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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 14, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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things. >> side note, update. 57 people on my poll say your shoes are not red, rob. so thank you for participating in wearing red and pink today. rob: "fox & friends" starts right now and a happy valentine's day. >> we're asking congress to support our immigration policy that keeping terrorists, drug dealers, criminals and gang members out of our country. >> commercial jet packed with people falling apart it would seem 30,000 feet in the air. >> really loud bang with the. >> liberal co-host at "the view" hit a new low making fun of vice president pence for christian faith. >> one thing to talk to jesus. it's another thing when jesus talks to you. >> exactly. >> that's called mental illness if i'm not correct. >> biggest issue in my time is china. they are carrying out well orchestrated china. most powerful influential nation on earth. >> it is pretty terrifying
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the extraordinary powers in place absolutely dead set in knocking the united states to the ground. >> today, christians around the world are celebrating the first day of lengths known as ash wednesday. followers have ashes rubbed on their forehead in the sign of a cross. celebrating a repentance of sin. ♪ love ♪ love will keep us together ♪ think of me babe, whenever ♪ some sweet-talking girl. steve: once upon a time captain and tennile sang this song on this program we have been around that long. ainsley: brian made them famous. brian: they were once married. steve: aren't they still? brian: i don't think so. ted, could you put the camera down and find out. ainsley: today is valentine's day. speaking of love. steve: hang on. hey, siri, are captain and ten nil still married.
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>> no. steve: who needs siri when you have joel. ainsley: what happened? steve: joel? ainsley: when you say siri you got to be quiet for siri to answer. joel ruined it for you. steve: all sorts of flowers from because today is valentine's day. so nice to send these flowers. steve: it's also ash wednesday. ainsley: get your ashes today and valentine's day. brian: biggest celebration is between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m. amongst couples. send us your pictures. ainsley: what do you mean? do you want to elable bore rate? brian: because we are up. we expect everybody to be celebrating. nothing like candlelight breakfast. it's very romantic. steve: that's what are you in your lights are out. brian: so much unfolding on capitol hill. steve: meanwhile terrifying video. look at the images on your
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tv. just imagine this. you are sitting in a jet liner flying 500 miles per hour. this is from united airlines plane packed with people and it slowly, that tiling falling apart at 30,000 feet. ainsley: that's the exposed engine right there. brian: this all playing out on the pacific ocean as everyone on board is braced for the worst. ainsley: rob schmitt is here breaking it all down for us. one of everyone's biggest nightmares. rob: happens over the ocean. even if there is emergency landing where do you go? horrifying to even imagine. one passenger even tweeted out it was the scariest flight of my life. i would hope. so first a loud boom was heard and plane started to shake violently. this video showing what passengers experienced. this is on united airlines flight 1175. trip from san francisco to honolulu maybe five hours or. so well into the flight. only 40 minutes away from hawaii when the unthinkable happened.
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>> heard a really loud bang when the right engine went. >> engine right where we were sitting, which would have been on the right -- well, the right side of the plane was completely blown. >> this was the casing around the engine that protects the engine from the elements. it just came right off the pilot and flight crew took immediate action to deal with this crisis. of the pilot alerting air traffic control in honolulu to have fire trucks on the ground 679 the fire crew told passengers to put their heads down, prepare for an emergency landing. >> brace, brace, brace. >> brace, brace, brace. [cheers and applause] >> boy, that's scary stuff. you remember the brace, brace, brace. movie from sully. scary noise. a tweet we are all safe
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after our emergency landing. in response a person tweeted well done to the pilots and crew. in a statement, the engine's manufacture pratt any whitney says they are working with authorities to figure out how the casing to this thing came off in mid flight. it's horrifying. steve: it is scary. just imagine. ainsley: 40 minutes away from their destination in hawaii. brian: thanks, rob. five minutes after the top of the hour. number one debate on capitol hill this week along with some controversy is immigration. we're talking about a way forward on daca. now, the judge has put it in hyper space saying what you did, president trump, saying that daca is done and all these people's future needs to be worked out, legislatively or they got to be kicked out of the country. well that goes on hold it might end up in the supreme court. but, in the meantime, when it comes to immigration, you have the democrats who basically want a clean daca bill and some -- a plan to study the border. and then have you republicans give me 25 billion, give me a path -- we'll give you a path to citizenship for
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1.8 million. parents not included and then goodbye chain migration, goodbye lottery. where do they meet? >> that's the question. essentially the senate is behind the president's plan, but the democrats just want citizenship for 1.8 million plus a little something. a fig leaf one of our guests said yesterday. right now it looks as if they are coming to consensus in the senate where maybe they would have a skinny bill. all those dreamers get their citizenship plus some little border security money but really not much. the white house made it very clear yesterday a senior administration official saying if that's it, the president will veto it. ainsley: listen to this. >> we're asking congress to support our immigration policy that keeps terrorists, drug dealers, criminals and gang members out of our country. we want them out. that's why we are asking the senators to support legislation that contains the three vital elements of a safe immigration system.
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we want securing the border and a wall. ending chain migration and canceling the visa lottery. in everything we do we are listening to law enforcement and we are putting the safety and security of american people first. ainsley: so this is the democrats' chance to get daca, this is what they wanted, right? they won't negotiate on this deal. i keep thinking why. this is 1.8 illegal immigrants that get to stay in our country. that's 1.8 extra voters for them because most of them will probably vote for democrats. why wouldn't they sign this and want it. maybe come november or maybe come 2020 they want to be able to say all right. it ended on march 5th. the president sent all those folks back home. deported all of them. and then that would be a better message for them and allow them to win. steve: plus, they don't want the message that hey, donald trump actually fixed the daca problem when he was president of the united states. they don't want that message come november. brian: the house is going to come up for a vote the
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goodlatte bill very conservative in nature. meanwhile the senate is going to go back and forth on the mccain coons what some people call a skinny bill. a nonstarter, makes no sense. study the border on four states? nothing more to study. what a waste of time. they got it down. they just have to decide what to do. now the question is would the president accept 25 billion in a trust fund, means you can't touch it, unless for the wall. would he accept 25 billion for that in exchange for the legalization of 1.8 without the chain and without the lottery? steve: he already had that offer. chuck schumer put that on the table a month or so ago. and the president said sorry, chuck, no deal because can i get more and he is probably right. ainsley: they could get the daca thing done. i understand if a democrat wants -- if the democratic party want these individuals who are already in the country to stay, i can understand that. but why do they care so much about the voice lottery. why do they want the voice lottery program? why do they want chain migration. brian: they already negotiated it away in the gang of six before the last
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election. that's one where jeff flake was on and marco rubio was on. he told us on the set on the state of the union address, he goes, listen, the president has already given more than we were willing to give in that gang comprehensive plan brought forward caught marco rubio changes at the nomination because he was called weak on the border. steve: after freewheeling debate really nothing has gotten done in the senate. it looks like loggerheads. apparently last night in california there was a big raucous town council meeting all about the teacher we had highlighted in the past from california high school. that's the guy right there. greg sal seed dough. he is a high school teacher and also town councilman. look, after you said what you did about the military. you have got to quit your jobs. if you have forgotten what he said a student recorded him saying this about his marine t-shirt.
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brian: the remember the backlash was severe. general kelly said he can go to hell. council voted for him to leave, to step down. here's what he said. >> i don't think it's at all a revelation to anybody that those who aren't stellar students usually find the military a better option. that's as plain as tuesday night. that's not a criticism of anybody. anything i said had nothing to do with moral character. brian: that is blatantly untrue. what else is he saying that's untrue. steve: he said he was sorry but he is not going to quit. ainsley: let us know what you think about this. that's ridiculous. refusing to step down.
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not showing any indication is he going to step down. they asked him to resign. anything they can do to make him resign? next election. steve: 53 demanded he resign. a teacher from his own high school presented a recall petition signed by a bunch of veterans and others. they want him out. ainsley: hundreds of people actually went. they were there in attendance. brian: what he just said is blatantly untrue people join the military because they don't have great grades and don't have any other options. that is flat out not true. steve: anyway, a busy news day and jillian starts with a fox news alert. jillian: good morning to you guys. happy valentine's day. get you caught up on headlines starting with a fox news alert. a chicago police officer gunned down confronting a suspect in broad daylight. 53-year-old commander paul bauer shot by a man running from other cops. the suspect is a convicted felon. hundreds of officers lining the streets to salute the fallen his o hero.
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>> commander was shot multiple times. unfortunately commanders borrow passed away. i just ask the citizens of this city to keep the borrow family in theibauerfamily. >> bauer a 31 year veteran of the force leaves behind a wife and 13-year-old daughter. 13 law enforcement officers have died in the line of duty this year bauer is the fifth killed since just last week. white house chief of staff john kelly fighting back amid questions about his handling of domestic violence allegations against former aide rob porter. the retired four star general telling the "wall street journal" that he would not have done anything differently saying, quote: it was all done right. a senior white house source truth to the rumor that kelly is on the outs. this, as the fbi claims the agency's background check on porter was done long before his resignation. >> he administratively closed the file in january and then earlier this month,
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we received some additional information and we passed that on as well. jillian: the administration says the investigation is ongoing. christians are celebrating first day of lent known as ash wednesday. ashes rubbed on forehead in the sign of the cross signaling repentance of sin. prayers in preparation for easter sunday. first time since 1945 ash wednesday falls on valentine's day. guys? ainsley: thanks, jillian. still ahead joy behar attacks mike pence over his faith. faith. >> one thing to talk to jesus. it's another thing when jesus talks to you. that's called mental illness if i'm not correct. ainsley: tomi lahren has thoughts on that and she is going to join us live. steve: sitting down with ivanka trump for a once in a lifetime meeting. next guest was one of them. she will tell us what she
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♪ ♪ ainsley: a select group of small business owners had the once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a round table discussion with ivanka trump where they
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talked all things business from workforce development to tax cuts. and our next guest was one of those lucky few, joining us now a small business owner susan. great to see you again. you might remember i interviewed her five years ago because your dog was sniffing one area of your body and discovered that you had cancer, right? >> breast cancer. ainsley: you are doing great now. now. >> great. in remission. ainsley: congratulations. you started this company because of what had you gone through. tell us about your company. >> i was concerned as a breast cancer patient. i decided i was going to get rid of all the glass. that wasn't as easy as i thought. you could get glass bowls but they all had plastic tops. i wanted to get rid of that i inventinged, and this is a patented product. a glass lid that will fit on many different size bowls, mugs, and can you steam your
3:19 am
food for healthier eating. ainsley: genius. when i put pasta in there i put in a glad bowl but the spaghetti sauce goes all over your microwave. this is the top you put on it because. >> glass shield. ainsley: you got this call from the white house, a letter. how did they reach you. >> it was the fba called me. ainsley: small business administration. >> i had done a fba small round table with linda mcmahon in pittsburgh. that was with the local sba in pittsburgh. linda came in and i guess they maybe remembered me. i'm not sure. i'm honored that they called me. ainsley: how was it yesterday. >> amazing. ainsley: what did you talk about. >> there were six of us at the round table that have small businesses. and linda really is there to ask small businesses what our concerns are, you know, as being a small business. and she sincerely -- she is so sincere in her efforts to
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find out, you know, what is going around the country? you know at different levels and different people's businesses. and we all had something different to bring to the table because we all had different businesses. ainsley: i think it's refreshing that the administration wants to hear from if they are making choices for small businesses they need to go into middle america and find out what small businesses care about and really want. what are your biggest concerns? >> my concern as a manufacturer is i wanted this product. this is made of a bore glass used in bused in pyrex years ag. most of the manufacturers have closed shop in the united states. so i manufacture overseas. and my concern is i already pay when that product comes in to the united states, i pay a pretty high tariff on this glass cookware. i was just concerned with ivanka and linda mcmahon, that i don't want to see my tariffs going up on a
3:21 am
product that i can not have made in the u.s.a. ainsley: hopefully they will hear your concerns and with a tax cut more companies will open up in the united states. >> thank you. ainsley: her website is could you iscuchini ♪when you've got...♪ ♪...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪
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so that travel times are shorter. who knew asphalt could help save the environment? ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ all you need is love ♪ all you need is love ainsley: time for your shot of the morning it is valentine's day. we have got your pictures. this one from stefanie producer stefanie freeman of her parents will and carroll. they live in tampa, florida. brian: right. but we call them our parents because we cannot call them by first names. they're adults. check out a.j. hall. did they get married?
