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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 12, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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police officer who was headed to work. california deputy snapping this determining the mouse was a san antonio spur fan sent to intimidate him. interesting one. thanks for joining us this morning. rob: see you later. ♪ ♪ >> president trump expected to unveil a massive $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan today. >> chairman devin nunes and the committee's ranking democrat adam schiff butting heads over the fate of the rival memo. >> we actually want the democratic memo out. we think it's ridiculous on the face of it. >> what's really going on here is the public doesn't want the public to see the underlying facts. >> here are the headlines of so-called mainstream press, fawning over the sister of the dictator who murders people. >> "the washington post," the ivanka trump of north korea captures people in the south at the olympics. >> dreamers now speaking out against democrats saying they don't have his back and
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he supports trump. >> president trump is willing to work with democrats. at the end of the day, it's democrats that don't want to work with him. >> figure skater becoming the first american woman to land a triple axle. that is not easy. ♪ it don't matter where we go ♪ we always find a way back home steve: hey, welcome. it is "fox & friends" for a monday. it is also a day, did you know, from when you were a kid remember what february the 12th is? lincoln's birthday. it's lincoln's birthday. brian: we conglomerate all our presidents into one day and sell mattresses on sale. steve: i don't get my own
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day anymore? brian: is he a humble man. i was watching another channel yesterday. watch mostly uhf at my house did. a story how lincoln's cabin isn't actually lincoln's cabin. a conglomeration of wood built in and around when he was born. we don't know if that cabin exists. ainsley: i heard george washington didn't chop down the cherry tree. brian: i believe he did. steve: i hear that washington didn't actually throw a bit coin across the platomic. ainsley: didn't have wooden teeth. brian: if he did throw a bit coin would it ripple because i can't figure out what it is. ainsley: there goes ainsley's future. ainsley: did i invest. steve: happy birthday abraham lincoln. there is lincoln right there.
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people, people, people. brian: wow, what a great adjustment. that's fantastic. ainsley: there was a bird nest on top of his head when we were kids. we loved it. steve: where? ainsley: let's talk about politics. brian: let's talk about dueling memos. the democratic memo is 11 pages long. the republican memo which looks into what the role of the dossier played if any in trying to unmask people like, i don't know, carter page, the four page memo went out because devin nunes could not believe some of the intelligence that wasn't coming forward regarding the surveillance of the trump campaign. that's four page memo came out. the world change and the democrats said we have a 10-page memo. in it many would argue we haven't seen it yet are certain time bombs that if went out would expose methods and practices of the fbi and our intelligence apparatus. ainsley: last week we were all wondering is this thing
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going to be released. the republican memo was released the friday before. the news is it hasn't been released. the president says it needs redaction. significant redaction. significant concerns for national security and law enforcement interests. steve: on friday when the memo was on the president's desk for five days answered goes look, there are too many secrets there. if i get out the sharpy and i start redacting it then they are going to go oh, of the president didn't want us to see that very cagily the president said hey, department of justice, fbi, take a look, you got problems? anybody have a problem? raise your hand. everybody raped their hand. so now, according to the democrats yesterday. they will make redactions. and they will resubmit it. it could come out as early as today. we got both sides of the story. the republican vs. the democrat. devin nunes on what they have learned and adam schiff. now, the key is devin nunes actually pretty much
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incapsulinincapsue lates everyts 10 page memo in this sound by the. >> we actually want the democratic memo out. we thinkridiculous on the face of it very political how they attack myself and attack chairman gowdy. they turn carter page into some super secret russian spy. they talk about how cruiser steele is a really, really good source when we know that he lied to the fbi. we want this out. we don't know why they are not in this weekend we americans with disabilities acting it so we can get it back to the white house so the president can declassify it. >> the president doesn't want the public to see the underlying facts. what is revealed in our memo are quotations from the very fisa application that really demonstrates how misleading the republicans have been. but the president doesn't want you to see these facts from the fisa application because it completely undermines his claim of vindication. brian: really? okay. just keep in mind. this when we get to the 10 page memo the other story is that devin nunes wants all
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four fisa warrant transcripts of the four appearances in front of the fisa court. we would like it for the first time ever to be public. we find out the role of the dossier yet to be verified in any walks of life. what role it actually played and the judge making the decision to go ahead and say follow carter page. steve: speaking of four. there were those four applications. according to tom fitton of judicial watch there are four anti-trump dossiers floating around. we heard of christopher steele and cody shearer. there are two others floating around. no wonder so many people were talking about russia, russia, russia. ainsley: today begins the immigration debate. mitch mcconnell sat down with the democrats and said listen, if you support all of us on the budget deal, then we will come to the senate floor and we will open up discussion for an immigration debate. that's actually happening today. is he fulfilling his promise. brian: they call it a freewheeling debate. very rare. no one is saying this is the
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policy. let's debate it open vessel is the term they are using. fill it up. alleges the bipartisan, you imagine, agreement starts building more and more senators will get behind it. there has been some bipartisan agreement already. along with the president's framework that he already laid out, we could have something done the old fashioned way through debate, which would help our debate on the couch. and then maybe through a bipartisan solution. but then again, i live sometime some portions of my life idealistic world. steve: dream world. ainsley: rose colored glasses. steve: here is what is going on today. group of conservative republican senators. they have put forward a framework there are their images right there. you have got grassley, cornyn, tillis, david perdue, langford, cotton, joni ernst. what they have done circumstantial is come up
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essentially the senate version. get rid of chain migration and visa lottery but at a steep cost for a lot of republicans and that is to allow in close to 2 million dreamers and that is a price republicans are willing to pay to get all the stuff they want. ainsley: we are going to be interviewing a dreamer who supports the president's plan coming up at 6:20. dying to hear what she says. our bookers are great to tell -- what he says. bookers are great to guest that guest on. brian: don't be surprised a in this thing people doing it right and have been online for years trying with green cards trying to become citizens doing everything correct. the president my propose something where we empty that roinel. roinel -- line. related to people in this country and people doing it the right way. how could a democrat say those people doing it the right way, let's leave them on that line that never ends. steve: one thing about the republican senate proposal that we just depicted for
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you right there. they say look, this is the only one that's going to pass the house and the president will sign. so, you know, there are going to be other things out there in the next week or. so but this is the one the president will sign. so ultimately, they are trying to get as many republicans on board. they would only have 51 if they had everybody, including john mccain who probably would not make it back for that particular vote. but they need 60. brian: evidently john mccain doing a lot better. don't be surprised in two weeks we are talking about a deal that they agree on. talk about some of the headlines stunning and aggravating to many people here in our country and clear-thinking people maybe even in south korea. they are hagel kim jong un's sister who is appearing in this olympics, 27 years old. steve: a darling. brian: they are calling her the ivanka trump of these games. here is an example. the "new york times" writes. this. kim jong un's sister turns on the charm. taking pence's spotlight. north korea judge winner at
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diplomatic gold of a olympics. "the washington post" the ivanka trump of north korea captivates the people in the south. ainsley: this is the dictator's sister. this is embarras embarrassment. ridiculous. she oversees propaganda in that country. the country that kills and starves people. keep in mind otto warmbier. >> she did make headlines in the box in the opening olympics that was great. a step forward. that's the image i'm talking about there. brian: why is that great? i don't think she should be there. steve: they have a unified korea. brian: all a show. steve: it is propaganda. invited the president of south korea to north korea. they haven't figured out whether or not he would go. nonetheless, news busters refers to her as north korea's head of their propaganda and agitation department. you know what? that's kind of what's happening right now.
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brian: i give willie geist credit of ntsb. can i report south koreans here are not as enthralled with kim jong un as the north korea cheerleaders as some media are back home. is he in south korea and embarrassed by some of the coverage. steve: it is crazy. ainsley: i can understand her control the media in north korea. how is this the headline in america? steve: good question. brian: they were choosing her over president trump. that's what they look at and mike pence. meanwhile, 11 minutes after the hour. jillian is back. the green face is off. welcome back to the studio. jillian: yes the eagles green is gone. i survived sky diving on friday morning. ainsley: when are we going to see it. jillian: hopefully later this week. i will let you know for sure. get you caught up on your news right now starting with this headline. survivors and if he survivors prosecutors want the death penalty for the men accused of killing two ohio police officers quentin smith in the hospital after being killed by bye police. killing anthony morelle and
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eric joering. officer morelli's cruiser turned into a memorial sitting outside of city hall. no reason not to believe those accusing former white house aid rob porter of domestic abuse. this as the white house says chief of staff john kelly's job safe despite questions over handling that scandal. >> all those stories replacing general kelly mostly fed by people unhappy that they have lost access to the president. >> i spoke to the president last night. he said please tell jake i have full faith in chief of staff john kelly. jillian: conway setting the record straight over reports that kelly is out. gold medal in the women's slope style. celebrating her win by
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wrapping herself with american flag. won same event at the sochi games in 2014. figure skater becoming the first american woman will will complete a triple axle. tied with the netherlands gold count with two. germany has three. triple axle that's so insane. steve: that's big. ainsley: impressive. brian: thanks a lot, jillian. meanwhile remember when roberts de niro said this about president trump. >> sea punk. a natural disaster. i would like to punch him in the face. brian: latest attack on the president and america next. steve: and in just a couple hours. three hours and 15 minutes markets going to open up after their worst week in two years. what happens today? stuart varney is going to tell us. he told me earlier. he has got the secret. he is coming up in two
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on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? right now, our queen c2 mattress is only $699, save $200. ends soon. visit for a store near you. steve: all eyes in the money world on wall street. set to reopen after worst week in two years point wise. ainsley: what can we expect and what does it mean for your pocketbook. here to break it down is host of varney and company
3:18 am
on the fox business network stuart varney. stock market last week worst week in two years. >> all over the place. ainsley: if the economy is doing great why stocks? >> let me start with this. this is monday morning. everybody is looking at what is going to happen mopped morning after a couple of really bad weeks. after the opening bell we will go up on the dow industrials 200 maybe 300 points. that's up. don't think this is all over. don't think that the volatility has just come to answered. i don't think it has. i think we are in for another rough ride. that doesn't mean to say there is a big sell off. i do mean to say up and down like this. i think that's going to come back. steve: ultimately, what's happening, and you talked about this, is because the economy is getting stronger. the federal reserve is likely to raise interest rates. >> that's right. steve: they have been giving away money essentially for the last decade. if interest rates go higher, that's why everybody is reacting this way. >> that's right. you put your several in the situation of someone in their 60's, maybe that got some profit in the stock market.
