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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 12, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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facebook page. give us a like. i post a lot of original content there. and i try to respond. daca deal is done and border wall is funded. >> historic handshake. >> kim jong un accepting invitation presented by sister to moon jae-in. ♪ ♪ heather: good morning to you,
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time to wake up. hopefully you had a great weekend. it's time to get the week started. you're watching "fox & friends first" on the monday morning, i'm heather childers, thank you very much for join ughs. president trump expected to unveil massive infrastructure plan today an lay out road map for the 2019 budget. griff jenkins is live for us in washington, d.c. with what we can expect, did you have a good weekend, griff? >> i did, heather, great weekend. now time to get busy because the white house will have a busy morning later this afternoon, the president will hold infrastructure meeting where he's meeting with state and local officials which is important because they they are going to change infrastructure, now here are the four goals of the plan, stimulate 1 and a half
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trillion dollars of investment, shorten to one authority, invest in rural infrastructure and improving the workforce training, the rollout of 2019 budget mick mulvaney says it'll focus heavily on new infrastructure plan and help rein in the deficit. >> take the money that democrats want to put to social programs, if it does get sent, gets sent to the right places. >> a plan by a bipartisan that addresses objectives by republicans and democrats but initial reaction from democrat members like pete they are far from on board. >> it would cut existing transportation programs to pay for wall street and foreign investors to toll our roads and bedrock environmental clean water and clean protections under the guys of speeding up
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projects. this is not a real infrastructure plan, the it's simply another scam. >> some critics, heather say that will involve more federal dollars and that probably won't get a lot of love from fiscal conservative who is are already howling about the budget, heather. heather: we will talk much more about this coming up. griff, thank you very much for joining us. as always we appreciate you. now to the fox news alert for you, you are looking live in moscow region of russia where hundreds of rescuers are battling the elements of russian plane cash that killed 71 people. we have new surveillance video, showing the moment, a moment that russian plane plunges into the field killing all 71 on board. saratov airlines seen off in the distance exploding into a fire ball shortly after take off from moscow airport, the aircraft
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made several trips that same day with no apparent issues, they are looking both at weather and human errors as factors. prosecutors want to death penalty, two aggravated murder charges while in the hospital. he was last listed in critical condition after being shot by police. westerville officers anthony and eric were ambushed by gunfire when they showed up to smith's home responding to 911 hang-up call. >> please help, please help. >> what's wrong? >> tell me what's wrong? >> he shot the police officers. >> where is your husband now? >> smith wasn't even allowed to own a gun and had numerous run-ins with the police.
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officer morelli's turn intoed a memorial by city hall. prayers with all of those. the former indianapolis colts linebacker who was killed by illegal immigrant will be layed to rest today, funeral services for edwin jackson will be held in hometown of at will nota, 26-year-old and uber driver were killed in indiana after being hit by illegal immigrant who was drunk, emmanuel zavala had been deported from the u.s. twice before, alcohol level three times near legal limit. democrats are prepared po black out part of memo of the fbi's russia investigation so it can be released to the public without stealing government secrets, let's get to todd piro.
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good morning, todd. >> senior white house official saying it could seen light of day if justice department concerns are addressed. this comes after mark short accused the top democrat adam schiff of sabotaging the release of meths by sources an methods he knew would have to be redacted. short says there would have been outcry that president trump was trying to edit it. >> we are not not afraid of transparency. >> congressman schiff put methods and sources that he knew wanted to be redacted. they voted against the republican memo, there's a hypocrisy here chuck, we will be releasing the memo, we asked him to clean it up.
