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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 25, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. the democrat memo is here. so will republicans write about the dirty dossier. we'll tell you what the president has to say inchts plus, sheriff scott israel is grilled today over the misread flags about the stoneman douglas shooter. we'll go live and talk to one of the students who survived. and the deadline to deal with daca is a week from tomorrow. and congress seems no closer to a deal. we'll talk to indiana congressman tom ra pit that who is a strong supporter of president trump ice agenda on reforming immigration.
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we've promised you a slow news weekend. we're glad to have you. i'm lee land vitters en. >> and i'm ebb any kay williams. the long awaited democratic memo is public. the president waste nod time waiking in on what's inside of it. molly is live with the detail. reporter: president trump argues that the democrat's memo confirms the republicans' memo in quote a lot of bad things happened on the other side, regarding what was told to the court. and he had strong words for the top democrats on the house intelligence committee, congressman adam schiff who helped compile the democrats' memo. >> you see see this adam schiff, he has a meeting, leaves the meeting, calls up prorters and all of the sudden they have news, you're not supposed to do that. it's probably illegal to do it. e he'll have a committee meeting and leak all sorts of information. he's a bad guy.
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but certainly the memo was a nothing. reporter: congressman schiff contends that the democratic memo makes it clear that the fbi acted appropriately and did not mislead the secret fisa court. here's how he responded to the president's comments that you just heard. >> well, proud to be one of the bad hombres, i guess. what the president is referring to is when his son came to testify before or committee, i asked him about conversations he had with the president, when the president was on that aircraft and they concocted the false statement about the meeting in the trump tow wer the russians. and he refused to answer the questions claiming attorney-client privilege. reporter: just this morning reaction from the whowtion on north korea's offer to meet with the u.s. the white house said we'll say if i don't think yang's message
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the united states must maim clear that north korea's missile and nuclear programs are a dead end. the statement says that the united states, south korea and the international community broadly agree that quote, denuclear rye disaition must be the result of any dialogue with north korea. epny. >> thank you for that update. >> back now to the memo and the fallout. we bring in former fbi director steve pom rants. you're interrupting your florida vacation to read this memo. the president says this is a big nothing. do you agree? >> no, i don't agree. if it's a big nothing, it's in response to an even bigger nothing that was launched by the demeanor majority on the committee. merely a response point by point, a pretty good response, to their initial memo.
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you know, i think the only people that are happy about this are sitting in places like russia and china, our adversaries watching us for political reasons destroy a process, an intelligence oversight process that worked for the american people, that worked for national security, that took us 50 years to establish and we're watching it come apart for political reasons. it's a sorry day for our country. >> perhaps something that you and the president agree on is that in russia hi ear laughing at us. i had some reporting that they are doing just that in the intelligence circles. back to what you said about the memo. you said it went point by point. one thing it did not refute was the republican memo assertion that then fbi director andrew mccabe testified no dossier, no memo. what do yo do you make of that? >> i have heard that refeet ref.
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>> the democrats had the opportunity to refute that in this memo. they could have. they didn't do that. >> i agree. >> that's an important inflection point. >> each of these points are important on their own. i agree. you have to take it in its totality. what struck me after looking at the democratic memo was, you didn't have one judge or two judges. you had four judges, different judges look at the initial affidavit from the fbi and each of the renewal requests and say it was adequate. it's one thing to get authorization the first time. you have to lay out our story and you have to be very precise and careful about how you do that. but you don't get second were third and fourth renewals of a wiretap unless you're getting something substantive from those wiretaps. >> you know as well as i do, though, that there's the theory of fruit of the poisoned tree. >> exactly. >> if the first application is