3:19 am
well, what are they going to do with their money now? there is a temptation to sell stocks because you have made a profit, lock in that profit by selling. and put that money into a dead safe government bond that will pay you at the moment about 3%. that's not bad. it's not a great rate of return, but, you sleep well at night. you got no risk. and you get a tax break on the interest of the government bond. brian: people talk about this being the first time ever where have you something that adds up to a stimulus for the economy. yet, record low employment, unemployment, i should say. they say they have never seen a combination. they have seen stimulus for a struggling economy. never seen stimulus sum up our budget for a economy that's soaring. what's going to be the reaction? >> what are we doing with an economy that's growing 3% and may grow at 4%? what are we doing in that situation? stimulating the economy even more infrastructure plans, tax cuts, 300 billion extra government spending, higher
3:20 am
wages. why are we doing that? the politicians have taken any restraints off spending and chucked a ton of money into the economy. that's the risk forrest stock market. you chuck all this money at the economy. you will get stronger growth. also get higher are rates which will put a limit on the stock market. brian: is there a chance of this, unbelievable growth that pays a lot of that debt off? >> it will pay down some of the debt. some of it. but it won't account for -- it won't balance the books on the annual deficit it will not do that not ocean close. it will pay for some of it, but absolutely not all of it. steve: mick mulvaney said yesterday the bends the curve down. >> very long term. steve: no kidding. stuart, thank you very much. >> thank you. ainsley: a story we will guarantee you won't see anywhere else. meet a dreamer who supports president trump and has a tough message for nancy pelosi. brian: plus, the juice is loose in hollywood.
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3:25 am
fireball shortly after taking off from the moscow airport. the aircraft made several trips the same day with no apparent issues steve? steve: thanks, brian. the daca debate taking centers stage. face march 5th deadline to strike a deal or at least start talking about it the president weighing in over the weekend tweeting republicans want to fix daca far more than the democrats do. the dems had all three branches of government back in 2008, 2011, and they decided not to do anything about daca. they only want to use it as a campaign issue. vote republican. here to weigh in. a dreamer brought to the united states from mexico when he was just 1 year old. he joins us from houston. hillario, good morning to you. >> thank you for having me again. thank you. steve: your mom was from mexico. she came to the united states when you were 1. and then what happened? >> well, fast forward, you know, here i am at the age of 3, i had a little sister
3:26 am
already who was born in the u.s. my mother was pregnant. and my stepfather abandoned us and we had no place to stay. so the only place we looked at was the star of homeless shelter in houston and really, you know, that wars the beginning of god's grace and, you know. helped my mom get back on her feet and eventually i'm standing here today by the grace of god. steve: when you say helped your mom get on her feet, she cleengsd houses. she cleaned houses. >> that is correct. steve: put you through school and you wound up going to a university and got a great job for a fortune 500 company. you are the ultimately people would say that's the american dream to come to this country. but your family came to the country illegally, so you are in the kind of the twilight zone between the laws. you like the president's suggestion on his immigration plan. to allow folks like to you stay in the country up to 1.8 million dreams in exchange he would get
3:27 am
25 billion for the wall and the visa lottery, chain migration would be curtailed as well. tell me why you like the president's plan. >> like i mentioned before. >> the president is taking leadership on this issue. he is very compassionate on this issue. he understands it. and he has taken a lot of courage. -- i mean he has taken fire from the right, conservative part of the party. and but he is willing to work, you know, and to get something done allows me to live the american dream and one day contribute and serve this country. and the other reason i like it, i think it's necessary that we need border security. we need the security out there that's acknowledging the infrastructure. and, look, for -- in regards to funding for the wall. look, i think at the end of the day it effects three people. number one, it effects the americans because drugs is
3:28 am
flowing in. terrorists are coming. in and we need to stop that. and also border patrol. it provides an extra layer of safety for them. last point i want to make is also the undocumented people that risked their lives here. i think if you are able to see a wall, a barrier, they will think twice about coming here and, again. you know, possibly save some lives and, you know, won't have to take that risk of coming all the way over here to the u.s. steve: hilhilario, i'm confused, i would have figured you would be speaking more highly of the democrats nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. they have a different plan. >> correct. i gray u grew up on conservative values. putting god in my life. jesus christ as my savior. i grew up on family. i believe in prosperity. i believe in hope, working hard and standing on your own two feet. that's what the republican,
3:29 am
you know, values are. and that's what i believe. in at the end of the day, i make decisions based on my values and as far as the democrats, i'm a little confused as to what their message is i'm confused as to what they believe in. for me, it's more appealing to appeal to my values something that aligns with those. steve: hilario, you say that chuck schumer and nancy pelosi have used the dreamers, people like you as political pawns, why? >> you know, a little bit about the democrats trump won. that's reality. it's time to move on. i think the reasonable he won was because he had a great message he had great principles whether you agreed or disagreed. the reality is, look, russia was not involved with this it was t. was a clear win and cnn needs to move on and focus on the american issues. here's the facts. the dems failed to act back in 2008, back in 2011. i think now, look, i can go
3:30 am
all day about democrats. i possibly could have my own show. i want to focus on the american issues, on this american issue. it's not a republican. it's not a democrat issue. but it's an american issue. and republicans right now have a chance to make history. and this would look great on president trump's legacy. i mean, this is something that president trump would be known for. something that obama couldn't do something president bush couldn't do get border security and also give me the chance to serve this country. steve: there you go. hilarioiao o yanez, were you reluctant coming on television? >> no. steve: what was the weekend. >> this goes off by the grace of god and all the glory goes to god. i was able to change a few
3:31 am
people's perspectives. especially the people which the media calls extreme right wing conservatives. look, they are not racist people. they are very passionate people. look as much as i'm passionate for the houston astros. they are the same exact passion for this country. i understand that and respect that. now after hearing my story, after hearing what i value, you know, i was able to change their perspective and now they, you know, are willing to provide a path to citizenship. or agreeing for that. steve: let's see what happens. today the ball is in the u.s. senate court. >> it's all in god's hands. thank you. steve: thank you, sir. all right. what do you think about that? email us or tweet us or facebook us. coming up this morning, john brennan has been a harsh critic of president trump's. what did he know about that dirty dossier? dan bongino on that and how mr. brennan could be in hot water coming up. significantly reduce
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look, you need to make some redactions and technical corrections here and we'll get it out right away from. that point we have heard nothing but crickets. if they wanted to get it out they would be down there all day yesterday redacting it, getting it back over to the white house so the public could know what's in it. brian: all his points, i thought that was most relevant. because, if you want something done, go do it over the weekend and it would be ready to go on monday. dan bongino, form ar former sect service agent. podcast in the country dan bongino show. steve: aiming for number one. ainsley: the second? why aren't you number one? second is amazing. >> try harder. brian: almost with no promotion have you done it amazing. shows how relevant your are points are. in terms of, this talk about why that second memo isn't out. this is playing out exactly like the president said. they were going to put this forward. going to be unreleasable.
3:36 am
and then they were going to say the president is covering up. is this predictable? >> it's always predictable with them county democrats. it just shows their deeous side. listen, for as much as i disagree with the democrats and their ideology and everything they do in this case which has been down right evil in the whole castles the russia narrative you almost have to respect their deviousness. put information they know can't get out in their memo, give it to the president, knowing he can't release that memo, and then come back and say immediately as if on cue. oh, look, the president is hiding something. really deranged but this is what they do. steve: there is a possibility that devin nunes' next target could be former cia top guy john brennan. paul officery, the investigative reporter looking into apparently whether or not mr. brennan purpurgerred himself.
3:37 am
in this dossier factor in? no, no, no. it didn't. do you know who commissioned the dossier? >> no, no, no. even though everybody at the fbi and doj did. he could be in trouble. >> yeah. steve, my sources on this are telling me john brethren flan is in a world of trouble right now. walk through a quick time line to tell you why. back in august of 2016 he gives a private briefing to senator harry reid, democrat, of course. he gives that briefing to reid. reid fires off a letter to the fbi. in that letter is information that clearly came from the dossier. now, clearly then at that point brennan was aware of the dossier he told reid. -- thi 2017 under oath up on the hill brennan says i didn't know who commissioned the dossier. which is amazing. >> because the cia has a central role in the verification of foreign assets and information we get from foreign assets. it is not plausibly denial
3:38 am
that john brennan did not know who commissioned that dossier he is in a world of trouble because he raised his right hand and he said the exact opposite. brian: nobody angrier last week at devin nunes than john brennan on cnn last week. he was raised. go ahead. >> well, would be crazed, too, if you find out you may be guilty of perjury because they are investigating you for lying on capitol hill under oath. ainsley: what were other intelligence officials in that position under president obama and this happening? >> jim clapper, of course, the odni head office director of national intelligence is knee deep in this as well. here's the problem, ainsley. they will can't get their stories straight. they say the dossier had nothing to do with it on tv. and later on you find out that contents of the dossier made it into the presidential daily brief on to barack obama's desk. what was it? was the dossier salacious and not credible or credible
3:39 am
enough to brief the president on and start the most significant counter intelligence investigation in u.s. history? which story is right? they can't even figure it out. brian bine we need to get those transcripts. steve: dan, ultimately people like adam schiff, the democrat from california, is he doing all his best to keeping all this from coming out or is he playing the loyal opposition. >> adam schiff is the snake. he is the biggest fraud on capitol hill right now. adam schiff is doing the democrats' dirty work in trying to cover up. here's the problem, steve. i don't know how to say this any more candidly. the obama team spied on the trump team. the liberals have married themselves to years to this ifacade they are civil liberty advocates. that's gone now. they will be police state advocates from this point on when the public learns the true story of the extent of the obama team spying on the trump team it will disseminate the liberal brand forever. schiff is the one who has been sent out there to lie and deceive in order to try
3:40 am
to save. this they can't. remember, guys, there are court transcripts. the democrats can't run from this. there is no plausible didn't. brian: we have to see them. steve: it's that kind of straight talking that's going to put you number one in the podcast world. >> we try harder. steve: dan bongino, thank you very much. ainsley: i agree with you. transcripts, we need to see them. jillian has more headlines for us. >> get you caught up on. so headlines we are following at this hour. starting here. in just a few hours, the trump administration unveiling its massive 2019 budget. the president rolling out the plan aiming to aggressively rebuild what he called america's crumbling infrastructure with a 1.5 trillion-dollar investment. the budget also includes $18 billion for the border wall. senior officials say this is just a starting point to kick off negotiations. the former indianapolis colts linebacker killed by illegal immigrants will be laid to rest today. funeral services for edwin jackson will be held in his hometown of atlanta. the 26-year-old and his uber driver were killed in
3:41 am
indiana after being hit by illegal immigrant who was drunk. manuel savala deported from the u.s. twice before and doesn't have a drivers license. actor robert deniro slamming president trump on the world stage and not the first time. do you remember when he said this? >> i would like to punch him in the face. this is somebody that we want for president? i don't think so. >> now at the world government summit in dubai he isn't just slamming our commander-in-chief. is he slamming you. he said, quote, i am taking about my own country, the united states of america. we'll don't like to say we are a backward country so let's just say we are suffering from a case of temporary insanity. brian: why is he going? jillian: the juice may be on the loose in hollywood. ologic sinks reportedly $20,000 richer after agreeing to appear in a new sasha barron cohen family and the families of nicole simpson and ron goldman furious.