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>> schiff does plan to go through it with fbi but nevertheless he continues to battle the president. >> the president doesn't wand to -- want to see the underlying facts and demonstrates how misleading the republicans have been. the president doesn't want you to see the facts from the fisa application because it completely undermines his claim of vindication. >> house intel committee devin nunes, he actually wants to democratic rebuttal to be released calling the dem doc ridiculous on the face of it and on and on we go, heather. >> that's true, a lot of people saying get it all out there and let us make up our mind first. thank you so much, todd, appreciate it. >> okay. heather: kellyanne conway says there's no reason not to believe accusing white house aides
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porter and the white house is sticking by chief john kelly despite questions over handling of the scandal. >> i spoke to the president last night and told him i would be with you today, please tell jake that i have full faith in chief of staff john kelly and that i'm not actively searching for replacing, he said i saw that all over the news. >> congress setting record straight after reports that general kelly knew about allegations against porter before made public. president trump sending federal aide to samoa after powerful cyclone slammed the u.s. territory, declaring state of emergency to help the 50,000 people recover from the wide spreed damage, tropical storm gita tumbling the south pacific islands ripping off roofs leaving thousands of people without power. and new overnight, dominates the slopes tat winter olympics, jamie anderson earning gold
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medal in slope style, celebrating the win wrapping herself with an american flag, she also, by the way, won gold in the same event at the sochi games back in 2014. and then gerard won gold for the men's slope style saturday and also two first for team usa, chris, first to medal in single and figure skater becoming the first american woman to land a triple axil, olympic competition. look at that. doesn't look possible but helped the u.s. to bronze in team free skating overnight thanks to that. team usa currently sits third with four total. two of them gold, germany lands with three gold and the time now is about ten minutes after the top of the hour, the liberal media under fire for glam orizing kim jong un's sister at
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the olympics, our next guest and active duty army officer says the normalization of brutal regime is shameful journalism and al-qaeda terrorists turned prosecution witness living like a king at gitmo binging oreos and watching sitcoms before being set free thanks to president obama. you don't want to miss this one, stay with us.
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>> the ground breaking moment kim jong un extending invitation presenting by his sister to south korean president moon jae-in but key point missing from coverage the fact that her family holds one of the worst human rights records in the world. joining me to discuss active duty u.s. army officer jeremy, thank you so much for joining us this morning, we really appreciate it. >> thank you, good morning. >> heather: let's begin by taking a look at the headlines which are really hard to believe. the washington post saying the ivanka trump of north korea captivates people in the south at the olympics, cnn saying this, north korea is winning the olympics and it's not because of sports. north korean cheerleaders steal spotlight with sib -- synchronized chants, what was your response when you saw headlines like this?
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>> well, it is absolutely irresponsible on behalf of american media but it has gotten outrageous that the american media glam orizing, enamored with one of the most brutal depressive dictatorships of the world. the american media has the trust of the american people and really now the ball is in their court to see how they will back the stories and so far i have not seen any mainstream media walk anything they said this weekend. >> yeah, not only not walking back their comments but al not pointing out how brutal this regime is. 80 to 100,000 people in
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political prison camps. 10.5 believed to be undernourished and we know what happened to otto warmbier because he took a flag from a hotel room, so we are not seeing those types of headlines, the types of headlines, we are seeing benefit the regime. >> exactly. you could take headlines and put them and they could be north korean-state run media headlines that we saw this past weekend. worst thing about it is that our response to what's going on, our hearts should be broken. it's something that should break our hearts and bring us to greater resolve to face evil in the world. i just think it's troubling that you would see american media really eroding that trust between the media and the people. heather: yeah, should we have
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seen this coming, though, you pointed out that this actually started before the olympics began. >> exactly. we kind of start today see developing out, nbc lester holt a few weeks ago seemed that he was buying into some of the propaganda during time in north korea and then once the media -- the olympics take off the same narrative seem today carry on and so it makes you wonder what's going on and why such media outlets so willing to play into the hands of such a brutal regime. heather: same media outlets lecturing about journalistic integrity. >> exactly. the same folks that are lecturing us about journalism integrity, who is holding the media accountable now that they have trust and really bought in to some of the worst kind of propaganda ploy that is we have seen. and it's so obvious and that's
