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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 26, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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rob: 4,000 people expected to attend the melbourne, australia event to say wow like owen has in many of his movies. jillian: good job with that sound exactly like him. we got to go have a nice day. thanks for watching. todd: wow. >> dozens are calling to suspend sheriff scott israel. >> i have given amazing leadership. >> amazing? >> yes. >> i don't understand how can you sit there and say amazing leadership. >> democratic rebuttal to that republican memo. >> important for the public to see the facts. >> almost like have you people defending the dirty dossier with their own dirty dossier. >> democrats, i don't care what the republicans say, i say impeach 45. impeach 45. >> the sanctuary showdown in california reaching a tipping point. one of the state's mayor's is warning illegal immigrant saying it is her duty and
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moral obligation. >> harvick puts on a clinic and wins the folds of honor quick trip 500. ♪ ♪ ♪ i got a feeling ♪ that tonight's going to be a good night ♪ that tonight's going to be a good night ♪ that tonight's going to be a good, good night. steve: tonight may be good but first we have got to get through this morning. hello. brian: we are morning people. we don't have a night. ainsley: great being back at work. it's a monday morning. we are going to have a really good week. steve: we are. ainsley: roar into march this week. steve: 26th day of february. brian: unless we decide to leap a year. steve: presidential election year. brian: no 29.
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steve: five or six major stories we need to cover. i think we need another hour considering what congress has to do this week and the major issues facing the country. ainsley: new news coming out about school shooting a few weeks ago. brian: students will return, ainsley, to majory stoneman douglas high school this week and today teachers and staff heading back to prepare. ainsley: this as the president, president trump is putting school safety top of his agenda for his meeting with the governors today. steve: we'll be watching for that right now griff jenkins joins us in washington, d.c. with what's happening next. griff? griff: good morning, guys. they are trying to get back to normal as best they can in parkland as the nation's governors are gathering in washington for their annual meeting. president trump is hosting them at the white house later this morning with school safety is a top priority. >> we will be talking about parkland and horrible event that took place last week. people make that first on
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our list because we have to end our country of what's happening with respect to that subject. griff: all eyes on florida governor's rick scott who has led the calls for more to be done from hardening schools to gun control measures. response to the shooting holding everyone accountable to the fbi to the broward county sheriff's department. >> the fbi what happened? >?>> the local sheriff's department have got to be completely transparent. whoever didn't do their job has to be held accountable. there is no one i talk to that is not disgusted that the local sheriff's deputy that was there did not go in and kill that individual. >> congress returns today with nothing specific on the agenda. we expect legislative priorities to shift this week. we will see whether or not we can find that aliewivel bipartisan to match what appears to be their will to act. guys? steve: all right, griff. we thank you very much. we will be talking later on
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with steve scalise the house majority whip about future legislation that we hope gets done. ainsley: there are now calls, local lawmakers down in the state of florida are calling now for the sheriff to be suspended because there are reports now that there were three additional deputies in addition to that school resource officer, scott peterson that were there on the property that also did not go inside the school. brian: more is coming out about the sheriff and what he knew and what he didn't know. he doesn't want to take responsibility for almost anything except for get that maybe perhaps the elevated paycheck because of his position. >> as i said, i'm sheriff. my name is on the door. the people responsible are the ones who took the calls and didn't follow up on them as it was with the fbi. as it was with any person. leaders cannot -- leaders are responsible for the agency. but leaders are not responsible for a person. i gave him a gun. i gave him a badge. i gave him the training. if he didn't have the heart
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to go in, that's not my responsibility. brian: talking about the report that his deputy peterson did not go inside when the shooting was happening. and as many as four of his officers under his command also did not go in. one for sure as many as four. and the investigation continues. steve: that report from coral springs, the nearby police department. they were there but the sheriff's department that was supposed to investigate. he weighs also on with jake tapper on cnn. jake asked him about a story floating around broward county and that is that there was a report, the reason the police officers were outside and why mr. peterson didn't go inside is there is word that there might have been a stand down order. don't go inside the school until the swat team gets there. so is that what was going on? the sheriff, mr. israel, scott israel said yesterday, if that happened i didn't hear about it. ainsley: governor says we are going to probe this and
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investigate it suspicious why you would have, if it's true, why you would have four officers, including that school resource officer at minimum outside of the school ant didn't rush in when they heard bullets flying inside the school when these guys are trained to go in, when they are trained to defend. when that's the whole purpose they are supposed to be on the school property to protect these kids, and they are wearing bullet proof vests it does seem a little odd. brian: biggest surprise maybe is that this guy, this shooter, waited until the 14th to actually shoot up the school. all indications were this guy was ready to explode for years. now it turns out buzzfeed has a report. additional, as well as the 23 times over 10 years in which cops were called to his house, called about his behavior, maybe another plus times you can add to that. so almost 50 times in 10 years. three times put a gun -- three separate people's heads. he told people he was going to shoot up the school.
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they called to say he was going to shoot up the school. this is unbelievable. steve: apparently 18 calls went to the sheriff's department. and the sheriff was asked about this over the weekend. of the 18, the sheriff said 16 of them were handled properly. two of them were not, including one of the threats. and the two officers who took those calls have been placed on other duties. ainsley: he is basically saying he is not responsible. he is the guy in charge. he is the top cop but the people below him who he says he has trained if they didn't do their jobs correctly, it's their fault. what do you think? let us know. brian: we do want to say school safety is another issue that has to be acted on immediately. don't have to wait for congress. talk about hardening targets. getting sheriff's offices to provide security in schools places like texas where teachers are already carrying guns. that's going to be a debate. that's what mr. pollack was talking about on sunday. listen, they have an endless debate in washington about gun control. what they have to do right now is provide security. and that's going to be the
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key. ainsley: pam bondy is going to be on the show. the attorney general for the state of florida. she is going to talk about that coming up in the show. steve: a number of weeks ago that the republican memo on fisa abuse came out. the democrats wanted to release theirs at the same time. because it was chalk full of secrets they weren't allowed to by the department of justice and by the fbi. finally on saturday. 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. it was released it's interesting because mr. schiff right threw says the democrat memo negates the republican memo. the president said the democrat memo was a total bust. "the wall street journal" has a great headline this morning. it says devin nunes owes adam schiff a thank you for assisting his case because the democrat argument backs up pretty much the republicans say. ainsley: democrats are saying they did tell the fisa court it was political. they didn't give them details about that. but we're wondering did the fisa court ask questions?
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what do you mean it's political? we can't let you spy on hillary clinton's opponent if it's political. we don't know if they asked that question why would like to seat transcript. brian: many different outlets, the "new york times" says let's see the transcripts. dossier used every single time. we know we have andy mccarthy on a little bit later to break down the details and verbiage key to understanding. this dossier used narrowly. that means directly. and were they direct in saying this was the dnc, hillary clinton-funded investigation? no, they weren't. but they did have an addendum to it meanwhile, listen to the duling analysis from the duling duelin. >> i'm not surprised that the president doesn't like this. i'm not surprised that tried to bury the memo response as long as thenged. it's important for the public to see the facts that the fbi acted appropriately
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in seeking a warrant on carter page. they are not part of some deep state as the president would like the public to believe. >> it should scare people that you have a political party in this country actually saying don't worry american public, it's okay. we do this all the time. we will dig up dirt on our opponent. we will take it to the fbi and open up an investigation into the campaign. that's what the democratic memo says. they knew what they had to redact. they didn't want this out. steve: the memo is out. you can see the redactions. you don't know scwakly what's min behind that. clearly used hillary clinton's opposition research to go ahead and spy on carter page. ainsley: even if they don't know the details if they know it's political why would they agree to allow them to do this. steve: it is stunning. but nonetheless that part is out now. brian: reince priebus comes on our couch we ask them did they collaborate with the
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russians. steve: he was there. brian: note to self. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. happy monday. jillian: happy monday to you as well. let's follow extreme weather across the country. five people dead after tornadoes and rain carved a path of destruction. winds reaching up to 120 miles per hour, flattening homes and flipping cars. the region also struggling with major flooding. the ohio river in cincinnati rising above 60 feet. that is its highest level in two decades. today the supreme court will hear arguments on a landmark labor case potentially crippling public employee unions. the justices will decide whether state government workers who choose not to join a union must still pay a share of union dues. the court dead locked 4-4 two years ago following the death of anthony scalia. the vote of judge gulch
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could make a difference. thousands expected to pay respects to billy graham today. his casket will be on display in charlotte. george bush and laura bush will pay respects this afternoon. capitol rotunda for two days. that's a look at your headline us. send it back to you. ainsley: my brother was in charlotte this weekend. he went out when they were rolling the casket through the streets of charlotte. answered videotaped it for me. and you could hear the church bells. everything was silent and you could later church bells in the background as the hearse was just slowly driving down the street. hundreds of people. steve: so many. absolutely. thank you, jillian. brian: thanks, jillian. meanwhile, straight ahead. we were just discussing this. adam schiff says the author of that dirty dossier was a, quote, respected and trusted source. seriously?
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jason chaffetz has been woken up and he joins us to respond. steve: a carry on bag bursts into flames on board an airplane. how does that happen as they try to future out with water and juice. ainsley: their clothes are wet now. ♪ no to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. if these packs have the same number of bladder leak pads, i bet you think bigger is better. actually, it's bulkier. always discreet quickly turns liquid to gel, for drier protection that's a lot less bulky. always discreet.
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. >> information used in part in the fisa application came from a trusted source, christopher steele, someone who is a respected member of british intelligence. and it was part of a full package that was presented to the fisa court. steve: but how accurate was it? that's the ranking democratic intel committee member adam schiff defending the author of that unverified dossier, mr. steele, against allegations it was used to spy on the trump campaign. ainsley: fox news contributor and former g.o.p. congressman jason chaffetz served as the chairman of the oversight and government reform committee and he joins us now to react. good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley: thank you for being with us. adam schiff says christopher steele was a quote trusted source and respected. what are your comments? >> i don't think he would qualify to actually be in an austin powers moe. i don't know that you could actually say he was that trusted. the bottom line is you had a deeply flawed document that was not complete with facts that was presented to a court. and in any context, i think
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that is absolutely fund mentionlfundamentally flawed and wrong. on top of that the flawed information. on top of who funded it. it would be much easier to say this was funded by the dnc, democratic national committee and hillary clinton's campaign by the millions of dollars. this is not some $5,000 transaction. this is 10 million plus dollars. in collusion with the russians, that would have been easier to say that than all the gyrations legally they tried to put in there. steve: what the democrats did say when it was presented to the fbi it was partisan, it was political. they didn't say who. >> that's what i say, it should have been easier to say it was hillary clinton. the context was running against the republican nominee, donald trump. that's what should have been said. and that was what was a misleads i think tout court. brian: when they talk about candidate number one and candidate number two. that's an unnecessary anonymous description. you can say hot candidates were, right?