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bad, then the rest -- then anything you get from it shouldn't be good either. >> absolutely. >> you read through this memo, the democrats keep saying oh, the dossier doesn't really matter, it's not really part of the application, on and on. yet they keep going back to the intelligence in the dossier. >> what the democratic memo says is that there were multiple sources cited in addition to that dossier. and having not seen the affidavit -- none of us have seen the affidavit. and at some point i don't know if we will. but at some point we'll certainly know more about what was in that affidavit. look. this is a lawyer issue. >> i got to get you on one more thing. 50 years ago i'll be able to read all of this and actually figure it out. last point. when you were on about the republican memo you said if the fbi withheld their knowledge that this was democratic opposition research and it was the clinton came pain that paid
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for this dossier through fusion gps you'd have a problem with it. the democratic memo doesn't dispute that. they say they didn't name the dnc, said it may have been, said it was opposition research. that seems like something that would cross your line of what you thought was bad behavior by the fbi. >> yes. and i stand by that. i think in the best of all possible worlds they would have identified that source more specifically and said it was the dnc. they did say it was an organization that had political motmotivations and fighting the trump nomination. but in a perfect world they would have been more specific. >> probably they wish they would have been more specific in light of all of this as well. steve, go back to the beach and enjoy the miami sunshine. we appreciate your taking the time with us. >> thanks, leyland. >> have a margarita for us. broward county sheriff scott
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israel pushing back against calls for his resignation despite deep criticism of his department's handling of the florida school shooting. we're in parkland with the latest. matt. reporter: epny, the broward county sheriff appeared on one of the morning talk shows a few minutes ago and he was asked if he was going to take responsibility for the multiple red flags and calls into his office about the school shooter nikolas cruz and he said he could only take responsibility for what he knew. he went on to say it was beyond his control that his own deputy, the school resource officer at the school here did not go inside the school the day of the shooting and called him a quote deserter. now all of this led to fiery debate and intense finger pointing which continues to escalate. right now republicans say representative bill hager is demanding that the governor remove the sheriff from his post. he sent out a tweet saying the
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call for broward county sheriff scott israel to be removed due to his gross incompetence and inaction is growing. he released a copy of the letter he wrote to the governor calling for the sheriff to be fired. in response to that letter, the sheriff released his own letter in which we wrote to the governor in which he's trying to clarify on the day of the shooting there was only one deputy on the campus during the actual attack and that was the school resource officer who has been removed. he's clarifying that any other responding officers or deputies arrived after the shooter had fled. the shooter trying to clarify that his deputies responded to 18 calls about this school shooter and that 16 of the 18 calls were handled correctly but admit that two out of 18 of those calls are under investigation. we'd like to give you a brief live look now at the campus at stoneman douglas high school. today is the first day that students are being welcomed back on to the campus since the shooting. the classes are scheduled to resume later this week. they're trying to ease the
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students back into classes scheduled to be resume on wednesday. we'd like to point out that broward county schools is seeking $28.5 million from the florida state legislature to tear down building 12 where the shooting happening. >> thank you. certainly. just a lot of devastation and rebuilding indeed necessary. for more on how to protect children in our schools, we're going to bring in indiana congressman. correct me if i'm wrongman, thanks for joining us. >> hi. >> so congressman, as you've seen and as we can all imagine, lots of politically based debate on this issue of how to keep our children safer and our school safe from this type of terror. now i want to ask you -- i know you're familiar with the knew ore should have known standard. we're hearing that this sheriff deputy is saying he's only responsible for what he knew. congressman at what point is
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there a should have known standard that applies here and where is your position on what this sheriff and his deputies should have known and how they should have acted? >> well, i'm here in indiana. i'll not familiar with florida law but i can tell you this, i'm an elected official, so is the sheriff. and whether it's my office or anyone else's, the buck always stoppestops with the elected of. i don't know this man or anything like this. i can't comment beyond that. but the people elect us to do a job and at the same time the people need to remove us. that's how i feel about it. but he's responsible. he's responsible for his people. i'm responsible for my people. that's how it should go. in 2013 i'm the 12th grade education chairman and in 2013 we had a school safety summit in our district, after sandy hook but of course before this. and one of the best recommendations we have, i brought leaders together and we talked about best practices, not a one size fits all solution.
