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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  February 23, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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very optimistic. i'm so encouraged. i think this will be different this time and have a real dialogue and come up with some real solutions. >> sandra: we will leave it there. we are back monday live at noon eastern. here is harris. >> harris: thanks a lot. we are waiting a plea here for formwork from campaign rick gates had to begin about an hour from now. i'm harris faulkner. he is expected to plead guilty in the robert mueller investigation just a day after being slapped with new charges. catherine herridge is alive for us in washington. the big question everyone has is, this isn't really connected with where robert mueller was going in the first place. fill us in. >> just within the last hour, this 25 page of the superseding indictment has been made available for the court. you can think of it as a road map for the hearing that's coming up just an hour from now. i read to the documents, and i would break it down this way.
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he is expected to plead guilty to two count, wanted conspiracy against the united states. it had two elements oratorical foundational pieces to it. one has to do with his lobbying work along with paul manafort, his longtime business partner, who was also charged by the special counsel right now. it was there lobbying work with a pro-russia party in ukraine. it also has to do with the money laundering of what they say is $18 million, an effort to hide the proceeds from that lobbying. this is the account conspiracy, defraud the united states government or against the united states government. the second count as a lesser charge, which is a violation of 18 u.s. -- this says he lied about a conversation with paul manafort, another lobbyist, and a member of congress about the conversations about the ukraine. that conversation took place in
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2013. that's an automatic five years. what we expect at the hearing today is he will receive much less. in exchange, he will cooperate with the special counsel. to your original question based on what's in the superseding indictment, it talks about history, it talks about 2013, 2014, and also bank transactions that go back to 2010. and those who support the president will say that they do not see any evidence of collusion between members of the term campaign and russian officials. >> harris: one i'm looking at our tax returns, falsehoods, those types of things. you say dating that between 2010 at 2014 no one running a campaign for president at that time. that's what people interject with this. what does this have to do with robert mueller's investigation into whether or not the trump campaign had colluded with russia? what does it? >> what we don't know and won't
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learn at the hearing this afternoon is to what extent rick gates cooperation with the special counsel moves beyond this period of time, more specifically at that period during the campaign. you really can't minimize the fact that he's going to plead guilty to charges, even if they are, if you will, historical and not related to the campaign. the one that really has my attention is this 18 usc 1,001. it's what we talked about before, the martha stewart statute. former fbi agents have said to me that they rarely see 1,001 used for prosecution. typically it's used to create leverage as a pressure because at the end of the day, it may be a lie not a crime. in this case, it's talking about a meeting from 2013, at which
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did not have a criminal nature to it if you're following the explanation. >> harris: i want to talk a little bit about what we are expecting at that hearing, and also paul manafort and how he figures into all this. as we were kind of reading this because these were sealed documents that we learned about a couple days ago, we've been waiting for the tick-tock and fax to fall in. now we are getting some details about the sort of stuff. paul manafort was a guy when you had done a lot before he was looked at for the campaign. i'm curious how this all comes together. do we know yet where he is concerned? >> just to recap, if they think back to last fall, rick gates and paul manafort were indicted together, if you will, for there lobbying activities, bank and tax fraud as well as money laundering. question since then have been if the special counsel would be able to peel away one of these
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individuals to testify against of the other. with the expected guilty plea in just an hour from now, it appears they have been able to peel away rick gates, and we will see his cooperation in the special counsel investigation. just for some more context, what we've seen in the last week is there been some media leaks that a deal was imminent. a deal was not for him but there was a lot of back and forth with one of the lawyers who was advocating for a plea agreement. as you rightly point out, 32 and count indictment was unsealed in virginia. this was kind of a legal pylon. it creates more pressure for the individual and gives them more incentive to reach a deal with the special counsel, which it doesn't appear to be the case here. >> harris: catherine herridge, thank you very much. it would be fortuitous if we could get reaction from the white house, and we can. mercedes schlapp is the white house risk to strategic communications director and assistance to the president.
