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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 27, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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wonderful recreational substance. there you have it. rob: makes me laugh. jillian: thanks for joining us today. rob: that's right. "fox & friends" start right now. we will see you later. ♪ >> i think everybody in this room wants to help with daca. but the supreme court just ruled that it has to go through the normal channels. >> democrats say president barack obama was well within his rights to establish daca. doesn't this president has the power to stop daca? >> one source tells fox news some e.m.s. teams requested to go inside on the day of the shooting but were denied by the commanding agency, the broward county sheriff's office. >> fears fading on wall street the strong start to the week. the dow ending the dow up by nearly 400 points. very nice rally. >> 50% of all democratic voters said they favored socialism over capitalism. capitalism is good because freedom is. socialism is bad because socialism is tyranny. >> if there is such a thing as a humble shepherd of the
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lord. billy graham is that person. ♪ steve: we know ashley and brian this came out in 1991. i. i had the worst nose bleed seats in the hall. i saw the rolling stones start me up. ainsley: did you really? brian: you learn later in life those seats that you thought were so bad are really bad. you don't go back and say they weren't as bad as i thought. you knew they were bad then. ainsley: you can never get disappointed. once you get a good seat you can't go back. brian: usher eligible. the usher says keep walking. steve: the wall was to my back. they were way down there. but then again it was the rolling stones and it was cool. anyway, thank you very much for joining us we have got a very, very busy tuesday.
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ainsley: start with this. president trump blasting the response to the florida school shooting saying that he would have run in even without a gun. brian: yep. steve: his bold claim coming as calls mount for the broward county sheriff, mr. israel, that man right there, to resign. brian: investigation is really starting to dig. in griff jenkins live in washington with more on the scrutiny surrounding the first responders. griff? >> good morning guys. the president called the action the of the broward county sheriff's deputies disgusting saying he could not have sat idol outside the school as the killer murdered 17 in cold blood. >> i really believe you don't know until you are tested i really believe i would run in, even if i didn't have a weapon. i think most of the people in this room would have done that, too. >> in the calls sheriff israel resign grew even louder. vawrl's office is also accused of blocking
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paramedics from imerg to treat victims. florida speaker of the house is now weighing in. >> what we have here is a poorly run agency. he has got every single person under investigation but he doesn't want to hold himself accountable for all these people that he has to investigate for their wrongdoing but he has done none. the height of arrogance. >> and the attorney for scott peterson, the deputy who failed to run in to stop the shooter says in his statement quote the allegations that mr. pertson is a coward and his performance under the circumstances failed to meet the standards of police officers are patently untrue. finally guys, several agencies are also taking heat for missing warning signs about the shooter's mental health. nikolas cruz is due back in court for a hearing on obtaining evidence. steve: thank you very much. of the florida senate did act yesterday. they passed legislation that would raise the legal age in that state for buying a handgun and any gun to 21. also, they authorized teachers to be able to go ahead and carry guns in
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classrooms. now it moves to the house in tallahassee. brian: steve is sayin, people ae saying how does president trump do this. utah does it, texas does. in. steve: ohio. we have been talking about that. brian: governor of texas will shall with us live. steve: mr. abbot. brian: we will find out how it's working out. important to point out what the president has done. when the president met, hears about the horrific shooting he goes to the hospital. then, after that he goes and meets with families. then he goes and meets -- has lunch with the head of the nra. then he goes and meets with governors on top of that as well as lawmakers, he is rapidly trying to get his head arranged epidemic of rash and shooting. without making anybody the enemy. getting at all sides to try to come up with something that doesn't vilify anyone except the shooter. he has got to be given credit for that. ainsley: that is something we doesn't expect. no one could have ever predicted this was going to happen. we didn't know that the
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president wanted to build that wall. he ran on that. many of you went to the polls to vote on him because you were in favor of that he is heading to california in march to go look at eight prototypes to look at the them along the border area. see through they bottom. if the drug guys on the other side are throwing their drugs over the wall. he wants our border agents to be able to see that's happening and not get hit with 60 pounds of drugs. steve: that's what the border patrol agents have told him as well we have got to be able to see through it will be interesting for him to go to southern california it was just last week how the president was talking sanctuary state with sanctuary cities, maybe he should pull the ice officers out of there. regarding immigration. he was talking yesterday to the nation's governors about the daca ruling. yesterday, the supreme court said okay, department of justice, we understand you want us to fast track this. we're not going to do that. go ahead and let it continue to go through the legal --
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way things are going to go. it hasn't gone to the appeals court. we are not going to do anything right now. brian: going to go to the ninth district. ainsley: ninth district. san francisco. brian: you will know where that will go. supreme court staggering. i can't wait to talk to the judge about this. if president obama can use executive order and put it in play and think it's constitutional why can't another president take it out of play on the same premise. my hope is the president will use this time to maybe get momentum again because he is so different to get some type -- get close to those four pillars that he wanted included in the first phase of immigration reform. we are going to be in session for another three weeks. there is a sense it's far enough away from the election people might want to do something. so maybe they could get something without the looming march 6th deadline meeting so much. maybe they will get something done. ainsley: president did respond to the daca ruling, listen. >> daca is going to be put back into the ninth circuit.
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we tried to get it moved quickly. we would like to help daca. i think everybody in this room wants to help with daca. but the supreme court just ruled that it has to go through the normal channels. so it's going back in. steve: what that does is takes the pressure off of congress. he had given them six month deadline, which is going to, you know, expire in a couple of weeks. in no time. so now it looks like they will be able to do something. they are talking up on capitol hill about perhaps having something in the big omnibus funding bill but, of course, that would be probably an extension. there are three different paths they could go from there. brian: one of the hottest things in this country right now and almost every phase especially sports is analytics. my son is minoring in it fascinating to see how numbers can help with you elections and help new sports to find out if there is maybe a magic formula. steve: money ball. brian: boston had this major analytics conference sold out in nine seconds. took place at mit. found out there was going to
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be a headliner that only enhanced the attraction for many people. ainsley: president obama was there speaking. they said don't record the speech. you're not allowed to you have your cell phones. turns out of someone did record it and he used that opportunity to take a swipe at the current administration. president trump, listen. >> we do have a scandal that embarrassed us. i know that seems like a low bar. you didn't hear about a lot of drama inside our white house. steve: wait a minute, there were no scandals in the obama white house? well, i think our graphics guy would disagree because i think we have got a graphic that shows just there have been a number of big scandals in this particular white house. there were the targeting of conservative groups by the irs. there is the benghazi attack. there was fast and furious. that doesn't even count the v.a. scandal that hillary rodham clinton email scandal and, of course, it does appear that the obama administration and the department of justice and the fbi spied on the trump
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campaign. maybe he forgot about that. ainsley: just a few of them. second us your comments if you remember more. brian: listen. there was no doubt about it and less drama and no drama obama applied. a lot of that has to do with temperament of the press. they gave him a pass. washington correspondence dinner he said good to be here in front of of my base. everyone laughed. for the most part the press was his base. i give you an example. ben rhodes actually revealed in a magazine his approach. whatever he says one of his chief advisors the press would parrot. in fact he called it echo chamber. we created we and the administration an echo chamber. the onslaught of freshly mingted experts the. they were saying things validated what we were giving them to say. when you have that type of complicity no doubt about it easy to avoid a lot of scrutiny easy to say that
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president trump has not been able to avoid. ainsley: even the questions they ask people within the administration or their family members, look at the questions they asked chelsea clinton versus what they're asking ivanka right now. steve: true. look at the stuff that we have heard about the fusion gps people at the conclusion of the obama administration where they were leaking stuff to the press to make donald trump look bad. there was collusion right interest. anyway, the former president said no scandals on his watch to embarrass him. is that accurate? email us ainsley: i don't like it when the president leaves the administration and talks badly about another pit. isn't that supposed to be part of a no-no. steve: used to be part of the president's club but no more. brian: here is jillian. we have been googling you all morning got nothing. jillian: check this out. the engine of a plane packed with people actually exploding into flames over the sky in utah. this all going down minutes after the southwest jet took off from salt lake city over 100 people on board heading
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to los angeles. i thought this is it. my family is all going down right here. the plane turning around, making an emergency landing. southwest calling this a performance issue. a u.s. marshal shot serving an arrest warrant in missouri leading to a police standoff that agent, a full-time sheriff's deputy now recovering saved by his bullet-proof vest. the suspect fired at officers as soon as they arrived at his home. he was later shot and killed. president trump's first state dinner is now set. the commander-in-chief will host french president emmanuel macron and first lady brigitte macron on april 24th. several leaders have visited the white house since trump took office. but this will be the first ceremonial welcome. former president bill clinton and thousands more expected today at day 2 of billy graham's public viewing. at childhood home in charlotte. george w. bush among 5,000 already come to pay their
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respects. >> if there is such a thing as a humble shep herd of the lord, billy graham is that person. i am unbelievably blessed to have met him. jillian: tomorrow graham's body moves to washington to lie in honor in the capitol rotunda. that's a look at your headlines. second it back to you. steve: thank you very much. president trump has issued ultimatum to north korea. will it work? we will talk about that next. ainsley: plus, they aren't even supposed to be here. now democrats want illegals to have the same rights as you do. do you think that's fair? we'll debate it. steve: that wall is not working ♪ round, round ♪ you make me we'll do
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but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. >> north korea who by the way wants to talk. we want to talk also only the right conditions. otherwise we are not talking. we will see what happens. that's my attitude. we will see what happens. but something has to be done. brian brian president trump giving north korea ultimatum of ending nuclear program before any talks between the u.s. and the rogue nation happens. at the very least put them on the table. will north korea ever comply with those circumstances and conditions. we're asking hudson institute senior fellow rebecca hendrix.
3:17 am
what do you think happened that north korea telling south korea tell the u.s. we are willing to talk. >> pressure campaign there are 450 sanctions that the united states has leyyed with north korea. not all are cooperating with this pressure campaign. they are feeling the squeeze. it's gotten to the point now where north korea is saying all right, fine, let's talk of course north korea isn't willing to say we are going to talk about nuclear missile program. that's why it's so important that president trump made that ultimatum. there is nothing to talk about if they are not willing to talk about the nuclear missile program. brian: do you know who is not helping in my hummable opinion? south korea. they told us during diplomatic channels to lower our stands and conditions before we take i'm thinking to myself do you understand what we are trying to do here? >> i think they understanding it's just a that they are so desperate for some sort of diplomatic break through. they need to really feel their resolve. let the united states lead on this because south korea is not going to solve the problem. nobody is going to solve the problem. it's got to be between the
3:18 am
united states and north korea. the only thing we care about for our national security is that nuclear missile program. and because the north koreans have not successfully demonstrated interkant negligent ballistic missile that can carry a missile to the united states that is what the trump administration is rightly focused on. >> now we talk about the next phase which would be additional sanctions, the tightest ever but not as tight as they could be because more chinese companies could be sanctioned. we are talking about interdiction. we have talked about that before. we have done it a couple of times. do you think we are willing to do it on major powers, let's say like russia if they are delivering maybe illicitly delivering some type of energy or packages? >> i think if we're going to avoid war, we have to be willing to do everything short of that and absolutely includes inciden interdiction. it does clue secondary sanctions going after chinese barn. big bad actors continuing to enable north korea. a lot of that is stopped. but some of it is still going on.