3:25 am
first valentine's day as a couple. ainsley: he is the one that proposed in times square. steve: they had a beautiful celebration. it was 32 valentine's days ago that i proposed to my wife catherine. ainsley: did you it on valentine's day. steve: we had been dating five weeks and got married four months later. ainsley: five weeks? and what did your parents say about that? steve: you got to be crazy. ainsley: and it worked. steve: it worked out okay. nothing more romantic than that valentine's day is a perfect time to think about actual heart and its health. brian: here with special valentine's day fact or fiction for the first time she is not in a one-on-one setting. in one-on-one group setting dr. nicole saphier. >> not the first time. brian: i feel like it's the first time. >> you have your cards. fact or fiction. anything more romantic or healthy than taking your loved one out for dinner this valentine's day?
3:26 am
brian: i'm going to say it's fact. >> it's fiction unfortunately, brian. the reason is when you go out to a restaurant they tend to add more sugar and salt to your food than you would if you you were doing at home. when you go to the restaurant you are not in control. even if you north reaching for that salt shaker the food in itself already has a lot of salt in it. stay home, eat more lean meats and veggies. ainsley: cancel the plane tickets to pairs. not romantic. steve: question number two. >> all right, guys, to avoid a broken heart, should you only be eating fat free foods? ainsley: i love that question. brian: i'm going to say that's a fact. >> fiction. it's fiction. let me tell you why. ainsley: loser. >> i think he is doing this on purpose. used to be a big fad to go fat-free. however, we now have gotten a little more scientific and we say let's cut out the bad fats and keep the good fats.
3:27 am
bad fats usually come from animal products, butter, lard good fats decrease heart attacks, strokes and cholesterol found in almond, fish. avocado. brian: i was thinking of emotional heart and you are talking of the beating heart. ainsley: this is a medical segment. steve: she is a medical doctor not dr. love. ainsley: some people are going to be partaking tonight. drinking this valentine's day is red wine the right choice fact or fiction? steve: i will go with fact. brian: i will go with fact. >> if you are going to be drinking this valentine's day, stick with red wine, vodka is less chloric. there are some health benefits in 1 to 2 glass of red wine, decreases the risk of stroke, cholesterol. great in antioxidant. if you exceed the 1 to 2
3:28 am
drinks then the negative outweighs. brian: maybe indicative of relationship not that good drinking the whole body. ainsley: that could make the relationship really good. >> show love by giving chocolate. is chocolate good for you? brian: i would say -- what's the question? >> is shock chat good for you? is it healthy. ainsley: dark chocolate. brian: i will say chocolate is not good for you. >chocolate can be good for you in moderation, higher the cocoa, dark chocolate. antioxidants. great for cognition as well. ainsley: brian, great thing you didn't go to medical school. brian: lost my entrance examine. choice between broccoli and chocolate you go with broccoli. [buzzer] ainsley: who eats broccoli on valentine's day?
3:29 am
steve: happy valentine's day. brian: it went well. >> thank you. ainsley: you should invent broccoli flavored chocolate. steve: somebody at sherry's berries is thinking i never thought of that. dip that in there. one high school just banned the national anthem from pep rallies because they say part of the song is racist. tomi lahren fired up about that. she is on deck next. ainsley: plus, the army is going old school to toughen up on new recruits. the big changes coming to basic training. brian: finally. ♪ singing we will, we will ♪ rock you ♪ we will, we will ♪ rock you ♪ prevagen. the name to remember.
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jesus talks to you. >> exactly. [laughter] [applause] >> that's different. >> that's different. that's called mental illness, if i'm not correct. my question is can he talk to mary magdalene without his wife in the room? steve: it's another thing when jesus talks to you, that's called mental illness. that was joy behar yesterday on "the view." they were responding to a clip from omarosa, where she was talking about her time at the white house and she said that mike pence said jesus tells him to say things and that's what precipitated that conversation. brian: i'm kind of torn about keep rolling clips of "the view." because we are making it relevant again. i like life for when five years we ignored "the view." steve: you aren't interested in the crazy things they say to america. brian: not really we give ratings. ainsley: tomi lahren is a fox news contributor. we wanted to have you on to see what you think about it what did you think of joy
3:34 am
behar mocking mike pence for his christian faith. >> who is she to toggle judge how long our vice president should talk to his lord and savior. who is she to mock anyone for their faith. they are amazing to me they preach day in and day out about tolerance and love. tolerance and love for everyone except conservative christians. and then they can mock you and it's funny and they are going can you use for jokes around the table and cackle about it it's really disgusting. not surprising but disgusting. brian: if you want joy behar to be quiet just say someone is speaking to allah and allah talks about, she would not be mocking back. >> no, of course not. and that's exactly the thing with these ladies is that in the next segment they will probably talk about how horrible our president and vice president is but in the segment prior to that they mocked christians. again, they live in a world where men can be women, women can be men. but if you are a conservative christian, you have a mental illness. there is something wrong with the women at that table for sure.
3:35 am
ainsley: i felt sorry for her as a christian obviously she doesn't know christ. she doesn't know the joy and the love that he provides to so many people and so it just made me feel sorry for her. brian: i think she is jewish, isn't she? steve: meghan mccain said jesus speaks to her every morning. have you both sides of it. brian: joy behar not jewish according to toba. [ding] steve: one high school wanted to ban the national anthem from pep rallies because they wanted to say that the third verse of the star-spangled banner is racist. >> well, again. i hope that collin kaepernick and his friends are mighty proud of themselves because they created this trend and it continues on ward touched high schools, elementary schools, it's touched sports team. it's dumped every corner of this nation. it's really sad. since when did the national anthem become a partisan thing? since when did it become a racist thing? this is something that all americans used to stand for. put their hands over their hearts and believe in. this is something that was
3:36 am
as americans united us. once again we have certain individuals in this country that has made it mainstream to disrespect the country, disrespect the flag, disrespect the anthem. and, again, i don't think that these children at a young age, i don't think that they understand the ramifications of that i don't think they understand how it feels to be a veteran or a police officer or someone that that flag means so much to. i don't think they understand the disrespect. that's what really sad about it they are doing it and don't understand what it really means to others. steve: if they are not going to play the national anthem as a song at the beginning, what song should they play? brian: a lot of people like god bless america but i don't think they are looking to substitute that. the student body president says this third verse is not performed when the anthem is performed now let's talk about something that we are reporting on way too much. that's the shooting of a
3:37 am
police officer, two over the weekend in ohio. and then we lost a commander in chicago. commanders paul bauer, last year at this time we had five officers dead. that's five too many. now we are up to 11. what is going on? >> well, the war on cops is certainly real. but i beyond that it's up to to us make it mainstream to discuss the lives of these police officers, to honor them. because, if we remember them, remember their legacy their legacy is live on. beyond talking about how sad it is and statistics and deadly even the year 2016-2017 was for law enforcement. moving forward it's up to us and networks especially fox news to talk about the lives of these officers and to truly appreciate them because i know it means the world to their families when we do so. they put so much on the line each and every single day. they do it for little praise and not enough money and it's up to us to salute them. again, any officer lost is
3:38 am
one too many and my heart really breaks for their family members in the community because can you tell he was greatly loved. jillian: get you caught up on the news of the day congressman adam schiff says he won't change his democratic rebuttal to the republican memo detailing surveillance abuses to the trump campaign. >> we're not going to make any revisions to it. the only question is what redactions will be made. the white house has a different interest. i think their interest is in redacting anything that doesn't reflect well on the white house. jillian: president trump refused to declassify the jillian: president trump refused to declassify the democratic memo citing security concerns but gave schiff a chance to revise it a redacted version could be released this week. illegal immigrant is accused of being grossly impaired when he crashed into an ambulance killing 2-year-old boy. police in virginia said jose romero ran away after
3:39 am
wrecking his car. he was shot a short time later. he was never learned his drivers license. ice placing detainer on him. combat training too many recruits act entitled. move meant to build more discipline. new soldiers are showing up with sloppy appearances and undisciplined attitudes. the revamp will feature three new field exercises, placing greater emphasis on forcing recruits to demonstrate warrior task and battle drills. a little white fluffy puppy officially taking his place as top dog. >> best in show at the 142nd annual westminster kennel club will be the beshaw the bicn frise. beating out thousands of other dogs from 202 other
3:40 am
breeds. second bichon to win best in show. he took his victory lap on "fox & friends" later this morning. stay tuned for that see him live at 8:50 a.m. eastern. brian: it will take an hour to get his hair done. jillian: that's a lot of teasing. steve: i think flynn was probably up all night. ainsley: that dog is beautiful. janice went to the westminster dog show. janice, did you meet flynn. >> did i not meet flynn. ainsley: how beautiful is he? gorgeous dog. steve: you met cupid. brian: and steve martin from 1977. cat scan january remember that? he used to put the arrow. wild and crazy gal. 24-hour temperature change talk about warm valentine's day it's 11 degrees warmer than it was yesterday in new york city. 17 degrees warmer in chicago. you get the drift. we got a warm-up on the way. you know what? don't get too used to it. current temperatures 37 in new york.