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you are not unmasking anybody because they are not in trouble. >> there are only two candidates at this point. brian: two and two together. some people tune into this. like the reason why i never watched all my children or general hospital. number one i was busy during the day. number two i never knew hot characters were. we are so deep into this, people are wondering how it started what it means. what i think i can say to people we have to get behind the push to release the transcripts of the petition to the fisa judge that found out why he said okay. spy on carter page. the "new york times" wants it. judicial watch obviously wants it. we want it. >> you have the chairman of the house judiciary committee who has requested to be able to sit in and listen to these types of, you know, secret courts. and they're being denied. so even members with security clearances who created this court are not being able to look at it that should put out a flashing red line to everybody. ainsley: jason, in is what i
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have a problem with what's going on with the fisa court? why don't we have more information with the fisa court. if they though it's political why would they ever say yes to this? >> something like 9% presented to this court is approved. steve: rubber stamped. >> it's just a rubber stamp much the court has got to stand up for its sufficiently at some point. ainsley: like a secret court. we are not allowed to know about it yet we fund it with our tax dollars. >> congress passed the reauthorization of this and days later revealed fundamental flaws. i will let you figure out whether or not that was right but that is what happened. steve: real briefly, you have hope that the inspector general of the department of justice will connect all the dots. >> michael horowitz 450 employees. working on this. probably in the 35, 40 day window he will go back and look at everything from the tarmac meeting all the way through the election. is he independent. he was an obama appointee. confirmed by the united states senate. i think when he speaks, he will come with a lot of authority and a lot of gravitas to actually make it happen. steve: you are a trusted news source.
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you are jason chaffetz. thank you for joining us live. >> thank you. ainsley: thanks, jason. she is one of the longest serving members in the u.s. senate. dianne feinstein can't get endorsed by other own party in her own state. the chicks on the right. they are here to react next. oh, manatees. aka "the sea cow"" oh! there's one.
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. steve: 6:24 in no. we have quick fox news headlines for you. white house giving north korea ultimatum. in order to hold peace talks the administration issued a statement saying it will only meet with the rogue regime if discussions leave the regime ending atomic program. on friday president trump approved no sanctions targeting north korea's shipping and trading companies. stay tune. and aivanka trump leading
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the u.s. delegates in the closing ceremonies of the olympic and south korea. the u.s. missing out on the final medal podium finishing fourth place in the overall winter olympics. norway was number one. all right, ainsley. >> ainsley: okay. thank you, steve. talk about democrats divided. she is one of the longest serving democrats in the senate. but dianne feinstein can't even get endorsed by her own party in her own state. this as president trump gets a 93% approval rating from the largest annual gathering of conservatives at cpac over the weekend. here to weigh in on this is radio talk show host the chicks on the right. have you co-founders mere yum weaver and mary jo clark. they started the blog and radio show. they added on. they were the momma hens and added on the babies down here. in the green hanna blow and ashlynn on the far end. >> thanks for having us.
3:26 am
ainsley: 93% rating for president at cpac for the president. >> a lot has to do with the media abuse of this president. and i think conservatives have, even though we have had our own issues with him. i think it's kind of like when someone criticizes your family and you are like you don't get to criticize my family. that's my guy. so we have all kind of rallied behind him. because he has gotten things done. ainsley: ashley, the younger generation, the two of you, the baby hens, what made you support him? because i understand the older generation loves president trump. the younger ones, many of them usually go democratic. >> i actually used to be a democrat myself and moved to the united states when i was 12 years old. ainsley: really? >> and the first message i got because you are an immigrant you are a democrat. as i started listening, i started resonating a lot more with conservative values. and i think that a lot of younger trump supporters are equities sighted about the -- ed to the energy he brings to the conservative movement.
3:27 am
ainsley: amy jo, i grew up in the south we had lots of jo's. >> i did, too. ainsley: dianne feinstein can't get endorsed. do they want someone more liberal? >> you would think that's the case. we so he that on tv that people are wanting more liberal? i feel we as republicans are under represented, we see that a lot in the media these day us. it's one of the reasons that we started our site 9 years ago. in fact our 9-year anniversary is tomorrow. >> yea. >> but it's -- because women, minorities, a lot of us, you think that we are not conservatives if you see that -- we that in the media a lot. we are. there are a lot of conservatives out here that are just -- we are conservative. you know. we're here. ainsley: it's interesting two years ago at cpac he didn't want president trump to speak.
3:28 am
now he is getting 93% rating straw poll. 16 different candidates, i believe. and we noticed we were covering. this and republicans thought no one ever thought that president trump was going to win. now is he getting 93% approval rating. look at california though. look at the democrats. have you nancy pelosi. they are supporting her. no one has come out against her. then have dianne feinstein represents the most liberal state in our country and she is not liberal enough. are they the ones that are divided now. >> yeah. they are absolutely the divided party now. ainsley: why? why is that? >> we were just at cpac. and we were in the media section. and it's really different being there and you can feel the hostility. and in a lot of ways, it's back firing on them. because we -- it's uniting trump's base and whole g.o.p. to get together and go hey, like she said, that's our guy, back off. this is common sense stuff.
3:29 am
they are actually repelling a lot of people. ainsley: amy jo you said in the commercial i said what is making him so popular, he is saying things we all want to say. >> that's one of the reasons that he won, frankly. i think that -- because, you know, obviously we don't see that in the media. but it's the stuff that we would like to say. but we're very polite people i think as conservatives as a whole. it's the stuff we would like to say that he says and stuff we say on our site because we are not very politically correct. it's the stuff that he says. we kind of agree with that he is getting things done. he really is. >> what's your site. >> chicks on the ainsley: thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having us. ainsley: you're welcome. calls are calling for the broward county sheriff to resign over his department's handling of the florida shooting. he says he's not going anywhere. >> i can only take responsibility for what i knew about. i exercise my due diligence. i have given amazing leadership.
3:30 am
ainsley: what does former nypd officer dan bongino think about that? he is live coming up next. plus, tiger woods drives a shot right down the fairway and hits an unlikely target. what happens next? stick around. but first we want to wish a happy birthday to singer michael bolton who turns 65 years old today ♪ ♪ said i loved you ♪ but i but soon enough, the technology that starts at qualcomm will be front and center on the world stage.
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3:34 am
his officer didn't do that day. that is the sheriff of broward county defending his actions by saying i was fine. my people weren't. steve: right. let's bring in dan bongino. is he a florida resident. former new york city police department officer, former secret service guy and nra contributor and host of the wildly successful dan bongino show. dan, i know you have heard that there are a lot of people who would like to see the broward county sheriff, scott israel step aside because they feel his department did not connect the dots. there were a lot of warning signs. and then the day of the shooting, at least one of the guys was outside, wouldn't go in. about there was one suggestion they might have been waiting for a swat team. nonetheless, a lot of people are saying they dropped the ball. >> yeah. steve, the sheriff has to go. he has to resign. i don't see any way he can credibly function in that role before. i have done a lot of comment
3:35 am
tear on police related matters. i sent 17 years law enforcement. watch my twitter feed. i have been very careful in my criticism of this sheriff. because i didn't have all the facts out. now that we see the facts surfacing his or her. this is deeply disturbing. let me just tell you what i am talking about. this is important. on school violence, school shooting incidents there are different training methods. some teach an individual. some wait for a team to show up. they are all taught to go. in i want to be crystal clear on that. that's why i waited. i thought was the officer just resorting for his training waiting for someone in now it appears other deputies showed up and still didn't enter appropriately in time. in addition to the multiple missed signals. there is no way this individual should continue in that job. he needs to go and he needs to go now. ainsley: you hate to throw stones. it's easy on the outside to tell them how to do their job there have been reports
3:36 am
that there were three additional deputies outside of the school in addition to that school resource officer. we haven't confirmed that for sure. those are just reports. and i would love to sit down and interview them and find out what protocol was. what they were allowed to do. if you look at any other business. the top guy, when something like this happens. and lives are lost. the top guy usually is forced to step down. why won't he take any responsibility? >> you know, i have never -- i mean, i'm being completely candid in 17 years in law enforcement and in doing commentary on these matters afterwards. i have never seen a case of uberous so overtake a ace of what should have been leadership. not only is this sheriff out, is he doing commentary on the media whereas you saw in that spot there, is he talking about amazing leadership. amazing -- i mean, how callus -- to the families. guys, this was an epic human tragedy. you are talking about amazing leadership while parents have to deal with
3:37 am
the fact that at minimum one of your deputies failed to respond in time and you missed multiple signals? no, it doesn't work that way. brian: missed multiple signals, double figures multiple signals. let me ask you this, dan, before we leave the gun issue. how do you deal with the fact that they visited his house almost 30 times? he has got this long history of poor behavior and all these calls are coming in saying he could shoot up a school. evidence was hurting himself. having said that, he was a clean record, when they run the background checks since he hasn't been arrested, nothing is there. how do you bridge the gap between an explosive behavior that is primed to kill, poised to kill. but nothing has been done illegally yet? do you -- are you for getting police reports part of the background check? >> brian, yeah. yes, i am. by the way. what you do is take discretion out of the matter. you do what the secret service did when it came to
3:38 am
presidential threat cases. you don't go there and make a snap judgment call. if you show up at a house and someone threatening to be a school killer that they are probably going to say no, i was just kidding. they don't want to go to jail. the secret service had the same problem with threat cases. they have say oh, i was just kidding i really didn't threaten the president. do a full scope background on each and every one. that's what the government is there to do. steve: one final question. the president of the united states, even ivanka trump yesterday suggested that maybe we need to have a discussion about arming teachers. where do you come down on that? >> you know, steve, why are our kids subjected to garbage second class security? you know why? probably because they don't vote. if this was anyone else, any distinct voting class, this would be a non-conversation. we would protect our cash in our banks. that's important with guns. we protect celebrities and singers with guns. the president, all their men, mayors, everyone else
3:39 am
gets firearm protection. what do kids get? talk. talking points, focus groups, and special interest money. it's an absurd conversation. this is common sense. if they want to arm themselves, these teachers, they should be trained appropriately to do so. but it has to be voluntary. brian: my last thought about this, this is for people to marginalize the president's thought on, this without considering how that would harden the target, is laughable and it gets me so angry. especially when i consider that coach, reportedly has a gun, knew how to use it, and when he wanted to protect the kids he had to use his body. and he took at least 8 bullets that blew himself apart. how much better would that coach have within been able to use a gun he was trained to use had at his house. that kid migh might be dead and he might be alive. >> do you have an armed target or do you want an armed target? just ask the bad guys you
3:40 am
will get the right answer every single time. ainsley: the coaches had to run in and stand in front of the students. had you officers, at least we know on the outside with a bullet proof vest and gun and didn't go in. thank you, dan. ainsley: hand it over to jillian ha ho has headlines for us. jillian: we are following breaking news. get to the fox news alert. four people are dead after a violent explosion in the u.k. right now crews still looking for people who may be trapped under the rubble. the two-story building in leicester completely leveled. home to a polish supermarket with apartments above. it. there is no reason to believe this is terror related as they investigate the cause. a daca recipient accused of threatening to shoot students in new york high school will appear in federal court today. abigail hernandez posted the threat on her facebook page. i'm coming tomorrow morning and i'm going to shoot all
3:41 am
ofia, exlettives. found a shotgun in her home but unclear who it belongs to. hernandez is being held on $15,000 bond. terrifying moments on a commercial plane just moments before take al-jaafari. take -- before take al-jaafari. te' before take. >> passengers moved to another plane after smoke filled the cabin. fire likely sparked by lithium ion battery inside a power bank. no injuries or major damage was reported. brian: can you imagine. >> you can't take it on plane but pack it. >> there have been new rules. we have that power pack. mine i have to remove. last time i was traveling, three different airport workers stopped me to ask me if the battery was inside.