3:19 am
we still need china's cooperation. china doesn't want war in north korea. we do think have to be willing to implement a naval blockade before we go to the worst option and might be the last option and that is war. brian: do you know what scares south korea and people in the region bloodiness option. there is a plan on the take to do just that how valuable is that in getting these talks to be productive if, indeed, they happen? >> well, i don't think that north korea would be willing to talk at all if it weants feeling the squeeze and if it didn't believe that the united states had a credible, military option in its back pocket. so i think it's crucial. you know, president obama mailed these veiled threats towards north korea. nobody remembers that nobody even knew he was doing that because nobody believed him. so i think the fact that president trump, given his personality, i think that that really does -- it is really having the effect of convincing north korea that talks might be its best option and it's going to have to put its nuclear weapons on the table.
3:20 am
brian: i keep going back to the conversation, president obama, president-elect trump had when he said your number one priority is going to be north korea? and i am thinking to myself we haven't talked about north korea for seven and three quarters years. he basically handed north korea a grenade and pulled the pin and said you deal with it we are dealing with it so north korea showing signs they want to come to the table shows we are making progress. thanks for joining us, rebecca. >> thank you. bine brian some things went wrong with the florida school shooting we don't know where to start. what needs to change? and is this just about politics? ed davis led the manhunt for the boston bombers, former police chief himself joins us live. shear a way to nail the youth vote. smoke a joints in a campaign ad? nice. sarcastically. ♪ smoking in the boys room ♪ i was smoking in the boys room ♪ it's all pop-culture trivia, but it gets pretty intense.
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brian: quick headlines. hope you are dressed. the bernie sanders son is running for congress in new hampshire. levy sanders has never held office and does not live in the district that he is running for. however, that's not against the state law. he is one of 8 democrats in the race. current representative carol shay porter is not seeking re-election so it's over. chicago congressional candidate makes his stance on legalizing marijuana crystal clear. this ad shows benjamin wolf sitting in front of a painting of a american flag and holding marijuana joint. he calls marijuana quote a wonderful recreational substance. two people who might thrable differently ainsley and
3:25 am
steve. ainsley: you got that right. tactical failures continuing to add up for florida law enforcement as three officials telling fox news that in the critical moments after the accused shooter opens fire emergency medical services were blocked from actually entering the school. steve: oh boy. this as bradford county sheriff scott israel facing growing calls to resign. we are getting reaction from former top cop in boston. former police commissioner ed davis who led that city during the boston marathon bombing. evidence is also a fox news contributor. ed, good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning steve and ainsley. steve: as someone who has devoted their life law enforcement, when you look at the failures of what happened down there on the 14th day of february, you've got to scratch your head thinking what went wrong? >> right. i mean, the sheriff came out very quickly after this incident and said that he was disgusted by the inaction of one of his deputies. and he took immediate action
3:26 am
to have him dismissed. but in the last few days, we have seen a number of things. i have to caution things like holding medical personnel back is not an unusual thing to have happen in a case like this. so i think it's really important that we take time out to do a thorough and objective investigation and then move forward with our findings on it. that being said, i don't think the sheriff has helped himself with some of his public comments. and so it's difficult to understand that. ainsley: yeah. at first when we read that the school resource officer and we heard those reports what he had done, we were all fla grabber gassed. three other deputies on the property. that is yet to be confirmed by the sheriff in the department. he went on air and said. this listen. >> do you think that if the broward sheriff's office had done things differently,
3:27 am
this shooting might not have happened? >> listen, if ifs and buts buts were candy and nuts, o.j. simpson would still be in the record books. i can only take responsibility for what i knew about. i exercised my due diligence. i have given amazing leadership. ainsley: he was blaming that one guy, not blaming himself, that he is just the top guy, he can't control what his guys do on the grouped and then we learned about those three other deputy that's were possibly there, too. what are your thoughts? what's going on there? why is he blaming one person when there could be other people there and he is the guy in charge? >> right. i mean, this is a political tight rope that any police leader walks after an incident like this. i will tell you that in this particular case, some of these comments i don't even understand them. but, one of the things that you have to remember is, a sheriff is an elected official. inherently makes him a politician. and he may respond a little differently than what i are used to seeing with the new
3:28 am
york city police commissioner. there is a lot going on here. this really have disturbing and i think that the calls for resignation are not, you know, are not surprising. considering what's happened. the only other thing i want to say is, on the other three deputies that arrived at the scene. i have been to situations not this bad but active shooter situations. and when the police first arrive on the scene, if there is a senior officer there that's done something, taken up a position, for instance, there is going to be some confusion. you tend to follow the example set by the first officer. so, it remains to be seen how long those other deputies were there what they did afterwards did. they ever go -- again, we need to get -- there is video of this. we are going to be able to get to the bottom of it but it takes some time. steve: ed, exit question. yesterday, the florida senate approved raising the
3:29 am
age to buy a gun, including a long gun down in florida to 21. and they also okayed teachers to carry guns in the classroom. what do you feel about that? teachers with guns in school? >> well, steve, i have had a gun permit since i was 16 years old. i understanding the second amendment issues here. and i'm supportive of keeping, you know, the gun rights for people who should own guns. but this particular guy had a terrible background. and he legally bought the gun. so there is something wrong there. i guess my point is that we have to come to the middle for effective solutions here. we can't all get in extreme positions, so, i agree with what the florida legislature did on raising the age, but the other thing is, if they want to put guns in the hands of teachers that want to hold them. just like with pilots. a lot of pilots do that. that's fine.
3:30 am
when we're talking about arming all the teachers, that's a logistical nightmare and very expensive. steve: i don't know of somebody is saying that. if somebody is qualified go ahead and do it. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, folks. ainsley: ben shapiro takes the university of minnesota by storm with a powerful message by why social schism a failed form of government. steve: plus, have you never seen a police chase like this before. >> white dude naked as a jay bird on an atv running against traffic on i-29. >> steve: i don't know what part of that is the scariest part. more after that. ainsley: first, happy birthday to former nfl tight end and fox sports analyst tony gonzalez. he turns 42 years old today. happy birthday. ♪ i u.s. want to celebrate ♪ i just want to celebrate
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so engineers can stop potential problems before they start. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better. ♪ hear the applause ♪ i live for the applause applause. brian: never seen the back of head like that. steve: can you turn around so people can see what you look like? ainsley: turn around ian. steve: that's more like it. brian: there he is. ainsley: ian's dry sense of humor, right? we love ian. every know and then he will say one zinger funniest thing you ever heard. brian: also angry and sarcastic. best combination possible. [laughter] steve: we have been telling you about how ben shapiro,
3:35 am
he goes to college campuses and gets great big crowds. he was invited by yaf to appear at the minnesota of minnesota. the university said you know what? we have had such big protests at different places like berkeley where security was $600,000, we don't think we can accommodate him on the main campus. let's move him six or seven miles away over in saint paul. ainsley: hundred poem were able to fit in there standing room only. thousands of people at least in the articles i read that wanted to attend and they couldn't because they moved it to smaller locations for safety pursuances. brian: we always tell you how dangerous is he. you don't believe us. here is an example of how dangerous ben shapiro is. >> in a free country, wealth and the capacity to gain it is largely co contingent on the decisions that you make. it doesn't just fall upon you. most of wealth in the united states is not inherited. most wealth in the united states is created over the course of lifetime who
3:36 am
engage in activity and commerce. capitalism is good. it is freedom. socialism is bad because social schism tyranny. not as aspect of tyranny. socialism itself is tyranny. statement of socialism is your labor is owed to society. do you not own your own freedom. you do not own your own time. do you not own your own time, you do not own your own work and product of own work. basic notion of capitalism you own all those things and you have to engage with someone else who does not owe you something else. brian: case in point. i feel that is very risky for society. capitalist society. steve: brian, you belong in university administration. that essentially because he is a conservative. it was viewed they have liberal speak. conservative comes move him way over there. he had 400 or 500 people in attendance. 4 or 500 on the wait list as well. what he said was they moved
3:37 am
him to saint paul because of possible protest there were about 50 which is an example of the heckler's veto. it's a dangerous thing he says. it all went off without a hitch. brian: he talks about what makes up our country capitalism and freedom. that's as much democrat as republican. i don't even look at it as conservatism. he is reaffirming the principles that we all need by the time we are 21, 22 to know you have to cut your own weight in life. ainsley: put a picture up and put a tweet out and reminded everyone that he is going to be speaking at georgetown on the 21st of march. so get your tickets if you are interested. brian: right. steve: good for him. brian: he is a busy guy. steve: and he stops by here every once in a while. let's go to jillian who has a story about someone down in florida. jillian: absolutely. a florida shooting survivor speaking out. 17-year-old maddy wolford
3:38 am
was shot three times and during a powerful press conference calling her survival a miracle. >> i would just like to say that i'm so grateful to be here and it wouldn't have been possible without the officers and first responders and these amazing doctors and especially all the love that everyone has sent. i was sitting on my couch today just thinking about all the letters and gifts everyone has given. just like all the love that's been passed around. i definitely wouldn't be here without it. ainsley: doctors say off with ford could be ready to go back to school next week. scalise shared his story about surviving the ambush attack at congressional baseball practice last year. a convicted felon set to receive an award for good behavior now charged with murder. justin turner's halfway house planning the honor after the 2015 parolee made
3:39 am
progress with his job. the plan though scrapped after police arrested him in connection with to a shooting death in chicago. faith under fire. this time over an eagle mural on the city hall building bible verse under his wings shall you find refuge. demanded the city remove it or they will sue. the artist who create you had it says it was meant to inspire team work not division. the city vowing the mural mural will remain. a wild chase down an interstate. the bear bandi bare bandit racin as drivers watch in awe. >> white dude naked as a jay bird on an atv running against traffic on i-29. jillian: you can't make this up. the man finally caught after about an hour. police say he was high on drugs. he has been ordered not to go out in public unless is he fully dressed.