3:41 am
46 in dallas. watching this across the mississippi river valley. across the northeast here we have the potential for wintry weather like this morning and that moves away. we are watching the west for unsettled weather here and then, my friends, as we head into the weekend, again, don't get used to the warm temperatures because we could potentially have a snow storm here in the northeast on saturday and sunday. so stay tuned. happy valentine's day my friends. steve: pull down those rose colored glasses. brian: president trump making black history month at the white house with a very special guest. >> i was privileged to sign the martin luther king jr. national historic act just a few weeks ago with alveda by my side. that was such an honor. brian: wow, the niece of dr. martin luther king jr. alveda king here next to talk about that. steve: one school is convincing students not to fight by paying them fists
3:42 am
full of cash. don't get in a fight, you get money? a debate comes up straight ahead on the valentine's day edition of "fox & friends" live from studio f ♪ we're the kids of america ♪ thanks man. imagine if the things you bought every day... earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go.
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3:46 am
for the change. driving in the lap car just before the start of the race. kicking off the nascar season. you can watch the 60th annual daytona 500 sunday on fox. now, over the ledge and to steve in the living room. steve: thank you very much, brian. president trump marking black history month yesterday during a white house reception and giving a thank you to the niece of the late dr. martin luther king jr. listen. >> i was privileged to sign the dr. martin luther king national historic act just a few weeks ago with al slide by my side. -- al slide by m alveda by my side. >> good morning, steve, happy valentine's day. steve: thank you very much and ash wednesday as well. >> yeah. steve: i know donald trump is out to improve the lives of every american, he says. but how has he helped the african-american community?
3:47 am
>> well, earlier on, during his campaign in the beginning of his term, he said that the way you deal with racism, make sure everyone is safe, has gainful employment or their own business. and they are secure, they are safe, and they are enjoying america. that's going to bring us all together. he says no matter what color your skin color is, we bleed red. we are red-blooded americans. in his perspective, you serve everybody the same way without bias and all of that. and so i believe that perspective bringing jobs back to america from overseas. dropping that unemployment rate, rising the employment rate, and business opportunities and all of that for men, women, young children can get internships and things. it's really helping america with the jobs and that's why, you know, congressional black caucus sat down on the jobs and all of that we need to stand up for all americans, including african-americans. steve: alveda, i saw you at the white house yesterday for black history month as
3:48 am
the president presided over the festivities. i'm sure have you got friends who he who say alveda, we have known you, we like you, why do you like donald trump? we just don't get it. >> all over twitter, facebook, and i hear all these kind of comments, little sad faces popping across. a lot of happy faces and thumbs up, too. so i just like him because he keeps his promises. he says we're going to stop -- aborting babies is not good. not having jobs for everybody is not good. americans are dreamers, too. all of those things i happen to agree with. is he a perfect man? there are no perfect men or women. i'm not perfect. he keeps his promises. his heart is in the right place, yes. steve: let's switch gears to something we touched on a little while ago with tomi lahren. it was yesterday on "the view." joy behar was talking about mike pence. and she'd said it's one thing to talk to jesus. it's another thing when jesus talks to you. that's called mental illness, if i'm not correct. hearing voices. what do you think of those
3:49 am
comments? >> i'm going out on a limb here and i'm going to tell you. when a tree limb and a hot wire fell across my car, i was driving home from a storm many, many years ago. i mean driving home through a storm. and this live wire falls across my car. i really believe i heard an audible voice in my car say be still and know that i am god. i think i hollered oh jesus and then i heard that do you know what i did? i froze. i just sat there. it's in the book "king truth." the first responders when they got there. they said ma'am, if had you touched anything on this car you would be dead. i really believe i heard a voice that said be still and know that i am god. am i crazy? well, don't answer that don't answer that. steve: was she mocking just mike pence or anybody who believes in jesus? >> i felt that personally. this is america. freedom of speech. we have the religious freedom. steve: absolutely. >> executive order.
3:50 am
the president signed it he can pray any way he wants to. this is america. if is he hearing god say be strong. martin luther king jr. my uncle said he heard the voice of jesus say stand up. martin luther at his kitchen table. was my uncle crazy? don't answer that. steve: there you go. dr. alveda king joining us today. thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: all right. now, 10 minutes before the top of the hour donald trump jr. and his family getting a major scare after a mysterious letter filled with white powder sent to their home. we're just now learning what was in that letter. you want to hear it. do you need a last-minute gift for valentine's day? who doesn't? we got you covered. the perfect last-minute ideas for something on that list ♪ let's face it ♪ you're addicted love ♪ the ones we love.
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brian: welcome back, everyone. valentine's day is here. and if you forgot to buy a gift for your special someone. they're still not up. don't worry, we have got you covered. steve: here with the perfect last-minute gifts you can pick up today and not talking about dropping by pep boys. we lifestyle lee moore. where do we start. >> good morning. you can still order flowers go to by 1:00 eastern standard time can you still get flowers delivered by someone by the end of the day. steve: because it's a local florist. >> exactly. they have either red roses or they have the florist selection. brian: order one of those you know they. ainsley: those are gorgeous. >> those are a couple divind. can you do a dozen roses or
3:55 am
this is like three dozen roses. if you are ordering today -- ainsley: what about tea and hot chocolate. >> one of the things i like to do instead of just getting chocolate, this is tea for two. this is from david's tea. you can see. brian: great idea. >> this tea actually has little pieces of candy hearts in it. and then. ainsley: put it in my hand. >> there is one. this is the hot chocolate on a stick. buy them just like this. and put it into milk and stir it in and it's like nice hot chocolate. brian: something the. ainsley: skip the chocolate. go to godiva store. go to the drugstore. brian: i like the box. steve: i love the snacks. rather than having just cheese and crackers. >> pick up heart shaped cookie cutter.
3:56 am
i made the cheese into heart shapes. brian: like land owe lakes? individual wraps? >> i actually got like the party pack and then just did it that way. here you just get some chocolate covered strawberries. if you make them yourself the trick for the chocolate is to put shortening in it. make the chocolate not be clumpy and look good. steve: we talked about chocolate brockically earlier in the show. >> not yet we will try it tonight. sparkling red wine. great for desert wine. brian: there you go. ainsley: coupon book you can make for yourself because we are running tight on time. >> we're going to make slime. if you want to make it with me. steve: this sport kids. pour a whole bottle of glue into the container here. steve: 10 seconds. >> quarter tablespoon of baking soda and saline is a lucien and what you want to do comes out like this. it comes out like this really fun and easy.
3:57 am
steve: more information go to trends thank you very much. have a happy valentine's day. ainsley: happy valentine's day. more "fox & friends" coming up. steve: judge napolitano is in the house.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> we're asking congress to support our immigration policy that keeps terrorists, drug dealers, criminals and gang members out of our country. steve: this is from a united airlines plane packed with people. and it is slowly falling apart at 30,000 feet. >> heard a really loud bang when the right engine went. >> it's one thing to talk to jesus. it's another thing when jesus talks to you. >> exactly. >> that's called mental illness if i'm not correct. >> they preach day in and day out tolerance and love for everyone except conservative christians and then they can mock you and it's funny. >> trump said he would sit down with special counsel robert mueller. the legal team is compiling a case against that. >> old one liner that criminal defense lawyers
4:01 am
use, don't talk to a guy that owns a grand jury. bob mueller owns two grand juries. juries. >> black man making such important contributions to the field of medicine. dr. carson, it lit a fire in me. thank you, dr. carson, from my heart for inspiring me and for inspiring so many others. [applause] ♪ that's what i like about you ♪ you hold me tight ♪ tell me i'm the only one coming over tonight ♪ yeah ♪ keep on whispering in my ear. steve: i'm noticing a trend. a lot of red on the set today because it's february 149, 2018. it's valentine's day, folks. brian: of course, valentine's day dates back to when saint valentine shot everybody, with an arrow and we celebrate by making out with somebody.
4:02 am
[laughter] ainsley: accepted us. steve: book? ainsley: send us your photos showing them throughout the morning. you with your loved ones or your valentine's day. brian: we like to seat pictures. 1-800-flowers made this whole thing possible. they have been growing them since last valentine's day. steve: let's talk about stuff in the news you heard a moment ago judge napolitano is going to be with us in a moment. first let's talk about the number one story down on capitol hill. is that is anything getting done in the u.s. senate regarding daca? we were told free-wheeling debate starting a couple days ago. you know what? so far a lot of speeches, but no votes under the big top. brian: i am optimistic they are going to get something done today in terms of speeches and postures and putting 25 people here and 25 there and 30 there. i think. steve: what does that do? brian: i think they are going to begin to group. they are goggin to group and find out where the momentum is when they feel as though
4:03 am
they got 60 put it up for a vote. if they don't get close to 50 or 60 where people might come over to a certain line of thought, i mean, i think lindsey graham in particular knows where everybody stands. maybe can bring some people together. ainsley: the clock is ticking because the deadline is march 5th. there is talk inside the senate there is now going to be a skinny bill which says all right, we will give you money for border security. democrats say this. steve: just a little. ainsley: we will give you -- republicans say all right, we will give you daca they are taking out the clause about visa lottery and chain migration. steve: what the president wants. >> brian: democrats aren't against revisiting the chain migration or the visa lottery system. they are staking their claim for negotiated purpose. steve: well, in fact, the skinny bill essentially has what ainsley said. it doesn't have the stuff that the president has made it very clear. i got four things. it's got to be in there or
4:04 am
i'm going to veto it. in fact, yesterday, the white house said he will veto that skinny bill if that goes through. here's the president also talking about it's time for democrats to come to the table and this time mean it. >> we're asking congress to support our immigration policy that keeps terrorists, drug dealers, criminals, and gang members out of our country. we want them out. that's why we are asking the senators to support legislation that contains the three vital elements of a safe immigration system. we want securing the border and the wall, ending chain migration and canceling the visa lottery. in everything we do, we are listening to law enforcement and we are putting the safety and security of american people first. steve: okay. so that's the president. then yesterday there was a judge here in new york city, u.s. district judge nicholas garafos, i believe. judge napolitano, he said essentially hold everything, trump administration, jeff sessions was wrong when he said daca was unconstitutional. >> judge in brooklyn did the
4:05 am
same thing as a judge in san francisco did, which was to say people on daca can stay. you can't kick them off. new people about to apply to daca, the president's choice. so, part of daca has been restrained. that the new -- that the old people that have been on it can't be kicked off. part of it is up to the president to decide. ainsley: in your interpretation of the law do they have a point? are they correct? does the law protect daca. >> yes, in my opinion, i might have done the same thing. obviously i didn't read all the documents that the once people plan their lives on something, particularly something this long, 14, 15, 20 years in the case of some of them. pulling the plug out from under them without a hearing, without examining each individual case would be impossible to many people fundamentally unfair. brian: supreme court will maybe take a look at this now. judge: unless congress does. in fairness to president trump, this is a
4:06 am
congressional issue. and the congress should resolve it. and the court will interpret the way congress wanted it, whatever congress does. the issue that we have here is that daca was created by barack obama after the republican congress expressly rejected it. so, you have something that the congress doesn't want and the courts are saying you got to keep enforcing it, the president doesn't want it and congress can't make up its mind. brian: won't have 1.8 million. 700,000 as jake kelly said some are afraid and some don't want to get up their asses. judge: family show. brian: not anymore. run for the hills. steve: have you been on the show talking about robert mueller and the peril the president faces. now the president's legal team has said, you know what? we have presented so many thousands of documents. made so many people available. you don't need to talk to the president. >> i was surprised that they put that out last night. i mean, they are basically litigating their case in public.