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the thing. we have a little common sense, can we have common sense and have a better approach the way we cover -- heather: it's working for the media at least the mainstream media, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it and thank you for your service as well. >> thank you, god bless. heather: actor robert de niro slamming president trump on world stage and it's not the first time, remember when he said this. >> i'd like to punch him in the face. this is something that we want for president? i don't think so. heather: de niro slamming the commander in chief again in world summit in dubai, quote, i'm talking about my own country the united states of america, we don't like to say we are a backward country so let's just say we are suffering from a case of temporary insanity. come on. outrage brewing after police officer says he was denied service at mcdonalds. tim lancaster, a 23-year veteran for the palm bay police
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department in florida writing on facebook, when i got to the window the clerk looked at me with drink and stand and stopped, she handed my drink to another clerk and walked away in discus. refuses to serve cops and mcdonalds is investigating the incident. 19 minutes appear -- after the top of the hour and how the trump administration plans to cut the government out of the picture and the police setting sights on children's classic. >> didn't you try to eat me, show me your teeth. it was you, i knew it, how are you, so good to see you. heather: outrageous reason why some are boycotting peter rabbit. carley shimkus with reaction up next. you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. heather: welcome back, the liberal media fawning over kim jong un's sister, some calling the north korean ivanka. but the uniter not as impressed. carley shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7, siriusxm 115. carley: a day after cnn criticized of review, the article goes onto praise kim yo chung, reaction on social media, though, as you can imagine has been swift. i'm sure otto warmbier's parents
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were equally charm. dana loesch conservative commentator she outflanked him in starving citizens, torture, murdering her own family members, glowing coverage of the regime is insane and arie saying, you've got to be kidding me. so heather, we knew that coverage of the oh olympics in south korea was political but the reviews are catching reviews by surprise. heather: the headlines, the regime of north korea will use as propaganda. the server was fired at outback for what happened here? >> she was fired after filling out 735-dollar carry-out order for a church. mega church in florida but then she says she was fired because she criticized on social media that they did not tip her. so the church is very apologetic, they released statement saying we did not call
1:25 am
the restaurant to have her fired. we we wanted to get the solution resolved. hey, we had nothing to do with this and they are right about that because outback has a policy against criticizing customers on social media. this is sparking big debate over take-out, or carry-out order etiquette, a lot of people don't know you have to tip out it's just as much work as when you serve at a table. heather: all right, i like to outback special. why are parents boycotting this peter rabbit movie, why in the world? >> they are calling it allergy bullying, the movie has a scene where the villain has allergy to blackberries and peter rabbit gets back at him by feeding a blackberry, so people are saying, you can't do it, that's inappropriate. outrage, look at the tweets, somebody says, as a mother of a toddler allergic to several foods i am disgusted that sony would make a joke out of forking
1:26 am
allergen to an individual, doing so is felony, aggravated assault, what kind of message does that scene send kids, #boycott peter rabbit. heather: she does have a point i'm not a mom of a child with allergies. carley: that is true, you can make the argument it's just a cartoon. heather: true. thank you so much, carley. appreciate it. well, coming up fox news alert for you, plane crash, stunning new surveillance video showing the moment that a russian jet a crash explodes into a ball of flames was weather to blame, we will take a look at it. and president trump keeping ampian promises. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. >> build that wall, build that wall, build that wall build that wall. heather: the trump administration unveiling proposal with billions including for the border wall but will it
1:27 am
pass? political panel on deck to debate it.
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heather: we are back with fox news alert for you, hundreds of rescues battling elements overnight scouring a crash site for clues this happened in russia, russian plane crash plunge intoed a field killing all 71 on board. kelly wright joins us live with brand-new information in the investigation, good morning, kelly. kelly: heather, good morning to you as well, flight 6w703 took off from moscow airport and no indication of anything wrong at all, everything appeared to be normal but just minutes after taking off the flight failed from radar indicating that plane, its crew and passengers were in serious trouble. a distance surveillance camera show it is plane plunging into a snowy field. difficult to look at, burst -- it was bursting into flames,
1:31 am
ball of fire, rescued crews quickly rushed to the site of the crash but no survivors were found, all 71 people aboard, the flight perished in the crash, residents from nearby villages reported hearing a loud explosion that rattled homes and blew out windows, recovery crews working through the night had the grim task of recovering bodies, earlier one of the plane's black box was found and told news agency that plane made trips and everything appeared to be normal, before each of the flights the plane was checked, the last two technicians who serviced the plane were flying on board the aircraft at the time of the crash, the final check before the fatal flight did not reveal deviations. flight 703 was flying where relatives of passengers had been waiting and were told about the tragic news of the ill-fated flight.
