put the items on their facebook page to connect each item with the owner or the owner's family. >> it's a good feeling. it's an uncommon feeling because we know for doing something good and we are giving these people hope and right now that is all they have is open. reporter: along those lines in the mud angels are not only looking for lost property but also cleaning up garbage and debris. >> great story. well, thank you for doing that. the hundred and 50 day journey of the nfl season from opening day to the final game it is now over and we have ourselves a new
10:50 pm
champion. philadelphia eagles. congrats to philadelphia. we go to the site of super bowl 52 and we are live in minneapolis in just a moment. first, we take a look at the celebration in the streets of the city of brotherly love. [cheering and sfx: muffled whistle text alert. i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console,
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no judgment. just guidance. td ameritrade. >> that's it, the 2018 nfl season is over. the champion, the philadelphia eagles, one it tonight and you can see the eagles fans soaking in the victory. they will have a lot of it was a hard-fought game, and they.
10:54 pm
fourth-quarter comeback attempt by the new england patriots with tom brady. also highlights the on the gridiron to bring you this evening. let's go to minneapolis now with rick leventhal is reporting from there. he joins us in the frozen tundra from the outside the game that was played indoors. that was a heck of a game, my friend. reporter: it was in the. 67 pound6,767,000 fans were tred you will not see partying in the streets of philadelphia because of negative two with a windchill of negative 15. the coldest super bowl in history but it wasn't about the weather. the fans got quite a show. the big chatter before the game was the debate over whether pink spit out chewing gum before singing the national anthem. she tweeted that it was a throat lozenge and the panic of 26 seconds of black stream for viewers at home and it was a
10:55 pm
brief equipment failure. it was result in no gain action or commercial time was missed. thirty seconds of commercial time for this game was $5 million. there was action for the outside the game as protesters affiliated with black white matter gather near a real line that was bringing ticketed passengers to the stadium and the protesters said their goal was to disrupt that real i'm and they did for a couple of hours. they chained themselves to each other and police had to cut to the locks and made 17 arrest but we are told that traders were likely not be charged and train service was, in fact, restored after those protesters were cleared out of there. we also should mention that we saw no signs of players kneeling on either team for this game. it looks like everyone was standing for the national anthem. a lot of tributes to the military inside the stadium tonight with a terrific game and
10:56 pm
a peaceful game and no security risks beyond those protests were reported this hour. >> as you are speaking the president of the united states and taking the congratulating the build up the eagles. i know you've been there for a few days and you mentioned the celebrations in the streets of philly tonight and their fans travel pretty well, pretty big support out there for the eagles, they certainly sounded loud. reporter: absolutely. in fairness, both teams tonight have plenty of fans in the stadium but there was no question the eagles had a strong showing here. eagles fans for filling the seats where we were located and they were obviously very excited. there was controversy and calls during the game and we heard it from the eagles fans around us but what a great win for the city of philadelphia, first championship. >> they certainly deserve it.
10:57 pm
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>> is wrap up tonight, a final congratulations to the super bowl winning the lid off the eagles and their fans were celebrating in philadelphia. that is how fox reports celebrate this sunday, butngngn the open ocean of course. we will be back later on. >> absolutely, 4:00. >> "fox news sunday" starts right now. >> hello again from fox news in washington. someone forgot to pay the electricity bill. not really, but we lost power to our studio overnight and with duct tape and bailing wire, and a couple of hamsters running really hard, we have jerryrigged in operation to put on this program. keep your fingers crossed. the nation's capital is arguing about that house republican memo accusing the feds of abusing their authority to surveillance of former trump campaign advisor and suggesting the risk of politics at the center of the russia investigation. we begin this hour with two members of the house intelligence committee. from san francisco, democratic congressman eric stalwell


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