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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  February 11, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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thanks much to our panel. that was great. i hope you can join us next monday when the next revolution will beamamamamamamamamamamamam you.. >> the white house digs in over president trump's decision not to declassify democratic memo for now, saying it's about process, not politics. i'm rick leventhal. this is "fox report." house intelligence chairman devin nunes and the committee's ranking democrat adam schiff butting heads over the fate of rival memos on the russia investigation. the president declassified the nunes memo with zero redactions only to block schiff's rebuttal a week later saying it contained too much sensitive information for public consumption. democrats calling it a double standard while nunes accuses the party of dragging its feet on coming up with a fix. >> the white house did not deny
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the release of the democrats' memo. what they did is said, look, you need to make some redactions and technical corrections here, and we'll get it out right away. now, from that point, we've heard nothing but crickets. >> this is a president who puts his own personal interest above the national security interest of the country. they claimed when they released the republican memo this was in the issue of full transparency and the white house people saying full transparency, well, apparently full transparency only goes so far. >> the white house maintaining it will release the document once the democrats make the necessary changes. >> the president is inclined to declassify the memo. it went through the same process, legal counsel and national security team looked at it, and they feel that it needs -- reveals sources and methods that were not the case in the republican memo, so now it'sing about it back to the congress, george, so that they can do what they need to do, so that the memo can be released.
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>> ellison barber has the latest on this from washington. reporter: rick, the white house is defending their decision to block the release of the memo drafted by democrats on the house intelligence committee. critics say the decision is partisan politics. the white house claims they aren't releasing it based on the advice of legal and national security experts. >> we believe that congressman schiff intentionally put in there methods and sources that he knew need to be redacted. if we redacted it, outcry that says the white house is trying edit it. we said take it back. work with the fbi, clean it up, and we'll release it. reporter: representative adam schiff says trump doesn't want the public to see, quote, underlying facts. >> what is revealed in the memo is quotes from the fisa application that says how misleading the democrats have been. reporter: accuse the fbi and department of justice of misusing their surveillance authority when they got a fisa
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warrant on former trump campaign adviser carter page. on friday, the white house said president trump is inclined but unable to release the democrats' memo because it contains numerous properly classified and especially sensitive passages. >> the hypocrisy reaches out and grabs you by the throat. here the republicans write a memo which the fbi quite accurately describes as misleading and material facts. the white house says it would be recless to release it. the president says i'm going to release it. the democrats have been on tv all weekend long. their memo is sitting at the house intelligence committee. if they wanted to get it out, they'd be out all day yesterday redacting it. reporter: republicans want the democrats' memo released. earlier this week, justin amash tweeted he's read both of the memos and in his words neither one endangers national security. >> ellison barber reporting
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from white house. the white house clarifying zero tolerance policy after accusations of past accuse forced the resignations of staff secretary rob porter and dave sorenson. putting chief of staff john kelly on the hot seat amid questions of what he knew about the allegations and when? budget director mick mulvaney defending kelly and shooting down rumors kelly could lose his job over this matter. >> absolutely not. and i think all the stories replacing general kelly are mostly fed by people who are unhappy they lost access to the president under general kelly's leadership as chief of staff. everybody in the west wing, is the president is as all. talk about the chief's departure is much ado about nothing. >> molly has more from the white house tonight, molly? reporter: you heard from mick mulvaney there and other members of the trump administration were out today saying john kelly isn't going anywhere and president trump