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but common theme among all of those leaders was school resource officers. >> sure. but congressman, it's great that you mention that. because we know or at least it's being reported that there was indeed a school resource officer on campus in parkland but failed to act. so kind of going back to best practices, i appreciate that terminology. we know when it comes to the issue of guns and gun safety it's not an all or nothing solution that's going to work. it's not about getting rid of all guns. we're clear about it. but when it comes to safeguards that we can ensure and should be employing, what are your suggestions around that? >> it's not a one size solution. certainly school resource officers in our communities is at the top of the list. panic buttons, that and barriers. there was a vendor who came that had a cheu chute that you wouldk to the side of windows so the
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kids could escape. similar to an airplane when you have to escape quickly. there's all kinds of technology and ideas flp's companies that provide. >> and congressman, i think all of those suggestions make sense in my mind certainly. but again, going back to the enforcement. so i think this could possibly be arguin argued it's not a casf being new practices, sounds like there were some practices in place in the parkland situation but failure on mull. multiple counts here. what's your suggestion of the existing practices? >> when i publish this record on this school safety summit that we had, and you can find it on our website, i can amend it. you have to have school resource officers but you have to be effective, competent, courageous, trained school resource officers. you have to have money to pay them. in the state of indiana we have grants available for this purpose. i can't comment on florida. the point is the leadership at the local level is the best solution to this. do not rely on washington for a
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one size fits all quote up quote solution. that probably won't work and we can't water down the second amendment. >> we can all agree the safety and well-being of our children is priority number one. thank you, congressman. >> thank you parkland students are taking center stage in the gun control debate with many saying the nra holds too much sway over politicians. florida governor rick scott on fox news sunday walking the fine line of supporting the second amendment while saying he needs to protect his constituents. >> if you have a mental illness, you shouldn't have a gun. if you've threatened others or yourself, you shouldn't have a gun. i'm going to do everything i can to do that. at the same time partner schools, sig nant law enforcement presence and make sure we share information. >> a student at parkland and survivor of the shooting, appreciate you being with us. sorry it's been a couple of very
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very rough week to say the least. so many of your fell plow studentfellow studentsare sayinm rick scott and his propoemses aren't enough. are they enough for you? >> i think they're definitely enough. they're going out of their way to make sure this would never happen again. clearly the men call health solutions, background checks to 21 will definitely make sure this will never happen again. >> what do you make of so many of your other fellow students taking it a step or two farther and making this not about never again but making this more about whether it be banning assault rifles or other much more restrictive gun control measures. >> look, i know these kids on a personal level. i've talked to them personally and it concerns me that because -- right now this is a bipartisan issue for mental health restrictions and reform. and they're taking it a step
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further. and i talked to them personally and many of them would like a complete ban on all weapons if possible. you can see that slowly. sadly the agenda is switching from never again to trying to ban weapons and that's deeply concerning because i want to make sure this will never happen again but still i support the second amendment. >> that reporting from the top of the show that there with serious questions about the sheriff's department, not only their departmen response to theg with one school resource officer staying outside but the dozens of times that the officers went to this shooter's home and did nothing. is that where the conversation should be or. >> that is definitely where the conversation should be. and it's ab absolutely outrageos to me we had the sheriff there when he didn't act properly. the armed officer at our school
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waited outside with the other sheriff and his men for u four minutfourminutes while my classs died. he's failed to act properly. >> there's at least reporting that he knew during the town hall, we're talking about sheriff israel, that he knew his deputy waited outside and didn't discloses that. talked about a lot of other issues. he says he's not going to resign. he's said he's had amazing leadership in his department. do you agree with that? where does the buck stop? >> no, not at all. he absolutely needs to resign. he failed to act on so many different levels. and he himself is responsible for this massive failure. this could have been stopped by the fbi and the sheriff's department had they acted. >> i want to play you a clip from one of the more other outspoken students at your school discussing this issue, the failure of law enforcement and get your reaction. take a listen. >> obviously there were major
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mistakes here and ones that we have to look into. i don't want to say anything until after the investigation is done. >> okay. so he said he wants to wait for the investigation as it relates to law enforcement but pull no punches when it comes to blaming the nra and others. your thoughts. >> i think that's outrageous. i call bs on the situation right now. so many different levels the government and the officers, they failed to act and they let us down and they should have acted multiple different times. >> one other question before i let you go. you guys are heading back to school on wednesday. there's a divide in your community, understandably, a lot of anger, different political factions and fault lines. how is your school going to come back together and heal from this? >> at the end of the day we're all one big family. we've received amazing support from all different kindz kindz, every single person. we're really one big family and at the end of the day we're all linked. taking away our opinions own gun
10:19 am
rights we never want this to happen again. at school on wednesday we're going to see that. >> we'll be praying for you and thinking about you and hoping that you all can come together through this. appreciate you being on, kyle and we'll talk to you soon, my friend. >> thank you. god bless you. >> you heard from kyle and you can hear a lot more from governor sick scott about his ideas fox news sunday right after our show also coming up, severe weather strikes the midwest this weekend including heavy flooding and tornadoes. now the east coast has the effect. we'll get the latest. plus, a democratic icon for over a quarter sently suffers a major setback this weekend. the california democratic party fails to endorse diane fine stein for reelection and the winter olympics wrap up in south korea with a lavish closing ceremonies today.
