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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  February 14, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> harris: the immigration debate is about to kick off. we're gonna bring you every bit of it here on fox. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert. speaker paul ryan weighing in on the rob porter allegations saying there is a breakdown in the vetting system and the breakdown needs to be addressed. hello, everyone, i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." president trump's attorney also facing questions about a six figure payment to an adult film actress. john roberts. never a dull day at the white house, john. and you are live on the north lawn. what's going on today? >> reporter: we sort of long for a dull day at the white house. the briefing which again has been delayed. it is now pushed back to 3:00.
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it was supposed to be 1, then 2:30, now 3:00. likely to be dominated by the porter scandal. it's become the subject of a congressional investigation. republican chairman of the house oversight government reform committee, chairman trey gowdy sending a letter to john kelly at the white house asking for, among other things, information about policies, practices and procedures for interim security clearances at the white house. whether porter's clearances were consistent with those practices. the date when the white house became aware of the allegations of porter's security clearance. trey gowdy wants answers. listen to what he said. >> i would want to know from john kelly and anyone else, what did you know? from whom did you hear it? to what extent did you hear it? what actions did you take? chronology is not favorable for the white house. when you have the fbi saying we told you three times in 2017 and
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once more in 2018 for good measure that i think the really fair questions are, what were you told? by whom were you told? did you have some reason to question what the bureau told you? and if none of that is true, why did you keep them on? >> reporter: one thing we need to point out here, christopher wray yesterday said they informed the white house on three separate occasions, four separate occasions, what was going on with rob porter. they did not say the fbi director did not say what it was that they informed the white house specifically about. so that's still a question. trey gowdy still wants to know the answer to that question, so he sent a similar letter to the one he sent to chief of staff john kelly to the director of the fbi. now, there were rumors swirling last night that john kelly was out as the chief of staff, or soon would be. sources both inside and outside the white house tell fox news that's absolutely not true and certainly, john kelly got a big measure of support a little
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while ago from the vice president, mike pence. listen here. >> john kelly's service in uniform, his distinguished service at our department of homeland security, where we saw dramatic reduction of illegal crossings in our southern border, and his distinguished service as chief of staff. that gives me and the president great confidence in this good man. john kelly has done a remarkable job as chief of staff for the president of the united states. and i look forward to continuing to work with him for many, many months to come. >> reporter: another issue that's likely to come up at the briefing this afternoon, an acknowledgement from the president's long time personal attorney mike cohen that he paid money to stormi daniels. saying i'm mr. trump's long time special and i have proudly served in that role for more than a decade. in a private transaction in 2016
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i used my own personal funds to facilitate a payment of $130,000 to ms. stephanie clifford, daniels real name. neither reimbursed me for the payment, either directly or indirectly. in 2011, stormi daniels gave an interview in which she claimed she had a sexual encounter with the president in 2006. she has since denied that on multiple occasions. allegations were raised late last year that cohen paid daniels for her silence shortly before the election. cohen again denies that there was any sexual encounter, but he does eupbt kate daniels was paid to keep quiet and it was him that did it, adding to that statement saying, quote, the payment to misclifford was lawful, it was not a campaign contribution or expenditure by anyone. and then going on to say that while the story is false, he will protect the president.