3:42 am
simpson still owes them millions part of a civil judgment that came after he was acquit you had in the two 1994 murders. brian: give it to the goldman family. jillian: see how all this plays out. jillian: next borat movie? [laughter] ainsley: i just heardologic was going to be in a movie and 20,000. i didn't hear what the name of the movie was. brian: we know it's not going to be naked gun seven. steve: i don't think so. ainsley: thanks, jillian. 42 after the hour. remember the college professor who said this? >> you need to get out. you need to get out. hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? i need some muscle over here. ainsley: we remember her. turns out the biggest threat to free speech on campus is from professors like that. we have the proof coming up. brian: plus the media cannot stop gushing over kim jong un's sister.
3:43 am
there she is. retired army ranger sean parnell says the coverage makes him sick. he joining us now. hello, aloe.
3:44 am
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3:46 am
ibut it doesn't always come naturally. this i can do, easily. benefiber® healthy shape is a 100% natural prebiotic fiber that's clinically proven to help me feel fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this i can do! brian: many in the media glamorizing north korea during their coverage of the winter olympics. this is what i'm talking about. look at these headlines, "the washington post" calling kim jong un's sister the ivanka trump of north korea. abc news saying cheerleaders stealing the spotlight. north korea is winning the olympics? have they forgotten what the rogue regime is really capable of and what they do on scalely basis? here to discuss is u.s. army infantryman and author of platoon sean parnell. sean, first off, you saw
3:47 am
these headlines and you are sickened? >> i was absolutely sickened. on vacation with my family. nevada into bed wife laid down to close her eyes. i'm going to check in to twitter and i see cnn's headline about kim jong un's sister stealing the show at the olympics. i was in shock. my first thought the propaganda ministry of north korea must have hacked the twitter feed. sure enough all these other stories started popping up praising one of the most evil and brutal dictatorships the world has ever known. they have gulags in concentration camps in north korea larger than los angeles. brian: 28 to 120,000 people are imprisoned in political prisons. 10.5 million are believed to be under nourished. they send some of their army out to get their own food they're allowed to leave and come back. see some of these escapees riddled with bacteria when they finally make their way over to south korea.
3:48 am
it's akin to 1936, the headline evil brawn has stolen the olympics from jesse owens. >> exactly right. very early on in my army career i went to camp casey korea, i went over there and spent time in camp -- one of the first things they teach you how brutal and oppressive the north korean is. she you satellite imagery of the peninsula. how the free and democratic south lit up with lights and only one pinprick in north korea and that's pyongyang. they starve and oppress their people. subjugate their people. this is a regime that ties pregnant women to trees and cuts babies out of their stomach today. it's horrific. brian: i hope the south korean leader doesn't fall for this. is he a liberal guy who got elected by saying is he going to open up talks there. food and more time to build more missiles. i hope that's obvious to them. meanwhile, exciting news to you. you have a second book coming out. first one about your experience with war. this one is kind of about your experience of war. it's called man of war. tell me about it? >> man of war.
3:49 am
i decided after coming back from the war in afghanistan, i wanted to write fiction my entire life. and one of my brigade commanders in afghanistan his last name was commander steele. i ever thought if i ever write a fiction book that is going to be my name. eric steele. man of war. try to cram as much high tech action. maybe sex and politics in there as i could. and took me four years to write. but i'm so excited to put it out this year. brian: coming in september. >> coming out on patriot's day on september 11th. brian: i'm sure can you preorder it now. >> preorder it now. anybody who preorders man of war now i will donate a portion of my profit toward veterans. brian: u.s. alone from afghanistan to iraq to what we are doing in syria. thanks so much, sean. >> thanks, brian, i appreciate it. brian: 11 minutes before the top of the hour. memo from grassley and graham claims to back up surveillance abuse claims
3:50 am
made in devin nunes' memo. why is so many in the media ignoring it? andrew mccarthy has an idea. he joins us live next hour. violent protests erupting on college campuses free speech. the biggest comes from in the classroom. we've got the proof ♪ ♪ before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... lucy could only imagine enjoying a slice of pizza. now, it's as easy as pie. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
3:51 am
we the people... are defined by the things we share. and the ones we love. who never stop wondering what we'll do or where we'll go next. we the people who are better together than we are alone... are unstoppable. welcome to the entirely new expedition.
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ainsley: colleges used to be a place for free-thinking and free expression, right? now it seems if your opinion is different or challenges your peers then a protest
3:54 am
ensues. national association of scholars released a new report documenting the nationwide campus protest that have erupted now in the last few years, finding the biggest threat to freedom of expression comes from actually within the classroom on the campus. joining us now it to discuss is national association of scholars president peter wood. thank you, mr. wood, for being with us. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: you're welcome. peter, did you this study the history of academic freedom. what did you find out? >> we found that there has been a big change. not so long ago the great warriors on campus were the outside forces would interfere with the freedom to change. ainsley: like corporations, lawmakers? >> corporations, lawmakers, sometimes boards of trustees. but the idea was that the ability to teach what you wanted to teach to express political opinions and the right context and to do research were threatened from without. that's changed completely. the threat now comes from the faculty members themselves and to the students that they have indoctrinated in these ideas
3:55 am
that academic freedom is a plot by the rich white males to control what everybody else thinks. so the new idea is social justifiable or as it's sometimes put academic justifiable which should trump freedom of expression. ainsley: so did you find out why in your study, why these professors have so much control or why they want to control the narrative and what's being taught on campus? >> we got some pretty good clues as to what it happened. there has been a change in the politics of campus. it used to be that faculty members were roughly divided between left and right evenly. debates took place. but as the american conservatives who have been pushed out of higher education, it's become a mono culture. everybody agrees that we know what's right, then dissenting views are silenced. ainsley: now that we have defined this, is it going to get better or get worse? >> i think it's going to get worse for a while. for the last three years we
3:56 am
have seen almost nonstop shoutdowns, protests, infringements of the freedom to express dissenting views of any sort. and the universities have generally responded by trying to just cover it up. to put over it excuses, rather than solutions. ainsley: peter wood, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. hillary clinton is still trying to figure out what happened in 2016, but guess who has an idea? ruth bader ginsburg. plus, andrew mccarthy, white house press deputy secretary hogan gidley and house majority whip steve scalise are all live. ♪ ♪ ♪ i
3:57 am
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4:00 am
adam schiff butting heads over fate of memos on the russia investigation. >> we want the democratic memo out. we think it's ridiculous on the face of it. >> what's really going on here is the president doesn't want the president to see the underlying facts. >> here are some headlines of so-called mainstream press fawning over the sister of the dictator who murders people. >> "the washington post," the ivanka trump of north korea captivates people in the south at the olympics. >> a dreamer is now speaking out against democrats. saying they don't have his back and he supports trump. >> president trump work with democrats. at the end of the day, it's democrats who don't want to work with him. >> figure skater nagasu becoming the first american woman to land a triple axle. that is not easy. ♪ ♪ made in the u.s.a. ♪ made in the u.s.a. ♪
4:01 am
steve: you look up avenue of the americas, you can see a lot of taillights there because folks are heading toward central park going to work on this first monday. ainsley: going straight. brian: past our building. a lot of people are driving past. if you are driving past, honk. we like the background noise. ainsley: i don't think we will hear it. steve: anyway, thank you very much for joining us. let's talk about the big story today is actually the big story from last week. remember the republicans put out a five ---rather, a four-page fisa abuse memo that circumstantial said all esl the problems. the democrats came out with a 10 pager that rebuts all of that stuff there are, however, and we predicted this last week. there are apparently some sources and methods that reveal how our intel community works in that. the democrats installed those, according to the president of the united states who said yesterday he tweeted out called it
4:02 am
political with the sources and methods. and the democrats knew when it landed on the president's desk he would have to say i can't sign this. i'm going to have to redact stuff. he didn't want to do that because he didn't want to look like he was editing their work. ainsley: this all happened within the house intel committee. you have the top guy devin nunes. he did the republican memo and all the democrats in that committee said we don't want the republican memo released. then have you the top guy, the top democrat and that's adam schiff, congressman adam schiff. and all the republicans, the whole committee voted for that one to be released. so it goes to the president's desk. these two guys are at odds over who is right and who is wrong. you know devin nunes over the weekend he was on one of the sunday shows. he made a really good point these democrats if they really want you to see it, then they would have spent the weekend fixing these redactingers and making it so you could see it then the democrats adam schiff was on some of the sunday shows. he had his own response. is he blaming the republicans.
4:03 am
brian: it's so bad the staffs have been curtains between them. they are told not to interact with each other. ainsley: really? brian: let's listen. >> we actually want the democratic memo out. we think it's ridiculous on the face of it we think it's very political about how they attack myself. they attack chairman gowdy. they turn carter page into some super secret russian spy. they talk about how christopher steele is a really, really good source. when we know that he lied to the fbi. so we want this out. we don't know why they're not in this weekend redacting it so we can get it back to the white house so the president can declassify it. >> the president doesn't want the public to see the underlying facts. what is revealed in our memo are quotations from the very fisa application that really demonstrates just how misleading the republicans have been. but the president doesn't want you to see these facts from the fisa application because it completely undermines his claim of convinceddization. brian: we'll see. nothing that adam schiff says that the president
4:04 am
agreed with and vice versa. dan bongino looked what the democrats are doing. >> everything they do in this case has been down right evil in the case of the russia narrative. you almost have to disrespect their deviousness tactically brilliant. put in information there they know can't get out in sources and methods. memo that is. giving it to the president knowing he can't release that memo and then come back and say immediately as if on cue look the president is hiding something. it's really deranged but this is what they do. steve: but the president isn't hiding. he said he would sign it provided, you know, the department of justice and the fbi both looked at the democrats' version and they said there are some things we have got to take out. democrats wouldn't do it over the weekend. apparently they are going to look at it today there are a number of congressional democrats, that is to say, who say we could release it as early as monday or tuesday and then we will all
4:05 am
be able to see. ainsley made a great point earlier. when the republican memo came out. the democrats said absolutely not. we don't want that out. whereas when the democrat memo came out, everybody, republicans and democrats got together. they wanted the transparency. got to take the secrets out of daschle memo. ainsley: all think that democrats are stalling to water it down. i heard it over the weekend they might be doing this to stall it you at home you forget about it. you don't care anymore when it is released. brian: i don't know. we will find out soon. steve: we will. brian: five minutes after the top of the hour. another major thing that's going to happen. now that a two year budget agreed upon. time to focus on the promise that republicans made and vice versa. they were going it talk about the daca situation and as it relates to immigration. if you want the daca thing done for the kids who came here young and now for the most part in their 20's. if you want to give them a pathway to citizenship. the president outlined what you need to get that done. is he going -- if you want 1.8 million on a pathway
4:06 am
over 10 years or 12 years, then it's got to end that i know pry congratulation. stop the visa lottery system. provide tens of millions for border security. now it's going to be as mitch mcconnell says one of the first times in a long time a freewheeling senate debate on the pluses and minuses. when they begin to congregate around one plan, this whole thing will begin to take shape. hopefully by march 6th. ainsley: i'm really excited about this. we could be disappointed. brian: remember i'm the optimist last hour. ainsley: i'm on board with you too. mitch mcconnell is fulfilling his promise. he said you know, dems if you give us a bonus and don't throw this daca we will deal with immigration in the month of february. he is doing that and coming to the floor of the senate. and saying here is the shell of the bill. y'all fill it with what you want. that's what they're doing. normally the majority party fills it with stuff that they want because they know they will get the votes. that's not happening this time so everyone can throw in what they like and then they can debate it old time.