3:40 am
he would know that if he listened to brian. brian: thank you, jillian. ainsley: he must not watch our show. brian: i try to watch people. also if you are driving naked at least wear a helmet. steve: good idea. meanwhile, janice, it is a special day. janice: oh yeah. brian: what day is it. steve: it's national pancake day. janice: i hop was brought wonderful pancakes free 7 to 7 today at i hop. all they wants you to do is make a donation to children's charities. i'm so excited. all sorts of different flavors of syrup here. is anyone going to help me? good because i'm going to eat them myself. brian: international. get to pete people from all different countries. janice: i didn't know that brian. janice: i'm so happy right now. steve: each year when they do this, they raise millions and millions of dollars. janice: which is very important. but free pancakes. come on, what are we talking
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about here? jillian: i'm with you with old fashioned. good choice. janice: do you like jian jiang o pancake. brian: i know the secret. there is a post up the middle. brian: i'm telling you. jillian: there is not a post up the middle. jillian: there is. brian: i watched it being constructed. i got here at 2:00 in the morning when they started it. janice: thank you i hop for the pancake. brian: we're pro-children here so children will benefit. ainsley: if you go there try the harvest grain and oat pancakes better for you and so good. delicious. all right, brian. janice is bringing them over. ainsley: while you eat your pancakes i'm going to read. this.
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they aren't supposed to be here brian, now they want the same rights as do you. do you think that's fair? we will debate it coming up next. brian: would you buy what this ad is selling? ♪ for heroes proved ♪ in liberating stripes brian: meet the veteran behind the commercial taking the internet by storm
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3:45 am
storm. granting legal rights to illegal immigrants. the amendment stating quote equal rights extend to every person to ensure an inclusive society with equal opportunities for personal, fulfillment and respect for
3:46 am
everyone in new york and all their diversity. the bill claiming right shouldn't be denied based on national origin or citizenship. here to debate is g.o.p. councilman for new york city joe borelli on the end and keith powers. you are shaking your head yes, keith. you love this bill. >> i think it's great. ainsley: why? >> how could you not read the language and not support it. ainsley: a lot of taxpayers paying for illegals to be here. a lot of people on the list done it the right way and upset about it. >> sure. this censuring everybody has the right to not be discriminated against in fact we already have this in new york city and new york state law. human rights that protects people from discrimination. this is only adding it in to the constitution of new york state which is by opinion. age and gender aren't protected either in new york state constitution. we all would agree the constitution should be updated and this is actually only putting though protections that already exist for new yorkers into
3:47 am
the state constitution. >> you don't need age and gender protected in our state constitution because thankfully we already have a federal constitution that protects people of all protected classes. age, gender, sex, orientation, anything like that, why already have federal and city and state laws. ainsley: why waste time. >> this is fundamentally about giving citizenship rights to people who are not citizens. this is everything from instate tuition benefits to whether even private companies have the ability or local town police department has the ability to not hire someone based on citizenship status. this is fundamentally what happens when the resist trump agenda gets mac kin nateed at state and local levels. ainsley: what about military status. >> question whether we should include the military status as a protected class. new york city has that because we have seen cases of housing and employment descrintle in thdiscrimination e city that was left out theft bill because it is not a priority. ainsley: we hear joe bring
3:48 am
up the idea of paying for tuition for illegal immigrants and pay for room and board. people who are not tax paying citizens get that why give more rights. >> the fact not doing that that's stretching the law to. ainsley: so you say that's not happening and you stay. >> you have a constitutional provision the obvious next step is people will file lawsuits and say i many protected under this plan. >> that's exactly the point. i'm proud to carry and carry support of this bill and equal rights to everybody to make sure that nobody gets discriminated against. let me take you in a different direction. we can walk to times square right now and tell anybody who is visiting new york city that they can be discriminated against. that is -- i represent times square. i represent the united nations. i represent big parts of new york city when people come to visit every single day. we are telling them that they can't rent a hotel or can't get a cup of coffee. they can't enjoy new york city. ainsley: if you look at the facts if you have done it the right way. if you are a legal citizen,
3:49 am
the constitution, the federal laws protect you. if you are here illegally they don't. why should have you. >> we are not changing the law and creating a path to citizenship. we don't have the ability to do that. we are telling people back to the points i was just making who are even here visiting, every single day we have 50 million visitors a year. we are telling people just blocks away in times square that they can be discriminate against and have no protection. i totally disagree with that we should be standing um for every single person in this state. ainsley: joe, last word. >> again, this is not exclusively for undocumented immigrants. this would cover every overarching person that's here from british expats to tourists to everyone. this is extending something sacred our citizenship rights which including could be voting at some point in municipal elections. this sex tending those rights to people who have not gone about the process in the right way to earn and become legal citizens. ainsley: all right. thank you, guys. good debate. >> thanks for having us. ainsley: should government employees be forced to pay union dues. of the supreme court is
3:50 am
taking up the case. the man who brought it there is going to join us next. oakland's mayor is warning that ice is coming for them. isn't that obstructions of justice? judge napolitano is on the case just ahead ♪ ♪ you'll get a free checked bag. two united club passes. priority boarding. and earn fifty thousand bonus miles after you spend three thousand dollars on purchases in the first three months from account opening plus, zero-dollar intro annual fee for the first year, then ninety-five dollars. learn more at
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steve: u.s. supreme court case could blow to unions. justices hearing a challenge by a state worker in illinois who says he should not be forced to pay union dues if he is not a member of the union. arguing if a fees violate his first amendment rights. the plaintiff in the case mark janice and his attorney jacob hubert are here from our nation's capital.
3:54 am
>> good morning. steve: mark, why did you decide you had to sue the union? >> well, because in my first paycheck had a line item deduction that said union dues, and i never signed up for the union, never signed a pledge card and here was this deduction. no one asked me if i wanted to join. no one told me anything about it. yet, i was being charged this fee. steve: so really what you are looking for is you want the choice. >> exactly. that's the whole crux of this case is freedom under my first amendment rights freedom of speech and freedom of association and the fact i was not given a choice. steve: the union did put out a statement. they said in the face of ruthless dishonest attacks against their freedom to come together in strong yiewnsunions, working people. fighting a rigged system that rewards the super wealthy at everyone else's
3:55 am
expense. i don't know exactly what that means jacob but clearly you regard this as a first amendment case. >> that's exactly what this is about. under the first amendment, we all have the right to choose what is political speech. we will and won't support in our money. with our money. and what groups we will and won't associate with. yet, the government in 22 states is forcing people to give part of every paycheck to a union, which is a political advocacy group just to keep their jobs. steve: mark, if the supreme court rules in your favor, what's that going to do to our government unions? >> well, i think the government unions is going to level the playing field. i also think that the unions are going to have to connect with their membership much more which was basically said by combine garten american federation of teachers she made that imlengts herself. steve: jacob, how did it go
3:56 am
yesterday with the supreme court. >> it went well. we made our case, we had justices who expressed understanding of our position it seems. and we're hopeful. we are optimistic that the supreme court is going to restore workers' right to choose and say clearly when you take a government job you don't have to check your first amendment rights at the door. steve: all right. mark, i know it's been a long arduous task. has it been worth it. >> i think so, yeah. even though my cas my name is on the case and i'm the lead plaintiff. someone has to do it. you know, standing um for my principles but also standing up for the other 5 million plus government workers out there in all these other states and trying to give them that choice and give them that freedom. that's all this case is about is choice. >> steve: thank you very much. i know you had a big day yesterday. thanks for joining us today on "fox & friends." >> thank you. steve big program ahead on
3:57 am
this tuesday, kentucky governor matt bevin, judge andrew napolitano. texas governor greg abbott and you. we'll be right back. ♪ feels like the first time ♪ who wouldn't want a chance for another...? who'd say no to a...? who wouldn't want a chance to live longer. opdivo (nivolumab). over 40,000 patients have been prescribed opdivo immunotherapy. opdivo can cause your immune system to attack normal organs and tissues in your body and affect how they work. this may happen during or after treatment has ended, and may become serious and lead to death. see your doctor right away if you experience new or worsening cough; chest pain; shortness of breath; diarrhea; severe stomach pain or tenderness; severe nausea or vomiting; extreme fatigue; constipation; excessive thirst or urine; swollen ankles; loss of appetite; rash; itching; headache; confusion; hallucinations; muscle or joint pain; flushing;
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4:00 am
>> everybody in this room wants to help with daca. the supreme court just ruled it has to go through the normal channels. >> not supposed to be here now democrats want illegals to have the same rights as do you. >> this is fundamentally what happens when the resist trump agenda gets mac nateed at state an and -- >> this really is disturbing. and i think that the calls for resignation are not surprising. >> mounting pressure from gun control advocates. fedex says it will not drop discounted rates to nra members. >> has the country been lied to by the media and by adam
4:01 am
schiff on a regular basis? >> this is why when i say the media is dead, maybe they are embarrassed. so many were briefed on this dossier way back when and now knowing that it's totally false. steve: it's national pancake day. janice: national pancake day and pancakes from free 7 to 7 today. all they want you to do is make a donation to children's charities. ♪ ♪ ♪ working for a living ♪ working ♪ working for a living ♪ working. brian: we had him as a guest huey lewis and the news. steve: it seems appropriate because we are a news channel. brian: he had one of his kids at nyu. i assume they graduated by now. steve: yeah that was about 10 years ago. ainsley: you never know though. if they're on the brian kilmeade plan might still be there. brian: $62,000 a year you get the kid out in three and a half years. it's one of the most expensive schools in the country outside of george
4:02 am
washington. steve: they are awful expensive these days. brian: do you know what's worth it? -- i'm only kidding. get back to what happened in florida. covering the story since the shooting took place on the 14th of february. president trump blasting out response of the florida school shooting saying he would have run in even without a gun. ainsley: his bold claim coming as calls mount for the broward county sheriff now to resign. steve: to connect all the pieces, griff jenkins joins us now from d.c. with the scrutiny about the first responders, griff? >> good morning, guys. disgusting you and a disgrace is how the president describes the actions of broward county sheriff's office saying he would not have sat idol while a killer murdered 17 students and teachers. >> you know, i really believe. you don't know until you are tested. i really believe i would run in there even if i didn't have a weapon. and i think most of the people in this room would have done that, too. >> the attorney for scott peterson the deposit deputy
4:03 am
assigned to protect the school. the allegations that mr. pertson was a coward and that his performance, under the circumstances, failed to meet the standards of police officers are patently untrue. peterson has resigned. in the calls for scott israel to resign are growing louder as florida lawmakers investigate all the agencies that responded. accused of blocking mayor midwest dicks from entering to treat victims as florida speaker of the house weighs in. >> what we have here is a poorly run agency. he has got every single person under investigation but he just want doesn't want to involved himself accountable. he has done none. the height of arrogance. >> shooter nic lazarus cruz is due back in court today, guys. according to the "new york post" we are now learning that just prior 209 shooting he tried to access his mother's $800,000 inheritance. ainsley: of course he did. of course he did. steve: thank you very much. laura ingraham had last night on her program, she had a story how she has got
4:04 am
sources in law enforcement down there and they said apparently the deputies were told not to enter the school unless they had their body cameras on. but they didn't have body cameras. so they didn't go. in also apparently they lost radio communication during the shooting. ainsley: this kid had everything ahead for him. he had parents that adopted him, that loved him. his mom was worth $800,000? he could have gotten that money and used it for so much good. look what he has done with his life and others. brian: obviously delayed learning. degree of ewe tim by the age of 5. watched his father die in front of him by the age of 6. then he comes over to florida. i know some people actually on long island that went to the parents wedding got to know him. when he moved away they didn't obviously keep in touch. ainsley: he needed more help. brian: when the cops come to the house and already pointed gun mom's head and threw her in the wall when she took your x box away. steve: different standard for juveniles. they are examining that in florida. the president did talk about
4:05 am
that yesterday. also we are learning apparently in mid march the president of the united states is going to go out to a big rnc fund raiser in los angeles. he is also going to make a trip to visit those proto types of the wall which the department of homeland security has tested and then he said, you know what? it's pretty much impossible to get through or go over. ainsley: eight different protestor types all down there prototypes down there. some have spikes on them to keep from jumping over. some have posts to see through them at the base. the president says he really likes those. see that one right there that has the grids at the bottom, the see through. the president says he likes those because border agents have told them that you will get guys on the mexican side and they will throw the drugs, 60 pounds worth of drugs over the wall to throw them whoever is on the other side in america. he wants the agents to be
4:06 am
able to see what's coming over so they are not hit in the head. brian: a bunch of guys the size of aaron judge. ainsley: probably have devices. brian: 1.8. by the border area. how tempting must it be for the president know he has 25 billion out there in a deal that can be worked out if they can get some reasonable people on both sides over the next three weeks to reinvigorate. i know traditionally immigration phase one is dead. there is nothing traditional about this administration. go back, you got some republicans there work for you. maybe there is something that can be done. steve: administration is one thing. congress is the problem in this case. also, yesterday, the supreme court brain brian should also say he got 54 votes on the one plan. if the president wanted that plan he would have got 60. if he goes back and says do you these things and i will accept your plan. he probably would have got it to the senate. steve: to my point the senate has that 60 vote rule that's the problem.