3:42 am
ainsley: you can't put it underneath the plane. >> you can't check it. jillian: i think can you. brian: this time talking through the camera. steve: we are doing a tv show. jillian: i'm looking at you right now. brian: that's all i ask. eye contact. janice: 22 days until spring my friend. temperatures 45 in new york. and winter came to parts of the midwest. i want to tell you with the change of the seasons brings a threat for flooding in a lot of these areas. flooding across the ohio, tennessee, tennessee mississippi rally valley. a lot of the these streams at their limit and can't take much rainfall. more rain in the forecast tuesday and wednesday across these areas. know what to do if you have a flash flood watch or warning in the area. more rain in the forecast as we get through the next couple of days and then we see the potential for more mountain snow across the west and even rain into southern california. there's your forecast today, looking good across the central u.s. rain lingering across the
3:43 am
southeast and then we have another couple of systems that are going to move into the west. all right, there's your forecast. back over to you guys. steve: thank you very much. ainsley: different angle, brian? brian: can i handle it now. little things throw me. steve: meanwhile straight ahead. ice agents launching new raids across one sanctuary state overnight. sanctuary city mayor warned it might happen. we are live there with details next. brian: plus, eric trump is coming here live. how does he feel about how his sister was treated by one limp athlete. florida attorney general pam bond will will be here, representative steve scalise, gun control. reince priebus did the president collaborate with the russianst? he will tell us ♪ up down, up down ♪ what's you know about it theo ♪ yeah, the
3:44 am
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3:47 am
ainsley: the plot thickens in northern california as ice agents see sweep that area detaining southwesterly. brian: warning from a mayor in oakland. steve: more on these operations that took place nut last 24 hours. todd: it's interesting guys. the mission is to protect our country. the mayor of oakland feels it's her job to keep ice from doing its job. libby shaft, the democratic mayor of of that city sent out a press release warning that immigration and customs enforcement could be conducting a raid in oakland on sunday. giving her constituents an early heads up in her words to protect them. quote: i believe it is my duty and moral obligation as mayor to give those families fair warning when that threat 57s eminent. her warning was consistent with previous reports that law enforcement officials in northern california would
3:48 am
not cooperate with ice. shaft said previously that shield be willing to go to jail to defend the city's sanctuary status. >> my priority is to keep this city safe. not to panic people but make sure they are prepared with information that they know their rights as well as their responsibility feds tee tansd 44 people on sunday. ice told local media they weren't sure what the mayor was referring to. and that, quote: there are ice operations every day. and from a legal perspective. california as we know has these laws. state and local laws on the books that say don't follow federal law we know where those cases end up they end up in the supreme court. steve: warning people in the country breaking the law that somebody might be coming to arrest them. todd: correct. having gone out with ice agents. again, i only went out with a few. those men and women were,
3:49 am
one, committed to their jobs, two, very humane. i brought that up example where one of the individuals who was detained had a bike and the ice agent said don't worry, we will take care of your bike. we will get it to a family member. that struck me as the humanity of these individuals. they are just doing a job that they feel more empowered to do under the trump administration. brian: the bike stays in the family. todd: the bike stays in the family. brian: with people here illegally. okay, good. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. a video unbelievable. mom and daughter used their own gun to stop an armed robner his tracks. that mom and daughter join us live. ainsley: plus you loved them in "duck dynasty." missy and leah robertson here with a new book series for children. they are going to tell us all about it coming up next. ♪ tonight let's get some ♪ and live while we're young ♪
3:50 am
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3:53 am
brian: all right. you know from the all-time hit tv series "duck dynasty." ainsley: i love that show. me a and missy robertson are launching a action pack teenage girls called princess in camo. here to tell us about it missy and m mia robertson. >> good morning. >> what's the reason behind this. >> fiction. reality versus fiction. here we go with fun little stories. what's neat about these is that it is based on mia and all of her cousins and the way they interact together but lessons they learn along the way. brian: mi awmplet how would you describe life with your cousins? what's it like being part of your family and extended family. >> there is never a dull moment with our family. we are always up to something. we are always doing things with each other.
3:54 am
and it's a lot of fun. brian: do you do anything wrong? you always seem to do -- everything you guy does is in fun. ainsley: moms says no. >> that's the power of editing. >> that's the power of fiction. brian: everything do you is fun. >> we do like to have our fun. steve: give us for instance some of the high jinx in the book. >> what's your favorite part in one of the books. >> i really like everything about it i do like -- yaw spoil the book but rowdy, my cousin, who plays hunter in the book does something in the end of this book who is really funny. but you will have to read to find out. brian: have you two books out? >> we have two books. first one is alli's bayou rescue it is basically about hunter who is in the book. based on rowdy being adopted into the robertson family. all of the girls cousins having to accept him as family into their little circle. ainsley: mia and missy, when i was growing up. we were probably about the same age. remember growing up reading
3:55 am
series and now you have written one? what do you hope that young girls that preteens get from this? i know you have a heart nor quowng girls. y'all started this foundation and fund for your daughter and all have you been through with your surgeries. now you are writing this book. what's the message you want to share with young women? >> the message is that no matter what happens in life, even if you don't have a very close knit family like ours. god is going to be with you and pull you through. he loves you more than anyone else on the planet. no matter the hard things, fun things, challenging things. learn to look at him for guidance and he will guide you through. and because he -- because he accepted us into his family. we should always be willing to accept others. ainsley: so it's safe. if you are a mom out there these books are safe. >> and fun. steve: mia, how did it work? you and your mom came up with the ideas and wrote them together? >> yes, sir. we wrote them with ghost
3:56 am
writer. >> jill osborn. she is fabulous. ainsley: one book is hard enough and you went and did a series. >> right. ainsley: congratulations, mia, that's exciting. you are an author at how old? >> 14. ainsley: you accomplished a lot. steve: and only a teenager. called princess in camo: ainsley: bookends? new jersey tonight if you are in the ridgewood area. brian: if you are not, start driving and you will be there by tonight. thanks, ladies. >> thank you. steve: democrats say fisa rebuttal memo tears the republican's memo apart. andy mccarthy says it does more harm than good. is he coming up in about 15 minutes. ainsley: and pam bondi, steve scalise. steve: don't forget reince priebus he is on there too. brian: yeah, ainsley what were you thinking?
3:57 am
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4:00 am
and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. >> local lawmakers down in the state of florida are calling for the sheriff to be suspended. brian: evidently the sheriff, he doesn't want to take responsibility for almost anything. >> leaders are not responsible for a person if he didn't have the heart to go in that's not my responsibility. >> the sheriff has to go. he has to resign. i don't see any way he can credibly function in that role anymore. >> breaking now, the democratic rebuttal to that republican memo. >> the information that was used in part in the fisa application came from a trusted source, christopher steele. >> i don't think he would qualify to actually be in an austin powers movie so i don't know that you could actually say that he was that trusted. ainsley: president trump gets a 93% approval at cpac. i think conservatives, we have all kind of rallied behind him and because he has gotten things done. >> check this out.
4:01 am
a mother and daughter fight for their lives getting into a shootout with an armed robber inside the oklahoma liquor store. you will meet those brave women at 7:20. ♪ ♪ ♪ ainsley: so far away. no it's not. brian: i know it's hard to think of the party attitude on monday morning. steve: no it's not come on. ainsley: every day -- make today your best party yet. brian: show up late and think about something else. [buzzer] steve: you are thinking about that kind of party? i thought you were talking about a tupperware party. ainsley: those are a lot of fun. brian: feel pressure to buy something even if you keep
4:02 am
fresh on their own. steve: learn how to burp the box. ainsley: learn to burp at a tupperware party. brian: my mom had a tupperware party she got two lawn chairs. we kept them forever because we felt like we got them for free. ainsley: as interesting as brian's story is this morning there is a lot of news we need to tell you about. news that has been brought to our attention down in florida after that school shooting. students are going to return to the school majory stoneman douglas high school today. this as president trump puts school safety top of his agenda with the meeting with the governors today. brian: a lot of intensity up there griff jenkins live in washington with what's next as congress comes back to work. >> that's right. good morning, guys. they are trying to get back to normal down in parkland, but the nation's governors are gathering here in washington for their annual winter meeting. president trump is hosting
4:03 am
them this morning at the white house in just a few hours. the top issue for discussion will be school safety. >> we'll be talking about parkland and the horrible event that took place last week. people make that first on our list because we have to end our country of what's happening with respect to that subject. >> all eyes will be on florida's governor rick scott who has led the calls for more to be done. >> harden the schools. make sure we deal with the fact people out there with mental illness issues shouldn't have access to a gun. if you threaten people or yourself you shouldn't have access to a gun. i'm going to work every day between now and the end of session on one purpose. get this passed. >> launch investigation into the law enforcement's response to the shooting holding everyone accountable to the broward county sheriff's department congress returns today under
4:04 am
a lot of pressure to act in the wake of the shooting. there is nothing specific to gun control on either the house or senate's agenda. we expect that is going to change as the president has proposed several amendments to consider. question will be whether they can find that allusive thing in washington bipartisan. brian: very interesting. griff. thank you very much. we have had nonstop gun debates forever in this country and the second amendment is not going anywhere. very interesting to see if marco rubio and the president will combine forces to see if they raise the age to buy an ar-15 or rifle up to 21. it will be very interesting to see if maybe they push for ban of ar-15s like brian mast from florida brought up yesterday. 19 in the house. ainsley: local lawmakers down in florida calling for the sheriff to be suspended while they investigate. reports there were three
4:05 am
additional deputies that were on the grounds of the school in addition to that school resource officer scott peterson who were there and did not storm the school. steve: why didn't they go in? there is a story down in the fort lauderdale area in broward county that apparentsly there's a possibility that there could have been a stand down order. in other words, hey, deputy, you just don't go in until the swat team arrives. outside the guy clearly shooting people inside. warning signs missed. a number of phone calls. the sheriff says they received 18 phone calls about this shooter. 16 were handled quickly. two were not. deputies involved in those have been assigned to other duties. ainsley, the sheriff himself, to your point, 17 house republican down in florida has said he has got to quit. the sheriff says he is just doing his job and he is not going anywhere.