4:07 am
the decision about whether or not donald trump should meet with and be interrogated by bob mueller is between him and his lawyers. it is not -- doesn't involve the public. for some reason they chose to put it out. so here's their argument. because we have given you tens of thousands of pages of documents, you don't have a need to question the president. it actually works the other way around. because they have given tens of thousands of pages of documents, they have waived executive privilege and bob mueller is entitled to ask about those documents. but, bob mueller can't force the president to speak to him. if the president says no, the only thing bob mueller can do is ask a grand jury to subpoena the president. brian: will they? >> if bob mueller asks them to, they will. the grand jury will do almost anything the prosecutors ask them to do. brian: and then? >> then the president doesn't have his lawyers. it is just bob mueller and his people. he can invoke the fifth amendment if he wants. in my view that will be catastrophic politically but
4:08 am
it will protect him legally. think of this as -- the whole thing, the trump campaign, the hacking by the russians as a jigsaw puzzle with 10,000 pieces. bob mueller has 9800. who has the other 200? some of them donald trump has. does donald trump want to help paint this picture for bob mueller? of course not. ainsley: there is a report that says obama intelligence officials, including john brennan and james clapper are the next targets in the investigation into the politicization. steve: the nunes probe. ainsley: politicization. brian: on the house intelligence committee. ainsley: anti-trump dossier. judge: in my opinion that's relied on the stea on the steelr and michael isikoff's yahoo piece. if you read the yahoo piece it begins by saying high ranking intelligence officials told me. who do you think they were?
4:09 am
steve: john brennan. judge: clapper and brennan. mentions them by name. the house committee has every right to ask them under oath did you tell this to. ainsley: he said in a hearing that he was not aware that hillary clinton or the dnc paid for that dirty dossier. listen to this. this is may 2017. steve: and count how many times he might be perjuring himself. >> director brennan do you know who commissioned the steele dossier? >> i don't. >> do you know if the bureau ever relied on the steele dossier as part of any court filings? , applications, petitions, pleadings? >> i have no awareness. >> did the cia rely on it? >> no. >> why not? >> because we didn't. it wasn't part of the corpus of intelligence information that we had. it was not in any way used as a basis for the intelligence community assessment that was done. it was not.
4:10 am
steve: you will famously lied. judge: we know that clapper lied. brian: what about this guy. >> it's really clintonesque. the question was did the cia rely on it if the question had been did the cia use it there, might have been a different answer. i'm not sure if he was really splitting hairs or if he was misleading. but if you look at the look on congressman gowdy's face when he asked the questions. was this ever -- he knew what the truthful answer was and he knew he wasn't getting it from the witness. same look on senator biden's face when he asked jim clapper are you guys spying on americans and clapper said no even though wyden knew it. do these people ever get prosecuted for perjury? they don't. brian: how many times do this months before we get the story he knows the answer and gets it out by putting these people on the record with the questions. judge: yes. brian: he knows when he is not telling the truth.
4:11 am
judge: guy so fed up with this that he is leaving the congress with all the positive good that he has done by exposing this. brian: he puts people on the record. judge: yes. brian: it makes you wonder about the candor of this entire thing when you see these guys in these high positions holding so many of our nation's secrets. judge: is this another way for bob nowrl examine? yes. is he? we don't know. we don't know where it's going to go. he is going to rewhat he has. brian: i don't see any indication is he pursuing the other angle, the clinton previous. judge: i'm sorry to say that i agree with you. sorry to say that he should but i don't see any of it. steve: devin nunes is going after the state department. phase 3 is after the intel. judge: bob mueller can indict. devin nunes can only embarrass. steve: thank you. judge: happy thanksgiving -- happy valentine's day. jillian: i'm thankful i got to see you twice in one day. judge joined us in the 5:00 hour. 5:00 this morning. thank you for joining us, judge. good morning to you.
4:12 am
let's start with this fox news alert. a chicago police officer gunned down confronting a suspect in broad daylight. 53-year-old commander paul bauer shot by a man running from other cops. the suspect is a convicted felon. hundreds of officers lining the streets to salute the fallen hero. >> commander bauer was shot multiple times. unfortunately, commander bauer passed away. i just ask the citizens of this city to keep the bauer family in their prayers. jillian: bauer, 31-year veteran of the force, leaves behind a wife and 13-year-old daughter. 13 law enforcement officers have died in the line of duty this year bauer is the fifth killed just since last week. terrifying video showing united plane packed with people falling apart at 30,000 feet. the plane just 40 minutes away from its destination from san francisco to
4:13 am
honolulu when the unthinkable happened. >> heard a really loud bang when the right engine went. the engine right where we were sitting, which would have been on the right -- well, the right side of the plane was completely blown. ainsley: just take a look. you see passengers bracing for emergency landing. in a statement the engine's manufacturer pratt and whitney says they are working with investigators to figure out exactly what happened. happened. we are learning more about that suspicious package sent to donald trump jr. the powder-filled letter contained a note reading quote you are an awful person and now you get what you deserve. don jr.'s wife vanessa was rushed to the hospital after opening that letter. turned out the powder was just corn starch. that's a look at your headlines, guys. frightening situation. steve: i bet they didn't know it was corn starch when they opened it up. brian: president obama's office, too. steve: one of president trump's cabinet member thanking fellow cabinet member for being his inspiration. >> to see a black man making such important contributions
4:14 am
to the field of medicine, dr. carson, it lit a fire in me. steve: that man joins us with more of that story coming up next.
4:15 am
4:16 am
4:17 am
>> the first time i ever
4:18 am
interacted with a black physician was in college when i had the opportunity to meet dr. ben carson. to see a black man making such important contributions to the field of medicine, dr. carson, it lit a fire in me. it instilled a belief in me that i could do the same. >> wow, the u.s. surgeon general speaking from the heart yesterday thanking a fellow cabinet member. you all know him dr. ben carson for being inspiration arguably being the best brain surgeon in the country. in honor of black history month celebration at the white house. joining us to discuss more is dr. jerome adams. dr. adams, some inspiring things about you including your family. your family was all military. you couldn't go into the military, but, man, what plan b. >> well, absolutely. i knew i wanted storve, because because oto serve.couldy asthma. i was inspired by the folks around me growing up. none of them were black. i had never met a black
4:19 am
doctor until i got the college and had the opportunity to learn about and to meet dr. carson. brian: we just heard what you just said yesterday here is what he tweeted back i'm humbled by your kind words. many background. in light of the operating room everyone's brains look the same and everyone can achieve great things if they set theirs to it what's your thought on that. >> couldn't agree more. a lot of folks debate the value of black history month. but yesterday the president's remarks were so important because they inspire hope. many folks know of my story. i have a brother who is in prison right now with substance use disorder. so within the same family as the taxpayers, folks can either pay for someone to be incarcerated or have a surgeon general. we have got to help folks understand there are options available to them to become a doctor, to become a police officer, to serve in the military. that's why it's so important at yesterday's event that we shared these important stories of african-americans
4:20 am
and blacks succeeding in this country. brian: what did your parents and what do you say to people say there is iniquities in society. you know, we started as slaves in this country, brought here against our will, and people are angry about that. and we see it playing out on a daily basis. why don't have you that anger? >> well, it's important that we know our history. but it's also important that we work together to figure out how we can move ahead. one of the things i have tried to do in my life and a surgeon general is show everyone how we benefit from addressing iniquity and how everyone can benefit from a more prosperous country. i'm so excited about the opportunity to be a part of this administration as surgeon general. can i shine a light on. so issues and share. so stories i faced. brian: wow. and you are and you did. thanks so much for bringing it out yesterday great speech speaking from the heart and thanks for joining us this morning, doctor. >> brian, chocolate actually is good for new small doses. so, just remember that on valentine's day.
4:21 am
brian: i know. wouldn't broccoli be better. >> broccoli would be better but i'm telling you your wife is not going to like it if you bring home a box of broccoli. brian: you're the doctor. you win. more "fox & friends" in just a moment. >> happy valentine's day. d your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? right now, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. ends soon. visit fora store near you.