4:07 am
meanwhile, yesterday, the supreme court handed the department of justice essentially a defeat because the doj had asked supreme court go ahead and figure out what to do about daca. and the supreme court said you know what? it has not even gone through all the lower courts so we're going to take a pass. here is the president yesterday in front of the nation's governors responding to the daca ruling at scotus. >> daca is going to be put back into the ninth circuit. you know, we tried to get it moved quickly because we would like to help daca. i think everybody in this room wants to help with daca. but the supreme court just ruled that it has to go through the normal channels. so it's going back. in. brian: one of the stories that's underappreciated is the problems with the judges. a lack of logic and adherence to the law. agenda. look at this. president obama knew when he did the order on daca it would be temporary and open to execute any. he was able to issue an executive order extending the stay of the daca kids and protecting them. the next president is not
4:08 am
allowed to rescind that? how does that make sense? i bet you the supreme court going to look at this and logic tells you by 5-4. hopefully more, the president will get his way. hopefully there will be a deal done before that. steve: once again, it goes back to congress. now the heat is off them. and the way the courts do work this could wind up taking at least another year. all right. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about memos. ainsley: with the dueling memos you have the republican one out couple weeks ago and then the democratic one. the one thing clear in this whole fiasco the media is dead. listen to. this look, you have to assume, i mean, you know that glenn simpson and steele were meeting with numerous reporters. and maybe this is why when i say the media is dead. maybe they're embarrassed, right? because so many of them were briefed. maybe they can't actually write about it because the emperor would have no clothes, right? it would be the height of hypocrisy if some of these reporters would come out and
4:09 am
well, yeah, we were actually briefed on this dossier way back when and now knowing that it's totally false and totally disproven, salacious and up verified. steve: keep in mind as well. remember when he says the media is dead, back then in the summer before the election, the g.p.s. people were actually talking to reporters and then one of them wrote a story and then the fbi and the department of justice used that story that was fed to the news outfit by g.p.s. as rationalization for why they should get the fisa warrant. and, of course now we know, thanks to the democrat memo, that pretty much supports everything in the republican. brian: what they want you to do at home because have you 90 things going on in your life. you are not focusing on this. not your main focus. very hard to follow these story lines. just know. this they say oh, yeah, they put the story, yahoo news covered it mother jones wrote about it that wasn't the owning thing we gave them. have you fusion gps and the dossier was a role but it wasn't the only thing that was there andy mccabe
4:10 am
vindicated. the dossier was key. didn't say it was vital. so they're splitting hairs. bottom line is by doing and this acknowledging this, the democratic memo is affirming everything that was in the republican memo. ainsley: we still have the same questions as we did when the republican memo was released. and that is what did the fisa courts know? did they know how political this was? did they know who was pay for this? if that's the case why in the world would they give them perms to go and spy on opponent. brian: push back like this. ainsley: they never asked. steve: president obama when he was at mit no scandals on his watch. meanwhile, 7/11 in new york city. ainsley: get you caught up on other headlines this morning. check this out. the engine of a plane packed with people exploding into flames over the sky in utah. yeah, isn't that frightening? all going down minutes after the southwest jet took off from salt lake city. over 100 people on board heading to los angeles and it was totally packed. >> i thought this is it.
4:11 am
my family is all going down right here. jillian: the plane turning around making annual emergency landing. southwest calling this a performance issue. now to extreme weather. the south and central u.s. bracing for more storms this week as areas recover from strong tornadoes and drenching rain. at least 70 rivers across the heartland are already at or above flood stage. and heavy rainfall blamed for this massive rock slide in ohio. giant bolders blocking a highway in the southern part of the state. and brand new video out of tennessee of a family findings their pet dog under debris after a powerful tornadoes. after month long delay. white house communications director hope hicks testifying on the hill today. the house intelligence committee will likely ask her about any contact that trump campaign officials may have had with the russians. this comes as committee chair devin nunes warns of a slew of subpoenas over the anti-trump dossier's connection dnc and clinton campaign. first responders go above and beyond to welcome a
4:12 am
little boy to school for his first day back since beating leukemia. cops, firefighters, students escorting him to his classroom outside boston. the 9-year-old even got to sit on a police motorcycle. he had been out of class since november of 2016 when he was diagnosed. he is now cancer-free. amazing day for him. ainsley: wonderful. steve: happy day for him. jillian: absolutely. brian: all right, jillian, 12 minutes after the hour. president trump vowing to turn grief into action when it comes to school safety. >> we must pursue common sense measures that protect the constitutional rights of law abiding americans while keeping guns out of the hands of those who pose a threat. brian: okay. how does that resonate with the governors? how about this governor? matt bevin was in the room for that powerful message. he joining us live next. steve: plus, would you buy what this ad is selling? meet the veterans behind this patriotic commercial that is taking the internet
4:13 am
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>> must pursue common sense measures that protect the constitutional rights of law abiding americans while keeping guns out of the hands of those who pose a threat to themselves and to others. we must strive to create a culture in our country that cherishes life and condemns violence and embraces dignity. steve: president trump there yesterday meeting with the u.s. governors vowing to turn grief into action when it comes to school safety in the wake of what happened in florida. republican kentucky governor matt bevin was at that meeting. he joins us right now from our nation's capital. good morning. >> good morning. good to be with you. steve: what did you think of the president. >> i was impressed in his willingness to listen. is he very good at opening his ear to the governors of this country and looking to us for guidance on things that affect us at the state level. steve: now, you don't see this as just a gun issue as many do. you see this as a total
4:18 am
package, right? >> to me, again, we have to look at what are the underlying causes. this would be like finding a person lying in the street dead, we can identify the fact that that is their current condition. but what led to this? what is the back story? what has created this instance? and here we have young people being killed in schools. yes we understand a gun was used in certain instances. the most recent in particular. what is the cultural reason for this. what are we doing or not doing as a society individually and collectively to protect and arm our young people literally and figuratively in this sense with the skills they need to handle the pressures of being young? steve: yeah. what about the president's suggestion that some qualified teachers be armed in the schools? >> i think on a voluntary basis, purely volitional, it's a very good idea and worthy of being considered. i think teachers who are willing should go through an
4:19 am
extensive training far above and beyond what it takes to be a conceal carry gun owner. should go through a battery of psychiatric i can tests to ensure they are mentally able. not just carrying concealed. not just hand ling pressure doing it in a situation with students in a school take as special degree of training. but it shouldn't just be teachers, it should be available to administrators. custodians, coaches, anyone inside that school on a voluntary basis, i think we would be foolish not to consider that as a possibility. steve: governor, i saw one governor, i believe, from washington state yesterday stand up. i think he was going to ask a question but ultimately he was making a point to the president and that was he had spoken to a number of teachers. they didn't want to be armed. he didn't want that responsibility. he also told the president to stop tweeting so much. >> yeah, again. that's gracious of him to give advice. i will reserve my thoughts as to what i thought of that particular show boating. but i will say. this there are many teachers
4:20 am
in that state, i know where he is from. and i will tell you straight up, i have a brother who lives in that state. there are plenty of teachers who volition all volition. steve: is he a governor of the great state of kentucky, matt bevin, thank you for joining us today from our nation's capital. >> thank you. steve: 7:20 now in new york city. would you buy what this ad is selling you? are about to meet the veteran behind this patriotic commercial taking the internet by storm. he's next. ♪ in liberating stripes ♪ you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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so it's just for them. steve: i found my wife's. i know where it's at. meanwhile a veteran described as america's greedest entrepreneur makes patriotic commercial that's taking the internet by storm. watch this. ♪ o beautiful ♪ for heroes proof ♪ in liberating stripes ♪ who themselves their country loved ♪ and more than life ainsley: joining us now is the man behind that ad. the ceo and founder of the clothing country called grunt style former army drill sergeant dan. thank you first of all for serving our country. >> thank you. ainsley: tell us about that
4:26 am
ad. why did you make that. >> the whole purpose of the ad is we wanted to show people one who we are as a brand. we wanted to be okay withdraw ago line in the sand. you know, it's so easy as you grow. our company is getting bigger and bigger that you become very vanilla and very politically correct. steve: play it safe. >> we got it you know that's not okay. you should be who you are from day zero 10 years from now and 20 years years from now. steve: that ad was a salute to law enforcement while at the same time honoring protesters' right to burn the flag. >> peaceful assembly. freedom of speech. everything, of course. and that police officer is protecting it as soon as you cross that line, he has to defend that he is not just defending the people there he is defending everything that the constitution, the bill of rights, everything that has been added up the last hundreds of years to where we are in america. is he defending that. brian: you start your company with $100. you say a brand new wife and baby on the way. but what is the approach of this company? what do you sell?