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so michael cohen, with a mission admission about the payment of $130,000. we do not know, dana, and we still do not know f the briefing will come off at 3:00 or if it will be delayed again, who is going to conduct the briefing. we heard reports last night. i was told by folks in the know that they were talking about having kelly anne mcgann appear there. >> dana: kelly -- >> reporter: kelly and mcgann. >> dana: i get it. that would be interesting. i actually think that would be smart of them to just answer all the questions once and for all, if they can today. so if that happens, of course, that will be interesting. we'll bring the briefing to you whenever it comes. >> reporter: i mentioned this to you. you probably remember the book from lana davis, president clinton's counsel. the title of the book was called "tell the truth, tell it early,
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tell it all, and tell it yourself." >> dana: the only thing i know is from my former chief of staff who said if you have to eat crow, eat it early because it will fester on your plate and taste disgusting. >> reporter: everybody knows what leftovers taste like. >> dana: all right. john roberts from the white house, thank you very much. >> reporter: you bet. >> dana: let's go to capitol hill and take a live look at the senate floor as they're talking about immigration reform. president trump said it's now or never, but there are some proposals in the senate. so what is next? mike emanuel is on capitol hill with all the answers. that's a tall order, mike. what do you have? >> reporter: no question, dana. president trump is backing a plan from senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley which mirrored the president's own blue print on the issue. would provide a path to the young people brought to this country illegally over a 12 year period. provide $25 billion for a border security plan, including more man power and a wall, limit family migrations to nuclear family and phase out the lottery
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system. they need to address the underline problem and not just the status of the young people. >> the widespread desire in this chamber to find a resolution for until legal immigrants who were brought to this country as children. widespread agreement on that. but commonsense dictates that we cannot simply treat one symptom of our broken immigration policy in complete isolation. >> reporter: there's also an effort of a group of 22 bipartisan senators including jeff flake and lindsey graham. courses suggest it could be a smaller agreement, just addressing the dreamers and some border security. that group has been meeting since the government shutdown and some of their members sound hopeful. >> i just came from a very pro-tkubtive bipartisan meeting where i think a group is getting very very close. the challenge may be a little bit in the sequence of votes. people may need to vote for or against something before they can vote for compromise.
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>> reporter: on the house side, gop leaders are seeking support from a bill that emphasizes border security, interior enforcement and would not provide a path to citizenship for the dreamers. >> puts money in place to build the wall. makes sure we have both border security and interior security. >> reporter: house calling this a defining moment for paul ryan. they are still upset that last week's budget agreement increased spending, so they are watching him on immigration. >> dana: thank you. more on this now with senator ben cardin who sits on the finance and foreign relations committee. where do you see things sitting on this immigration debate in the senate, sir? >> dana, we are running out of time. it's very important that we get a bipartisan proposal on the floor of the senate as soon as possible. i think the common ingredient would be to take care of the dreamers. to give them the path way to
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citizenship as the president's talked about and also include border security. i think we can agree on those two point. that should be our starting point. so what we're hoping is that the majority leader will allow us to bring forward a bipartisan proposal that deals with the dreamers and deals with border security. let's see whether we can't get 60 votes for that particular proposal. when we get beyond that, i think it's going to be very challenging to get more than 60 votes. >> dana: i noticed senator bernie sanders seemed to have a change of mind. listen to this. it said i would go much further than i think is right. i think unwillingly is the stupid thing to do, talking about the wall, but we have to protect the dreamers. i'm willing to make some painful concessions. i thought that was the beginning of some compromise. you see discussions about border security in the house really ramping up. if the senate can get to a place where you have bernie sanders willing to vote for it, to give the president what he wants. he's gonna call it a wall no
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matter what. everybody should declare some victory. >> you're absolutely right. if you go back several months ago, pretty hard lines drawn in regards to border security. i think now we are prepared to move forward with border security along with protecting the dreamers. that to me is a commonsense way to at least show that we've taken care of the immediate problem and that we have bipartisan support to get that passed. look, there are other issues we all want to deal with. hopefully, we'll be able to get some additional issues in a bipartisan manner. but let's make sure we get those two ingredients done. >> dana: one of the things i know you are interested in dealing with are those people here under temporary protected status. tell me what you want to try to accomplish with an amendment on that front? >> absolutely. these are individuals who are lawfully here. they came here under the program that was passed in the 1990s. some have been here as long as 20 years. so it's a similar situation to
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the dreamers. many know no other home but the united states. they have family members who are u.s. citizens. so what we are suggesting is let's protect that group also. it's a smaller number. but it's an important group of people who have helped this nation. so we hope that the end of the day we'll have some protection for them. >> dana: let me just ask you this question. if you are able to get some agreement on dealing with those who are here now under temporary protected status, would you be willing to support some sort of legislation to put some limits on temporary protected status going forward? >> i think it is appropriate for congress to look at appropriate oversight on how this -- should be calling it humanitarian protective status. >> dana: i agree. >> thank you. we should look at how that exercise by any president, whether this president or the next administration and how congress should oversight the
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use of that authority. so i think it's appropriate to try to improve how we use that status. for the people that are here, let's make sure they're protected. >> dana: all right. senator ben cardin, thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: dramatic video of a u.s. fighter jet destroying a russian tank in syria. are there growing concerns that this kind of thing could lead to a full blown proxy war in the middle east? plus, how the white house is handling new questions about rob porter and whether chief of staff john kelly knew about the allegations. >> i can only think that general kelly, that this information was kept from general kelly. that means that chris wray was truthful yesterday and general kelly was truthful. there's some sort of disconnect in the white house. that's my girl! that's it! get it, woo, yeah! mom! my game's over. parents aren't perfect, but then they make us kraft mac & cheese and everything's good again.