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mitchell elementary can make it to the end of the year with no physical violence, their principal will personally pay each of them $100. is that a good idea or a bad idea? we have a fair and balanced debate. dr. wendy osefo is a professor at johns hopkins university and she lived in the philly area and nikki johnson-huston is attorney and mentor to young philadelphia students. she joins us from the city of brotherly love. nikki, let's start with you. you are a mentor to a number of young people there in philly. you think this is probably a
4:26 am
problem related to culture, right? >> i do. look, i understand and appreciate the innovative idea of trying to solve problems like violence in schools, but the idea that we would pay students for the bare minimum of behavior is unacceptable to me. i really think we should be dealing with the underlying issues which is deep poverty, the instability of some of these families and the lack of resources. steve: right. >> the violence comes from trauma. i'm not blaming the principal. she's trying to do what she thinks is best for her students. but we're expecting teachers and administrators to parent. and that puts them in an impossible situation. steve: well, you know, wendy, this is an impossible situation for some these kids. some of these kids are actually homeless. they don't have parents. and 100 bucks would do a lot in their lives. >> agreed. you know. and i think that the issue of trauma is something that does need to be addressed. i often say it's not what
4:27 am
we're doing but why are we doing it and we have to look at the root causes of this trauma. let's look at the facts here. the facts are 30,000 upwards students get harassed in school during the school year. of that we have 143 which could result in injuries. so right now even though it's not the best approach, it is one approach. incentivized schooling has been a long history when it comes to school reform. this is nothing new. and even as parents sometimes we tell our kids, you know, if you clean the house or if you mow the lawn, we will give you some type of allowance. so we're not reinventing the wheel here, this teacher or this principle, rather, is just using something that's close to their disposal to try to change the trajectory for students. >> but i disagree. steve: hold on. i will read the statement from the school and then you can disagree. they say philadelphia's children like children everywhere respond to high expectations, positive reinforcement, kindness and care by using these concepts, philadelphia schools have become a national leader in improving
4:28 am
school climates, reducing school suspensions and decreasing student arrests. nikki, pardon the interruption, will you also apparently it is working because so far this year only 8% of the eighth graders have been suspended and we're already to february. >> what i'm going to say is i don't know that it's necessarily working. there has been a policy the last couple of years that's changed the criteria in which suspensions are given to students. and i do think that there should be positive reinforcement. but why aren't we rewarding students for good grades? why aren't we rewarding students for positive attendance? rewarding students for improvement. why are we rewarding students for not fighting? bullying is absolutely an important issue, but the truth is, is that i come from a disadvantaged background. i was homeless myself, and i am a successful lawyer now. part of that was i wasn't
4:29 am
just taught academics but also taught about the importance of character and values. so, it does matter what you do and the kids that i mentor, one of the things that i tell them is that sometimes you do the right thing because it's the right thing. not because you're being bribed but the expectation of what it means to be a good citizen. and too many of our schools are failing. i want these kids to be successful in life. steve: wenty, nikki makes some good points. >> as he had cared education is not binary and not exclusive. can you do two things at one time. can you reward students for academic achievement and award students for attendance. you can also make sure there is not violence in your schools. you don't have to pick one.
4:30 am
that's what's going on. that figure you mentioned is down 21% from 2016 as far as violence. so it is working. we can incentivize education johnson-huston we thank you for joining us live. >> thank you, happy valentine's day. >> thank you, go eagles. ainsley: can you go. you can tell what team she loves she is from philly. remember when nancy pelosi said this about those thousand dollar tax cut bonuses. >> the crumbs that they are giving to workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic. >> one lawmaker didn't forget. and his new bill to put the schmooze on would actually protect those crumbs. and he is one of the funniest people alive but bill murray has a very serious message for democrats. you're going to want to hear this. and he supports the president's tax cuts. and, need some last-minute ideas for valentine's day? how about dinner at home chocolate waffles, bacon roses? scallops? he has them all.
4:31 am
♪ my love ♪ to share data from any well instantly. so they can analyze trends and stop potential problems in their tracks. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better.
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♪ ♪ l-o ♪ l-o. steve: l-o it's valentine's your valentine's day picture pouring in sue in gear with sue's sweetheart, mike. brian: wow. this is david with his wife jane. it is their first valentine's day as a married couple. ainsley: oh. do something special for her. congratulations. here is catherine standing between her two favorite love birds. her parents. they have been married for 63 years next week. keep sending us your valentine's day photos. we will be show them live all morning long. congratulations, 63 years. steve: in a couple minutes,
4:35 am
we will show you how you can make something special for your valentines today. it's going to be breakfast for dinner. brian: but, first jillian mele has the headlines. jillian: good morning, guys. all right. i will relieve you right now. you guys go get ready for cooking segment. you guys go get ready for cooking segment. i will get you caught up on the news. starting with this. white house chief of staff john kelly fighting back about his handling o domestic abuse violations. telling the four star general that he would not have done anything differently saying, quote, it was all done right. a senior white house source telling fox news there is no truth to the rumors that kelly is on the outs. this as the fbi claims the agency's background check on porter was done long before his resignation. >> we administratively closed the file in january. and then earlier this month, we received some additional information and we paled that acon as well.
4:36 am
jillian: the administration says the investigation was ongoing. it's a real crummy piece of legislation. a republican congressman taking a swipe at house minority leader nancy pelosi after she criticized $1,000 tax cut bonuses. >> in terms of the bonus that corporate america received versus the crumbs that they are giving to workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic. jillian: ed to rokita of fleand irevealing the crumbs ac. more than 4,00 4 million people have got an bonus thanks to tax reform. driver calls 911 claiming the gas pedal is he stuck. cops using spike strips to slow the car speeding at 100 miles per hour. watch. >> yes, ma'am, i believe my gas pedal is stuck in my car and i'm on i-95.
4:37 am
i'm about to hit somebody. >> we got troopers coming. >> i'm switching right lanes right now. get out of the way. jillian: so scary. police eventually stopping the bmw. the driver was rushed to the hospital with chest pain. the car has no recalls. breaking news about one of brian's favorite presidents. hair belonging to george washington was found inside an almanac from 1793. the discovery happening at shaffer library on the campus of union college in upstate new york. turns out washington had close ties to the shaffer family and it was not uncommon back then to give strands of hair as a gift of remembrance. experts tested the locks and confirmed they were his. how cool. as you know, brian wrote about our nation's founder in george washington's secret six. so what do you think, brian? brian: jillian, i think the shaffer is related to the hamilton family and they used to exchange hair of famous people. and believe it's only worth about $2,000 washington's
4:38 am
hair. steve: you know what? during valentine's day don't exchange hair. make them something to eat. ainsley: i'm glad we don't do that anymore. i do not want a lump of someone's hair as a gift. steve: say hello to chef mark bailey author of fascinating book it's called cooking in boxers. [cheers] janice: we noticed that right away. why didn't you come in your outfit. >> little too chilly for boxers. brian: why cook in boxers comfortable? >> that's my comfort. i don't advocate everyone cooking in boxers but i do. steve: you sr. a self-described breakfast guru. show us how to make breakfast for dinner. >> light and quick some of the things i like about breakfast. you keep it fast and easy. last minute lovers. i want to start with a little libation. wet our appetite. created by nicki minaj. moss kyoto. it's so great because it really can go with your appetizer. steve: bubbly white wine? >> simple moscato, it's
4:39 am
really good. flavors is really great. ainsley: nicki minaj. >> yeah, it's great. i put the fruit of love in there strawberries. you know, got to keep it valentine's day. ainsley: not talking about ice cubes. >> i took about interactive food. food can you dip and use your hands. cheese fondue here. three simple ingredients, scorn starch, white wine and cream cheese. ainsley: kids. >> great for serving. bread any vegetable you like. steve: talking about flowers. >> bacon roses. original bacon and what i love is basically arts and crafts here. you roll your bacon up like this and basically bake it in the oven until it's nice and crispy. you want to get a quick cut bacon thick cut so it works really well and i love bacon because breakfast, lunch and dinner. [bacon!
4:40 am
>> season them with or oregano basil. use oil to season your scallop: i wrapped some of that asparagus with bay son. steve: you love bacon. >> bacon! ainsley: dad in charge of dinner and he always did breakfast for dinner and kids love it? >> this is a chocolate waffle with strawberries, heart shape. come on, guys, have to have a heart shape waffle at home by jc pennies. these are the ingredients. have the batter already made. get somebody to pour that on the waffle. flour, sugar, cocoa powder. butter, eggs in well and extract as well. get that mixed up, water as well: >> and waffle iron is ready. >> that's not the fire alarm by the way.
4:41 am
>> heart shaped waffles way to go, guys, i know it sounds corny. close that down, boom, two seconds, it will be done and voila, it looks like that. brian: i didn't know as a kid you could make your own waffles. i though the everybody's was frozen. >> run out to j.c. penney's and get do dads: brian: also recommend taking your shirt off. wearing your boxers. >> that's after the meal, guys. keep it clean. this is morning tv. steve: it's the cover of your book. >> women, get in your boxers too. get in your boxers, ladies. steve: recipes are simple >> thank you. brian: change gears if we can. take a single shot, it's up to you. joy behar bashing mike pence over his faith. >> one thing when you talk to jesus another thing if jesus talks to you.
4:42 am
brian: can it get lower today? ainsley: watch the whole clip. see it coming up. outrage growing in one district after the national anthem gets banned from pep rallies. your emails on this are coming in. ♪ if it's meant to be ♪ it will be ♪ it will be ♪ baby, just let it be ♪ so won't you ride with me ♪ ride with me ♪ see where this thing goes nothing relieves more symptoms than alka seltzer plus maximum strength liquid gels. we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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4:45 am
steve: it's 15 minutes before the top of the hour, some headlines caught on camera edition. a man tries to get away from police officers by throwing meat, beer and cheese out of a moving van. watch this. [sirens] >> door wide open. and dropping out of it. he threw a case of bud light out. steve: wisconsin police trailing the drivers suspected of shoplifting. they eventually got him to stop and arrested him for his seventh driving while intoxicated citation.
4:46 am
and you could steal his heart but not his giant teddy bears. stuffed animal heist goes wrong when crooks rob a valentine's pop up store in the city of phoenix. they grab the toys and jump inside a get away car. the only problem they got stuck at a red light. look, that's the one law they followed. that gives workers time to force open the door and confront the crooks. they did not put up a fight. throwing the bears out of the car and speeding off. all right. ainsley. ainsley: thanks, steve, omarosa manigault time on big brother time to bash the president and administration yesterday it was vice president mike pence her bashing him that got a lot of coverage and attention. look at this. >> he's extreme. i'm christian. i love jesus. but he thinks jesus tells him to say things. and i'm like jesus didn't
4:47 am
say that. >> it's one thing to talk to jesus. it's another thing when jesus talks to you. >> exactly. >> that's different. that's different: that's called mental illness if i'm not correct. >> my question can he talk to mary magdalene without his wife in the room? ainsley: is this a new low for the abc show? here to weigh in on this is host of truth exchange cathy barnett. cathy, what do you think about that? >> yeah. it was sad, wasn't it? >> it really was. it was really sad. because, you know, on one hand we recognize that these women are just blind and they and what we typically see from the left is if they don't understand something, they have a tendency to try to despise it or mock it because they don't have a personal relationship with jesus christ. they want to mock those who do. but we know that america is a christian nation. despite what joy says, despite what even president obama declared many years ago, this is a christian nation founded on christian judeo principles, right?