4:07 am
steve: that's right, like the olden days. ainsley: like my hands? brian: don't mind me. steve: conservative republicans in the senate. have come forward with a bill. and they are there. mirrors what the president of the united states would like to see. he would like to seat money for the wall. he would like to end chain migration as we know it end the visa lottery system. but the high price that democrats would pay then would be offset by the fact that the republicans would then let in 1.8 million of the dreamers. the people who are behind this say look, this is ultimately the best deal for the senate because this is the only one that will be signed by the president but, more importantly, passed by the house. keep in mind, the house and the president both have veto power over whatever the senate comes out with. brian: the house is ticked. they did not like that budget bill. steve: it was terrible. brian: irate. they say we want the goodlatte proposal pushed forward and thrown at the senate. that's different from what
4:08 am
we have been debating and what tom cot ton and others released over the weekend. steve: we had a fellow who was brought into this country by his mother from mexico when he was 1 year old. he is today living the american dream. even though technically he is not an american citizen. his name is hill larr row yanez he works for a big fortune 500 company down in houston. he says at the simply don't have a plan. >> the president is taking leadership on this issue. you know, he is very compassionate on this issue. he understands it. and he has taken a lot of courage. he's willing to work, you know, and to get something done. i think it's necessary that we need border security. we need the security out there, the technology, the infrastructure. as far as the democrats, i'm a little confused as to what their message is i'm a little confused as to what they believe. in so for me it's more
4:09 am
appealing to appeal to my values and something that aligns with those. brian: well, you know, you think about it. if he is able to work out and do something, even the first step to some type of immigration reform. he will do more than president bush, president clinton. as well as president obama. he has a two year budget. which a lot of people don't like what's in it. some people do. bottom line is for two years not going to be debating the debt ceiling. shutting down the government once this thing is verified. if he gets this daca deal on top of tax reform, as well as the judges and the supreme court justice, you see this huge board. a lot of check marks. steve: i just don't know that the democrats in the senate are going to give donald trump a win when it comes to daca. ultimately, you know, young people like hilario there, ultimately he would be able to say barack obama did not give me legal status but donald trump did. that would be a big win for republicans and in an election year i just don't see. ainsley: back fire, everyone is smart. you see what's going on.
4:10 am
these daca recipients would say listen, just sign the deal. that way we get to say. steve: trump had made it very clear what he wants. three things for the one thing. i think the democrats will say we'll give you one thing, mr. president. he will say i don't want that keep in mind when they were doing the budgets deal apparently chuck schumer offered him $25 billion for the wall which ultimately which is what he wanted. president said no, i'm not going to do it because i want more. brian: he wasn't guaranteeing it first. lose the house he wouldn't have gotten it conventional wisdom right. only difference is they are screaming at chuck schumer's house in brooklyn. interrupting nancy pelosi speeches in san francisco. they are feeling -- the democrats are feeling the heat. that might change their mind. steve: but then they can just say in november they can stay trump, he wanted too much. couldn't go for it all right. i'm just not as optimistic. i hope something is done because it's a mess. but i just don't know politically if the democrats are going to do it. brian: somebody who is never a mess jillian. ainsley: over the weekend i heard from so many people
4:11 am
jillian was so happy. jillian: i'm paying for it now sore throat and cold i don't even care because it was the super bowl parade. awesome weekend, you guys. ainsley: sky diving story we will air later in the week. jillian: we will. a fox news alert. we now know the victims of the fiery helicopter crash in the grand canyon killing three people, injuring four others who are fighting for their lives in the hospital. all six passengers are from the united kingdom. the pilot 42-year-old american scott booth surviving but in critical condition. it's still unclear what caused the fatal crash that took off from nevada. the ntsb is now investigating. if he survives, prosecutors want the death penalty for the man accused of killing two ohio police officers quentin smith in the hospital after being shot by police. he is accused of ambushing westerville officers anthony morelli and joering. we now know smith wasn't even allowed to you own a gun. the community remembering honored heros are a prayer
4:12 am
vigil overnight. officer morelli's cruiser turned into a memorial sitting outside city hall. extreme weather forcing southwest airlines to cancel hundreds of flights in chicago. they ran out of desizing fluid. leaving passengers furious. >> this is chicago. hello. it snows here all the time. it's icy here all the time. hohow could you run out of de-icer in chicago? that's absurd. jillian: steve had the same reaction. hoping to resume operations today at midway international airport. chicago is digging out from the biggest snow storm of the year. that's a look at your headlines. i heard you say steve, how is this possible? steve: they could always get out a scraper. ainsley: it's not just people going on vacations. some people are trying to get home for funerals and get home for weddings that changes lives. that is ridiculous. who did not order the desizing stuff? steve: oopsy daisy. ainsley: someone is in
4:13 am
trouble. steve: a referral from senator grahams and grassley claims to back up the surveillance abuse claims made in the devin nunes memo. why is the media ignoring it? andrew mccarthy has an idea. he's going to join us next. brian: hillary clinton is still trying to figure out what happened in 2016. guess who has an idea? ruth bader ginsburg. three names, one woman ♪ what doesn't kill you ♪ makes you stronger ♪ just a little longer ♪ doesn't mean i'm lonely when i'm alone ♪ what doesn't kill you ♪ little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring.
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4:17 am
♪ ♪ >> i will say this in terms of the grassley memorandum or the grassley letter. it is part of the same effort along with the chairman of our committee to try to put the fbi and bob mueller want's investigation on trial it is well known defense tactic. steve: adam schiff claim claiming that the release of the memo criminal referral undermine the mueller russia investigation. can he back that up? brian: here to weigh in national review contributing editor andrew mccarthy. andrew, didn't mention anything with grassley and graham about mullen. why is he saying that?
4:18 am
>> well, because that's the theme they want to put out. obviously unhappy and a little bit embarrassed by. so things that are being revealed. so, it's kind of like every time there's a piece of good news for trump, they float out some story that he is about to fire mueller. he's going to fire rosenstein. is he going to fire everybody. this is what they do. steve: ultimately with the gravel grassley criminal referral memo, what it does is it verifies much of what was in devin nunes' memo that was released about 10 days ago, andy. then you look at the christopher steele dossier, ultimately the nunes memo has been verified a thousand times, you write in national review online. a thousand times more than the steele dossier. >> yeah. well, see, this is the big problem. we spent a lot of time talking about steele's credibility. and it is certainly worth doing that because it certainly appears that the justice department and the
4:19 am
fbi can field major parts of his bias, you know, simply the fact that he was working for the opposition campaign is something that clearly should have been disclosed. but that's not the principle problem with his work product. the principle problem with the dossier is that courts don't care what the investigative agent's sources is. they want the know the factual information that you are asking me the judge the warrant to base on to say there is probable cause. i need to know that those sources are believable. you got to give me something that tells me why i should credit them. and the real problem with the dossier is that the sources are these anonymous russians who are often 3, 4, 5 steps removed in terms of hearsay from the things they claim to have seen and then you overlay that with the problem that steele himself hasn't been in russia in 20 years.
4:20 am
you know, he knows people who know people who know people. so this thing is multiple marry say, anonymous documents that really rank rumor that can't be verified. brian: i just want to seat transcripts of the -- the documents that went on with the four fisa warrants to the surveillance court. lastly in your column you say out of all the text messages we are focusing on the wrong between between peter strzok and lisa page. what do you mean? >> i think in general, what we need to focus on here the jfinginformation put in front of the court which it is not verifiable and not credible. as far as the agents are concerned, if you get to the point where you reject the underlying information because it's not credible, then you have to get into the business of what was going through the minds of the investigators. and it looks here like what's going through the minds of the investigators,
4:21 am
they decide you had that trump was not suitable to be president. and they allowed their political convictions to interfere with their professional duty. steve: you wrote a great op-ed in national review online. andrew mccarthy, thank you very much. ♪ sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? right now during the ultimate sleep number event, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed with adjustable comfort on both sides. ends soon. visit for a store near you. from the moment you met you wantecomfort and protection that's why pampers swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness so all they feel is love pampers swaddlers
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4:24 am
one step closer to war. the jerusalem post reporting today israel has now deployed an antimissile system to the syrian border. this comes after a full weekend of conflict which started with -- when israeli helicopter took out an iranian drone launched from syria. israeli fighter jet was shot
4:25 am
down sparking a massive air attack on several syrian and iranian targets in the country of syria. an al qaeda terrorist is living like a king in gitmo. eating oreos and watching tv it is reported. ahmed aldarby sweet deal for snitching on terrorists. brother-in-law crashed a plane into the pentagon on september 11th. darby is scheduled to return to saudi arabia this month under obama era plea agreement that will get him out of gitmo. all right. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, steve. president trump vowing to fight the opioid crisis plaguing our nation. listen. >> america will not overcome this epidemic overnight. but just like americans always will, i do think we have to change our ways and we will. but we will prevail. we're going to beat it we're going to get tough. we're going to get angry. and we're going to win.