4:06 am
>> as i said, i'm the sheriff. my name is on the door. the people responsible are the ones that took the calls and didn't follow up on them as it was with the fbi. as it was with any -- with any person. leaders cannot -- leaders are responsible for the agency. but leaders are not responsible for a person. i gave him a gun. i gave him a badge. i gave him the training. if he didn't have the heart to go in that's not my responsibility. brian: but we know after columbine the tactics changed. don't wait on the house outside. you have to go in. let them sort it out. let the florida 17 lawmakers adhered too he would be suspended or fired. this guy was thrown out of school. three days later he buys an ar-15. if they were called to his house according to buzzfeed 22 additional times along with the 23. tossed out and put a gun to three different people's heads, including, i believe
4:07 am
the report was to your mom's head. threw her against the wall twice, why is that not included in a background check? who is safer by not including this abhorrent behavior on a background check? so the police reports, the arrivals, at the very least alert local sheriffs that this 18-year-old wants to buy an ar-15. and then the sheriff gets a call from the gun shop owner and he says yeah, whatever you do don't sell nic las cruz that gun and - and-nikolas cruz that gun. >> if the cops have come to your house dozens of times and slamming your mom against the wall and putting a gun, whatever. that needs to be on your report. same with all that stuff he posted on social media that needs to be on that report. brian: that he was cutting himself? ainsley: yeah and doing all that to animals. brian: bringing a dead bird to class and holding it there. steve: there needs to be reports filed. go and show um and say okay we fixed it and then they
4:08 am
went away until. brian: is that possible, steve, to show up at somebody's house and not write up a report? steve: it happens every day. brian: we have a detailed report when they showed up his mom was thrown against the wall that was the mom's complaint. how do we know that. steve: there was never a complaint filed against the kid. brian: somewhere this is down in the police records. steve: why did they go to that house. that was right there. that was not part of a background check that goes into a firearm. brian: i think has to be. multiple police report. negativity domestic reports heated. spouse wants to get you back and passion is guns. she writes that in your spouse can't get a gun. that's the bad part. good part is we err on the side on the safety so the next kid who is 18 years old and out of control with multiple alerts on his background that he is going to kill somebody quickly they get stopped. ainsley: that happened
4:09 am
dozens of times. i understand in a divorce situation, sometimes that happens. guy calls on the wife. wife calls on the guy one or two times. but the cops went how many times did you say? dozens of times. brian: everyone called the cops. the cops didn't call the fbi. he goes into a gun shop three days after he gets suspended from school gets an ar-15 and shoots everything up on february 14th. steve: didn't have to call the fbi. somebody else calls fbi u heart breaking series of dropped balls. what they have got to do going forward is figure out how to make sure this never happens again. all right. it's 7:10 now in new york city. jillian has a lot of headlines. jillian: that's right. good morning to you guys. actually following extreme weather across the country. let's begin there at least five people are dead after tornadoes and torrential rains carved a path of destruction in the midwest. winds reaching up to 120 miles per hour. flattening homes and flipping cars. the region also struggling with major flooding. the ohio river in cincinnati
4:10 am
rising above 60 feet. that's its highest level in two decades. in just a few minutes, we have live report from new richmond, ohio, where residents are being vawngted as their entire village is under water. tense moments overnight as the united airlines flight attempts to land with a blown tire. look at the responds there the damage was done during takeoff from newark, new jersey. the pilot kept going on to portland, oregon. the aircraft safely landing. emergency officials on stand by at portland, international as a precaution. no injuries were reported. the movie studio co-founded by harvey weinstein is now expected to file for bankruptcy. the weinstein company's last ditch efforts on a $500 million sale following apart overnight board of directors saying they have no other choice but to file for bankruptcy in order to maximize the business' value. harvey swine stein was ousted from the company last year after several sexual misconduct claims were made against him. thousands expected to pay
4:11 am
respects at the americaens view of billy graham today. casket will be on displayed at the library in charlotte. form former first lady laura bush and george bush. a private funeral service friday in charlotte. president trump will be among the 2,000 guests in attendance. guys, back to you. steve: viewing starts today. thank you very much. jillian. ainsley: democrats say fisa republican memo tears the version apart. andy mccarthy says it does more harm to the democrats than good. i is going to join us next to tell us why. brian: you heard the one about the horse walking into a bar, right? what about the drunk guy riding a horse on a freeway. steve: again? brian: knock, knock ♪ slow ride ♪ take it easy ♪ slow ride ♪ take it easy
4:12 am
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>> fisa warrant granted without the inclusion of the steele dossier? >> i think and the only testimony we have on this is that was a part of at
4:16 am
complete whole of the application and all of the parts were important. i don't know that i can answer that except to say i think it was important. brian: ranking member adam schiff touting the. down playing the role of the steele dossier and securing the warrants on carter page. our next guest says that wasn't the only thing wrong with the rebuttal. joining us now contributing he had are for national review andy mccarthy. you said this actually bolsters devin nunes and his review on this. in what way? >> well, it shows, brian when it gets down to carter page narrowly regardless of what adam schiff says the layers that were in the warrant, what was specifically alleged about page was the meetings with the two top russian operatives, which they only get from the steele dossier. without that allegation, you
4:17 am
may have a lot of information about about russia is bad and the bad things that russia is trying to do. but you don't have anything that shows that carter page is an agent of a foreign power as that term is defined under fisa law. brian: right. and you talk about they didn't include the wiretaps that show that the russians didn't think much of carter page as a source or a resource dating back from 2013. and how he helped the fbi in 2015 russian bad guys. to the heart of this. what did they actually tell the fisa judge about the steele dossier? did they say this was opposition research? they said this: the fbi speculates that they the identified u.s. person. you don't have to say u.s. personal. you could have said hillary clinton. you could have said the dnc was likely looking for information that could be used to discredit candidate number one. likely, and speculate. that is not being transparent about the steele document commissioned by fusion gps that was paid for
4:18 am
by the dnc and hillary clinton. why not just put it out there. hillary clinton's people paid for this. i believe in it, judge. but you tell me what you think. why not say that. >> yeah. that's what transparency would have been. i think where they talk about a u.s. person there, i think they are talking about glenn simpson of fusion. that just underscores, if you feel like you have to disclose fusion, how do you not feel like you have to disclose the people behind fusion who are actually sponsoring this thing? obviously, if you know for a certainty that there is a very specific political motivation behind, this namely that it's the opposition candidate looking for basically monitoring of the -- of somebody tied to the other campaign, why not just come out and say that? and i think, ryan, you know, if they could poll 100 federal judges and ask them if a warrant was presented to you and that fact was
4:19 am
withheld, what would you think about that? what do you imagine those judges would say? brian: they would say i need to know that information especially without a jury or defense attorney to push back on the other side. it's up to the judge to know everything. this whole process of a fisa court, needs the utmost integrity. we gave these people to do this after 9/11. to pursue terrorists in a covert way. they seem to be abusing the credit we gave them. >> yeah. well, you know, look, it wouldn't be that big of a deal that they gave a little bit of a fuzzy description of what the background biases were of this dossier if they had done the most important thing here, which were like when we focus on steele, we are getting a million miles away from. which is the credibility of his informant. this was completely uncorroborated information from unidentified people who we don't even know for a fact they exist. even if they did exist, they are not the ones who saw and
4:20 am
heard the things that you are asking the judge to issue the warrant based on. brian bine we will talk more on this. read the column breaks it down for you. today marks the 20th anniversary of the 1993 world trade center bombings. andy mccarthy you were the lead prosecutor in that blind sheikh case and so much has happened since. what are your reflections? >> i think that was the definition war by radical islam against the united states. i think looking back, especially 17, not only 25 years after that bombing, but 17 years after 9/11. look at how much better our homeland security works. and that's a credit to the fbi. the intelligence services, the way -- the new york city police, for example in our city. the way they have worked together now and really proactively gone after these threats. there is a reason why we have been safe even though we have continued to be a target. brian: andrew mccarthy you knew how dangerous these people were and flashing siren in 2003. we fin201993 and find out
4:21 am
again in 2001. a mom and daughter use their own gun to stop an armed robber. look who is in our green room? eric trump. i think he got taller. so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at
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4:24 am
ainsley: we are back with extreme weather. torrential rains carving a path of destruction through the midwest. brian: yeps, the ohio river advising to highest point in two decades, threatening homes and businesses. steve: robert from our fox affiliate in cincinnati is live in richmond, ohio, where the entire city is fighting to stay afloat. robert? >> that's right. this community is no stranger to flooding of this severity. but it hasn't been at this
4:25 am
level in 20 years since the 1997 flood. that was at about 65 feet. as far as the river level. this time around we are looking at just over 60 feet. that's when it crested at about 9:15 last night. it has since dropped a few inches, but take a look. we are right here in the main part of new richmond, where you can see straight ahead, that archway there, that is the ohio river. just beyond that arch. and look at how far the river has risen. now, consuming several streets of this small town. again, we have seen neighbors helping each other because they have experienced this a few times before. now, as you can see behind me, look at this car here, now in about a foot of water. and this is nothing compared to how it is if you get closer to the river. they are looking at several feet of water. that's the main street there right along the river bank. and that's where all the businesses are all the shops and restaurants here for
4:26 am
this town. all of them had to be shut down. the good news is we did speak with the city administrator here that said no water rescues but evacuations, of course, were necessary. live here in new richmond, ohio. i'm robert. back to you. steve: heart breaking images. meanwhile, take a look at this, folks. a mother/daughter duo taking matters in their own hands when an armed robbery suspect ambushes their oklahoma family liquor store. brian: yep. two quickly grabbing their guns line the counter and opening fire on the masked man. ainsley: as her mom struggles with the suspect, the heroic daughter firing another bullet, giving them the opportunity to escape and joining us now is that mother tina. thanks for being with us. tell us what happened. >> i was standing at one side of the counter. my daughter was over by the register. and a man walked in with a hood over his head and a
4:27 am
mask on his face and a sawed off shotgun. he pointed at me first, and told me to open the -- that it's a robbery. and i questioned, i said what? then he stuck the gun back up in my face and said it's a robbery. and so i told -- he told my daughter to open up the register. and so she did. and then he took the money and then he came back over to me and asked me where the other register was and i told him i didn't have one. is he like where is the other money. and i said i don't know. i mean, i don't know. and then i told him i said i recognize you. it's like what are you doing? brian: did you actually recognize him? >> yeah. ainsley: he was a customer? >> weighs customer. he had just been in the day before and like an hour and 40 minutes before that. steve: apparently police in your neck of the woods belief he is responsible for
4:28 am
a string of armed robberies in the area. i'm sure, tina, you have had that gun for a while. did you ever think you were going to have to use it? did you ever come close? >> no. i never in my life thought i would have to use it. steve: why did you decide this time you were gonna? it looked like he was going to take the money and go but you decided otherwise? >> well, when we ducked under -- i thought he had left the building, i mean, i saw him go out the door. we ducked down underneath the counter and then honestly, all i saw was the shotgun and his face and i pulled the trigger. actually, i don't even remember pulling the first two shots. ainsley: tina, what goes through your mind. i'm a mother. i can't imagine my daughter being there and i would think i have got to protect her first.