4:27 am
what do you do? >> i started it because when i was getting out of the army. i didn't want to leave. but i didn't want to leave that culture of pride and patriotism. i made it my mission of what if i could make every home in america a patriotic one? set politics aside. i you wanted everyone to understand the same pride and patriotism that we had the in military. threw a bunch of t-shirts in my car and slept in it and here we are today. brian: you sell t-shirts. steve: all sorts of stuff. >> opened up a factory. steve: brian, whiskey. >> american bourbon. steve: when you go to his website. this is the quote about who we are. to us, what you wear is more than just a necessity to be clothed. it's an attitude. we have taken the american fighting spirit and instilled it in everything we do. you don't have to be a veteran to wear grunt style but you have to love freedom, bacon, and whiskey. we provide more than apparel. we instill pride. pride in self, in military,
4:28 am
and in country. you put the ad together. you thought about putting it on the super bowl. >> we did we worked your partners down in l.a. they are a bunch of vets as well. it was supposed to be on the super bowl. that's what it was geared towards. we couldn't get the numbers to work. and, you know, i'm not going to bet the farm. i had 500 families to worry about at grunt style. that's my priority. we. ainsley: guess what? we will put you on "fox & friends." our viewers are amazing. dan, let me ask you this, when did you get to this point in your life. we all have that turning point where you realize you have to be yourself. that's what you were from the get-go. right out of the gate when you stuarted this company. what instilled that in you? was it the military? that turning point where you thought i have got to be true myself. >> military is a big part of it family is a big part of it everything, every experience you have in your life is another building bring to that pyramid you call yourself. keeps adding up to the sum you are today. brian: what kind of drill sergeant are you? very happy and compliant. >> i'm happy. maybe my recruits aren't.
4:29 am
steve: you brought a shirt along with you along with america whiskey. what did you bring the shirt for. >> something that is brand new. we just launched a new factory in san antonio, texas. cut and sew. we make this from fabric, u.s. fabric. steve: is that the shirt you are wearing. >> i am wearing it. ainsley: very pretty. >> i stole the hanger from the hotel, sorry, guys. ainsley: you better put that back, mr. sergeant. brian: he wasn't going for pretty. ainsley: i know. brian: good-looking though. ainsley: he just got married. it's working for him. it looks good. i like it. steve: great website. go to grunt and you can buy some of their stuff and support a veteran owned organization. very nilesly done. ainsley: god bless you. thank you. steve: can we keep the america whiskey? >> yes, absolutely u. ainsley: do you remember when joy behar slammed the vice president because of his faith? think she couldn't go any lower? well, a lot of people say she just did.
4:30 am
brian: yep, and the supreme court ruling against president trump deciding it won't hear against the daca case yet. what happens next? judge napolitano is always walking somewhere and he comes our direction. ♪ you can't ♪
4:31 am
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♪ >> come on. >> here we go. look out. [cheers] brian: there is a god. it's your shot of the morning. literally that is father edwin leahy. ainsley: so excited. brian: head master at saint benedicts draining the hook on the tre he got on the plaza. it was ruled a three.
4:34 am
ainsley: father leahy replicating his viral hook shot right here on "fox & friends" yesterday. brian: first time i ever chest bumped a member of the clergy. ainsley: its would good. steve: final attempt before the end of the show. did he it right at the. [buzzer] congratulations. it is the shot of the day. now we have a new shot with judge andrew napolitano. >> good morning, guys, don't ask me to throw a basketball like that. brian: let's talk about this. the president and the administration wanted to fast track this daca decision. get it up to the supreme court. because he thought it was obviously a poor decision by a judge to uphold the president obama's executive decision to have these daca kids shielded from deportation. >> everybody knew the case was going to get to the supreme court anyway. the administration decided to bypass the appellate court and file the appeal in the supreme court. guess what the supreme court said send it to the aintermediary appellate
4:35 am
court. they don't like to get into the hackett of bypassing the appeals court. the appeals court might do the right thing and might not be necessary for the supreme court to rule. we are talking about two cases. one in san francisco, one in brooklyn. both judges did the same thing. the people that are on daca are allowed to stay and reapply. if the president doesn't want new people on daca, he has the right to prevent the new people from entering. part of the problem here owcht the goodness of his heart. no good dealed goes unpunished. the president extended daca for a year. steve: he did. >> by doing that he undercut the argument that daca is illegal and we want to stop it. ainsley: who makes the decision? these judges in the federal courts will make the ultimate decision? >> actually, the judges, in my opinion did the right thing, basically saying congress should make the decision. and it shouldn't make the decision under the gun. the courts will rule but the courts will defer to what congress says. because congress has the
4:36 am
rose the boat. ainsley: congress represents more of the people than just one judge making this decision, right? judge: congress represents everybody in the united states. now, we know the president is pulling his hair out over daca trying to get a compromise. the democrats want one saying he wants a. ainsley: a wall. >> a larger pang. up to him to put together something congress can live with and can he live with. steve: not unusual for the high court to deny such requests. don't do that etch have. they like things to go their normal route. let's talk about, this judge. this is not the normal route. it's the mayor from oakland, california essentially warning people who are in her community illegally that ice might be making a raid. some have suggested yesterday we had the father of a young man who was killed by an illegal suggested it was obstruction of justice. >> my heart went out to the father. i watched the interview that you guys did. steve: john rosenberg. >> very touching and
4:37 am
profound. i think the mayor wants behavior is wild and reckless. i don't think it's illegal. the reason suspects not illegal is because the money that the city is receiving from the federal government is still coming from the obama budget. that budget does not have the string attached which says you wants our money you will comply with ice. the president is going to continue to lose the sanctuary cities argument until his budget is adopted. and until the budget says if you want our money, you will comply with all federal. steve: up to congress? >> correct. it's up to a republican controlled congress. this should happen within months. brian: judge, i could argue this is the biggest story not getting nearly enough attention. the supreme court heard arguments on whether a union can automatically demand fees from an employee that they represent. steve: government union. >> a government union no less. so you go to work for the government of the state of illinois. you're a social worker. they force you to join a union. you don't want to join. they force you to pay dues,
4:38 am
you don't want to pay dues. they use your dues for political causes you don't believe. in how many rights have been violated? your freedom of association has been violated because the freedom of association means you have the freedom not to associate. and your freedom of speech has been violated because they have taken your money and spent it on a political cause. brian: all democratic causes. >> correct. if the unions lose. and i think they will, this will radically shrink manipulate in government union -- membershipin governmen. shrink pool of money to give to democratic candidates. ainsley: looking at his paycheck and he said union dues, i don't want to be a part of this union. i'm not in the union. why am i paying for it. >> i will make the union argument for you. the union argument is we do the collective bargaining. we do provide them a service. ainsley: with a political spin. >> a lot of the benefits they get are because of what we have negotiated. i think the fundamental right not to associate with a group trumps that union
4:39 am
argument. ainsley: you should be able to have a choice. steve interviewed the guy who brought this to court. listen to this. >> my first paycheck had a line item deduction that said union dues. and i never signed up for the union. never signed a pledge card. i was not given a choice. >> under the first amendment we all have the right to choose what political speech we will and won't support your money. yet, the government in 22 states is forcing people to give part of every paycheck to a union which is a political advocacy group just to keep their jobs. steve: all about choice. >> justice scalia just died. want to join a union, join. you don't want to join a union, you don't have to. of the government shouldn't force you to make that decision. steve: landmark. ainsley: what's going to happen? >> 5-4 in favor of the plaintiff and against the union. brian: supreme court justice merrick garland, how would it have gone?
4:40 am
>> the other way. the impact is profound. if the decision comes down in june, the impact will be felt in november. steve: all right. thank you, sir. brian: you will answer almost any question we give you. >> you ask me almost any questions you want. steve: is he on retainer. ainsley: jillian is behind you, what is she doing? >> beautiful jillian. ainsley: what is she doing? headlines. >> headlines. brian: do whatever she wanted. >> she can't do whatever she wants. she has to do her job. you go, girl. jillian: let's stick with the headlines. you go, judge. good morning to you at home. let's start with stoffer. i don't know if you heard about this actress heather loclocklear. arrested at her california home after fighting with her boyfriend. according to tmz her brother called 911. police say she became violent. kicking and pushing deputies when they moved in to arrest her. less than an hour later her
4:41 am
boyfriend was arrested for dui. firefighters save a woman and three young children from a raging apartment fire. the incredible and terrifying moments caught on camera. >> go. go. [bleep] >> as you can see that mom handing her kids over a balcony to firefighters before climbing over to escape their home in houston. the roof collapsing shortly after. miraculously, nobody was hurt. >> hillary clinton has come up with a lot of excuses for what happened in 2016. >> netflix, "new york times," 1,000 russian agents, trump's twitter account. the democratic party. polling, misogyny. ainsley: now she is adding facebook to that list. clinton responding to a new report that the social media site charged her campaign more than the trump campaign for ads. she tweets in part quote we should all care about how social media platforms play a part in our democratic process.
4:42 am
because, unless it's addressed it will happen again. joy behar is at it again. this time accusing conservatives of having a penchant for nazis. >> holocaust denier and total fascist and nazi and marie le pen the daughter thinks her daughter was very good and right and everything else. they invited her. this is like penchant for nazis now. you know, with charlottesville and the neos. good guys on both sides and now marie le pen, it's like a lot of people in the republican party that i remember bill buckley who fought in world war ii. you know, bill kristol. those people who are so anti-nazi are appalled by what's going on right now. ainsley: co-host of "the view" referring to marion le pen who told last week's cpac crowd that she is not offended when trump says america first. brian: she distanced herself from her father. when her father was running for office. is he nowhere to be found. steve: joy behar's father?
4:43 am
brian: marie le pen. big difference. receive steve georgia's lieutenant governor putting foot down as more companies cut ties to the nra. how is he calling out one of the big ones next. brian: president trump promising to revive steel jobs no matter the cost >> let them pay tariffs, okay? maybe it will cost a little bit more but we will have jobs. brian: what does it mean for the industry? we will ask steel workers industry leader just ahead. ♪ i do it for the money ♪ ♪ we the people... are defined by the things we share. and the ones we love. who never stop wondering what we'll do or where we'll go next.
4:44 am
we the people who are better together than we are alone... are unstoppable. welcome to the entirely new expedition. it can power your apps with public services without starting from scratch. it brings your business up to speed, doing more with systems you have in place. it can bring all your apps to life and run them within your data center. it is... the new ibm cloud private. the cloud that's designed for your data. ai ready. secure to the core. the ibm cloud is the cloud for smarter business.