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strong winds anpossible tornado slammed the midwest saturday. home damaged, vehicles, trees overturned. the powerful storm unleashed hail and heavy rain, that triggered flooding throughout the region, including the ohio river valley. the storm is heading east, expected to langer in the southeast all the way through this evening. eboni: the california democratic party snubs diane fine stein in her reelection bid for a fifth term in office. the party's delegates favored her revival. will carr joins us for california politics. reporter: this may be a sign that california democrats want to shift further to the left while president trump is in office. the state party handling long time senator dianne feinstein a
10:25 am
major review, not giving her the endorsement showing that winning rel.a.x. in 2018 could be a major challenge. >> this is not an easy time to run for office. i have never seen the presidency in such a disgrace as it is today. we are democrats, not because we don't like business. or not because we don't like professions. but because we recognize that america is made up of many different people, each of whom has equal rights under the law. and the struggle is, it seems that this country lives that we. reporter: feinstein is being challenged by california state senator kevindy live running to thefthe left of the senate and s week he beat feinstein by 17
10:26 am
points to get the party's endorsement. neither got the 50% needed to get the endorsement, daly is counting the vote as a major victory heading into the june primary. >> the democratic party after the loss of hillary clinton, i think voters are saying that we're tired of the old institutions, we're tired of the old way of doing democratic politics. we're looking for a new way and direction. reporter: in are several problems for the challenger. feinstein is outpolling by 30 points and a major raise in fun raising and name recognition. eboni: yeah, she's been around a very very long time. but interesting update in california politics there. thank you, will carr. leland: when we come back, the latest on the devastation in syria following a unanimous vote in if security council for a cease fire. will that hold? it's finally public, what's listed in the democratic memo.
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serious, sometimes fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. eboni: the highly anticipated democratic memo is finally public. alison barber is here with the latest on what's inside that long awaited memo. >> we'll start with the basics. it's ten pages, compares to the four-page memo that republicans released a few weeks ago. unlike the republican memo, this one has redaction redactions one and claims that fbi and doj officials did not abuse their surveillance authority when they sought a fisa warrant to spy on carter page. >> carter page was of interest because of his connection to the russians for years before 2016. october of 2016. he'd had all sorts of contact, been with the russians, been
10:32 am
interviewed by the fbi. >> republicans on the house intelligence committee claims that the so-called anti-trump dossier prepared by former british spy christopher steele formed an essential part of the page fisa application. and the initial application and three renewals afterwards failed to say that the hillary clinton campaign helped to fund the dossier. the democratic memo disputes that in late july of 2016. it claimtion investigators received steele's reporting in mid september, more than seven weeks after they had already started their investigation. it says they told the court about the assessed political motivation of those who hired steele but it does not specifically name the dnc or clinton campaign. >> you have a political party in this country actually saying, don't worry, american public, it's okay. we do this all of the time. we're going to go dig up dirt on
10:33 am
our opponent, get it from russians and the brits and we're going to take tight the fbi and open up abinvestigation into another campaign. >> it has always been policy of the doj and fbi when you're doing these things, if there's an individual, an american individual who is not under scrutiny to refer to them and u.s. person one and u.s. person two. and i remind you the last false scandal was whether there has been improperrer unmasking by sizing rice. we went through a whole investigation around that. now the republicans are saying they didn't specifically name clinton. >> in a statement the intel committees top demeanor adam schiff said the memo is the product of a good faith. now it's time for the committee to get back to their ntion into russian interference in the 2016 campaign and whether or not any u.s. people were involved. eboni: allison, thank you for
10:34 am
that update. leland: ladies, great conversation. more more on the fallout of the democratic memo, wade smith. robert, you're the democrat here so you get to answer for adam schiff. he said that it's time to get back to work on the russia investigation. is that really what people in atlanta care about? is that what they want correct me if i'm wrong to bwant congre? >> nobody cares about that. none of my callers care about this, no one at the barbershop cares about this. but the thing that most people have is tell me when something important happens. so when we keep pushing these fake or these phony ideas of well the nunes is going to be a bombshell, schiff is going to be a bombshell, people aren't concerned about this. >> wade, do you agree? >> i agree completely. this is a cry wolf situation. we keep hearing this is going to be the biggest release ever and
10:35 am
it's a whimper. leland: this is message you're not going to agree on, maybe you will. the arc of the story coming out of broward county. you have the school shooting. there was a rush to talk about more gun control, more gun control and then we learn that there were massive law enforcement failures. take a listen now to the sheriff defending his agency on cnn earlier today. >> are you really not taking any responsibility for the multiple red flags that were brought to the attention of the broward sheriff's office about this shooter? >> jake, i can only take responsibility for what i knew about. i exercised my due diligence. i've given amazing leadership to this agency. >> amazing leadership? >> yes, jake. leland: wade, this didn't really sound like taking responsibility for anything. >> i'd fed up with that. i'm fed up with hearing about no responsibility being taken by any parties in the situation and my listeners are too.
