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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 10, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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applebee's handcrafted burgers. any burger just $7.99. now that's eatin good in the neighborhood. kelly: president trump not to release the democrat countermemo alleged abuse surveillance powers at the fbi. the white house refuse to go release a rebuttal crafted by adam schiff, hello, everyone, i'm kelly wright. >> and julie banderas. must do taken out before the document can be made public. molly is live from the white house with more. all right, molly, so what next? >> hi, julie, hi, kelly, president trump telling democrats today that the memo was written in such a way that would force the white house, force him to prevent its
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release. the president tweeting this morning, quote, the democrats sent a very political and long response memo which they knew because of sources and methods and more would have to be heavily redacted whereupon they would blame the white house for lack of transparency, told them to redo and send back in proper form. remember, this mem sew the democrats' version of why the secret fisa court allowed to spy on carter page. republicans say the bulk of the evidence use today convince the fisa court was political opposition research ultimately funded by the democrat national committee and the hillary clinton campaign. the top democrats on the house intelligence committee congressman adam schiff who wrote the question today long disputed that the obama justice department and the fbi try today conceal or minimize the role of the opposition research and has pressed for the democrats' memo to be released. as the republicans memo was.
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congressman schiff said in statement, quote, after promise to go treat the democratic response and precisely the same way, the white house now seeks to have the democratic memo sent back to committee and revised by the same majority that produced the nunes document to begin, congressman devin nunes house intelligence committee, the president's white house lawyer said the president is, quote, incline to declassify the democrats memo but can't do it because it has classifyied and sensitive passages in it. >> thank you so much. kelly: let's bring in white house correspondent for independent review, erin, thanks for joining us this afternoon. let's begin with looking at what president trump tweeted earlier today about his decision to not release the democratic memo as we saw molly talk about as well in her report, he tweeted this,
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the democrats sent a very political and long response memo which they knew because of sources and meths and more would have to be heavily redacted whereupon they would blame the white house for lack of transparency, told them to redo and send back in proper form. so, you know, this is a move that caught some democrats and republicans by surprise and yet it caught some of the critics not by surprise. my question is what's the next step for democrats as well as republicans to move this forward and get the memo released? >> well, democrats should take him up on his offer to work with justice department officials to get the document in proper form so he can declassify. by in large the president played right into the democrats' hand, a gift to chuck schumer and democrats because they have long said that it looks like to white house has something to hide and if they have to revise it they can take out some critical information that the president doesn't want to get out. so it's not only that, the democrats can try to say that
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this also makes the case that he's obstructing justice. kelly: you're going to the court, my next question, as you talked about or alluded to, senate democrat leader chuck schumer is accusing the president of using what he calls, quote, an appalling double standard in terms of transparency and then schumer went onto ask the question what is the president hiding, is it a fair question or are we seeing as you talked about more politicizing? >> the white house did declassify the nunes memo, so that went out in its full form and there was still at the time the fbi was upset because it looked in that memo as if they were showing sources and methods in that as well. it does look like there's a double standard there and the president does have the concern. now the next steps are that the house intelligence committee already this past monday vote today send on the full memo, the house intelligence committee can bypass the president and send
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full house to vote to try to make it public that way. and if that happens, it shows that house republicans are trying to separate themselves from the white house on this which is a good move for them because what you're going to see democrats do is try to cry culture of corruption again. you remember in 2006 when the democrats won back the house from the republicans, they made a case about culture and that's largely why they won the house in 2006 and you might see the same argument come into play later this year and so the republicans in the house would be smart to separate themes from the president. kelly: erin, that's a very good observation, i will go further with this other question because we are talking about politics of all of this, we knew it was going to happen but then you have nancy pelosi adding onto claiming, saying this, quote, america's intelligence security are being politicized and then she goes on the claim that the president is putting personal and political interests above the country so when will just seem that the heat of politics, when will it stop intensifying
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when we get to the bottom of the memo so the american people can have the transparency they deserve? >> it will only continue to intensify. i do say from pelosi and some others you are seeing a knee knee-jerk quick reaction. right now in this fight, they might be winning in public debate, and if they cool it down -- kelly: but you have to realize, the emotions and the nervous are raw in capitol hill. >> absolutely they are. kelly: and in the white house, everyone is so raw, when you get to the bottom of where everyone can get the job done? >> it's a good question, but look, i think, the democrats are playing checkers right along with the president and they would be smarter to play chess because he is playing into their hands. kelly, well, you talked about this earlier, a source who read the fisa rebuttal memo told fox