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wants him to stay on the job. others are not as pleased with kelly's job as chief of staff and say he should have known that rob porter, the staff secretary who had very close access with the president had allegations of domestic violence with two ex-wives in his past. >> from what i understand, john kelly's story now is he did something within the first 40 minutes after the first 14 months of ignoring it. that's not acceptable. the fact is there's no way he didn't been. this up to his neck and chose not to deal with it. and that is not competent. reporter: 40-year-old porter said these allegations are, quote, outrageous and simply false but resigned on wednesday hours after pictures were made public of one of his ex-wives with a black eye, she says was inflicted by him. white house officials say porter initially denied the accusations to the and the chief of staff kelly. that was before the pictures came out. here's how one trump adviser said the president reacted to
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the pictures. >> the president is very disturbed by what he sees actually. you can feel -- look, you can feel that somebody did a great job for you. you can talk about somebody's competence and work product and the person you knew. that's what the president did friday in his statement, and can you still feel horrified when you see pictures and contemporaneous reports. reporter: president trump said on friday that he was, quote, surprised by this and said porter did a, quote, very good job the the white house and hopes porter would have a, quote, wonderful career. rick? >> live at the white house, thank you very much. for more on this let's bring in judy miller, pulitzer prize-winning reporter, author and fox news contributor. thanks for being with us tonight. >> nice to be with you. >> for most of us this is the first time we've heard about it. what about the white house should they have known? >> of course they should have
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known about it. the fbi was investigating it. rob porter was given a temporary security clearance which should have raised a red flag for everyone on the white house staff. it is inconceivable to me that no one said anything to anyone at the white house about rob porter's history, given what we now been mr. porter's apparent conduct towards his former wives. >> is it possible that the white house didn't know? >> it's possible, of course. but if that is the case, then someone is either incompetent or simply doesn't want to know. >> before we move on, most of the criticism about the white house response. >> yes, that's because they are all over the place, and they have to be, because president trump tweeted this weekend that an allegation of such conduct should not destroy someone's reputation. now poor kellyanne conway and mick mulvaney have to come out and defend the women and portray the republicans as not hostile to women and not in
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favor of sexual abuse of women. >> but it's fair to say that an allegation is an allegation until they know that this actually happened. >> this is absolutely true. however, the white house is not a court of law. we're not having a trial here, where someone is innocent until proven guilty. you're talking about someone who had access to the highest classified information. operating on a temporary security clearance. someone had to ask or should have asked what's going on here? >> let's get to that memo. the white house says it can't release it because of national security, and i'm going to show the president's tweet from earlier, he said the democrats sent a very political and long response memo, which they knew because of sources and methods and more would have to be heavily redacted whereupon they would blame the white house for lack of transparency. told them to redo and send back in proper form. this is the white house position. take out the stuff that might jeopardize national security and release it. >> yes, but if that had been
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the white house position and mr. trump's position with respect to the republican memo, i think you could say that the president was acting consistently. now at least you have to raise the issue, is there a double standard here? republican memos that seem to undercut robert mueller's investigation of whether or not there was collusion with the russians is treated one way, and the democratic memo is treated the other way. >> let's hear from devin nunes, republican chair of the house intelligence committee who also is blaming the democrats here. listen. >> it was clear from the development of the democratic memo from the very beginning they packed it full of sources and methods. now, for the viewers out there. what are sources and methods? we don't want to give up the way our intelligence committee recruits sources, the methods they may use to refute sources, these are things that don't need to be made public. however, the democrats knew this, they packed their memo full of sources and methods. >> sources and methods.