1:32 am
upon hearing the sad news, white house press secretary sarah sanders said this, she said it is deeply saddened by the tragic deaths of those on board sartov airline 703, condolences to the families and to the people of russia. the cause of the crash, heather, remains under investigation, certainly a lot of investigation going on as we have seen, they will continue until they can find out what's happened. heather: prayers with 71 people who lost their lives and families. >> tough loss. heather: another crash to talk about, four family members are death after small plane crash in southern california. private jet in downtown los angeles killing pilot, his daughter, son-in-law and 9-year-old granddaughter. the group was apparently returning home from a weekend trip to las vegas. and a world war ii era bomb shuts down london's city
1:33 am
airport, a construction workers discovering that the bomb, discovered it in nearby river, police and royal navy are still working at this hour to remove explosive, no one is allowed in, about 16,000 travelers are impacted by that so we will keep an eye on that for you as well. you can't make this stuff up, southwest forced to cancel hundreds of flights in chicago because they ran out of deicing fluid, frustrating stranded passengers. >> this is chicago, hello, it snows here all of the time. it's icy here all of the time, how can you run out of the de-icer, that's absurd. heather: multiple deliveries of de-icer are scheduled. chicago is digging out from the biggest snowstorm of the year. hopefully they will get that resolved.
1:34 am
the international space station could be headed to space sector, according to washington post the trump administration plans to stop funding space station in 2024, instead the president will request $150 million from congress to support the development of commercial successors, well, no word yet if there are any potential buyers or how it will be used in the future. and also today the trump administration will submit its budget to congress and according to white house budget director you can't expect it to reflect the president's priorities. >> asking for about 3 billion, i think, this for the wall and try to pivot from the old budget to the new to reflect spending priorities or spending bill that just passed enough money to build the whole wall or most of it assuming that daca gets done. heather: here to weigh in charlie circumstance -- kirk and kathy, thank you for joining us
1:35 am
this morning. >> thanks. heather: these are things that the president promised. >> he promised the wall and the wall is symbol of american sovereignty, not only do we need the wall for the president to fulfill promise, the cost of illegal immigration in the country is in tens of billions of dollars that we know of. the wall is a smart financial investment to not only protect from drugs, human trafficking but also end the problem of illegal immigration and i ask my democrat counterparts why are you so oppose today border security? , do you want illegal immigration to be a political problem in the country? the president needs the wall. heather: 3 billion for the barrier and 25 billion over two years if congress approves legislation to shelf dreamers from deportation. >> trump has become such a
1:36 am
spender. méxico was supposed to pay for the wall, i think that was the promise. but a wall is not the answer, that's been proven over and over again. so this wall is a little unnecessary, ridiculous and that's why it's not in the current bill that passed. so these are future plans, mulvaney is talking about a future wall plan and future bill that's never going to happen especially with 2018 elections coming up. heather: what do you think about that in terms of election coming up? >> if wall doesn't work why does méxico have it in southern body -- border, why does israel have in territories next to them. when they have to vote for it, they refuse, let's go to core essence of it, they want illegal immigration to continue to be a problem so they can use daca recipients or illegal immigrants as political puppets and toys so
1:37 am
that they can negotiate something that they want to continue to be an issue. they want to expand -- they want to expand the illegal immigration system. the wall will do that. barack obama use today support it the same with bill clinton. heather: let's talk about where things stand on daca and i will go over to you, kathy, because plans are supposed to be submitted today, the senate will put forward a bill as vehicle to proposal to immigration. >> right, daca, we are hoping -- unfortunately daca wasn't in the bill which is unfortunate because we have the members of society who are opening businesses and brought here as children and follow a criteria that many americans can't even follow. so we have the wonderful people in our society that are following this tough criteria to be dreamers, to be part of daca and we are going to eliminate it and what's is president going to do in he's proposing to deport -- heather: actually, no.