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news earlier this week, this is a source, that's filled with sources and methods taken from the original documents and then the source went onto argue to fox news that this was done to strategically as you were allude to go earlier to force the white house to either deny the release of the memo or substantially redact it so that democrats could accuse the white house of making redactions for legal reasons, if we are seeing that, what does this say for the future in terms of how the democrats and republicans move forward, are they ever going to get across the aisle to find bipartisanship and will they be able to get along with the white house? >> that's a great question. i don't see it happening any time soon, they would have to take an issue, right, and certainly on this and anything related to you shall russia investigation, we will not see a whole lot of bipartisanship, there's some bipartisanship in the senate and on the senate intelligence committee come together over the russia investigation, but on this particular issue, i don't think it's going to happen, and look, i think it's an important issue that the parties should come
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together to work on because we actually do have to secure our systems and make sure that russia doesn't meddle in the midterm elections but i don't think you will see much of that this year and see what goes down in the midterms before the two sides can come together in a real way to talk about how to prevent this in the future. >> remember what i said about nerves are so raw and so angry, they don't care about bipartisanship anymore, it's us against them and them against us. here we go. erin, thank you. >> thank you. kelly: and be sure to watch tomorrow house intel committee chairman devin nunes will be speaking to our own maria bartiromo on sunday morning futures and he'll share his concerns about the democratic memo, that's tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on fox news. julie: new allegation of domestic abuse e more thanking from the white house, speech writer david resigning following claims from his ex-wife he was violent and emotionally abusive
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during marriage after porter stepped down after two ex-wives accused him of physical and emotional abuse. president trump addressed the situation yesterday. >> i found out about it recently and i was surprised by it. it was very sad when we heard about it and certainly he's also very sad, now, we also as you probably know, he's innocent and i think you have to remember, he said first that he's innocent. julie: ellison barber live in washington with the very latest, ellison. >> president trump appeared to address domestic violence allegations a couple of hours ago, he addressed it on camera the other day and, quote, people's lives are being cheaterred and destroyed by mere allegation, some are true and some are false s there no such thing any longer as due process. the ex-wife of one of speech
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writers told the washington post he was abusive during their marriage, he did not abuse his wife, she abused him, she -- he resigned on friday and two days porter resigned after two of his former wives he physically and verbally abused them. gave photos to fox news with eyes swollen, porter punched her in the eye while on vacation in italy, second wife said this in interview with the washington post. >> was bad, i knew that it wasn't healthy that we -- that the fights and the verbal and emotional abuse that i was enduring was not quote, unquote, normal. but i don't think that i had yet put myself in the category of someone whose husband layed hands on her until that moment. >> for a lot of people the question now is what did the
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white house snow about a lot of attention is on white house chief of staff general john kelly, kelly reported found out about the allegations against porter in the fall and report in the washington post claims that a year ago white house counsel don mcgan found out that porter's could make allegations, kelly defended porter strongly once photoed were released he issued new statement in part saying he was shocked by new allegations in regard that kelly could be on his way out, the white house says that kelly has not offered resignation, julie. julie: all right, ellison barber, thank you. kelly: illegal immigrant is found guilty of killing two california deputies, lewis b brcacamontes, in court he shouted that he we wanted to kill more police. will carr with more details,
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will. >> the confessed cop killer showed zero remorse, exact opposite, luís bracamontes of killing two deputies, could be seeing blowing kisses and smiling at the victim's families, she shot and killed deputy danny oliver and michael davis, jr. back in 2014, the win that he we wanted to kill more members of law enforcement as he was being escorted out of the room, take a listen. >> we find the defendant guilty. >> i will kill more cops. >> i'm going to kill more cops soon, bracamontes convicted of attempted murder and carjacking, the attorney says he suffered from mental illness. legitimate excuse and now facing the death penalty. >> this killer is a despicable
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human being. it's no joy, it's more of a quiet satisfaction. >> president trump's reelection campaign aired an ad in january that featured bracamontes and accused of democrats of being complicit. kelly: will, thank you for the report. >> you bet. julie: we have breaking news coming out of ohio, a police officer is dead and another critically hurt after shooting in westerville, suburb about 15 miles north of columbus, this happened just before 1:00 p.m. eastern time. we have no other information available to us. of course, we are continuing to get on the phones and try to get more on the breaking story but stay with fox news and we will keep you updated as the story
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develops, kelly. kelly: justin trudeau involved in crash, how it happened, we will tell you next. the winter olympics are warming up frosty relationships between the two koreas, how washington is reacting to the latest developments? >> if north and south korea want to march together that's their decision, that's not my decision but i think any chance that we are looking at the saying this is just a newfound chapter of optimism, i think let's keep our expectations pretty tamped down. constipation and diarrhea can start in the colon and may be signs of an imbalance of good bacteria. only phillips' colon health has this unique combination of probiotics. it provides four-in-one symptom defense. it's your daily probiotic.