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>> right. obviously, very important to protect both of them in our environment. however, it was mr. nunes who was warned by the fbi that his memo contained sources and methods that would be jeopardized by the release of that memo, and that didn't seem to concern him. once again, i want consistency here, let's treat the democratic and the republican memos the same, and by the way, on one intelligence committee why, should there even be such a partisan split when it comes to the national security of this country? >> so you see hypocrisy here? >> i do. >> you think the memo will be released? >> i think it will be released because there will be such a brouhaha if it's not, but this should have never happened. it raises the most profound questions about whether or not the house intelligence committee or any intelligence committee at this point can act without partisan influence. >> i hope we have time for one more thing here, because nunes
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also went after the d.o.j. or fbi over christopher steele, i'd like to get your reaction to that. >> christopher steele lied to the fbi, and i can't for the life of me know when you have the house saying this guy lied to the fbi and this guy lied to the senate, christopher steele, where is the prosecution of christopher steele? this is slam dunk case. they have all the documents and this is what makes people wonder about having confidence that d.o.j. and fbi are playing this straight up? >> does he have a point? >> i think that at this point we ought to let robert mueller proceed with his investigation. it is very clear that the requests for subpoenas and surveillance of the trump -- soon to be white house was not based only on the christopher steele memo. had that been the case, i think the republicans would have a
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point. i want to step back and say we have all of the investigations, he may exonerate the president, in which case all of this will have been a lot of faulty roll over nothing. >> we're going to see you again. we're going to bring you back at the bottom of the hour to talk about the dramatic escalations in syria. what that might mean for the u.s. forces in the region, in about 30 minutes from now. thank you, judith? >> thank you, rick. >> president trump expected to unveil his long arc waited infrastructure plan days after signing a massive budget bill. conservatives are fuming about that legislation, which tees up $1.2 trillion in debt for next year. house freedom caucus member jim jordan saying it could come back to haunt them. >> instead of fight and stand firm and do what the people elected us to do, they gave into the democrats and we have the boondoggle that we passed.
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when you increase spending, $300 billion to grow the government, run a trillion dollars government, heck yes that could hurt us. >> the budget does bend to the trajectory down, towards balance, it does get us away from trillion dollars deficits. just because the deal was signed does not mean the future was set in stone. >> cut spending increases for the state department and the environmental protection agency. right now, the international space station is orbiting 210 miles overhead. as a taxpayer owned floating laboratory. a white house plan could change all that. details on this possibility of privatizing the space station. also environmentalists fighting president trump's border wall in court awaiting a ruling from a judge. and turns out the man presiding over the case has history that goes back to the campaign.
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. rick: new developments in a story that sparked a national awakening in the #metoo movement. a civil rights lawsuit against harvey weinstein, his brother and the weinstein companies for vicious and exploited treatment of employees, numerous victim accounts of sexual abuse, intimidation and other misconduct. more than 80 women have come forward accusing weinstein of inappropriate behavior from requests for massages to sexual assault. weinstein denied the allegations. >> we are assuming in our 2018 proposal that a daca deal is done and that the border wall is funded. rick: that was president trump's budget director saying that a new spending proposal scheduled for release tomorrow will include billions in funding nar long promised border wall but opponents are hoping to block the wall in court and a judge is expected to rule on the challenge this
10:18 pm
week, a judge that has a history with the president. will carr joins us from los angeles to explain. will? reporter: a lot of controversy when it comes to the law, but in case comes with additional twist. the judge and president trump have that history. environmental groups in the state of california are both challenging the administration's claim that it can waive a number of environmental laws in efforts to build prototypes and replace the existing wall near san diego. judge curiel is expected to rule on the case because candidate trump doggedly disparaged judge curiel over a lawsuit involving trump university. >> he's been extremely hostile to me. he is hispanic, i believe, and he is a very hostile judge to me. i said it loud and clear. reporter: curiel who was born in indiana has to decide whether the trump administration can build the border wall under the 2006
10:19 pm
secure fence act. >> if this judge says wait a minute, these are procedures that you need to comply with, typically it can take months and some cases years to clear some of the regulatory and procedural hurtles. reporter: but the federal government is arguing when it comes to national security, federal authority supersedes state and environmental concerns. >> will it end the whole debate on the fence or the wall? no. but it could be a significant victory for one side or the other. reporter: whichever way judge curiel rules, this case could end up in front of the supreme court. rick: will carr, thank you very much. this just, in the daca debate will head to the senate floor tomorrow, a group of gop senators plans to bring forward commonsense proposal. it would add $25 million for border security and offers a pathway to citizenship for 1.8
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daca recipients brought to the country as children. it's a similar plan president trump introduced in the past few weeks. a community in mourning after two police officers are killed responding to a 911 call, and now we're learning this is not the first time authorities went to the home where they were gunned down. also, tensions flaring a day after a military clash between two middle east superpowers. we go to jerusalem for the latest on the showdown between israel and iran as questions loom about what the u.s. response could be. >> the one message that became very clear was israel, i think said about as perfectly as they can, if you try to get into our territory, we're going to hit and you we're going to hit you hard.