4:26 am
ainsley: our next guest knows the reality of this epidemic all too well. her name is sue. she lost her son nick to opioid addiction. this sunday she is accepted ago to the president putting a name. she writes nick's addiction became noticeable and began to bear its ugly head. nick came to us and revealed he had a drug problem and needed to go to rehab. he was addicted to opiates and i had to google what an opiate was. she joins us now. sue, first of all, i'm so sorry for your loss. i cannot imagine. i'm a mother, too. you are the mother of three children and you lost nick four years ago when he was 20 years old. what happened? >> so, nick was struggling for a few years. it turns out his -- he was the starting center on his varsity hockey team as a freshman. ainsley: lots of pressure. >> lot of pressure. even though he was very
4:27 am
talented coming off the number six team in the nation. ainsley: he was a big deal. >> he was a big deal. and right before his very first game an you were class man gave him a little white pill and told him it would help him relax. nick took it and apparently liked the way it made him feel. because he later told under the circumstanceus henever playl game sober. ainsley: you were classman said this will make you feel better and it did and one thing lid to another. what happened later? he went to college and was playing hockey and still was taking these opioids? >> so, nick did. he went on and graduated high school. started college, i should say. and yes, he was playing hockey at that time. and it was during that time where nick came to us and said that he needed to go to rehab. and we were like rehab? you know, for what? poits.
4:28 am
opiates, i had no idea what an opiate was and had to google it and off to rehab nick went. >> look at these pictures you are the all-american family. this can happen to anyone. we saw him with braces and kids in the background with sippy cups. we can all relate to these pictures. it can happen to anyone. you wrote a letter to the president for valentine's day. why did you want it to be delivered as a valentine? >> we all kind of came together as a nation. and figured valentine's was very fitting. ainsley: these are moms who have lost their kids. >> and some fathers too jumped in. and through our broken hearts, we wanted to show the president our love and warm his heart through our tragedy and see the faces and, you know, a lot of it is all about numbers with this epidemic. and, you know, these are our babies.
4:29 am
ainsley: these are all children -- someone's kids. >> yes. ainsley: 174 people die every day in 2016 in our country. all right. would you read what you wrote the president, an excerpt of that letter? >> yes. >> i can walk away the lucky one though. i was privileged to be nick's mom for 20 years. and i got to hear "i love you, mom" every single day. ainsley: the tears. my gosh. i can't even control my -- >> i told myself i wasn't going to cry. ainsley: have you every right to. i don't know how you are even sitting here and we just applaud you for that because you are trying to tell other families this doesn't have to happen to you. what do you recommend? what's your message to the president? what's your message to families that have kids addicted? >> i'm just begging and begging and pleading for help. this is the biggest epidemic our nation has ever faced. and, you know, it's now --
4:30 am
we know that addiction is a disease. it's not -- it's not a moral dilemma. it is a fact. and this is the only disease that i know of that is not being handled and treated appropriately as one. ainsley: were you pleased with the president giving $3 billion for each year for the next two years to fight this and what he said in the state of the union address? >> yes. so, first of all, i am pleased and i thank him tremendously for acknowledging and addressing this epidemic. and now, yes, certainly, you know, putting the funding out there and it's a start. it's a great start. and i know that this is only the beginning of the great and big things that he's going to do to pull us out of this. ainsley: thank you so much, sue. you'll have to come back and keep us informed with how things are going with all these other parents are facing this, too. is there a website that your
4:31 am
organization has put together? >> well, it's not my organization with the letters. a wonderful woman in massachusetts, it was her idea, you know, to flood. ainsley: to write the letters. all right, if you start an organization for this and i think that might be necessary at this point, then let us know and come back. we wish you all the best. god bless you. >> thank you so much. ainsley: and your two children at home. >> thank you. ainsley: white house press secretary hogan gidley coming up next. first, we head to vermont. and go to our coffee shop. and meet dave. hey. why is dark magic so spell-bindingly good, he asks? let me show you. let's go. so we climb. hike. see a bear. woah. reach the top. dave says dark magic is a bold blend of coffee with rich flavors of uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters packed with goodness.
4:32 am
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[girl 1] perfect! you can send a digital payment. [man] uhh, i don't have one of those payment apps. [girl 2] perfect! you have a us-based bank account, right? [man] i have wells fargo. [girl 3] perfect! then you should have zelle! [man] perfect. [girls] perfect! [vo] the number one mobile banking app just got better. [man] does your coach use zelle, too? [boy] of course! [vo] another way we're building better every day. steve: let's bring in hogan gidley the deputy white
4:35 am
house press secretary he joins us from our nation's capital. he is on the north lawn. good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. >> hard to smile with things like that. i'm going to smile for you guys. steve: democrats are saying you have got a lot to hide because you don't want this out there because, despite what the president said regarding the nunes memo, which convinced indicates vindis one does not. >> absolutely not true. adam schiff knows this and knows it well. talk about the hypocrisy on the left on this particular issue. excuse me, at the beginning, at the outset, they made the very clear point that anything released from this memo would be devastating to national security. republicans could not do it. and then when it came out they said oh, you have to release our memo. which is it is it hurting national security or isn't it? also they voted against the release of the republican memo. it was a vote along party lines. the republicans vote
4:36 am
unanimously to release the democrat memo. they play politics. put national security at risk. president trump declassified the republican memo because it did not reveal course sources and methods. this democratic memo does not keep american lives safe it reveals serious national security information that could quite frankly put our lives at risk and the president is not going to do that. ainsley: hogan, immigration debate hits capitol hill today starting in the senate. they are opening this up on the floor what can we expect and will we see a deal. >> hopefully so. the president has been clear where he stands. stories on this morning someone who is a daca resip recipient. this president is the only one sincere and trying to find long lasting solution for the daca problem. this president has come into office and in just a year's
4:37 am
time has tackled some issues that have been dogging this country for the better part of 40 years. the immigration system is broken. this president knows it. it is so dangerous for the american people to have all these loopholes in the immigration system that allow people like members of the ms-13 gang to come through. loopholes can't allow people to come here and get them out. allow border patrol agents means and methods to keep this country safe. democrats won't do that. this president will. brian: group of republicans say build off your big four. and have an additional framework. has the president looked at it? did they bounce it off the white house first and what is his take, if so? >> well, look, it's a very encouraging start to the day. because, everything in the president's framework is laid out in this bill. and it's not just a lasting solution for daca. it is the things you mentioned. you have to build a wall. the secret is walls work.
4:38 am
whether you are looking at the two and a half decades of the wall at san diego that reduced border crossings by 95%. the one in jerusalem that reduced border crossings by 99%. the wall works. but you also have to end chain migration. you have to end the visa lottery. you have to close those loopholes and give those border patrol agents the means and methods necessary to protected this nation. that's what the president is going to do and that's what the senate republicans have in their bill. steve: ultimately, it's up to the senate to figure out what they can get to 60 votes with. if their plan, hogan, does not have the four pillars that the president is behind, would he still sign it? >> well, that's a hypothetical. but i will say the president has been very clear. what he wants are those four pillars and something short of that, i doubt, will reach the president's desk and see the pen for signature. brian: hogan, bring it to a report in sunday's axios. jonathan swan ohio think is extremely fair says this. president trump is defending
4:39 am
rob porter and publicly but privately he says he is guilty. he says the president has told multiple people that he believes the accusations against porter are true and finds him sick. tell him his private comments about the exaid whose two exwives accuse him of violent attacks have been brutal. president is just outraged as many americans about the alleged domestic abuse which looks pretty strong, the evidence strong against porter. why won't he said that publicly or do you think jonathan swan is wrong? >> well, i don't know if he is going to say that publicly or not. and i have not spoken with the president about this. can i say, you know, we lean on a process here at the white house and quite frankly, as soon as we found out about this on tuesday, by wednesday, rob porter was gone. of the president has been very clear, that all forms of abuse, all forms of battery against women horrible and disgusting. brian: he hasn't said that. >> right. you haven't talked to him today.
4:40 am
obviously he said that multiple times in the past. in this particular instance you are talking about source i can't verify because i have not had that conversation with him. i know for a fact i have talked to the president about issues surrounding this type of behavior, and he finds it disgusting. steve: sure, the abuse allegations his stories are horrific. they are bad stories. but something else that is just as troubling is apparently mr. porter did not ultimately have his security clearance because of the problems in his past. is the white house going through everybody at the white house so close to the president making sure, okay, this guy has got it, this guy has got it, wait a minute, this person doesn't. maybe that person should not be so close to the president. >> well, look, that's a process as i mentioned before. but it's a process done by career officials in the federal government. at the fbi and other agencies. so, on purpose, for administration after administration, whether it was bill clinton. whether it was george w. bush, whether it was barack obama, the white house doesn't interfere in those processes and they keep going forward because we can't have a handle in that. that's something for outside
4:41 am
entities to look at. you can't stop the process. ainsley: hogan will you and sarah huckabee sanders get together and advise him and talk about this is an opportunity when can he come out against domestic violence. those pictures are who are risk. >> they were absolutely. the president has been out against domestic violence for a long time. he didn't -- in the oval office, the thing you are probably talking about he was asked specifically about rob porter. the president deplors -- thinks that domestic violence is grotesque. he has said that on multiple occasions. there is no place for it in this country and the white house and the president won't stand for it. steve: hogan gidley for us and we can tell it's breezy. brian: and rainy. >> thank you so much. ainsley: jillian has more headlines. get you caught up on a couple quick headlines. mexican woman is rescued after plunging off a 20-foot cliff while croising into the u.s. illegally. border patrol spotting her boy friend looking for help
4:42 am
near california. 22-year-old air lifted from the scene suffering from a fractured spine thuvment photo that you are seeing showing just how rough the terrain is in that area. 44-year-old man was detained. woman will be sent back to mexico once she is out of the office. ruth bader ginsburg doubling down on comments she made last year. the justice said she had no doubt sexism played a major part in hillary clinton's 2016 presidential loss. well now in a discussion at columbia university, she was asked to clarify those comments. >> i think it was difficult for hillary clinton to get by even the macho atmosphere prevailing during that campaign. ainsley: the 84-year-old adding anyone who watched the campaign unfold would have said the same thing it is 7:42 on the east coast. go out to janice dean where
4:43 am
it's a pretty warm start out there, janice. japan january not bad i have osay. where are you from and what are your names. >> my name is becky i'm from hilliard, ohio, outside of columbus. >> pete from columbus as well. >> and? >> kay from bowling ridge, georgia. >> chris from bowling ridge, georgia. janice: what are you here for. >> westminster dog show. janice: we will talk about dogs throughout the day today and tomorrow. the westminster dog show is here in new york city. take a look at the maps. actually warm, relatively speaking here in new york city. are we looking at maps? are we going to look at the maps? are the maps coming up? just looking at beautiful faces sneer just looking at beautiful faces. enjoy new york city. do you want to say hi to steve, ainsley and brian on the couch? >> hey, guys. >> hi. brian: if you are going to come visit janice, bring a map. steve: brian, people don't have maps anymore. they have an app. instead of a map. ainsley: take it on a plane long big maps.