1:38 am
>> he proposed citizenship. >> not only 700,000 of them but 1.8 million. >> we don't know what's going to happen. heather: charlie. >> that's absurd claim, allow citizenship to 1.8 million dreamers, end chain migration, build the wall and secure our borders, i don't understand this argument that he wants all them to be deported. the democrats would have taken the deal if president obama offered it to them five years ago and all of a sudden they want unlimited illegal immigration, if they have people to come to the table and negotiate in good faith we can solve the immigration problem. the president is being overly generous. heather: some republicans aren't happy with the president, democrats aren't happy with the president and that what happens when you get a deal, neither side will get everything that they want. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we will see what happens on daca
1:39 am
and budget. 20 minutes until the top of the hour, big pharma announcing major shift in marketing to help fight the opioid crisis. dr. mark segal says that it's a start but much more has to be done. he joins us live next. happiest place on earth not very affordable, the price hike that will have many families rethinking their vacation plans.
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1:43 am
record. and then there's this, al-qaeda terrorist turned prosecution witness now living like a king at gitmo complete with strawberries and cream oreos, pled guilty to attack in yemen, by the way, scoring sweet deal in exchange for snitching on fellow terrorists, his brother-in-law a 9/11 hijacker who crashed the plane in pentagon, scheduled to return to saudi rehabilitation program later this month under the obama-era plea agreement. well, now fox business news for you, all eyes on wall street after set to open after roller coaster week, tracee. tracee carrasco from fox business with what we can expect, good morning. tracee: good morning, we saw wild swings on wall street last week but we saw a little bit of rally on friday afternoon, the dow ended up 330 points, 24,190,
1:44 am
that's the final number but there were steep gains and losses every day last week. dow swung at least 500 points. so we entered correction territory on thursday, on the dow, that's decline of more than 10% from the highest which was january 26th, so, of course, all eyes on wall street today, investors bracing for more volatility, i did just check futures, dow futures up as much as 300 points, up across the board which is good to see as well. heather: good way to start the day on this monday. they are set to protest in push for 15-dollar minimum wage. tracee: we have seen these types of protests going on but fast-food workers across will be walking off job today, trying to get $15 and also rights to join unions, so employees around the country will be joining these
1:45 am
employees in solidarity in their own types of protests. heather: now let's talk about wallet disney world but not in a good way, disneyland is hiking prices? >> yes, if you are planning a trip for spring break, you may want to take this into account because price in magic kingdom in orlando going up anywhere 2 to $5 to get in, on the peak days parents may pay as much as $129 for themselves to get in, $123 for kids and say you have a family of four with two kids, they are going to be paying at least $526 just to get in. that doesn't even include food and souvenirs, disneyland prices also going up $7 to $11 as well. heather: man, expensive. all right, thank you so much, tracee, appreciate it. tracee: thanks, heather. heather: right now 15 minutes until the top of the hour and the flu, it is on track to be the worst season in nearly a decade. we have been telling you about this, it is far from over.