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>> dana: paul ryan answering questions into rob porter's appointment at the white house. >> clearly, we should all be con testimonying domestic violence. and if a person who commits domestic violence gets in the government, there's a breakdown in the vetting system. >> dana: chris stirewalt, editor of halftime report. we're on i think day eight of this story. maybe day nine. listen to what the judge said earlier today. >> i can only think that general kelly, that this information was kept from general kelly. that means that chris wray was truthful yesterday and general kelly was truthful but there's some sort of disconnect in the white house. if this stuff came in, the stuff being the credible allegations of rob porter beating his two prior wives, came in in march and july, how is it that the chief of staff didn't know about it until february? >> dana: at the top of the show, john roberts reported that it's
11:17 am
possible that today at the white house briefing that's now scheduled for 3:00, that general kelly, chief of staff, and the white house counsel general counsel could come to the podium to brief reporters, which would be remarkable because we haven't seen that before. it might help clarify a lot. what do you think? >> reminds me of back when they had rice previs an steve bannon appear together for just love and the squeezing of the knee and the hugging -- >> dana: i don't think this will be like that today. this is a very different thing. that was about internal division. this is about competency at the white house, judgment and character. those things are all in question right now. over the last three days, we've seen tweets like this fromhaber "the new york times" saying several white house officials are now prefacing or concluding their making clear they can't swear by the information they've just given.
11:18 am
now, i couldn't operate like that in a white house. >> i do think it's about division. i do think -- look, the questions of competency, character and all of those things that you describe are definitely paramount to consideration. however, what we are looking at here is the soul of dysfunction. white house is no better way to find it thandie vision. what you have here are people briefing against kelly, against mcgann, you have treuballism. i think maybe, just maybe, this is the way the president likes it. i think maybe he doesn't want any individual to be so powerful inside of his west wing. like kelly was doing for a period of time. seems to be putting a leash on the president. maybe this gives him more operational room. >> dana: interesting. well, we'll see what happens. that briefing is expected at 3:00 now. fox news will bring that to everybody alive. let me turn to the midterms. i want to take you to wisconsin.
11:19 am
senator tammy duckworth is in a big battle for re-election. i think i have sound of this. take a listen to what he said yesterday. >> do you think damages will retake the senate? >> i don't know what the midwest can teach the democratic party is we have to care about everyone. we can't just care about minorities or immigrants or identity policies. if we just focus on the left wing side of the party, it doesn't get us anywhere. >> dana: who do you think she's talking to there, chris? >> she is talking to her constituents. the people inside of the democratic party in wisconsin who want to make lavish demands. right? well, you should do this. you should never vote for this. you should always say that. you should condemn everything. she's telling her base, look, you got to chill out, because we have to talk to working class white voters who coming to them screaming are going to say, i get it, you're not interested in
11:20 am
my vote. >> dana: it comes at a tile when you see republicans fortunes rising in the generic ballot. three months ago we were talking about a 14 point gap. that's considerably narrowed. now things look better for republicans, at least as of today. >> both sides should remember that. in the course of three months, a lot can change. the republicans who say, things are better now? we got a lot of football to play between now and november. >> dana: you're gonna hear from us later, chris and i. we just taped our 100th episode of the i'll tell you what pod cast. we get confetti and everything. it's valentine's day. he gave me a tower of chocolate and kale chips. congratulations to you and congratulations to me. >> i'm so proud to work with you, my friend. >> dana: thank you for the confetti in the control room. all right, chris stirewalt, thank you.