4:44 am
brian: nancy pelosi one of the most waterfall democrats in decades. is that all about to change at 77 years old? steve: plus this season on track to be the worse ever. how can you avoid getting sick? dr. oz. get your kid the flu shot. brian: he knows what company he is at. this is the ibm blockchain, built for smarter business. built to run on the ibm cloud. on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782
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steve: nancy pelosi had that big filibuster a couple nights ago. people were going why did she do that? well, was it to show vitality or simply to show that she still is in control of the house? because on thursday night, preshutdown, nancy urged democrats vote no on that bill that would keep the government open. 73 dems though voted yes and it passed ultimately. so nancy now says oh, i wanted everybody to vote yes anyway even though she said vote no. people are going what the heck is she talking about these days? brian: here's the thing with nancy pelosi. at 77 years old. she control of a lot of the fundraising and power.
4:48 am
tim ryan got the closest to unseating her a couple years ago. you got to wonder if she is the best thing the republicans have going for them to keep the house. how long will be subservient to them. here is the quote: brian: remember what she said about crumbs. that's going t to be-as bad as deplorables. steve: i think you are right. ainsley: we laugh at some of the things, scapegoat comments. the crumbs comment, that truly is not a laughable thing because we have interviewed some people that have gotten thousand dollar bonuses and that's a lot of money to most families. steve: and the important passage from the "new york times" article was that she remains a polarizing figure, even with democrats. but here's the other thing.
4:49 am
she has zero intent of stepping down. brian: right. steve: get used to her because at this point, unless she says i'm done, it's going to be hard to force her from the stage. brian: i know one thing, this talking point is done. ainsley: all right. so brian has ended this segment. steve: because we have a great guest coming up u plus. this. ainsley: congressman jim jordan says he has concerns about house speaker paul ryan after congress passed their budget agreement. what does house majority whip steve scalise think? we will ask him next hour. brian: this flu season on track to be the worse ever. can you avoid getting sick? dr. oz is here and he is not running a fever. steve: shake hands during the flu season? get away from me. ♪ ♪ a pretty face ♪
4:50 am
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4:53 am
steve: this year's nationwide flu outbreak is on track to be the worse on record. ainsley: the cdc is reporting that one in 10 americans have died from the flu last week? steve: of the people who died -- ainsley: all the people who died -- wait. of the people who died last week, one in 10 died from the flu. steve: look who is here. >> not to make light of it because it is a tragedy people do die from the flu and thought we could have young children. this is the headline of the post today. i got up this morning. we had independently decided to be. steve: get your kid a flu shot. is it too late. >> no. flu season is about 20 weeks long. we are probably about week
4:54 am
11. you are definitely not too late. people most at risk are 6 months to 5-year-olds. people older. we those can you say on kids dying because it's always terribly tragic. people get the flu they have a heart attack and pneumonia. you may not die from the flu but direct consequence of it worth investing effort today to make sure you don't end up with this problem. brian: i heard this flu ache seen is the least effective of any flu. only 30% of people are actually inknock could you inknu >> we make the vaccine from growing the virus in eggs. it's not as effective as we want it to be there. 30% is better than zero percent. the other strains. it does protect from that one we believe. you don't -- we know it wasn't great this australia because all these vaccines southeast asia. westward as the virus comes. did i get it i understanding two of the three of you did
4:55 am
get it, correct? >> steve: i got it. ainsley: got the shot. yeah, yeah. i got the shot. >> that's why i'm sitting here. because brian didn't get the flu shot. is he over there. ainsley: let me ask you. this as a mom. all of my friends are terrified i have moms not sending kids to school or not seconding them to church on sunday because they sore scared that their kids are going to get the flu. if they get the flu, because we're all hearing these reports of children dying. if they get the flu, what do we do. >> first off, don't be scared. we went to church on sunday. kids are all going to school. don't pull them out. you should continue normal activity. if you get the flu, there are antivirals like tamiflu. take them within a day of getting the flu in order for them to be effective. please stay home until your fever drops. because you are contagious until 24 hours after the fever goes away. recognize that the flu is not the same as the common cold they are different things. steve: similar, kind of? >> flu is rapid onset, high fever, chills, and 34u68 aches and pains. the cold is, you know, sore
4:56 am
throat, runny nose, no real fever, very slow onset. they are pretty different. steve: if you have already had the flu, can you get it again? >> yes. because have you multiple strains. so you could get the really bad strain. better strain and fight versa. "ron nicly the population getting hit bad at it probably because it wasn't around as a kid. first virus get as a child primes your system. get people healthy and wouldn't have an issue are not for a week. steve: i'm going to shake your hand. you said everybody should wash their hands all day. walk around with a hand sanitizer in your pocket. we all touch our face whether we acknowledge it or not. 5 to 15 times an hour. do this all the time. better to just -- use your senses. speaking of senses like the commercial at the super bowl? > steve: you were great. >> use your eyes. use your fingers but don't put them in your ice.
4:57 am
steve: dr. oz the voice of turkish airlines. brian: of course you got your great show on. >> yes. ainsley: congratulations on all your success. >> thank you. ainsley: video give you chills. studentssa fulfill -- .re . . .
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ >> we actually want the democratic memo out. we think it is ridiculous on the face of it. >> what is really going on here the president doesn't want the public to see the underlying fact. >> this president refuses to put people's lives at risk and play politics with national security and that is what the democrats are doing here. >> all eyes in the money world on wall street where in couple hours the market is set to reopen. ainsley: what can we expect. >> i think we're in for another rough ride. that doesn't mean there will be a big selloff. i mean up and down like this. ainsley: a "dreamer" who supports president trump and has a tough message for nancy pelosi. >> dems failed to act in 2008, 2011. the president is taking leadership on the issue.
5:01 am
brian: the video will give you chiles. -- chills. a student choir fills entire hotel with our national anthem. ♪ ♪ steve: a guy walks out of his hotel room, he realized that there were requires that were staying in his hotel. and that is the kentucky music educator's association all-state choir. they were singing our national anthem. brought many to tears. they are going to be with us live. the conclusion of this hour, because that video taken right there went viral over the weekend.
5:02 am
ainsley: you heard a little clip of it before we went to break. beautiful voices. brian: let's talk about what is taking place as early as today. there is freewheeling debate with daca fix. not comprehensive immigration reform. that is too big. never works. they will talk about phase one. phase one will include daca. people brought here as youngsters against their will perhaps. now part of society, a pathway to citizenship. the president says i'm okay with that. takes 10 years. don't break any rules. you should be fine. says nuclear family does not become citizens. they will debate all the things because they came here illegally. they will debate the lottery, as well as chain migration. the question is, what are the democrats going to give back for that? it has a lot to do with border security. steve: they want daca, okay, 25 billion, that for border security, that might be doable
5:03 am
if it is one for one but president wants three things. democrats want one thing. it is a high bar for the democrats to cross this. ainsley: that's right. we interviewed hogan gidley, deputy white house press secretary about the importance of the immigration plan, the president's immigration plan and the framework. listen to this. >> everything in the president's framework is laid out in the bill. it is not just a lasting solution for daca. you have to build a wall. the secret walls work but you have to end chain migration. you have to end the visa lottery. and you have to close the loopholes and give the border patrol agents the means and necessary to protect this nation. that is what the president is going to do and that is what the senate republicans have in their bill. ainsley: senator mitch mcconnell is coming to the floor. we come in, whoever the majority party is usually comes in with everything attached to the bill. he is coming to the house, to the senate floor, this is a shell of the bill.
5:04 am
you guys fill it with what you think is important. do it the old-fashioned way, let's debate this i'm fulfilling a promise in january to the democrats when they allowed the budget bill to go through. brian: jeff flake who is the president's biggest clinic. no longer point to the white house saying we're a little confused. now what speaker ryan said all along, i have got to get something the president will sign. he believes the house will demand the speaker take the goodlatte bill, push it right to the senate, especially what they thought they were ignored the freedom caucus was in the whole budget debate. steve: big question whether or not they get 60, they have to have 6 in the u.s. senate. there are only 51 republicans. the house doesn't like something mushy in the middle. they want what the president wants in large measure. ultimately the president has got
5:05 am
to like it and win. hogan was on with us, we asked hypothetical, if the four parts were not in it would he sign it, he said essentially stay tune. ainsley: the the rebuttal to the republican memo. if you are just waking up and weren't looking at news, the democrat memo was released. some things were in the memo for national security purposes. there are so many secrets and sensitive information. brian: so personal between the ranking member as well as the chairman. here is an example. devin nunez, i put out first memo. it was not going to pass. that is why it was put out. adam schiff said i told you they wouldn't do it, even though they voted unanimously in the committee to do it. >> everything in the president's framework is laid out in this bill. it is not just a lasting solution for daca. it is things you mentioned.
5:06 am
you have to build a wall. the secret walls work. but you also have to end chain migration and you have -- ainsley: we're just kidding. that was a sound bite you already heard about immigration. they're reracking it. they have it ready for you. this is nunez. this is the republican nunez, who is the republican leader of the house intel committee and then the response from the democrat adam schiff, congressman adam schiff. they were both on sunday shows this morning. i think we have it ready, right? ainsley: we have it ready now. go. >> we actually want the democratic memo out. we think it is ridiculous on the face of it. we think it is political how they attack myself, attack chairman nowed did i. they turn carter page into some supersecret russian spy. they talk about how christopher steel is real, really good sows, when we know they lied to the fbi. we want this out we don't know why they're not in this weekend redacting it so the white house
5:07 am
can reclassify it. >> the president doesn't want the public to see underlying facts. what is revealed in the memo quotations from the fisa memo that show how misleading the republicans have been. the president doesn't want you to see the facts from the fisa application because it completely undermines his claim of vindication. >> that is not accurate. it is not the president who essentially said i don't want to see it this is political and secrets here. it is department of justice and fbi. they said too many secrets. democrats will sit down with the attorneys today and do redacting and put forward and put the memo forward for reconsideration. ultimately the president would have to reclassify it. brian: if you want to keep eye on something, the push to release the fisa warrant request. i want to see the debate, what the judge heard, four times,
5:08 am
okay, spy on carter page. who knows who else. so we'll get away from this conjecture. get away from editorializing in any memo. i don't care what your party is, i want to see what the judge saw. i'm just wondering if john brennan was indeed correct when he was cia director when he said the dossier was not used to target anybody on the trump campaign. steve: there is item out by paul sperry, investigative reporter, perhaps former director of the fbi right there, john brennan, cia, he could be in perjury trouble because when he appeared in public last year he said essentially the dossier played no role in promoting ultimately the fisa application. he also said i have no idea who paid for it. dan bongino was with us 90 minutes ago. he said that guy right there who
5:09 am
used to be in the cia he might be in really big trouble. >> brennan says i don't know who commissioned the dossier, which is amazing. the cia hassen trillion role in verification of foreign assets and information we get from foreign assets. it is not plausibly deniable that john brennan did not know who commissioned that dossier. he is in a world of trouble because he raised his right hand and he said the exact opposite. brian: i would like to know how this might play into other fisa requests in the fisa court particularly expanded after 2001, the 9/11 attacks. anything you do to stop the next attack, fine. if you're doing for political purposes, unmasking people, not accusing, samantha power had dozens of requests to unmask. how did you to about doing that, what was the case you brought forward as u.n. secretary of in new york city. ainsley: if you get the dirty dot sy a, uh-huh, should we spy
5:10 am
on the trump campaign, where did you get this information? who gave it to you? where did it come? those are the questions. steve: footnote says it was politically in nature but doesn't say the hillary clinton and campaign paid for it. ainsley: if you see political nature, hold on, i have new guess? brian: they say it is against the law to present anything not verified and 100% to a fisa judge. that is part of the concept. why there is no defense attorney to defend. ainsley: if it is illegal we need to find out who released that information and they need to get in trouble. brian: somebody that never breaks the law as far as we know, jillian. jillian: never had speeding ticket for multiple -- brian: we'll do a background check. you're on probation until we look. jillian: thank you, guys. starting with fox news alert second in command of taliban is dead in pakistan.