10:36 am
people who are been talking about this all week, he hasn't taken responsibility at the sheriff, the fbi hasn't taken responsibility. there's too much of he said/she said, this is their thought, not our thought. we need people to start taking responsibility for their actions in this country. leland: the narrative coming out of massive law enforcement failures rather that some magic gun control measure would have stopped this, law enforcement doing their job would have stopped this at multiple levels. does that hurt democrats in crying to make gun control a marquee issue? >> i think we have to address the fact that we have may berry sheriff going around saying he provided intelligent leadership and you've got 17 students dead and cowardly sheriffs hiding behind their car. we need to have a conversation about that and find out exactly what the contours are of that, finding a way to balance the
10:37 am
individual rights in the interest of public safety. but when you have public officials saying i ain't doing it, that's not helping anybody. leland: it seems as though republicans from the president on down, even you see it from the nra, a willingness to have a discussion that wasn't going to be entertained a year ago. >> a talk will be had but this overlasting gun control must be had. what is gun control. tell me what you want gun control to be. we're discussing the points on it. by changing the age on things would not have stopped this shooting. bump stock stocks weren't a parf this shooting. they were in vegas. nra isn't going for anything that has ban in the title. nothing whatsoever they don't like that word. leland: gentlemen, great conversation as always. we'll talk to you soon.
10:38 am
eboni. eboni: 2018 winter olympics in pyeongchang comes to an end today. team usa on the field and in the diplomatic arena. temporary halt on violence as the syria con flins enters c. >> today russia has belat belaty decided to join the need for a cease fire but only after trying every possible way to avoid it. remember our special night? abdominal pain... ...and diarrhea. but it's my anniversary. aw. sorry. we've got other plans. your recurring, unpredictable abdominal pain and diarrhea... ...may be irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, or ibs-d. you've tried over-the-counter treatments and lifestyle changes, but ibs-d can be really frustrating. talk to your doctor about viberzi,... ...a different way to treat ibs-d. viberzi is a prescription medication you take every day that helps proactively manage...
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10:43 am
many mothers lost their kids to the bombing and the shelling? how many more imagings did we need to see of fathers holding their dead children. all for nothing. because here we are voting for a cease fire that could have saved lives days ago. eboni: fox news strategic analyst general jack keane. thanks for being us march is the eighth year of the ongoing war, the casualties have millions, certainly 12 million displaced by some reports. it doesn't seem to be getting better. general, i want to ask you about russia's role in this. from a lehman's perspective with the russian memo investigation, the partisan politics of who russia is and our relationship with them, it's gotten a lit. muddy. i want you to spell out who russia is when it comes to the syrian crisis, their role and
10:44 am
how our relationship continues. >> there are jens running on the ground, russia responds to their guidance. assad's forces. iran motivated the russians. they motivated the russians to intervene in the fall of that year with air power. why are the russians in syria? eboni: what do they get out of it, jen. >> they're in syria because they want a strategic foothold in the middle east and it's critical for them. they've got arms deals going with the arabs. they want to deal nuclear power plants and what they're about is trying to replace the united states as the most influential country in the region that's outside the region itself. that's what they want. and the geopolitical influence that comes with that. the fact that they backed up an ally who is assad gained them significant representation in the region. people don't like the russians
10:45 am
but they respect the fact that they brought military power to prop up assad. thsyria asked for the united states help and we did not provide it. eboni: april of last year president trump sent in 59 missiles to the syrian air base. vladimir putin none too pleased. from your perspective, from what we know now, is it time for the u.s. to act similarly again or what would you recommend the strategy moving forward in. >> certainly that was the right action to take and obviously president obama did not respond in a similar circumstance. our strategy is focused on isis. we really don't have a strategy to deal with syria at large. i think what's needed, the united states has to get involved geopolitically. iran is trying to dominate the region. they have the political and military alliance now with russia and thigh ear on the move. and i think what -- it's time to
10:46 am
havpush back on the ie lines ths formed there. and what they're trying to do is get us out of the region. that's why a combined arms battalion of troops, about 12 days ago, around february 7th or so, attacked a u.s.-led coalition base with 500 russian mercenaries, tanks, combined arms, artillery and rockets. that was preplanned, thought out. why are they doing that? they wanted the u.s. to take casualties, they want the american people to think this is fruitless and they want the united states out f there. eboni: to pack up and go out. i'm fascinated and i would love for you to tell us a little more about the relationship, the seemingly uh-ohly alliance between iran and russia. tell us a little more about it and what the u.s. can do to circumvent ait a it at this poi. >> the iranians have stated the same thing every year, their