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kelly: three people are hurt following accident with justin trudeau's motorcade west of los angeles. california highway patrol leading the motorcade collided with a passenger car, that officer was taken to the hospital with serious but nonlife threatening injuries, meanwhile the driver of the car and her child were also at the hospital as precautionary measure, prime minister trudeau was not hurt in the crash. >> well, north korean leader kim jong un inviting south korean moon jae-in to pyongyang for a meeting, kim's sister delivering the invitation add luncheon
11:19 am
hosted by the south korean president. she's visiting visiting the sous north korean athletes take part in the winter olympics there. meanwhile, vice president pence urging the international community to keep up the pressure on north korea. joining me now security and foreign policy analyst james from the carrafano foundation. >> from the heritage foundation. >> thank you, what did you make first of all because this was such a sight, we have a picture sitting so closely to vice president pence at the opening ceremonies, do we have the picture, can we put it up on the screen? there she is, there is pence right off to her left literally two shoulder -- two shoulders away, do you think the two exchanged words at all through interpreters or probably not? >> well, there are no reports of that, the image that is come to my mind hitler in 1936, no, seriously.
11:20 am
julie: i agree with you. putin as was planning the invasion of union rain. some people go to olympics because they believe in the spirits to have olympics and what it stands for and some people go there because they have a political agenda and they are trying to hide regime and use the game and mask all of that, that's what's going on in north korea. >> it is unfortunate, you see the games and you see all the countries whether allies or foes coming together rooting for their team to get the goal and you would hope if there's any chance ever of two, you know, world leaders or delegates from other countries that are foes to maybe somehow try to use platform. prior to vice president trip he did hint of possible meeting with north korean delegates, north korea officials fired back saying there's no intention of a meeting. do you think a meeting is still possible? >> look, don't get me wrong, i think it's good because what it
11:21 am
does is they don't really know and so demonstrate that there's really -- there's really no escalation going on here. but the notion that this is some kind of breakthrough where somehow a good thing, for every person sitting in the stands, north korea, there's probably a hundred thousand people in a freezing prison or camp somewhere who may have been born, born in that camp and will die in that camp and never seen the television. >> no, that's a great point and we will never watch a winter olympics or watch opening ceremonies. meeting or no meeting, i mean, the bottom line is the only way to get north korea to halt its nuclear program is by ramping up the pressure through tougher sanctions, you have russia at
11:22 am
the games, you have the united states at the game that needs to reel in russia. i mean, where do we meet now when it comes to the meetings that the president and the vice president is having over there specifically with the japanese president abe shinzo some way to form bridge, how does the olympics maybe help happen? >> i don't think much gets done at the olympics, the u.s. is in the driver's seat, strategy called maximum pressure, nuclear defense, strategic deterrence, heavy sanctioning, limits the capacity of north korea to grow threat, our capacity to defend against the threat increases, our relationship with key players are south korea and japan, that's absolutely rock solid. so quite honestly, the chinese, the russians, the north koreans, they don't have a lot of playing here.
11:23 am
julie: i'm going to ask you, what do you make of former white house chief of staff leon pineda made comments on fox, here is what he said, he basically believes that north and south korea and he was talking about the opening ceremonies in the olympics could be planned when talking about their unity at the olympics? >> look, i think he's an idiot. look, the south koreans and the the americans and the japanese are on the same sheet of music. we have to protect our people from regime. julie: all right, thank you very much for talking to us james carafan fro the heritage foundation, appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. >> we have been watching intense strike after israel says unmanned iranian drone infiltrated air space, excuse
11:24 am
me, report from jerusalem next. plus the white house denying claims chief of staff john kelly is ready to exit following criticism on the way he handled the former aide accused of domestic abuse. so will kelly stick around? our panel gives their take next. >> the chief's of staff is to protect the president, protect the institution of the presidency, not only make sure that the staff is working well but wife to recognize that the president has a bully pulpit and he's the leader
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julie: israeli military shooting down iranian drone in territory what they call a large-scale attacks in at least a dozen iranian targets in syria. joining us live now from jerusalem with the very latest, hey, david. >> julie, israel says in a series of raids it targeted the drones mobile launcher as well as syrian government as well as iran. the israeli military said aircraft met with massive antiaircraft fire, during attack one of the f-16's was down on the israeli side of the border, two pilots on board ejected and one seriously wounded. this appears to be israeli aircraft shot down more than three decades ago, residents sheered the news, syrian officials claim more than israeli plane was hit.