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great to see you today. this is unfolding in the last hour or so. what is the reaction from the white house? >> this indictment has nothing to do at the white house or the president. as you know, we have been cooperative with the special counsel. as we continue to see, there's no evidence of collusion, no evidence of wrongdoing. >> harris: where does it stand right now the president sitting down with robert mueller and his investigation? >> again, the president has been very cooperative and we've been very cooperative with the special counsel. >> harris: i know that his attorney has him looking at possibly some way to make that happen. has the ball moved at all on that? >> i would have to refer you to his personal attorney. >> harris: i just want to press in a little bit because both these people, rick gates and paul manafort -- he heard catherine herridge say a legal piling on with all of this. it's a pressure point. the no knock door raid on paul manafort at that very early
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morning raid. what's the white house's response to these former campaign workers? >> of these actions, these indictments do not have anything to do at the white house. they have nothing to do with the president. president trump today has been focused on dealing with this issue of school safety, as we know we've experienced a tragedy in park in florida. this week alone, he spent time with family, students come along for enforcement. he is ensuring that we take action when it comes to dealing with school safety. that's a top priority we are dealing with right now. congress is coming up to session next week and will be meeting with governors, as well as meeting with congressional leaders to address this issue, as we know from parents out there who want to make sure that their children feel secure when they go to school, that's what's on the mind of the president. that's what this administration is focused on. >> harris: i know that this just happened and there's a hearing coming up that we are being told in the next hour or so. i want to get one last question from you.
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there is nothing we can see, and we've got our journalist here at fox news looking at this. i was looking at it while i was on my phone on "outnumbered." there's nothing to suggest there is anything to do pointing to any evidence that did not exist between the trump campaign and colluding with russia. last thought. >> i don't how may times we had to say it. there's no evidence of collusion. as we continue to be cooperative with the special counsel. at this point, there will be those journals that want to keep focusing on russia and this issue. we will be continuing focusing on the president's economic success. we will be talking about the priorities that matter to the american people. you go out to middle america and what they want to talk about is figuring out a way to solve this immigration problem that we have. illegal immigrants coming into the country, something that the president address today to the grassroots activists where we are dealing with issues of having ms-13 gang members coming into our country and killing innocent people in immigrant
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communities. those of the issues we need to be dealing with. this is where we want to be working with congress to ensure we have real results. under the president's leadership, that's what he's focused on, if you want to see congress take action on these issues of full safety, on these issues of immigration. those are the issues that matter most to the american people. >> harris: we saw him speak for more than an hour today at cpac. we've seen something else that's unprecedented. a signature move that is a roundtable that the president has been having, survivors, family members, not just the most recent tragedy but also others and it really listening and calling them "listening sessions" at the white house. then with lawmakers and law enforcement. i wonder what it's coming out of that now that the president has enumerated what he is seen done. what is that list looking like right now? >> it was a very emotional week
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here having those families that lost the love words in these tragedies. the president met with one particular family that lost their daughter, meadow. those are the stories that impact your lives. this is a story that makes you realize we need to have real change in real solutions and to ensure that every child feel safe in your school. president trump hears that that, and he wants solutions to this. this is part of being able to develop what we see as permanent solutions, real policy that we know could cause real change. that includes improving the background checks, which we note there are these gaps that having existed between the military and law enforcement system. we saw these failures with law enforcement on in florida. the mere fact that you had individuals calling over to law enforcement 39 times and they didn't take action, that's a problem. the issue of mental health, and amongst the shooters. it's critical to deal with these
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issues to ensure that we are using our resources and making sure that all guns are out of the hands of dangerous individuals, those who would be dangerous to themselves or those who pose danger to society. that's where the focus has to be. where we have to fix these failures, and that's where the president is not only listening to the parents and students but also to the law enforcement officials and getting their input. he has a very broad view of what we need to do to go forward. >> harris: as you talk about that sheriff's deputy who'd stood out on the stoop, and we know that we have footage of this because you have security camera, we know that that happened with that sheriff's deputy who didn't go in for 4 minutes while this was going on. he covered himself. he protected himself. he was there to protect but only protected himself. i wonder if the president has done anything about that. that is a drawing detail to learn. speak of the president was completely disturbed by that news. when you think about that coach,
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that football coach who stood in front of his students and took the bullet, harris. that's why you have to ask yourself, don't we need additional resources in the schools where they are able to deter any of these actions. we got to stop these guns. both of the areas we need to look into. that's with the president is looking into. a variety of options to ensure that those individuals that are in those schools that are able to protect our children. >> harris: it so interesting because i read that the president said, why was there only one there on a campus that big with 3,000 students? great to talk to you today, mercedes schlapp. thank you very much. here's the news that's breaking this hour. in the next little while, we will see what happens with the former trump campaign aide rick gates expecting to plead guilty, and robert mueller's rush investigation that so far don't have anything to do with conducting a collusion.