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ainsley: here are quick headlines for you. popular head items buying online might be fake. 37 different items third
4:47 am
party sellers online. 20 were counterfeit but real deal. ranged from electronics like yety brand mugs and makeup. some made with hazardous materials. and fixer-upper stars chip and joanna gains revealing their latest project. >> high five. >> be careful. hello. watch out. >> next time use the horn when it's falling down. ainsley: the hgtv stars officially opening new restaurant magnolia table. it's in waco texas if you are going to visit. farm to table lunch and brunch. that includes my friends avocado toast. steve: i love that. ever since what happened down in parkland, florida on february 14th, there has been a lot of criticism of the nra. social media group started to suggest that people, you
4:48 am
know, boycott organizations and companies that support the nra. and a bunch of organizations did say, you know what? we're cutting ties with them. for instance, delta apparently offered some sort of a discount. and now the lieutenant governor in georgia where atlanta is the big hub for delta casey killin calg wants to crack down on delta for caving. brian: georgia says yeah, if you are going to actually hurt the nra then we are going to cut out your tax break when it comes to what we're doing here in georgia for delta airlines. and they said. this i will kill any tax legislation that benefits delta unless the company changes its position and fully reinstates its relationship with the nra corporations cannot attack conservatives and expect us not to fight back. there is another major corporation that is also not buying in to the boycott mania. ainsley: that's fedex and they released this statement. fedex is a common carrier
4:49 am
under federal law and therefore does not and will not deny service or discriminate against any legal entity regardless of their policy positions or political views. brian: meanwhile the parkland survivor david haag he heard about this and called on fedex stockholders to sell like some investment firms have sold gun stock or investment in different major gun manufacturers around the world. we will see how that goes because fedex has got some resources, too. steve: well, they do. essentially what they say is we do business with a lot of different organizations. we don't care about their politics. and policies. we're just going to continue the discount. ainsley: that's the thing. if you are going to do business, your customers are all over the map. they represent all different walks of life. and not everyone is going to be happy. this is the risk that they take. they are between a rock and hard place. if they pull out -- if they pull out of the nra, then they are going to offend so many people. if they stay in they are offending another group of people. i think the american public, we're smart enough to know these companies are trying
4:50 am
to play to their base, try play to the people that are buying their product and you are not going to agree with everything they support. brian: a lot of these classmates and survivors from that school are calling on the seniors in college or high school not to go to florida for spring break. don't come here because we got to change the gun laws in florida because in tallahassee the lawmakers didn't change some of the laws that they wanted them to. so we will see where the boycott stops. we know it stops with fedex. ainsley: all right. president trump promising to revive steel jobs no matter the cost. listen. >> okay, maybe it will cost a little bit more, but we have jobs. ainsley: so what does it mean for the industry? we will ask a steel worker. we will ask the steel workers union leader coming up next. steve: greg abbott just met with president trump yesterday. he is here to tell us about that in the next hour. brian: first, on this day in 1827, a group of costumed students danced through the streets of new orleans marking the first mardy gras and i think we pick it up
4:51 am
from there. 1991 president h.w. bush announced that the allies would suspend war in the pershing war. and this song top of the charts seasons in the sun.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
♪ ♪ >> i want to bring the steel industry back into our country. if that takes tariffs, let them take tariffs, okay? maybe it will cost a little bit more but we will have jobs. steve: there president trump yesterday promised to revive steel jobs in a meeting with u.s. governors. in an open letter free traded a advocacy groups saying imposing a tariff on imports would actually hurt jobs. what does it mean for the steel industry you might wonder? ainsley: joining us is now is the president of the united steel workers from
4:55 am
west virginia mark. thank you for being with us. >> it's good to be here. ainsley: what do you think about the president saying maybe we will just tack on a tariff if that's what it takes. >> well, i totally agree with him. when he ran for office, he promised to strictly enforce our trade laws. he wanted fair trade instead of free trade. he is just honoring his campaign promise. i think it's the right thing to too. it's been 40 years since this country has imposed proper tariffs on the steel industry. you could go back literally 40 years and the same rhetoric that the government has not enforced our trade laws and have allowed foreign countries to dump their steel into our country, taking away our jobs. steve: because, mark, what foreign countries are able to do is they are able to sell the steel so cheaply, dump it, as you said, and that undercuts your industry, right? >> absolutely. it's been proven beyond any doubt that these countries have dumped their steel.
4:56 am
they are producing capacity way beyond what they need in their markets and they are selling different markets, not necessarily to the united states, lowering the prices, essentially taking away the american steel workers' jobs. we have lost hundreds of thousands of jobs due to illegal dumping. ainsley: how do we avoid that then, mark. the president ran on jobs, so important. how do we avoid dumping these -- shipping these jobs overseas? >> part of it is our country needs to strictly enforce the existing trade laws. our government, our president, you could go go back to clinton. you could go back to bush. you could go back 40 years and simply change the date and the same thing happens. steve: yep. >> they are allowing illegal activity to occur, allowing illegal dumping by definition, these countries are producing the product cheaper than they can manufacture it for. they are producing capacity way beyond their markets and
4:57 am
we need to enforce the laws and we need to impose tariffs. steve: there you go. we will see what happens next. thank you, s next hour, texas governor greg abbott joins us live. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. . . . . .
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5:00 am
♪ >> everybody in this room wants to help with daca. but the supreme court just ruled that it has to go through the normal channels. >> the judges in my opinion did the right thing saying congress should make the decision. it shouldn't make the decision under the gun. steve: president trump meeting with the u.s. governors vowing to turn grief into action when it comes to school safety. >> i was impressed by his willingness to listen and genuine concern for this topic of conversation. again we have to look at what are the underlying cause. >> speech by former president obama leaked. you can hear the former president taking a bit of a swipe at president trump. >> we did have a scandal that embarrassed us. that seems like a low bar. >> meet the veteran behind the commercial taking internet by
5:01 am
storm. ♪ beautiful for heroes proofed >> i want everyone to understand the same pried and patriotism we had in the military. threw a bunch of. shirts in my car, slept in it. traveled around the country. ♪ brian: they remixed it. i hated the first version. ainsley: brian made it famous. not you, sean hannity. steve: this is the whiskey they sell. i didn't really like whiskey before. but they worked on blending for six months, came up with this. america's finest bourbon, whiskey made with pure american grain. ainsley: he is an army drill sergeant the guy who started the company. brian: i saw proof he liked whiskey this morning. ainsley: did you already, 5:00 a.m.?
5:02 am
open bottle in the green room? brian: there was a lot of suspects. steve: check out the website. great company started by the drill sergeant, brian: opened a brand new manufacturing plant in texas. they're trying to make things in america. they get the material here and sell it here. steve: i understand the website crashed but they're working getting it back up. ainsley: they were going to run ads in the super bowl. great patriotic ad, he had so many mouths to feed to work for him, ran the numbers, didn't make sense. brian asked if you are a nice drill sergeant. i think i am. the vets may not think so. brian: talk about illegal immigration and building a wall. i don't know if you heard but the president wants to build a wall. they built eight prototypes in san diego. for a long time we thought president would visit there. date sometime in the middle of
5:03 am
march. he will go down there, decide what is best for what part of the border. he needs more than 1.8 billion, all he has to build the wall. he needs 25 billion. steve: he needs congress to help him out. ainsley: the walls are 30 feet tall. some are steel, some are concrete. some are made with spikes. i read that, i thought, ouch. steve: that is not a good reason to go over. department of homeland security working withs u.s. military and tested sections, and for most part are impoll to go through or go under or go over. ainsley: even our military guys couldn't get over it. steve: president's trip to california should be great, great in what is going to happen. remember last week the president said of the sanctuary state which california is now, the sanctuary cities there, he is thinking about pulling out i.c.e. agents because of, they have done a lousy management job, is what he said regarding that because they're not helping federal government. ainsley: no secret california
5:04 am
doesn't love president trump. four million people more voted for hillary clinton. it is known as a very liberal state but kevin mccarthy is in the state. is a good friend of the president. he is going with the president to help with republican fund-raiser. brian: 2/3 of calfornian voters disapprove of the job president trump is doing. ainsley: which is why he might not have visited the state. going first time since being president. brian: yesterday there was a decision, lack thereof, the administration wanted to move forward, go rapid-fire, skip a few prongs on the ladder, go right to the supreme court on the daca ruling. that would shield these kids that came here at a young age, from getting deported, because they were not born here. they're now mostly for the most part in their 20s. supreme court said we're not going to expedite. it will go to the ninth district and get rejected.
5:05 am
bottom line the daca kids can stay for now. steve: department of the justice said to the supreme court, we know we're not to your stage yet but because it is unconstitutional, clearly, you got to do something about it. they said no. here is the president yesterday, in the state dining room responding to the supreme court. >> daca is going to be put back into the ninth circuit. we tried to get it moved quickly because we would like to help daca. i think everybody in this room wants to help with duckca. but the supreme court ruled it has to go through the normal channels. so it is going back in. steve: so is that the right thing to do? ainsley: judge napolitano says yes. watch this. >> actually the judges, in my opinion did the right thing, basically saying congress should make the decision. it shouldn't make the decision under the gun. the courts will rule but the courts will defer to what congress says. congress represents everybody in the united states. we know the president's pulling
5:06 am
his hair out over daca, trying to get a compromise. democrats one thing. he wants a larger package. up to put together something he can live with. ainsley: he agrees with the supreme court. brian: last spring he renewed the law for a year. the courts look at that as verification, so hurting president's case. we'll see what the supreme court says when it gets there, or how about this, congress gets together on bipartisan deal. they keep it out of the courts for a change? is. steve: that is the way it should have been. clearly when barack obama did it back in the day, it was executive order. government we'll do what the kids in the country illegally. it was never a law. ainsley: how can he do it in executive order but yet now it has to go to the courts? steve: that is the way it works with a phone and a pen you can only do certain things up to a line. if you want to make a law, congress has to do it. if congress is serious, particularly democrats and
5:07 am
republicans get together, to get something done. you know what the president wants. he will not sign. brian: on that note the house has to pass a version of the goodlatte bill. they can't even do that now. they're trying to get something to move forward that the senate will ultimately reject unless something changes. ainsley: i love it when you guys write in. you have written so many emails we talked about in the first hour, zick hour. let's tell you what is happening if you just woke up. president obama said mit, no cell phones, don't record the speech. someone did, he took a swipe at current administration that used to be a no-no. here is what he said. >> we did have a scandal that embarrassed us. i know that seems like a low bar but thinking you didn't hear a lot about drama about the last. ainsley: there were no scandals he said. steve: he didn't have a scandal that embarrassed us. they were not embarrassed about the fact that the administration
5:08 am
targeted conservative groups with the irs. they were not embarrassed about the benghazi attack, saying result of a video. not embarrassed by "fast & furious." not embarrassed by great american bowe bergdahl and trade deal. we asked you what you thought, and as ainsley said the email machine melted. ainsley: david said what, brian? >> david says, benghazi, irs, targeting conservative groups, "fast & furious," hillary email mess if you ever covered. deleting emails. smashing hard drifts. dot, dot, dot, we need recall anymore? ainsley: not an embarassment? not a scandal, okay. steve: then you got rich, don't forget the va. remember that story when it came out, how many veterans had died waiting for service? ainsley: yeah. steve: is that not a scandal? ainsley: that is an embarassment. that is a tragedy, is what that is. on twitter, acorn,
5:09 am
"fast & furious," clinton email, irs, doj, fbi, uranium one, nope, no scandals in the obama administration. brian: problem for this, for the administration, you're right, much limited drama cared to this one. a lot has to do with very compliant press with the press had fun with the at cordoneddent's dinner, fun to be here in front of my base. they should have been embarrassed. they laughed. when we remember ben rhodes came out, it is amazing, had the great quote where he told the magazine, i don't know what he was thinking saying this, everyone knew this was case, everything we put out in a press release comes back from echo chamber. whatever message from the white house the press was so compliant and play it as fact and write it up. there was john podesta of course was getting okayed on hillary clinton side when he was running. we found out looking at john podesta email's they were having columnists okay, glenn thrush
5:10 am
having his columns okayed before they send them. steve: press is very critical of donald trump. brian: i hadn't noticed. steve: looking into the russia thing. that came back to bite the obama administration. pull the various layers of the onion back, wait a minute, looks like the obama administration's department of justice and fbi broke the law in surveilling the trump organization. ainsley: didn't think that comment was getting out. said in front of a group at mit in boston. didn't want those opinions out so. steve: keep the list coming. we'll share some online and what not. 8:10, jillian. jillian: get caught up to other stories we're following. check out the video. engine of a plane facted with people exploding into place in utah. going down minutes after the southwest jet took off from salt lake city. over 100 people heading to los angeles, totally packed. >> i thought this is it.