4:48 am
and we see it in the infancy of our founding documents when thomas jefferson called on the law of nature and the god of nature and he later named him. he later identified that god as our creator who gave us these unalienable rights that our country has been founded upon. it's really sad when you see something like that even from omarosa. she is looking for relevance right now. ainsley: what did you think about omarosa. >> she is looking for relevance, right? she has fallen oh how the mighty has fallen. ainsley: is she a preacher or her husband. >> not only her husband but i believe she also preaches on a regular basis. so, again, right? it's sad. it's really -- but another thing, i don't know sometimes if we're dealing with hypocrisy or if we're dealing with really demented or deranged people. because, on one hand, they swoon over kim jong un's little baby-sitter who is
4:49 am
complicit with a murderous on the other hand hypocrisy. ainsley: watch "the view" and talk about the me too movement and keep believe the harvey weinsteins are doing this to young girls but then they mock the vice president who doesn't want to go to dinner or go to an alcoholic event without his wife. he is trying to do the right thing. he is trying not to put himself in a bad position. what's wrong with a man who doesn't want to cheat on his wife? i think that's wonderful. >> apparently he is deranged. apparently he has a mental disorder. ainsley: i think when christians say they hear from god. they don't necessarily mean that they hear this loud voice that is god from above speaking to them every day. i think it is that we pray that god speaks to us, that god shows us what to do and what path to take. >> amen, flight yeah, exactly. that is the overwhelming majority of americans. and i think one of the things that americans need to recognize is that when they despise or they mock our president, or even vice president pence in this particular situation, they're not just despising them and mocking them. they're mocking us as well.
4:50 am
and they are despising those of us who put this man in to office. so we need to start taking these things a little bit more personal because they are not just mocking him. but they are morning those of us who believe exactly, right? ainsley: faith based values. you don't have to have be a christian to have those types of values. >> no, you don't. ainsley: thank you. you are right. say a prayer for joy bay harassment already giving sanctuary city for illegals. one is creating a safe haven for pot smokers. bill murray has a political message for the democrats. carley shimkus is here to explain what got him so fired up and what else is trending on this valentine's day. that's next. ♪ walk on ♪ walk on ♪ ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world.
4:51 am
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4:54 am
♪ >> well, you sort of been watching it happen. here we are. and it's a clash of clans first thing in the morning every day, you know, where people are just going to war about so much. brian: did we just wake bill murray up for that sound bite? he looks exhausted. steve: bill murray has a political message for democrats right there. ainsley: here with that and more of what is trending fox news headlines reporter carley shimkus. carley: that's me. you should have seen his pants. pants. he had very interesting patterned pants. two big headlines from that. comedians are funnier when they stay away from politics. he used kristin wig. everybody thinks she is funny because she doesn't talk about politics. i think, you know, everybody can kind of agree with that right? brian: it's extremely hard to be a comedian these days because they are usually pushing the envelope. they push the envelope and
4:55 am
next thing you know they are being sued or banned. ainsley: that's what they told you when you were not successful. carley: i recently learned you were a stand-up comedian for a while. ainsley: he wasn't very funny. brian: let's go. ainsley: sorry. moving on. carley: he said the economy has been fantastic because of the tax cuts. specifically what he said though is that the tax cuts have been good for business. so not really controversial point there. steve: bill murray gets political kind of. this is political. the national anthem whether people stand or sit for the national anthem and now there is a high school where the students have decided parts of the national anthem, the third verse are racist, we're not going to sing it. >> the students decided. this a student leadership group at a california high school in california announced that the national anthem will no longer be played during pep rallies because it was deemed racially insensitive. steve, like you said. they were referring to the third usually unsung verse of the star-spangled banner that references slave or the killing of slavery. so, what they said was i have a statement from the
4:56 am
student body president as our culture shifts to one that is more diverse and accepting of all types of people so must our tradition. the decision, of course, being met with backlash from some students and parents who don't like this decision whatsoever. who don't like this decision whatsoever. we have some reaction to that. recess how do you teach children about values and morals when they are encouraged to disrespect the most basic symbol of freedom, our flag. what kind of future are you setting for them going on to college. disgraceful. the same students who claim this verse is offensive will listen to trashy music riddled with racial comments and is degrating to women. this reminds me the olympics are going on right now. do you see how familiar that national anthem means though those athletes when it's played over the loud speaker? imagine taking that away from them. brian: great point. ainsley: it's called california high school. carley: it's called
4:57 am
california high school. brian: everyone gets a squishy toy when they win. mascot. carley: i miss the flowers. after big achievement, thanks for this little cute tiger. ryan brian i don't know what it is. steve: carley, thank you very much. we will step aside. more "fox & friends" on valentine's day next. it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? right now during the ultimate sleep number event,
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5:00 am
jesus talks to you. >> who is she to mock anyone with their faith. >> if they don't understand something, they tend to despise it because they don't have personal relationship with jesus christ. >> yesterday, the president's remarkses were so important because they inspire hope. >> those who are not stellar students usually find the military a better option.
5:01 am
that is not a criticism of everybody. >> he has disgraced us. disgraced this city. disdispraised this nation. >> 142nd westminster kennel club will be the bichon friese. brian: there is shooting in washington, d.c. in front of nsa building. steve: in and a rundle county near baltimore. near the nsa in fort meade. jillian has breaking news. jillian: let's go ahead tell you what we know. breaking three people reportedly have been shot at nsa headquarters in fort meade, as you just heard maryland. two men dressed up as women tried to drive through the gate with a stolen suv. that is when the shots were fired.
5:02 am
we have a crew on the way. we'll follow the story as it develops. make sure to stay tuned to fox news. another alert. 53-year-old commander powell bower shot by a man running from other cops. the suspect a convicted felon. hundreds of officers lined the streets. >> commander bower was shot multiple times. unfortunately commander bower passed away. i ask the citizens of this city jillian: bower a 31-year-old veteran of the force leaves behind a wife and 13-year-old father. 13 law enforcement officers have died in the line of duty this year. bower is the fifth killed this week. a united plane packed with people falling 30,000 feet. it was on the way so
5:03 am
san francisco from honolulu when the unthinkable happened. >> i heard a really loud bang. >> the engine we're sitting would have on on the right side of the plane was completely blown. jillian: take a look. passengers are bracing for an emergency landing. in a statement, the engine's manufacturer, pratt & whitney are working with investigators to figure out exactly what happened. tragedy after a climber falls 700 feet to his death off mount hood in oregon. black hawk helicopters rushing to help him and others. this incredible video showing climbers performing cpr awaiting rescuers. the man was pronounced dead at the hospital. we'll continue to follow the stories. steve: sounded like what happened at the nsa headquarters happened at the gate. ainsley: lots of tough news to report. thank you jillian. brian: this week was
5:04 am
infrastructure week. the story about porter and what everybody knew ahead of time. that is big news. the president met with sheriffs this week. i will speak to one shortly. the other major story puts a lot of pressure on congress get something done when it comes to immigration. something not done in 25, 30 years. first step, get a daca fix. in turn get border security. what happens from there is where we're going to have the debate beginning today. steve: not much debate so far. ainsley: time is running out. march 5th is the deadline. the clock is ticking. when the senate is proposing a skinny bill. they can get the 60 votes. what does that mean? cutting out about chain migration and visa lottery. protects "dreamers" and gives some money for border security. was there a specified amount? originally the president wanted 25 billion. steve: essentially what it says. "dreamer" deal, plus significant border security funding that is the best hope the senate has to
5:05 am
getting to 60. the problem is the president would not sign that. and the white house made it very clear yesterday, he would get out his veto pen. here is the president laying out his plan going forward. >> we're asking congress to support our immigration policy that keeps terrorists, drug dealers, criminals and gang members out of our country. we want them out. that is why we're asking the senators to support legislation that contains the three vital elements of a safe immigration system. we want securing border and a wall, ending chain migration and canceling the visa lottery. in everything we do we're listening to law enforcement. we're putting the safety and security of american people first. steve: very clear what he wants. yesterday mitch mcconnell tried to get things started with a vote whether or not there should be a crackdown with sanctuary jurisdiction, if you don't cooperate with i.c.e., funding, stuff like that. charles schumer, the minority leader said, wait a minute this
5:06 am
has nothing to do with what we're talking about. his suggestion is have the republicans vote on the thing that leans more towards what the president wants. democrats will vote on something more like they want, a clean daca bill. they will both fail. ainsley: why wouldn't democrats support that original bill? it gets 1.8 million. they originally wanted 700,000. 1.8 million allows them to stay in the country. i've been hearing critics say, because they want this thing, they don't want it to pass. they want march 5th to roll around, they want the president to deport the people. brian: they don't have a deadline anymore. march 5th is not a drop-dead date any longer. they will revisit it. might go up to the supreme court. you never know, there is no longer a deadline. we'll put this on hold. the house says look at me. i hate the deal i was forced to sign last week on the budget. therefore when it comes to
5:07 am
immigration i'm, this is already the rubber hits the road. why the speaker will look passing putting for a vote the congressman goodlatte bill. he is retiring but in virginia. extremely conservative putting that to the senate seeing where that goes. ainsley: a lot of people talking about immigration. they're talking about this. omarosa was on the reality show, "celebrity big brother." she was talking about president trump. ratings went up. democrats want to hear her say this the last episode she started talking about the vice president. she feels for him and talks to god. he is really extreme. he is really extreme. he hears from jesus. brian: that is what omarosa said. ainsley: they started talking on "the view." this is joy behar's reaction. >> it is one thing to talk to jesus. it is another thing when jesus talks to you. [applause] >> that's different. >> that is mental illness if i'm not correct.
5:08 am
my question can he talk to mary magdalene without his wife in the room? steve: when jesus talks to you that is mental illness. ainsley: majority of country is mentally ill. they believe in christ and that he talks to them. they don't necessarily believe they hear a loud voice from god. we pray that god will show us the way and tell us what to do. steve: in our first hour today we had dr. alveda king, the niece of martin luther king. she told us something we never heard before. listen to this. >> this is america. freedom of speech. we have the religious freedom, executive order the president signed it. he can pray any way he wants to. this is america. and if he is hearing god say, be strong, martin luther king, jr., my uncle said he heard the voice of jesus say stand up. martin luther at my kitchen table was my uncle crazy? steve: makes a good point.