10:47 am
desire to dpom nate and control the region. they have two intermediate goals, drive the united states out and destroy the state of israel. that's why they began killing news the 1980s. now they have a potent partner, a strategic alliance with the russians to help them do this. and we've got to call the russians owbt anrussians out ank against them. we would tell our yo sueny fries to stop. eboni: how important is it for the u.s. to diligent here around that relationship? >> the russians and iranians are so confident given what they ie cleveland in syria, that's why nay attacked the americans, that they just a number of days ago, the iranians were encroaching on israel. nay want to put rocket and missile bases in syria by the thousands. they have 160,000 of these in lebanon in the hands of
10:48 am
hezbollah. they want the bhaises in syria. their intent is to fire from multiple directions on israel so that they'll overwhelm their missile defense. the israelis are going to take them on. and on the horizon there's a possibility of war between israel and the hezbollah dlifn n by the iranian iranians. eboni: sounds like the stakes couldn't be higher and i certainly hope that some of the strategies you recommended can help out there. thank you, general. leland: still ahead, the winter olympics closing ser monies playing second fiddle to korean politics. greg is live in seoul. >> ivanka trump leading the u.s. delegation for the closing ceremony amid yet more talk of
10:49 am
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a fox alert on this sunday afternoon. we're learning that the florida department of law enforcement, that is effectively the florida state police and chief investigative agency, is going to be looking into the law
10:53 am
enforcement response to the shooting in parkland, florida. big questions. why did the school resource officer not run towards the sound of gun fire. were there other deputies who also did not run inside. and lastly, what happened before this shooting and did law enforcement miss some serious red flags that could have prevented it. the sheriff in broward county under increased scrutiny. rick scott the governor asking the florida department of law enforcement to come in and take an independent look. this is the beginning of the investigation into what really happened at parkland. e eboni. eboni: winter olympics officially wraps up today with the united states finishing in fourth place of the medal count, norway won the most medals with followed by germany and canada. now, despite an overall great showing and a couple of upsets from u.s. athletes, the u.s.
10:54 am
fell short of overall medal expectations, down five medals from the last winter olympics four years ago in sochi, russia. >> much like the 2018 olympics began, its closing ceremony now overshadowed between the nuclear chess between the u.s. and north korea just miles away. we're live in south korea as the south is playing telephone between the trump administration and the kim regime. hi, greg. >> that's right. let's deal with the closing ceremony. ie lot of people were wondering how ivanka trump was going to handle this ceremony and it turns out she did a good job was smiling, standing with the korean team as they entered the stadium but with apparently no interaction with a senior north korean official nearby. might have had some help from the south koreans.
10:55 am
they told us that they planned to do things a little bit differently than they did with the opening ceremony when you saw vice president pence staring right ahead, avoiding the north koreans. they jostled the seating arrangements and may gave her a little more friendly arrangement than the vice president had. now, following a meeting with the north korean official and the president moon, his office is saying that north korea is open to talks with the united states and perhaps could deal with a variety of issues including maybe denuclearization. we must say, mowfer however, ths after north korea media say that kim jong-un will not talk to the united states in a hundred years in quote a new round of sanctions from the u.s., an act of war. one more mixed message from that closing ceremony. athletes from north and south korea entered the stadium, dispense, the unification
10:56 am
message that we got from the opening ceremony. back to the talks, there is more speculation that we could see a lower level meeting between the united states and north korea before both delegations leave monday and tuesday. no confirmation of that. white house spokesperson sarah huckabee sanders traveling with the delegation says that the white house is looking to see if there could be the possibility of talks in the future. back to you. leland: we'll watch that. greg, thank you. either up late or up early. he's just up. we appreciate him. he's been there three weeks. fox news sunday is next. we'll see you next weekend, right? eboni: yes. he strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. . .
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the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. >> i'm chris wallace, countering gop plans and grieving participants and students push school safety to the top of the nation's agenda. ♪ >> how many schools, how many children have to get shot? >> we have nothing to lose, the only thing we have to gain at this point is our safety. chris: in the wake of florida school massacre, students confront lawmakers, walk out in protest and take their calls all the way to the white house. >> i want to listen and then after i listen we are going to get things done. chris: we will discuss what's next with florida governor rick scott who just announced his plan to improve school safety.


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