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michael bekesha is judicial watch return to me. we have to get to see the truth of things. what your first reaction? >> my first reaction is what we will see what he pleads guilty to end what mueller's next steps are. so far we haven't seen anything associated with the trump campaign, and so everyone is still waiting to see that. >> harris: we learn and we knew this, we were just talking about this a moment ago, we knew that there were unsealed or rather steal documents that were coming unsealed so we could see these 32 new counts against both rick gates and paul manafort. what have you learned and what can you tell us? >> sure, it looks like he's being charged on bank fraud and tax fraud. it looks as though he filed fraudulent papers with banks to get million dollar loans. he also seemed to not report everything on his taxes.
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then there were issues with trying to get mortgages and whose houses they would be aired may be saying that his daughter was living one place where actually he was going to be using it. there are a lot of moving parts. again, none of it relates to the trump campaign. everything that took place happened before hand. >> harris: michael, i know you are a direct an attorney at judicial watch and are exposed to things, what would you say about the vetting process? this meant so much criticism for the trump campaign. if it took the fbi this long to uncover some of the stuff, how could they have been expected to be able to find out what these guys did all the way back to 2010 on their tax return? where is the reality there? >> that's absolutely right. it's really difficult to that people. in the quick pace at the was going. >> harris: to be able to go
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back in, that's almost a decade. >> it is almost a decade. and stop there and it's also not really relevant to what these two individuals are brought on the campaign to do. they were brought on to help with the convention and make sure the boats were going to be there. that's what their skill set was, that's what they were brought on to do. nothing related to filing taxes, to getting loans involving the banks. everything that they are being charged with has nothing to do with why the trump campaign brought them on during towards the end of the campaign. >> harris: i know that you and tom fitton and in at judicial watch are working hard in regard to both the investigations that we are talking about now. also some other areas. what is front and center for you right now? >> right now related to all this, we are seeking the budget for the mueller investigation. we want to know how much money mueller asked for, how much money he is spending.
10:16 am
the government refuses to turn the information over. >> harris: why do we want to know that as a wider public? why do we need to? >> it's probably tens of millions of dollars being argued really wasted by taxpayer money. for what is being charged, what these individuals are being charged for, department of justice could do it. he didn't have to go and create a whole separate team of 17 highly paid attorneys to investigate bank fraud and tax fraud. that's not why they were set up, and it's a waste of money to be doing that. >> harris: i can tell you at last look for those of us here at fox air more money has been spent, it was 7.5 million after the first of the year but now it's almost the end of february. before i let you go, there is a hearing coming up in an hour or so and we will also learn more potentially after that about paul manafort. what are you looking for to come out of that process? >> i think the interesting thing will be what the next step is.
10:17 am
once he pleads guilty, how we see cooperating, who is he going to squeal on. is he going to get dirt on paul manafort or does mueller and his team think that he has dirt on the trump campaign? up my guess is it's on paul manafort and they will try to squeeze him for more information. this investigation has been going on a little short of the year. there doesn't seem to be any connection to the trump campaign. we are waiting to see what the connection is, why is mueller and his team spending on this money to investigate something the justice department is perfectly capable of investigating without a special counsel. >> harris: michael bekesha with judicial watch. when you get that budget information, come back and tell us. thank you for your time. president trump announcing new sanctions against north korea. former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., john bolton will weigh in on whether they will have more of an impact and what additionally needs to be done to handle this.