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. rick: heavy hearts in ohio today. a community gathering to remember two police officers shot and killed while responding to a 911 hang-up call at a suburban townhouse. now we're learning police had already visited that home three times in the past for reported domestic disputes. bryan llenas is following the story for us. what have you learned? >> reporter: the two officers gave lives in defense of the suspect, estranged wife and their daughter. 30-year-old suspected cop killer quentin lamar smith immediately reacted to a domestic violence situation. smith was shot by police but survived. police have filed two charges of aggravated murder tonight he. has a violent criminal history including burglary, domestic violence and felony assault. listen to the terrified wife's
10:25 pm
911 phone call right after the attack. . reporter: the two officers killed were 39-year-old officer eric joering, 17-year veteran of the police force, 54-year-old officer tony morelli, 30-year veteran of the force. the community of westerville mourning, a vigil held at the local high school. mourners speaking of both officers and the need to support law enforcement. >> he changed my perception of law enforcement, because i always thought avoid the law enforcement because you're not doing the right thing. he was one good guys. >> it is time, it is beyond time as a community that we show them that we have their
10:26 pm
backs. [ applause ] >> reporter: president trump tweeted, he called ohio governor john kasich to express condolences, a gofundme page set up by the fraternal order of police of ohio has raised nearly $2,000. fop lodge 9, website there. rick: tragic reminder, the officers risk their lives every time they put on the uniform. reporter: that's right. rick: nasty winter weather affecting millions and making travel treacherous across the heartland. chicago waking up to another layer of the white stuff and another round of shoveling, making this nine straight days of snow falling around the area of windy city. in milwaukee snow on roads causing low visibility for drivers. and detroit shovels by the door, three more inches expected to fall before this day is over. next in the storm's part, the great lakes and interior northeast. president trump take "the
10:27 pm
art of the deal" to outer space. the international space station could democrat an orbital real estate venture. fox confirms the white house plans to stop funding orbiting lab after 2024. circling 210 miles overhead but planning to turn it over to private owners. nasa reveals budget request which we're told contains this new proposal. israel's prime minister with tough talk for iran and syria after the jewish state's most significant military confrontation in years between the two countries. update from jerusalem minutes away. plus the opioid crisis going a whole new level, as the state calls out the national guard. i traveled there to get a firsthand look at the drastic firsthand look at the drastic measures depend silhouette active fit briefs, feature a thin design for complete comfort. they say "move it or lose it" and at my age, i'm moving more than ever. because getting older is inevitable.
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you can find out where you get... ...your precision... ...your grace... ...your drive. and now, with more than 150 ethnic regions to connect to, only ancestrydna can put your greatness on full display. save 30% now at . rick: i'm rick leventhal, this is the "fox report." it's the bottom of the hour, the guns falling silent on one of the most dangerous borders in the world but tension at a fever pitch. with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warning the jewish state will continue to strike back at aggression from iran and syria, a day after the israeli military launched biggest airstrikes inside syria in years as retaliation for unmanned iranian drone infiltrating israeli northern airspace. that's when syria shot down israeli fighter jet.
10:32 pm
the plane crashing as it returned in northern israel. as iran extends reach, john bolton says this could all be a bad sign of things to come. >> i think we need to be worried that it indicates how future developments in the region are going to play out. iran has taken a much more forward position here, close to israel, close to the arab, the oil producing arab states of the persian gulf and beefed up conventional military capability. i think it's very troubling for israel and arab friends in the region. rick: david lee miller reports from jerusalem tonight. reporter: rick, northern israel is returning to normal following the incursion of iranian drone into israeli airspace, that led to the shooting down of israeli f-16 jet fighter. prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the israeli attack dealt severe blows to iran and syria.