5:11 am
my family is all going down right here. jillian: they were panicking that's for sure. the plane turning around, making emergency landing. south which is calling this a performance issue. talk about extreme weather, south and central u.s. bracing for more storms this week as areas recover from tornadoes and drenching rains. 70 rivers across the heartland are already at or above flood stage. heavy rainfall blamed for massive rockslide in ohio. guy and boulders blocking a highway in southern part of the state. this isn't snow. it is hail. parts of sacramento, california, blanketed in three inches of ice after a thunderstorm. crazy. president trump's if first state dinner is set. commander-in-chief will host first -- emannuel macron and first lady. this will be the first ceremonial welcome. president trump traveled to france last year to meet macron.
5:12 am
look at headlines. back to you. steve: big party coming to the white house. dozens of florida lawmakers calling for the broward county's sheriff's suspension for what appears to be mishandling of the school shooting. our next guest is one of those. brian: impeach trump 101. a university offering a course in just that and i'm not kidding. ♪ ainsley: is maxine running it?
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement.
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prudential. bring your challenges. ♪ >> deputies make mistakes, police officers make mistakes. we all make mistakes. it is not responsibility of the general or president if you have a desserter. i can only take responsibility what i knew b i exercised my due diligence. i've given amazing leadership. brian: wow, calls now growing for broward county sheriff scott israel to step down despite his self-proclaimed amazing leadership. 74 lawmakers calling for the sheriff to suspend him because of lack of leadership following the parkland shooting.
5:17 am
we have state republican matt caldwell. first off you called for him to resign. do you know enough yet? >> yeah, i think we absolutely do know enough. not only should he resign, but if he refuses to the governor should remove him. you look what happened in this incident where the deputies failed to respond, failed to go inside. we're hearing news reports this morning that may have been because they didn't have body cameras. they were told not to go inside. a lot of questions in that regard. even worse, you look at the, incidents that happened before the shooting. all of the times which somebody called, said, hey, this guy has problems, hey, this guy is doing something criminal. we have stories and reports coming out of broward and dade county, this might be coordinated. that the sheriff office and school district in order to game their numbers look like doing better than they are, were not actually arresting kids committing real crimes. makes me worry more not just about this incident, this individual. who knows, did he commit crimes
5:18 am
that he should have been arrested for long before this happened? maybe other kids have serious issues, because maybe they're not taken serious enough because of policies, sheriff put in place. brian: i would like toe know if deputies were told by the sheriff to stand down, to wait? if deputy tanking the fall. he had no problem falling deputy under the bus, maybe justify bly, we don't know. he was gone in 24 hours, he said i'm not a coward. according to one report he said he thought the shooting was coming from the outside. we also have a report, according to fox's sources that there was a delay in ems getting inside because they were told to wait on the outside which was against policy, does that bother you? >> absolutely it bothers me. you know you heard the quote from the sheriff earlier when we came into the segment about how the general doesn't get held accountable. absolutely the general gets held accountable, if the general's
5:19 am
troops fail, they fail to do the job he is responsible for, the general will get removed. that is exactly who the person who has to be responsible for policies and decisions that didn't prevent kids from being killed. absolutely out rage just to defend the action. if this is systemic, if this is something going on for years where there is coordination in an effort to hide the statistics and keep people from knowing and arresting kids who should have been on the record, again if this, if this person, we don't know. that is it why yesterday the house issued, or took a vote to issue subpoenas. we've got an ethics committee that said, yes, we should issue subpoenas, bring people in, make them answer these questions because there are serious, serious allegations. brian: matt, lawmakers, but no democrats. he is a democrat that got elected. a lot of people looking at this, hey, why don't we wait, this seems like a partisan issue? >> yeah. again the governor has the power to remove people for incompetence. you don't even have to commit a crime. the florida constitution gives
5:20 am
the governor very wide discretion to evaluate county and city officials and if they're just simply incompetent at their job, he can suspend them and remove them. that is why again the house is saying he should be removed he should step down. we also need answers. why we're going to issue subpoenas and we'll look for the answers to find out what really happened in the situation. brian: thanks so much. state representative matt calledwell, saying sheriff israel we've seen enough. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. brian: president trump, talking about the border and so much more. terry mcauliffe says who better to take on trump than he is, one-term governor from virginia, long-time money maker from virginia, what does that say about the democrats? is he their best bet? we'll debate it. ♪
5:21 am
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♪ ainsley: brian take notes. brian loves doing the walking and talking thing. they assigned it to me today, brian. brian says he invented it. no, that would be called journalism. that has been around a long time, brian. political revolution runs in the family. bernie sanders's son running for congress in new hampshire. his name is levi sanders. he is not living in the district he is running for. that is not against the law. he is one of eight democrats. democrat carol shea-porter is not seeking re-election. there is her picture. chicago congressional candidate makes his legalizing
5:25 am
marijuana. he is sitting in front of a american flag and holding a joint. he calls marijuana a wonderful recreational substance. steve: thank you, ainsley. former commonwealth of virginia governor terry mcauliffe, saying quote, who better to take on trump than me, reportedly asked about a potential 2020 run, as one of the senate's longest serving democrats, dianne feinstein can't get her party's endorsement in the state of california. what does it say about the democratic party? we have republican spokesperson kayleigh mack men any and democrat jessica tarlov. when he says who is better taking on president trump than me, mcauliffe was a successful
5:26 am
businessman, turned politicians, maybe that is what he is talking about? >> that is part of it. terry mcauliffe had successful record in virginia. unemployment was 3.6%. added hundreds of thousands of jobs. making sure felons serving time that were able to vote, something important to him. successful businessman, like the guy sitting at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, hello, mr. president. i think he has a case. also very outspoken. that will help us a lot going up against donald trump. someone will go toe-to-toe to him. not be afraid. i understand what terry mcauliffe is saying. >> kayleigh, how about you? >> absolutely not. represents the same old, tired, democratic establishment that rigged election for hillary clinton. >> rigged it? she lost. >> terry america call live is clinton fund-raiser, a clinton lackey. a clinton wannabe. represents everything wrong with the clintons. we welcome his run because the
5:27 am
establishment is the era of yesterday. we need new blood. we need new ideas. outsider like president trump in the white house. that is what the american people want. steve: jessica, out of curiosity as a democrat, who do you like on the democratic side in 2020? >> i'm a big fan of sherrod of ohio. he was for hillary clinton but certainly big obama fan. obama was a very big fan of his. i think he is wonderful. hugely possible in ohio. i believe that is where working class folk are in a state that we definitely need. so, i am not saying it is going to happen you by love him. is steve we love the fact he came on our show not too long ago. >> please come back. steve: kayleigh, what is going on out in california? dianne feinstein who has been a u.s. senator for decades could not get endorsement of her own party. why not? >> that's right. this tells you all you need to know about the democratic party. senator feinstein got that endorsement going back to 1994, every time she has run.
5:28 am
now the democratic party is endorsing or majority support was given to a sanctuary city-loving, socialized medicine-loving liberal that is the state of the democratic party. let's remember. this is the party that bernie sanders got 43% support. bernie sanders i double chicked this quote, it is so astonishing the american dream is more apt to be realized in venezuela where people are fleeing and dying this is the democratic party. it is leftist radicalism. steve: jessica, appears people on the outside looking in the democratic party is being tugged so far to the left if you want to run for president and high office. >> absolutely. medicare for all is -- how many moderate senators signed on for that knowing full well they were this states that would not be supportive of that when it came to the ballot just to please the progressive base that goes out challenges from the left. what happened to dianne feinstein is awful when you look at her record and service this country.
5:29 am
talking about a time of gun control, authored the assault weapons ban in 1994. i don't like it. kayleigh knows well. i'm moderate variety. hillary clinton was supporter. i was never much for venezuela or bernie sanders. that doesn't speak for me. i hope we get it uncontrol by the time 2018 comes. if we're infit fighting and fighting the other side it will be tough. steve: kayleigh, one final word, democrats another problem, the fact that american public according to polls apparently likes the president's middle class tax cut a lot and democrats don't have a good answer for that aside from the fact everyone of them in congress voted against it. >> that's right. every single one of them. steve, our internal polling at rnc shows overwhelming support for tax cuts in all of the battle ground states. this is huge. trump tax cuts are succeeding. they're working. people see it in their paychecks. feel it in their lives. and democrats, weren't on the side of the american people. gone are the days of jfk when
5:30 am
they supported giving american people more of their money. now according to pelosi it is unpatriotic and it is crumbs. around it is wrong. steve: great conversation early on the tuesday morning. thanks kayleigh. and jessica. >> thanks,. steve: steve 8:30 here in new york city. texas governor greg abbott met with the president in new york city. he is here to tell us about that. plus, impeachment of the president 101. impeach trump 101. a university offering that as a actual class for actual credit. ♪ -i've seen lots of homes helping new customers bundle and save big, but now it's time to find my dream abode. -right away, i could tell his priorities were a little unorthodox. -keep going. stop. a little bit down. stop. back up again. is this adequate sunlight for a komodo dragon?