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president trump talking immigration, going after democrats. cpac's a speech more than an hour and 15 minutes. he says they are refusing to give him the laws we need to keep the bad guys out. we will talk about it. stay close. >> i don't want people who drive a car at 100 miles an hour down the west side highway and killed eight innocent victims. in just ! i'll take that. -yeeeeeah! ensure high protein. with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure. always be you. in your noise cancelling trheadphones?ry maybe not. maybe you could trust you won't be next to a loud eater. (eating potato chips loudly) or you could just trust duracell. (silence) ♪
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>> it now they are willing to give us the wall, but they don't want to give us any of the laws to keep these people out. so, we are going to get the wall, but they don't want to give us all of the other, chain migration, lottery -- think of the lottery. you have a country, they put names in. do you think they are giving us but they're good people? i don't want people coming into this country with the lottery. i want people coming into this country based on merit, based on merit. >> harris: president trump speaking earlier today at cpac, the conservative political action conference on immigration. he went after democrats after tweeting this morning that they totally had forgotten about daca. that's interesting. they shut down the government
10:23 am
over that. let's bring in dr. kelli ward. she's a republican running for senate in arizona and knows all about sanctuary cities and immigration. great to see you today dr. ward. i want to get your reaction to the president speech today when he touched on that particular element. >> i think the speech, overall, was amazing. it touched on all the high points and great things that have been going on over the last year during the trump administration. on immigration, he was very, very strong and typical of the democrats because he put a very generous offer on the table and they just shut it down. they show their true colors because they are not about the people they claim to be for. they are actually about the political game that they can get from this issue. i think we are going to see some border security, and maybe we will put the daca issued to the side and offer a temporary solution until we get that border security. i think the president is willing to do it. >> harris: it so ironic. the democrats that they don't want to temporary solution
10:24 am
because it left everybody in limbo. now they are putting everyone in limbo. let's talk about sanctuary cities. the president did not mince words. if you're going to turn yourself into a sanctuary city-state in south california and i want to abide by federal laws, those tht went only to be brought and who are here illegally because of crimes, why don't i just pull the ice ages out, what are your thoughts? >> i think it's something that has to be considered. i want people to be safe. i want to make america safe again, just like donald trump. sanctuary cities does not protect those immigrant communities. legal immigrant communities there really are preyed upon by illegal immigrants again and again and again. i think we have to defund it those sanctuary cities so they actually get the message and change their ways and start following u.s. law. >> harris: how is that going in terms of defunding?
10:25 am
it's gotten pretty nasty in the conversation, and i'm just curious, as you look at this from a border state, in particular, how do you deal with that? california wants to entirely be a sanctuary city. what does that mean? a sanctuary state, rather. >> i thought it was great at what donald trump said that our city should be sanctuaries for law-abiding american citizens. they certainly shouldn't be sanctuaries for criminal elements, people who came here illegally and go to those cities for the basic fact that they know they won't be taken to task for the bad actions they perform. i think the d defined issue has been somewhat difficult because i think at the state level, we t defunding some of those cities, as well as at the national level. we've seen the courts intervene, and i do some judicial activism on this front as well. they are saying if there is a grant available, states should
10:26 am
get them no matter what. their policies are regarding sanctuary. i think that's wrong. there's a lot of work to be done on this issue. >> harris: i think that people can see in are big wall one of the prototypes, i know that you had some prototypes that everyone is looking at. what is the latest on the wall situation that you would like to see done? >> i think that certainly the first and foremost thing we need to do policy wise is a fund and build the wall. any legislation which we propose should end of the diversity lotto, it should and a train to it should verify so we have accountability in the employer population and employee population. we need to get that physical barrier up, utilize technology and power the border patrol. i think we will go a long way to securing that border. >> harris: dr. ward have you ever had or seen this much conversation about this issue in the last few days than with this
10:27 am
president? while the democrats and republicans may not be able to come together always, we are talking about it. >> i think it's great. i think that conversation has to exist. i love the roundtables that he does. some of these issues are heartbreaking. it's great to bring people together so you can actually have a true discussion, true debate, and get to solutions and rather just talk about it. he talked about it today. we'd heard a lot of work until he became president. now is the action. >> harris: dr. kelli ward, thank you very much. first time on the program here at "outnumber overtime." we appreciate your time. we are awaiting president trump's first news conference as the florida school shooting work he likely will face questions on the massacre of the killed 17 people. we heard on some of the things that he touched on. we will bring that life what happens here on fox news. the white house is talking about new sanctions on north korea. the president talked about it at cpac.