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nikki haley calling out the russians this morning. >> russia can push the regime to speak a peace in syria, a peace that helps the syrian people. a peace that helps ensure the region's security. now is the time for russia to use that leverage. >> dana: so is there any hope of avoiding a proxy war in syria? michael wolf will give us his take. plus an american champion under fire. why shaun white is apologizing after winning his third olympic gold medal. ♪ you hit me like fire, shot me like a bullet. ♪ ♪ burned me up and down, no way to cool it. ♪ ♪ every time you kiss me it's like sunshine and whiskey ♪ applebee's handcrafted burgers. any burger just $7.99. now that's eatin good in the neighborhood. alright, i brought in high protein to help get us moving. ...and help you feel more strength and energy
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>> dana: tensions escalating in syria after a report that 100
11:25 am
russian mercenaries were killed in a u.s. air strike. latest violence leading to fears of a proxy war. nikki haley laying some of the blame on the russians during a security council meeting this morning. >> much of the violence is happening in so-called deescalation zones. russia was supposed to guarantee adherence to these zones to help the political process. but then again, russia was also supposed to guarantee that all chemical weapons would be removed from syria. instead we see the assad regime continue to bomb, starve and, yes, gas civilians. >> dana: let's bring in lieutenant colonel michael walsh, former green beret commander and author of the wonderful book "warrior diplomat." >> thanks, dana. >> dana: let me ask you something. what do you think is happening? in particular, what does it mean that there are mercenaries there for russia? how does that play into the picture? it's quite interesting, i think.
11:26 am
>> first, i love the straight talk from ambassador haley. here's what russia's doing. they've publicly said, mission accomplished and we're drawing down in syria. what they're really doing, putin is behind this, they're using assad's army as it continues its offensive. it allows russia to have deniability is exactly what they did in the ukraine. it's exactly what they did in crimea. it allows putin to publicly an internationally deny involvement with assad's brutality and then domestically, and this is important for putin in russia. he's facing growing questions about the cost of the intergeneral shun, about the number of casualties and about the pointsist. it gives him deniability there, too. >> dana: also take a listen now to the director of national intelligence on what he said yesterday about iran's involvement in the same area. >> lebanese hezbollah with the support of iran is deployed thousands of fighters to syria
11:27 am
and provides direction to other militant and terrorist groups all promoting regional instability. iran's behavior, as we saw most recently this past weekend in northern israel, increases the potential for escalation. >> dana: now, the gentle man yesterday did not weigh in on whether the united states should stay. but what do you think? >> well, look. russia, iran, assad and then turkey for different reasons are all pursuing their interests there. fair question. why should the united states be in the middle of it? and what is in our interests there? one, if we just pulled out and withdrawn, we're going to have isis 3.0 emerge for a number of reasons. two, it is certainly in our interest to check iran's advances. dana, they have made more gains in the last eight years in terms of being able to threaten israel and dominate the middle east than they have in the last thousand years. we need to keep small forces on the ground, special forces,
11:28 am
backed by air power and joe logistics. if we just walk away our ail lies will be abandoned and slaughters. >> dana: let me ask you then, last question here, but about israel. it's not backing down in any way. >> that's right. israel, israel is our key ally in the region. israel hit hezbollah and its iranian backers hard when they started flying drones over their border over the past weekend. that is absolutely in the united states interest to defend our allies, stand with them. that doesn't mean hundreds of thousands of u.s. troops on the ground. but there are ways to stand with our allies in the region and we're not letting the iranians and russians and assad just run amuck across the middle east. >> dana: michael waltz, thank you. >> thanks, dana. >> dana: american showborder shaun white is apologizing after dismissing sexual misconduct allegations against him as gossip. after his third olympic victory. white made history when he claimed gold in the men's half
11:29 am
pipe. something he also did in 2006 and 2010. after winning, white downplayed a 2016 lawsuit settled last year made by the drummer of his band. >> you know, i am here to talk about the olympics not gossip. but i don't think so. i am who i am. i'm proud of who i am and my friends, you know, love me and vouch for me. i think that stands on its own. >> dana: white struck a different tone on "the today show" saying i am truly sorry i chose the word gossip. it was a poor choice of words to describe a sensitive subject in the world today. white house briefing getting started today at 3:00. we'll bring that to you live as a new investigation is launched into the white house handling of the rob porter allegation. plus vice president pence saying the u.s. could be open to talks with north korea. we'll have a live report from the region next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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>> dana: vice president saying the u.s. would be open to talks with north korea ab reigning in their nuclear ambitions. he was seated very close to kim jong-un's sister olympics. >> there are new indications that the u.s. could be ready for at least preliminary talks with
11:34 am