5:09 am
martin luther king, jr. heard the voice of god. brian: i love to somebody of promise say allah talks to me, would joy behar call out this person and said they were borderline insane. ainsley: if she would have, she would have lost her job. emails are flooding. susan, shameful remarks by joy behar of "view." should learn respect of other's religious beliefs. steve: shelley tweeted, joy, god forgives you. keep comments coming. remember the teacher who was surreptitiously taped by one of the students and he was degrading the military service. talked about how the military is the lowest of the low. remember that? here is a flash back.
5:10 am
brian: just not true. we had general perkins on here, four-star general in charge of recruiting. he went through the stats. talked about college graduates. they are higher thanwhole country along high school graduates. it is not even true. for him to double down -- ainsley: double down on it! this is what he said. >> i don't think it is at all revelation to anybody that those who aren't stellar students usually find the military a better option. that is plain as tuesday night. that is not a criticism of anybody. anything i said had nothing to do with the moral character. brian: what is the criticism, saying uneducated with no other options. who how could you take that wrong? steve: i'm not anti-military. i'm pro-education. those are 55 speakers at the town council at last night in peco ref vary a. 55 speakers. 53 called on him to resign.
5:11 am
as you can see right there. he says he is sorry, if he hurt anybody's feelings. he will not leave the job. meanwhile another teacher from his own school presidented recall petition to have him recalled from the town council. he has no intention of quitting. brian: not looking for reform or forgiveness. holding on to false stats and false perception who serves in the military. ainsley: i'm sorry if i hurt people's feelings but not necessarily sorry for his remarks. brian: the kid taped it, comes from military family. going to rotc. he is going into the marines. ainsley: his family fights to give that teacher the right to say what he wants. brian: that kid is getting death threats. he has a lawyer. ainsley: 11 minutes after the top of the hour. president trump hosting a group of sheriffs at the white house discussing everything from immigration to the drug crisis. one of the sheriffs in the room will join us next. >> supermodel kate upton making a splash during her photo shoot.
5:12 am
for all the wrong reasons. ♪
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5:16 am
>> asking congress to support the immigration policy, terrorists. drug dealers, gang members out of our country. we want them out. we don't want them in. brian: this is follow-up appointment. president trump hosting a follow-up meeting with u.s. sheriffs at the white house. they talked border security, drug crisis, agenda for 2008. we have the sheriff of st. charles, louisianas. he was at the meeting yesterday. he joins us now to weigh in. sheriff, how would you describe the president's tone as opposed to a year ago yesterday? what was it like? >> well, he seemed, he seemed satisfied that he was able to, a year ago, listen to the concerns that we had. we were so pleased to be invited in and express some of our major concerns. he was very pleased to announce as we all knew, success in progress in almost all of those. not completed missions, but success in a lot of action. success? many every area we brought to
5:17 am
his attention. brian: he is worried about gangs, ms-13, international gang in particular. worried about drugs hitting all sectors, all races all age groups. so what can you say you can report to him about what was needed and what's been done? >> well, he pretty much knows what needs to be done. we have a lot of issues. many of them are interconnected you go from the opioid crisis, leads into border security which was a big issue yesterday as well as a year ago which then leads into the sanctuary city issues where a lot of our sheriffs who are, have counties in and around sanctuary areas are finding what they are becoming sanctuaries for is criminal activity. criminal activity from u.s. citizens as well as illegal aliens. so, you don't have to be genius to figure out that when you have a sanctuary place, that is going to attract people who want to commit crime, because they have sanctuary. so those issues, are starting to bleed into one another but a lot
5:18 am
of it also falls back to border security which we said a year ago, we say again, we want the southern border to be secure. brian: right and i think we'll be deciding that this week. the president wants about 25 billion. let's see what he can get in terms of the fix. sheriff, i have to ask you directly, i hear in law enforcement communities there is school of thought helps you do the job, people abiding by the law stuck in illegally don't fear deportation, hence sanctuary. everybody wants criminals out. what do you say as a man who fights for law and order. >> we have to secure the border a federal judge from texas came in and spoke to the group on that particular issue and one of the points the judge relayed she actually had an illegal alien before her in court not long ago who had been deported and come back 25 times. this, you know, if we don't have a border we'll not be able to be secure. that is just beyond insane. 25 times deported and back in.
5:19 am
apparently that is happening more and more often. we just want the southern border secured. brian: right. that is what you want to help you do your job at st. charles parish. thanks so much for joining us. >> happy valentine's day. brian: back at you. 19 minutes after the hour. army going old school to toughen up new recruits. changes to basic training. giving sanctuary to illegals, one city is creating a safe haven for pot smokers. what do you think about that idea? we'll debate it in just a moment. ♪ a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
5:20 am
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5:21 am
your mind and body operates, years from now."
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5:23 am
former drug addict and head of the faced based coalition.
5:24 am
we have a company focusing on the cannabis industry. i bet you think this is great idea that berkeley is a pot sanctuary. >> this is really just a city expressing the same sentiment that countless state and local and even federal officials around the country have expressed, that the federal government should not be using its limited resources to interfear in state-approved marijuana laws. these local and state officials are concerned they will not be able to control these businesses. they want to make sure they're able to keep the gangs and cartels out. that they're making sure marijuana is being controlled. this is, really a constitutional principle that guided our nation since its founding. it is called the anti-commandeering doctrine. states and localities do not have to enforce federal laws. this is one community expressing that through a resolution. but many other members of congress, state legislatures and
5:25 am
city officials are doing the same. steve: bishop, you're shaking your head. marijuana schedule 1 drug at federal level. regardless what the states do, localities dos bishop, it is still against the law to have it federally. >> well, berkley mayor and city council members are absolutely insane. this is the highest level insanity. this is wickedness in high places. this is absolutely diabolical scheme by the mayor. steve: why? >> you are bringing marijuana into your city and you want potheads and drug addicts to have sanctuary. it is hypocrisy because that is not what sanctuary cities are all b. sanctuary cities are about something totally different.
5:26 am
steve: mason, let me ask you this, the people who live in berkeley, california, what live there do you think are behind this idea? >> well we do know according to most federal polls, 55 to 65% of americans think marijuana should be legally. berkeley is more progressive. steve: that is different issue. we're talking about sanctuary status. >> he can't answer the question. >> you're using the term sanctuary -- steve: berkeley is doing that. >> they are expressing the notion they don't want their local police to work with federal officials to violate state and local laws. and that -- >> but it is against federal law. it is against the federal law. now we have, now we have our elected officials acting like drug cartels. it is all about the money. and you are trying to tell me
5:27 am
that if they make this a sanctuary city, that they're not going to draw drug addicts an drug dealers? it is funny that you would say that they're trying to keep them out when they are trying to dumb down berkeley, california. how in the world can you do that and open this up. steve: mason, one of the things the mayor of berkeley has said essentially, the sanctuary status is stand against president trump. >> well, you know, i don't think necessarily a stand against president trump. he generally said he thinks states should decide their own marijuana policies. this is another instance where local and state officials are expressing concern about a recent decision by the justice department and attorney general jeff sessions to rescind some previous guidance that really said that the federal government should lay off of these states. steve: okay. >> most u.s. attorneys around the country are saying they are going to do that. this is about letting local and
5:28 am
state governments control their communities and do what is best for their citizens without federal interference. steve: bishop allen and mason, thank you both for joining us live today. >> thank you. steve: what do you think about that? email at can't wait to read that. democrats attack trump every chance they get and new poll says the resistance ain't working and it could cost them the midterms. the republicans are gaining on the democrats. steve hilton says the true elitism of the democrats has just been revealed. he will join us next. this marine veteran is running for a senate seat as a republican. his parents are donating money to the democrat that he is trying to beat. that vet has a problem with his parents when it comes to political donations is going to join us live. ♪ h sides
5:29 am
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otezla. show more of you. ♪ >> in terms of the bonus that corporate america received versus the crumbs that they are giving to workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic. brian: she shouldering to that too, that it is pathetic, bonus and raises that people are getting and rocket fuel many cases the economy is on. joining us is steve hilton. he is out in los angeles or close. close. he is host of the "the next revolution." dominates on the weekend. serves as a strategist for the former prime minister of britain david cameron who no longer has that job. steve, welcome back. what do you think about the crumbs act that was put forward by a republican congressman to get rid of taxes when it comes to these bonuses given to their
5:33 am
workers? >> you know, it's a great idea. two reasons it's a great idea. it would put more money in the pockets of american workers. that is the real reason it's a good idea. it is politically good idea because it reminds everyone of the riddicklous elitist attitude of the democrats exemplified by nancy pelosi. they have been dead wrong, establishment democrats have been dead wrong on the economy all the way along. they didn't understand the economic pain some americans were going through. where they live the economy was booming. their incomes weren't going down. their jobs were not going to china or replaced by cheap imported labor so they thought everything was fine. they resisted everything the administration has done to get the economy going. now, when you see the good news coming through, the increase in jobs, increase in full-time jobs. increase in wages after years staffing nation, they ever nothing to say because basically, good news for the american worker is bad news for the democrats. steve: one of the other things
5:34 am
the "the crumbs act," it remind democrats what republicans have done. todd rekeith at that, that is acronym, crumbs, creating relief for useful middle class benefits and savings. whoever came up with that on capitol hill suddenshould get a bonus. >> it is courageous, underlying it is important, you have got in the white house, pro-business, proenterprise president for decades. the american corporate sector and small business sector is responding to that. you have this incredible boost in confidence as result of deregulation and tax reform, so that businesses are investing in the future. it is a really big shift going on. one thing that isn't talked about enough. we hear about good job numbers. not just that there are more jobs. there are better jobs. you've seen a big shift from part-time work to full-time work. and that is really good news for american families struggling to make ends meet.
5:35 am
a full-time job obviously pays better. it is better for their families and workers. this is big change going on. it is direct result of this administration's economic strategy. the democrats have literally no message at all on the economy. all they have got is russia, russia, russia, and we hate trump. ainsley: what does that mean for the next election cycle, november of 2020? will this be an issue then? will the crumbs comment come back to the bite the democrats? >> it really should. if the republicans have any sense should hammer this home. this crumbs act is a smart idea. not only their policies are delivering good news for american workers. democrats opposed it. if they get back in power, those tax cuts will be taken away. those jobs will go away. and that is the message that actually could do really well later this year in the elections. brian: steve, you're not only one. senator schumer said the same thing couple days ago. he said being against trump is not what we need to do.