4:29 am
but then, you know, i feel like i would be so scared in that situation but does your adrenaline take over? that motherlily instinct take over? what do you go through? >> think about anything except just stop, symptom. he kept coming back at me. just stop. ainsley: did he fire off any shots, too? did you and your daughter get injured? >> yeah, no. well, i ended up with seven staples, but that wasn't from a shot. that was from when he got the gun away from me. brian: he got the gun away from you? >> yeah. after i had unloaded on him. he just kept coming and just kept coming at me. and i was just telling him to leave. you know, just, -- at this point, i seen that he was hurt. and i was just like look, let me get some help.
4:30 am
just leave. i don't really know what i was saying. i don't know what he was saying to me. and then he just lunged at me and he grabbed my gun. steve: at that point all i could think about was keeping my gun pointed to where she couldn't -- away from her. and i just started like just pulling the trigger and just pulling the trigger. i just kept pulling the trigger so that way i would make sure it was unloaded. i don't know how many shots i had shot him. steve: you were in a fight for your life. ainsley: you did everything right. >> yeah. ainsley: he is in the hospital i assume now? steve: he is. ainsley: you shot him and hopefully he will end up in prison for a very long time. i wish you all the best. >> all right. well, thank you. brian: lastly, how are you doing? >> i'm not sure. i mean, yesterday was rough. emotional. makes you appreciate your
4:31 am
family. appreciate being alive. ainsley: what are you going to do with the liquor store now? >> >> at 10:00 i'm going to open the door and start selling. i'm not going to be a victim. i mean, i have bills to pay. steve: absolutely. you know what, tina, they know you have got a gun. so. >> yeah. steve: next time. >> you and i had more. steve: all right. tina ring, we thank you for joining us live today. ainsley: thank you. god bless you. steve: that's tough. brian: 29 minutes before the top of the hour. steve: president trump got high praise after rallying the crowd at cpac. >> the fact is we need more republicans to vote. we need more republicans. that he was why you have to get out and have to fight for 18. you have to do it. steve: eric trump was in the crowd in that speech. what do you think? probably he liked it. >> i liked it. steve: i knew that.
4:32 am
♪ you better move ♪ you better dance ♪ let's make a night ♪ you won't remember ♪ i'll be the one ♪
4:33 am
4:34 am
4:35 am
more republicans to vote. we want to get our agenda. because now what we have to do in order to get a vote to fix our military, we have to give them $100 billion in stuff that nobody in this room, including me wants. we need more republicans. that's why you have to get out and you have to fight for 18. steve: have you potus 45 at cpac on friday. his son, eric trump, is the executive vice president of the trump organization. he is running the show while his dad is president. good morning to you. >> good morning. good morning, guys. steve: he was very funny. started out with the bald spot joke. >> he was awesome. that's why he won this presidential race. i mean, he was so great. when he said should guy off teleprompter or keep doing this? you know quite frankly the
4:36 am
speech on teleprompter is a little boring. i'm going to do my thing. brian: as his son you go huh-uh or do you like that? >> that's the best of trump. that's the best of who the guy is the american people obviously rejected the traditional political class because they were boring and they never got any coverage and they didn't speak their mind and everything was scripted. i mean, he went out there. he was having a blast. he spoke for 1 hour and 15 minutes. he was incredible. ainsley: you know that song how do you like me now? brian says that to his exgirlfriends. brian: do not believe a word of that. ainsley: cpac did not allow your dad to speak two careers ago and now he is getting 93% approval rating on the straw poll. >> people in the room are chanting u.s.a., u.s.a. ainsley: what's your message to the republican that's party t wasn't backing him two years ago. >> it's changed. in defense of the republican party two years ago. they didn't know who he was. a real estate developer out of new york. they didn't know him. they knew a lot of other people. they didn't know who he was. and i think he has proven
4:37 am
himself. i think he has done a tremendous job. he has had one of the most successful first years of any president ever. you see what's happening with the economy and the military and everything else. deregulation. jobs are coming back to country. the wanels are going up for the first time in 10 years. when was the last time we saw wages go up. steve: how about taxes? >> it's incredible. apple is coming back. industry is coming back to america. everything that he said he would do, he has done. he has actually done better than he would even say he would do it that's why conservatives are behind him. brian: i know he is working on the trade deals, too. nafta. we heard about the horrific shooting on the 14th and two weeks later talking about in a way we haven't talked about it in a while. we haven't had a republican president in office to say i'm thinking about a few things. number one, i'm open to arming teachers. i'm open if you want to buy a rifle wait until you are 21. and i'm open to background checks so is marco rubio on two or three of those things. i'm wondering with 19 other
4:38 am
members in the house feeling the same way. with congress back and i know you are away from the policy part of it big gun guy and last name trump, do you think something is going to get done? do you hope it does. >> i'm the biggest second amendment person there is. i'm a big believer in it at the same time we can't have our kids get shot up in schools. you need to do certain things there were so many red flags on this kid. there were so many red flags. nothing was done about it i think you need to go in there you need to have even greater background checks. i know one thing that falls through the cracks is youth, a lot of times background record isn't actually exposed. their record starts at, you know, when they become an adult at 18. but, if you have a kid that's been, you know, police have been called on 39 times, shouldn't that be a warning flag. brian: shouldn't police report be on there. >> 18 and decide to go out and buy a gun, shouldn't those 39 police calls be on that record? there are common sense things we should do. ainsley: what about the nra? shut they give a little bit? do you agree with your dad
4:39 am
that a terrible shouldn't be able to buy an assault rifle. >> nra are great people. my father said that the other day. we know so many of them. they believe in freedom and great country. i'm a member of the nra. but at the end of the day, we cannot have schools get shot up. there are things that have to be done. at the same time, this isn't just a gun problem. it's really not a gun problem. it's a mental health problem in this country. right? it's a societal problem. the fact that there is a kid willing to go into a school and shoot unarmed, innocent, you know, children, classmates of his, is unacceptable. where is the father there? where is, you know, the parenting? where is the morals? where is the -- i mean, there is a lot of societal problems that often cause these issues that also have to be addressed. steve: right. that's why your dad is going to be talking to the nation's governors today about school safety. >> yeah. it's so important. brian: but also, the president you could argue doesn't get elected without the nra. if he does three things the president doesn't want, is that a risk for him? >> i don't think so.
4:40 am
i think these are common sense things that people want. i don't think, again, i'm a big second amendment person. i don't think it's a big deal if you raise the age to 21. i think everybody would quite frankly welcome even more expensive background checks. at least personally, i don't want to see a whack job get any kind of dangerous object of any kind. i don't want them buying a chainsaw. i don't want them buying a hammer. i probably don't want them buying a car because they can be just as deadly. i certainly don't want them buying a assault rifle there are common sense things that have to be done. this is more of a societal problem. you didn't see this 30 years ago. what's changed? you have social media, have you other things. have you other factors in society that have to be addressed. ainsley: democrats released their fisa rebuttal over the weekend. what are your thoughts. >> my thoughts are they dug and dug and dug and finally found themselves. it's awful what happened. you had the fbi and department of justice. you had them use opposition research to spy on a presidential candidate in this country. and it's horrible.
4:41 am
this is the worst abuse imaginable. something you would see in a third world country. and it happened here. and, you know, people have to take this seriously. there is nothing worse than when, you know, government -- i mean, it's just very, very dark. what happened. and i don't think the democratic memo said anything. in fact, i think it confirmed that, you know, the judge wasn't told that this was opposition research. it was ultimately being used. ainsley: told it was political. >> greatest abuse of power you can see. we should allable concerned about it as citizens. steve: you have got to get to the bottom of it at the same time, a lot of people who did this worked for your father's department of justice and fbi. >> a lot of people who did it should be held accountable. i mean, they really should be held accountable. i think the american people are seeing that and demanding it at this point. but, what started off as a hoax, you know trump won the election because of russia has been nothing further from the truth. and they ended up finding themselves in this whole irony. and it's kind of amusing.
4:42 am
brian: russians being bold enough to meddle has to stop. >> i agree. i wish obama would have done that. if he knew which he clearly did i wish he would have stopped that the big question is why did he do nothing about it. brian: your sister was over representing our country wonderfully as we closed out the olympics in south korea. one olympian gus kenworthy called her out and said we worked so hard to be in the olympics and he went on to say so proud of all these people, everybody here. worked so hard to be in the olympics and have the opportunity to walk in the closing ceremonies well, everyone except ivanka, honestly, what is she doing here? >> talking about school shootings in the u.s. talking about -- and then you see this. the olympics is a time of happiness. we did great. we won so many gold medals. ivanka is unbelievable representative of this country. she is so poised. she is so elegant. you know, she a role model for so many people. so to hear that that's not what the olympics is about. politics should not enter into the olympics.
4:43 am
brian: does it bother you as her brother. >> it does bother me. it should bother us as a society. could you imagine if sasha and melania wen maliyah, could u imagine? >> olympics is a great way toes escape everything we talk about all the time. some of the worst things of society. it's supposed to be a representation. brian bine we won for a gold for curling and upset sweden. >> and doe cross-country. some great events. a way to get away from the nonsense. it's gross u it's disgusting. ivanka is beautiful and he will gantz and incredible representative of this country and we should be proud of her. steve: it's comments not in the olympic spirit. thank you so much. >> thanks. steve: coming up on this monday, a land mark case heads to the supreme court this morning. and it could be a major blow to labor unions. charles payne has been looking at what it means. and he is going to break it
4:44 am
down. live from new york is coming up next. ♪ i guess you're just what i needed ♪ i needed someone to please ♪ uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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ainsley: today a landmark labor case heads to the supreme court where justices will decide whether state government workers who opt out of a union must still play d do dues. brian: we have been here before will it happen this time. with us is charles payne the host of the fox business network. charles, why should we care about this. >> for many, many reasons. first and foremost this is a government worker union. federal, county, state and 22 states. and essentially what they are doing is making people who work for the state pay them union dues, de facto union dues called an agency
4:48 am
fee. i'm not in a union. i don't want to be in a union. i work for the government. leave me alone and still you are taking money out of my pocket. by the way, you you are often applying it to things that i don't believe in. i don't want to back this candidate. i don't want this back this measure. so don't take the money from me that i have opted out. i don't want to be part of the organization. brian: make it my choice. >> make it my choice. steve: the democrats have a lot on the line because those union dues represent big contributions. >> new york city alone $9 million. let me tell you something really interesting about this. last election cycle this one particular union, of course there is a loft them. one particular union at the center of this supreme court case spent almost $16 million, zero went to republicans zero. again, if you are someone who has opted out of the union, made tend to vote republican. they took money out of your pocket and applied it to a candidate, that's cans your principles. ainsley: are you surprised this is happening? i heard unions are so powerful why try. >> i'm not.