11:30 am
israel said assault was in retaliation, israel with video the drone being blown out of the sky by apache helicopter. iran foreign ministry, benjamin netanyahu says there's no doubt for that done infiltration. >> this morning iran violated policy. they dispatched iranian drone from syrian territory into israel and this demonstrates that our warnings were 100% correct. israel holds iran and syrian coast responsible for today's aggression, we will continue to do whatever it's necessary to have sovereignty secured. >> israel is now asking the un security council to condemn what it is calling iranian act of provocation. meanwhile now russia which has troops in syria supporting the
11:31 am
regime, regime of bashar al-assad has issued a statement to foreign ministry saying that, quote, we urge all parties to exercise restraint and to avoid actions that could lead to an even greater complication of the situation. and underscoring just how tense the situation was today israel for a brief period of time shut down operations at airport, country's main airport because there was concern that syria and/or allies could launch missile attacks from the north. operations at the airport have now resumed and the situation here continues to remain tense, julie. julie: all right, david, thank you very much. kelly. kelly: while the white house is denying a report claiming chief of staff john kelly would be willing to step down over the way he handled allegations of the domestic abuse to porter,
11:32 am
let's bring panel, josé, form der deputy secretary for the democratic committee and founder of now strategies, beverly is president of district media group and host of the filler words podcast. thank you both for weighing in on this issue today. we will talk about porter in just a moment. but what is your response to the news that speech writer has resigned amid allegations made by his wife who claims he was violent and emotionally abusive, allegations, by the way that he denies but stepped down amid the outcry that erupted over the rob porter story, i begin with you, beverly? >> yeah, i think this is all extremely concerning, we have seen this for months now that when there are allegations there are a lot of concerns. we want to make sure that allegations are credible and i want to say with the rob porter situation, i think a lot of the allegations are credible which has been bad for the white house. you mentioned the possibility of
11:33 am
general kelly the chief of staff resigning -- kelly: but let me give josé a chance to weigh in on that and we will get on that in just a moment. >> i agree with beverly. there's no place in my government, i'm glad that he resigns, there's no place for domestic abusers, no woman should be disrespected or touched in a violent way ever. kelly: beverly to your point, porter step down after two ex-wifes accused of domestic abuse and one of them even posting a photograph of the allegationed abuse -- alleged abuse. in private urged porter to say, but following that as you know and as you were alluding to there was talk that kelly's days, well, that might have been numbered as chief of staff but the white house is finally
11:34 am
pushing back and pushing back on that report that was by abc news. what are you hearing from the sources, beverly, in the white house about kelly's standing with the president? >> i think there's a possibility that he will resign and here is the reason why, i don't think anybody thinks that general kelly took this job as chief of staff because this was out to him, he took it because he wanted to do what was in the best interest of the country and made critical errors in the past week. of course, there's whether or not he knew about rob porter, what did he know in the past, the reports that are pointed that he at least knew something and it's his job to make sure that no staff member of the administration puts the administration in a bad light at all, in addition to that, and this is what most concerning from pr perspective is that he went on record after the story broke and made a statement about rob porter being a great guy. well, i'm sure people thought matt lauer was a great guy at the today show, they had colleagues this wasn't the guy we knew. that wasn't the point, the point is that there is credible or
11:35 am
seemingly credible evidence, serious evidence that rob porter did do this and it was really him falling on the floor to come out and say, hey, but i like him. kelly: josé's, what's -- jose, what's your response? the president wasn't protected by chief of staff. >> look, if i worked for the white house i would advise the president to have john kelly resign immediately and like beverly said from pr perspective, john kelly is going to become a distraction to this white house. he should resign immediately. i think he mishandled this whole fiasco, his white house statement contradicted himself, he defended rob porter and didn't defend. look, whether he knew about what rob porter did recently or months ago, the fact of the matter is that rob porter had history for a very long time and fbi, while they were going through security clearance, you
11:36 am
know, they were leaning against not giving him the full clearance because of what he has done in the past. so john kelly needs to step down and -- look, it's good for the white house, if i worked for white house i would advise the president to let john kelly go and move forward. kelly: let me see as we have seen ellison barber's report, she wanted to report that president trump weighed in on the issue with tweet stated, i'm getting beyond the john kelly aspects of it and looking at rob porter and david, this is what the president tweeted, people's lives are being chattered and destroyed by a mere allegation, how he describes it, some are true and are false, no such thing of due process, are you satisfied with the way the president and the white house have handled this porter case and the sorenson case, beverly? >> i think the twitter is a mistake. i wouldn't be surprised that he didn't know the past, that's
11:37 am