5:36 am
it is not going to be effective. the so-called generic poll people ask would you vote for republican or democrat. it used to be 12 to 14-point lead for democrats. now down to single digits. as low as six, some as low as two. the president's approval is ticking up. combined it will be a very interesting spring, summer and fall. >> schumer can say that but rest of eliteist democrats don't act like that. they have actually got to have a real plan to help the economy. we haven't seen that for years. the truth is, for most people the economy is number one reason that determines their vote. the fact that the democrats are so elitist, they don't care about the economy. about the economy. they're doing great whatever happens. steve: sure. >> that is why they missed the fact the economy and improving economy makes such a difference to american voters in the elections in 2018. i think they're being overoptimistic about their chances. steve: you're probably right.
5:37 am
brian was talking about the generic poll, the head-to-head with republicans and democrats. now according to a brand new "politico" morning cult poll out this morning, the republicans are actually ahead by one, probably in part because of the tax cuts that people are feeling more money in their pocket. look, steve at daca and immigration debate. looks if the president wants to get some teeth into our border enforcement and democrats don't seem to be very interested in anything other than protections for the "dreamers." >> exactly. and the thing is, that, again that they missed, is that this president, whether you like him or don't like him, is delivering on the promises that he made in the election. that is such a change from what people are used to. he said, build the wall. when they oppose that, they're not just opposing that specific policy, which by the way majority of americans support. they are actually, they keep going on about democratic norms.
5:38 am
surely it is not very good for our democracy if a president gets elected with such a clear promise, the democrats want to block it. this is the reason people hate washington and politics. brian: how important to get rob porter controversy behind them. fbi director didn't do them any favors. john kelly has to step up. don't you think. >> i said, i frankly think the team president has around him in the white house isn't strong enough. they need people there who really understand his pro-worker, populist agenda and can help him push it forward. on this particular, this is a really good example, why they're just not good enough. they haven't got their stories straight enough. they need to get that done, so they can focus on all the things we've been talking about, which is the real change that he is bringing to the economy and for people right across the country. ainsley: steve hilton, thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you. brian: we'll watch you on
5:39 am
sunday, steve hilton. ainsley: we've been talking about the breaking news at the nsa. there was a shooting. jillian has more information. jillian: we're getting more information and caught up on the shooting outside nsa headquarters in fort meade, maryland. reports three people have been shot at the entrance to the headquarters. our local fox affiliate reporting one suspect in custody. one officer has been injured. the fbi is on the way to the scene right now. fox news just confirmed the president has been previoused. moments ago the nsa releasing a statement reads in part, quote, the situation is under control. there is no ongoing security or safety threat. very similar incident happened at nsa headquarters in 2015 when two men dressed as women tried to ram the get main entrance. we'll keep you updated. "new york times" firing lead opinion writer just hours after firing them. quinn norton canned over controversial tweets. many on twitter pointing out past posts she admitted to being
5:40 am
friend with neo-nazis. in other tweets, she used racial slurs. the "times" was unaware of norton's past comments. the u.s. army going old school, launching redesign of combat training because too many recruits act, quote, entitled. many commanders complain new soldiers are showing up with sloppy appearances and undisciplined attitudes. they have new field exercises placing emphasis recruits to demonstrate warrior tasks and battle skills. things get rocky during supermodel kate upton's "sports illustrated" photo shoot. watch this. >> oh, my god. [bleep] >> grab her. is she okay. [. >> oh, my god. jillian: that was scary. the 25-year-old nearly swept awave at sea. a wave crashes into her off the coast aruba. upton knew it would end badly the moment she climbed up on the
5:41 am
rock. thankfully she was not hurt. if that was coral, that is painful. that is serious stuff. steve: if it was sand it didn't move. jillian: looked like it was coral. brian: we all spent years in print modeling. [buzzer] they do not use coral. everything is fake. ainsley: they will have to airbrush the front of her body. it will be all banged up. brian: still ahead this marine veteran is running for senate as republican. his parents donated money to the democrat he is trying to beat. that vet joins us live next. ainsley: flue top dog at the westminster kennel club. >> best in show at the 142nd annual westminster kennel club will be the bichon frise. [cheering] ainsley: that beautiful dog we'll have in our studio.
5:42 am
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♪ ainsley: the parents of a marine combat vet running to unseat a long-time wisconsin senator donating to their son's opponent. democratic incumbent tammy baldwin. but kevin nicholson is no, sir surprised. he was raised a democrat. to explain why he changed parties is wisconsin state senate candidate kevin nicholson. >> good morning i'm great. ainsley: thank you for serving your country. you served in iraq and afghanistan. you were a cowboy before that. you have a resume'. you were president of college dems of america in 1999. then you switched to become a
5:46 am
republican. why did you do that? >> you know, my world view is formed by my experiences, i will say this. it is, my decision to join the united states marine corps in middle of two wars to fight in iraq and afghanistan. while there i had my illusions ripped away. you mentioned my time as a cowboy, waking up at 4:00 a.m. in the morning will make you more conservative one way or the other. ainsley: i know. >> my choice to become a christian, fight for the unborn. my choice to pursue the career i had since the marine corps a lot of hard work. my experience as husband and father. that support my world view. some might disagree with that but that's fine. those views will define my time as united states senator. what it taught me, conservatism when it comes down to is common sense. sense. it is don't spend more money than you have. treat people decently on merit of their character, not on color of their skin. is look out for the future of our american republic, and leave it in better shape than you found it for future generations. these are common sense to me.
5:47 am
frankly those of us who walk ad similar path which include of course ronald reagan and, excuse me, many other conservatives that were once democrats we own this in a way that is hard to explain. we advocate for it because we've seen the other side. we know those policies and those ideas do not make people more successful. that is what made me a conservative, experience, learning things. that is why i advocate for it now. that is why i'm going to win this race an beat tammy baldwin. ainsley: your parents have experience with life, donna and michael nicholson, they donated $2700 to the primary campaign of your opponent, tammy baldwin. what do they think about you becoming a republican, and why did they donate to your opponent? >> i mentioned world view before. we have different world views. we is do have different experiences. i mentioned my time in the marine corps. if you want to have your illusions ripped away as a young person, to to war. you will learn a lot about yourself and learn a lot about
5:48 am
the world. see bad guys and what they want to do to innocent people. one of the things i appreciate about your current president, president trump, he understands this, treat bad guys for what they are. people that want to hurt innocent people americans our allies and other innocent people across the world. that is one of the reasons i've become strongly pro-life. i have seen innocent life thrown away. i saw that as a young person. these experiences are extremely searing. i mentioned my time as a cowboy. waking up at 4:00 a.m. every day, going out to see way agriculture works as business. how hard it is. taxation and regulatory hurdles people have in the business, in order to become profitable to make it for their family. not easy way to live. i mentioned being husband and father. nothing will be makes you more conservative raising three kids and doing it in a whole lot of obstacles and challenges teach them to deal with to be successful. that is my world view. ainsley: real quickly. are you getting along with your parents? what are they saying about this?
5:49 am
you know, it is unfortunate we're not in contact with my parents. ainsley: really. >> that is decision they made on their politics. >> i wouldn't have asked that. i'm sorry, y'all just didn't agree to not talk about. >> you know, no, i'll say this. that decision is something that people made on basis of their politics. i talk to my son the other night. we were talking about our family, he noted exactly how full and wonderful our family is. we're surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins, many people love us supportive of our campaign and most important our family. there is a lot of love in our family. going back to the world view, the world view our wife and i formed through our experience and our life. looking how much it means to us, handing off american experiment one in bert shape than one we found. that is sounder in a better position to protect the american dream. position to protect the american dream. that is what we're fighting for. that is what i fought more in the marine corps. i fought strongly for the idea.
5:50 am
i look at tammy baldwin i see absolute antithesis of all that. spent more money we had. signed on to the iran deal. i want to say this for a moment. that iran deal she signed on to quickly that obama sponsored, sent cash on cargo planes to state sponsor terror that killed americans in iraq and afghanistan. my counteried team in afghanistan found iranian-made ieds in afghanistan. that is who tammy baldwin sending money for and to, that is who we'll beat in the election. ainsley: god bless you and your family. hope for reconciliation. you're a hero. thank you. >> thank you so much, i appreciate it. ainsley: new top dog at westminster kennel club. we have the best in show winner live in our studio coming up next.
5:51 am
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>> morning, everybody, i'm >> morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer. breaking news of a plane in hawaii that lost an engine. where is the memo? we'll find out what democrats are doing with that. will democrats talk to mueller's team. they are apparently negotiating to that to a no. are democrats signing up to anything before november. newt gingrich has an answer. join sandra and me in a few minutes. to the dogs we roll. good morning. ♪ >> best in show at the 142nd annual westminster kennel club will be the bichon frise. [cheers and applause] steve: the crowd went wild, is the winner of the westminster dog show, flynn, along with his
5:55 am
handler bill and westminster director of communications and gail bisher. ainsley: congratulations. bill, you're the handler. >> i am. ainsley: how did you feel when they announced the bichon one, your dog. >> out of body experience. got kind of quite and still. brian: did you feel like you had a champion? >> i felt like that coming in. it was a great moment. steve: gail why was this breed's year? >> you know, best in show there were seven wonderful dogs, all great examples of their standards. but i think that flynn probably had the edge. he has beautiful brown dark eyes, which is hallmark of the breed and he is in perfect condition and coat and conditioning. brian: no body fat. >> flowed around the ring, wonderful. >> so well-behaved as well. >> they're all well based. >> we're keeping him up. >> a while since bichon won.
5:56 am
>> in 2001, one of his relatives won best in show. steve: what does this make it for the breed. >> good and bad. gives them popularity. we want to make sure people make thoughtful choices don't do it on a whim. do what is best for your family. >> how long does it take him looking like this? >> two hours. ainsley: like us. i want to know what kind of shampoo he uses. >> so soft, like a cloud. >> like purell. with a lot of body. ainsley: more "fox & friends on the way. >> we love flynn. ♪ it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting.
5:57 am
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>> it's valentine's day day. >> we have gifts for you guys, too. chocolate. >> janice, you get to keep the dog. >> dog treats. >> thanks, guys. >> bill: nice. good morning, everybody. breaking news now on a terrifying scene thousands of miles above the pacific. passengers capturing this stunning video after a plane's engine starts falling apart forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing. it got their attention and ours, too. ash wednesday and valentine's day today. we have it all for you. >> sandra: good wednesday morning. i'm sandra smith. passengers heard a loud bang and then the plane started shaking. the flight crew wasted no time prepping the passengers telling them to brace for impact while landing. >> brace, brace, brace. brace, brace, brace. >> sandra: the plane landed


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