4:49 am
unions have fallen apart. private sector unions are now down to just 6.5% of the workforce. they have absolutely crumbled. the only reason this aflies 22 states. 28 states have become right to work states where you don't have to be forced to be in a union. steve: how many of those states where there are those union members paying the dues they don't want to were won by donald trump? >> oh, this is a great question. because over seven states represent over half of these workers. and three of them are big states, ohio, michigan, and pennsylvania. that trump won. imagine if he won they were able to put all these millions into it that money taken away from them make it that much more difficult. a lot on the line for unions and a lot on the line for democrats. these unions have extraordinary power. when they have collective bargaining negotiations against the state. it's not really bargaining. if i put all the money in the campaign and you and i are sitting across the table from each other i'm mostly going to get what i want. it's been a farce and taxpayers deserve better. brian brian the supreme
4:50 am
court hears that today? steve: stay. >> it's going to be huge. last time heard a similar case it was 4-4. brian: now we have another guy. steve: we do. charles, we will be watching you tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern on making money. meanwhile the broward county sheriff refusing to resign over his handling of the shooting in florida. governor rick scott demanding answers. we're going to talk to florida attorney general pam bondi about that in the next hour. brian: plus tiger woods drives a shot right down the fairway and hits an unlikely target. he actually was very good this weekend. carley shimkus is here with that and what else is trending this morning. steve: hi, carley ♪ i didn't know that i was wrong ♪ wake me up when it's all over ♪ you do all this research
4:51 am
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ainsley: as americans look for solutions to end gun violence in school. look for reasons to blame the nra are getting longer and longer. steve: here with nor with 24/7 headlines reporter carley shimkus. the companies cutting ties with the nra. they are companies that had offered discount to members, right? >> yes, that's exactly right. this is a lose-lose situation for these companies and it always plays out the same way. a boycott #goes viral online. this time it's boycott the nra. then companies with ties to these groups, this time being the nra. they cave under pressure. and then what happens? the other group of people. brian: nra members in this case. >> yeah, gun right supporters are mad at those companies and call for a boycott as well no matter how you slice it one group of people is going to be mad at you. steve: what does the nra
4:55 am
stay. >> they did release a statement. they are not backing down. they said these brands will be replaced by others who recognize that patriotism and determined commitment to constitutional freedoms are characteristic of a marketplace that very much want to serve. but united airlines, delta airlines, avenue voice rent a car, many companies say that they are not going to be discounted rates to nra members. brian: people see blatant politics. all the signals lost and warning signals involved in this situation in parkland, not the nra, i thought maybe there would be a third or fourth thing but they made them number one. ainsley: a lot of our viewers that support the nra are mad at these companies and looking at that list and said i'm not going to give them business. >> that's right. ainsley: tiger woods, what happened? >> it was like a tiger versus a goose at the honda classic this weekend. did he pretty well but it was one of his swings that caught social media by surprise, take a look at it.
4:56 am
look out. [laughter] >> that's going to be a good story. >> check this out. >> the goose. he walked it off. he walked it off like a true champion. every time i see some sort of like bird or any animal on the food at any sporting events i think of randy johnson and thankfully this bird did not suffer the same fate. brian: killed one. steve: that whole tiger birdie that hole. >> oh my gosh. no pun intended. brian: he said one round under par finished in 12st place. maybe signs he is coming back. >> maybe he got a pet goose out of the whole thing too. pick up a pet. ainsley: thank you, carley. >> thanks a lot. ainsley: still ahead florida's attorney general pam bondy house majority whip steve scalise and reince priebus all live coming up next. brian: there is more, ainsley. ainsley: like what? brian: hail mary is three
4:57 am
pointer. that priest takes another shot live in our plaza and believe me, our father was up on his game. ainsley: a real hail mary ♪ . . . .
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ >> local lawmakers down in the state of florida are calling now for the sheriff to be suspended. >> there were so many red flags on this kid. nothing was done about it. i think everybody would welcome comprehensive background checks. >> breaking now the democratic rebuttal to the republican memo. >> information was used in part for the fisa application, came from a trusted source, christopher steele. >> this was uncorroborated information from unusedfied people we don't know for a fact they exist. >> mother and daughter duo taking matters into their own hands a armed robbery suspect ambushes their oklahoma liquor store. >> i started pulling the
5:01 am
trigger. emotional. makes you appreciate your family. makes you appreciate being alive >> sprem court will hear arguments on landmark labor case. >> they're making people who work for the state pay them union dues. ♪ ainsley: demonstrate what that looks like. brian: like that song? kind of redundant. keep saying jump. might as well jump. ainsley: very easy song to memorize. steve: exactly. probably sold five million copies. brian: right. van halen got rid of david lee roth and we know who they hired. ainsley: tell us?
5:02 am
brian: sammy hagar has been our guest. >> it was a bit of a entertainment. brian: david lee roth came back again. then they hired eddie van halen's son. ainsley: history of music. steve: welcome back to vh1. remember the '80s. thank for joining us on very busy monday. yesterday students from parkland high school went to school to gather their backpacks. student return to the high school this week, problem bely on wednesday. today, teachers and staff are heading back to prepare for class. ainsley: this as the president who you see there put school safety at top of his agenda for meeting with the governors today. brian: griff jenkins live in washington. they have a lot of choices a lot of legislation. a lot of things have to get done. wonder where guns will be? reporter: will be at top of the list, brian. nation's governors are gathering in washington for the annual winter meeting.
5:03 am
president trump hosting them at the white house in a few hours. top topic of discussion will be school safety. >> we'll be talking about parkland and the horrible event that took place last week. it will make that person on our list because we have to enour country of what's happening with respect to that subject. reporter: all eyes on florida's governor rick scott who led calls for more to be done to make our schools safer. he launched an investigation as well into law enforcement response to the shooting from the fbi to the broward county's sheriff's department holding everyone accountable. >> the fbi, what happened? >> the local sheriff's department, they have to be completely transparent. whoever didn't do their job has to be held accountable. there is no one i talked to that is not disgusted that the local sheriff's deputy that was there did not go in and kill that individual. reporter: congress returns today under pressure from the public and the president to act from
5:04 am
bump stocks to background checks and even raising the age for gun purchases. a lot of propels out there but nothing is officially on the agenda in the house or the senate. the big question will be if they try to do something can they agree on any of it. guys? steve: not just that, daca. they want to do something about that and a whole bunch of other stuff. brian: on daca, they might extend it as they are famous for doing. steve: that is the plan. brian: kind of a missed opportunity to get something done on immigration, get the wall bit, if you ask me. on legislation with guns, don't be surprised if marco rubio take as, takes the heat on this. someone very progun, feels as though he wants to change things like governor scott in florida. ainsley: more information coming out from what happened down in florida for the school shooting. a there is with report, coral springs police department, additional sheriff's deputies at the school, in addition to the
5:05 am
resource officer, scott scot pe, there were total of four people with guns, officers, and they didn't storm inside of the school when they heard the shootings. steve: one story out there was a stand-down order. somebody inside school, with a high-powered rifle, don't go in until the s.w.a.t. team shows up. the sheriff said, i haven't heard anything about that. that is the guy right there, scott israel. 73 house republicans down in florida have asked the governor to suspend him because he did not do his job, but when asked yesterday, the sheriff made it very clear, look, the buck does not stop with me. listen to this. >> as i said, i'm the sheriff. my name's on the door. the people responsible are the ones who took the calls and didn't follow up on them as it was with the fbi, as it was with any person. leaders, leaders are responsal for the agency but leaders are
5:06 am
not responsible for a person. i gave them a gun. i gave them a badge. i gave them the training. if he didn't have the heart to go in, that is not my responsibility. >> wow, fantastic. what a boss. next you have to find out what else are they not doing? we have confirmed there have been 23 calls involving the shooter, in the florida, in the broward county area. now we find out, buzzfeed finds out, they found 45 responses since 2008. this guy peterson, the deputy who was assigned to the school he was trying, cruz was trying to kill himself drinking gasoline. three months, three days after he got suspended from school he went out an bought an ar-15 because there was nothing on record, despite all transgressions, tossed out after school, forced out of a major school, going back to another
5:07 am
school, going back mainstream, all his classmates knew about it, but no action was taken to stop a gun purpose. that is where i think the legislation has to go. steve: we'll see. eric trump was on the couch with us half an hour ago, regarding all of the red flags, that were missed, where do we go from here? here is the son of the president. >> i'm biggest second amendment person there is. i'm a big believer, at same time we can't have our kids shot up in school. we need to do certain things. there were so many red flags on this kid. there were so many red flags, nothing was done about it. you have to go in there, i think you need to have greater background checks. at the same time this is not just a gun problem, it is not a gun problem but a mental health problem. it is societal problem. the fact a kid is willing to go into a school shoot unarmed, innocent children, classmates is unacceptable first thing with all the schools, bolster the
5:08 am
security from coast to coast, while they worry about the legislation. you could do that today. i think all these schools deserve a right to feel safe. ainsley: we all have so many questions. as parents we're all terrified what happens next. we want a solution to this problem. moving on the democrats they released their issa, their fisa rebuttal memo over the weekend. brian: yeah, they did. they went back and forth this is the rebuttal to devin nunez's memo. this was 10 pages. his was four pages. if you look at "the wall street journal," we just talked to the andy mccarthy, he believes it bolsters the republican's case. listen to both sides. >> i'm in the surprised the president doesn't like it. i'm not surprised frankly that the white house tried to bury this memo response as long as they could. but it is important for the public to see the facts that the fbi acted appropriately seeking a warrant on carter page. they're not part of some deep
5:09 am
state as the president apparently would like the public to believe. >> it should scare people that you have a political party in this country actually saying, don't worry, american public, it's okay, we do this all the time. we're going to dig up dirt on our opponent, get it from russians, get it from the brits and we'll take it to the fbi and open up an investigation into another campaign. that is what the democratic memo said. they knew what they had to redact. they didn't want this out. steve: what it does the democratic memo confirmed the fbi used hillary clinton's opposition research as justification to get a fisa warrant to spy on carter page and to spy on all the trump people. the democratic memo also confirms the fbi withheld the partisan nature of the dossier. generally in something like this, you would say this information came from the hillary clinton campaign or from the dnc but instead it simply said it was political or partisan in nature. ainsley: why didn't the fisa
5:10 am
judges say or judge -- brian: they might have. ainsley: why didn't they say where did you get this information? this could be just anybody on the street could have said this. steve: we don't know. ainsley: you would think they would ask the questions, if they did it would trace back to the democrats, dnc. steve: unless this is common tactic where they do that a lot. brian: flood the zone with all information. andy mccarthy is was on with us, you have to read his column today, he takes the democrat memo point by point and bolsters the republican's case. >> when it gets down to carter page narrowly, no matter what congressman schiff says about many layers of information in the warrant or that were in the warrant, what was specifically alleged about page was the meetings with the two top russian operatives, which they only get from the steele dossier. without that allegation, you may have a lot of information about about why russia is bad but you
5:11 am
don't have anything that shows carter page is an agent of a foreign power. brian: right. if you want to know exactly was written in there, this is what they say was given to the judge, tell me if this is honest and candid and transparent what was in the fisa memo, paid for by hillary clinton and dnc. the fbi speculates, wrong word, that the identify u.s. person, didn't name glenn kessler likely looking for information that could be used to discredit candidate number one, you could have said president trump or trump campaign. that was nuanced way it was written. we told the judge it was partisan in nature. speculates? steve: we'll have to wait for the inspector general of the department of justice to release his review. sound like that comes out within about a month. ainsley: 11 minutes after the top of the hour. the daca deadline is one week away. will congress come together to make a deal? we'll ask the man who knows.