1:46 am
dr. mark seagal says that you can still protect yourself, he's here next
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heather: major health alert, this season deadly flu outbreak would be the worst in nearly a decade. almost the entire country under a high warning level and it's not showing any signs of slowing down, fox news' medical a team dr. mark segal joins us now with how worried we should be. we understand that hospitals are even having to bring in extra beds to deal with all the patients that they are dealing with. >> we may see over 500,000 hospitalizations this flu season, we may see over 50,000 deaths, that's what centers for
1:50 am
disease reports and now it's coming to the heart of the flu season, we still have a couple of months left probably. heather: let's take a look at some of the statistics, one and ten deaths are caused by the flu, 63 pediatric deaths this season so far. >> now when you say deaths are caused by, i want to add that the flu is enabler, not only can it storm your immune system and lead to tragic deaths where you're not predicting it but also can come along and bring in pneumonia with it or another bacterial infection, we physician that is treat the flu have to be on the lookout for that and sometimes as we are giving antiviral drug we also have to give antibiotic. health hat i went and got the flu shot on thursday of last week and i got one of the last two that they had left so they are running out of flu shots as well and they told me that they are also running out of medication to treat the flu? >> absolutely, in terms of the flu shot, two weeks for it to
1:51 am
work, it's a particularly good time to get the flu shot because the main strain that we have been talking about h3n2, most severe is not covered by the flu shot as the other three strains that are starting to surface now, the flu chat that you had will protect you latter part of the season and the antiviral drugs are underused. they should be used when people are potentially at risk for my cases. heather: a friend of mine she died of the flu, 38 year's old, healthy, was trying to health herself and died from the flu which is amazing to me. >> horrible. heather: why is it so bad this season? >> by the way, physicians have to be in the loop, for anyone who hears this story, make sure your doctor knows about your symptoms because they may or may not be the flu. this is a particular bad season because of this strain. this type of influenza a, influenza a starts in birds. these are more severe, this
1:52 am
strain is one that we don't have a lot of immunity to and that's why it's causing all the problems. we talk about pandemic years, heather, but this particular strain, even if we have seen it before it's a little different, it's different enough. heather: let's switch to something else that's causing deaths, opioid use, we have a minute left, this company -- they are cave to go pressure, they are not going market opioids to doctors anymore. >> well, and so they are cutting their sales force from 200 to 100 and not marketing opioids, 7 million americans have already used oxycodone, it was marketed two decades ago as causing smooth and sustained pain relief all day and night and it didn't work that well, it was a false claim, they're being sued all over the place by states, by cities, by counties, now i don't actually blame the pharmaceutical companies as much as i blame physicians, both bear blame but doctors actually write prescriptions but this particular companies and other companies saying don't worry
1:53 am
about it, no side effects, we will cure the problem and that's false advertising and they are under the gun and they should be. heather: quadrupled since 20000. >> the same areas where they are prescribed is where you see heroin overdoes. heather: all right, you know about everything, dr. mark seagal. >> thank you, good to see you. heather: 8 minutes until the top of the hour, nfl season it is over but kobe bryant still has something to say about the anthem protests, why he says that he would be happy to join them and are you looking for true love this valentine's day? >> here it is. >> show me the money. heather: the new study that claims that it can be bought.
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heather: welcome back, former nba star kobe bryant picking a convenient time to jump on the colin kaepernick band wagon saying he would protest during national anthem if he still played. >> sure. yeah. i'm sure i would have gotten flag for it, that's fine.
1:58 am
colin's message is simple, police brutality needs to stop. heather: speaking with jamele hill. a league commissioner adam silver calls it a time for reflection and respect. and some new details on the royal wedding just revealed in case you're interested. you are going to have to get it pretty early if you want to watch. prince harry and meghan markle announcing that they will tie the knot at noon saturday on may 19th, that's 7:00 a.m. eastern after exchanging vowels at st. george's inside castle, will ride in horse-drawn carriage before returning to castle for a reception and in attendance maybe legendary singer elton john, canceling performances, that might be a hint. the 70-year-old, though not
1:59 am
confirming whether he's attending the ceremony saying that he has a scheduling conflict and are you looking for love this valentine's day. try this. >> here it is. show neglect money. heather: turns out money can buy love according to e-harmony, 64% of long-term relationships are happy with their love life, those households incomes are greater than $200,000, happy gets elevated to completely in love 71% of the time. so there you have it. just in time for valentine's day. well, that wrap it up on this monday for 4:00 a.m. hour of "fox & friends" first but continues right now and i will see you here tomorrow. bye, bye. rob: all right, monday february 12th, fox news alert, a plane crash horror stunning surveillance video showing the moment that a russian jet explodes into a ball of flames
2:00 am
crews scouring overnight looking for any clues. >> we are assuming in 2018 proposal that daca deal is done and border wall is funded. jillian: infrastructure overhaul whether he recollects break down exactly what is in his $1.5 trillion plan. rob: and remember when actor robert de niro had the choice words for president trump? >> i would like to punch him in the face. is this somebody we want for president, i don't think so. rob: newest attacks launched at the president, "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪


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