10:33 pm
he told the israeli cabinet today it reaffirmed israel's policy to continue to strike any attempt to strike us. israel's intelligence minister echoed the prime minister's message saying israel sent a clear message to iran that it won't tolerate the iranian military in its backyard. iran is a close ally of syria and sent equipment and troops to support the regime of basharal assad. syrian observatory for human rights says israel's airstrikes killed at least six syrian troops and airfighters. local media are underscoring that saturday's hostilities marked the first time israel and iran directly engaged militarily. in a show of strength, iran celebrated the 39th anniversary of the founding of the islamic republic that removed the shah from power. some shouted death to america and burned photos of president trump along with the u.s. and
10:34 pm
israeli flag. iranian military put on display gaddar missile which it claims has a range of 1250 miles. that is significant because it means the missile has the capability of hitting not only israel but u.s. bases throughout the middle east. rick? rick: david lee miller reporting from jerusalem. israel stood on the sidelines as syria plunged into the chaos of civil war. this headline in the jerusalem post saying israel to be key player in the next chapter of syria's war, with the subtitle for israel the next chapter in syria's war will be a nightmare scenario. for more on, this we bring in judith miller, fox news contributor. she has traveled extensively the middle east and written two books about it. clearly assad is more brazen now. how concerned should we be about this? >> i think israel is very concerned and therefore we should be concerned as well since israel is a very close
10:35 pm
ally. when i was in israel last summer, even then quietly, the israeli intelligence establishment was deeply, deeply worried about the possibility of having to fight a two-front war in syria and at the lebanese border. you know, hezbollah, the iranian backed regime in lebanon has 150,000 rockets pointed at israel and the iranians are trying to move across land into syria, establish a permanent presence there to attack israel from the border. this is a strategic threat of enormous consequence to israel. rick: listen, israel has had grave concerns about iran, and we heard from jim mattis who spoke about iran being at the center pretty much of every conflict in the middle east. i want to hear from him and
10:36 pm
we'll get your reaction to that. >> we were not involved in the events of the last on, a military basis, we had no involvement on the fighting there. everywhere we find trouble in the middle east, you find the same thing behind it, whether it be in yemen or beirut, or in syria, in iraq, you always find iran engaged. rick: he's clearly concerned. as are the israelis. >> absolutely. i just returned last week from abu dhabi, the gulf is enormously concerned about iran's growing aggressiveness and assertiveness in the region. they are fighting iranian proxies in yemen along with saudi arabia. iran has not been on good behavior just because it summoned a nuclear deal with the obama administration. if anything it has emboldened. rick: they have a large presence, the iranians do in
10:37 pm
syria, and in golan heights near the israeli border. israel says it's not going to tolerate that but what does it mean? >> what it means is a possibility of more direct conflicts between israel and iran, but also a conflict between the united states and russia, since all of us are flying planes in that very compact area. this is enormous strategic challenge for the united states. rick: you just touched on perhaps the greatest concern of all of this, the u.s. supports israel and russia supports iran and syria. >> right. rick: what are the chances that these two superpowers have to clash over this? >> this is of great concern to prime minister netanyahu. he has spoken to vladimir putin of russia about it over the weekend. all sides now want to de-escalate the conflict. but, look, rick, when you have very sophisticated syrian, russian-supplied antiaircraft, pointed at israeli planes that are going to move against
10:38 pm
iranian drones, flying into israeli territory, you are going to have the possibility for a straight conflict, and that's what everyone is concerned about. that's what rex tillerson is concerned about as he begins his five-state tour of the middle east. rick: he's got a lot of difficult meetings coming up. >> a lot of them because obviously the united states has put arab allies in diplomatically difficult situation by announcing the move of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem and the slash of funds for palestinians. rick: i think one of the questions here is we saw that there was a drone, that syria sent into israeli airspace. >> right. rick: the israelis go after the place where it was launched from, blow that up and in the process their jack is shot down. do they send more drones to avoid more action in israel? >> it depends how aggressive the iranians want to be at this point. if they want to make a point
10:39 pm
they intend to establish a permanent operational military presence in syria, for israel, that is a red line and they will do whatever is necessary to stop it. rick: judy miller, we appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you, rick. rick: thank you. kim jong-un's sister and delegation left the olympics. over the weekend, kim yo-jong inviting the south korean president to a summit with her big brother kim jong-un. there is a lott long way to go before the relationship between the two koreas can be fixed and former governor mike huckabee said the atrocities cannot be overlooked. >> the little sister of little kim comes from a country where most of the people are starving to death. where repression is extraordinary and where they kill visitors. there is still an incredibly dangerous country that threatens the peace of the world and having the sister show up and pretend it's all