5:12 am
house majority whip steve scalise is here. brian: robert mueller subpoenas rick gates to help with his investigation. lots of counts. no conclusions. robert gates joins us live. ♪ -- reince priebus joins us live. ♪ when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at
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5:16 am
♪ >> can only take responsessability for what i knew b i exercised my due dill against. i've given amazing leadership to this agency? >> amazing leadership? >> yes, jake. there is a lot of things we've done. ainsley: broward county sheriff israel defending himself and his department's response to the florida massacre as critics, including our next guest, call on him, well, many critics are calling on him to step down. i don't think pam bondi is one of them. brian: 74 lawmakers in florida. steve: florida attorney general pam bondi joins us live with more. good morning, pam. >> good morning. steve: has he provided amazing leadership?
5:17 am
>> no of course not. governor scott has not called for him to resign but a full investigation into the matter. i firmly believe that needs to be accomplished. florida department of law enforcement will be investigating him. i know a lot more than all you do now, yes, i believe there needs to be a full investigation. i don't think some people were honest. and we're going to investigate this in florida and right thing will be done. steve: pam, was there a stand-down order? >> i can't talk about that. but all i know -- steve: that would explain why the guys wouldn't go inside. >> let me put it this way. when you have a school full of students and your duty is to protect those students -- even if i didn't have a firearm i would have gone into that scene. that is what you do. that is what the coach did who is a true hero. your job is to protect those students. brian: i know in texas -- >> that is what you sign up for.
5:18 am
brian: i know in texas, if a teacher is trained they can carry a gun. do you think florida will go that direction, knowing, for example, that coach has a gun and according to reports, was trained to use that gun. he wasn't allowed to bring it to school. so he had to use his body and he end up dead. >> that's right. brian: in florida, are they open to what the president's proposed, that is letting trained teachers, select teachers carry a gun? >> you know i think it is the way it has been presented that every teacher is going to be hand ad gun when they walk in the door. my whole family were teachers. i wouldn't want them to carry a gun, nor would they. we will have highly-trained teachers. people with expert shooting ability. and skills. it takes a lot of skills. we have air marshals on planes and we have to protect our kid in our schools. so it has to be the way it is
5:19 am
done. it is not arming every teacher. only certain people who can protect our kids. ainsley: pam, it was reported that school resource officer, scot peterson was there, he was only officer, that we learned last week and week before. now there are reports that there were three other deputies there on the property. was there more than one officer there? >> that is what we're hearing. i can tell you i believe some folks were not honest with me or not honest with the governor. there will be a full investigation what really went on. what i'm focused on ainsley is working with these students and going forward. brian: i didn't know they weren't honest with you, pam. what do you mean they weren't honest with you? >> it will come out in the investigation. steve: from the very beginning. >> from the very beginning. >> why wouldn't they be honest? >> well if they were there, didn't want people to know they were there, that could have been it. i'm not going to discuss. steve: pam, you mentioned that you are trying to work with
5:20 am
students. trying to come up with an app, right? >> we have actually, my counterpart in colorado, cynthia kaufman and general kaufman and in michigan, they have apps. in florida we have the funding in with our legislature and governor to create a statewide, uniform app. kids are on snapchat now constantly. so what that app will do, let kids anonymously if they choose, report it to the app in real time. it will go through one law enforcement center statewide that information will be accurately put out. what i have empowered 10 students, jackie coren, at the school, they are helping me and designed the icon and created the app and working with us. steve: i'm sure florida students will find out how to download it to every phone in the state. pam donald by, thank you.
5:21 am
>> thank you. steve: house majority whip steve call lease survived the attempted assassination at the ballfield. what does he think about the call for change like arming teachers? brian will talk to him next. actually, we just handled all the priority threats. you did that? we did that. really. we analyzed millions of articles and reports. we can identify threats 50% faster. you can do that? we can do that. then do that. can we do that? we can do that.
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5:25 am
the 1993 blast killed six people and injured more than a thousand after a muslim extremist put an explosive in a underground parking garage. a mass will be held near the world trade center site with a reads of the victims name on the 9/11 memorial plaza and moment of silence when the bomb went off. let's look at the billy graham public library in charlotte where mourners are lining up to pay respects at public viewing of america's pastor, billy gram. former president george w. bush and first lady laura bush will be there to pay tribute this afternoon. on wednesday and thursday graham's body will lie in honor at the capitol rotunda and followed by a private service in charlotte on friday. president trump will be among the 2,000 guests. brian. brian: congress returning to washington without a voting deal on daca with the deadline looming just a week away.
5:26 am
will congress come together to make a deal? we have house majority whip steve scalise, the goodlatte bill was stalled in the his his to go back to the senate. first off, how are you doing? >> brian, i'm doing really well. obviously rehabing three days a week to get back. appreciate the prayers from all over the country. brian: you're still trying to heal from being shot, we have what happened on february 14th, but real quick on daca, so the president's deadline is march 6th. we know when we left off confess could not pass the goodlatte bill, they had to change it more even though dominated by republicans. where do you guys stand on any type of immigration reform. >> i'm a cosponsor of the goodlatte-mccaul bill making sure we get the votes. i whipped the bill week 1/2 ago. we know where we need to go to get a lot of votes we don't have to pass the bill. we're working on that hard.
5:27 am
obviously a lot other things going on. that is one of the things front and center. secure the border, end chain migration and end visa lottery and fix the daca problem. brian: put it back in the senate? is there any coordination? we know how the senate blew up on the four proposals couple weeks ago? >> the senate is going in a little different direction, we know getting 60 votes is this the senate is very difficult. the senate has to deal with their own issues. would be good if we get something out of the house first. i think goodlatte-mccaul would be a first. brian: you're one. people that survived an assassination attempt. everyone was talking about guns then. what changes now after what you saw in broward county? >> well i think what changes is that we've seen so many breakdowns in different levels of government of the federal, with the fbi completely dropping the ball months ago when they had this kid handed to them on a silver platter. at the local level we're finding out more and more disturbing
5:28 am
information about the local sheriff's deputy, at least one or more on site armed to protect the kid, who stayed outside instead of confronting the schorrer. in my cased fact you had two armed police officers there who confronted the shooter immediately, saved not only my life but all members of congress at the ball field. why did those breakdowns occur. brian: right. >> focus more on addressing problems in mental health we started to deal with in congress. let's close loopholes. let's figure out what went wrong in government before people start talking about taking away rights of law-abiding citizens. brian: he lost both his legs in battle, said time to ban the ar-15. what do you think of that. >> brian is great hero and friend. a lot of people are throwing ideas around. you pray for the victims. you find out what went wrong. why did so many breakdowns occur. all the breakdowns in government, show you why some people, millions of people
5:29 am
across the country want to have the right to defend themselves. passing laws that take away rights of law-abiding gun owners that concerns a lot of us because we sea failures that shouldn't have happened, that should have stopped this from happening. let's focus making sure that people, that are law-abiding citizens are able to maintain their rights. brian: not only talk about somebody who is one of the leaders in the house, someone who was just shot a couple years ago. thanks, congressman, appreciate it. >> brian, great to be with you. brian: 31 minutes before the top of the hour. maxine waters has familiar rallying cry for democrats heading into the midterms. >> i don't care what the republicans say. i say impeach 45! brian: well that actually work? reince priebus ran many midterm campaigns as head of the rnc he's next. plus, his hail mary is going viral. have a priest, nailing a three-pointer from way downtown? can he do it? was this divine intervention.