what chief of staff should do. for him to say that these are mere allegations, again, we are talking about two ex-wifes, photographic evidence and temporary restraining order that one of the exwives placed on porter, there's evidence here. we want to talk about due process, that's a legal term, we want to make sure but when you're talking about the appearance and credible allegations and this is very bad for the administration for them to fake blame on this. >> a lot of people who support the president are with him 100% regardless even with this particular situation but one has to wonder if they're responding in such a way, mr. president, you talked about rob porter and david of being people of character and due process, but you didn't say anything about the women who made the allegations, you didn't say anything to them, how do you think the american public is
11:38 am
responding to that including his supporters? >> sure, well, look i hope they are reacting in a negative way. it's shameful that the president would tweet about and try to defend in a way the accusers when he should be defending the women, not only two things things but the other cases throughout country, this should be an opportunity for the president to act presidential and say no women should ever have to face domestic violence. kelly: beverly, i will give you the last word. >> yeah, i would like to see from all politicians regardless of whether or not they are democrat or republican, i am here calling out president trump and his comments today, i think democrats need to call out on their own and i would encourage people regardless of partisan politics they need to call out. kelly: i agree. sensitive times obviously when it comes to domestic violence and a lot of people wondering would we be able to talk about the topic and also help the women who are victims of
11:39 am
domestic violence and men in terms of educating them and giving them some awareness of how they should behave allege or not. beverly, thank you. josé, thank you. >> good to be with you. julie: folks on the midwest trying to dig out after massive winter storm but could more snow be on the way and what needs to happen before president trump release it is democratic memo about alleged surveillance abuse by the fbi and the doj, a closer look, next. >> this is a partisan issue now. this is not about what's best for the american people, adam schiff and others in the democratic party want to put the white house in a position of knowing the information that's in the memo that they've sent over, cannot be released for national security reasons. (announcer) dance to your own beat this valentine's day.
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kelly: winter weather is being blamed for at least two deaths in the midwest, one death
11:44 am
reported in michigan where nearly 9-inches of know fell in detroit yesterday, the snow covering roadways causing pile-ups, a second person died in chicago while shoveling snow. please be careful if you're doing that. the weather grounding hundreds of flights in the region and prompting schools to close their doors for the day, forecasters expect more snow through the weekend but don't think it will be heavy. julie: white house wants democratic memo about alleged surveillance to be revised before release to go public saying it essentially creates significant concern for national security and law enforcement interest. let's talk about what could be inside, bill gavin, former assistant director of fbi in new york joins me now. bill, the trump administration is citing national security risks. and that's why there's a delay. they want them to make revisions, the democrats, what do you think might be in the memo that's holding up release?
11:45 am
>> well, julie, i think when we look at the memo the that first of all came up from the republican side, when it came from the white house unclassified. when it went to the white house it was top secret, that tells me that there was information upon which the memo was based that was classified top secret probably that kind of information in my experience would say came from another intelligence agency but it's never referred to in the memo. now with that said, the democrats prepared a memo which is ten pages and i'm sure they said something about that memo contains information about another intelligence agency and the president wants to protect that kind of information. we want to say that the president is covering some horrible thing that he's responsible for, i think it might just be sources and methods but, julie, it's so difficult to understand. the only way to get to the boo tom of this whole thing is to
11:46 am
declassify the supporting document that went into the affidavit and the application for if fisa warrant, that's the only way to do it to see what's there. i think in the spirit of being transparent, that needs to be done. julie: yeah, it does and it will be declassified, it's just a matter of how long it'll come out. meanwhile the president continues to tout the nunes memo as vindication, president trump in fact, moments ago went on twitter and he actually tweeted the comments made by tom of judicial watch who appeared on "fox & friends" earlier today, i want to play you some comments and then react to it. go ahead and play. >> not only has trump been vindicated in the last several weeks about the mishandling of the dossier and the lies about the clinton dnc dossier, it shows that he has been victimized, victimized by the obama administration who were using all sorts of agencies not just the fbi department and now state department to dig up dirt
11:47 am
on him in the days leading to the election. julie: so there you go, what are your thoughts? >> julie, just continue to shake my head over most of this. it depends on where you sit and those kind of statements are supportive of the president and the bottom line is we really need to wait for two things to happen, number one for bob mueller's report to come up, god knows when that will happen, could be two years, the other document being released is the mike horowitz report, the inspector general of the department of justice, that's going to be a very telling report and once again, it'll create a fire stomp, we are only in scene three of the play unfortunately for us. julie: when do we get an intermission. i want an intermission. [laughter] >> i agree. julie: wishful thinking.