10:28 am
he calls it the heaviest ever impose. you know he wants to have. we will talk. >> today the treasury department is announcing the largest set of sanctions ever imposed in connection with north korea. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> harris: fox news alert. we see the first video of rick gates arriving at u.s. district court in washington. i want to show you this. it's a very short. former trump campaign aide. he heard mercedes schlapp say the charges against him have nothing to do at the white house today. i'm tired of thinking, but it's true. count one against rick gates, conspiracy against the united states, and we think that's the tax fraud charges against him and falsified tax returns. count two, false statements to the fbi. the line to the fbi is not the first we've seen amongst the
10:33 am
people scooped up in the robert mueller investigation. the mueller investigation looking for any signs of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. the white house saying this isn't that. we are watching it, and when it happens, the hearing were these counts are talked about, and he has his chance for it, we will show it to you via today on fox news. now let's go to this. >> i do want to say because people asked in north korea. we impose today the heaviest sanctions ever imposed on a country before. frankly, hopefully something positive can happen. we will see. hopefully something positive can happen. >> harris: north korea will feel it. the president just announcing new sanctions against north korea during his cpac beach about an hour or so ago. the administration is sending more trade business to turn the pressure up on the north over
10:34 am
its nuclear program. meanwhile, ivanka trump is in south korea for the closing ceremonies of the olympics where there are questions about whether she will meet with north korean officials. they canceled on vice president mike pence just a short time ag ago. john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and a fox news contributor, is alive at cpac because you are speaking today. thank you. we've been catching people as they come on and off the stage. what you make of the new sanctions? >> i'm always in favor of new sanctions on north korea. let's be clear, the ships that were sanctioned today were engaged in activities that were already prohibited by earlier sanctions. this is part of the problem with targeted sanctions. when somebody says we have targeted x, use the word is limited instead. we have limited sanctions to them. those kinds of sanctions could easily be evaded.
10:35 am
the bigger problem is time. cia director mike pompeo has said several times recently that north korea is within a handful of months, his phrase, to being able to drop nuclear warheads on any target they want in the continental united states. these sanctions, nice as they are, will not prevent north korea from crossing the finish line. >> harris: are we entering a zone that we have to do something preemptive? >> i think some dramatic steps from china, which i don't see on the horizon yet, maybe there is something going on behind the scenes. i think we are coming to a very unattractive binary choice. either we accept north korea with nuclear weapons, or we have to look at military force. nobody wants either one of these options to occur. susan rice, barack obama's national security advisor, said some months ago that she would accept north korea with nuclear weapons. i am not.
10:36 am
that's the binary choice we may have to take. >> harris: i want to go down a different road. i'm listening too closely so i want to press in on this. what would that look like if we just accept? is the u.s. a week because we are going to let something happen that we might have been able to prevent? >> if north korea gets deliverable nuclear weapons, it would mean 70 years of american counter proliferation policy has failed. the lesson will be up all around the world, if only you have enough persistence, you too can have nuclear weapons. easier than we think. not only will north korea be a nuclear threat, it will sell that technology to anybody with hard currency, iran, isis, al qaeda, other would-be nuclear states. north korea will use his nuclear capability, not for self-defense but for blackmail. for example, to save the united states would withdraw all their forces from south korea or
10:37 am
risk the use of nuclear weapons. this is the reason why it's simply unacceptable to allow this bizarre regime to achieve that objective. >> harris: are not hearing from democrats on this issue as much. is this a place where we are in an agreement politically? >> if i had to predict today, i'm afraid i would predict north korea is going to get nuclear weapons. the cost of the use of a military force is very visible at the front end. the cost of leaving this strange, hereditary dictatorship with a deliverable nuclear weapons is a risk and danger a little bit down the road. honestly, it will be american citizens, citizens of japan whose lives are on the line once this happens. once the nuclear warheads may be delivered, not by ballistic missiles or by putting them in a trans-steamer in sailing them to any american harbor and bring them across the mexican border,
10:38 am
reassembling in the basement of a building in a major american city. i do not believe it is acceptable for the united states to live with north korea with nuclear weapons or iran. that's the kind of choice we will have to face. nobody wants to make this choic choice. we cannot blink at the approaching reality. >> harris: when you bring up iran and a talk politics, that was a democratic administration that gave us the iran deal. we sort of know that some politics there. ambassador bolton, we will bring you back. good luck on your speech. i will watch on c-span. the furious debate over army features after parkland, florida. is this a solution? this is on arming teachers, those who are willing. we are awaiting president trump's first formal news conference since the florida high school mass secure.