5:11 am
he was killed at former strong hold near the afghan border. the successful strike further weakens the taliban already being forced to fall back by the pakistani military. he was on the u.s. terrorist list since 2014. we know the victim in the fiery helicopter crash in the grand canyon, killing three people and inning four others. the pilot, is surviving but in critical condition. a crash survivor running away from the chopper. a witness describing her as badly injured with severe burns. she was screaming for jason, the name of one of the men who died in the wreck. unclear what caused the fatal crash that took off from nevada. the ntsb is investigating. counselor to the president, kellyanne conway says there is no reason not to believe accusing former white house aide rob porter of domestic abuse. chief of staff john kelly's job is safe despite questions over
5:12 am
his handling of the scandal. >> all the stories are replacing general kelly, are people unhappy they lost access to the president. >> i told the president. i will be with you today. tell jake that i have full faith in chief of staff john kelly. jillian: conway setting the record straight on reports he is on the outs. two women shining for america in the winter olympics. jamie anderson, celebrating the win wrapping herself with the american flag. she won gold at same event in sochi games in 2014. figure skater, became first woman to land a triple axle in competition. usa tied in the gold count with two. germany has three. steve: norway has aid medals. jillian: we will catch up. ainsley: one in snowboarding, one in ice skating?
5:13 am
brian: prime minister ses i have. hard to know what is live and not live. it is so bizarre. jillian: is this live, is it not live, i don't know. steve: figure it happened yesterday. ainsley: coming up conservatives are upset after last week's costly budget deal. congressman jim jordan has concerns about house speaker paul ryan. >> i think our big concern he just reprided over one of the biggest spending increases in history of this country at a time we were elected to do just the opposite. steve: coming up we talk next to house majority whip steve scalise. brian: the media can not stop gushing over kim jong-un's sister. look at her. can't help but gush. calling her the ivanka trump of north of cree. have they forgot what the rogue nation is doing to their own people and making nuclear weapons? i haven't. ♪
5:14 am
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5:18 am
infrastructure after stupidly spending $7 trillion in the middle east. it is time to start investing in our country. here to react house majority whip steve scalise from down home in new orleans. steve, good morning to you. >> good morning. food to be with you,. steve: steve president's suggestion on infrastructure, 1.$5 trillion, that is a lot of money that would fix a lot of stuff but a lot of people are saying where is this money going to come from? >> that is it something we're all looking at for a long time, knowing when the infrastructure pack damage will be put together. the president is talking about this to reform the permitting process. no reason why it should take 10 years to get a permit to build some of these projects t jacks up the cost of road projects. by shortening the permit process you save a lot of money, billions of dollars on some of these big projects. steve: sure. one of the big things that got passed last week was the budget
5:19 am
and you have heard a lot of your constituents down there, hey, listen, there's a lot of control spending in washington, d.c. and they're disappointed that the republican went along with all that crazy spending. >> you know it has taken years to get a budget agreement. that is ultimately what we got. but the main thing we've been focused on trying to increase the defense spending to properly make sure our men and women in uniform have the tools they need. frankly they have not had tools they needed. our generals told us that. our commander-in-chief, president trump, said that too. he said making sure we properly fund defense is top priority. for years we haven't been able to get that agreement. we finally did. at least this gives real certainty to our defense and men an women in uniform. let's make sure they have the things not only to protect our country but safe training in the missions. steve: sure, the freedom caucus not crazy about the all the money spent but liked military
5:20 am
money. jim jordan said this about the speaker. >> you ask me if there is it concerns with the speaker? there are big concerns, he presided over one of the biggest spending increases in this country at a time we were elected to do the opposite. does the speaker have problems? yes i do particularly in the big immigration debate. steve: congressman, are saying should paul ryan be out if that is the kind of agenda he is presiding over? >> this is deal speaker ryan negotiated for years. we passed bills in the house. i know jim jordan supported in the past increased defense spending but not on the non-defense discretionary side. the senate never went along with it. we finally got an agreement with the senate. we need to get control of mandatory spending, that is the driver of the debt and need to get control of the mandatory spending quickly.
5:21 am
steve: steve scalise. joining us from new orleans. thank you very much. >> good to be with you. steve: hillary clinton trying to figure out what happened in 2016, one magazine has a question for you, move on! a debate coming up next. who's the new guy? they call him the whisperer. the whisperer? why do they call him the whisperer? he talks to planes. he talks to planes. watch this. hey watson, what's avionics telling you? maintenance records and performance data suggest replacing capacitor c4.
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steve. we have quick headlines. if he survives the prosecutors want death penalty for man accused killing two ohio police officers. quinn ton smith in the hospital after being shot in police. he shot officers anthony morelli and eric o j.r. ing. we know smith was not even allowed to own a gun. the community coming together to mourn the officers at a prayer vigil last night.
5:25 am
former indianapolis colts linebacker killed by a drunk driver who was in the country illegally will be laid to rest later today. funeral services for edwin jackson will be held in his hometown of atlanta, georgia. the 26-year-old and his uber-driver were killed in indiana on super bowl sunday after being hit by manuel sarava who had been deported twice. brian: talk about north korea and not south korea and the olympics. talk about north korea's role in this olympics. for some reason the north koreans in a attempt to go for peace and haven't been in existence for 25 years. every time they host a major event from the world cup to past olympic there is is overture from the north, let's make peace, give peace a chance. they use this as a pr plus as if we're going to ignore the fact that they're starving their own people, they're a rogue regime, trying to expedite their nuclear
5:26 am
technology forward. now the worst came to fruition. the american press is buying into it. i would contest because it is, this administration is hated so much by the american press they're actually taking the side of kim jong-un's sister. ainsley: this is "new york times" headline. kim jong-un's sister turns on the charm, taking pence's spotlight when they were sitting together at the olympics. steve: reuters said, north korea judged winner of diplomatic gold at olympics. >> "washington post," the ivanka of north korea captivates the people in the south at olympics. steve: fail to mention north korea had human rights abuses for decades. they starve their people. they glorify public excuses. sean parnell, retired army ranger watched some of this gushing over the weekend and had this observation in great interview with brian. >> the first thing that i see
5:27 am
cnn's headline kim jong's sister steal show at the olympics. i was shocked. one by one all the other stories popped up on reuters, abc news, npr, praising one. most brutal dictatorships the world has ever known. they have gulag and concentration camps in north korea larger than los angeles. they starve and oppress their people. subjugate their people. brian: here is the thing, they're aiming their missiles, their rockets at guam. they threatened and sent them over our ally in japan. we are spending 10 of thousands of dollars, millions of dollars to bring our naval presence back to the region. we're staying there. now we're at the point where we have our vice president in this, i guess this vip booth to observe the ceremonies, people are mad at the vice president turning around shaking down or sitting down during the national anthem? why would we stand and salute
5:28 am
the regime killing so many and threatened us for some years? steve: headlines, they didn't want to talk about trump. they wanted to talk about her. it is gushing. it is effusive. there is one thing that could be progress however, between the north and the south and that is the fact that apparently she, at the suggestion of her brother, the dictator pictured right there, she apparently invited the president of south korea to north korea for talks. it is unclear whether or not the south koreans realize it is probably just propraganda. they have not decided yet whether or not they will be in attendance. brian: don't be surprised the south already agreed on some level to some type of economic sanction relief. and, they just want more time to continue with their missile program. that is all it is. we've seen this movie before. steve: propaganda. ainsley: coming you up, the juice is loose in hollywood. o.j. simpson just landed a new gig. brian: hillary clinton is trying to figure out what happened in 2016. one magazine has a suggestion for her.
5:29 am
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♪ the rockets red gray, the bombs bursting in air, ♪ ainsley: this is your shot of the morning. more than 650 choir students waking up the hotel in louisville with their beautiful rendition of "the star-spangled banner." brian: here is a live look at the kentucky music educators association, all state choir members, singing at lafayette school in lex sing son, kentucky, you will get to watch
5:33 am
them. full heartwarming performance coming up on "fox & friends." steve: they started singing 10:00 or 11:00 at night in that particular hotel. ainsley: it was middle of the night. everyone came out of their rooms to watch. steve: in fact the fellow took the images was from another nation. what is that. he took the picture. i had a great american moment. ainsley: hard to tell in that picture is the choir down in the lobby area and everyone looking over? steve: one of those gigantic atriums. brian: like a courtyard marriott like that? ainsley: a courtyard in the middle. make like ad -- rad disson or ramada. steve: we'll give you a exact hotel later on as she leaves the light on for us. >> walking in i missed all of that. i apologize, guys. good morning to you. good morning to you at home as well. start you off with this story
5:34 am
right now. a missing woman miraculously found alive in the woods after a 36 hour search. rescue teams an hundreds of volunteers launching a desperate search to find 45-year-old lisa holman. the fire department using this drone to in the alabama thick terrain. holman's vehicle was found wrecked friday. but they didn't find her until sunday morning in the area. according to police she had broken bones. holman's family saying in a statement that her toughness helped her fight through her injuries to stay alive. a short time ago, president tweeting support for a mother of a 20-year-old man who died during the opioid crisis. she joined us in the last hour. >> i'm just begs, begging, and pleading for help. our, this the biggest epidemic our nation has ever faced.