11:48 am
republicans are pointing to alleged abuse of fisa court. these are serious accusations, the democrats obviously want to defend themselves but it's taking so long but once they do and they come out with the memo, is this memo going to be one big defensive memo or are they actually going to present any new information? >> no, once they declassify what they knew was going to have to be declassified, once they get that done, it's going to be more charlie brown, that kind of thing going on between all of them. julie: i'd rather watch an episode of that. >> so would i, we have elected adults to represent us in congress and we have school brawls that are going on that are ridiculous. [laughter] julie: all right, speaking of adults or not, democratic congressman adam schiff he hit back at president trump on twitter today, adults twighting
11:49 am
on twitter. mr. president what you call political are actually called facts and your concern for sources and methods would be more convincing if you hadn't decided to release the gop memo 100% before reading it and over the objections of the fbi. all right, so here is the thing, he said that he would and the president i'm speaking up here, said he would release the gop memo and he said the democratic, he hasn't read either, i want transparency and i want to release it, obviously revision ifs there's national security risks being brought into the whole fold, the bottom line is they're going to be released and once they do then what happens because we know this doesn't go away? >> and the reason that one is ten pages and the other four pages, the ten page memo contains additional documents, supporting document that is need to be declassified before it gets out. i don't know whether this is ever going to end, julie, i don't know if anybody on either side on of the aisle want it to
11:50 am
end, that's shameful. we put adults in there to represent us well and unfortunately for all of us it's not being done that way. julie: bill, thank you very much, we have an intermission coming up in a commercial so at least we will take that. >> thank you. julie: bill, thanks. >> thanks, julie. [laughter] kelly: and breaking at this hour, two police officers killed in a shooting in ohio, a live report just ahead. to most, he's phil mickelson pro golfer.
11:51 am
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kelly: fox news alert we are now hearing that two police officers have been shot and killed in westerville, ohio, 15 miles outside of columbus, bryan llenas is live in new york city news room to bring us the latest details about this story, brian. brian: hi, kelly, fox 28 affiliate in columbus, ohio is reporting the police call came in 12:02 local times of shots fired hitting two officers, we now can confirm both officers have died. the city of westerville tweeting quote, it is with heavy heart we report a second westerville officer has been killed in the line of duty, we will share more details here as it becomes available. fox news has obtained audio of the police scanner the moments the call came in that two of their own had been shot.
11:55 am
[inaudible] >> medic now. we have two officers down, critical. suspect is down, also shot. >> initially the report was one officer killed and another in critical condition, fox 28 affiliate is reporting that second officer died in surgery, westerville police tell fox news they were responding to a, quote, 911 hang-up call when the shooting occurred. you heard in the call the suspect was shot but we do not know the suspect's condition. this all happened in westerville, ohio about 15 miles north of columbus, you're looking at a live look there at the scene that the population about 40,000 people, north of columbus, we are expecting a press conference from police to update us on the investigation, kelly, again, two officers shot in westerville, ohio, both have died the suspect has been shot, no word on their condition, kelly. kelly: brian, we will continue to follow the developments to
11:56 am
have story, thanks for bringing up update and prayers and condolences to officers and their families, bryan llenas. julie: white house is decline to go release the democratic surveillance demo demanding a redraft and now we've got reaction from capitol hill on the decision, we will have the latest. activia. now in probiotic dailies.
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11:59 am
kelly: that does it for us, we
12:00 pm
will be back at 4:00 p.m. julie: one hour and back here for fox report at 7 o'clock. >> kelly: all right, the journal editorial report the next. ♪ ♪ paul: welcome to the journal editorial report, i'm paul gidot to decline releasing campaign adviser t white house sending a letter to the house intelligence committee asking it to work with the department of justice to remove sensitive material from the ten-page document. democrats are calling the move politically motivated and hypocritical but the president responded saturday morning tweeting the democrats sent a very political and long response memo which they knew because of sources and methods and more wo


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