10:40 pm
fun and games doesn't change a thing in north korea. rick: a few feet away from vice president mike pence at the games. they apparently did not speak. opioids are blamed for killing more americans than car crashes to take drastic measures. in west virginia, the governor has called in the national guard. i traveled to huntington last week to find out why. >> people expect to see the army national guard during disasters. in huntington, west virginia, the guard was called into tackle the opioid crisis which the governor says is a disaster. >> we have to stop this terrible drug epidemic. we have to. if we don't, it will cannibalize us. reporter: huntington called the overdose capital of america with, double the national average of od's due in part to
10:41 pm
the decline of the coal industry and the lack of jobs and easy availability of drugs and law enforcement is stretched thin. >> i don't think there's a police department in america that has all the resources they need. it is a complex national problem so it's going require complex national solutions. reporter: the guard is flying helicopters on reconnaissance missions in accordance with local police, but the primary role is technical and analytical support. guardsman who ask we not reveal identity manning hot lines and working in the criminal investigations bureau helping track down dealers and drug networks so cops can focus on the streets. wednesday the guard answered a call that led to the bust of alleged dealer and the recovery of 430 grams of fentanyl, far more powerful than heroin with a street value of $686,000. >> we're solving a problem in our country and at the same time ensuring we have the highest level of readiness to
10:42 pm
respond to something else that may be out there somewhere else in the world. >> we have people's lives at risk. we have horrifically lost way too many lives as a result. it is a bold action, but you know what, we need to take action. rick: just to be clear, you won't see humvees patrolling the streets of huntington or soldiers carrying long guns, but the guard could be deployed there for years as long as local police need the help and the sgrling to pay for it. we talk a lot about securing southern border but there are issues up north, too. what people are noticing more at bus stations and new details about a plane crash that killed all 71 people on board. we're learning what might have gone wrong moments after takeoff? [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything
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. rick: a frightening moment after a bird watching boat runs aground in san francisco bay leaving 41 passengers and a dog stranded. boat slammed into a reef about a half mile from shore. >> 15 minutes in there, was a big impact, currently, if your car hits something, felt a big impact and the boat tilted to the left and some bodies went flying a little bit. >> the biggest fear for me and my friends is that the boat was going sink. rick: the coast guard and berkeley firefighters ferried passengers back to dry land. two people reported minor injuries, the coast guard investigates why this happened. a russian airliner crashes killing all 71 people on board. the plane disappearing from radar shortly after takeoff and going down in a snowy field southeast of moscow. amy kellogg has the story from our london bureau. reporter: the russians are saying that all lines of
10:47 pm
inquiry are open, but so far have no clue as to what brought the plane down. the debris was discovered relatively quickly in a snowy field not more than 50 miles from moscow where it took off. and some villagers reported hearing a boom that they say was so loud and powerful that it nearly blew windows out of homes around the time of the crash. emergency crews will be working through the night hampered by heavy wind and snow. one black box has been recovered as have been bodies. but again so far no clues as to what brought the 148 down it. disappeared minutes after taking off from moscow's domodedovo airport. it does not appear the pilot made a distress call. saratov airlines was added to orsk in the mountains not far from the border with kazakhstan. the plane had been continuously
10:48 pm
in service for a short break when it needed spare parts that were not available. the airline had to stop international flights over safety concerns in 2015 but quickly resolved. relatives of passengers seen gathered at the airport in orsk for good news but the tragic reality is it will not be forthcoming. 2017, rick, was incidentally the safest year on record for aviation. now russia's safety record, the number of crashes for million flights is slightly higher than the worldwide average, but ironically russia made important strides in recent years when it comes to aviation safety. rick? rick: amy kellogg reporting from london. a security breach at one of the busiest airports after a man scaled a fence and ran across the tarmac toward a taxiing plane at los angeles international airport. a pilot first spotted the intruder and notified
10:49 pm
authorities. the man got inside the wheel well of a plane preparing for takeoff and removed a fire extinguisher from mount. he faces possible charges including trespassing. police say he was under the influence of narcotics. backlash over border patrol policy targeting people in transit why. one state's aclu calls the practice troubling?