north korea. vice president pence made those comments following meetings with president moon. new york times is quoting two more administration officials talking about a, quote, tactical shift by the u.s. when it comes to pyongyang. and this is in line from what we are hearing from others here in seoul. it's all triggered by kim jong-un's offer of a summit with south korea. we are still not getting any indication from our contacts that north korea has yet agreed to talk with the u.s. of course, that's the other half of any new equation. meanwhile, the south korean government agreeing on wednesday to pick up a tab for hundreds of north korean athletes, officials and others who came here and are here now. it runs to some $2.6 million. that's got some locals upset that the government is getting a bit too close to the north korea regime. finally, dana, just a few minutes ago, vice president pence confirming an event that he did ignore the sister of kim jong-un at that opening
11:35 am
ceremony. in his words, he didn't think it was proper for the u.s. to give attention to her in that forum and then recounting the horrors of the famine in the regime. back to you. >> dana: let's bring in the south korean chair at the senior brookings institution. i heard you on the global political pod cast. i was so interested in what you had to say. you talk about the unknown. do you think that we know any more after the sister's visit to south korea? >> i think the sister's visit to south korea was really important. it was a change in the way that kim jong-un has been approaching this issue. i think it's a sign of weakness in the way that he's feeling the pinch of sanctions. he's feeling the pinch of maximum pressure. and he's feeling the pinch of perhaps domestic discontent in terms of how he's going to deliver on economic development.
11:36 am
so i think we have to treat this that way and then kim is looking to probe how much or how far the south korean government is willing to go to make interkorean relations better. >> dana: former senator dan coats, the dni director now, he was on the hill yesterday talking about the north korean threat. take a listen. >> decision time is becoming ever closer in terms of how we respond to this. our goal is a peaceful settlement. we are using maximum pressure on north korea in various ways which can be described by my colleagues here. we have to face the fact that this is an a problem for the united states. >> dana: your level of concern has been heightened. why is that? and what do you think we should be doing differently, if anything? >> my level of concern is heightened as a result of the
11:37 am
north korea's increased and the pace of the developments of its nuclear weapons program, as well as the way that the trump administration is also seeing the threat and the potential fix aours between the u.s. and south korea. we want to make sure we're in lock step on north korea issue with our allies, south korea, as well as japan, and to make sure china an russia are following through on sanctions. >> dana: i saw it in "the washington post" today. a south korean professor who said basically the north needs help paying its bills. it couples diplomacy with demands for aid, especially cash, as if the international community needs to pay for engagement. it is the gangster style both towards its people and the south and all its negotiating partners. this came after report that south korean will pay for the north koreans to come to the o
11:38 am
limb peubs. what do you think of that? >> north korea doesn't do anything for free. it certainly doesn't talk for free. but for the south korean government, i think those payments was an insurance policy to make sure nothing bad happened, and that the north koreans follow through on attending the olympics and sending the north korean's leader's sister. we have to be careful to be watchful for how north korea is trying to nibble away at the edges of santions. one of the reasons for the outreach is to relax sanctions implementations, so we have to be careful and watchful about that. >> dana: that makes me ask you my last question about china. they've been pretty quiet during the whole geo political discussion surrounding the olympics. there's questions of how much they are actually helping on sanction. what do you know about that? >> well, i would think that china might be relaxing sanctions implementation, or will if they perceive there's warming ties between the north
11:39 am
and south, as well as north korea and the u.s. if it hasn't happened already. so i think we have to make sure to apply maximum pressure through diplomacy and to make sure that china is continuing to implement sanctions. >> dana: we certainly appreciate bringing your expertise to us today. you can win more from jung pak at the brookings institution. thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: fox news alert on a shooting outside the national security agency in maryland this morning. the fbi saying there is no link to terrorism and that the bullets started flying after an suv tried to make an unauthorized entry to the agency's campus. three people were wounded including the driver of the suv and an nsa police officer. three suspects are now in custody. more questions raised about the white house decision to keep rob porter in a key job despite allegations of domestic violence as president trump addresses the
11:40 am
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>> dana: president trump commenting on domestic violence allegations against rob porter. let's listen in. >> good things come your way. >> thank you all very much. thank you. >> why have you not spoken out against domestic violence? do you believe the women? >> thank you. we're leaving. >> domestic violence. everybody here knows that. i am totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind. everyone knows that. it almost wouldn't even have to be said. so now you hear it, but you all know it. thank you very much. i appreciate it. thank you very much.