5:30 am
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5:33 am
>> the memo was a nothing. that was really a confirmmation of, if you call it the republican memo, or the nunez memo, referred to as a lot of things but that wassing nothing but a confirmation and, a lot of bad things happened on the other side. ainsley: let's bring in rhine priebus, former chief of staff of president trump and former rnc chairman. thanks for being with us. we heard the -- >> good morning. >> good morning. we head him call the democrats memo, nothing, what do you think? >> well i mean, certainly i agree with the president, this is politics at its highest, at
5:34 am
its highest level. at the very least people canby bait the two memos. one thing no one can debate is that politics played a role and when politics plays a role at the doj i think it creates problems. and look, you erode trust that the public has in the doj and certainly law enforcement, you erode trust when you insert politics like this in such a blatant way. whether you're a republican or democrat watching this right now you can not escape the fact politics itself at highest level, the dnc paying for research on donald trump on a dossier that is totally untrue played a role in this investigation in some way and whatever that way is something that we need to figure out and find out who was involved and why they were involved. steve: absolutely. hey, reince, problem bert mueller looks like he got rick gates to flip and cooperate with his investigation. the big question is, what was
5:35 am
mr. gates' duties during the campaign? >> well, i was the chairman of the rnc, steve, as you know and i wasn't on the campaign per se but i saw enough where more logistics event planning, things that were going on behind the scenes, a lot of the busy work was what rick i saw did. i wasn't sure as far as how far into the policy or into the campaigning itself he was involved with. i don't think he was actually and but to the extent of his involvement i don't know. i mean certainly it would seem, and i think everyone can kind of see this, i'm sort of being the master of the obvious here, he and paul manafort were involved with things independent of the trump campaign. i never saw the president involved in any of these sorts of things. i never saw the president engaged in you know, discussions
5:36 am
regarding russia or you know data, nothing, none of it. so i believe the president when he says that he has got nothing to do with russia. he is emphatic bit. it really bothers him. why do people say it bothers him? if you're being accused of something and you're the president, obviously he takes it personally. i don't blame him for it. brian: let's move on then. let's talk about the midterm elections, that is one of your areas of specialty. no one doubts that you took over, the rnc was buried in debt. little by little you took over statehouse, took over the house and the senate and then you got the president. no one can doubt your track record, reince. put on your analyst hat. if this message from maxine waters will resonate with democratic voters or will it actually ignite republicans to back republicans? let's listen. >> i said he should be impeached
5:37 am
and they said don't use that word, don't say anything about impeachment. the republicans will only use it against us. democrats, i don't care what the republicans say, i say impeach 45. my gun is bigger than your gun. my rocket is more powerful than your rocket and on and on and. all i see is two heads of state, donald trump and kim jong-un, both who have questionable agendas and questionable mental health. brian: wow, is that going to ignite witch party? >> well i think it probably ignites both, brian, but i think her approach is not going to work in a midterm election and here's why. most of these house races are in marginal seats. these are very moderate seats. these are difficult messaging seats. it is 50/50 and the more wacky and more wild you get in your rhetoric the less it works in
5:38 am
these kinds of districts. now where it can help is in engaging in volunteers and stirring up the base and making sure you have got people working a phone bank 12 hours a day. but ultimately where everyone sort of misreading this is that they forgot on election day in 2016 president trump's approval number was 37%. he is higher than that today. he is doing better today than he did on election day. you add on top of that that there are things that republicans and democrats agree on that the president's done very well on. number one, the economy. jobs, wage growth, taxes, isis overseas, the security of america, deregulation. now there are things that republicans love, like what he has done on the courts. here's the deal. when you look at what the president has accomplished, and you look at his decisions, things are going very, very well and so, ultimately that is what
5:39 am
people in these moderate districts that are in play are going to judge these elections on. brian: sure. >> if things keep going the way they're going the president and republican party will do much better in 2018 than people realize. ainsley: how dangerous is the for democrats use the word impeachment? isn't that for something to be illegal, if president said my rocket is bigger than your rocket to kim jong-un, is that ground for impeachment and how dangerous is for the democrats to start grounds for impeachment. >> first of all it is not grounds for impeachment. it going back to the voters they are, do they want chaos and turmoil like that in washington, daily soap opera on steroid or not? they're to the going to want that. they want less drama. they want less of that. they want more results. so it is dangerous for them to use the word for their own political sake but for republicans, it may be
5:40 am
beneficial, because it stirs up our base. it creates more volunteers. it creates more money in the door, more small dollars coming into the rnc. and if that is what they want, they can continue it. but look, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer have told people like maxine waters to cut it out with using the impeachment word. steve: sure. >> she is not listening. that is to the benefit i think to the republican party. >> maybe nancy pelosi wants maxine waters to talk about crumbs but maybe that would be a bad idea too. >> exactly. steve: thanks for joining from us the d.c. area. ainsley: hand it over to jillian for headlines. jillian: let's get caught up on some of your headlines new york democrats are looking to provide legal protection for undocumented immigrants. a knew constitutional amendment to the civil rights law would. the equal rights amendment fails to address military personnel. the amendment would need to be
5:41 am
passed by state lawmakers and voters in a referendum. terrifying moments on a commercial plane just moments before take off. [many people talking] >> oh, my god. jillian: carry-on bursting into flames on overhead bin on shanghai bound aircraft. passengers moved to another plane. the fire was likely sparked by a lithium-ion batter in a power bank. no major damage was reported. california officers arresting a man on suspicion of dui after spotting him riding a horse down the freeway. they say the 29-year-old had blood-alcohol level of more than two times the legal limit for driving. the house was released to the suspect's mother. so, i'm trying to picture myself driving on highway seeing that. hello.
5:42 am
>> i'm mr. ed. steve: that was a handful. jillian: yes they did. ainsley: thank you, jillian. launching raids across a sanctuary state overnight. a sanctuary mayor warned it would happen. >> residents should know they do not have an obligation to open their door if an i.c.e. official knocks. steve: our next guest's son was killed by an illegal in this area. he has a message for the mayor. you're going to hear it. it is next. allergies with sinus congestion and pressure?
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you won't find relief here. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d... while the leading allergy spray relieves six symptoms, claritin-d relieves eight, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more. but there's no way to avoid that mi...s pmi, hey! this'll help. rocket mortgage by quicken loans makes the complex simple. there's also origination fees and... this takes care of it, thank you. yeah. understand the details and get approved in as few as 8 minutes. steve: sanctuary showdown in california. the mayor libby shaft by avert and and alerting illegal immigrants in her city about potential i.c.e. raids before they happen. >> my priority is to keep this community safe.
5:46 am
it is not my wish to panic people but to insure that they're prepared with information. i feel confident that my sharinging this information because i did not receive it through a official channels is legal and frankly it is my ethical obligations. steve: what about her ethical obligation to those legally living in her city? our next guest lost his son drew rosenberg at the hands of an illegal immigrant in san francisco in 2010. don rosenberg, his father, joins us right now. don, good morning to you. >> hi, steve, thank you. good morning. steve: when you heard the mayor of oakland say that, did you think she was kidding? >> no, not at all, but i think she needs to be charged with obstruction of justice, violation of 1324 of the federal code, harboring and shielding illegal aliens from detection. she can say she didn't get it through official channels. you're not allowed to obstruct
5:47 am
justice whether you're, whether you got it through official channels or not. she has her priorities a little screwed up. her priority is to the citizens of oakland and to the legal residents, not to criminals. and that is who she is protecting. so i would like to see the doj go after her, along with other people, but they should be going after her right now. steve: don, it looks, to the average person like she is protecting people who are breaking the law by virtue of the fact they are in the country illegally? >> that's exactly what she's doing. that is what california is doing all over the place. to the just because they're here illegally, but you know, when i.c.e. does their raids, they have a specific list of people they're looking for and those people have committed additional crimes other than just being here illegally. so she's, she is not just protecting, you know, that, person who is not committing additional crimes. she is protecting criminals.
5:48 am
steve: sure. >> plain and simple. she is protecting people to come out with a statement that is keeping her city safe is outrageous. harboring criminals makes your city safer. sure, great response, from an irresponsible person. steve: here is the thing, don, how many people in sanctuary cities approve of the fact that their towns won't work with the i.c.e. agents? >> well, there was a survey done by uc berkeley, i think it was last year, and this is before we had our sanctuary state law, and over 70% of california residents were against sanctuary cities. it's, you know, it is illogical again to think that protecting criminals is going to make your city safer, and even the people, even people that are in the country illegally but trying to oh bay the law are not for
5:49 am
sanctuary cities. i don't know what the percentage is, but many aren't, because they're the victims more often than not. steve: sure. thank you, don rosenberg joining us from l.a. >> thank you. steve: crazy situation. coming up, this hail mary going viral. watch this. boom, a priest nailing a 3-pointer from way downtown. can he do it again? we'll test him live on the plaza with father john. next we have sandra with preview what is happening at top of the hour. >> can't wait to watch that shot. meanwhile we're awaiting the president. president trump is set to meet with the nation's governor on school safety just a short time from now amid growing calls for the broward county sheriff to step down. live reaction from the white house in moments. the democratic memo drops in washington over the weekend. we'll dig into that for you, with former u.s. attorney congressman john ratcliffe.
5:50 am
what is next in memo mania? all that coming up on "america's newsroom." join us in moments. so they can analyze trends and stop potential problems in their tracks. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better. when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at
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♪ >> kevin harvick, puts on a clinic and winds the folds of honor quick trip 500. brian: kevin harvick dominates the quicktrip 500. he filled in for, folds of honor benefits military families. you know them well. tim tebow nursing a strained ankle after stepping on sprinkler head.
5:54 am
mickey mantle fans know what that to his knee. he is expected to resume full workouts in a few days and spring training game put on hold, when a car gets stuck in the outfield. the car couldn't get through a gate, after between inning promotion, stop laughing. making it seem like an earthquake. by a parked truck outside the cardinals-astros game. after several tries the driver goes through a door on other side of the field. that is happening in the world of sports. we have more sports to talk about. ainsley: brian very happy. talk about a real hail mary? incredible video going viral of a priest and prep school headmaster, delivering nothing but net with an amazing sky hook, swishing the basketball all the way through the 3-point line. watch this. >> shouting] steve: what a shot. joining us right now the man himself, father edwin leahy,
5:55 am
headmaster of st. benedict's preparatory school. our own fox news religion contributor, father jonathan morris. [applause] father, this shot went viral to the point you were at a funeral over the weekend, walking out with a casket and what did somebody say. >> somebody said, father, that was some shot. at the funeral. brian: tell us what happened. >> that day of the shot? the ball rolled to me at end of the game. i picked it up, walking across the court to put it on the ball rack, the kids started screaming because they know i do it for, four decades been head of the school. they started screaming for it. i didn't make it the first time. eventually it went. brian: that is so honest of you. steve: father jonathan, why don't you roll the ball over here. want to try it again? >> all right. ainsley: pressure is on. oh, my gosh.
5:56 am
>> i don't usually shoot outside of the school. steve: father jonathan, go rebound. >> try it outside of the school. steve: what are you doing? ainsley: defending, obviously. got to make one. >> i feel it, father. come on. steve: that looks like it. oh. >> doing it for the prophets. the prophets in parkland. that is why i'm doing it. i'm doing it for the kids in parkland. ainsley: we'll continue to try after the break. >> one more. i could be here until after thursday. steve: thanks to magical productions. back in a moment. ainsley: it is too windy out. where's sumatra? good question. this is win. and that's win's goat, adi.
5:57 am
the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. making the coffee erupt with flavor. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. that erupts with even more flavor. which helps provide for win's family. and adi the goat's family too. because his kids eat a lot. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. packed with goodness.
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big meeting between president trump and governors, meanwhile in florida growing calls for the sheriff to step down immediately. he has resisted so far. good morning, everybody. hope you had a great weekend. i'm bill hemmer live inside of "america's newsroom," you as well. >> sandra: good monday morning. i'm sandra smith. sheriff scott israel says he is not going anywhere amid reports that several sheriffs deputies waited outside during that shooting and did not rush in to confront the gunman. governor rick


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