5:35 am
jillian: the commander-in-chief responding saying thank you to sue, who lost her wonderful and talented sonic during the opioid crisis. we're fighting this terrible epidemic hard. nick will not have died in vain. fpl makers of peter rabbit movie are apologizing after facing major backlash. >> are you going to eat me? >> show me your teeth. it was you. i knew it. how are you? so good to see you. jillian: here's the deal, parents outraged over a scene calling allergy bullying. in the movie, peter rabbit's nemesis, mr. mcgregor has a nephew who is allergic to blackberries. it forced him to use a epipen. sony film-makers are in part sincerely regret and not more sensitive to this issue and we truly apologize. that is look at the headlines. ainsley, send the back to you.
5:36 am
>> jillian, thank you. hillary clinton needs to move on according to a new "politico" op-ed. we passed groundhog day on the calendar but we're still living it. we can't break free from the hashing and rehashing of the 2016 election. she has a chance to go down in history as much more than almost first woman president. it starts with changing the subject. is it time? tim canova is challenging congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz down in florida for the 23rd congressional district. we have hamza khan of pluralism project. thank you for being here. do you think it is time for hillary clinton to move on? >> i think after every presidential election it is a healthy thing for the candidate who loses traditionally, that candidate goes through a period of introspection and really reinvention. we've seen other candidates do that al gore, going back to
5:37 am
richard nixon. it is healthy thing for the party. it opens up a space where the party can consider other policies and strategies and even personnel to promote. what makes it different this time is very how divided the democratic party is and a lot of that is lingering hostility towards the clinton campaign and the allegations of rigging the primary. you know that goes back to donna brazile and wikileaks and even at the dnc fraud lawsuit it is very difficult for a big part of the party to move on as long as we keep rehashing this without kind of a reckoning. just to give you one example, right here in broward county where i am, we tried to verify the vote in our past election and the supervisor of elections ended up destroying the ballots. we're still waiting for the florida democratic party and local broward democratic party to speak out about this and do something. it is very tough to move the party in that kind of a direction when you know, the lead candidate hasn't even moved
5:38 am
on from this. there is more i could say about the ballot destruction if folks are interested. go to our website at tim ainsley: what do you think? does she need to move on? is it time? >> this is interesting election cycle and interesting time in american politics. here we have former positive of massachusetts mitt romney a republican running for senate in utah. we have newt gingrich as top advisor to the current white house administration. we have president barack obama setting up a foundation getting very involved in local elections across the country. we have vice president joe biden going on nationwide tour about america's promise. so the old adage that in american public life there isn't a second act doesn't seem to be holding true anymore. president donald trump has run for office himself in the past. he tried to become the nominee for his party as running for president for the united states several times. he is back in the game now. ainsley: you would think it would be okay for hillary clinton to be on the ballot for
5:39 am
2020 it run for president again? >> i don't know if secretary clinton is interest for running for president again. she has a role as a stateswoman inspiring people to run behind the scenes. the pluralism project is proud to endorse a couple candidates across a few others, neil muhammad in illinois. this is great time to be an american. frankly hillary clinton's helped bring about a healing in our country that we haven't seen before. she has been exemplary when it comes to helping civil transition from one administration to the another from the obama administration to the trump administration and previously from her husband's administration and president clinton's administration to president bush, jr.'s administration. we are proud of the role she is playing in public life. i don't think there is anything wrong being involved in any way. it is part of democracy. ainsley: how can she retain power in democratic circles
5:40 am
without becoming a target for republicans? tim i will start with you. >> that is very interesting question and tough thing. she will remain a target continuing rehash of 2016. at a time democrats have to rebuild to figure out how they will come back. unfortunately failure has been rewarded in the democratic party. it goes well before 2016. when you take a look at the huge defeats that the democrats suffered in the midterm elections of 2010 and 2014, this party is in the weakest position that we've been in since 1920. >> i have to disagree. >> those are facts. those are facts. ainsley: we'll give you last word. >> running for congress and trying to build your own reputation to take on dws. let me point out to you the united states is doing fantastic when it comes to democratic involvement, mostly because democrats are running across the country up and down the ballot. we have strongest chance yet to take back congress, thanks to hillary and barack obama done to
5:41 am
build us going forward this coming election cycle. you're not right about any of this. >> that is lot of happy talk when you look at the situation. >> when you lose to dws this year, we'll know it is happy talk. >> may i finish. the democrats are in the weakest position in the house. >> you can keep saying. we're doing fantastic. when it -- ainsley: one at time. >> i'm rooting for the democrats. and i'm working hard for democrats. >> should stop taking down former leader. >> i'm not trying to take her down. >> seems like you're desperate to take down somebody. ainsley: hamza, thank you so much. forget keeping murderers and drug dealers out. environmentalists are more worried about this butterfly and they are using it to try to stop the president's wall. kris kobach helped draft the president's immigration policy. he is live next. the juice is loose in hollywood. o.j. simpson just landed a new gig.
5:42 am
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with a replacement you can trust. all done sir. >> grandpa: looks great! >> tech: thanks for choosing safelite. >> grandpa: thank you! >> child: bye! >> tech: bye! saving you time... so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ ♪ steve: got some quick headlines for you on this monday morning. first up, new york state slapping harvey weinstein and his brother bob and the wine steep company with a civil rights lawsuit. accuses the studio failing to protect the employees from sexual harrassment by harvey weinstein who is facing dozens of sexual assault accusations and allegation gas. the juice may be loose in hollywood. o.j. simpson is reportedly $20,000 richer after appearing in a new saw that baron cohen movie. the families of the nicole and
5:46 am
ron ron goldman are furious. he cities owes them money from a judgment. brian: inviting lawmakers to share their ideas and try to get a bill passed. kansas secretary of state kris kobach is watching this closely. he helped the p draft his immigration policy and joins to us react. we'll talk about that lawsuit on the wall. first things first, let's talk about that first. environmentalists are rallying to stop the wall and barrier being built in front of a judge a certain butterfly, their breeding is going to be hampered as well as pacific pocket mouse and the riverside shrimp. will that be enough to stop the wall? >> brian, under federal law that will not be enough to stop it. thankfully congress back in 2005
5:47 am
because of similar, ridiculous environmental lawsuits against the late 1990s of the portion of wall they built near san diego, congress passed a wall says all legal requirements can be waived in order to build a border wall. all legal requirements. the broadest waiver clause found in any federal law. if the judge reads the law as he should he will say look endangered species act, clean water act all the federal laws fall aside coming to build the border wall. the case is a loser from the plaintiff's perspective. we have it in front of a judge may not have the best feelings of president trump and may go to the ninth circuit. brian: this is judge coria who said that the judge may not be afair to him. >> this case is slam tung. brian: by the way i hair he is real pro. he will put personal things
5:48 am
aside. let's talk about what they will be debating this week. i know what you want, chris, you understand there has to be compromise. where do you think this is going this week? >> i don't think it will be, a freewheeling debate in the senate that will produce anything very good based on what they're talking about right now. the president set down a very clear marker. he said if you want this amnesty for the daca recipients you have to give me, you have to give the american people the wall. you have to get rid of the visa lottery. you have to get rid of chain migration. i would add one more thing in the goodlatte bill on house side, you have to give us e-verify. if that is the terms of the deal, the president should feel comfortable signing it. if it doesn't have those four things he should walk away. i don't think anything the senate will produce will have the four things. brian: there is a lot of drive to get things done. i'm curious if something will be difficult after maybe 30 years of debate. we'll see. kris kobach, thanks so much. >> my pleasure. brian: 12 minutes before the top
5:49 am
of the hour. their rendition of the national anthem has gone viral. this school choir is warming up for their big on core. they will perform "the star-spangled banner" live just for you next. let's check in with a all-american anchor bill hemmer, he promises to lay out his next two hours. >> i had the riverside shrimp this weekend. delicious. brian: get rid of them. we're building a wall instead. >> i got it. i got it. thank you, everybody. memo matter far from settled. democrats have the next move. what will they do. breaking news from the white house this morning. we'll show you what is in the president's budget request. is the middle east on verge of war. stunning events over the past weekend. is the trump team ready to talk with north korea? what the vice president said at the olympics in seoul, south korea. big monday morning. see you in ten minutes when sandra and i join you on "america's newsroom," top of the hour.
5:50 am
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5:53 am
brian: this video, more than 650 choir students singing "the star-spangled banner" with more than 20 million views. ainsley: the department chair, bret merritt and a choir member, they are here, along with other members of their all-state choir to sing the national anthem live. we'll ask you a few questions. abby, what kind of reaction are you getting when y'all did that. >> so many people coming up to me, saying, wow i saw your video on facebook. kind of insane how many people seen it. popped up on my feeds. steve: popped up on ours. this is tradition that started for the school. explain that. >> this is statewide tradition.
5:54 am
kme started 60 years ago. when 1978 rolled around they opened up that beautiful hyatt and all state requires, the kids gathered around there, this is a 23 story atrium, it lends itself to singing. so the kids just jumped right in right off the bat. and they, you can hear it. it is gorgeous. brian: you know what? i would like to hear it again. so would the rest of america. please take it away with the star-spangled banner. >> all right. here we go. ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? who's broad stripes and bright
5:55 am
stars through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gal lantly streaminging? and the rock's red glare, the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free and the home of the bringing? ♪
5:56 am
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>> we're back with the kentucky allstate choir. it was beautiful. you and the kids sounded fantastic. there is a reason every year, brent, you do the national anthem, right? >> yes, of course. >> which is? >> our students from my school, it's the first song we perform every year and we sing it numerous times throughout the year, of course, at different events, ballgames and what not. and, of course, it's our national anthem, of course we learn it. we also learn our school -- in kentucky we also learn "my old kentucky home," our state song. >> thank you so much for being with us this morning. i can't believe you are in high school. you sound like you've been doing this for 50 years. thank you. god bless you all. >> we're very proud of these
6:00 am
kids. they're awesome. thank you. >> we would love to hear you sing us out. >> do you have a number ready? >> go ahead and hit it quickly. ♪ >> bill: breaking news this hour. president trump saying it's time to invest in america. and today the white house is requesting just that, unveiling a massive $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan arguing it will cut through a lot of red tape, boost the economy and protect our borders. the debate is on. hope you had a good weekend. we had a wash-out in the northeast. they're lining up in twos up here. good morning. welcome to "america's newsroom." >> sandra: good morning, bill. i'm sandra smith. a new budget proposal promising $23 billion for the new wall and beefed up border security. mick mulvaney sitting down with chris wallace on sunday. >> this may


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