11:44 am
>> dana: president trump in the oval office. he was having a meeting there talking about tax reform, but he got asked a question about the rob porter situation, domestic violence. let's bring in the founder of story line and host of politics inside -- inside out on sirius xm and jamie weinstein. glad to have you both here. that's the first time we heard the president comment on this beyond the tweet he put out last saturday. jamie, i'll start with you. what do you think about the white house handling of this? and do you think what the president just did there is going to help put this to bed. >> i don't know if it will help put it to bed. i think the problem the president has, he refuses to ever make a mistake. so the fact that he hired porter, he wasn't going to come out and say, we made a mistake hiring porter, this is an awful thing that he's being accused of. we should have fired him earlier. that's never gonna happen. the president doesn't admit mistakes. i think the larger problem is,
11:45 am
the staffing problem at the white house. i think when they're looking for staffers, a lot of people don't want to come to the white house. then you have some people who would come to the white house that the president won't look at because of criticism they made during the campaign. even if it's just a few not so friendly tweets. so the president has to deal with the pool of people that exist. porter, among those people, probably was pretty good at his job even if he had this very sordid background. my guess is they turned a blind eye. >> dana: i know a young person who had applied to work in the administration at one of the agencies. made one tweet in his whole two years on the campaign, willing to work at one of these agencies in the communications job and he was denied, not able to work there. chris, that is one of the things. i think we know d.c., we probably all know there's some people like that. they can choose to hire who ever they want. chris, what do you think about this on going controversy of the past few days with officials at the white house on background telling multiple reporters that
11:46 am
they don't think they can trust john kelly any more an they're advocating for a change, while the president is still signaling support for kelly through people like vice president pence. >> this has been a rolling train wreck for the last week, dana. just to give viewers some perspective here, this is one of the senior people in the white house. he has security clearance. he was seeing the presidential daily briefing. he was accused of domestic violence. now the question is who knew what when? you have multiple stories coming out of this white house. we had the fbi director, christopher wray, contradicting the white house timeline saying they had done a background check as of last summer. that contradicted what the white house said. now there are real questions about john kelly's leadership. you're starting to see white house officials talking to reporters and saying, look, i can't even guarantee what i'm telling you is really happening. that's a bad place for the trump administration. >> dana: i can't imagine.