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brian: that when president played host to all the governors yesterday, took heated questions. some questions from democratic governor as well as republican governors about mostly gun control. that wasn't all, they spoke about. president is all ears what they want to talk about. ainsley: talk about someone that was there. governor greg abbott, governor of texas, he was there the in room. good morning to you, governor. >> good morning ainsley. good to be back with you all again. ainsley: tell us what happened in the meeting yesterday? brian: -- television. >> several things happened. other than what you saw on television. very robust meetings, talking about the economy and job growth. listen, job growth is something that every state is concerned about. the president is focused delivering more job growth. he gave us a great prognostication what to expect in the coming year. importantly we talked about
5:35 am
something all americans are very, very concerned about, that is trying to bend the cost curve of the spiraling cost of health care. we have to deliver better access to health care at a lower cost. and of course we talked about the very robust infrastructure program that the president is going to be unveiling with congress here really soon. talking about ways that the states can get plugged into this, to improve our infrastructures across the entire country. steve: i know school safety also came up because there was a clip that has been played a lot where the governor of the great state of washington said to the president, that he didn't like the president's plan to arm certain teachers. said he talked to some teachers. they didn't want essentially to be security guards. he also told him to stop tweeting as well. that is one of the things about donald trump, if he will be in a room full of people from both parties he will talk to people from both parties. >> exactly right but also as i think you noticed earlier, that the president then pivoted and
5:36 am
asked about contrasting point of view what we do in texas. it is important to understand that not one size fits all when it comes to the approach to addressing this issue. texas is maybe different than washington state. even parts of texas are different than other parts of texas but in texas we do have a robust program of allowing but not requiring teachers to be authorized to carry guns in schools. not just teachers t could be coaches or administrators or others. that is called our school marshall program. where people, persons who work in schools, will be authorized to carry sometimes. it will be notified in front of a school, when a school puts up a billboard saying that teachers are armed. don't harm any kid on this campus. other times more concealed. steve: governor, can i ask a quick question. how does it work with the actual guns? do they carry them on them? do they keep them in a locked vault somewhere?
5:37 am
how does it work? >> they keep them locked up. they do not openly carry or conceal carry under the marshall program. we want to make sure teachers have access to the tools to be able to respond, as one administrator put it, these teachers care so much about their students, and they will use a pencil to try to protect their students. if they're going to be using pencils, they might as well be using pistols. understand that, they go through extensive training, dealing with active shooter type situation. these are not just casual people may be shooting a gun in country side some weekend. they go through the necessary training to respond to active shooter type event. ainsley: times have changed, governor. we don't like taking our shoes off. we don't like ziploc bags. we like to jump to the plane. walk your kid or loved one to the plane. you can't do that anymore because of the terrorists. we don't want teachers necessarily to have guns. things have changed.
5:38 am
we want innocent victims to be able to defend themselves against crazy people walking into schools doing this i was reading an article what you're doing in texas. you call it the marshall program, similar to marshals on airlines of the we don't know who they are. we don't know where they're sitting. these teachers, you're not identifying who they are? the kid don't know. the parents don't know. obviously active shooter will not know which teach remembers armed, right? >> you are precisely right. it was patterned in part of a the federal marshall program of what is used on airplanes like that. also as you pointed out, this is not a perfect solution for all of these potential dangers. a tool in the tool box but there are some things we must today understanding this. our top goal as leaders in this country, from the president, on down to do everything we can to make sure teachers and students are safe in school. brian: governor, you also said caution to the gop. be strong on immigration but make it clear you're not
5:39 am
anti-hispanic. how do you do both? what is your message to the republicans that maybe not showing the nuance between the two? >> well, this may be easier in texas because, texas was part of mexico before it was texas. so this is a natural part of our culture. and so we are multicultural. we embrace legal immigration but it doesn't matter what background you come from. people in texas are against illegal immigration. so they want to make sure that the laws are enforced and dangerous people who pose a challenge to our society are going to be put behind bars and hence we're able to pass this ban on sanctuary cities. because what it really does, is to arrest those who not only are here illegally, who pose a danger to people in our society. so the way we talk to the hispanic community is the way we talk to any community, that is, we want you to succeed, we want you to be able to achieve your
5:40 am
dreams. part of the way we do that is by creating safe communities for you to live in. brian: make that effort to disseminate between the two because it is easy to blend them in today's polarized world, right? >> well, listen, everybody, i don't care what your background is, everybody agrees on certain core principles, that is safety. if you look at hispanic community in texas, so many connection with the republican party, such as deep commitment to faith. a deep commitment to national defense. a deep commitment to family. a deep commitment to education. so there is a deep connection between the hispanic community and republican party. our goal is to make that connection but also one way we do that is because i repeatedly go to the areas of the state of texas that are heavy hispanic communities. later on i will return to the rio grande valley where i've been more than any sitting governor in the history of the state of texas. i continue to outreach, not just to the hispanic community but african-american community, the
5:41 am
growing asian community because i serve all texans. steve: you're headed back to texas now. have a safe trip back to austin. governor abbott. thank you very much. >> thank you, sure. ainsley: hand it over to jillian for headlines. jillian: florida depthty and it his canine taking down two suspects who crash ad stolen truck. the incredible moments caught on body a in florida. >> get him, shep! get him! jillian: deputy nick carmac, happened cuffing one suspect on the ground and have him go through the woods, to find shep and the driver who got away. i'm chasing him. shep didn't let go of the suspect's arm until he told him too. san diego state university offering a course dedicated to strictly removing president trump from the white house. they will get one credit for
5:42 am
trump impeachment removal or conviction. the only required read something a book called the case for impeachment. one of highest paid actresses in hollywood but jennifer lawrence never made to it high school. listen. >> i dropped out of middle school. i don't technically have a fed or a diploma. i am self-educated. jillian: telling cbs's "60 minutes." doesn't regret leaving school at 14 to pursue acting career. she wanted to forge her own path to success. that is look at headlines. brian: she drives her family crazy. from kentucky and conservative every time she speaks out. she said in the past she would flow a martini in the face of the president. she is good actress. ainsley: dropping out of middle school, middle school. brian: rest of this stuff is
5:43 am
easy. middle school is the hard stuff. nine to 12 pretty much -- ainsley: doing just fine. steve: making $20 million a movie. brian: but the stuff she doesn't know, she doesn't know. steve: so she doesn't know. ainsley: very profound. steve: she knows she's rich. should federal or sate government employees forced to pay state union dues? the supreme court has taken up that case. we'll break it down. >> explain what happened yesterday coming up next. ainsley: first they praised kim jong-un's sister. now the mainstream media comparing her to ivanka trump. why can't they decide? we'll discuss that next. ♪
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♪ steve: let's talk a little bit about what arguments the supreme court justices heard yesterday at the u.s. supreme court. a fellow who works for the illinois state department of health and human services. his name is mark janus. he does not belong to the union that many of his coworkers do and yet they were taking union dues out of his paycheck every week. you know what he did? he said that is not right and he sued. listen. >> my first paycheck had a line item, deduction that said union dues. and i never signed up for the union. never signed a pledge card. i was not given a choice. >> under the first amendment we all have the right to choose what's political speech we will and won't support with our money. yet the government in 22 states is forcing people to give part of every paycheck to a union which is a political advocacy group just to keep their jobs. ainsley: when i heard about though, buy and steve, did you
5:48 am
think, oh be my word they're actually taking money out of people's paychecks that are not part -- i'm surprised someone hasn't brought this to the court before. steve: doing it for years. brian: second time it has gone this far. last time it got to the supreme court, they tied 4-4 because they did not have substitute for antonin scalia. now they have nine judges this might be a example for conservative judge, it will be at least a 5-4 decision in janus' favor. they thought it was significant, i was watching shannon bream's great show last night, for first time she has been witnessing judge gorsuch in that spot, he didn't say a word. he is usually very chatty and very talkative. knows the pressure on his shoulders. was quiet, didn't ask a single question. ainsley: judge napolitano, says janus, the guy who is suing will win. listen. >> force you to join a union, you don't want to join. they force you to pay dues, you
5:49 am
don't want to pay dues. they use your dues for political causes you don't believe in? how many rights have been violated? freedom of association has been violated. freedom to associate has freedom not to associate. freedom of speech is violated. they taken your money and spent on political cause. if the unions lose, i think they will, this will radically shrink membership in government unions which will radically shrink the pool of cash available for the unions to give to their favorite democratic candidate. steve: the man who brought the suit, mark janus, he doesn't think a decision in his favor would weaken the unions. he says the unions are already surviving in places where people don't have to pay dues. brian: surviving and thriving are different. they won't be thriving if people can make their choice. just logic tells you. ainsley: americans like choices. you should have the choice to determine where your money is going to go. shouldn't have to go to a union who will give money to democrats. brian: we don't have a choice
5:50 am
who reads tease. our name is above them. that is part of freedom has to stop because we're not in union. first they praise i am kim jong-un's sister. now the mainstream media is comparing her to ivanka trump. our next guest says the comparison is sickening and i agree. steve: we have a choice to watch bill hemmer at 9:00 eastern time. >> my prompter says sandra. ainsley: can you do it in her voice? >> we'll get there. morning, guys. another alarming report on warning signs before the florida massacre. some want the sheriff out. we'll talk about that. hope hicks on the hill in an hour. what questions will she answer? the president making plans to inspect the prototype for a future wall. which one will he choose? and is north korea now the source for syrian chemical weapons? join sandra and me. we'll see you in ten minutes. top of the hour in "america's newsroom."
5:51 am
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ainsley: some in the media are fawning, literally fawning over north korean dictator kim jong-un's sister throughout the winter olympics. cnn headlines saying she stole the show. "new york times" says she turned on the charm. when ivanka trump was there and they compared the two. joining me "new york post" columnist carol mark wits. thanks for being with us. >> thanks. ainsley: i raid your op-ed. you go through a list of headlines. we read a few of them. you do call it sickening. you say the fawning is just disgusting. why? >> they have nothing in common other than being relatives of powerful men. ivanka is free woman leaving in the free world among free people. the comparison of her to a dictator's sister which we know
5:55 am
almost nothing about. the reason they focus on our smile or lang of bling or the way she was so charming we know literally zero about her. she has never done profiles. our allowed is not interview her. her media is not allowed to interview here. she lives in a world we can't understand. the our media treats it as equal which is absurd. ainsley: she works with her brother. her job responsibility is propaganda for this lunatic, this man that starves people. if you run against him, you could be killed or imprisoned for rest of your life. killing his own sibling or stepbrother. how can you make a comparison? >> yeah. the fact is that we, they, her, whether she is complicit in what her brother is doing is, not obvious to us but obviously she is because he is sending her as representative of their country to the olympics and just like ivanka gets criticism for not standing up to her father, kim
5:56 am
jong-un's sister can't stand up to him. there is no universe which -- ainsley: she doesn't have a choice. >> she can't say she is wrong. ainsley: you can't compare. she does not have a choice. we can't feel sorry where she sunday rule of dictator. >> we have no idea. ainsley: but can't compare her to ivanka trump. >> absolutely. smart, accomplished woman like ivanka is not the prisoner that kim jong-un's sister is. ainsley: mainstream media is not treating fairly as melania night is not fair to compare her to a dictator's sister. ainsley: we have more "fox & friends" just moments away.n comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at".
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7:00. >> craig morgan is on our show tomorrow. >> bill: thank you, guys, good morning, everybody. the sheriff in the spotlight yet again facing increasing pressure to step down as reports suggest another critical delay in the response time outside the school while the injured were fighting for their lives inside. disturbing stuff here. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." >> sandra: good morning, i'm sandra smith. more details coming in and we're learning about stunning new reports that police were called to the shooter's home in the years before the attack nearly twice as many times as the sheriff has claimed. all of this as president trump joins the nra and state lawmakers calling out the sheriff's department. >> president trump: i got to watch some deputy if


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