10:39 am
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purina one true instinct. now, try new purina one true instinct treats. >> harris: fox news alert. with new developments in wake of the parkland, florida, massacre, the florida house just unveiled a bill that would let trained teachers become darn marshals, like they are on planes. it would double the number of school resource officers and beef up services. patrick neville has pushed for similar legislation. he's not just a lawmaker. i'm talking about you like you're not sitting there. let me say this. he's also a columbine survivor, and he attended yesterday's roundtable with the president of the united states on school safety at the white house. representative neville joins us from washington. good to see you today. what are you thinking about now that the house in florida is pushing to do something similar to what you wanted after
10:44 am
columbine in colorado? >> i'm glad after 19 years of wanting a similar policy myself at this conversation is going nationally. i truly think this is the only common sense way we can defend our students. we keep leaving them as sitting ducks in these target rich environments that invite criminals. i think they will deter these from even happening. heinous individual wants to think they will do something so awful, they will think twice if they know that people that are defenseless are inside. >> harris: what do you say to the critics who say, no, you don't want more guns in schools to answer the bad guys that come in, you want something different? >> they are wrong. if we have a good teacher who actually wants to do that, voluntarily, no one is talking about making anyone do it, but if they want to do that, why would we make them defenseless, legally make them defenseless? it makes no sense. >> harris: you talk about it from a place of knowing, a columbine survivor. what is it that you think are
10:45 am
the areas where democrats and republicans can come together to get something done? >> i don't think this should be a political issue itself. as we keep saying time and time again, since 1999, when i was 1999, we had an assault weapons ban in place for columbine. that didn't stop columbine from happening. it won't stop further school shootings from happening. the only thing that will really stop is sending a message to these criminals that we are no longer going to leave our students defenseless. >> harris: you are on the list of the people of the president wanted in that room yesterday. tell me about that experience. >> it was pretty amazing. my issue specifically, i think the president really latched onto it. first and foremost, be forward to anything, we need to consider this. it was spot on. it's like inviting them over for ice cream only put a sign on the door that says it's a gun free zone. these criminals will go in and have no opposition.
10:46 am
>> harris: did you get some one-on-one time with the president? >> no specific one on one time, but just was in that short little meeting you guys saw. >> harris: when people in that meeting were pushing back against things, what were some of the other ideas offered up? the president now has quite a list of things that really you wouldn't necessarily have to go through congress to get them done. you can harden schools without having to wait for our congressional leaders, our senators to take all day to do something. >> you can, and that's what he kind of mentioned of being okay with offering up some money for training for teachers who want to go through this. it will be good for congress to repeal their own federal gun free zone on k-12 schools. that would open up some space to do what they need to do. he can't make us do the right thing, but that will give us the flexibility. ultimately, i think this is the main solution that we need for anything else. there are some other things we could do like colorado is a
10:47 am
program a place we can give warning signs. >> harris: what is called again? >> is called safe to tell. it's a mobile app. we heard the florida attorney general talking about that. it's an app that feeds up to the attorney general's office, its warning signs from students that other students might observe. it doesn't have to be shooters, it can be suicidal, think of that nature. we could employ some of that. ultimately, we got to quit leaving our students defenseles defenseless. >> harris: it sounds like you appreciate the way the president is handling this. >> i do. i think he's listening. i think there are some ideas out there that i have concerns with that i don't think will help the solution. i think they are unrealistic. but i think he is really latching onto some of the realistic solutions like ending gun free zones. >> harris: patrick neville, republican representative from colorado. thank you. now let's get back to what we are waiting. a plea hearing for former trump
10:48 am
campaign rick gates, who is expected to plead guilty a short time from now. as i mentioned, the white house has had a representative already this hour, no connection with the white house or any charges of collusion coming. we are also awaiting president trump's first news conference since the florida school shooting. this is one democrat says, voters are impressed by the president's leadership in the aftermath of that tragedy. that was one of the questions that i asked that columbine survivor right there. he is also impressed. power panel weighs in next. lilly.