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. rick: we are now a mere 14 1/2
10:53 pm
hours away from the start of trading on wall street. and investors are strapping on their seat belts after the wild ride last week. dow ended up falling more than 5% off 9% from record highs and erasing all gains since early december. analysts say the outlook for the economy and corporate growth remains solid and right now stock futures are up a little more than 1%. there's been lots of debate over immigration reforms along the southern border but new controversy brewing over crackdowns up north. the maine aclu targeting bus agents at border hubs. reporter: u.s. customs and border patrol agents do far more than watch over the border with canada. at a bus station in bangor, maine agents asked boarding passengers if they were u.s.
10:54 pm
citizens. the american civil liberties union of maine finds the practice troubling. >> none of us want to live in a society where we're consistently told me need to show papers. reporter: u.s. customs and border patrol officials confirm their agents routinely engage in operations at transportation hubs throughout the state. the law grants broad powers enabling them to search for aliens on planes, trains, buses and other vehicles without a warrant. within 100 miles of the border. that puts the whole of maine within reach and the entirety or near entirety of ten other states, too. aclu attorneys are seek federal records. >> we don't know how widespread it is but hoping to learn more, does seem like there's been an increase. reporter: in january, border patrol agents boarded a bus in ft. lauderdale, florida questioning passengers.
10:55 pm
one woman who had overstayed a tourist visa was removed. last week a woman in syracuse, new york captured video about agents asking about citizenship. at bus stations in maine, reaction was mixed. >> i am a u.s. citizen, i'm proud of it. i appreciate the security but i think it's a violation of our rights and privacy. >> i would rather be safe and sorry if an agent approached me, i would be happy to oblige whatever he asked. reporter: u.s. customs provided a statement -- . rick: this just in, your favorite margarita could soon be costing you a lot more. what's causing this global shortage of tequila?
10:56 pm
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>> now this. salt or no salt. frozen or on the rocks? we have some unwelcome news for tequila lovers. consumers are now facing a global shortage, and we could start feeling the effects very soon. not feeling the effects of the tequila, but feeling the effects of a higher price. it is all because of a lack of agave, the plant used to make mexico's signature spirit. right now demand for the plant far exceeds its availability which is driving up prices worldwide. the industry claims it's doing what it can to correct the imbalance, but it typically takes seven or eight years for the plant to mature. so you will be paying more for the margaritas. thanks for spending part of your evening with me on the fox report, this sunday, february 11th, 2018. i'm rick leventhal. have a safe and productive week. we have a special two hour block of scandalous starting in about
11:00 pm
12 seconds. that is someone who remembers her new orleans time. three years in moscow. great having you in dc thanks for coming down. appreciate you being with us. appreciate you being with us at home. "fox news sunday" starts right now. >>chris: talk about possible white house a shakeup after a domestic abuse scandal. while the president has no go. we will discuss what the deal means for the nation's debt, stock market and coming debate over the dreamers with white house the director, mick mulvaney was being talked about as a possible replacement for chief of staff. then, the deficit hawks in congress feel betrayed by a republican president and congressional leaders. >> a country cannot go on spending money like this forever. >> this is the second-largest discretionary increase seco


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