11:47 am
john roberts reported on this show that possibly at the top of the hour for the white house briefing, it's possible that general kelly and the general counsel could come to the podium and answer a lot of questions and help them move on. republicans fortunes have improved dramatically, jamie, in the past couple months as tax reform has taken hold and the headlines have improved for them. take a listen though to -- sorry this is a washington state rep. possibility of bill clinton campaigning in the midterm saying, i think it's pretty tough. his presepb just brings up a lot of issues that will be tough for democrats. i think we all have to be clear about what the me too movement was. so as the republicans fortunes improve, at least in the voters' minds. now you have someone back at it with the bill clinton question. will they want him to campaign for them again? do you think this will be a year that we don't see him out on the trail? >> i don't think he'll be out as
11:48 am
much as he was in the past. i think the real question is, anybody who had him campaign four years ago or two years ago out on the trail, why was he okay then? all this stuff that's come out -- nothing new has come out about bill clinton. everyone knows what the accusations were. people knew that. i guess it's the time period now that makes him toxic. all these allegations were there. i think anybody who brought him on the trail before in this moment of me too should be asked why didn't those raise red flags in the past. >> dana: there's one other thing i wanted to bring up to you. senator corey booker joined gillebrand saying i heard from constituents today asking about corporate pack contributions. i'm joining several colleagues and no longer accepting them. our campaign finance system is broken. it's time to pass campaign finance reform. this to me seems like cutting off your nose to spite your tpaeurbgs but is this the way democrats are going to go this
11:49 am
year? >> it is really interesting to watch. lot of democrats have made the case they don't like big money in politics but they can't give up on big donations. now you have corey booker, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders. you have a number of folks eyeing that 2020 presidential race making the case that they're not going to take these contributions in 2018 lining themselves up for 20. that's where the left wing of the democratic party is. so as you watch this, you can kind of see who the contenders are for that nomination as they start to position themselves. >> dana: at least that wing of the nomination. i assume there will be democrats in 2020 who decide they'll take the money, thank you very much. >> absolutely. >> dana: chris, jamie, thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: veterans affairs secretary now the subject of an investigation involving a european trip he took with his wife. what investigators have just concluded. plus the first large scale illegal immigrant sweep since california became a sanctuary
11:50 am
state. fox got to ride along with the ice agent.
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
>> dana: investigators determining david shulkin misused funds for a trip last summer. his wife went with him with the va picking up her travel expenses. nearly half of the ten day trip was spent sight seeing. the trip cost taxpayers more than $120,000. shulkin denies wrongdoing but said he will comply with recommendations that he reimburse air fare and other costs. immigration agents arresting 150 people over three days in the los angeles area. it's the first large scale tweet since california became a sanctuary state. william la jeunesse went on a
11:54 am
ride along. stopping it legal immigration one problem. deporting those already here another. before california was a sanctuary state, it was relatively easy. had one ice agent and a jail who could id dozens of criminals and get them deported. now i see hundreds of agents meeting around town sitting in a house trying to arrest a target as they leave for work. it's dangerous, but i sense that california will not protect its own residents, it will. >> they want to put politics in front of public safety, we're still going to protect the community. >> reporter: those arrested had criminal records, had illegally re-entered or had standing deportation orders. one man i met thought california was a safe state despite an earlier conviction for welfare
11:55 am
fraud. >> disappointed. i thought i was protected by being in a sanctuary city or state, but i'm not. everybody is vulnerable. >> reporter: the sanctuary battle taking place in the courts as well as the streets. dana? >> dana: ice tried to deport a man whose son had cancer. how did that turn out? >> reporter: there's cases like this around the country where an individual is a sympathetic case. this man came to the united states 29 years ago. twice he was deported and returned illegally. well, now he has a family an five children an another on the way. his son has leukemia. when ice, based on his previous removal, tried to deport him, he took refugee status in a church. after the story made headlines, he was allowed to stay. >> i feel so happy to be able to live with my family and my kids. be able to go home and have fun.
11:56 am
>> reporter: so this is the type of discretion that sanctuary cities want to see ice display. ice said, basically, no one is above the law. >> dana: government doesn't always have a heart. all right, william. thank you. fox news alert. frantic scene outside a florida high school. a major police response outside stowman douglas high. broward county police confirming an active shooter was at the school. first responders were seen treating at least half a dozen. while many other students have evacuated. we are expecting sarah sanders to take the podium. now apparently around 4:00 in a briefing to take questions about the white house response to the rob porter allegations. we will bring you there when she begins. you do all this research
11:57 am
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on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't
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raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> tomorrow on "the daily briefing "we'll have more on immigration reform. colorado's two senators join me
12:00 pm
live. corey gardner and democrat michael bennett. they'll talk about their bill aimed at keeping daca recipients in the country and securing the border. that's it for us. thanks for joining me. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in washington where after more than a week of silence, the president has just spoken out about domestic violence as congress is now demanding answers about the former aide accused of abusing two of his ex-wives and a former girlfriend. the former white house insiders say that team trump's latest explanation about who knew what and when does not add up. president trump's personal lawyer says he arranged for the payment to a porn star who claims she had an affair with the president while he was married to the first lady. the lawyer says the president has denied the affair, so why does the attorney facilitate the payment of the cash?


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