10:49 am
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>> hi, i'm dana perino, as president trump is about to hold a news conference at the top of the hour with the australian prime minister and it could be very significant as we are awaiting former trump aid rick gates to appeal in court and plead guilty. what does that mean and it will the president react to that at the press conference? find out on "the daily briefing." >> harris: fox news alert just a short time ago, former trump campaign aid rick gates is entering the u.s. district court in washington. you heard from dana coming up next hour that hearing. he's expected to plead guilty. there are just minutes -- two charges with robert mueller's
10:53 am
investigation peer the power panel now, loretta lynch --dash phillip stutts, jake mccoby. great to have you. first time on the program. let's start with is rick a situation. i don't know if you saw the communication mercedes schlapp from the white house started off our program today by saying that this has nothing to do at the white house. she says that she's been saying it a lot. she's pausing so everybody can catch up. >> martha stewart was indicted for security fraud in 2001, and she was convicted of lying to the grand jury. sometimes, like with the mueller investigation, it continues to show that there's really nothing there, but they continue to work on other things outside of this. that sort of reminds me more than anything. >> this is nothing. this is the fit individual to plead guilty in this a criminal
10:54 am
conspiracy. we are talking about millions of dollars in micro russia dollars that came into rick gates and paul manafort. paul manafort has to be worried. the question now is whether rick gates has dirt on anybody else. at say at the white house right now is who is next? >> they love to tease this. there's no evidence. bernie sanders came out the other day and sided with trump on what was going on in the investigation and put the blame on hillary. >> you can't say there's nothing there when he's pleading guilty to criminal conspiracy. >> harris: i want to run a timetable up because 2010, 2013, 2014, what was not happening within our president candidate during those years while this bank fraud and all these charges were said to have happened? >> that's the million-dollar question. >> harris: he did not have a campaign. that's the answer. >> this is the problem. you have a president who started out with he is hiring the best people and then he saying these people are criminals before he
10:55 am
got them psp when i asked an attorney on judicial watch earlier of whether a vetting process would necessarily go back ten years and also looking at tax returns. that's a little bit different than your average background check. >> if you need all the stories on manafort and rick gates, they were moving millions of dollars to the u.k. ukraine and all the countries. that's where the investigation has gone. it is not coming to my calling up the trump campaign and russia colluding. >> these are people working with pro rush 8-ukrainian government governments. they have high level positions in the the trump campaign and e trump transition and administration. >> harris: great to see for the first time. it's always good to have you. stay close.
10:56 am
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>> harris: all right. so we are awaiting now, we know he's already arrived at the courthouse, the u.s. district court in d.c. former campaign aide with the trump campaign rick gates facing charges. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert on a bombshell development in the russia investigation as we await for president trump joint news conference with uaustralia's prime minister. rick gates expected to plead guilty to charges including
11:00 am
conspiracy against the united states at any moment now. we have catherine herridge inside the courtroom. but first john roberts is live in the east room of the white house. a busy day, john. >> reporter: it is always a busy day here at the white house. in the next few minutes we expect the president and prime minister of australia to come out here to meet the press, talk about the meetings that they have had. the president will no doubt face a lot of questions on the school shooting and his plans forearming at least some members of the school faculty. i don't know if the rick gates will come up. it is attached to the white house because it is part of the broader mueller investigation. but the charges rick gates is facing appear to be related to his relationship with paul manafort and the business they were doing in the ukraine. rick saying he took the deal because he was looking at a long and expensive court process. he said initially he wanted to defend himself but then


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